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Friday, January 31, 2014

Late Morning Brief on the Los Angeles Political Machine's "Call Greuel's" new Blind Political Ambition

 Oh My God!! The former City Controller and Failure Mayoral Candidate Wendy "Failure Mayor Villar and Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Greuel", wants to replace retiring Congressman Henry Waxman in Washington D.C. 
Add Carpetbagger to the Political Resume of former City Controller Wendy "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Greuel" as she prepares to move into the 33rd Congressional District, to establish domicile, in the campaign to replace retiring Congressman Henry Waxman.
She's back!!
Just when you thought the former Los Angeles Political Machine's favorite "Call Greuel of Choice" had gone off to live a post, losing-campaign afterlife as "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman's latest client debtor, a West LA Political Earthquake ( the "not-surprising" retirement of Congressman Henry Waxman), shakes the blond mane-covering cranium of the former San Fernando Valley-residing City Controller, into another blind act of political ambition, south of the Santa Monica Mountains.

DWP/IBEW's Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's "Call Greuel", wasted no time yesterday in seeking a new political rebirth by announcing her intention to run for the 33rd Congressional District Seat being vacated by Congressman Waxman at the end of the current term, predicated by moving into the district to establish domicile (** with Joint DWP/ IBEW Joint Safety Training Non-Profit, whoops, "Working Californians cash-laden Carpetbag" in hand? Just joking ......).

Greuel's announcement, will be the first of many prominent West LA Collectivist Dependentcrats ( and maybe a moderate RINO, or two), who will join this campaign battle royale, with speculation including the likes of Besty Butler, State Senator Ted Lieu ( ** just announced his intentions to run this afternoon), Assemblyman Richard Bloom, retiring LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky among others who want to succeed Congressman Waxman.

The irony here is what Congressman Waxman fail to do for the local and national economy via his Collectivist Dependentcrat-partisan actions, he will accomplish for his Congressional District by retiring and unleashing a short term, mother lode of economic opportunity for the local political consulting class, old & new media, connected non-profits and assorted businesses.

Surely the likes of "Parque" Skelton, "Ace" Smith, "Darth Harvey" Englander, "The Private Citizen/ Political Consultant", Rick Taylor, Bill Carrick, "Young Brian", the 'Two Eric's" (** included our alleged blog boss via the conspiracy-thinking Gatto Truthers, Eric Hacopian) and even "MEAT", are already mining for consulting contracts. ** BTW, there even might be enough consulting shekels left over to pay the likes of Rolando "The Big O" Cuevas to get out the dozen or less Latino votes ( keeping you in my thoughts Big O, but I digress).

Not to be left out, is the sure journalistic/blogging windfall for the likes of noted West LA commentators including the "Westside White Guy" ( aka Kevin Roderick) "Westside White Guy Emeritus" ( aka Bill Boyarsky), the Jewish Journal ( on second thought, all three are one in the same), (West) Los Angeles Magazine and of course, the West LA Propaganda Organ of Record, the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" ( aka LA Times), who will see major ads buys from the candidates, in addition to posting numerous missives on the campaign proceedings ahead.

There is no doubt that the race to replace the West LA Political Icon will be a political event that dwarfs the recent 30th Congressional District faceoff between the Berman-Waxman Machine co-namesake Howard Berman and the Sherman-Gatto Machine ( please chuckle at the political humor moment) Patriarch, Congressman Brad Sherman, in expenditures and campaign drama ( with many "Black and Blue Moments" to come).

Thus, for us bloggin observers east of the 405, especially those in CD 14 awaiting the 2015 Councilman Jose Huizar re-election battle, the upcoming 33th Congressional Campaign theatrics, should provide us here on the Eastside, a worthy, political warm up act.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14     

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Morning Brief on a retiring West LA "Nostril" Political Machine for Thursday

Longtime West LA Congressman Henry "The Nostril" Waxman will not run for re-election, bring the end to the legendary "Berman-Waxman Political Machine Era". 
 Will the "Nostril" of the West LA Collectivist Dependentcrat Political Machine become the portal for the proposed Sepulveda Pass Tunnels in retirement?
** Blogger's Note: Local longtime political observers and national commentators are musing over the "surprise" (?, naught) retirement announcement of uber-partisan West LA Collectivist Dependentcrat Congressman Henry Waxman. The retirement of the "Nostril" of the formerly dominant Political Machine of West LA (and beyond), may be a barometer on the forbidding chances of the Collectivist Dependentcrats to win back the House and retain its majority in the Senate (unless the Establishment Republicans snatch defeat from victory again). But in hindsight, the surprise here should be naught. With the Berman half of the machine going down to defeat to the Valley Sherman-Gatto Machine last year, Waxman was becoming a political relic, further diluted by the political fact that his Collectivists Dependentcrats comrades will not regain control of Congress in 2014 ( thanks to Obamacare). Thus, now is the time for the last half of the "Berman-Waxman Machine" to march off into a "Black and Blue, West LA Political Sunset"---Scott Johnson in CD 14.   
 Washington D.C partisan politics will not be the same without the signature sneer of the shorter half of the once-formidable "Berman-Waxman Machine".   
Will the voters of retiring Congressman Henry Waxman's congressional district want to embrace "the pick" of its longtime representative to replace him in Congress?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Morning Law and Order Briefs regarding the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day 1-29-14

The LA County Board of Supervisors selection of Orange County Sheriff Official John Scott as Interim Sheriff, reaffirms the elective body's commitment to move on with needed reforms within the LA Sheriff Department.
New LA County Interim Sheriff John Scott speaks to the media.
For once the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors did something right, and legal, behind close doors.
With no apologies to retiring LA Scandalous Sheriff Lee Baca, his scandalous underling Terri McDonald and scandalous AB-109 supporting Governor Jerry Brown, the LA County Board of Supervisors emerge from behind close doors, making the right decision in selecting Orange County Under Sheriff John Scott as Interim Sheriff, starting Friday.
Scott, who rose up through the ranks of the LA County Sheriff Department before moving down the I-5 to take a top position in the Orange County counterpart, will take a leave from his current job to oversee a scandal-plague department he knows well.
The backlash against retiring Sheriff Lee Baca's choice to replace him, former Department of Corrections Official Terri McDonald, was an obvious factor in returning a moment of legal sanity to the closed door proceedings at the Hall of Administration. Thus, the "Four Kings (with "Renovation-Thomas" abstaining) and a Queen" should be commended for making the right decision.
** The "Greece on the Pacific One Party State" (aka the formerly "Two Party, Golden State"), will be minus one Collectivist Dependentcrat State Senator as Roderick Wright was found guilty of eight felony county of perjury and voter fraud, originating from his fictitious residency claims. As the successful LA County District Attorney Office of Public Integrity's prosecution highlights, lying about your domicile status has consequences and somewhere within CD 2/7, a certain former "Zorro Marxist, City Clowncil Central Committee Member" awaits his (and wife) "Day of Judgment".
** Our friends at the LA County District Attorney Office of Public Integrity, fresh off yesterday's court victory, are apparently joining the growing legal investigation involving the Joint DWP/ IBEW Safety Training Non-Profits expenditure of $40 Million dollars of ratepayer money. With the DA joining the growing legal investigation of this joint Public/ Union Partnership, we ponder when DWP/ IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo" will turn on the DWP-powered lights in his Sun Valley Bunker, to illuminate the requested documents?
** Lastly, as LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Renovation-Thomas" was abstaining from the selection of Interim Sheriff John Scott, the Daily News was gladly replicating the noted Bitter Dad's response to their Editorial regarding his "Publicly-Financed, Garage to Man Cave Conversion". This rant is worthy of a bloggin deconstruction ........, pending further disclosures.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Mayor Sam proudly presents its latest parody featuring LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Renovation-Thomas" ( with City of LA Building and Safety Permits outstanding).
Great bloggin morning to everyone as we proudly present our latest LA Political Machine Parody featuring the taxpayer's financed garage conversion exploits of LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Renovation-Thomas" (wondering if he will invite Betty Pleasant over to his new "Man-cave" to watch the Super Bowl on his county-installed Flat-screen TV this Sunday?). While you chuckle at our "Renovation-Thomas Parody", he and his four other LA County Supervisors Colleagues are meeting behind close doors in discussing how to choreograph the appointment of California Governor Jerry Brown's favorite AB-109 shill, former Department of Corrections Official, now LA County Sheriff Jails Overseer Terri McDonald, as the Interim Sheriff, replacing Lee Baca.
The response to our Monday piece regarding McDonald's dubious past at the Department of Corrections is making the rounds in both the LA County Probation Department and the State of California Corrections Social Media and Blogs.
Look for many concern with reforming the State Department of Corrections and exposing the debacle that is AB-109 Prison Realignment, to show up and speak out against the likes scandal-connected Margarita Perez and Terri McDonald.
** Noted AB-109 Dumping Expert City Attorney Mike Feuer is getting some editorial love from the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) for standing by his campaign promise of reinstating Neighborhood Prosecutors. Of course the Fellow Travelers that make up the "West LA Collectivist Propaganda Organ of Record", fail to note that the Bet Tzedek Campaign Contribution Dumping Repository Expert, was no where to be found when former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar and the City Clowncil Central Committee were playing political payback with the Office of City Attorney Budget, during the reign of former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. 
** In case you have not kept up with the Thursday's Soulvine Columns of longtime LA Wave Newspaper Yellow Journalist Betty Pleasant, her current commentary Jihad against Mayor Eric Garcetti over South LA's shafting in regards to President Barack "H" Obama's Promise Zone Redistribution Funding for Mid-city LA, may have prompted a counter Op-ed in the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" by the Executive Director of the Mayor Garcetti-conected Non-Profit Youth Policy Institute.  
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Workplace Dysfunction (mixed with Punitive Actions against NC Members) reigns at Empower LA?

Is the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment becoming the domain of dysfunctional and disgruntle employees,  who are failing to Empower LA's Neighborhood Councils? 
Former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar with current DONE/ Empower LA General Manager Grayce Liu. 
**Blogger's Note: When not bloggin musing, working, or tending to daily life issues, this commentator is most likely to be found spending his quality evening hours in fulfilling duties accorded to myself as a member of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council. As the elective body's Recording Secretary, Chairperson of its Education Committee and Committee Member of the important Land Use Committee, many evenings and spare time is spent in executing responsibilities that come with the respective positions. Normally, I choose not to regale you with the on-going affairs of the current incarnation of the LA-32 NC. After all, with our Councilman making news on occasion (more like daily), why should we use precious bloggin time in recapping the monthly NC theatrics of LA-32? Believe me, you can view each meeting here via the You Tube Webpage of the El Sereno Delusional, whoops, supposed Historical Society (** when not edited for its political motives, but I digress). But today, my self-imposed bloggin embargo on LA-32 NC proceedings will come to a end today, thanks to a growing dysfunctional Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE). In recent weeks, the likes of Paul Hatfield and Denyse Selesnick, both San Fernando Valley NC Members, have opine on the current state of affairs involving disgruntled employees and issues pertaining to accounting protocols within DONE. Recently, the LA-32 NC has been the recipient of DONE directives (see letter below) involving fiscal issues that are now targeting the current NC Treasurer with punitive threats of removal, for past actions, some three-plus years ago (which were ordering business cards for all board members). Make no doubt, that personalities come into play when being a part of any NC (especially LA-32). But when selected board members (with enabling of DONE employees?) attempt to retaliate against a fellow NC board member for petty personal and political reasons, then the community and the General Manager of the Department need to be aware of this waste of time ...... and city resources---Scott Johnson in CD 14. 
Good morning to all,
I hope this email response finds everyone and their respective families well.
Sadly, I can't say the same in regards to the arbitrary actions of the "Powers to Be" at Empower LA (and maybe, a few disgruntle LA-32 residing individuals).
In December of 2013, a majority of LA-32 General Board Members came together in supposedly bring about a positive resolution to the outstanding fiscal issues that were outlined by Empower LA officials.
During the proceeding months, board members have sought answers to fiscal questions, as outlined by Empower LA, from its employees, in the spirit of arriving at a collective positive resolution of these issues, that reaffirms our commitment of being open and transparent stewards of public resources.
Yet, just when it seems that this body has achieved the positive resolutions, as outline by the multiple directives of Empower LA, from out of a dysfunctional filing system, comes another outstanding fiscal issue regarding "Business Cards" that originated from the previous incarnation of the LA-32 NC General Board.
Further, it seems that Empower LA officials are targeting the current LA-32 Treasurer, who as a Board Member on the previous LA-32 General Board, was responsible for the ordering and dissimilation of the "board requested business cards". In reviewing the attached documentation and in corresponding with other board members from that seated LA-32 Board, there is no evidence of any nefarious conduct by the board member in question, only the fact that Empower LA officials failed to make the appropriate inter-departmental transfer of funds to cover the cost of producing the requested product.
But what is more troubling in regards to this latest Empower LA Directive, is the targeting of a selective board member, without protocols in place, that protect the supposed Due Process Rights, which should be accorded anyone accuse of personal or fiscal misconduct. The fact that this latest missive, makes the suggestion that removing the current Treasurer, as a remedy to absolving the current LA-32 NC of all its outstanding fiscal issues, fails to underscore this current General Board responsibility in acting as the ultimate "Check and Balance" in safe guarding the public resources under its purview. A collective responsibility that has shown positive results in recent weeks.
Read more »

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Say No to Credential-Lacking and Scandal-Prone Terri McDonald for Interim Sheriff

A retire State of California Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre, states the multiple reasons why Terri McDonald deserves not to be appointed the Interim Sheriff, replacing a retiring Lee Baca. 
Sheriff Lee Baca's under qualified choice to replace him as Interim Sheriff, Terri McDonald.
** Blogger's Note: On Tuesday, the LA County Board of Supervisors will meet and decide whether to follow the recommendation of scandal-laden, retiring Sheriff Lee Baca, by naming Baca underling Terri McDonald as Interim Sheriff. McDonald herself, has "baggage" from her recent times with California Department of Corrections and was recently disclosed in a LA Times expose (or an accidental Act of Journalism), to be not qualify for the appointment. But behind the scenes speculation, is that a McDonald appointment would be seen favorably by California Governor Jerry Brown, who valued McDonald's help in pushing the AB 109 Prison Realignment Debacle during her time in the Department of Corrections. Thus, the LA County Board of Supervisors, despite McDonald's lack of credentials ( ** and scandals of her own as noted by Caroline Aguirre), may anoint McDonald as the county's top cop in return for additional state-funding via Governor Brown---Scott Johnson
Who is the real Terri McDonald ? When she departed from her employment with the California Department of Corrections she like so many others decided to go into double dipping and obtain new employment now with an appointment by Sheriff Lee Baca as a new Assistant Sheriff to be in charge of Los Angeles County' Jail facilities. McDonald like Margareta Perez ( one of the new Assistant Chiefs with the Los Angeles County Probation Department ) left the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation  and the Division of Adult Parole Operations in complete shambles.
McDonald covered up investigations of misconduct by both Prison Administrators and Parole Administrators.  Contributed to the elimination of both vocational and rehabilitative programs within the California Prison System.derailed the Division of Adult Parole Operations .
She also played a role in the coverup of the current investigation where more than 100 females inmates claimed that they were swayed to sign off on documentation for sterilization. The signed off sterilization forms were not sent up to a special medical committee in Sacramento for approval. A major violation of Corrections policy. A law suit has been filed. Responsible to a degree for the continued lack of oversight to monitor the Federal Courts mandates surrounding the California Prison system. Failure to provide updated truthful documentation for the Federal Courts.
Failure to find solutions for the massive California State Prison overcrowding without causing damage to the overall health and welfare to the residents of the state of California.  Coverup and or the  destruction of documentation surrounding  the true data and numbers of parolees failures as a result  AB 109. Mandated that hundreds of parolees be discharged early from continued parole supervision as to save the state money. Many of those individuals have been rearrested for new very violent criminal offenses  to include  murders, rape and other violent assaults .
Already the first of many wrongful death law suits have been filed surrounding AB 109. A High Risk Sex offender raped , and then beat his grandmother to Death. More recently prior to her departure from her employment with Corrections she played a role in having a parole supervisor  served with adverse actions because she dared to come forward and tell the news media that she was ordered and instructed by both Corrections and Parole Administrators ( Perez ) not to submit parole violation reports on  those parolees classified as High Risk Sex offenders who removed their GPS tracking devises. California State Senator Ted Lieu in response to the news media reports wrote SB 57 , which states that any paroled sex offender who tampers or removes their GPS device must receive a parole violation and a revocation time of 180 days.
CNN did an excellent TV special on this topic and the failures of AB 109.  McDonald was a key player in pushing forth AB 109. One should ask if she received her appointment as a result of her connections to Jerry Brown. We have already seen here in our county the horrible outcome of AB 109. Four people shot in the head and killed by a gang member who was placed under AB 109 in Northridge. A young child kidnapped and raped by yet another individual under AB 109 and again in Northridge. A young female in Hollywood killed by a male under AB 109 because she refused to give him a dollar. A young mother in Long Beach killed by a hard core gang member under AB 109, a Sixteen year civilian employee of the LA.Co. Sheriff's Department killed after being caught in the crossfire  of a gang shooting in Pasadena and a young father working two jobs to support his family killed by yet another hard core gang member in Highland Park.
The California Department of Corrections is currently facing hundreds of civil law suits and yet today in the Sacramento Bee, there is mention of yet another law suit which has just been filed. A Federal Judge has demanded an immediate investigation surrounding an inmates death  and also told the Department of Corrections  "Not to Destroy or lose any written Documentation " 
Now I ask you  , how many of these current  pending law suits against the California of Corrections  have Terri McDonald' name on them ? McDonald should never have been hired on by Lee Baca.  But how many members of our County Board of Supervisors already knew about McDonald'  questionable past ?  One should ask McDonald why she consented to and failed to object to the multiple promotions of Maria Franco  aka Queen of the Sex Offender Shuffle ( David Goldstein TV Special ), Protest marches by community residents in 2008 , a large Community meetings in Alhambra also in 2008 aired on TV # 5.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My $300 an hour hike at Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon
Special to MayorSam

Over the past 10 years I have enjoyed hiking the popular urban LA hike with great vistas called Runyon Canyon. The main trailhead is accessed off of Mulholland. There is barely enough parking in the small dirt parking lot, and so for most of the last 10 years or so I end up street parking on Mullholland itself, along with multitudes of other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Just last week when I returned from my 60 minute hike, I ended up having to chase down a tow truck I spotted driving away with my car on it. They said I was parked illegally since they put new parking signs up on Mullholland. They charged me $230 to get my car off the back of the truck there on the spot. Then to add insult to injury, there was a $90 parking violation citation on my windshield from the city.

To be fair, I did notice some new signs posted about not being able to park on Mullholland and an arrow pointing towards the trail head from about 50 yards out. Therefore, I parked in the direction the arrow wasn't pointing on the side of the road within the lines. When I told the tow truck driver that, he said that they only allow the first 3 cars/spaces of parking where I was, and I happen to be in the 4th space for a car. Well, nowhere on any signs did it say "no parking in a 4th space and beyond" or "legal parking only for the first 3 cars here on Mullholland". And then when I asked him about the cars parked along the other side of the street on Mullholland, directly across from where I was parked, he said those spaces hadn't been designated as legal or illegal, so they don't bother with them. Oh jeez I thought, this is like a kangaroo court of arbitrary rules and Alice in Wonderland parking spots.

Jack Witt
As a health and fitness coach this concerns me, because with obesity and chronic disease rates so high and out of control in the country, we should be encouraging healthy communities and active lifestyles, not setting up barriers to them here in LA. And, as a former volunteer Chamber of Commerce President, this concerns me because I know the history of the city of Los Angeles and its inability to budget, provide incentives for businesses, and its peculiar efficiency at handing out absurdly costly tickets and citations to good, hard working, law abiding citizens.

As my father used to say, "enough is enough"! It's no wonder so many businesses decide to leave Los Angeles every year because of the hostile business environment, and every-day ordinary people who live and/or have moved here to strive for some upward mobility can't get any traction, because the ticket/citation/parking meter happy city keeps trying to drag then down to their level of incompetence and bureaucracy.

Jack Witt, MS, CPT is a North Hollywood based Fitness and Health Coach who works with individuals  as well as groups and corporate clients. He recently published a companion set of fitness books Tight, Tone, and Trim for women and Cut, Cool, and Confident for men, currently available at Amazon. He can be contacted via his website at www.getfitwithWitt.com.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

He's back! No, I don't mean me, but none other than the love of Betty Pleasant's life, Supervisor Mark "Don't Call Me Curly" Ridley-Thomas is showing his disdain for County taxpayers and treating their money as his. The Times is reporting that the former Mark Thomas allegedly charged various improvements on his home to the County, beyond a security system to which Supervisor is entitled to. The Times article states "John Thompson, who oversaw the work at Ridley-Thomas' property, said that in addition to an alarm system, workers installed a wall-mounted air conditioner and heating unit as well as a refrigerator and flat-screen TV." In addition to the County funded work, Ridley-Thomas allegedly converted his garage into an office without proper City of LA permits. You may remember that several years ago, Ridley-Thomas had spent nearly a million dollars on "renovation" of his county office.

This CAN'T be good for tourism - crime at LAX has jumped 10% so reports the Daily Breeze. The biggest jump appears to be in property thefts and larceny, while other categories ranging from violent assaults to unregistered vehicles appears about the same. The reports lead the head of the LAX police officers union to peg the spikes to cutbacks in the number of officers.

The end of two eras comes next year when longtime LA City Council Members Tom LaBonge and Bernard Parks will be termed out of office. And you can imagine that yes indeed a long line of comers to the thrones have signed up. For Parks 8th District that covers much of South LA, candidates filed so far include pot shop owner Paul Jonathan Scott, community advocate Leonard Delpit; Bobbie Jean Anderson, a former state legislative aide; and two nonprofit group executives: Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Forescee Hogan-Rowles (you may remember Hogan-Rowles, cheered on by Betty Pleasant, came close to unseating Parks in 2011). Over in LaBonge's CD4 which covers a nice part of Los Angle-leez, pulling papers are Tara Bannister, an executive with the National Apartment Assn.; Teddy Davis, a one-time aide to former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; developer and advertising agency owner Sheila Irani; Wally Knox, a former state assemblyman; Joan Pelico, chief of staff to Councilman Paul Koretz; real estate broker John Perron Jr.; Carolyn Ramsay, LaBonge's chief of staff; Oscar Winslow, president of the Los Angeles City Attorneys' Assn.; and Steve Veres, an aide to state Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles).  Do not be surprised if one more candidate gets into the CD4 race - former radio talk show host, mayoral candidate and current President of the Board of Public Works, Kevin James.

And finally, Mayor Garcetti was the Grand Marshal (not John Marshall) of Monday's Kingdom Parade, celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our bloggin' friend Joseph Mailander offered up one of his trademark wry observations in telling Facebook fans "some aide in Mayor Eric Garcetti's office wants you to know that he actually unlocked his doors and went outside of his car in an African American neighborhood to-day." Fortunately, as is the practice of the Mayor's office, the entire moment was photographed and shared with all.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Quick Morning Brief ...........

Our usual Morning Briefs are on hold due to right shoulder injury which greatly inhibits typing. Will hopefully be back on the keyboards, with both hands manana.
Ouch!! Darn Shoulder Hurts ............
**Wednesday morning update: Keeping typing to a minimum due to nerve issue in right shoulder. Quick link here to story on Mayor Eric Garcetti's Police SUV making "constituent contact" at Second and Spring Street, outside of the LA Times Building. We can report that the female constituent was not "The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street", but is in Stable Condition at a local hospital ( probably with numerous messages from assorted ambulance chasers). Hopefully tomorrow, will have more on the looming "Parque" (Jim McDonald) vs. the "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" (Bob Olmsted) matchup in the 2014 Sheriff Campaign---Scott Johnson in CD 14.

Friday, January 10, 2014

TGIF Morning Brief on Betty's First Soulvine Tirade of 2014

 LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant and South LA Political Officials, are disappointed with Mayor Eric Garcetti for not bring home "Promise Funds", for their respective communities.
 LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant vents her Soulvine Outrage in the direction of Mayor Garcetti. 
Mayor Garcetti absorbs the "Message of Promise" from Lameduck President Barack "H" Obama.

Memo to Mayor Eric Garcetti, you have a outrage constituent and some disappointed public officials in South LA.
As a loyal Prograssive, you travel to Washington D.C., for another act of income redistribution via President Barack "H" Obama's "Promise Funds", for five Collectivist Dependentcrat-leaning cities and what awaits you upon your return home? Four paragraphs of outrage via Betty's latest Soulvine (with thorns for Mayor Garcetti). We provide this excerpt of Betty's first 2014 tirade.
Pete Demetriou, of the CBS radio affiliate KNX 1070, announced Wednesday morning that five specific Los Angeles neighborhoods will be eligible to receive these new federal funds. Sit down because you are about to be shocked. These five neighborhoods are Pico-Union, Westlake, Hollywood, East Hollywood and Koreatown!!! What’s wrong with this picture?! Your Mayor Eric Garcetti is in the White House Thursday kicking off this Promise Zone thing and he’s expected to be back here in time to serve as grand marshal of CORE’s 29th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Kingdom Day Parade on Jan. 20. Now, I ask you, what’s wrong with that picture?! (lets remember that Betty was a "Sister for Wendy" in the recent mayoral election).

Stop the presses. Wait a minute. An angry city official has just cornered me and he has something to say about this outrage. Ninth District Councilman Curren Price said: “While I am always happy to see Los Angeles receive attention and additional federal dollars, it is very disappointing to see the city’s poorest communities excluded once again. The federal government’s “Promise Zone” designation was designed to saturate the nation’s highest concentration of poverty in the cities with more than one out of three households living below the poverty rate — a rate nearly 10 points higher than any other region in the city. And yet our community will not benefit from this investment of up to a half a billion dollars. As the person entrusted with representing the needs of South Los Angeles residents, I am compelled to express my disappointment with a program that has failed to include our community. I urge federal officials, as well as our mayor as he lobbies Washington for more funding — to reconsider their selection process now and moving forward. South Los Angeles residents have promise — we just need a chance.”

While Betty was keyboarding her outrage, the likes of CD 9 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Curren Price and former Watts Clowncilwoman, turned Congresswoman Janice Hahn, went on the record to the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Obama Times), regarding their collective disappointment that areas of South LA they respectively represent, were left out of the proposed "Promise".

But in retrospect, the likes of Betty, Price and Hahn should focus their disappointment on the failure of Trillions of Redistributed Tax Dollars spent on a supposed, Five decades-long "War on Poverty" (or 50 year endeavor to grow government, but I digress) and its erosion of the Spirit of Self Empowerment, within the African-American Community. Thus Betty, maybe the "next chance" for community renewal should originate from within, not from another tried and fail Act of Redistribution from Washington D.C.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, January 09, 2014

The "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo Political Call Greuel of Choice" declines run for Board of Supervisors

The growing Joint DWP/ IBEW Safety Training Academy Non-Profit Scandal may have ben a contributing factor (among many) for the decision by former City of Los Angeles City Controller and Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel, not to run for LA County Board of Supervisor.
The "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo Political Call Greuel" waves off possible Board of Supervisor Campaign.
The politically obvious came to fruition this afternoon with former LA City Controller and Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Boss D'Arcy Rizzo Political Call Greuel", announcing that she will not seek the open LA County Board of Supervisor Seat being vacated by a termed-out Zev Yaroslavsky.
With declared candidates, former State Senator Sheila Kuehl already surging in fundraising, Santa Monica's Bobby Shriver poise to use Kennedy Family money and resources, Greuel would faced a major uphill battle. And then, there is the issue of political timing that would impede a successful campaign.
Simply, now is not the time for the former City Controller to be seeking any type of political office, whether its the local Neighborhood Council or a Board of Supervisor's Campaign, considering her links to controversial IBEW/ DWP Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo".
Greuel, still mired in debt from her John Shallman-consulted run for mayor, faces a long political rehabilitation progress that will not move forward, as long as the scandalous dealings of her former political bag man, are part of the daily news cycle.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Late Morning Briefs on a Los Angeles Political Machine in Decline for Thursday

Finding the obstruction (via IBEW's "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo"), the political dysfunction (via a Clowncil Dictator Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson Commissioned Report) and the fault (under the Millennium Project), that highlights a "Progressive, Sanctuary City-State" in decline.
Do IBEW/ DWP Strongman Brian D'Arcy (top) share the same corrupted, Political DNA with former City of Bell City Administrator Robert Rizzo (bottom), when its comes to disdain for oversight of the expenditure of public funds?
Good morning to all as Mother Nature cast the appropriate gloomy veil over a "Progressive, Sanctuary City-State" in need of an ethical intervention.That need was highlighted yesterday in a trio of stories which will surely reinforce the thought for some, that America's second-largest city is on the road to a Detroit-like future ........, if it does not get stuck first in the traffic along the way.
IBEW/ DWP Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo" has fail to grasps since last May, that elections have consequences (especially when you are on the losing side) and that the" political door and lock that hide his and IBEW's "skeletons of past nefarious dealings", now have some new "political key masters". Thus, as the "political key masters" come to unlock "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's" door (via subpoenas), the floundering, political scandal moniker namesake of the former, convicted City of Bell Administrator, would be wise to heed the paraphrased words of noted "Animal House Educator, Dean Wormer", that "fat ( with post mayoral election baggage), drunk (with delusions of current political power) and stupid (to not provide requested fiscal documents), is no way to sustain your post mayoral election political life". 

Second, for discerning Angelinos who have spent the last couple of decades living in Los Angeles, surprise, was most likely, not the first would broached in response to the dire findings of a 2020 Blue Ribbon Panel Report, commissioned by City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, regarding the "current state of being" of our "Progressive, Sanctuary City-State".
While the report is blunt and to the point, all the findings will all go to naught if the same usual cast of dysfunctional, supposed Progressives and Collectivists Dependentcrats, are the recipients of "promised funding" that will only grow a bottom class of dependent wards of government.
Third, take the moment to link on to the photo of the Capital Records Building above and you will find the major "fault" (at the base of the "scarp uphill" on Vine) at the center of the growing Hollywood Millennium Project Scandal. For decades, Geologists have opine and issue studies on past and possible activity on the Hollywood Fault Zone (strangely, the Building and Safety Department were derelict in knowing this), that stretches west in We Ho and West LA.

But yesterday, a new report was unveiled that elevates the future risks of a powerful quake along the fault zone and was quickly responded to by the discerning critics of the fault-straddling mega-project.

Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

Please excuse the bloggin exhale ..............
As the first full work week of 2014 reaches the hump, all in the world of local political print commentary is normal with the return of the reigning "Scribe of Wit", Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie from his Holiday Season Hiatus.
Never straying far from our CD 14 centric bloggin center of being, we bring you an excerpt on one of Regardie's seven subject matters, who's recent actions east of Downtown, has caught the attention of the noted Clippers Fan.
Ana Guerrero: Ana Guerrero has been with Eric Garcetti since 2001 and currently serves as the mayor’s chief of staff. But for how long? City Hall is abuzz with speculation that Guerrero will jump into the 14th District City Council race in an attempt to unseat incumbent José Huizar. She hasn’t copped to a campaign yet, but you can be sure that the consultants are doing the background work and assessing how wounded Huizar is following the revelations of an affair with a former deputy. Guerrero likely won’t enter the 2015 election without the blessing and backing of her boss. This could be a test of her viability and, more intriguingly, Garcetti’s patronage.
...... we ponder if the "Monkey Butler" will entertain a response?

** Despite the riveting appeals of LAUSD School Board Member Steve Zimmer, the remaining Failure Mayor Antonio Villar allies on the School Board, stood together in blocking an appointment to replace the Late District One School Board Member Marguerite Poindexter-LaMotte during last evening's looooooong, devisive meeting on Beaudry. Reigning School Board President Richard Vladovic acted as the Dr, Death in killing the appointment option.  
** The fallout of the surprise, sudden resignation (and the number of declared candidates) of Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, continues to grow. While the short term fixation is on who will replace Sheriff Baca at the end of the month. the Los Cerritos News is reporting that Assistant Sheriff and City of Lakewood Vice-Mayor Todd Rogers is "100% intent" on seeking to be elected the next Los Angeles County Sheriff. Sheriff Baca during his morning press conference had stated that Assistant Sheriff Rogers should be consider as his possible interim replacement. 
** With a changeover of City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commissioners, just on the other side of the playground, the out-going cast of commissioners have a nice present on their last agenda for a certain "Uber Wannabee Griffith Park Superintendent", that would cause the late Col. Griffith consternation, via the Griffith Park Wayist Blog. We should also note that longtime Rec & Parks Commission Frontperson Barry Sanders is being replace by the wife of CD 3 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Bob Blumenfield.
** Lastly, as the controversy grows over the potentially disastrous Hollywood Millennium Project, another accidental act of geologic fact will take place in the late A.M. 
Opponents to Hold News Conference at City Hall
At 11 am tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 8), the California Geological Survey will hold a news conference in the Carmel Room at the Junipero Serra Building, 320 W. 4th Street, Los Angeles. At that time CGS officials, led by State Geologist Dr. John Parrish, will release the agency’s earthquake map for the Hollywood area.
That map is likely to have a very significant impact on the controversial Millennium Hollywood Project.
Fifteen minutes or so after the CGS news conference, Robert P. Silverstein, attorney for the city-wide coalition of community groups opposed to the project, will join Hollywood community activists at a news conference on the First Street Steps of City Hall to comment on the new earthquake map and its impact on the Millennium project.
Silverstein expects to be present at the CGS news conference but he will not be speaking to the media at that time. He will reserve his comments for the subsequent news conference at City Hall.
WHEN: Tomorrow, Jan. 8th, 15 minutes after the CGS news conference
WHERE: First Street Steps of City Hall
WHAT: Attorney Robert P. Silverstein, representing Stopthemillenniumhollywood.org, will comment on the CGS map and how it will impact the Millennium project. Community activists involved in the Millennium fight will be present as well, carrying signs.
John Schwada
310 597-9345
310 709-0056 (mobile)
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sheriff Candidate Bob Olmsted's Press Release regarding Reisgnation of Sheriff Lee Baca

** Blogger's Note: The Campaign of former LA County Sheriff Commander Bob Olmsted was quick to respond to the sudden resignation of his former superior Sheriff Lee Baca. Judging from the tone of the release, Olmsted is seeking to brand himself as the "Reformer Candidate" to replace Baca. That said, discerning political observers may question how a supposed "reformer" would associate his campaign with Shallman Communications, but we will withhold judgment, pending learning more about the candidate and surely others yet to declare---Scott Johnson in CD 14.
For Immediate Release
January 7, 2014
Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Shallman Communications
 Whistle-Blower and LASD Reformer Hits $250,000 in Fundraising
LOS ANGELES, CA— On the heels of incumbent Sheriff Lee Baca’s resignation, today the Bob Olmsted for Los Angeles County Sheriff campaign announced that Bob Olmsted has raised a quarter of a million dollars by the December 31, 2013 fundraising deadline.
By comparison, in the most recent campaign for countywide office, former candidate and current District Attorney Jackie Lacey raised $220,000 by the same six-month-out marker in her June 2012 Primary.
Indicating his wide-ranging grassroots support, Olmsted raised over $100,000 in online contributions. Significantly a large share of those who contributed to Olmsted were current or former LASD officials, signifying the fact that those who know the department best trust Olmsted over others.
Additionally, Olmsted’s strong fundraising numbers follow his favorable poll results from an opinion research survey taken in mid-December.
The poll, conducted by EMC Research, illustrated the fact that Olmsted’s profile as a former LASD Commander and whistle-blower resonated substantially with voters, and after respondents were given information about the recent FBI indictments, Olmsted jumped to a double-digit lead over Sheriff Lee Baca, who is now no longer running, and former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka.
Combining Baca’s resignation with Olmsted’s strong fundraising performance and his favorable poll numbers, Olmsted has skyrocketed to frontrunner status in the race for Sheriff.
Olmsted stated:
“He can run from the job, but he can’t hide from the culture of corruption.  It’s like cleaning up after a hurricane.  The storm is gone, but the damage remains.  It’s time to clean house, implement major reforms and restore honesty and integrity to this department.
As a former Commander in the Sheriff's Department, I went to the FBI about misconduct in the Department only after Sheriff Baca and his crony, former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, refused to do anything about it. 
As a whistleblower, you're always taking a risk, but I knew that I had to do what is right. It is gratifying to see that we now have a chance to truly reform this department and bring the necessary changes that honor the service of the brave and honest deputies who risk their lives everyday to keep our communities safe.
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The Top Ten Watch Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for 2014

With the 2014 Los Angeles Political Year under way, we provide a Top Ten Watch List of issues affecting the LA Political Machine (topped of course, by who will become out-going Sheriff Lee Baca's replacement).
With Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca set to announce this A.M , his decision not to seek re-election, will former Under-sheriff Paul Tanaka's path to replacing his former boss become easier, or will he too, choose to join Baca in retirement (via his role in the LA County Jailhouse Scandals)?
** Blogger's Note: Its Day 7 of 2014 and the first political earthquake has already shaken the Los Angeles Political Machine, with the expected announcement this morning that embattled Sheriff Lee Baca will cease his bid for re-election as LA County Top Cop and retire at the end of the month. As we were mulling over last evening, a Top Ten Watch List of issues affecting the local political machine in the coming year, the disclosure via the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times), provided us with our Numero Uno ( and of course, the respective consultants for Baca's potential replacements are emailing us for blogging exposure). That said, the LA County Political Machine's dysfunctional proclivities is, and will always be a political breeder of bloggin fodder. Thus below, we provide our Top Ten Watch Briefs (for now) of 2014---Scott Johnson in CD 14. 
1. Who will be the New Sheriff in Town?:
With Sheriff Lee Baca riding off into the LA County Jailhouse Scandal ( and others) Forced Retirement Sunset, the battle over who will were the badge as LA County's Top Cop narrows down to former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka and former Commander Bob Olmsted (unless CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino is interested, well, maybe not). But the announcement by Baca can be seen as a strategic opening for the Olmsted Campaign to now fixate their attention on Tanaka's role in the various scandals, with Tanaka not have Baca around to deflect any negative attacks.

2. Election or Selection to replace the Late LAUSD School Board Member Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte:
We may know as early as the waning minutes of January 7, 2014 whether the process of replacing the much-respected Late Educator and LAUSD School Board Member Margurite Poindexter LaMotte will take place at the Ballot Box or within a Beaudry Street Meeting Room. Its clear from news reports that there are two factions within the African-American Community, that are split respectively into the "Pro Selection Faction" (Lead by Congresswoman Maxine Waters) and the "Pro Election Faction" (Lead by LA County Board Of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Assemblyman Son). ** BTW, there will be no limits on the amount of allowed speakers on the subject at tonight's LAUSD School Board Meeting.

3. Will the LA County Board of Supervisors become Labor's New Friend in 2014?:
2014 is shaping up to be the year that the LA County Board of Supervisors (aka "The Five Kings and Queens") could embrace a more labor-friendly environment with the departures of Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina. Both Molina and Yaroslavsky should be commended for staring down into the "Bankruptcy Abyss" in the 1990's and helping to keep LA County fiscally-solvent. With the likes of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and former State Senator Sheila "Zelda" Kuehl, the respective frontrunners to replace both, the likes of LA County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo and SEIU 721, may get an early 2014 Christmas Present at the Ballot Box come November.

4. Finding Faults in Los Angeles (and within the Building and Safety Department):
One of the major tasks of new Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2014 will be restoring the public faith in the Building and Safety Department. From the ongoing FBI Investigation into bribery among corrupt Building Inspectors (with possible ties to some within the City Clowncil Central Committee), to issuing permits for the likes of the Hollywood Fault-straddling Millennum Project (with troubling ethical allegations), its hard to trust the integrity of such an important city department, when an arm-chair Geologist such as myself, can find more faults in a local geologic field guide, than the highly-paid professionals.

5. Who will replace CD 4 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Tom LaBonge?:
We know that the reigning Clowncil Central Committee Historian La Bonge would like his longtime Staffer Carolyn Ramsey to carry on his work within CD 4 (and appoint him as the Uber Ranger of Griffith Park), the likes of State Senator Kevin De Leon Staffer Steve Veres (and maybe a certain local Assemblyman?),and others will make this a runoff race for sure.

6. Is there a Ana in CD 14's Future?:
As 2014 gets underway in CD 14, a certain embattled "Dear Charro/ Princeton Graduate", is working the cellphone in ascertaining the amount of waning support for his re-election bid remains. Make no doubt that the buzz about a possible, maybe likely challenge by Mayor Eric Garcetti's Chief of Staff Ana Guerrero (especially among disenchanted females voters), reinforce by her recent role in a large Boyle Heights Toy Giveaway, is surely added to the incumbent Clowncil Central Committee Member's tension level.
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Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards

** Blogger's Note: Great January 6, 2014 Sunrise to all as the dawn of the first full political work week of 2014, brings about the return of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee and the 2014 Edition of the Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards.

Clowncil Members, other assorted local public officials, staffers, cronies, community groupies, connected CBOs and most important, our valued loyal cyber audience of decent blogging Angelinos, its time to gather in front of your respective keyboards as we bring you the dubious best from our diverse cast of "Political Payasos y Payasas" that make up the Los Angeles Political Machine.

As a side note, some of you have inquired about the reason for our selection of the duo of former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes and his "Mini Ed" Chief of Staff Jose Gardea as our new (ex) Political Ass Clown Poster Childs, this comment flashback may help ...........

Clown Councilmember Ed Reyes that is rushing now to get something done in his district after 12 years of doing nothing. This way he can leave a "legacy" at the last moment of his term.  It will not work. Residents know he was a do nothing ghost.January 14, 2013 8:25 AM

That prophetic comment from last year's Political Ass Clown Awards, turned out to be an resume enhancer, which help "Density Ed" (and his fail "Mini Density Ed" Clowncil Replacement of Choice Jose Gardea) land their new gig here at Mayor Sam.

With no further ado, we open our brown bags (at 10 cents a bag thanks to Clowncil Central Committee Reigning "Nanny Spud" Paul Koretz) and present you with the 2014 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards----Scott Johnson in CD 14.

1. Ass Clown Award for being "The Other Woman":
From her days as a LACCD Board of Trustee Member to her most recent role as Majority Leader of the California State Senate, no one has ever taken for granted the passion behind Gloria Romero's political causes. But a recent Los Angeles Magazine interview with LA County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo, outed a "Personal Nine Year Passion of Love (or Lust)" that Romero shared with Durazo's late husband, ground-breaking Latino Labor Leader Miguel Contreras. Sadly for Romero, who has been front and center in recent Public Education Reform (by her support of Charter Schools and the "Parent Trigger Law"), the "Tontos" of the Los Angeles Political Machine will find more political forgiveness than she will ever get for being "The Other Women", that busted the "Union of Fidelity" between the late Contreras and his politically powerful widow Durazo.

2. Ass Clown Award for Over-Priced and Cut-Rate Campaign Consulting:
Its amazing the life of luxury one can live as a "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" (especially when the wife also has her own shell consulting business, allegedly), just ask John Shallman. In the 2013 Election Cycle, our favorite Tea Party, Wal Mart Family-financed political consultant (whoops!! that was Lani Shallman's gig) found mostly success (and above rate consulting fees) via wins in CD 9 and CD 1. The "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" even showed his giving side by cut-rating his fees for now City Attorney Mike Feuer in his successful challenge of former Shallman client, ex City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. But in his showcase race, Shallman made Wendy "The Villar Greuel" into the latest incarnation of former CD 2 City Council Candidate Chris Essel. And like Essel, Shallman's high rates left "The Villar Greuel" in debt, while Shallman enjoyed his latest consulting riches ......, before the next IRS Tax Lien. 

3. Ass Clown Award for Scandalous Conduct by a Private Institution of Higher Learning:
The Year of 2013 will go down in local history as a 365 Day Cycle of Dubious Special Interest Behavior for the "University of Scandalous Conduct" (aka USC). Being students of Western Culture, we ponder how the citizens of the ancient City-State of Troy would respond if a politically-connected Four Year Community College (on Figueroa) within its walls, attempted to gain control over the City-State's Coliseum (via an illegal public backroom deal) and proposed cutting a road through its historic Green Space? Some day willing, a aspiring author will write the local "Iliad" of the downfall of a corrupted Special Interest incarnation of the "South Central City-State of Troy" (on Figueroa).

4. Ass Clown Award for Dubious Political (and Public) Expenditures by a Union Boss Thug:
5. Ass Clown Award for Political Brotherly Love (with dubious, backroom conditions):
If one wanted to track back the "Political DNA Chain" of the current "Political Siblings" of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee", City Clowncil Central Committee Dictator Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson and CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar, they will find that they share the same "Political Papi" in ex Failure Mayor Antonio Villar. But while "Mini Amin" stays true to his enabling spouse, his "Tonto Politico Soul Brother" threatens to bring down all the political riches that their "Political Papi" left to them via the litigious 2012 Redistricting Scandal (and other nefarious dealings), because of the "Tonto Politico Soul Brother's"  ex Deputy Chief of Staff's allegations, that may open the door to other painful political disclosures.   
6. Ass Clown Award for the best Los Angeles Political Machine Connected "Call Greuel":
When your campaign for Mayor of USA's second-largest city, exposes you for being City Controller Wendy "Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Magic Johnson, LAUSD Former School Board President Monica Gorda Boo Boo Garcia, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, UFLAC, SEIU, LA County Labor Federation, PPL, Impeached Ex President Bill Clinton, Bankrupted Ex Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt, LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina Boo Boo, Ex Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, and most important, IBEW/DWP Boss D'Arcy's Call Greuel of Choice", enough said.
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Saturday, January 04, 2014

MayorSam on the Air!

Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., I'll be guest co-hosting with Frank Sheftel on LATalkRadio.com on his Frank Talk program.

Our guests include Mel Tillekeratne, Founder and Leader of the Monday Night Mission. Tillekeratne is leading a campaign entitled "Mitch O'Farrell's War On The Poor" protesting an LA City Council motion supported by O'Farrell which looks to ban feeding homeless people in public spaces. Progressive human rights organizations and evangelical Christian groups who provide services to homeless and poverty stricken individuals have formed an unlikely coalition over the matter.

Also joining us will be Steven Vincent and Jay Beeber of the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative, a citizen movement to sponsor a municipal ballot initiative to rectify the abuses of the current parking enforcement policy in Los Angeles.

We'll be discussing other news items of the week and perhaps taking your phone calls at 818.324.0815.

You can listen live on your computer at www.latalkradio.com or on a mobile device via the LATalkRadio iPhone app, the LATalkRadio Android app or the TuneInRadio app (for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Amazon Kindle).

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"Campaign Money and Prisoner Dumping Expert", City Attorney Mike Feuer, targets "Patient Dumping" on Skid Row

Noted "Dumping Expert" City Attorney Mike Feuer goes after illegal Patient Dumping on Skid Row. But what other "dumping issue" of his co-authoring is he ignoring in the same area?
City Attorney Mike Feuer (third from left) with his fellow Campaign Money Dumping Friends from Bet Tzedek.
Care to join us for a bloggin Saturday Post Dump?
In reviewing yesterday's print edition of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times), any local political bloggin muser of record, could not help but to take notice of the story regarding new City Attorney's Mike Feuer's initiative to stop the practice of Patient Dumping on Skid Row.
While the fact that a sitting City Attorney would continue to stop the practice of Patient Dumping on Skid Row should come as no surprise (considering how finite Social Services resources are strained by the action), but this, coming from new City of Los Angeles top legal official, is a bloggin cause to note former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's replacement past "dumping proclivities".
Lets remember that this blog was front and center in chronicling now City Attorney Mike Feuer's past controversial "dumping issues" and we dare note today, that this new Patient Dumping crusade may be an attempt to mask "a continuing, and medically dangerous dumping concern of his own co-authoring" in the same area.
During his successful campaign to replace former City Attorney Carmen Tratanich, candidate Mike Feuer was the recipient $30,000 plus of campaign money dumping from employees and associates of the Fairfax area Legal Non-Profit Bet Tzedek, which had one time employed Feuer as its Executive Director.
But the most egregious Feuer "dumping proclivity" (and not exploited to its maximum potential by the Trutanich Campaign), was his co-authoring of the AB-109 Prison Realignment Debacle which is supposedly responsible for an increase in the crime rate in the Skid Row and Downtown area.
Supposed "Low Level, Non Violent, Non-Revocable Parolees" (some with serious, contagious medical issues) are being relocated to Skid Row from the state prisons and county jails as the County of Los Angeles deals with former Assemblyman Feuer's Sacramento "co-creation".
Thus, why should we be surprise that a career politician with a new office title, would practice the art of "policy dumping" to cover up the "co-authored dumping policy debacle" from his previous political gig? 
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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