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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fundraiser in the Memory of Boyle Heights Mentor of Character Louie Moreno

Please consider taking time tomorrow (Saturday) to partake in a Fundraiser to help with the Services for Boyle Heights Mentor of Character Louie Moreno at So Cal Burger in East Los Angeles.
 Raffles Prizes, including an Acoustic Guitar signed by the Members of Los Lobos.
$10 Dollars Louie Moreno T-shirts. 
....., and Boyle Heights will miss an Icon.


A Bloggin Deconstruction of Betty Pleasant's Latest "Wanton Missive of Distortion (WMD)" regarding her "Boycotting the Return" of the LA Rams

With no apologies to longtime South LA Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant, we must take subjective, bloggin umbrage to her latest "Wanton Missive of Distortion (WMD)", that calls for Boycotting the return of the Los Angeles Rams ..........., to the African-American-governed City of Inglewood.  
Betty Pleasant muses BOYCOTTING the Greater Los Angeles Ramily, (allegedly).
** Blogger's Note: Disclaimer, the following bloggin missive/deconstructing of yet, another factually-devoid, "Wanton Missive of Distortion (WMD)", via the keyboard of longtime South LA Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant, will promote a DECISIVE, subjective premise (mixed with sardonic satire), that the extremist pronouncements of the former LA Wave Commentator, is rooted in a want for the return of the LA Raiders. 
Its apparent that Betty craves a return to a formerly South-Central LA Era where "The Silver and Black" were the dominant Sport Colors of choice for most, including those who were the inspiration for later Citizen Initiatives such as Prop 186 (Three Strikes), which laid the foundation for future Raider Booster Clubs, based out of Five Star-rated (Correctional) Locations, such as Central, Twin Towers, Wayside, Sybil Brand, Eastlake Juvenal Hall ......, and of course San Quentin.
 It can also be extrapolated, if we choose to channel the return of the Rams through Betty's "racial prism", that the past Rams Fan Base, was a lighter skin shade (and less prone to commit criminal mischief) than the Raiders ......., but lets not waste anymore time in lending credence to the absurd ........,, and focus instead, on deconstructing another Betty "WMD"----Scott Johnson.       
HONEY, I’M HOME! (Thanks to the leadership of the African-American-governed City of Inglewood)— You know what else needs to be boycotted? The returning Los Angeles Rams (What about protesting the return of the Raiders Fan Base via AB 109 and Prop 47?). For some unknown reason, the Rams left us 20 years ago and settled into a new life in St. Louis (Via a Gold-digging Widow, married for the Eight Time) . I’m wholeheartedly in support of having a football team in Los Angeles, but I want it to be any team except the Rams (The rant of a Raider Lover?). The Rams is like a wayward husband who leaves his wife and moves in with another woman and then decides 20 years later to return to his wife (Wrong analogy Betty, it was a Gold-digging ex, who's husband went for a swim ......., and she becomes a LA-hating NFL Owner)! So how do the jilted residents of Los Angeles react to this? Like, crazy people! (Have you been to the Black Hole lately, Betty?) They’re happy and are welcoming the Rams “home” with open arms. That’s unnatural (what has become "natural" is losing records for the Raiders ......, and shorter incarceration times for its fans). Think about it. Is there any woman alive whose husband up and left her, moved in with another woman, and decided 20 years later to leave his woman and return to his wife, who eagerly welcomes him back! (Betty, how many Olympic-caliber swimmers such as Carroll Rosenbloom, drown in shallow waters ......., and then have their wife inherit a NFL Team?)    No such sane woman exists (But Inglewood was inviting). I hate the Rams and I hope they lose every game they play (and may you enjoy the return of a fan base ......, without a team).
Betty Pleasant in her favorite Black (minus the Silver) Wear.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Morning Briefs on 2017 Los Angeles Mayoral Ambitions for Thursday

As we near the end of the First Month of 2016, potential candidates to challenge Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's bid for a Second Term, are making their possible intentions known ......, and all have ties to the past Administration of Former Failure (and possible competitor for Governor in 2018) Mayor Antonio Villar .
When will Jose Huizar walk across the future Bridge of Political Ambition, 2017?
** Blogger's Note: We are less than fourteen months away from the 2017 Los Angeles Municipal Elections and despite having $Two Million dollars plus on hand, Mayor Eric Garcetti's bid for a Second Term (and quest for Higher Office) will not go unchallenged .........., especially from a certain, ahhh, rival Political Faction.  
Coincidence, or not, two associates linked to fail policy initiatives via the reign of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar have made public their possible, respective intentions to challenge Mayor Eric Garcetti's bid for a Second Term.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Morning Briefs on the Internal Dysfunctional LAPD Machine for Wednesday

As the Police Protective League takes LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to task over his Deployment of Officers and the ensuing disinformation on the rise of Violent Crimes in the City of Los Angeles, retire State of California Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre in a CityWatch LA Exclusive, discloses another "dubious" allocation of department rank and file personal.
Its GOOD to be LAPD Chief Charlie Beck (especially when the wife is not lurking, allegedly).
Blogger's Note: Its a truism that the positive perception of any municipality is rooted in the professional reputation of its Public Safety Departments (Police and Fire) and judging from recent missives directed at LAPD Charlie Beck (and his civilian overseers), perception is becoming reality that a crisis of leadership exists, that coincides with an increasing (and misreported) Crime Rate.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Morning Brief on the Evolving Eric and Wendy Political Relationship for Tuesday

Could the evolving Political Relationship between now Mayor Eric Garcetti and former Mayoral Challenger Wendy Greuel be a precursor for a new Valley Greuel Officeholder-seeking Incarnation ........, or a Garcetti-choreographed union to forestall a potential 2017 Mayoral Challenge from a "Noted Greuel Ally"? 
The Fresh Greuel of the Mayor Garcetti Administration.

** Blogger's Note: Discerning political observers were doing a visual double-take as Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed a youngish Greuel to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) Board of Commissioners. 
Its so happens that the new Mayor Garcetti appointee shares the same name as the former CD 2 City Councilwoman, City Controller, Mayoral Candidate and Congressional aspirant Wendy "Boss D'Arcy's Greuel", but has a look of a much younger and refreshed appearing version of the San Fernando Valley-based Politico .........., in search of a new political incarnation? 
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Monday, January 25, 2016

HOT Brief on a NFL City Make Believe Mayor for Monday

Bemused City of Inglewood Officials can only shake their heads as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti continues his Political Narcissus-tinged Role Playing of a National Football League City Officeholder. 
"Mayor Gar-Soft-ee" with reality regarding his NFL standing. 
** Blogger's Note  These have been bloggin great times for a certain cyber commentator, as the NFL righted a 21 year wrong by allowing the Rams to return home.
Despite the efforts of Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer and his former Democratic colleagues in Sacramento, to increase the Raiders Fan Base via AB 109 Prison Realignment (ie. Dumping of supposed Non Violent, Non Revocable Raider Fan Parolees back onto the streets) and the dumbing down of their criminal excesses via Prop 47, the 32 NFL owners are owed a collective thanks from crime-weary Angelinos, as they wisely chose to returned the Rams ......, and Rams only (for now), to the L.A. Market, via the City of Inglewood.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Questionable, Subjective Actions of Empower LA Director of Elections Jay Handal

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have some questions for Empower LA General Manager Grayce Liu, regarding the alleged, questionable and subjective actions of the 2016 "Director of Elections" Jay Handal ......, and the potentially, adverse impacts on the objectivity of the upcoming, city-wide Neighborhood Council Elections.  
2016 Empower LA's Director of Election Jay Handel, speaking previously, before a City Commission.

** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have received information from multiple sources regarding, alleged subjective and questionable comments, via Empower LA/City Clerk's Office 2016 Contracted "Director of Elections" Jay Handal, that can have potentially, adverse impacts on the objectivity of the upcoming, city-wide Neighborhood Council Elections.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Noting another Implosion in the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Political Machine

The Northeast San Fernando Valley Democrat Political Machine is the epicenter for another Ethical and Legal Implosion as the Los Angeles Times discloses incriminating evidence of False Donations made in the name of CD 6 Voters by the 2015 Nury Martinez for City Council Campaign.
What did Nury know about an alleged scheme to defraud the Taxpayers, via bogus Campaign Contributions?

** Blogger's Note: Its amazing what can grow out of a gathering of Northeast San Fernando Valley Democrat Political Machine Staffers, at a 2014 39th Assembly District Campaign Ballot Count.

From Official Notification in the Congressional Record, through numerous Subpoenas of CD 6 and CD 7 Staffers, then a sudden announcement from an ambitions First Term City Councilman Felipe Fuentes, that he would not seek a Second Term and now the latest regarding questionable, small donations to the 2015 Nury Martinez for City Council Campaign ........, can we presume that something scandalous is being exposed via a FBI/Federal Grand Jury Investigation.

The latest implosion regarding the alleged washing of money into small CD 6 Constituent-based contributions to garner the maximum amount of public Matching Funds, has the characteristics of an organized attempt to circumvent new Ethics Commission requirements that City Council Campaigns must document "Grass Roots Support" by gathering 200 $5-10 Donations to qualified for taxpayers Matching Funds.

Discerning observers can extrapolate via the Times detailed report, that someone within the Northeast San Fernando Valley Machine, has been giving the FBI/Federal Grand Jury Investigation, a GPS concise road map on the financial manipulations, orchestrated to circumvent Ethics Commission/FPPC Rules.

If there is any person who can speak regarding the fiscal practices of the five-headed Northeast Political Cabal, it would be the husband of CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Consultant Gerry Guzman. We can only speculate whether the architect of the 2014, now former Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra Campaign's collapse, has been formally summon to answer questions under oath, but we can gather that no formal resolution to this even-expanding investigation, would not be complete, without testimony from the Husband of Nury----Scott Johnson.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Personal Note .............

This blogger is suffering a case of the tummy runs and the blues over the recent death of a good friend. Please excuse the bloggin pause----Scott Johnson.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Please Help the Family of Boyle Heights Mentor of Character Louie Moreno

The Daughter of Louie Moreno has set up a Go Fund Me Page to help cover the costs of services for a Loving Father and Community Icon. Please consider helping in anyway you can.
Louie Moreno with Daughter Teresa Michelle Moreno.

** Blogger's Note: The last 24 Hours has gave witness to the amazing impact that Boyle Heights Mentor of Character Louie Moreno had upon MANY in the Greater Boyle Heights/East LA Community (and beyond). In the preceding years before Louie's health finally gave out on Sunday, it was no secret that his fight against Diabetics had been costly financially, Thus, as a daughter deals with grieving loss of a Father taken too soon, PLEASE consider helping in covering the Services Costs with a donation to the Go Fund Me Page set up by Teresa Michelle-----With respects, Scott Johnson.
In remembrance of a Great Friend to MANY.


Monday, January 18, 2016

The Passing of Boyle Heights Mentor of Character Louie Moreno

The Greater East LA/ Boyle Heights Community (and City of Los Angeles Employee Family) are mourning the Passing of a Great Mentor of Character Louie Moreno.
The nurturing Mentor of Youth that was and will be Louie Moreno

 ** Blogger's Note: On this day we honor a great American of Character who helped bridge the divisive chasms of intolerance, with mere acts of witnessing, many within the Boyle Heights Community (and beyond), are sharing such, as its mourns the lost of a Great Mentor of Character Louie Moreno.

Louie,  a 1980 Roosevelt High School Grad, who's health in recent years had been affected by the ravages of Diabetics, suffered a fatal Heart Attack yesterday in Downey according to friends on Social Media.

Just in the last couple of months, Louie had been making a great recovery from Heart Surgery, working at the longtime, usual Monday Night Football (and Director of Security) Gig at Steven's Steak House and promoting his new Public Relations business venture, while exhibiting the same, great perseverance that personified his on-going battle with Diabetics.
Louie Moreno in recent weeks with former Mayor Richard Riordan at The Pantry.

For decades, Louie's endeavors in promoting the positive, mentoring values in sports, saw him give selflessly of his time in supporting the likes of the Boyle Heights Wolfpack Pop Warner Program, the El Sereno Stallions, the annual East LA Classic between Roosevelt & Garfield ........., while himself, teaching those same values on the field of play to community youth, including someone who would become Boyle Height's current City Councilperson.
Louie Moreno with late Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Babo Castillo.

Many will surely remember Louie's gift of promoting local youth sports via the popular Cable Public Access and LA City Channel 35 "Sports Rap Up Show", which brought his love of promoting the positive of local youth athletics to a bigger audience. Many were the requests from community youth sports programs to have Louie (and crew) come out to their respective events.

It should also be noted that Louie and his Sports Rap Up sponsors were selfless in giving to those less fortunate, with their annual Christmas Toy Giveaway and Movie Day at the old Edwards Theater in Alhambra. Hundreds of kids in the Ramona Gardens Projects were the beneficiary of this annual event (and for that, this writer gives THANKS).

We would be remiss in not noting, that up to a couple of years ago, Louie was a much beloved City of Los Angeles Employee, who made daily contacts with the likes of the Mayor, City Councilpersons, Department Heads and visitors, with his years of duty in the City Hall Garage, until Diabetics took part of his leg, necessitating an early retirement.
Louie Moreno with former fellow Co-worker Eddie Santillan and friend Denis Quinonez.

Anyone, when presented with the same ramifications of a disease with no pity, would not be faulted for lapsing into a trance of depression/despair over their predicament ........., but many who were blessed to have been the recipient of the countless acts of Goodness from a Great Friend, will give witness to the fact that horrors of Diabetics, could not change the Character and Soul of Louie.

Louie Moreno is survived by his daughter Teresa Michelle Moreno. We share our profound prayers with Teresa and Louie's Family in this time of Great Loss ........., while giving witness and celebrating a life of Selfless Mentoring in the interest of building a better Community of Character.

** PLEASE NOTE: The Eastside Bike Club will be dedicating its Annual Tour de Cure (for Diabetics) Fundraiser to late Lincoln Heights Community Advocate Frank Wada ........., and Louie Moreno. Please consider giving your support.----Scott Johnson.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Rising Cost of "Legal Arrangements" for Congressman Tony Cardenas

As the number of deposed Staffers working for the Officeholders of the imploding Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine continues to rise, its no surprise that the most recent costs of "Legal Arrangements" for Congressman Tony Cardenas has skyrocketed.
Reviewing the Rising Costs of Legal Arrangements is no Happy Matter for Congressman Tony Cardenas.

Blogger's Note: From the Website via "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)",, comes the latest expose regarding the alleged, nefarious campaign misconduct, involving the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine.

Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-CA) appears to be spending a lot of time with his lawyers lately. In the last three months, his campaign committee spent $131,470 on “legal services” with five separate law firms, according to new campaign finance records. The legal expenses, which are more than Rep. Cárdenas’ campaign spent in the three previous quarters combined, suggest that a federal investigation involving one of his aides has intensified.  
In April 2015, Gabriela Marquez, the top staffer in Rep. Cárdenas’ district office, informed the House of Representatives that she had been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury. Roll Call reported at the time that Marquez had been questioned about whether staffers in Rep. Cárdenas office did campaign work on official time. Politico reported that the FBI was focusing on work Marquez did for other campaigns, not for Rep. Cárdenas. 

The rate in the rise of Congressman Cardenas's Legal Arrangements, can be compared to the speed exhibited by the Gerry Guzman-consulted Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine, in having all available, paid staffers show up at the LA County Registrar Recorder Office in Norwalk, to hopefully influence the 2014 39th AD Ballot Count, eventually won by now Assemblywoman Patty Lopez.
Yet, while the speculation regarding the genesis of the FBI/Federal Grand Jury Investigation of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine, is fixated on staffer's involvement in the 2014 39th AD Campaign, we have obtain documentation that highlight the role of out-going CD 7 City Councilman Felipe Fuentes Staffer Tania Soto, in overseeing the Independent Expenditure Committee for the "Go Active Democrats"                                                  
In reviewing the document linked above, it seems that the Go Active IE overseen by Soto, was a fiscal tool to move campaign money from the likes of Congressman Candenas and then Assemblyman Bocanegra ......., to the City Council Campaigns of CD 6 City Councilman Nury Martinez and her boss, CD 7 City Councilman Felipe Fuentes----Scott Johnson.
CD 7 Councilman Felipe Fuentes Staffer Tania Soto.
Go Active Democrats IE, Page 1
Go Active Democrats IE Contributions.
Go Active Democrats Expenditures to Councilpersons Martinez and Fuentes.

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

RINO Riordan calls out Mayor "Gar-ce-Tea" in Endorsing Anti-Development Ballot Measure.
Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan in a Populist Moment.

Oh for the bloggin love of Political Irony .........., and the following comment via former Successful Mayor Richard Riordan, is laden with them, as he announces his support for the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative Ballot Measure.
From the Los Angeles Times.

“If a person moved to the city now and heard Mayor Eric Garcetti talk, they’d assume he’s a member of the Tea Party,” Riordan said in a statement. “He isn’t doing anything for the poor but helping the rich get richer -- through these zoning deals on land development.”

LOL!! You got to love the documented Republican Ex. Mayor (with strong RINO proclivities), for comparing the PROGRESSIVE Mayor to the Tea Party ........., when in reality, the Second Term-seeking Rhodes Scholar is engaging in the current Democrat/Republican Establishment Scheme of rewarding their Corporate Development Welfare Donor Class, with value-adding Zoning Exemptions.

BTW, we would like to thank the "Successful Ex Mayor" for being the inspiration behind bestowing the new "Mayor Gar-ce-Tea Brand (of Development) Moniker" on the Density-loving Officeholder.

** Surprise, surprise (naught) that the Trial Lawyers are seeking out positions at the City of Los Angeles General Fund Trough, as the legal fallout from LAPD's Policy-challenged Response to the November 26, 2015 Ferguson, Mo. -related Protest, kick into Class Action Lawsuit mode. With the recent decision to not prosecute noted LAPD Blogger Jasmyne Cannick, based upon violations of the department's official unlawful assembly protocols, expect payouts to total seven figures.

**  The early observations on new LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King, does not bid well for the likes of outside reformers and Charter School supporters as the longtime District Educator pans the premise that the nation's second-largest School District is in need of major reforms (while supporting single-sex campuses), as the UTLA-backed School Board pushes back against a Eli Broad-supported Charter School expansion proposal.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Comment Section Dialog on the Best Usage of Park Space

On the eve of the Los Angeles County-sponsored Park Space Needs Assessment Workshop at the Lincoln Park Recreation Center, we present a past "Comment Section Dialog/Debate" regarding the usage of Green Space at CD 1's Lincoln Park between noted Cycling Advocate Josef Bray-Ali and known Councilman Huizar Supporter Ray Rios. 
Flyer for Los Angeles County Parks Needs Assessment Workshop. 
** Blogger's Note: On the eve of Los Angeles County-sponsored Parks Needs Assessment Workshop for the communities surrounding CD 1's Lincoln Park (see flyer above for information), now would be the bloggin appropriate time to share a recent missive via Richard Rosenberg at the Flying Pigeon LA Blog (associated with noted Cyclist Advocate Josef Bray-Ali), that took CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo To task for allowing Green Space at the Historic Lincoln Park, to be paved over for Parking Usage by Plaza De La Raza Patrons. In a area of Los Angeles that is in need of more Park Space, is not surprising that the $800,000 Parking Lot, would meet with opposition, but as we post below ..........., there is a solitary, connected enabler (or more) who has no qualms (in commenting support) about "Paving Paradise ..., and Putting Up A Parking Lot (for the exclusive use of a selected few)"---Scott Johnson.    

Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member Ray Rios, with Wife Ruth, LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis and USC President Max Nikias.
From Ray Rios:

To respond to your criticism of Councilman Cedillo creating a parking area for Plaza de la Raza. What’s wrong with that? I am a long time resident and community advocate who still resides in the area around Lincoln Park, Hazard Park, and El Sereno and I’ve been around long enough to see both the good and the bad in our community. This parking area is a good thing for OUR COMMUNITY. It provides our community with a whole variety of programs in the arts that would otherwise not be available to our residents. We loved our old Boat House but if it were to be used for something else, Plaza fulfills it in a very positive manner. The video that you showed is so misleading to viewers about all the free parking space around the park. The truth is that there is little community parking on most days, especially weekdays. Between the DMV, Forever 21, and USC Health Science using up all the community parking and access to the park, their leaves no parking for the residents until after 6pm weekdays. So the loss of a little green space is certainly alright with me. Leave the few positive aspects of our community in peace. If you want to use your blog constructively, look at the other side of the park where all the community parking to access the Lincoln Park is being taken up daily by USC employees/students for free. Ray Rios

Cycling Advocate (and Flying Pigeon LA Blog Administrator) Josef Bray-Ali (with microphone).
From Josef Bray Ali:
Raymond Rios,Proving you wrong about “the lack of parking” is already done – I’ve filmed, photographed, and documented the open parking in numerous free lots and on the surrounding streets around Lincoln Park.The question I have for you: how many folklorico classes do I have to teach before I can drive into the middle of a public park?Why can’t people in wheelchairs have the $5,000 needed to bring access to the park up to the bare minimum of access standards?The users of the Plaza are a nasty, entitled, group of snobs when it comes to their place in this community. You teach culture and the arts? Great! Please stop ruining the park grounds!!!\

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Is it Time (via Dennis Zine) to Reinstate an Enforcement Tool to Combat the Hit and Run Epidemic?

The recent "Hit and Run Murder" of Nun/Sister Raquel Diaz in a Boyle Heights Intersection is the motivation for a timely, salient missive by former CD 3 City Councilman (and LAPD Motor Cop) Dennis Zine, on the need of reinstating the enforcement tool of impounding vehicles of non-licensed drivers, to combat an epidemic of Hit and Run Accidents.  
Sister Raquel Diaz.
Former CD 3 City Councilman and LAPD Motor Officer Dennis Zine.
** For those who are familiar with the asphalt byways of Boyle Heights, the intersection of Evergreen Avenue and Winter Street (just south of the notable eateries of Tepeyac and Ciro's), is a mere pause, as one seeks to make haste to a chosen destination (especially when nearby, parallel Soto Street is gridlocked) . 
In the early evening (about 5:20 PM) of December 13, 2015, Sister Raquel Diaz stepped out into the cross walk of the aforementioned intersection .........., and became the latest fatality in a Hit and Run Epidemic, that has prompted a call for the reinstatement of an enforcement tool that has been mothballed due to Political Correctness within LAPD.
Before Dennis Zine became the noted (and now former) CD 3 City Councilman, his time via a 33 years career as a LAPD Motor Officer, saw him become familiar with the streets of Boyle Heights during assigned stints at the Hollenbeck Division ......., and is well-verse with the enforcement tools available to maintain traffic safety.
The genesis for the implementation of Special Order 7, was rooted in Politically Correct rhetoric of those who broached that LAPD's Impound Policies, unfairly impacted families of Illegal Immigrants, who could not obtain a California Driver License until the recent passage of AB 60.
As Zine notes, the passage of AB 60 has enable thousands to obtain the legal ability drive in California. 

This week, California Department of Motor Vehicles officials released Assembly Bill 60 statistics for the month of November, as well as totals since the program was implemented on January 2, 2015. The program has been very successful. In November alone, 26,000 AB 60 driver licenses were issued. And from January 2 to November 30, 574,000 AB 60 driver licenses have been issued. A license is not issued until the applicant proves identity and residency with qualifying documents or through secondary review, passes a written knowledge exam, and completes a behind-the-wheel drive exam.    

Thus, is now the time to remove Special Order 7 ........, or will Political Correctness, again, impede the ability to safeguard a Sister, merely attempting to cross a neighborhood street without becoming a Hit and Run statistic?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Its Official!! The Rams are Los Angeles (via Inglewood) Again!!

Its Official!!, The NFL Owners vote 30-2 to Approve the Return the Rams to Los Angeles (via Inglewood) ........, and somewhere up the 110 Freeway, a certain LA City Clowncil Central Committee and the Tim LIEweke-less AEG LA LIVE City State, can only ponder ...., WHAT IF.
The Greater Los Angeles Ramily is whole again.

** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to the likes of the AEG LA LIVE CITY STATE, Tim LIEweke, Maria Elena Durazo, former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, Martin Ludlow and the LA City Clowncil Central Committee ..........., the Rams are returning to Los Angeles (via Inglewood). As twenty years of emptiness, gladly, comes to an end with today's announcement by the NFL, and the City of Los Angeles Political Machine can only ponder ........, WHAT IF. But its the subjective opinion of this PROUD RAMS FAN/BLOGGER, that a reborn Los Angeles Rams franchise (and its revenue), is in a better place away from the ethically-challenged follies originating from 200 Spring Street. Maybe the Rams will throw the City of Los Angeles some crumbs via a temp home field agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But for now ..........., THE RAMS ARE BACK (and for Raiders Fans, there is a certain $10 Million Dollar Gravel Pit in Irwindale)-----Scott Johnson.   
A Los Angeles Rams Legend Jack Youngblood.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Afternoon Briefs on the Imploding Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine for Monday

Was the recent withdrawal of CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez Staffer Jim Dantona from the 27th State Senate District Campaign, a telling, fore-shock to last Friday's major Northeast San Fernando Valley-centered Political Earthquake, that was CD 7 City Councilman Felipe Fuente's decision not to seek re-election in 2017?
The Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine (before its implosion).

** Blogger's Note: Great Monday (after Friday's Political Earthquake) to everyone, especially to those in our cyber home base of  CD 7's Sunland-Tujunga, where the political aftershocks of CD 7 City Councilman Felipe Fuentes surprise "political machine-fracturing" announcement of his intentions NOT to seek a Second Term, are still shaking the political landscape.

The political aftershocks of Councilman Fuentes announcement are taking the forms of community meetings, candidate speculation and running dialog on Social Media, as a Northeast SFV Community (and beyond) attempts to find the exact epicenter that prompted Fuentes decision.

This major Political Earthquake, like those that happen naturally may of been preceded by (or could be) a smaller, but telling foreshock. This could be exampled by the late November decision by CD 6 City Councilwoman Staffer Jim Dantona, to withdrawal from the 27th State Senate District Campaign to replace Senator Fran Pavley.

Dantona's decision to forgo the 27th State Senate Campaign, came after the October, 2015 Report that fellow Staff Members of Councilwoman Martinez staff were subpoenaed to appear before a Federal Grand Jury, investigating undisclosed issues involving staffs from Congressman Tony Cardenas, and those from CD 6 ......., and now CD 7.

In Friday's Times report, it was disclosed that Councilman Fuentes Staffer (and Aunt) Yolanda Fuentes Miranda, was subpoenaed in December, to appear before the Federal Grand Jury. Records show that she was present at the now infamous 2014 39th Assembly District Campaign Ballot Count in Norwalk.
CD 7 Staffer Yolanda Fuentes Miranda (above) and 39th AD Ballot Count Observer Sign In Document.

In discussion with various, discerning Northeast San Fernando Valley political observers, almost everyone finds it hard to believe that CD 7 Councilman Fuentes would walk away from an almost certain, secured Second Term on the City Council, 
While it WAS true that Councilman Fuentes was going to face a challenge for re-election (for very valid reasons), his power of being the incumbent Officeholder (with the NESFV Machine fiscal resources), presented a formidable obstacle to overcome. 
But the reality is for now, that Fuentes Political Ground Shaker is bound to change the CD 7 Landscape ........., and maybe beyond, if it leads to a bigger political shakeup (or Political Machine Implosion).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  


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Monday, January 04, 2016

Mayor Garcetti (joins Mayor Sam) on "Storm Parade Watch, 2016"

We are glad to announce the addition of Mayor Eric Garcetti to our Mayor Sam's "Storm Parade Watch, 2016" bloggin coverage ........., as the City Clowncil Central Committee remains on its Winter Hibernation/Recess until January 12, 2016.
Mayor Garcetti speaking to assembled Media Sunday Night. 
** Blogger's Note: Great first Monday of 2016 to everyone as we endeavor to bring you the best in local political reporting (mixed with our patented humor-based, sardonic commentary) in the year ahead. We begin this first work week of the New Year, in pronouncing our "standing on common ground" with Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Garcetti, in regards to exploiting a potential "Natural Emergency" for greater exposure.  While our bloggin desire is merely rooted in reaching a large audience with factually-based information (that in the case of our "Storm Parade Watch" coverage, will hopefully preserve lives), the ramifications for the Rhodes Scholar/Naval Reservist can make the difference in reassuring Angelinos of his fitness for a Mayoral Second Term, marketing himself to a wider audience beyond the City of LA's boundaries ........., or reinforcing the whispers of discerning critics about the Mayor's noted "Gar-Soft-ee Persona", that abhors decisive, decision making. But in the bloggin short term, the tech-savvy Officeholder is doing his best to marriage visual presentations via the local media, with the various Social Media mediums. in offering regular updates on the looming first in a series of "Storm Parades". Yet, we should remind Mayor Garcetti that the power of TV and Social Media, is lacking within the growing Homeless Shantytowns ........., and especially in those within the potentially deadly waterways, the old method of "foot warning" those in harm's way, may be the best social medium in preserving lives-----Scott Johnson.
NWS Los Angeles Forecast Discussion ......, Radar
NWS San Diego Forecast Discussion ......, Radar
Weatherbell (Paid Site with some free links) 
A Mayoral Photo Op to reassure Angelinos.
Potential Five Days (Today-Saturday) Rainfall Totals with California getting soaked. 
Meanwhile ......., your City Clowncil Central Committee is on Recess.

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Saturday, January 02, 2016

How will Mayor Garcetti Preside over the upcoming "Parade of Storms"?

While Mayor Eric Garcetti was raising his Public Profile via yesterday's ride on the City of Los Angeles Rose Parade Float, an upcoming (and potentially dangerous) "Parade of Storms" will test the Rhodes Scholar/Navy Reservist's Political Mettle. 
Is that the Storm Parade in the near future?
 ** Blogger's Note: LIVE!! From the virtual, cyber newsroom of Mayor Sam ........., we're on "Bloggin Storm Parade Watch, 2016". As the first in a potentially, long parade of El Nino-influenced storms set their sites on Southern California, we will endeavor to provide instantaneous coverage (through our normal politically-centric prism of commentary), especially in regards to how Mayor Eric Garcetti presides in ensuring the safety of all Angelinos. We are eleven years removed from the last major damaging Wet Season (2004-2005) ......, and again, the leadership of a Second Term-seeking Officeholder (James Hahn in 2004) in presiding over weather-related issues, could have profound, future political implications for a likewise, bland (and Soft?) political persona, in current Mayor Eric Garcetti. But unlike then Mayor Hahn, Mayor Garcetti has to account for an exploding city-wide Homeless Crisis, that has propagated the establishment of numerous shanty encampments within water courses. In recent weeks, both Mayor Garcetti and the City Council have been taken to task, regarding their "vacillating resolve" in dealing with the Homeless Crisis. But in the short term, Mayor Garcetti, in concert with Public Safety officials, should take (and declare via a State of Emergency) decisive action, that ensures that LA's water courses, don't become liquid rampages of death ........., and immediately make available shelters for those in need------Scott Johnson.     
From the National Weather Service, San Diego Office.
Homeless Encampment along the Arroyo Seco.
A potential drowning encampment. 

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