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Friday, February 17, 2017

CD-1 Councilman Gil Broken Deal Cedillo at Candidate Forum: "I WILL be your Councilman, again (constituents be damned)"

 In the first CD-1 Candidate Forum (with some debating), a self-assured Incumbent "Broken Deal Cedillo" takes to Phone ........, while a next Generation of Communal Leaders (Joe Bray-Ali and Giovanni Hernandez) CONNECTED with a capacity audience ........., clearly disenchanted with the current Officeholder. 
The Glassell Park Improvement Association (and partners) are to be commended for a well-attended and structured Candidate Forum (with some debating).
** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer!! In the convoluted mindset of CD-1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", its a forgone, "ALTERNATIVE FACT", that come July 1, 2017, the former "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" will again be granted another Term (Five-plus years) of Public Employment. 
But in bloggin reality, judging from the capacity crowd at last evening's Glassell Park Improvement Association's CD 1 Candidate Forum, the current Officeholder is clearly suffering from a narcissus-induce, nearly four year (and counting) episode of Political Myopia, that has blinded him from the REAL state of discontent among constituents.
For two hours, "Broken Deal Cedillo" was openly BOTHERED in having to defend his supposed record of accomplishments to a dismissive (and at multiple times, heckling) audience, as challengers Giovanni Hernandez, Jesse Rosas and Joe Bray-Ali, garnered sustained applause. 
At one point, "Broken Deal Cedillo" rudely disregard protocols by engaging in a phone conversation that prompted speculation that he was perturbed at the LACK of crowd support and was seeking the arrival of friendly seat-fillers (in a venue at capacity).  
On the subject of forum questions, most of the audience-submitted questions focus on Quality of Life Issues (Development, Affordable Housing, Homeless, Education) along with district-germane topics dealing with Bike Lanes, Open Space ......., and the lack of TRUST in the Officeholder.  
That stated, what many in the audience will remember was the Incumbent's dismissive disdain of his constituents, in espousing the coming formality of being anointed another Term in office ........, which may become a challenged, ALTERNATIVE FACT on Election Day----Scott Johnson. 
Did "Broken Deal Cedillo" phone Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez to provide more "Register Voters" during CD 1 Candidate Forum?
CD-1 Challenger Joe Bray-Ali greets supportive audience after GREAT Candidate Forum performance.
 Filling all seats with discerning Candidate Forum observers.
A CD-1 Candidate Forum Overview (from the bloggin back row).

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Councilman Cedillo's Bridewell Armory Emergency Shelter Scam

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the SCAM that was CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" (and Council-approved) Bridewell Armory Winter Emergency Shelter Motion, as a potentially, strong series of Storms targets Southern California ........, with adverse impacts on Northeast LA's Homeless (and General) Population. 
Another Broken Deal Cedillo Episode, with potentially adverse Public Safety connotations..
The still-shuddered CD-14 Bridewell Armory.
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the SCAM that was the supposed, CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" approved Motion that would have directed the City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks Department (along with other pertinent city agencies) to make the CD-14-located Bridewell Armory available as an Emergency Winter Shelter. As the photos below document, the longtime shuddered (with supposed plans to become a Non-Profit Arts Center), does not look ready (as directed) for any type (including Emergency) usage ........., with a POTENT Winter Storm taking aim at Southern California on Friday. The incoming storm is bound to impact all segments of the populations, especially the Homeless who live near the Northeast LA Arroyo Seco Waterway, which will swell full of runoff from the saturated San Gabriel Mountains. Its inexcusable (and politically contemptible if a certain CD-14 Officeholder is obstructing, again) that a City Council-approved Motion/Directive (with serious Public Safety ramifications) has not been implemented .........., and for what reasons? That is the responsibility of the Motion's "Author (aka. Broken Deal Cedillo) to explain to discerning/pending voters----Scott Johnson. 

"Broken Deal Cedillo's" SCAM Bridewell Armory Emergency Winter Shelter Motion.
Storm runoff at the Arroyo Seco's Devil's Gate Dam.
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CD-7 City Council Candidate Monica Rodriguez's CONTINUING Lack of Ethical Campaigning

Its apparent that repeat CD-7 City Council Candidate Monica Rodriguez has learn little about Ethical Campaigning, as alleged, multiple violations of Ethics Commission Rules regarding the use of City of Los Angeles Equipment and Official Seals, are made public via her Campaign Mailers.  
Use of City of Los Angeles Property and Official Seals is a Ethical Violation.
** Blogger's Notes: Please join in this bloggin flashback to a April 14, 2009 Ethics Commission Press Release pertaining in part, to a $9,045 Fine levied against a THEN, an alleged Republican/Business Democrat Female's unsuccessful Campaign against the infamous former CD7/2 City Councilman Richard AlarCON.

In a seventh case, the Commission levied a $9,045 fine against 2007 City Council candidate Monica Rodriguez and her committee, “Monica Rodriguez for City Council,” for 32 counts of soliciting or accepting contributions prior to filing a Declaration of Intent to Solicit and Receive Contributions in violation of Charter Section 470(c)(1), and for five counts of filing (did they mean "failing"?) to file copies of scripts or recordings related to recorded telephone calls made by her campaign in violation of LAMC Section 49.7.26(E)

In 2017, the now "Fresh Face" of the infamous (and litigious) Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine (with endorsed approval of Mayor Eric Garcetti), is AGAIN the focus of allegations that her NOW, Establishment-anointed Campaign, is showcasing contempt for Ethics Rules that prohibit the use of city-owned property and official seals, in voter-outreach material.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mayor Sam Presents ......., the First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival"

The Mayor Sam Blog PROUDLY presents the First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival", chronicling the numerous breaches of promises, lack of outreach, and the general disdain exhibited by the Career Politico formerly known as "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" towards his neglected CD 1 Constituents.  
Join CD 1 Clowncilman "Broken Deal Cedillo" and Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez as they share their Political Dinner Menu of "Cooking the Ballots (allegedly)". 
** Blogger's Notes: With Absentee Ballots arriving at the homes of Register Voters (alive, dead, or fraudulently created) within CD 1, now is the appropriate time to PROUDLY present the Mayor Sam Blog First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival". The inspiration for the below cyber presentation is simple, the once "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" has become a self-serving (the needs of his Developer Donors) Politico, who words/promises mean nothing (unless reciprocated with material gain, allegedly), We (or I) should be bloggin upfront in noting our past support of the Barstow Native, fours years previously ......, (please pardon the crow taste-inducing gagging reflex), but since then, the current Officeholder has become a mere tool/shill for the Establishment-sustaining Special Interests. That said, we hope you enjoy our cyber presentation, but MOST PARAMOUNT, vote to ensure that this Blog, need not have to post a Second Annual Edition of a "Re-elected, Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival" in 2018 (necessitating another crow taste-inducing gagging reflex episode)-----Scott Johnson. 
GPIA CD-1 Candidate Forum 2-16-17
LHNC, Sacred Heart Church, LHCC CD-1 Candidate Forum 2-20-17.
Cyclist's "Chale Con Cedillo" Protest.
A CD-1 Promotion supporting the Autry Art Looters of the Southwest Museum.
A CD-1 Choreographed Misleading of the Lincoln Heights Community over Pasadena Ave. "Road Diet" Project.
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Special Bloggin Deconstruction of Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee's Statement on ICE Raids

The MIA, Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee has released a Statement on the alleged, community-disrupting, SURGE of ICE Raids ............, which is the subject of a Special Bloggin Deconstruction of its contents, that the Upward-aspiring Politico will not defend in any Candidate Forums/Debates.  

"Today I spoke to the Deputy Director of ICE’s Los Angeles Field Office and made it very clear that I want greater transparency about ongoing operations and the status of all Los Angeles residents who may have been arrested or detained.
Among those arrested, according to ICE:
• A Salvadoran national who was allegedly part of the MS-13 gang. He was arrested in Huntington Park and was wanted in his native country for aggravated extortion, ICE said.
• A Brazilian national arrested in L.A. and wanted in Brazil for alleged cocaine trafficking.
• An Australian national from West Hollywood. He was wanted on suspicion of lewd acts with a child.
Did Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee spaek out so FORCEFULLY (or after be force by Najee Ali and Earl Ofari Hutchison) in the aftermath of the African-American-targeted Firebombings in Ramona Gardens?

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A REAL News Update!! Jimmy "Via Riverside" Gomez for Congress Kickoff in Eagle Rock

Ciudad de Los Angeles First Couple/(Political) Life Partners Eric and Amy Wakeland-Gar-SOFT-ee, proudly invite you to the Congressional Campaign Kickoff of Jimmy "via Riverside" Gomez, in Exclusive North (of Colorado) Eagle Rock ......, with Campaign Choreographing again provided by (Parque) S G & A Consultant Mike Shimpock, 
Mr. and Mrs. (Political) Life Partners Eric and Amy Wakeland-Gar-SOFT-ee.
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First of Four CD-5 Candidate Forums/Debates on Sunday

The "Reigning Nanny Establishment Spud" of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee and the challengers seeking to replace him, will meet in the first of four Candidate Forum/Debates on Sunday, February 12 2017 at the Leo Baeck Temple in Sepulveda Pass. 
The Reigning Nanny Establishment Spud of CD-5.

LA City Council District 5 Candidates Forum | Moderated by Warren Olney: with Jesse Creed, Mark Herd, and Paul Koretz (more…)

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Friday, February 10, 2017

WANTED!! A Politico Identified (falsely?) as "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First"

As a bloggin Public Service, we seek your cyber cooperation in exposing/repudiating the continuing race-based hypocrisy of supposed (pending ID verification) "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", who condones ID Fraud by Illegal Immigrants (and family members).  
A condoning Lawbreaker needs removal as a Public Lawmaker.
** Blogger's Notes: A bloggin pondering pause ........., who is REALLY "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First"? As a discerning citizen (and blogger) who has been accorded the supposed privilege of having the former San Diego's Logan Beach Native, "carpetbagged (by former Speaker Fabian Nunez and the late Miguel Contreras)" as our Assembly and State Senate District Officeholder in that order, it was a given that I had develop a factually-based understanding on the political, ethical (and personal) standing of "Fabian's Boy". BUT, that all changed when the self-inaugurated (and proclaimed) "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore of the Cubafornia Republic" testified before a State Senate Hearing ........., and stated in the course of supporting his Sanctuary State Bill, the "illegality status of half his familia". In brief, the "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore's" Legislation would prohibit state, county and local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with Federal Immigration Officials. In addition, the Cubafornianistas/Democrats (via Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra) have crafted a Bill that would lower the penalties for using false documentation in establishing legal status/citizenship. Following his "Familia Testimonial" the "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore" had this exchange during an interview with KPCC's Larry Mantle regarding his "outrage" over the tough penalties for Social Security Fraud.
Host Larry Mantle asked him: “… First of all, I just — I want to make sure I understand correctly: You don’t think purchasing a phony Social Security card and number should be a deportable offense?”
De Léon replied“I don’t think so … the vast majority of immigrants — hard working immigrants — have done that.  I can tell you I have family members specifically who came here as undocumented immigrants, and they did the same thing. That’s what you need to do to survive in this economy (or game the system for public benefits, Kevin?).
....... makes you wonder how the "Wife of Bill Clinton Campaign" won the Cubafornia Vote and who is the REALLY the "El State Senate Presidente (aka. Fabian's Boy)"?

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Thursday, February 09, 2017

MIA Mayoral Candidate Gar-SOFT-ee touts Ex. President Obama Endorsement (while withholding Crime Stats?)

The stealth Re-election Campaign of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee, choreographs onwards as the Rhodes Scholar, turned Upward-seeking Politico touts the "Endorsement" of former President Barack "H" Obama, while continuing to DODGE direct interaction with mayoral challengers ..........., and scrutiny of his TRUE record of accomplishments (or lack of).
Notice NO mention of Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's accomplishments in reducing Crime, Pension Obligations, Lawsuit Payouts or DWP Reform, by the ex. President. 
** Blogger's Notes: We bring you the latest in the stealth, choreographed Re-election Campaign of the stage-managed Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee as the Rhodes Scholar, turned Upward-seeking Politico, continues to replicate the 2009 Mayoral Re-election Charade of the now, California Gubernatorial (and former Failure Mayor) Antonio Villargovea. Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee, like the former Failure Mayor, is engaging in hypocritical, civic misconduct in DODGING candidate forums/debates opportunities city-wide, as he seeks to SOFT-pedal his supposed accomplishments to a growing cynical electorate. As evident in the latest, choreographed pronouncement, the Gar-SOFT-ee Campaign is timing the high-profile ex. President Barack "H" Obama Endorsement, to coincide with the arrival of Absentee Ballots, which will be the foundation for the support margin to guarantee a Second Term. BUT, we are also hearing rumors that TIMING is the POLITICAL MOTIVATION for delaying the publication of the latest Crime Stats that may reflect adversely on the Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee-styled (and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck) leadership in dealing with the rising Crime Rate ......., that is another reason (among a growing list of neglected issues) for the Upward-seeking Politico, continuing "lack of political fortitude" to stand and defend his Record-----Scott Johnson.    
MISSING!! A Second Term-seeking Mayor who will not DEBATE the challengers.
** Will Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee attend the following Candidate Forum? We will be in attendance to report----S.J.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

LA County Employees with Adaptive Access Issues in Eagle Rock

Memo to LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis, please take a moment away from your politically-motivated, Trump Hate Hysteria, to kindly remind the County Staff assigned to the vehicle pictured below, that the privilege of Public Employment, DOES NOT include parking in a Handicap Spot on a Mickey Dee's Meal Break. 
LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis.;
** Blogger's Note: We take a momentary pause from musing on current political events ........, to request that LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis remind County Staff about parking public vehicles in spaces reserved for the Disabled, as pictured below. The LA County (and taxpayer's owned) Prius was photographed at a Eagle Rock McDonald's last week, with staff enjoying a meal break, We would bloggin understand if County Staff were partaking in an Act of Solidarity with underpaid Fast Food Employees, by dispensing with a few dollars. But we would advise the employees in question, that it would be good for their respective health (and ethical standing), to park in a location, a little further away .........., and not in a Designated, Disable Parking Spot-----Scott Johnson.     
LA County Prius parked in Handicap Spot at Eagle Rock.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Who were The Purveyors of the alleged RIGGED/CHOREOGRAPHED Endorsement for Anointed Congressional Candidate Jimmy Gomez?

The UNDER-publicized California Democrat Party (CADEM) Endorsement Meeting that resulted in the alleged RIGGED Selection of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez to replace ex. 34th Congressional District Officeholder Xavier Becerra, is the subject of conflicting accounts on the Establishment-choreographed proceedings. 
The Establishment California Democratic Party kicking aside ALL challengers to the ANOINTED/ENDORSED 34th Congressional District Candidate Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez. 
** Blogger's Notes: A BLOGGIN DISCLAIMER!! In the convoluted political-exploiting mindset of aspiring 34th Congressional District Candidate (via Riverside) Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, the following missive on the TRUE background pertaining to his alleged RIGGED/CHOREOGRAPHED Endorsement by the California Democrat (CADEM) Party, at a SPARSELY, attended gathering at El Sereno's Barrio Action Youth and Family Center, will become a future exercise on Fake News in a California Public Education (via Indoctrination) Classroom
Its not often that we find common ground on a proposed Policy Issue with the affable Riverside-transplanted, former Educator (as "Credentialed" by Parke Skelton) but we cannot pass on sharing a future Teachable Moment on keyboarding the bloggin truth in media, via utilizing various sourcing as noted below----Scott Johnson.
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Morning Brief on the CD 1 Political Scene for Tuesday

The Upstart CD-1 City Council Campaign of Josef Bray-Ali continues its impressive run of Endorsements, with the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board the latest in granting its support of the Highland Park Small Business Owner's bid to unseat Incumbent Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
Safe Streets, Strong Neighborhoods ........., and a Leader who keeps his word. 
Indifference and Misplace Priorities equates to ..........., the moniker "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
** Blogger's Notes:  Four years (and more hair follicles) ago, a certain State Career Politico domicile himself within Ciudad de Los Angeles Council District (CD) 1, seeking a Pay Raise ........, and 12 years of Democratic Establishment-guarantee employment.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Ethical (and Safety) Issues regarding the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we broach serious questions regarding the Ethical Standards pertaining to the Board of Director Governance of the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School (LAICHS) ......., and the protocols (or lack of) that allowed the placement of an alleged Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Storage Container (with undisclosed contents) on its campus. 
 The Self-proclaiming "Emperor of Hermon" Joe Riser. 
 "The First Empress of Hermon (and HAT Inc. President)" Wendi Riser with appreciative CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.  
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we keyboard serious questions pertaining to the Ethical Standing and Safety Protocols at the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School. 

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Morning Brief on the latest Separatist Decree via State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First

As the LA Times and the "Cubafornia on the Pacific Political Establishment" continue to exploit a 120 Days Immigrant Vetting Pause, "Cubafornianista State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First" is attempting to FAST TRACK legislation that would make the former Multi-Party, Golden State ......., a One Party People's Sanctuary. 
"Cubafornia on the Pacific State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First".
Confederation States of America (CSA) President Jefferson Davis. 
**Blogger's Note: A Disclaimer: The following missive is a simple exercise in thought provoking, ......, and only that. Any insinuation of Racism is solely the property of those who are myopic in exercising objectivity based upon the facts----S.J.
Not long ago in the political past, a young Logan Beach (in San Diego) Union Organizer (and CLOSE friend of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez) found a Mt. Washington Domicile (via the couch of noted Democratic Activist Carol Jacquez and Bill Rumble, allegedly) .........., and with thanks to the late LA Political Machine Power Broker Miguel Contreras, was "MADE", a Special Interests-beholden Politico (with Carpetbag).
In 2017, the now self-proclaimed "State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", who was a fleeting Vice-Presidential Option of the losing "Wife of Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign" is again, espousing his racially-tinged political rhetoric , that in hindsight, has commonality with another noted, American Separatist Leader CSA President (and fellow Democrat) Jefferson Davis.
Like the former Democratic President of the Confederacy, the Political Protege of Esteban Nunez's Dad Fabian, is seeking to exploit an ethinic (and Undocumented Populace) in furthering a self-enriching Political Agenda, as witness with his latest legislated desire to make "Cubafornia on the Pacific".a One Party People's Sanctuary.
The self-proclaimed (and inaugurated) "El Presidente Pro Tempore (and other supporters of the unlawful Sanctuary Confederacy)" know that their Political Futures are wedded to the continuing flow of an Illegal Immigrant Populace that becomes dependent on a Government Establishment (and Crony Capitalist Economic Culture) that enslaves them in a permanent Exploitation Class.   
In order to preserve their 21st Century Version of the South's King Cotton (now the Immigrant-exploiting Cubafornia on the Pacific) Economy, the now Cubafornianista Leadership, is repeating past Democratic actions, by challenging the Federal Government, feigning State Rights, by allegedly offering Sanctuary to those ........., who are in reality the latest generation of an enslaving, Exploitation Class. 
Thus, the political theatrics of the El Presidente Pro Tempore and his Democratic Brethren is no different than their 19th Century Political Forebearers,  who sought to preserve their Political Plantations (via preserving an Exploitation Class) at a GREAT cost to National Unity-----Scott Johnson.  

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Missing!! A Certain, Second Term-seeking Mayor continues Dodging Campaign Debates/Candidate Forums

We are officially on bloggin "Gar-SOFT-ee MIA Watch" as the Second Term-seeking Mayoral Incumbent continues his hypocritical dodging of Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums as his First Four Years Record faces further scrutiny.  
PLEASE notify of ANY Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee  Campaign Debates/ Candidate Forum.
** Blogger's Note:  Please excuse the recent light blog postings as this logger'recovers from a leg injury while a Second Term-seeking Mayor continues his dodging of Debates/Candidate Forums. Mayor "Gar-SOFT-ee" who once was a proud proponent of LA's Campaign Finance/Matching Funds Program (which ensured that candidate take part in debates), has instead, become the Poster Person for unlimited Special Interests-financed Campaigning. Thus, in the bloggin spirit of supporting any type of in-person dialog among the Mayoral Candidates, we will post each day the photo above of "Gar-SOFT-ee MIA" ........, with a reason why the Rhodes Scholar, turned Hypo Politico, is dodging the act of standing up for his record----Scott Johnson. 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Liar, Liar!! CD-1 Broken Deal Cedillo's Integrity on Fire ........., Again

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we expose again, an alleged "Act of Political Embellishment" via CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" regarding the proposed construction of Affordable/Transitional Housing on FIVE city-owned lots in Lincoln Heights. 
CD 1 City Council Candidate Josef Bray-Ali (standing in suit on right side) counters the questionable assertions as presented by CD 1 Staffer Jose Rodriguez regarding Broken Deal Cedillo's HOLD on proposed Lincoln Heights Developments.
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose, AGAIN another "Act of Political Embellishment" via Second Term-seeking CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", regarding the proposed Affordable/Transitional Housing Developments on FIVE city-owned lots in Lincoln Heights. 
In response to a growing Lincoln Heights Community BACKLASH, CD 1 Staffer Jose Rodriguez read a letter from his MIA Boss during the January 19, 2017 Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council Meeting, that feigned ignorance on the Developments ......, and allegedly, placed a "HOLD" on any construction, pending community input. 
Yet, in a rebuttal response by CD-1 City Council Candidate Josef Bray-Ali ......., and substantiated via a October 10, 2016 LA Streetblog Story, its VERY apparent that "Broken Deal Cedillo" was well-verse on the status of the pending/approved Developments. 
In a October 10, 2016 Press Conference, "Broken Deal Cedillo" spoke on behalf of the Coalition against the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (ie. Measure S), that took place on one of the FIVE Lincoln Heights Lots that Staffer Rodriguez ALLEGES CD-1 did not know was/is is in process of being develop-----Scott Johnson.  
From LA Streetblog on October 10, 2016: "The Lincoln Heights parking lot where the press event took place is one of a dozen city-owned sites currently in the early stages of development for affordable and transitional housing under the Affordable Housing Opportunity Sites initiative. Twelve city-owned sites (with FIVE) in Lincoln Heights, Sylmar, San Pedro, and South and West L.A. are slated for affordable housing, with an emphasis on transitional housing to serve the homeless",
From Broken Deal Cedillo Letter (below) to Lincoln Heights Neighorhood Council on January 19,2017: "I had serious concerns about the lack of any meaningful community outreach or efforts to solicit community input into the design of the project and developer selection process. As a result, on December 14, i introduce a Council Motion to remove the FIVE parking lots from consideration.
CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Letter to the LHNC.

"Broken Deal Cedillo's" alleged Motion to remove the FIVE Lincoln Heights, city-owned lots from development consideration.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Tweets via the Metrosexual/Tonto Politico Elites from Saturday's Democratic Cackle Fest

As evident from the Tweets below from the local Metrosexual/Tonto Political Elites, a supposed, unconditional, spontaneous gathering of females, was in REALITY, a "DEMOCRATIC CACKLE FEST",, organize in part, by a Hamas/Sharia Law-supporting Islamic Activist .......,, with the help of the "Enabling Wife of Bill" and Billionaire George Soros. 
Today we spoke out. Tomorrow we must act.
** Blogger's Note: Hola from our Bloggin Safe Space as Mother Nature has quickly cleanse the streets of Downtown LA after Saturday's gathering of the alleged, all-inclusive "Sisterhood". The Main Stream Fake News purveyors, including "The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", would have indoctrinated you into repeating the Talking Points that NOW, President Donald Trump would be the WORST threat to the Sisterhood since Bill Clinton, Ron Burkle and Tony Villar went allegedly, trolling for ........., whoops, a Pro-life Republican was last elected President. In reality, a tardy National Democratic Party Establishment, with help from a "Woman-demeaning, Sharia Law-supporting Islamic Activist, the "Enabling Wife of Bill" and Billionaire George Soros, organized a nation-wide, "DEMOCRATIC CACKLE FEST" in which the likes of Madonna and Naomi Judd went NASTY with their respective, repugnant rhetoric. Locally, the local Sisterhood did themselves a HYPOCRITICAL DISSERVICE by associating with the likes of the "Cubafornia on the Pacific (formerly two-party California)" Metrosexual/Tonto Political Elites, who groom their policy stances to entice support from women, while passing legislation such as AB-109, Prop 47 and Prop 57 that dumb down crimes against them ........,, but then, WHO CARES, especially if the "Politico Tontos" support their right to "ABORT ON DEMAND"----Scott Johnson.
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Thoughts and Photos from the Mitchell Schwartz for Mayor Campaign Kickoff

A Larchmont Village Pizzeria provides a refreshing, authentic neighborhood setting for the upstart Mitchell Schwartz for Mayor Campaign Kickoff as a certain, "Second Term-seeking Incumbent" continues his HYPOCRITICAL AVOIDANCE of any Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums. 
Mitchell Schwartz gives his prepared comments.
** Blogger's Notes: For a candidate seeking to become the Mayor of the Nation's second-largest city, the choice of setting for a upstart "Campaign Kickoff" was a refreshing, intimate reminder that maintaining the Character/Integrity of LA's diverse neighborhoods is PARAMOUNT
With the Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Garcetti's Campaign morphing into a 2017 Version of former FAILURE MAYOR Antonio Villar's 2009 Re-election Debacle (by not breaking 60%), by adopting a HYPOCRITICAL AVOIDANCE of Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums, primary challenger Mitchell Schwartz is taking his "Message of Municipal Accountability" directly to the voter. 
From the street-front of Larchmont Village Pizzeria, Schwartz espoused a Progressive, but also a Fiscally-accountable Platform, that called for more investments in Clean Energy, Law Enforcement and the Neighborhood Council System, while prioritizing cost-saving Pension, along with DWP Reforms. 
But surely to garner attention from discerning voters, will be Candidate Schwartz's declaration that the Los Angeles Unified School District, needs to be broken up into smaller districts, which should promote some spirited dialog.
Yet, specifics aside, Candidate Schwartz projected a sincere, inclusive "Political Persona" that an increasing number of voters are finding lacking in the current Mayor ........, fixated on a upwards "Political Tomorrow", away from a city in need of communal-based (and preserving) Leadership----Scott Johnson.  
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Friday, January 20, 2017

The 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump

The United States of America is a Role Model to the World in showcasing a Peaceful Transition of Power.
The new First Family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Latino Decisions CD-34 Special Election Poll = BAD NEWS for Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez

A NBC News-attributed Latino Decisions "CD-34 Special Elections Poll" is BAD NEWS for the Congressional Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez ......... and an UBER-BOOST for the Congressional Aspirations of former Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Staffer Arturo Carmona.
Arturo Carmona is the TOP choice to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra in recent Latino Decisions Poll.
Sacramento/Establishment Endorsed Congressional Candidate Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez. 
** Blogger's News: Lets be bloggin blunt and concise .........., the Congressional Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez is in MAJOR TROUBLE. In a NBC News-attributed Poll by Latino Decisions (posted below for your review) regarding the pending 34th Congressional District Special Election, the Sacramento and Local Political Establishment-endorsed Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, trails Arturo Carmona 38-23%, with former LAUSD School Board Member Yolie Flores (11%) and ex CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffer Sara Hernandez (9%). placing third and fourth respectively.. Playing a major role in the Poll finding (as noted by Major Sam) is the organization of Progressive/Bernie Sanders supporters, as witnessed in the recent 53rd Assembly District Democratic Delegate Elections as noted in the NBC News Missive. 

And perhaps a sign of things to come was an Assembly District Election Meeting recently held in Gomez's district that resulted in a strong slate of Bernie Sanders supporters as Assembly District Delegates (ADDs), according to the popular insider political website at MayorSam. ADDs are local representatives that work with the community and act as an official party conduit between the constituents and state representatives, with important functional and representative roles that can heavily influence the future leadership of the district.

About the Pol (via the Latino Decisions Website)l: Latino Decisions interviewed a total of n=400 potential voters by cell phone and landline, between January 10-14, 2017. All interviewers were live-callers and bilingual, allowing respondents the option of answering in English or Spanish. Overall, 51% of all respondents were Latino, and 20% of all respondents answered the survey in Spanish. Voters were selected from the California voter file who had primary vote history for previous primary elections, making them likely to vote in the upcoming special election. Final data were weighted to match the demographics of the district for gender, age, ethnicity, and partisanship on the voter file among likely primary voters. The poll contains a +/- 4.9% margin of error.  The poll was not conducted on behalf of any candidate or political organization.
More reactions later----Scott Johnson. 
Latino Decisions CA 34 Special Election Poll, Page 1
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 2
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 3.
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 4.
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 5
Now that you have heard a little more about the candidates, if the special election for the 34th congressional district was held today, and the candidates were {rotate: State Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, former city council aide Sara Hernandez, former Sanders campaign deputy director Arturo Carmona, former LAUSD board member Yolie Flores} who would you vote for?

Someone else.....................................5
Don’t know (VOL).....................................14

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Evening Briefs on Political Character (or lack of) for MLK Day

On this Day designated to honor the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. we emulate the Spirit of the late Civil Rights Icon, by judging select Politico's "Acts (or lack of) of Political Character": that are NAUGHT predicated on Racial Identity.
A Tutorial for the 21st Century Democrat Party.
** Blogger's Note: Great afternoon on this Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Day as many enjoy a brief break from Mother Nature's cyclical endeavor to replenish California's Water Infrastructure (that begins again on Thursday). Just as Californians are being blessed this Rain Season, the Soul of America is better for being the Birth Country of MLK ......, and subsequent Life of Bridging Inequality (via countless episodes of selfless, acts of character). Indeed, 54 years after MLK's Landmark "I Have A Dream Speech", we firmly believe that America has become a more inclusive society (despite the recent pronouncements of a certain soulless Political Party) .........., and that CHARACTER still counts. In that spirit, we wish to pay homage to MLK with a Bloggin, Teachable Moment in Political Character (or lack of), with the goal of reminding our "Subjects on Interest" that Skin Color is no excuse/cover for ........, for a Lack of Character----Scott Johnson.
** The Questionable Neighborhood Commitment of Miguel Vargas: There was a time in American Society when stories of the "Local Kid, Done Good .... in Returning Home", was the norm. But in CD-14, when the Local Kid returns home after working for City Councilman Jose Huizar, commitment to the "Hood" becomes secondary to the still, "Political Papi's Wishes" ......, as exampled by LA-32 Neighborhood Council Vice-President Miguel Vargas. Vargas, who worked for Councilman Huizar, before being "blessed" with becoming the Executive Director of the Downtown Arts District "BID Zone", sought and was elected to the LA-32 NC via espousing his community ties (while conveniently deleting his professional background). Upon his election, Vargas sought and was appointed the NC's Land Use & Development Committee, pledging to put the interest of his "HOOD" paramount ............, or in reality, being the local, enabling Shill for his "Political Papi's Development Desires, as evident via HIS SUPPORT OF NO ON MEASURE S. 
Miguel Vargas "DISDAIN" for his Communal Integrity?
CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Continuing Felonious Connections: They're back!! With CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" facing a GROWING backlash as he seeks another four years of government assistance/employment, he again turns to his loyal (and litigious) campaign enablers, "740 Club Mario" and "Felonious Larry". Proving again that he is tone-deaf to allegations of corruption, Cedillo is again, using (and allegedly) paying for the services of the notorious hack Mario Beltran (via his Principia Group, LLC) .........., and a Santa Ana-based "Swept Off Instead (to Patton State Hospital?) LLC, allegedly connected to "Felonious Larry", for $10,000 in Voter Registration work.  
Principia Group, LLC   
(Other, non-individual)
Whittier, CA 90601
Gil Cedillo 

1380250 - Cedillo for City Council 2017
E - Payment 
(Campaign Paraphernalia) 

Period: 10/01/16 to 12/31/16
Election: 03/07/17
Swept Off Instead LLC   
(Other, non-individual)
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Gil Cedillo 

1380250 - Cedillo for City Council 2017
E - Payment 
(Voter Registration) 

Period: 01/01/16 to 06/30/16
Election: 03/07/17
Swept Off Instead LLC   
(Other, non-individual)
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Gil Cedillo 

1380250 - Cedillo for City Council 2017
E - Payment 
(Voter Registration) 

Period: 07/01/16 to 09/30/16
Election: 03/07/17
"Broken Deal Cedillo's" expenditures to his "Litigious Enablers".
** The Political Misadventures of Congressman Ted "Hamas Teddy" Lieu: There is TRULY something wrong with the Political Character of Westside LA Congressman Ted "Hamas Teddy" Lieu when he announces his intentions to Boycott President-Elect Donald Trump's Inauguration,, especially in lieu of his past REFUSAL to return an "Award" from the Hamas-linked, Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR). We surmise that "Hamas Teddy's Boycott" will play (and PAY off) well with his Liberal Base .........., but in his convoluted-mind,  the Ruskies are Coming!!
Does "Congressman Hamas Teddy" CAIR more to be in the company of alleged, "Terrorist Enablers" than the incoming, President of the United States?

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