With the closing of the Fourth Floor blog at City Hall, a number of other bloggers are trying to fill the void and keep city workers up to date with gossip, trivia and speculation.

The best response so far has gone to www.mayorsam.blogspot.com , where the blogger invokes the name of the late Mayor Sam Yorty with pithy comments and notes on City Hall events.

In the blogger's welcoming remarks, "Mayor Sam" said he became involved because of the Fourth Floor blog.

"Now that was a real thing," the blogger said. "I never met the fellow who was the Fourth Floor blogger, but I have to give my thumbs-up to him. It's a crying damn shame those loudmouth tinhorns at City Hall had to run him off. Well, they can't do that to me -- I'm dead."

Other wannabe blogs hoping to capture the spirit and irreverence of Fourth Floor include www.fourthfloorcarnivore.squarespace.com and lacityhall.blogspot.com.