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Monday, November 01, 2004

Gingko Biloba?

Did anyone notice how many meetings and details Hahn forgot in the LA Times article Sunday? I think he might need some Gingko Biloba. Here are NINE different examples:

1) The mayor, in a recent interview, said he could not recall details of meetings and lunches with Abrams. He also said he didn't know whether Abrams received assistance from his office as a result of the money the developer brought in.

2) "I don't know if he got special treatment," Hahn said, "because I don't know what was done or not done on his behalf."

3) The mayor said he was not aware of any money-laundering allegations involving Abrams.

4) The mayor said he knew of no connection between Abrams and Thomas E. Schiff, the developer's attorney whom Hahn appointed to the Planning Commission.

5) Around that time, Hahn paid a visit to Abrams' Beverly Hills suite, said a source who worked in the office. The mayor said he could not recall when he first dropped by the office or whether he personally accepted campaign checks from Abrams.

6) Hahn told The Times he didn't recall how Schiff came to his attention. In an August 2002 nomination letter, the mayor described Schiff as "especially qualified" and certified that "I make this appointment solely in the interest of the city."

7) Abrams invited Schiff to a photo session with Hahn, according to Lincenberg. That was when his client first met the mayor, he said. Hahn acknowledged attending a photo session, but could not recall details.

8) In June, Hahn, apparently unaware of the lawsuit, performed a final favor for his fundraiser.

9) Asked whether he met privately with Abrams' son, Hahn said he could not recall.

Either he's asleep at the switch or just very lazy. The closing of the article I think sums it up best:

Despite his experience with Abrams, the mayor said he saw no need to develop new standards for screening major financial backers. Given the demands of running a big campaign with thousands of contributors, Hahn said, it is extremely difficult to identify those who might cause embarrassment down the line.

"There's really no way to predict that," he said.

A WORD OF ADVICE: You might want to rethink your screening process! This WAS predictable if you only remembered or paid attention.

My guess is the screening process would render much more than these donations as tainted, but we don't have time for that now.

One last piece of advice. If Hahn does decide to flee the country with Charles Fitzgerald, here is a pharmacy in Canada for some Ginkgo Biloba. I hear it is cheaper up there, eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said:

WHAT MAYORAL CANDIDATE ARE YOU SUPPORTING? It's obvious with your bias on your own website that you are taking one side. THE FFB wasn't has obvious with their webiste on certain articles. Bet your an ANTONIO supporter.

November 01, 2004 10:36 AM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

Are any of the others creating this much blog fodder?

November 01, 2004 11:02 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


It's not just this article in the LA Times we notice a brain laspe from Hahn. When it comes to raising money which Hahn has been good at, he seems to forget everything.

Hmmm now lets see -- if i was really good at football and someone asked me how i throw the ball -- wouldn't it seem odd if i answered "The mayor, in a recent interview, said he could not recall" how to throw a football?

Here's another scenario: If i were the Head surgeon of a hospital and it was my job to oversee and make sure every surgery being done was necessary and prudent, because well, i run the hospital. If a relative came to me and asked me about a surgery in my hospital wouldn't it seem weird if i answered like this, "I don't know if he got special treatment," Hahn said, "because I don't know what was done or not done on his behalf."

But didn't you approve the surgery the relative asks? Aren't you the boss? Of your very own staff at least?

Come on Hahn most folks in the city know you weren't the brightest bulb coming out of the Hahn tree, so knowing whats going on in your own City is a bit of a stretch. But not knowing what your own staff is doing? I really don't know what is scarier a dumb mayor or one that doesn't seem to care.

Thank god either one he is -- he is not going to be there for much longer.

November 01, 2004 11:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

THAT's RICH if you think the guys at Mayor Sam are supporting Antonio. Then you didn't read this:

My understanding is they are all over the map on who they are voting for for Mayor.

Maybe Mayor Sam is writing himself in.

November 01, 2004 11:41 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Maybe we will all be fortunate and Hahn won't 'recall' there is an election and then we will not only be rid of him but his crew of corrupt commissioners who he doesn't 'recall' meeting or appointing.

Doesn't matter whom you vote for or support ABH, ABH, ABH, ABH (anybody but Hahn) !!!!!!

November 02, 2004 6:59 AM  

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