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Sunday, September 30, 2012

** Mayor Sam Exclusive: Is there a John behind the operations of Lani Shallman's "West Coast Public Affairs"?

The supposed campaign consulting twosome of John and "former ad exec turned stay-at-home mom" Lani Shallman, at their exclusive residence, via "our ventura blvd."

Page 1 of former District Attorney Candidate Carmen Trutanich's Lawsuit against "Private Citizen/ Campaign Consultant" John Shallman Communications..... and Lani Shallman's "West Coast Public Affairs".

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we are disclosing information that links "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant John Shallman" wife Lani"s "West Coast Public Affairs" to political clients with connections to the WalMart's Walton Family and the Tea Party. We also invite John and Lani Shallman to answer whether their respective consulting firms, John Shallman Communications and West Coast Public Affairs, are independent business entities, or a family consulting collaboration, that works with both republican and democrats, which was fiscally-structured for tax reasons.

Our current report on "Private Citizen/Political Consultant John Shallman", was predicated sometime back via this email and following Mayor Sam post in response..    

From: John Shallman <johnshallman@gmail.com>Date: Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 9:07 PMSubject: DefamationTo: Michael Higby <michael.higby@mayorsam.org>

I'm not sure if you still own Mayor Sam, but I'm assuming you do.Over the course of the last several years or so, Scott Johnson hasmade numerous false and defamatory statements about me.  While he andyou have a right to your opinion, you do NOT have the right to injurea private citizen with libelous statements--like this preposterousconnection to the Tea Party. Today, this blog post crossed the line.Johnson is falsely stating that because I was the victim of a crimeand lost money, I have taken on the Tea Party as a client to helpBrian Johnson.  There is so much wrong with this that I do not knowwhere to begin.
You are officially on notice to take it down.
I do not work for the Tea Party.  I do not work for Brian Johnson.  Ihave never worked for Laurette Healey.  I am not a public figure or anelected official.  As a private citizen, the burden you have to proveyour claims are significantly higher.  You will fail to do so becauseyou cannot prove something that is utterly false.
I will say this:  As a victim of a crime, I will not stand to be re-victimized.

John Shallman

In hindsight and lieu of the disclosure via the Trutanich Lawsuit of Lani Shallman's "self-proprietorship" of West Coast Public Affairs, maybe we were directing our questions about possible campaign work, connected to Tea Party and Walmart Family affiliated political entities, to the wrong Shallman, or not?

For the record, Lani Shallman's "West Coast Public Affairs" reaped mega money via its work for this IE Committee that supported (and wasted big money) on Charter School Executive Brian Johnson's fail bid for office in the 46th Assembly District, as noted in just the top four expenditures reported.

The top contributors to this IE Committee included ............


The following ED Voice IE Committee received contributions from .........
Lani Shallman's  "West Coast Public Affairs" was all to willing to do business with this WalMart Family connected campaign committee, as denoted by these  expenditures ........
In disclosing the business connections between Lani Shallman's "West Coast Public Affairs" and the obvious connected WalMart Family IE Committee, we can also note that Mrs Shallman does not share the same reservations of her democratic husband, when it comes to dealing with IE committees who also work with Tea Party connected organizations.
** Note that the ED Voice funded Brian Johnson IE Committee, shares the same Charles Bell treasurer as the National Tea Party Group.
In aggregating the information above, can we surmise that it was wrong for John Shallman to imply slander by this blog, when his own "stay at home wife's" West Coast Public Affairs, is conducting business with campaign groups that normally support Republican causes? Where does a homeward bound wife , by choice, with four children, find time to do almost a million dollars in campaign business? How does a supposed democratic consultant allow his wife to operate a sole proprietorship that runs counter to his own democratic leanings? Or is West Coast Public Affairs a tax-dodging facade (operated by John), to protect John Shallmans Communications from pending tax issues?
We invite the Shallman's to respond.

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Good Morning Councilman Huizar!! About our "conversation" yesterday ?

CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (partially blocked from view by woman in green and black) greeting his favorite constituent blogger. (** BTW, "Ricky Coca Puffs", left of his boss, needs to lighten up on Saturday mornings).

Great Sunday morning to CD 14 City Councilman (and BTW, an aspiring Charro who graduated from  Princeton) Jose Huizar I hope you are enjoying a great weekend after your appearance to rightfully credit most community members, who's vision, with your support, will bring the new "Mickey's Parklet" to fruition in the coming months.

A festive occasion for all in the El Sereno Community.

In the near future, shoppers from the likes of Newland Hardware, Food 4 Less and Mickey's Liquor, will final a mini spot of recreation and relaxation as they execute their shopping chores. Your "Huntington Drive Improvement Vision and Action Plan is a good read, but as we have reported here on  Mayor Sam (truthfully, backed by the facts), there are continuing issues on Huntington Drive that need prompt resolution which leads in to our yesterday "dialog".

Councilman Huizar can't bear to view the facts on Mayor Sam.

On the subject of "liars" ..............
It saddens me that you turned a mere constituent request on a public meeting regarding the future of Hazard Park, into an attack on my bloggin veracity (BTW, great example of officeholder behavior in public). We have stated this before to your re-election supporter Academia Semillas del Public "Head Tata" Marcos Aguilar and will share this disclaimer with you, regarding our bloggin coverage.
In what is becoming this writer's standard disclaimer......, let me state that we endeavor here at Mayor Sam to base our musings on the facts. If we choose to incorporate speculation, we label it as such. Plus, in the course of writing we have the right to question all possible story angles base upon the information at hand and craft our product in a style that may incorporate satire, mixed with parody. That is the bloggin way (especially for this writer).

In the case of our coverage of the on going issues at the controversial Charter School, we are very aware that only the facts are expose, especially in reporting on a trouble institution of learning (that is why LAUSD professional staff recommended non-renewal of charter) who's actions may have a detrimental effect on the children it supposedly serve. We stand by our reporting and commentary. We also extend the invitation to Academia Semillas del Pueblo staff and supporters (** including a certain CD 14 City Councilman supporter), to respond in writing to any of our coverage which we will post in the interest of a communal dialog. That is what blogging promotes, truthful dialog, not legal threats. (or allegations of lying by a certain City Council supporter). 

Maybe Councilman Huizar, before you attack another journalist (or in my case, a mere citizen bloggin commentator), take the time (with your mini sock puppet communication director Ricky Coca Puffs), to engage the true community liars. For example Councilman Huizar, is it true that within a shouting distance of your attack on this blogger's veracity, a certain collective coffee shop, operated illegally? Is it true that a certain collectivist charter school, set up an illegal "drop off, pick up zone" on Huntington Drive? Plus, Councilman Huizar, did a certain collectivist charter school, attempt to restrict our bloggin expression and Freedom of Speech?.

Lastly Councilman Huizar, this constituent blogger will continue to report on your actions as CD 14 elected representative, whether you like or not. That is my right as bestowed on all American citizens in the First Amendment. Contrary to the thought process (or self-serving rants of his boss) of "Ricky Coca Puffs", the only agenda of this bloggin commentator, is to share the truth behind your political dealings. including those of a community-deceiving charter school and those that may condemn this  Hazard Park tree pictured below, to death in the name of the "Trojan Horse of Community Destruction"

In closing Councilman Huizar, this tree Hazard Park, and community await a open townhall meeting set up by you. Plus, this blogger will work with you objectively, in an open, transparent manner, but not compromise my right to dissent (or agree) on other community issues. 

Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Support Homegrown Assembly Candidate Luis Lopez in the 51st AD

The "Bloggin Committee to BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger) in the 51st Assembly District" supports this message.
"Save a capetbagging Burrocrat, vote Lopez for Assembly".

Residents of Northeast Los Angeles and Beyond -

As the rhetoric of the November elections becomes louder and our mailboxes are filling with glossy flyers and brochures, I despair over the cynical belief of some political organizations in this State that they can decide for us who our elected officials will be.  Do you share that concern?  (Scroll down to the event information set forth below right now!)

Are you willing to organize our low-cost resources to work together to elect a grassroots candidate for State Assembly?   Do you reject the apathetic thinking that nothing can be done to counter the money of certain chambers of commerce, public employee unions, political parties and billionaires who will try to mislead our local friends and neighbors into "buying into" their candidate who, until recently, did not even live or vote in this District?

Then we need to raise some funding for our local candidate for State Assembly:


. . . and equally vital, we need to organize ourselves to use the Internet to counter those glossy flyers and brochures that will finance the other candidate pre-selected by the political machine to become our Assembly member.

I understand that the other candidate may have many positive items on his resume as well.  Maybe he is well-spoken most of the time. But really, should that justify overlooking his complete absence from our community for the years leading up to this election?  I think not.  Let us say "NO" to another "Carpetbag Assemblymember"!

That is why like-minded people in Northeast have banded together to host a fundraiser for Luis AND to have a conversation about how to use our email address books, our Facebook pages, our Twitter account to support a decent, hard-working, long-time leader who is invested in our community.  Your email address book is a very powerful tool in this election that makes the most powerful quake with fear.

The other side in this race is counting on you to continue to passively watch television and vote as you are told by the blizzard of glossy flyers and brochures that land in your mailbox.  Turn off the TV this Sunday afternoon -- no matter who is playing who on the football field!  Let's gather together as friends and neighbors in Northeast and talk about how we can combat this manipulation of the democratic process by interests OUTSIDE our community.


Fundraiser and Grassroots Organizing Event for Luis Lopez

4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Home of Todd and Roberta Frankel
610 West Avenue 46, Los Angeles, CA 90065


Todd and Roberta Frankel, 
Clare Marter-Kenyon and Mark Kenyon, Daniel Wright, Andrew Montealegre, Michael and Felicia Kelley, and Ann Walnum

Recession hurt your pocketbook? Understood.  No donation, however large or small need deter you from attending this event.  Yes, Luis needs basic resources to get his message out to voters and he has raised funds from LOTS of individual donors. Give what you can.

However, your willingness to speak out using your Internet resources may be even more important in this election.  Come and talk with us about how online resources can support a Luis Lopez win.

Driving directions from the intersection of Figueroa and Marmion Way:
1. Drive north on Marmion Way toward the Southwest Museum.
2. At the first traffic light at Avenue 45 turn left.
3. Proceed uphill along Avenue 45 until it dead ends into Frontenac Avenue at the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center.
4. Turn right and go one short block to Frontenac and Avenue 46.
5. Turn left and proceed uphill to 610 West Avenue 46.
6. Park on street around the corner or down hill after you turn around in cul de sac a bit further uphill.

This is a hillside home so comfortable walking shoes and carpooling are advised!

See you at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Daniel Wright

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in the 51st AD

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Councilman Jose Huizar celebrates a "Mere Parklet" while supporting a pending "Arbor Massacre at Hazard Park"

Time to give props to another Princeton Graduate's "Act of Political Hypocrisy".
From the Spin Office of (almost forgot to say Princeton Graduate) CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
Councilmember José Huizar and Living Streets LA are excited to present the brand new "Huntington Drive Improvement Vision and Action Plan.” Join us to celebrate its completion on Saturday, September 29 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in front of Food 4 Less, the site of our recently approved Street Plaza. Saturday's celebration will highlight many of the other improvement ideas the El Sereno community came up with for Huntington Drive through  numerous workshops, which resulted in the Huntington Drive Improvement & Action Plan booklet, with limited copies being distributed at Saturday's event. 
This is part of a larger effort that will bring four parklet projects all in Council District 14 – which will represent the City of Los Angeles’ first parklets and lead to future pedestrian projects throughout the City where parking spaces can be turned into public plazas and other uses.

MEANWHILE!! An Arbor Massacre is Pending at Hazard Park 
Councilman Jose Huizar gained City Council to FAST TRACK support for the following ......
PLANNING AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT relative to a review of the existing street standards involving street dedications, street improvements, street lights, and street trees for the community surrounding the University of Southern (USC) California Health Sciences Campus, including Los Angeles County USC Medical Center. Recommendations for Council action, as initiated by Motion (Huizar - Reyes): 1. AUTHORIZE the processing of B-permits. 2. INSTRUCT the Planning Department, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Department of Recreation and Parks (to give up park land), and the Bureaus of Engineering, Street Services, and Street Lighting to report back to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee on December 4, 2012 with a status report regarding the review of existing street standards involving street dedications (demolish park handball courts), street improvements (widen Soto Street by taking park land), street lights (show USC employees the way to work), and street trees (killing park trees) for the community surrounding the USC California Health Sciences Campus, including Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, for conditions that are no longer relevant within the proposed street beautification project. Fiscal Impact Statement: Neither the City Administrative Officer nor the Chief Legislative Analyst has completed a financial analysis on this report. Community Impact Statement: None submitted. (** Its hard to submit an impact report with three days notice Councilman Huizar)
These "park trees" don't look like street trees. City Council will meet on Tuesday to vote on Councilman Huizar's "Arbor Massacre".
.......... and for USC Lobbyist and former Mayor Sam awardee David Galaviz?
He can laugh now knowing that he lied to Northeast Trees and the Greater Hazard Park Community, about USC not taking any of Hazard Park.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Bloggin Happy Birthday to Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby

The sun rising to pronounce another year of blessed being for Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby.
It is a privilege and honor to wish Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby a Happy Birthday on his bloggin creation. For this spoll-challenge blogger, it has been five great years of friendship, with a devout man of integrity and compassion. Michael's vision in creating Mayor Sam, has spawn a medium of dialog that is respected within the Los Angeles Political Community. The cast of bloggin commentators over time has change, but the one constant is Michael's desire that this blog provide the medium to hold our elected officials accountable. 

Happy Birthday Michael
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


Friday, September 28, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for fFriday

The Price is wrong for CD 9!
State Senator Curren Price speaking at City Council in support of controversial redistricting plan.

Here comes another Sacramento retread in search of a pay raise.
The trail to 200 Springs Street is getting full of "burrocrats" laden with the carpetbags of termed-out state politicos in search of their next public paycheck.
The likes of Assemblyman Gil "One Bill" Cedillo, Mike Davis, Felipe "Mini Padilla" Fuentes, Bob "2 Jobs" Blumenfeld and now State Senator Curren "Wrong" Price, are seeking to bring their fail Sacramento ways to the Horseshoe.
For politically-astute CD 9 voters, it must be a laugh and galling at the same time, to have Price seek their support to replace current Councilwoman Jan Perry.
In the video above, Price is heckled by CD 9 constituents, as he showcases his enabling abilities in supporting Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson's back room-crafted Redistricting Plan. Considering that the Redistricting 2012 fiasco has now gone to litigation, it is conceivable that CD 9 may revert back to its old boundaries, despite Price's support of stripping the economic assets that now reside mostly in CD 14.
But when that day comes, most CD 9 constituents will have hopefully voted that the "Price was not Right" for City Council.
** Memo to Public Safety Committee Chairperson Mitch Englander, where are the safety cameras in Harvard Park? A grieving community awaits your leadership and action .....
** Hermon secessionist leader Joe Riser defends his actions in seeking another term on the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council. This progressive/neighborhood battle masks the fact that financial issues are being white -wash by DONE.
Memo to the Building & Safety Department, Academia Semillas del Pueblo's "Tata" Marco Aguilar and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, care to join the El Sereno Community in playing "Lets Find The Parking Lot" at the Old El Sereno Library? Parking-starved local merchants would appreciate your help.
BTW, I thought it was illegal to have street venders, conducting business next to a school location?

Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

City Hall Outsider Kevin James woos audience at Glassell Park Mayoral Candidate Forum
Receives Endorsement of District Attorney Steve Cooley
Former Federal Prosecutor and Talk Show Host Kevin James.
The upstart mayoral campaign that could, is going places .........
Judging from the phone calls from prominent community activists who were in the audience last night at the Glassell Park Senior Center (located mere feet from CD 13 City Councilman Eric Garcetti Field Office), James was far above the best candidate at last night's proceedings.
James gained the audience favor from the start, by merely showing up on time for the 6 P.M. start of the forum. City Councilwoman Jan  Perry, City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy "The Valley Greuel", in that order, were late in joining the proceedings.
James successful evening in Glassell Park , forged a great Thursday morning as the James Campaign received the endorsement of Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley as Randy Economy of the Los Cerritos Community News reports .......
Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley will announce his support and endorsement of former Federal Prosecutor Kevin James for Mayor of Los Angeles at a media event on Friday, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has learned.In a statement obtained by LCCN, Cooley said he believes that “James will make an outstanding Mayor and that Kevin James is the Mayoral candidate best qualified to tackle the many problems confronting the City of Los Angeles.”Cooley and James will answer questions briefly afterward at the event that will begin at 10 am on the South Lawn Steps of Los Angeles City Hall.Cooley’s endorsement of James is considered to be one of the most important in this early stage of the 2013 Mayoral campaign for Los Angeles. 

Does Cooley's endorsement open the door for needed monetary support, merits watching in the weeks ahead.

A Reminder to CD 14 constituents that your City Councilman voted AGAIN to raise DWP rates.
Councilman Huizar once again turns his back on his constituents by voting to raise DWP rates. For those of you who voted to re-elect the Princeton Graduate, the above graphic should pain your soul.

Memo to CD 2 City Councilman Paul Krekorian, bombastic rhetoric has its price .... in legal costs
Two self-serving, bombastic politicos.

This describes the "real Paul Krekorian" via Ron Kaye.
In the rubber-stamp LA City Council, there are posers and phonies, blusterers and know-nothings and then there is Paul Krekorian — the ambitious, articulate chief apologist given to creative use of his lawyer’s mind to defend the indefensible.

Let Paul articulate the spin to explain this waste of taxpayers money .........

Last week, a jury awarded Contreras $5.7 million with the judge likely to award fees to his attorneys that will bring the bill to about $2 million more than the settlement offer that Krekorian chose to reject.Instead of admitting he made a mistake and wasted $2 million the city desperately as it slashed services to the public and tries to squeeze concession from city workers, Krekorian was unrepentant.“If the city has to pay some more to show that we stood up and supported our police officers when they did nothing wrong then so be it,” Krekorian . “It’s money well spent.”

Reminds me of that $4 Million + "messy exercise in democracy" by a group of occupiers. I Don't remember Paul commenting on that waste of money.

This picture is dedicated to former City Controller Laura Chick.
Laura, holding grudges is not the way to live life.
These facts via Ron Kaye still stings the former City Controller ....
EDITOR’S NOTE: The lawsuit between the Controller and City Attorney over authority to audit the operations of other elected officials was ultimately found to be moot by the state appellate court because by the time the trial court ruled against the Controller Wendy Greuel, City Attorney Trutanich had cooperated voluntarily in the audit of his office’s handling of Worker Compensation cases. “On his first day in office, Mr. Trutanich had reversed the position of the former City Attorney and invited the Controller to conduct the audit. He remained true to his word, not only cooperating with the auditors but providing City Attorney’s office staff to support the audit team,” the appellate court said. (Greuel-Trutanich)

Wondering if Laura still thinks that the Hahn Administration was more corrupt than eights years of Mayor Villar?

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Help celebrate CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas Birthday

 Notice the similarities of eyelashes between the shady WalMart dot  and Ana Cubas? For campaign money, Ana Cubas will claim that they are related.
 Ana Cubas is a "high-maintenance candidate", especially on her birthday. 
Join us in CD 14 as we wish our former City Council Chief of Staff Ana Cubas a Flashback Happy Birthday. It seems like yesterday that Cubas was not returning phone calls, ignoring California Public Records Requests, calling alleged bloggers on Saturday mornings and retaliating against a staffer who's son ran for City Council. From the legions of constituents who know the "true Ana Cubas", this Flashback Birthday Greeting is for you.
 Former disgraced Councilman Huizar Campaign Manager and LA Brewery Company Co-owner Michael Trujillo.
Ana, we always knew that you were a giver (giver of falsehoods on behalf of your former boss) and not a taker (at least on disclosure forms). In that spirit, your challengers are going to thank you for this campaign present. You picked to celebrate (and raise money) at an establishment co-own by the infamous Michael Trujillo. What is infamous about Michael Trujillo besides being a former blogger (aka "MEAT" on Mayor Sam), a campaign consultant who's last local victory, was against a terminally-ill candidate and being the "Drivin Miss Daisy" for Mayor Villar? Do you remember the infamous email below?
 Note all of Ana's former staffers listed on the email?.How many of them have donated to her campaign?
Maybe Trujillo will autograph and frame a copy as a birthday gift to Ana?
Ana, maybe your political minders should have consulted with you before you picked Trujillo's establishment, as your birthday celebration/ fundraising location, considering the repugnant nature of the email and its trivialization of gun violence. As you may know Ana, crime, gangs and gun violence are big issues in CD 9. By associating with someone who's email exhibited a complete lack of sensitivity to the issue of gun violence, voters in CD 9, should question whether your the right candidate, when it comes standing firm against crime. 
But don't let those inconvenient facts get in the way of a great birthday celebration tomorrow Ana. A few drinks is all that is needed to liberate you from the realities of your political life....... until the next morning.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

What happen to our former bloggin colleague Ed (Headington)?
Big things in politics await those who blog at Mayor Sam. In recent memory, the likes of Zuma Dogg, Phil Jennerjahn, Jim Alger, Walter Moore, Michael Higby and this blogger, have parlay their bloggin expertise into campaigns for public office. Now another former bloggin colleague, media consultant Ed Headington, is running for Assembly in the Republican 38th District. 
 Ed is a nice guy and very much respected in the political community for his media consulting. But lets be realistic about Ed chances in this red district that is currently served by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth. Voters in this district are not going to run to the polls to vote for someone who worked for Assemblyman Gil "One Bill" Cedillo and who would be the anglo incarnation of his former boss, if elected. Thus, Ed has to resort to tire (but still funny) political gimmicks, such as the "missing candidate on the milk cartoon". But Ed knows a thing or two about "disappearing".
In the CD 14 City Council Election of 2011, then CIty Councilman Jose Huizar Campaign Manager Michael Trujillo, send out this repugnant, insensitive, bile email to campaign staff and others. If you refer to the list of recipients above, notice the blank space, to the right of "Eric Hogenson", what name was deleted and why, is a political story to be continue ....
** The LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus goes in search of evidence of an impending Developer Rick Caruso for Mayor Campaign. The results of his search are reported here and regurgitated by The City Maven.
** The likes of IBEW's Boss D'Arcy, S. David Freeman, Ari Swiller and the City of Los Angeles General Fund, are the lucky ones to benefit from the 11% of DWP rate hikes pass by the City Council yesterday.
** Memo to the likes of EAA, SEIU 721, AFSCME, IBEW, PPL and UFLAC, when are the brothers and sisters going to admit that Mayor Tony Villar, screwed your rank and file big time? In addition, you had 14 supposed allies vote to create a two-tier retirement system for new employees. One can see the late Miguel Contreras rolling over his massage table in disgust..
** Former City Controller Laura Chick can't let go of the fact that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, beat her and successor The Valley Greuel in court, But then most objective political observers could blame eight years of Mayor Tony Villar, on her.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Councilman Huizar meddling in upcoming Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Election?

It has come to our attention here at Mayor Sam, that staff members of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, were seen meeting with the members of the Pro Hermon "Back 2 Business 4 ASNC" Slate, at the Hermon Community Church, raising speculation that Councilman Huizar is taking sides in the upcoming Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Elections.
Our source tells us that a community member chance upon the private get together between a female (Zenay?) and male member (one of the Julio's from Huizar's El Sereno Office?) of Huizar's staff and the Pro-Hermon slate organized by Joe Riser. Riser told the person to leave the meeting location promptly, in a rude demeanor.
Councilman Huizar presenting Hermon's Wendi Riser with the 2012 Pioneer Woman of the Year Award.

It comes as no surprise to Northeast LA observers that Councilman Huizar would show favor to the little enclave of Hermon. Councilman Huizar is loyal to those that show (and score high on the list) an affinity to the political undertakings of the Princeton Graduate. Councilman Huizar graced Hermon with a rare State of Hermon Townhall Meeting, while ignoring larger communities such as El Sereno. Were also told that Councilman Huizar was a supporter of Hermon's fail bid to create its own breakaway neighborhood council. Plus, most important its within Councilman Huizar's "inner Nixonian, paranoid nature, to control every  public entity (NCs, PABs, CPABs) in his district. But despite Councilman Huizar's alleged controlling intentions, community members are speaking out regarding the dubious dealings of the Pro Hermon slate.
 Former ASNC Vice-President and longtime Mt. Washington Activist Eliot Sekuler wrote the following about Joe Riser's "unethical behavior".
An attempt by Hermon resident Joe Riser to win an Arroyo SecoNeighborhood Council board seat as a Sycamore Grove neighborhoodrepresentative in the upcoming council elections was called"unethical" by a former ASNC vice president at the council's September24 board meeting.Founding ASNC board member Eliot Sekuler, who served four years as aMount Washington representative and as the council's vice president in2007,  told board members and Los Angeles Department of NeighborhoodEmpowerment representatives that Riser's attempt to perpetuate hisboard membership by grabbing a Sycamore Grove neighborhood seat is a"misrepresentation" and a violation of the council's foundingprinciples.Riser has held an ASNC board seat since 2006, serving four years as aHermon neighborhood representative followed by a two year term asat-large representative for education and youth. Should he take overone of Sycamore Grove's two board seats, he would be serving eightconsecutive years on the ASNC board and would be the only ASNC boardmember to hold a seat for that long a tenure.  Noting that Riserneither lives nor works in the Sycamore Grove neighborhood, Sekulercalled upon him to withdraw his candidacy.According to Sekuler, Riser's attempt at "carpetbagging" by grabbingone of Sycamore Grove's two seats is especially alarming in light ofRiser's recent efforts to lead the Hermon neighborhood in secedingfrom the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council's confederation and formingan independent Hermon council. The city has ruled that Hermon'srelatively small population does not meet criteria for the funding ofits own council.Addressing the board and Department of Neighborhood Empowermentrepresentatives at the Sept. 24 meeting, Sekuler recounted the effortsby original ASNC organizers to ensure that no special interest groupwould dominate the council and that no single person would serve formore than four consecutive years."We were all in agreement that we didn’t want anyone to make a careerout of his or her ASNC board membership," he said."Because of ASNC’s unique five-neighborhood composition, we also tookpains to ensure the integrity of ASNC board membership. We agreed thatour geographical representatives would live or work in the areas theyrepresented, that they would be honest brokers on behalf of theirneighborhoods. So I am dismayed that one of the original organizers of thisneighborhood council has chosen to violate the spirit of ourorganizing group by misrepresenting himself as a voice for theSycamore Grove community, to which he has no genuine ties.  JoeRiser’s allegiance to his own neighborhood -Hermon- is well known, andthough we cannot know his personal agenda, it appears that he is usingchanges in ASNC bylaws to skirt the issue of term limits and create aperpetual place for himself on this council. Even if he is incompliance with the letter of neighborhood council bylaws, hismisrepresentation of himself as a Sycamore Grove 'stakeholder'certainly violates their spirit. I call upon Joe Riser to withdraw hisunethical candidacy as Sycamore Grove geographical representative."

Councilman Huizar may regret taking sides in this power grab. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Bloggin Happy Hour Missive on the perils of Over Indulgence

Drunk with Daddy, City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson's Power ..... or just Drunk?
Drinking and Driving is an "Appetite for Trouble" for "Mini Amin Wesson" son Justin Wesson (allegedly). 

It seems that many dictators in recent times have sons who live large lives. The late Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein had Uday, the late North Korean Cult Figure Kim Jong Il, has that little chubby kid now running North Korea and City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson? Meet Justin ....... as he awaits his day before the judge.
The bloggin facts ..........
Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson's son, a member of the lawmaker's City Hall staff, was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of drunk driving, authorities said Tuesday.
Justin Wesson, one of Wesson's legislative deputies, was stopped at a DUI checkpoint at 9th and Figueroa streets, said Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for City Atty. Carmen Trutanich. He was taken into custody Saturday about 8:15 p.m. and released the following day, according to Sgt. Ben Zucker of the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Traffic Division.
In a statement, the councilman said his son was not driving a city vehicle at the time of the arrest.  “Drinking and driving is against the law. I’m grateful that no one was injured,” he said.
"Within the office, appropriate action will be taken," Wesson said. Ed Johnson, Wesson's spokesman, would not elaborate.
Justin Wesson, 30, was hired by the city in July 2011 and earns $54,434 annually working for his father, who represents neighborhoods stretching from Koreatown to the Crenshaw Boulevard corridor. The younger Wesson regularly attends City Council meetings, sometimes sitting next to his father’s chair.
Johnson would not discuss Justin Wesson’s duties in the council office. "No further comment is no further comment," he said.
In 2005, during his first run for City Council, Wesson's campaign committee paid his son $10,333 for consulting work, according to Ethics Commission records.
Arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 18. The case will be referred to Trutanich's office for review and blood-alcohol results are pending, Mateljan said.

.... don't let son of politicos get drunk with delusions of "daddy's power" (allegedly).

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Ron Kaye: "Wake Up Call for Wendy, Jan, Kevin and Eric: Here Comes Rick Caruso into the Mayor’s Race with a Blank Check".

Is a Mayoral Press Conference in Developer Rick Caruso's future? 
The Era of Hamlet is over.
That would be the "political Hamlet era" of Developer Rick Caruso, if Ron Kaye's recent post on the supposed mayoral candidate to be, comes to fruition.
Some background via Kaye's post.
The word is that he’s telling friends hemight will announce he is running within two weeks and already is lining up a TV ad buy to promote his candidacy after the presidential election in November.One source said that billionaire-philanthropist Eli Broad held a fund-raising event last week to put a tough pension reform measure on the ballot and went around personally asking everyone in the room how much they would put into the kitty.Caruso reportedly begged off, saying he would soon be facing a lot of political expenses.How much, he was asked.Without hesitation, he reportedly said: “$15 to $20 million.”

The thud sounds you just heard were "The Valley Greuel", Garcetti and assorted city unions check books, falling to the ground.

** Paging the City Controller! We see some great auditing potential (and media coverage) in finding the waste in the higher-than-industry-average salaries paid to DWP employees. But would an audit of DWP salaries run counter to the "suggestions" of The Valley Greuel's "bag man" IBEW Strongman Brian D'Arcy?

** While the likes of Eli "Lord Broad", former Mayor Richard Riordan, the "Mini-Riordans" and others raise money to finance a measure to bring about pension reform, hundreds of union members will protest at City Hall. In addition, LA Times David Zahniser is reporting that union chiefs are talking lawsuit, if the City Council supports Mayor Antonio Villar's pension reforms.

** Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie is on the receiving end of AEG's LA LIVE City State Strongman Tim LIEweke's spin job, pertaining to the pending sale of the city-finance entertainment mini-state. We should note that the approval process for the proposed Farmers Field, steamroll onwards to its appointed final vote in the City Council.

** BREAKING NEWS! Pending Tree Kill at CD 14's Hazard Park!! ** The location of the kickoff to Mayor Villar's "Million Tree Initiative" (minus the trees to be kill to make way for the "Trojan Horse of Development"). 
 Congratulations indeed to Sierra Club endorsed CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar for his latest act of political hypocrisy, in supporting the pending deaths of mature Sycamore trees at the location of Mayor Antonio Villar's Million Tree Debacle.
The Mayor and "a wannabee mayor" planting "Esperanza" at Million Trees Kickoff. Esperanza would transpire tears at Councilman Huizar's tree-killing actions on behalf of USC. 
 Now at the end of a "mayoral reign of failure", did Million Trees Executive Director Lisa Sarno personally tape these death sentence notice to each tree?
All these trees to the base of the hill will face death to make way for the "Trojan Horse of Progress" at USC Health Science Campus. Once again public input be damned and the hypocrisy of supposed community leaders will lead to this senseless slaughter.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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