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Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Bloggin "University of Scholastic Compromise (USC)" Teachable Moment featuring ..........., A Horse Named Traveler (soon to become Elmers?)

As the Student Body of the "University of Scholastic Compromise (USC)" under the CONTROL of President Max Nikias), returns for another expensive year of quality indoctrination, the Mayor Sam Blog proudly offers this FREE bloggin Teachable Moment on the subject of "A Horse Named Traveler (with one L)". 
The MASTERMIND of Communal, Educational, Ethical Deconstructing and enabler of Medical School Dean's Drug Use Safe Space at the "University of Scandalous Conduct", President Max Nikias.
** Blogger's Notes: Its no blogging understatement to keyboard that CONTROVERSY REIGNS at this moment in Politics, Race Relations, Media ............., and AGAIN at the apparent "University of Scholastic Compromise (USC)". A member of the African-America Student Body during an evening, on-campus Charlottesville Solidarity Rally, noted that the school's Mascot "Traveler" shared the same name as Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Horse "Traveller", in stating that "white supremacy hits close to home (more on that below)". In response to this latest USC Controversy, the LA Times allocated, RARE Accidental Journalism Story Budgeting, in seeking to find the "Missing L" that would link the naming of the original "Traveler (USC' is on its Ninth Version)" to Lee's "Traveller". That stated, we here at Mayor Sam, in the spirit of the late, Inner City Educator Marva Collins, present the following Teachable Moment, that will will educate, then liberate (via facts and remedies) the AFFLICTED at USC-----Scott Johnson (** FOR THE RECORD: We should note that there has been NO accusations that UCLA's "Bruin" Mascot, is a SECRET Trump-supporting, Russian Bear)   
A Horse/Mascot named Traveler (with one L). * Note Traveler's PURE WHITENESS that former School President (and Eugenics Supporter) Rufas von KleinSmid, would of found genetically proper. 
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Friday, August 18, 2017

A Much Needed TGIF Bloggin Satire Featuring Joe ........, and Introducing "Joesito Cedillo McCarthy"

In the spirit of celebrating a much-needed TGIF (and Satire), we are bloggin proud to reconnect two kindred political souls who have strayed in opposite directions from the epicenter of creation, only to be reunite here for ............, the sake of laughing at their shared follies.
 The Late Anti Communist U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy 
Career Leftist Politico and current CD 1 City Clowncilman "Joesito Cedillo McCarthy".
** Blogger's Notes: Lets all come together across the Free Cybersphere in proclaiming ......., THANKS GOD ITS FRIDAY (Disclaimer: Any complaints about the use of GOD can be directed to your local BLESSED ACLU Office).
In a week that saw the Political Left/Media (along with castrated Republican Establishment types) engaged in Orwellian Double-Speak and preview their pending AmeriKan Taliban Intolerance, in regards to symbols denoting inconvenient historical episodes, we endeavor to bring UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY ..........., with bloggin Satire.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

LA Times: Who is the Alt(ernative Facts)-Left? Look in the Mirror

As a decades-long dispenser of Establishment Agenda Journalism (on Spring Street) continues its devolution into a factually-challenge, Newsprint of Disinformation, its singular-bias (against all things Conservative), assemblage of, MOSTLY Anglo Propagandist/Revisionists, are myopic to the FACT, that they are now the ........., "Alt(ernative Facts) Left Fishwrap of Record" in Los Angeles.  
The Alt(ernative Facts) Left Fishwrap of Record on Spring Street's Journalistic Integrity imploding from within.
** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer: The use of the above photo, taken in the aftermath of the Trade Unionists Bombing of the Los Angeles Times in 1910, is use as TEACHABLE TOOL in noting what we believe is the continuous, imploding Journalistic Integrity of a supposed "Newsprint of Record (on Spring Street)" ....., and is NOT an endorsement of any nefarious conduct targeting Times property or staff.
That stated, we are troubled that the supposed "Newsprint of Record (on Spring Street's)" continuing devolution into a mere propaganda/disinformation tool for the Political Establishment, has reached a subjective level, where it has become a keyboard weapon dispenser of "Wanton Missives of Distortion (WMD's)" for the interests of the "Alt(ernative Facts) Left" in Los Angeles.
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Update: LACCD Board of Trustees SELECT Pacifica Services for Construction Bond Oversight Contract via a 4-3 Vote

In a Monday Update to our last week's Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) missives, we can report that the Board of Trustee's voted 4-3 (with Trustees Steve Veres, Gabriel Buelna, Andra Hoffman and Board President Sydney Kamlager affirming) to award Pacific Services its Bond Construction Oversight Contract (despite its higher-priced Bid), disregarding its past, DOCUMENTED repugnant corporate behavior.
The NOW-anointed LACCD Board of Trustee Member Steve "Pacifica Pervy Enabler" Veres.

** Blogger's Notes: On this evening where the removal of Confederate History, is exposing the "Inner-Taliban" of supposed tolerant Progressives, we can report that the LACCD Board of Trustees Majority of Steve Veres, Gabriel Buelna, Andra Hoffman and Board President Sydney Kamlager together created "A Hypocritical Monument to Self (for instantaneous repudiation)", via their granting of the latest LACCD Construction Bond Oversight Contract to the NOTORIOUS Pacifica Services.

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Afternoon Briefs regarding the Hypocritical Los Angeles Political Machine on this "Monday After" Charlottesville

As the Local Political Establishment (including CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar) parrots the Main Stream Media's (MSM) condemnation of President Donald Trump over Saturdays despicable events in Charlottesville, Virginia, we bloggin note the DOCUMENTED lack of rapid repudiation to past Racial Attacks in CD-14. 
The Scene of Firebombings of African-American Families in Ramona Gardens.
** Blogger's Notes: So damned predictable ........., again. It never fails that when two repugnant factions of the Racist Left (Nazi/Klan Kluckers vs. Communists/Anarchists/the ANTIFA Group/Black Lives Matter) collide at the crossroads of a protest, the innocent get hurt (or tragically killed) and Political Hypocrisy REIGNS ..........., especially if the President happens to be a Republican. 
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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A Special GOTCHA Edition of ............, "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker, featuring Brian Hews (or Legal Counsel)"

Its bloggin time for a special GOTCHA Edition of "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker, featuring Brian Hews (or $250 per hour Legal Counsel), with questions GALORE, compliments of today's LA Weekly Story via Hillel Aron regarding ..........., "How a Small Newspaper Became a Big Weapon (for the Chacon Political Machine, allegedly)".
The alleged WEAPON that is the Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker for Ad Revenue (or the Chacon Family Political Agenda) Brian Hews.
Did former Montebello Unified School District Board of Education Colleagues David Vela, Edger Cisneros and Hector Chacon, support $27,000 in payments (for ads and legal postings) to the Hews Media Group, in return for positive newspaper coverage, endorsements (yes) .........., and factually-challenged attacks on political opponents?   
** Blogger's Notes: With no apologies to the supposed "Old Gray Anti-Trump Journalistic Pea-shooter on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", we want to commend the, AGAIN "Weekly of Record (aka. LA Weekly)" for its GOTCHA Exclusive on the Brian Hews/Los Chacon News, formerly respected as the Los Cerritos Community News. The LA Weekly's Scribe Hillel Aron is to be lauded for his expansive, objective missive, regarding the DEVOLUTION of a once, award-winning Community Newspaper, into a mere, "WEAPON OF PROPAGANDA", to further the Agenda of the Chacon Political Machine ........, with litigious consequences. Normally, the INSPIRATION for our "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Feature", would make himself available to answer the QUESTIONS GALORE regarding today's Weekly's Missive , but as stated through Legal Counsel ......, "I am very busy, one-man show here. I write, sell, design the paper, collect bills, send out bills, IT, customer service, distribution manager."  in promoting the, NOW-documented "Brian Hews/Los Chacon Hews". Thus, we will rely on comments from his Counsel, or other alleged personas-----Scott Johnson.
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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Mayor Sam LACCD Exclusive, Part Two: Trustee Steve Veres (along with Board allies and State Senator K.A. Leon's) BOUGHT SILENCE on Pacifica Service's Past Inappropriate Employee Conduct?

In Part Two of our Mayor Sam LACCD Exclusive, we disclose how apparently, Pacifica Services BOUGHT THE SILENCE of NOW Board of Trustee Member Steve Veres in regards to its past BIGOTED, SEXIST and INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT while engage in alleged Contract Services with the Central Basin Water District.
How will LACCD Board of Trustee Member (and State Senator K.A. Leon Staffer) explain his BOUGHT SILENCE regarding past Pacific Services Bigoted Employee Conduct?
** Blogger's Notes: In 2014 while Unlawful Cubafornia State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (or K.A. Leon for short) was strong-arming Special Interests and Democratic Establishment support for the unsuccessful CD-4 Campaign of Steve Veres, the Los Cerritos Community News was reporting the following; 

Top executives at Pacifica Services and officials within the Central Basin Municipal Water District (CB) exchanged thousands of highly racist emails during a three-year period that disparaged Muslims, Palestinians, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Seniors, naked woman, obese people, liberals, immigrants, Wal-Mart shoppers, rednecks, gays and lesbians. 

As we noted yesterday in Part One of our Mayor Sam Exclusive regarding the GROWING LACCD Bond Oversight Contract Controversy, Pacific Services was, THEE major Special Interest Contributor to the FAILED Veres CD-4 Campaign .......... and four years later, the, NOW LACCD Board of Trustee Member (again) , is seeking (with Boss K.A. Leon's support) to "SILENTLY"  reciprocate the owed Political Favors.

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Mayor Sam Exclusive: Steve Veres (and K.A. Leon's) LACCD Bond Oversight Contract Putsch on behalf of Pacifica (and Jacob) Services

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose an attempted Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Construction Bond Oversight Contract "PUTSCH" by Trustee Steve Veres (with political backing via Boss State Senator Kevin Alexander of Leon) to benefit his (and Boss) MEGA donors at the NOTORIOUS (and FBI investigated) Pacifica Services.    
Will Trustee Steve Veres and (K.A. Leon) turn the LACCD into an Education Version of the Central Basin Water District ..........., with the help of Pacifica (and Jacob) Services?

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Monday, August 07, 2017

HOT Morning Briefs of the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

It should be time to say SAYONARA to any future political aspirations for Unlawful Cubafornia State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (aka. K.A. Leon) as The Sanctuary State Bill Author invites Pacifica Services (and his Appointee to the High Speed Rail Commission) Ernest Camacho, on a Junket to Japan.
From the Facebook Page of State Senator Holly Mitchell: State Senate Presiding Officer K.A. Leon (in gray t-shirt) and Ernest Camacho (third from right in white shirt) in Japan with other members of the Cubafornia Junket Delegation. 
** Blogger's Notes: A bloggin KONNICHIWA to all, especially to Unlawful State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (aka. K.A. Leon, or the Politico Self-branded as Kevin De Leon), ......, and his Junket Companion Ernest Camacho of Pacific Services. K.A. Leon appointed the Pacifica CEO to the California High Speed Rail Authority Board of Directors last Spring. Thus, one can surmise that Camacho spent his time in Japan absorbing information on recent incarnations of the famous Bullet Trains .......... and pondering how his company can someday replicate its past Central Basin Water District Billing/Handout Practices, in garnering some future spoils.
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Sunday, August 06, 2017

A Just Because Edition of .......... "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker, featuring Brian Hews"

After a brief hiatus, the Mayor Sam Blog returns to its "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker, featuring Brian Hews (of the formerly Los Cerritos Community News)" .........., just because (of pending SERIOUS ethical and legal issues). 
Our Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian Hews is ALL smiles (or in denial) in prepping answers to your questions (with guidance from The Chacon Political Family).
The Style Bible for Fake News/Propagandists .........., with Ethical (and pending LEGAL) Issues.

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Friday, August 04, 2017

Its Time for a Mayor Sam Bloggin Reset ..........

With no apologies to a certain "Ex Blameless (HAHA!) Wife of Bill Clinton Presidential Candidate", the Mayor Sam Blog commences a BLOGGIN RESET, that expands our political musings beyond our normal 200 Spring Street-centered coverage ............, without ABSOLUTELY any pre-conditions.   
We are Hitting The Bloggin Reset Button .........., with ABSOLUTELY no accommodations to the Local, State and National Political Establishments (of BOTH Parties).

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Congressman Jimmy Gomez FINALLY Sworn In, Photographic Evidence Below

The California 34th Congressional District, ONCE AGAIN has elected representation as Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez is Sworn-In, becoming the 434th Ranking (in Seniority) Congressman, some FIVE WEEKS after his Special Election Victory.
NOW Congressman Jimmy Gomez SWORN-IN to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.
** Blogger's (and 34th CD Constituent) Notes: FINALLY!! The Constituents of the California 34th Congressional District have elective representation, AGAIN, as NEW Congressman Jimmy Gomez formally vacated his Cubafornia People's Republic 51st Assembly District Office, upon taking the Oath to Uphold the Constitution of the United States yesterday in Washington D.C. With the former Assemblyman becoming the 434th Ranking Congressman (in Seniority), Cubafornia People's Republic Generalissimo Moonbeam II will have to call ANOTHER Special Election to ANOINT, errrrr, allow for the People to join with the Establishment in the selection process for the Riverside Native Replacement-----Scott Johnson.
House Speaker Paul Ryan to NEW Congressman Jimmy Gomez: "I hope the abundance of American Flags here don't cause you any discomfort after your elective service in the Cubafornia People's Assembly".
A SPECIAL Moment for NEW Congressman Jimmy Gomez with Wife and Mom.
A SPECIAL Message from NEW Congressman Jimmy Gomez.
A LOYAL Friend of NEW Congressman Jimmy Gomez needs some LOVE.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

The Mayor Sam Blog presents a "Bloggin Then and Now Moment" featuring former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar-(then Raigosa) Mayoral Deputy Jim Bickhart, who's "Snake Pliskin Persona" was the cause for an "Unpaid Fall from Grace", has resurface in a PAID Political Staff Position ........., with surprising Policy Responsibilities.
Former Failure Mayor Villar-(then Raigosa) Deputy Jim Bickhart exerting his OVERSIGHT of Animal Services in 2007.
** Blogger's Notes: Great Monday to all as we present a "Bloggin Then and Now Moment" featuring VETERAN City Hall Staffer/Political Crony Jim Bickhart. Once upon a political time (back in the Failure Mayor Antonio Villar-then Raigosa Era), a THEN Deputy Mayor Bickhart, was observe exercising his "Oversight" of the much-malign Animal Services Department.  
One could surmise during his "Episodes of Oversight", that Bickhart was engaging his "Inner Snake Pliskin Persona", which allegedly, had opinions that were contrary to the Official Policies of his Boss Tony (regarding Overnight RV Parking Zones in Venice) ........, as excerpted below.
“We got what we wanted on the RVs and campers. Who do we go after next? We can’t stop until this place is all cleansed. Wash away the scum. ALL of it.” “Who cares? Villa-la-grossa is just as big a coward as Rosendahl. Maybe the Stakeholders are right – if these folks won’t leave, we should get someone to come around with a semi, load the homeless scum into it like stinking sardines and drive them out to the Mojave. Dump ‘em there in the dead of night blindfolded and drive away. Period. End of story.” “Next time one of those wussies heckles you, just pop ‘em one. No. They protect scum, they should be treated like scum. It doesn’t matter if they make money sucking on the government tit or if there Wolfgang frigging *#!%$!. Time is running short.”
 ......., and needless to say  Birkhart PAID a short term cost for his "Inner Snake Pliskin Thoughts". But years later (in 2017), Birkhart's Pliskin Homeless Commentary has apparently been FORGIVEN as the longtime servant of the City Hall Establishment, has a NEW GIG ..........., with some surprising responsibilities.

From CD-5 Paul Koretz's Staff Bios ..........,  Jim (or Snake?) consults on a variety of policy and legislative matters, including housing, homelessness, land use, airports, infrastructure, environment and animal welfare, amongst others. Additionally he provides support in the area of communications

Its apparent that being a Crony Enabler has REDEEMING benefits.                                                     
The STILL Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez to Washingtion D.C. Burro (with Carpetbag) is on Standby.
** The transition from "Assembly Somebody to Congressional Nobody" is sadly nearing for STILL Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez as his MUCH-LAUDED victory over the "Big Red Morrison Machine" .........., nears its MUCH-RIDICULED end as the vacillating Congressman-elected five week delay in seeking to support Governor Moonbeam II's "Cap and Trade Extension", has apparently come to NAUGHT. 
Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustee Member Gabriel Buelna.
** Does, NEW LACCD Board of Trustee Member Gabriel Buelna have an EL PLAN  ............, to returned the reformed Educational Entity into its former DOCUMENTED (via the LA Times), "Cronyism over Merit Contracting Proclivities"? Supporters of Pro Active Reforms at LACCD might want to take a Cyber Moment to Google "Gabriel Buelna, Gustavo Valdivia" ..........., then Google "Gustavo Valdivia, Samuel In, Mayor Sam" .........., next Google "Gustavo Valdivia, Grande Vista Associates, HACLA, LA Times"  ......... and ponder whether Trustee Buelna can be TRUSTED to continue the needed reforms----Scott Johnson.

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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Wendy Carrillo's Anti Semetic Sister Linda Sarsour's "Sharia/Jihad/Vagina Controversy".

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive,  we disclose 51st Assembly District Candidate Wendy Carrillo's "All, Every and Any Day Support" for alleged Anti-Zionist/Sharia Law-supporting/Female Palestinian-American Activist/Women's March Organizer Linda Sarsour ............, who has a DOCUMENTED, vindictive "Vagina Rant Past (targeting a victim of Genital Mutilation)".   
From Wendy Carillo's Twitter Account: I stand with . All day. Everyday. Any day. ✊🏼🇺🇸
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose PROGRESSIVE 51st Assembly District Candidate Wendy Carrillo's "ALL, EVERY and ANY DAY SUPPORT" for controversial Female Palestinian-American Activist/Women's March Organizer Linda Sarsour, who recently called for a JIHAD, targeting President Donald Trump.
Carrillo's "Stand of Support" for the alleged Anti-Semetic/Sharia Law-supporting Activist, is noted as the Los Angeles County Labor Federation supposedly convenes a meeting on Monday to choose their Endorsement in the, STILL unannounced Special Election to replace the vacillating Congressional Replacement Jimmy Gomez.
Sources tell Mayor Sam that the likes of Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and ANOINTED State Senate Replacement Maria Elena Durazo, are working hard to get Carrillo the Endorsement, but in lieu Sister Wendy's "ALL, EVERYDAY and ANY DAY STAND" with Jihadist Linda, the Brothers and Sisters of Labor might want to question Carrillo's support of someone with her own ............, "Vaginal Rant Past (more vindictive in tone compare to the infamous Trump Video)".  
In 2011, the DOCUMENTED apologist for Sharia Law, directed the following EXPLICIT Twitter Rant at the "Honor Diaries Documentary (exposing the "Honor Mistreatment/Abuse" of Muslim Women) " Executive Producer Ayaan Hirsi Ali ..........., 
We should NOTE FOR THE RECORD, that Ayann Hirsi Ali was a victim of Female Genital Mutilation (as supported by Sharia) as a child in Somalia and was STILL targeted by Sarsour ............., who actions (including her SILENCE on LBGTQ Rights) Wendy Carrillo will apparently ALL, EVERY and ANY DAY support as a ELECTED Assemblywoman------Scott Johnson. 
Ayann Hirsi Ali CALLING out Linda Sarsour for being a FAKE Feminist.
Linda Sarsour calling for JIHAD against President Donald Trump
Linda Sarsour alleges a Zionist Right Wing Backlash against her JIHAD Comment.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for the Fifth of July

 On this first full work day of the 2017/2018 Fiscal New Year, a certain, STILL 51st Assembly District Officeholder, is SUPPOSEDLY a week away from, FINALLY becoming Congressman Jimmy Gomez.  
The final days of being part of a One Party Majority Political Machine, is cause for sad retrospection. 
** Blogger's Notes: Good morning after a work week observance of our Day of Independence which for most associates of the One Party Political Establishment (and others aspiring politicos), was a, LONG Fiscal New Year Holiday Weekend. 
It should be noted for the record that constituents of the 34th Congressional District are still MISSING a Congressman, who apparently is STILL dealing with "(Political?) Family Conflicts" that the LA Times outed as the CAUSE for the Riverside Native's delaying his pending Congressional Obscurity. 
While, STILL Assemblyman Gomez works with "Governor Moonbeam II" to secure support for preserving "The Cap and Trade Tax Stream Scheme" before his supposed July 11 Washington D.C. Swearing-In, we ponder what a "Big Red Congressman Morrison Machine" would of ALREADY had accomplish in the House of Representatives?

** Meet the NEW Political Party Crashers!!
Look what the Political Winds blew into CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's Mayoral Campaign Kickoff, WHOOPS, Re-election Inauguration.
We have been the recipient of multiple messages regarding the SURPRISE appearance of the aspiring Bill and Hillary-like Political Enablers of CD-14 ........., at the dual-tasking Mayoral Campaign Kickoff/Re-election Inauguration of CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo last Thursday. Sources tell Mayor Sam that Longtime Cedillo Supporters in attendance at the Lincoln Park's Plaza de la Raza Event ........, were SHOCKed at the appearance by Cedillo's bordering Political Antagonist, who was a SILENT BACKER of the unsuccessful Joe Bray-Ali Campaign.

** Its time for some Bloggin Teases: We are cyber-incubating some future Mayor Sam Exclusives for a Monday HOT Bloggin Release which include topics pertaining to FAKE News, the Homeless, "The Disempowerment LA Department", Medical Ganga, LAPD Command Dysfunction ........, and Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee------Scott Johnson.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy Bloggin Independence Day

Its our bloggin Independence Day in the U.S.A!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

We're on Bloggin Happy Fiscal New Year Vacation

A perfect mini-storm of work obligations, mixed with family and minor medical issues have contributed to a bloggin light month of June. Thus, with the 2016/2017 Fiscal Year nearing its appointed end its time for a mini-vacation to RECHARGE body (healing a right wrist sprain) and mind ............, just in time to commence our coverage of the latest Special Election (51st Assembly District) ........, if Jimmy Gomez ever decides to leave.
On bloggin RECHARGE mode for the coming 2017/2018 Fiscal New Year.
** Blogger's Notes: As the above intro states, the time is right for our annual Mind and Body RECHARGE Vacation to celebrate the looming 2017/2018 Fiscal Confiscation New Year (and another year of being). Mind and Body are in agreement that NOW is the time partake in our annual Highway 395 Getaway, especially with the Sierras engaging in a bountiful Runoff of soothing fresh water ..........., with nearby Hot Springs on stand by for beneficial mixing.  
When we return on Fiscal New Year Day 2017 (July 1), there is a LIKELY possibility that CURRENT Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez will still be in "Cubafornia on the Pacific One Party Legislature" as his vote is needed by Cubafornia Governor El Moonbeam II, to preserve the One Party State's Cap and Trade Scam/Program.  
That stated, we seriously ponder whether the Riverside Native is experiencing a "Bout of Politico Remorse (kinda like Buyer's Remorse)" after coming off the HIGH of defeating the "Big Red Morrison Political Machine (with NO credit from the Fake Main Stream Media)" ......., only to realize that the "Fruit of his Congressional Victory", will quickly rot into a long-term D.C. Banishment as an obscure Minority Party Officeholder----Scott Johnson.
Jimmy Gomez's Burro (via Riverside) getting tire of waiting to unload Congressional Carpet Baggage.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

HOT Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As we near the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2016/2017, the looming 2017/2018 FY Edition will commence with, yet another Special Election as former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes and Ex. Failure Mayor Antonio Villar-(then Raigosa) Staffer LACCD Trustee Mike Fong, becomes the latest Candidate seeking to replace, NOW Congressman Jimmy Gomez.
NOW 51st Assembly District Candidate Mike Fong (on right) with California Gubernatorial Aspirant John Chiang.
** Blogger's Notes: Its pays to be a Poll Worker within the area of Northeast LA as Voters face another Special Election to choose the replacement for 51st AD Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, who has been kicked eastward into "The D.C. Congressional Swamp". With the official declaration tomorrow by the LA County Board of Supervisors regarding the certification of the 34th Congressional District Election Results, the Eagle Rock (via Riverside) Legislator will formally resign, triggering the need for Governor Jerry Brown to fill the VACANT Office. As of today, former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes, Ex. Failure Mayor Antonio-(then Raigosa) and current Empower LA Staffer/Errant Boy Mike Fong, along with former CD-13 City Council Candidate Alex De Ocampo, are the LATEST declared Candidates.  
"The FORMERLY El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First"
** A MAYOR SAM BLOGGIN CORRECTION: Please note that from this missive onward, the formerly "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First" ........., will be FORMALLY bestowed as "The Unlawful Cubafornia Republic State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (or simply K.A. Leon)". As for the Higher Office aspirations of the exploiting Sanctuary State Legislation Author, K.A. Leon has FIVE Fundraisers planned for this month to finance an uncertain Political Future.
LAUSD School Board Member Monica Garcia ........... with "Cultural Appropriation Profiteer" Mark(os) Aguilar.
** With NO APOLOGIES to LAUSD School Board Member (and aspiring "Mexican Oprah") Monica Garcia but there may come a time that she is force to appear in International Court (LOL!!) in regards to her enabling of the possible "ILLEGAL Cultural Appropriation" by the noted "Lucrative, One Percent Husband and Wife Charter School Indoctrination/Educator Duo Mark(os) and Minnie Aguilar-Ferguson. At the COST to test score performances (and ethical/fiscal standards), the reigning COCONUTS of alleged Indigenous Education, have gamed the California Taxpayers  aplenty as the Tax Document below discloses-----Scott Johnson. 
It pays WELL to Culturally Appropriate a Husband and Wife Aztec Persona.  

Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Day (+ 1) After ......., Briefs on the Next Special Election Proceedings

As 51st Assembly District Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez preps to become an obscure, new 34th Congressional District Officeholder, former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar-(then Raigosa) Administration Official (and Lawyer) Gabriel Sandoval, becomes the latest Candidate seeking to replace the newly-elected Congressman. 
I'm off to battle Fake News in Russian-occupied Washington S. S. R.
** Blogger's Notes: With newly elected (with only 60% of the vote) 34th Congressional District Congressman Jimmy Gomez prepping to follow the trail of retracted Fake News onward to Washington S. S, R., he leaves behind the need for ANOTHER Special Election ............, with a growing Candidate List.
The Mayor Sam Blog has learned that former President Barack "H" Obama Administration Advisor and before then, Ex. Failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Administration Deputy Legal Counsel Gabriel Sandoval .........., has retain the SERVICES of Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo, to launch a Campaign for the vacated 51st Assembly District Office.
Sandoval joins Eagle Rock Progressive Luis Lopez as Candidates who have initiated forming Campaign Teams in seeking to replace Gomez in Sacramento, with the likes of former CD-1 City Councilman Ed Reyes, STRONGLY rumored to be, NOW Congressman-designated Gomez desired choice to replace him in Sacramento----Scott Johnson.
The Riverside-originating Jimmy Gomez Democratic Moving Burro (with spacious Special Interest Carpetbag Storage), dreading Washington S.S.R. journey. 
Former President Obama Administration Advisor and Ex. failure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Deputy Legal Counsel Gabriel Sandoval who has retained .............,
.........., Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo as his Campaign Consultant/Manager.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Its Special Election Day ........, Again in the 34th Congressional District

Its "D (for Decision)-Day 2017" in the 34th Congressional District as Voters partake in their Constitutional Right (protected by those who landed on the beaches of Normandy 73 years ago today) to select the replacement for, now California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. 
Will an ENERGIZE Korean-American Electorate empower a Special Election Surprise for Robert Lee Ahn ......, at Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez's Expense?
** Blogger's Notes: Its "D (for Decision)-Day 2017" in the 34th Congressional District as the likes of the "Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez for Congress Moving Burro (with Carpetbag)", along with potential 51st Assembly District Special Election Candidates, await the presumptive Victory of the Eagle Rock (via Riverside) Politico, barring the UNEXPECTED ..........., which according to data via the LA Times, cannot be dismiss outright. 
The LA Times reports that early Mail-in Ballot returns are showing a BOOST in Korean-American Voter Turnout that may result in a substantial narrowing of the presumptive Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez Victory Margin.
First, As of Monday afternoon, 21,000 mail ballots had been received, an increase of about 20% compared with the day before the April primary. Korean American voters, who make up just 6% of voters in this majority Latino district, are outpacing Latinos in early returns.  
Second, About 5,660, or 30% of Korean American registered voters, have already voted, according to a surname and birthplace analysis by Political Data Inc. The day before the primary election, about 4,000 Korean Americans had already voted.
Third, Korean Americans made up about 27% of early mail returns as of Monday evening, and Asians as a whole, who have received targeted ads from Ahn, made up about 38% of the ballots.
Most telling ........, This doesn't include more than 1,400 voters who participated in early voting over the weekend. The vast majority of those weekend votes came from Pio Pico Library in Koreatown, where many Korean Americans also turned out in force to vote.
In discerning the information posted above, it would not be inconceivable that Candidate Ahn may have the lead this evening when the initial tally of the early vote is posted, but the big question will be whether Assemblyman Gomez will rise above his normal "Dull Persona", in motivating his Base to counter an ENERGIZE Korean-American Electorate----Scott Johnson.
The Jimmy Gomez for Congress Moving Burro awaiting Today's Election Results.
Eagle Rock Progressive Luis Lopez CAN"T WAIT for a presumptive Gomez Victory Tonight.
Will former CD-1 City Councilman Ed Reyes become the "Congressman Jimmy Gomez Anointed Assembly Successor"? 

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Monday, June 05, 2017

The Political Split of "Papi Villar" and "Mijo Huizar"

A vindictive Political Mijo Jose Huizar's Endorsement of Gubernatorial Candidate John Chiang over NOW ex Political Papi Antonio Villar, is the Final Act of a once Mutualistic Relationship, with possible future adverse ramifications on a speculative Richelle Rios Huizar CD-14 Campaign.
Former Political Papi Tony is all LAUGHS (mixed with planned Payback) at his EX. Mijo's Huizzy Endorsement of Controller John Chiang for Governor.
** Blogger's Notes: In a CD-14 Political Life, there comes a time when an ambitious Mijo grows up ......., and backstabs his Patronage Papi (again) in an Act of Self (with Spouse) Advancement. 
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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Illegal (and Unreported) Campaigning (via Victory Outreach Church) Caught on Video in City of Commerce

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have obtain video of ALLEGED employees/associates of the Victory Outreach Church of Huntington Park, engaging in illegal Campaigning via the MASS distribution of an Undeclared/Unreported Attack Flyer (which uses Hews Media Group content), targeting City of Commerce City Council Candidates Denise Robles, John Soria and Leonard Mendoza.
Unidentified Victory Outreach of Huntington Park Employee/Associate, CAUGHT on Video (via John Soria), distributing Undeclared/Unreported Attack Flyer that attributes past Hews Media Group Reports.
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have obtain video from City of Commerce City Council Candidate John Soria, that exposes Victory Outreach Church of Huntington Park "Associates/Employees", engaging in legally-questionable Electioneering via the MASS distribution of an UNDECLARED/UNREPORTED Attack Flyer.
The Flyer which targeted Commerce City Council Candidates Denise Robles, John Soria and Leonard Mendoza, used ATTRIBUTED content from the (Brian) Hews Media Group and made ACTIONABLE accusations targeting Candidate Mendoza's prior employment with the City of Commerce.
Photographs of the front and back of the Attack Flyer, DO NOT disclose any Candidate, Organization or Independent Expenditure (IE) Committee entities, that takes responsibility in Declaring ..........., and properly Reporting the cost, along with parties involve in the creation of the, NOW Controversial Flyer.
That stated, the two alleged "Employees/Associates" of the Victory Outreach Church of Huntington Park, MOST LIKELY did not know that their JOINT OUTING of the religious organization's role in the MASS DISTRIBUTION OF UNDECLARED CAMPAIGN MATERIAL ..........., may have profound legal and TAX IMPLICATIONS in the near future
Evening Update: From a 2012 LA Times Story on the infamous Chacon Political Family
The Chacons have also relied at times on Victory Outreach, a church that ministers to former gang members. The family uses church volunteers as ground troops to answer phones, pass out campaign literature and help with get-out-the-vote efforts. Family committees have paid more than $10,000 in campaign funds to the church since 2003, records show.

 Its apparent that "old habits" continue on----Scott Johnson.
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Saturday, June 03, 2017

A Special Pre-Commerce Elections Edition of ........, "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker, featuring Brian Hews"

On this weekend before the closely-observed City of Commerce Municipal Elections (on Tuesday, June 6), we present a Special Edition of "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker .........., featuring Brain Hews" as we expose, AGAIN the factually-challenged reporting via "The Brain Hews/Los Chacon News (formerly the Los Cerritos Community News)". 
 Commerce City Hall
The Chief Fake News/Propagandist of the Brian Hews/Los Chacon News.
** Blogger's Notes: Its time again for our Bloggin Feature as we CHANNEL the multiple mindsets (allegedly) of NOTED, Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian Hews, in a Special Edition devoted to the upcoming City of Commerce Municipal (City Council) Elections on Tuesday, June 6th. With 11 Candidates seeking three City Council Positions, any positive, attributed reporting ......., or a factually-challenged "Wanton Missive of Distortion (ie. Fake News)" can have a profound impact on an Election where 400 Votes may get you elected to Public Office. Thus, in the spirit of discerning the TRUTH (to help Commerce Voters make informed Ballot Box decisions), we again ........, Ask the Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker Brian Hews to comment on questions pertaining to his "REPORTING (or lack of)", regarding Tuesday's Election-----Scott Johnson.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Monday's HOT Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

The Democrat National Committee can FINALLY have a Congressional Special Election Victory Celebration, a week from today, as either Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez or Robert Lee Ahn will become an obscure Rookie Congressman replacing, NOW California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.  
 Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez 
Robert Lee Ahn
** Blogger's Notes: Happy start of Bloggin Summer 2017 as a certain "California 51rd Assembly District Officeholder (via Riverside, now Eagle Rock)" preps for a LIKELY, long "Washington D.C. Vacation" by becoming the Congressional Replacement for, NOW Attorney General Xavier Becerra.
Unless Runoff Challenger Attorney Robert Lee Ahn can make inroads into the East Bank of the LA River Voter Base of Assemblyman Gomez (and its actively attempting to do just that), many of the supposed "Progressive Endorsees" of the "Runoff Gomez Campaign" .........., will become potential candidates in a looming 51rd AD Special Election. 
If Gomez is successful next Tuesday, the hot Political Chisme has him supporting former CD-1 City Councilman Ed Reyes as his replacement, but not without a challenger (or more likely challengers), with East Area Progressive Democrats Co-founder (and previously unsuccessful 51rd AD Candidate) Luis Lopez, declaring his intentions (again) to seek a potentially vacated Assembly Seat, pending next Tuesday's results.
A certain CD-14 City Councilman engaging in "Death Blame Game Politics".
** Political Peace between CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo and CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar? NAUGHT!! Considering last week's City Council Vote to support terminating all funding for any variant of a completed 710 Freeway.
With the City Council voting 10-1 to support Councilman Huizar's Motion to terminate funding for completing the North/South Freeway, attention was focus on the LONE dissenting vote, as cast by Councilman Cedillo

The tunnel will leave intact every house, every tree, every street that was meant to be protected. The tunnel is the alternative that does protect these communities …. We should move away from the kind of hysteria that gets engendered by this discussion and move into a dispassionate discussion about the benefits of a tunnel and how it accomplishes the goals of all of those communities impacted

Cedillo was in the definate minority (with the City of Alhambra) regarding his unpopular stance on the, NOW defunct 710 Tunnel Proposal ........., and his opposition did nothing to help foster PEACE with his Princeton Graduate Colleague.

It should be noted that during the recent CD-1 City Council Campaign, the notorious, GRUDGE-holding CD-14 Officeholder, was SILENCE, while the majority of his City Council Colleagues condemned the Controversial Cyber Comments of unsuccessful CD-1 City Council Candidate Joe Bray-Ali.

Huizar's SILENCE on the Joe Bray-Ali Controversy, was contrary to his irresponsible actions (along with Bray-Ali) in the immediate aftermath of the tragic death of a Los Angeles International Charter High School Student 

The Mayor Sam Blog had been made aware of specualtion that a POLITICAL PEACE TREATY was being brokered between the bordering Officeholders, but in the aftermath of the IMPLOSION via the Huizar-supported Bray-Ali Campaign and with the DEFIANT stance taken by Councilman Cedillo on the 710 Tunnel ........., the GRUDGE MATCH goes on----Scott Johnson.