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Sunday, March 03, 2019

A Personal Note ................

A Son says Farewell to a Loving Mother.
I Love You Mom.
A personal note ......... its with profound sadness to disclose that my cherished Mother Carolyn Ann Colberg (maiden name), was given Last Rights on Friday Night at County USC Medical Center after her hospitalization last Sunday. Mother was born in Kansas in 1927 the middle sibling of three sisters (Jeanne and Camille) who have proceeded in death ........ and now await her arrival in a better place. I wish to thank Father Tess of the Sacred Heart Parish for his blessings and the Medical Staff at County-USC for their superb treatment of Mother in her last days. Her loving Son Scott Johnson.
** Blogger's Notes: The last couple of months have been a trying time in attempting (and failing) to compartmentalize my daily cyber musings, while bearing witness to my Mom's last days (and the responsibilities of providing comfort). In healing, my Mom would admonish me if I withdrew into a grieving inner-self, instead of returning my back to a semblance of normalcy. S.J. 

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon Arranges Highland Park Domicile For Announced 2020 CD-14 Campaign

In another CD-14 Political Deja Vu Moment, former California State Senate President Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, establishes Highland Park Domicile for his announced 2020 Campaign to replaced the termed-out Jose Huizar ........, and avoids pledging, not to run for Mayor in 2022.
The comfort of domicile (via an alleged Highland Park Room/Couch Rental), prompts a smile from aspiring CD-14/Mayoral Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon.
** Blogger's Notes: Its safe to say that the Politico born as Kevin Alexander Leon, has never been a depository of original political thought and judging from today's comments regarding his CD-14 City Council (and beyond) aspirations ......., intuitive constituents are experiencing an unwanted Deja Vu Moment. 
In 2003, a termed-out State Officeholder (of formerly Pop Star-like prominence) narrowly-defeated an incumbent CD-14 Officeholder and made a pledge to serve his full four-year term......., but history will note that long-term commitments (such as vows of fidelity), were not a strong point of the then -branded, Antonio Villaraigosa.
Today, another termed-out State Officeholder (and failed US Senate Candidate) who brands himself as Kevin De Leon, is seeking to emulate the former Assembly Speaker in campaigning for the open CD-14 City Council Seat, while remaining vague about his own Mayoral aspirations ........ and how are constituents responding? From the LA Times;

Eagle Rock resident Hans Johnson, president of the East Area Progressive Democrats, said some in the district have bad memories of the 2003 council race, when Antonio Villaraigosa — then a former state assemblyman — ran for the seat and told voters he would serve a full four years. Two years later, Villaraigosa broke that promise, running for and winning his race for mayor. “There’s a lot of resentment still in our part of the 14th District over that,” Johnson said.
Its also a F-A-C-T that De Leon did not defeat (for numerous reasons) the re-elected Senator Feinstein within his own Northeast LA (and CD-14)-based State Senate District in the June Primary ...., and a future City Councilman De Leon Branding will not be a S-U-R-E thing in 2020-----Scott Johnson.
How much do they like me (or not) in CD-14?

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Sunday, February 03, 2019

The 2019 Future Incarceration (?) Edition of Super Bowl with the Huizars Contest

The Mayor Sam Blog proudly continues a Bloggin Tradition as we present ........, The 2019 Future Incarceration (?) Edition of Super Bowl with the Huizars Contest.
Again, the Huizars and Warranted Associates, can be proud regarding their Super Bowl Viewing creativity.
The former #Richellary2020 Campaign ..... and its noted Eastside Sponsors.
** Blogger's Note: Great Super Bowl Sunday to all as our exceptional country's annual celebration of Alpha Manhood (protected from attacks by the Democratic Women #MeToo Enabler Movement), takes place this afternoon with the resurgent Los Angeles (of Inglewood) Rams, taking on the New England Cheating Patriots (** please note the mindset of exuberant, born again, "Los Angeles (via Inglewood) Rams" Fan here), in the 53th Edition of the NFL Championship Game creation of the late Commissioner Pete Rozelle
Since 2008, its been an annual bloggin tradition to place odds on where CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee "Subject of Interest" Jose Huizar (along with Wife and other assorted City Hall miscreants) would choose to watch the Super Bowl. This act of bloggin satire was born out of a mystical (more like fact) CD 14 Political Folktale, involving the self-noting, Princeton Graduate, flying on American Airlines to Miami, Florida to watch the game as the guest of the Fifteen Group. (the owners of the Historic Boyle Heights Wyvernwood Apartment Complex and now designated Developer of the old Lincoln Heights Jail Property). Thus a bloggin tradition continues (after all, there is a very possible, forced domicile relocation for the Princeton Grad ...., and Enabling Wife (?) in 2020)----Scott Johnson.
Disclosure: As a Corrupt Politico Walking, enabling Wife (allegedly), members of Familia (allegedly) and "Warranted City Hall Invitees", prep to disembark on their 2019 Super Bowl Viewing Party Bus, the Mayor Sam Blog has been gifted with the exclusive list of potential "stops (with visiting time to be determine)" for the entourage. Please note that boarding will take place at the Twin Towers Hub of the Raiders Nation Dial A Ride Service (pictured below).
The Official 2019 Super Bowl with the Huizars (and "warranted invitees") Party Bus (graciously provided by the Raiders Nation Dial A Ride Contractor). 
1. The Sybil Brand Institute: Being the "OB (Original Blogger) from CD-14", we would be bloggin remiss if we did not place the interest of the female contingent on the Party Bus paramount, especially when that group includes the formerly #Richellary2020 Candidate. Sybil Brand offers fine views (from the cell block windows), across the 710 Freeway and is close to home for frequent weekend visitations.  
The Hilltop Sybil Brand Institute.
2. The Federal Correctional Institute on Terminal Island: There is no better place to witness the flow of Chinese Products (compare to the cash trading hands at City Hall, allegedly) into Los Angeles, as witness via this longtime Federal Facility on Terminal Island. We are sure that CD-15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino would welcome this entourage ........., when scheduling did not conflict.
Nothing like a stay on a secured island location.
3. The Peter Pitchess/Wayside Honor Rancho: If we had chosen to place odds on the paramount choice for an extended visitation by this year's Super Bowl with the Huizars Party Bus, the former Wayside Honor Rancho would win hands down. Where else within a quick courtroom turnaround, could the Huizars enjoy the Rancho Life (for Good Behavior)?
Where playing "Charro" is defined by your Cooperation and Good Behavior.
4. Club Fed (and maker of License Plates) in Lompoc: From a romantic Hilltop, to Seaside Views and a visitation among the Rolling Hills ........., we arrive at our final stop (after plea and ratting on others negotiations) known simply as the Club Fed of Lompoc. As many White Collar Criminals and Corrupt Politicos will give witness to, Club Fed Lompoc is your desired location to spent a minimal stay ...., in exchange for NOT bearing false witness in court. 
Club Fed in Lompoc.


Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Bloggin Return of Thursday Outtakes from CD-14

The Mayor Sam Blog proudly returns its weekly, Thurday Outtakes from CD-14, that offers discerning coverage on the political dealings of its "Officeholder of Interest", and those knowingly (or not), associated with his questionable reign of governess.
CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (lower right), with Mother and Siblings (L. to R.: Sal, Leo, Yolie and Jimmy).
** Blogger's Notes: Its a given in politics that every vote (or voter) counts ........, especially when seeking to dispense with Holiday Greetings. In the 2015 email below, the then reelection-seeking CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, expressed his concerns that CD-14 Households were receiving more than one Holiday Card due to data concerns. It seems that instead of sorting via households, those responsible used "voter data" ........, that exposed some inconvenient truths about the Mother Huizar Household. To be continue.
How many Huizar Siblings are/were Register to Vote at their Mother's House?
LAUSD School Board Member (and CD-14 Candidate?) Monica Garcia
** Since the demise of the #Richellary2020 Campaign, the speculation on who would seek to replace the "Officeholder of Interest" has been strangely quiet ......, until now. With the Settlement of the LAUSD Teacher Strike, there has been a renew interest in the open secret of LAUSD School Board Member Monica Garcia's desire to replace her former Boss. But judging from Social Media chatter, her CD-14 City Council aspirations, are not engendering any positive vibes.
Journalist Jerry Sullivan.
** We would be remiss in not noting the return of former Downtown Garment & Citizen Newspaper  Founder (and Editor of the LA Business Journal) Jerry Sullivan, to the bloggin cyber sphere with his weekly "Sullivan Says Website (behind a low-price paywall)". In recent weeks, Sullivan has renewed his cyber dialog with a certain "CD-14 Communications Director (initials R.C)" who Sullivan blessed with the moniker "Coca Puffs". It seems that "Coca Puffs" is still practicing the art of obstruction, regarding requests for documentation pertaining to the financial records associated with the "Bringing Back Broadway Event"-----Scott Johnson.  

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A Special #Arniedidit Review of Health Department Records

As a Bloggin Public Services for the Greater Sunland Tujunga Community, we provide this Special #Arniedidit Review of Health Department Records (with photos), that allegedly document CD-7 Councilperson Monica Rodriguez's "Self-appointed Policy Bully's) .........., sanitary business practices (or lack of).
CD -7 City Councilperson Monica Rodriguez with her campaign contributing, self-appointed Policy Bully (and Convicted Criminal) Arnie Abramyan. 
** Blogger's Notes: The Mayor Sam Blog prides itself on its timely "Bloggin Public Service Missives" that aspire to contribute valuable information to our cyber readership. In that spirit, we have crafted for the Greater Sunland Tujunga Community (and beyond) .........., a Special #Arniedidit Review of Health Department Records (with photos). When not engaging in the dispensation of communal falsehoods and the #MeToo-like stalking of Males "Posteriors", the alleged, Self-appointed Policy Bully of CD-7 Councilperson Monica Rodriguez, is apparently using the latest in "environmental storage practices" at his "Coffee and Cruise Business" on Foothill Blvd. To be continue----Scott Johnson.  
Amazing what we can find at Arnie's "Coffee and Cruise Business" on Foothill Blvd.
From the LA County Health Department Document Portal.
Has Arnie purchase the latest in open-air refrigeration, with access to the local critters?
More Health Department Documentation.
Chilling the Milk and Cream Additives.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

A MLK Day Open Letter To CD-7 Councilperson Rodriguez Regarding Her Supporter's Communal Character (or lack of)

On this MLK Day after last Thursday's Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council's Kangaroo Court-like assault on the Communal Character of longtime STNC Activist Cindy Cleghorn, we question CD-7 Councilperson Monica Rodriguez's association with those spearheading the repugnant personal attacks on Cleghorn ........, and actionable falsehoods, targeting those keyboarding the documented truth.
CD-7 Councilperson Monica Rodriguez with Convicted Criminal (and Campaign Supporter) Arnie Abramyan.
** Blogger's Notes: On this Martin Luther King Day after last Thursday's Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council's disgraceful, legally-questionable and Kangaroo Court-like proceedings, in attempting to remove longtime NC Activist Cindy Cleghorn from it Land Use Committee, we want to share the following thoughts with CD-7 City Councilperson Monica Rodriguez. 
Emulating the spirit of Dr. King, we aspire to root our musings, on character-based reporting of the facts, absent of biases based upon gender, race or political affiliations. 
Those traits were exampled by the great majority, who wrote and spoke against the STNC-proposed action targeting Cleghorn, giving witness to her selfless (and countless) Acts of Character, in the interest of protecting the communal environment of Sunland Tujunga ....., and beyond.
We like to ponder that in an ideal CD-7 ethical environment, its Officeholder would be lauding those standing by Cleghorn and holding accountable those responsible for acting subjectively ........, but Councilperson Rodriguez's continuing silence, is evidence (along with the documentation presented below), of her own character failings ........., with adverse ramifications. 
Since her election, CD-7 Councilperson Rodriguez's campaign contributors have ramped up the bully-like attacks on perceived critics of her political agenda. In the aftermath of the failed attempt to remove Cleghorn, they have reaped the ire of a great majority, repulse by their reviled ......., and ACTIONABLE conduct.
For the record, screen shots from Sunland Tuunga-based Facebook Pages, disclose Councilperson Rodriguez's Contributors Arnie "Convicted Criminal" Abramyan and Sonia Tutulian, making False/Actionable Statements regarding financial compensation by prominent NC Advocates to this ......., Mayor Sam (not CityWatch LA) Writer (a formal statement will be forthcoming).
In closing, Councilwoman Rodriguez's needs to immediately repudiate the falsehoods and vile behavior by her campaign supporters or face further repudiations ......., and formal sanctions----Scott Johnson  
03/05/17Arno Abramyan   
Tujunga, CA 91042-2710
Employer:Arnie's Coffee
Monica Rodriguez 
Council Member - District 7

1388424 - Monica Rodriguez for City Council 2017
C - Non-Monetary 

Desc: Banners and Newspaper Ad 

Period: 03/02/17 to 04/01/17
Election: 05/16/17
05/01/17Arno Abramyan   
Tujunga, CA 91042-2710
Employer:Arnie's Coffee
Monica Rodriguez 
Council Member - District 7

1395159 - Monica Rodriguez for City Council 2017 - General
C - Non-Monetary 

Desc: Banners 

Period: 04/30/17 to 05/10/17
Election: 05/16/17
Arnie's contributions to, now Councilperson Rodriguez. 
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Monday, January 14, 2019

Hot Monday Morning Meaty Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond)

We are on City Hall Corruption, LAUSD Strike ......... and Storm Watch as Monday's dawn gives light to the specifics (via the disclosed Search Warrant) on a growing City Hall Corruption Scandal, Day One of the LAUSD Teacher Strike, along with the first in a series of Pacific Storms.
Kudos to the "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro" for raising the bar on Corruption in CD-14 (allegedly).
** Blogger's Notes: With the disclosure of the Search Warrant pertaining to the on-going FBI Investigation of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (and now involving CD-9 Councilman Curren Price and Council President Herman Wesson's Chief of Staff Deron Williams among others), we have one simple question ............ what did Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson know (or condone upon the culmination of the 2012 Redistricting Scheme?) To be continue. 
Huizar Search Warrant Specifics, Page 1
Huizar Search Warrant Specifics, Page 2

** As Mother Nature provides a Teachable Moment on Seasonal Weather, United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) kicked off Day One of its Strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District. You may be wondering what attempts Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee is playing in forging a Strike-ending Agreement, us too. But we now that his supporters were the deciding factor in preventing UTLA-endorsed LAUSD District Five Candidate Jackie Goldberg from garnering the LA County Democrat Party Endorsement .........., and raising $178,000 for the Mayor-endorsed Candidate Heather Repenning.
Heather Repenning for School Board?

** Pardon our bloggin detour into Storm(s) Watch 2019, but this person knows too well the potential deadly ramifications for the Homeless who live within the concrete/natural runoff channels in Los Angeles County. Below, we post the predicted rainfall map for this week. Stay safe everyone.

Rainfall Map for 1-(14-18)-19.

Friday, January 11, 2019

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond)

On this TGIF before tomorrow's Rams vs Cowboys Playoff Game, we present week-closing topics and set the table on trending news for the coming days ahead----S.J.
Enjoy and prep yourself for a wet week ahead.

** Calizuela Pervycrat Financier Ed Buck Death Scandal 2.0 Fallout: As the identity of the latest African-American Friend of Pervycrat Financier Ed Buck to die in his home/perversion enclave, is made known, the Fallout among contribution recipients continues. Westside LA Congressman Ted Lieu announced his gifting of Buck's $18,000 Contribution to LGBTQ and African-American Non-Profits. Meanwhile, we call upon Congressman Jimmy Gomez to state, for the record, whether he would do likewise with his Buck Contribution.    
Pervycrat Financier Ed Buck with Political Friends.

** The looming LAUSD Teacher Strike: With judicial clearance, the teachers represented by United Teachers Los Angeles, are "locked and loaded" for a Monday Strike. In past political times, a pending Walkout would provide an opportunity for a Photo Op/Grandstanding Mayor to mediate a resolution ......., but that is not the current "Gar-SOFT-ee Way". Instead, the absentee Mayoral Officeholder is more engage in positioning his "Choice Candidate" for the vacant LAUSD District Five School Board Seat, to garner one of the two places in a certain Runoff. More details on Monday. 
Funding for Success?

** Backlash against LA Times Anti-Semitic Apologist/Columnist: Reflecting the current intolerant proclivities of the Calizuela-ruling Democratic Party, the once supposed "Fishwrap of Record on Spring Street", now merely an "Old Gray Goose-stepper (relocated to El Segundo)" is facing condemnation. Anti-Semitic Apologist Op-Ed Writer Robin Abcarian, has engender a major backlash from the Los Angeles Jewish Community (and beyond), for her "Wanton Missive of Dismissing" the vile Anti-Semitic Views of certain leaders of the Women's March.  
Will the LA Times become the local Propaganda Reichstag of the Intolerant Left?

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Mayor Sam Rollout of Bloggin Weekly News Features for 2019

With no apologies to CD-5 City Councilman Paul "Nanny Spud" Koretz, the Mayor Sam Blog is proud to present its All Meat Menu of Weekly News Features, that drips "Red" with substance and slices into fat of inconvenience facts regarding those meriting bloggin interest. 
Replacing a Night on Broadway, Mayor Sam presents ......... 
** Blogger's Notes: Our recent bloggin sabbatical gave us time to reflect on the freshness of our cyber content as we pride our self on not becoming afflicted with keyboarding tired repetitive content. That stated, there is so much content that merits sharing with our audience in the interest of empowering and dialog .......... and action when warranted. As we target growing our audience while remaining true to our 200 Spring Street-centric Core Mission in 2019, it time to present (with inspiration via CD 5 City Councilman Paul "Nanny Spud" Koretz) our Bloggin Menu of Meaty Weekly News Features, which will leave a Cyber Bigfoot Print of Inconvenient Substance, regarding the subjects of merit. Please not that our Daily Morning Briefs will continue-----Scott Johnson. 
1. Hot Meaty Briefs (featuring assorted Potato Heads) on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday: We strive to begin each work week with the latest scoops, news and speculation, focusing exclusively on content originating from within 200 Spring Street and Downtown LA-based public entities.
The reigning Nanny Spud.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Commerce City Administrator Edgar Cisnero's $41 Million Chino Hills Land Speculation Scheme Exposed

The new Commerce City Council Majority (and its Puppet Master City Administrator Edgar Cisneros) are the self-inflicted recipient of another ethical Black Eye as Open Space Advocates condemn their (and the unscrupulous San Gabriel Valley Water & Power LLC), secretive scheme to purchase the Tres Hermanos Ranch in the Chino Hills.  
The prized Open Space of the Tres Hermanos Ranch in Chino Hills.
** Blogger's Notes: Its apparent that the City of Commerce has some spare change available ($41 Million-plus) to help land speculators (of ill-repute) in need, but the details must remain in Closed Section ........, until now
Since the 2017 Election of the current incarnation of the Commerce City Council, its reigning majority of Councilperson Oralia Rebollo, John Soria and Ivan Altamirano, with their chosen City Administrator Edgar Cisneros, have jointly been responsible for numerous Ethical Black Eyes (involving Pay to Play Municipal Contracts Giveaways to Campaign Donors). 
With legal enabling via the notorious Glassman Law Firm, City Administrator Cisneros has made a mockery of Openness and Transparency in a supposed Model Municipality, via his secretive dealings with the likes of Louis Reyes, Mario Beltran, and the Hews Media Group .........., which explains the embargo of negative reporting on the current affairs at 2535 Commerce Way.
But what is accepted political behavior among Administrator Cisneros and his three political stooges within City Hall confines, is cause for condemnation (and pending legal action as pictured below), when attempted beyond city limits .........., with newest questionable associate William Barkett.
It would seem that Burkett would be now a nefarious Land Speculator without a Publicly-financed Enrichment Scheme, as the tri-municipalities of Chino Hills, Diamond Bar and Industry worked together to make the preservation of Tres Hermanos a much-desired reality, but thanks to Burkett's new associate, Administrator Cisnero's "Backroom Proclivities" ........., a new litigious controversy is pending in the Model City, again. To be continue----Scott Johnson.  
From left to right: Commerce Councilwoman Oralia Rebollo, Councilman John Soria and City Administrator Edgar Cisneros (with son).
Failed Assembly Candidate and still Commerce Councilman Ivan Altamirano.
City of Diamond Bar Legal Letter to the City of Commerce, Page 1.
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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Mayor Sam's Trending Topics of Interest for 2019

In remaining true to our core mission of espousing the open and transparent dispensation of news regarding the State of Governess within Los Angeles (and beyond), we present an initial list of Trending Topics of Interest for 2019.
So little time, so many topics of interest in 2019.
** Blogger's Notes: Where do we commence our bloggin coverage for 2019? 
It would be so easy to start keyboarding the latest on a certain Princeton Graduate, turned embattled CD-14 City Council Officeholder (awaiting legal reckoning), especially as his Communications Director/Adviser Rick "Coca Puffs", ends his weeks-long drought of Huizzy Twitter Posts.
Indeed, we can spent bloggin hours being the manic, one issue commentator, made easier in recent weeks with the myriad of issues/sub plots connected to the embattled Council Member, but we digress.
That stated (and in the interest of maintaining a bloggin freshness), we want to endeavor in being the purveyor of political news, that may otherwise be ignored in an increasingly subjective journalistic environment ......... and adversely impacts communal democracies.  
In that spirit, we list below what we feel should be trending topics, both within our normal boundaries of coverage ......... and beyond in communities now in a growing vacuum zone of no regular journalistic coverage----Scott Johnson.  
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Monday, January 07, 2019

Its Bloggin Back to Work Monday, 2019!!

We're Back!! With absolutely no apologies to the likes of our former bloggin colleague "MEAT (aka. Michael Trujillo)", we return from our self-imposed cyber-sequester to undertake a new year of expanding coverage, dedicated to exposing the policy, cultural and personal outrages of the corrupt factions, that constitute the Los Angeles (and Calizuela-controlling) Democratic Party.    
 Please refrain from reminding "MEAT" of his days as a "Minority Owner" of Ralph Verdugo's LA Brewing Company on Broadway, in Downtown LA.
** Blogger's Notes: Happy Bloggin New Year 2019!! 
After nearly a decade of cyber-musings on the various politicos, neighborhood wannabees, sanchas and supposed journalists (in reality propagandists), we must be honest with ourselves in disclosing our respective adopting of mannerisms, originating from subjects of interest.
For example, discerning observers could opine that since mid-December, this writer has become a "Bloggin Huevon", kinda like a certain "Princeton Graduate Charro", who allegedly vacated his residing CD-14 Council District (for now), to spend quality time at his Pedley or Zacatecas, Mexico Rancho. Thus, granting us time for a brief cyber slumber.
But with the Christmas/New Year Holidays behind us, the first work Monday of 2019 will kick start an intensive year of diverse, political cyber coverage ..........., and change.
As witness with this afternoon's Breaking News regarding the latest questionable death at the West Hollywood Home of Calizuela Pervycrat Financier Ed Buck, the weeks, months and year of 2019, will provide a bountiful cyber-harvest of bloggin topics within ........., and outside the boundaries of our normal 200 N. Spring Street-based epicenter of coverage. 
While its a given that this blog's core mission will continue, the fifteenth year of Mayor Sam's contribution to the Cause of Openness and Transparency, in an increasingly autocratic City/County of LA, within a One Party Junta-controlling Calizuela .......... is the appropriate time for needed growth.
With a devolving vacume of agenda journalism, upsetting the balance of a once bountiful and robust depository of objective news coverage in Los Angeles, its paramount that we prioritize the reporting of hard news ........., that engenders an informative dialog on the issues of governess, in the respective jurisdictions of note. 
In the weeks ahead, we will be moving forward with our new "Mayor Sam Sister Cities News Group" that partners with Open Government and News Advocates, in promoting the free flow of information within communities devoid of objective reporting. 
The latter part of 2018 was productive for Mayor Sam, in growing our cyber audience in municipalities such as Montebello, Commerce and Southeast LA County, as we strive to counter the much-reviled Hews Media Group .........., and an absentee "Old Gray Goose-stepper formerly on Spring Street (aka the now El Segundo Times)".   
Indeed, 2019 promises to be a trans-formative year for Michael Higby's cyber-creation and as we progress deeper into an exciting future .........., rest assure that our mission will remain the continuing empowerment of those seeking to be truthfully informed----Scott Johnson. 

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As the Los Angeles City Council convenes for its last work week of 2018, rumors are rampant that embattled CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar will tender his resignation by Friday, ending his reign of servicing those who pledge (and pay for) loyalty, to his self-enriching brand of representation.  
Is the end near for CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's (and cronies) reign of servicing (based upon loyalty)? 
** Blogger's Notes: Is the end near? With the Los Angeles City Council beginning its last week of 2018 meetings tomorrow (Tuesday), speculation is growing that the embattled Princeton Graduate, turned troubled Politico, will announce his Resignation at the end of business on Friday. A review of Official CD-14 Social Media Mediums, denotes a Missing-In-Action (MIA) Officeholder (along with a certain Communications Director, last seen Tweeting "Coca Puffs" on November 6, with none since). This past weekend, Councilman Huizar was a no show at community events in Hermon, El Sereno and Highland Park, fueling the speculation of his pending demise.
Now Montebello City Councilwoman Angie Jimemez (the formerly Mrs. Gil Cedillo Jr.) 
With no apologies to the Machismo Father and Son Duo of CD 1 Councilman Gil and Lil Gil Cedillo Jr., a former Daughter-In-Law/Wife respectively .........., has a new gig. After weeks of counting/harvesting of post-Election Day Ballots, the City of Los Angeles Mayor's Office Employee will be certified as the third place finisher for the three available seats on the Montebello City Council. Jimenez unseated Incumbent Art "Perrin" Barajas by THREE votes. 
The Fondling Father of the Calizuela Pervycrat Caucus Eric Bauman.
Despite the best efforts from the likes of the Sacramento Dee, the El Segundo Old Gray Collective Hag (no longer on Spring Street) and other assorted Fishwraps of Leftist Propaganda to ignore, the One Party State of Calizuela, has a robust (and growing) new Identity Faction known as ............, the "Pervycrat Caucus". In recent weeks, the ranks of accosting Prevycrats has grown with the ascension of former Calizuela Democrat Party Chairperson Eric Bauman ........., as the Fondling Father of its newest Identity Caucus-----Scott Johnson. 

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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Notes on the Councilman Huizar Scandal Scorecard ..... for Tuesday

As more allegations of ethical and personal malfeasance involving embattled CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar become public, the Los Angeles Neighbor Council Coalition (LANCC) became the first City-wide Entity, to request the Princeton Graduate Officeholder's Resignation ........, while mounting legal bills prompted the sale of the Huizar's El Sereno Rental Home.
CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar in his disdainful persona.
Just in the last week alone, we learned that many Downtown LA Money Interests "were implored by Councilman Huizar (and Staff)" to donate money to his Alma Mater, Salesian High School, during the time his wife was employed as the Private School's Fundraiser, which contributed to a Motion approved by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) ........., that called on him to resign.
One day into the First Week of December, the fallout of Team Huizar's alleged ethical, legal and personal transgressions continues, with the cancellation of the 2019 Edition of "Bringing Back Broadway Event" ........., and what will happen next?
First, the Mayor Sam Blog has learned that Jose and Richelle Rae Huizar's notorious El Sereno Rental Home, was placed on the Market last week, with an asking price of $665,000. which is nearly 400% more than the 1999 purchasing price of $157,000. We should note that the couple nearly lost their home due to non-payment of Property Taxes in 2015
Why the haste of Richelle Rios Huizar LLC, to sell its El Sereno Rental Property? 
Second, in response to the LA Times Missive regarding the use of CD-14 Staff to help with Richelle Huizar's Fundraising Vocation at Salesian High School, we post here a link to our 2015 Exclusive on Councilman Huizar's allocation of discretionary funding to various community organizations ........, including a proposed $15,000 to his Alta Mater. Sources then (and again in recent weeks), opined that the rush of allocations in late 2014, may had been part of a scheme to use public funding for campaign purposes. 
What was the intent of the proposed $15,000 allocation of Discretionary Funds to Salesian High School in late 2014?
Third, as another now Ex Councilman Huizar Staffer (George Esparza), goes public regarding alleged unethical Workplace Behavior, discerning observers are renewing interest regarding the departure of former CD-14 Downtown Field Deputy Lilie Gross. The Mayor Sam Blog had mentioned the name of Gross, along with Pauline Medina, in a previous post that broached speculation regarding Workplace Misconduct. Multiple sources tell Mayor Sam that Lilie Gross is the God Daughter of Political Consultant Parke Skelton, who had consulted Councilman Huizar's previous campaigns ......, but was not selected (or chose not) to run the still-born Richelle Huizar Campaign-----Scott Johnson.
Will Lilie Gross became the next Ex Staffer to disclose the reasons for her CD-14 Departure??

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Deadly Consequences of Road Diets by Christopher LeGras

In the deadly aftermath of the Camp Fire which destroy the Town of Paradise, Writer Christopher D. LeGras reports on the fatal consequences of a recently-installed "Road Diet" in the town that was contrary to the need for more highway evacuation capacity, as noted in a 2008 Butte County Grand Jury Investigation.
Line of burnt cars along a Single Lane Evacuation Route in Paradise California.
** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we present the following missive via Writer Christopher D. LeGras, who discloses the fatal consequences of the destroyed Town of Paradise's decision to install a Vision Zero-Type Road Diet along its primary traffic artery. Like the recent Sunland Tujunga Brush Fires, Road Diet constrictions caused life-threatening issues with the speedy flow of evacuees out of the danger areas. As more municipalities ponder Road Diets in their respective areas, they we be advise to read the following ..........., and reconsider after the lessons of the Camp Fire, are truly vetted----Scott Johnson.  
As the Humboldt Fire ravaged Butte County in 2008 evacuations out of the communities of Paradise and Magalia bogged down in gridlock. Fleeing residents were trapped in their cars, flames boiling on both sides of the road. Many fled on foot, barely escaping with their lives.
Butte County is wildfire country, mountainous terrain where the next conflagration isn’t a matter of if but when. When the fires come the lives of a quarter million people depend on evacuating along an extremely limited road and highway network in which every square foot of space becomes critical.
After the 2008 fire a grand jury investigation identified serious constraints on the region’s evacuation routes. Their final report noted there are only four roads of escape for 40,000 people in Paradise, Magalia, and Upper Ridge, three of which are narrow, two lane mountain roads. Those roads have “significant constraints limiting their use as evacuation routes during a major event, especially another event of multiple fires.”

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Will #Richellary2020 Cease Her CD-14 Campaign Today? ** Update: She Is Done

As embattled CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar returns to his City Hall Workplace, speculation is rampant that his Wife Richelle will cease her #Richellary2020 Campaign today.
#Richellary2020 with Members of the notorious Old School Latino Political Machine.
** Blogger's Notes: The Mayor Sam Blog has been told from a Reliable Source that Richelle Rios Huizar's "#Richellary2020 CD-14 Campaign", will announce its termination later today. The wife of embattled CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, has been rarely seen and unheard from since the FBI's Raid on her Home and Officeholder Husband's Offices. In recent days, it has become public that the Mother of Four, submitted her "Commission Resignation Email" to Mayor Eric Garcetti (as pictured below----Scott Johnson.
** Afternoon Update from Richelle Huizar's Campaign Consultant Derek Humphrey: Today, I am announcing my withdrawal as a candidate for City Council in order to focus on my family. I am eternally grateful for the support that I have received since announcing our campaign in September. I look forward to continuing to work on issues I’m passionate about and staying involved in improving our communities.
#Richellary2020 has been missing from Public View since the FBI Raids targeting her Husband.
#Richellary2020's Commission Resignation Email (not drafted by Rick "Coca Puff").
Hillary to #Richellar2020: "Its amazing our like-minded choices in political spouses".

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