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Thursday, March 31, 2005

LA Times Endorsement Limbo

Ken Reich at Take back the Times has an interesting note on the LA Times endorsement situation:

As the Los Angeles Mayoral runoff campaign continues, the Los Angeles Times editorial page, under the unsteady leadership of Michael Kinsley, continues its perplexing failure to follow through on its earlier endorsement of City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa.

In what looked like a savvy move at the time, during the primary campaign, the LAT endorsed both Villaraigosa and former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg for spots in the runoff, wisely rejecting the reelection of the inept present mayor, James Hahn.

So, then, when Hertzberg failed narrowly to make the runoff, and Hahn did, running behind Villaraigosa, one would have thought the reasonable course would have been for the Times to say, "Well, one of our choices made it to the runoff, Villaraigosa, and he is our choice in the runoff."

Now, judging from the latest mayoral editorial in the paper Tuesday, March 29, the Times has more good to say about Hertzberg than either Villaraigosa or Hahn, and doesn't even mention that it once supported Villaraigosa.


The Tribune Co. continues to intensify its weakness in Los Angeles by making it clear it is not willing to take steps to show that it wants the Times to continue to be a respected paper.

Now, in the mayor's race, the Times continues to appear irresolute. Even its regular political coverage of the race is less voluminous than in past mayoral contests, reducing respect for the regular political writers.

However, the coverage there has been makes it clear that Hahn is waging a somewhat racist campaign, trying to suggest that the Latino Villaraigosa is too dishonest to be mayor. It's not as bad as the Yorty campaign against the black Tom Bradley in 1969, but there is a little odor about it, and Times editorials should have denounced it.

Come on, Kinsley, stiffen up. Show some courage for once, and go along with your original course: Villaraigosa for mayor.

City Beat editorial

Negative Approach
Los Angeles CityBeat Editorial

What exactly is the difference, really? Both Mayor James Hahn and Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa can be categorized as moderate-to-liberal Democrats, with many shared policy ideas and attitudes about the City of Los Angeles. They are more alike in their beliefs than not. We could have worse choices. But the mayor’s office remains in ethical disarray, and the challenger has momentum. What is an incumbent left to do but go negative? Very negative. Again.

That was the scene this week at Cal State Northridge during the first one-on-one debate between the two candidates in the mayoral runoff. Hahn’s administration is currently the subject of ongoing local and federal investigations into the lingering “pay-to-play” scandal, but it was the mayor who went on the attack in the name of integrity. He did so without hesitation or apology, noting his challenger’s various broken promises and bringing up yet again Villaraigosa’s letter asking President Clinton to pardon a convicted drug dealer. Even Villaraigosa seemed momentarily stunned by Hahn’s ferocity. This election is not going to be won easily – by either side.

Some observers like to suggest similarities between this race and the final showdown between Tom Bradley and incumbant Sam Yorty in 1973. But where those two city titans had many ideological and political differences – heightened by issues of race and inclusion – the things that separate Hahn and Villaraigosa are more subtle. Villaraigosa is well-connected in the Democratic Party and a more dynamic personality, while Hahn has used his experience as being part of a local political dynasty to make some unpopular decisions.

Most telling, perhaps, is how they’ve dealt with ethical questions. While Villaraigosa has expressed regret over his request of a presidential pardon for Carlos Vignali a decade ago – a story that grows older and less relevant by the day – Hahn has yet to fully explain or apologize for the currently unfolding ethical lapses around his administration. The mayor has not been charged with any crime or even implicated in one. But as the leader of the city government, he surely bears some responsibility for the problems that already have led to embarrassing investigations into members of his inner circle. Villaraigosa has assumed responsibility for his acts and moved on to work a positive agenda. It’s up to the mayor to do the same, or risk making our choice this election much easier.


Chief Parker's perspective: I don't mind campaigns that point out differences, policy differences, but today i read on Joe Scott's blog (former Tom Bradley press secretary) who comes to the conclusion that Hahn has begun his negative campaign. Not pointing out policy differences, but using "code" language for racist voters in this City. Hahn is using it, endorsing it and pushing that language to greater lengths than previously thought. I urge all supporters of Hahn to make sure that if there are policy differences, go for it, point it out. But using racist language that Jim Hahn has started to use is not tolerable or accepted.

Holden Endorses Hahn

Today the Hahn campaign are rolling out Nate Holden as an endorsement of Jim Hahn.

A powerful pillar in the African American community Nate has served this City well. A former state legislator and City Councilman Nate can revive the Hahn campaign's lackluster outreach to South Los Angeles.

Ironically enough Rick Orlov in this article points out that Holden was at the Bernson press conference getting his car fixed, but Rick wasn't having any of that tripe.

Nate who was close to Kenny is making sure the son of Kenny is taken care of since Kenny is no longer around, Nate is protecting and guiding the man he knew as a boy.

My only question to Nate is this, what did Tom Bradley really tell you on his death bed?

More Hits = More News

Today's Daily News summarizes the days events best.

"After four years of Jim Hahn as mayor, we haven't seen him fulfill his promises," Close said.
He promised to do something about traffic.
He promised to do something about overdevelopment.
He did nothing. "

"We want a mayor who will be more energetic and who will be there with us. I have worked with Antonio Villaraigosa for 10 years and he has never gone back on a promise."

At Hahn's press conference: Supervisor Mike Antonovich endorsed.

The supervisor also said he and Hahn have agreed to discuss changes to the modernization plan for Los Angeles International Airport.
The county has sued to block the $11 billion project, but Antonovich said Hahn has agreed to discuss ways to use other airports in the region.
"We have agreed to discuss all these issues to find a way to come to an understanding and promote regionalization," Hahn said

So Richard Close tells Valley Voters they can't trust Jim Hahn on anything in Van Nuys.

While Mike Antonovich tells Valley Voters (in downtown Los Angeles) that the mayor wants a regional approach to LAX.

In today's LA Times, they sort of make my point by printing:

At an afternoon news conference in front of the county Hall of Administration named for his late father, Hahn showcased his endorsement from Antonovich, a Republican who represents parts of the Valley.

Also in today's LA Times 3 council members call for an inquiry into James Acevedo and his housing loans that he failed to pay.

More fun in the Sun for the City of Angels.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Valley Vote-Richard Close endorse Villaraigosa

Earlier this morning at the Marvin Braude constituent center. Marvin Braude himself endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa along with Richard Close, Gordon Murley, Polly Ward, Bill Powers and Benny Bernal.

Richard Close endorsed Jim Hahn 4 years ago, now he is with Antonio Villaraigosa.

Keith Richman - the would be Valley Mayor endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa.
Benny Bernal - who came in 2nd for Valley Mayor endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa.

Gordon Murley a local republican leader from Woodland Hills has endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa. I guess those Valley Republican leaders and those South Los Angeles leaders are lining up one by one. Jim Hahn has announced Hal Bernson.

I suppose they don't care or believe Hahn's charges on Antonio. Tony Villar's team seem to be focusing in like a laser beam on South Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley to win this race.

Finally an e-mail from the Hahn campaign:

At 2 p.m., Mayor Jim Hahn will join representatives of the SimonWiesenthal Center for a news conference to ``denounce the recent anti-Semitic comments and actions'' of London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Museum of Tolerance,9786 W. Pico Blvd.
Contact: Jordan Markwith, Hahn's office, (213) 978-0741

At 3:45 p.m., Mayor Jim Hahn will receive an ``influential endorsement.'' Court of Flags outside the County Hall of Administration, 500W. Temple St

If you ask you shall receive.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Villaraigosa Campaign Calls for an Apology

Tony Villar's campaign sent me this e-mail today. Again i am happy to post e-mails from Jim Hahn can anyone get word to them? At the very least they will get a clean post from me.

March 29, 2005 Contact: Nathan James
For Immediate Release
Villaraigosa Campaign Calls for Apology
Ugly Confrontation by Hahn Campaign Manager In Front of Hahn Office

LOS ANGELES – The Villaraigosa campaign called on Mayor Jim Hahn to apologize for the actions of his campaign manager Bill Carrick.

This morning, Carrick verbally assaulted a Villaraigosa campaign volunteer outside the Hahn for Mayor office on Wilshire Blvd. Carrick also destroyed a piece of Villaraigosa campaign property brought to illustrate Jim Hahn’s record of missing debates.

“This is the ultimate sign of a desperate campaign,” Villaraigosa campaign manager Ace Smith said. “Jim Hahn should take responsibility for his employees’ actions and apologize. Campaign volunteers on public property shouldn’t have to fear Hahn’s henchmen.”


Former Jim Hahn supporters are said to be endorsing Tony Villar's campaign this week, any clue as to who?

Monday, March 28, 2005

75,000 hits!

Mayor Sam's Sister City is still going strong.

Today we posted out 75,000th visitor - welcome!

Traffic is more congested than ever, can't see past the lines of text in front of me, who's responsible?

I should look to see if Jim Hahn made a promise regarding web traffic 4 years ago, i'll get my crack research team on it now.

Congratulations to our whole web team, the bloggers and the LA Times, Daily Breeze and Daily News reporters who constantly kill time on our site.

Keep coming back it works! If you work it.

So who won the debate?

The debate is now over. Who won? I think we know who won in the mind of MEAT and Sacramento Nighties.

What about you?

Also we are hearing of more defections from former Jim Hahn supporters in the San Fernando Valley -- any clues has to who these people are?

Have fun, oh and a belated Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

"How to Make Friends and Influence People: Six Ways to Make People Like You" by Bill Carrick and Kam Kuwata

A new edition of this famous book has been in the works for weeks. The only problem is the new techniques don't seem to be working.

1. It all started when Dennis Zine said he might switch his endorsement from Hahn to Tony Villar. Kam Kuwata said, "I am not sure anyone cares what [Zine] says about this race".

According to ABC news Zine is ready to flipped out, and is ready to flip.

2. Next up in the crap parade was Councilman Jack Weiss. Kam attacked him visciously when he dared to ask questions about the phony endorsements in the Jewish Journal.

3. The next motivational line out of the Bill Carrick tool kit was when Valley Congressman Brad Sherman endorsed Tony Villar. Bill was asked about the significance of the endorsement and responded: "is there a number less than zero?"

4. Then in the same article, Carrick called Molina's endorsement "overrated" and said it "didn't do any good".

5. Kam then went on his wooing tour and said about Congresswoman Maxine Waters that she only backs losers like Al Checci.

6. Kuwata-Carrick client Jim Hahn proved he is a quick study because just yesterday he decided to to attack the LA Times saying, "I don't see you writing about that in your little newspaper."

There are the six ways to make people like you. But I guess Jim never read Mark Twain who said:

"Never pick a fight with a guy that buys ink by the barrell."

Just who is James Acevedo?

In today's LA Times we learn about a 4.1 million dollar loan given to James Acevedo in 2002 to build affordable housing units in the San Fernando Valley.

They weren't built.

In fact, not one payment has been made to the city regarding the loan.

That's 40 more police officers for the San Fernando Valley.

Over 133 bousing units for the San Fernando Valley.


James Acevedo sits on the Harbor commission where he is being investigated by the grand jury for possible pay to play allegations, but this isn't the first time James Acevedo has been in the limelight.

Coming from the hospital industry James's first contact in the political arena was as an aide to then assemblyman Richard Katz, Katz would send James to work on campaigns in Gardena and in the northeast San Fernando Valley. James orchestrated Enardi Bernardi's reelection before his last term, so James can get a latino elected after Bernardi. That latino turned out to be Richard Alarcon. With Richard in office James moved quickly to getting his candidates elected, first Tony Cardenas for state assembly and then sweeping every candidate into the council of the city of San Fernando.

But then something happened.

In 1999 Richard Alarcon broke away from James and his machine to endorse another candidate for council after his election into the state senate. James's boy was Alex Padilla.

Alex's gets elected and all is looking good for James, except he gets caught with his pants down in the City of San Fernando where then councilwoman Cindy Montanez gets her slate elected over James.

It doesn't end there though, later in 2000 Alex with prodding from James tries to push forward the largest CRA project in Los Angeles history. James was to make a mighty dollar indeed, with virtual control of 7th council district, all contractors working within the zone would have to kiss Jame's ring, but the community was having none of it.

In what turned out to be a major defeat for James and Alex the CRA project was pulled. James was not a pleased man, but there was a mayoral race coming up, he needed to lick his wounds and get back up on the pony.

James knew the only way to get what he wanted within the CRA was with the help of the City Attorney, you see every CRA PAC has a rep from the City Attorney's office, without the City Attorney's help you can't do much of anything in this city. So birds of a feather flock together in this case.

James puts his mighty machine behind James Hahn. From the valley operation to the westside operation all of the operatives working in those offices were James Acevedo employees. James ran the field program, and because of the victory, Hahn was quick to give James a coveted appointment on the Harbor Commission.

Sadly, it doesn't end there, with video cameras surrounding his house in Sylmar, James flees to the hills of Sherman Oaks. But the world around James continues to crash.

His backed candidate for CD Tony Cardenas gets beat by Wendy Greuel.
His backed candidate for state assembly Yolando Fuentes gets beat by Cindy Montanez.

FBI investigations, grand jury probes and now the unleashed information about the bilking of city money into his pocket.

James and James -- two guys that love corruption and power.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Hahn attacks, IATSE endorses

Today is Good Friday.

Because today is Good Friday Jim Hahn attacked Antonio Villaraigosa. Hahn attacked Villaraigosa for telling valley voters one thing and South LA voters another -- not during this campaign, but in 2001.

Since Jim Hahn's office doesn't e-mail us, although all are welcome too (chiefwilliamparker@hotmail.com) we can only paraphrase what the attack was. Essentially Hahn's folks had footage of Antonio telling South LA voters he'd support Parks, and Valley Voters he'd reevaluate him.

The Hahn campaign never released the entire clip, just the snippets they wanted the media to see. Most media outlets covered this race in 2001 and know that Antonio gave very nuanced detailed answer regarding this issue throughout the campaign, if the Hahn campaign had released the entire transcript you'd note that in fact Antonio Villaraigosa was consistent in every answer.

Chief Parker remembers Hahn telling voters he'd keep Parks, he'd tell them till he was blue in the face, Hahn did not keep is word. Hahn flipped, then flopped.

Last night channel 9 called the Antonio campaign "Rolling Thunder" and commented on the endorsements coming in waves, well another wave crashed today.

IATSE is a member of the county-fed, the county-fed endorsed Hahn. Today IATSE broke away from the county-fed to endorse Antonio Villaraigosa.

So in 2 days Antonio gets the endorsement of a prominent south Los Angeles elected official and an organization that represents valley voters.

The most ironic part of the endorsement is, didn't Hahn come out with a plan against run-away production and it was written to appease IATSE members? I suppose when you have an administration as corrupt as Hahn's and a campaign that can't even get endorsements right why would anyone with a brain help or vote for Jim Hahn?

Questions that boggle the mind.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jewish Journal - 30 Forgeries

Ok, I don't know what's going on but just minutes ago the Jewish Journal released their story on the web regarding the Hahn campaign and forgeries.

Let me paint the picture for a second:

Hahn gets prominent Jewish individuals to endorse his campaign -- fair and square.

Hertzberg enters the race for mayor and woos many of these folks to his camp, fair and square.

Now, the Jewish Journal reports that 30 of those endorsements are fakes.

A campaign that uses fake endorsement cards isn't that bad right?

An administration that has 2 grand jury investigation isn't that bad right?

An administration that has a FBI probe can't be that bad right?

Investigations from the City Controller, City Attorney and District Attorney doesn't mean that the Mayor is bad, right?

Massive corruption, investigations galore, and an indictment -- does that sort of work culture produce a campaign that would issue FAKE endorsements?

Answer: Yes.

Maxine Waters With Antonio

Earlier this morning Maxine Waters the diva of South LA endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa.

The same woman who 4 years ago, endorsed Jim Hahn.

In today's LA Times Michael Finnegan asks Eric Bauman ( a Hahn supporter) about Maxine Waters.

"Eric Bauman, a Hahn supporter who heads the county Democratic Party, said a Waters endorsement would be "seismic." He described her political operation as "unmatched by anybody in the South Los Angeles area."

"If Maxine endorsed Antonio, it would be an extraordinary turn of events among the African American community leadership," he said.

Another interesting twist was the direct comment by Jim Hahn regarding private conversations he has that we here at Sister City have exposed.

"When I have private conversations with people, they're private," Hahn said during a campaign stop at a South-Central charter school where he quizzed youngsters on what a mayor should do for the city.

Perhaps our friend FIREFLY was correct and has shaked the Hahn campaign to its utter core.

Lastly, next time the LA Times wants to steal our ideas, please give us the credit. The table that has an endorsement score sheet was started by us, but because we are gracious we won't create too much a stir.

note: To those bloggers that thought we were slowing down or interest has waned, one only needs to notice that there have been over 100 comments posted in the last blog.

I am communicating with Mayor Sam regarding the numerous postings that seem more like filibusters.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hahn's abandonment

So last night, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa with over 60% of the vote.

LA Times

Daily News

The other night we reported that Jim Hahn had a really strong shot at the endorsement. I was wrong, according to various accounts and e-mails the Villaraigosa machine was in full throttle. Early reports tell us here at Sister City that the Villaraigosa campaign had one of the most sophisticated count systems in modern campaigning. Jim Hahn's camp set up laptops and had delegate whips at every corner making sure their votes were showing up. The Villaraigosa machine had counters watching the credential table, knowing first hand what their ultimate vote count would be well before Jim Hahn. They had an intricate hand signal system that told them minute by minute what was going on without seeming over confident. The Villaraigosa campaign was hoping and counting on one thing, that the Hahn campaign would over play their hand and have signs, posters and stickers all over the place trying to place fear and a perception of victory in the hearts of the reporters.

There were also Villaraigosa aides in attendance that know one recognized -- does anyone on the blog know who these aides were?

This was Hahn's major error, while the Villaraigosa campaign was unsure of the ultimate outcome they knew one thing, lower expectations. For whatever reason the Hahn campaign didn't, and with this major party abandonment which reporters did not see coming the endorsement story is even bigger for Villaraigosa.

What the Villaraigosa team knew is that City Hall beat reporters aren't surprised by anything anymore, so if they got this endorsement it could not be seen as an expected move, but a true surprise. Which for all intensive reasons was.

We are also hearing.

Many of the building trade leaders were pissed off mainly at the Hahn campaign for over playing their hand, these guys know they have signed on with a loser and the rats are jumping from the ship.

In other News.

Sen Alarcon endorsed Antonio and gave a passionate speech about why Antonio is the best man for Mayor.

Congressman Brad Sherman who stayed neutral 4 years ago, endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa.

Homeowner/Property owners association Presidents Gerald Silver and Bill Jasper endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa.

Retired councilman Hal Bernson endorsed Jim Hahn.


Antonio Villaraigosa - 8
Jim Hahn - 2

Curious George Wants to Know: While I understand that the Democratic Party has abandoned Jim Hahn, why has Bill Carrick and Kam Kuwata?

According to delegates in attendance, Antonio had Ace Smith and Parke Skelton observing the results.

Jim Hahn had (cricket noises) what is really unusual given that Kam and Bill attended every other Democratic Party Central committee meeting where Jim Hahn was up for an endorsement, months ago and 4 years ago.

If I am a reporter, I ask where in the world is Kam Kuwata? Maybe he has an easy out since he's never really been paid by the campaign.

As MEAT would say - Blog Away!

Monday, March 21, 2005


Chief Parker has allowed me access to replay a conversation between Bob Hertzberg and Jim Hahn today.

I am a relative of the "the fly" in fact we work in the same department. Mayor Hahn's office.

Here's a truncated summary of the conversation.

Jim Hahn: Bob I'd like to have your endorsement for Mayor.

Bob Hertzberg: Jim, i ran against you because you are a failure as Mayor.

Jim Hahn: I can't win this race without your support Bob.

Jim Hahn: Are you at least open to staying neutral ?

Bob: I have to speak to Antonio tomorrow, i don't know.

End of the conversation.

Tomorrow Bob and Antonio do meet -- in front of a swarm of cameras.

How does that conversation go...come back tomorrow night.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Site.


Rumor Mill and Scorecard

First things first.

Tuesday night, high drama at UTLA. The Los Angeles County democratic party will endorse or not endorse a candidate for mayor.

Word is Mayor Hahn has the votes for the endorsement himself, Antonio needs a comeback here.

However, if i were a reporter do i look for some tea leaves in how certain members vote?

Andrea Alarcon surely will vote the way her father wishes, word is she will be there, so do we get some info on who Alarcon will endorse because of her vote? Who knows.

How does the Hertzberg clan vote -- David Phelps surely will vote the way Bob wishes. Word is he will be in attendance as well.

Why does Julie Wong keep bugging poor Clark Lee? He's an Antonio supporter leave him alone.

We've received the vote tally of how everyone voted the first time, are there any switches, only time will tell. High drama indeed.


Hahn still has the mighty LA Chamber -- Antonio - Supervisor Yvonne Burke, City Controller Laura Chick and Republican assemblyman and former Hertzberg Co-Chair Keith Richman.

Jim Hahn - 1
Tony Villar - 3

Who gets the Valley homeowners? Where do the endorsements go? Do we even care?

And lastly Time magazine says this -- thats a major point for Antonio if true.

And where is MEAT?

blog away dum-dums

City Council Considers Condoms

I suppose we could make any number of jokes here, but next Tuesday's
City Council meeting could be interesting according to this agenda item:

establishing a City position on any legislative or administrative action
at either the State or County levels which would mandate the use of
condoms in the production of adult films and in other relevant aspects
of the adult film industry. Recommendations for Council action pursuant
to Resolution (Parks - LaBonge),**

Blogger Issues

Blogger is having a lot of trouble it seems. Does anyone have any
suggestions on a more robust home for the Sister City?

What's The Buzz

The LA Times has an intresting article about how LA labor boss Miguel Contreras gets around
the prohibiton on corporations making donations to labor unions, here.

Also, its been a while - and the mayoral election has become a snooze - lets start listing out again who the hottest staffers in City Hall are. Maybe if someone gets a significant number of votes, we can give them an official award.

Friday, March 18, 2005


Jewish Journal CoverToday the Jewish Journal published an earth shattering story on the Hahn campaign forging prominent Jewish community members for the Hahn reelect campaign.

This is wrong, unethical and blatantly illegal.

But not new for Jim Hahn.

Hahn's whole campaign has been based on unethical practices, ethic fines and grand jury investigations.

The only problem I have with this story regarding the Hahn campaign is that they are placing blame on Joe Klein. A man that survived the Holocaust, survived the Nazi's, survived death at every turn to only forge signatures for the Hahn campaign.

This is perhaps the saddest claim the Hahn campaign has made to date. Nevermind that this mayor has done nothing, he now claims when something is done, its done by dead honorable people.

Yes let's reelect this guy.

"Valley" Mayor Endorses Villaraigosa

NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Calling him the best choice to lead Los Angeles,
Assemblymember Keith Richman (R-Granada Hills) today endorsed Antonio
Villaraigosa for mayor.

Richman – who represents the north San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita,
and Simi Valley – said Villaraigosa will be a fresh start for the City.

“I’m a Republican, but I know Antonio Villaraigosa,” Richman said. “I
know his record and what he has done for Los Angeles. As Speaker of the
Assembly and now as a Councilmember, Antonio has always been able to
build consensus to get things done. Antonio will lead where Jim Hahn has

Since coming in first in the primary with 33% of the vote, Villaraigosa
has been reaching out to leaders across Los Angeles to win their support.

“I’m proud to stand here next to Keith Richman,” Villaraigosa said. “I
say that because I know that no political party has a monopoly on the
right ideas. Voters here in the San Fernando Valley want a mayor who
listens to their concerns and keeps his word to make real changes.
Whether it’s increasing police presence, developing a sensible plan for
housing growth, or reducing gridlock, I will be that mayor.”

Richman also endorsed Villaraigosa’s vision for Los Angeles. “Antonio
and I agree on so many issues. We both want to create a regional airport
system instead of expanding LAX; we both know that improving services in
the Valley should be a priority; and we both want Los Angeles to hold
the line on fiscal responsibility. Antonio has the right ideas in this

Dr. Keith Richman was elected to the State Assembly in 2000 and has
distinguished himself by leading a bipartisan group of legislators to
craft solutions on the budget and health care. During the primary, he
served as co-chair of Bob Hertzberg’s campaign. In 2002, Richman
received the most votes for Mayor of the San Fernando Valley during the
secession vote.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Exit Polls

exit pollNow that the race for Mayor seems to be settling down a bit, with both campaigns taking shots over education I thought it would be a good idea to dissect some of the exit polling data that's coming out.

Our friends over at LA Voice have already dissected some of the most important key pieces of data.

So I am pasting from their website what they posted.

There's been a lot of data to analyze following last week's Mayoral Primary election. Here are some interesting features that struck me as important iin the exit poll conducted on March 8, 2005 by the Los Angeles Times (2789 voters with a margin of error of +/- 2 percentage points):
52% of actual voters were white, followed by 22% Latino, 16% Black, 6% Asian
Hertzberg got 36% of the White vote (followed by Villaraigosa 27% and Hahn 23%)
Hahn got 59% of the Asian American vote
Villaraigosa got 64% of the Latino vote
Parks got 54% of the African American vote
8% of the respondents said they were gay or lesbian
Villaraigosa got 43% of the gay/lesbian vote ...

51% of respondents said they were liberal, 25% conservative, 24% moderate
The gender split was 50-50 (unusual since women usually make up the voting majority)
Villaraigosa had a +4 "gender gap" (35-31 male-female split), Hahn had a -2 (23-25)
Villaraigosa won 825 precincts, Hertzberg 474 , Parks 185 and Hahn a mere 102 (but he placed second in more than all of the other three)...
Loyola Marymount University also conducted their own exit poll and also found some interesting results. 1200 Primary voters were asked as they left the polls:If no candidate wins 51 % today, and there is a runoff election who would you vote for?
Hahn Villaraigosa Don't know
City Total 29.7% 57.5% 12.8%
White 30.4% 56.5% 13.0%
Black 33.3% 49.0% 17.6%
Latino 19.9% 74.2% 6.0%
Asian 51.1% 29.8% 19.1%
The margin of error is +/2.8 percentage points. The numbers indicate precisely what a deep hole Hahn is in. He started off the campaign to the May 17 run-off election down 28 points! His only chance is to depress turnout so that
his advantage with absentee voters can have a bigger impact on the final result. In the primary election, there were 408,069 votes cast (26% of the 1,474,186 registered voters in the City of Los Angeles), 104, 959 (25.72%) were absentee ballots. These votes were reported first and led to much consternation among the chattering media since Hahn led with 30%, Hertzberg had 26% and Villaraigosa trailed with 23%.In the 2001 race, turnout was 33% in the primary and barely increased to 36% in the run-off. If we get the same effect this year we could expect a 28% voter turnout on May 17. Being generous and giving the Mayor a 15 point lead among absentee voters, Hahn would have to limit Villaraigosa's lead among election day voters to 5 percentage points to have any chance of preventing Antonio from becoming El Alcalde.

Now before folks blast away at the fact that we would ever post exit polling data because of the Kerry debacle - let me remind everyone that all those wrong Kerry numbers were still within the margin of error. So look at the numbers above and remember that even within the margin of error it's not looking good for Hahn.

Lastly, I'll post them if I haveto, but recall the LA Times exit polling from 4 years ago, it showed that Antonio was going to have a tough time in the run-off and he did. So using the LA Times as the barometer, it is still not looking good for Hahn.

Drama at the Neighborhood Council

Election fatigue sets in, but it might be fun to read the latest drama at LA-32 Neighborhood Council:

March 10, 2005

Greg Nelson

General Manager


ATTN: Marco Perez , DONE Program Coordinator

Dear Mr. Nelson:

At the request of our Interim President, Mr. Alvin Parra, I am forwarding this correspondence to you. On Wednesday, March 2, 2005, at the LA-32 Neighborhood Council (NC) General Board Meeting, Mr. Richard Acosta was relieved of his duties as LA-32 NC President. A successful motion to censure Mr. Acosta was presented and passed by our board by a significant margin. The board voted eleven-ayes, three-nayes and one-abstention. The motion to censure (attached) was presented by Boardmember Pete Navarro and seconded by Boardmember Enrique Gasca, followed by discussion and the vote. Several boardmembers – during the discussion period – provided testimony describing Mr. Acosta’s misconduct and/or dereliction of duty while acting as President. As a result of our board action Mr. Acosta will no longer be the Chairperson of the Development Committee, or will he be a member of the Executive Board. Mr. Acosta will retain his status as an LA-32 NC General Board member.

At this moment our Executive Board remains intact with three members, Alvin Parra as Interim President, Joe Manzano as Treasurer and myself as Corresponding Secretary.

We are respectfully requesting that any and all correspondence to our NC, General Board members, Executive Board and any of it’s officers be sent to the following address:

LA-32 Neighborhood Council

P.O. Box 32007

Los Angeles, CA 90032

Your department may have received requests from former President, Richard Acosta, to forward LA-32 NC correspondence to his residence or another address. We are asking for you to change the address officially so that our board may properly receive all correspondence in a timely manner. I, Hugo Garcia, in my capacity as Corresponding Secretary, will attend to our mail. Furthermore, we are requesting that all forms of correspondence (letters, emails, phone calls, LA-32 NC Directory, etc.) be modified to remove Mr. Acosta’s name as President and replaced with Mr. Parra’s.

Mr. Nelson, you can rest assured that our board will continue to operate in the most efficient manner possible. We are confident that, under the capable leadership of Interim President Alvin Parra, our NC will most assuredly work to serve and represent the interests of the El Sereno community.

In an unrelated matter, at the same General Board Meeting, our Board voted by a successful motion to formally reinstate Boardmember Reverend Chacon, who had submitted a notice of resignation a few months ago. Reverend Chacon had withdrawn his resignation bid shortly after resigning and continued to attend General Board meetings and participate on the board. We welcome the Reverend back.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the above please contact me at your convenience.

Yours in service,

Hugo Garcia

Corresponding Secretary

LA-32 Neighborhood Council

cc: LA-32 NC Board

Alvin Parra, LA-32 NC Interim President

Darren Martinez, City Attorney’s Office

CD-14 Councilmember Antonio Villariagosa

Ricky Ho, U.S. Postal Service

Reverend Manuel Chacon

Monday, March 14, 2005

Magic Man

MagicA larger than life figure in Los Angeles for years has been Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Starting off as the legendary #32 for the World Champion Los Angles Lakers, in his retirement, Magic has re-made himself as an extraordinarily succesful businessman, becoming involved in many ventures primarily in the inner city. He has worked to bring top corporations to minority and low income areas across the country.

He is now trying his hand at NASCAR.

Long the province of Southern "crackers" NASCAR or "stock car" racing has become the largest sport in America, eclipsing Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA and other sports. However, it is not a sport that until recently has tried to reach out to minorities. Magic has come in to boost the sport among non-whites.

As well, through his business ventures, Magic has dabbled in local Los Angeles politics. Many have suggested he could run for office some day.

What if Tony Villar came up short on election day and we then slog through four years of a lame duck Mayor Poopy. In 2009, Magic could run for Mayor. He would take office a month before his 50th birthday.

As a succesful Mayor for eight years - with all his business connections - Magic could take on the Governor's seat - or maybe - given all the connections he could earn down South with his NASCAR connections - go straight to President of the United States.

A bit fantastical I admit, but it could happpen.

Let The Next Race Begin

PhilOur beat is City Hall, but once in a while we touch on the statewide scene. We hear that California State Treasurer Phil Angelides will announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Governor tomorow at an elementary school in the Bay Area. The former Democratic Party head and real estate developer will likely go up against actor/director Rob "Meathead" Reiner and Attorney General Bill Lockyer for the opportunity to run against a still unannounced Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Is this guy Gray Davis II?

Desperate Times - Mayor Poopy is lost


If folks thought this was a rerun of 2001 they are wrong. This rerun seems more like season 2 than a previously watched episode.

Season 2 seems to have a revved up Tony Villar ready to frame mayor poopy from the get go.

Read today's LA Times.

Daily News does it's own rendition as well.

If the 72 hours after the primary are the most important in terms of framing -- then Tony Villar wins.

Poopy was talking about not being bland, and Villar was talking about poopy poops a lot.

I suppose it's stories like these that are supposed to bury Villar, right?

Also we here at Sister City will be keeping a tally of all the new post-primary endorsements each candidate gets. Alarcon, Hertzberg and Parks are worth 2 points, all others just 1 point.

Villar- 2 points, Supervisor Yvonne Burke and City Controller Laura Chick
Hahn - 1 point, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

Blog away.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

LA Times Sunday Opinions - L.A. Bloggified

LA Times

In L.A., bloggers may have gone mainstream, but they're all over this city's most recent fringe activity: voting. Here are some sites that local civic leaders and political hobbyists peruse, and a glimpse at what they've been saying about Tuesday's mayoral election. — Brendan Buhler

Boi from Troy
(boifromtroy.com) A gay Republican, USC alumnus, sports fan's perspective on area politics
Mayoral comment: "What would we get in four more years of Jim Hahn? I couldn't tell you, but I suspect more grand juries and federal investigations would be up there on the list."
Election reaction: "Blech."


Joe Scott: The Body Politic
(www.joescott3.com) An ex-Herald Examiner columnist, political consultant and third-generation Angeleno's insightful views
Mayoral comment: "The March 8 primary is the most volatile since 1973, when runoff finalist Tom Bradley beat Mayor Sam Yorty."
Election reaction: "Hahn will not go down without a bruising fight."


(www.laist.com) A snarky local outpost of a chain-blog with sister sites in London and New York
Comment: "Truly, we are tired of politics, particularly local politics, when our candidates aren't even any good at getting into fiery policy debates or slinging mud."
Election reaction: "Yikes."


L.A. Observed
(laobserved.com) Ex-Times journo Kevin Roderick's full-fledged, insider-oriented, flat-toned take on local news, media and Southern California gossip
Comment: "No surprise that City Controller Laura Chick came out … in support of Antonio Villaraigosa. She endorsed him four years ago, and in the City Council, Villaraigosa backs her wish to expand her office with more investigators."
Election reaction: "Re-dividing of the pie begins today."


(lavoice.org) Ex-Times scribbler Mack Reed's outrage-driven screed
Comment: "Hahn's just a lazy, dull, pandering hack politician who can't seem to grasp that he's holding the reins of one of the world's great cities limply in his hands."
Election reaction: May 17 runoff will be "nemesis-on-nemesis blood sport."


Martini Republic
(martinirepublic.com) A left-leaning look from a fellow named Joseph Mailander and crew
Comment: "The unimaginative 'leadership' of Jimmy Hahn has put the City not so much in perpetual check but in a kind of zugzwang, the situation in chess in which a player is forced to make a disadvantageous move."
Election reaction: Anti-Latino sentiments "will become the boilerplate for the Hahn campaign."


Mayor Sam's Sister City
(www.mayorsam.blogspot.com) A conservative blog "ghost-written" by deceased Mayor Yorty
Comment: "This mayor is by far the worst in L.A. history, even worse than I was."
Election reaction: "Antonio has issues, but he has some vision."


Our mayor's race is kinda like the elections in Iraq. It's a lot of foreign-speaking people, in the desert, voting for people they've never heard of. — Jay Leno

So do we have to start acting like serious bloggers now that the Times cares about our opinion?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Conspiracy Theories

ConspiracyNormally I'm not the conspiracy theory type, but there has been a few post-election developments which are beginning to make me wonder...

Let's give a quick rundown in chronological order...

Before the polls closed, there were quite a few predictions of low voter turnout, but no one had them as low as the final number of 26% provided by the city clerk.

Speaking of the city clerk Frank Martinez, he was appointed by Mayor Hahn just last September, just in time to host this election

Election Night - The fog factor. Remember the mysterious fog incident on election night. This caused the ballots which are normally flown downtown to Piper Tech for counting to be driven across the city by city employees without supervision, helping add to the delay in counting.

Speaking of the city employees, remember they are members of SEIU, the very union which endorsed Jim Hahn and whose head, Julie Butcher had serious issues with Bob Hertzberg.

Ballot Counting - The Daily News says it all. "L.A. re-inked votes - City clerk ordered election workers to fill in faintly marked ballots" . This was in addition to the fact that the city employees handled EVERY SINGLE BALLOT before they were counted to check for the marks. Isn't this called "ballot tampering?"

Missing Precincts. Does anyone else find it odd that thirteen precincts have yet to report or be counted? Check the city clerks report... 1599 total precincts, 1586 number reporting... and the other 13 are .... lost in the fog?

Now, I'm not saying anything happened, I'm just saying these all added together are starting to make me go hmmmm...

Additional Stories:

L.A. city clerk's decision to re-ink ballots in mayor's race criticized
L.A. city clerk's decision to re-ink ballots in mayor's race criticized II
Candidates Unaware Ballots Re-Inked
Inka dinka don't?
Muttering the Election Administrator's Prayer

In addition, you might read between the lines in this Daily Breeze article. While the harbor had a lighter turnout than everybody else, they seem to be heavily aligned behind only one candidate and the percentages just don't make much sense...


Friday, March 11, 2005

Kam and Cookies

cookie jarIn today's LA Times we find out that Kam Kuwata got his hand stuck in the cookie jar. Yesterday I asked the Hahn campaign to respond to this blog, they did not.

Fine, but the real question is, if Hahn stopped all PR contracts, what is this he's given to Kuwata?

And even if he has this contract, why hasn't Kam been given one check from the campaign?

More questions, more scnadal, more reasons to not vote for lil jimmy.

I suppose its stories like these that are supposed to bury Tony Villar.

Site Update

If you've had trouble posting, it should be fixed now. I think the blog is getting so big we have to republish it at least once a day. That always seems to fix the trouble.

Blog away meatheads.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Chamber Endorses Hahn

ChamberThe Big endorsement Hahn was showcasing today -- isn't Arnold. Not a former president or Governor.

But the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

The same chamber that was around when I was chief, probably the same old crabby guys too.

Tony Villar was endorsed by the feisty City Controller Laura Chick today.

I have a question to the Hahn campaign -- How much did your campaign pay Kam Kuwata?

He is your campaign spokesman isn't he?

Please have someone kindly respond on this blog.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Chief Parker With Antonio

Jim Hahn has shown he can do one thing, and one thing only, cut deals that harm this city, harm you and destroy neighborhoods. LAX should not be expanded, we need more than 25 intersections a year, we need a vision mr mayor. You weren't my first choice 4 years ago, and I'll be buried again before I vote for you this time.

I am white, I am conservative but more importantly I am smart. This old law and order guy wants a mayor who is going to roll up his sleeves and tackle the tough problems this city has, smartly.

I want a mayor that will try to hit a home run for this city every chance he gets, a mayor that can see the big picture while focusing on the small stuff too.

A mayor that will fill my potholes and build a subway. A mayor that will speak to our failing education system while encouraging our students to improve. Rhetoric is one thing, real life experience is another.

We are a city paralyzed by scandal, Jim Hahn has turned his good daddy's name into a symbol of corruption and unethical standards.

I want Antonio Villaraigosa.

I want him because he revived the Gold Line.
I want him because he revived the city's art budget when Hahn was trying to cut it.
I want him because he created the largest open space in the Eastside.
I want him because he ended the MTA strike, that paralyzed this city.
I want him because he opposed Ahmanson, Playa Vista and LAX. Which by the way were all major priorities of the city's unions.
I want him because he helped little kids get health insurance.
I want him because he gave us more open space, more school construction, more of the things that make city's work.
This guy is a tough can do leader and this old chief wants him.

Jim Hahn is going to try to say false and misleading things about Antonio - they are not true.

Like Mayor Sam, I want Jimmy Hahn out, Antonio Villaraigosa is my choice and nothing you dum-dums say will change this old man's heart.

Poopy Happenings

HahnLA Observed is reporting that the Mayor is teasing a big endorsement tomorrow. Since we don't get the Mayor's press releases, all we can do is link to the blurb on LA Observed. Any thoughts on who it might be or if it's even happening?

At the same time, LA Observed is spinning that Mayor Hahn was not on the verge of tears during his now classic interview with John Kobylt of KFI radio. Anyone who clearly heard the interview knows the Mayor was practically losing it. Judge for yourself - listen here. Indeed - Kobylt and his partner Ken Champiaou are known for their on-air histronics, particularly Kobylt. But if you listen to the interview its the Mayor who jumps first, Kobylt is unusually restrained at first. We guess LA Observed was too concerned about LA's news babes to hear the Mayor's meltdown. Is that blog becoming the heterosexual equiavalent of Boi from Troy with all the girly pictures he's posting?

Right Back Where I Was

No doubt, I had hoped Bob Hertzberg would do better than he did, but here we sit. You can get into all the would have beens, should of beens - even being pissed at that fucking moron Walter Moore (you should see some of the goofball emails we got from him in the last few days) - but alas, its all water under the flood control channel bridge.

I salute Hertzberg for offering something different, for stepping up and working hard. I also salute Bernard Parks and Richard Alarcon for doing the same.

So here we stand. And rather than pussyfoot around, one of the main goals of this blog will be to continue one of our original missions - to dump James Hahn.

In 2001, I supported another moderate, San Fernando Valley voice for Mayor in the primary - Joel Wachs. He didn't win, so my vote in the general election did not go to James Hahn. I voted for Antonio Villaraigosa.

Therefore I, Mayor Sam - meaning me the person not necessarily the site as a whole or the other contributors to the site - am formally announcing my endorsement of Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor. I'm right back where I was.

Antonio no doubt concerns me in many ways. But James Hahn concerns me even more. Antonio has issues, but he has some vision. Antonio didn't want to tax poor people to pay for more police officers like Jim Hahn does. Antonio doesn't support an $11 billion boondoggle at LAX like Jim Hahn does.

And I even have to question Jim Hahn's mental state following his near meltdown - almost coming to tears - on a radio program yesterday (And yes Kevin Roderick on LA Observed tried to sugar coat it, but I've listened to the tape three times now. Hahn nearly loses it.).

So we go forward. To be sure, we won't be shilling for Antonio left and right, but we'll continue to bring up issues as they come forward and discuss them in the rough and tumble way we always have. To be honest, I am looking forward to talking about other aspects of local government that have been nearly drowned out by the mayor's contest.

In the end, we have to say MEAT was right. Now blog away dum, dums.

Why There is No Recall

recallSince the inception of this website we here at Sister City haven't commented much on Tony Villar's recall. While we have on occasion posted updates, and have watched spirited debates occur on this blog. Mostly MEAT versus the world. We've now seen some hard evidence on Tony Villar's district and their true feelings about their Councilman.

Here are CD 14 results:

Tony Villar - 14,166 = 61.5%
Mayor Poopy - 4,582 = 19.8%
Bob "Peter Griffin" Hertzberg - 1,906 = 8.2%
Ritchi Alarcon - 1,205 = 5.2
Bitter Bernie - 1,167 = 5.0%

Couple of things to note - Tony Villar's vote actual vote total is higher than when he ran for Council 2 years ago, and his actual % is higher than when he ran against Nick La Colectiva Pacheco.

So as the Chief I encourage an energized debate, but as for the points being handed down.


blog away!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Election Day

pollNow its up to the voters. The candidates have spun, lied, talked, cajoled, begged and pleaded. Until the runoffs begin, the campaigns are over. Taking a cue from LA Voice, we'd like to give you an opportunity to tell us what you saw at your polling place, or anywhere else along the way on this fine, election day.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hertzberg for Mayor

BobNo doubt many of you reading this are reacting "Well that's a shock." No doubt, I don't care.

Before I go into why I am officially supporting Bob Hertzberg, let me take a moment to dispel many notions spread by what I assume are mostly pro-Hahn readers of the Sister City.

  1. Unlike the LA Times, we never purport to be objective. This is my blog for Christ sakes and I'll say what I God damn please. You too have the same right and I let you do so.
  2. I do not nor have I ever worked for Bob Hertzberg.
  3. The Sister City has never been paid by Bob Hertzberg or any other candidate. We do have Google ads for Bob Hertzberg as well as Antonio Villaraigosa and many other advertisers. If you know anything about how Google ads work, we only get paid when a person clicks on an ad they want to see. If you clicked on one of Antonio's or Bob's ads, we probably got a few pennies. In all, since we went on the web back in October of 2004, we've earned maybe $40 total in Google ads. Hardly enough to buy any influence and again its likely most of that revenue came from advertisers other than Hertzberg.
  4. Many other blogs however - including some that have called us pro-this or anti-that actually did receive paid blog ads for Bob Hertzberg. We never did. And even if we had, it wouldn't have made any difference. The only paid blog ad we've ever sold is for West LA Online. Between that, the Google revenue, and some crap we've sold through Cafe Press, the Sister City has maybe generated $100 total revenue, none of which has actually been paid to me yet.
  5. If you don't like any of this, you can play on the God damn freeway you tinhorn bastards.

Now, lets get to why I am voting for Bob Hertzberg. For 16 years, we had a visionary, larger than life leader in Tom Bradley. Prior to that, we had a crusty, colorful mayor (me) who made regular appearances on the Tonight Show. Since Tom left, its been pretty dull around Spring Street.

Bob Hertzberg brings an energy, a flair, even a sense of goofiness that could energize LA politics unlike anything we've seen in some time. In the Arnold era, we find that a dynamic personality who connects with the people can get things done. Bob shakes up the establishment (while still comfortably being able to maneveur within it) in a way that could get many who have not been involved - including young people - interested in civic affairs. This could really push LA forward in a positive way.

Bob is experienced, but he's not a career pol. He's had a hand in business, has met a payroll and though he lives comfortably, he understands the common man. He's comfortable with the average man on the street and engages everyone with interest.

He has ideas - yes many are wacky - but he is contstantly creative and seeking solutions to problems. He isn't afraid to buck the status quo and won't take no for an answer.

With a corrupt city government, failing city services, a horrible public education system, jobs leaving LA in droves and politicians who just don't care, Bob Hertzberg is a refreshing change. Yes, he is more liberal than I like and yes he isn't stepping up on some issues quite yet like illegal immigration. Nonetheless, Bob brings something we just haven't seen in LA in a long time.

ParksParksFinally, though I am giving my nod to Bob Hertzberg, I'd like to give honorable mentions to Bernard Parks and Richard Alarcon. Neither will have any chance of making it into the runoff, but both would also be excellent mayors for various reasons. Alarcon may be way too liberal for me, but he's a decent man who works hard for the city and has great passion. Parks rocky relations with the LAPD likely disqualifies him from leading the City, but he has served his District well as Councilman. He isn't afraid to try new things and depart from the political orthodoxy, which I like.

We'll focus on Antonio after the election results are known.

Alarcon Leads In Poll

PollOur Mayoral Poll is over and if the votes on Tuesday go the way of our poll, we'll have a runoff beteween Richard Alarcon and Bob Hertzberg. I guess the anti-Antonio people are strongest here on the Sister City as Tony Villar came in a distant fourth place to Jim Hahn. And if our results mean anything (and we're not saying they do) Wacko Walter is in trouble having been bested nearly 2-1 by Billy Wyatt.

Richard Alarcon 32 %(115 votes)
Ted Crisell 0 %(0 votes)
Jim Hahn 21 %(75 votes)
Bob Hertzberg 24 % (87 votes)
Martin Luther Aubrey King 0 %(2 votes)
Wendy Lyons 0 %(1 votes)
Addie Miller 0 %(1 votes)
Walter Moore 0 %(2 votes)
Bernard Parks 1 %(7 votes)
Antonio Villaraigosa 15 % (56 votes)
Bill Wyatt 1 % (5 votes)
Total votes 351

Friday, March 04, 2005

Mayor Sam's Mayoral Endorsement

candidatescandidatesFirst off let's start off with who not to vote for.

Don't vote for Walter Moore. We've made it clear why Walter would be real bad for LA. He talks a good game on illegal immigration and some other issues, but here is a guy who wants to deny property the owners the right to build on their land and wants to shut down legitimate businesses such as pet shops. Besides - who the hell is this guy?

Don't vote for James Hahn. This mayor is by far the worst in LA history, even worse than I was. Lately, he's been acting like me too with his back against the well trying to scare white people. Sigh. Pay to play, whatever, this guy is boring and doesn't have the vision for a modern LA.

So who am I picking? Stay tuned.

Antonio's Victory Party

Hank FondaAntonio Villaraigosa will be holding his election night celebration this Tuesday evening at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Special entertainment program starts at 9:00 p.m.

Is that in the 14th district?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mayor Sam's Ballot Picks

By Monday, we'll give you my choice for Mayor of Los Angeles. But in the meantime, here are my official ballot recommendations for other contests on the ballots.

We are not endorsing in any race that is unopposed or in which we have no opinion. We also have no position on the two ballot measures which relate to pensions.


We’re voting for Laura Chick. She’s a pitbull and has challenged the status quo. Laura was even hired by the US Army to advise local bureaucrats to avoid corruption in Iraq. Lets keep her.

Council, District 3

We’d love to vote for someone as interesting and different as Jeff Bornstein, but we don’t live in the district. The LA Weekly loved his politics but felt that since Dennis Zine was already the incumbent, he was up to speed and would be ahead of the game more than Bornstein. So if you want to know what we think, who cares, vote for either one.

Council, District 5

You’ve told us again and again that Jack Weiss is an idiot. However, he did vote against the sales tax increase. On the other hand, Ty Vahedi sounds like a thoughtful and articulate guy. Since Weiss is part of the establishment – and like Survivor we should eliminate at least one incumbent for good measure – vote for Ty.

Council, District 9

We don’t know anything about Peter Torres or Edward “Eddie” Reyes (not to be confused with 1st District Councilman Ed Reyes) but after years and years of Rita Walters, Jan Perry is a refreshing change. She’s smart, pro-business and has served her district well. Send her back to Spring Street.

Council, District 11

Flora Gil Krissloff has a lengthy NIMBY resume, and Angela Reddock is an impressive young woman, but our vote goes to Bill Rosendahl. He’s an experienced communicator with a good knowledge of the city and a business background. It would be good to have someone with his personality and experience on the Council.

LA Community College District, Seat 6

Nancy Pearlman is the kind of LA pol we like to see lose an election. Gerald Wayne Pertulla is a teacher who is running for the spot, but we know little about him. Maria Grunwald-Agazaryan however is very young and very liberal, but we think she makes the best choice in this race. She has a long history of community activism and served on the Board of Trustees as its student trustee in the past, so she is no stranger to the district. She’s a parent and since she’s in the same general age range as many of the students, it might be a good move to have her on the Board.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Desperate Acts of a Desperate Man - Hahn Slings Mud

hahnSo forget the previous post about Poopy not being able to punch. He came out swinging today, the gloves are off, and the mud is flying!

Hahn lit up the press with a blistering attack on both Antonio and Huggy regarding Enron. He waited for the LA Times to scoop the story, since evidentially Linda "ball-breaker" Breakstone wouldn't carry their water fast enough. Her mud will probably run tonight with the same letters Hahn distributed today. (FYI: Breakstone had this story last week). Hahn did manage to deliver his diatribe regarding their alleged "unethical actions" and keep a straight face, ignoring his own ethical issues. (That in and of itself should have earned him an Oscar).

This prompted Huggy to hold his own event this afternoon swinging right back in defense, and pointing out the Hahn himself also took Enron contributions. Difference: Hahn still has his. Huggy returned it.

Carrick has also been overheard touting a negative hit ad coming out in the near future along with an "attack a day" for the next 7 days.

To use Hahn's line from yesterday in his description of Huggy, "Desperate acts of a desperate man." When all else fails and you are dumping in the polls, take em down with you and spread your crap elsewhere.

Personally I agree with Mack Reed over at LA Voice: "when it comes to what he's actually done for Los Angeles, Hahn's just a lazy dull, pandering hack politician who can't seem to grasp that he's holding the reins of one of the world's great cities limply in his hands and giving them a weak little shake only when it looks as though his re-election might be in jeopardy."

Wacko Walter Goes on Attack

WackoWacko Walter must be shilling for Tony Villar or Mayor Poopy as he goes on the attack against Bobzilla. If Walter was honest, he would go after all the candidates, not just the one who represents the biggest threat to his ego (when he gets less than 1000 votes).

Yea, so what Walter - this is stuff we all know. Tell your Republican friends how you don't support private property rights or want to shut down legitimate businesses such as pet stores. Interesting that Walter apparently married his campaign staffer according to the LA Times.
Friends don't let friends vote for Hertzberg.

If one of your misguided friends is leaning towards the Stay-Puff Marshmellow man -- you have to have seen "Ghostbusters" and his commercials to get that one -- please have your friend read the following article from today's L.A. Times.


The L.A. Times -- or, as Doug McIntyre says, EVEN the L.A. Times -- reports on the disturbing links between Hertzberg and special interests (e.g., developers) who don't care about you, me, or anything but money. Monday, the same paper recounted how Hertzberg sued his own father, and collected from his estate after he died. Yikes.

You know what? Something good may be happening at that paper. Judging from this story, and from Monday's stories on me and on the other candidates, someone may have let the reporters start living up to professional standards. These stories have actual FACTS in them, and are not vague "fluff" pieces that merely regurgitate the career candidates' sound bytes. Let's hope the trend continues! Long ago, as I recall, the L.A. Times was a real newspaper.

Anyway, thanks again for getting out the word, and handing out those flyers. Our numbers are growing almost by the HOUR -- as I discovered during the five hours I was on the radio last night!

Walter Moore
L.A.'s Next Mayor
Mayor4U Committee, P.O. Box 45705, L.A. CA 90045

Hahn Lacks Punch

HahnIs there inner turnoil in Camp Hahn today? The much anticipated attack ad that everyone is expecting didn't appear. So far, he is keeping his cool, even if he didn't with Mark Coogan yesterday. He did switch ad traffic late yesterday, switching to an edited down version of his Mayor in a Minute clip though.

Shockingly, this is probably his most effective ad, as he isn't seen running from people in his overamped appearances on the TV tube we have seen so far.

Regardless, we are hearing that he is calling a last minute press conference in the downtown area this morning, so we'll have to stay tuned...

Busy News Day

HeadlinesQuite a busy news day. Sit down and prepare to be spun, for the big three campaigns face a slew of stories today. Between the sparring (but not punching yet...), fundraising questions, ethics questions, the UTLA in disarray, and finding money for more cops, we will probably be dizzy by the end of today.

Here's a few of the larger headlines to feed your morning appetite:

The LA Times:
Lots of Jabs, but No Haymakers
Members of L.A. Teachers Union Elect New Leaders
Hey, Mr. Mayor: It's Showtime!
Mayoral Rivals Had Tapped Money Flow
Delgadillo's Spending Stirs Speculation
Political Ties Helped Hertzberg as Attorney

Daily News:
Ethically Challenged
Fighting for his political life, Hahn finds money to hire more Cops For L.A.
UTLA Ousts Leaders in Shake-Up

Daily Breeze:
Mayoral Rivals Go One-Up on LAPD

LA Business Journal:
Candidates Square Off in Final Debate Before L.A. Mayoral Primary
Mayoral Hopefuls Play TV Chess Game

LA Voice:
WHAT the ...? - A DIS-endorsement of Mayor Hahn
Pick L.A.'s Next Mayor: Final Debate Blogged Live*****

LA Observed:
Wednesday in the campaign

The Hertzberg Daily Digest (cool feature by the way for you political news junkies) has an additional 54 entries.

Blog Away...