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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Can we all share in a Dream??

A simple request bloggin friends, can we simply enjoy a Teachable Moment via the character of MLK? Enough of the Sterling Madness and lets remember that we should honor those of character within our Greater Angelino Community.
Lets not forget that character counts!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Morning Briefs (** with a Special Political Health Advisory for CD 14 Constituents) on the LA Political Machine for Monday

As the "Old Gray Political Health Advocate on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) seeks Full Disclosure on CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's Personal and Medical Records before his November Sexual Harassment Trial, we offer a bloggin PSA in the interest of protecting the constituents of the Princeton Graduate, turned City Council Bad Boy.
"The Old Gray Political Health Advocate on Spring Street" (aka LA Times).
Good bloggin Monday morning to everyone as we immediately seek to garner the attention of CD 14 constituents to the following request from the "Old Gray Political Health Advocate on Spring Street" (aka LA Times), regarding its efforts to obtain personal and medical records pertaining to City Councilman Jose Huizar ...........  
The newspaper said it is seeking to be heard on the public's right to access records in the lawsuit filed last year by former Huizar Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy because the case involves "matters of substantial public interest."
Huizar attorney Dennis Walsh filed paperwork four weeks ago seeking a protective order to prohibit disclosure of "private and sensitive information" until it becomes evidence at trial. Information collected during the case's pretrial discovery phase should not be used to "titillate the public," he said in the filing.
The Times argued the proposed order is overly broad and would violate court rules and the 1st Amendment. The public has an interest in assessing the truthfulness of allegations of official misconduct, the newspaper said in its filing.

Thus, as a Bloggin PSA, we caution everyone in CD 14, whether you are a constituent, Connected Non-Profit, aspiring Downtown Developer, single or married women, or the neighborhood political hack, to practice protection in all future contacts with the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" and staff.

Protect yourself from a dreaded Third Term of Sleazy Huizzy.
** Residents of CD9 and CD 8 will be treated to dueling Fireworks Shows this Fourth of July as City Councilman Bernard Parks withdrew from his efforts to retain the annual pyrotechnic celebration of the Declaration of Independence at the now "CD 9/University of Scandalous Conduct Mausoleum". Councilman Price (along with USC and LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Renovation-Thomas") will be free to cherry pick the annual festivities for their own benefit as Councilman Parks seeks a new location. 
** As always on Monday, we find interest in the City Hall-centric tidbits within longtime 200 Spring Street Scribe Rick Orlov's weekly "Tipoff Column. This week is no exception as Orlov notes Mayor Garcetti's continuing "reign of political payback" against the LA Chamber of Commerce's support of  Wendy "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Greuel" in the last May Mayoral Elections and in spotlighting the Rhodes Scholar, now Mayor's "Great Streets Initiative".  
** LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation-Thomas" gets some quality coverage in the Downtown News as he accuses the National Football League (NFL) of feigning interest in its desire to returning professional pigskin to Los Angeles. In discerning "Home Renovation-Thomas" comments, we ponder whether to place the same level of credence in his NFL assessments, as many in South LA (including Betty Pleasant), are in the LAUSD District 1 Campaign of Alex Johnson.  
** Lastly, EAA Union Rep Marlene Fonseca gets elected to the LA-32 NC.
EAA Union Rep Marlene Fonseca 
As Empower LA conducted its Region VIII Elections on Saturday, the EAA Union Rep for the grieving Neighborhood Empowerment Advocates (when not imposing subjective Exhaustive Efforts on NCs) Marlene Fonseca was part of a Councilman Jose Huizar-supported (and LA-32 NC Election Committee Chairperson?) slate of candidates that was partially-successful in its takeover of the LA-32 NC. Fonseca was the top vote getter in the At-large Category which should garner attention from Council for Councils Advocates, who are on the receiving end of grievances filed by the likes of LA-32 NC NEA/ Ovelord Lisette Covarrubias (allegedly).
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Friday, April 25, 2014

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

We bring you the latest "Written Missives of Disclosures" (WMDs) via South LA Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant regarding her growing schism with LA County Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and his little LAUSD District 1 Candidate Buddy Alex Johnson.
Getting on the bad side of Betty can be politically lethal.
We ponder whether "Renovation-Thomas" Garage, Man Cave Conversion is "Betty WMD Proof"
The bloggin love of political break ups!!
If you live near the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Mark "Renovation-Thomas" Garage, Man Cave Conversion Compound and are wondering what is the content of the latest Betty Pleasant's "WMD", that is causing a political "Shock and Awe" within the African-American Community, we provide an excerpt below ........., and if you are "Renovation-Thomas" little LAUSD District 1 Candidate Buddy Alex Johnson, we recommend seeking political shelter ASAP!
Next up was an SEIU Local 99 union forum featuring the school board candidates at which Johnson did appear. But he would have fared much better had he not shown up here. The members told me they went to the forum knowing nothing about Johnson and left knowing nothing about Johnson because all he did was brag about his having Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ and his son, Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas’ endorsements. The union members reported Johnson as saying: “Relationships count” and espousing the belief that because the county supervisor and his assemblyman son are his biggest endorsers, he should be elected(!). Some members told me Johnson evoked the names of MRT and SRT 15 times! But Hudley-Hayes said she recalled hearing him only touting his relationship with MRT only five times. Local 99 ended up endorsing no one, stating that there are too many qualified candidates from which to choose and it would endorse at the runoff stage.
Johnson’s “relationship qualification” came in really handy when he was a no-show at the LA County Democratic Party meeting and Supervisor Ridley-Thomas spoke for him! But wait, that wasn’t the first time a Ridley-Thomas appeared for their candidate. When the LAUSD held its forum for school board candidates the other day, it invited all seven candidates, but only Rachel Johnson and McKenna showed up. But wait: The group was shocked when Assemblyman Ridley-Thomas was allowed to answer questions for Alex Johnson, who was supposedly on his way but never arrived. So, my question is this: If Alex Johnson wins, who will really be in that 1st District school board seat? Mark Ridley-Thomas or Sebastian Ridley-Thomas?

.........., that was one damned, politically-lethal Soulvine WMD!!

** WTH!! Mayor Eric Garcetti is going Hardball on DWP/IBEW Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo" ....., by having his Legal Counsel Rich Llewellyn, file a lawsuit seeking disclosure of fiscal documentation pertaining to the Joint Job Safety and Training Institutes respectively.

** If you buy into LA Weakly Blogger's Dennis Romero-Huizar's premise that Mayor Garcetti is using enhance enforcement of parking regulations to raise upwards of $3 Million dollars to offset a projected short fall in the General Fund, then we have this link to a previous Romero-Huizar missive about a "Bullet between the Eyes Email" being no big deal ........, unless refuted by a follow-up via your own editor.

** The Eastern Group Publications Denise Martinez keyboards an excellent missive on the recent LA County Sheriff Candidate Forum in Boyle Heights. We excerpt this comment from Candidate Paul Tanaka .......
“The boss sets the tone,” said Tanaka, who worked alongside Baca before leaving the department. “It’s putting people in key places and holding them accountable.”
........, and judging from his past record, Tanaka (and crew) knows how to "flash that tone".

** Lastly ......................, Where is Joe Cano?
 As the eight Neighborhood Council that comprise the Region VIII Group of NCs, prepare to conduct their respective elections on Saturday, we are awaiting a response from our regular election-eve purveyor of false allegations. Joe, its OK to come out from behind your Facebook/You Tube Wall and engage us on the issues of concern.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Bloggin Dialog with LA 32 Agitator Joe Cano in the Spirit of disclosing alleged, Nefarious Community Conduct

In the spirit of bloggin dialog, we reach out to noted No on 710 Activist and sometimes Mayor Sam Blog Critic Joe Cano (when not busy between repeated trips to the corner liquor store on Alhambra Road and Warwick) in the spirit of sharing thoughts on alleged, nefarious conduct within the LA-32 Community. 
Message to Cano (in hat and No 710 T-shirt), please refrain from taking pictures of children at local parks when seeking out alleged campaign misconduct (allegedly).
** A Bloggin Open Letter: Hola Joe!! Hope I'm not interrupting one of your frequent walks, back and forth, to the corner store on Alhambra Road and Warwick, but since we have not converse in person in recent months, I thought it would be the right moment to reach out across the cyber landscape in the spirit (with a sip of a brown bag-wrapped bottle of spirits you are fond of, allegedly) of engaging you in a dialog on some issues of mutual concern. Maybe its me, but it seems that in recent years, especially when a LA-32 NC Elections draws near, you have a tendency to engage in a level of rhetoric that is not healthy to the civil discourse (especially when consumption of adult beverages get mixed into one's convoluted thought process, allegedly) of issues important to our fellow Stakeholders. Thus, let me extend the invitation to join me in a bloggin discourse on a couple of recent community issues of joint interest. Please follow along below (and give me notice if you need a break for corner store refreshment walk, allegedly) ..........
A Recent LA-32 NC Budget and Finance Committee (as recorded by the El Sereno Delusional Society)
......, Joe, you and I can agree that the annual Bicentennial Parade is a worthy community public- private collaboration that merits continuing support. That said, it was disappointing to learn that you targeted egregiously LA-32 NC Board Members Anthony Manzano, Angelica Duarte and Scott Johnson (this blogger for the record), last evening at the LA-32 NC Candidate Forum. No level of disrespect from you, or any Stakeholder, should prevent elected NC Board Members from questioning how its allocated funding to this event, has, or is being dispensed ......., especially when "Parade Coordinator" Genny Guerrero states at the 27:30 time mark on the video, that previous tax records for the Bicentennial Committed had been shredded (which prompts me to ponder whether you can say quickly, SHREDDED, SHREDDED, SHREDDED, three times in a row without a spirits-induce hick-up, but I digress), moving on ......
 ...., Joe, about these letters from Wilson High School LAPD Magnet Cadets (who's identities you made public at a recent LA-32 NC Meeting and via your Facebook Page), that is the foundation for your latest insipid, baseless attack on your fellow "No on 710 Colleague". There is an old adage that when it comes to a story, or in your case, a controversy novella to cover the nefarious actions of others, allegedly, you should be objective in discerning both sides. Please note above that I have taken the time to highlight the responsible party the night at Wilson High School when I supposed acted out of character (or in truth, discovered an inappropriate use of students and potentially, misuse of public funds, to benefit a certain group of LA 32 NC Candidates), that would be LA-32 NC President Connie Castro-appointed Election Committee Chairperson Yolie Garcia (also an associated with the El Sereno Historical Society), continuing ............
...., Joe, as a taypayer, you should know that roughly $260 dollars was spent from the LA-32 NC Elections Committee Meet and Greet Budget Line Item ($1,000 total) for this supposed, objective gathering of candidates for the next incarnation of the community elective body. Thus, you should maybe send a email to the Region VIII "Independent Elections Administrator" Jay Handal (jay@empowerla), inquiring what type of election-related flyers this Cadet in Uniform were being instructed to dispense at the event. But maybe the cadets can answer that for us as we continue .........  
....., Joe, as someone who should agree with me that students should not be use for political purposes, especially uniformed Wilson High School LAPD Magnet Cadets during a school function, is it fair to ask the question, was Yolie Garcia abusing her position as the Elections Committee Chairperson by instructing the cadets to hand out a certain candidate slate flyer? Further Joe, is it also appropriate considering the disclosures by the cadets statements, made public by you, that first, an investigation be called for to discern whether public funds were being use to benefit a certain group of candidates and lastly, whether an LAUSD employee should also be investigated for her role in this as we continue below ...........  
......, Joe, its clear from the statement you provided from longtime Wilson High School Educator Elsa Gutierrez-Aviles, that the cadets were engaging in a activity which was not appropriate. Further, you can see below a copy of the "flyer" that the cadets were passing out via the instructions of Yolie Garcia. You may take notice of the candidates listed on the flyer and may be surprise to find the name of Genny Guerrero among them (** BTW Joe, is your wife a Bicentennial Committee Board Member?). Just in case you didn't know, Ms. Guerrero is also a Hollenbeck Community Police Advisory Board Member. Thus, you can understand that the use of LAPD-affiliated cadets to campaign on her behalf at a school function, should be grounds for a Internal Affairs Investigation by the department. But also in retrospect, I'm sure that you would agree that the actions of Ms. Gutierrez-Aviles merits a "Form 100" being filed with LAUSD. In ending....... 
....., Joe, it has be a pleasure to converse via this bloggin dialog, my thoughts on the issues brought to the community's attention by your refuted, insipid allegations as noted above. Its Stakeholders/Critics like yourself, that provide the motivation to serve our community with a foundation cemented in ethics and the truth. I sincerely hope that this bloggin refutation of the falseholds perpetrated against myself, by those who nefarious intent should disqualify from being elected to any public office, will lead to a LA-32-centric Grass Roots Organization that places paramount, the priority of holding our community members to the highest level of ethical and fiscal behavior. Care to be a Founding Member Mr. Cano (with a brown bag toast of course)?
Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Region VIII NC Elections Proceedings for Wednesday

Its Hump Day before Election Saturday for the Region VIII Neighborhood Councils as Independent Election Administrator Jay Handal immerses himself (subjectively?) into the Rough and Tumble Politics of Northeast LA
Is Region VIII NC Elections Administrator Jay Handal (to left of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar) helping the cause of inclusive, positive NC Elections or merely padding his political resume by overlooking egregious violations of NC protocols?  
** Blogger's Note: Happy Hump Day to all as the eight neighborhood councils that make up Region VIII near its "Disempowerment LA-appointed" Election Day this Saturday and making sure that the candidates play by the rules is noted NC Activist Jay Handal. Handal has been contracted by the City Clerk as the paid Independent Elections Administrator to ensure that proper outreach is conducted and the elections are conducted fairly (meaning in CD 14 that Councilman Huizar's chosen candidates get priority, allegedly). The Westside Eatery Owner (when not entertaining thoughts of becoming Empower LA's GM one day, allegedly) has had a rude awaking to the state of affairs at a few local NCs, which prompted him to extend the candidate filing deadline by one week and caused him to unleashed his ego-driven ire at those who he perceives as "failing" in their task of election outreach. But judging from some of the repugnant, campaign vitriol being directed at certain candidates (including the slanderous attack on this blogger noted below), it may be Mr. Handal who is "failing" to regulate those who are making a mockery of the campaign process. But then, if the purveyors of this gutter campaign tripe are associated with the ruling political representative (Councilman Huizar?), then this is only part of the campaign process (and something to ignore, especially if one is entertaining thoughts of becoming Empower LA's GM someday, allegedly)---Scott Johnson in CD 14 
Boyle Heights is no stranger to dirty campaigning
There are some in LA-32 (including Joe Cano) who know no shame when it comes to making slanderous attacks to cover up inappropriate conduct by other candidates.
What use are Candidate Guidelines when they are subjectively enforced by a politically-connected Elections IEA?

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for a post Easter Monday

Sign of a new Political Time at City Hall as CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar is brushed aside, while Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Council President Herman Wesson and LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina, announce J-Zay-promoted Labor Day Concert at Grand Park.
As Mayor Garcetti moves forward in announcing J Zay's promoted Labor Day Concert at Grand Park, Councilman Huizar is reduced to finding friendly media venues to pout.
Great Monday after Easter to all as today has the bloggin aura of the first day after Spring Break, with everyone wanting to know what you did during your time away, or in this blogger's case, what political theatrics were missed during our keyboard embargo.
** First, Mayor Eric Garcetti treated CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar to a lesson in a new political reality by casting him aside, in announcing the Jay Z-promoted, Budweiser-sponsored Labor Day Concert at the Civic Center's Grand Park. The Princeton Graduate, turned defendant in a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, was relegated to finding friendly media scribes (like LA Weakly Blogger Dennis Romero and KPCC's Alice Walton) to espouse his pouting points. We should note while The Weakly's Romero takes issue, along with Huizar, regarding the forthcoming Labor Day Concert, Romero and his Weakly colleague Gene Maddaus seemly had no reservations about the cost to the taxpayers regarding the giveaway of the LA Memorial Coliseum to USC
** Second, CD 8 City Councilman Benard Parks has an unwanted staffer controversy with the arrest of "low level, administrated assistant" Kearia Brown on armed robbery and conspiracy charges. Brown posted $100,000 bail and has been place on paid administrated leave, pending the resolution of her case.
** Third, to paraphrase from the great Soul Song from Billy Paul, "Mr. and Mrs. Jones", Mr. Mark Ridley-Thomas and Ms. Betty Pleasant have a political spat going on. In the last couple of weeks, the reigning South LA "WMD Columnist of Note" (ie. WMD stands for Wanton Missives of Distortion) has been keyboarding "Written Missives of Disclosure" regarding the inattentive nature of LA County Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Last week, Ms. Pleasant published emails via members of the Compton Chapter of the NAACP, directed at the Supervisor's Chief of Staff that prompted the following retort from the noted Garage Renovator as keyboarded by Betty.
Then the two guys and Paulette Simpson-Gipson, Compton NAACP president, contacted me about their problem with Ridley-Thomas and the rest is history. On March 21 at 4:19 p.m. MRT sent me an email stating: “We need to talk. You’re about to get me fired!!!!.” Then at 5:44 p.m. he sent me this one: “You need to stop busting my chops! Who has taken my place anyway? (maybe affectionate little short guy Herman Wesson?) I want to kill him!” To which I responded at 5:44 p.m.: “No one has taken your place. It is and has always been the people first and MRT second, with SRT a closing third! Betty.” (makes you wonder what went down in Ridley-Thomas new Garage Man Cave in better times between these two??)
........ but Betty is not ready to rekindle this political fling anytime soon, judging by the following parting shot. 
I’ve got a lot of juicy news about Ridley-Thomas’ chosen candidates for election I want to tell you about next week. It reminds me of the late great blues singer John Lee Hooker’s hit: “It serves you right to suffer.” The sentiment is apropos.     
Dedicated to LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation Thomas".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Paul Tanaka and Crew coming in deep into El Sereno for Fundraiser at the Hecho En Mexico Eatery

Live from El Sereno!! Its another money-making fundraiser at the politically-connected Hecho En Mexico Eatery, in support of LA County Sheriff Candidate (and former Lynwood Viking Homie) Paul Tanaka.
If you are connected, both politically and fiscally, then Hecho En Mexico can host a fundraiser for you (at the right percentage of the proceeds).
 For the price of $60, we wonder if that includes an exclusive viewing of the Lynwood Vikings Tattoo of the former LA Sheriff Lee Baca underling? 
** Blogger's Note: As the candidates to replace former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca seek out votes in the lead up to the June Election, Mayor Sam discloses embattle candidate Paul Tanaka's pending Fundraiser at the Hecho En Mexico Eatery this Wednesday, on the eve of Thursday's Sheriff Candidate Debate at the LAPD's Hollenbeck Youth Center. Supporters of Tanaka have been handing out complementary tickets for Wednesday evening's gathering at the politically-connected eatery, but the fact that the owners are playing host to one of the alleged masterminds of jailhouse abuse is bound to raise eyebrows within the working class community. Thus, as a public service, we highlight the past of Tanaka and some of his former "crew", in the spirit of educating the LA-32 NC Community of El Sereno---Scott Johnson.
The photo above features a younger Tanaka and his Lynwood Vikings Guys, channeling their inner-gangsta personal.
An Evening of Inspiration or a needed money grab to counter former LAPD Asst.Chief and current Long Beach Chief Jim McDonnell's Daily News Endorsement
For those who may be near the Hecho En Mexico Eatery Wednesday evening, the gang signs above are not from the likes of local gangsters, but from the former crew of a candidate for Sheriff who merits no support.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Its Bloggin Spring Break Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine!!

Due to work commitments during LAUSD Spring Break Week blog content will still remain daily but light.
While some play, others have to work during Spring Break.
** Quick blogging notes:
Embattled CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar was a no show at two community events this weekend. According to a source, the Princeton Graduate, turned Telepolitico is out of town. Maybe as Daily News Columnist and Talk Radio Host Doug Mcintyre notes, the reigning Bad Boy of the City Clowncil Central Committee will learn what it means to be accountable for his personal and political transgressions.
The First Cousin of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, Assembly Speaker John Perez is running third in a statewide poll of likely voters in his quest to feed from the public trough as the next State of California Controller. These poll numbers should surprise no one considering his past lukewarm support at the ballot box.
Our favorite South LA "WMD Columnist" (WMD = Written Missives of Distortion) Betty Pleasant is lobbing another of her weekly Soulvine WMDs in the direction of LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation Thomas". We ponder what has become of this formerly mutualistic union. 
With apologies to Downtown News Editor and reigning "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie, there was no wit to discern in the 2020 Commission Final Report.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Monday, April 07, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee's reigning Bad Boy Jose Huizar's Attorney Dennis Walsh seeks to keep personal and medical records, along with information regarding "Sexual History" of both his client and former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, from being made public, Godoy seeks to expand her Sexual Harassment Lawsuit. 
Will making public the Personal, Medical and Sexual History of both Francine Godoy and the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate", prompt CD 14 Constituents to take action at the Polling Place in 2015, to protect themselves from a dreaded Third Term of "Sleazy Huizzy"?  
Will fellow, former CD 14 Staffers stand by Francine Godoy's assertion of a hostile work environment"?
Good Bloggin Monday morning to all as we want to advise all that the following missive is rated PG-17 (ie. anyone under the age of 18 should seek guidance from parents regarding the content of this blog post, that is unless you are above the age of 13 in the area of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council. Thus, old enough to vote and be exploited by the likes of Vera Padillo for personal gain, but I digress)).
Because of this, don't be surprise if the legal proceedings on April 23 disclose some further inconvenience truths regarding the ugly, inner-personal of "Sleazy Huizzy".
** While the likes of City Clowncil Central Committee Members Joe "Blue Dog Democrat" Buscanio, Mitch "Spring Street RINO" Englander, along with a former "Shock Talk Radio Host", turned paid, Political Operative shill for their proposed "Supplement Our Spending, SOS LA Sale Tax Hike Scheme", KABC 790 AM Morning Drive Host and "Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet" (aka Daily News) Columnist Doug McIntyre, hits a missive shot over the wall, in noting the following as excerpted below ..........
Worse than Detroit?
Despite the date, April 1st, the prestigious UCLA Anderson Forecast is not known for either pranks or hyperbole. With Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in attendance, the economists charged with crunching the numbers on the L.A. economy dropped a couple of doozies on us last Wednesday.
From December 1993 through December 2013, Los Angeles failed to produce any new jobs. That’s “any.”
Zip. Nada. As in none.
In fact, we lost 3.1 percent of our jobs, ranking Los Angeles dead last in job growth among the top 32 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

........ and what will the insiders of the 2020 Commission propose in their anticipated follow-up report later in the week? More of the same fail policies.

** Doug McIntyre's Newsprint Colleague Rick Orlov's Monday Tipoff Column begins with the ramifications to local elections, pertaining from the recent McCutcheon Supreme Court Case which lifts restrictions on contributions to campaigns. Thus, in the spirit of putting the courts decision in local, political layman terms, we present the following hypothetical situation.

"If DWP/IBEW Strongman Brian D'Arcy Rizzo had stash away a portion of the unaudited Joint IBEW/DWP Job Safety Training Non-Profit for future, nefarious political use, he can now donate the maximum amount to each 2015 City Council Election and continue to fund Working Californians with an unlimited amount of money".

......, makes you wonder if the recent Supreme Court Decision is behind the times when it comes to local politics, allegedly.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Councilman Parks drops "Shock and Awe Missive" on Clowncilman Price's Coliseum Fireworks Show Takeover Attempt

CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks keyboards "Shock and Awa Retort" to CD 9 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Curren Price and political allies (USC, City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, LA County Board of Supervisor Mark "Home Renovation" Thomas) attempted takeover of Coliseum Fourth of July Fireworks Show 
 The former LAPD Chief has not lost the ability to keyboard a "Shock and Awe Retort" to political backstabbers who want to gain procession of his cherished CD-8 Council District creation.
New CD-9 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Curren Price is losing the PR Battle over his "going Saddam", in invading CD 8 turf and attempting to loot its Fourth of July Fireworks Show.
Nothing like a little "Political Shock and Awe" to start the week.
Happy Sunday evening to all as we search through the "smoke of political retort", in ascertaining how CD 9 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Curren Price weatherered the bruising "Shock and Awe Missive" via termed-out CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks ............, and with no apologies to Clowncilman Price, this verbal barrage is "priceless". 
The former Inglewood State Senator, turned newby CD 9 City Clowncilman (in waiting for the next Ana Cubas Campaign against him), may want to execute a prompt withdraw back behind the redistricted boundaries of his CD-14 looted council district, in the aftermath of these verbal bombs
Although I appeared on "The Bold and the Beautiful" earlier this week, my method acting could not prepare me for the performance at Wednesday’s Coliseum Commission meeting. 
I’m not going to disclose all the meddlesome details but the main fact is that Price did not come to me directly to discuss wanting to produce the Fireworks Extravaganza; I had to hear it from some of our vendors whom we have strong relationships with. The deception on Price’s part is reminiscent of when Milli Vanilli was stripped of their Grammy for lip-synching. Actually, it’s worse than that. He’s lip-synching and the Mark Ridley-Thomas and USC backup vocals can only hold him for so long, as excerpted below .......... (kaboom!!)

......., and the verbal barrage continues below.

The only defense that Price incessantly kept repeating is that the Coliseum is in his district (** kinda reminds us of Milli Vanilli's "Girl You Know Its Fake", like the litigious 2012 Redistricting Commission boundaries, but I digress), therefore, he should put on the event. 1) there’s not enough space in this letter for me to begin to discuss the still-in-litigation redistricting process that removed the Coliseum from my district 2) the Coliseum is a facility not only for the district in which it resides; it’s for the whole city to use. 
Furthermore my district starts literally a few feet from the property line of Exposition Park which houses the Coliseum. Are we really going to draw lines in the sand? 
It’s no secret that I was the only one to object to the giveaway of the Coliseum and Sports Arena to USC. This looks like petty high school payback. I thought as you get older you don’t have to put up such foolishness but it looks like it never ends.

....., as Clowncilman Price digs out of the political rubble of his attempted looting of a CD-8 created community event, he can regroup knowing that  "Baghdad Betty" Pleasant still has his back (with permission of "Mini-Amin" Wesson), ready to unleash "WMD's" of "Written Missives of Distortions", that doubles as weekly "Soulvine Columns".

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Just Say (and Vote) NO to "Save Our Streets LA" SOS Sale Tax Hike BS

With no apologies to City Clowncil Central Committee Members Joe Buscaino, Mitch Englander and Mayor Garcetti-appointed Board of Public Works President Kevin James, the only thing your $4.5 Billion Dollars-plus, "Save Our Streets Scheme" will preserve, is high-paid, union patronage at City Hall, that has been responsible for the current conditions pictured below.  
Will "Save Our Streets LA" only serve to delay the fiscal crumbling of  Los Angeles into "Detroit on the Pacific"?
** Blogger's Note: As a blogging disclaimer, I take no responsibility in accepting a copy of the City of Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee's latest assault on timber reserves, but then when has the Clowncil Central Committee feign accountability for any fiscal transgressions in recent memory? That said, Neighborhood Councils Members at Saturday's Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANNC) Meeting were treated to a copy per NC, of Clowncil Central Committee Blue Dog Democrat Joe Buscaino and RINO Mitch Englander's proposed $4.5 Billion Dollars plus, Sales Tax Hike Scheme to "Save Our Streets and Sidewalks". We should note that the additional weight of this voluminous report in the respective vehicles of LANNC Meeting attendees was bound to have an immediate impact on LA's crumbling streets. Thus, in a moment of civic compassion, we embarked, in the spirit of activism, to find quick, bloggin usage for this latest political production, as noted below---Scott Johnson.
Living in CD 14, you do not have to venture far from home to find examples of civic neglect (especially ethical). The picture above was taken on Indiana Street between Alcazar and Valley Blvd (information for Councilman Huizar's Staffer assigned to monitor this blog).
In the spirit of objectivity, Clowncilman Huizar recently garnered fellow Clowncil Central Committee approval to transfer $250,000 from the balance of the CLARTS Fund to pay for sidewalk repairs. But one does not need to be a Princeton Graduate, to discern how many pot holes like this one, his recent $185,000 Accident could of repaired in CD 14. 
Despite the best effort of Clowncil Members Buscaino, Englander and sadly, former City Hall Watchdog, turned paid Board of Public Works President Kevin James, this report will not stand up to Angelino's ire over irresponsible fiscal priorities, that can't be tax over in correcting.
At this time in civic history, LANNC needs to take a stand in opposing any tax hikes until City Hall undertakes concrete fiscal reforms that combat growing employee obligations against the General Fund. No shadow can hide the fact that "the growing pot hole of pension obligations", will swallow up all proceeds from any short term tax schemes. Thus Angelinos should ask the likes of Clowncilman Buscaino, Englander and former Talk Radio Populist, turned paid Political Opertative Kevin James, to show us the savings in reforms that will pay for this proposed Sale Tax Hike (to paraphrase Collectivist Dependentcrats, in asking Republicans how they would pay for tax cuts).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Kevin James Made Me Cry. Or Did He Make Me Sick?

Factotum and Factotumer
It's no secret that this blog was a major supporter of Kevin James when he was running for Mayor in 2013. Kevin, after intense study, observation, traveling around the city and spending hours and hours on the air examining city issues and learning how incredibly corrupt, broken and in distress this City is in.

We all know what happened - James performed well in the Mayoral primary but did not make the runoff. He pivoted to support Eric Garcetti over Wendy Greuel in the general election and was summarily issued the role of President of the Board of Public Works, the highest paid appointed position in city government.

During the campaign, James railed against waste, fraud and abuse. He decried the leadership of the City, including Garcetti. He spoke out against things like a sales tax to fix roads and sidewalks.

Well, I guess James is now one of them. The former Mayoral candidate turned Garcetti factotum is supporting a major sales tax to fund these repair projects.

Talk about being clowned.

Well, never again. Let's just say Kevin might as well as register as a Democrat, and jump in with the tax, spend, waste and steal crowd because that's the only place he will have a home. Community leaders and citizens who counted on him to be the one to hopefully TRY to turn things around have been severely let down. It's almost as if the Kevin James we stayed up into the wee hours of the night listening to, whose studio I traveled to myself at 11pm on a school night to discuss issues and who we supported to make a difference doesn't exist anymore. He's been replaced with a Garcetti issued doppelganger who LOOKS like Kevin but does not sound like him.

But then again, maybe all those years of late night radio was only entertainment and he didn't mean any of it.

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A Petulant, Political Episode from Infant Clowncilman Jose "Huevon" Huizar

 Mayor Sam brings you the bloggin background on the latest Petulant, Political Episode from Infant Clowncilman Jose "Huevon" Huizar. 
Being allegedly, excluded from the planning of the proposed Jay-Z-produced, Grand Park Concert, brings out the inner-petulant persona of Infant Clowncilman Huizar. 
 The sad state of political reality at City Hall for Infant Clowncilman Huizar, can be discerned by his recent, petulant political and personal behavior.
Did someone have an infantile, political petulant episode at 200 Spring Street?
We can all agree that these are not the best of times for CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar. From issues beyond his control, such as the illness affecting his youngest daughter, to his own crisis of character as personified by his admitted, occasional affair/Sexual Harassment allegations involving former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, the culminate stress associated with these life episodes, was bound to bring out the true, inner-persona of the Princeton-educated Boyle Heights politico ........., and yesterday, City Hall observers were treated to an episode of petulant, political behavior (mixed with a dose of hypocrisy), unseen in recent times.
Someone needs to remind the new reigning Infant Clowncilman of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee that elections have consequences ......, and when you endorse the likes of Ana Cubas, Jose Gardea, John Choi, Dennis Zine, Carmen Trutanich, along with Wendy Greuel for Mayor, then your chances of maintaining political access becomes less of a given.
In fact, the blunt new political reality for the Infant Clowncilman is that with Political Papi, former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar off prancing about with his new thirty-something Gabacha fling of the moment, episodes of petulant, political behavior are not going to be tolerated by the new Third Floor Occupant of the Office of Mayor, who has surely not forgotten some choice comments, via the Infant Clowncilman, regarding his ethnicity from the past Mayoral Campaign. 
We should also advise the Infant Clowncilman that mixing petulant pronouncements, with acts of political hypocrisy, along with "huevon-like" tendencies, is not good for political longevity. Maybe the Infant Clowncilman does not remember (or fail to exert the energy to research) the Los Angeles Street Scene Music Festivals of the mid-1980s, that brought ten of thousands of Angelinos to the Civic Center. Further, we did not hear cries from the Infant Clowncilman regarding the impact of such events as Fiesta Broadway and the yearly celebration of El Grito on Downtown (** but then Event Promoter Larry Gonzalez knows how to pacify an Infant Clowncilman with political contributions and fundraising). 
Thus, if the Infant Clowncilman continues with these episodes of political behavior, its going to leave Mayor Garcetti no choice but to find and support someone, who can return responsible political (and personal) behavior to CD-14, especially if he want to maintain his own image of being a strong politically, reform-minded Mayor.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Mayor Sam Blog Exclusive: Another "Do as I Say, Don't Do as I Do Moment" from Empower LA, with help from Councilman Huizar?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the alleged actions of an Empower LA Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate, acting contrary to established Department Directives regarding the Exhaustive Efforts status of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council.
Was "Disempowerment LA NEA/LA-32 NC Overlord" Lisette Covarrubias acting rouge in contradiction to a Department Directive (sign by her) which limits the LA-32 NC to working towards its next Elections?
**Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose emails that allegedly highlight inappropriate conduct on the part of an Empower LA Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate (NEA), who's supposed actions, as noted in a email by CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffer Julio Torres, should be cause for an investigations whether the integrity of a Empower LA Directive against the LA-32 NC were violated and if a Brown Act violation took in regards NC involvement in the upcoming "Fourth Annual El Sereno Kite Festival". As previously noted in a Mayor Sam Post, Covarrubias was the Empower LA Staffer who oversaw the LA-32 NC's placement on Exhaustive Efforts which limits the elective body to working on its upcoming elections. Yet the email below from CD 14 Staffer Julio Torres is a cause to ponder whether Covarrubias, in concert with the NC President Connie Castro in circumventing her own crafted, Empower LA Memo, as noted below.
Was there any public notice of the coordinating meeting, or meetings involving the LA-32 NC and the Offices of Councilman Huizar, Mayor Garcetti, along with LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina, for the "Fourth Annual El Sereno Kite Festival"?
In response to concerns from current LA-32 NC Treasurer Anthony Manzano, Julio Torres stated the following .........
From: julio.torres@lacity.org
To: rosehillsreview@yahoo.com
Cc: julio.esperias.jr@lacity.org, dominovm@pacbell.net, val@valsdesignstudio.com
Sent: Fri, Mar 28, 2014 2:22 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Kite Festival.
How are we excluding LA-32? They are invited partners per Connie and
Anthony, why are we debating a flyer? This is a community event
that has grown and will be widely attended, it's for families in the
community at the end of the day and not about some flyer.
*Julio Torres*
Field Deputy
Office of Councilmember José Huizar
City of Los Angeles | Council District 14
El Sereno Field Office
4927 Huntington Drive North | Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 226-1646 office | (323) 226-1644 fax
*For regular updates and to sign up for our E-Newsletter, please visit our
updated Jose Huizar CD 14 website
<http://cd14.lacity.org/index.htm>.  Click on the icons below to follow us
on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube*
On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 2:08 PM, ANTHONY MANZANO
  I am contacting you with an issue that was brought to my attention,
> including a phone call, regarding the name of the event. As most people
> involved are aware, the LA-32 NC created this event. Last year a change was
> made by those who favored El Sereno and removed the NC as it was from
> inception. Now, it appears that the event is exclusive and gives a false
> perception of the true intent.

>    Perhaps calling it the Ascot Hills Kite Festival, or leaving it as the
> LA-32 Kite Festival is what is best for the community. There should be no
> reason to exclude those that inspired this event.......
> Rose Hills Review,
> Anthony Manzano
 ...... thus, judging from Torres email, CD 14 has no inhibitions when its comes to pirating a NC-created community event ......., and outing the role the NC President and Empower LA NEA allegedly played in this. But according to Covarrubias, that is not true, as noted below.
Again, dubious congratulations are merited to Councilman Huizar for another act of hypocrisy in complaining about its exclusion from the planning of the proposed Jay-Z produced Concert at Grand Park this summer, while being a supposed accessory to a possible Brown Act Violation involving the LA-32 NC's in the "Fourth Annual El Sereno Kite Festival"
When Covarrubias was asked about her role in the planning of the Kite Festival, she emailed the following ........
Good Morning Mr. Johson,
I hope this email finds you well.
In response to your questions and as a point of clarification, neither Department Staff nor I have never been involved in coordinating and approving sponsor /support for the kite festival on behalf of the LA 32 NC.
Given that fact, I am unable to answer any of your questions.
(Lisette Covarrubias)
Thus, we now have a classic. political "He said, She said" which merits an investigation into inappropriate conduct by an Empower LA NEA and more seriously, an official probe to ascertain whether a violation of the Brown Act took place, via the inclusion of the LA-32 NC, without public hearing and approval of its General Board.
But, in ending this post in the spirit of a teachable moment, we bring you this paragraph of political hypocrisy from LA-32 NC Kite Festival Thief Councilman Huizar ..........
"When you're talking about a proposed event of this magnitude, with 50,000 (people) expected, multiple-day street closures, beer and for-profit ticket sales at a public park, it is imperative that we have an open, inclusive dialogue in ensuring it's a good fit for the neighborhood and if it is, that concerns are mitigated well in advance,"
....... that is a "Do as I Say, Don't Do as I Do Princeton Graduate" in his best hypocritical form.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14
** For the record, I am the LA-32 NC Recording Secretary, but the comments above are solely my own and do not represent a formal LA-32 NC Policy Position. 

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