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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Councilman Jose Huizar Under FBI Investigation (again in 2018)

Some six years after the 2011 Rudy Martinez for City Council Campaign's prophetic "Under FBI Investigation Mailer, dozens of agents raided the Home, City Hall Office and other locations connected to the embattled CD-14 Officeholder. 
The 2011 Rudy Martinez for City Council Campaign "Prophetic FBI Investigation Mailer".
** Blogger's Notes: Its Official ........., and Rudy Martinez was prophetic in warning us.
As FBI Agents descended on the Home (at 6 AM) and Offices of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, we cannot help to engage in a bloggin Flashback to the 2011 CD-14 City Council Campaign of former "Flip this House Personality" Rudy Martinez. 
Indeed, the Martinez Campaign ran rings around Team Huizar in the Media War ........., but lost at the Ballot Box while garnering 10,000 votes. Now eight years later, Martinez is vindicated in sounded the warning on the political corruption ......... that will hopefully meet a Day of Justice, sooner than later-----Scott Johnson.
 FBI and Media fill the street in front of Councilman Huizar's Boyle Heights Home.
 FBI Agent entering the Huizar's Residence.
 FBI Agents leave the Huizar Residence with "evidence".
FBI Canine (and Handler Partner) entering the Huizar Property.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Election Day 2018 Briefs on the Balloting Proceedings

Its Mid-Terms 2018 as Americans partake in their Constitutional Right to decide on Local, State and National Officeholders of choice, in an evolving Electoral Process that will take weeks to tally the final outcome. 
Counting the Vote by Mail Ballots (VBM).
** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer: The Mayor Sam Blog will attempt to provide some bloggin coverage on the results of today's Elections this evening. But due to the fact that millions of VBM and Provisional Ballots will need processing, the final results (especially in close elections), may not be known for weeks. S.J. 
Great Mid-Terms Election Day to all, where for a fleeting moment, Blues and Reds, can agree that we all need to partake in our Constitutional Right to Vote .........., now the bloggin recommendations.
This is a GREAT Tutorial how a Discerning Voter makes an informed decision and implores you to ......., VOTE YES ON PROP 6!! 
  A Former Fishwrap of Record on Spring Street (relocated to El Segundo). 
Disregard (and support the contrary candidate) for most part, the Editorial Recommendations of a, El Segundo-relocated Newspaper, that recently apologized for keyboarding different Endorsements, based upon language. Whether in English or Spanish, the once "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street", is still true to its Collectivist-leanings, as witness with the recent missive via George "Blue Wave, Tax-loving Collectivist" Skelton.
From the Bob Archuleta for State Senate 2018 Campaign 460s: Outstanding Bill to Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group Cerritos, CA 90703 PRT Print and Digital Advertisement $0.00 $7,000.00 (in free for now ads) $0.00 $7,000.00 (outstanding Balance).
Journalistic Fraud Alert for Southeast LA County!! The namesake of the (Brian) Hews Media Group (aka. The Brian Hews/Los Chacon News), is engaging in factually-challenged Yellow Journalism, targeting the likes of Central Basin Water District Division Three Candidate Servando Ornelas, the anti-Hadjinian/Glassman/Beltran Machine Candidates for Montebello City Council ......, and not being ethical-forthcoming on his "Fiscal Arraignment" with the "Bob Archuleta for State Senate Campaign (controlled by Hector Chacon)".
Los Angeles City Hall Watchdog Jack Humphreville.

Time has come to ignore the political establishment and tell them that we are not their ATMs.  Proposition 6 deserves a YES vote: Repeal the Gas Tax.  Measure W (the County’s Rain Tax) has earned a NO vote.  And Charter Amendment B (the Bank of Los Angeles) deserves a NO vote.

Now its time to do your part----Scott Johnson. 

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Councilman Barajas Espouses Tax Increases to Maintain his "Perrin-ing Enrichment"?

Reelection-seeking Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas wants to raise Municipal Taxes that would allegedly, continually-finance his (and Wise Guys Big Band) years-long Enrichment, via continuous, free usage of city facilities .........., and copious "Acts of Perrin-ing" by the City Council-selected, Quiet Cannon Management Group.   
The Wise Guys Big Band-conducting (and current Montebello City Councilman) Art Barajas, during rehearsal, withing a city facility.  
** Blogger's Notes: Reelecting-seeking Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas wants to raise the taxes of his constituents ......... for what reason?
A municipality that is a subject of state fiscal oversight (due to past issues of Crony Capitalism), should face discerning (mixed with cynical) questioning, when the likes of Councilman Barajas is the one espousing tax increases, especially when he has benefited financially (allegedly).
Discerning outsiders, given their first glimpse into the Montebello Brand of Backroom Crony Capitalism, that has a once proud, Middle Class Suburban Enclave, facing an ethically (and fiscally)-bankrupt reckoning, will surely recoil at the possibility that a "Perrin-ing Enrichment Arraignment (that has existed for decades)" ........., can somehow continue due to an ill-informed Electorate. 
Bluntly, Councilman Barajas is part of a decades-long affliction in which a "Select-few (as exampled by the like of Hank Attina, TELACU, the Calderons and Arnold Alvarez-Glassman), has nearly drained the Montebello's Fiscal Assets, as the "Next Generation of Enablers" await a Green Mother Lode, that will only add to the fiscal and ethical suffering ........ unless the Electorate makes the right decisions on Tuesday----Scott Johnson.
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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Southeast Los Angeles Female Endorsements of Note

Southeast Los Angeles County Political Bad Boys (as exampled by the Chacon/Beltran Machine) need to be shoved aside for Females Candidates of Character, which include Evelyn Serfozo for Water Replenishment District (Division Four), Rita Topalian for the 22nd State Senate District and the Reelection of Vivian Romero for Montebello City Council.
** Blogger's Notes: Its no understatement to note that the Southeast Los Angeles County Political Community has some "Bad Boys Issues". The names are familiar ........, Beltran, Chacons, Leal, Glassman, Robles, Archuleta, Hadjinian and a certain Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker. But on Election Day, voters in this region have an opportunity to part ways with the Political Tontos .........., and elect (or select again) three Female Candidate of Character as noted below----Scott Johnson. 
 Water Replenishment District (Division Four) Candidate Evelyn Serfozo: Every young political aspirant has to start somewhere ........., and hopefully for the residents of The Model City (of Commerce) and beyond, the hard-working, Board Member of the Commerce's Planning Committee, will garner valuable leadership experience as a member of the WRD ........ that can be a spring board for a "Higher Calling".
 22nd State Senate District Candidate Rita Topalian: This endorsement has serious ramifications (as shared by the LA Daily News). Bluntly, a non or no vote for Rita Topalian, is an affirmation for a return of Calderon-like Corruption in the 22nd State Senate District, with former Montebello Unified School District Board Member Hector Chacon becoming the Chief of Staff. 
Montebello City Councilwoman Vivian Romero It takes character (whether male, especially female) to stand up against an orchestrated (and corrupt) "Green Mother Lode" that would enrich a selected few, which Montebello City Councilwoman Vivian Romero has done ........., meriting another four years in office. 

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A Carpet-Bombing (of Mailers) Regarding the Truth About Art Chacon Edition of ....., "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker featuring Brian Hews"

The Mayor Sam Blog commences with its, Carpet-Bombing/Mailers of Truth About Art Chacon Edition of ........., "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker, featuring Brian Hews", compliments of the factually-correct, opposition research ...... via the Servando Ornelas for Central Basin Water District Campaign.
Brian Hews in a Shell-shocked State after the Servando Ornelas for Central Basin Water District Campaign's "Carpet-Mailings of Truth", regarding Incumbent CBWD Director Art Chacon.
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Friday, November 02, 2018

The Friday-before Briefs on the LA (and beyond) Elections Proceedings

On the Friday-before the November Mid-term Elections in California, the numerous sub-factions within the Ruling Democratic Party, are locally, engaging in nasty intramural political skirmishes, that opens opportunities for a Republican/Independent Surprise (or more) on Election Day
The Official Friday-before Election Greeter Michael "MEAT" Trujillo.
** Blogger's Notes: Finally, its thee Friday-before the much anticipated 2018 Mid-term Elections where the manic masses of the Trump Derangement Syndrome-afflicted (with Voter Guides provided by the Fake News Media), are suppose to ride a Blue Political Tsunami across the Nation, as Big Government Order .........., is supposedly-imposed, again in the Swamp-like Washington D.C.
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Thursday, November 01, 2018

A "Halloween Legal Treat (in the Form of another Ex Huizar Staffer Lawsuit)" for Team Huizar

The Los Angeles City Council District # 14 Duo known as "Team Huizar", was the recipient of a "Halloween Legal Treat (in the Form of another Ex Huizar Staffer Lawsuit)" as former City Hall Office Manager (and Mother of the Councilman's Nephew) Pauline Medina, becomes the latest to cite Workplace Misconduct ..........., that included the Princeton Graduate's Affair with another Staffer.
Kudos to the Princeton Graduate regarding his Halloween Legal Treat (errr, latest Lawsuit).
** Blogger's Notes: The truth exposed, again .........., by family.
Former CD-14 City Hall Office Manager Pauline Medina became the latest Ex Huizar Staffer to go Public (via Legal Documentation) regarding multi-forms of Workplace Misconduct by City Councilman Jose Huizar (and top underlings).
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Meet The Crony Capitalist Perrin Supporter of Councilman Art Barajas

Longtime Quiet Cannon/Hotel Management Crony Capitalist Brad Perrin (like Daddy Dave) continues the decades-old "Perrin-ing Way of Contributing (and Enriching)" political supporters such as City Councilman Art Barajas ........., while the Montebello Electorate pays for the losses of Backroom Dealings, gone wrong.
The City of Montebello-owned Quiet Cannon Club/Banquet Facility.
** Blogger's Notes: In Part Two of our Mayor Sam Series on the "Crony (and Self) Enrichment Proclivities of (reelection-seeking) Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas, we introduce you to the Big Band-fronting Officeholder's Crony Capitalist-beneficiary Brad Perrin (aka. "Son of Dave"). 
With less than a week remaining before Election Day, the "Mijo of Dave" is continuing the longtime Crony Capitalist Perrin Family Tradition of Contributing to the Reelection of their City Council Enablers (and Enriching Them) after success at the Ballot Box .........., as exampled by Councilman Barajas.
In the current 2018 Election Cycle, the Perrin's assorted LLCs have donated to the Independent Expenditure (IE) Committee "Working Families CA (as disclosed below)" and in returned, the IE Committee has spent $30,000 plus, for a mailer and "canvassers (via a mythical, Menifee Public Relations Firm)" ..........., to re-elect Councilman Barajas.
The Perrin's Montebello Crony Capitalist Management Largess, has grown in recent weeks, with the opening of a second, city-owned Hotel, that city leaders hope infuses the General Fund with much-needed revenue, which is not a fiscal-sinkhole, that only benefits the Crony Capitalist Few ........., and continuously enriches a Big Band-fronting, City Council Enabler (to be continue)----Scott Johnson.  
Quiet Cannon/Hotel Management Crony Capitalist Brad Perrin.
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Downtown News Jon Reardie's "City Hall-oeen XI"

Its Happy Halloween 2018 and a bloggin tradition continues as we partake in Downtown News Editor (and Scribe of Wit) Jon Regardie's "City Hall-oween (the XI Edition) Parody", featuring the like of "Fifelander", "The Tonto Huevon", "Mayor Gone-SOFT-ee", "Mini-Amin Wesson" ........., and of course, #Richellary2020.
From the Downtown News City Hall-oween XI Missive. 
#Richellary2020 and fellow #MeToo Enablers.
** Blogger's Notes: Its the day after the #Richellary2020 (and Husband/Developers Paramour Charro's) "Campaign Treats for Political Tricks Shake Down", as the rest of us in the political know, partake in the annual review of the much-anticipated "City Hall-oween (XI Edition) Missive", via Downtown News Editor and Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

#Richellary2020's Pre-Halloween Campaign Treats for (future) Political Tricks Event, hosted by the Ghouls and Miscreants of Southeast LA Politics

On the eve of Halloween 2018 (and another Legal Notice directed to "Team Huizar"?), the reigning #MeToo Enabler of CD-14 will be the recipient of "Campaign Treats", in return for later "Political Tricks", as the Who's Who of Southeast Los Angeles Bad Boy Politics, become the latest to support #Richellary2020. 
The #Richellery2020 Campaign's #MeToo Enabler (with sign).
** Blogger's Notes: On the eve of Halloween 2018 (and another Legal Notice directed at a certain Princeton Graduate?), the #Richellary2020 Campaign dons its best #MeToo Enabler Costume (more like everyday wear) as the Who's Who of Southeast LA Bad Boys Politics, coalesce as the Shake Down Crew, that fills the Team Huizar's Money Bag with Campaign Treats ........., for future Political Tricks.
A quick review of the Host Committee's List of Ghouls and Miscreants, reinforces the appropriate costume choice of #Richellary2020 as exampled by the likes of .........
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Monday, October 29, 2018

A Mayor Sam Bloggin Series: "The Crony (and Self) Enriching Proclivities of Montebello's Councilman Art Barajas".

As a Bloggin Public Service to the City of Montebello Populace, we commence our multi-part Series that discloses, the Crony (and Self) Enriching Proclivities of Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas ......., as he (along with political friends) seek to continue the Municipality's ethical and fiscally-adverse Crony Capitalism ........., for a selected few.
 Chacon/Beltran Political Machine Associate Bob Archuleta swears-in Al Barajas to Montebello's City Council. 
** Blogger's Notes: With eight days before next Tuesday's 2018 Mid-terms, the Mayor Sam Blog commences a Multi-Part Series that discloses, the Crony (and Self) Enriching Proclivities of Montebello City Councilman Art Barajas.
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Money Person Behind "A Not Too Bright Political D.A.R.E. Episode" in the Montebello City Council Campaign

Former TELACU Education Foundation Vice-President, YMCA East Los Angeles Weingart Center Executive Director and current Construction Company President Anna Saucedo, is the Major Donor ($10,000) behind a Controversial Independent Expenditure Committee Hit Piece (against Anti-Pot Candidates), that illegally-used the patented D.A.R.E Logo, as the Crony Capitalist Old Guard (Hank Attina, TELACU and Arnold Glassman) ..........., seek to maintain their corrupting-control of Montebello.  
The patented, "Misuse of a Copyrighted Symbol"......, for a cheap Political Hit (Photo via the Montebello Anonymous Facebook Page). 
** Blogger's Notes: The Crony Capitalist Old Guard of Montebello is getting reckless and its City Council Puppets (Jack Hadjinian, along with Art Barajas), are growing more nervous as Election Day nears.
The Crony Capitalist Old Guard which features the dubious likes of Hank Attina, Brad Perrin, Billie Martinez, TELECU and Arnold Glassman, are engaging in their Election Time Ritual of financing their City Clowncil Puppets, while recruiting like-minded associates to financed factually (plus legally)-challenged Hit Pieces on opposing Council Member/Candidates, ........., as most-recently (yesterday) exampled by Associated Construction Services Group President Anna Saucedo. 
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Rare Opportunity to "Ask a CD-14 Officeholder about ........, about Multiple Claims of Workplace Misconduct".

The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council's Monterey Hills Local Issues Committee presents a planned, Rare Chance/Opportunity to "Ask a CD-14 Officeholder (and Council Candidate Wife?) about Issues ........ pertaining to Multiple Claims of Workplace Misconduct (or maybe not?)"  
Will embattled CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (with Candidate Wife) follow-through on his/her planned (in advance) ASNC Monterey Hills Meet and Greet? 
** Blogger's Notes: For the Love of Political Timing.
Just two days after the disclosure of the Third Claim of Workplace Misconduct against CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, the ASNC Monterey Hills Local Issues Committee, in cooperation with the MICRO-managed Staff of "Team Huizar (comprised of Jose and #Richellary2020)", present Stakeholders the Rare Opportunity/Chance to .........., "Ask a CD-14 Officeholder (and Candidate Wife?) about "Issues".
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Third Claim Filed Against The Office of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar alleging Workplace Misconduct

"Team Huizar (both Jose y #Richellary2020)" is in full denial mode (despite some contrary evidence pictured below) after former Staffer Mayra Alvarez, goes public with the Third-documented Workplace Misconduct Claim, filed against the Office of the CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, in the last six months.
"Team Huizar (minus the latest Paramour)" in full denial mode regarding multiple Workplace Misconduct Claims via three former (or current?) Staffers.
** Blogger's Notes: Now there are three ............, and the silence from the #MeToo Enablers of CD-14 (names forthcoming), is a gender (plus ethical) betrayal.
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Monday, October 22, 2018

Jack's Pot Smoke-corrupting Slate (for Montebello City Council) ......., approved by the Beltran/Chacon/Cedillo Political Machine (allegedly)

The Cedillo/Beltran/Chacon Political Machine proudly supports its RINO Enabler (and Montebello City Councilman) Jack Hadjinian's Endorsements, which will continue the Crony Backroom Capitalism, that enriches the Elite Few (Hank Attina, Brad Perrin, Billie Martinez , plus Glassman) ...... at the expense to the Municipality's Fiscal and Ethical Standing.
A formerly Republican of Promise ......... now merely a RINO Enabler of the Cedillo/Beltran/Chacon Political Machine.
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A "Two Percent Substance (of choice) Presidential/Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee" Faces the Reality of his Homeless Crisis

Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee (in Yoga Pants) interrupted his "Two Percent Substance (of choice) 2020 Presidential Aspirations Tour", to view first hand, the blunt reality (and growing communal push back) regarding his failed absentee leadership, in mitigating the affects of a life-threatening Homeless Crisis.   
There was NOTHING SOFT about the Venice Community's Push Back against an Absentee Mayor's Home Crisis Policies last week.
** Blogger's Notes: A "Politico-SOFT-ee Fraud", exposed at home, again.
From Lincoln Heights, Koreatown, Sherman Oaks and last week in Venice (recorded on videos below), a growing (and diverse) amount of Los Angeles Neighborhoods, are pushing back against the failure of leadership from their City Clowncil Central Committee ............, and its absentee "Two Percent Substance (of choice) 2020 Presidential Aspirant" Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee (in Yoga Pants)".
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Special Montebello (and Commerce) Edition of .............., "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker featuring, Brian Hews

With little more than two weeks remaining before the much-hyped November Elections, the Mayor Sam Blog proudly regales our growing Southeast LA County Audience, with a Special Montebello (and Commerce) Edition of  .........., "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker" featuring ........., Hews Media Group's Brian Hews. 
The alleged WEAPON that is the Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker for Ad Revenue (and the Hadjinian/Beltran/Chacon Family Political Agenda) Brian Hews.
** Blogger's Notes: He's back!!
Just in time for the latest election cycle to select Officeholders for the Montebello City Council, Montebello Unified School District and the Central Basin Water District, we recommence our irregular series of channeling (via Satire) the alleged, "Multi-polar Thoughts Processes (as influenced by Political Guru Hector Chacon)" of Southeast Los Angeles County's reigning "FakeNews/Propagandist Muckraker" ...., known as Brian Hews
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Who is Blowing Smoke (or Not) in the Race for Montebello City Council?

On the Eve of the Montebello City Council Candidate Forum at the Quite Cannon, a recent "Landmark Court Decision", regarding the City of Huntington Park Medical Marijuana Permit Process (involving Commerce/Montebello Persons of Note), gives credence to Ethical Concerns expressed by Incumbent Montebello City Councilwoman Vivian Romero and others.     
The 2018 Montebello City Council Elections is a Cannabis Affair.
Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, former Montebello City Councilman and Managing Partner of the City Attorney-contracting (Calderon/Chacon Political Family connected) Alvarez-Glasman Colvin Law Firm.
** Blogger's Notes: With three weeks remaining before November's Montebello City Council Elections, the ten Candidates seeking the three contested positions, will meet tomorrow evening (Thursday from 6-8 PM) at the Quiet Cannon Event and Conference Center, for what should be a spirit discussion on the continuing (or not) Legalization of Marijuana (mixed with the usual Financial, Public Safety and other assorted issues). 
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#Richellary2020 Campaign's Harvest of Downtown Developer's Cash

Live from the Downtown LA's Exchange ......., its Team Huizar's first #Richellary2020 Campaign Harvesting of the Developer's Cash Crop, featuring Huizar's assorted CD-14 recipients of Public Largess ............., and an anonymous disclaimer for those who chose to finance the next incarnation of the Huizzy Brand (along with "friends").  
Declared CD-14 City Council Candidate #Richellary2020 (and family) present themselves as the continuing First Familia. 
 ** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon our momentary pause on the current pre-November Election Proceedings, to quickly muse on last week's #Richellary2020 Campaign Harvesting of Downtown LA's Developer Cash Crop. The Female Half of "Team Huizar", known as Richelle Rios Huizar, along with her Campaign Staff (that strangely resemble the likes of taxpayers-paid Council Staff), worked the floor of Downtown's Exchange, collecting checks, payable to maintaining "Huizar (and Friends) Brand of Developer Servicing (along with a few Loyal Indigenous Stakeholders)" ........ as noted in the Anonymous Letter pictured below. People sightings of bloggin interest, included Gustavo Valdivia (minus former Building and Safety Inspector Friend) and former CD-14 Deputy Chief of Staff (also a convicted domestic abuser) Henry Casas .........., which is sure to reinforce the #MeToo Enabler standing of a Wife, married to a former "Person of Interest"----Scott Johnson.  
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Political (and Personal) Split in the House of Cedillo?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose an alleged Political (and Personal) Split within the House of Cedillo that may cause complications for the Political Aspirations of Gil Cedillo Jr. and supposed Ex. Wife Angie Jimenez (a City of LA Mayoral Staffer) .........., who is also currently a Candidate for Montebello City Council.
Papi y Mijo Gil "Broken Deal (and Laws?) Cedillo".
** Blogger's Notes: There is no better way to start a bloggin, cyber Monday than to share Hot Political Chisme/Rumors ........, at the expense of CD-1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
The increasing numbers of embittered CD-1 Stakeholders (who now regret supporting Papi Broken Deal Cedillo), may be shocked to learn that "Broken Deal Cedillo Jr.", like Papi, has aspirations of someday, becoming a City of Los Angeles City Councilman ......., but there are complications in the City of Montebello.
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

GTM Holdings CEO Mark Walther: "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire ........, In The House of Lord"

The Controversy over the proposed Measure HHH-financed Development of Five Lincoln Heights Parking Lot, continues as the designated Developer, GTM Holdings CEO Mark Walther, "Bears False Witness (regarding date of City of LA BTRC Permit)", as his (and sub-contractor WORKS President Channa Grace's) Campaign Contributions to CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo ......., raises ethical concerns about potential Bid-rigging.   
What is the cost (allegedly), to orchestrate a Bid-rigging, Bait and Switch reallocation of Measure HHH Funds?
Blogger's Notes: With no bloggin interruptions (as a courtesy to GTM Holdings CEO Mark Walther), we must ask the aspiring, "Measure HHH-financed LH5 (Parking Lots) Lead Developer", what came first before his Firm's Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) with the City of LA's CAO Office ........., the BTRC Permit, or the Campaign Contributions?
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee: "This Is a Great F-ing Disgrace!!"

As Los Angeles Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee (in Yoga Pants)", prances along an alleged, mystical 2020 Presidential Campaign Tour of America, his absentee Mayoral Diligence is quickly becoming a "F-ing Disgrace", with a growing backlash from Community Interests, small .........., and powerful. 
Is someone chocking-up regarding his Mayoral F-ing Disgrace?
** Blogger's Notes: With no apologies to the sometime-profane Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee (in Yoga Pants)", the current state of the City of Los Angeles is a ..........., Great F-ing Disgrace.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The Lying Ways of Broken Deal Cedillo, Staff and Developer Friends in Lincoln Heights continues ........

As CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", Staff  and potential Measure HHH-financed Developer Friends (GTM and WORKS), continue their joint Communal Campaign of Repugnant Lying Deceit, those seeking the courtesy of responsive, ethical governance ..........., are treated with open disdain and contempt.   
A CD-1 Representative or in reality .........., a contemptuous Strongman? 
** Blogger's Notes: With the upmost respect to the esteem Father Tess of the Lincoln Height's Sacred Heart Parish, your blessed grounds of worship ..........., may be defiled by an orchestrated "Act of False Witnessing (again)".
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Monday, October 08, 2018

The Controversial Academia Semillas del Pueblo Faces Charter Revocation, Again (in 2018)

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Administration has recommended, once again, that the Indigenous/Communal-impersonating Learning Compound operated by the Lucrative 1% Charter School Duo of Markos and Minnie Aguilar-Ferguson, have its Charter Revoked ......., as the likes of infamous Sharia Law/Terrorist-supporting Linda Sarsour ........, endorses the continuing operation of the dysfunctional Public Education Facility in El Sereno. 
Board of Education Report No. 080 – 18/19Charter Schools Division(Denial of Renewal Petition for Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America School) Recommends denial of the renewal petition for Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America School beginning July 1, 2019, to serve 425 students in grades TK-12 in each year of the charter and adoption of the attached Findings of Fact In Support of Denial of the Charter. 
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Thursday, October 04, 2018

A "LA Antonio Times" Flashback which Shakes of Journalistic Hypocrisy (again)

As the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag, relocated to El Segundo (aka. LA Times)" joins in playing up an alleged, Supreme Court-disqualifying "Act of Ice Cube/Bar Violence" by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we conveniently remind the formerly, "LA Antonio (for Governor) Times Editorial Board", of the real Violent Past of its "Courageous Gubernatorial Candidate (rightfully rejected by the California Electorate)".         
The Ruins of supposed Objective Journalism ....... on Spring Street. 
Mad Antonio.
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon the momentary blogging flashback to a repudiated, Era of Subjective Agenda Journalism (on Spring Street) known simply ......... as the "LA Antonio Times". 
We sincerely thought that the White Privilege Liberal Scribes at a El Segundo-relocated Fishwrap Producer (along with like-minded "Westside White Guy Bloggers"), were over their co-enabling role (with help from Parke Skelton), in elevating a rebellious Offspring of a remarried City Terrace Mother of four children, into a Horatio Alger-like Progressive Political Savior/Rock Star and after the June Primary ......, they have mostly moved on.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's "MyVoiceLA Website" lacks Muscle of Objectivity

As Mayor (and 2020 Presidential Aspirant) Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee", stands with an unsubstantiated accuser of Sexual Assault, he can only express mere "Disappointment" over the lack of staff follow-through, in Giving Voice to those "Discriminated-against" .........., in a CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Workplace (allegedly). 
Speaking up is an incredible act of bravery, for Dr. Ford and anyone with a story. I believe you. 11:36 AM - 27 Sep 2018

** Blogger's Notes: A "Mayoral Disappointment" ........., in Yoga Pants. 

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mayor Sam Exclusive: A Model City's Ethics in the Garbage?

In a Mayor Sam Blog Exclusive, we disclose troubling similarities regarding the alleged Bid-rigging of "Semi-Exclusive Agreements for Refuge and Recycling Services" in the City of Commerce and an Unconstitutional 2016 Medical Marijuana Business Permit Scheme in Huntington Park, that involved Edgar Cisneros (as the City Administrator), the Glassman Law Firm (as the contracted City Attorney) ........., and notorious Southeast LA County Politico Mario Beltran. 
Commerce City Hall.
** Blogger's Notes: Does Ivan "remember those (affirming, or not, his Political Agenda)" ..........., with the concurrence of his Commerce City Council Colleagues? 
In the aftermath of its controversial passage of a Marijuana Ordinance, City of Commerce City Council wasted no time in devolving into another Ethical Controversy (over the proposed issuance of "Semi-Exclusive Agreements" for Commercial Refuse and Recycling Services) and again, the Ethics of Commerce City Councilman (and rejected Assembly Candidate) Ivan Altamirano, along with his Council Colleagues John Soria, Oralia Robello and Hugo Argumedo, will be questioned.
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Remembering Michael Higby ........... on the 53rd Anniversary of his Birth

Somewhere in a peaceful beyond, our bloggin Friend Michael Higby (with Mom), is celebrating his 53rd Birthday as we remember a cherished friend and cyber mentor.
Michael celebrating a Half Century of Life, with his Father at Joselitos.
Michael's Voice is truly missed in these divided, political times.
Michael was truly a great judge of political character.


Monday, September 24, 2018

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As the Mayor Sam Blog confirms the filing of multiple complaints against CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, an Instagram Poll undertaken by the Moderator of the El Sereno Insider Facebook Page, shows an El Sereno Backlash against the continuing Reign of Team Huizar.
The results of the El Sereno Insider Facebook Page Instagram Poll.
** Blogger's Notes: For multiple reasons beyond the latest allegations of Workplace Misconduct by CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, the prospects of #Richellary2020 succeeding in her quest to replace the occasionally-straying Officeholder, are taking a hit in the El Sereno Community. Unlike Downtown LA, Eagle Rock or Hermon, the multi-term Councilman, has not respected the El Sereno Community with a Q & A Townhall Meeting in recent years. Instead, the Councilman relies on controlled, choreographed appearances at the homes/businesses owned by supporting enablers ......., engendering a growing backlash.  
US Senate Candidate Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon, getting notice of latest Northeast Democrats Endorsement Rejection?
** As supposed polling shows US Senate Candidate Kevin Alexander (de or of) Leon gaining on incumbent California Senior Senator Dianne Feinstein (and Republican John Cox narrowing Gavin Newsom's lead), the still Northeast LA-representing State Senator, was denied (again), the Endorsement of the Northeast LA Democratic Club, which voted to make "No Endorsement", as supporters of both candidates could not garner the votes necessary. 
A convicted Pot Trafficker with CD-7 City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. 
** For a First Term City Councilwomen, Monica Rodriguez'es Officeholder Account has been busy raising money to offset "Election Litigation Costs" with an estimated $20,000 owed Attorney Stephen Kaufman. The only question as Councilwoman takes money from the likes of a notorious Sunland-Tujunga Convicted Drug Trafficker, what form of "Litigation" is pending?-----Scott Johnson.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mayor Sam Confirms Second Claim Filed Against The Office of Councilman Jose Huizar

As the Mayor Sam Blog confirms that Multiple Claims of Workplace Misconduct, have been filed against the Office of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, local observers are pondering what response the #MeToo Movement (including a certain Women's March Participant), will have as more details on Councilman Huizar's latest (and alleged) Scandal, are made public.
 Declared 2020 CD-14 City Council Candidate Richelle Huizar (aka. #Richellary2020), and the Boyle Heights contingent at the Los Angeles Women's March.   
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we can confirm that in lieu of the Los Angeles Times Report on the latest Complaint filed against CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, that multiple Ex. Staffers have now filed Claims against the Office (and Officeholder) for Workplace Misconduct. 
As noted in the David Zahniser by-lined LA Times Missive, the Complaint on the new reporting Site, created by Mayor Eric Garcetti, was made around the same time period that this Blog noted the "Disapperance" of multiple staffers from Councilman Huizar's Staff Contact List. 
This latest Blog Exclusive (regarding the alleged misconduct of Councilman Huizar)  is made public as the embattled Councilman's Wife (and declared 2020 City Council Candidate) Richelle Huizar, promotes her upcoming first Fundraising Event (noted below). 
A reliable source has told Mayor Sam, that the Richelle Huizar Campaign, unlike her Husband, will not, allegedly use the consulting services of Parke Skelton's S G & A Consulting Firm (with Derek Humphrey being the Consultant of choice), for reasons unknown at this time----Scott Johnson.   
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