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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Memo to L.A. City Council: Don't paint squiggly mulit-color decorations on the road Friday at 5:00pm anymore, please.

(Pictured: The future of L.A. with more high density projects and the road improvements to accomodate)

To: Mayor Antonio Villaraiagossa and Los Angeles City Council
Fr: Inspector General Zuma Dogg
Re: Painting multi-color, squiggly lines on the road, for decorative purposes during 5pm Friday Rush hour.
Dt: March 31, 2007

Dear Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and YOUR Los Angeles City Council,

People accuse the City of "bad planning" and overall dim-witted judgement. And that saddens Zuma Dogg. Because Dr. Deming taught me that people are already trying to "do their best". But I don't think he ever checked the LA City Ethics Commission web site.

But here's something that doesn't call shadiness, fraud or abuse into play. Only waste. And the solution seems pretty obvious. But maybe there's more to the situation, and if there is, I'm sure someone from City Hall will post it. If not, no wonder people say L.A.'s planning is so bad, it's actually a safety hazard.

You see yesterday, a constituent we all know and love was trying to drive down Cahuenga, in Tom "What's His Real Name" LaBong's district. (No, it wasn't me, I said, "we all know and love".)

Only problem, was the road was shut down to one lane. Because they were painting mulit-color wavy/squiggly lines on the road, which seemed to be for no other reason than decorative purposes. (Council approved graffitti, if you will.)

And Zuma Dogg ain't against painting no mulit-color, squiggly lines for decorative purposes...IF YOU WERE DOING IT ANY- OTHER-TIME, THAN FRIDAY AT 5PM. Because you see, there was also a fire burining, so traffic was all messed up from that, too. This kinda demostrates the problem that too many more high density projects are gonna have on the infrastructure. Cause it's bad enough the area is shut down because of a tragic arson fire. But you gotta go shut the road down to one lane to paint some squiggly lines at 5pm on Friday. And the constituents JUST WEREN'T PREPARED FOR THE DOUBLE BAMBOOZLE.

Were you?

In summary: To help prevent people from saying Los Angeles City Hall is bad at planning, don't paint multi-color squggly lines on the road for decorative purposes during rush hour traffic hours. Do it some other time.

And while you're at it: DON'T SPEND TIME AND MONEY ON COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND OUTDOOR BANNERS ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO PARTICIPATE IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT -- THEN MAKE THEM WAIT THREE HOURS TO SPEAK TWO MINUTES. Cause MOST of the people who cleared their calander to be there, spent the time and money on gas and parking to come down, left at some point of the three hour wait.

But, ZD knows that's what you wanted...And now, so will everyone else. And since you made the people who elected you to represent them, wait three hours -- while you ran a three hour "waste parade" through Chambers, both of these stories just went to #1 with a bullet on the ZD topic list and will be making all the rounds on TV 35, TalkRadio and blogging.

Next time take public comment FIRST, before your three hour "waste parade" where every CM has to jump on the ass-kissing float.

Yours in Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity and Good PR,

Inspector General Zuma Dogg

p.s. Time to start planning 4th of July fireworks. Remember to shoot them UP into the air -- not sideways INTO City Hall.
- Possibly W. Edwards Deming

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Since it was me who actually saw the zig-zag line painting crew in Tom LaBong's District, I tell you a little more.

The fire above the Oakwood Apartments in Universal City caused traffic to back up on all freeways in the area.

So at 5pm on a Friday, when the traffic is worse than usual, we have one lane of traffic on Magnolia Blvd. at Tujunga closed so that city crews can paint multi-colored lines on stamped asphalt at the intersection.

This was really a dumb move. That intersection is near onramps/offramps for both the 101 and 170 freeways. Why couldn't this work be done earlier in the day.

Also I am curious to know how this design was chosen. It really doesn't fit in with the other things at the corner, including the statue of aviator Amelia Earhart.

You've got to love this city!

Mayor Sam

AND ON THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE VENDING BAN ON VENICE BEACH THAT IS ABOUT TO GET KICKED TO THE CURB LIKE THE CHEAP HOs WHO AUTHORED AND VOTED FOR IT, HERE'S A CLIP FROM LAST YEAR'S PROTEST CONCERT HOSTED BY DOWD, HUNT & ZEE...And now...talented hand made t-shirt painter -- now stripped of his first amendment right by 15 mutherf*cjkers: TONY B. CONSCIOUS, Y'ALL...(He's even a better freestyler than Zuma Dogg, y'all!)

Free Style At Venice Beach Awsome Freestyle - Watch the best video clips here

Saturday Fun: Pet Peeves And Funniest Video In History

Today's exercise: share one of your pet peeves with us -- e.g., people who say "literally" when they should say "figuratively" -- and watch the following video, from last week's Saturday Night Live, which is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Then go have a great weekend. Life is short. Enjoy! Make this the weekend you adopt that dog or cat you've always wanted. You can even pick one from the L.A. Animal Shelter online. Just don't name your new pet "Peeve."

Friday, March 30, 2007

Cahuenga Pass fire: the view from Hollywood

This photo was taken at 2:15 p.m. from the intersection of Vine and Melrose (click to enlarge). Two teenagers have turned themselves in to the LAPD in connection with the fire, which has burned 150 acres.

Council CLAIMS They Want More Community Participation, Then They Make You Wait 3 HOURS For Public Comment You COWARDS!

* MAYOR PRO TEM ZUMA DOGG WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK TIME OFF, AND SPENT THE MONEY TO SHOW UP TO CITY HALL TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, ONLY TO HAVE TO WAIT THREE HOURS. (Most people, just left without participating, after waiting hours.) HEY Expense report abusing cowards -- You can spend all the money you want on "Community outreach" banners -- but it doesn't work if you make people have to wait three hours for two minutes, then you don't really pay much attention anyway.

* Oh no...Must be problems in CD 14, because ZD's Batphone is down, only receiveing voicemails, not accepting incoming or outgoing. Problem is, no gas money to get to Sprint, so it ain't gonna get fixed till I get some donations, y'all. (Leave a voice mail and I'll get it though.)

BUT, I can tell by all the voicemails on my phone, there must be problems in El Sereno with a recent NC election, y'all. I think the results are being challenged, y'all. I'll get an update and holla back, y'all.

UPDATE: ZD just heard Carlos Morales of "The Voice" (El Sereno newspaper) on Public Comment. (Thanks for waiting 3 hours, Carlos). He says, Regarding Eastside Adalante area during the elections, NO OUTREACH or proper and fair notification in El Sereno. CRA claims newspaper ads were placed in both English and Spanish in El Sereno Star in Feb. Only thing, the publication has not existed since the '90's. And the other papers it was publicized in, don't make it to El Sereno. (You're taxing those people, how come you don't want them to vote? ZD says, either re-do the elections, or have El Sereno sucseed, like the Valley is starting to now again talk about doing.)

* MEANWHILE -- It's 12:20 F-ING PM -- and these ass-kissing Councilmembers are STILL kissing ass, two hours and twenty minutes past the 10am starting time. (So even if they start 20 minutes late, and ZD will give them that, CUT BACK ON THE MEANINGLESS DOG AND PONY ASS-KISSING SHOWS. You sit there and time ZD down to the second, but you have no probelm wasting two-hours, after you have been kissing-ass,OUT OF TOWN all week. (Do that on YOUR time pal, not OURS!)

Zuma Dogg and the people of Los Angeles would like to make a motion to pull the plug on all that meaningless, politicial posturing, photo-op bullsh*t. That way, if NO CM is allowed to waste City time and money of the "Freaky Friday's", they won't be forced to out smooch each other. (At least take Miriam's advice and move the waste parade to the end of the meeting, after important business, like Zuma Dogg & Miriam's public comments are done.)

MAN, am I glad I didn't go to the meeting today: I would have been furious to have my valuable time wasted like that. I mean, the only thing Councilmembers lose, is some time collecting money from contributors at lunch. But, other people are ACTUALLY talking to and doing things for the people; since y'all don't do a G-D damn thing for anyone but your lobbiests.

AND DON'T YOU DARE MAKE MY REALITY CREW WAIT NO 2 HOURS WHEN THEY SHOW UP. You're only Councilmembers...my reality show crew is HOLLYWOOD, *******.

* It's 12:33pm, and I'm sorry the dog and pony shows are over, cause -- it's time for, "Oh no, not Parks", and his ridiculous waste of time and money bid for the Olympics. No committee in their right mind will give it to L.A., till City Hall takes care of a few things, first. (You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat...HOW can you have any pudding if you DON'T eat your meat....HUH, Don't kick your feet.)

And even if, for some shady reason, Antonio is able to pull a "Garcetti" (some shady string pulling) and get the Olympics here, WE DON'T WANT IT. Can you imagine the nightmare about ten years from now, when we don't have enough highways, roads, parking, police, and all the disruption it will cause the over-crowded City. (After all, you're expecting another 4 million people, right?)

Everyone would like to go back to those magic golden eras of the past. But you can't go back in time. It is a different City now, because of your actions and policies. It's frustrating, I know. It seems like L.A. SHOULD be the best City in the world to host the Olympics. Unfortunately, I don't think the City can make any kind of promise that they will be able to manage the extra burden on the infrastructure. (I wish I could go back and re-create the days days of my past. But I can't. And neither can L.A. Otherwise, we'd be sitting at Arnold's with Fonzie and Zuma Dogg sipping on milkshakes.)

* GARCETTI TAKES PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE JAB AT CM ZINE: It's not enough Garshady has to bully comment public speakers; now he's gotta turn his passive agressiveness to his own colleauge, CM Dennis Zine. CM Zine wanted to comment on the Olympic agenda item. And after the CM spoke, Garshshady had to add, "Winston Churchill once said, 'Everything had been said, but it hadn't been said by everyone." THAT'S A SLAM -- RHODES SCHOLAR STYLE, Y'ALL (Pulling out the WC reference.)

* It's 1:00pm, and they are FINALLY taking public comment. How rude. Take the public comment speeches first, *******.

* And thanks to Doug McIntyre of 790-KABC for requesting "a "hemp" t-shirt from Zuma Dogg" on the air! Yeah, yeah! ZD will be back on the beach, selling them soon, y'all...Cause Matt Dowd is a better attorney, that 500 City Attorneys -- and the ban is gonna be kicked to the curb, like a cheap ho, which is what these fools at City Hall are.

. . . And They DENY Greet Dot's Charter!

You've already read how the LAUSD renewed the charter of the school that failed to meet all the standards.

Did you also know that the LAUSD refused to grant a charter to Green Dot, which already successfully operates a number of schools? The L.A. Times reported that the board did so, moreover, against the advice of counsel:

"Before the vote, a senior district lawyer and the director of L.A. Unified's charter office, Gregory McNair, repeatedly counseled the board to approve the charters. State law is clear, they said, that a school board can reject charters only if they fail to meet one of several criteria. Green Dot, the officials said, met all the criteria."

How does one explain this odd turn of events? Union money.

Look, the LAUSD is clearly a disaster, and it's not going to get fixed in the next 12 years -- i.e., the typical educational lifespan of a public school student. So let parents opt out of this insanity. Give them vouchers for private schools.

School Board: El Sereno Si, Watts No!

Despite a good track record, Green Dot doesn't get to expand in South LA.

And despite a bad track record, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, which offers, among other languages, courses in Nahuatl-Mexicano, gets its charter renewed.

Here's the Times link for all you dum dums.

UTLA pressure is thought to have blocked the Green Dot expansion. The Green Dot Charter might have been approved, ironically, had Green Dot consultant David Tokofsky not recused himself from the vote.

Tokofsky's recusal serves as a reminder of how badly the School Board is ordinarily gamed. Do UTLA members routinely recuse themselves on issues affecting the Union? Would a Mayor-sponsored candidate ever recuse herself on an issue affecting control of the District?

Congrats to Tokofsky for exhibiting some honor among the thieves of our children's future.

Answer to a Meme:Fixing the Times?

David Markland at Metroblogging Los Angeles calls us out and asks for an answer to the following question:

If you were suddenly appointed an all powering helm of the L.A. Times, how would you manage it? Who would you hire to manage the different sections? Any other fundamental changes?

Newspapers are going the way of the buggy whip. They better adapt quick. Still, its going to be some time before people give up newsprint entirely.

The website should be overloaded with regularly updated content. When I want to know something, the Times website should always satisfy it. And why not design the home page to look like the front page of a newspaper. You can click on any story to be taken to a full page view of the article. This would be easier and more intuitive to navigate than a bunch of links all over the page. Reading the paper online should be a virtual version of the real thing.

With regard to the fishwrap, the Times needs to buck pretense & tradition and print in a tabloid format. Why? Where is the one place you want news but usually don't have internet access? The toilet. A tabloid style would be easier to hold while you're sitting on the pot. Or, at least defer to your male readers and produce a joint sports and business tabloid.

With regard to content, cut down on the entertainment and shi shi lifestyle features (not everyone in LA drives a BMW and lives at Starbucks) and beef up the local political reporting and commentary.

Finally, hire every local blogger in town (even WWG) as contributing editors.

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Friday

The LA Times runs an editorial that hints many state government officials might be underpaid members of the Los Angeles City Council are probably overcompensated.

Discovered an interesting blog that covers the education scene, edspresso. A recent post rounds up coverage of Mayor V's D.C. Junket.

The Daily News takes Mayor V's transportation policies to task but offer no real solution of their own other than more Orange Lines.

Martini Republic is participating in a benefit for a Trader Joe's employee who was severely injured in a hit and run accident. Included in the benefit is a silent auction that features among other items, original works of art by blogger Joseph Mailander, which are quite lovely. To see photos of Joe's works as well as get information on the event, click here.

Zuma Dogg isn't the only blog-LA-sphere celebrity to get a chance to meet Mayor Villaraigosa. LAist has photos of Mark The Cobra Snake running into the Mayor on a Miami bound plane.

Walter Moore's "Oxymoron Du Jour" of the day (yes that's an intentional redundancy on my part): “Overzealous Gang Prosecution

Just in time for the 2008 elections, courtesy of Mayor V: More police officers!

Check out the travel photos of Mayor V's Junket: lots of people in suits.

And finally, in case you were waiting for it, the up to date official County of LA Photo, reflecting Zev Yarovslasky as LA County Mayor President Chairman of the Board.


The following from the notes of a recent closed session of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
Patricia Gavira, et al. v. County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 295053

This lawsuit concerns the death of an inmate at the Men's Central Jail.

The Board of Supervisors authorized settlement of the above lawsuit. The substance of the settlement will be disclosed upon inquiry by any person as soon as the settlement becomes final following approval by all parties.

The vote of the Board was unanimous with Supervisors Knabe being absent.
Does anyone know what this is about? Is someone getting a big lotter payout?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Villaraigosa's Fuzzy Math

By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of L.A.

In April 2006, Mayor Villaraigosa said, in his "State of the City" address, that he would hire 1000 new police officers. That was "new," not "additional." To make his pledge sound more significant, he included "new" officers who would simply replace departing officers, i.e., attrition.

Today, he staged yet another photo-op to announce he now plans to hire 780 "new" officers, which, according to the L.A. Times, works out to "a net gain after attrition of more than 260 cops." The timetable? End of his first -- and, if I get my way, last -- term as Mayor, in July 2009.

We currently have 9493 officers -- less than 9500. Let's keep track of how many ADDITIONAL police he actually hires with the City's $6.7 billion annual budget, shall we? It's not "new" that counts. It's "additional."

And if he can't provide police protection for taxpayers, how about giving people in high-crime areas vouchers for private security services? A Brink's "armed response" is better than no response at all, isn't it?

Finally, yes, "fuzzy math" was an intentional pun. Guilty as charged.


At 7:00PM, LAUSD Board of Education voted 5-2 to renew the Charter of Academia Semillas del Pueblo with "STRICT CONDITIONS". Will post more in-depth information as we get it. But in the footage that I saw on Channel 58. Academia is not out of the woods. One thing that did stick out is the "MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST" that the schools non-profit has with the paid faculty. "BOARD MEMBERS ARE VOTING THEMSELFS SALARIES"Someone needs to audit the schools non-profit. Drums will be heard in El Sereno tonight.

LAPD Fails to Prosecute Hate Crime

A senior citizen was physically assaulted during Sunday's civil rights march in Los Angeles, however sources are telling the Sister City the Los Angeles Police Department has refused to pursue hate crime charges against the perpetrator.

The victim and witnesses allege that a individual from among the counter-protesters threw a full Coke can at her chest.

Community activist David Hernandez has announced that a reward will be offered and will demand that the City Council match the reward. They will also insist that hate crime charges be pursued.

An interview with the victim is below:

Related story at Sam Yorty's America.

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Thursday

The "nanny state" is in full force. Tuesday evening, the Burbank City Council banned smoking in virtually all public places. However, joining with the LA City Council in a cynical move to prevent city revenue losses, smoking has not been banned at municipal golf courses.

The United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley - which unlike the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce still operates as a business advocacy organization - has followed Zuma Dogg's lead in condemning Council President Eric Garcetti's call to boycott the LAX Hilton in "support" of union workers.

Someone explain this to me. The DWP creates so much energy it sells it to other utilities. So then why did the City Council approve Wednesday a deal to purchase $200 million of energy from Canada?

The LA Times has a great editorial about Democratic machine politics in Los Angeles, particularly in anointing Felipe Fuentes as heir apparent to Richard Alarcon's barely cold State Assembly Seat. Briefly mentioned, but inherent in the piece is the absolute failure of Republicans to create an effective opposition party.

Mayor Villaraigosa and other local mayors spent much of Tuesday begging for money in Washington, D.C. Other junket related items: Daily News, Mayor Sam 2.

If there was evidence needed to quell speculation that posits LA City Nerd is none other than LAist's Zach Behrens, this may be it.

While I was out yesterday I didn't get this to you, but Martini Republic has one of the funniest posts I've seen in the blog-LA-sphere lately - suggestions for new programs for Mayor V to undertake.

And finally, our condolences to Kevin Roderick of LA Observed on the passing of his father, Robert. We take shots at Kevin from time to time, some for fun, some well deserved but all of us here at the Sister City have the Roderick family in our thoughts at this time.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Poll: Voters Opposed to Nunez Term Limits Measure

Though voters in Los Angeles thought it was a good idea to extend term limits for City Council members, voters statewide are not likely to approve an initiative changing the length of terms of members of the State Assembly or Senate.

A poll by the Public Policy Institute of California finds that likely voters overwhelmingly approve of the concept of term limits and handily will reject this measure.

Political consultant for Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, David Binder, dismisses the poll saying its not consistent with polling they have done.

The poll questions and answers are below.

"The California legislature has operated under term limits since 1990, meaning that members of the state senate and assembly are limited in the number of terms they can hold their elected office. Do you think that term limits are a good thing or a bad thing for CA, or do they make no difference?"

All Adults: Good thing 62% (Dem 56%; Re; 75%; Ind 70%) Likely voters 68%
All Adults: Bad thing 12% (Dem 19%; Rep 9%; Ind 12% ) Likely voters 16%
All Adults: No difference 21% (Dem 20%; Rep 12%, Ind 16%) Likely voters 13%
All Adults Don't know 5%; Likely voters 3%

"Under current term limits, a legislator is allowed to serve six years in the state assembly and eight years in the state senate. Would you favor or oppose a change in term limits that would allow members to serve up to 12 years of total legislative service in either branch?"

Likely Voters: Favor 31%; Oppose 64%; Don't know 5%
All Adults: Favor 29%; Oppose 66%; Don't know 5%


Every once in a "GUNSHOT FREE NIGHT" in Boyle Heights. The "LA ANTONIA TIMES" will nail a editorial. This is surprising with the recent turmoil that has exposed the rift between the "PEOPLES NEWS ROOM" and the "ANSWER TO BIG TRIBUNE" editorial board. But give it to the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET", for removing their "BLINDERS OF MYOPIA" and noticing the obvious. THAT POLITICS IN LOS ANGELES ANSWER TO ONE PARTY

Los Angeles is becoming, or is already "PRI AMERICA". The Times highlights the recent moves in the CD 7 council race. Just when you thought that a "REAL RACE" would take place. Low behold, but Richard Alarcon decides that he wants his old council seat back. No fight was needed. "HIS POLLONESS" and the "LOS ANGELES POTIBURO" come out with the "ACCOMMODATIONS" that make everyone happy. Cindy Montanez gets two pricey appointments. Felipe Fuentes gets the approval for Assembly run. And "ZORRO" is back at Silly Hall. "OUTSIDER" Monica Rodriguez is simply a speed bump who dared try, to spoil the "POTIBURO'S" plans.

The Times is also correct to point out that cynics, err, voters are looking for other choices. After all, it wasn't long ago that this city was run by a "RINO" from West L.A. But then he was answering to Eli "LORD" Broad. But what choices do the "GRASS ROOTS" on the outside have? "PAY TO PLAY"? Or does a reorganization on how to galvanize the populace need to be undertaken? As seen in CD 14 in recent times(PACHECO'S victory over Griego). Or as in the recent School Board race in District 7. Good old fashion foot work, mixed with Tech support can overtake money.

But for the sake of democracy in Los Angeles. A new merging of groups, businesses, middle class families and grass roots groups need to mobilize before the "POTIBURO" made up of liberals, labor, and the elite rich put a final strangle hood on the reins of power. Just wondering if the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET" will help point the way.



One would think that winning re-election would be good for job security. But in CD 14, nothing is never the norm. Activists and posters are reporting that big changes are underway. In the El Sereno office, Ricardo Monroy and Frank Torres are gone. In Boyle Heights, newcomer Paul Vizcano has been assigned from City Hall. In Eagle Rock, it is rumored that a new field director is to be named. And former Campaign Manager Henry Casas is now working for the councilman.

Yet as of early today, no changes have been made to the Councilman web site. Business as usual for Huizar?


Activists in El Sereno and Boyle Heights continue their call for the results of the elections to the PAC for the Adelante Redevelopment Project, to be thrown out. This is due to what they perceived to be a lack of outreach.

Also on the radar screen is the role and motives of the USC MEDICAL COMPLEX. It is no secret that USC is looking to expand their complex. Also if the rumored merging of the Counties "Whiteside Project" and the citie's "Adelante Project" were to take place. Then USC could be the leader in the establishment of the "BIO TECH CORRIDOR" along Valley Blvd.
One must remember that USC controls the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council with David Galaviz as President.


A meeting on the next phase of the Ascot Hills Passive Park, is being plan by Councilman Huizar's office. what is interesting about this is the following. "DID FORMER COUNCILMAN VILLARIAGOSA ALREADY DO THIS?? So why the replay? It seems that once again, our Mayor left another "PHOTO OP" for others to complete after taking credit for just that. There was one "WELL KNOWN" Villar staffer in El Sereno who pissed off the community with her "RAISED VOICE DEFENCE" of all the great ideas that her boss had for the community.


If your have any thoughts, greetings, or scoops. Feel free to e-mail us at redspotincd14@yahoo.com

ZUMA DOGG's Coastal Commission Report -- LIVE from Malibu

My name's "Zuma" Dogg for a reason. Before I migrated to Venice, I produced a public access show in Malibu, that aired seven nights a week for the past six years. Today, since I have a 4:30pm call time in Malibu for the WHITESTARR reality show, video shoot -- I am spending my day, boucing around Malibu wi-fi spots along Pacific Coast Highway. And here are two items regarding Zuma Dogg's favorite coast, and favorite place to park his van.

COUNTY TO SPEND $1 MILLION FOR OCEAN DNA TEST: Polution levels in the Pacific Ocean, all along the coast is disgustingly and unsafely polluted, especially in Malibu, and Zuma Dogg and his hang-ten homies might catch an ear infection or die from the "waste". And the DNA Grissom will testing, is to see whether it is waste from animals, or millionaires.

You see, there are living things that swim around in the ocean, out there...but it seem ponderous, f*cking ponderous that dolphins could be creating so much pollution. So some people say, it could be from them millionaires' fancy masions that may be spewing their septic waste straight into the ocean, since Malibu doesn't have a waste treatment plant.

So tell Brass to stand by. The county is about to come down on these millionaire toxic waste dumpers. And doesn't former Mayor and School takeover founder, Richard Riorend live in Malibu, in the heart of the toxicity? Hope he can step in to help solve any problems, should CSI find the rich and famous, "GUILTY" of toxic waste dumping from the toilets our Mayor's supporters work so hard to clean.

DON'T BUILD THAT F*CKING NATURAL GAS REFINERY 3 MILES OUT ON THE OCEAN: First of all, 3 miles is a bad number, cause it reminds people of 3 mile island. And this is just as big of a disaster, waiting to happen, if Pierce Brosnan, Zuma Dogg and Darryl Hannah can't stop it.

They want to ship in natural gas from overseas (even though there is an abundant supply, here in America) -- then store it in a big refinery 3 miles off the shore of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu/Ventura County area. BUT THEY AREN'T JUST STORING IT, THEY ARE PROCESSING IT LIKE A METH FACTORY CREATES METH. Here's the rundown:

First, they take PERFECTLY good natural gas, that is cheaper and burns cleaner than other sources. Cool! BUT FIRST, they want to freeze the overseas supply of natural gas, to turn it into liquid. (I guess it's easier to store it that way, cause it's more condensed. That's the only thing I could think of.) Then they store it. THEN, when they want to use it;

THEY HAVE TO HEAT IT BACK UP TO TURN IT BACK TO NATURAL GAS. (Like freezed dried ramen noodles ZD lives off.)
ONLY ONE PROBLEM, Y'ALL!!! When you start to using "heat" and "gas" together, that becomes a volitile situation, y'all.

All it takes is one little "O" ring to break a seal, and they gonna get a fireworks display in Malibu, bigger than Barbara Striesand's yearly 4th of July shoot-off!!! Plus, what if some mischievous pirate wants to blow it up. It's easily accessable -- all the wrong person would have to do is crash a boat into it.

PLUS: The BIG thing they keep telling these Malibu superstars protesting the situation, is "don't worry, y'all...it's all done in the ocean, far, far away. EXCEPT ONE PROBLEM, Y'ALL...If it's stuck way out in the ocean, that means you are gonna be running pipes. And those pipes are gonna lead back to an on-land storage facility. Now who would want one of those near THEIR house. I know Zuma Dogg don't want it near his van...Oh, I have an idea...Let's put the gas holders near the person's house who came up with this bright idea. (Hopefully not too bright, as in mushroom cloud explosion bright.)

Cause all it would take is one of them little "O" rings to crack and it's, "goodbye wildlife and no more surfing in the Bu, y'all -- and THAT, would TRULY be a TERRIBLE day for the City of Los Aneles.

So you gotta aks yourself, "Why would someone want to take perfectly useable natural gas, convert it to liquid, then go through the risky process of heating it back up and converting it back?

It costs a lot of money to freeze it down to liquid and convert it back to it's orignal form. So who would want to spend extra money for that? How about the people who came up with the technology for this process. I mean, after all, why create a technology if we can't make money using it? So they lobbied harder than ZD lobbied about Prop. H -- and they may get this endangered speicies act worst nightmare of a project above water. Hope it's worth the environmental and security risks. It's not like you can't just use the sh*t in it's natural (gas) form, y'all.

What's up with this, y'all. Did ZD get spun by a Malibu local, or is he right as hell? Comments please. And now, it's time to log off the wi-fi and drive down the coast a couple minutes for my 4:30pm call time. TRIUMPHANTNESS, Y'ALL!

BONUS VIDEO: The Venice Outlaws, One Year Anniversary Re-Cap, produced by guitar legend, Matt "Pacific Breeze Back on the Boardwalk" Dowd. Matt, if this reality pilot doesn't come through, maybe you can take your Venice Beach lawsuit money and produce a show for us!!!

(Coming after the video shoot: ZUMA DOGG POSTS THE JUDGE'S PRELIMINARY RULING!!! (Companion to this video.)

UTLA to revisit endorsement in District 7 Runoff

UTLA reps will be meeting tonight at the "KREMLIN OF EDUCATION", aka, UTLA headquarters. On the agenda is whether to endorse a candidate for the runoff between Neil Kleiner and David Vladovic in District 7. As reported here, Neil Kleiner has received the endorsement of CTA activist Jesus Escandon for the runoff election in May.

This 6:00 PM meeting on Wilshire will highlight the internal struggles between the "UTLA POTIBURO" led by A.J. "PUFF" Duffy. And the "RANK AND FILE" teachers, who are upset at their leadership for supporting "HIS POLLONESS" and AB 1381.

In the April election, Kleiner and Escandon received a combined 55% percent of the votes cast. This was despite the six-figure campaign war chest, and the support of you know who, "MAYOR POLLORAIGOSA". Word on the street is that electorict is against the mayor's takeover attempt. But sadly, are unaware that a runoff election is coming up in May.

As stated, I wholeheartedly support Neil Kleiner for the District 7 seat to the School Board. For more information visit the kleinerforschoolboard.org .

Thursday is "Judgement Day" for Academia Semillas del Pueblo

Mayor's Sam, Sister City "FAVORITE BLOGGIN CHARTER SCHOOL", Academia Semillas del Pueblo will have its future decided tomorrow at the "BOARD OF AVOCATION" meeting. First, let me thank "BIG JOE IN EAST LOS" for the heads up on the P.R. campaign that Academia supporters are undertaking on the eve of the 3:00 PM vote on Charter renewal. The supporters of Academia appeared yesterday on that bastion of "LEFT-WING TALK", KPFK, Pacifica Radio. Tomorrow, A rally and march will take place beginning at 12:00 PM,(CALL 323 769-5656 for recording and info), at La Pacita Church and end at the Beaudry Headquarters. So if you work downtown and you hear drums, then you will know that Academia supporters are on their way to showtime at Beaudry.

The saga of Academia Semillas del Pueblo and its "BOMBASTIC" Co-principal, Marcos Aguilar have been a lighting rod of thought, on the politics of "ETHNIC EDUCATION", in our public schools. Brought to our collective attention by Doug McIntyer of KABC 790 AM Talk Radio. Plus the assault on KABC reporter Sandy Wells by Academia parent Ramon Flores, have spotlighted attention on the beliefs, teachings, and support of Academia by the Latino political community. On that level, School Board Member, Monica Garcia is pushing for Charter Renewal with "CONDITIONS", maybe inproved test scores for one?

With tomorrows vote, it is safe to say that the "DISCUSSION" will not end. Not in El Sereno. Not in the media. And most definitely, MAYOR SAM.


Educators and adult supporters of Academia, commenced a "FAST FOR EDUCATION", Tuesday morning at dawn at the GAZEBO OLVERA. According to "School Me" blogger Bob Sipchen, educators, community leaders, and artists were to join the "ACADEMIANISTAS" throught the day. This event and tomorrows are being orchestrated by Marcos Aguilar and Antonio Gonzalez of the William Velaquez Institute.

Wednesday Soap Box

Well, it appears Sam's internet connection has Comcasticized. So it falls upon yours truly to put out the Wednesay soapbox, at 5:30 a.m., with just have a cup of Joe done so far. How does "Java" become "Joe?" Also, when did they start making soapboxes out of cardboard? In how many more years will that whole "soapbox" expression not make sense to people?

Okay, so the San Francisco City Council has apparently voted to ban plastic bags that cannot be recycled. Anyhow, Mayor Newsome -- insert back-stabbing punchline here -- is expected to sign it. Good for them. Why do we need non-recyclable bags? Even better, however, would be to charge separately for bags, to encourage people to bring their own.

Santa Ana school officials, in order to get more funding from the state (over $1000 per student), simply made up a classroom full of imaginary friends. Faux students are well-behaved, lucrative students.

Speaking of education, the L.A. Times reports that state regulations "require schools to make measurable progress toward closing the gap between whites and lower-achieving minority students." You know that's a dangerous way to word a standard, because it gives you three different ways to achieve the goal: i) focus on bringing up the scores of the "lower-achieving minority students;" ii) kick out the highest-achieving students, because that would "close the gap;" and/or iii) kick out the lowest-achieving students, which would have the same effect. Hey, I've got it! Pull a "Santa Ana," and simply make up a class full of brainiacs to boost scores!

About those scores: the Daily News reports that the LAUSD's scores on the state's Academic Performance Index hit a new high! Just kidding. They hit a new LOW, of course. Down 20 points in high school, from 622 to 602 -- on a scale of 200 to 1000! Yikes! Welcome to the factory where tomorrow's residents are made!

Villaraigosa and half of City Hall are in D.C., supposedly fighting to get us more money. Yeah, right. You notice how none of these trips ever requires going somewhere when the weather's crummy? Springtime in Washington is beautiful, thanks largely to Japan for giving us a jillion -- okay, 3000 -- cherry trees in 1912. Anyone know why they did that? Anyone? Anyone?

Here's the funniest line from the Daily News story on the boondoggle trip: "Meanwhile, Greuel traveled the halls with a copy of a recent report showing the value of goods shipped through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to every congressional district in the nation."

Okay, I've got people to sue and contributions to solicit. You're on your own. Blog 'em if you got 'em.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Enough With The High-Density Shills Already!

By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles

As regular readers know, I am addicted to KABC 790's "McIntyre in the Morning" show. While listening to that show, I keep hearing these annoying ads "explaining" why, really, the best way to avoid excessive crowding in our city is to build, build, build. They even feature a college professor explaining why, counterintuitively, building additional housing is actually the best way to avoid further crowding.

Visit my website to find out why you should take the good professor's comments not with a grain of salt, but with a giant boulder of same: MooreIsBetter.com.

DWP: How Are You Gonna Provide Water To All These HIgh Density, Mixed-Use Projects With No Water From The Delta River?

Zuma Dogg has warned yo azz, time and time again. Villaraigosa, Wesson, Reyes, Council -- you gotta slam on the brakes on your high-density mixed use commercial and housing projects. Don't be a bunch of greedy, ignorant, society destoyers. Haven't you ever heard of "enironmental impact?"

PUBLIC NOTICE: The Endangered Species Act is being violated in the Northern Delta River.

Well, there's a utility company called, "DWP" and they get about half of L.A.'s water supply from this river, via two huge indiscriminate water pumps. These pumps are killing off fish, So a judge had to step in, since politicians refuse to use good judgement, and says the shady, wasteful and fraudulent utility company has 60-90 days to change pumps and replace them with more environmentally friendly pumps-- or this spicket of water will be turned off, by Federal Judge and no more water from the Delta.

This would most likely triple or quadruple rates. Plus, you can't really build any new high density condos or mixed used comercial developments that continue to be approved in L.A. WITHOUT PROPER INFRASTRUCTURE.. (Watch the tract maps and land dedications, y'all.) ZD HAS BEEN TELLING YOUR ASS ABOUT THIS.

Keywords: endangered species act political greed Mad Max scenario stop the density you shady greedy corupt politicians.

Video of Anti-Illegal Immigration Civil Rights March

If you're holding a protest march, good idea to keep police officers in the loop and thank them for their service. Here is the first part of a documentary about Ted Hayes and David Hernndez civil rights march protesting open borders policies, shot by Tony Vera.

Part 2

Part 3

Here is footage of some of the opponents to the civil rights march. The usual suspects are in attendance including communists, gang bangers, old hippies and fat white guys hoping their radical leftism will get them a romp with a fellow traveler Latina. The saddest part of this video is white radicals shouting at African Americans and calling them "racists" for supporting enforcement of immigration laws.

And finally here is an interview with David Hernandez. David alleges at one point Councilman Ed Reyes' office denied them the right to use a public address system at City Hall because "We don't agree with what you're doing."

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

Jon Friedman at MarketWatch interviews former Mayor Richard Riordan who takes on the LA Times, including the recent departure of editor Andres Martinez who left over the "Grazer-gate" brouhaha. The Mayor also says he's glad he never went through with his previous plans to start his own paper.

Rick Orlov via LA Voice quotes Councilman Tom LeBong expressing hope that the Los Angeles St. Patrick's Day parade would rival the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Too bad, as Orlov notes, the 75 year old holiday event has been canceled permanently.

Over at We Clean Your Toilets, the latest news about the Mayor.

Assemblyman Lloyd "The Bachelor" Levine has yet another plan in the works to get his name in the paper as he plans to run for Sheila Kuehl's (probably) soon to be termed out seat: A law making it illegal for schoolkids to bully fellow students because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. Bullying of children for any reason is unacceptable be they gay, African American, fat or Republican. How about enforcing current rules, beefing them where necessary and enacting zero tolerance for bullies. Do we need politically correct, feel good legislation that elevates harassment of one population over another? Shame on The Bachelor for grandstanding yet again.

Over at Sam Yorty's America: Starbucks is "blogging" on coffee cups.

Tuesday radio host Patt Morrison interviews LAUSD Superintendent David Brewer about the junket to Washington, D.C.

And finally, because a reader has requested it, here's a link to the website for Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. This will be added to our links section when we revise the layout for the blog.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tilden to Re-Join KABC

Peter Tilden, who was formerly spinning country tunes on KZLA, will be joining the staff of KABC radio filling the void left by the resignation of the former Mr. KABC, now Marc Germain.

As far as I know, the blonde in the photo is not joining him.

Tilden will be hosting a program entitled "America's Earliest Morning Show." According to the best information I have right now, this program will run from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. prior to "Red Eye Radio" with Kevin James from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. Syndicated host Mark Levin's 9:00 p.m. show will be bumped from one to two hours, one of the reasons Germain left the station.

Like Doug McIntyre, Tilden has had a long career in television writing and producing. He previously helmed hosted shows on KABC and its former sister alternative talk station KMPC 710Talk (now ESPN Radio), including some time as a co-host to longtime morning man Ken Minyard.

McIntyre will interview Tilden Tuesday morning.

In other KABC related news, occasional Germain sidekick April Winchell broke the news that syndicated KABC morning host and Fox News talker Bill O'Reilly allegedly demanded a helicopter and fresh baked croissants during a recent visit to KABC's studios.

ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MAYOR PRO TEM ZUMA DOGG: City of Los Angeles Is OPEN For Convention & Tourism Business Despite President's Garcetti's Bad PR Memo

Since Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa feels the best place to manage the City, is from everywhere else OUTSIDE the City (he's out of town, a-gain), Zuma Dogg has declared an emergency ordinance proclaiming him Mayor Pro Tem (replacing Council President, the Honorable Eric Garcetti), since the current Mayor Pro Tem's Rhodes Scholar education, seems to have failed him in the area of "thinking before you speak." (Don't they teach that in the Ivy Leauges?)


Although the City of Los Angeles continues to operate in violation of international protocol and standards by ignoring methods for management of quality and productivity; and although the City of Los Angeles continues to operate in violation of their own Charter Law regarding condo-conversions, which continues to destory the socio-economic integrity of the community (middle class is getting reamed, and pushed out of town); gridlock traffic conditions this policy has caused; overcrowded classrooms failing to producer high-quality job candidates; and overall BAD planning, because when construction campaign contributions are the ONLY factors you consider in the plan, the City becomes an un-liveable, un-operable mess, that ends up having to raise and raise and raise taxes to support all your Eli Broad, Richard Riordan, Villaraigosa screw-ups --

THE CITY IS STILL OPEN FOR YOUR CONVENTION AND TOURISM BUSINESS! So, if you have a major convention, and want to host in this part of the continent -- MAY MAYOR PRO TEM ZUMA DOGG SUGGESTS HOLDING IT HERE, RIGHT HERE, in the international jewel of a City, Los Angeles, California (of the Southern NAFTA region). We have hotels, staffed with happy employees, eager to server, just minutes from the airport. So you don't even have to leave the area, and drive through gridlock traffic, only to be greeted by agressive downtown skid-row panhandlers -- because although they built all that stuff Downtown, they forgot to address the homeless issue first, so now they are more intermingled, than multiple items on a single Council ballot measure.

And tourists...be sure and stop by Venice Beach. It's close to the airport, and you can buy all the handmade jewelry, incense, sage, Zuma Dogg shirts, Shea Butter and ANYTHING YOU WANT...

It's all for sale on the BEACH SIDE of the boardwalk. AND IT'S and really, really cheap. Because the vendors on the beach side don't have to pay rent, or taxes, so they can sell you a concert shirt for $5.00, or a pack of incense for a dollar...AND THE POLICE WILL NOT ENFORCE THE ORIDINACE BANNING SUCH SALES, because Chief Bratton doesn't want to cost the taxpayers millions and millions in lawsuits -- just cause Bill Rosendoh, Shadyragossa, and Garshmetti have some contributions to accept and $1.5 million condos to build.



But most of all, by staying near the airport and out of Downtown LA, you just may avoid something much more damaging to the reputation of the City than even Skid Row -- it's called "Jan Perry." And a day without Jan and her misguided agenda, is "TRULY a GREAT DAY for your convention and tourism business in the City of Los Aneles!"

* And thanks to Mayor Antonio Viagraosa and Los Angeles Shady Council for rubbing Aladdin's Lamp, and unleashing the Zuma Dogg who was quietly bottled up inside, and selling Tshirts and not bothering anyone at Venice Beach. But those insecure, greedy, gentrifying, lying, fraud, waste and abusing sunsabitches couldn't let a sleeping dogg sleep.


Zuma Dogg,
Reality Show Producer Magnet
(Get ready for bigger cameras!)

In the meantime, I can think of no finer day to hit the button, y;all...

[I'll send you a 2 hour ZD DVD, CD of original songs/radio calls, plus signed ZD custom greeting card with every $19.00 donation on 3/26-3/27/07. Plus, you'll be helping support the hungry and stuck with no gas activist.]

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

Councilman Jose Huizar is headed off to his alma mater Princeton to deliver a lecture entitled "Planning in Los Angeles: Building Schools, Constructing Housing and Revitalizing the L.A. River"

Just like Zuma Dogg, Digital Hairshirt takes Council President Eric Garcetti to task for urging a boycott of the LAX Hilton. Of course, Eric is doing the bidding of union leaders who think working as a hotel janitor is a career and not an entry level job.

The City Council voted Friday to ban smoking from outdoors in city parks. However, a lefty leaning environmental blog correctly notes that the Council considered financial reasons in exempting city owned golf courses (even those in parks) from the ban. Golfers who smoke might patronize other courses. So if you're poor and can only afford to go a park, you can't smoke, but if you're well heeled enough to play golf, puff away.

City Council President Eric Garcetti often asks Zuma Dogg and other public commenteers to only address issues directly under the City's jurisdiction. However, when it comes to the Council making its opinions known, they're wanton to comment on matters far outside their jurisdiction: in this case the Federal "Patriot Act."

"It's a great day in the City of Los Ann-e-les!" Tom LeBong introduces yet another designer LA community, this time, it's Brookside, somewhere in LA that is probably too close to some other well known neighborhood that probably isn't upscale enough for the nearby villagers. Further information is available from CityNerd (isn't he really you Zach?).

Robert Andrade has been given the permanent post as the General Manager for El Pueblo, home of Olvera Street and the birthplace of Los Angeles. I didn't know that San Diego means "whale's vagina."

CSU faculty members and administrators for the University have come to an agreement to extend the current contract and negotiations, averting a strike for now. Mayor Sam broke this story last week. In other labor news, however, it looks like grocery workers may strike Albertson's markets.

Antonio Update

Yes, the Mayor is going out of town again. Travel gear available here.

The LA Times looks at Mayor V's "inner circle" of friends and advisors who range from former State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown to Valley businessman David Fleming. However the most influential member of the circle whose been at the Mayor's side for years is labor leader Maria Elena Durazo.

An LA Times reader makes an interesting point: If the Mayor wants to take over the LAUSD shouldn't he wait until he gets the LAPD in working order?

Speculation is that the Mayor plans to run for Governor in 2010. However, first he has to win the nomination and a poll shows that Attorney General Jerry Brown has a huge lead for the Democratic nomination, including even garnering half of the Hispanic vote. However, Jerry says he has no plans to run so that puts Antonio ahead of other comers such as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, State Senator Jackie Speier and past nominee Phil Angelides.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Open Thread And Prediction Challenge

What office is Rocky Delgadillo running for now? He's clearly in the middle of a campaign for something, as he is emulating the endless-photo-op modus operandi of Mayor Villaraigosa. So give us your predictions now: what office, what year?

Other than that, consider this your soap box du jour.


How To Bust Gridlock, Not The Budget

By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles

We can eliminate gridlock, but only if we give people a good reason to get out of their cars.

Plank No. 4 of my platform, which I've already discussed here, is called the "Walking in L.A." initiatives. The focus of that plank is to make it easier for people to live closer to their jobs -- within walking distance.

Plank No. 5 of my platform is designed for the people who can't or won't move closer to their jobs. We don't have to spend billions on subways, elevated trains, or light rail. Rather, we need to use our existing infrastructure -- a fancy word for "streets" -- more efficiently. Take a minute or two to see how it can be done: MooreIsBetter.com.

My favorite part of the plan, based on personal experience riding one in Paris, is the use of Segways. The next time you're in Santa Monica or Burank, rent one and take it for a spin. Tell them L.A.'s next mayor sent you. Then use my name so they'll know what the heck you're talking about.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Shout Out to Melrose Larry

Los Angeles area master CPA and tax expert Mark Neuman was visiting the donut shop at Farmers' Market Saturday morning and ran into none other than Melrose Larry Green.

Mark was nice enough to give Mayor Sam a call and put Melrose on the phone. Though I've received a few voice mail messages from Melrose Larry via Mark in the past, this was the first opportunity I've had to chat with him live on the phone.

Melrose Larry is a Los Angeles institution and has been doing public comment at Los Angeles City Hall probably since back when Zuma Dogg was still a grade schooler.

Melrose has had some run-ins with Zuma Dogg as seen in the video below; however Zuma tells us that as of late the two "are good."

Hoody hoo Melrose!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Another Student Murdered At An LAUSD High School

This past summer, a student was murdered near Hamilton High, near Robertson and the 10. Early in the school year, a student was killed at Venice High. Today, a student was stabbed to death at Washington High in the Athens area, near the intersection of the 110 and the 105.

Parents should not have to send their children to dangerous, mismanaged institutions just because a bunch of career politicians, who send their own children to private schools, are willing to sacrifice others' children to win the approval of the teachers' union.

Parent who want to opt out of the LAUSD should be able to do so, and should receive vouchers to help pay for private school. If you want to send your children to schools where they might be murdered, that's your choice. But let other parents elect for safer private schools if that's what they want for their children.

And what kind of thing is our City Council focusing on in times like this? Well, naturally, they're working on a way to stop people from smoking in public parks. Forget the murders, forget the fleet of trucks that's on its way from Mexico with no emissions controls. The highest and best use of the City Council's time is to protect you from a whiff of Macanudo. Perfect.

Here's the NBC Channel 4 URL on the murder: http://www.nbc4.tv/news/11351098/detail.html?treets=la&tml=la_break&ts=T&tmi=la_break_1_07240103232007

Here's the lastest on banning smoking: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-smoke24mar24,0,17241.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Zuma Dogg's Weekend Tid Bits

* Thanks to the Planning Department Insider who saw ZD in the coffee shop on the second floor, who seems to think there are way TOO MANY TRACT MAPS being blown through the agenda, like ZD has been complaining about for months, IN VIOLATION OF VACANCY RATES. THE INSIDER ADMITTED TO ZD, THEY SIMPLY IGNORE THIS CHARTER MANDATE. However, good news of encouragment was passed along by ZD's "fly on the planning department wall": Apparantley, Noel Weiss, Zuma Dogg and Chuck Tennnen made some much noise, "on-the-record" in committee and council meetings, the pack of previously blind Councilmembers magically got their sight back, and squashed a condo-conversion DUE TO VACANCY RATES, Y'ALL...yeah, yeah! So come on down to City Hall, put these shady, contribution-funneling, fraud, waste and abusers "on-the-record", y'all...and they'll be forced to obey the Charter, y'all...And that makes for "a TRULY...GREAT DAY, for the constituents of Los Aneles."

* MAYOR ANTONIO'S AIRBUS PHOTO OP COSTS TAXPAYERS $24,280!: That giant, high-density airbus, originally only scheduled to land in New York and Chicago, made a special apperance at LAX, too -- cause Mayor Antonio didn't want to miss a photo opportunity with anything "high-density" related. So if the biggest airplane ever, is on a promotional tour of the U.S., Mayor Antonio wants HIS picture taken with it, too, y'all. Mayor Tony, now that we are pals, can I have a copy of the $24,280 picture please, and I'll post it on Mayor Sam's blog, for you. Meanwhile, Matt Dowd's video of the shakey landing that scared Zuma Dogg off ever setting foot on that flying-disaster-waiting-to-happen is up to 53,000, yes, 53,000 views on YouTube in 48 hours. If you ever thought of travelling on this flying skyscraper, watch this video, first. www.youtube.com/deepsouth81.

* Thanks to one of ZD's numerous posse of City Hall staffers who like to tell ZD things they shouldn't, for confirming what I posted on Friday, that the reason Mayor Antonyo VETOED the "floor transfer rights" and the "rooftop sky rights' ordincances, is because Council did indeed forget to cut the political superstar in for his piece of the pie, y'all...NEXT TIME, DON'T GET IT TWISTED -- ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA RUNS THIS 15 DISTRICT BLOCK. YOU GOTTA CUT HIM IN, IF YOU'RE DOING BIZNESS ON HIS TURF, Y'ALL. (See Iceberg Slim/Magic Don Juan.)

* Speaking of Weiss...(ass), looks like he's taking the advice of City PR/Marketing master, Zuma Dogg -- and trying to (Hulka Voice), "Lighten up, Francis." The perpetually grimacing, constituent opponent now sees he better rub a little warm and fuzzy over his image, so today at City Hall, in walked the group of school kids, who Jack uncomfortably had to pull oout his condesending "Mr. Rogers" voice to greet the kids on camera. And ZD can tell City TV 35 is no fan of Jackass, either (the politician, not Knoxville) -- because as Mr. Friendly was greeting the kids on camera, the switcher engineer kept the shot on the kids, and Jack got ZERO face time, for the effort. I would have posted it on YouTube, but now, thanks to TV 35, the event may as well not have even existed. (Why greet school kids, if it doesn't go out on camera...this isn't radio. That's not Jack's medium, either, thanks to Doug Mcintyre.)

* March 25: One year anniversary of the Mayor and Council's ban of Zuma Dogg shirts and Matt Dowd's incense on Venice Beach. And one year after Pandora's Box of Zuma Dogg has been opened, LAPD now knows that what ZD/Dowd were saying is true...the ordinance was unconstitutional in the first place, and the cops will no longer enforce "King of the Do-Nothings" Bill Rosenhoh's bogus-ban. One year of Zuma Dogg at City Hall? Dr. Phil wants to know, "How's that workin' for ya?"

* Thanks to Captain Jack for letting ZD know that the Supreme Court ruling AGAINST the "False Claims Act", in San Fran School case is somehow tied to Councils' expense reports. YIKES! Did ZD stumble onto something with this one, or what?

"How To Drive Away Business and Tourism In The City of Los Angeles" -- by Eric Garcetti

(Inspired by Ries, Trout, Deming, Elliott, A. Robbins, Fleishman-Hillard, Skelton)

Way to create national and international goodwill for the City of Los Angeles, with your "business and tourism kryptonite" memo regarding LAX hotels. LA Daily News ran the brilliant PR strategy, from the Rhodes Scholar, on the front page of their very excellent newspaper, that is much better than the LA Times.

Apparantley, the "King of Campaign Contributions" and the brains behind so many shady-unconstitutional ordinances that ZD's head is about to explode after a year's worth of agenda items -- feels that it IS in the City's best interest to circulate a memo (now seen internationally), urging people to boycott LAX hotels; and instead, "book at locations in the city away from the LAX area."

One problem, Garshady: People who are staying at LAX are staying there because they want to be close to the airport. Maybe they don't want to travel through way too much traffic, to get the the overly expensive Downtown. So if you suggest that to an organization whose Convention business you are trying so desparatley to attract, to move the travelling circus downtown...we'll now you've just driven the cost up and they cross L.A. off the list.

HEY ERIC, HOW ABOUT THIS...ZUMA DOGG SAYS WHY NOT JUST PUT UP GIANT BILLBOARDS RIGHT ON CENTURY BLVD SAYING, "Just Have It In Vegas!" That could be the City's new marketing campaign, City Council..."Just Have It In Vegas."

AND, how about THIS billboard along the 405 and 10 freeway, for people all the people who took Eric up on the memo and moved it Downtown, and are now stuck in gridlock traffic: "Next time, have it in Vegas...Only a ten minute drive from the airport and much more fun." (copyright 2007 Zuma Dogg All Rights Reserved)

FROM DAILY NEWS: "In my 32 years of Chamber of Commerce experience, it is unprecedented for an elected official to communicate with out-of-town visitors discouraging their patronage of a local business," said Gary Toebben, president of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and a vocal opponent of the living wage ordinance.

"A letter like this sends the wrong message about Los Angeles and to Los Angeles businesses that are trying to attract customers to this region."

Michael Collins of L.A. Inc., the agency responsible for luring conventions to the city, said he worries that the letter could discourage some people from visiting the city.

Matt Szabo, a spokesman for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, said the mayor had not seen the letter and was unavailable for comment Thursday. [ERIC, that means the Mayor is gonna blast yo' azz, if he ever gets back to Los Angeles!]

"This is a labor dispute, and the government should not be sending out letters like this," Englander said. "The last time I looked, the convention and tourism business brings in a lot of money to the city. I don't see how it is responsible for a city official to get involved like this."

ENTIRE DAILY NEWS ARTICLE: How To Drive Away Buisness And Tourism -- by Eric Garcetti And thanks to Daily News for printing ZD's insightful comments on LAUSD reform, because Daily News knows, any SERIOUS discussion about "fixing' the schools MUST includes ZD's Deming-based philosophy. Thanks!


Sanctuary movement is back in vogue. I want to announce now a "SANCTUARY MOVEMENT" for the "MIDDLE-CLASS TAX PAYERS" and "BUSINESSES". This is to offer protection from the those "SOCIALIST CLOWNS" in City Hall.

When did the very air we breath become a "TAXABLE COMMODITY"? Why don't we cede them the "HOT AIR RIGHTS" around City Hall for the lobbyists to fight over ?

Flyer's are being circulated around various neighborhoods promoting "NINGUN SER HUMANO ES ILEGAL". These activists plan on forming a "HUMAN CIRCLE" around the Federal Building as a protest against raids and deportations. What about then walking over to City Hall to form a "HUMAN RING OF PROTECTION" from the actions of the "CLOWNCIL 15

Our mayor and a "BUNCH OF HANDS" are on their way to Washington D.C. to ask for more of your federal tax dollors to swander, err, improve your quality of life in our "PEOPLE'S PARADISE". No word if "HIS POLLONESS" had only a "ONE-WAY TICKET". "QUOTE OF THE WEEK" goes to Kris Vosburge, executive director of the Howard Jarvis Taypayer Assn. in regards to the mayors staff, "MOST PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL WITH THAT MUCH STAFF ARE ADDRESS AS MR. PRESIDENT or YOUR HIGHNESS". Or don't forget "HIS POLLONESS".

Absentee Mayor And Anti-Business City Council

Today's theme: the politics of travel.

The Mayor's always on a trip, and the City Council is urging visitors to boycott certain L.A. hotels.

We're probably all covering the same stories today, but if you would care for my take on our absentee Mayor and our anti-business City Council, click on over to the blog on my campaign website: MooreIsBetter.com.

I think it would be interesting to make a public records request to figure out just how many trips the Mayor and his entourage have taken using our funds, don't you?

Villaraigosa Bitch Slaps City Council Over Floor Transfer Rights, Y'all...Yeah, Yeah!

2:00 PM UPDATE: Although the Charter law is on their side, not the Mayor's, Council continued their motion to veto the mayor's veto over "Floor Transfer Rights." NOTE: SEE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS STORY AS THE SOAP OPERA CONTINUES....

(CUE PRICE IS RIGHT "DEFLATED" LOSER MUSIC: "Whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp.....whoooooooooooomp.")

The Mayor may be flying all over the country this week, like Florida and Washington, cause that's what you do when you are campaigning to be VP; but, that doesn't mean he can't bamboozle his dogg's, holding it down in the fraud, waste and abuse factory (aka: Council Chambers).

You see there is something called, "Floor Area Rights". And I don't know much about it, but it must be something that involves lots of campaign contributions. Cause City Council wanted to be the heros relating to "transfer of floor rights" in the Central Buizness District. But, Council Doggs probably forgot to include their kennel master, Mayor Antonyio -- cause he just slapped a veto on they azz. Tune in to City TV 35 for an official reading of the slap: Here's a preview: BUT FIRST, THANKS TO DOUG MCINTYRE OF 790-KABC FOR HAVING BIG ZD ON HIS SHOW TODAY TO SLAM THE MAYOR BEHIND HIS BACK, SINCE HE'S OUT OF TOWN. ZD GAVE HIS THEORY AS TO WHY THE MAYOR IS POLITICAL TOAST IN THIS TOWN COME RE-ELECTION -- THANKS DOUG! LOVE LISTENING TO YOU BEFORE COUNCIL MEETINGS. YOU ALWAYS PUT ME IN A BAD MOOD WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL, THANKS!...AND NOW, ON WITH THE BITCH SLAP...

March 19, 2007

Honorable Members of the City Council City Hall Re: CF 05-1776. Ordinance relatinq to transfer of Floor Area Riqhts (TFAR) in the Central Business District and City Center Redevelopment Project Areas

Honorable Members: Today I have vetoed the March 7, 2007 Council action to enact an ordinance regarding Transfer of Floor Area Rights (TFAR ordinance), Council File No. 051776.

I wholeheartedly support the enactment of an ordinance to facilitate the transfer of floor area rights, but the ordinance sent to me for signature violates the spirit, if not the letter, of the Los Angeles City Charter. I urge you to enact a new ordinance incorporating the changes described here.

The procedures enacted in the TFAR ordinance provide for the City Council to act to approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove all proposed transfers of floor area rights; however, no provision is made for Mayoral approval or veto of the Council's action.

As you know, the Charter envisions a process of Council action followed by Mayoral approval or veto, with possible override, for most matters. I understand that the City Attorney has concluded that the TFAR ordinance procedures for review and decision on transfer applications fall under Charter Section 563(b)(2) which would permit the ordinance to include or omit Mayoral approval.

The conclusion that Chapter Section 563, which applies to quasijudicial approvals, governs the procedures in the TFAR ordinance -- is questionable in my view -- because it is far from clear that transfer applications would not more appropriately fall under Charter Section 558. Moreover, the failure to include Planning Commission involvement with respect to Residential Developments would appear to take that transfer procedure plainly outside the scope of Chapter Section 563.

Regardless of whether a procedure that includes Council action but excludes Mayoral approval or veto does or does not follow the letter of the Charter, it at least violates the spirit of the City's governing document. I believe that Council action on transfer applications must be followed by review and approval or veto by the Mayor.

Accordingly, I have vetoed this proposed ordinance, but look forward to presentation of another ordinance that incorporates Mayoral approval or veto, with possible override, of the Council's approval, conditional approval, or disapproval of transfer applications. i respectfully request your support of my decision and your enactment of a substitute ordinance amended as here proposed. yours, i£ ntonio R. Villaraigosa Mayor ARV


I think this is the same situation with the "Air Rights" at the convention center that the mayor also slapped down like Gabriel Reese at the net. Man, these guy think of new and creative ways to bamboozle money from all directions...the floor, the roof...maybe they can develop the empty space between my ears for an extra buck.

2PM UPDATE CONTINUED: By the way, although the mayor is claiming veto power over this motion (as described in the accurate story, confirmed by a City Hall insider (so shut the f*ck up defeated, spoiled-brat, crybaby -- 9:44am, aka: Everyone Knows Who You Are) -- ZD is told the Mayor is pulling another one of his, "just try and get away with it and hope we win, moves" on this one. You see, under the new Charter, although the Mayor claims he has overall veto power, so he feels he can veto this, under his broder mayoral authority -- Zuma Dogg says, "THESE FLOOR RIGHTS ARE NOT UNDER HIS AUTHORITY, AND THE ABSENTEE LEADER MAY NOT VETO THIS."

So Zuma Dogg would like to remind Slim Shady Garcetti and his Fraud, Waste and Abuse Associates (L.A. City Council) to stand strong on this one, and veto the mayor's veto, y'all...cause Zuma Dogg's team of legislative ananlysts, say the Mayor, as usual, doesn't have a legal leg to stand on, y'all. But that has never stopped the shameless pol, before.