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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Political Career of Antonio Villaraigosa Ends in ............,

From the Oregon Border to a looming New Wall in San Diego, Californians are are voting .........., NO MAS, to a possible Gubernatorial Incarnation of Antonio Villargovea, leaving us to bloggin reminisce (with a song dedication) on a City Terrace Native named "Tony" and his pending Day of Political Reckoning.      
The Venice Room in Monterey Park.
** Blogger's Notes: Just a thought ..........., with the aspirations of a certain City Terrace Native to become California's next Governor, going the way of a Telebimbo Quicky, we call upon fellow UCLA Graduate Jim Morrison to perform his signature song "The End", as the appropriate dedication for the apparent conclusion to Antonio Ramon Villar's Political Desires----Scott Johnson.  
A Timeless Cover Photo of Tony V.
A Fellow UCLA Graduate with the appropriate Dedication to Antonio Villar's Political Aspirations.  

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mayor Sam Exclusive: A Madame Muckraker's Moderated Misogyny targeting Vanessa Delgado?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the alleged, Moderated Misogyny of the "Madame Muckraker of Southeast Los Angeles County Journalism Brian Hews, targeting Montebello City Councilwoman Vanessa Delgado (a past and continuing target of Fake News via the Chacon Political Family Propagandist). 
The "Madame Muckraker (aka. Brian Hews of the Los Cerritos Community News)".
Montebello City Councilwoman (and 32nd State Senate District Candidate) Vanessa Delgado.
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive (but a known fact among female antagonists of Brian Hews/Hector Chacon's choosing), the Madame Muckraker/Staff had ample time to engage in alleged, "MODERATED MISOGYNY", that most-recently targeted City of Montebello City Councilwoman (and current 32nd State Senate District Candidate) Vanessa Delgado.  
In reviewing the apparent, moderated comments posted on a HMG-CN Op-Ed regarding Candidate Delgado's recent endorsements, a number of them were sexually-explicit in disparaging Delgado's personal standing as a woman (and politician). 
A tame (but still misogynist) sampling.
Like most Women Mayor Delgado needs her “Vitamin D” as well 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m glad to finally see females in politics behaving like Men. #girlpower2018  

........, and the others are worse.

At the minimum, the Editor/Publisher of the former Southeast LA County "Weekly Newspaper of Record, should be a "Real Man", in taking full accountability for the alleged, moderated-approve postings that explicitly-defame a current Officeholder, and personally keyboard a retraction ........, but instead, he makes matters worse via a "HMG Staff Report".

“Must be nice,” said HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews, “I don’t have time to go on Facebook,  I have to run my business. Apparently Delgado has time to post derogatory statements concerning true articles about her campaign finances and endorsements. If she is not afraid to attack the press, who else will she attack if she is elected? This is repulsive behavior from someone who is running for state office in line with Cristina Garcia’s vulgar language and slurs.”

......, and the screen shot in question below.
Searching for Candidate Delgado's alleged, defaming vulgarities ........., where none are to be found.
Upon review, the only politically-connected vulgarity we can find, is referencing the Chacons, as many ethically-rooted Southeast LA Political Observers would agree, that the Madame Muckraker's Political Pimp Daddy Hector Chacon's (and allies) Agenda .........., is the VULGARITY afflicting Southeast LA Politics------Scott Johnson.

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The Thursday Before ........, (insert LA Times Hit Piece here), Election Day Brief

On this "Thursday Before Primary Election Day 2018", a certain former "Los Angeles Fishwrap of Record (moving to El Segundo)" reverts to tried (and failed) effort to influence the vote, in seeking to save its latest Editorial/Newsroom Agenda-driven incarnation of the ..........., "LA Antonio (the Gubernatorial Villargovea Edition) Times". 
The Wreckage of Agenda Journalism (in support of poll-trending, Failure Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villargovea) ........., currently on Spring Street.  
** Blogger's Notes: Its the "Thursday Before Primary Election Day 2018", and once again, a certain dispenser of Agenda Journalism (moving to El Segundo), is seeking to influence the selection of California's next Governor.
 Longtime political observers will remember the Thursday Before the Governor Gray "Gumby" Davis Recall Election in 2003, when the LA Times, timely-disclosed, numerous allegations of female-groping by then Gubernatorial Candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger (who later morphed into a RINO, "Kennedy Republican" Governor, but we digress). 
Fifteen years later, a much-smaller Journalistic Regurgitator of New York Times, Washington Post and CNN-crafted Fake Trump Resistance Propaganda, attempts to forestall (for a few months) the looming FAILURE (once again) of its latest COURAGEOUS (more like myopic) "LA Antonio Times" incarnation
Unlike the LA Times attempt to create news via repudiate polling data in 2003, the current aggregated Polling Data via the Real Clear Politics Website clearly shows that the "Antonio Villargovea for Governor reincarnation, NEVER caught on with an intuitive California Electorate.
In actuality, the latest Poll via Berkeley IGS, has Republican John Cox leading the City Terrace Native by a 20-13% margin for the second spot, with Republican Travis Allan right behind at 12%.
With the polling data clearly showing that their latest "LA Antonio Times" incarnation going down the same way of former USC President Max Nikias (into irrelevancy), how do the Editorial/Newsroom Villarnistas respond? From the catacombs of the Villarnista Newsroom comes the latest in "Trump-branding" with, "Before John Cox was Trump's choice for governor, he was on a quixotic mission to remake California's Legislature".............., and being Trump's Choice should almost make it certain that a certain Magazine Cover become relevant, AGAIN, on Election Day-----Scott Johnson.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Week Before Election Day Morning Briefs for Tuesday

With a week before the 2018 California Primary, Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villargovea (and other Dummycrats) get TROLLED by President Donald J. Trump for exploiting ex President Barack "H" Obama Era detained Immigrant Children Photos, to motivate voter turnout ........, as a new poll shows the ex. Failure Mayor, trailing both Republicans. 
** Blogger's Notes: Ahhhh ........., did a certain California Gubernatorial Candidate (and others) get T-R-O-L-L-E-D by President Donald J. Trump? Lets consider the true facts. First, the City Terrace Native feigns a "Speechless (Twitter) Moment (kinda like his numerous Caught Cheating Episodes)", in regards to the photo which allegedly showed, "the first glimpse of immigrant children at holding facility". Second, upon learning that the photo tweeted was in actuality, from 2014 (ahhh, was the guy who would not give Tony a Cabinet Position, President then?), Team Villargovea deleted the fact-challenged Twitter Post ............, and replaced it with another factually-challenged #WhereAreTheChildren Post, based upon a 1-28-16 New York Times Missive, which claimed that Immigration Officials placed Immigrant Children with Human Traffickers. Facts stated, we ask the Roosevelt High School Graduate a simple question .............., who was President on the date of the Old Gray Lady Story? Ahhhhhh. Meanwhile, the latest Gubernatorial Campaign Poll shows a Red Wave overtaking Tony.  
From the Twitter Account of President Donald J. Trump: Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama’s term showing children from the Border in steel cages. They thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look bad, but backfires. Dems must agree to Wall and new Border Protection for good of country...Bipartisan Bill!
** We have a former CD 7/2 City Councilman Richard Alarcon cyber-sighting, with a brief commentary regarding embattled Northeast San Fernando Valley Congressman Tony Cardenas ....., and those who would seek to replace him.
Former CD 7/2 City Councilman Richard Alarcon and Daughter Andrea.
** The recent Homophobic Rantings of an Orange County Political Dinosaur Congressman Dana Rohrabacher were challenged by our bloggin Radio/Journalist Friend Randy Economy who posted the following ....... "Wanted to make sure that EVERY MEMBER of the LOG CABIN REPUBLICAN MOVEMENT here in AMERICA can see EXACTLY what Dana Rohrabacher thinks about US. Stop promoting this homophobic member of Congress.... STOP IT DANA...this is NOT ACCEPTABLE in 2018" ......., and we here at Mayor Sam stand with Randy-----Scott Johnson.
Randy Economy and former CD-3 City Councilman (and Radio Co-Host) Dennis Zine.
  A Political Dinosaur in need of Replacement on Election Day.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Never Forget Those Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice

America on this Day remembers those who made the Supreme Sacrifice in preserving our Freedoms within the Greatest Country on Earth.
A Fallen Hero Nears Their Final Resting Place at Arlington National Cemetery.
Veterans and Family Members "Standing at Ease" at the Boyle Heights World War Two Memorial.

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Special Sub-Contractor Edition of "Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist featuring ....... Brian Hews"

The Mayor Sam Blog presents a Special Sub-Contractor Edition of  "Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist" featuring ..............., Los Angeles Press Club-nominated "Journalist of the Year for 2018" Brian Hews (currently being paid by the Ivan Altamirano for Assembly Campaign).
The Madame Muckraker's "Chris Matthews Moment" upon learning of his "2018 Journalist of the Year Nomination".

** Blogger's Notes:
On this second-to-last Saturday before the June 5 Primary Elections, the Mayor Sam Blog presents (for the benefit of 58th Assembly District Voters), a Special Sub-Contractor Edition of "Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist" ........, featuring Brian Hews.

As Election Day nears, the Madame Muckraker's "Servicing of Political Johns (approved by Chacon Political Family Pimp Daddy Hector Chacon, allegedly)", takes on more embellishing urgency, as  likes of State Senate Candidate Bob Archuleta and newest client 58th AD Candidate Ivan Altamirano, face an increasing uphill battle to place in the Top Two on Election Day.

Early in the past week, the reigning Muckraker of Southeast LA County Journalism, wasted no time in keyboarding a Chris Matthews-like Moment, in disclosing his LA Press Club Nomination as a "2018 Journalist of the Year Finalist" ............. (please pardon our momentary delay due to spontaneous gagging reflex episode).

We here at Mayor Sam do not pretend to be compensated Journalists (were not), but we do understand that our missives/commentary's should be predicated on the presentation of facts, and disclosures of conflicts (especially of the financial types) ..........., as DOCUMENTED via the Altamirano for Assembly Campaign's PAYMENT to the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group (aka. the NOW "Brian Hews/Los Chacon Political Agenda-benefiting News).

Thus, providing the motivation our latest "Ask a Madame Muckraker Edition (that continues below)"-----Scott Johnson.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

A Memorial Holiday Weekend Friday Getaway Bloggin Political Bad News Dump

As millions of Californians pay higher gas prices for Summer 2018's Memorial Day Weekend Getaway, we tease Bloggin Bad News (for future expansive coverage) regarding the likes of CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo, ** (Ex) USC President Max Nikias, Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villargovea ..........., and a certain "Madame Muckraker (also sub-contractor?) for the 58th Assembly District Campaign of Ivan Altamirano. 
Are Arturo Chavez (left) and Conrado Terrazas (in shirt and tie) on the OUTS in CD-1 Office Shake-up?
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Its Comey does LA Day after Stormy becomes honorary Key Hole Madame of WeHo

On the day after Stormy Daniels became the latest honorary Key Hole Madame of West Hollywood (WeHo), terminated FBI Director James Comey's Book Tour makes its Sold Out LA Stop, as the former top G-man spins tales of his, alleged Rampart Scandal-like Law Enforcement Conduct.
Porn Star Stormy Daniels becomes the latest honorary "Key Hole Madame of WeHo". 
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the bloggin pause as we ponder the last time local governmental entities have granted a forum for two retched, self-serving Narcissists (with pending legal issues), on consecutive days .....,  as exampled by Porn Star Stormy Daniels and TERMINATED FBI Director James Comey.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

An Untimely Episode of Political Opportunism by Steve Veres?

On the day after the "Tri-partisan Call for the Resignation" of Northeast San Fernando Valley Congressman Tony Cardenas, Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees Member Steve Veres, is allegedly making known his "Congressional Aspirations" ........, if the current Officeholder meets an unexpected demise.  
Is current LACCD Board of Trustee Steve Veres risking alienating fellow NSFV Democratic Machine supporters by allegedly stating his Congressional Desires for the Seat STILL occupied by Tony Cardenas?

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Tri-partisan Group of Activists call for Resignation of Congressman Tony Cardenas

San Fernando Valley Activists (Reds, Blues and Green) come together in calling for the Resignation of embattled Congressman Tony Cardenas who is facing an allegation of drugging and then sexually assaulting a female teenager during a 2007 Golfing Event.
California Lt. Governor Candidate (and longtime San Fernando Valley Activist) David Hernandez speaks, with former Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, during Monday Morning Press Conference.
** Blogger's Notes: Its time to hold Congressman Cardenas accountable, if guilty, of the allegation against him-----Scott Johnson.
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Special Servicing of Ivan Altamirano Edition of.........., Ask a Madame Muckraker Fake News/Propagandist featuring Brian Hews

The Mayor Sam Blog gladly presents a "Special Servicing of Ivan Altamirano's (California Assembly aspirations) Edition" of ............, Ask a Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist (for hire) featuring Brian Hews.
Madame Muckraker, Fake News/Propagandist Brian Hews of the Cerritos-based "Brian Hews/Los Cerritos (in reality Chacon Political Agenda-benefiting) News".
Commerce City Councilman (and 58th AD Candidate Ivan Altamirano feelin the "Servicing" of the Madame Muckraker.
Blogger's Notes: Hola from just above the northern boundary of the 58th Assembly District where a supposed discreet Act of Servicing Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano's Assembly Office aspirations, is the motivation for this Special Servicing of Ivan Edition of .............., Ask a Madame Muckraker Fake News/Propagandist featuring Brian Hews (in "Servicing Attire"). 
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Resign Cardenas Rally Monday Morning at Congressman's Van Nuys Office

The Mayor Sam Blog has been notified of a "Resign Congressman (Tonto Tony) Cardenas Rally" that will take place on Monday morning, May 21 (starting at 10 A.M.), in front of the embattled Northeast San Fernando Valley Politico's Van Nuys Office.
Congressman Tony Cardenas.
** Blogger's Note: Disclaimer, veteran Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine Politico Congressman Tony Cardenas, is innocent until proven guilty (in an objective political society).

That stated, recent exposes regarding his fellow NSFV Machine crones Raul Bocanegra and Gerry Guzman-Martinez, makes it hard to outright dismiss the litiious allegation regarding the then CD-6 City Councilman (in 2011), that claims he drugged and sexual-assaulted a 16 year-old during a golf-outing.

Newly-elected LAUSD School Board Member Kelly Gones released a Statement that called upon Congressman Cardenas to resign (pictured below).

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday's Bloggin Eighties Dedications for the Afflicted within LA's Political Establishment

Its a TGIF Time for Bloggin Video Dedications for some of the Afflicted Members of the Los Angeles Political Establishment, featuring the likes of Congressman Tony Cardenas, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, a USC Gynecologist, State Senator Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon .........., and his anointed successor Maria Elena Durazo. 
** Blogger's Notes: Great Friday-before, the start of Political Summer 2018, where observers on the Left Coast of Cubafornia (on the Pacific), wait in anticipation of an hyped Blue Wave, but may instead be witness to a June (and November-repeating) Red Tide (more on that looming reality later). But in the interim, we want to bless this latest TGIF moment with some video musical dedications to the afflicted few within the Los Angeles Political Establishment as they face their "Election Day of Reckoning" ....... or in the case of an Ex. "University of Scandalous Conduct (aka USC)" Gynecologist, become the latest reason for the Termination of President Max Nikias----Scott Johnson.

Congressman Tony Cardenas: The top-ranking Politico of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine Congressman Tony Cardenas, is the latest Machine Member with a issue ......, and its SERIOUS. With a Judge allowing the naming of the former CD-6 City Councilman as the defendant in an alleged 2007 Sexual Assault of a then teenage girl, Congressman Cardenas, joins former Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra and Husband of current CD-6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez Gerry Guzman, as the latest Bad Boy (with underage cravings?), within the NSFV Machine (allegedly). 
Oingo Boingo: "Little Girls"
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Monday, May 07, 2018

Proposed Lincoln Heights Measure HHH-financed Developments Listening Session this Wednesday

For Immediate Release:
Contact Scott Johnson at (323) 213-0149 or outwardmsj66@yahoo.com
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights invites you to attend a Listening Session regarding the proposed Measure HHH-financed Development of Five Public Parking Lots, into Affordable, Market Rate ......, and an undisclosed amount of Permanent Supportive Housing for the Homeless. 
Date: May 7, 2018.
With the exclusive approval of the City of Los Angeles Measure HHH Oversight Authority, the Developers designated to draft the Development of Five Public Parking Lots along Lincoln Heights Broadway Business Corridor, will engage the community in a Listening Session, hosted by the Sacred Heart Parish Social Justice Group on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 (Location specifics posted below).
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights implores all Stakeholders to attend, respect the proceedings facilitators .........., and then ponder the following questions once the presentations are completed.
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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Madame Muckraker (Brian) Hews latest "Political John" Ivan Altamirano

City of Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano has been exposed as the newest "Political John" paying for the services of the "Madame Muckraker of Fake News/Propaganda Brian Hews" as he aspires to unseat (with alleged help of the Chacon Political Family) embattled Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia in the 58th Assembly District.
The Reigning Madame Muckraker of Fake News/Propaganda (for hire) in Southeast Los Angeles County Brian Hews.
The newest Political John of Madame Muckraker Brian Hews City of Commerce Councilman Ivan Altamirano.
** Blogger's Notes: Once upon a recent political time in the City of Commerce, there (and still is) a City Council Member, who was the target of numerous missives, chronicling alleged ethical transgressions ........, by the reigning Madame Muckraker of Fake News/Propaganda (for hire) Brian Hews (with approval of Political Pimp Daddy Hector Chacon). 
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

LAPD Deputy Chief Roberto Arcos and the Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights get Top Billing at Tomorrow's (Thursday) Meeting of the Montecito Heights Improvement Association

The Monthly Meeting of the Montecito Heights Improvement Association (MHIA) features presentations from LA Police Chief Candidate, current Deputy Chief Roberto Arcos and The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights, tomorrow evening (Thursday) at the Montecito Heights Senior Center. 
 LAPD Deputy Chief Roberto Arcos seeks to replace current Boss, Chief Charlie Beck, as LA's Top Cop. 
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights will give a presentation on its continuing quest to expose CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's Measure HHH-financed Scheme to Develop Five Lincoln Heights Public Parking Lots into "Affordable/Market Rate Housing". 
** Blogger's Notes: For the intuitive Northeast LA (and beyond) Stakeholder who desires to expand their knowledge on the forthcoming proceedings to replace retiring LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti/CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's "Grand Plan" to utilize Measure HHH-financing to develop Five Lincoln Heights Public Parking Lots, into Affordable/Market Rate Housing, then plan on attending tomorrow's (Thursday) MHIA Meeting.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The annual choreographed "State of the City Presentation". featuring "Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee", is the appropriate opening topic to cyber-reacquaint ourselves with the continuing dysfunction originating from the controlling, Progressive/Left Political Machine at 200 Spring Street ..........., and elsewhere with Ciudad de Los Angeles.                                                   
A National Yoga-trotting Politico finds his way home, again. 
** Blogger's Notes: Were back on "Gar-SOFT-ee Watch (for a cyber-moment)". The mere thought of Mayor/Presidential-aspirant Eric Gar-SOFT-ee (especially after a hearty breakfast), is enough to kick start a food coma episode ............., that terminates with the dull reality of the former Rhodes Scholar's continuing "Administrating-in-Denial" of the Nation's second-largest city. Yesterday's ;State of the City/Marketing of the Gar-SOFT-ee Political Brand" attempted to raise the Homeless Crisis decibel level a couple of notches, via his proposal that each Council District promptly open temporary Homeless Shelters, in exchange for additional LAPD and Bureau of Sanitation resources .........., while innovated ideas for Measure HHH-financed Permanent Supportive Housing, languish.
** The Mayor Sam Blog has been privy to substantiated speculation that embattled LAUSD School Board Member Ref Rodriguez may resign before July ........., and pending the resolution to the selection of the new Superintendent .........., which according to the (pending) El Segundo Times, will most likely be former LA Times Editor Austin "Mini Riordan II" Beutner.  
** With the MOST LIKELY Election of  Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees President Sydney Kamlagar to the California Assembly, a whispering dialog has commence on her pending replacement ............, and the "future cost" it will take to make the LACCD Board of Trustees whole again. BIG HINT!! A certain US Senate Candidate (and his LACCD Trustee Puppets), can make YOU a Trustee, in return for ............, to be continue----Scott Johnson. 
A LACCD Trustee Position is a phone call away, for some US Senate Campaign "Love" (allegedly).

Monday, April 16, 2018

Introducing the ............, Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group

As a former "Fishwrap of Record (on Spring Street)" contracts into its new El Segundo Exile, the Mayor Sam Blog is GLAD to announce its new incarnation as the .............., Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group.    
The new Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group will expand its musings to Political Enclaves, BEYOND the control of 200 North Spring Street. 
** Blogger's Notes: Filling the Void .............. as the news of the pending relocation of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag FORMERLY on Spring Street" makes its way across the 405 Concrete Curtain, into its remaining reader's base, the Mayor Sam Blog return from its slumber in a NEW incarnation.
After weeks of consultations with numerous cyber supporters and episodes of self-reflections, the Mayor Sam Sister City Blog will undergo an incarnation that becomes the ................, Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group. 
In the last couple of months, we have sadly seen a once-robust Journalistic Community continue its contrition with the demise of the Eastern Group Publications, the gutting of the LA Weekly and the continuous devolution of the "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street" ......., into its looming incarnation as the "Tar Ball Hag Trump Hater of El Segundo".  
With the supposed "Fourth Estate" in crisis (and reduced to pleading for its survival), its become readily apparent that until Mainstream Journalism grasps the reality of their self-inflicted damaging excesses, via its subjective, bias, agenda-driven and increasing-repudiated musings, .........., a local, cyber-based media alternative is imperative in keeping communities abreast of the actions of their respective governments. 
Unlike the reigning Cerritos-based, Propaganda Wrap of Southeast LA County known as the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon (Political Family) News", that ALLEGEDLY finances its pronouncements benefiting the Chacon Political Family, with Taxpayers-financed Ads, we aspire to merely to become a trusted, cyber-conduit of objective facts ........., that informs and empowers.
City of Commerce City Councilman John Soria (in suit), with Commerce Mayor Oralia Rebollo (left), and new Commerce City Administrator Edgar Cisneros.
In a past, objective Journalistic Environment, the likes of the Eastern Group Publications, an aggressive, Southeast LA Political Reporter from the LA Times and the Los Cerritos Community News, would find NEWSWORTHY, the circumstances behind the hiring of new City of Commerce Administrator Edgar Cisneros.
As noted in the photo above, Cisneros, who is also a Montebello Unified School Board Member, was a supporter of John Soria's recent successful Campaign for Commerce City Council. 
The Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group, in review of, NOW Councilman Soria's Campaign 460 Forms, observed a largely, self-financed (and debt-incurring) endeavor for Public Office ..........., become a Southeast LA Special Interests-financed exercise, with the supposed help of, THEN Huntington Park City Manager Edgar Cisneros ........... and his dubious connections.
Among the post-election contributors was Express Transportation Services LLC, who's recent City of Huntington Park Contract for "Dial A Ride Services" was the subject of a LA Times Missive.
From the LA Times ............. 
When the Huntington Park City Council changed its senior citizens dial-a-ride contractor last year, it raised some eyebrows in the community. The council selected Metro Transit Services for $600,000 a year with annual increases, even though the firm's bid was was nearly $200,000 a year higher than what the incumbent contractor, Fiesta Taxi, bid. The October decision was the second time city leaders had awarded a contract to Metro Transit Services. Metro Transit hired as its general manager Mario Beltran, owner of a political consulting firm that worked for a campaign committee that promoted the council majority. He had no experience in transportation and a criminal record involving misuse of campaign funds and filing a false police report. It also hired Councilwoman Graciela Ortiz's brother, an unpaid volunteer to his sister's council campaign.

..........., and who did Soria vote to hire as the City of Commerce NEW City Administrator? The answer causes one to ponder whether a "Contributions for Job Scheme" merits further investigating-----Scott Johnson ** More Mayor Sam Sister Cities News Group Infrastructure Details forthcoming.
City of Commerce Councilman John Soria Post Campaign Contributions, Page 1
City of Commerce Councilman John Soria Post Campaign Contribution, Page 2

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Remembering Michael ............., with a Special Bloggin Announcement on Monday Morning

 Death, Taxes (and a forthcoming Bloggin Special Announcement) will always be synonymous for April 15, as we remember the Third Anniversary of the untimely Passing of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby .............., and TEASE a Special Bloggin Announcement regarding the FUTURE of Michael's Cyber Creation.   
We will never forget the Voice of Bloggin Truth.
** Blogger's Notes: This date will always be synonymous with Death and Taxes. Three years ago today, our Bloggin Creator Michael Higby was called upon to join his beloved Mom in a better place. As our respective lives continue onwards toward our appointed time to approach the Gates to the Atherlife, Michael would want us to live each day to its fullest potential .........., and not mind a remembrance of his past deeds on this Day of his Passing. Those who were BLESSED in calling Michael a friend, will surely shed a willing tear (or more) Today as we continue to miss his physical presence, but we can find solace in the TRUTH of his continual Spiritual Guidance ........, from ABOVE. BTW (in a shameless tease) ..........., click in tomorrow morning for a Special Bloggin Announcement-----Scott Johnson. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Press Release from the Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights 3-27-18

For Immediate Release:

Contact Scott Johnson at (323) 213-0149 or outwardmsj66@yahoo.com

Giving Thanks to an UNITED, Greater Lincoln Heights Community's repudiation of CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's attempted choreographed presentation on the proposed Measure HHH-financed, Development of FIVE Public Parking Lots ........., into MOSTLY, non-Homeless Housing. 

Date:  March 27, 2018
Misinform and Enabling we're not!!
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights wants to give THANKS to the everyone who attended last Thursday's CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's attempted controlling and misinforming presentation at the Senior Center. 
Our LH Community's Youth, Business Owners, Families, NC Board Members, Seniors, Church Members and supporting Neighbors, witnessed for themselves the arrogant disregard of their truth-challenged City Hall Representative. 
CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo.
Despite Councilman Cedillo's (with Mayor Eric Garcetti'a approval) attempt to pack the crowd with his former CD 1 Campaign Workers from Victory Outreach and City Hall Staffers, his totalitarian tactics were no match for an engaged and informed Community. 
Assistant City Hall CAO Yolanda Chavez.
Community Members clearly heard through the Double Talk of City Administrative Office Official Yolanda Chavez and the political-connected Developers as they attempted to garner support for the Development of various types of Housing, while mostly ignoring the original recipient of Measure HHH Funding ............, the Homeless and NEEDED Supportive Services.
In the days ahead, we will have more Breaking News as our Coalition grows, but for NOW, lets remember Thursday, March 22, 2018 .........., as the day an UNITED, GREATER LINCOLN HEIGHTS COMMUNITY stood up for Fair Representation ........... and dispensation of Homeless Housing/Supportive Resources (without political connotations). 
Former CD-1 City Councilman and CURRENT WORKS Developer Consultant Ed Reyes.
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights endeavors to Act as a Fair, Honest Voice and Respects All Viewpoints in the Interest of Preserving the Greater Lincoln Heights Community.  
For More Information, Interview Requests with Coalition Leaders and Members
Contact Scott Johnson at (323) 213-0149 or outwardmsj66@yahoo,com

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

COMMUNITY ACTION ALERT!! CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo BANS Protest Posters and Banners from Lincoln Heights Community Meeting

COMMUNITY ACTION ALERT!! CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo, has BANNED Freedom of Expression (via Posters and Banners), from tomorrow's Lincoln Heights Community Meeting regarding the proposed Measure HHH-financed Development of FIVE Public Parking Lots, into MOSTLY, "Non-Homeless Housing".   
No Carrots for THOSE within the CD-1 Police State, who espouse Freedom of Expression via Posters and Banners.  
** Blogger's Notes: When CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo (with direction from Mayor Eric Garcetti) is exposed for his latest Backroom Dealings that would defraud Measure HHH (and adversely alter the Lincoln Heights Community) ..........., then its no surprise that the Politburo Establishment DEMANDS a crackdown on dissent. Weeks after feigning "Scheduling Conflicts (while searching for willing Communal Vendidos y Vendidas) in denying a direct meeting with his underlings, the aspiring future Mayoral Contender, will allegedly leave his exclusive Dacha Enclave, for a BRIEF controlled and choreographed appearance tomorrow evening in Lincoln Heights (as noted below). Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo has decreed that anyone within the Proletariat/Constituent Class, who DARES to express themselves via Banners, Posters or espouses reactionary conduct, will face DISAPPEARANCE from the Senior Center premises ................, CONTRARY to established People's Sanctuary Policy, as excerpted from the Human Relations Commission. 

Am I able to carry signs to hold up during a demonstration? Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 55.07 makes it a misdemeanor to possess during a demonstration, rally, picket line or public assembly any length of lumber, wood, or wood lath unless it is one-fourth inch or less in thickness and two inches or less in width, or if not rectangular, not more than three-quarters inch in its thickest dimension.

Thus, its seems that tomorrow's gathering (minus the lumber) should be a festive affair filled with flowing banners and creative posters, promoting a message that the CD-1 Clowncil Commissar CANNOT restrict ......... unless he wants to be the cause of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL Episode-----Scott Johnson.
CD-1 Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo DEMANDS obedience from his Proletariat, or face banishment to the Larry "Nativo" Lopez Gulag of Constituent Re-education.  
Would CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo, have youth leaders committed to the Eastlake Juvenile Re-education Facility, for merely expressing their First Amendment Rights, via Posters and Banners?  
Again, the respected "Thin Blue Line" are use as tools to Serve and Protect a Political Coward. 

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Press Release from the Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights

For Immediate Release:
Contact Scott Johnson at (323) 213-0149 or outwardmsj66@yahoo.com

Los Angeles CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo continues to ATTACK the supposed NIMBYists Constituents of Lincoln Heights, on the EVE of his strictly-choreographed Presentation of his (and Mayor Eric Garcetti's) Measure HHH-funded Lincoln Heights Parking Lots Housing Developments ........., for mostly "Non-Homeless Clientele".

When: March, 22, 2018, at 6 P.M.
Where: Lincoln Heights Senior Center, 2323 Workman Street, L.A. California, 90031
What: CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's strictly-choreographed Presentation on proposed Measure HHH-financed, Lincoln Heights Five Parking Lots Housing Development Scheme.

As Los Angeles CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo joined his Council Colleagues in supporting a non-binding resolution/pledge to build a minimum of 222 Units of Homeless Housing in each of the fifteen councilmatic districts, the re-elected officeholder, AGAIN, bemoaned those perishing NIMBYISTS within his boundaries of representation.

From the LA Times: The challenge is "this question of NIMBYism — not in my backyard," Councilman Gil Cedillo said. "Everybody wants this problem solved. Everybody does. But ask if you can do it down the block … and people are up in arms." 

In response to Councilman Cedillo's latest "NIMBYIST UTTERANCES", we ask the renowned "One Bill Gil", to grant the courtesy of answering the following question regarding your (and with Mayor Eric Garcetti's support), proposal to develop FIVE Public Parking Lots along the Lincoln Heights Broadway Business Corridor, into mostly, "Non Homeless Housing".

Simply, will you PLEDGE to choreograph the structure of tomorrow's Meeting at the Lincoln Heights Senior Center, to make paramount, the engagement of your Constituents, in a Question & Answer Dialog .........., as requested by the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council, the Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights and many Stakeholders?

How you respond to this Constituent Courtesy, will predicate the productivity of tomorrow's gathering (unless already pre-determine via Backroom Deals at City Hall).

The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights endeavors to Act as a Fair, Honest Voice and Respects All Viewpoints in the Interest of Preserving the Greater Lincoln Heights Community.   
For More Information, Interview Requests with Coalition Leaders and Members
Contact Scott Johnson at (323) 213-0149 or outwardmsj66@yahoo,com

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Photos from CHALE CON CEDILLO'S (Measure HHH LH Parking Lot Development Scheme) Night at the LHNC

As an over-flowing crowd of Constituents openly expressed their disdain of absence CD-1 City Councilman Gil "NO SHOW CEDILLO", the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council stood up for the Greater Lincoln Heights (and Beyond) Community by Voting to approve a Motion to OPPOSE Councilman Cedillo's (along with Mayor Eric Garcetti') Measure HHH-financed LH Public Parking Lots Development Scheme. 
Mayor Eric Garcetti, CD City Councilman Gil "NO SHOW CEDILLO" ......., and City Attorney Mike Feuer have a GROWING (and possible Litigious) Measure HHH Scandal in progress.
** Blogger's Notes: THE BACKLASH GROWS ............, in Lincoln Heights. Hundreds of Lincoln Heights Stakeholders PACKED the Monthly Meeting of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council in search of their, ALLEGED Elected CD 1 City Council Representative Gil "NO SHOW CEDILLO" .........., and did not hide their collective DISDAIN in being slighted, again. For the record, the supposed CD-1 Representative cited a scheduling conflict in rejecting a LHNC invitation to address Constituents regarding the proposed Measure HHH-financed Proposal to Develop Five Public Parking Lots along the Broadway Business Corridor ........., into MOSTLY, non-Homeless Housing. The void of MIA LEADERSHIP via "Councilman NO SHOW CEDILLO" was singularly-replaced by the LHNC, which accorded their Stakeholders an opportunity to comment, express ..........., and then STOOD WITH THEM, in voting to approve a Motion that OPPOSED the proposed Developments-----Scott Johnson.
  NO SHOW CEDILLO did NOT CARE to attend Meeting.
Would Developer Geoff Palmer find agreeable the latest orange-tint of "NO SHOW CEDILLO"?
Absentee Representation fosters Constituents Discontent. 
NO SHOW CEDILLO inspires .............

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