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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Debate Prep

As more of the details regarding Thursday's Mayoral Debate start to leak out, here's your opportunity to tell the moderators (Jose Ronstadt of KWHY-TV, Ron Kaye of the LA Daily News, and Colleen Williams KNBC-TV Anchor) what you would like them to ask? Hugsberg's site lists a few, but I'm sure there are more of you out there who would like to share your opinions...


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Interesting panel. Don’t know much about Rondstadt (any relation to Linda?) but he is there because NBC owns Telemundo and can promote them while at the same time appear to be inclusive.

Ron Kaye from the Daily News? He’s an idiot. Why the hell would they not have asked Rick Orlov or at least Patrick McGreevy from the Times? Either of them have a far better grasp of what is up with the city.

Colleen Williams from KNBC. Of course Channel 4 is hosting, so they want to have one of their own in there, but couldn’t they get someone with a little more depth?

Another person who would have been excellent is Doug McIntyre from KABC radio. This guy knows his stuff and is brilliant, despite what some of you people think about talkradio.

November 30, 2004 10:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Little debate update for you guys -- looks like there's an NBC online (not scientific) but it has Villaraigosa well in the lead. With Hahn and Hertzberg trailing below -- interesting - i guess Hertzberg's interns got tired of clicking Hertzberg and deleting cookies all day.
www.knbc.com on the right side, scroll down. Plus this only counts til 7pm -- then NBC doesn't catalog it anymore, i called them, so all you anti-Antonio wackos who are late to this poll, you have an hour and half after that no one will pay attention, hahhaha.

Also -- notes for tonights debate -- because of the free for all style of the debate expect it to favor...drum roll please -- Chief Parks. I know you guys thought i'd say Antonio or even hertzberg -- but i can tell you right now - this debate is going to be between Parks and Hahn -- with almost everyone else staying out of the way. I suspect Alarcon will swing for the fences as well, but Parks will be the one going into every question, and every answer will begin with an attack on Hahn and his leadershipless agenda and the fact that he's sold LA to contributors.

I think the one point that Parks will also bring up is the fact that Hahn during this 9/11 era style of govt put his FUNDRAISER in charge of the ports, DWP and Airports. I think Parks will begin to punch Hahn in the nose for this and probably get the quote all the media stations use for the night.

I feel a little sorry Hahn....NOOOT

I think Hertzberg will talk about education -- and his sense of bringing govt back to the people. It will be a little hokey but will play well -- Hahn will try to say he is proud of his accomplishments and say crap like BRATTON this and BRATTON that. Antonio will be doing a little prevent offense/defense, i think he's saving his fireworks for when voters are really paying attention. I think hertzberg is doing the same, and will try to be the John Edwards of the debate and stay happy and positive, but sad of the city's current predicament.

Hahn -- he's a hot head, should NOT be underestimated - he is a robot and will say whatever Carrick and Kuwata have told him, mainly because he has no soul and can't speak freely like the others. My personal advice is to not get sucked into a direct debate with Parks -- you elevate him, and he slams you all day and night -- and you give the rest of the candidates (your real challenegers) a free pass to smile and say they love this city.

Alarcon -- ??? DWP rates, leaderless city, Hits HAHN HAHN -- his only surprise of the night will be if he attacks Hahn. The road to the run-off is through Antonio and the fact that he hasn't done much on this is a mystery to me.

December 02, 2004 5:29 PM  

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