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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Phil Jennerjahn's Latest Dumb Idea

Okay I had to turn the lights on for a moment.

Phil Jennerjahn has been a good friend and I like him personally but he does some oddball things.

But Phil is now on his latest and greatest goofball doomed to fail scheme.

He wants to recall lame duck Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

He's also wrapped up good guy and good friend David Hernandez as well as failed Mayoral ego-candidate Walter "El Pollo Loco is a Sanctuary City KFC" Moore into this skit right out of "I Love Lucy."

Now y'all know A Villar is not my favorite mayor and yea he's made a mess out of things. But is it worth a recall effort?

I'd like to see an effort from all the SLAP happy goofball activists focus on the key issue that will save LA and that is jobs, jobs, jobs. Not billboards. Not bicycles. Not hamburgers.

I'd like to see some more good real grassroots candidates like Louis Pugliese and Mary Benson get out there and have effective campaigns that don't waste hundreds of thousands of dollar on vanity radio ads and baseball caps but walk precincts and make phone calls (like Louis and Mary did).

So Phil rather than trying to recall Villaraigosa, which you won't likely get the signatures and even if you achieve that you won't have the money and resources to go against his machine, why not spend the time recruiting and educating City Council candiates and build a real organization to elect them.

Or is this another publicity stunt Phil?

Now excuse me while I go back to the Batcave.

UPDATE: Walter Moore has jumped off this train wreck.

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