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Saturday, June 30, 2007


It's turning into the "cliffhanger ending" of a Batman episode:

Announcer: Wiiiiiiiill City Council take a vote to BAN Zuma Dogg from City Hall for a month? Will anyone besides Jackass Weiss want to be seen voting against the beloved First Amendment advocate on TV 35? (After all, he has slammed on the breaks on the much of the antics, and toned down the delivery, most of the time, in a calculated PR move. So the public will be wondering why?] Wiiiiiiiiiiiil they be making Zuma Dogg the political martyr that will blow this whole City Council First Amedment Challenge up to a much wider NATIONAL media LEVEL??? [Already booked for Kevin James on Friday!!!]

Caaaaan they even get away with this, even if the rest of Council finally decides they don't mind looking like a Jackass being re-called?

Tune in Tuesday...same Zuma Time...same Zuma Channel. (ZD-TV 35)

CLOWNCIL LAW: Any person who has been ordered removed from a meeting may be charged with a violation of Penal Code Section 403, or other appropriate Penal Code or Los Angeles Municipal Code sections. The Council by majority vote may prohibit a person removed on the basis of disruptive conduct from addressing the Council for up to 30 days. The length of time of the prohibition shall be based on the number and severity of prior incidents of disruptive conduct.

* First of all, it says, "from addressing" the Jackass Weiss run Clowncil. [Hey Eric, why not just vote to make him President.] Anyway, "from addressing" means I can still show up an sit in the front row. And what if I want to show up to address the public? Is someone allowed to address the public at a public meeting? If not, I guess they are not part of the meeting?

* What if I want to address City Attorney Dion O'Connell? Or The Mayor. Are you telling me there is no public forum to address the Mayor? Because if anyone is allowed to address the Mayor from the poduim, then you will have to make a major amendment to this "whatever it is." And since the mayor signs off on these ordinances, I'm sure he is allowed to be addressed for the record, as well. So ZD will be showing up to address Dion and the Mayor.

* Some people feel you cannot ban an international hip-hip rapper/choreographer from a public meeting. (Check the Constitution...I know it's something you have never heard of. It's pretty cool. You should check it out someday.) What's next, Parks and Recs saying I can't go to McArthur Park for 30 days? How else am I going to be able to watch people buy crack and attack people?

* If the Superior Court already punished me (time served), then how many OTHER people get to decide THEY get to punish me, too? Maybe Baskin and Robbins can decide they won't serve me ice cream for 30 days.

* You see, if someone breaks the law at the Park, you can be arrested and then you will be punished. You cannot ban the public from the public. It's the public. However, if they show up next time, and break the law again, they will be arrested again. Eventually, a judge can issue a stay away order from a location. But a gang of 15 gentrifying, public fund bilking desparate, greedy, fear-based cause they have something to hide -- CAN'T.

* I mean what kind of crybaby, sissy stuff is this???

* And remember, once you take the vote, make sure you keep Weiss' goon squad away from ZD until you;

a) Vote on it a week later, because remember, anything you vote on must be "unanymous", or it has to come back.

b) THEN, Mayor Antonio has to sign off on it. (Even if it passes on first vote.) And he'll NEVER sign off on that...HE LOVES ME!

* City Clowncil, you know you pulled that unconstitutional Venice Beach bullsh*t, that brought me into City Hall, and you WERE wrong, as you now know, after this week's closed door session. (Judge ordered incense and T shirts back, plus no noise restrictions. So that's a clean victory of all the "Venice Outlaws" issues!!! Official word, soon.) So please do me this ONE favor. Let's test this whole thing out. I can live with 30 days sitting there looking at you, without takin' my time to educate and inform your asses. (Hey, you're busy doing so many things...ZD is a specialist, so he works 16 hours on an issue, while you are doing other things, then I let you know, "What's up wit it." There's no shame in that. Be glad you're not a loser with no life, who has way too much time to research a bunch of sh*t that doesn't even affect me anyway. [DO YOU THINK IT MATTERS TO ME IF THEY USE UNION OR NON-UNION WORKERS TO BUILD SOME BUILDING I'M NEVER GONNA STEP FOOT IN?]

RELATED ISSUE: IS ZD BEING TARGETED FOR MY FIRST AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH? After my public comment during my lunch break at trial...after lunch, City Council decides they have some new witnesses that suddenly remember everything from a two second incident, eight months ago and want to testify against me. Then I am issued this statement from a City representative: "WE DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE WILL WANT TO TESTIFY. IF THE DOGG KEEPS GOING BACK TO COUNCIL, HE MIGHT END UP PISSING OFF MORE PEOPLE."

Really Shitty Council? I wasn't at all loud or disruptive on Friday. As mild mannered as could be. Must have been the issue: So how about not letting non-documented terrorists be allowed to enter the City, one day --- and be sabatoging a project the next day. Plus some of the union workers who you are taxing out of the State would like a job or two. (You said the illegals took jobs no one else wanted to do?)

So tune in Tuesday to see if they have the guts to try a move like this!!! THE SUSPENSE OF IT ALL, Y'ALL!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP I NEED A VACATION...VOTE ME OUT FOR A MONTH!!! And if there are any good civil attorneys, call me, my wrist is killing me, and it's time for that, y'all.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Garshady's Council LOSES Legal Battle To Keep Zuma Dogg Out Of City Hall For One Year & ZD Figured Out The LAST Thing Council Wants Me To Discuss

Man, is that Mitch Englander a loser...I just thought I would say that...I knew it all along. You have never had one solid point on the issues...you have helped build my image on this blog with your weak-ass arguments...Don't worry Council Staffer who so reluctantly testified against ZD...Sure seemed like your defeated Chief of Staff/SHADY JAYCEE OPERATOR boss put you up to it:

Bitch Dicklander...YOU LOSE BITCH...SEE YOU TUESDAY, AND EVERY DAY, FOR A LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, TIME LOSER! Anyway...you may have forgotten, but the shadiest bunch of crybabies, who just can't take the words of Zuma Dogg, as used against them in the court of public opinion, took their shot, sent out the goon squad, snatched me out of the bleachers, arrested me and tried to beat me in court, in order to try for a "one year stay away" (that may not have even been able to be enforced anyway...but who knows how long it would have taken me to prove that.)

AND I WOULD LIKE TO SEE BICH DICKLANDER UNDER A POLYGRAPH TO ANSWER THE QUESTION: "DID YOU FORCE YOUR STAFFER TO TESTIFY AGAINST ZD, AND COACH HIM ON WHAT TO SAY. (Cause bro, I was there, and he sure didn't have his facts down.) And if you were put up to it, FILE A LAWSUIT, or don't ever say, "hello" again to me please. (Won't hate you, just can't respect you anymore.)

AND, I can tell you one thing...something interesting happened in my trial, after ZD snuck over to City Hall for public comment during lunch:

Saw UNION construction workers protesting a Downtown construction project for using NON-UNION workers (and i was told they were non-documented) So I mentioned this is unsafe; no accountability; any terrorist can fly off the plane and be working on the site minutes later, cause they don't check documentation. And I asked Council to make a motion that ALL building projects approved by Planning and the City be required to use UNION workers. Because after all, besides safety issues, here' you raise taxes on these documented UNION workers with your bulky item fees, trash collection fees, whatever other taxes...then THEY can't get work, cause the non-union/non-documented are getting the work. (I'm told by an insider in the area, it happens all over!!!)

So when the court came back from lunch, the City Attorney says to the judge, "Your honor, The City has three to five new witnesses that would like to testify, as well." (Hey guess who one of them was??? Jan "Nose In The Air" Perry: HEY THE CM WHERE ALL THOSE NON-UNION BUILDINGS ARE POPPING UP!?!? HEY, NO AGENDA THERE POMPOUS ASS!!!

SO, THE CITY WINS...CITY COUNCIL LOSES: ZD IS NOT BANNED FROM SHITTY HALL...And now, the real work begins, cause Eric...quite a few flaws with your current "code of conduct" policy --- and NOW, the City has to start all over again and try to throw the cuffs on ZD, and try for that ONE YEAR STAY AWAY ORDER, ONE MORE TIME.



Official Zuma Website


Despite The Best Efforts of Two Losers

Despite the best efforts of Mayor V and the "Drunken, Bloated Senator" Edward M. Kennedy of Massahcusetts, President Bush's immigration scam has hit the skids until late 2008 or early 2009. Good. We don't need amnesty.

Now we need to work on the issue here in Los Angeles so that citizens and legal immigrants of all stripes can compete fairly in the marketplace and not see their communities go to hell.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Friday

Volunteers needed for Jack Weiss recall efforts - if you want to help gather signatures and get this bum out, click here.

Rick Orlov notes that Mayor V says he doesn't want to "kiss and tell." Yea, whatever.

Want to read about a day in the life at Mayor V's office? Sad and sordid tale of a place where family members and friends of the Mayor "get whatever they want from Deputy Mayors & Sr. Staff who say they don't have time for anyone else."

Click read more for the rest of your pre-weekend tidbits.

Speaking of Orlov, forgot to mention the other day his bit on Sheriff Baca defending his decision to release Paris Hilton early.

If you're someone who wants to purchase a large home - whether you're a growing orthodox Jewish family that wants to be close to their congreation or just some young hot shot who has the dough to do it - nanny staters both on the Clowncil and in your neighborhood want to protect you from living in a home that is just too big for you. Daily News covers how one neighborhood in LA is split over silly "anti-mansionization" mania.

Former Assemblymember Carol Liu is planning to run for the State Senate seat that will be vacated by Jack Scott next year. Also eyeing the post is fellow former Assemblyman Dario Frommer and Zuma Dogg's favorite Clowncil President, Eric Garcetti.

LA Weekly covers "Rocky Delgadillo's Flameout" with - of course - expert commentary from our favorite self proclaimed political pundit Sherry (Shirley) Bebitch Jeffe. Things have calmed down for a bit for Rocky and who knows, maybe he'll turn it around. Doubt it, but stranger things have happened. By the way Sherry - does coming in ahead of Anglo(LA)Observed in the BNN index indicate that this blog (or any other) have impact in your view yet?

And finally, there goes the neighborhood! An area in CD14 that was home to many bars that catered to gay Latinos has changed and has become overrun by - GASP - white heterosexuals! But not to fear: someone who has nothing better to do is putting up illegal signs indicating the bars once were gay (is there an ex-gay bar movement?).


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Big Laugh: Bradley Preaches Diversity and Tolerance

The latest "Bradley" video is a hoot. Bradley wants to have some kind of town hall forum where the topic is one of "diversity" and "tolerance." Pretty funny coming from a tinhorn dictator who doesn't seem to preach much diversity and tolerance when it comes to those who oppose his Neighborhood Council and their actions.

The funniest part of this video is some clown on the Council board who is opposed to the Northeast Los Angeles Yahoo Group and does not want them to be part of the "forum." Apparently their crime is that they "defame" people and equates what is said on this Yahoo group to the type of real racism the Anti-Defamation League fights.

This comparison is insulting as if you read the Northeast LA Yahoo group most of it is pretty mundane. The only thing I can surmise is "defamatory" is user comments that that take on the Council board for their authoritarian ways..

By the way CurbedLA has picked up on the comedy of Bradley here and here.

Lets hope at some point the good folks of Glassell Park get a real Neighborhood Council. And that probably puts me on their enemies list.

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And now for the other side: Mandatory anything is generally not a good thing

My good friend and blogging partner Walter Moore has a plank of his otherwise excellent platform that I can not support.

Despite that, I will still endorse him, donate to him, campaign for him and vote for him. But that comes later.

Super Nanny Bachelor Backstabbing Daddy's Boy Lloyd Levine has yet another one of his "nanny state" bills in the works, this time he wants to force you to cut off your pets' private parts.

No doubt, serious pet overpopulation problems exist but more government control is not the answer.

When testicles and ovaries are outlawed, only outlaws will have testicles and ovaries.

If you look at the bill, you will quickly see that it benefits the rich and large commercial breeders of dogs and cats. It will also have the effect of rendering many if not all breeds of cats and dogs nearly extinct. From a practical standpoint it's unworkable, unfair and purely based on emotion.

You may remember the movie "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" where apes became pets because dogs and cats became extinct. This may be what does it.

This law will actually serve to reduce the number of pets that are licensed, drive breeding underground and create more sick and unwanted animals.

Statistics show that as the human population in California has increased, the number of animal impounds has actually decreased. This is the result of voluntary efforts as well as the trapping and spaying/neutering of feral pets. The City of San Jose has had tremendous success with a program such as this.

Animal rights activist and author Patrick Burns - who is an expert and advocate for pet population control - has an excellent piece on why mandatory laws would be a disaster. Before you let your love for animals (as any normal person should feel) rule your intellect on this issue, read Burns' article. If you want more reasons why Lloyd's bill won't work, click here.

Finally, besides all the practical reasons why this is a bad bill, it goes right to the heart of why the Nanny State is a serious threat to our freedom. As noted by this blogger, the words of (Democratic) President Lyndon Johnson have deep meaning: "You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered."

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The Right Way To Get People Off Plastic Bags

Patron Saint of the Nanny State Lloyd "The Bachelor" Levine - more importantly known as The Backstabber - could learn a lesson from this.

All along this old, dead Republican Mayor has said that the market can handle most issues. Lloyd wants a government solution to the issue of plastic shopping bags littering up the place. Mayor Sam has often pointed out how the market has begun to address the issue.

Now lets take it up a notch - get these gals to promote reusable shopping bags and the results will be far greater than any stupid legislation dumb-ass Lloyd could write.

Go Fran Pavley!

Free Ad for Stores that have Free Market Reusable Bags

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Republican Operatives: A Job Americans Won't Do

As Jay Leno said, it looks like working for the Republican party is a job Americans won't do.

At the same time President Bush inadvertently admits that the immigration reform bill before the Senate is amnesty for illegal aliens, it turns out the California Republican Party has hired two foreign nationals - here in the US on work visas - from Australia and Canada respectively - to serve as high level operatives.

One of them has already resigned. And reports say that he has spent time in jail for allegedly running afoul of immigration laws and is now suing the Federal Government.

And many Republicans are wondering how did the party wind up hiring two people who are not only unfamiliar with the state but can't even vote here.

This is typical of the nonsense in the Republican party in California which has relegated it to minority status for some time to come.

Good news for the Democrats.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1st Amendment Challenge: Zuma Dogg vs Eric Garshadybaby (Witness The Hypocrisy)

What a shady crybaby. Watch Lil' Eric's "shady-partner" (and fellow winy-crybaby, "Boo-hoo-hoo" Shitty Attorney) Dion O'Crybaby tell ZD during one public comment that "IT'S NOT A QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION" (even though I can ask anything I want, you just are not required to answer, perhaps. But of COURSE question asking is allowed. Like a rhetorical question. Or to say, "Council, can you please vote for a new Council President, because the Council has become the laughing stock of the City and a big JOKE with all the talk radio stations...and that's when the shady crybaby told me I was talking too loud. OH REALLY, NOT ACCORDING THE FEDERAL LAW...BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW ABOUT THAT, "Mr. Ethics". Now go take campaign contributions from some more people that come up, "shady" on ZD's Batcomputer.

The guy has a history of having ordinances overturned by judges for being illegal in violation of the constitution like LAX LIVING WAGE...BOY did he blow that one with his shadiness by not changing it enough, trying to be decietful...and oh speaking of decietful, PROP R ballot language...couldn't get away with air-rights, either...MAN ERIC, you must hate judges! Oh yeah, ethics violations over campaign contrinutions from the other president (of ethics).

What about all he stuff ZD can't catch...like 99% of it. Man, I think Council should re-elect Garshady for President. It's like when Bush got re-elected...Leno & Letterman were stoked! (4 more years of material.)

Hey Garshady...read the U.S.Constitution...you might learn something...like EVERYTHING...You obviously know nothing about it.

"ANYONE BUT GARCETTI 4 PRESIDENT!" (How's that for a campain slogan!) He should team up with Jack Weiss and start a "project expiditor" business together. They seem to like to do that!

AND...HERE'S THE VIDEO FROM ZD vs Garcetti from Tuesday Click here. Type "conversations going on" in KEYWORD search box, and click Tuesday June 26th top link to see the crybaby-liars tell me it's not a question and answer session, HERE...

Click and type "we can all laugh in harmony" in keyword box to see them GLADY answer a question here, when they WANT to say, "Yes".

BONUS AS HELL LINK: THE RED SEA PARTS!!! Plus hear Richard Alarcon say, "It brings me great sadness to say that I absolutley agree with Zuma Dogg. I have an amending motion to do just that....And my intent is exactly what Mr. Zuma Dogg says." Click and type "46 Zuma Dogg"



Mandatory Spaying And Neutering Is Good Public Policy

By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, MooreIsBetter.com.

Remember how you cried at the end of "Old Yeller?" And you got misty in "Turner and Hooch." Don't deny it. It just means you're human.

Every single year, cities in California kill 500,000 dogs and cats. Five hundred thousand dogs and cats that could be someone's best friend. I want you to imagine a pile of 500,000 dead dogs and cats the next time someone tells you that mandatory spaying and neutering is a bad idea.

Unless you have a small stone where your heart should be, that is a disturbing statistic. It is heart-breaking to put one perfectly adoptable animal to death. It is unspeakable and shameful to kill 500,000 per year.

Mandatory spaying and neutering can reduce that number to nearly zero. By preventing the birth of unwanted pets, we can avoid having to kill those pets -- those innocent victims of the negligence, carelessness, laziness or stupidity of the people who failed to prevent their birth and failed to find homes for them.

You say this is "socialism," or "nanny state?" Tough. Unless you're going to find homes for all those dogs and cats, you haven't made the case for this routine, inhumane, shameful killing of pets.

The American Kennel Club has "threatened" to hold one of its big shows in another state if we pass this law. Is that supposed to matter to us more than preventing these deaths? Is that how crass they think we are? Hey, fellahs, take your poodle contest to Pocatello if you want. I, for one, would rather be on the side of saving lives.

Breeders likewise have "threatened" to take their business elsewhere. Fine. It's not like letting dogs mate in your back yard is exactly the cornerstone of our economy, you know. And the money we spend rounding up, caging, killing and disposing of animals -- not to mention the cruelty involved -- just isn't worth whatever jobs or tax revenues you generate. The pet supply stores can still sell dog food and cat toys to those of us who prefer shelter mutts and alley cats to inbred, disease-prone backyard breeder "purebreds."

Mandatory spaying and neutering of pets is good public policy. If and when we ever stop killing pets en masse in this state, we can revisit the issue later. In the meantime, to stop the killing, you need to stop the unwanted births. Dogs and cats won't wear condoms, and irresponsible owners won't "fix" their pets voluntarily, so we need to use the power of the government to do the humane thing -- and save tax dollars while we're at it.

My platform has always included mandatory (and free) spaying and neutering for dogs and cats in the City of Los Angeles. (You can see my platform at MooreIsBetter.com.) If we can do it state-wide now, however, so much the better.

Now go adopt a dog or cat at the shelter, would you? Do it for Yeller.

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Liberals Want to Outlaw Conservative Talk

Well sort of.

Unable to achieve success in talkradio via the free market, liberals now plan to use government intervention to achieve their goals of more "liberal voices" on the air. Senators Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer want to bring back the so-called "fairness doctrine" and other regulations to "balance" programming. Its not just the liberals who are after talkradio but Republicans such as Trent Lott upset that their "free ride" on many conservative programs is over.

As reported by The National Review, longtime Clinton crony John Podesta has authored a treatise on what has to be done about the "problem" of conservative talkradio.

What's next? Are they going to outlaw blogs?

See the problem for you liberals is you might be able to try to outlaw the speech you don't like. However, the dangerous precedent you set will eventually come back to harm you when your opponents are in charge.

If it were up to some of the members of the City Council and the Mayor, laws might be passed that would impose government control on radio programs such as that of Doug McIntyre (pictured above) or blogs like this.

And even if the liberals get their laws, its likely they won't have the intended goals. Should stations be able to air unfettered and wildly profitable conservative talkradio programs, they will drop the format and political coverage altogether in favor of talk programming similar to Howard Stern or Tom Leykis or even other formats such as sports, music or foreign language broadcasts. And even if the government mandates certain types of programming be covered (such as they once did with community affairs programming) the broadcasters will find ways around those rules, such as airing the programs at 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday (as many still do voluntarily).

The best bet is to let everyone express their views and then let them be judged in the marketplace of ideas. But do liberals get that? I imagine some do but their numbers are shrinking everyday.

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Small Town Rocky Delgadillo Watch, Installment Two

He's back! Everyone's favorite local "not ready for prime time" city attorney also known as the Small Town Rocky Delgadillo - Arnold Alvarez-Glassman - the simultaneous chief legal counsel for Pomona, Pico Rivera, Bell Gardens and West Covina - is at it again!

Here's the latest:
Supporters of an effort to change West Covina's City Council seats to be elected by district instead of at large seats say that Alvarez-Glassman has stymied their efforts to submit petitions so that voters may consider the measure when their petition was rejected for a second time by the City.

As if Arnold doesn't have enough work now he wants to take on the position of the City of Rosemead's redevelopment agency attorney. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports Arnold has made large donations to at least two of Rosemead's City Council members.

A nearly 18 year old LA Times story about Arnold - from the days he was a Montebello City Councilman - has surfaced and it gives the genesis of his unique hyphenated name. Surprise! Arnold might have renamed himself for political reasons!
Stay tuned for the latest about Arnold. I am sure he will continue to keep us entertained.

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Mayor Sam's Hot Sheet for Wednesday

Despite advice from their attorney to the contrary, the Clowncil put birds over people and struck a blow for affordable housing when it voted to demand a supplemental environmental impact report for the proposed "Elephant Hill" development in El Sereno. At some point no one will want to build housing in Los Angeles other than the city. And that will be real effective. Quick! Donate what you can to Walter Moore and put an end to this nonsense.

For more nonsense click read more.

Speaking of Walter Moore, he's raising about $7000 a month for his mayoral campaign. At that rate that puts Walter reaching his goal of $150,000 in October of next year, well in time for the 2009 Mayoral election. That $150,000 threshold gets him City matching funds and a first class ticket for media coverage and participation in the Mayoral debates. That's all Walter needs. If you want to make a difference in this city, if you want to be prosperous and want your basic rights protected, please support Walter.

Despite ridiculous court rulings and strong liberal resistance, Wal-Mart is still fighting hard to get into California. Joe B. - give us a good argument from a land use (not liberal politics) why Wal-Mart should not take the Home Depot space in Sunland-Tujunga. Hey - at least they have underwear!

The liberal media wants to paint those who are opposed to illegal immigration as toothless, low-income anglos who live in trailer parks. It's a lie of course those concerned about ILLEGAL immigration come in all colors.

Big brother is coming. The City is considering installing cameras to spy on citizens in parks citywide. This is not the answer to crime. The answer is more police and less bullshit.

Given the lack of rain we've had this year and lots of dry brush around, local officials are concerned about the Fourth of July and possible brushfires. Remember that fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles but more importantly if you do use fireworks please be very, very careful. If you live in the hills, this may not be the year to tempt fate.

CurbedLA has the story of a condo development with an upscale Ralphs market on the lower floor.

And finally, I'll leave it to each of you to figure out what Dennis Zine is going to wear to the upcoming "Black Out At the Beach" a pride celebration for the African-American gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Shady Crybaby Emails from Bradley/E.B.E. of Glassell Park NC

FROM ZUMA'S ZAP (Zuma's Activist Program) INBOX:


Mo Oxford

Thanks for your reply.

Please direct your comments, questions, remarks and opinions to
Peter King, NC City Attorney's Office Liaison or the Department of
Neighborhood Empowerment, Project Coordinator, Rose Ibanez. Again,
please do not contact me directly or any of the GPNC Board Members
directly with this abusive and negative commentary or dialogue.

Thank-you for your cooperation. Have a great day.
GPNC Chairperson [& Pro developer coalition activist & Project Expiditor]


Click here for hilarious email chain of events

Zuma Dogg, Antonio and Michael Moore "Get Close" Over "Health Care For Everyone" Reform

Man, I'm glad I took the bus through gridlock traffic (it's not like the busses fly above the jam) down to Skid Row's nicest attribute, City Hall. What an action packed day. I was just walking away from the bus stop, after deciding..."THAT'S IT! It's a nice summer day, and I'm two minutes from the beach. I'm going there!" Then someone started talking to me, and just as I was leaving (again), the rare (express) rolled up, so I took that as a Deepak Chopra/Wayne Dyer sign to step on the bus, and once, walk into City Hall to have that shady, crybaby loser Eric Garcetti "discretion" the first amendment in to the "pre-constitutional era". So that brings us to today's "ZD Goes To City Hall" recap. (Cause it was a great variery of everything from the past year, all in one day.) CLICK READ MORE FOR MORE INCLUDING ZD WITH ANTIONIO OVER HIS SHOULDER!!!

First of all, the Mayor was outside City Hall, in front of the Employee Entrance steps, with filmaker Michael Moore and a bunch of "Free Health Care for The Whole World" people. So, that's what Moore's new movie is about; "Health Care". But on the, "We need it for everyone" tip. So OF COURSE, Villaraigosa and his "liberation theory" posse were ALL OVER THIS ONE, as the City has already filed a referral motion for "Free Health Care For All Legal Immigrants and All Pregnant Women." So yeah, that's great...but can you imagine the tax burden this will place on the system? YIKES! (Cause that's not the only thing the City and State want you to pay for, on the immigration tip.)

And Clinton Campaign Co-Chair Mayor V. (and probably just as much for Michael Moore), had all the "suit and tie, coil earpiece, wrist-talkies" SERIOUS security detail. AND MAN...YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT WHEN ZD COMES STROLLING RIGHT UP TO THE FRONT, JUST A FEW FEET AWAY FROM THE MAYOR!

The ski cap, glasses and heavy (and crumpled) denim jacket on a hot June day...It was as though Travis Bickle, himself, had shown up on the scene! All the wrists move to the mouths, some slight reshuffling of steps. MAN, was ZD on the radar. I wonder if they, like had a picture of a few folks, like ZD to watch out for...or if it's just my magnanmous persona, in general that triggered the hightened attention.

Meanwhile, it must have thrown 'em for a loop, as some people from the crowd walked up, to say hello, and shake hands. And we were laughing about how nervous I was making the security. AND BIG SHOUT OUT TO FELLOW MAYOR SAM BLOGGER, JOE "No on Home Depot" B. who was there, too, and took these hilarious photos of the security detail.

And, I'm really glad all those guys were there, cause I was waaaaay to close to Antonio, on the sidewalk, with no barriers --- and I was scared he was going simply lose it, and attack me. (Wait! I hope they would have to step in and stop HIM! I hope that ain't a Wilshire/Pico Blvd "One Way Street", y'all. But Antonio kept his cool. And ZD headed into City Hall for public comment.

GOTTA WATCH ZD's PUBLIC COMMENT ON "Report on "child safety": Had to reference Deming, and mention that a report on "child safety" is too broad and meaningless. And ZD aksed for a "friendly amendment" to change it to on, "how to improve child safety." (My usual smart ass ZD comment, that I absolutley mean, but am being a "smart ass", simply for taking time to mention something that they will ignore anyway.) HOWEVER...WATER TURNED TO WINE TODAY! As ZD sat down...CM Richard Alarcon STOOD UP...and said, "Something must be seriously wrong with me, I agree with Zuma Dogg on this one" (or something pretty close in wording, check the video stream replay on the website (see link below) -- AND THEN...

THE SEA PARTED...AND ALARCON...MOTIONED FOR THE FRIENDLY AMENDMENT TO GO FROM JUST A REPORT ON CHILD SAFTEY, TO ONE OF ACTUAL IMPROVEMENT IDEAS. (We'll just assume child saftet is good, and we need more of it.) SO TODAY-Y-Y, is TRULY...a GREAT DAY in the City of Los Angeles. [Oh no...watch Alarcon to take the results to mean Free Health care for all living children in the U.S., as a matter of child safety.] But besides that, triumphant, y'all!!!

So hit the link below for ZD vs Garshady (who's staffer came over and said, "Eric still loves you anyway, ZD.) So that was cool, at least. I BLAST OFF HARDER THAN EVER, I THINK. ON ERIC, FOR SURE...YOU GOTTA SEE IT! And the CM Alarcon thing. (And Richard...OF COURSE I KNOW you were going to do that anyway...Man you must be pissed I decided to make so quirky comment, on a minor item, that ended up to be exactly what YOU were gonna say. (Sorry to steal your PR thunder...it's not like "I" had any idea, either. (I think that qualifies us as "tocatos", even though our names our different. How about "honorary tocatos". (CM Huizar, can you make that motion.) AND, thanks to Jose, for just being real wit it, and sitting in the peanut gallery with 2 of his top 3 nemesises, at once, ZD and Harold...for quite a nice stretch.

Go to the link below and type: "zuma hands president election", "zuma child safety" and "zuma infratstructure, density, dumb, elegent" for the three main public comments to catch. This is THE day to check it out, if you haven't before.

Click Here For Streaming Video


ZD Story About Antonio on Britney Spears blog

ZD/Deming Article on Jack Nicholson Blog

As The Third Floor Turns, Day 15

MAYOR V UPDATE: Rick Orlov reports that the Mayor is traveling again - you guessed it - to Washington, D.C. to join with Ted Kennedy and a cast of characters to support the immigration reform bill that President Bush said and then said he didn't say offers amnesty.

We reported Monday that a very credible inside source told us that there may have been a previous relationship between the Mayor and the woman in question during the time the Mayor was Speaker of the Assembly and separated from his wife. Our source has since corrected us informing us that he/she was referring not to a relationship between the woman and Speaker Villaraigosa but that she allegedly "had also been with the CURRENT speaker when he was separated with his wife." We can't confirm this rumor but my how the worm turns!

In a related development, a blogger named "Cobb" says that he was surprised to hear the "anchor baby" rumor from his brother who is an LAPD officer and claims that members of the LAPD are allegedly planning to "prank" the Mayor by placing a plastic stork on the City Hall lawn.

Does it get any more fun?


The Transit Coalition e-Newsletter, Mon., June 25, 2007

Weekly Transit eNewsletter
Monday, June 25, 2007
Volume 3, Issue 26

Welcome to an The Transit Coalition weekly newsletter! Our organization participates in meetings with key decision makers and community leaders and our goal is to keep you informed on the latest developments in the transportation scene across Southern California.

Stop Requested: This Tuesday is our monthly Transit Coalition dinner meeting. See Upcoming Events below for details.

Action Alert: California high speed rail is still under the guillotine! Although the state Legislature restored some funding for the High Speed Rail Authority during the budget process, the budget is now in a conference committee where last-minute changes are possible. A line-item veto by the governor also remains a threat.

Please keep the pressure on the governor's office as well as your state Senator and Assemblymember, expressing your support for full funding of this critically important project. If possible, you can also come to a BayRail Alliance meeting in San Jose to learn about the project and what is necessary to keep it alive. See Upcoming Events below for details. Still not convinced on its merits? Check out this recently completed study on the Ohio Rail Hub, which features elements of high speed rail.

A peculiar video is making the rounds on YouTube. In it, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is asked by a student about the Exposition light rail line to Santa Monica. In answering the question, Villaraigosa revealed that the detour route on Venice and Sepulveda Blvds. would cost some $300 million more than if it stayed on the right-of-way.

The Pasadena Star News published an editorial promoting transit-oriented development. Pasadena ushered in a new era in planning when it encouraged mixed-use projects along the Gold Line. This has prompted other cities along the future Gold Line to Montclair to sprout TODs of their own. One major selling point is that many of these TODs are exempt from pricey parking regulations.

LA County Supervisor Don Knabe announced that paratransit services in Marina del Rey and elsewhere in his district will be funded through FY 08. The California Transportation Commission doled out $70 million for transportation projects in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties , which includes $11 million to study and design a second track or siding north of Gaviota. Burbank Bus received $3 million to replace its fleet and launch a hybrid electric fuel cell bus. The Gateway Cities of southeast LA County will soon build various transportation improvements, including new bicycle lanes.

Transit agencies across the nation are implementing their own improvements. Atlanta MARTA takes final steps in implementing TAP technology at its train stations. Chicago police officers on patrol will soon be able to tap into video systems aboard buses instantly.

Carpool lanes in California are facing criticism from the federal government. Many of the lanes are clogged on a regular basis, which in turn slows the lanes down. Some say increased usage by hybrid vehicles is to blame, while Caltrans argues that population growth is the culprit. Some solutions might be in order, including upping the minimum amount of persons in a car to 3 at certain hours. The matter prompted an editorial from the Los Angeles Daily News.

Thank you for your donations! We would like to express our gratitude for your donations, which help us prepare materials and educate elected officials, community activists and business leaders on transportation issues. If you have not done so yet, you can still donate and join The Transit Coalition. A monthly subscription to Moving Southern California comes with your membership. Visit our Donations page to explore other options. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

The California State Assembly approved three bills aimed at holding oil companies accountable for gas price hikes. Two of those bills ( AB 1610 and AB 1552) would require companies to hand over information on refinery shutdowns and supplies at the request of state regulators. A third bill would commission a study into how heat expansion by gasoline affects what the consumer buys. Also, a fourth bill, AB 118, would charge an estimated $130 million a year in additional vehicle fees for alternative-fuel research and other clean-air programs.

The bills come as a response to increasingly ineffective probes that get more attention than answers. Critics blasted the bills as exploitative of public antipathy towards gas companies. Perhaps because of said antipathy, Californians are buying less fuel for the second year in a row. Increase in purchases of hybrids, more carpooling, and less driving in general are cited as reasons for the decrease.

The Los Angeles Times is running an expose on safety issues regarding U-Haul trucks. Customers were more than happy to describe their horror stories when operating U-Haul equipment. "Trailer sway," as the company calls it, is the leading cause of accidents, and many shattered lives have resulted. The towing company regulates its own fleet, thanks to efforts in the '60s and '70s to fight federal safety controls. Last year, a California judge ruled in favor of customers that the company had engaged in " unlawful and fraudulent business practices" by rejecting reservations because equipment is unavailable.

Research by the Times revealed that many of the trucks have high mileage and need long-overdue safety checks. U-Haul argues that, statistically, drivers are less likely to get into an accident when using their trailers than by towing nothing at all. Chairman Edward J. "Joe" Shoen went so far as to drive Times reporters while using one of the ubiquitous trailers. If anything, Shoen claims, driver error is the cause of many trailer accidents. (Here is a brief summary about the company.)

Are self-controlling cars in our future? It's possible, according to the Stanford Racing Team. Their driverless Volkswagen Passat wagon named Junior will take part in the 2007 Urban Challenge. Whereas past competitions focused on speed, the total of 52 entrants will also employ technologies that would make the automobile a self-driving "robot". About $2 million in prize money will be given at the competition, which will occur this November.

Looks like the Punta Colonet megaport project is back on track. The Mexican federal government claims it will start searching for bids on its construction before this December. Federal, state and Ensenada city officials recently held a meeting discussing developments. Officials say they are also listening to property owners and community members around the area of the proposed port.

Back home, tractor dealers see new regulations on seaport trucks as a boon for sales. One dealer informs that truckers are increasingly on the lookout for models that meet new standards from the federal Environmental Protection Agency. 16,000 trucks would have to be replaced in the next five years, should the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles adopt the new regulations. Some truckers may be able to take advantage of credits towards cleaner tractors.

In our human interest section, the former El Toro Marine Base is home to one of the largest RV parks in the nation. People come from across the country and around the world to experience the area, while locals take advantage of one of the few places where they can park their RVs. Rent fees are used to pay for the ongoing Orange County Great Park project. With construction progressing, the lease on the land used to house the RVs will expire this September, a matter that is troubling users who cannot find a space for their RVs in other towns.

Los Angeles Department of Transportation and Metro lost out on a share of $1.2 billion to implement "congestion charging" and tolling schemes on its roads. How could that happen? Times columnist Steve Hymon explores the situation.

Shameless Plug: The Thunderhead Alliance is an organization dedicated to providing bicycle and pedestrian advocates the tools necessary to carry out and win campaigns. The Thunderhead Training seminar, an intense curriculum on how to effectively fight for improvements, is coming to Los Angeles on August 24-26. Here, you canlearn from expert coaches and each other through Thunderhead's proven curriculum on choosing, directing, and winning campaigns and to promote complete streets, where walking and bicycling are safe and commonplace. You can view the schedule or register for the event (the latter form features registration fee information).

Here is a list of other recent developments:

June 20
: The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved H.R. 2701, the Transportation Energy Security and Climate Change Mitigation Act of 2007 (the "climate change bill"). The bill would provide $1.65 billion over two years for grants to transit agencies that reduce fares to encourage commuters to switch to mass transit, and $200 million over four years to encourage the use of "green" locomotives that emit less carbon dioxide.

In relation to said bill, Rep. John Boozman (R-AR) introduced, and summarily withdrew, an amendment that would have made Amtrak's right of access to railroad lines subject to route-by-route findings by the U.S. DOT secretary that Amtrak's right was not increasing highway congestion, fossil fuel use, air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions by delaying freight trains. Freight railroads and Amtrak opposed the amendment. The National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) expressed their opposition in a letter. Amtrak President Alex Kummant sent a letter to the Committee saying that the amendment would have negative impacts on the entire Amtrak network outside of the Northeast Corridor.

June 22: The California Air Resources Board voted to implement "early action" measures to regulate greenhouse gases. A new low-carbon fuel standard, the control of do-it-yourself automotive refrigerants and use of more sophisticated trash dump technology were the three measures approved, out of a mandated 32 measures. ( Some of these initiatives were spelled out by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at a recent meeting with U.S. mayors.) Also staff was ordered to come back in six months with an analysis of concerns raised during six hours of public hearings in Los Angeles .

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to support the California high speed rail project. Transit Coalition Executive Director Bart Reed and Student Member Justin Walker testified before the Council on the importance of backing a nearly $10 billion bond to partly fund the project.

Afterwards, Reed and Walker presented transit briefings to the staff of Councilmember Wendy Greuel and Council President Eric Garcetti.

June 23: Rialto hosted a ribbon-cutting festival for the 210 Freeway. The family event featured go-karts, skateboarding, and plenty of food. The Rialto portion would be the last after a 40-year struggle to complete both the 210 and the 30 Freeways through Southern California . Officials were mum as to when exactly the freeway would open, though many hinted that the target date was in August.

Departures: Al Langer, founder of the world-famous Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant, died on Sunday, June 24, at the age of 94. How is this related to transportation? As it so happens, the restaurant, which is famous for its hot pastrami, is located at 7th and Alvarado, near the Westlake/MacArthur Park Metro Red and Purple Lines station. While other businesses moved away, Langer's stayed behind and showed faith in its community. Langer's celebrated its 60th anniversary just two weeks before.

Upcoming Events
: Universal City Metro Red Line Station TOD Scoping Meeting: Monday, July 25, 6:30 p.m., Marvin Braude Constituent Center, 6262 Van Nuys Blvd. , Van Nuys. Hosted by Thomas Properties Group.

BayRail Alliance Meeting: Tuesday, June 26, 6:30 p.m., Poor House Bistro, 91 S. Autumn St., San Jose (two blocks from San Jose Diridon station).

Consider attending our monthly Transit Coalition Dinner Meeting on Tuesday, June 26 - 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Philippe The Original, 1001 N. Alameda St. Los Angeles CA 90012 . ( Map.) We hope to see you there!

California High Speed Rail Authority Meeting: Wednesday, June 27, 10 a.m., San Mateo County Transit District Board Room, 1250 San Carlos Ave. , San Carlos.

Metro Board Meeting: Monday, June 28, 9:30 a.m., Board Room, Metro Headquarters, One Gateway Plaza (adjacent to Union Station), Los Angeles .

Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority: Thursday, July 5, 2:30 p.m., Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, Board of Supervisors Hearing Room 381B, 500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles.

Angeles Chapter Sierra Club Transportation Committee: Thursday, July 5, 7:30 p.m. Angeles Chapter office, 3435 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 320 , Los Angeles .

Orange County Transportation Authority Board Meeting: Monday, July 9, 9 a.m., Board Hearing Room, 600 Main St. , Orange .

SCAG MagLev Task Force: Thursday, August 9, 10:00 a.m. SCAG Offices, 818 W. Seventh St. , 12th floor, Los Angeles. June and July meetings cancelled.

Missed last week's newsletter? Read it here!

Get the Print Edition of Moving Southern California, our monthly newsletter. Request a sample copy.

Contact Us:
We welcome your thoughts and comments on our new electronic newsletter. Please write us:
Bart Reed, Executive Director
Numan Parada, Communications Director

About The Transit Coalition:
The Transit Coalition is a 501[c](3) non-profit whose goal is to increase Transit Options and Mobility in Southern California by mobilizing citizens to press for sensible public policy to grow our bus and rail network.

As a grass roots group, we depend upon your contributions to allow us to pursue our important work. Add yourself to our mailing list and please donate to help us grow.

Visit our Discussion Board for the latest dialogue on transit.

Home Depot Shoots Other Foot!

My apologies for interrupting all the Paris Hilton/Rocky Delgadillo/AV Breaking News, but here is a little story that you may enjoy.

First a little background:

The community of Sunland-Tujunga has been fighting the multiple attempts by Home Depot to open a store in our little town for nearly 3 years.

Earlier this year, we were able to prove to a Zoning Administrator that what Home Depot had proposed for the site far exceeded the definition of simple "Tenant Improvements", should be relabeled a "Project", and must be subject to more intense environmental scrutiny.

Home Depot's building permits were immediately revoked, and they were ordered to vacate the property.

Home Depot immediately appealed the decision, and this is where my story begins.

An Appeal Hearing was scheduled for June 7th, before the North Valley Area Planning Commission at the Marvin Braude building in Van Nuys.

As you may recall, the purpose of the Hearing before the North Valley Area Planning Commission was to determine whether the earlier decision by the City to revoke Home Depot's building permits, for their proposed store in Sunland-Tujunga, was arrived at in a correct manner.

Home Depot brought in almost 200 paid supporters to that hearing. They brought them in on 3 chartered buses, had them don "Stop Racism" and "For Our Community" T-shirts, and sent them to occupy all the seats in the Hearing room, an hour and a half before the Hearing was scheduled to begin.

Never mind that none of these people were from the Sunland-Tujunga area, never mind that few, if any, of these paid supporters even knew why they were there; Home Depot had packed
the room with a sea of orange shirted people, and were hoping that the Planning Commission would see this overwhelming "support", side with Home Depot, and allow their "Project" to proceed.

At 4:00 pm, the residents of Sunland-Tujunga began to arrive. Most of them were not allowed entry to the Hearing room as it was already at capacity. Then, of course, the Fire Marshall shows up, shuts the Hearing down, the media pack up their cameras, the paid supporters of HD get back on their buses, and the whole Circus cames to a grinding halt. The Planning Commission has no choice, much to the chagrin of Home Depot's law firm, Latham & Watkins, but to postpone the hearing until July 19th, while they search for a larger venue.

Fast forward to today, and we now learn that the larger venue that the Planning Commission has selected for the Hearing is a school auditorium in Sunland-Tujunga!

That's right folks! Home Depot shot themselves in the foot with their ridiculous antics at the June 7th Hearing, and they just shot themselves again. The Hearing is coming home to the actual community that their proposed store will affect!

Talk about karma in action!

See you on July 19th!

If you haven't yet heard my interview on the John & Ken Show about Home Depot's tactics, here is the link: http://no2homedepot.com/files/JohnandKen61307.mp3


Who Is Behind the Rocky Leaks?

WitnessLA has an excellent analysis of the ongoing soap operas and dramas coming out of City Hall. They pick on what many of us have come to assume, that is the constant drip-drip of stories uncovering silly foibles and stupid mistakes by City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and his wife Michelle, is probably orchestrated, perhaps from the Mayor's office. WitnessLA doesn't think its too far-fetched to see the hand of Villaraigosa political operative Ace Smith in the operation.

Click read more for more sordid details...

WitnessLA goes on further to posit that the intended beneficiaries of the Rocky avalanche (besides deflecting heat from the Mayor's troubles) are Villaraigosa lieutenants Jack Weiss and Wendy Greuel.

Weiss - currently facing a well funded and organized recall campaign - has declared his intention to run for City Attorney when Delgadillo is termed out. Getting rid of Rocky now and appointing Weiss to the position sets the Fifth District Councilman up for an early advantage and gets him out of recall trouble.

Greuel - who has already declared her intention to seek the Controller post currently held by Laura Chick - would be a far more acceptable Controller to a second term Mayor Villaraigosa than the possibility of Delgadillo who has expressed some interest in the post (and would no doubt unleash a torrent of audits and probes on his political enemy Villaraigosa). Though even if Delgadillo were to survive and complete his term as City Attorney its not likely he could garner support for future elected office.

Of course one thing to consider. Should the Mayor's troubles rise to the point where he was forced to resign or face some other action that could remove him from office anytime between now and 2009, current Council President Eric Garcetti would become Mayor for the remainder of the term. Perhaps that's just one reason for all the behind the scenes maneuvering going on to potentially replace Garcetti as President.

Stay tuned.

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Hello Mo Oxford:

My name is Bradley and I am the current GPNC Chairperson. I am in
receipt of your request regarding the minutes/notes. We are very
happy to provide your request. If you would please download those
minutes/notes already posted on the website via the Glassell Park
Neighborhood Council Website, we will be able to track what you are
lacking to address your request. Please understand that we have
changed secretaries recently and orientating the new secretary on
the duties and responsibilities which remain challenging. Also, we
are seriously behind in receiving the draft minutes/notes from the
service provider, AppleOne and are constantly working with them to
update our website. Furthermore, we are also updating our website
to be more user friendly, compatible, and easily facilitating to our
Board Members and Stakeholders alike.

Equally, we are still adjusting to the many rules, roles, and
responsibilities of the Neighborhood Council System and are still
delegating responsibilities accordingly. We just ask that you
remain patient and we will provide the minutes/notes per your
request. I apologize for the delay in responding initially. Have a
great day.


GPNC Chairperson


[I apologize if this is a forgery. ZD]

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

Boi from Troy says that the Rocky Delgadillo series of scandals has provided for a keen distraction from City Council business. Many of the Council members - concerned that investigations will turn up similar perk abuse in their backgrounds - are scrambling to prepare for damage control. Of course it might be a bad thing if it keeps them from passing ridiculous laws.

City Councilman Jack "Wacko Jacko" Weiss has found time enact laws to protect Paris Hilton's neighbors from her fans and paparazzi. You can see it all here.

A recent survey of business owners in Ventura County says that 69% of them have found the local environment to be supportive of small business. I doubt a similar survey would get even close in Los Angeles.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

CAPTAIN JACK IS SAYING ANTONIO & Mr. DWP Are Talking About "Hoodwinking" The Union

Is Captain Jack (Mayor Sam Blogger) Saying The Mayor and His Drinking Buddy (Mr. DWP) Want to "Hoodwink" The Union?

tr.v. hood·winked, hood·wink·ing, hood·winks
1. To take in by deceptive means; deceive. See Synonyms at deceive.
2. Archaic To blindfold.
3. Obsolete To conceal.

The other evening, if you will, I was at a fine dining establishment having an enjoyable dinner with one of the pirates from another crew that sails in similar waters, but under a different flag, savvy? Two gentlemen came in, sat themselves down and began to enjoy themselves immensely; they were cussing and swearing up such a blue streak that we thought they were Corsairs, savvy? But they were not. Who were they? In a minute, lad.


SPOILER ALERT: Oh, and who were the two? Villabarbarosa and the man who is in charge of the light and power. Imagine those two discussing how to bust the union over a good bottle of wine, savvy?

contact: ZumaDogg@gmail.com
ZumaTimes.com Website

Should Hillary Divorce Villaraigosa?

What exactly is a "national co-chair" of a presidential campaign? Is it like a dinette set or something?

Anyway, Hillary Clinton has apparently appointed, as "national co-chairs" of her campaign, the following people so far:

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez;
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa;
U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski;
Former Iowa Goveror Tom Vilsack;
Florida Contresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz;
Flordia Congressman Alcee Hastings;
Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs;
California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez; and
Former National Council of La Raza President Raul Yzaguirre.

Remember those "Members Only" jackets in the 1980's? Looks like being a "National Co-Chair" is equally exclusive, which is to say, "not very."

Anyhow, here's my question for you: Given that she has more co-chairs than your grandmother's table at Thanksgiving -- shades of Dan Rather, I know -- should she consider showing co-chair Villaraigosa the door? I mean, his current personal difficulties sort of bring up her past difficulties, which maybe detracts from whatever her platform is. Or is the title so meaningless as not to matter?

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DOES LOS ANGELES CITY HALL INCLUDE "DAY CARE" SERVICES BEING RUN OUT OF CMs OFFICES?: Did CM Ed Reyes have an extra room built in his office for day care? I don't know if the room was ever used for that...but if it was (or still is) that means his kids were there either; unsupervised; a paid sitter ran a babysitting business out of City Hall, or city staff did the alledged sitting. CLICK HERE FOR ALL STORIES

JULY COUNCIL PREZ ELECTION ALL THE BUZZ WITH COUNCIL: ZD has heard there is discussion between CMs over the election. If so, MAJOR Brown Act Violation. And you have to wonder if the person who contacted ZD with the info, has any of the conversation on tape? If not, why would they bother raising the issue, which would simply become ZD's words against their claims to have had no discussion of the upcoming election? (THIS AIN'T YOUR AVERAGE GADFLY WHO TIPPED ME, Y'ALL!...Oh, no!]
Click here for story

NOW A CRIME TO BAMBOOZLE IMMIGRANT VOTERS AWAY FROM THE POLLS: Voter Deception Bill Passes House...Democrats cited cases from the last election where naturalized citizens in California with the right to vote were sent letters in Spanish saying it was a crime for immigrants to vote, and voters in Virginia receiving calls falsely telling them they were ineligible to vote.

HIDING ANTONIO: WHY HASN'T MEDIA BEEN COVERING "CONFERENCE OF MAYORS"? (I Mean Antonio Will Jump In Front of A Camera For A "Peanut Shell" Opening). NO LOCAL COVERAGE OF THIS!!!!. Wow! Villaraigosa, once eager for all PR opportunities, imposes a media blackout on a HUGE PR opportunity like “CONFERNCE OF MAYORS”? I mean, the guy is Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Co-Chair (with Nucklehead Nunez) – and he has all these Mayors in his City for National press opportunities and it’s not even being mentioned in the media? WOW! If the strategy is, “keep him and his name out of the press” – well there goes one of this main strengths out the window. Like not letting Britney Spears dance, and all you are left with is the bad singing. Click here for Conference Topics and Participants

MCLEAN'S DOUBLE DUTY: When ZD was at the 912 Review commission, last week, he looked to see if Jessica Mclean was there. She wasn't. Man...she was really lucky to get hired by CM Jose Huizar's office -- AND be allowed to still serve on the 912 Review Commission. (After ZD heard Huizar was told by City Hall powers, that she should step down from 912 Review Commission, if Huizar was to hire he. She hasn't stepped down. [SOMEONE SURE IS HITTING US OVER THE HEAD WITH THIS NAME. MEANWHILE, ZD Batsources DO SAY, Huizar was told she should step down, so at least focus on that, please! A "talk show friendly" topic, with ZD "actual issue" Trojan horse.]



contact: ZumaDogg@gmail.com


At least the men around town are finally opening up. You know, they can be so quiet. They probably needed some therapy, the talking cure...

I liked Jon Regardie including Kobe Bryant along with Antonio and Rocky in a piece on this year's early summer phenomenon: Men Who Talk Too Much, and the Women Who May or May Not Love Them.

Lay right next to it this posting of blogger Angry Mom, a housewife in town and one to watch a little more, who includes Sheriff Baca and indelicately cuts to the chase, noting that the back-door dishing the is becoming a three-way, including the Sheriff.

[That post, btw, is hilariously titled "The LA Times is the new TMZ"...]

To further promote Kobe as a sensible example, for a moment forget the marital troubles Kobe's had in the past, and visualize what his loose talk has done to the other intimes of what has historically been one of the world's best men's clubs: your Los Angeles Lakers.

Say you're who has been recently fingered as trade bait by Kobe. What kind of performance, what kind of team will these people work up next year, if fate finds them all together on Team One again?

Similarly, the domestic difficulties and perplexing psychobabble being dished by Villaraigosa, Delgadillo and yes, Baca early this summer, and their various staffs' willingness to dish on each others, offer a very entertaining summer for we who are not on any team can seemingly sit back and enjoy. But the downside of all the male psychobabbling is that the staffs will begin to feel that doing the business of we the voters is a joke---I mean, even more than they already do.

Orlov almost says as much today, quoting a City Hall aide: ""Everyone is joking about it, but you know we are all checking to make sure we don't have anything that could embarrass us or our boss." In the new kind of climate, where your GM no longer can say "I'll take care of it" and a nod-and-a-wink to another GM could do that, the business of the City this summer is less CRA and more CYA.

Regardie notes that Delgadillo issued a press release a couple Fridays ago about the City Attorney securing a conviction in a cat-hoarding case. While the conviction is likely to please people like Daniel Guss as well as cat-owners and animal activists everywhere, it's typically not the kind of item that you send out to the masses of one of the world's MSM epicenters.

It reminds us, in fact, of Councilman Huizar (who?--it's been a while) pointing to organizing a big-item trash pickup in Eagle Rock as a top accomplishment in advance of his election.

What happens if the psychobabble extends through the summer and the City becomes even more do-nothingly dysfunctional than it already is?

In two short years of Antonio, we already have so many density-terrifying projects up that LA already feels like Tokyo in many now-dystopic spots. The solution to every problem in LA since July 2005 has been: oh, that's too hard, let's just permit more units and more retail. Not more market solutions to the housing crunch, mind you, and not more inviting-to-enterpreneur development: just more units and more corporate retail culture. You can probably expect that trend to go irrationally exhuberant now.

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