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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hahn Sneaks In A Scam

The LA Times is reporting that real estate fraud suspect Mark Abrams helped funnel $300,000 to the mayor's campaigns. The developer got prime City Hall access on a permit.

Good thing this came up right before the Presidential elections so Hahn can skate through unnoticed.

At least for now.

Mayor Sam's Election Picks

Once again we go to the polls and once again some god damn morons will get elected. Since you asked, here are my picks


A choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledummer. Many are voting on the issue of security and the conventional wisdom is that goes to Bush. But I am not so sure a Kerry victory means we're a sitting duck for Al Queada. To be sure, Kerry will keep much of the Bush program on terrorism - and with a sitting Republican Congress, he won't have a lot of wiggle room. As well, a Democratic President in his first term can ill afford a major attack he was not able to prevent.

That being said there is no way I can vote for John Kerry given his liberal voting record and the impact he would have on the economy. At the same time however, George Bush is a third rate President who though he toppled Saddam, has really not laid out a plan to get out of Iraq nor to vanquish terrorists on a global scale.

So what to do? Two choices. Leave the Presidential spot on your ballot blank (effectively a no vote on all candidates) OR write in the national unity ticket of John McCain and Joe Liberman.


Bill Jones. Though he has no chance of winning, there is no way I can vote for the Marin County Liberal Barbara Boxer. The Republicans had the opportunity to take this seat by nominating a thoughtful, articulate, moderate pro-choice Latina Republican in the person of Rosario Marin but in typical California Republican fashion, they blew it by nominating yet another old, pro-life, Central Valley white guy.


Proposition 1A - YES.
This measure should keep the state's grubby hands off local revenues, something as a former Mayor I am keenly aware of.

Proposition 59 - YES.
Passage of this measure should lead to a little more sunshine on government activities and with the reincarnation of Frank Shaw back in office in the person of Mayor Poopy, it couldn't hurt.

Proposition 60 - NO.
This could be called the political party full employment act of 2004. This is a reponse to Prop 62 (more below) in a desperate and cynical ploy by incumbents to hold on to their seats.

Proposition 60A - YES.
This measure provides for the state to sell off surplus properties and use it to pay off the deficit which is a good thing. It was recently reported the state owns unnecessary property such as land in Tahiti and various shopping centers it has no business owning.

Proposition 61 - NO.
Everyone wants to help sick kids, but for Christ sakes do we need yet another bond to do that? Bond financing is killing this state and there are otheralternatives to meet this goal.

Proposition 62 - YES.
The State Legislature has redrawn Assembly and Senate districts to be safe for either Democrats or Republicans, guaranteeing the same boobs for years to come. Under the current system, the majority party has a lock on the seat. This would allow for a moderate Republican or Democrat to gather enough votes to get on the ballot and win, without running to the extreme left or extreme right. It would also apply to statewide offices so that a Rosario Marin or Dick Riordan could actually get on the general ballot and win. And for Pete sakes - this is how we elect people at the local level, its good enough for the state.

Proposition 63 - NO.
This is yet more bond funding, but this time for the mentals. See Prop 61.

Proposition 64 - YES.
This is an excellent measure which closes the loophole that allows crooked attorneys to shake down businesses, taking advantage of laws that are meant to help those truly aggrieved. Many of the businesses that have been the victims of frivolous lawsuits are small, immigrant owned businesses so you would think the liberals would go for this one.

Proposition 65 - NO.
No one is even in favor of this damn thing - it was a half ass attempt to do what Prop 1A will do. Waste.

Proposition 66 - NO.
This one would roll back the three strikes law and was written specifically for some snot rich kid who got a third strike. Everyone from Jerry Brown to Pete Wilson is against this. Three strikes has helped keep a lot of violent folks in prison, lets leave it that way.

Proposition 67 - NO.
Yet another ripoff tax grab. Though this measure proposes a telephone tax for 911, only a miniscule portion of that will go for improving 911 services. The bulk of it goes to hospitals to pay for care of illegal aliens. All law enforcement is against this one - that ought to tell you people something!

Propostion 68 - NO.
Frank Shaw is in favor of this one, and I have no problem with legalized gambling, but do we need a shell game between the Governor, Indians and horse tracks? Lets come back with something that legalizes casinos whereever cities want it, and they pay the same taxes as everyone else.

Proposition 69 - YES.
This creates a statewide DNA databank which could really help to solve some crimes. As well, it could help vindicate some wrongly accused folks. If modern science can help, then why the hell not?

Propostion 70 - NO.
This is the Indians trying to pull a fast one. See Prop 68.

Proposition 71 - YES.
Now I am not normally in favor of bonds, but this one is special. Stem cell research promises many things for victims of many illnesses and given the lack of leadership of the Federal government in this area, its appropriate for the state to take charge.

Proposition 72 - HELL NO.
Look - any employer worth their salt who wants qualified employees in today's job market WILL offer attractive health benefits. But who says a guy flipping bugers at McDonalds DESERVES health insurance??? Of course, McDonalds can swallow this if it has to, but the many more small (mostly immigrant owned) can not. This is a job killer and business killer and yet another step closer to socialism. Many non-profits are also against this as it will KILL them and their ability to provide services.

LA County Measure

Proposition A - NO.
Pete Pitchess and Sher Block were having a good laugh over this one the other day. We don't need more taxes to pay for law enforcement. County and city government has to make it a priority over the nonsense they fund these days. Why just the other day the County found $350 million it didn't know it had.

LA City Measure

Measure O - NO. At this time, the City can't afford more bonds. The performance on all the bonds they city has passed in recent years shows us how wasteful they are. They can find money for storm drains elsewhere for Christ's sake!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

CRA Tricks and Treats

Well it's the weekend and while most of you are getting ready to take the kiddies trick or treating or pondering your Presidential picks, we here at Mayor Sam's Sister City want to take a look at the treats given out by our Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency.

As City Controller Laura Chick sends details of a CRA audit to the LA County Grand Jury, we have smaller fish to fry.

We asked for details on contracts at the Community Redevelopment Agency. We got one little tidbit so far - apparentely the CRA is leasing for $1 a year a former LANI transit park and an 80 spot parking lot in North Hollywood to something called the "Regional Arts Council" (which at one point alledegly had something to do with the wasteful and useless Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs but which our sources tell us later spun off and away from CA. In turn, this "non-profit" is sub-leasing them to a restaurant and a parking operation respectively. Anyone know more about these kind of arrangments and why wouldn't the CRA just lease this property directly to the businesses using them - or better yet sell them at fair market value to the concerns involved. Either way, recouping the value of the property back to the agency. If there are a lot of deals like this, isn't the agency losing money it could be earning to pay off it's massive debt? If any of you have thoughts or information on this, please feel free to pass it on.

Santa Clarita Dumps Homeless On LA

A recent Daily News story reports that those lovely folks in the City of Santa Clarita (which is Spanish for "Our sh-t doesn't stink.) have developed a plan for the city to pay church groups to bus homeless folks to the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles proper.

What's next? A one way monorail from Magic Mountain to Compton for their ever growing number of gang members?

CLA Cindy?

We hear now that Deaton is going to DWP that Cindy "Stop the Lap Dancing" Miscicowski is Mayor Poopy's pick for CLA. Any word on that?

Friday, October 29, 2004

Clippers Stay Put

One day after the Boston Red Sox achieved an improbale World Series win, LA's basketball stepchild sealed the deal to stay at the Staples Center for another ten years.

It may be 86 years as well before the Clippers make a World Championship, but what the heck, we can wait.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mayor Sam & Chief Parker Photo

Some of you wanted to see what Mayor Sam and Chief Parker look like. Well here we are.
(Sam on the left - yea go figure, the Chief is on the right).

Deaton Water & Power?

Major surprise over at LA Observed, where they're reporting that CLA Ron Deaton is being pushed by Mayor Poopy to take over as the next general manager of the DWP.

After near centuries of running the City Council, what is the impact of Deaton going to be at DWP? We shall see.

More Press for Mayor Sam

One of the more established blogs has taken notice of the Sister City. In the days following the demise of the Fourth Floor, the Sister City has emerged head and shoulders above the other splinters from the now completely eradicated Fourth Floor.

LA City Hall and Fourth Floor Carnivore have a couple of articles and a few comments, but Mayor Sam has excelled in turning out the content and getting the response. We're still not where we want to be, but are on our way.

We have assembled and will continue to assemble a group of contributors with a wide background in local politics and government. Stay tuned!

Et tu, Antonio?

Back in my day I traveled around and got involved in campaigns - I even ran for President of the United States!

Well it looks like our friend Antonio "Tony Villar" Villaraigosa is in some hot water with his constituents . You see, after his failed mayoral bid in 2001, he later ran for City Council with the promise he would complete his term and not run for Mayor in 2005.

However not only is Antonio once again running for Mayor but he has been going around the country auditioning for a spot in a possible Kerry administration.

So the rub is because Antonio is running for Mayor and he is on the road with the Democratic Presidential candidate so much, some folks in his district plan to recall him. Read all about it in this Los Angeles Times article.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Pay-to-Play with the City Pension? Shelley Smith Must Go!

For those of you wondering who Shelley Smith is, she's Vice President of the LA Pension Board and President of the LA City Attorneys Assn. Her husband, Grady Smith, is Vice President and Portfolio Manager for Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc.

It turns out her husband's company handles $318 million in city pension funds that she is on the board of. The City Attorneys office directed her that either she or her husband would have to resign to resolve the blatant conflict of interest. Dimensional Fund Advisors instead decided NOT to renew their contract, forcing the city to liquidate the funds at a cost of somewhere between $30,00 and $3 million to the taxpayers and doing nothing but lining her and her husband's pockets!

Bernard Parks is the only one calling for her head! Where is the Council? More importantly, Where is the Mayor? Wisconsin!!! (I understand and agree with his support for Kerry, but it isn't like he was doing anything.)

Oh, wait, that's right, she is on the board as the elected member from SEIU 347! No wonder Hahn won't do anything. Yet again he has been bought and sold!

Even if it ONLY cost $30,000 (which no one seems to think except for her), it is wasting Bernard Parks time, the City Attorney's time, and the City Controller's time and all of the money on their staff's time tracking this stuff down!!!


In case you were wondering, the LA City Attorneys Association (She is the President) has only donated $1,000 (8/4/03) towards Hahn's re-election, as opposed to their $7,000 in his last race ($1,000 on 12/20/00, $5,000 on 3/20/01, and $1,000 on 5/24/01). To Dimensional Fund Advisor's Inc.'s credit, they have not donated yet...Hahn better get on it!

This little search will show you who else in in their pockets too!


Career Coach Chick

A story in this morning's Daily News talks about an event City Controller Laura Chick held to show people - especially women and minorities - how they can become City Commissioners. For some time now Chick has been chiding Mayor Poopy about his lack of appointments of women and minorities to City Commissions.

Hey Laura - tell them this - the surefire way to get on a commission - WRITE A CHECK! Ha Ha! Or wait for a new mayor to be elected.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Flip Flop Zine?

Time for old Sam to grill my fellow Valley guy, Denny Zine. Now don't get me wrong, I like old Denny. He ain't the wuss that say, Eric Garcetti is. But its funny to see how getting elected to office changes even the best of people.

I mean how did old Denny - who used to lecture CPABs and Neigborhood Watch about the scourge of illegal immigration - morph into a Special Order 40 lovin' cupcake?
CCIR (California Coalition for Immigration Reform) well remembers Dennis Zine who, as an LAPD officer, was one of our first (Circa 1993) Keynote Speakers who had the courage to speak out AGAINST Special Order 40 and illegal alien criminals who were killing our citizens.
Say it ain't so Denny? Can't we have at least one real Republican on the Council? Is it too much to ask for a little affirmative God damn action? Denny, have you gone soft on illegal immigration? You see what they're doing to David Dreier! Please tell us Denny that you haven't left the fold.

Wacko old Hal Netkin- a first rate gadfly from Van Nuys - has put together a site about Denny which even if he has some inaccuracies, its at least amusing.

LAPD Ambushed?

Boy have times changed! Or have they?

The Daily News runs with a story about Councilman Dennis Zine asking questions of Chief Bratton's department and it's handling of an incident last week in which detectives were ambushed.

Zine is quoted as saying "There's a big question mark, a big cloud, we need to resolve the cloud. We can't let this type of thing linger and fester."

Actually Councilman, have you read nothing about Rampart? The department has let everything linger and fester for the last 10 years. That's why the consent decree is hanging over this city. I applaud your effort in trying to get answers, but I fear we will have nothing but the same 'ol song and dance and excuses.

Let's see what your police connections can dig up. Odds are there is a lot more to this "incident" that we will never know.

Monday, October 25, 2004

A Burning Question

Quoting the LA Times this morning, "...the campaign for president of the more than 3,300-member (firefighters) union has turned increasingly bitter, featuring accusations of assault and political smears. "

Union President Pat McOsker has been accused of shoving a supporter of one of his challengers. He also is facing dissenting in the ranks over his spending of union dues on political campaigns, tapping their $1.5 million PAC fund.

Obviously, since his brother is the Mayor's Chief of Staff, it isn't shocking that he would pledge their support towards his campaign, but one has to wonder if there isn't a bit more to this. The scoop has it that Pat went to the various Hahn challengers at the direction of his brother way back in March and threatened them that if they stepped in to run against Hahn, they would come after them.

Forget pay-to-play, this is just downright thuggish and amateur. At least do what the other unions do and pretend to interview the candidates before endorsing one.

Should Pat be replaced? That is the burning question.

Fire The SOBs!

Chief of Staff - what is the crap you are sending out under my name about Hertzberg and his hugs? Next time you post something under my name, ASK ME!

Anyway, I'm not the only boss having trouble with employees. Look at the City of Los Angeles! The Daily News has uncovered that out of 37,000 civil service employees, only 6 were fired for cause in the last year.

What the hell kind of crap is that?

Back in my day, if someone was incompetent they got fired and if you posted a girlie calendar in your office you got a wink from the boss. Now, you can wrap a gargage truck around a telephone pole but if you post the Hee Haw Honeys, YOU'RE FIRED!

Los Angeles city government with 37,000 employees fired only six workers for doing a poor job in the past 15 months, largely because complex procedures and elaborate civil service rules protect incompetents, a Daily News review of public records and interviews with experts inside and outside city government shows.
If any of you have stories about dimwits on the city dime, pass them along or post them to this article.

Sending Out An E-Hug

Mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg is all over the blogging world. He sent the following e-mail out noting the demise of Fourth Floor as well as the involvement of his staff in his blog.

Things have been busy at ChangeLA.com.

Thursday, I put up a posting about the cost of doing business in LA. We're falling behind in creating new jobs in this city and the current business tax system is a major reason for that. As we've seen in the last few weeks, the current Mayor hasn't been able to get the reforms done that so many in the community are calling for. I encourage you to go to the site and look at the map showing how we stand versus cities in the area.

To me, the most exciting recent development at the site has been the interest many of my staffers have been taking in posting on the blog. There have been posts from Ed Takashima, Matt Szabo, Adeena Bleich and Brian Hay. I'm proud of all of them for joining the discussion of the issues in LA. They have all had different experiences in life, in politics and certainly in working for me. I hope you'll get to know them.

Lastly, I've been thinking a lot lately about the role of the Internet on our democracy. Things have changed in politics in the last year thanks in large part to what is happening on web sites and in e-mail inboxes across the country. The best thing to come out of this has been the ability of people who heretofore have felt they didn't have a voice to speak about what they believe. That's why I was so disappointed with the recent news that the 4th Floor Blog, a site dedicated to the inner workings of LA city government, was calling it quits. I'm glad to see that new sites have sprung up to fill the void, because no matter who is on the City Council or who is the Mayor (especially if it's me!), the public should be able to see what goes on at City Hall. Transparency is critical and should be encouraged.

Please take a look at the site and, as always, let me know what you think we are doing well and what we can do better.


Friday, October 22, 2004

Corruption: Then and Now

Back in my day, when a pimp or a bookie or a casino operator wanted to proceed unfettered from LAPD interference, a simple honorarium to....uh, well me was all that was required.

When that nosy John Anson Ford sent Clifford Clinton to investigatge my food service deals I had to have the police spy on him, charge him with code violations at his cafeteria or even dynamite his car.

Of course there were all allegations and I continue to deny them. Sure I was recalled from office but it was because of all Ford's and that gloryseeker Fletcher Bowron's grandstanding.

But now, your politicians are far more slick. Here is a list of questionable practices that fly way under the public's radar

This only scratches the surface. There is more. No, you don't have to stuff bills into your local pol's pocket anymore, because its done far more slick.

We'll talk about more in the future. If you have tips, please send them our way and we'll be glad to report them for you.

Frank Shaw

Collapse of the Fourth Floor Blog: Aftermath

Both the LA Times and Daily News chimed in upon the death of the Fourth Floor Blog.

The LA Times even indirectly quoted Mayor Sam

Then came an item soliciting information on the intensely private mayor's personal life.

"I remember the days when having a mistress got you a free cocktail," mused one poster.

This was plucked from the Fourth Floor post speculating on rumors about Mayor Hahn's love life and a comment to a post by Mayor Sam.

LA Voice even mused on the passing in this great obit.

Along with Mayor Sam's blog, at least two other new blogs have popped up hoping to fill the void, but we're proud to say that we've come out of the gate with far more content and least a few more readers/commenters. You can check out LA City Hall or Fourth Floor Carnivore which has ceded serious reportage to the Sister City and LA Observed while laying its claim to the gossip that seemed to draw many to Fourth Floor. While we're honored to even be mentioned in the same breath as Kevin Roderick's blog - and while we do intend to present the important issues, we plan to have some fun and do invite your dirt of all kinds.

The Fourth Floor may be closed, but the toothpaste is out of the tube. Blogging could very well be set to transform Los Angeles.

Crack-Squad Detectives

Now that I have my detectives in place, let me start by responding to many of you who left messages for our dearly departed Fourth Floor Blogger (May they rest in peace).

Bonny Herman - You're on your own outing Boi From Troy. I don't mess with SC!

Sincerely - Go Dodgers! Those posts were true

Johnny - My boys are checking on the gaps in the city pension plan

Texan For Truth - The Cultural Affairs Dept. is fair game here

Meat - It's good to see you commented earlier. Maybe Carnivore will follow you here. Someone needs to get served up.

City Watcher - Grow Up. 'Ol Yorty couldn't have summed it up better. You want to post? Send me an e-mail at chiefwilliamparker@hotmail.com or him at mayorsamyorty@aol.com . We'll post, or you can comment!

Men In Black - The McOsker's up to no good. Say it isn't so. We'll get to the bottom of this.

LACO - While we have no dead Supervisors yet, my boys have contacts there as well.

To everyone else, keep the tips coming.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

That's right Sam. I'm back. Someone needs to restore order to this gun-slinging town.

Let's see. First I need some troops. Gruel and Padilla are on it. Too bad it is a day late and dollar short. I'll stick with Baca and Bratton if they don't scare everyone away.

Next, I need some wheels. Better get an alarm, they are all being stolen around here. Who's been runnin (Sorry, dead link, let's try this) this town anyways. No worries, he'll be gone soon.

I'm off to explore this town. Damn things have changed. Be back soon. We've got some cleaning to do (link times beaches).

The SOBs Will Not Win

They might have shut down the Fourth Floor Blog (for now) but free speech will not be squelched! There is more dirt in 200 N. Spring Street than all of Browning-Ferris' operations - and we will vacuum it out!

If you have dirt to share, you can post it anonymously in a comment to any article or you may also email to mayorsamyorty@aol.com.

Always on top of the city pulse - Rick Orlov at the Daily News captures the demise of the Fourth Floor Blog in today's edition. Who the hell reads the LA Times anymore - unless of course you're looking for the best gay bar or indo-proto-eurasian gourmet cuisine (what the hell is that?)

Way to go Rick! Were it not for the paper stoked by the late, great dear old Ferdinand Mendenhall, the tinhorns at City Hall would have already destroyed this city!


Isn't This The Way They're Supposed To Do It?

Sheriff Lee Baca - like all the tax addicted blowhards before him - has come hat in hand to the county asking us to hike the sales tax to pay for more police protection. Because the county and cities can't seem to stop spending money on things like restaurant television shows, hospitals that kill people and crap like LA Cultural Affairs.

But at least one bright spot in the form of the Councilwoman from my home - Wendy Greuel comes somewhat to the rescue. According to the Daily News, Wendy will propose - imagine this - that fatcats tighten their belts and put that money into the LAPD!

Greuel, with support from City Council President Alex Padilla, will introduce a resolution today to promote efficiencies in city government and use half of any cost savings to hire new police officers.

I hope the other idiots see the wisdom in this. What a concept! Along with the hidden $340 million Zev and the county idiots found, maybe Sheriff Lee won't need his tax increase. And especially something as destructive as a sales tax increase which not only drives business & commerce out of the city but disproportionately hurts the poor.

Go Wendy!

-Mayor Sam

Thursday, October 21, 2004


For those of you who give a rat's behind, I was once the greatest Mayor of all of Los Angeles. Suffice it to say, I'm a little concerned about my adopted hometown, so I have come out of retirement and the grave to do my part.

Mayor Sam's Blog is for you. Post your thoughts about this dastardly metropolis and if some of you sissies who work on the third or fourth floor of 200 North Spring Street have the cajones, post some dirt - let the constituents know what they deserve to know. I won't even make you show your face or give your name.

One last thing - I started this whole blogging business by appearing first on the Fourth Floor Blog. Now that was a real thing. I never met the fellow who was the Fourth Floor Blogger but I have to give my thumbs up to him. Its a crying damn shame those loudmouth tinhorns at City Hall had to run him off. Well they can't do that to me - I'm dead.

Mayor Sam

Next Chick Target: 354 South Spring Street

An article in today's Daily News points out that our girlfriend Laura Chick has yet again turned up another city scam. Though its not really anything any of us haven't known for some time.

The CRA has handed out hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to developers with few guarantees of getting the money back
Ya think?

However the Mayor's office was quick with a response:

Deputy Mayor Renata Simril said Hahn has acknowledged problems in the redevelopment agency and worked to correct them, particularly with the hiring of Ovrom.
Land sakes alive! Renata, that's rich!

Art Theft Undercover

Well probably not the latest crime show on the tube, but the LAPD Art Theft Detail is on the case. The follwing is from their official web site:

The Art Theft Detail is responsible for the investigation of all thefts and burglaries when fine art is the primary object of attack. The detail also investigates fakes, frauds, and forgeries involving art. This unit has citywide jurisdiction and assists in protecting the artistic, cultural and historical heritage of a city of 3.8 million people covering more than 450 square miles. It is the only full-time law enforcement unit in the United States devoted to the investigation of art crimes.

The two detectives assigned to the Art Theft Detail target suspects who prey upon artists, art dealers, and collectors. The unit maintains close contact with the art community and provides stolen art information to galleries, art dealers, auction houses, museums, art associations, publications and other law enforcement agencies – both nationally and internationally.

And if you can believe it - some jackass has stolen my official mayoral portrait by Frances O'Farrell! You can see more about this at:


Fly Palmdale?

Back in the late 60s, we started buying land in Palmdale for an airport. To date, LAWA has not yet come up with real air service. I know the environmentalists, unions and Jimmy "Poopy" Hahn (that's what I called him when he was a kid and let one go in his pants during a County Supes meeting) won't consider a regional solution, but for Christ sakes how much more airport can we pile on that old beanfield?

The Daily News has a great article on the latest. I know some of you folks out there have some jim dandy information on the whole airport issue so I look forward to hearing your take.

Eat At Sam's

Councilman Eric Garcetti has created a new television program for the city's cable television station (Channel 35) entitled "Flavors of LA."

What the hell is this crap???

Apparently he joins other council members to have yet another free meal on the city in a noble effort to promote the restaurants in LA. Of course, these are only the politically correct restaurants, e.g. "ethnic" and "family owned." If more than three jackballs ever watch that station, it could be worth it but give me a break for Christ sakes! I'd love for one of you clowns from the ITA to post the budget for that program here.

Kudos to KABC's new morning man, Doug McIntyre, for highligthing this boondoggle on his radio show.

Somehow I doubt they'll ever visit "The Original Pantry," ehh Dick?

Back In The Day

A great site shows what LA was like when all was good and great in our city.