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Friday, November 30, 2012

Public Works Commission President Andrea Alarcon

Here she is, in all her glory!

In the meantime, read Joseph Mailander's latest piece on the matter.

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

The late-night misadventures of Andrea AlarCON..
City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works President Andrea AlarCON.

Finally! Someone asked the question many in City Hall had been broaching in private.
As more details on the troubling behavior of City of LA Board of Public Works President Andrea AlarCON come to light, one lingering question that many in City Hall have been broaching in private, was finally presented to Mayor Antonio Villar by City Hall beat writers.

The Nov. 16 Project Restore party honored Villaraigosa. The mayor attended the event, but then left City Hall, his spokesman Peter Sanders said."The mayor wasn't with Commissioner Alarcón after the Project Restore party," Sanders said.

Que? In context, many in City Hall have speculating whether the relationship between Mayor Villar and AlarCON is more than professional. One City Hall insider went as far to question whether the former "LA Antonio Times" would have the journalistic cajones to ask the Mayor whether he was with AlarCON during the time  the daughter was left alone at City Hall. Now we have more details on the night in question, but the rumors on the duo's past liaisons still persist . But regardless of whether AlarCON has visited Mayor Villar at Getty House for other than city business, the glaring issue here is why AlarCON has not been charge yet for child endangerment  That question should be ask of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

** The Ports of Los Angeles and to a lesser extent Long Beach, are in a state of near shut down as 50 union clerical workers continue their job action. Ocean shippers are considering other berthing options to disembark their cargo in "Greece on the Pacific"..

** Ready for this political surprise via LA Weekly's Patrick Range McDonald?
By now it's common knowledge that Los Angeles City Council members love their perks and holidays. Just read the L.A. Weekly cover story "Los Angeles on $300,00 a Year." But now they're taking time off from dealing with important city business -- it's officially called a "recess" -- for a major conference they don't even attend.   

Props to City Councilman Ed Reyes and Mitch Englander for actually attending the conference.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Richard Bloom proclaims himself winner of 50th Assembly District Race.
Can you say Assemblyman-Elect Richard Bloom? 

With no apologies to Assemblywoman Besty Butler Campaign Consultant Parke Skelton, former Santa Monica City Councilman Richard Bloom has declare himself the winner of the closely-watched 50th Assembly District contest.
Via the Sacramento Bee's Capital Alert, Bloom will take the oath of office on Monday as his lead increases with each tally of uncounted votes. Supposed astute political observers are crediting Bloom's pending success to the "Greece on the Pacific's" new Open Primary Formal. Yet observers should not underestimate Assemblywoman Butler's stance, or lack of, on the issue of expediting the termination process of teachers convicted of sex crimes, when assessing the root cause of her defeat.

But if the results stand, rest assure Assemblywoman Butler will fix her "blame stare" on a certain "Weekly of Record".
** "Private Citizen/Political Consultant" John Shallman's and numerous other Democrats former Campaign Treasurer Kinde Durkee, is going away to the Pen for eight years and must pay a $10.5 Million dollar fine. This for her sloppy record keeping/defrauding of democratic candidates and non-profit organization. Just a thought, but is defrauding taxpayers a daily past time of democrats?
** Candidate forums are kicking into high gear as we now focus on the March, 2013 Elections. The candidates seeking to replace CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes, recently were vetted by the Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance.
** What would Thursday be without another "Soulvine Missive" from Betty Pleasant? From the "Hostess of South LA Journalism".
AND FINALLY — Never mind the Twinkies, I hope the Hostess Co. employees can keep their jobs. My grandfather worked at the Hostess Bakery all my life and we always had plenty of Hostess baked goods in our homes. Heck, we had more Hostess sweets than meat. Which probably accounts for the fact that many of my family members are fat and diabetic

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mr. Krekorian: Fill Up This Hole!

Councilman Paul Krekorian has no problem filling up column inches with manufactured constituents in a local digital fishwrap; the City seems to not be able to address a dangerous sinkhole in North Hollywood.

Calls to the Councilman's office by locals have yet to be addressed, as the nearly foot deep hole, on Weddington Street in the NoHo Commons section, remains, well, sinking.

The best the City can seem to do is drop a couple rubber cones on it. In the meantime, the risk of someone driving into this remains, as well as the impact it has on traffic as cars pull over to allow passing vehicles to get around it (as well as the possibility of a head-on collision).

We notified the Council Member about this via his Facebook page a few days ago. Yet no response. But we did see what he has been up to.

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Return to the Root of Educational Indoctrination at Academia Semillas del Pueblo

Returning to the Root of Dysfunctional Educational Indoctrination at Academia Semillas del Pueblo.
 LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia wholeheartedly endorses Academia's continuing disregard for educational achievement, in addition to ignoring local zoning laws and not obtaining proper operating permits.  
 Meet the wealthy educational indoctrinators behind the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Brand. 
 Can you count (not by Aztec 20) the number of parking violations in this photo of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo's "Old El Sereno Library" location? 
 As a public service, we repost for the parents of Academia students, last year's memo regarding the "drop off/pick up" of students from the Academia school site refer to above.. We should note that this public service would be mute if Academia would take the corrected actions outlined in the below Building and Safety Department "Notice to Comply"..

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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I'm Back!

Hola again from the Sanctuary City-State in "Greece on the Pacific".
Dedicated to the "Infant Assemblyman", Assemblyman (Speaker?) Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez, Legacy LA, Mayor Tony Villar, "Mini Amin Wesson", Marcos Aguilar and especially my Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate City Councilman Jose Huizar.

Are you ready for the bloggin political insurgency?
Contrary to the advice of the Spanish Mechista Columnist for the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street Steve Lopez, I have decided to remain among my brothers and sisters comrades, within the one party state of "Greece on the Pacific"..Lord knows I may even part ways some of my remaining cash (after paying raised local and state taxes), to buy a pair of Birkenstocks, Maoist garb and apply for a "EBT Card", to become one with the growing government-dependent, collectivist masses within the Labor Left Worker Paradise along the Left Coast.
It would be so easy to conform to the edits of the ruling Labor Left. Have a spare twenty? Donate to the SEIU Cope Fund. Recycle my cans, plastics, paper and buy Carbon Credits to save our big blue collectivist marble home? Of course, as long as you return my CRV money and especially if carbon credits provide nourishment to carbon-needy plants (maybe a carbon-burning SUV could help more?).
But conformity has its limits when some guilt-ridden, left-wing former sports writer advocates relocation to some hick hollow, in lieu of changing political thought.

Why should this barrio born and raised conservative Gabacho relocate to a foreign land? Why vacate the formerly Golden State for some Kentucky hollow, with cars mounted on milk crates and moonshine in jugs, when my Latino friends have perfected the technology of hydraulics and a bottle of "Ghetto Bird", with paper bag, is only a corner liquor store away in mi barrio ( please pardon my Steve Lopez generalization moment)?

Why should I part ways from a community that promotes family, faith and hard work, that is being corrupted by easy access to the "drugs of government dependency", in the form of Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC vouchers and contraception on demand?

Granted, Lopez has some valid points about the perception of Republicans, but why should I take advise from a columnist for a fishwrap that does not have one local conservative commentator of note on its payroll? It only seems like yesterday that the Times was investing column inches in attempting to derail a citizen revolt against another failed collectivist Gray Davis, by attacking the former "Kennedy Republican Governor" during its "LA Antonio Times Era" of pro Mayor Villar reporting (** BTW, did the Times ever dedicate any resources to investigate the rumored "fifth child" of Antonio?). Pity the fish who is wrapped in the Editorial Page, only to be reincarnated someday as a collectivist-leaning flounder, that goes litigious on BIG SHARK for its predatory practices, due to its prior life exposure.

For sure, if the Republican Party in the now "Greece on the Pacific" is to survive longer than the print edition of the Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (not hard with the right strategy), an extreme makeover is a MUST! Disavowing the defeatist advise from the RINOs and moderates, the true small government believers must assume the persona of a loyal political opposition insurgency. Instead of a political retreat, an audacious plan of infiltration of liberal strongholds with a color blind message that promotes the values of limited government, mixed with blunt examples of waste and corruption that is the norm of the Labor Left one party rule, is paramount for a resurgent GOP.

But most important in reviving the GOP brand in "Greece on the Pacific" is the combination of grass roots outreach on the local level, mixed with embracing the power of new media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube). Lets not kid ourselves with thoughts that the likes of Steve Lopez and his Fellow Travelers at the Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street, are going to exercise a random act of journalism in reporting objectively on GOP outreach efforts. To the contrary, agenda journalism must be confronted and exposed for its bias corruption period ..... and if Mr. Lopez takes issue with that comment, then he can go play soccer among the increasing empty corridors of the former fishwrap of record, as we move forward with our bloggin political insurgency.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.  


Monday, November 19, 2012

Los Angeles Animal Services Important Pet Alert

Over-eating during Thanksgiving can be serious for pets too!
Thanksgiving is the time of year when family and friends get together to enjoy each other’s company and a myriad of delicious foods. We have a tendency to include our four-legged family members in this feast, which often results in overindulgence. Even when we don’t purposely include them, the agile and creative dog or cat can capture a special treat from the kitchen counter, trash or even the dining room table!

Thanksgiving weekend is also a busy time for emergency veterinary clinics. Dogs and cats suffer very serious and sometimes fatal consequences from turkey bones, too much rich and fatty foods and just plain overeating. If your pet is not acting like himself or herself, consult your veterinarian. Your best friend could be seriously ill.

It is difficult to comprehend, but when giving pets treats you must consider the relative size of their body compared to yours. If you weigh 150 pounds and your dog weighs 25 pounds, he or she is only 1/6th of your total weight. If you visualize yourself as a whole pie, comparatively your dog is only one slice of pie. Consequently, sharing an unfinished plate that still holds a generous serving of mashed potatoes with gravy, a side of very rich dressing, a few bites of turkey and a small slice of pumpkin pie with your best friend can make him or her feel miserable.

You do want your pets to enjoy the holiday. Stop by a pet food store and purchase some new dog biscuits or cat treats; then reduce the amount of their regular meal to accommodate the treats they will be getting throughout the day. Remember, biscuits and treats are usually much higher in calories than regular pet food so having them skip dinner may be a prudent choice if they have been snacking all day.

If you are planning a quiet holiday at home without a lot of company and confusion, and you don’t already have a dog or cat to share your life with, this could be the perfect time to visit one of our six Los Angeles City Centers and fall in love with your new best friend. You can get him or her settled in while you have a couple of days off work. What better way to give thanks than to give an orphaned shelter pet a home? You will be repaid with unconditional love and laughs for years to come.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Wendy's Pigskin Party!

Greuel is ready for some football
(PHOTO by Patch)

As one of our friends pointed out - while the City burns...

Wendy Greuel is seeking to capitalize on the legendary UCLA-USC rivalary with the upcoming match between two once-storied football poweerhouses.

An email to supporters is trying to set up a battle as to which group of fans can raise more money for Wendy.  And she's even got you covered if you could care less about college football as well.

This is the same Wendy Greuel who, when she was my Council member, came to our Neighborhood Council meetings to discuss free light bulbs and hamburgers her office was giving out, in lieu of discussing any true community concerns.

It's all a joke to them, folks, and just a big business like any other. It's not community service anymore.

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Jennerjahn Drops Out of CD5 Race

We tease Phil Jennerjahn a lot - and he certainly would have some significant hurdles to overcome in terms of a run for City Council. 

While he's likely made a wise or practical decision, it is sad however, for the reasons he enumerates that a grass-roots, citizen leader can no longer run for public office.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Indeed, it's Sort of a Hotsheet!

Paul Krekorian's "Letter-Gate" scandal has ended the days of his every so often column at Studio City Patch. Following disclosure that a letter from a "constituent" asking a question and praising the Second District Councilman was actually not from a real person and a fabrication of his Press Chief, Jeremy Oberstein, the AOL owned property has now demoted the Krekorian column to the "blog" section of Patch, user provided content that is about a step below Facebook postings.

Phil Jennerjahn is telling us "We told you so."

Labor maven Madeline Janis is whining about former Mayor Richard Riordan's pension reform efforts. Her screed is that the former millionaire mayor's administration was fraudulent and ineffective, which is probably true to some extent, and that any "development" successes such as the Staples Center, Hollywood and Highland, etc. were the result of deals done between union interests and developers. Poppycock. It is indeed Riordan's brand of crony capitalism and clueless Downtown LA mentality, partnered with the thuggery of LA's union establishment that is responsible for a dearth of successful development in LA and the City's slide into fiscal collapse and over irrelevance.

Los Angeles County is cutting staff and shuttering several courtrooms as part of a cost savings measure. Among those closing include legendary courthouses in Beverly Hills and Malibu, where a number of high profile celebrity cases have been prosecuted with the likes of famous troublemakers Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey, Jr., etc.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Krekorian's Biden/Kinnock Moment

It was a seminal moment of the 1988 Presidential campaign when now Vice President and then Democratic Senator Joe Biden plagiarized a speech originally given by Neil Kinnock, a member of the British Labour Party. Biden was later discovered to have "borrowed" from speeches by Robert Kennedy and others. Needless to say, Biden was forced to abandon his campaign for the Democratic nomination that year.

Since politicians are always spinning, it's not unexpected that we find them re-inventing portions of their personal narrative. Both President Obama and Governor Romney were accused of such during the now shuttered 2012 campaign. 

How interesting it is though, when we find an elected official creating out of whole cloth, letters and comments from "constituents," when often these very communications are used quite frequently to document or gauge where stakeholders' views are on a certain pressing issue.

Which brings us to Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Krekorian.

City Council Member Paul Krekorian
The latest kerfuffle to hit the Second District rep involves his monthly column "Ask Paul" which runs in  various editions of Patch, an online newspaper of sorts that targets hyper-local news and issues.

Krekorian was recently using his latest column to gin up support for a controversial plan addressing billboards in Los Angeles - and to deflect criticism from billboard critics of Krekorian's plan away from the Council Member himself. 

Cupcakes, anyone?
Jeremy Oberstein,
Krekorian Spin-meister
According to a story by Dakota Smith in the Los Angeles Daily News, Krekorian's column (actually written by longtime communications director and former journalist, Jeremy Oberstein) referred to a Studio City resident who questioned the plan but praised Krekorian's "integrity."  Turns out, not only the question but the "resident" was a fabrication created by Oberstein.

Krekorian's office had claimed that the voter in question is a "composite" of the many types of comments they receive. 

Following the discovery, the editors of Patch removed the original story with an explanation and allowed the Krekorian team to publish raw comments they claim their office has received on the billboards plan.

In the meantime, Krekorian has found himself coming under fire from many sources, including long-time anti-billboard activist Dennis Hathaway who was dubious of Krekorian's plan to begin with and was of the mind that Krekorian was shilling for the billboard industry, not really responding to his constituents' concerns on how to address the problem.

The Council Member's misstep even caught the attention of famed blogger and gadfly, John Walsh, who offered to stage a "Fake Letters to Paul" contest, offering, in his usual flamboyant fashion, the winner "First Booby Prize is Breakfast with Paul Krekorian. Second Booby Prize is Breakfast and Lunch with Paul Krekorian and Third Booby Prize is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Paul Krekorian."

Los Angeles continues to remain fun!

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Outtakes from CD 14 Special Report: Former Councilman Art Snyder dead at 79

Art Snyder has gone to the great "CD 14 in the Sky".

A legendary paradox of persona, the former CD 14 City Councilman died in his sleep yesterday morning in Huntington Beach, three days before his 80th Birthday.

Many older, longtime CD 14 constituents will surely opine on the positive/negative attributes of a polarizing political icon. For most knowing CD 14 observers, there was no middle ground of thought when it came to the Spanish-speaking Irish politician.

Surely, some will remember that he was the model for constituent services that has not been matched since his departure. Respected late former staffers Ross Valencia and Lou Santillan were Snyder's neighborhood reps who made sure that the "IN and OUT BOX" of constituent requests, was in constant motion.

Surely, some will remember his behavioral issues which included a deadlock trial for drunk driving, womanizing, and ethical issues that continue beyond his political career as a lobbyist.

In 1984 as Snyder faced his most formidable election challenge from then Assemblyman Richard Alatorre, a mom and her high school senior son, sat with Snyder at a "meet and greet", in the home of the late Gang Councelor Ana Lizarraga. Snyder and the mom, found to their amazement that they were distantly-related through family links in Indiana.

Some 28 years later, the same high school senior looks back on that chance encounter and offers his respects to the family of a CD 14 political legend, who in the course of his political being, was either love or hated by constituents, but is now at peace.

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Morning Summery of Election Day 2012

Summery, along with winners and losers for Election Day 2012
Two words that define last night's local, state and national results.
Great morning to all from the dark blue one party state of "Greece on the Pacific" as President Barack "H" Obama wins reelection and a local, soon to be out of work mayor, gets his resume ready for a new gig in Washington DC.

To sum up last night'e election, you need only two words, "Latino Power". If the Republican Party is to survive, or resurrect itself from the political grave in California, then they need to put the likes of Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, along with New Mexico Governor Susan Martinez front and center in outreach.

The irony in watching the "Greece on the Pacific" election results last evening, is that many Latino immigrants came to the United States to escape one party rule and its crippling corruption, to work hard and achieve self-worth.

Yet judging from the reign of Mayor Antonio Villar and the political machine that supports carpetbaggers like Jimmy Gomez, over homegrown community leaders such as Arturo Chavez and Luis Lopez, that corrupt, one party machine has also found a new home in "Greece on the Pacific".

Thus, for Republican Party in "Greece on the Pacific", it needs to reinvent itself as an opportunity/self-empowerment party (based upon Conservative principles) that retakes the front on the discussion of immigration reform, but also empowers those who want to confront the growing corruption that comes with one party rule.

Democrats may awake this morning with a tighter grip on power, but as the looming day of fiscal reckoning approaches and the moving vans of departing businesses head to the nearest stateline, the "Greece on the Pacific's" Latino/Labor Leftists version of Mexico's PRI Party, will completely own the economic ruins that once was a "Golden State on the Pacific".

Prop 30 Yes, "Governor Moonbeam II" gets his tax hike ....... and reelection (sorry Antonio). 
Prop 32  No, The Labor Left wins again.

39th AD 
43rd AD
MIKE GATTODEM 72,79760.46
48th AD
JOE M GARDNERREP 39,95241.23
49th AD
EDWIN CHAUDEM 48,84256.57
MATTHEW LINREP 37,50443.43
50th AD
51th AD
JIMMY GOMEZDEM 49,02260.21
LUIS LOPEZDEM 32,39839.79
District Attorney:
JACKIE LACEY1,113,45554.99
ALAN JACKSON911,34545.01
Measure J Transit Tax: ** needs 66% to pass.

** Election winners:
Ex.President George W. Bush, its now President Obama's economy.
"Greece on the Pacific's" Latino/Labor Left (with the exception of Antonio).
California Unions
Rental truck companies and the surrounding, low tax states of Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.

** Election losers:
Establishment Republicans ..... again.
Two party democracy in the formerly State of California.
Israel and its friend Congressman Howard Berman
Hard work and self-empowerment.
A certain to be ex. big city mayor from City Terrace.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Barack Obama Reelected President of the United States

According to Fox News Barack Obama will be reelected President of the United States.

Live Blogging 2012 Election Results Tonight

Will 43rd AD voters say Hasta La Vista to the Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto?

Join us tonight as we live blog results on national, state and local elections of choice.

We will focus on the presidential election Props 30 and 32, Measure J, District Attorney and the Assembly races in the 39th, 43rd, 48th, 49th, 50th and my local 51st District race.

AD 39

AD 43
MIKE GATTODEM 14,87153.08

AD 48

AD 49
MATTHEW LINREP 10,27552.14
EDWIN CHAUDEM 9,43347.86

AD 50

AD 51
LUIS LOPEZDEM 5,01243.29

District Attorney:
JACKIE LACEY212,54856.05
ALAN JACKSON166,66843.95

Measure J:

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Mid-day Election Day Notes 2012

Vote Greg Krikorian for the 43rd Assembly District
Replace the Infant Assemblyman with a respected community advocate.

** The LA Times aka "Old Gray Obama Hag on Spring Street" is reporting that turnout is down compare to 2008. As of Noon, 23% of register voters have partaken in their civic duty, compare to 30% in 2008. Lower turnout bids well for republicans and conservative-themed ballot measures. But it also should be noted that nearly half of today's California voters, will do so by mail. Thus, final California results may take days to tabulate.

** The "LA Obama Times" also has some early testimonials from 30th Congressional District voters on their choice for Congress.
In Studio City, Rick McNally, a 66-year-old Vietnam War veteran, said he chose Brad Sherman in the hotly contested race for the 30th Congressional District.The Studio City resident, who lives in Sherman's old district, said he picked the familiar face and the candidate he says has more Valley ties."He is more hands-on here in the Valley," McNally said, shortly after voting at a polling place along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. "He has more town hall meetings. He is more accessible."

 51st Assembly District Candidate Luis Lopez hands in absentee ballot.

** Orange County Republican Congressman John Campbell stated on the Hugh Hewitt Show about two weeks back, that many internal pols are showing Obama support trending downwards in many congressional districts.

National Update:
** Respected national political observer Michael Barone, just noted on the Sean Hannity Show that turnout is down in many democratic areas across the country. From Northern Virginia, South Florida and Ohio, the Obama luster has lost its shine. Meanwhile, turnout from republicans areas of Ohio are reported to be high. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Observations on Measure J: "Not Good".

While Mayor Antonio Villar campaigns for the sinking President Obama Administration in Florida, his goal of extending the half-cent sales tax for future transportation projects via Measure J, is garnering bipartisan opposition.
Mayor Villar would suffer a major legacy failure if Measure J fails to get a two-third vote.

Joseph Mailander at his self-title blog:

Is New York City's subway working? Parts are not, but the out-of-style bus system was the first public transit system to fire up after the catastrophe.  Let's continue to build light rail a piece at a time, and not use the excuse of jobs to put funding for this on the backs of the same urban poor who depend on mass transit.

Ron Kaye at his self-title blog:

My own view is that extending the one-half percent sales tax through 2069 just four years after we agreed to pay the Measure R transit tax for 30 years without knowing they would burn our money in just 10 years by borrowing against future revenue is premature and unnecessary.Worst of all, it’s just lines on a map — not a transit system, which requires high frequency of service and good connectivity to get you from where you are to where you want to go. That isn’t happening now with a million hours of bus services being cut and fares rising, making life even harder for the transit-dependent and the working poor

 Bus Rider Union via LA Streetblog:

Inconvenient truth #1: Measure J advances a corporate-driven, Disney-fying and gentrifying vision of the city at the expense of low wage workers and communities of color. Why would the Yes on J campaign receive enormous campaign contributions from the likes of multi-billion dollar companies like Westfield Corporation, NBC Universal, and AEG? Precisely because these companies see Measure J as integral to accelerating their vision of Los Angeles, where public transit’s primary role is to bring people to and from their corporate theme parks and malls. Real estate developers and Metro’s own Real Estate Department like Measure J because it “leverages development.”

Betty Pleasant in her recent "Soulvine Column":

 Absolutely not! NO, NO and NO. We voted a tax increase for this not so long ago and now the county has asking for some more?! With none of it going on the Crenshaw Line?! NO.

Influential African-American Leaders oppose Measure J via the San Marino Tribune

“Members of our community vividly remember Mayor Villaraigosa’s betrayal of the Leimert Park Village and Crenshaw community,” said Damien Goodmon, Chair of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition. “We have regularly sought compromise since May of 2011, but Villaraigosa has remained uninterested. Measure J is simply the latest form of disrespect. It is quite audacious to propose a $90 billion sales tax increase on South L.A. that returns not a penny for the transportation requests of our community.”The list of influential black leaders against Measure J includes: 3 of the 4 most recent South L.A. representatives on the MTA Board (Mark Ridley-Thomas, Bernard Parks and Nate Holden), the current Chair of the California Assembly Select Committee on Rail Transportation (Mike Davis), the newspaper with the largest verified circulation in Southern California’s black communities (Our Weekly), the largest and oldest democratic club in California (New Frontier Democratic Club), the lead columnists of each of the large black papers (Betty Pleasant, Dr. Anthony Samad, Larry Aubry and Dr. David Horne), former LA City Councilmember Bob Farrell, the Black Clergy Community & Labor Alliance, African-American Cultural Center, Council of Black Political Organizations, South LA Power Coalition and the California Friends of the African-American Caucus, among others.Mike Davis – CA 48th District Assemblyman & Chair of Assembly Select Committee on Rail Transportation: “Since previous promises still go unfulfilled, can we really trust this proposition?”Mark Ridley-Thomas – L.A. County 2nd District Supervisor & MTA Board Member: “In an environment where … people are asking, ‘Why are we being hit by so many different tax proposals?’ Measure J is nothing more than a distraction.”Bernard Parks – Los Angeles 8th District City Councilman & Former MTA Board Member: “Although I fully supported the passing of the original Measure R, this particular rendition of a tax extension, [Measure J], is not in the best interest of the community.”

Could the opposition to Measure J be a part of a growing backlash against a "Failure Mayor"?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Morning Briefs for Election Day 2012

Vote NO on Measure MH and HH that would tax Santa Monica Mountains residents to fund unaccountable Ranger Joe Edmiston's Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy/Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority Empire.
SMMC/MRCA Political Predatory Ranger Joe Edmiston lurking in search of more hillside taxes. 
Heed the call of KABC Talk Show Host/Daily News Columnist Doug McIntyre, as noted in the LA Weekly.
Measures MM and HH are parcel taxes that will help fund the work of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) and the related Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC), which maintain open space and parkland in the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Zone.The parcel taxes will not affect everyone in Los Angeles, only residents in special zones.As McIntyre points out, "HH would slap a $24-per-year tax for the next 10 years on properties within a cherry-picked election 'district': a large area east of the 405, including the Hollywood Hills and the hillside homes west of Griffith Park."The columnist adds, "Measure MM hits up homeowners west of the 405 and south of the 101 in Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana and Calabasas. They get off easy at only $19 per year for the next 10 years."Only voters in those areas will vote on measures MM and HH.Previously, the L.A. Daily News wrote an editorial that supports both initiatives: "Unlike some proposed taxes, this one is affordable, it directly benefits those paying it, and it is demonstrably necessary. Voters should say yes on Measures HH and MM."McIntrye followed that up with his own take on the measures. His biggest problem is that no one in county or city government seems to know how the initiatives made it on the ballot."If the City Council wants to raise our taxes they have to vote to put it on a ballot," wrote the columnist. "If an advocacy group wants a ballot measure they have to gather signatures. How is it possible the MRCA can simply send a letter to the county clerk and get a tax measure on the ballot that kicks off millions of dollars to the MRCA with no check or balance?"McIntrye doesn't think too highly of SMMC and MRCA chief Joe Edmiston, who, according to the columnist, "works best in the shadows."

..... or lurks in the tall grasses in search of taxes and new properties to sustain his accountable empire.

43rd Assembly District Candidate Greg Krikorian appears on KFI's "John and Ken Show".
The task today for 43rd AD voters is to turn out and vote to bring mature, responsible leadership back by voting for Greg Krikorian.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Evening Briefs for Election Eve 2012

Support Stephen Smith for Congress in the 31st District. 
It was nice to know that my current Congressman Hector Becerra thought to send out a campaign mailer as he goes through the motion of campaigning for reelection in a largely democratic district. That said, my absentee ballot will show that Republican Challenger Stephen Smith has my support via vote to replace Becerra in Congress. Voters in the 31st District face a looming double whammy of increase taxes thanks to the efforts of their current congressman. Most don't give Smith a chance to win, but vote by vote, we can affect change and elect someone who will put fiscal responsibility before irresponsible tax and spend policies that have this country facing a fiscal day of reckoning. 

** Assemblyman Roger Hernandez and 51st Ad Candidate Jimmy Gomez Supporter Roger Hernandez sued by Ex. Girlfriend
From the LA Times and look who the Ex. Girlfriend retained as attorney, Gloria "Super Glow" Allred.
State AssemblymanRoger Hernandez (D-West Covina) was sued Monday by a woman alleging that he physically abused her during a months-long relationship and that he used illegal drugs.The civil suit was filed on behalf of Carolina Taillon by attorney Gloria Allred and seeks unspecified damages against Hernandez over allegations of assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.The lawsuit was filed the day before Hernandez stands for reelection in a contest with Republican Joe Gardner, a retired police officer. The assemblyman's attorney, Joe Weimortz Jr., said the allegations were timed to hurt the incumbent politically."Assemblyman Hernandez adamantly denies these allegations,'' Weimortz said. He characterized the allegations as a calculated effort to "tarnish the assemblyman's reputation on the eve of an election.''Allred said Taillon and the lawsuit have nothing to do with the Gardner campaign. "She is not affiliated with him and is not a supporter of his,'' she said.

** 50th AD Candidate Besty Butler is in big trouble and who in her convoluted thought process, is responsible for her pending demise on Election Day? Think the "Weekly of Record", who has rightfully reported on her political cowardice in not voting "yes or no" on State Senator Alex Padilla "Sex Pervert Educator Termination Senate Bill 1530".

** The California Fair Political Practice Commission has found the dastardly groups responsible for spending $11 Million dollars to defeat Prop 30 and support Prop 32. The actions of the FPPC and the California Supreme Court reek of a Left Wing witch hunt against conservative groups. 

** One prediction we can make on tomorrow's election, is that a certain campaign consultant/campaign manager, who is known for his blogging and driving exploits, will continue his losing streak of elections as the Zorro Marxist known as CD 2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON, goes down to defeat in the 39th Assembly District.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Can Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti rescue Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez in the 51st AD?

The Bloggin Committee to BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger) in the 51st Assembly District, approves this post.
 BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger), Save an Exploited Burrocrat!
Homegrown Burrocrats United against Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti's support of Riverside Capetbagger Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez over homegrown leader Luis Lopez.
Early signs are that Cd 13 City Councilman and 2013 Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti's support of Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez, may backfire as voters rebel against a democratic political machine who is attempting to push another carpetbagger, upon the 51st AD electorate. Garcetti's clan, who's wife/partner Amy Wakeland allegedly attacked campaign consultant Mike Shimpock handling of the campaign, also donated monetary support to help the floundering campaign.
 While Garcetti and clan give more money to the "PAC Laundryman" the grassroots continue to call out Gomez for taking money from dubious sources as noted today by the Luis Lopez Campaign.
Women Demand that Gomez Donate Money He Took from NRA Lobbyist and Beating Suspect to Charities that Help Survivors
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.... In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."  --Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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Notes on the LA County Assembly Races Scorecard

** Blogger's Note: In the spirit of driving turn out for tomorrow's elections, we bring these briefs and excerpts on competitive California State Assembly races that hopefully can break red. Voters should remember that a democrat pick up of two Assembly seats, will give the Dems the super majority to pass tax hikes on an over-taxed electorate.. In recent weeks, the likes of Assemblyman's Roger Hernandez and Mike Gatto have been in the news for questionable conduct. Will that translate into Republicans victories on Election Day? Turn out is the key---Scott Johnson.   
Booking photo of Assemblyman Roger Hernandez.
** From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune which has endorsed Republican Challenger Joe Gardner to replace the Jimmy Gomez supporter and current 48th AD Assemblyman Roger Hernandez.
ASSEMBLYMAN Roger Hernandez, we see your kind offer, and we'll raise it.After allegations of cocaine abuse were made last week from the former girlfriend who says you caused her "visible injury" after hitting her with a belt and slamming her against a wall on July 14, you said you'd take a drug test to show you were clean.Excellent. And to expedite matters, as we know how important this is to you just five days before Election Day, with your chance at a second term in the Legislature on the line, we'll arrange and pay for the drug test at the clinic right up the street where all our employees have been taking a pre-employment drug test for the last 25 years. We have the paperwork ready.We're serious. It's important for you to show your constituents in the central San Gabriel Valley that you are serious, too - and not on drugs. It's important to us that you do it before your constituents go to the polls on Tuesday. Give us a call and we'll make it happen out of our shared interest in a transparent democracy

** From the LA Weekly regarding the 49th AD contest.
The San Gabriel Valley showdown pitting two successful Asian-American professionals, a doctor and a lawyer, against one another is getting cutthroat in the dwindling hours to election day--with accusations of tax evasion, lawsuits and a restraining order to boot.Joy Lin, wife of candidate Dr. Matthew Lin, filed suit on Friday, October 26 claiming that the campaign of Ed Chau unlawfully distributed her social security number in filers and advertisements on television and YouTube.She is seeking $25,000 in damages.Chau's campaign did not remove the video, so on Wednesday, Lin filed a temporary restraining order as well.Lin's social security number is visible on images of a tax lien, issued in 1997 and featured in the image. (The Pasadena Star-News reports that of the three tax liens shown in the video, two were issued erroneously and the third was settled in 2008.)Superior Court Judge Edward Simpson ordered Chau to remove the YouTube video and pull a television advertisement featuring the flier.But, as you can see below, the offending video is still up on YouTube:

** From the Daily Breeze regarding the 66th AD Race.

 A South Bay Assembly race is among the most expensive in the state, attracting millions of dollars in donations and expenditures, finance records show.One of as few as four districts statewide that could go to either party on Tuesday, the 66th District race between Republican Craig Huey and Democrat Al Muratsuchi could decide whether or not Democrats gain a supermajority in the chamber.It's a rematch of the June primary, when Muratsuchi won 40.9 percent of the vote, beating Huey by about 2 percentage points. Republican Nathan Mintz won 20.6 percent, but only the top two finishers were eligible for Tuesday's general election.Democrats have a four-point registration edge in the district, and most political analysts say it is a true tossup.

Along with a win in the 43rd AD, Republicans can create a red interface in Los Angeles County.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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