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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Dialog on a 710 Freeway, Golden Eagle (Connector) Road this Evening in El Sereno

As the decades-long controversy regarding the 710 Freeway continues on, a CD-14 sponsored Community Meeting will take place this evening in El Sereno, with the newly-proposed "Golden Eagle (Connector) Road", the hot (and potentially, El Sereno Community-dividing) topic.
 The "Beyond the 710 Coalition (with a notable Corner Store Trekker)", espousing the propose "Golden Eagle (Connector) Road".
From the LA Times regarding the proposed "Golden Eagle (Connector) Road": Instead of constructing the extension, Beyond the 710 envisions building several local surface-street projects, including a four-lane thoroughfare called Golden Eagle Boulevard that would head 1.9 miles north from the southern stub of the 710 to Fremont Street in Alhambra. Golden Eagle would intersect Valley Boulevard, Alhambra Avenue and East Mission Road, allowing traffic to be distributed to other surface streets while protecting residential neighborhoods.
CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar cuts ribbon at the Grand Opening of the El Sereno Arroyo Park.

** Neighbors of El Sereno Founder Val Marquez regarding tonight's meeting:

URGENT MEETING - Connector Road Could Close ES Arroyo Playground
Dear Concerned Neighbors:
Read more »

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Late Morning Update ...........

** Personal Note: Its been a emotional past couple of days as a Close Friend and Family laid to rest God's newest Angel, who embarked on her new spiritual vocation after a brief five years of wonderful life. As someone who's career vocation is predicated on mentoring youth to become productive adults, the lost of a child, especially at such a young age, cannot be simply relegated secondary to some mere blog missive. In the last few months, death has made his acquaintances too well known as friends such as Ted Juarez, Leonard Pina, Michael Higby, and now the Granddaughter of my friend Hugo Pacheco, "Rosie" have gone on to become "Angels of a Better Tomorrow". Thus, on this day, let the remembrance of friends departed .........., and prayers for their respective love ones, take prominence from our normal bloggin state of purpose---Scott Johnson.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hot Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

A week removed from the resounding victory by the Anthony Portantino/ Ardashes Kassakhian-linked, "Democrats United Slate", in the rerun of the 43rd Assembly District Democrat Delegate Elections, the Assemblyman Mike Gatto-linked "Burbank Blog", states the following .........., "Aryan, or Armenian, Supremacists?" 
43rd AD Assemblyman Mike Gatto speaking at the 2013 City of Glendale Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.   
The "Gatto Truthers" at the Burbank Blog have taken Racial Identity Politics to a new low in the 43rd Assembly District.
** Since the genesis of our bloggin coverage of now 43rd Assembly District Assemblyman Mike Gatto, the one constant has been the Astro Turf-proclivities of the Burbank Blog, in its unwavering, fanatical support of the nearly, termed out Silver Lake Lawmaker. But in its first comments since last Sunday's 43rd AD Democrat Delegate Rerun Election, the comments posted below take Racial Identity Politics to a new low.

From the Burbank Blog (July 21, 2015) ............., "Aryan, or Armenian, Supremacists?"  Supporters for for Assembly candidate Ardashes Kassakhian and Senate candidate Anthony Portantino showed up en masse to prevail in the local Dem party delegate election redux which the party ordered after finding massive fraud by their supporters the first time.  The two prevailed this time only after whipping up an ethnic furor with "my race first" tactics that have no place in our swirling melting pot of a community.  Articles like this one called "By Any Means Necessary" are emblematic of the "us first always" rhetoric.  We know we speak for most when we say that bad taste in our mouths appears to be 1950s cornbread from the deep south.  What gives this white, privileged group the right to be so radically ethnocentric?

Just a thought, but if someone (or a certain ethnic group) was the target of ethnic cleansing in regards to exerting their right to vote, then in hindsight, a "Democrats United" response was the appropriate reaction?

** Will the "Political Soul Brothers" of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, reunite on the (Exchange) Stage to help settle a "2015 Campaign Debt? Surprise, surprise, the just re-elected "Political Soul Brother" of City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, CD 14 Clowncilman Jose Huizar, is having money issues ......., again. From non-payment of Property Tax, to an alleged "Quitsale", the just re-elected Officeholder (BTW, who went to Princeton) just can't figure out how to (politically) live within his means (excluding the largess of the Special Interests). According to his most recent 460 Officeholder Account Report, Huizar is $54,000 in the hole, this due to the purchase of "Huizzy Goodies", given mostly to Senior Citizen Voters. Thus, as more campaign bills come due, it would not surprise us to see a "Political Soul Brothers" return engagement at The Exchange (with entry predicated on the appropriate contribution).
We will legislate (and break campaign promises) for your Special Interest Contribution.
From Councilman Huizar's 2015 First Quarter Officeholder Account 460 Report.
$54,000 can buy you a lot of Huizzy Goodies ........, and votes.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The July 25th Edition of the KRLA 870 AM Randy Economy Show

Randy Economy.
From the Randy Economy Show Facebook Page:
Saturday, July 25th Randy Economy Show on AM 870 The Answer KRLA is going to be one of the most revealing and controversial to date.
BREAKING: David Daleiden with the Center for Medical Progress will be LIVE IN STUDIO on Saturday night on The Randy Economy Show on AM 870 The Answer KRLA from 8 to 9 p.m. PST. David will have the LATEST REVELATION regarding their bombshell investigation into Planned Parenthood and their undercover videos that are literally going viral all aro...und the world.
Also, Dr. Vikki Huffnagel will reveal information about the case involving entertainer Bill Cosby that will literally become national headlines during the next several weeks.
I also welcome back Frank Girardot and Dennis Zine BACK to the studio as our show's awesome side kicks. In addition, Adrian Ramirez will be LIVE in STUDIO to throw in his two cents into the conversation and rapper Max Cohen will unveil the RANDY ECONOMY RAP SONG for the VERY FIRST TIME!
The Randy Economy Show is now the #1 Rated Weekend TALK SHOW on AM 870 The Answer according to the June 2015 Neilson/Arbitron Ratings!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Morning Briefs on a Betraying Political Machine for Friday

As more Angelinos come to the realization that its City Clowncil Central Committee (along with the three city-wide officeholders) cannot be trusted, lets remember that all the ethically-challenged antics under the John Ferraro Clowncil Chamber Big Top, have local genesis.  
........, but Acts of Communal Betrayal for Personal and Political Self-Interest, is a daily constant.
** Blogger's Note: Lies? Falsehoods? Betrayal at City Hall? (OK, maybe installation of "Special Doors", but I digress). But as clearly symbolized by the above photo of the "Re-elect Jose Huizar Billboard", in Jack Humphreville's latest missive for "CityWatchLA", trust in the actions of the fifteen members of the City Clowncil Central Committee, is becoming fleeting. Today, as one review the latest content from the cyber pages of the local NC activists bloggin repository, you can find the likes of Anthony "Tony" Butka, Ken Alpern and Denyse Selesnick lamenting the current state of trust and structure within City Hall. Indeed, trust is at a premium between the general electorate and the Special Interest-servicing, City Clowncil Central Committee, as recently noted in a LA Times, David Zahniser missive on yet, another Clowncilman Huizar policy betrayal regarding "Billboard Amnesty". But in diagnosing the level of distrust at 200 Spring Street, activists must remember that "City Hall Policy Betrayals" have their roots in numerous act of "Communal Betrayal" among all fifteen members of the Clowncil Central Committee. For CD 14 Clowncilman Huizar (who went to Princeton), the genesis of his numerous episodes of questionable political (and personal) behavior, is rooted in the fact that a majority of district voters (with various "bought levels"), have fail to hold him accountable when given the opportunity in 2007, 2011, and most recently 2015. The fact that 80% plus of the district voters choose to not exercise their right, makes it easy for a "low information, in denial, bought minority" of Special Interest-linked ballot stuffers, to allow the continuance of representation, that results in troubling episodes of ethical (and personal) policy initiatives highlighted below---Scott Johnson.
Homeless Encampment on Elephant Hill.
USC's removal of historic green/view scape at Hazard Park.
The mystical LA Streetcar/ Huizzy Legacy Choo Choo.
Lucrative 1% Charter School Indoctrinator Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson with Clowncilman Huizar.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

On Deadline ...............

We have work-related issues which inhibit computer time this A.M. We will renew our bloggin coverage later today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mayor Sam on Assignment: Seeking out CD 14's new $9 Million Dollars Homeless Encampment ....., with a view

On this Hump Day, Mayor Sam goes On Assignment, in search of CD-14's newest $9 Million dollars Homeless Shelter/Encampments, with a Huntington Drive-reaching hilltop view. **Afternoon Update: WE FOUND IT!! See photo below "Julio".
Really Julio (Torres)? Your Boss (who went to Princeton), had the vision to have the taxpayers barrow $9 Million dollars to pay for a current Homeless Shelter/Encampments ......., with a hilltop view of  Huntington Drive and beyond?
** Blogger's Note: A note to our cyber audience, we will not be in the home office today, for we are on bloggin assignment to bring you the latest information on CD-14's newest Homeless Shelter/Encampments, with a hilltop view of Huntington Drive (which includes the former "Motel Huizar" location). As clearly seen from "Mickey's Parklet" located next to "Food for Less" on Huntington Drive, the Stakeholders of the El Sereno Community are commenting on their esteem, re-elected City Councilman Jose Huizar's newest answer for housing the homeless within the community. As previously reported here on Mayor Sam, the Princeton Graduate received City Council support to barrow, and pay an inflated price ($9 Million dollars to benefit the clients of  Land Use Attorney Ben Reznik) for the 20 acre, Elephant Hill Parcel in 2011. Since the transaction was completed (with the required, self-serving Photo Op completed), speculation has been rampant on what would become of the property (nature trails, interpretive signage, a Mark & Minnie Aguilar-Ferguson Nature Center among the thoughts). But come the Summer of 2015, the last option concerned Stakeholders expected, was to see tents and RVs take up positions on the hill as noted in this email, Other residents have complained to me and stated look up at elephant hill from Huntington Drive around post office. And yes there is an R.V. and a couple of tents. Thus, we load our bags (with ZIMAS Map in hand to determine property lines) to seek photographic documentation to share with you---Scott Johnson. 
The former "Motel Huizar", where we leave the side door clear for you. 
The new $9 Million dollars Elephant Hill Homeless Shelter/Encampment Space (camp is located near trees, to the right of hilltop). 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An Ana Cubas Happy Hour with a Cause ......, and Side Effects?

Former CD 14 Councilman Huizar Chief of Staff , unsuccessful CD 9 Candidate (and now alleged Foster Farms Chickens Shill) Ana Cubas, is hosting a "Happy Hour Event" ......., featuring Special Guest, her fellow "Princeton Classmate".  
Rise or Shine, Happy Hour always starts on time (or earlier) for Ana Cubas.
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon the early bloggin thoughts of Happy Hour Libations, but when one is prepping a missive regarding the current activities of former CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar Chief of Staff and unsuccessful CD 9 Candidate Ana Cubas, the thought of imbibing is a constant part of any Ana Cubas-related missive. Thus, we are not surprise at all, that the new alleged, paid consultant for Foster Farms Chickens, would incorporate an alcohol-related theme into this Thursday's Fundraiser or her self-created "LAtinas Non-Profit". Its no secret that Cubas craves (besides the love of drink), a political officeholder future ......, and as our previous reporting on her CD 9 Campaign noted, alcohol and campaigning mixed well (even in the presence of minors). That said, we want to contribute some positive suggestions to make this Thiursday's event a success (and ensure that nearby thoroughfares such as First Street are DUI-free). First, have the LAPD Hollenbeck Division place on standby, the appropriate number of squad cars, with two hours, detoxing backseats. Second, maybe Councilman Huizar's Political Friend, "State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First", can make available his late hours, "Designated Drivers"? Anyways Ana, good luck with the event ........, and remember "SAY NO TO PLUMPING (via the over-consumption of alcohol)" ---Scott Johnson.    
Ana, does mentoring to young Latinas include condoning Happy Hours (with a cause) ....., and its possible adverse side-affects that include a taxpayer's-paid, "$185,000 Accident Settlement"? 
Is Bud Light the Official Beer (with Foster Farms providing the Chicken Wings) of the LAtina Organization?
Ana, just say no to plumping (or bloating) ........, via the over-consumption of alcohol ..........., which can led to episodes of public rambling (as documented below).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, July 20, 2015

An Infant Assemblyman Lil Mikey Gatto Political Beat Down Update

In a major blow to the 2016 25th State Senate District Election aspirations of current 43rd AD "Infant Assemblyman Lil (turned racial profiler Slobo) Mikey" Gatto, a rerun of the 43rd Assembly District Delegate Elections results in a resounding, sweeping victory for the Anthony Portantino-connected "Democrats United Slate".
 We are on "Petulant, Infant Assemblyman Lil Mikey Gatto Political Tantrum Watch" 
Political Mothers should never let their Infant Assemblymen grow up to become ethnic cleansers of 43rd AD Delegate Voters (allegedly).
** Blogger's Note: In a remarkable showing of Grass Roots Activism, nearly a thousand of 43rd Assembly District Democrats turned out yesterday to partake in a California Democratic Party-mandated rerun of its 2015 Delegate Elections ....... and the results were a major repudiation of the Infant Assemblyman Lil (now Slobo) Mikey's supporters "voter suppression by ethnic (Armenian) surnames tactics (allegedly)". By a vote of roughly 585 to 245, the Anthony Portantino-connected "United Democrats Slate", achieved a resounding beat down of their Assemblyman Gatto-connected challengers. According to on scene and Social Media sources, a large percentage of Armenian voters turned out in support of the "United Democrats Slate" and were instrumental in its victory. Local political observer's were using the results as a political barometer of a VERY possible Assemblyman Gatto vs. former Assemblyman Portantino Battle Royale for the open 25th State Senate Seat in 2016 and judging from yesterday's turnout, the Grass Roots are not too happy with the "Infant Assemblyman "Lil (recent Slobo-like ethnic voter cleansing) Mikey" Gatto's political behavior---Scott Johnson.                                                                   
The victorious "Democrats United Slate" with Delegate Vote Observers.
Democrats United Slate Flyer.
Beware of "Gatto Truthers", with contrary spin, on yesterday's Political Beat Down.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mayor Sam Exclusive: LAPD Police Commissioner's Connected Non-Profit New GRYD Contract Raises Serious Conflict of Interest Issues

 Los Angeles Police Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa's "Connected Non-Profit, El Centro del Pueblo" new Northeast LA Zone GRYD Prevention Contract ($800,000) raises serious Conflict of Interest Issues involving the role of CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's staff role in the selection process.
LAPD Commissioner (and ardent Mayor Garcetti supporter) Sandra Figueroa-Villa, is all smiles over new Northeast LA GYRD Contract. 
** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose potential, serious Conflict of Interest Issues involving the 2015/2016 Fiscal Year, Northeast LA Gang Reduction, Youth Development (GRYD) Prevention Contract ($800,000), awarded to the Echo Park "Connected Non-Profit, El Centro del Pueblo", which is directed by LAPD Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa. As previously reported here at Mayor Sam, protesting Cypress Park Stakeholders led by Art Pulido (who supported CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar for re-election), raised issues regarding El Centro del Pueblo's fitness to provide needed community services and the refusal of CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo to meet with them about the selection process for organizations operating in the historic Cypress Park Community Center. In reviewing the El Centro del Pueblo Website, its shows that current Councilman Cedillo District Director Conrado Terrazaz, is listed as "The President of the Board of Directors". Considering that El Centro del Pueblo beat out the Children's Hospital Group (which appealed the decision, but was denied) that previously held the contract, discerning observers can surmise that the Office of Councilman Cedillo played a decisive role in helping the ally of Mayor Eric Garcetti, secure the contract (especially when records show that Figueroa-Villa and Councilman Cedillo had dinner together). Below, we have posted the listings of the 2015/2016 Fiscal Year GRYD Prevention and Intervention Contracts as outlined in the Mayor Garcetti-controlled Department's Budget---Scott Johnson.   
 Cypress Park Stakeholders protest El Centro del Pueblo's selection as Services Provider at the historic Cypress Park Community Center.
The 2015/2016 FY GRYD Prevention Contracts.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Special Mayor Sam Bloggin PSA on Selling (or naught) a DWP Rate Hike in "Chinatown".

As scores of DWP-paid shills prepare to wade out through the broken water mains-made streams to sell the need to raise water rates in "Chinatown (aka. Los Angeles)", we bring you this bloggin PSA (with videos) on the "background" behind the dysfunctional utilities scheme to affect increase revenues.    
 We wonder if this video of Michael "MEAT" Trujillo shilling for the infamous "Measure B", is require viewing for current DWP-paid shills?
** Blogger's Note; Please pardon the bloggin delay this AM for somehow, someway, this blogger is channeling the mindset of our esteem friend, Downtown News Editor and reigning "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie, in mixing cinema into a missive on the latest attempt by the DWP to sell the need for water rate increases to sustain the General Fund......., whoops, upgrade an aging infrastructure. Unlike the "Scribe of Wit", this blogger has a shallow reservoir of current cinematic knowledge, but when it comes to locally-themed classics such as "Chinatown", its easy to assume the persona of "JJ Jake Gittes" in crafting this bloggin, PSA (with video background). In the weeks ahead as the LA Times notes, trained DWP spokeholes will spread out into the shadows, the far corners, sometimes, wading through busted water main-cause streams of water around the city, to repeat choreographed presentations to Neighborhood Councils and any community group that will host a gathering. But unlike past schemes such as the infamous "Measure B", Angelinos will note have a voting say on the proposed rate increases. Instead, the strength of the Neighborhood Council System will be tested (again) in conveying an united message whether their respective stakeholders, support or opposed a water rate increase. That said, discerning readers should review the videos posted here to improve their perspective on background behind the reasons for the current, dysfunctional state of the DWP ........, for in the end, fifteen members of the IBEW/DWP-financed City Clowncil Central Committee and a Mayor, will determine whether the oversight of a reformed-challenged utility, will continue being a "Chinatown-like Reality Series"---Scott Johnson.       

 How much will the "Noah Cross-like character" IBEW/DWP "Strongman Brian D"Arcy Rizzo" benefit from increases in water rates?
 Will increases in water rates keep the highly-paid DWP workforce busy in upgrading an aging water infrastructure?
Ratepayers should not forget past DWP schemes ......., for this is still "Chaintown/Los Angeles", especially at 200 Spring Street.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Morning Briefs on Future Bloggin Topics of Interest for Tuesday

In the weeks and months ahead, these are some of the bloggin topics of interest that will garner renew attention here at Mayor Sam.
Who and what are future topics of interest at Mayor Sam?
Baldwin Park City Councilwoman Marlen Garcia calls upon Assemblyman Roger Hernandez to resign over alleged Domestic Violence.
** Blogger's Note: There is never an ebb in the amount of bloggin topic items originating from the payasos/payasas of the Los Angeles (both county and city) Political Machine. The newest payaso of interest is San Gabriel Valley Democratic Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, who is a politico with issues to say the lease. Hernandez, who first garnered press attention in 2012 for allegedly driving a state-owned vehicle under the influence of alcohol, while in the company of a female Kaiser Lobbyist, apparently is in denial regarding his unrepentant behavior as exampled by his latest episode of intolerant conduct. Contrary to media reports, Hernandez has not shown any contrition for his actions directed at Republican Assemblyman Matt Harper during an important Assembly Committee Meeting regarding raising the Minimum Wage where the San Gabriel Valley Politico Bad Boy prevented his Republican colleague from giving testimony as allowed under Assembly rules. Further, it was disclosed on this last Saturday's Randy Economy Show, that previous, unreported episodes of insolent behavior by Hernandez, included an outburst where he called Republican Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez "a whore". Surely, Assemblyman Hernandez will garner future bloggin attention ......, along with these other topics noted below, in the weeks/months ahead---Scott Johnson.

1. The Looming 39th AD Rematch between Assemblywoman Patty Lopez and Raul Bocanegra:
The LA Weekly's Hillel Aron has written the definitive missive on this looming, democratic battle pitting the Grass Roots vs. the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine.

2. The Recall Campaign against Studio City Neighborhood Council Member Lisa "Dangerous Enemy of Freedom" Sarkin:
We are sure that somewhere in Wisconsin, there is a former Mayor Sam Blogger who would likely supported the efforts of Studio City Stakeholders to Recall the reigning NC's "Dangerous Enemy of Freedom" Lisa Sarkin. Maybe we can get Michael McCue to keyboard a guest column?

3. The 2016 25th State Senate District Campaign between 43rd AD Assemblyman Mike Gatto and former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino:
The dueling antagonists in this loom political bloodbath will again square off this Sunday as the California Democratic Party conducts a revote for 43rd AD Delegates. The previous vote was null and voided after protests from numerous Gatto Truthers, who themselves targeted Armenians voters.

4. The Montebello (CD-14 East) Calderon Political Crime Family Corruption Trial:
Delay, delay they may, we will wait patiently for what should be a excellent "singing performance" by the Calderon Brothers Tom and Ron that will surely disclose some inconvenient facts regarding a certain "LA City Councilman" and a reigning "State Senate President Pro Tem".

5. The Contemptible Behavior of a Scandalous Institution of Higher Learning:
We will continue with the bloggin coverage of a bad neighbor pursuing community conquest via scandalous associates and conduct

** Plus, the follies involving "Disempowerment LA", DWP, "Mayor Gar-Soft-ee", "Mini Amin" Wesson ........, and of course, a certain "Princeton Graduate", will always garner bloggin attention.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Monday, July 13, 2015

A Scandalous Conduct of Ecological and Cultural Desecration at Historic Hazard Park

A narrative on a tragic repeat of desecrating Boyle Heights Communal and Ecological Heritage, in the interest of "Progress".
The Hazard Park Wetlands 

In 1997, a Monica Guttman wrote the following regarding the historic Henry T. Hazard Park for "USC News", an official publication of  the City of Los Angeles largest employer. The name Hazard Park hardly suggests its bucolic rolling green hills covered with old growth pines and oaks. Zipping by between the trucks that ramble along Soto Street, it’s impossible to see the wading pool and picnic tables, the creek with crawfish, the view of downtown Los Angeles or the tennis courts and baseball diamonds. No wonder, then, that despite the fact that it lies literally across the street from a number of Health Sciences Campus buildings, for most who study or work here, Hazard Park is unfamiliar territory. And that, according to Hazard Park’s recreation director Raymond Huante, is a terrible waste. “People who come in and visit say, ‘This is such a nice place!'” said Huante. “People are just not aware of it.”
A USC-financed new view of Hazard Park.
Read more »

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Mid-day Brief on a LA Times Editorial Scheme for Monday

In supporting an accidental act of interactive, editorial musing via "The Old Gray Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)", we offer up our own "bloggin letter branding" of the various LA City Hall politicos.   
"The Old Gray Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)" in her younger days.
** Blogger's Note: Surprise, surprise for this start of the bloggin work week as the Editorial Board of the "Former Fishwrap of Record", now a mere talking points regurgitator of democratic policies, strayed away from their appointed duties of agenda journalism and stumbled into a Act of Interactive Dialog regarding the job performances of our various elected leaders. We here at Mayor Sam, have always espouse being interactive with our cyber audience. Thus, we whole-heartedly join along with "The Old Gray Hag on Spring Street's" attempt to reconnect with its remaining readers and offer up our own "Letter Brands" of those elected by the Special Interest's largess---Scott Johnson. 
1. "ee" for Mayor Eric Garcetti:
This refers to the "ee" in our most recent "Gar-Soft-ee" branding of the Rhodes Scholar's proclivities for middle-ground softness when it comes to taking a hard stance on a specific policy issue, as highlighted this past weekend in a Times story on "Gar-Soft-ee's" absence of stance on President Obama's Pacific Trade Pact.
2. "B" for CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar:
With no apologies to the UC Berkeley Graduate (who happen to attend Princeton University), before getting his Law Degree from UCLA, "B" does not stand for his GPA or his Boyle Heights (soon to be Hill Drive in Eagle Rock) home. In political and personal reality, "B" stands for B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L as denoted by his latest acts of communal betrayal regarding Hazard Park and his stance on billboards.
3. "dD" for City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson:
Regular observers of the normal trice-weekly shows of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee under the John Ferrraro Clowncil Chambers Big Top, will readily agree with our letter branding of the reigning "diminutive Dictator" ......., who's not running for mayor.   
4. "AB" for City Attorney Mike Feuer:
If you thought we were going "Gar-Soft-ee" on our "AB" letter branding of the former discount client of "Private Citizen, Political Consultant  John Shallman", rest assure that our "AB-109" branding of the co-author of the state legislation which is one of the root reasons for LA's recent crime rate increase, is not one you want bestowed upon your political self.
5. "U" for City Controller Ron Galperin:
Some of us in our less-mature, educational youth were given this "U"-branding for being uncooperative in executing our stated assignments. In that spirit, we must brand first term City Controller Ron Galperin with a "U" for his uncooperative follow through, in conducting a promised audit on the CD-14 CLARTS Amenities Fund. In lieu of recent indictments involving the Chicana Services Action Non-Profit (who used public money for a certain City Councilman 2011 Campaign Fundraiser), Mr. Galperin would find it prudent to audit allocations from CLARTS to various "Connected Non-Profits" to insure that funds were properly dispensed.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Fifth Annual Friends of the Southwest Museum Soda Tasting Fundraiser

The Mayor Sam Blog strongly endorses the continuing efforts of The Friends of the Southwest Museum, to raise funds and awareness in seeking to reopen the City of LA's First Museum (with its complete collection).
Please support the Fifth Annual Soda Tasting Event at Galco's on Sunday, July 19.

“Around the World in 80 Sips”
Summer Soda Tasting 5 at
Galco’s Soda Pop Stop on July 19, 2015

L.A.’s Famed Soda Store hosts its Annual Summer Soda Tasting event with sampling, soda-related fun, entertainment, music and more. Fundraiser for the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition.
WHO:       Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, known around the world for its extensive 500+ sodas, is throwing its annual soda tasting party.
WHAT:      Summer Soda Tasting invites soda-lovers of all ages to sample a wide selection of carbonated bubbly beverages. In addition, guests can enjoy music and soda fun in the parking lot and stock up on all of Galco’s beverage offerings.
This year, the theme is “International Sodas” and participants can sample offerings from Italy, France, England and more.
Galco’s Summer Soda Tasting 5 is a fundraiser for the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition that is actively working to re-open Los Angeles’ first museum as well as the Casa de Adobe to display portions of the museum’s spectacular collections.
Online purchases: Adult tickets are $12, Children are $5, ages 5-11. May also be purchased at Galco’s (cash or check only). Adult tickets are $15 on day of event. HPHT, a nonprofit 501C3 isthe fiscal sponsor and processes the tickets for Friends of SWM Soda Tasting event.
WHEN:      Sunday July 19, 2015, from 5 – 8 p.m.
WHERE:    Galco’s Soda Pop Stop                     5702 York Boulevard                     Los Angeles CA 90042                     (323) 255-7115
** Buy Tickets (click here)

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Thoughts on the "Selfie Politics" of Racial Identity/Immigration

The blowback over the recent Charleston, South Carolina Church Massacre and GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's Generalization of Mexican Illegal Aliens takes on a local dimension.
When will we heed the words of MLK and forgo the Politics of Racial Identity? 
** EVENING UPDATE: Please give the courtesy of listen to this evening's KRLA 870 AM Randy Economy Show at 8 PM, as he interviews Republican Assemblyman Matthew Harper regarding colleague's Roger Hernandez's Act of Intolerance directed at him during a recent committee hearing---Scott Johnson.

A blogging bit of disclosure on this outer wise, beautiful Saturday afternoon, due to a recent allergic reaction, a certain blogger has taken on a physical "Red Neck-like Persona", but contrary to the past rhetoric of lucrative, one percent Charter Educators/Indoctrinators Mr. and Mrs Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson, our musings have been, and will continue to be predicated on the beliefs of MLK that we should judge the subjects of our commentary, based upon the content (or lack of, in the case of Mark(os)/Minnie) their respective character ......., and not skin color.
There was once a time when a evil act of terror or the utterances of a ego-driven persona, were kept within the focus of the actual event (ie. lets not make it more than what it is), but in the "Age of the Selfie", our inner-narcissist cravings (especially among the political class), prompt many of us to become part of the act ........, which removes the victims (and the facts) from their needed focus of attention.
In the wake of the vile murders of nine Americans (of African Descent) by a solitary, deranged young man in Charleston, South Carolina, what was a remarkable, empowering moment of faith-driven, show of character by the families of the victims, was turned into an intolerant spectacle (with attached political opportunism) of historical recrimination as the practitioners of Racial Identity Politics sought to cleanse from the cultural landscape, "hijacked symbols of hatred", that were a byproduct of a tragic American bloodletting ......, that later led to a forgotten time of national reconciliation.
But unfortunately for Congresswoman Hahn, her "Selfie Moment" was usurped by the local visit yesterday of "Mr. UberSelfie", supposed Republican Presidential Candidate (** who has given The Clintons mucho dinero) Donald Trump.
Trump, who espoused his own factually-challenged brand of Racial Identity Politics, by his recent generalization of Mexican Illegal Aliens, was given some inconvenient validation, via the San Francisco Murder of Kate Steinle, that repeatedly-deported (and Sanctuary City-protected) Illegal Aliens do kill.
Its was also an inconvenient truth to the Los Angeles Racial Identity Politics Supporters of LA's Sanctuary City policies, that high-school student Jamiel Shaw Jr. became a victim of Illegal Alien Gang Member Pedro Espinosa in 2008, igniting a debate over LAPD's Special Order 40 and its cooperation with ICE. Jamiel Shaw Sr. has come out in support of Donald Trump on the issue of Illegal Immigration and is schedule to introduce Trump today, at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yet, back in California, Sacramento politicos, led by "State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First" orchestrated a "Selfie Moment" of recrimination against Trump (and Senator Ted Cruz), by announcing legislation that would disinvest California from any Trump-owned fiscal entity.

......., meanwhile another victim of a Illegal Alien Murderer, and the inconvenient facts of a fail Sanctuary City Policy, become mere footnotes as the divisive rhetoric of Racial Identity Politics continues on across the choreographed, selfie, cybersphere.
** Evening Update: Jamiel Shaw Sr. and sister Althea are part of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's Press Conference with families of people killed by Illegal Aliens.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14   

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Morning Brief on the 2017 Los Angeles Mayoral Election for Thursday.

So much for a LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas" challenge of Mayor Eric "Gar-Soft-ee" in 2017.
We can gladly state that the Getty House Garage will remain conversion free.
So far, all is soft on the re-election front for "Mayor Gar-soft-ee".
** Blogger's Note: A blogging disclosure ......., one of the post-vacation by products to deal with, has been a Pearl Harbor-like Mosquito assault, that has this blogger dealing with allergic-like reactions to arms and neck (never attempt to enjoy a starry, Sierra Nevada night, without proper netting). That said, we can pronounce for the time being, that the Getty House Garage is safe. After spending a week playing word games with scribes fro the "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)", the noted "Garage into Man Cave Converter Expert (with public financing, allegedly)", crafted a clearly-define statement of his intention to seek ........, another term on the Board of Supervisors (more political notes once Benadryl wears off)---Scott Johnson.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Continuing the Dialog on the Bloggin Future of Mayor Sam

We continue the Dialog on the Bloggin Future of Mayor Sam in progress ............
 Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby knew all too well the importance of cross messaging our bloggin content, from one medium to another. 
** Blogger's Notes: As a Hump Day nears its appointed time in setting off into the West, please let me extend my heartfelt appreciation to the many of you who have been supported in the recent weeks as the grieving of an untimely loss of a Dear Friend, now must give way to insuring that this blog's purpose for being, ......., continues. Since the time of Michael's Passing, the bewilderment of loss, mixed with my own life obligations, have not been compatible in maintaining a consistent blogging presence. That said, somewhere, from a better above, directed to an inner core of purpose, a spiritual, "Bloggin Editor Emeritus" is imploring me to move beyond the sadness ......, and continue the work (with "Spollcheck" enabled). Indeed, in the memory of Michael, its time that his cyber creation moves onward, and with that intent as the foundation for the future, we want to be interactive in sharing with you all, our future goals for the Mayor Sam Bloggin Brand, as outlined below---Scott Johnson.
First, this Bloggin Declaimer as outlined from something called the "First Amendment":
With no apologies to the likes of the New Left Totalitarians and Republican Establishment Conformists, this is the "Absolute Basis for our Bloggin Being (with no exceptions)".
Second, its about you espousing your inner-bloggin potential:
To paraphrase "Uncle Sam" ......., "Bloggin Mayor Sam wants YOU!!". As a growing conformist, totalitarianism attempts to usurp our rights to question the Machine-installed figureheads at places such as 200 Spring Street, we are initiating our call for new, fresh contributors from all fifteen fiefdoms of Ciudad de Los Angeles  Lets not forget what the likes of "Zuma Dogg", "Joe B.", "Petra", "Antonio Watch", and Joseph Mailander contributed to the local political discourse ......, and more important,  in exposing issues of concern, that brought about positive community change. If you wish to exercise your right to engage in the local bloggin dialog (while respecting the contrary opinions of others), then send me an email at redspotincd14@yahoo.com.
Third, new Partnerships and Collaborations:
Let there be no doubt that the future of the Mayor Sam Blog, will be rooted not only in our salient, signature snarky-dipped commentary (with attached monikers), but more paramount, the ability to make political news. This blog can take pride in breaking news regarding the likes of "Infant Assemblyman" Mike Gatto, "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant John Shallman" .........., and of course a certain "Princeton Graduate, Dear Charro, CD 14 City Councilman". In the next couple of weeks, we plan on announcing some major new collaborations and partnerships, in the interest of ensuring that your right to a "Free Bloggin Press and the ability to "Petition your Government" are respected.
Fourth, growing the Mayor Sam Brand:
In the 21st Century World of Social Media, blogs are the new portals for instantaneous information, especially on the "micro-political happenings", with the ability to share with a macro-audience. But while most "link in" for current information, many still are practitioners of old school news gathering via print, visual and audio media. Our goal for the future of Mayor Sam is to grow with technology, while maintaining our ability to disperse our content via local newsprint, TV News and of course the marvel of Talk Radio.
Lastly, Educating and Mentoring the next Bloggin Generation:
Somewhere out in our local cybersphere are "Mini Mayor Sams". A healthful open and transparent democracy is predicated on preserving a strong "Bloggersphere of Record", protected under the First Amendment. In recent years, a "Totalitarian Intolerance" has made its attempt to usurp Freedom of Expression in the local blogger sphere, via the resources of those with non-ethical intentions. If true tolerance of diversity, in both being and thought, is to survive, then this blog needs to take leadership in ensuring that those who would desire to become the "Citizen Journalists/Commentators" of the next generation, are provided a mentoring bloggin environment, that places paramount, the absolute meaning of our First Amendment Rights. Thus, cementing Michael's "cyber-creation of expression" as a community repository for holding our political leadership to a high level of openness and transparency.   

The "Power of Google Blog" can empower those seeking to hold government accountable.
Your thoughts ............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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BTW ........., about the future Bloggin State of Mayor Sam?

Its been nearly three months since we lost a our Blog Creator and Friend Michael Higby but while the grieving continue, the bloggin endeavor must continue in reaching out to a broader audience.
As Michael would say, its all about expanding our "Clickety Clicks", in espousing Open and Transparent Governess. 
Great Wednesday to all from within the Sanctuary City of Ciudad de Los Angeles, where at any moment, an undocumented (or unsupervised) Non-Revocable Parolee (thanks to AB-109) will perpetrate another upward "Clickety Click" in LAPD's COMPSTAT, as the overall level of crimes in LA (even those dumbed down by Prop 47), rises for the first time in a decade.

We bloggin return from vacation and sure enough, what has been stated unofficially for months (via knowing that LAPD's previous COMPSTAT numbers were "cooked" for political considerations), is now fact as Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck prep themselves with talking points to attempt a "talking down" of this government-caused crime spike.

Another area of jurisprudence concern that you will not find within a doctored, LAPD COMPSTAT printout, is the latest graft and fraud committed by a local, "Connected Non-Profit" as the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office of Public Integrity files fraud charges against the former LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina and re-elected CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar-connected "Chicana Services Action Center", for defrauding taxpayers of $8.5 Million in public funding.

Both of these current episodes, have their origins in failed governmeal policies and oversight respectively. Thus, that is why the Mayor Sam Blog must double-down its bloggin efforts in taking the lead in reporting on these egregious violation of the Public Trust.

Later today, we will outline our future efforts to become "The Blog of Record" in exposing the unfortunately, too-numerous episodes of disregard for openness and transparency by public entities that are root for today's breaking news ........, trust us, there is always "political sub plots (with photo below)" to stories such as noted above.
From EGP News: Councilman Huizar helps cut ribbon on Chicana Services Action Center Work Source Office in Boyle Heights.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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