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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Welcome to CameLAt

It's a new day in Los Angeles

In short, there's simply not
A more congenial spot
For happily-ever-aftering than here
In CameLAt.

Photo by NPR
Photo by Garcetti for Mayor/Marta Evry

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Monday, May 20, 2013

On Eve of Election, Things Look Good for Garcetti, Feuer; Controller's Race Too Close to Call

The latest edition of the USC/LA Times poll, which appears to be the most reliable of an otherwise paucity of surveys during the recent municipal election cycle, shows City Council Member Eric Garcetti sliding to a likely win in tomorrow's election. The poll, released Friday, has Garcetti up seven points on opponent, City Controller Wendy Greuel, comfortably outside the margin of error. Garcetti appears to be up in every demographic group with the exception of African Americans and self-described "moderate" Republicans. Remarkably, the left leaning Garcetti has a significantly wide lead with conservatives, likely the result of hard core campaigning by former Mayoral candidate, Republican Kevin James, whose stand that Garcetti is the more trustworthy of the two, has clearly resonated with an Anglo Republican voter base in the San Fernando Valley, a block Greuel clearly counted on, and needed, to win. Our internal analysis of numbers from the primary election, combined with voter turnout projections show that Greuel's support is extremely soft in communities in her former Council District such as Sunland-Tujunga and North Hollywood, and that where there are intense City Council runoffs (thus boosting turnout), such as CD 1 and CD 13, these are areas where Garcetti pocketed the lion's share of votes in the April primary.

An even bigger blowout appears to be shaping up in City Attorney's race where former Assemblyman and Councilman Mike Feuer has a commanding 18% lead over incumbent Carmen Trutanich. Unless something is wrong in the methodology there, or Feuer's consultant "private citizen/political consultant" John Shallman has screwed the pooch on the get-out-the vote-effort, it's difficult to see where Trutanich wins at this point. As well, the better Garcetti does, expect that to lift Feuer's boat as one can surmise the bulk of Garcetti's liberal leaning voters will go in droves for the former Councilman. Winner here: Deputy District Attorney and full time Trutanich critic David Berger who's beat a one man drum for the ouster of Nuch ever since the two had their famous falling out a few years back.

Up in the air though is the City Controller's race. Polls show the battle between activist/businessman Ron Galperin and City Council Member Dennis Zine to be a dead heat. While Zine has out raised Galperin (who did front his own campaign a significant amount of his own personal wealth), Galperin, a registered Democrat, has the full support of the local Democratic party establishment, while Zine, who slid from red meat Republican to RINO to now, decline to state, isn't getting much help from the Republican Party since his well publicized bolting from it. Expect all the Garcetti voters to go with Galperin, including a significant number of the James inspired "Garcetti Republicans" as the former mayoral candidate endorsed Galperin as well. As Garcetti rises, likely so does Galperin. One thing of note, if elected, as far as we know, Galperin would be the first openly gay citywide elected official in Los Angeles. While Dennis Zine has ridden his motorcycle dressed in full leather regalia in many a Gay Pride Parade, it's likely the gay community will swing here for one of their own.

It will be an interesting - and long - evening for sure.

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Where the Women At?

KABC talkradio host and media figure, John Phillips, examines the oft asked question "Why are there so few women in public office in Los Angeles?" It is possible, that once the new Mayor, Controller, City Attorney and Council takes office in July that the entire lot could consist of males. At most, we could have a female mayor and two members of Council out of a total of 18 elected city officials.

Does it matter? Why is this? Is the City so dysfunctional women, natural problem solvers, are so turned off to how our City runs that they are just saying no? Or is there truly a glass ceiling (an ironic hypocrisy in a city run by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party)?

Read more at Phillip's piece in the Daily Beast.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mayor Sam Ballot Picks

Here you go dum dums! Some of you aren't going to like these, some of you are going to be happy, some of you are going to say "Higby, you idiot, noone (no one?) cares!" and some might even be surprised. By the way, these are not official blog endorsements as Scott each make our own choices (you'll see I might disagree with him here and there). So here we go:

MAYOR - Eric Garcetti
No brainer here. We've not been a big fan in the past of Council Member Eric Garcetti, but you know, after a while the guy grows on ya. I've got big issues with some of Eric's views, but overall I feel he is more ethical, practical, and actually, visionary, than Wendy Greuel. During her term in office as Council Member, despite a few minor victories interested parties might claim, her district suffered, is in worse shape than when she arrived so much that her successors are scrambling to fix. As City Controller, a role Greuel was not qualified for with no financial or executive business experience, she turned the office into a base of operations or her Mayoral campaign and made a mockery of general accepted accounting procedures. We would have loved to have seen Kevin James elected Mayor, but Wendy Greuel is just too dangerous. We even have high hopes for Garcetti. Vote Eric Garcetti.

CITY ATTORNEY - Carmen Trutanich 
Who would have ever thought we'd be stuck with a choice between Carmen Trutanich and Mike Feuer. Almost makes me pine for Rocky Delgadillo. Neither is an exciting or even tolerable option for this important law enforcement position. Trutanich has been a near disaster from everything including his failure to make good on his allegations of criminal wrongdoing at the Michael Jackson Staples Center Memorial to his threats to arrest Council Member Jan Perry (we hear they've since made up) to his bungling of the cases against the protesters who laid down in the street during immigration reform rallies. He's also been something of a cartoon (though Wendy Greuel is catching up to him). On the other hand, Mike Feuer is the poster child of the entrenched, out of touch liberal politician who has no business in this role. Most importantly, Feuer is the architect of the horrific AB 109 which is letting  criminals out of prison and is behind a coming major spike in crime. Just days before the primary election in April, Tobias Summers, a repeat offender who was released under Feuer's AB 109, kidnapped a teenage girl in the Valley. The good news is Trutanich can only serve another four year term and perhaps, we can get a real City Attorney in 2017.

We'd sure love to see someone like blogger and neighborhood activist Paul Hatfield, a real CPA with financial sense, take this seat. For now, we'll take Ron Galperin over our favorite former motorcycle cop, Dennis Zine. If Greuel was not qualified to be City Controller, Zine, is even less so. Zine, who first ran for office as the former head of the police union and one who was sick of the City's status quo, has now become part of it. Republicans and conservatives should know that Zine is no longer one of them. And while Galperin is a Democratic activist of long standing, the guy actually has accounting chops. So we're voting for another Democrat. Go figure.

Well, sorry to my friends Red Spot and Don "Godzilla" Garza, but I can not support Gil "Two Bill" Cedillo. Cedillo's entire legislative career has been too focused around getting driver licenses for illegal aliens and that just presents too many problems. More so, we just don't need another member of the state legislature porting himself over to the Council. Gardea's boss, retiring Councilman Ed Reyes, was no winner. But at least Gardea is a creature of the City and knows the ropes.

CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT 6 (Special Primary Election) - Cindy Montanez
Normally, this would be a year for odd numbered Council Districts but the departure of former CD6 Council Member Tony Cardenas following his election to Congress has opened up this seat. Six candidates are on the ballot, and a seventh, Dan Stroncak, is running as a write-in candidate. Normally, Stoncak would be the kind of candidate I would probably support. Conservative, grass roots and an activist who has racked up some victories, Stroncak could make for a great alternative candidate. And I say could because "Dan with the Plan" apparently didn't plan on getting enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, something that to me is an elementary part of mounting a campaign and showing you are a leader. I am sure Dan is a great guy, and maybe he got screwed by the local Republican party, I don't know. But I have to support a candidate who can at least get on the ballot. Former Assembly Member and Mayor of San Fernando, Montanez does bring a wealth of experience from various levels of government. Yes, we know she's yet another refugee from the State Legislature, but unlike current and prospective members of the Council who are in that class, Montanez served quite some time ago and did not jump from that seat to the Council upon term limits (or sooner!). Having served on the Council for San Fernando, a city (well at least until recently) that while having the same demographics as some of the lower income parts of Los Angeles, was well managed and offered efficient services to it's stakeholders, she could perhaps instigate some change for the better in LA. While Montanez is an entrenched member of the Democratic Party, she's also been known to be a rebel at times within those circles, further solidifying her independence. And, unlike her best know competitor School Board Member Nury Martinez, Montanez is not part of the Alarcon political machine, which has not been good for the Valley. With so many candidates on the ballot, it is possible that no candidate would achieve a 50% + 1 result and thus, the top vote getters, likely Montanez and Martinez, will go to a runoff election on July 23rd.

Following a bruising primary race in April, two candidates remain to replace the retiring Jan Perry. And yes, we're breaking the rule we established in CD1 where we're going for a member of the State Legislature against a long time Council Deputy. And for good reason, while Price is hardly the first, second or even last choice for Council in our view, former staffer to CD14 Council Member Jose Huizar, Ana Cubas, is far behind that. Cubas, who moved across town to run, has been a controversial and polarizing force in her community, over issues such as the CLARTS fund (covered here MANY times, search the archives) and others, she does not seem fit to serve a District in need such as 9. While we had our disagreements with Perry, she served ably and it does not seem that Price nor Cubas are worthy of filling her shoes. Be that as it may, Cubas is a nightmare in the making and Price is the only choice.

Also a free for all in the primary, those seeking to replace the retiring Eric Garcetti, mixed it up and we wind up with John Choi and Mitch O'Farrell, both Council Deputies. While both are probably technically proficient to handle the job, Choi has been controversial and accused of being a carpetbagger. On the other hand, O'Farrell has a long record of residency and participation in the District and is the choice of many local activists, including the man I had hoped would be elected, activist Elson Trinidad. O'Farrell could easily wind up being the best of this year's freshman class of those elected. Choi, seems more like a climber.

LAUSD District 6 Board Member - Monica Ratliff
With education and teachers under attack in previous cycles, the Board of Education is just not the place for climbers. Ratliff is a longtime distinguished fifth grade teacher as well as an attorney. She has the support of many parent activists and community leaders. On the other hand, her opponent, Antonio Sanchez, is the latest offering from the Villaraigosa machine with no K-12 teaching experience. The answer is clear here.

LA Community College Board of Trustees, Office 6 - No Recommendation
The candidates are incumbent Nancy Pearlman and challenger David Vela. Is there any difference?


Proposition C Limits to Campaign Spending and Rights of Corporations - NO
This is for all those folks who got their panties in a bunch over the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling that levels the playing field for business owners to have a say in political campaigns as much as unions and other special interests can. If liberals are so upset about this, then they need to be fair and extend the limits to all special interests, including unions, the mother's milk of the Democrat party. If you really want to do something about the influence of money in politics, vote Libertarian and end the influence of politicians over your money and watch the special interests dry up. This is a symbolic measure, it has no teeth as it's not a matter the City has jurisdiction over, so I'll be symbolically voting no.

Proposition D, E and F all deal with medical marijuana. A major issue in LA right now. They break down as follows:

Proposition D would allow medical marijuana dispensaries that were in operation prior to September 2007 to remain in open and place a sort of gross receipts tax on them.

Proposition E is basically the same thing but no levies no tax. There is also a minor difference in that D would allow "collectives" of three or less individuals to grow pot amongst themselves; E would allow five or fewer.

Proposition F would allow more collectives/dispensaries than D or E, but hit them with a heavy tax.

It seems as if none of these really resolve the issue of how we want medical marijuana to be sold and distributed in Los Angeles while imposing regulatory and tax burdens on these entities that are more onerous that some other types of business. I'll be voting no on all three and hope someone goes back to the drawing board.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Is La Wendy Stiffing the Hired Help?

Much ado has been raised as of late about Wendy Greuel's $15 an hour minimum wage plan. Then, an observant Tweeter caught this:

Greuel pays canvassers $9 an hour. Shouldn't it be $15?

Yea, what's up with that?

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wendy Greuel Gets More Like a Cartoon Everyday

D'oh! (click on image for larger version)

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A Rebuttal to AB 109 Comments of DA Jackie Lacey in Mike Feuer Endorsement

Was Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey being truthful about AB 109 in her endorsement of Mike Feuer? A Retire Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre, offers a contrary statement of the facts.  
Is LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey looking for the truth on AB 109?
** Blogger's notes: Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said this in the course of her comments as she endorse Mike Feuer for City Attorney. From the Daily News.

She took issue with a campaign mailer that blamed the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of a 10-year-old Northridge girl on AB 109, the bill under which non-violent state prisoners were handed over to counties to jail or supervise on probation.As a member of the Assembly at the time, Feuer voted for the plan.Lacey said the mailer, paid for by Trutanich's campaign, twisted facts about the alleged kidnapping and rape of a young girl for "political purposes."She called the mailer "intellectually dishonest and counterproductive to finding solutions to the challenges brought on by realignment."

Retire Parole Officer  Caroline Aguirre, who's work in uncovering the debacle that is AB 109, has been lauded by many in government and the media, takes Lacey to task in a email send to Mayor Sam this evening. We repost her email in full below---Scott Johnson..

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey statements as stated in todays Daily News Paper as quoted by Rick Orlov are themselves misleading and untrue.

AB 109 referred to as PUBLIC SAFETY Parole Realignment was both supported  and voted for by Mike Feuer during his tenure as a California State Elected official long before Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich made his decision to throw his hat in the ring for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's race which was in February 2012.  AB 109 was  signed into law by Governor Brown long before February , 2012 and became effective on October, 1, 2011.

What City Attorney Carmen Trutanich stated after he threw his hat in the ring for the District Attorney's race  was that he would support AB 109 because it was the law. It is not like he has the power to disregard the law. Jackie Lacey herself made similar statements after her election as the new  Los Angeles County District Attorney. The only individuals that could change or amend AB 109 would have to be our state elected officials or the Governor himself.

Currently both Democratic and Republican state elected officials have submitted new legislation to amend portions of AB 109. Even Governor Brown has acknowledged that he wants to take a new look at the AB 109.

This is in response to hundreds of arrests statewide of those individuals placed on under Supervision of AB 109 who have reoffended by committing new very violent criminal offenses to and include , murder, rapes, kidnappings, shootings and violent assaults.

Within our own city we have had recently two individuals both who had been placed under AB 109 ( both had prior arrests and or convictions for  violent crimes ) commit new very violent criminal acts.  Tibias Dustin Summers has been charged with Kidnapping and sexual assault of a minor child and Ka Pasasouk with the horrific execution killing of four individuals .

On August 03, 2011  Fred Escobar father of Erica Escobar who was murdered by a parolee classified as a low level , non -violent offender who also had a prior conviction for a violent criminal acts  and several other City of Los Angeles residents spoke before state elected officials , members of the Law Enforcement Community  and representatives of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office at the State Capitol in Sacramento. All of these folks made a plea asking that they do something to stop the implementation of AB 109.  These same individuals also held a large rally in front of the California State Building on Spring Street in the downtown area of Los Angeles.

Read more »

Glassell Park NC's Bradley has a Special "Meet and Greet" Announcement .....

Glendale Kia and Northeast Activists are host a Candidate Meet and Greet this Friday night at the LA River Center in Cypress Park. Information via Bradley below.
 Former President Bradley of the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council.
As a bloggin public service, we post this announcement by Bradley of the Glassell lPark Neighborhood Council.
Please join Northeast and East Los Angeles Business Leaders, Residents, and Stakeholders on Friday May 17, 2013 from 6pm – 9pm for a Candidate’s “Meet & Greet” Forum at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens located at 570 West Avenue 26 in the Community of Cypress Park. (see flyer)  Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich, Candidate for LA City Attorney, Ron Galperin, Candidate for City Controller, Jose Gardea, Candidate for Council District 1 and John Choi, Candidate for Council District 13 will be present to engage, enlighten and educate participants on their agendas and why they should be your elected official for the next 4 years.  Eric Garcetti, 2013 Candidate for Mayor and Kevin James, previous Republican Candidate for Mayor may stop-by to say “hello” and join in on the “Meet & Greet” Forum. 
This Event is sponsored by local businesses, community leaders and KIA Dealership in the Northeast/East LA Community and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. FREE Food & Refreshments will be served with FREE Parking provided on a first-come, first space basis. Please remember that the City of Los Angeles general, municipal, and special elections are on Tuesday May 21, 2013.  Your decision on selecting the right candidate for Mayor, City Attorney, City Controller, or Councilmember will affect the way you live, work and own property in the City of Los Angeles
If you haven’t made your decision on who to vote for yet, WE hope to see you there on Friday May 17, 2013 from 6pm – 9pm for a Candidate’s “Meet & Greet” Forum at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens located at 570 West Avenue 26 in the Community of Cypress Park.


** We should ask whether if CD 13 Candidate Mitch O'Farrell and CD 1 Candidate Gil Cedillo, were invited to attend this event? UPDATE: The Mitch O'Farrell Campaign was not invited to this event. The Gil Cedillo Campaign is checking their records.  
Were Wendy, Dennis, Mitch and Gil invited to this event?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Mayor Sam Exclusive: Is Assembly Speaker Perez engage in a Campaign Double Cross of Wendy Greuel?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive Is Assembly Speaker John Perez engaging in a double cross of Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Call Greuel of Choice of the LA Political Elites"?
Assembly Speaker Perez with Mr. and Mrs. Wendy "The Villar Greuel".
Now State Senator Kevin De Leon knows the feeling of being a speed bump for now Assembly Speaker Perez's political ambitions. 
Following the dubious money trial to a political double cross?
** Blogger's note: California Assembly Speaker John Perez has not been shy about his and the rest of first cousin Mayor Antonio Villar's Political Machine support of Mayor Candidate Wendy "The Call Greuel of Choice for LA's Special Interests". But this commentary above raises some interesting questions, again, about Speaker Perez's proclivities for dumping supposed political allies when their usefulness is at an end. But more telling is Speaker Perez's and ally Assemblyman Mike Gatto's alleged control of the Prosperity PAC, which is illegal under California Campaign Finance Law---Scott Johnson

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wendy Greuel CD14 Campaign Now Officially a Cartoon!

Read more at the LA Times!
Read more at The Foothills. Observed.

"They come here and think they can win our support with some sweet bread and mariachi. They want to ridicule us."

Luz Montoya, Boyle Heights community activist

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Those Sounds of an Imploding Ana Cubas Campaign in CD 9? Well...

 An alleged internal campaign email illustrates a imploding,out of control,dysfunctional Ana Cubas Campaign in its last cash-starved (but alcohol abundance, allegedly) days. 
According to former Ana Cubas Campaign Workers, she give a new definition to drinking and campaigning, allegedly.
Vision, Courage and Integrity from Ana Cubas? Start the laugh track after a shot of "Teqillia Campaign"
**Blogger's Note: Believe or not, we do get story tips here at Mayor Sam and we are known on occasion to venture out into the campaign field of battle, to get first hand reports on the proceedings. In the CD 9 for City Council Campaign, we have made multiple visits to engage persons of interest. One of those persons will surely relate to the alleged internal Ana Cubas Campaign Email that details an imploding,dysfunctional and dare we say, a dangerous campaign environment. Our thoughts on Ana Cubas are well-documented, but this alleged glimpse into her campaign, show a alleged new low in her fitness for public office---Scott Johnson. 

From: "Ana Cubas" <anacubasforcouncil@gmail.com>
Date: May 13, 2013 7:07 AM
Subject: Ana Cubas Stands For

Ana Cubas Stands For:
*Men not Women
*Drinking with Minors
*Drinking and Driving Minors
*Herself not the Community
One of the many truths inside the Ana Cubas Campaign

We invite the Cubas Campaign to respond.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Why Did Wendy Greuel Dispatch a Homophobic Preacher to Criticize Gay Kevin James?

Originally posted at The Foothills. Observed.

Out of money, out of time and not getting the broad based coalition of support she had figured she was entitled to, unable to slide to an easy victory, Wendy Greuel figured one way to get some traction back was to deal the race card and deal it from the bottom of the deck.

Ever since it was exposed that Wendy Greuel HEAVILY solicited former opponent Kevin James' endorsement, to wit she was deeply scorned, Wendy has decided that she can attempt to tar and feather the former broadcaster and Federal prosecutor with all kinds of old and ridiculous charges that have just never stuck.

To recap, they are:

Kevin James hates Latinos because he has advocated for immigration reform
Kevin James hates Black people because he has differed on policy with President Obama.

With folks like Najee Ali, Jasmyne Cannick, Bernard Parks, Jan Perry, Karen Bass, Mayor Cory Booker, Richard Alarcon, Xavier Becerra, Irene Tovar, Monica Rodriguez and other prominent Latinos and African-Americans of the progressive stripe behind Eric Garcetti and fully comfortable with James' role in the campaign, Wendy doesn't have many options to gin up some anger in minority communities.

Supporter Magic Johnson is a little busy at the moment trying to the get Dodgers back off the ground (after the nightmare ownership of Frank McCourt), so Wendy isn't finding too many people of color to shill for her. For sure, surly African-American blogger Betty Pleasant and County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas are voices for Wendy, but the Pixie really screwed the pooch with her latest spokes-hole.

Bishop Noel Jones, a Gardena based pastor, making a foray into the world of Mayoral campaigning told the Los Angeles Sentinel that James' “...apparent relationship with Eric Garcetti eliminates any doubt that the people’s choice for Mayor should be Wendy Greuel.”

But here's the rub. Besides being the lone Republican in the mayoral primary, Kevin James, who for 6 years served as Co-Chair of AIDS Project Los Angeles, was also the lone LGBT candidate. As reported by the blog, Venice for Change, Jones has a long history of homophobia and anti-LBGT activity. The blog stated that Bishop Jones "traveled to Jamaica in 2004 to urge that country's political leaders to "stand their ground" against efforts by LGBT activists to repeal some of the most restrictive anti-gay laws on the planet."

Venice for Change had more on Jones:

In 2004, it was reported Jones, a native of Jamaica, believed his homeland should resist the pressures being placed on it by gay rights advocates to reform their draconian anti-sodomy laws. He said the nation should "stand its ground by simply allowing your laws to stay the way they are."

He was responding to reports published earlier this week in which local and international human rights groups called for a relaxation of laws that curbs homosexual conduct.

Bishop Jones, who is the pastor of the City of Refuge church in Gardena, California, and an internationally renowned television preacher, said: "If you have laws and legislation that ban certain things based on the principles of the Scriptures and based on your Christian background, then let it stand there. Who is having big debates with the Islamic people about it (gay rights)? Who is telling them to bend their laws? If your laws are based on your Christian points of view, then you must stand your ground?"

The pressure being placed on Jamaica by United States homosexual interests, Bishop Jones hinted, is inconsistent with the best traditions of the United States. "The thing that bothers me about America is if they are so democratic, why don't they allow the rest of the world to be what they are? Their democracy says a person has the freedom to do many things, so why won't they leave Jamaica alone?" Bishop Jones said.

To the best of our knowledge, the Greuel campaign has not yet commented on Jones' anti-LGBT rhetoric and positions; with the exception of stating something to the effect that the campaign is not attacking James for being gay, but for being a racist.

Something kind of tells us that they'd have a completely different tone if James had accepted one of those Wendy Greuel text messages to endorse her.

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Los Angeles County Medical Association PAC Endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor of Los Angeles

Wendy was a no-show
A little afternoon cut and paste for you...
LOS ANGELES, May 13, 2013 — The Los Angeles County Medical Association’s (LACMA) Political Action Committee today announced that it has officially endorsed Eric Garcetti for Mayor of Los Angeles.

“We’re at crossroads in our city,” said Rocky Delgadillo, CEO of LACMA. “We need a mayor who will provide the kind of leadership that the city needs to rebuild and reinvest in our communities. Eric Garcetti has the passion and vision for making Los Angeles a better place to live for all of its citizens. His approach to governing is about creative problem-solving and marshaling all the right resources to get the job done.”

The endorsement follows a LACMA-hosted event, “Conversation with the Candidate,” on April 30th in which Garcetti offered his perspectives on a broad range of health care issues. Wendy Greuel also was invited to the event, but was unable to attend. The interview-style format was conducted by Delgadillo, former LA City Attorney.

The questions focused on changes in health care and quality of life issues that impact Angelenos. Some of the hot-topic issues discussed included adult and childhood obesity, gun violence, physician shortages and the involuntary transition of residents who receive both Medical/Medicare benefits to managed care plans.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement by the Los Angeles County Medical Association,” said Garcetti. “I look forward to working with LACMA’s leadership and membership to develop solutions to tackle a range of health care issues, and to help improve the health and well-being of individuals and families in our communities.”

“During his time as Los Angeles City Councilmember, Mr. Garcetti has consistently proven his advocacy for health care issues and initiatives. We are confident that he will be a great leader for the people of Los Angeles,” added Dr. Samuel Fink, President, LACMA.

The runoff election is May 21.

About the Los Angeles County Medical Association:
The Los Angeles County Medical Association is a professional association representing 6,500 physicians from every medical specialty and practice setting as well as medical students, interns and residents.

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Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As we start the last full week of campaigning before the May 21 Election Day. we introduce the new official, errrr, unofficial video/ song of the Wendy "The Call Greuel of Choice of PPL, Mayor Antonio Villar, UFLAC, SEIU, Slick Willie Clinton, VICA, Richard Riordan, DWP, IBEW and Boss D'Arcy Campaign.  ** Afternoon Update: Apparently, even the "Call Greuel of Choice" gets in touch with her inner limits of promises on rare moments, as witness by her demurring on a possble $15 per hour minimum wage. 
Blondie's "Call Me".
Should the taxpayers of Los Angeles have to bear the future cost of paying for the political favors of the Special Interest's "Call Greuel of Choice". 
Great Monday to all as we finally start the last full campaign work week leading up to Runoff Tuesday on May 21, 2013. With no further delay this is what the City Maven missed in her decaffeinated cup of morning coffee.
** KABC 790 AM Talk Radio Host and Daily News Columnist Doug McIntyre has made public his personal choice for Mayor and it should come as now surprise that its happens to be the "wife" of his longtime agent Dean Schramm. While most people (including myself) can understand McIntyre's support of a longtime family friend, the esteem accountant/ blogger Paul Hatfield questions whether McIntyre has crossed a "red line" of objectivity, in regards to his coverage of the mayoral campaign. An excerpt below.

KABC 790″s morning show host Doug McIntyre is one of my favorites. For the record, I also enjoy KPCC’s Larry Mantle. These two gentlemen are not afraid to ask challenging questions of their guests and do not hesitate to follow-up when the answers miss the point.Therefore, it is very disappointing when a guest appears to receive special treatment.Such is the case whenever McIntyre interviews City Controller and mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel.Could it have anything to do with his business relationship with Greuel’s husband, or with Greuel herself? 

Please also make it a point to read the comments of Noel Weiss and Jack Humphreville at the end.

** The Pat Brown Institute at Cal State LA has released respective polls on the City Attorney and City Controller races. From the LA Times.

In polling conducted April 29 through May 7 by the Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Institute of Public Affairs at Cal State L.A., Feuer, a former member of the state Assembly and City Council, led City Atty. Carmen Trutanich, who is seeking reelection in next week's balloting -- 35% to 24%, with 41% of voters still undecided. Attorney and government efficiency commissioner Ron Galperin trailed Zine, meanwhile, by 15 percentage points -- 33% to 18%, with 49% of voters yet to make up their minds, the poll showed.

** To help the average Los Angeles low information voter make an informed choice to replace failed Mayor Antonio Villar, LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus provides the following supposed five differences between Eric Garcetti and Wendy "The Call Greuel of Choice". An excerpt below.

5. Risk Appetite

This may be the most fundamental difference between a Garcetti and a Greuel mayoralty. Garcetti has recently taken to quoting his friend, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who said in a commencement speech last year that "It is better to have your ship sunk at sea than have it rot in the harbor." And indeed, Garcetti has had his share of shipwrecks. He lured an electric car company to L.A. with a $1 million relocation package, only to have it go bankrupt. As council president, he approved the "modernization" of billboards, unaware of the storm of protest that would follow. And have you seen those awful condos at Sunset and Alvarado? Of course, he can point to successes too, or he wouldn't have won his district by 34 points in the primary. Greuel, on the other hand, is more risk averse. As a result, her sins are ones of omission. Her disappearing act during the city's budget crisis is a prime example. As controller, she could have had as large a role as she wanted in shaping the public debate about budget cuts. Instead, she avoided the subject as much as possible. 

More election-related coverage later.

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Rotten MEAT

Fresh off his lackluster appearance on Mark Isler's radio show Saturday night, former MayorSam anonyblogger (aka Chief Parker), Antonio Villaraigosa driver and consigliere, Michael "MEAT" Trujillo has apparently already signaled that his current candidate, Mayoral candidate Wendy "Gruella" Greuel is backing down from her desire for a "no negative" campaign in the final run-up to LA's Mayoral election a week from tomorrow.

We know that MEAT often can't resist getting himself into trouble when getting behind a keyboard, so here he was this morning on Facebook, trying to goad Eric Garcetti supporters:

MEAT is hoping to catch Eric Garcetti in some sort of lie; but we know that won't be tough when it comes to Wendy. As the old line goes "How do you know Wendy is lying? Her lips are moving."

See you on the television tonight folks, Mayoral Debate, the last one tonight at 7pm on KCAL 9.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day from the 2013 Campaign Trail

Mother's Day Greetings from the Family of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich
 Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti celebrates "Mexican Mother's Day" at San Antonio Winery in Lincoln Heights.
 Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel celebrates "Mexican Mother's Day" at the Boyle Heights Senior Center.
Happy Mother's Day to all, especially those high propensity voting moms.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The "Spinning of the MEAT Hour" on the KRLA's Mark Isler Radio Show

The reigning Payaso Crony of Mayor Antonio Villar's failed Political Machine, Michael "MEAT" Trujillo, will be in studio tonight on KRLA 870 AM ("Un" with MEAT on air) Intelligent Talk Radio Mark Isler's Radio Show starting at 10 P.M. 
In MEAT's own narcissus banter from Facebook. 

Well if Kevin James and Jan Perry can be on radio then so can I. 
Listen this Saturday night on KRLA 870am as I make sure Mark Isler a gentleman I've known for 13 years regrets having me on his show, forever.
He might get a ratings spike but not for the reason he thinks. 
All will be exposed! — feeling amused.

As a compassionate blogger who is all too willing to help expose the MEAT to a larger, dismissive audience, we post the call in number (866) 870-5752, if you have questions that require no subtenant response, (only spin), from the former "Chief Parker" of Mayor Sam.

** A bloggin bit of advise, please refrain from asking the MEAT about the following;.

1. His last campaign victory as a consultant or manager ( he can't remember that far back to a certain LAUSD campaign against a terminally-ill candidate).

2. Definitely, do not mention the debacle of his mismanaged IBEW/ DWP Measure B Campaign. (** Bonus video below)
This was not a way to manage a campaign MEAT

3. Secrets and rants from behind the wheel as the "Drivin Ms. Daisy of Los Angeles Politics".

4. Refrain from mixing the use of firearms and emails in the same question (and political campaigns)..

5. Tony Villar's future needs for MEAT beyond July 1, 2013 as we begin the "Mayor Eric Garcetti Era" ( Maybe IBEW's Boss D"Arcy can find gainful employment for MEAT on the DWP payroll as a overpaid driver?)

Lastly, if you are a low information bloggin supporter of MEAT and his mayoral candidate of choice Wendy "The PPL, Slick Willie, SEIU, UFLAC, Mayor Villar, IBEW, DWP and Boss D'Arcy's Greuel" then we present you with the latest fundraising tool of the Greuel Campaign.
 Cardboard and markers are all that is left at the end of a John Shallman consulted campaign.   

Tune in tonight at 10:00 P.M. for the best in unintelligent spin from MEAT!

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Jan Perry and Bernard Parks Endorsement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Press Release

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we present the City Councilperson Jan Perry and Bernard Parks Endorsement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Press Release.
 High fives for all on this major endorsement for the re election campaign of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. 

City Atty. Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich today proudly announced that his campaign for reelection has been endorsed by two pillars of the African-American community – Councilwoman Jan Perry and Councilman Bernard Parks.
“It is one of the proudest and most politically significant moments of my campaign to be endorsed by Councilmembers Perry and Parks,” said City Atty. Trutanich. “I’m confident that their support will play a very large role in taking this campaign to victory on May 21.”

Some interesting comments on the controversial 2012 Redistricting Committee actions.

“This is a notable accomplishment given the budget cuts his department suffered,” the former police chief said. “Like me, ‘Nuch’ is not afraid to fight the political machine in this city. He proved in his first race that an outsider can win, and he showed his mettle when he picked an independent thinker as his redistricting commissioner who saw the reapportionment process for what it was—a sham!”
“I am extremely pleased to endorse City Attorney Trutanich’s reelection,” added Perry. “His independence, his passion, his strength of character are qualities sorely needed in the corridors of power. Mr. Trutanich also showed he valued our community and its concerns when he respected the integrity of his appointee to the Redistricting Commission when she dared to stand up for what she believed was right.”

Below is the press release in whole.
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Senator Boxer, meet the "Bob Packwood" of the Greuel Campaign, Dr. Anthony Samad (or is it Essex?)

California Feminist Liberal Sister Senator Barbara Boxer choice for LA Mayor Wendy "The Feminist, PPL, SEIU, UFLAC, Slick Willie, Mayor Villar, IBEW, DWP and Boss D'Arcy's Greuel" has a prominent supporter that may remind the "Greece on the Pacific Junior Sister Senator", of a certain former Oregon Senator.
Liberal Sisters in denial of sexist campaign supporters?
Wendy Greuel for Mayor supporter Dr. Anthony Samad (formerly Essex) stands by his Mayoral Greuel of Choice, as she addresses a past event.
** Blogger's note: Once upon a time in recent California political history, a Marin County Congresswoman  charged up the steps of a Washington D.C. Senate Office Building, with fellow feminist politico sisters, as they sought to protest the treatment of Anita Hill by then Wendy Greuel fellow Republican and now US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In 1995, now California US Senator Barbara Boxer, continued her crusade against sexually-inappropriate behavior by (Republican) males, via leading the call for hearings into allegations of sexual harassment by former Oregon Senator Bob Packwood. In a 1995 story in People Magazine, she revisits her own graphic encounter with sexual harassment in the excerpt below.

EVEN NOW SEN. BARBARA BOXER becomes tense when she remembers that winter day in 1962. A Brooklyn College honors student at the time, she asked to meet her professor to discuss a questionable C-minus she had received on an economics course. It soon became clear that the married instructor did not have academic reappraisal on his mind. " 'I just find you so dynamic—you're really my favorite,' " she recalls his saying. "He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the wall—it was so sudden! This old face was coming at me, aiming to kiss me. I pushed him aside, opened the door and ran out." Though shaken, Boxer told no one but her husband, Stewart, of the unwanted advance. "Now," she says, "I realize how wrong that was. I might have spared a lot of young women the experience." 

Some years later, former 100 Black Men of America Inc. employee Patricia Rillera, could of benefited from a more candid, younger Barbara Boxer, as she relives her horrible experience, in a lawsuit regarding alleged sexual harassment by its CEO and President at the time, ANTHONY SAMAD.

The lawsuit states that between 2007-2009 Anthony Samad was the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of 100BMLA and direct boss of Patricia Rillera.   During her time with 100BMLA Ms. Rillera alleges she was repeatedly sexually harassed by Mr. Samad through conversations of “how good in bed he was” he asserted that “him and his wife participated in swinger activities” and although he made these comments she should simply “ignore” and regard them as a “joke”.Ms. Rillera repeatedly denied these advances and as a result, she alleges that Mr. Samad created a hostile work environment by making outbursts during her presentations in meetings and repeatedly making references that his agenda was to have her terminated.  He further alleged she wasn’t qualified to do her job and tried to deem her as incompetent by not inviting her to scheduled meetings or ridiculing her in front of board members.  As Ms. Rillera complained to members of the board, their reply was, “they equated it to ‘sexual frustration’ between Rillera and Samad”. 

....... and Rillera was NOT the original target of Samad's alleged sexual harassment.

By 2008, Melanie McDade, a secretary employed by 100BMLA, brought claims against100BMLA and Samad alleging sexual harassment by Samad.  It was during this case that Rillera was questioned on what she observed between Samad and McDade, and Rillera corroborated McDade’s story.  As a result, Rillera alleges she was also retaliated against by 100BMLA for cooperating in the McDade investigation. 

So, just who is prominent South LA Wendy Greuel supporter Dr. Anthony Samad? Maybe it would help to also know his previous "Anthony Essex" incarnation. One can discern that in addition to harassment issues, both the former Anthony Essex incarnation and current Dr Anthony Samad persona, share an ethically-challenged DNA.

Anthony Samad is no stranger to controversy seeing that he is formerly known as Anthony Essex, former President of the NAACP who back in 1990 was found guilty of loan fraud and spent 6 months in jail for lying on his home loan application for the bank he worked for. (** Wendy should make the now "Dr Anthony Samad" the founding member of the "Convicted Frauds for Greuel Committee). 

and this via LA Times Steve Lopez.

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas greeted me warmly Monday afternoon, even though I'd come to hear him explain why he used $25,000 in taxpayer money to buy a place in "Who's Who in Black Los Angeles." I wanted to ask him whether his decision to buy the spread had anything to do with the fact that the book's associate publisher has made campaign donations to the supervisor and is a longtime ally.

Guess who the "longtime ally" is? This should be no surprise.

I wasn't all that surprised to learn that the associate publisher of "Who's Who," Anthony Samad, happens to be a longtime friend of Ridley-Thomas. But I was a little rattled to discover when I looked up campaign contributions that Samad donated $1,250 to Ridley-Thomas' campaign in 2007 and 2008. And that's not all.I also laid my hands on a document showing that Samad had been awarded a $24,999 consulting contract in 2002 by the city of Los Angeles, at the behest of then-Councilman Ridley-Thomas. The contract was for "expertise the council member needs … that is not otherwise available." (I can smell the "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" here but no signsof Wendy)

But then how can a member of the US Senate Ethics Committee and Candidate Greuel, remain silent about these alleged sexual and ethical misdeeds? Consider the pronouncement below

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Latest Survey USA Mayoral Poll has Garcetti and Greuel tied at 46%. Nuch is charging on Feuer. Zine leads big

The latest Survey USA, ABC 7 Poll bids well for the Election Day momentum of Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and City Attorney Candidate Dennis Zine,
 On the eve of the ABC 7 televised debate this evening at Cal State University LA, ABC's polling partner of choice Survey USA, has both Eric Garcetti and Wendy "The SEIU, PPL, UFLAC, Mayor Villar, DWP and Boss D'Arcy's Greuel", tied at 46%. For Garcetti, this is a three point pickup from the last poll two weeks ago. Some excerpts from the latest poll ............ 

46% Garcetti, 46% Greuel, SurveyUSA finds in its latest KABC-TV pre-election tracking poll on the race for Mayor of Los Angeles. The sea-saw contest had Garcetti leading by 9 points 1 month ago, and Greuel leading by 3 points 2 weeks ago. But today, 05/10/13, the candidates are exactly even, with 8% of likely voters still undecided.Greuel and Garcetti are within 2 points of each other in every age group. Men tip slightly to Garcetti. Women tip slightly to Greuel. Whites and Latinos slightly favor Garcetti. African Americans by 2:1, and Asian Americans ever-so-slightly, favor Greuel. Garcetti leads among Republicans. Greuel leads among Democrats and Independents. Wealthier and well-educated voters favor Garcetti. Less affluent and less educated voters favor Greuel.

Thought to ponder is despite $3 Million plus in spending since March 7, Greuel can do better than even in recent polls.
 The big story in the latest Survey USA Poll, is the continuing upward charge by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich as his quest for political redemption gains high-octane momentum. From as high as 18% behind, the latest poll has Nuch trailing 46-40%. This excerpt clearly shows Nuch's growing momentum.

In the contest for City Attorney, incumbent Carmen Trutanich appears to have made inroads against challenger Mike Feuer. Feuer had led by 18 points in March, then led by 12, then led by 10, and today leads by just 6 points. Trutanich is making up ground among conservatives and among younger voters (..... and don't count out Latino support for Nuch). 

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Outtakes from the CD Hipster 13 Election Proceedings

The "Other Guy" John Choi in the CD Hipster 13 Campaign files a voter fraud complaint against Mitch O'Farrell as the respective runoff campaigns in CD 1,9 and 13 venture into negative territory ahead of May 21. 
Does this John Choi Hit Piece cross the line of respectable campaigning?
We bring you the latest choreographed campaign scandal from the progressive choice in political consulting S G & A. (the home of the legendary "Parque" Skelton).
As the connected and non-connected players in the campaign to select the replacement for CD 13 City Councilman Eric Garcetti, make their choice between former Garcetti Staffer Mitch O'Farrell and recent CD 13 Transplant (nice way of saying carpetbagger) John Choi, the rhetoric and accusations from the respective camps is treading on illegality.
The Choi Campaign Consultant Mike Shimpock has fallen back on tire tactic of S G & A to manufacture a supposed scandal by accusing the O'Farrell Campaign of the following as reported by the LA Times.

According to a spokeswoman for L.A. County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey, prosecutors are trying to determine whether backers of one candidate illegally filled out mail-in ballots for dozens of voters in the Armenian enclave in East Hollywood. The May 21 election will decide who succeeds Eric Garcetti, who is running for mayor.In a complaint sent to Lacey's office, an attorney for candidate John Choi accused backers of Choi's opponent, Mitch O'Farrell, of "widespread voter fraud and illegal electioneering activities."The complaint alleges that O'Farrell campaign workers filled out voters' ballots for their candidate while telling them they were voting for Sam Kbushyan, a candidate of Armenian descent who ran and lost during the primary election. 

Why would the Choi Campaign want to target Kbushyan and his supporter?

Both campaigns are looking for votes in Little Armenia, in large part because Kbushyan and his supporters registered nearly 3,000 new voters there in the March 5 primary.Kbushyan surprised many in the political establishment when he came in third, placing higher than several other contenders with more money and City Hall support.

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

As the most recent mayoral poll shows a virtual tie between Eric Garcetti and Wendy "The SEIU, Villar, PPL, DWP and Boss D"Arcy's Greuel ", in addition to vicious attack ads and unethical accusations in CD 1,9 and 13. Brace yourself for a final 10 day blitz of attacks and counter attacks, as we near May 21. 
Nothing like a little campaign carpet bombing before Election Day.
Great TGIF as we take this moment to venture out of zee bloggin bunker to bring you the latest on the mounting attacks and counter attacks, with 10 days remaining in the 2013 City of Los Angeles Election Season (** not including the CD 6 Special Sister Election).
** The big story (or not) is how the "Private Citizen/ Wendy "The SEIU, PPL, Villar, IBEW, DWP and Boss D'Arcy's Greuel for Mayor Campaign" Consultant John Shallman's $3,151,647 dollars and 90 cents in campaign expenditures since the March 7 Election Day, has merely paid for a tie in the most recent mayoral poll. But as the LA Times points out in this latter part of the morning (and what should prompt painful, political flashbacks for the likes of Richard Polanco, Bernard Parks, Chris Essel and a current City Attorney), the campaign coffers have been spent bare, typical behavior for a "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman campaign production.
** Liar, liar, Mike Feuer's City Attorney Campaign Plans are on fire! We bring you the latest on the embellishing proclivities of a termed out Westside Politico and his tax-dodging "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman, as their attempt to "LIE, CHEAT and STEAL a City Attorney Election, makes a Friday stop in a Downtown LA Courtroom. From the Trutanich for City Attorney Campaign.
Mike Feuer admitted embellishing/ lying about what?

Just when you thought you’d had heard the last about Mike Feuer’s ethics scandal, Mike Feuer gives the story new legs by admitting, in writing, that he broke the city’s campaign finance law. But Feuer only made that admission after he tricked the city into giving him another $350,000 of our tax money  to fund his campaign.

Some bachground on Feuer/ Shallman's scheme .........
Here’s the latest in this sad saga of Mike Feuer’s ethics scandal: During the primary election, Feuer promised the city he would not spend more than $1,259,000 (the so-called spending cap) on his campaign (Holding a Shallman Consulted Campaign to a spending cap, is like rationing Mayor Villar's access to "Telebimbos"). On April 11, Mike Feuer signed a document saying he spent $1,267,155 – or about $8,000 more than the spending cap. So, Feuer broke the law.
Now here’s the really sleazy part: On April 2 and April 4, Feuer obtained an additional $350,000 in city subsidies for his campaign from the city. On April 11, after obtaining the money, Feuer informed the city – under pain of committing perjury – that his funding exceeded the cap and that he broke the law.
It stands to reason that if Feuer had informed the city Ethics Commission that he violated the law before asking for the $350,000 the commission would not have released the money to him. The law is clear: you break the spending cap, you don’t get the city money. The city does NOT reward law-breakers. At least that’s the way it's supposed to work.
When Mike Feuer saw this problem (how could he acknowledge violating the cap and still get the $350,000?), he resolved it this way: he’d get the money first – then he’d acknowledge violating the law. And that’s exactly what he did.

What are the possible legal remedies?

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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ethics? Ana Cubas has no Stinking Ethics CD 9 and Betty!

 "Another Soulvine Thursday" becomes pre-election exclusive on alleged massive Ethics Violation by CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas via Betty Pleasant.
A political alley cat fight between LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant (above) and CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas (below), is not a sight to behold.
Apparently, Ana Cubas has taken her CD 14 non-ethical behavior south of its boundaries into CD 9 as Betty Pleasant reports ..........

What did Ana allegedly do?

One of residents of the 9th City Council District has filed a complaint against Council candidate Ana Cubas with the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission alleging she and her campaign committee committed at least 52 violations of Section 49.7.32 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, it was learned this week. (or roughly the same amount of times she ignored CLARTS Fund Public Records Requests) 

Who reported this and what rules did the Princeton Graduate allegedly violate?

Martin Jose Santoyo of East 43rd Street filed the lengthy complaint with the commission on May 2 and detailed allegations that Cubas has repeatedly violated the law by failing to post campaign communications to the Ethics Commission’s website, as required.
According to the city’s ethics rules, people who distribute campaign communications to 200 or more recipients must file copies of their communications with the city Ethics Commission within 24 hours of distribution. Santoyo’s complaint contends that Cubas has not done that, and has instead, failed to post six mailers and 31 emails she distributed throughout the district, and that she posted 15 campaign mailers to the ethics website on April 18, “well after the 24-hour posting period set forth in Section 49.7.32,” Santoyo said. (Ana's proclivities for non-disclosure has follow her south in CD 9)

Show us the evidence ..........

Santoyo provided a list of the mailers Cubas has never posted on the website and attached copies of them to the complaint he filed with the commission. These mailers are 1. “¡Si! Yo votaré por Ana Cubas para Concejal Municipal de Los Angeles,” 2. “Let’s Make History Together/Hagamas Historia Juntos,” 3. “A New Life Starts With Voting/Al Votar Empieza Una Nueva Vida,” 4. “Pure Lies/Puras Mentiras,” and an email dated April 27, entitled “Special Volunteer Day Sunday, April 28.”Santoyo’s complaint also alleges that Cubas and her committee also posted to the Ethics Committee’s website 13 campaign communications on May 1. “Again, based on the dates referenced in these emails (determined either from the date of posting or date of advertised event), it is clear that these communications were also posted by Ms. Cubas and her campaign well after the 24-hour posting deadline set forth by law had lapsed,” Santoyo said.  (Santoyo can teach a thing or two, three, four and on to Ana about openness and transparency)
......... and the facts from Ana's enabling days in CD 14 don't lie 

What happens in CD 14, does not stay in CD 14, especially when your political past leaves so much to be desire, right Ana?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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