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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The LA Time's "Backroom Hypocrisy" regarding its Non-Endorsement of Herb Wesson for LA County Board of Supervisors

The formerly "Fishwrap of Record (on Spring Street)" briefly departs from replicating the Los Angeles County Democratic Party's Endorsements, with its support of State Senator Holly Mitchell for the LA County Board of Supervisors District Two Office, citing termed-out LA CD-10 City Councilman Herb Wesson's "Backroom Style", while ignoring the same ethically-challenged proclivities of its CD-14 endorsed Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon.  
Why the LA Times's "Backroom Concerns" of Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, but not Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon?
** Blogger's Notes: If anyone needed a reaffirmation regarding the subjective devolution of the formerly "Fishwrap of Record (once located on Spring Street)", then look no further than its stenographic-like replication of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Establishment's Endorsements ........., with the exception of its choice for the LA County Board of Supervisors District Two Office. 
In recent weeks, the now El Segundo-located Los Angeles Times, has taken time away from its Trump Resistance News/Opinion priorities, to espouse for those who were pre-screened by the local One Party Machine, prompting one longtime Political Consultant to opine that they have gone ........., "all-establishment" with their March Elections Endorsements.
That stated, its interesting to the apparent hypocritical reason for the LA Time's "Non-Endorsement" of the Establishment-anointed Choice for the District Two Office, being vacated by now, CD-10 Candidate Mark Ridley-Thomas. 

Wesson might be considered the front-runner, having amassed the largest campaign war chest and endorsements from much of the political establishment (although Mitchell is backed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Gov. Jerry Brown and the leaders of both the Assembly and the state Senate). But he has a backroom style better suited to a previous decade.

Pardon the momentary pause as we engage in a bloggin episode of recollection, regarding a recent FBI Investigation that led to the Indictments, with Convictions of Montebello's Ron and Tom Calderon.

We want to give the LA Times Editorial Board the benefit of the doubt (naught), that its apparent disregard of the documented, then State Senator Kevin de Leon's "Backroom Scheme to reward Ron Calderon (as noted from the FBI Affidavit)", was an innocuous oversight ..........., or not?
Please note the Investigated Backroom Scheme of LA Times-endorsed Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon. 
That stated, its readily apparent that like the local Democratic Machine, the LA Times has no intentions of supporting fiscally-moderate Democrats (like the worthy former CD-9 City Councilwoman Jan Perry) and conveniently uses Herb Wesson's "Backroom Issues" to disqualify him from its Endorsement, while embracing Progressives like Mitchell----Scott Johnson.  

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Monday, February 10, 2020

A Formerly "Fishwrap of Record (on Spring Street)" Goes Big On ......, "The LA (of or de) Leon Times Era"

The formerly "Fishwrap of Record on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)" repeats CD-14 Agenda Journalism History, via its Endorsement of Temporary City Council Candidate (and 2022 Mayoral Aspirant) Kevin Alexander Leon as the failed 2003 "LA Antonio (Villar) Times" Incarnation, gives way to "The LA (of or de) Leon Times Era" of subjective reporting ............, at the lost to communal ethics. 
The Wreckage of Journalistic Integrity on Spring Street.
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the momentary pause ......., as we continue to absorb a CD-14 Agenda Journalism Deja Vu Moment, compliments of the formerly "Fishwrap of Record on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)" 
In 2002, a then CD-14 City Councilman Nick Pacheco who was seeking a Second Term after his 1999 Grass Roots Upset of the South Pasadena's (and Establishment Carpetbagger) Victor Griego, was the Incumbent Impediment in the path of the ruthless Political Machine, seeking a temporary Officeholder Position for failed 2001 Mayoral Candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, to replenish resources for a 2005 Rematch against, then Mayor James Hahn.  
At Pacheco's Campaign Kickoff in a Second Floor Office near the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Soto, those in attendance (including this writer), will remember a Incumbent who spoke openly about the impending battle and somberly noted the vast resources being massed to remove him ........, including a supposed objective "Newspaper of Record".
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Saturday, February 08, 2020

K.A. Leon-supporter Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and Chief of Staff Disciplined for Workplace Misconduct

Temporary CD-14 City Council aspirant (and desiring 2022 Mayoral Candidate) Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, has another #MeToo Issue to contend with, via the Discipline imposed on his Supporter Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and Chief of Staff George Esparza (both ex Huizar Staffers) .........., for "Workplace Misbehavior".
06/29/19Wendy Carrillo for Assembly 2020
ID: 1414497 
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Kevin de Leon
Council Member

1415916 - Kevin de Leon for City Council 2020
A - Monetary Contribution Received

Period: 01/01/19 to 06/30/19
Will temporary CD-14 City Council aspirant Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon condemn Campaign Supporter Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo's (and Chief of Staff George Esparza) "Role Play" of former Boss Jose Huizar's Workplace Behavior? 
** Blogger's Notes: Its now an established CD-14 Truism that you can remove a Staffer from a CD-14 Dysfunctional Workplace, but you can't remove the Dysfunctional Mindset from the Staffer, as formally-documented by Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and her Chief of Staff George Esparza.  
Both Assemblywoman Carrillo and her Chief of Staff Esparza were "discipline" by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, as reported on Friday, presenting another #MeToo Moment of Truth for the temporary CD-14 City Council Aspirant Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon ........., who was born in CD-9.
From the LA Times regarding Assemblywoman Carrillo's Sleazy Huizzy-like Misbehavior.

The letter sent to Carrillo states that “a complaint that you hugged and kissed, on the cheek” was filed and that an investigation concluded the incident occurred and “that this conduct was unwelcome.” A heavily redacted investigation report alleges that Carrillo was “insisting on a two-arm hug” at two different events and kissed the employee on the cheek.

If true, that type of workplace behavior would of merited a CLARTS-funded Salary Increase in the dysfunctional CD-14 Office Culture, but is tamed compared to former Sleazy Huizzy's Administrative Assistant (and alleged hypocrite) George Esparza.

Rendon’s letter to Esparza cites two instances of sexual comments. The investigation document states that in one encounter, Esparza was alleged to have asked someone “are you done masturbating?”

Again, if the investigated allegations are true, then the temporary CD-14 City Council Aspirant (and former State Senator Tony Mendoza Couch Mate), would find it wise to reconsider his embracing of  anyone who has not condemned the documented, dysfunctional Councilman Jose Huizar Work Environment ........ or risk having more Campaign Supporters/Donor's "Skeletons" make noise in the days ahead----Scott Johnson. 
Message to K.A. Leon: Will you condemn Sleazy Huizzy-like Workplace Behavior and respond in the same way as then Assembly Candidate Wendy Carrillo, when she renounced her Endorsement by former State Senator Richard Polanco? 
Will Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon be dismissive of Polanco/Huizar-like Workplace Misconduct from Campaign Supporter/Hypocrites such as Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and what other Campaign Donors have ........., inconvenient issues meriting disclosure?

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Friday, February 07, 2020

Meet The Quality Female CD-14 Alternatives To Kevin Alexander Leon

Meet and Question the quality female CD-14 City Council aspirants (Cyndi Otteson & Raquel Zamora) this Saturday, who have faced down the misogynist belittling of former Democratic Establishment Assemblyman/State Senate President (and failed US Senate Candidate) Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon ......., who was born in CD-9. 
Meet and Question the Quality Candidates for CD-14.

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Monday, February 03, 2020

Mid-Day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond) for Monday

The Los Angeles Progressive Activist Community is in shock following the untimely Death of former CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Communications Director and Mario Beltran's Principia Group Vice-President Jay A. Cortez, who was found deceased in his apartment on January 26.
The late former CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Communications Director Jay A. Cortez who was Mario Beltran's Principia Group's Vice-President at the time of his Death.
** Blogger's Notes: The Los Angeles Progressive Activist Community is mourning the untimely Death of former CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Communications Director Jay Ariel Cortez, who passed away at home on January 26.

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Sunday, February 02, 2020

The 2020 Edition of ......., "Super Bowl with Huizzy 2.0 (K.A. Leon) Contest"

 A CD-14 Tradition continues as termed-out City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffers seek out a loyalist location (and future employment), in the 2020 Edition of "Super Bowl with Huizzy 2.0 (aka. The Ninth Council District-born Kevin Alexander Leon) Contest".
What former or current CD-14 Staffer, will secure continuing employment by finding a Super Bowl Domicile for a documented Couch Surfer ......., known politically as Kevin de Leon?
** Blogger's Notes: The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group proudly continues a bloggin Super Bowl Sunday Tradition as we present our annual ........., "Super Bowl with Huizzy 2.0 (aka. Kevin Alexander Leon) Contest". 
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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Pasadena Vice-Mayor Calls For Cannabis Application Reboot As Investigation Finds No Bias

Pasadena Vice-Mayor Tyron Hampton's call for a Cannabis Application Reboot as a majority of its City Council supports making Public, findings of an Investigation that supposedly clears the Administration of City Manager Steve Mermell, of bias in the selection process.  
 Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell's Administration handling of Cannabis Permits, is subject of City Attorney-initiated Investigation, that finds no bias. 
Pasadena Vice-Mayor Tyron Hampton.
** Blogger's Notes: The City of Pasadena Cannabis Legalization Controversy has no shortage of sub-plots, compliments of Vice-Mayor Tyron Hampton and a timely-responsive City Hall Administration under the charge of Steve Mermell.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant Dead at 41

The City of Angels is stun, in the aftermath of the Los Angeles Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant's tragic death, along with his Daughter Gianna and seven others, following the Crash of the Basketball Icon's Helicopter in Agoura.
Kobe Rests in Peace.
** Blogger's Notes: Its no understatement to say that the City of Los Angeles is stun, numb and grieving the untimely death of LA Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others, following this morning's Crash of the Basketball Icon's Helicopter into a fog-covered hillside in Agoura
From near the Crash Site, to Staples Center and on Social Media, fans of the Lakers Legend are in a State of Profound Grief, seeking comfort and bearing witness regarding the impact of Kobe on the Basketball Court ......... and off.
In listening to the continuous reports on this morning's tragic event, one cannot gloss over the fact that Kobe (and the parents of his daughter's teammate), died in the pursuit of commitment to their respective daughter's athletic aspirations.
Godspeed and thoughts to the immediate families of the victims and all affected by today's tragedy----Scott Johnson.


Friday, January 24, 2020

Inconvenient Briefs on the LA Political Machine (and Beyond) for Friday

CityWatch LA's Daniel Guss keyboards another Inconvenient Truth regarding Mayor Eric Garcetti's Animal Services Department-appointee Roger Wolfson, who's "Domestic Issues", are worthy of a bloggin missive on the level of his former Political/Television Word-craft.  
Noted ex Political Staffer, Film/Television Writer, Attorney and latest Mayor Eric Garcetti Controversial Appointee Roger Wolfson.
** Blogger's Notes: Is it true that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti likes to give appointed opportunities to those with ..........., "Domestic Issues"?
CityWatch LA's Daniel Guss keyboards another Inconvenient Truth regarding Mayor Garcetti's Animal Services Department-appointee Roger Wolfson, who would join supposed Mayor Staffer (and former CD-14 Deputy Chief of Staff) Henry Casas, as a documented Domestic Abuser, if the allegations were proven true.
The following excerpt is, very-interesting to note ..........
In El-Shinnawy’s application for a restraining order against Wolfson, she claimed that the LAPD did not respond to her May 13, 2014, plea for help. When I asked LAPD spokesperson Josh Rubenstein why that happened, he forwarded my request to the agency’s Discovery Unit but did not respond when I pointed out that the Discovery Unit doesn’t provide explanations, only records and notoriously withholds many of those, as well. 

........, considering that many are whispering about an alleged Echo Park Domestic Incident that LAPD may have documented, but will not disclosed.
The Agenda Wreckage of a "Fishwrap of Record (formerly on Spring Street)".
With apologies to certain Scribes at the supposed Los Angeles "Fishwrap of Record (relocated to El Segundo)", we have to question (again), the apparent subjective choices made by its Editors regarding ............., story budgeting.
In recent days, the alleged print-stenographer of the local Democratic Establishment, executed its agenda duty, by reporting on a Website Mistake by CD-12 City Councilman John Lee, who happens to be ............, a Republican.
The allocation of story budgeting to expose an apparent honest mistake by a CD-12 Staffer, is subjectively-disproportionate, considering that a former California Democratic Assemblyman and State Senate President, openly lied about the Council District of Birth last Friday ................., with a Times Staff Writer seated in the audience.

Its worth noting that the LA Times Editorial Board endorsed City Councilman Lee's Special Election (and 2020) Challenger Loraine Lundquist, that should give witness again to the mystical-quality of the Time's "Wall of News/Editorial Separation".
Glendale (residing in Maryland) Congressman Adam Schiff in his usual, delusional state.
Friday could not come soon enough for supposed Glendale-based, Calizuela 28th District Congressman Adam Schiff, who personifies the delusional mindset of Democratic (more like Seditioncratic) Politicians afflicted with, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).
As the Lead Seditioncrat House Manager, the emotions of fronting a taxpayers-financed attempt to remove a fairly-elected President Donald Trump, became a "Cry Me A River (of Lies) Moment" ........., worthy of the appropriate Musical Dedication
In noting Schiff's Ethical/Emotional Collapse on the Floor of the Senate, we would be remiss in not requesting your consideration of Schiff for Brain's Republican Challenger Eric Early, who will return legislated honor to a Congressional District in need of a Schiff Removal-----Scott Johnson.
The late Legend Ella Fitzgerald sings her signature Hit.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Fact Checking Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon Regarding Council District of Birth

In a Mayor Sam Sister City News Group Exclusive, we fact check the Statement of CD-14 City Council Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon made at last Friday's El Sereno Forum, regarding being a born native of the District.
The California Medical Center in Downtown LA.
** Blogger's Notes: During last Friday's CD-14 Candidate Forum in El Sereno, a tardy former Assemblyman, State Senate President and failed US Senate aspirant known politically as Kevin de Leon, did not waste any time in raising eye brows among the longtime CD-14 Stakeholders in attendance.
As the Local Political Machine's anointed choice to replace the termed-out City Councilman Jose Huizar within the John Ferraro Council Chamber's Horseshoe, de Leon is merely using candidate forum as an exercise to espouse pre-conceived talking points (when not belittling his opponents), but not without push back or fact checking .............., regarding the real Council District of his Birth.
In the course of de Leon's Friday's Opening Statement, audience members (and this Blogger), were surprise to learn that the formerly Assembly Candidate Carpetbagger (and current couch surfer) was born in CD-14 ........, or was he?
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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group is on "Gar-SOBBing Watch" as the former Rhodes Scholar, turned emotional Politico Failure (after Measure EE's demise), is the exclusive, Mayoral Corruption Subject, of Investigative Report Peter Schweizer's new Bestselling Book "Profiles In Corruption".
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is the Mayoral Corruption Subject of Investigative Report Peter Schweitzer's explosive new Best Selling Book. 
**Blogger's Notes: We are on bloggin "Gar-SOBBing Watch" as former Rhodes Scholar, turned emotional Mayor Eric Garcetti, achieves a great dubious distinction that his predecessor Antonio Villar (then Raigosa), somehow failed to garner, by becoming a ............., Profile in Mayoral Corruption.
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Monday, January 20, 2020

Outtakes (with Photos) from the CD-14 Neighborhood Council's City Council Candidate Forum

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group were among 300 witnesses to a fleeting opportunity to evaluate all the candidates (including a tardy, belittling, embellishing, failed US Senate aspirant), seeking to replace termed-out CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, last Friday at the Los Angeles Presbyterian Christian Church in El Sereno. 
CD-14 City Council Candidate Johnny Jay Jimenez (standing), addressing the near-capacity audience. 
** Blogger's Notes: If you were not able to attend last Friday's CD-14 City Council Candidate Forum at the Los Angeles Presbyterian Christian Church in El Sereno, the blame for not having other Neighborhood Council-sponsored opportunities to question the aspirants seeking to replace the termed-out Councilman Jose Huizar, rests with the six NCs (with support from the League of Women Voters), who jointly hosted this gathering.

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Cannabis Intrigue Influencing The 2020 March Election Proceedings

 From Pasadena City Hall, through the Commerce Model City and the City of Los Angeles Fourteenth Council District, the ramifications of California's Legalization of Recreational Cannabis, is the source of continuous intrigue as the new "Green Mother Lode (for the Politically-connected)", impacts local elections in March.
Will Pasadena City Manager Steve Mermell's questionable handling of Legal (and Illegal) Cannabis Issues, affect the Mayoral and City Council Elections in March? 
** Blogger's Notes: As California enters the second year of Recreational Marijuana Legalization, the political ramifications of the new "Green Mother Lode (for the Politically-connected)", is also a bountiful source of intrigue, meriting continuing cyber-coverage.
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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Upcoming CD-14 City Council Candidate Forums

The tiny Hermon Neighborhood Council stands way above other CD-14 NCs, in hosting their own indigenous Candidate Forum this evening (Thursday), prompting questions whether supporters of Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, are seeking to minimize the San Diego Native's exposure to serious questions pertaining to his REAL political aspirations. 
 The stand-alone Hermon Neighborhood Council Candidate Forum tonight. 
Why would the NCs sponsoring this Forum, not conduct their own stand-alone Debates in their respective communities, maybe to protect K.A. Leon? 


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

CD-14 Candidate Raquel Zamora Facilitates Teachable Moment On 21st Century Constituent Outreach

 Boyle Heights Native, Businesswoman and Educator Raquel Zamora, facilitated a refreshing Teachable Moment on what 21st Century Constituent Outreach should constitute as she showcased the endemic communal knowledge, that forms the foundation for her full term-committed, Grass Roots Campaign to replace CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. 
CD-14 Candidate Raquel Zamora utilizing 21st Century tools to facilitate a recent El Sereno Meet and Greet at the Hecho En Mexico Restaurant. 
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the momentary pause ....., as we engage in a flashback moment to a time last century in Council District 14, when a late Officeholder was respected for a brand of Constituent Services .........., awaiting a 21st Century incarnation.
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bloggin Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Tuesday

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group extrapolates on Mayor Eric Garcetti's Endorsement of Presidential Candidate Quid Pro Joe Biden, Investigative Journalist/Talk Show Host Randy Economy's Hollywood Appearance with Congressional Aspirant Eric Early and whether former CD-14 Staffer/Congressional Challenger Sara Hernandez, will stand with any of the qualified Female Opponents of #MeToo Enabler Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon.
The Political Union of a Presidential Candidate Gaffe Machine Joe Biden and a Policy Gaffe Mayor Eric Garcetti.
** Blogger's Notes: As the reign of Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Garcetti further sinks toward a 2022 demise, the former Rhodes Scholar, currently a Mayoral Officeholder with numerous Policy Gaffes, surprise no one with his safe choice Presidential Endorsement of the Poster Elder of Personal Gaffes,  "Quid Pro Joe Biden". 
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Monday, January 13, 2020

Outtakes from 2020 CD-14 Campaign Monday Report: "MEAT Trujillo Screws Another Political Campaign, (Allegedly)"

Longtime Los Angeles Political Figure (and former Mayor Sam Blogger) Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo once again, becomes the Central Figure in a CD-14 City Council Campaign Controversy .........., with help from "Son of Richard, Darrell Alatorre".
Congratulations Again, to Michael "MEAT" Trujillo (above) regarding his latest CD-14 City Council Campaign Controversy of his (and Darrell Alatorre's) Making. 
** Blogger's Notes: The former "Driving Mr. Villar of LA Politics" and the desired Political Consultant/Campaign Manager of aspiring Election Day Losers (think the IBEW-funded Measure B), has once again, found controversy in a CD-14 City Council Race.
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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Introducing ......, Hump Day Briefs on the 2020 CD-10 Campaign Scene

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group proudly introduces "Hump Day Briefs on the 2020 CD-10 Campaign Scene", as Grace Yoo (and others), seeks to blunt the LA County Democratic Party Machine's scheme to install troubled, termed-out LA County Board of Supervisor Mark (Father of Sebastian) Ridley-Thomas, in the place of the scandalous Herman Wesson.    
Will a reform-minded CD-10 Electorate bless Grace Yoo to replace Herman Wesson?
** Blogger's Notes: Happy Hump Day to all as the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group commences its 2020 CD-10 City Council Campaign Coverage.
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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Introducing ......... Notes on the 2020 CD-14 City Council Campaign Scorecard

Without further delays, its time to introduce/kickoff the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group's 2020 CD-14 City Council Campaign Coverage as the Ruling Political Establishment seeks to install former California State Senate President Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, as the "Temporary Jose Huizar Incarnation 2.0" ......., before the San Diego Native's desired 2022 LA Mayoral Campaign.
Another bloggin Self-congratulation for our pending 2020 CD-14 City Council Campaign Coverage. 
Blogger's Notes: Hola once again from the active, Mayor Sam Sister City News Group's CD-14 City Council Campaign Bloggin Bunker. 
After 15 plus years of a Princeton Graduate, turned into a corrupt, vindictive, litigious, investigated, wife-cheating disgrace, via Jose Luis Huizar, the CD-14 Electorate has a rare opportunity to select a Officeholder who will place communal needs, before self, at 200 N. Spring Street.
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Monday, January 06, 2020

A Blogigin Kickoff of 2020 Elections Coverage

On this First Monday of 2020, its time to kickoff Mayor Sam Sister Cities News Group's cyber-coverage of the 2020 Elections as we seek out content radiating in many directions (and different municipalities), from our 200 North Spring Street's bloggin center of focus. 
Mayor Sam Sister City News Group's multi-directional bloggin coverage.
** Blogger's Notes: We're back ........., on 2020 Elections Watch.
As the assorted cronies of the Ciudad de Los Angeles (and beyond) One Party Political Establishment return from their respective Christmas/New Year Holidays recesses, now is the appropriate time to commence our wide-ranging, bloggin election coverage.
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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Happy Mayor Sam Bloggin New Year 2020!!

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group wishes everyone a Blessed New Year 2020 as we return to our cyber-endeavor, with the upcoming March Elections taking paramount priority.
Ticking onward into 2020 Election Coverage.


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Bloggin Mayor Sam Merry Christmas 2019!!

We bloggin wish everyone a most-joyful Merry Christmas as we pledge to cyber-reconnect, with coverage of all the up (Presidential) and down ticket (CD 10 and 14) Elections, upcoming in 2020.
Who will benefit from Mayor Sam's Cyber Gift Bag this Christmas?
** Blogger's Notes: With a push of the power button, a certain, dormant blogger returns to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, with cyber-offerings forthcoming for the politically-good ......., and the naughty.
In the last few months, their has been a noted lack of postings for a simple reason, there is "less of me" ........, literally. 
Many of you who the late Michael Higby (wishing him the best in a better world) and myself, have met in person, will remember that the both of us, were rather rotund in girth and needed to part with some of our respective lbs (with inspiration from Jack Witt), and that became my paramount priority these last few months.
Bluntly, daily finger exercises on the keyboards do not suffice in decreasing body mass, especially when your weight is near 400 lbs. and you are dealing with a loss a of a parent. Thus, it was imperative that reconnecting with fitness, take priority over cyber-musing and minus 65 lbs (and counting) .........., its bloggin time to return.
While reconnecting with a forgotten task called "exercise (aquatics workouts to be specific)", we continue to multi-task, by keeping up to date on breaking news which included the Sham Impeachment (in reality a Cover Up of DOJ/CIA/FBI Spying on President Donald Trump), the journalistic devolution of the LA Times, the continuing Legal Marijuana Corruption in Southeast LA County and of course ........., the latest ex. staffer (Jesse Leon) to sue CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
Back to the moment at hand, we would be remiss in not giving thanks to those who have been supportive in a renewed dedication to physical and mental well-being. From the local Aquatic Center Staff to a core group of friends (Yosef, Terrance, Lydia, Leo, Art, Ramon, Phillip, Hugo, Anthony, Angela, Roy, Claudia, Caroline, Ernie, Santi y Amy and the staff at Jenny Craig), may your Christmas be blessed with spiritual good tidings as we give witness (once again) to the cyber-creation of a late (and still) Dear Friend Michael Higby----Scott Johnson.
** More content this evening!!


Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Tuesday

On this Tuesday (a year before the 2020 Presidential Election), we are on 200 N. Spring Street Watch as Embellishing, Electioneering and Pandering are the continuing norm, as Los Angeles City Hall digresses towards March Municipal (and a possible Recall) Elections.
Mayor Eric Gar-SOBBing can't recall a better Model for dealing with LA's Homeless Crisis.
** Blogger's Notes: Let the countdown commence!! We are one year away from the 2020 Presidential (and down ticket) Elections and where do we start our blogging coverage?? 200 N. Spring Street. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Gar-SOBBing who's last term supposedly ends in 2022, is reacting predicatively to a resurgent Recall Campaign by resorting to the tired, political practice of ...., embellishing. Pardon me as I ......., LMAO, in response to Mayor Gar-SOBBing's statement that his Administration's Homeless Policy is the "Model Response" to emulate. The KRLA 870 AM Morning Answer's Hosts Jennifer Horn and Don Hicks (subbing for Lovable Liberal Brian Whitman), rightfully pointed out that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, unlike Mayor Gar-SOBBing, has presided over a ..........., decrease in his municipality's Homeless Population
Can you count the number of current and ex Councilman Jose Huizar Staffers in attendance at CD-14 Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon's El Sereno Meet and Greet?
Live from CD 14!! Its Campaign Time in CD 14 (and all even-numbered City of LA Council Districts) as the ruling One Party Junta in Calizuela has apparently anointed the former "State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon the First", the (temporary) Front Candidate to replace #Richellary2020 .........., as "Councilman Jose Huizar 2.0". In judging from the coordination/cooperation from ex and current Councilman Huizar (who went to Princeton) Staff, its an open secret that the failed US Senate Aspirant (who lost his own State Senate District to Senator Dianne Feinstein), is the desired (temporary?) Officeholder to lead a Huizar-like 2.0 Administration. 
Never underestimate a Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Political Machine Councilwoman's proclivity to Pander ........., despite some inconvenient truths.
It seemed like yesterday that CD-7 City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez was raising the bar on the (paid?) electioneering pandering (including selling your own soul), that an aspiring candidate for Public Office would resort to in their ambition-driven quest to be elected. Yet, since her successful election as the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine's designated replacement for the departed Felipe "FU" Fuentes, Councilperson Rodriguez has been ceaseless in her pandering to Campaign Supporters, despite the inconvenient truths (and embarrassing details) linked to those who are, now reaping the benefits of her Officeholder Largess ..........., more later----Scott Johnson. 

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles (and Beyond) Political Machine for Monday

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group brings you the latest on the current Political Intrigue from Pasadena, Commerce and as always, 200 N. Spring Street.
Political Intrigue radiates in all directions from 200 N. Spring Street.
** Blogger's Notes: A Bloggin Disclaimer .........., please note that when cyber-postings are lacking (like last week), the reasons can be found in the details below. 
From 200 N. Spring Street and radiated in many directions beyond the boundaries of Ciudad de Los Angeles, there is a need to fill the informational vacuum regarding the ceaseless amount of Political Intrigue meriting reporting.
The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has sought information regarding potential scoops reported to us and we endeavor to provide timely updates on our findings ........., despite official efforts to deny Transparency.  
Below, we provide updates on topics originating from the City of Commerce, City of Pasadena ......, and as always, 200 N. Spring Street----Scott Johnson.
City of Commerce: The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has received a response from the City of Commerce to a California Public Records Act (CPRA) Request, seeking documentation pertaining to an alleged Contracted Agreement (for Security Services) with a person identified as Reynaldo Uribe. 
As noted via the Hews Media Group, Uribe (the Husband of Montebello Unified School District Member Marisol Madrigal Uribe), was allegedly retained/appointed the "Bodyguard" for Commerce Mayor John Soria in the aftermath of a physical altercation that took place last May in Riverside County.  
In response to our CPRA Request, the Commerce Asst. City Clerk sent the following statement pictured below .........., with our follow up forthcoming.
Mayor Sam Sister City News Group CPRA Request.
City of Commerce Response to CPRA Request regarding "Reynaldo Uribe". 
City of Pasadena: The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group has been tipped off to a possible "misuse of municipal resources", involving a very high-ranking Pasadena City Hall Official. In the coming days, we will report details of our request (and response) for documentation pertaining to an alleged incident that took place "outside" the boundaries of the City of Roses.
Pasadena City Hall.
200 N. Spring Street: The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group is/has filed multiple CPRA Requests with multiple City Departments, seeking documents pertaining to various scoops provided by our readers (to be detailed later in the week). You can also be a part of our interactive endeavor by either emailing us at redspotincd14@yahoo.com or via phone at (323) 213-0149----S.J.
........., for being the Openness and Transparency Poster Politico. 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A LeFraud (James) Momentary Lapse of Social Consciousness

Unlike an aging Los Angeles Lakers LeFraud James and his Fellow Traveling NBA Collectivists, our support of Freedom of Speech is not predicated on preserving the corporate monetary flow from an Evil Regime, responsible for the past Intentional Deaths of Tens of Millions of its Citizens ....... and the current Force Enslavement/Internment of Uighur Muslims.
English Translation of Chinese Lettering: "F$#% (Houston Rockets General Manager) Daryl Morey".
Pro-Freedom Hong Kong Protesters burning a "Chairman LeFraud James Jersey". 
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the momentary bloggin foray into Sports Commentary but as a Clippers Fan, I would be remiss in not opining on the latest, uneducated mutterings, via aging LA Lakers Stuporstar LeFraud James.
The last time we saw LeFraud on the basketball court, he was having "documented defensive issues" as the once "Showtime Lakers" continue their devolution into its current LA Faders incarnation that prompted Mayor Eric Gar-SOBBing to proclaim Los Angeles ..........., a Clippers Town.
That stated, count us not surprise regarding the backlash to LeFraud's attempt to play defense for the NBA's China/Hong Kong Misadventures in Hypocrisy.
To the likes of James Harden, Steph Curry, Steve Kerr and LeFraud, Free Speech is convenient when engaging in the branding of self-serving interests, then morphs into blasphemy when it conflicts with the desired material outcome  
It would be easy to dismiss LeFraud's latest Failed Attempt at Defense, considering that Communist China History was most likely, not of paramount concern in Ninth Grade World History Class back in Ohio (and increasingly in our Nation's Public Schools). 
But the aspiring Social Activist (and Businessman), is still at fault for his obvious disdain for the cruel facts regarding the continuing Communist Chinese oppression of Hong Kong and its population as a whole. 
More egregious is the fact that the NBA seeks monetary riches in a godless-country that has persecuted Christians, followers of Tibet's Dali Lama and is seeking to erase all semblances of Muslim Uighurs Culture
If LeFraud was true to his commitment of Social Justice, he would take the offense in condemning Communist China's persecution of Muslims, considering the heritage of the NBA's openness in accepting Muslim Followers, such as former Laker Great, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (the formerly Lew Alcinder) and current Turkish Player Enes Kanter ........., but until then, LeFraud continues to get burn on defense, again----Scott Johnson.

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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Introducing ......, Outtakes Regarding Assorted Southeast LA Political Schemes For Thursday

In the Public Interest of filling an Objective Journalistic Void within an area formerly served by the now-defunct, Eastern Group Publications, the Mayor Sam Blog presents a new weekly feature dedicated to disclosing Breaking Southeast Los Angeles County Political News ........., with salient commentary.
Never underestimate what (and where, including Tijuana) Southeast LA Political Intrigue, can be uncovered.
** Blogger's Notes: For 40 plus years, residents to the immediate east, southeast of the City of Los Angeles, looked forward to its regular Thursday delivery of the Weekly Newspaper of Record, that provided the latest news regarding their respective Municipalities.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

A Political Police Chief Moore's Subjective Repudiation of late Jewish-American Andrew Breitbart's Conservative Voice

City of Los Angeles Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBIng's Appointee as LAPD's Top Cop Michael Moore, joins a growing number of Politically-Correct Police Chiefs, who "Swings True", in promoting the Political Agenda of their Officeholder Bosses, as witness with Chief Moore's Subjective Repudiation of his Department's Ads, that appeared on the late Jewish American Andrew Breitbart's Conservative (and Pro-Police) Website.
LA Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBing's Appointed Chief Michael Moore. 
** Blogger's Notes: With no apologies to LA Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBing and his appointed LAPD Chief Michael Moore, we take great exception to your Subjective Repudiation/Attack on Conservative Speech/Values, as witness with your smearing of the Late Andrew Breitbart's Namesake Website. 
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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Hot Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Has a now, Ex CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo Staffer, join ranks with the notorious former Bell Gardens City Councilman (now Political Consultant) Mario Beltran, to blunt the Mayoral Aspirations of the Special Interests-owned, Career Politico, after his former Boss refused to bail him out (literally), for alleged, work-related misconduct?
The former "One Bill Gil", now CD-1 City Councilman "Broken Deal Cedillo".
** Blogger's Note: We are three years away from the 2022 Mayoral Campaign to replace Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric Gar-SOBBing, but the skirmishing between the possible (actually, very likely) Latino Candidates, CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" and former Calizuela State Senate "Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon the First", is playing out ......., in mysterious ways (allegedly).
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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Congressman "Schiff for Brains Lying Charade"......., Exposed (Again)

  • Constituents of Calizuela's 28th Congressional District (and the Nation), were witness (again) to another Democrat Congressman Adam "Schiff for Brains Moment" as the current Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made a Mockery of today's Whistleblower Hearing ....... with his much-ridiculed, False Opening Statement.
Amazing the "Schiff for Brains" that Acts as an "Eraser of the Truth".
** Blogger's Notes: Calling upon the late Congressman Carlos Moorhead and former Congressman (now Judge) James Rogan, your ex constituents are in dire need .........., of truthful representation.
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