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Friday, April 30, 2010

Open Thread for Friday

From the Glendale News Press:

Democrat Chahe Keuroghelian could face thousands of dollars in fines for failing to report media advertising expenses while campaigning for election in the 43rd Assembly District, officials said.

His failure to comply with campaign disclosure requirements could leave doubt about the nature of his backing and his spending, said Bob Smith, president of the Center for Governmental Studies.

Or anything else. Blog away dum dums.

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Cut and Paste Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Friday

"KCBS video still of DWP worker drinking on the clock"

"Drinking is my job as Mayor"
Good Friday morning to you in the political cybersphere.
If you been sequester somewhere away from your T.V. and have not seen the KCBS Exclusive Report on those hard-drinkin and strip club, loving DWP employees, by reporter David Goldstein, then take the time to view this report.
If the likes of "Santiago" and his towel-wrapping, pole dancing loving co-workers, don't cause you to become angry, especially in the light that their conduct took place on the clock, then maybe you deserve every DWP rate increase that will be coming your way in the next few years.
This blogger commends and thinks that David Goldstein's exclusive, should be on the short list for a local news Emmy Award. But one wishes that this report could of come to light a couple of weeks earlier, when the DWP rate increase controversy was still pending resolution at 200 Spring Street.
As for Santiago and his DWP co-workers, a few bits of advise, in prepping to save your jobs.
** First, refer to the above picture of Mayor Antonio Parkervillar and plead that your drinking and strip club activities, added up only to 11% of your on-time duties. Thus, you were performing your job 89% of the time. Something Mayor Parkervillar can't claim.
** Second, join the Sierra Club. This because your DWP H.R. Director Susana Reyes, is the LA County Political Director for the Sierra Club. She may cut you some time off your pending discipline, if you pledge to promote Mayor Parkervillar's "Green Energy Scheme".
** Third, wake up each morning and bow to your "Dear Leader, IBEW Boss D'Arcy" for mercy.
** Fourth, Prospect Park is a better hiding place than Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights. How do we know? Just say we know by your past visits.
** Fifth, in the barrio, brown bags are the "prefer wrap of choice" for the 24 oz. can of suds.
** Six, please pay heed to this list of people who lost their public careers when they embarrass Mayor Parkervillar. Ed Boks, Martin Ludlow, David Nahai, Jack Weiss,......... and now you.
** LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, this morning reaffirm Mayor Parkervillar's, whoops, I meant his commitment to the tenets of Special Order 40. Thus, Sanctuary City will be on full display for all, in tomorrow's schedule May Day Rally.
** Mayor Parkervillar yesterday did what he does best, that is to pander to the undocumented masses in supporting a boycott of Arizona. Are the undocumented in this city the only ones who still see promise in this fail politician?
One observation on the Arizona issue that I will state here, is that somehow, many in our community are overlooking the fact that both legal and illegal citizens are being endanger by the actions of the criminal cartels, that have turn Phoenix into the "Kidnapping Capital of the United States" and have murder American citizens on their land near the border. As someone who counts Americans of Mexican descent, as some of my best friends, I find it repugnant that the likes of Mayor Parkervillar is exploiting those. who we are portray as hating.
** Unofficial tallies for yesterday's Neighborhood Council Elections will be posted at the city Clerks website this afternoon.
** The City Council Budget Committee, will continue their deliberations next week. One should note that the DWP is schedule to testify sometime on Monday and in light of KCBS David Goldstein's report on the utility, this should be a good time to be in attendance.
** The Old Gray Hag on Spring Street continues its endorsements of candidates for California State offices. For Attorney General, they give their Democratic and Republican nods to San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris and Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley respectively.
Your thoughts............................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

KCAL KCBS Exclusive on those "Wild and Crazy Guys" at the DWP

"Mayor Parkervillar shows DWP IBEW employees how to enjoy dancing females"

"Perks of the job at DWP?"

In the report that will air on tonights KCBS 11 0'clock newscast, Goldstein will air footage of DWP employees drinking on the job and spending "on clock time" at various local strip clubs.
No response yet from Mayor Parkervillar's office on this latest scandal to rock the utility. DWP did announce yesterday, via Goldstein, that they will investigate....., wonder if IBEW's Boss D'Arcy, if already has his best union greivance officials ready to defend his employees?
Your thoughts....................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Cut and Paste Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Thursday

"Mayor Antonio Parkervillar expresses his disdain of Neighborhood Councils"
Today is Neighborhood Council Election Day!!
Neighborhood Councils in Region G (in the Northeast and Eastside of the city), are up for grabs today. The Eastern Group Publications has done yeoman work in listing the neighborhood councils and their respective polling locations, that are being contested. We provide brief comments in bold.
Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council There are 12 certified and two write-in candidates running for 19 seats on the council that represents Mt Washington, Hermon, Montecito Heights, Monterey Hills, and Sycamore Grove. Polling is at Ramona Hall (lobby) 4580 N. Figueroa St., LA 90065. (Friends of the Southwest Museum's Ann Walnum and her co-horts deserve another term).
Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council 25 certified and four write-in candidates are running for 35 seats on the council that represents the northwest, northeast, southeast and southwest regions of Boyle Heights. Polling is at the Hollenbeck Recreation Center (Boyle Heights Room), 415 South Saint Louis St., LA 90033.( "Battle of the BH Barrio Titans": Its Parkervillar/ Huizar crony Sal Martinez vs. Mayor Sam Friend Jose Aguilar for BHNC President).
Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council There are 10 certified candidates and one write-in candidate running for one of 18 seats on the council that represents eight districts. Polling is at the Eagle Rock City Hall (Community Room) 2035 Colorado Blvd. LA 90041. (Any Huizar staffers, both ex. and current, running for seats on this NC?)
Glassell Park Neighborhood Council There are 9 certified and two write-in candidates running the 15 seats on the council that represents seven regions. Polling is at the Glassell Park Community/Senior Center (Conference Room 2), 3750 North Verdugo Rd., LA 90065. ( "Bradley", Tony and Paula want to continue their "hillside crusade")
Greater Cypress Park Neighborhood Council There are three certified and five write-in candidates running for one of 15 positions. Polling is at the Cypress Park Recreation Center (Auditorium) 2630 Pepper Ave., LA 90065. ( What ever happen to former Prez Art Pulido?)
Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council There are 15 certified and three write-in candidates running for 21 positions. Polling is at the Highland Park Recreation Center (Dining Room), 6150 Piedmont Ave., LA 90042. ( Do the victors in this race, get to spend $$$$ on local restaurants?) ** Franklin High School students are organizing a unofficial write-in campaign for vacant seats in this election.
LA- 32 (El Sereno) Neighborhood Council There are 17 certified and no write-in candidates running to hold one of 21 positions that represent 4 regions. Polling is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the El Sereno Senior Center (Lobby/Music Room) 418 Klamath Place, LA 90032. (No word on whether Marcos Aguilar and outgoing Presidente Hugo Garcia, will bless these elections with an Aztec Sacrifice).
Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council There are 28 certified and 3 write-in candidates running for 26 positions that represent 7 regions. Polling is at the Lincoln Park Recreation Center (Senior Room), 3501 Valley Blvd., LA 90031. ( Its the grass-roots movement of "Club Lincoln" against the old-guard elitists "Action Slate")
Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council. Polling is at Pico House within the "El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Area". (Vote for Tenants Rights at El Pueblo!!)
Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council. Polling will take place on Friday April 29, 2010 at Elysian Valley Recreation Center. ( What about renaming this NC the "Frogtown NC"??)
** BTW, if anyone of these NC's is looking for voters, they may want to contact San Pedro's Doug Epperhart. You may remember Epperharts "travels" in the 2008 NC Elections, which he became "Mr. Stakeholder to all".
** Business as usual at 200 Spring Street. Billionaire and "shadow Mayor" Eli "Lord" Broad has a home for his "museum to self" on Bunker Hill and one can't beat the rent rates that "Lord Broad's political underlings" bestowed upon him, $1.00 per year. A just rent befitting a "Angelino Lord".
** The murder trial for former State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez's son is set to begin soon in San Diego. LA Weekly's Christine Pelizek has the background on the upcoming legal proceedings.
** What would my "Bloggin Friend Joe B." say if the nation-wide Tea Party Movement was Black?
Your thoughts................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Recall City Hall Campaign Update

Phil Jennerjahn wears his shades on a gloomy day.

The RecallCityHall campaign is now 9 days old. Led by 3 failed Republican mayoral candidates and a pothead, the recall campaign is refusing to reveal their signature count, their number of volunteers, or even who is in charge. The recall effort was started by Wisconsin transplant, former mayoral candidate, and "entertainer" (read: birthday party clown) Phil Jennerjahn and his girlfriend, marijuana activist Dege Coutee.

After a disastrous press conference held on the south lawn of City Hall on April 20th (no one showed up) and a weird attempt at a chest thumping announcement of the recall campaign during the LA City Council public comments segment by Walter Moore and Phil Jennerjahn, the campaign has gone into stealth mode. Very few updates at the RecallCityHall.org site, Walter Moore has all but vanished, Phil Jennerjahn has returned to posting self-promoting videos of himself at his site, and Dege Coutee is doing whatever Dege does. David Hernandez remains the sole voice actually trying to take the recall effort seriously.

So the question is;

How many signatures has the campaign gathered?

This is important because the campaign has to gather over 2000 valid signatures per day, every day, 7 days per week for 120 days to meet the 240,000+ needed to meet recall requirements. This means that as of today, Phil needs to have 18,000 + valid signatures.

If the campaign is not meeting these daily goals then they need to re-evaluate their strategy, their distribution of volunteers, their fund-raising needs, and they should share this information with the people who are donating their time, efforts, and money to the recall campaign. Instead... the campaign has only offered up silence.

Several disgruntled recall campaign volunteers have made it known that they have no idea how much money is being raised, how many signatures have been gathered, or had any strategy whatsoever shared with them except the standard "we can do it, you go get the signatures" pump.

Are the volunteers working to gather signatures being jerked around by an opportunist and candidate for congress who conceived this recall campaign in the hopes it would propel him all the way to Washington, D.C.?

For your consideration....

From Phil Jennerjahn's blog on January 28, 2010 announcing his idea for the recall campaign:

"Something happened to me today that I am eager to share with readers of The Jennerjahn Report, but I can't release the details just yet. I will soon, though.

It is an idea that is so big....so revolutionary, that I believe it is going to change American history and that it will put me into national prominence.

Tonight was a huge night in human history.
A huge step forward for personal freedom.
And you are going to be some of the first people to ever hear about it."

We'll keep you posted.

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Cut and Paste Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Wednesday

" The Bright Beacon of Corruption on Hope Street"
Lets call them the "Frivolous Five".
First lets give the names, 1. Janice Hahn, 2. Richard "Zorro Marxist" Alarcon, 3. Herb Wesson, 4. Tony Cardenas, ..... and lastly City Council President Eric Gartraitor.
These are the five who don't give a rat's rear end that your financial capacity to support their careless financial follies, are near finite in this government caused recession. What corruption on Hope Street? Not in their collectivist minds. The DWP rates payers must contribute for the betterment of the collective. In this case it means paying a higher tribute for the cause of a "greener LA". Or in reality, it is to better the "bottom line" of the likes of Al Gore, Ari Swiller, Keith Brackpool and their graying allies on the "Ecoleft".
One shouldn't be surprise that the "Frivolous Five" would use the funeral for former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates, and the fact that fellow Councilman Bernard Parks would be in attendance, to make their power play in the interest of "exclusive green few".
Some may disagree with me, but the dubious science that provides the premise of our so call "Global Warming" hysteria, is nothing more than a front to take more of your hard earned money and enrich the "carbon credit deposits" of the likes of Al Gore, who by the way is one of the biggest investors in the carbon credits scheme.
But most of you , if not all would agree, that wasteful and corrupt governments, do more to impact our communal environments. That is easy for Angelinos to see in this growing DWP scandal at 200 Spring Street.
Does anyone remember how Mayor Antonio Parkervillar's "Million Tree Initiative" was suppose to remake our city into one big giant clean, green canopy? But the only green I remember was the $100+ dollars that the DWP was paying per tree to be planted by the Los Angeles Conservation Corp and has anyone seen Lisa Sarno around the city lately, planting any trees? But I digress.
But the continuing nefarious doings withing the Horseshoe at City Hall is getting harder to digest with each act of political deceit.
** City Councilman Budget Committee Chairperson Bernard Parks and his committee has started their public hearing process to review Mayor Antonio Parkervillar's propose 2010-2011 budget.
And what is Park's one word response to Mayor Parkervillar's budget proposal? Fantasy!
** Heads up to Recreation and Parks supporters city-wide, Rec. and Park General Manager J. K. Mukri will testify in front of Park's Budget Committee sometime Friday. If Mayor Parkervillar's budget for Rec. and Parks is accepted, guess how many employees will be gone after Labor Day.
A. 100 Full timers?
B. 125 Full time, no part timers?
C. 125 Full Time, 110 Part timers?
D. 125 Full time, 750 Part timers?
Your thoughts and open thread...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Miss me yet?

Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado was confirmed today by the State Senate to serve as California's Lieutenant Governor replacing John Garamendi who was elected to Congress in a recent special election.  Maldonado who was already running for Lieutenant Governor will resign his Senate seat Tuesday and be sworn in to the new post.

Phil Jennerjahn may be getting some support for his goofy recall campaign from a source he may not want it from - The Texas Minutemen.  In the meantime yet another blog accurately makes the point that the energy being focused on lame duck Mayor Villaraigosa could be directed towards other efforts such as electing good candidates to the City Council in 2011.

Phil Jennerjahn has declared Studio City grand dame Lisa Sarkin as yet another "dangerous enemy of freedom" for her role in the railroading of controversial Studio City Neighborhood Council board member Michael McCue off the volunteer panel. In the meantime McCue gives Mayor Sam Senior Editor JoeB an exclusive statement about his removal.

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has ponied up the final funds needed for Tom LeBong to save the Hollywood Sign.  I'm a libertarian guy who is all for folks looking at other folks nude but does the City of LA really need porn money to save the sign? Just curious what some of you feminists have to say.

Budget woes may lead to the cancellation of the annual Fourth of July fireworks show at Marina Del Rey.

Who knew? Ridership on New York's public transit system is dropping while Los Angeles' is rising

Ginny Marie Case gives a good primer on running for a local neighborhood council, in this case the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council but the lessons apply to other NCs I'm sure.

And finally all the gossip blogs are abuzz about a major celebrity who is planning a "coming of the closet tour" of the talk shows next week.  Any ideas who it is?

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Breaking News: Doug McIntyre Live in LA Now!

Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio show, which had been airing tape delayed here in Los Angeles on KABC Radio will now air live from 10pm to 3am nightly.


Past Questionable Ethical Behavior of the Lincoln Heights "Action Slate"

"One can see the ties to the LHNC in the email"
This person is running with the "Action Slate" for Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council.
Maria "Lou" Calanche is the Executive Director of the "connected non-profit" Legacy LA, a creation of Mayor Antonio Parkervillar and Councilman Jose Huizar, to funnel GRYD money to their political cronies and give a public facility over to the likes of USC and other connected non-profits.
This meeting was a blatant exercise to cover up the attempted allocation of $2,500 for a community event, that former LHNC members David Galaviz and Eileen Sanchez had a vested interest in, via their employer USC, as the email above notes.
One can see here how Galaviz, Calanche, then LegacyLA employee Jenny Krusoe, and former LHNC Treasurer Vera Padilla, who was at the meeting, attempted to smear the veracity of myself.
From: "Loucalanche@aol.com" Loucalanche@aol.com
Sent: Fri, April 18, 2008 8:14:38 AM
Subject: Emergency Legacy Committee Meeting 4-22-08
Hello Legacy Planning Committee,At our April 1st planning committee meeting it was suggested that Legacy L.A. approach the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council for support of the Cinco de Mayo Community Open House scheduled for May 4th (By former LHNC President and USC Lobbyist David Galaviz). We made a presentation to the Lincoln Heights NC and submitted a request to the budget committee on April 7th. Last night the neighborhood council was set to vote but I was informed that our request was met with opposition and inquiries not only about our request for financial support of the event but also inquiries about Legacy's status as an organization, where and how funds will be spent, and also questions about community support for the Legacy L.A. planning for the Hazard Armory.

I was extremely disappointed that our budget request was not voted on since the funds were to be used to provide a fun-filled day for the community. But what was more disheartening for me as a member of Legacy L.A. and former resident of the Ramona Gardens Community (did you? Look at comment by Sandra Torres) is that it was our own planning committee members that opposed and questioned our request!! It is my understanding that Scott Johnson and Pete Galindo, Sr. both Legacy L.A. planning committee members, were in attendance at the meeting last night (We were). Scott Johnson specifically spoke against our request and questioned the validity of Legacy L.A. as an organization. This was a public meeting that will have minutes and records made available to the public. ( Link here to see those documents. Hmmm, who's name is missing?) When we have Legacy L.A. planning committee members speak against Legacy L.A. we will jeopardize the future of Legacy L.A. and its ability to raise funds to bring needed programs to the community youth. (Lu's assertions are baseless at this point)
The reason I bring this to your attention is because for about a year now Legacy L.A. has been hammered about issues of transparency (Has anyone seen any Legacy LA financial documents at this point in time?). We have made every effort to create an inclusive and open community process and have taken steps to ensure that the community is directly involved in planning for the future of this organization. When an issue such as this comes up it needs to be addressed immediately by the entire community planning committee because we are all invested in making Legacy L.A. an organization that can successfully bring services to the community. To ensure transparency we also need to understand why planning committee members would oppose Legacy in a public forum.
There will be a Legacy L.A. Planning Committee Emergency Meeting on Tuesday, April 22, 2008, from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Armory. We will discuss role of planning committee members as well as how to proceed and ensure that the Cinco de Mayo Community Open House is a success.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks! -Lou
Simple fact is this, Calanche was an willing partner in attempting to usurp "Conflicts of Interest" issues, pertaining to the allocation of Neighborhood Council funds for projects, that benefited the persons and employees of current board members.
Does the LHNC need someone like Lou Calanche who will lie about a fellow community member, for the the simple, nefarious reason of pushing the political agenda of her supporters in government?
........ and one last thing, about your supposed ties to the Ramona Gardens Community?
Sandra Torres on June 3rd, 2009 9:01 am
I’m a 39 year old mother of two, who grew up in the Ramona Gardens Housing Projects. Lou Calanche NEVER lived in the projects and needs to stop claiming that she lived & gre up there! It’s really upsetting that she continues to say this in order to get ahead. Pathetic! She & he family lived on Murchison which is several blocks away from the Ramona Gardens Housing Projects.
Who is telling the truth here? Makes you wonder if someone was slander? Just wondering.
Your thoughts.............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Michael McCue Speaks to Mayor Sam

From an inquiry I sent to Michael McCue;

I appreciate the opportunity and I am grateful for your interest in the SCNC and the NC movement overall.

Sorry, but...I cannot mention my re-election without mentioning the recent "lynching" because they are intrinsically interconnected and cannot be separated. We are dealing with attempts at election tampering here and that is very serious.

First, let me be clear about the "lynching."

It was an illegal vote that could only have been made possible by willful violations committed by the SCNC President, and Board members who have refused to educate themselves in regards to the Brown Act, our Ethics Training, SCNC By-Laws, and even Operating Procedures themselves, not to mention the travesty that was made of Roberts Rules of Order by Ben Neumann, who seemed to know nothing about them.

There were as many procedural violations at that meeting as there are Starbucks Coffee Shops in the Valley!

It is already crystal clear that the president violated the Brown Act in his communications with the Board members just prior to the vote and that he does not understand the By-Laws requirement for "reasonable detail" in the petition itself.

Neumann agendized a petition that wasn't worthy. The petition itself contained not one specific example of wrongdoing but rather generalized complaints that basically said that the Board didn't like it when I reported Ethics violations to them or to the stakeholders, or when I made the stakeholders aware of their specific rights.

This is provable for anyone who wishes to see the evidence.

Any NC leader who attended (and there were several from all over the city, in support of the stakeholders' rights) or who saw the video of the meeting itself, has already adopted it as the 'poster child' of exactly how NOT TO RUN an NC meeting.

Second, I know that the City Attorney is looking into this highly questionable behavior and will be discussing it immediately. I fully expect the City Attorney and BONC to issue a directive that immediately rescinds the vote-to-remove and revokes the outcome automatically, based on the multiple rights violations and Brown Act violations that took place before and during the whole procedure.

I expect that decision from the City Attorney within 48 hours along with an apology from the board Members in question who attempted to smear my honorable reputation with no evidence other than the fact that they dislike what I say when I speak Truth to Power, or catch them trying to fool the stakeholders.

This issue involves the Key Values of Grassroots Democracy, Accountability, Welcoming Diversity, Decentralization of Power and Future Focus. I repeatedly warned the SCNC Board that their actions would bring ill-repute not only to our Board, but to the NC movement overall, and at a critical time when the mayor is seeking any excuse to remove our funding and impede our growing influence. We can't afford that.

But--They wouldn’t listen to me and moved ahead with all sorts of foolishness anyway.

The SCNC Board members seem to believe that when an SCNC officer uses city-owned resources to make a private, partisan fundraising appeal such as VP or "Acting President," John Walker did on behalf of Paul Krekorian, and hacks into our city-owned SCNC email list to do so, that no ethics violation has taken place and that it is not worthy of reporting to the stakeholders, even when they have already been complaining to us about improper emails for months.

The SCNC Board is dead wrong.

That is a violation of State Law and the stakeholders do want to know, because with our votes, we are giving these Board members our trust – trust that they will use their power to do the right thing. If they haven't lived up to that expectation, the stakeholders have a right to know it, and know it now. The election is in a few weeks.

Is it not vital that we know who is worthy of our trust and who isn't, before we cast our votes on May 27th? I think it is and I am certainly not alone.

And when SCNC officers, who hold the most trust of all, are that wrong about something that basic in terms of ethics training, it forces one to wonder about their ability to do the job properly without using our NC or its resources, for their own private goals that have nothing to do with the stakeholders’ best interests at all.

I do not believe that the Krekorian campaign itself had anything to do with this ethics violation. I believe that it was self-motivated to incur favor or influence with Paul...and without his knowledge. I did bring this violation to his attention quite a while ago and I've discussed it with his staff.

I am running for re-election on the SCNC Board because the stakeholders desperately need at least one Board member who is not part of a private club, and who knows the rules.

Studio City really needs that one Board member who is brave enough and has the testicular fortitude to report ethics violations to the proper authorities when they occur. Especially now.

We must have honest representation for Studio City that is not self-centered or using our resources to enrich individuals' own private political goals, or to tamper with an election outcome.

When stakeholders claim that a "special agenda" is being run past them without proper notice or the chance to comment, or without even a written motion available, it is right and just for them to file a grievance with DONE, as our stakeholders have done.

The vicious pettiness of the “lynching” was really a direct response to that stakeholder action mistakenly attributed to me, and a blatant attempt to thwart the stakeholders’ will. It seemed beyond their grasp that anyone else in Studio City would care as much about ethics as I do and so assumed that I was behind the filed grievnce. I wasn't. It was a false accusation from someone who offered her speculations as real evidence, but with no proof...another violation of my rights!

The "lynching" was a cynical and prejudiced action that attempts a complete denial of the stakeholders' rights to be represented by whom they choose...and their right to not be represented by the members of "private club" who would rather get rid of an honest whistle blower than face the Truth of their own actions.

I remind your readers that I still hold the SCNC all-time record as highest vote-getter ever in any SCNC election. My mandate is larger than anyone currently serving or who has served on the Board. How dare they attempt to remove that mandate from the stakeholders and break all the rules to do so! What would you call that?

That stakeholder mandate empowered me as their representative and I will uphold and defend the Law. I have proven again and again that I will not let the stakeholders down.

I take my oath of office seriously, which is exactly the reason why I will be re-elected.

The stakeholders know they can trust me and that I will always fight for everyone's right to be heard! I've been tested in battle as no other board member on the SCNC, and I have passed the test.

The SCNC is currently being treated like a private club. It is not.

It is an assembled body of elected officials sent there by the voters to get the job done.

The stakeholders do not want to see the rules violated, nor the Law broken. That is why the voice who speaks "Truth to Power" will win re-election, only this time, other new candidates who have been motivated by these past corruptions, will win new seats, too, and will join me in the work of reform that is so desperately needed on our Board.

My act of standing up to these petty bullies has rallied the stakeholders in our community and energized our election, which is a great outcome of this truly disturbing affair.

The stakeholders want a change and they want honest representatives--not self-interested reps, who do not even know the rules or ethics that they are required by law to obey.

The stakeholders are willing to do the hard work that it takes to make our neighborhood council a successful expression of true grassroots democracy for our community, one that is truly willing to hear all of the opinions from the community, and find consensus for all in the Studio City community.

One thing we are all grateful for...had this illegal vote not happened, our election in May would not have been energized the way it is now and that will make our election truly exciting!

My best to your readers and thank you for asking the question.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Controversy Again in the upcoming Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council Elections

"Vera Padilla's 2008 Lincoln High School Memo"

"Vera Padilla falsely identify as Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council Member"
In the flyer pictured above regarding the Business Improvement District Meeting on Tuesday, one can see that Vera Padilla is listed as an member of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council.
One little problem, Vera Padilla is not a current member of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council. She was elected as Vice-President in the last elections in 2008, but never took the Oath of Office. This was due to the Lincoln High School memo pictured on top, which was an blatant conflict of interest and cause the school administration to cease holding meetings at the campus. Padilla was replace by Erika Gallo, who is running for President in this upcoming election cycle.
The irony here is that Padilla is running for a position in Thursday's election as an "Community Base Organization Rep", in which three people are elected but only two, including Padilla, are running. Thus, Padilla needs only one vote to get elected.
But Padilla's actions may cause an ethics investigation on why she would allow a community flyer to go public, with the false information. But then this would not be the first time that Padilla was found to be ethically-challenged in regards to Lincoln Heights community affairs.
This episode comes on top of some questionable actions by LHNC members yesterday at the Second Annual Ramona Gardens Fashion Show. Assemblyman Kevin De Leon was on hand to give certificates of appreciations to the groups and community members who helped in the successful event.
One of the certificates was given to the LHNC for their donation of $2,000 for this event. Accepting the award on the behalf of the LHNC was Esther Rojas, who is running against current Vice-President Erika Gallo for President in Thursday's election. Rojas along with LHNC Treasurer Frank Wada and Nancy Rojas, proceeded to politicize the event by passing out their slate flyers for the "Action Team". It should be noted here that the whole LHNC voted to approve this donation and should be commended for their support. Thus, none of the slates in this election had no business in pushing their political agendas at Saturday's event.
** This blogger should note here, that he is an candidate for Treasurer on the "Club Lincoln Slate" with Erika Gallo, Claudia Agraz, David Correa, Lupe Guillen, Ted Juarez, Elena Popp and others, in this election. But as a community member involved in the Fashion Show, I did not want to denigrate this positive occasion by campaigning during the proceedings.
Also should note here, that opposite points of view can be posted here at Mayor Sam in the comment section.
Your thoughts..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Arizona Loses Its Mind.

Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer signs highly controversial bill into law that allows and requires police to check for legal status of anyone they suspect of...well, not having legal status in the U.S.. No racial profiling allowed, of course. This clip is from moments after the bill was signed.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outtakes from CD 14: CLARTS Fund Transparency Held Hostage, Day 40 and other CD 14 News

Hola and good Saturday morning from the City of Los Angeles Council District that made "political cut and pasting", the art form of political expression, emulated by many city wide.
As we noted in a previous "Outtakes from CD 14 Special Report", CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar's Chief of Staff Ana Cubas, send this email in response to The Voice Editor and Publisher Carlos Morales's request for documents pertaining to the CLARTS Fund.
February 25, 2010
Dear Carlos:
Thank you for your Feb. 23, 2010 request made to our office. I wanted to make sure we acknowledged receipt of your request. We have made “a determination” with respect to your request within 10 days, as we are required to do under the law.
We believe the records are public and we ask you to recognize that you are asking for records spanning a number of years. Given this fact, we estimate that it will take approximately thirty (30) days to fully gather the specific expense information you seek in the first half of your request.
With respect to the second half of your request, relating to council motions, I would encourage you to look at the publicly available information on the City’s Council File Management System (CFMS) website at: href="http://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/" rel="nofollow" http://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect. There is a simple search function on the CFMS that will allow you to quickly and easily search for any City Council Motions involving CLARTS funding. All of the actual motions are downloadable as PDFs from that site.
Finally, your request asked for information from the last five years, however the Councilmember has not been in office a full five years. The Councilmember was first elected to office in November 2005. We will gladly give you information from that point on. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 213-473-7014.
Ana E. Cubas, Chief of Staff
Councilmember Jose Huizar
200 North Spring Street, Room 465
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-473-7014 Phone
It has now been 40 working days since Cubas send the email posted above and still no documents have been made available to The Voice Newspaper.
One needs to strongly consider here whether the integrity of the California Public Records Act, has been violated by the Office of Councilman Huizar. This pocket guide to the California Public Records Act, via the First Amendment Project Website, may be of some help in this matter.
Consider this in regards to making a request for public records.
An agency has 10 days to decide if copies will be provided. (Cubas did do that) In "unusual" cases (request is "voluminous," seeks records held off-site, OR requires consultation with other agencies), the agency may upon written notice to the requestors give itself an additional 14 days to respond. ( Memo to Cubas, 10 +14 does not add up to 40 days of stonewalling) (§6253(c)) These time periods may not be used solely to delay access to the records. (§ 6253(d)) (That is the M.O. of Huizar's office, delay the bad news truth for their boss).
Simply, has Councilman Huizar's office violated the California Public Records Act? Looking at the information above, one can make a case that they have.
Maybe someone should make a request to the Los Angeles County Hall of Records, that the name for Councilman Jose Huizar, should be officially changed to "Councilman Jose Richard Millhouse Nixon Huizar"? But then, one can say that Nixon was a better man for owning up to his past mistakes.
More in the days ahead on the "CLARTS Fund Transparency Held Hostage".
** What is it about Councilman Jose Huizar and rule breakers?
The battle between Olvera Street merchants and the management of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument has heightened in recent weeks, as more than 40 merchants have refused to pay their full rents, which increased on April 1.
The move, which means the cash-strapped city is short more than $72,000 of what is owed, could lead to eviction notices being sent to the tenants, though it is unclear if those would be pursued.
Robert Andrade, El Pueblo’s general manager, said that tenants could face a three-day notice to pay rent or face the consequences. The move came after 43 tenants on April 1 delivered only the amounts they had been paying, in many cases for a decade or longer. Some merchants have protested that the new rate hikes are too steep.
Further, the story cites some of "politically connected merchants" past due rents.
El Pueblo officials for years have tried to increase rents, only to be rebuffed by a powerful and politically connected group of merchants.
Of the 74 tenants on Olvera Street, 17 have 55-year leases, and are not impacted by the new rates. Fourteen have paid the new rates, while 43 delivered checks for the previous amounts.Their increases range from $316 to $5,762.
Tenants that made partial payment include Casa La Golondrina, owned by Vivien Bonzo, president of the Olvera Street Merchants Association. Bonzo, who did not return calls for comment, still owes $5,095 (the total new rent is $10,726) for her 5,363-square-foot restaurant, according to documents that are publicly available. She also owes an additional $1,039 for 1,650 square feet of office space. La Golondrina owes the city more money for April’s rent than any other tenant.
Other tenants that owe substantial amounts include Myrosa Enterprises, run by Mike Mariscal ( ** he is the brother of Recreation and Parks Management Official Mark Mariscal, who we have noted here at Mayor Sam, in the recent past) ; he only paid his previous rent, of $1,046. That makes him $4,234 behind on the $5,280 rent that went into effect April 1. When called by Los Angeles Downtown News, Mariscal hung up on a reporter.
But if Councilman Jose Huizar has his way, these merchants will not have to worry about being evicted.
While Huizar said he has been pushing for higher rents that are fair to merchants and still make El Pueblo self sufficient, evictions “[are] not going to happen,” he told Downtown News. He said that he thinks the merchants have not had an opportunity to negotiate their leases.
This causes the inner political cynic in me to think that Huizar will broker a deal to end this "choreographed standoff" and the merchants will reciprocate at re-election time in 2011. After all, that is the checkered history of political affairs at El Pueblo de Los Angeles.
** Save the subsidized CalTrans renters!! Someone left this comment about today's event in El Sereno.
You are cordially invited to LA RED. On April 24, 2010 (12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.), El Sereno is hosting a mixer based on self-determination. All communities are welcomed. This gathering is an opportunity to create and fortify networks. Come one and all to have some fun in the sun....For directions to the festivities, see link below:http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112016098819943&index=1
April 23, 2010 5:07 AM
** Lastly, has Councilman Jose Huizar, just lost another staff person? This time from his Eagle Rock Field Office? Just wondering..........
Your thoughts as always appreciated.....................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

"El Payaso"

Paul Hatfield of the Village to Village Blog is reporting that longtime Studio City Neighborhood Council board member Michael McCue was removed from the panel Wednesday evening on an 8-4 vote. Despite the vote Hatfield reports that the majority of the audience in attendance supported and spoke out for McCue, much to the displeasure of some of the Studio City board members. Hatfield promises more details later Thursday. Mayor Sam readers may remember that McCue was one of several candidates who originally ran for the Second Council District seat vacated by Wendy Greuel.

A group of several medical marijuana collectives facing closure under an ordinance passed by the City Council are banding together to sue the City over the law. The Times reports that one of the dispensaries in the coalition attempted to place a referendum on the ballot to overturn the law but failed to garner enough signatures. So much for the idea that pot shops can get signatures as easy as a hash brownie!

Ok here's a random fact that I never knew. San Francisco Mayor and Janice Hahn's opponent for Lt Governor Gavin Newsom is the nephew of legendary actor Ed Asner. I am sure some of you smart people knew this but I didn't. Who knew?

Here is my LAist/Zach Behrens impression: Los Angeles City government may not illicit the high tech imagery of Silicon Valley but if City Council President Eric Garcetti has his way that may change. The 13th District Councilman announced he is releasing "Garcetti 311" a free iPhone app that allows city residents to snap and submit photos of potholes, dead animals and illegal dumping to City employees to be addressed and resolved. But the app right now is only for residents of Garcetti's District however if the year long test goes well it could be expanded citywide. Okay, LAist impression over.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Offer to Phil Jennerjahn

Please put this on KCAL 9 News.

As you know I've been dubious of Phil Jennerjahn's recall since he first brought it up a year ago and am even more dubious seeing how much of a bust his kick-off was.  I am also concerned by Phil's statement that the recall will propel him to "national prominence" and that fact that Phil can count up all the media hits he has so far but he can't tell me how many signatures he has.


If by the time of the signature gathering period Phil gets close to 249,999 signatures I will personally come to City Hall, be the 250,000th signer and make my first ever, debut public comment performance before the City Council and personally admit that I was wrong and Phil was right.

I will also treat Phil to a dinner after at Richard Riordan's Pantry.

Game on, Phil?

PS: I've put this on Mayor Sam stationary so it's official.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

"One down."
Recalling his abuelito and hoping for sunny days ahead Mayor Villaraigosa laid out massive jobs and budget cuts for the City in his annual State of the City address.  The event was indeed somber; the Mayor only drawing applause when he made reference to historically low crime rates in the City.  Villaraigosa also lambasted critics as "clucking pundits" who were proven wrong by voters who approved the controversial phone tax, Measure S. However Clucker-in-Chief Mulholland Terrace recalls a 2008 op-ed piece he authored for the Los Angeles Times clearly outlining the fraud that Measure S was and how the voters were duped by the grandson of Pedro Acosta.

What was promised to be a big kick-off to Phil Jennerjahn's attempt to recall Mayor Villaraigosa turned out to be a big thud.  Phil reported earlier Tuesday evening to have completed one petition which if the version we have access to online is correct, the two page document only has space for five signatures. Among the latest questions about this effort - which could distract from other efforts to bring about reform in Los Angeles - are 1) if this is not about anyone's ego why is Walter Moore being touted as the first signer of the petition and 2) If Phil's strategy for victory includes pulling in disgruntled City workers why does he post commentary that "public employees are killing this country?"

When you're a carpetbagger running for a statewide seat in a state you didn't grow up in what do you? Bring in your former boss who happens to be a former President of the United States.  Andrei Cherny, formerly of AD40 here in the Valley is running for State Treasurer of Arizona is hosting a big campaign event featuring President Bill Clinton, for whom Cherny was once a wonderkind speechwriter for.  And to prove he's a man of the people, if you can't afford the $840 to meet the former philanderer-in-chief in person all you po' folks can ante up $25 for the chance to win a raffle to get into the party.  An insider recently told me that Cherny has little chance to win the race for Treasurer, an insignificant position in Arizona state government, but he's setting himself up for a Congressional race in 2012.

Now that he has succeeded in getting the final phase of the controversial Playa Vista development approved, CEO Steve Soboroff is stepping down.  The LA Times reports that the move appears to be voluntary and quotes the former Riordan administration insider as wanting to move on to his next big challenge.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Phil Can't Catch a Break

Phil Jennerjahn Possibility that I might get interviewed on the evening news tonight. Details soon.
2 hours ago · ·
Phil Jennerjahn
Phil Jennerjahn
I guess David Hernandez will do it. He's closer to the Valley.
about an hour ago


The "Westside White Guy" on the "Forlorn Recall" of Mayor Parkervillar

"Was Roderick thinking of some future vacation ideas?"
The "Westside White Guy" has this brief on the morning's South Lawn of City Hall proceedings.
Also: Repeat former candidates Walter Moore, David Hernandez and others launched a recall drive against the mayor. They have 120 days to gather signatures.
Can you guess who was left out of the "WWG's" little diddy on the "Forlorn Recall"? Here is some multiple choice options.
A. John Walsh
B. Jose Aguilar
C. James Hahn
D. Michael Higby
E. Phil's buddy Joe B.
G. Kevin James
H. Ron Kaye
I. Parque Esqueleto
** BTW. one must check out the link before the West LA "Uberblogger" catches his mistake.
In closing, you can also use this as your "State of the City Budget" (complete text) open thread.
Your thoughts...........
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Cut and Paste Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Tuesday

The Telepromptive President of the United States (TOTUS) Barack H. Obama has lefted the City of Los Angeles.
This after flying into town in the forlorn hope of saving the political career of California's Junior Senator Barbara Boxer, who is going to face the hardest re-election challenge for her Senate seat.
No word if TOTUS met with Mayor Antonio Parkervillar during his brief money-raising venture to Los Angeles, but in the 9:00 AM KFI 640 Newscast, City Council President Eric Gartraitor, was heard pushing the Measure R "30 to 10" Proposal which would use an Federal Loan Guarantee, to compact the 30 years of transit projects paid for by Measure R tax money, into a 10 year time period. It seems from Gartraitor's comments, that he he some quality time with TOTUS via his Twitter, to discuss this scheme.
One interesting print media observation of TOTUS's brief Los Angeles visit, came via the Old Gray Hag on Spring Street aka LA Times "Top of the Ticket" Blog Writer Andrew Malcolm.
The good news for California Democrats is that their hero President Obama is returning to the Golden state this afternoon.
The bad news is once again they'll have to hand over big money to see or hear him.
Common Californians -- including the
increasing 12.6% of whom are now unemployed -- will be unable to hear the president address the economy or mounting fears over his healthcare bill and its costs because his announced events on this West Coast trip Monday are political and closed to all but donors.
These cynical comments about TOTUS, earned Malcolm some uberattention from the West LA Blogger known as the "Westside White Guy", who is known well for outing the journalistic doings of those minute number of Times writers, who dare go against the elitist, left of center leanings of the likes of Tim Rutten, Jim Rainey, George Skelton, Michael Hiltzik and others.
** Mayor Antonio Parkervillar will preempt CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar's "State of Boyle Heights" Speech, with his own today at 4:00 PM, on the "State of Los Angeles". One of the more newsworthy elements of his telepromptive, ahh, speech, will be the number of future layoffs that he will propose. Hint? Think triple digits..... and by the way, will LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia be leading the cheering section?
** Memo to current political office holders. Your chance to claim unemployment when you get defeated in your next election cycle, is being closed with SB 1211, authored by State Senators Gloria Romero and Bob Dutton.
** Ron Kaye has the details on the workings of the "Clean Sweep Campaign", which is an endeavor of a "diverse group of Los Angeles community activists" ( ** with no apologies to the myopic "WWG"), to bring reforms to 200 Spring Street, with like-minded candidates for City Council. Here is the platform, which is still a work in progress.
1. CLEAN UP CITY HALL -- We need a change of leadership. The failure of our leaders is clear to everyone, We need tough penalties and enforcement of ethics law violations and immediate and full disclosure of campaign contributions and interests even as new leaders develop reforms, including clean money campaign financing that break the power of special interests. The Department of Water and Power Commission, Community Redevelopment Agency and other commissions must have independence free of political control. All city agencies, task forces and Council committees must have representatives appointed by Neighborhood Councils. Transparency, openness, public access to all documents must be enacted under an open access law.
2. FIX THE BUDGET -- Spending must be brought under control for the benefit of the city's 4 million residents and hundreds of thousands of businesses. Salaries of city officials must be reduced along with Council and mayoral staffing, slush funds and office holder accounts eliminated. Adjustments must be made to the employee wage and pension system. Tax, rate and fee policies must be restructured to create a healthy economic environment.
3. FOCUS ON CORE SERVICES -- The focus of city government must be on basic services that benefit the whole community, not as a jobs and patronage programs. Protection of police and fire services and infrastructure. Parks, libraries, street maintenance, integrated planning to preserve neighborhood health, enforcement of building codes and fair share of city services are paramount. Services provided by city staff must be cost-effective with those of the private sector.
4. POWER SHARING -- Elect City Council members who put the interests of the whole city ahead of any special interest. Empower Neighborhood Councils to make the first decisions on all local development issues. Create a commission to develop a plan for a borough system of government. Establish that a key function of city government is to encourage public participation and treat all people with respect and courtesy.
Wonder how Mayor Parkervillar and the current City Council, will comment about these steps to clean up their ethical transgressions?
** BTW, that "three month" DWP rate increase approved by the shady actions of City Council President Eric Gartraitor?? Haha, it is looking like the DWP Commission punked the ratepayers again.
** Ooooppps!! I almost forgot to mention this. On the subject of Hahahahaha, wonder how that press event on the south side of City Hall is going, regarding the "total recall" of one Mayor Antonio Parkervillar?
** 11:00 AM update on the South Lawn proceedings via the Daily News.
A handful of former candidates and grassroots activists launched a recall drive today against Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
Former mayoral candidates Walter Moore and Phil Jennerjahn and David Hernandez,, along with former City Council candidate Augusto Bisani are among the proponents of the effort.
Aides to Villaraigosa said he would have no comment
Even Deputy Mayor for Spin, Matt Szabo, knows when no words are warranted.
Your thoughts......
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Goofy Recall Afternoon Snaps on Facebook

Phil Jennerjahn Two televisions stations have confirmed they will be at City Hall tomorrow morning to cover the Recall. 9:30 a.m. City Hall, south side.

2 hours ago · ·
Michael Higby
Michael Higby
Who dat? Nickolodeon and Comedy Central?
7 minutes ago ·
Phil Jennerjahn
5 minutes ago
Michael Higby
Michael Higby
Aren't they usually at City Hall anyway?
a few seconds ago ·

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