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Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Five Years Later and Time to Ask (Again): Was Zuma Dogg Right About Infrastructure?

With the recent break in a major water main in West Los Angeles that has wrought significant damage upon UCLA, one has to ask (again) has LA densified so much and put so much stress upon it's late 19th/early 20th century infrastructure that it is now crumbling under the weight of all this development?

Almost five years ago to the day I wrote the following at this august blog:
Though I haven't always agreed with Zuma Dogg on development in Los Angeles for some time the erstwhile observer, advocate and now Council Candidate has issued clarion calls about overdevelopment in Los Angeles and its impact on an aging infrastructure.

I had hearkened back to a warning that Mr. Dogg, in his own inimitable style issued a year earlier, in 2008:
That's not supposed to happen.

A huge amount of this development coming from affordable and homeless (such as the controversial Day Street Apartments in Sunland-Tujunga) housing that is incentivized through various city regulations and programs and has created a growth industry around growth? Again, Zuma answered that question way back when George Bush was still President and Donald Sterling didn't have a clue who V. Stiviano is. 

It'll take a minute to type up a comedy review exposing all the shady angles, but basically, if you agree to add 10% affordable housing; a developer can increase density by 20% on your project. 20% affordable housing=35% added density "bonus" (incentive).
Go back seven years and Zuma gives the prescription that should have been filled a long time ago that easily foreshadowed incidents such as the Westwood main break, earlier failures of LA's electrical system and countless other infrastructure debacles in just the last few years.

"B-ruined" (Hat tip to Joseph Mailander)

All of this density is being created without the proper infrastructure to accommodate the added demand.
Back in those days, too, there was another guy with a different kind of a bully pulpit, that is radio talk show host Kevin James, who knew deep the failures and corruption of local government, so much so that he gave up his radio career to run for Mayor and state the case for reform and to bring our infrastructure up to snuff.

James didn't win for Mayor but he earned the role of President of the city's Public Works Commission, the key organization to deal with all of the city's pipes, roads, bridges, wires, etc. He said the right thing during the campaign, but following the Great Flood of Westwood, what did President James have to say?

We've been saying these things for almost ten years now. It is time for the residents to wake up. Or, perhaps you like surfing down Glendon?

By the way, I totally agree with Zuma now on development.

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Thursday Briefs on the Failed Supervisor "Home Renovation-Thomas"/Los Angeles Education Machine's "Vile Attacks" against George McKenna

 How low and vile will the likes of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas" and his allies within the "Fail Mayor Antonio Villar/former LAUSD School Board President Monica, Gorda Boo Boo, Garcia Education Machine" descend in besmirching the Character of LAUSD Education Icon George McKenna?
Supervisor "Home Renovation-Thomas" knows no shame in supporting attacks against distinguish former LAUSD Educator George McKenna, to benefit his Crony/Educational Neophyte Alex "Ridley-Johnson-Thomas" (to his right above) in the LAUSD School Board District One Special Election.
** Blogger's Note: A disclaimer, we are usually practitioners of bloggin decorum in our musings here at Mayor Sam, but with no apologies to current LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas (and his enabling political allies), you are SCUM for your "silence of support" of the vile, deceitful attacks against former distinguish LAUSD Educator, turned LAUSD School Board District One Candidate George McKenna, on behalf of your candidate of choice, Crony/Neophyte Education Advisor Alex "Ridey-Johnson-Thomas". Its so darn evident that the diminutive, home/garage renovator (on the public dime, allegedly), is using the LAUSD District One Special Election to renovate his political fiefdom of control, with the installment of his enabling cronies. Yet, his scheme is engendering a growing backlash and with the recent vile attacks on the character of McKenna, former supporters are in open revolt against jailed SEIU Leader Tyrone Freeman's political buddy. Below, we post links to numerous missives that chronicle the backlash against "Home Renovation-Thomas and his Crony/Neophyte Alex "Ridley-Johnson-Thomas"---Scott Johnson in CD 14
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

We remind Angelinos that while Mayor Eric Garcetti is away on vacation somewhere near a Great Lake, the pending "Detroit on the Pacific" is under the control of LA City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson.
What can possibly happen in LA with Clowncil Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson in charge? This ...........
UCLA's John Wooden Court under water from rupture DWP Water Main on Sunset. Maybe the acting Mayor/Strongman can decree that future Joint DWP/IBEW Safety and Job Training Non-Profit proceeds, be redirected to cover the cost of restoring "The Wizard of Westwood's" namesake basketball court (don't hold your breath waiting)?
** Mayor Sam has confirmed that former SEIU United Long Care Health Workers Director of Politics and founder of M. Chavez Consulting Mario Chavez has pulled papers to mount a challenge to Incumbent CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Jose Huizar, Chavez, a Boyle Heights Native and Resident, was appointed to the City of LA's Affordable Housing Commission by Mayor Eric Garcetti soon after taking office. Chavez's challenge of the Princeton Graduate, is the first sure sign of a Progressive push back against the embattled incumbent, who is seen by many in his district as being a pawn for the campaign-contributing Special Interests (especially Downtown), at the expense to the rest of his forgotten constituents on the East Bank of the LA River.
** LAPD Rank & File turned out in the hundreds yesterday to remind the City Clowncil Central Committee (and especially, vacationing Mayor Eric Garcetti, that unless their contract demands are met, current officers may seek employment elsewhere.
Your Thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Will "Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez)" Political Afterlife start anew in CD 14?

As the fail "Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign" assume room temperature, speculation is rampant that the former Assembly Speaker;s Political Afterlife may have a CD 14 destination in 2015.
Its official! First Cousin John has left his hope for Statewide Office for a Political Afterlife in ........
We can always replay the moment when "The Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign EKG Watch" went Flat Line for the final time, with First Cousin John pulling the plug on his expensive, divisive recount of the vote. 
........, in a possible run for CD 14 in 2015?
Oh the love of bloggin speculation!!
As the Sacramento Special Interest mourn the loss (and count the wasted Millions in contributions) of Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign, rumors are swirling around Ciudad de Los Angeles that First Cousin John's time in a Political Afterlife may end quickly in CD 14.
While the carcass of First Cousin John's Controller Campaign assumes refrigerator storage temps, a Political Afterlife away from Sacramento may take place in CD 14, with a possible challenge of current CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar in 2015.
It was always First Cousin John's desire to become the first member of the Villar Clan to win Statewide Office, but according to sources, if ethical issues facing the Princeton Graduate, turned philandering politico, continue to worsen, then its possible that another Villar Clan Member may seek to become the CD Officeholder.
Another name still making the rounds is termed out LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina, who has invested County Funds in several high-profile projects within the district. Supposedly, Mayor Garcetti's Chief of Staff Ana Guerrero was to have a "chat" with Molina soon after announcing that she would not seek to challenge Huizar.
The wildcard here on either or both challenging the two term incumbent, will be a possible Sexual Harassment Trial involving Huizar and his former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy.
Stay connected for the latest political chisme!!
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The backlash continues to grow against CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" as longtime Cypress Park Community Activist Art Pulido (wearing cap below) is the latest to take umbrage over alleged Backroom Dealings of Clowncil Member Cedillo and staff.
From ardent campaign supporter to ...........
........., calling out "Broken Deal Cedillo" in writing, over alleged Back Room Deal involving the Cypress Park Community Center and Connected Non-Profit El Centro del Pueblo's Executive Director Sandra Figueroa-Villa.
Its Tuesday and the backlash grows against CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo".
Longtime Cypress Park based Political Activist Art Pulido is the latest to go public in stating their discontent with "Broken Deal Cedillo" and staff.
Pulido's grievance against Cedillo is centered on the selection of an established Community Based Organization to provide services out of the Cypress Park Community Center. Contrary to the wishes of the community, "Broken Deal Cedillo's staff has offer the use of the facility to the Echo Park Connected Non Profit El Centro del Pueblo, headed up by Mayor Garcetti-appointed Police Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa.
It should be noted that "Broken Deal Cedillo Staffer Conrado Terrazas is a member of the Board of Directors for El Centro del Pueblo which has prompted allegations of Conflict of Interest to be leveled against Terrazas by those in and around the Cypress Park Community.
The fact that Pulido has put his allegations in writing is a dire sign of growing discontent.
** Former Pulido workout buddy, turned past Failure Mayor Antonio "Tony" Villar recently returned from Israel with ex New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a show of support for the besieged Jewish State. Villar then signed his name to a ghost opinion missive in the Orange County Register that called upon the State Department to lifted the FAA Ban on US Airline flights to Israel
** LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant launched a "Written Missive of Disclosure" (WMD) that chronicles LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas puppet LAUSD District One School Board Candidate Alex Johnson's ceaseless, vile attacks against Lauded Educator and Challenger George McKenna. 
** Ron Kaye notes at City Watch that after 30 years within the Los Angeles Political Machine, no one should be surprise how former CD 2/7 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Richard AlarCON met his political demise in a LA Courtroom.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Mayor Sam Exclusive: Just who is LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (or was it Caudillo?)

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we expose the true background of new LA-32 Neighborhood Council President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), who's true self runs counter to the different face fronted by her to the LA-32 NC Community. 
Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo) from her LA-32 NC Election Bio.
** Blogger's Note: If one were to judge (and believe the details) of Marleen Fonseca's Bio from her Candidate Statement from the recent LA-32 NC Elections, few could successfully argue against voting to place a supposed "neighborhood girl done well" on the latest incarnation of the 21-person board as noted below ..........
Marleen Fonseca – I’m a neighbor of 40 years, and am now raising my two teenage children here. I come with much expertise in the workings of city government, having spent 11 years as a civilian employee / manager of the LAPD, and currently serving as a Labor Representative for 1,341 city employees in 6 different Departments for the Engineers & Architects Association – L.A. City’s oldest union (1894). My city experience and vast network of friends and colleagues will be beneficial to the Neighborhood Council and residents of 90032. I graduated from All Saints Catholic School and Sacred Heart of Mary High School; I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from UC Riverside, majoring in Environmental Science. I am a committed neighbor, parent and homeowner who cares about the quality-of-life in our community and will dedicate myself to the commitment needed to continue building and empowering our beautiful neighborhood.
......., but the blunt reality in the Internet Age, is that your pass is a Google Search away, especially if you had employment issues that merited a Civil Service Hearing, under a previous last name as we disclose below---Scott Johnson. 
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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" allegedly goes back on his pledge to install segregated cycling lanes on Figueroa in Highland Park, peddling advocates step up the pressure on the First Term Clowncilman. 
 What will come first in "Broken Deal Cedillo's" CD 1, dedicated lanes of legalization for Illegals, or segregated cycling zones of safety?
Let the backlash begin!!
Former Assemblyman "One Bill Gil"/State Senator "One Bill Gil"/Assemblyman "One Bill Gil" again, now CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", is facing a growing backlash over a troubling proclivity of reneging on promises to his supposed supporters.
Regardless on which side of this issue you fall on, many segments of the activist community in CD 1, are growing discontent with a Clowncil Member who's list of Broken Deals is engendering a new coalition of disenchanted former supporters, who are already looking for new leadership.
** Northeast LA is also Ground Zero for a growing LAPD Scandal (and a rise in violent crime rates), involving nefarious, false documentation of Patrol Cars on the streets. The term "Ghost Cars" pertains to supposed LAPD vehicles patroling on paper, but in reality are not.

** Longtime "Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet" (aka LA Daily News) City Hall Beat Writer Rick Orlov, notes in today's "Tipoff Column", a rising "LAPD Blue Rank and File Wave of Discontent" about to descend on City Hall tomorrow, as the Police Protective League choreographs its push back, after the membership voted down Mayor Garcetti's proposed contract.

** Lastly, according to a reliable source, former CD 14 Clownciman Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy is closing the door in the face of her former boss's attempt to settle Sexual Harassment allegations. Godoy allegedly processes numerous amounts of documentation that substantiates her allegations that Clowncilman Huizar engaged in inappropriate workplace misconduct. CD 14 Political Observers are keeping watch for any new revelations that may prompt other candidates to enter the 2015 Election.

Darn!! Francine wants to take me all the way to trial.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Did Councilman Huizar use Tax Dollars to furnish a Closer, Intimate Working Relationship with Francine Godoy?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we expose documentation that allegedly disclose Taxpayer's financed makeover of CD 14 Councilman Huizar's City Hall Office to facilitate a closer, intimate "Working Relationship" between the Princeton Graduate and former Scheduler, turned Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy. 
What was the real reason for Councilman Huizar's wall and side door installation in 2007? Maybe he needed quick assess to his "Scheduler"?
** Blogger's Note: As settlement talks move forward between CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and his former "Scheduler, turned Deputy Chief of Staff" Francine Godoy regarding the ex staffer's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against the Princeton Graduate, we disclose documentation they may further reveal the alleged close "working relationship" between the two and its cost to the taxpayers. Soon after his election to his First Full Term in 2007, Councilman Huizar requested that the City of Los Angeles General Services Department install a new drywall partition and doorway within his City Hall Office (as noted in the document below). Continue below, ............. 
Councilman Huizar's Wall and Door Installation costs the taxpayers $14,000 plus.
...., most, if not all City Councilperson's Offices at 200 Spring Street, have one main entrance, Thus, speculation was rampant on the real reason why Councilman Huizar allegedly had requested this modification, ...... and the person of interest was none other than Scheduler Francine Godoy. According to multiple sources, Councilman Huizar wanted the wall and door installed to provide Godoy "direct assess" to his office, which would bypass the normal entrance visible to most within the CD 14 City Hall Office. Continue below ................  
 Was "Scheduler, turned Deputy Chief of Staff'" Francine Godoy's rapid rise in power within Councilman Huizar's Office, predicated on her direct assess to service the needs of her boss?
....., as Godoy rose up the ranks (and in salary) among CD 14 Staffers, speculation became more rampant regarding her true responsibilities within the City Hall Office. As Councilman Huizar disclosed in his choreographed response to Godoy's allegations of Sexual Harassment, there was a supposed occasional, consensual sexual relationship between the two. This causes one to ponder if those alleged, consensual acts were expedited by a taxpayer finance office modification? Continue below ........
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A personal note ...............

Briefly, blog postings will resume on Monday due to learning of the death of my beloved Sister Linda. Their are two bookend truisms of our lives as Human Beings, birth and death. What we accomplish (and endure) in between, is how one is defined and cherished for their life experience when the time comes to leave our mortal state for the after life, in a place call Heaven. My profound thoughts are with her husband John (a loving, giving man of character) and my nephews Chad, Ryan and Niece Jennifer.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

The ease of City Attorney Mike Feuer in using LAPD Officers for a Photo Op in announcing the seizure of Illegal Fireworks is something not easily replicated when frustrated Angelinos seek enforcement of laws regarding discharging Fireworks within the City Limits. 
Frustrated Angelinos would love some LAPD attention to their pleas regarding illegal discharge of Fireworks.
We get emails .........
......, and in attending recent meetings within Northeast LA, City Attorney Mike Feuer is sure to draw the ire of average Angelinos with his use of LAPD resources for a self-serving Photo Op to grandstand over the seizure of Illegal Fireworks, while many residents went wanting for enforcement of laws regarding the discharge of pyrotechnics in Los Angeles.
In the case of one Northeast LA resident, frustration over LAPD's Northeast Division absence of a response to repeated calls to deal with a neighbor discharging Illegal Fireworks, the resident takes drastic measures to ensure a response. 
On July 4th It took from 5:30 in the afternoon with 4 calls to LAPD to ask the neighbor to stop; even though fireworks are forbidden in the City of Los Angeles. They finally came when I threatened to use a gun to make “fireworks’ of my own.  The Police saw the remains of the explosive on the neighbor’s property, on the city street, on a number of cars and after my offer to file a formal complaint, the Police officers refused. The neighbors laugh at me and the Police Officers knowing that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.
......, that's unless City Attorney Mike Feuer needs some props for another self=serving Photo Op.
** While many City Hall observers are accepting a Second Term for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck as a political given, a vast majority of those who attended Tuesday's evening Townhall Meeting in Lincoln Heights to give testimony on the former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar's anointed choice to replace previous Chief Bill Bratton, were not in agreement. As the Eastern Group Publications reports ......., Only a handful of the approximately 100 people at the meeting spoke in favor of extending Beck’s contract, while dozens of speakers used their two-minutes of public speaking time to lambast Beck, telling the commission over and over again not to reappoint him to another term. We are sure COMPSTAT will give him a passing grade.
** LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant loads up on her latest WMDs (Wanton Missive of Distortion) including these thoughts on Mayor Garcetti's "Promise Keeping" (or lack of) to the African-American Community.

It should be noted that in the year Garcetti has been mayor, heʼs made several appointments to high-ranking city positions — none of which have been African-Americans. In fact, he hasnʼt even paid his debts and kept his promises to blacks who helped him acquire his office. For example, Najee Ali, our best and most committed community activist, worked himself into cancer on Garcettiʼs campaign for mayor. Despite the fact that I didnʼt like it, Najee worked like a dog for Garcetti and was promised some kind of city job if Garcetti won. Well, Garcetti won. Does Najee have a job? No.
Everybody else does, but not Najee. Instead, all heʼs gotten from Garcetti during the past year has been promises, the most recent being a promise to get him into a community relations position with the MTA, on whose board Garcetti sits. The community and Najee are upset about it. Me? Iʼm mad as Hades about it!
Garcetti is a two-faced liar and a user and I told you people not to elect him. But you did anyway. The open letter speaks of another black man whose life has been mismanaged by Garcettiʼs campaign promises that turned out to be mayoral lies. I could quote the title of a famous blues singerʼs song: “It Serves You Right to Suffer,” but I wonʼt.

....., but she did.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

The AlarCONs face their Political Enemies in Court

As the Voter Fraud trial of former CD2/7 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Richard AlarCON (and wife) continues, political antagonizes Assemblyman Raul "Mini Fuentes" Bocanegra and former CD 2 City Clowncil Central Committeewoman Wendy "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Call Greuel", testify against the "Zorro Marxist".
 Mr. and Mrs. AlarCON's Booking Photos.
** Blogger's Note: When your political enemies are willing to face you down in the Court of Law, instead of merely back-stabbing you with a smile on their respective faces, then that should be a barometer of bad legal tidings ahead for in the Voter Fraud Trail of Mr. and Mrs. Richard AlarCON. As Dakota Smith reports online for the "Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet" (aka LA Daily News), former AlarCON Staffer, turned Assemblyman Raul "Mini Fuentes" Bocanegra and recent Mayoral/ Congressional Losing Candidate Wendy "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Call Greuel", were more than willing to frontally dagger the former CD2/7 City Clowncil Central Committee Member with their respective testimony on behalf of the Prosecution as excerpted below ........... 
 Assemblyman Raul "Mini Fuentes" Bocanegra.
This is how a former Staffer, turned ambitious Assemblyman, turns on his former Boss.
While working as a planning deputy for Alarcon in 2007, Bocanegra said he met with a land-use consultant about a zone change for the Panorama City property, part of a proposal to develop the site into multi-use residential units. Gilmer has previously suggested to the jury that the Alarcóns wanted to develop the Panorama City site.
Bocanegra also was asked about whether there was media publicity about Alarcon’s residency in 2007.
“I think it was an area of concern for the staff, yes,” Bocanegra.
Bocanegra was elected to the Assembly in 2012, beating Alarcón, who faced negative media stories amid the District Attorney’s investigation into his residency.

New CD 7 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Felipe "Mini Padilla" Fuentes could not ghost written better testimony.
Former CD 2 City Clowncil Central Committewoman and City Controller Wendy "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Call Greuel".
A Political Fox with testimonial teeth.
A witness for the prosecution, Greuel testified that Alarcón, her then-colleague on the City Council, called her in 2007 and asked her to move the boundaries to put Flora’s house on Sheldon Street in Sun Valley in District 7. Greuel consulted with her staff on the move, which would have affected about 200 houses, she said.
Greuel told the court Alarcón said the council district boundaries had been moved before. He cited how the lines were redrawn to accommodate Antonio Villaraigosa when he served on the City Council (think former house on Mt Washington), Greuel said.
Greuel decided against the move, she told jurors, because it would break up the Stonehurst community, which was in her district. Later, that area was designated a historical preservation zone.

........,judging from the testimony, the AlarCONs will have some quality cell time to plot payback.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

What will be the reaction from IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo" after both City Attorney Mike Feuer and City Controller Ron Galperin called the reigning City Hall Bully's bluff, in withholding the latest payment to the Joint IBEW/DWP Job Training and Safety Non-Profits?
The Bully that is IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo".

Angelinos need to be made aware of a pending Bully Temper Tantrum.
For those who were unfortunate to be on the receiving end of threats from bullies, know all too well that when a uber thug does not get their requested extortion, it can get ugly, real ugly.
Thus, what should Angelinos expect from reigning City Hall Bully, IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo" after City Attorney Mike Feuer and City Controller Ron Galperin initiated plans to put a new overseer and deny the latest payment to his "Joint IBEW/DWP Job Training and Safety Non-Profits respectively? Blackouts? Cut off in water deliveries? More "Working Californians Independent Expenditures" to City Clowncil Central Committee Members such as Curren Price, Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, Jose Huizar, Felipe Fuentes and Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" to do nothing in response to a Bully's latest threats? 
The latter is most likely unless pressure is put on the City Clowncil Central Committee to cut off this annual $4 Million Dollars bailout to sustain "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's" operating excesses and .........., campaign contribution kickbacks to the majority of those within the Horseshoe who remain silent on this growing scandal.
** Surprise, surprise!! LAPD's computer software program known to the discerning political observer simply as COMPSTAT, is showing an increase in Aggravated Assaults as noted by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti in a recent photo op. Normally, COMPSTAT is program to show decreases in all crimes (especially violent types) by dumbing down what is supposedly a violent act of law breaking. Thus, in the near future, will we see an expose on the truth of COMPSTAT? BTW, lets not forget the impact of now City Attorney Mike Feuer's co-authoring of AB-109 on the rise in crime.
** Mayor Eric Garcetti has a surge of a crisis coming ashore at the Port of LA as a hundred, union-inspired truckers are striking, seeking to become "employees", instead of merely operators. If this job action gain support of unionized Longshoremens via work stoppages, the long-term ramification for the Port of LA and Long Beach could see Shipping Companies bypass the twin ports, in favor of business friendly Ports of Calls by a newly-widened Panama Canal.  
** Former SEIU 347 and 721 Union Leader Julie Butcher is leaving Andy Stern's Fiefdom for a new gig as the Business Representative for Teamsters Local 911. Meanwhile, the Fourth Annual Matt Butcher Memorial Golf Tournament is on July 19 at the Brookside Golf Course, next to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.                 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, July 07, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for a post Fourth of July Monday

"The Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign" is prolonging the "Flat Line Reality" of its political demise by calling for a divisive and costly recount of the vote. 
I demand a recount, no matter the cost! 
First Cousin John for Controller, why are you still with us? 
Hola and happy post Fourth of July Monday to all!!
Upon returning from a Holiday/B-day Getaway, I was expecting to read the political post-mortems on the final Political Flat Lining of "The Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign" but First Cousin John has other thoughts.
Not one to put party unity paramount, along with accepting reality, First Cousin John is calling upon the Secretary of State Office to conduct a potentially expensive and divisive recount of the final tally of ballots which has Betty Yee beating him by 481 votes for second place in the State Controller Contest ......., and not surprisingly, First Cousin John is trying to massage the recounting to his advantage as noted below.
Pérez said in a statement Sunday that because of the closeness of the race it is of "the utmost importance that an additional, carefully conducted review of the ballots be undertaken to ensure that every vote is counted, as intended."
But Yee, who claimed victory over Pérez on June 30, said Sunday that if Pérez "really wants to make sure every vote counts, he should be counting every vote.
"Cherry-picking only the 15 counties that he won, and sorting the precincts within the counties to reflect his strongest areas, indicates that he has no interest in a fair and impartial recount," she said.
Under state law, any registered voter can ask for a recount - but they have to pay for it, which can be prohibitive in a massive state like California. So candidates are likely to target counties where they performed better.
Hand-counting the ballots in the entire state could run $3 million, campaign officials said. It will cost $1 million alone for Pérez's home county of Los Angeles. He is also requesting a recount in Kern, Imperial, San Bernardino, Fresno, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, Stanislaus, Tulare, Kings and Merced counties.

......, to be continue.

** Did it seem not long ago that a second term for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck was about as sure as "First Cousin John" winning a recount in the State Controller's Race? But rest assure (or not), but the reality now is that Chief Beck is going to garner another term as the City of LA's Top Cop.

** While Chief Beck awaits the formality of his Second Term Appointment, his Rank and File Officers have a tentative new contract which hold current salaries in place, but raises the start pay for new officers and allows for cashing in on overtime.

** Memo to Mayor Eric Garcetti, as "Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet" (aka Daily News) City Hall Reporter Rick Orlov notes in his Monday "Tipoff Column", you can be a one term former Mayor, such as James "Poopy" Hahn and get a building named after you, come September. But we know that Team Garcetti has higher goals.

** From LA Wave Newspaper "Soulvine Columnist" Betty Pleasant's latest "Weekly WMD" (Wanton Missive of Distortion), we learn that LAUSD District One Special Election Candidate George McKenna has picked up the endorsements of four former challengers, including former Board of Education Member Genethia Hudley-Hayes, in his quest to beat LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation" Ridley-Thomas anointed candidate Alex Johnson.

** Lastly, on a sad note ...................

  We have heard that a horse died during the recent El Sereno Bicentennial Parade near its finish at El Sereno Park (prompting the renaming of the green space to Dead Horse Point Park?). As in anything that casts a negative spotlight on any CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose "Dear Charro/Princeton Graduate" Huizar sponsored activity, information or photos are outstanding, but eyewitnesses stated that the horse collapsed at the finish of the parade and was later loaded on to a truck for a trip to its final resting place. BTW, we hope the Parade Committee was paid up on its Parade Horse Insurance.
Your thoughts ..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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