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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Latest Hahn Broken Promise

So, I know there have been many broken promises fromMayor Poopy that have come to light recently, but the newest one couldn't be summed up any better than the LA Times put it:
When James K. Hahn ran for mayor in 2001, he vowed to see to it that the Port of Los Angeles dealt with the adverse effects of its years-long building boom on the region's environment.

Port-area residents — worried about air pollution, noise and traffic — cheered Hahn's promise, viewing it as a commitment to make right past shortcomings at the port.

But the mayor has backed off his promise to require new remediation efforts for past projects that harmed the environment. Instead, he plans to address the contentious issue through his "no net increase" pledge to reduce port pollution to 2001 levels and cap it there, said Deputy Mayor Doane Liu.

No net increase pledge? That's it? Another pledge? How is that any better than the original lie?


Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Port even made it into the latest edition of Information Week. Talked about what a mess it is there with ships backed up to Hawaii. They need to work overtime but the unions are saying no. Also, poor IT infrastructure is hampering coordiation of things. Its getting so bad, many shippers are making plans to move from LA and Long Beach to Portland, Seattle, etc.

November 16, 2004 2:06 PM  

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