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Friday, October 31, 2008

Be original! No one else will go as Sarah Palin this Halloween.

While I was looking for Halloween events to report on for Griffith Park, I came across this juicy description of how to make a Sarah Palin outfit, from CreepyLA.com, David Markland's other blog.

Whether you love Sarah Palin or love to hate her, one thing is certain: she is definitely adding some much needed glamour to the Republican Party! Those glossy lips, that frosted, tousled hair...

Bronzer, bronzer, bronzer! Wear an orangey-tan base, heavy on the bronzer. Palin loves her blush, people...

Last but not least, I found a baby doll ($3.00) at a thriftstore that I wrapped in a yellow towel. That’s right, my little Baby Trig.
Learn from my mistakes: I chose a Russ brand “Troll” doll and seriously offended some bystanders.

Am I a bad person because I laughed at this? Hee.

To be fair, I'm also including an Obama mask. This is for sale on ebay.

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The Roots of the Radical

Obama learned his political technique in Chicago. The Chicago famous for bringing home the fraudulent votes for JFK to beat Nixon in ’60 among other notorious things.

It was in Chicago that Obama learned the technique of “Community Organizing” that was perfected by Saul Alisky. Drawn on largely by his own experiences, Alisky wrote Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals in 1971.

In the opening paragraph of the first chapter, Alinsky writes, "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away".

For the community organizer to gain power, he must essential raise discontent among the people- essentially becoming manipulators of his subjects. Why do you think the Obama infomercial was all about the suffering of Americans?

Politically, Obama is a true radical, with the #1 liberal voting record in the Senate. His policies are socialist at heart – distribute wealth from the rich to the poor, socialize medicine, heavy handed centralized government control of schools, industy and more, an opinion that America lacks both economic and social “justice”. He wants to “fundamentally transform America.” Personally, I don't want to change America, improve it yes, fundamentally change it, no.

When you read through this list of rulesfor radicals detailed in the book, think of all the ways Obama’s mastered them. These laws are exceedingly manipulative and truly anti-American. Basically, they guide one to be anything but honest with the people about what one intends to do.

Law 1 Never Outshine the Master
Law 2 Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies
Law 3 Conceal your Intentions
Law 4 Always Say Less than Necessary
Law 5 So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard it with your Life
Law 6 Court Attention at all Cost
Law 7 Get others to do the Work for you, but Always Take the Credit
Law 8 Make other People come to you – use Bait if Necessary
Law 9 Win through your Actions, Never through Argument
Law 10 Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky
Law 11 Learn to Keep People Dependent on You
Law 12 Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm your Victim
Law 13 When Asking for Help, Appeal to People's Self-Interest, Never to their Mercy or Gratitude
Law 14 Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy
Law 15 Crush your Enemy Totally
Law 16 Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor
Law 17 Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability
Law 18 Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself – Isolation is Dangerous
Law 19 Know Who You're Dealing with – Do Not Offend the Wrong Person
Law 20 Do Not Commit to Anyone
Law 21 Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker – Seem Dumber than your Mark
Law 22 Use the Surrender Tactic: Transform Weakness into Power
Law 23 Concentrate Your Forces
Law 24 Play the Perfect Courtier
Law 25 Re-Create Yourself
Law 26 Keep Your Hands Clean
Law 27 Play on People's Need to Believe to Create a Cultlike Following
Law 28 Enter Action with Boldness
Law 29 Plan All the Way to the End
Law 30 Make your Accomplishments Seem Effortless
Law 31 Control the Options: Get Others to Play with the Cards you Deal
Law 32 Play to People's Fantasies
Law 33 Discover Each Man's Thumbscrew
Law 34 Be Royal in your Own Fashion: Act like a King to be treated like one
Law 35 Master the Art of Timing
Law 36 Disdain Things you cannot have: Ignoring them is the best Revenge
Law 37 Create Compelling Spectacles
Law 38 Think as you like but Behave like others
Law 39 Stir up Waters to Catch Fish
Law 40 Despise the Free Lunch
Law 41 Avoid Stepping into a Great Man's Shoes
Law 42 Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will Scatter
Law 43 Work on the Hearts and Minds of Others
Law 44 Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror Effect
Law 45 Preach the Need for Change, but Never Reform too much at Once
Law 46 Never appear too Perfect
Law 47 Do not go Past the Mark you Aimed for; In Victory, Learn when to Stop
Law 48 Assume Formlessness

Yes, Democrats Do Control Congress Now

It has come to my attention that not everyone knows what parties are in charge of the Federal Government:

The current makeup of the Congress as of this day Friday, October 31, 2008:

Congress (Approval rating 12%)

House of Representatives:
Controlled by Democrats -Nancy Pelosi (D, San Francisco) is speaker of the House
Democrats : 233
Republicans: 202

Controlled by Democrats –Harry Reid (D, Nevada) is Majority Leader
Democrats : 49
Independents: 2 (they caucus with the Democrats)
Republicans: 49

George Bush (R, Texas) Approval rating 22%

Democrats have been in charge of the Congress during this financial crisis. Congress has the lowest approval rating in history. Voting for Republican leadership would be true change.

Where Is Joe?

Joe is missing.

No, not Joe the Plumber but Joe the Stumbler.

That would be Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

After one too many gaffes - ranging from everything from asking a guy in a wheelchair to stand-up, to inviting Sarah Palin to a restaurant in his hometown that closed down 20 years ago, to saying that if Obama is elected we'll face an international crisis in the first six months of his Presidency, Joe has been silenced.

"The Obama's team's management of Biden's role in the campaign would indicate that he is regarded as a potential problem. He is simply out there visiting ice cream parlors and keeping his famous mouth shut except for a lick or two after a couple of somewhat embarrassing gaffes -- a tendency for which he has been notorious throughout his career."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

With the race tightening in favor of the Republicans the last thing Barack Obama needs is Big Mouth Biden to do is open the canyon up one more time as folks go to the polls. "Just chill Joe and we'll see you at the party."

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Prop 8: What Would Reagan Do?

Most likely Ronald Reagan would recognize the unfairness in Proposition 8 and would oppose it.

In 1978, Governor Reagan opposed the Briggs Initiative, which would have eliminated the right of gay and lesbian Californians to teach in public schools. He called the measure "costly," and said that it had the potential to cause "undue harm." Voters listened, and Proposition 6 was defeated.

In April 2008, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told the National Convention of Log Cabin Republicans that he was against a constitutional amendment to eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples. Video of Governor Schwarzenegger declaring, "I will always be there to fight against that," is featured in the sixty-second video.

"Ronald Reagan is a conservative icon because of his efforts to spread freedom around the globe," said Republicans Against 8 Campaign Manager Scott Schmidt. "Conservatives need to remember that Ronald Reagan was opposed to taking away people's rights. Were he still with us today, Ronald Reagan would be in good company with another Republican Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger."

By the way it's not too late to contribute to oppose Prop 8.  Click the Republicans Against 8 button above.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shut Up or You'll Be Investigated!

Imagine a country where when a citizen has the nerve to question it's leaders and the government investigages you. 

No, we're not talking the old Soviet Union, nor the right-wing dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos nor even Castro's Cuba.

It happened in Ohio, United States of America.

We all know the story, a man by the name of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher had a chance encounter with Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama over the Senator's tax plans.  Wurzelbacher, now better known as "Joe the Plumber" told Obama that he might like to someday buy the small plumbing company he worked for but was concerned that excessive taxation would have a negative impact on the business' ability to grow.  Right or wrong, the story spread like wildfire and Joe become fodder for John McCain and the Republicans.

Now that should be about it but it looks like the Democrats and Obama can't take criticism.  Following his "celebrity" Wurzelbacher was the subject of a number of "investigations" by government agencies.  For what specific crime, we are not sure. 

It has come to light that one of the investigations was conducted by a major supporter of Barack Obama who runs a state agency in Ohio. Helen Jones-Kelley, Director of the Ohio Job and Family Services Department authorized a review of Wurzelbacher's child support payments. Such a breach of public trust this was that Ohio Inspector General Thomas Charles has opened an investigation of the investigation. 

Public records show that Jones donated the maximum amount to the Obama campaign.  But we're certain that has nothing to do with her investigation of Joe.

The amazing thing is we haven't heard anything from the usual folks, like the ACLU, Democrats, etc. who would be all over this type of invasion of privacy by a government agency.

You may not like McCain and you may not like Joe.  That's fine.  But Americans should be concerned about what happened to Joe.

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Hitler now? HITLER?! Enough is enough.

From No on 8 through Facebook:

We have successfully thwarted a coordinated cyber attack on the No on Prop 8 website. Fortunately, there was no breach in security and we are again able to accept contributions online.

As if that attack isn't outrageous enough, at a recent Prop 8 rally an official campaign spokesman actually compared the right of same-sex couples to marry to the rise of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. Watch the video:

This insanity needs to stop. Prop 8 needs to be defeated. It's wrong. It's unfair. The people supporting it are fanatical, intolerant and willing to do and say anything to eliminate our rights. Period.

We cannot let them succeed. Help us reach our goal of $3 million by Friday:


I know we can succeed. We have to.

In solidarity,

Geoff Kors
Executive Committee Member
No On 8

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Obama and Biden Go Through Cash Like Water And Need More

When Barack Obama broke his promise to play by the rules of campaign finance reform and - unlike John McCain - not accept public financing, it really was a bonanza for him as he was able to raise untold millions of dollars from special interests, Wall Street, trial lawyers, foreign countries, unions, etc. "The One" had a great last month in raising nearly enough money to buy several small corporations. 

As it stands it appears "The Messiah" has pissed through all his cash (in the first part of this month the Democrats spent more than they raised - yea, not a surprise - and are now taking out a $10 million loan).

I guess that's why Joe the Stumbler Biden is asking folks for a little more PayPal love.  It would be funny but I am sure there are little old ladies out there who are going to go without something to send a few bucks Barack's way.

Please stand by for Obamabots to flood the comment section.  That's okay, that costs Obama $8 an hour.

Friend --

Last night, Barack took to the airwaves to make the case for real change. He used the time to tell the stories of ordinary people who need real solutions to their problems.

The presentation reached its finale with Barack addressing the nation live from Florida -- I've included the video of that moment below.

But right now, I need to ask you for help.

We just learned that the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee had a $20 million cash advantage on October 15th. That means we can expect to see a fierce blitz of negativity in the final days -- so-called "robocalls," mail pieces, and TV ads filled with smears and false attacks.

We can't let our opponents' low-road tactics prevail. To stand up to this last-minute spending spree, we need to step up our efforts.

Watch Barack's speech and make your first donation of $5 or more before it's too late

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From the OC: Red County Blog banning readers for being pro-Pedroza!

ACTION ALERT: Stamp Out Censorship

Remember, Red Yellow County is owned by Partisan Media Group, LLC.

Wow! It's finally happened. I, Sarah Michelle Spinosa, have been banned from both of the other big OC blogs.

What is it that they're so afraid of that they would gang up on our good friend and Council candidate Art Pedroza with a lame mailer that actually promotes this blog above all, and then censor those who defend him. From what I understand, Matt 'Jubal' Cunningham, editor of OC Blog, is notorious for his thin-skined, 'journalistic terroristic' ways, banning those who disagree with him.

I understand that the 1st Amendment doesn't have a lot of influence over the actions of partisans, but to put out that mailer to help settle a personal vendetta and then be upset to the point of censorship without hesitation when someone questions you on it is just plain weakness. I didn't make an allegation, I merely stated that I doubted Jubal's sincerity and described a hypothetical situation which in legal circles is called 'emphasizing reasonable doubt.'

Why did he overreact? After years of playing 'Tom and Jerry,' Matt (Tom) has finally found a way to get Art (Jerry). I mean, really get him, in the really real world, not on the blogosphere. He took the opportunity, and that's fine. As I've said repeatedly, he's done us a terrific service, bringing more readers to our already #1 political blog, but now I'd like to bring a few to his.

Click here and tell Jubal that we're not going to take it, that smear campaigns only work against those who are full of BS, and that he can no longer claim to be a proponent of free speech until he can practice what he preaches.

What is Matt hiding?


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Ass Clown Award nominations for the month of October

It is that time of the month again.

Thus we give you these nominations for October's Ass Clown Award.

1. Councilman Jack Weiss.
2. Public Safety Committee Chairperson Jack Weiss.
3. Wannabee future City Attorney Jack Weiss.
4. Police Commissioner Andrea Ordin
5. Police Chief Bill Bratton
6. DWP General Manager H. David Nahai
7. Los Angeles Community College District (Prop J)
8. Obamanistas
10. Mayor Antonio Ramon Villar (BTW, has the divorce gone to court yet??)
11. Villar's buddy Ed Boks
12. Sierra Club for supporting Prop. J
13. Don Q./Don Culo/Maxima/Hiroshi/Obamanista/whatever persona escapes through the meds.
14. Avis Ridley Thomas
15. Husband Mark Ridley Thomas
****Indoctrination through infomercial by "THE ONE"****

As always your thoughts and nominations greatly appreciated.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go ahead. Say It! 'Damn those Hollywood Liberals!'


Time Has Run Out On "Joe The Plumber's" 15 Minutes of Fame!

With non answers like this, on a Fox News show no less, it's amazing this guy ever got a second of attention in the first place. Watch for Shepard Smith's response at the end of this clip.

Of course,"Joe The Plumber" has different plans:

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Don't let Griffith Park be like the Titanic.

For those who haven't been following the Griffith Park adventure, a few years ago there was a Master Plan proposed by Councilman Tom LaBonge for the future of the park.

That's okay. I like a man who sets boundaries and thinks about the future! However, this Master Plan includes a hotel, restaurants, a pier in the LA River (!), flying trams, and all sorts of things to turn the Park into Disneyland North. No word on if there's room on the trams for the GP animals that will be squeezed out.

Getting Landmark status from the Historic Cultural Commission is essential to protect the park from arbitrary use and building like this. The meeting is TOMORROW!

The future of Griffith Park is in your hands. Please show your support by attending the 10AM Thursday Commissioners' meeting in Room 350, third floor, City Hall.

Ron Kaye recently sent it on as an email alert, as well:
ACTION ALERT: Support protection of Griffith Park as a cultural-historical monument by turning out for the meeting of the CULTURAL HERITAGE COMMISSION at 10 a.m. Thursday, Room 350, City Hall. The commission is expected to vote on the issue.

But there's another way you can support this, if leaving your computer would be a hardship, and it only takes a minute - trust me, I did it. Register support at: http://www.friendsofgriffithpark.org/GPPreservationRegister.html

307 people have registered. Don't more people than that use the park? Come on, be #308! And any comments you make there will be printed out for the whole Commission to read.

But I'm torn. I'm getting a lot of pressure from my esteemed and intense Griffith Park Open Space Committee, of which I'm a member, to actually go to this meeting. At 10 AM. Downtown. Aside from the fact that some people HAVE to work, it's almost as if they didn't read my previous post on this! Not to mention that at the last meeting LaBonge didn't even show up, nor did one of the Historic Cultural Commission! How rude.

I predict the Historic Commission will approve this status. But like the Felix The Cat sign, that's not going to cut it. The fate of Griffith Park, and most issues in LA, it seems, lies not in the hands of the Historic Cultural Commission, but in the City Council members, who oversee the Historic Commission.

And in the City Council, almost all of the Council will defer to the councilperson whose district the issue is in. In this case, that's LaBonge. Who is against this proposal.

So do I really have to go? [/whine]

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Disgraceful Journalism on Spring Street?? It would not be the first time.........

Somewhere in the darken catacombs of the Los Angeles Times aka "THE OLD GRAY HAG ON SPRING STREET" is a video that could change the outcome of American History.

The Times is embroil in a controversy over journalistic ethics regarding their decision to embargo the release of a video of a 2003 banquet where then-state Sen. Barack Obama spoke of his friendship with Rashid Khalidi, a leading Palestinian scholar and activist.

Now if one just got hit with a "flashback moment" then you are among the thousands of current or ex. Times readers who know all too well the proclivity of the "OLD GRAY HAG ON SPRING STREET" in trying to influence elections, municipal, state, and nation.

For us objective observers of the "OLD GRAY HAG ON SPRING STREET" we know all too well that the Times has over time has gone through various incarnations in their advocation, errr, objective reporting on the "political rock star" of the moment.

For us in CD 14, who cannot forget the flirtation that was the early relationship between the "OLD GREY HAG" and that "Dreamin Latino Rock Star" Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa which was known as the "LA ANTONIA TIMES ERA".

The "OLD GRAY HAG" knew no shame nor let journalistic ethics (mixed in with Parke Skelton's Talking Points) get in the way of promoting their "Savior of Los Angeles".

Nick Pacheco, Mothers of East LA, and James Hahn were mere "speed bumps of hatchet job journalism" in the Times quest to install their "political flavor of the moment" within his current office on the third floor in City Hall.

The Times even had the audacity to try making the formerly rotund Cruz Bustamante into Governor Bustamante by crafting news mixed with faulting polling, and holding, then dumping damaging information on Arnold Schwartzenegger on the Thursday before the Recall Election for Governor.

Geez what could of been the "BUDDHA BUSTAMANTE TIMES ERA" came to not.

Now with the ire of talk radio and the conservative bloggersphere focus on the Times latest attempt to advance their news room/editorial board agenda. The question will be how the Times will survive their latest incarnation as the "LA OBAMA TIMES".

Your thoughts............

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Wednesday

The DWP has been caught ripping off a number of other government agencies, overcharging the likes of the LAUSD, the County of LA and others.  The utility has agreed to pay out a $160million settlement to the county, local schools, community colleges and the MTA to settle a court case brought by the agencies.   Eric R. Havian, whose law firm sued the DWP in 2000, called the money "much-needed."

The battle over same-sex marriage in California, Proposition 8 on next week's ballot, has generated nearly $60 million in contributions for both side. The Mormon Church as well the Catholic all-male fraternity, The Knights of Columbus are among the major contributors to the Yes on 8 campaign which would outlaw gay marriage.  In a related story, controversial former Silver Lake Neighborhood  Council member Jason Lyon, who is openly gay and married his partner recently, writes in CityWatch that the battle over 8 is "whether real people, real Californians like me and my family, will be stripped of a fundamental right."

Major controversy over the refusal of the LA Times to release a video tape showing Barack Obama describe his friendship with Rashid Khalidi, a controversial Palestinian-American activist who makes frequent criticism of Israel. In the video at a Chicago luncheon honoring Khalidi, Obama allegedly described frequent discussions the pair have had around Khalidi's "dinner table."  The McCain campaign has asked the LA Obama Times to release the video but so far the paper declines.

In case you were wondering if television producers have run out of ideas for TV shows, they have.  MTV reports that HBO is working to sign Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to star in a new sitcom about three housemates trying to make it big in Hollywood.  No word if LAPD Chief Bill Bratton or Council Member Dennis Zine will make cameos.

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Palin Derangement Syndrome Causes Hearing Loss

First the Palin haters were sure that Sarah Palin made an ignorant comment to the Israeli Ambassor to the US but it turned out it was a mis-quote by a lazy or biased repoter.

Next the blog-o-wacks were certain that someone at a  Sarah Palin rally was chanting the N word when Palin mentioned The One and then ignored it, failing to chastise the racist.

The problem with that is the tale of the tape: the rally attendee was shouting "re-distributor" in an apparent reference to remarks made by the Democratic nominee about how he intends to re-distribute wealth in the US.

There could be some hope for Democrats though as a blogger at Daily Kos, the blog so badly infected with PDS that even McAffee won't be able to cure the virus, cops to the mistake and asks folk to move on.
Video below:

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Punk Rock and McCain

One of the things that bugs me the most about this election is how divisive it's become. I can only speak as a McCain supporter but I have never seen such vitriol come from a good chunk of folks on the other side. It will be over soon.

Back in the day when a lot of us had major issues with Ronald Reagan (I was wrong, but hey I was young) we all still got along. A great example of that was within the legendary punk rock band, The Ramones.

Johnny Ramone (real name John Cummings) was a born and bred Republican from Forest Hills in Queens, New York, one of a few conservatives in the rock music world. Cummings recalled growing up Republican in a union dominated, mostly Democratic, Irish Catholic community where he had his first political epiphany during the Nixon-Kennedy race in 1960.

Along with Tamás Erdélyi (Tommy Ramone), Jeffrey Ross Hyman (Joey Ramone), Douglas Glenn Colvin (Dee Dee Ramone), Cummings in 1974 founded the band that the readers of Spin Magazine would vote as the second greatest rock band of all time, second only to The Beatles (ironically, Colvin was inspired by an early pseudonym of Paul McCartney, Paul Ramone, in choosing the group's stage name).

The Ramones' 1986 album Animal Boy contained a track that Cummings didn't really like: Dee Dee Ramone, Jean Beauvoir, and Joey Ramone's My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg) a protest song against Reagan's 1985 visit to Bitburg Cemetary in Germany.

Cummings was outvoted by the rest of the band to include the track on the album and graciously went with the decision saying "The band is a democracy." Friends say he played that song "like the professional that he was."

Cummings died in 2004 of prostate cancer following Hyman's death in 2001 of lymphoma and Colvin's in 2002 of a heroin overdose.

Cummings' widow Linda continues on in her husband's conservative tradition most recently campaigning for John McCain alongside his daughter Meghan in Nevada. The 24 year old McCain recalls that Beat on the Brat was the song playing when she had her first kiss.

Cummings tolerance of divergent views, particularly when he was under tremendous peer pressure as a minority in the entertainment world, is a lesson for all of us. Can't we just agree to disagree?

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An original Sarah Palin cartoon.

Caption reads: "What's a five-letter word for a woman who's both a barracuda and a pitbull?"

This cartoon isn't published in print. Maybe it's too ambiguous? I like ambiguous! And I can think of several 5 letter words that are amusing. But I hope it's obvious it's Sarah Palin without the title of this post...

I talk more about this cartoon at my cartoon blog here.

Cartoon is © Donna Barstow.
Btw, for other bloggers/writers, the way to make a copyright symbol is kind of annoying, but important, and also magical, since it isn't on your keyboard: Hold down alt, then 0169.

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Rape Kits Backlog! Now It's Breaking News???!!!!!!!!!!

My heart goes out to every rape victim on earth, God knows! Every time I think about a rape victim and the fact that there are rape kits sitting on shelves, I get so angry. How could that be?

I first heard about the rape kits on Kevin James show several weeks ago. But today, about 15 minutes ago, "Breaking News": The Mayor is speaking about the over 7,000 rape kits sitting on shelves and saying it's , "Not Acceptable"! Did he just find out too?

How in the world did 7,000 rape kits end up on shelves in the first place? Where is the leadership in the City of Los Angeles? And the mayor is thanking Jack Weiss? Are you kidding Me? Why are you thanking Jack Weiss?

There are 7,000 rape kits sitting on the shelves and the Mayor is holding a Press Conference today? Illegal alien gangbangers are running wild and rapist are running wild too. What is happening to this City?

What's So Special, About Special Order 40?

Not a whole lot for American citizens!

After waiting over 6 months to hear from the Los Angeles City Council Public Safety Committee on Zine's Motion, nothing really happened! There was no vote moving Zine's Motion forward. There was no Modification of Special Order 40 and there was no Amendment to Special Order 40. Just people talkin'. Video of the hearing coming soon, if you're interested.

Basically, we have to wait another 3 months for LAPD to get back with the Public Safety Committee regarding the NEW, training on Special Order 40. It's not that the Officers don't understand what Special Order 40 says, because it really doesn't matter what it says. Police Officers already know that checking or questioning anyone about their immigration status will get you fired! Even after the Officers make the arrest.

I spoke with LAPD Officers and Deputy Sheriff's about illegal aliens and illegal alien criminals. I worked at LAPD and LASD for years. Police Officers are NOT allowed to check the immigration status on the criminals they arrest. They're not even allowed to call ICE. Maybe things changed recently.

The hearing was on the News, on the Radio and in the Newspapers. That's a good thing! The room was packed with people who support illegal alien gangbangers and people who don't. If you came out against illegal alien gangbangers, The Shaw Family thanks you!

Councilman Zine is trying to get every division at LAPD to follow the lead of San Fernando Valley Bureau and deport illegal alien criminals. However, Councilman Smith wants to take it to another level. He wants to eliminate Special Order 40 altogether! I ain't mad at him. Can you imagine if Councilman Smith was the Chair over the Public Safety Committee? It would be more then the illegal alien gangbangers on the way OUT!

One thing for sure, Jamiel's Law needs to be on the May, 2009 election!! If you live in the City of Los Angeles and you're a registered voter, why not join over 45,000 people and download the Petition at http://www.jamielslaw.com/, sign it and mail it in.

Obama: US Constitution is Flawed; Give Us The Goodies!

The framers of our Constitution were brilliant in that they laid out a very clear line of what the government could and could not and how the people were to be protected from government abuse.

That's not good enough for Barack Obama however as he feels the Constitution did not spell out how to redistribute wealth in America, that is, the working document of our system of government should actually contain the Amazon Wish List of all the government goodies anyone who is here would want. Apparently this one term Senator who votes present more than anything else is now a Constitutional scholar.

The framers knew too well what confiscatory tax policies did to England. As a matter of fact the US didn't have income taxes until the Civil War until they were found unconstitutional (and later restored when the constitution was amended).

If Americans think that they want to vote themselves some goodies, soon they may regret it when the bill for the goodies shows up.

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Happy Diwali (Festival of Lights)

In political news, Peter Wallsten offers up some GOP soul-searching, Anne Applebaum talks about losing McCain, Dan Schnur admires the un-bowdlerized Biden, and Richard Cohen dishes on the perils of neocon love.

But for the culture vultures among us--or those doing double duty and/or married to ranis from the subcontinent--I want to wish you a Happy Diwali. Whether in politics or our personal lives, we could all use a "new year of luck and wealth."


Diwali (or Deepavali) is a major Indian holiday, and a significant festival in Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Many legends are associated with Diwali. Today it is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs across the globe as the "Festival of Lights," where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Caruso Watch for Tuesday

7 days and counting. He says he's still thinking about it.

Is he or isn't he? We were the first to report he is and now the rest of the media is getting on board.

The dean of the City Hall reporters, Rick Orlov, notes developer Rick Caruso's flirtation with running for Mayor and even gives us props for staying on the beat.  Orlov postulates that Caruso may have some trouble with the African American community because he was on the Police Commission when they declined Bernard Parks' bid for a second and of course because he once called Maxine Waters a name that rhymes with, uh, rich.

I told you previously that two big name local politicans are set to endorse Caruso over Villaraigosa.  Last time I hinted that one of them has a mustache.  I'll tell you the other one has an M in their name.

If Caruso runs he won't be alone in challenging the status quo.  Ron Kaye broke the news that longtime civic activitst and DWP Commissioner Nick Patsaouras has announced he will run against Council Member Wendy Greuel for City Controller.

Caruso could have an uphill battle in his effort to topple Mayor Villaraigosa because he's rich, a Republican and worst of all, a developer! But alas, Cal State Fullerton political scientist Raphael Sonenshein told the LA Times "That said, I wouldn't write off Caruso. First of all, when you have lots of money, you can control your own fate in many ways. The question is: Is the disappointment with Villaraigosa so widespread?"

Capitol Alert examines the story and the impact a competitive race will have on Villaraigosa's designs to run for Governor in 2010.  A bruising primary and general election battle will drain the Mayor's war chest and put him quite a bit behind potential Democratic gubernatorial  opponents Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom.  Sidenote: Caruso donated $12,000 to Brown.

Uber-liberal blog Calitics declares that a Caruso victory "would be simply horrendous for the biggest city in the state" describing the developer as "a right-wing Bush Republican developer who created the great eyesore that is The Grove in Los Angeles along with Americana at Brand in Glendale." Are they afraid Caruso won't fill the potholes?

And finally a blog called "Talented Earthquake Productions" urges Caruso not to run, saying that "Antonio is doing a solid job. He may not be the transformational Mayor we all want and sort of expect from him, but he hasn't made any major mistakes."  Advice from the old, dead, Republican Mayor: If you stop expecting politicians to be "transformational figures" you won't be disappointed when you find out they are not.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

We're not even through with this election, with voters not having weighed in on shady propositions like Measure A and Measure R and Mayor Villaraigosa is already planing more tax and spend ballot measures less than six months from now on the March ballot.  The latest bit of shadiness involves a plan to get you to pay for solar panels for buildings throughout LA.  Solar energy is great but let the market make it happen - with the current energy situation people are taking a hard look at solar and other alternative forms of energy.

An unexpected source of support of  Proposition 8, the state ballot measure that would outlaw same-sex marriage in California, comes from Venice based public commenteer, musician and agent provocateur Matt Dowd.  Dowd tells The Sister City "Will there be a flood of men coming over the border to get green cards by marrying a man already here? how is the validity of these 'gay' marriages determined, and will the federal government even recognize these CA. marriages when it comes time to file for your 'spouse'. I think its dangerous ground to allow same sex, if only for that immigration concern. anyone worried now about immigrants taking resources from the citizens, well, get ready for the next wave. I say YES on Prop 8." There you have it.

The Daily News editorializes the City of LA should allow Providence Holy Cross Medical Center to continue it's plans for expansions to help meet the shortage of hospital beds in the San Fernando Valley.  The editorial takes the LA City Council to task for holding the hospital hostage to a dispute with the unions, who are blocking expansion until the hospital makes a deal with them.  However, the News kind of forgets a relatively organized group of folks in the community who also don't want the hospital to expand.

The father of LA City Councilman Bernard Parks, Earl Parks, has passed away at the age of 87.  The elder Parks like his son was also a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles, serving for the Port Police.  The Sister City expresses our sincerest condolences to Councilman Parks and his son and chief-of-staff Bernard Parks, Jr. who has been a friend of this blog.

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Israel Prefers McCain

John McCain may be down in some of the polls but if he was running in Israel against Barack Obama he'd easily win. A poll conducted for the Rabin Center for Israel Studies shows that Israelis would vote 46 to 34 percent for  McCain over Obama.

In the poll, nearly half or 48.6% of Israelis surveyed believe that McCain's policies would be more favorable compared to only 31.5% for Obama.

While this may be good news for McCain unfortuantely for him Israeli citizens can't vote in our elections.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Dumbass Skinheads Caught in Obama Assassination Plot

This election continues to be something for the emotionally and mentally unhinged. This time it's racist wingnuts who had planned to conduct a drive-by on Barack Obama. According to Reuters:

Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman were charged in a criminal complaint with making threats against a presidential candidate, illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun and conspiracy to rob a gun dealer.

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Some joker in West Hollywood named Chad Michael Morissette has hung Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin in effigy outside his home. Imagine if this was done to Barack Obama?
(Photo is of Morissette)

To his great credit, West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang, condemned the act, saying "I strongly oppose political speech that references violence - real or perceived.Politics in America has become extremely polarized in recent years and we all have a responsibility to focus on our political differences in a thoughtful, and peaceful manner. I urge these residents to take down their display and find more constructive ways to express their opinion,"

Chad thinks it's some kind of Halloween joke but we're waiting for the punchline.

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Ron Kaye Breaks The News: Patsaouras for Controller

We've been talking about potential horse races this spring in the City Elections and that someone was going to light the match that will trigger an avalanhce or at least mini-rockslide of folks to challenge the "annointed" ones for public office in Los Angeles.

Ron Kaye breaks the story that the match has been lit.  Not (yet) by the Mayoral candidacy we've been teasing - Rick Caruso - but by an unexpected candidate to challenge Council Member Wendy Greuel, that is Nick Patsaouras, current DWP Commisioner but longtime civic leader in Los Angeles (remember, he has a transit plaza named after him). He's an engineer and an immigrant success story.  Yes, Ron, Wendy must be a bit surprised.

I actually met Patsaouras when I was a small child and he was a classmate of two cousins of mine and fellow member of the International Club at Los Angeles Valley College.  Back then he was "Nick the Greek."  I don't remember it but my mom told me the story.  Nick's wife Sylvia is also a distinguished community leader and urban planning expert in her own right.

With Patsouras as Controller and Caruso as Mayor you could wind up having two proteges of Tom Bradley running the City, both of who could break us of the political nonsense of the current day (don't take that as an endorsment by me of either, I am currently UNDECIDED).

Read the rest of the story at Ron Kaye.

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Palin Derangement Syndrome Hits New High; Epic Fail for Bloggin' Wackos

A number of blogs today reported that Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin made a major "gaffe" in commenting to Israeli ambassador Sallai Meridor "We look forward to working with your Jewish agency."

These blogs were of the non-presence of mind that Palin had referred to either the Israeli Embassy or the State of Israel proper as a "Jewish agency" and that was proof positive that the Alaskan Governor is indeed a brain-dead, Redneck, anti-Semitic, racist Caribou Barbie.

The problem is that most of these bloggin' fools didn't bother to actually read the story from the Associated Press or the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that put the exchange into it's actual context, nor even get the quote correct.

In their meeting, Palin was referring to the organization that Sallai Meridor previously headed, The Jewish Agency, and the actual quote was "I look forward to hearing about your work with the Jewish Agency and all the plans that we have. We'll be working together." (JTA explains a little more here)

The Jewish Agency is a respected organization that assists with immigration to Israel and with issues of the Jewish Diaspora.

But for those who have been assimilated by the Obama Collective, Extreme Palin Derangement Syndrome (EPDS) goes with the territory. Remember, resistance is futile!

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From the L.A. Times to my inbox to your eyes (I guess they'll have to rename the airport!):

Sen. Ted Stevens found guilty in corruption case

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has been convicted of lying about free home renovations and other gifts he received from a wealthy oil contractor.

The Senate's longest-serving Republican, Stevens was found guilty on all seven counts of making false statements on Senate financial documents.

Stevens faces up to five years in prison on each count but, under federal sentencing guidelines, will likely receive much less prison time, if any.

More soon at: http://link.latimes.com/r/IO3TIN/FIIU6/KNUNHZ/V0X5/ACD4U/50/t


Avis Ridley-Thomas, Home Depot, and the Art of Manipulation!

Garbage in, Garbage Out.

It's been awhile since I've posted an update on the continuing Home Depot battle in Sunland-Tujunga. Not that it's all been quiet on the North Valley Front, rather so much has been happening, so rapidly, that the complexity and dynamics of the situation have required more time than I can devote to reporting the story. As Zuma Dogg might say, 'The Shady Never Sleep'!

So for this update, I've chosen one very disturbing piece of the story, and her name is Avis Ridley-Thomas (ART). ART runs the Dispute Resolution Program (DRP), part of the City Attorney's office.

Now bear with me for a bit of background. In November 2007, Home Depot filed a lawsuit against the City Council for revoking their tenant improvements building permit. Back in March of this year , the Home Depot agreed to suspend their lawsuit and file a Project Permit application to build their store per the local Specific Plan, a City Ordinance. After Home Depot suspended their lawsuit, the Order to Stay Litigation Stipulation included a directive that meetings be held between Home Depot and Sunland-Tujunga community leaders in order to facilitate discussion of the issue. The DRP was asked to oversee these discussions, and this is where the problems began.

On April 26, a meeting sponsored by the DRP was held in which 250+ residents attended and a consensus was reached by S-T stakeholders that Home Depot did not belong in that former Kmart location, was in violation of our Community Plan, and must undergo a full Environmental Impact Review (EIR) so that everyone would better understand the impacts their proposed store would have on the Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood. On a side note, Home Depot could voluntarily undergo an EIR (as many developers are known to do), but has repeatedly refused.

What did ART and the DRP make of this overwhelming unified consensus?

They decided that there was a dispute in the community, and they were going to solve it (huh?). ART promised an open and transparent process and then immediately scheduled a closed door meeting with selected participants, many of which were not S-T community leaders, nor even residents of the area (invited guests included Brendan Huffman from VICA and others no one had heard of). The purpose of this meeting was to schedule another meeting and to lay down the ground rules.

On October 16th, a 3rd meeting was held at L.A. City Hall, with invited participants and again behind closed doors. There were also 8 police officers on hand to search the attendees, and presumably preserve order in case of trouble.

At this meeting, a motion was made to suspend the DRP process until City Planning had made a determination as to whether Home Depot's application for CEQA exemption would be granted or not. A CEQA exemption would mean that Home Depot would not have to undergo any environmental review, and no mitigation of their impacts would be required. A majority voted that indeed these DRP talks were premature, and as City Planning was the lead agency (not the DRP) then why not wait until the lead agency could provide some guidance as to what the group should be discussing.

Are you with me so far?

So the majority of the participants voted to suspend the talks, until an appropriate time in the future. The DRP representatives went out of their way to ensure that the language calling for a suspension was correct, and assured everyone that what the community wanted was vitally important. Everyone shook hands, and called it a night.

But Avis Ridley-Thomas, who was not present at this meeting, would have none of this. A few days later, in response to an email re-capping the events of the October 16th meeting, she issued this statement:

"The Dispute Resolution Program has been contacted by a member of the Sunland-Tujunga community to facilitate and/or mediate further sessions to resolve the matter involving the Home Depot.

As in every other matter where we are contacted by a member of the community, we are proceeeding forthwith.

The process will be voluntary and confidential unless and until the parties deem otherwise."

As you can probably surmise, the community is outraged!

In one brief statement, ART dismisses the democratic process, the votes of the majority, and plows ahead with her mission. She will put together another group, one likely more sympathetic to Home Depot, regardless to whether they represent the sentiments of the Sunland-Tujunga community or not, until she gets the consensus she is seeking (or has been ordered to?).

Yes, the Shady Never Sleep, and it appears that Avis Ridley-Thomas and the DRP are over-reaching their legal boundaries, and creating more problems than ever existed before the DRP became involved.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

Delicious political circus at a meeting of the MTA Board last week.  Following a discussion of the shady transit tax Measure R and rail safety issues board member and County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky declared that fellow board member and Supervisor Gloria Molina's comments were "selfish nonsense."  Molina wanted the board to consider crossing gates for the Gold Line extension through her district as well as barring the MTA from sending out campaign material on Measure R.  Following that, Zev walked out of the meeting as he had threatened earlier.

Mayor V will fill his one millionth pothole Monday in Toluca Lake. You may remember back in March the Mayor filled the 800,000th pothole.  The Mayor may be criticized for his lack of time spent actually running the city but it sure looks like Antonio Villaraigosa has made a priority of filling holes in LA.

Starting next month the LA Live project will begin to rollout the various phases that have completed construction. Set to open first is nightclub Club Nokia, and restaurants, the Lucky Strike bowling alley, the Conga Room and Trader Vic's.  Million dollar condos will be available in 2010.  Among the future residents: Mayor Villaraigosa and Governor Schwarzenegger.

Yet another Republican has come out against Proposition 8 which would outlaw same-sex marriage in California.  Former Reagan Administration member and five term Congressman Tom Campbell.  Campbell says "Republicans also care about jobs; and as a business proposition, it makes no sense to support Prop. 8. Discrimination at any level is bad for business."

I just ran across a great post by feminist and stay-at-home mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb at the LA Moms Blog. Gottlieb deconstructs the cult of Obama that many of us have been subjected to for the last few months.  Think about it, how many of your friends have replaced their photo on Facebook or MySpace with that of Obama. Gottlieb nails the whole objection to the Obama singing, posters and more with "We're Americans, we don't have Kings and Queens, we don't have presidents we Revere. We have presidents that we hold accountable through checks and balances. We have Presidents and Vice Presidents that we employ and reserve the right to fire."

One of the big issues in LA is how to get folks to the Music Center downtown and where to park.  The DWP has raised hackles by declaring their parking lot off limits to patrons.  They tried shuttle buses from the Westside but usage was lacking.  Even adding free bottle water and on-board arts talks didn't raise interest. Perhaps this is one reason why it's not wise to center all these facilities downtown and we should adopt a regional approach.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jimmah Vu All Over Again

Democrats are trying to make that case that John McCain would be the third term of George Bush. But its more likely that Barack Obama would be serving the second term of Jimmy Carter.

Party like it's 1976!

Many of you who read this blog don't remember President Jimmy Carter and the massive damage his economic and foreign affairs policies caused this nation. Everything from having to wait in line to buy gas to Americans being held hostage by a foreign government for 444 days.

Carter promised the people a lot of goodies and just like Obama, he promised cash from the IRS. Many folks were looking forward to that check but Carter soon found out he couldn't do it.

This is an important video that looks back at the Carter days. No cute songs, no silly names for Obama, no lies about his personal life. Just a clear view of Obama in his own words compared to what happened in the Carter years.

Obama's platform isn't much different than Carter's. We've been there before.

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Late Night with Bobby Darin!

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Is the tide turning in Santa Ana?

(Art Pedroza)

Today I attended a fundraiser for mayoral candidate Michelle Martinez in the same Santa Ana neighborhood in which my good friend, Orange Juice Blog founder and Ward 3 Council candidate Art Pedroza, who also attended the event, lives. School board candidate Valerie Amezcua was co-headlining.

The combination of media-types and politicos that attend these house parties always represents an interesting mix. Today the discussion ranged from Barack Obama to Prop 8 to analysis of local races, a discussion that revealed a basic truth: the Obama 'change wave' has forced its way around the usually long-draping 'Orange Curtain.' The question we ask ourselves here in the county seat is: is it large enough to turn the tide at the local level?

With polls showing the enigmatic Jim Walker within striking distance of entrenched incumbent Vince Sarmiento in Ward One, Art Pedroza neck-in-neck with the equally entrenched Carlos 'Busty' Bustamante (so named by local bloggers for sexist comments involving the words 'implants' and 'water bra' in reference to OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens) in Ward 3, and Michele Martinez running a well-oiled grassroots campaign in the old-school, populist vein against perpetual Mayor Miguel 'Papi' (yes, as in 'Godfather') Pulido, is Obama's message resonating in these largely Democratic contests, and if so, how strongly?

Is the electorate ready to remove all of the incumbents? Will they be wise enough? Will they be brave enough? Will they be strong enough? A little over a week is remaining in this historic election cycle which will represent a fundamental shift in U.S. policy no matter which Senator is elected President of the United States. It's 2000 all over again. We all remember what happened last time.

For thousands of candidates, not just two, it's game time.


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I went to the Bloggers Party at the LA Times, and all I got ...

was this lousy photo. But it's my fault, because I forgot my battery was so low, and it died on me after only 2 shots.

This is one of the LA Times newsrooms, empty because it's night. Or is it the layoffs?

Actually, I had a good time. Met some new people, some interesting conversations, just okay pizza. Each of the guest speakers talked for a few minutes, and had their own table, which was a good way of talking further. Top of the Ticket's Andrew Malcolm was at my table, but since I didn't see his name, and thought Top of the Ticket meant movies or theater (!) (Sorry, don't read too many LA Times blogs!) I didn't get to talk with him as I wanted to. He was an amusing speaker. He loves technology. He's the biggest blog at the Times.

I was also interested in hearing Eric Richardson speak from blogdowntown.com. They just filed for non-profit status to make some money a different way! Impressive, but when I talked with him afterwards, chasing grants and foundations isn't what I want to do (even though I think my Griffith Park blog needs to be funded for me to give it the time it deserves.)

Luke Ford has his own angsty version of the evening here. William Yelles has the details here.

I have a small talent of being in the right bathroom, at the right time. Once I met an important book editor this way. So after the Times event, I was in a very nice clean bathroom with a pebbly floor, and one woman told another woman to hurry up for the tour. I asked, what tour? Can I come?

Well, what's she going to say?!

So I rushed out and there was Tony Pierce, Blog Editor of the Times, with a small group of his close personal friends. He looked surprised, but was gracious enough not to make a face at me. We walked all over. Someone had taken me on a Times tour before, but this time was cooler, at night. I particularly liked the 3' tall Lego structure of the Statue of Liberty at Tony's desk. (but my battery died, remember?) I wanted to touch it, but I didn't.

I mentioned I was contributing to Mayor Sam now and Tony said group blogs are the way to go.

Afterwards, we all headed towards the Redwood Bar down the street. It was decorated for Halloween, and I would definitely like to check it out when I have more time and there's an empty seat in the room. It has a red phone on the wall that connects directly to the Times for the newspeople there!

But I can't stop thinking about a woman I met who teaches blogging at one of the universities. She said her classes are jam-packed. But when I asked her what her blog was, no, she doesn't have a blog of her own. Nor has she ever, nor does she write for any!

No word on whether she reads them.

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Meet Dr. Doom: Nouriel Roubini!

When this man predicted a global financial crisis more than a year ago, people laughed. Not any more...

From the Times UK:

For years Dr Doom toiled in relative obscurity as a New York University economics professor under his alias, Nouriel Roubini. But after making a series of uncannily accurate predictions about the global meltdown, Roubini has become the prophet of his age, jetting around the world dispensing his advice and latest prognostications to politicians and businessmen desperate to know what happens next – and for any answer to the crisis.

While the economic sun was shining, most other economists scoffed at Roubini and his predictions of imminent disaster. They dismissed his warnings that the sub-prime mortgage disaster would trigger a financial meltdown. They could not quite believe his view that the US mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would collapse, and that the investment banks would be crushed as the world headed for a long recession.

Yet all these predictions and more came true. Few are laughing now.

What does Roubini think is going to happen next? Rather worryingly, in London last Thursday he predicted that hundreds of hedge funds will go bust and stock markets may soon have to shut – perhaps for as long as a week – in order to stem the panic selling now sweeping the world.

What happened? The next day trading was briefly stopped in New York and Moscow.

Read his fascinating story at:



Firefox Embed Problems

Firefox seems to be having problems playing embedded videos. Several other sites have noted this as well. Anyone know what's up or have a solution other than using IE or another browser?

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Bachmann and Palin - McCarthy and Agnew Redux?

With the Republican Party pulling ads and El Tinklenberg coming on strong (including a spike in fundraising), it would seem as though there is severe fallout from Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann's recent appearance on Hardball. Although she never apologizes and probably hopes most people in her district missed her "anti-American" remarks, Bachmann nevertheless felt it necessary to release this video.

It will be a toss-up, however, as to whether Bachmann or VP nominee, Sarah Palin, will get this year's "Spiro Agnew Award." You remember Spiro, right? The hard-hitting, alliteration-loving and media-hating verbal hitman (and Vice President that resigned in disgrace) for Richard Nixon. Perhaps we compromise and give Bachmann the "Joe McCarthy Award" and Palin gets the one named after the former Maryland governor.

I apologize for lying to you. I promise I won't deceive you except in matters of this sort. - Spiro Agnew
Some comedic analysis on Palin and Bachmann by Bill Maher.

Some additional thoughts on patriotism and the presidency in today's Times.

Sarah Palin, in extolling the virtues of small towns, has mused about how they are "pro-America," presumably as distinct from the anti-American parts of the nation. Even more baldly, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota told MSNBC that she was "very concerned" that Barack Obama "may have anti-American views." Although Bachmann declined interviewer Chris Matthews' invitation to name other members of Congress who were anti-American, she ventured the opinion that the American people would welcome an expose on those members who fit the bill. She later tried to extricate herself from her own mudslinging, but her previous comments were neither forced nor misconstrued.

Setting aside the amusing spectacle of a member of Congress calling on the media to expose members of Congress (careful what you wish for, congresswoman), it is worth considering the implications of this alleged anti-Americanism. We begin with what we hope is obvious to all: There is a difference between disagreeing about how to improve this country and asserting that one side of the debate is pro-America and the other is anti-America. ...

The veer into who is pro- and who is anti-America, however, is another matter altogether. Does Obama's passing friendship with William Ayers, co-founder of the Weather Underground, constitute an act of bad judgment? Perhaps. Is it evidence of anti-Americanism? That's where a critique becomes a smear. Similarly, Bachmann glibly tossed around her malevolence, lighting upon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) and Senate Majority LeaderHarry Reid (D-Nev.), who, in her estimation, are liberal, leftist or anti-American -- or some combination thereof.

Source: Editorial. "Patriotism and the presidency," Los Angeles Times, 10/26/08. (emphasis added)

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Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama!

Thank you to Anonymous for providing
the link to this story!

From the ADN:
"Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, brings far more promise to the office. In a time of grave economic crisis, he displays thoughtful analysis, enlists wise counsel and operates with a cool, steady hand. The same cannot be said of Sen. McCain."

"It is Sen. Obama who truly promises fundamental change in Washington. You need look no further than the guilt-by-association lies and sound-bite distortions of the degenerating McCain campaign to see how readily he embraces the divisive, fear-mongering tactics of Karl Rove. And while Sen. McCain points to the fragile success of the troop surge in stabilizing conditions in Iraq, it is also plain that he was fundamentally wrong about the more crucial early decisions. Contrary to his assurances, we were not greeted as liberators; it was not a short, easy war; and Americans -- not Iraqi oil -- have had to pay for it. It was Sen. Obama who more clearly saw the danger ahead.

The unqualified endorsement of Sen. Obama by a seasoned, respected soldier and diplomat like Gen. Colin Powell, a Republican icon, should reassure all Americans that the Democratic candidate will pass muster as commander in chief."

Read the full endorsement at:

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The Sunday New York Times ~ Risks & Rewards of a Dem Sweep

There is an interesting article in today's NY Times about the risks & rewards to the Democratic party if they sweep the Congressional, Senatorial and White House races. Here is an excerpt. Click on either red link if you want to get the entire text.

October 26, 2008
Democrats See Risk and Reward if Party Sweeps


WASHINGTON — The possibility of a victory by Senator Barack Obama combined with significant Congressional gains by his party could give Democrats extraordinary muscle to pursue an ambitious agenda on health care, taxes, union rights, energy and national security.
Democrats, who are within reach of the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster in the Senate, would also face high expectations, especially from the party’s more liberal quarters, that could be difficult to meet even with enhanced numbers in the Senate as well as the House. And they would be at risk of overreaching, a tendency that has deeply damaged both parties in similar situations in the past.

But given the opportunity and the magnitude of the problems facing the country, Democrats said they would welcome the chance — and the potential accountability — even though winning the White House is no assurance that their initiatives would sail through Congress. And all of the issues on their agenda may be overshadowed by the need for urgent action on the deepening financial crisis.

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Well, not THIS greatly exaggerated!


Socialists, let's give it up for Obama!

Here we go, Hussein, here we go!
Here we go, Hussein, here we go!
Here we go, Hussein, here we go!

Go Bar-ry!
Go Bar-ry!
It's your birthday
Go Bar-ry!

Marx on!


Eat your VEEPables

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They Should Just Sequester Joe the Stumbler Until Election Day

Finally an interview with Biden that isn't softballs from the media. However, the most important thing (besides lies about Obama not paying ACORN for services, they did pay $800,000 to the organization).

At 1:02 in this video, the reporter says that Obama was an organizer for ACORN, which Biden not only doesn't rebut the reporter he ACTUALLY CONFIRMS THAT OBAMA DID ORGANIZE for ACORN in making a point that Obama didn't register voters with ACORN.

On the other hand Obama's website says that Obama never was an organizer for ACORN. So is Obama lying or did Joe go off the talking points again? It looks like Obama was lying.

Biden also lies about the impact of Obama's tax plan and efforts to redistribute the wealth of others.

So the problem comes out not that Obama was associated with Ayers, worked for ACORN, etc. but that he won't come clean about it.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Palin Problem: Caribou Barbie. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

An ABC News Slideshow reveals the depth of the woman who may be one heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States. ;)

Before. After. Before. After.

With those expensive clothes, she certainly looks Presidential, doesn't she? Not even elected and she's sold out already.

Palin 2012?!
('Cuz she ain't gettin' nothin' this time, dooontcha knooow?)


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Palin's vs. Obama and McCain's Clothes

Much has been made about the clothing purchases by the Republican National Committee for Sarah Palin yet you haven't heard much about John McCain's $520 shoes or Barack Obama's $1500 suits.


Because they are men. It's unfortuante that in 2008 such a barrage of sexism is hurled at Palin, shamefully only the second woman in history to be nominated for vice-president and amazingly it took a generation from Geraldine Ferraro for either party to do it again.

It's the same sexism that was directed at Hillary Clinton and amazingly, it's coming from Democrats.

However hopefully it won't be long before we have female candidates in a Presidential election who won't be treated as Palin and Clinton were.

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No on Prop 8 ad geared towards the liberty-minded

Is there an echo in here? I think bloggers have been saying this for a while, no? Well, now liberty goes mainstream in this new No on 8 spot that spoofs the popular Apple commercials.

Not only did Apple provide inspiration, they have also donated $100,000 to No on Prop 8 according to Yes on 8 agents on local blogs who have recently made good on their promise to call out local businesses who contributed to No on Prop 8 as being 'anti-family' unless they were given an equal or greater donation.

Kudos to Schubert/Flint Consulting, who, at the start of this campaign, I accused of lining their profits with wedge issue/special interest money. As you can plainly see, they totally didn't sell out.


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Comfort Food, my style

1. Spaghetti with a twist
1 box of Barilla spaghetti (1/8 per serving)
2 teaspoons of black truffle oil
juice of 2 lemons
1 tablespoon of olive oil per person
Parmesan cheese --depends on one's preference
half a bottle of Trader Joe's Organic Vodka tomato sauce
1 clove of garlic per serving

Boil pasta.
Dice garlic and sautee with sauce and olive oil.
Mix in garlic, sauce and oil with pasta.
Add truffle oil, lemon juice and parmesan cheese.
Mix in again.
garnish with a mint leave or basil leaf for taste/decoration

2. Greek yogurt with a crunch:
1 cup of nonfat plain yogurt (unsweetened) from trader joes
1 super-ripe pomegranete
1/2 cup of organic corn flakes (this is optional)
honey for taste (I just drizzled it in a bit)
mix in together and enjoy!
Aso for getting the pomegranete seeds, its best under warm water in a colander.
*Note: everything is organic!

Bon appetit!

Obama's Secretary of Hate on al-Jazeera

Ah yes, just another regular guy living in Obama's neighborhood!

On al-Jazeera no less.

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Sarah Palin, The Music Video!

A soon to be forgotten true classic! At least it was filmed on the seedy streets of Hollywood! I believe the band is called "Knob County".


"Just a regular (terrorist) guy" in Obama's neighborhood

Just your local terrorist who says he wishes he did more, and whose wife was on the FBI's Top 10.

Or as Osama Hussein bin Biden calls him, "just a guy in the neighborhood." Like the fun loving KKK guys, right Barry?

Maybe the Obamas can have Mr. & Mrs. Bill Terrorist over with the Israel hating Farrakans for drinks & dinner.

Not gonna find terrorists on the McCain's guest list.

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SNL: Bush Endorses McCain/Palin Ticket!

h/t to Crooks & Liars.

In other news... According to BlogNet, the Mayor Sam Blog is now the #2 most influential liberal blog in California (up from #3 last week)! Who woulda thunk it?

-In Arizona, McCain's home state, Obama has a slight lead in early voter polling (1 point with MOE +/-4), and is just 4 points away from catching McCain according to Daily Kos.

-CC Goldwater, the granddaughter of Republican icon Barry Goldwater is following her late granddad's philosophy and casting her vote for Obama. You can read her reasons why over at the Huffington Post.

-CNN reports that there's big trouble in the McCain/Palin camp as Palin is "going rogue"! Oh my, what else can go wrong?


Jim Alger creates an online ad for Obama!

Nice work Jim! Very impressive narration job!

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