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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Morning Brief on the latest Separatist Decree via State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First

As the LA Times and the "Cubafornia on the Pacific Political Establishment" continue to exploit a 120 Days Immigrant Vetting Pause, "Cubafornianista State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First" is attempting to FAST TRACK legislation that would make the former Multi-Party, Golden State ......., a One Party People's Sanctuary. 
"Cubafornia on the Pacific State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First".
Confederation States of America (CSA) President Jefferson Davis. 
**Blogger's Note: A Disclaimer: The following missive is a simple exercise in thought provoking, ......, and only that. Any insinuation of Racism is solely the property of those who are myopic in exercising objectivity based upon the facts----S.J.
Not long ago in the political past, a young Logan Beach (in San Diego) Union Organizer (and CLOSE friend of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez) found a Mt. Washington Domicile (via the couch of noted Democratic Activist Carol Jacquez and Bill Rumble, allegedly) .........., and with thanks to the late LA Political Machine Power Broker Miguel Contreras, was "MADE", a Special Interests-beholden Politico (with Carpetbag).
In 2017, the now self-proclaimed "State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", who was a fleeting Vice-Presidential Option of the losing "Wife of Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign" is again, espousing his racially-tinged political rhetoric , that in hindsight, has commonality with another noted, American Separatist Leader CSA President (and fellow Democrat) Jefferson Davis.
Like the former Democratic President of the Confederacy, the Political Protege of Esteban Nunez's Dad Fabian, is seeking to exploit an ethinic (and Undocumented Populace) in furthering a self-enriching Political Agenda, as witness with his latest legislated desire to make "Cubafornia on the Pacific".a One Party People's Sanctuary.
The self-proclaimed (and inaugurated) "El Presidente Pro Tempore (and other supporters of the unlawful Sanctuary Confederacy)" know that their Political Futures are wedded to the continuing flow of an Illegal Immigrant Populace that becomes dependent on a Government Establishment (and Crony Capitalist Economic Culture) that enslaves them in a permanent Exploitation Class.   
In order to preserve their 21st Century Version of the South's King Cotton (now the Immigrant-exploiting Cubafornia on the Pacific) Economy, the now Cubafornianista Leadership, is repeating past Democratic actions, by challenging the Federal Government, feigning State Rights, by allegedly offering Sanctuary to those ........., who are in reality the latest generation of an enslaving, Exploitation Class. 
Thus, the political theatrics of the El Presidente Pro Tempore and his Democratic Brethren is no different than their 19th Century Political Forebearers,  who sought to preserve their Political Plantations (via preserving an Exploitation Class) at a GREAT cost to National Unity-----Scott Johnson.  

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Missing!! A Certain, Second Term-seeking Mayor continues Dodging Campaign Debates/Candidate Forums

We are officially on bloggin "Gar-SOFT-ee MIA Watch" as the Second Term-seeking Mayoral Incumbent continues his hypocritical dodging of Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums as his First Four Years Record faces further scrutiny.  
PLEASE notify of ANY Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee  Campaign Debates/ Candidate Forum.
** Blogger's Note:  Please excuse the recent light blog postings as this logger'recovers from a leg injury while a Second Term-seeking Mayor continues his dodging of Debates/Candidate Forums. Mayor "Gar-SOFT-ee" who once was a proud proponent of LA's Campaign Finance/Matching Funds Program (which ensured that candidate take part in debates), has instead, become the Poster Person for unlimited Special Interests-financed Campaigning. Thus, in the bloggin spirit of supporting any type of in-person dialog among the Mayoral Candidates, we will post each day the photo above of "Gar-SOFT-ee MIA" ........, with a reason why the Rhodes Scholar, turned Hypo Politico, is dodging the act of standing up for his record----Scott Johnson. 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Liar, Liar!! CD-1 Broken Deal Cedillo's Integrity on Fire ........., Again

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we expose again, an alleged "Act of Political Embellishment" via CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" regarding the proposed construction of Affordable/Transitional Housing on FIVE city-owned lots in Lincoln Heights. 
CD 1 City Council Candidate Josef Bray-Ali (standing in suit on right side) counters the questionable assertions as presented by CD 1 Staffer Jose Rodriguez regarding Broken Deal Cedillo's HOLD on proposed Lincoln Heights Developments.
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose, AGAIN another "Act of Political Embellishment" via Second Term-seeking CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", regarding the proposed Affordable/Transitional Housing Developments on FIVE city-owned lots in Lincoln Heights. 
In response to a growing Lincoln Heights Community BACKLASH, CD 1 Staffer Jose Rodriguez read a letter from his MIA Boss during the January 19, 2017 Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council Meeting, that feigned ignorance on the Developments ......, and allegedly, placed a "HOLD" on any construction, pending community input. 
Yet, in a rebuttal response by CD-1 City Council Candidate Josef Bray-Ali ......., and substantiated via a October 10, 2016 LA Streetblog Story, its VERY apparent that "Broken Deal Cedillo" was well-verse on the status of the pending/approved Developments. 
In a October 10, 2016 Press Conference, "Broken Deal Cedillo" spoke on behalf of the Coalition against the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (ie. Measure S), that took place on one of the FIVE Lincoln Heights Lots that Staffer Rodriguez ALLEGES CD-1 did not know was/is is in process of being develop-----Scott Johnson.  
From LA Streetblog on October 10, 2016: "The Lincoln Heights parking lot where the press event took place is one of a dozen city-owned sites currently in the early stages of development for affordable and transitional housing under the Affordable Housing Opportunity Sites initiative. Twelve city-owned sites (with FIVE) in Lincoln Heights, Sylmar, San Pedro, and South and West L.A. are slated for affordable housing, with an emphasis on transitional housing to serve the homeless",
From Broken Deal Cedillo Letter (below) to Lincoln Heights Neighorhood Council on January 19,2017: "I had serious concerns about the lack of any meaningful community outreach or efforts to solicit community input into the design of the project and developer selection process. As a result, on December 14, i introduce a Council Motion to remove the FIVE parking lots from consideration.
CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Letter to the LHNC.

"Broken Deal Cedillo's" alleged Motion to remove the FIVE Lincoln Heights, city-owned lots from development consideration.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Tweets via the Metrosexual/Tonto Politico Elites from Saturday's Democratic Cackle Fest

As evident from the Tweets below from the local Metrosexual/Tonto Political Elites, a supposed, unconditional, spontaneous gathering of females, was in REALITY, a "DEMOCRATIC CACKLE FEST",, organize in part, by a Hamas/Sharia Law-supporting Islamic Activist .......,, with the help of the "Enabling Wife of Bill" and Billionaire George Soros. 
Today we spoke out. Tomorrow we must act.
** Blogger's Note: Hola from our Bloggin Safe Space as Mother Nature has quickly cleanse the streets of Downtown LA after Saturday's gathering of the alleged, all-inclusive "Sisterhood". The Main Stream Fake News purveyors, including "The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", would have indoctrinated you into repeating the Talking Points that NOW, President Donald Trump would be the WORST threat to the Sisterhood since Bill Clinton, Ron Burkle and Tony Villar went allegedly, trolling for ........., whoops, a Pro-life Republican was last elected President. In reality, a tardy National Democratic Party Establishment, with help from a "Woman-demeaning, Sharia Law-supporting Islamic Activist, the "Enabling Wife of Bill" and Billionaire George Soros, organized a nation-wide, "DEMOCRATIC CACKLE FEST" in which the likes of Madonna and Naomi Judd went NASTY with their respective, repugnant rhetoric. Locally, the local Sisterhood did themselves a HYPOCRITICAL DISSERVICE by associating with the likes of the "Cubafornia on the Pacific (formerly two-party California)" Metrosexual/Tonto Political Elites, who groom their policy stances to entice support from women, while passing legislation such as AB-109, Prop 47 and Prop 57 that dumb down crimes against them ........,, but then, WHO CARES, especially if the "Politico Tontos" support their right to "ABORT ON DEMAND"----Scott Johnson.
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Thoughts and Photos from the Mitchell Schwartz for Mayor Campaign Kickoff

A Larchmont Village Pizzeria provides a refreshing, authentic neighborhood setting for the upstart Mitchell Schwartz for Mayor Campaign Kickoff as a certain, "Second Term-seeking Incumbent" continues his HYPOCRITICAL AVOIDANCE of any Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums. 
Mitchell Schwartz gives his prepared comments.
** Blogger's Notes: For a candidate seeking to become the Mayor of the Nation's second-largest city, the choice of setting for a upstart "Campaign Kickoff" was a refreshing, intimate reminder that maintaining the Character/Integrity of LA's diverse neighborhoods is PARAMOUNT
With the Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Garcetti's Campaign morphing into a 2017 Version of former FAILURE MAYOR Antonio Villar's 2009 Re-election Debacle (by not breaking 60%), by adopting a HYPOCRITICAL AVOIDANCE of Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums, primary challenger Mitchell Schwartz is taking his "Message of Municipal Accountability" directly to the voter. 
From the street-front of Larchmont Village Pizzeria, Schwartz espoused a Progressive, but also a Fiscally-accountable Platform, that called for more investments in Clean Energy, Law Enforcement and the Neighborhood Council System, while prioritizing cost-saving Pension, along with DWP Reforms. 
But surely to garner attention from discerning voters, will be Candidate Schwartz's declaration that the Los Angeles Unified School District, needs to be broken up into smaller districts, which should promote some spirited dialog.
Yet, specifics aside, Candidate Schwartz projected a sincere, inclusive "Political Persona" that an increasing number of voters are finding lacking in the current Mayor ........, fixated on a upwards "Political Tomorrow", away from a city in need of communal-based (and preserving) Leadership----Scott Johnson.  
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Friday, January 20, 2017

The 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump

The United States of America is a Role Model to the World in showcasing a Peaceful Transition of Power.
The new First Family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Latino Decisions CD-34 Special Election Poll = BAD NEWS for Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez

A NBC News-attributed Latino Decisions "CD-34 Special Elections Poll" is BAD NEWS for the Congressional Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez ......... and an UBER-BOOST for the Congressional Aspirations of former Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Staffer Arturo Carmona.
Arturo Carmona is the TOP choice to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra in recent Latino Decisions Poll.
Sacramento/Establishment Endorsed Congressional Candidate Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez. 
** Blogger's News: Lets be bloggin blunt and concise .........., the Congressional Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez is in MAJOR TROUBLE. In a NBC News-attributed Poll by Latino Decisions (posted below for your review) regarding the pending 34th Congressional District Special Election, the Sacramento and Local Political Establishment-endorsed Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, trails Arturo Carmona 38-23%, with former LAUSD School Board Member Yolie Flores (11%) and ex CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffer Sara Hernandez (9%). placing third and fourth respectively.. Playing a major role in the Poll finding (as noted by Major Sam) is the organization of Progressive/Bernie Sanders supporters, as witnessed in the recent 53rd Assembly District Democratic Delegate Elections as noted in the NBC News Missive. 

And perhaps a sign of things to come was an Assembly District Election Meeting recently held in Gomez's district that resulted in a strong slate of Bernie Sanders supporters as Assembly District Delegates (ADDs), according to the popular insider political website at MayorSam. ADDs are local representatives that work with the community and act as an official party conduit between the constituents and state representatives, with important functional and representative roles that can heavily influence the future leadership of the district.

About the Pol (via the Latino Decisions Website)l: Latino Decisions interviewed a total of n=400 potential voters by cell phone and landline, between January 10-14, 2017. All interviewers were live-callers and bilingual, allowing respondents the option of answering in English or Spanish. Overall, 51% of all respondents were Latino, and 20% of all respondents answered the survey in Spanish. Voters were selected from the California voter file who had primary vote history for previous primary elections, making them likely to vote in the upcoming special election. Final data were weighted to match the demographics of the district for gender, age, ethnicity, and partisanship on the voter file among likely primary voters. The poll contains a +/- 4.9% margin of error.  The poll was not conducted on behalf of any candidate or political organization.
More reactions later----Scott Johnson. 
Latino Decisions CA 34 Special Election Poll, Page 1
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 2
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 3.
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 4.
CD-34 Special Election Poll, Page 5
Now that you have heard a little more about the candidates, if the special election for the 34th congressional district was held today, and the candidates were {rotate: State Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, former city council aide Sara Hernandez, former Sanders campaign deputy director Arturo Carmona, former LAUSD board member Yolie Flores} who would you vote for?

Someone else.....................................5
Don’t know (VOL).....................................14

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Evening Briefs on Political Character (or lack of) for MLK Day

On this Day designated to honor the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. we emulate the Spirit of the late Civil Rights Icon, by judging select Politico's "Acts (or lack of) of Political Character": that are NAUGHT predicated on Racial Identity.
A Tutorial for the 21st Century Democrat Party.
** Blogger's Note: Great afternoon on this Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Day as many enjoy a brief break from Mother Nature's cyclical endeavor to replenish California's Water Infrastructure (that begins again on Thursday). Just as Californians are being blessed this Rain Season, the Soul of America is better for being the Birth Country of MLK ......, and subsequent Life of Bridging Inequality (via countless episodes of selfless, acts of character). Indeed, 54 years after MLK's Landmark "I Have A Dream Speech", we firmly believe that America has become a more inclusive society (despite the recent pronouncements of a certain soulless Political Party) .........., and that CHARACTER still counts. In that spirit, we wish to pay homage to MLK with a Bloggin, Teachable Moment in Political Character (or lack of), with the goal of reminding our "Subjects on Interest" that Skin Color is no excuse/cover for ........, for a Lack of Character----Scott Johnson.
** The Questionable Neighborhood Commitment of Miguel Vargas: There was a time in American Society when stories of the "Local Kid, Done Good .... in Returning Home", was the norm. But in CD-14, when the Local Kid returns home after working for City Councilman Jose Huizar, commitment to the "Hood" becomes secondary to the still, "Political Papi's Wishes" ......, as exampled by LA-32 Neighborhood Council Vice-President Miguel Vargas. Vargas, who worked for Councilman Huizar, before being "blessed" with becoming the Executive Director of the Downtown Arts District "BID Zone", sought and was elected to the LA-32 NC via espousing his community ties (while conveniently deleting his professional background). Upon his election, Vargas sought and was appointed the NC's Land Use & Development Committee, pledging to put the interest of his "HOOD" paramount ............, or in reality, being the local, enabling Shill for his "Political Papi's Development Desires, as evident via HIS SUPPORT OF NO ON MEASURE S. 
Miguel Vargas "DISDAIN" for his Communal Integrity?
CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" Continuing Felonious Connections: They're back!! With CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" facing a GROWING backlash as he seeks another four years of government assistance/employment, he again turns to his loyal (and litigious) campaign enablers, "740 Club Mario" and "Felonious Larry". Proving again that he is tone-deaf to allegations of corruption, Cedillo is again, using (and allegedly) paying for the services of the notorious hack Mario Beltran (via his Principia Group, LLC) .........., and a Santa Ana-based "Swept Off Instead (to Patton State Hospital?) LLC, allegedly connected to "Felonious Larry", for $10,000 in Voter Registration work.  
Principia Group, LLC   
(Other, non-individual)
Whittier, CA 90601
Gil Cedillo 

1380250 - Cedillo for City Council 2017
E - Payment 
(Campaign Paraphernalia) 

Period: 10/01/16 to 12/31/16
Election: 03/07/17
Swept Off Instead LLC   
(Other, non-individual)
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Gil Cedillo 

1380250 - Cedillo for City Council 2017
E - Payment 
(Voter Registration) 

Period: 01/01/16 to 06/30/16
Election: 03/07/17
Swept Off Instead LLC   
(Other, non-individual)
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Gil Cedillo 

1380250 - Cedillo for City Council 2017
E - Payment 
(Voter Registration) 

Period: 07/01/16 to 09/30/16
Election: 03/07/17
"Broken Deal Cedillo's" expenditures to his "Litigious Enablers".
** The Political Misadventures of Congressman Ted "Hamas Teddy" Lieu: There is TRULY something wrong with the Political Character of Westside LA Congressman Ted "Hamas Teddy" Lieu when he announces his intentions to Boycott President-Elect Donald Trump's Inauguration,, especially in lieu of his past REFUSAL to return an "Award" from the Hamas-linked, Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR). We surmise that "Hamas Teddy's Boycott" will play (and PAY off) well with his Liberal Base .........., but in his convoluted-mind,  the Ruskies are Coming!!
Does "Congressman Hamas Teddy" CAIR more to be in the company of alleged, "Terrorist Enablers" than the incoming, President of the United States?

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Morning Briefs on a Fear-mongering Political Machine for Friday the 13th

 Its time to DENOUNCE the pandering hypocrisy of LA County Board of Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, who continue to engage in "Trumped-up Fear-mongering", while remaining SILENT regarding recent documented Acts of Hate and repugnant attempts of Cultural/Ethnic Cleansing ....., by a certain, "Non-White Racial Group".
 LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis espousing "Trumped-up Fear mongering".
** Blogger's Notes: On this Friday the 13th before the Inauguration of a certain Republican President-Elect next week, LA County Board of Supervisors Hilda Solis, Sheila Kuehl (aka. "Minister of Propaganda Zelda Goebbels"), in cooperation with certain organizations have issued a Directive to be on the watch for a rise in Hate Crimes (via "Jock-booted Trumpsters"?). Indeed, 2015 saw a rise in Hate Crimes in Los Angeles County with African-Americans being targeted in 58% of the cases according to the Daily News. But while Supervisor Solis and the "Minister of Propaganda Zelda Goebbels", engage in "Trumped-Up Fear-mongering", with insinuations that the Campaign rhetoric of President-Elect Trump is the reason for the rise in Acts of Hate, the TRUE facts, as documented below, are that a certain, "Non White Racial Group" is the responsible party-----Scott Johnson.
"F_ _ _ White Art", as spray-painted on an alleged, White-owned Boyle Heights Art Gallery.
From Highland Park, through Elysian Valley, to Boyle Heights, the alleged ramifications of Gentrification has motivated passionate discussions regarding the future "identity" of communities. In Boyle Heights, the Push Back against Communal Change has devolved into overt Acts of Racial Targeting as the picture above documents, LAPD is currently investigating the explicated content as a Hate Crime.  
An alleged "Gentrification Fence (as insinuated by, NOW Congressional Candidate Maria Cabildo)" installed by a White, Boyle Heights Homeowner.
Former East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC) Co-founder, NOW Congressional Candidate Maria Cabildo was expose for her "thoughts" regarding the fence pictured aboveThe gentrification fence is very horizontal, ubiquitous in Echo Park, but a new comer to #boyleheights I believe that this is the first such fence in #boyleheights. As luck would have it, I drive past it every single day as I travel down … to see my ailing Pops. This fence says, ‘i like the housing stock here but my neighbors are not people I want to interact with (did RACE play a factor?).’ Fences in Boyle Heights are porous.” 
The Firebombings of African-American Families within the Ramona Gardens Housing Development.
Many within the Los Angeles Political Establishment have remain/were SILENT when African-American Families were targets of multiple Firebombing Attacks within the Ramona Gardens Housing Projects. Its been a open secret for decades that Latino Street Gangs and their African-American counterparts, have sought to keep Public Housing segregated in respective areas of control. In 2015, African-Americans where the targets of 58% of all Hate Crimes reported in LA County, mostly via Latino Street Gangs.
Video from a Protest of Boyle Heights Art Gallerys,that espoused Cultural and Ethnic Cleansing.
We ponder if Supervisor Solis and "Minister of Propaganda Zelda Goebbel's" "Trumped-up Fear-monging" of pending "Jock-booted Trumpster Hate Crimes", would mirrored what has TAKEN PLACE in Boyle Heights where street protests sought to intimidate Art Gallery Owners (and Whites), with chants of "GET THE FUCK OUT OF BOYLE HEIGHTS". We dare say if a "White Mob" was marching in a Latino Neighborhood, chanting and racial profiling in seeking to expunge a certain ethnic group, the US Justice Department, FBI, District Attorneys Office ......., along with Supervisors Solis and Kuehl, would be DEMANDING Hate Crime Prosecutions.  
KCBS/KCAL Report on Hate Crime Investigation involving the Boyle Heights Arts District.
Lastly, we invite Supervisors Solis and Kuehl to find the HATE in the video above as those who oppose Gentrification in Boyle Heights, are open in expressing their thoughts about integration of other ethnic groups ........, and maybe cease in exploiting the fears of those seeking a better life, for self-serving Political Motivations----Scott Johnson in Boyle Heights.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Contribution Machine for Wednesday

On this day after the latest "Count de Campaign Monet Deadline" via the Ethics Commission, Second Term-seeking, Mayor Eric Garcetti trots onward with another $500,000-plus in the bank ........, but Progressive Mayoral Challenger Matthew Schwartz, may have garnered something Special Interests Money can't buy, a "Bern-powered Ground Game"..   
 Maybe Mayor Garcetti needs to remain fixated on the present campaign before trotting upwards with his political ambitions?
Progressive Mayoral Challenger Matthew Schwartz,
** Blogger's Notes: Its the day after another Ethics Commission's "Count de Campaign Monet Deadline", an initial review of the reports bids well for the Status Quo (with the exception of CD-5 reigning "Nanny Spud/Clowncilman" Paul Koretz) retaining Office Space at 200 Spring Street ......, but we want to bloggin cautious our cyber audience not to get "BERNED" in accepting another pending City Hall Establishment-financed sweep in March. 
While premise of this missive is rooted on the latest Candidate's Contribution Tallys, this past weekend's Democrat Delegate Elections which saw supporters of former Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders victorious in a majority of California's Assembly Districts balloting, can't be marginalize regarding possible March ramifications.
For PROGRESSIVE Mayoral Candidate Matthew Schwartz, the local success of  Sander's followers may give him something his meager fiscal resources can't buy ..........., a BERNING Ground Campaign to counter the pending mail blizzard of Garcetti Literature coming soon----Scott Johnson. 
"Count de Campaign Monet Briefs for 1-10-17":
CD 1: The Grass Roots Campaign ............, that could, is nearing the $50,000 Milestone, as a growing Josef Bray-Ali Buzz continues at the expense to current CD-1 Officeholder "Broken Deal Cedillo".
CD 5: Surprise, surprise, Challenger Jesse Creed has more money "On Hand" than embattled "Nanny Spud/Clowncilman Koretz".
CD 9: Challenger Jorge Nuno has loan his upstart Campaign more cash as he seeks to UPSET Councilman Curren Price. 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A CD 7 Campaign Royale 2017 Special Report: "M-Rod's Political Soul Sells Cheap to the NSFV Democratic Machine"

In a CD-7 Campaign Royale 2017 Special Report, its apparent that former Mayor Eric Garcetti-appointed Board of Public Works Vice-President, NOW,  a City Hall Establishment-financed City Council Candidate Monica "M-Rod" Rodriguez, is the new FRESH FACE of the notorious Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine. 
Witness the Political Initiation/Kissing of the Ring as"M-Rod" become the Fresh Machine Face Replacement for the departed, "FU POLLO FELIPE".
** Blogger's Notes:  Its Official ........., and the voters of CD 7 are on notice, that Mayor Eric Garcetti, the City Hall Establishment, along with the RULING, Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, have anointed Monica "M-Rod" Rodriguez as your next City Councilperson.
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Monday, January 09, 2017

Assemblyman Gomez gets BERNED in Delegates Selection Rehearsal for pending 34th Congressional District Special Election

 The Congressional Campaign of Assemblyman (and Wife of Bill Clinton Supporter) Jimmy Gomez, is reeling from the BERN inflicted upon it via Sunday's 51st Assembly District Delegate Elections by former Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (and Congressional Candidate Arturo Carmona) Progressive Supporters, in a possible Dress Rehearsal of the upcoming 34th CD Special Election.
Ahhhh, how do I explain my hand-picked Delegate Slate TRUMPING?
Former Sanders Campaign Official Arturo Carmona's Congressional Campaign is ASCENDING.
** Blogger's Notes: Its true ..........., and cause by humans (of Democratic registration). We are referring to a changing Political Climate in the 51st Assembly District that was evident via Sunday's MASSIVE turnout for the Democratic Party Delegate Elections ........, and the results do NOT bid well for the "Wife of Bill Clinton-supporting Establishment". 
In a stunning repudiation of the local Democratic Party Establishment, supporters of Bernie Sanders help elect a mostly Progressive Slate of Delegates, that will play a MAJOR role in endorsing future Candidates for Public Office in the DEEP BLUE political enclave.
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HOT Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we present serious questions pertaining to the alleged, REAL REASONS why former Assembly Speaker John Perez, withdrew from the pending 34th Congressional District Special Election to replace California Attorney General-nominee (but still) Congressman Xavier Becerra.
 Former Assembly Speaker John Perez.
** Blogger's Notes: We bloggin commence our HOT Briefs for Monday with a flashback (and discerning questions) regarding the "IN and OUT URGES" behind former Assembly Speaker John Perez's aborted Congressional Campaign aspirations.
The "Renowned, Speaker Emeritus (and First Cousin of the NOW, Antonio Villargovea)" was (and still is) a termed-out Politico, in search of a new "Officeholder Title" tomorrow ......, and when Governor Jerry Brown surprised the Sacramento Establishment by anointing Congressman Xavier Becerra to replace US Senator Kamala Harris as Attorney General, the former Speaker was the first to pronounce his "IN URGE" in seeking the 34th Congressional District Office
But mere days after announcing his Candidacy, the rotund, apparent Front Runner, was the epicenter of his own, self-produce political tremor, when he URGENTLY-OUTED himself from the pending campaign proceedings, citing "a recent diagnosis of a serious health problem".  
Perez, while not being specific about his illness, stated "The treatment is one that doesn’t lend itself to the intensity of a campaign that the community deserves," but based upon tips from multiple sources, we ponder if the REAL reason for Perez's sudden "OUT URGE" ........., , didn't lend itself to the scrutiny of intense questioning via a discerning community, as noted below. 

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Will Aspiring 51st AD Democrat Delegates Denounce Councilman Huizar's Enabling of Trump Supporter Geoff Palmer's Downtown Developments ...., or Retain the Silence of Hypocrisy?

As a Bloggin Public Service (and test of Political Integrity), we ask the competing Slates and independent candidates in tomorrow's 51st Assembly District Democrat Delegate Elections, whether the would denounce CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's "enabling" of mega, President-Elect Donald Trump Contributor, Developer Geoff Palmer's Downtown Developments.
 The alleged, Corporate/Developer Welfare Establishment Slate.
  The alleged Grass Roots Progressive Slate.
** Blogger's Note: Hola and Great People's Saturday Companeros y Companeras within the Cubafornianista Democrat-controlled 51st Assembly District.

We bloggin hope that your Saturday-before ........, tomorrow's local AD's Cubafornianista Democrat Delegates Elections, is a collective positive (especially when a RARE Raider's Playoff Game clears the streets of alleged, Low Level, Non-Violent Offenders).

From our bloggin, Safe Space, we are hearing "Chisme/Gossip" that manana's Elections, may devolve into a mass exercise in denouncements and purging of alleged, disloyal Party Members. Usually in One Party, People Paradises, members are expunged for straying from the Principles of the Party (or simply expelled in a power grab).

That said, we want to contribute in insuring that, "Principles reign over Patronage" in the selection of Delegates, by asking the competing Slates ........., whether they would FORMALLY DENOUNCE CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar for his multiple, "Acts of Legislated Enabling" of President-Elect Donald Trump Supporter, noted Downtown Developer Geoff Palmer.

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Friday, January 06, 2017

A Friday Brief on the Cali Democrats Internal Skirmishing for Party Control

The "Cubafornia on the Pacific Democratic Party Membership", take pause from their rabid, President-Elect Donald Trump bashing, to renew infra-party skirmishing, as supposed Progressives and the Corporate Welfare Establishment do battle this weekend for rigged-control of the Party Leadership ........ with major implications for the 2018 Elections.
 The 51st Assembly District Corporate/Developer Welfare Democrat Establishment Slate.
The supposed, countering 51st AD Progressive, True Believers Slate. 
** Blogger's Notes: As many proclaim TGIF!! ......... and look forward to a weekend of NFL Playoff Football, the "Cubafornia on the Pacific Ruling Party Establishment/Proletariat Activists" will gather in 80 Assembly District Conclaves Saturday and Sunday, to determine the future leadership of the aspiring Nation-State Enclave , with a possible "Berning" outcome. 
While Cubafornianista Leadership has been ceaseless in pronouncing their collectivist defiance of President-Elect Donald Trump, the reality is that Grass Roots Proletariat/Progressives, are still embittered at the RIGGED Presidential Primary Process, that benefited the Wife of Bill Clinton Campaign. 
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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Boyle Heights ELACC Cabildo joins CROWDED 34th Congressional District Candidate Pool

Former East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC) Executive Director, LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis Chief of Staff and Mayor Eric Garcetti-appointed Planning Commissioner Maria Cabildo, has becomes the TWELFTH Candidate seeking to replace pending California Attorney General (but still) Congressman Xavier Becerra.
Former State Senator Ron Calderon with, NOW, 34th Congressional District Candidate Maria Cabildo.
** Blogger's Note: If there was ever an anointed QUEEN of the numerous Boyle Heights "Connected Non-Profits/Community-based Organizations (CBOs)", it would be none other than the Founder and President of ELACC Maria Cabildo. Her energy in transforming ELACC into THEE "Connected Non-Profit" of Boyle Heights, is allegedly match by a Political Ambition that had her rumored to be a future CD-14 City Council Candidate. But then when you have a chance to become "Congresswoman Cabildo", dreams of a future Third Floor Office at 200 Spring Street can wait ----Scott Johnson.
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Please Pardon the Bloggin Ass Clown Awards Interruption

We PROFUSELY apologize for the delay in presenting our 2017 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards as we deal with a loss of data due to Software Issues. 
Big AAARGHH!!!! Especially when data/Ass Clown Awards Missive is lost.
** A Bloggin Note: A big ........., AAARGHH, with apologies as hours of work on our 2017 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards, has gone cyber missing (due to a software.human issue). Thus, we will re-schedule our multiple-days presentation for next week----Scott Johnson.


Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Afternoon Briefs on the LA-32 NC Scene for Wednesday

The much-maligned (when controlled by CD-14/Disempowerment LA Puppet Masters) LA-32 Neighborhood Council begins 2017 with a renewed focus on community as longtime Stakeholder Anthony Manzano replaces the "departed" Jennifer Markewych as President. 
With NO APOLOGIES to Disempowerment LA, the Stakeholders have chosen their President.
** We part momentarily from our normal cynical, sardonic persona ......, to bring you a positive story of informative, engaged Stakeholders, who acted as a Community to right a miscarriage of government interference. 
With the resignation of Jennifer Markewych as the President of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, the "Powers to Be (CD-14 and Disempowerment LA)", sought to replace the noted Hillary Clinton supporter by anointing Vice-President (and former Huizar Staffer) Miguel Vargas as their designated heir ........., but one problem, Stakeholders have a vote, and vote they did in returning Manzano to the President position, by rejecting the choice of former President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), who had to abdicate his position as Vice-President to seek the Top Office.
Its no secret to discerning observers of the supposed "Empower LA Department", that the increasingly politicized management, has an internal "Troublemaker?Black List (in cooperation with various Council Members) of Constituents, which they desire NAUGHT to see elected to any NC ....., and Manzano was one of them.
Fortunately for the LA-32 Community, Stakeholders out-voted the CD-14-controlled Board Members in electing Manzano, despite the obvious consternation of Disempowerment LA Staff .....and a CD-14-accommodating former NC President-----Scott Johnson.

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Monday, January 02, 2017

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

We're back ........ on bloggin assignments in 2017, as we commence our expanding, New Year Coverage on the discombobulated, State, County and City Hall One Party Political Establishment, reeling from the aftermath of the November Election of President-Elect Donald Trump.
Our expanding Bloggin Assignments in 2017.
** Blogger's Notes: We're back!!  Happy 2017 to all as a discombobulated, "Cubafornia on the Pacific", One Party Political Machine, along with their LA County Gang of Five Politburo and Ciudad de Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Bretherns, return to working on behalf of constituents, both legal .........., or especially, NAUGHT, tomorrow. The Seventeenth Year after "Y2K", promises to be a "365 Days Episode of Political Anxiety" as the Sacrahavana-controlling Cubafornianistas/Democratic Leadership awaits the actions of the incoming, President-Elect Donald Trump Administration. But here at Mayor Sam, we PROUDLY stand with Four Million-plus Californian Voters, in espousing Self-empowerment, Free Enterprise, Law & Order, Lower Taxes and a Corruption-free, Limited Government. That stated, 2017 promises to be a bloggin-breakout year, as we venture beyond our normal 200 Spring Street-centric coverage, to engage topics in the county and state domain. As always, your story tips and comments are MUCH appreciated via emailing us at redspotincd14@yahoo.com-----Scott Johnson in CD 14.   
HOOOODY HOO!! Its the 2017 Edition of the Zuma Dogg for Mayor Campaign.
Via the You Tube Page of Zuma Dogg for Mayor.
** Among the 77 certified Candidates for the upcoming March, 2017 Elections is a FAMILIAR figure to our longtime, cyber audience as former Mayor Sam Blogger David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg has again, qualified as a candidate to unseat Mayor Eric Garcetti, Zuma Dogg joins San Fernando Valley Activist David Hernandez as repeat mayoral candidates,  via their respective 2009 Campaigns that inflicted mortal damage (along with Walter Moore)  on then, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Sacramento aspirations.

Is LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis engaging in stealth outreach to promote USCs Biotech Corridor ambitions?
LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis (Blue Jacket) with USC President Max Nikias. 
** Rumors and speculation are making the rounds in the community surrounding the USC Health Science Campus that LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis. is choreographing a public-denying, stealth campaign to garner the needed support for USCs ambitious Biotech Corridor Project. According to sources, Supervisor Solis is working with willing Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), who in return would receive FUTURE FUNDING for choreographing positive public testimony. 

Will former Supervisor Solis Chief of Staff and East Los Angeles Community Corp (ELACC) Executive Director Maria Cabildo, join the crowded field of candidates seeking to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra?
Maria Cabildo with Ron Calderon.
** The LA Times is reporting that former LA County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis Chief of Staff Maria Cabildo, is the latest name of interest, considering joining the crowded field of candidates, seeking to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra.  

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Special Announcement/Media Alert from the Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards Committee

In a Special Announcement from the 2017 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards Committee,  this year's presentation will be expanded over multiple days, in the interest of bestowing recognition on the growing multitudes of Politico Payasos y Payasas. 
Proud Award Models Huizzy, Herman and Francine 
** Blogger's Notes: We pause from our gleeful viewing of the latest "University of Snowflake-like Children (USC)" Rose Bowl Meltdown, to share this SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT/MEDIA ALERT from the 2017 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards Committee. 

After prolong consideration of the nominees for this year's installment of the Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards. the Review Committee has determine that the 2017 Edition will be expended into State, County and City Hall categories, with a Special, "Mayor Sam Politico Ass Clown Emeritus" being announced on Friday, January 6, 2017. 

Below, is the posting schedule for 2017 Edition of the Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards.

Tuesday: The Cubafornia on the Pacific/Sacrahavana Award Presentations.

Wednesday: The LA County Presentations.  
Thursday: CIudad de Los Angeles Presentation.: 
Friday: The 2017 Mayor Sam Politico Ass Clown Emeritus Presentation.
Expressing your Feelings on being a Ass Clown Award Winner (or NAUGHT).
DISCLAIMER: Upon request, the 2017 Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown Awards Committee will make available a cyber safe space, stocked with Crayolas, Paper, Play do and Comfort Foods for those who want express their feelings on being anointed an Ass Clown ......, or worse, not measuring up to awarding consideration (THE HORROR!! Trojans Win, Trojans Win 52-49!!)-----Scott Johnson.