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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Sheet for Thursday

At Last! Today is the final day that large stores in LA County unincorporated areas can use single use plastic bags! The movement to ban the use of these environmentally devastating and completely unnecessary tributes to pure laziness has been spreading throughout LA County. The incorporated communities of MalibuLong BeachSanta Monica, and Calabasas have also passed similar ordinances. The ban will take effect for smaller stores on Jan. 1, 2012.

Governor Brown is being praised for stripping $1.7  billion from redevelopment agencies in the budget that was passed on Tuesday, but he is being scorned for vetoing a bill that would have eased the process for farm workers to unionize. The legislation had been strongly supported by the United Farm Workers, and their leaders had hoped that Gov. Brown's past ties to Cesar Chavez would have led to his support. Unfortunately, the governor vetoed the legislation late Tuesday night, just an hour before it would have gone into effect.
“The fact that he didn’t believe that farm workers need this kind of assistance and change in law is very disappointing,” said Arturo Rodriguez, the president of the United Farm Workers. “I am angry and I am upset that this governor treated us just like all the rest of the governors.”

"Horrendous violations of the public trust" is the phrasing used by Building & Safety head Robert "Bud" Ovrom to describe the scandal plaguing his department. I think "Business as usual" is probably more appropriate.

** Hot Sheet by Joe B. of the "Great S.T."

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

Shut The Front Door! A new Field Poll reveals that Californians are losing interest in politics and government and the internet is in part to blame. While TV or print media exposes a viewer or reader to multiple opinions and positions (Fox News being the exception, of course), voters are "rarely exposed to information outside of their realm of interest" on the internet.

California's independent redistricting process, currently underway, may be shifting up to 5 Congressional seats over to the Democrats. 24 is the magic number needed for the Dems to retake the House.

We're not out of the woods yet, but the tax credits designed to keep film & tv production in California are starting to work. From the Daily News-"More than $3.8 billion and 20,040 jobs were generated by the 77 productions that received tax incentives for filming in California, according to a study released Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp". LA City Councilman Paul Krekorian was co-author of  the tax credit legislation back when he was serving in the state Assembly. Krekorian is now encouraging passage of AB1069 that would extend the tax breaks for 5 more years. Shoot Movies in California is asking everyone to sign this petition that seeks to have the State Senate approve the legislation.

You can beat City Hall! Ron Kaye has the story of the Olvera Street merchants vs Spring Street.

Goodbye CRAs!  Governor Jerry Brown's newly passed budget takes $1.7 billion away from redevelopment agencies, with a large portion of that coming from the developers' trough known as CRA Los Angeles.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Mayor Villaraigosa ran on a pro-education platform.  The Mayor's endeavoured in the past to take over control of the LAUSD.  If he really wants to help our schools, he can perhaps do something about lower the water and power rates charged the school district by DWP. 

Redistricting is underway for the County Board of Supervisors.  Efforts are underway to draw districts as such so that County Supervisors of certain ethnicities are more likely to be elected.  I might be wrong, but seems to me that was made illegal long ago.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Betty Pleasant (portrayed by TV's LaWanda Page
celebrates the inauguration of Bernard Parks.
In a move truly reminiscent of shutting the barn door after the horse has left, CM and possible Controller candidate, Dennis Zine, has called for reforms at the Department of Building and Safety.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto has reversed course and issued an apology for his rant about not getting paid when Controller John Chiang followed the law and refused to pay lawmakers who did not turn in a balanced state budget on time.  Blogger Paul Hatfield correctly notes that Gatto's apology is appropriate however the issue of the budget mess remains. Gatto, who received tough treatment from KFI's John and Ken last week, can be relieved the shock jocks are reportedly on vacation this week.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Nice Job, New York!

44 states to go!


Gatto: "I'm Sorry."

The Mike Gatto "Where's my effin movie check" meme concludes as Friday comes to an end with a heartfelt "I'm sorry," for his petulant comments about Controller John Chiang's historic and heroic stance on the state budget, which meant Mike would not get his allowance.

With that, we dedicate a song in honor of the young Assemblyman.

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The "Assemblyman Mike Gatto YouTube Festival" by Peter Musurlian with morning update

KFI' John and Ken posted this YouTube video by Burbank Journalist Peter Musurlian which features him being evicted from a Assemblyman Mike Gatto Townhall Event in Glendale. In honor of Peter's investigative videos reaching a greater audience, we present the "Assemblyman Mike Gatto YouTube Festival". 
** MORNING UPDATE: Via the keyboard of LA Times Sacramento Reporter George "Union Man" Skelton
"It's always been an easy move to bash the disliked, but the truth is that such demagoguery is rapidly becoming cliche," freshman Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Silver Lake) said in a written statement. "I now have to explain to my wife and daughter that we won't be able to pay the bills because a politician chose to grandstand at our expense."  From Gatto's "Temper Tantrum".

Gatto should have written that for his own catharsis and promptly ripped it up. There was no demagoguery in Chiang's statement, unless someone might consider this to be: "The [budget] numbers simply did not add up."

And, frankly, it's inconceivable that Gatto's constituents would really give a hoot about his having to explain the family finances at home.
Gatto Videos after the jump, enjoy and beware of legal goons seeking to banish these works from YouTube.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

The count of terminated building inspectors who put self-enrichment (and wishes of political figures?) before safety, has risen to three with the firing of building mechanical inspector Albert Acosta for taking bribes. But if one reads the "Puffy City Maven", you will find this headline "Despite FBI Probe, City Hall Tackles Reforms in Building and Safety".
Remember this current CD 14 City Councilman who you might recall went to Princeton University? We can ascertain that his post graduate studies did not include proper education on the usage of the "yes or no vote button" as witness with his difficulties yesterday during the "red light camera circus/ discussion at City Hall.
With the outpouring of support from many of his constituents and KFI's John and Ken, the "Infant Assemblyman from Silverlake/Canyon Drive can chill out and drink knowing that food stuffs await him and his family. We wonder if Gatto's wife will pen a letter of appreciation, kinda like what she did pertaining to our bloggin coverage? 
From the rumor department, will MEAT blow bloggin kisses to voters in the upcoming 45th Assembly District Race on the behalf of Mike Gatto?
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You too can help Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto

KFI's John and Ken are hosting a "Food Drive" for Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto from 3-5PM at the Silver Lake/Canyon Drive Lawmaker's (wonder if the DA has figured out where he really lives?) office on 300 East Magnolia, Suite 504, Burbank, California 91502.


This Guy Has GUTS!

Congratulations State Controller John Chiang for standing up to the crybaby legislators.

Related, @ Paul Hatfield's Village to Village: Is Assemblyman Gatto smarter than a one year old?

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

No-See-Em Any More

The LA City Council has voted to end the much despised Red Light Camera program on July 31. Councilman Zine is also advising LA residents to ignore any tickets that they may receive if caught on camera blowing through an intersection between now and July 31.. Thanks, Dennis!

Uh-Oh, Empty suit in Cali! Hide your checkbooks!

Union Rescue Mission is shutting down some homeless shelters that are under contract to local and federal agencies due to non-payment or not adequate compensation for services provided. URM is claiming that they are still owed over $300,000 by FEMA for operating four winter shelters in Los Angeles.
URM has also experienced a big drop in donations while experiencing a 100% increase in need for services. Additionally, URM will be facing a $1.3 mil deficit beginning July 1st.

Joseph Mailander AKA Mulholland Terrace AKA The Stay at Home Blogger managed to step deeply into his own blogger poop twice already this week (and it's only Wednesday). His 2 reports on the efforts by the Sunland-Tujunga community to improve and bring some teeth to our Specific Plan were long on innuendo and speculation, but noticeably absent of  basic facts. Bizarrely, he calls out the Sunland-Tujunga Alliance (the group I am co-director of) for being quiet on a proposed SB1818 apartment complex: 
"The Sunland Tujunga Alliance, once groud zero of the City's anti-density advocacy, has also been unusually quiet about a pending 64-unit inclusionary zoning project on Samoa..."
 A couple of problems with Joseph Mailander's statement; 
1.The STA has never dealt with housing issues or high density in our entire existence. Our focus has always been upholding the Foothill Blvd Corridor Specific Plan, which regulates commercial properties and retail development.
2.There are currently no plans filed with the City for the Samoa Project.  It's extremely difficult for anyone to fight against a theoretical apartment building.

Joseph, next time, try to do a little research, get both sides of the story, and maybe actually attend a S-T community meeting instead of writing your story pretending that you were there.

Finally, in case you missed Red Spot's story; Mike Gatto is very, very, upset!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto's "Temper Tantrum" over Controller's Stop Payments

The "Infant Assemblyman" lets go big time in press release below.
Dedicated to the Infant Assemblyman by an 43rd AD Political Observer.
The petulant, stay at mom's Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto was none too happy with California Controller John Chiang's action to follow the rule of the law and stop payments to legislators who fail to pass a final budget. In the press release below, the 43rd AD Assemblyman shows his true "political age". Read Gatto's infant scree after the jump.

** EVENING UPDATE: KFI's "John and Ken" give the "Infant Assemblyman" some "Boo Hoo Love". The "Infant Assemblyman" takes his Boo Hoo Rants to the "Which Way LA" airwaves.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

The City Council has voted to create a five member panel who will be responsible for hiring the new Ratepayer Advocate who will be a watchdog over the DWP. To have any credibility the person hired must be independent of the usual union/developer/LA Chamber/VICA special interests. Why not activist and businessman Jack Humphreville? He doesn't stand to make a dime off anything the DWP does and few know more than Jack, the owner of a publishing company.

Of all the City Councilmembers, 2nd District member Paul Krekorian is the one community activists seem to count on most.  However Krekorian's proposed draft of Neighborhood Council reforms has at least a few bloggers and activists displeased.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Longtime Gil Cedillo Staffer Arturo Chavez Announces 45th Assembly District Run

Will Chavez face off against Silver Lake Resident Assemblyman Mike Gatto and others in a newly drawn East LA District? 
Arturo Chavez, this is your time.
After being passed over by the powers to be during some past "power meeting" at Getty House, longtime political staffer and former husband of Cynthia Ruiz, has taken ownership of his political destiny. In a email to community members, Chavez is seeking support and cash for his quest to replace Assemblyman Gil Cedillo.
If the current draft for the newly drawn district gets approved without major revisions, current 43rd AD Assemblyman Mike Gatto's (mom) Silver Lake home would be within the boundaries, setting up a possible primary challenge. Other names mentioned as possible candidates include Luis Lopez.
Link to Arturo Chavez Facebook Page here.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover increases personal security, former SEIU 660 President Alejandro Stephens passes away

 According to LA City Worker.com, SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover and other members of the union have increase their personal security after threats, following Schoonover's "appearance" on a local radio show. What show Schoonover appeared on is not clear but KFI's John and Ken had taken liberties with Schoonover by producing a recent parody, after Schoonover called them out. 

Longtime Los Angeles Union Activist and former SEIU 660 President Alejando Stephens passed away at 67 due to Prostate Cancer. Stephens was release early from his jail sentence for pleading guilty in 2009 to federal mail fraud and tax evasion charges stemming from a 2004 scheme in which he steered $52,000 from a voter outreach program to his union reelection campaign. Local observers opine that the late LA County Labor Federation Leader Miguel Contreras would of been indicted if he was still alive, for his role in the VIP scheme.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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The Cleansing of the Los Angeles Dodgers has begun

A civic gem above a City of Angels.
The return of integrity to the Dodgers Brand took a big step forward this afternoon when Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig rejected Frank McCourt's Fox TV Bailout/Contract Proposal. Selig took umbrage at the fact that $175 Million of upfront money would be use to pay off the ex and the lawyers.
Meanwhile in an downtown parole hearing, the "person of interest" in the Bryan Stow Beating Case Giovanni Ramirez, was found to have violated conditions of parole and remitted into the California Prison System.

Now is the time for Selig to end the "Reign of the McCourts" and find a strong owner who will rid the Dodgers of the likes of Sunkin, Freebie Villar, Sugerman, Steve "Mini-Riordan I" Soboroff and restore Chavez Ravine to its family-themed refuge from the realities of LA politics.

Link here to read MLB Commissioner Bud Selig's Statement.

McCourt going the litigation route?

"Frank McCourt Must Go": The facts behind how the McCourts looted the Dodgers to fund their lifestyles.

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  .

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Mid-day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Monday

Note to LA Weekly's Simone Wilson, "La Raza Democrats" do exist. From Baldwin Park Mayor Pro Tem and former Boyle Heights Resident Marlen Garcia (pictured above) in a LA Times story regarding San Gabriel Valley Redistricting. 
Marlen Garcia, a Democrat and mayor pro tem of Baldwin Park, which is in the proposed new district, said her community had been anxiously awaiting the proposed district maps in hopes that they might bring better representation for low-income Latinos. She said she hoped a new representative would be a Democrat and Latino.
Since she cast her first vote as a teenager growing up in Boyle Heights, Garcia said, "I knew I needed someone in office who has my color skin, spoke my language and understood my living conditions and culture. It had a huge impact." So much for judging leaders merely by the content of their character.
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Friday, Mayor Villaraigosa was selected to serve as the President of the US Conference of Mayors.  First perk, an appearance on Meet the Press.

In a move that would delight Ron Swanson of TV's Parks and Recreation, the City of Los Angeles is considering private management for the Los Angeles Zoo.  LA is the last of the big cities to manage a city zoo; and the costs are climbing too high for the cash strapped local government.

On the other hand, the Clowncil is advocating public ownership for the beleaguered Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team. The Daily Breeze editorializes the idea is a fantasy, indeed, it is.

Conan O'Brien is serious about renaming a run-down street in Van Nuys after himself.  Councilman Paul Krekorian, in whose district the street is in, has offered to work with the ginger headed TV comic.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your comments on Mayor Villar's "Meet the Press" Appearance

 Lets remember why Mayor Villar was panned with this cover story from Los Angeles Magazine before commenting on today's "Meet the Press" appearance.

Hmmm, wonder why Mayor Villar would be dismay at "Weinergate"? Maybe because it causes flashbacks to why he is not "Governor Villar"?
Mayor Villar spent his Father's Day in search of political reincarnation, or political reinvention with help from the National Broadcasting System (NBC). ** Wonder if he called his still-living father to wish him well on this special day?
Villar's minders should be commended for preping him on his audition for future political adventures and NBC' did not embarrass the City Terrace native with questions about the increased allocation of "federal resources" to investigate the actions of his various appointees and allies including Richard Alatorre.
Your thoughts on Mayor Villar's appearance are welcome.
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


Friday, June 17, 2011

President Villaraigosa!

Well, President of all the Mayors.

The LA Weekly reports that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was chosen as the President of the US Conference of Mayors today.

Apparently however the Presidency of this august body rotates amongst board members, kind of like the Moose Lodge.

Expect the 11% Mayor to be even more BUSY!

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Friday Free for All

A former aide to Janice Hahn is losing his cushy airport job after finding himself in an Anthony Weiner-like sexting scandal. Mike Molina, who had been serving as Deputy Executive Director of Los Angeles World Airports, quit when confronted by Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey over the allegations. Molina claims he is innocent but did admit to Lindsey that he used "bad judgment." Don't worry about Molina being homeless though, insiders are telling the Sister City that the skids are allegedly being greased for Molina to get a job with a major supporter of Hahn's.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Thursday

Governor Moonbeam II slapped his fellow Sacramento democrats by vetoing their budget, saying that reforms (ie. raising taxes) weren't sweeping enough.
** The Weiner is cooked and as some Howard Stern groupee stated, "Bye, Bye Pervert!"
** Eastern Group Publications Reporter Gloria Castillo reports on a recent special event at the Ramona Garden Recreation Center and gives the focus to Legacy LA and Councilman Huizar, while ignoring the work of Recreation and Parks staff.  
** Where was Assemblyman Mike Gatto's "Security Consultant" Kevin Harrop when yesterday's shoving match took place on the floor of the Assembly?
** Congressional Candidate Janice Hahn claims to have found the "smoking gun" (channeling Trujillo) that links the infamous "stripper rap video" to Republican Challenger Craig Huey.

** Stay tune for more from the LA Times on the Central Basin Water District Scandal which will become the MACRO version of the City of Bell Scandal.

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

Hey, it's better than a pic of a crying baby!

We'll kick off this hotsheet with Ron Kaye's piece on the hiring of Ackley Padilla, the little brother of Alex Padilla, as CRA head Chris Essel's assistant. Ackley, who was unemployed and not a college graduate, got the high paying position by appointment. No job search for the most qualified candidate was conducted, just Chris Essel scratching Alex's back and giving his kid brother a cushy job on your dime.

Councilman Krekorian has proposed a series of reforms to update the neighborhood council system including better training for NC board members and streamlining the funding process. CM Krekorian recently held a series of town halls to gather input from NC members and stakeholders on improving the NC system.

That was fast! The very next day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling that blocked implementation of a union busting law, Wisconsin labor unions have filed suit in federal court to challenge that decision.

 The Citizens of Los Angeles actually owning the Dodgers? The LA City Council is asking the US Congress to allow Angelenos to be part of any bidding process to buy the troubled team. I'm not sure why the US Congress has to be involved, but Janice Hahn's proposal is certainly intriguing.  A baseball version of the Green Bay Packers (who are owned by the citizens of Green Bay) in Los Angeles? I like it!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Former Councilwoman Janice Hahn Chief of Staff and current LAX Executive Michael Molina resigns over "Sexting Scandal"

"City Councilwoman Janice Hahn"
KCAL/KCBS David Goldstein strikes again.
Goldstein breaks his latest exclusive this evening with the announcement that Councilwoman Janice Hahn's former Chief of Staff and current LAX Executive Michael Molina, has resigned his high-paying gig at LAX.due to  "Sexting Issues".
Goldstein asked Lindsay if the allegations of sexting were true and she replied, “There were some allegations of that. I asked him about it and he resigned.”
LAX CEO Gina Marie Lindsay confirmed the resignation to Goldstein late Wednesday afternoon.
Your thoughts................


Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Micky D's for the Afterparty? : CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar swears to four more years of CLARTS Fund salary transfers and connected CBO funding at Barrio Action in El Sereno.
From former friend Rudy Martinez's Marty Bar four years ago to a darken room at Barrio Action in El Sereno, somewhere in the shadows you can see Councilman Jose Huizar being sworn into a second full term as CD 14's rep to the "Horseshoe on Spring Street".
In honor of Councilman Huizar's second term, we give our top ten increases for CD 14 in the next four years..
1 Released Sex Offenders.
2.Massage Parlors in Eagle Rock
3.Beer and Wine Licenses 
4.Days of Closure at the Southwest Museum.
5.Testimony under oath for various public officials.
6.Wait time for response in medical emergencies.
7. "Non-violent paroles".
8. Constituent loyalty lists.
9. CD 14 natives on the Lompoc License Plate Assembly Line.
....... and lastly, the number of "Special" elections.
Other news on Trujillo, Janice and more after the jump........
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

Mitt, I couldn't have done it without you!

Uh-Oh, someone's going to blow a gasket.....Obamneycare is working!

A federal judge has rejected the ridiculous argument by Prop 8 backers that Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling that overturned Prop 8 should be tossed because Walker happens to be gay. The judge's decision means that Walker's ruling stays in effect, even as the Protect Marriage group continues to appeal.

Bad, but not unexpected news out of Wisconsin, as the State Supreme Court has overruled a lower court decision and is allowing Governor Scott Walker's union busting law to go forward. In related news, the recall elections for the state senators that backed the bill have been scheduled for July. Recall leaders anticipate that voter turn-out will sky rocket based on this latest ruling. Ya think?

Would you like to see a stupid/sexist/racist video made by stupid/sexist/racist right wing creeps from Gardena? Of course you would. We're still waiting for a comment from Craig Huey.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Open Thread for Tuesday

No HotSheet today!

But here's a story for you to chew on

Councilmembers LaBonge and Zine unveil new Beirut Sister Cities Benches

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Somos primos.
Paul Hatfield writing at CityWatch reports that Dennis Zine went to Wendy Greuel to ask her "permission" to run for City Controller.  Of course, this presupposes that Greuel is planning to run for Mayor creating a race with no incumbent for Greuel's current spot. Hatfield asks why doesn't Zine just run away, but he answers his own question essentially pointing out we have rigged elections and there is no true competition.

This is rich - Assembly Speaker John Perez - a cousin of Mayor Villaraigosa to whom he owes his entire career - is decrying nepotism in the City of Vernon.

Stephen Box makes the case that the Mayor's appointment of Jamie de la Vega to head the City's troubled transportation department is just more of the same.

Homeboy Industries has opened a diner in City Hall.  Let's hope Wendy Greuel audits often.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Victory Party in Kagel Canyon/ CEQA is Our Friend

CEQA, glad to meet ya!

The Community Alliance for Open Space (CAFOS) threw a victory pot luck party at Dexter Park today to celebrate their recent court victory against the City of Los Angeles. Richard Alarcon's ill conceived plan for a truck driving school in the middle of  Lopez Canyon Open Space was essentially destroyed in Superior Court a few weeks ago. Today was a day for friends, including these dedicated activists (look closely for some familiar  faces), to finally relax, eat, and enjoy good company.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Free for All

You may remember a few years ago when we reported on KTTV reports that Councilwoman Janice Hahn funded active gang members with funds that were meant for gang suppression.  Now that Hahn is running for Congress, her opponents want you to remember that.

Betty Pleasant is having another cow about Councilman Bernard Parks. You may remember that Betty is a "scribe" for a local paper that makes money by selling legally required ads to business. Betty is upset that business people in the Valley are helping Parks pay off his campaign debt.  That might be because Parks is one of a few members who show some sympathy to business.

Citizen panels will work to draw the lines for School Board, City Council and County Supervisor districts but in the end the electeds will still have the final say.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Open Thread Thursday

Fox News Ticker Gets Hacked

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Did Councilman Reyes force LAPD to support additional Beer and Wine Licenses in Lincoln Heights?

CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes wading through increase beer and wine flow via 7 11 stores.
In the words of Councilman Ed Reyes, he needs to "give himself in" in regards to speculation that he "influence" LAPD brass at the Hollenbeck Division, to renege on their opposition to new beer and wine licenses for 7-11 stores within CD 1. More after the jump.
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

The Dream Is Coming  
(Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times / June 7, 2011)

SCOTUS finally gets one right with it's decision on Monday to allow California to continue offering reduced, in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants.The decision affects less than 1% of total enrollment or about 41,000 students.

The LA City Council voted on Tuesday to back state legislation that would give Los Angeles the option of not participating in the Orwellian named "Secure Communities" program. This highly criticized program requires police to submit fingerprints of those arrested to federal immigration officials in order to look for past violent convictions. Councilman Bernard Parks introduced the motion to support the state legislation saying that the program has gone far astray from its' original intent. Nearly 70% of those who have been deported under "Secure Communities" have had no prior convictions or have only been accused of minor offenses.

California Redistricting may actually do what it says it will do; work to drive lawmakers more to the moderate center and do something really crazy like unjam the state budget.

I hope you're sitting down. The highest concentration of manufacturing in the nation is still right here in L.A. County. In the City of Vernon, perhaps?

Sarah Watch 2011 Update-What was the immediate fall-out from Sarah Palin's recent moronic revisionist telling of Paul Revere's historic ride? Oh, just this.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

We reported last week on how, due to budget cuts, LA County beaches' restrooms are getting cleaned and are quite filthy.  Radio talk show hosts John and Ken led a harangue against County Stupidvisor Zev Yaroslavsky which led to Zev yelling at fellow Stupidvisor Don Knabe. Maybe Zev should just get a mop - or he can call Mayor Villaraigosa.

This blog has chronicled for sometime the controversy around the Autry National Center's takeover of the Southwest Musuem.  Now it appears the matter could lose a significant grant for the Autry.

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

The Real Republican
Jim Newton profiles "Republican" mayoral candidates Austin Beutner and Rick Caruso.  Last I heard Beutner was registered decline to state and rumor is Caruso has or is re-registering as a Democrat.  Newton fails to mention actual Republican Kevin James, who has the backing of most Republican power players in LA.  He also says that Villaraigosa's victory against "goofy" Walter Moore "doesn't count" even though Moore and several other "goofy" candidates with little money and no name ID held the overfunded and popular incumbent to just 55% of the vote.

Apparently bloggers Joseph Mailander and Phil Jennerjahn have found an interesting way to amuse themselves - they will bet on whether or not Republican Sarah Palin will run for President.  Jennerjahn is convinced the former Alaska Governor will drop her hat into the ring; Mailander is putting his money on that Palin will remain on the book and talk TV circuit that's been so lucrative for her.  Mailander and Jennerjahn tried to get me involved in their reindeer games, holding their funds and being the final arbiter, I have politely declined.

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Those Nutty Democrats

Not a good week for Democratic sex-scandals.

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-New York) is accused of sending a photo of his namesake to a co-ed on Twitter.

In Love?
Interestingly, Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, longtime rumored "mistress" of Hillary Clinton.  President Bill Clinton officiated at the wedding last year. Some say the marriage was "arranged" to keep heat off the Clinton-Abedin alleged relationship

Former Democratic golden boy, John Edwards, is indicted in a baby momma scandal, hush money paid might have been from campaign contributors, prosecutors say.

Edwards' defense attorney, tasked with keeping the former Senator and running mate to Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry out of jail, Greg Craig, was also defended President Clinton during his impeachment trial.  Craig later served as a lawyer to President Obama, but later resigned.

While all this was happening, President Obama - not currently in a sex scandal - got some bad news on the unemployment front.  Poor guy.

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Friday Free for All

Janice Hahn was able to bamboozle her Congressional primary opponent Debra Bowen with a challenge to sign a campaign pledge but could not do the same with her general election challenger, Craig Huey.  From Huey: Buzz off.

Here's another well meaning government program gone wrong. A federal program gives consumers who purchase the all green Chevy Volt a $7,500 credit.  However the popularity of the vehicle has led to shortages causing some dealers to raise the price up on the vehicle $20,000 or more.  Others are selling the cars as used and snaking the credit for themselves, something the Feds can't do anything about.

Dennis Zine is planing a Fourth of July extravaganza. 

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

The Russell Pearce Pinata says,
"Please don't poke me".

Recall elections are not just for Wisconsin, as a bi-partisan group of activists have just submitted over 18,000 signatures to recall Arizona State Senate president Russell Pearce. Pearce, you'll recall, was the sponsor of SB1070 the "Show me Your Papers Law". Sen. Pearce, a close associate of numerous white supremacist and neo-nazi groups, is often held up as the man responsible for almost single-handedly (with some help from Gov. Jan Brewer) destroying Arizona's reputation as well as most of its tourist industry.

Speaking of immigration reform, California's version of The Dream Act has passed the state assembly on a landslide 46-25 vote. It's on to the Senate, and if successful there, Gov. Brown is expected to promptly sign it into law.  Los Angeles Assemblyman Gil Cedillo has been introducing the bill every year since 1995 only to have it die on the desk of Gov. Arnold "Amante Caliente " Schwarzenegger.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

 Legendary Computer Whiz Robert "Bud" Ovrom Gets Pinned by the Other Genius in Town

It's all fun and games until you send out an email blast by accident!  Building & Safety General Manager Robert "Bud" Ovrom thought he was sending a confidential memo to the Mayor regarding a FBI investigation into bribes paid to B&S inspectors. Instead, "Bud" managed to send the 9 page memo to hundreds of Building & Safety staff as well. This is probably a good sign that "Bud" is way in over his head in what promises to be a head rolling shake-out of a chronically mismanaged and incompetent city department.

There are few sounds more beautiful to a distressed activist's ears than hearing a City Council member utter the words "245 Motion". This rarely used but powerful tool allows the City Council to override a commission decision and put the matter before the Council for a vote. Wendy Greuel used the 245 motion to override the North Valley Area Planning Commission in the Home Depot battle in Sunland-Tujunga, and Paul Krekorian invoked the 245 on his first day in office for CD2 to stop a terrible project in the south part of the district. Yesterday, Councilman Jose Huizar stepped up to the plate and "245'd" a Parks and Recs Commission approval for the Autry Museum to expand it's Griffith Park exhibit at the expense of the Southwest Museum. Of note; As with most shady dealings in this City, the law firm of Latham & Watkins and/or their alumni is always close at hand!

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