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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Rumor Mills and Missing Money

With a "pending announcement" scheduled for 12:30 Monday from Huizy, the rumors are running that this is the announcement from the Mayor jumping on board officially. Not that Huizy hasn't been running around town already spreading the news, but at least if true it will now be official. We''ll have to stay tuned to see.

***UPDATE*** Word has it Fabian Nunez will also be at the endorsement press conference

As for other news, according to the LA Downtown News Huizy faced off with Pacheco last week as well. I've clipped out my favorite segment:

"I think immediately that money should come forward from the school district. It's unfortunate that José has been aware of it for two years and there has been absolutely no movement," Pacheco said. "There's no legal issue here. If the city of Los Angeles has to pay its BID money, the school district has to pay its BID money, and hopefully that will get results sooner than later."

Questioned after the meeting, Huizar said he learned of the unpaid bill two years ago at a social gathering, rather than during school board duties, and that he asked board staffers about it, but received resistance. "I went back on my own to ask for that information. I didn't want to give the perception that I sat on the issue for two years and did nothing," said Huizar.

He said he is now focusing on the matter. "I'm definitely making it an issue to find the information and address it. While I'm on the school board I'll find a resolution to that for the Fashion District."
A few thoughts...

Huizy knew of the problem two years ago. He went to his OWN staff and met resistance? wtf? He can't stand up to his own staff? He was the President of the School Board. No, he didn't sit on the issue. He was just to chicken shit to stand up to his own staff. Good thing he's NOW focusing on it. Unless of course he still has the same staff.

And some of you actually support him?

Friday, July 29, 2005

“Were like sardines in a can.”

Our favorite traffic cop Councilman Dennis Zine delivered a gem of a quote to close out this happy Friday...

“Were like sardines in a can.”

Who knew. I always wondered what that stench on the bus was. Now I know.

Delgadillo Names New Chief Deputy and Criminal Branch Chief

Here's yet another announcement of turnover appointments from the AG CA:

City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo today announced he has drawn from the upper ranks of Federal law enforcement and city government in making two important high-level appointments to begin the second term of his administration.

Delgadillo named Richard I. Llewellyn Jr. as Chief Deputy City Attorney. Llewellyn, a former litigator at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., moved to Los Angeles to join the firm Riordan & McKinzie. His career in public service began when he joined the staff of Los Angeles County Supervisor Ed Edelman, where he was instrumental in the formulation of the Kolts Commission. That work resulted in a comprehensive review of the "use of force" procedures at the Sheriff's Department. Llewellyn served for six years as Special Counsel to former Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti, restructuring the office to drastically improve crime prevention efforts and at the same time expanding outreach to the community. He has continued this innovative work in his most recent position as Chief of Staff to 13th District Councilman Eric Garcetti. With this experience, Llewellyn will be able to bring a new vision to the position of Chief Deputy that draws from years of legislative and legal experience.

Grabbing the reins of the Criminal Branch of the City Attorney's Office will be Assistant United States Attorney Jeffrey Isaacs, the deputy chief of the Major Frauds Section in Los Angeles. Isaacs has been involved in many of the major white-collar prosecutions in Los Angeles
during the past decade. Among his significant cases are prosecutions of former MGM Chairman Giancarlo Parretti, former Arizona Governor J. Fife Symington and the French bank Credit Lyonnais, which resulted in a record $775 million settlement and solidified his reputation as a
tenacious and dedicated prosecutor.

"Our ability to draw talent of the caliber of the Rich and Jeff is a testament to the innovative legal work being done by the lawyers on our staff," Delgadillo said. "I'm counting on both of them to help push the already high bar to a whole new level as we endeavor to make Los Angeles
a safer, better place to live and dream."


CD 14 Mailers

In case you didn't figure it out yet, education is going to be a very large issue in the CD 14 race.

Here's Pacheco's first mailer...

(click images to enlarge)

Tag Teaming the Commission Appointments

Bad day for recently announced Commission Appointments:

The Daily News: Airport panel pick's conflict of interest questioned

With hearings scheduled soon on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's nominees to the Airport Commission, a City Council member is questioning whether one appointee might have a conflict of interest.

Valeria Velasco is president of the Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion, which has filed suit challenging the $11 billion modernization plan for Los Angeles International Airport.

Councilman Tony Cardenas has asked the City Attorney's Office for a legal opinion on any potential conflict of interest. He also wants an opinion on whether Velasco's position on the commission could result in the entire panel being recused from decisions regarding the master plan or settlement of the lawsuit.

The Daily Breeze: Pick for port panel may not reside in Harbor Area

Under the city charter, all of the mayor's nominees to the Board of Harbor Commissioners must reside in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Radisich was selected for a seat earmarked for residents of San Pedro, Wilmington and Harbor City -- another requirement contained in the charter, the legal document governing City Hall.

Radisich, 42, said Thursday that he lives on Stonewood Court in the section of San Pedro known as The Gardens. But he refused to say whether he has ever lived at the two-story, Spanish-style duplex he owns in Manhattan Beach, which was listed as his residence when he made seven campaign contributions to Villaraigosa and other politicians from November 2000 to October 2004.

Five residents on 42nd Street -- in the El Porto section of Manhattan Beach -- described Radisich as their neighbor when contacted this week by Copley News Service. They said he lives in the upstairs unit of the duplex, which he has owned since 1996.

Padilla - Count Me In for Senate

Having just been re-elected Council President 4 weeks ago, Padilla announces he is running for State Senate.

Let the money flow. Must be nice to be in such a position of power and influence. Hmmm.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it probably is a ...

Screw the People - Raise the Taxes

After failed attempts in the past few days, the LAUSD Board finally managed to get all but one of the members (LaMotte) there and screw the people in a unified voice for yet another bond measure.

Daily News:

Based on calculations of the originally proposed $3.85 billion bond, the bond would raise the current property tax bill of a home with an assessed value of $500,000 from about $425 to about $710 in 2009, about the average annual premium for homeowners insurance.

District voters have already approved three construction bonds since 1997 totaling $9.6 billion: $3.87 billion in 2004, $3.35 billion in 2002 and $2.4 billion in 1997.

The school portion of the property tax in Los Angeles is greater than in any other California city, said Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association.

"The cumulative total of this tax liability I would characterize as oppressive," he said.

LA Times:

Romer said an aggressive advertising campaign for the bond measure would begin immediately. For each of the past bond efforts, district officials said, campaign organizers raised and spent about $2 million to persuade voters to accept the higher taxes in exchange for new schools. To pass, bond measures require 55% voter approval. The latest proposal would increase taxes an average of $26.71 per $100,000 of assessed property value. The previous three school construction bond issues have together raised taxes about $85 for every $100,000 of assessed property value. Although board members agreed on the need to win approval for a fourth bond measure, some had repeatedly expressed concerns about the timing and questioned why the district needed a fourth infusion of cash so quickly.

Daily Breeze:

"I think we're going to have a very difficult fight passing this bond," Lansing said. "I just don't think that the voters of L.A. are going to pass (both) at the same time."

This year, Los Angeles property owners will pay $85.12 per $100,000 of assessed valuation annually to finance the district's first three bonds. Taxes will top out in 2012 at $140.23 per $100,000 of assessed value, according to district figures.

If it's passed on Nov. 8, Romer's staff said a new bond would likely add an average of $26.71 per $100,000 each year over the course of the 25-year bonds.

The mystery!

Earlier tonight Mr Roderick did some digging at City Hall regarding an item i had posted about a leak.

Mr. Roderick,

I'll always concede to you and the other City Hall reporters the job of reporting the news, because you are journalist, I am not.

I am Chief William Parker a man who at times must say things on the blog to get messages across to folks that need to hear them.

I have my sources, you have yours.

But on another note Kevin, I've stayed clear of any personal attacks on you, and while i recognize you noted that in an e-mail to me, your readers may get another impression.

The Chief.

It seems like Martini Republic has replied.

Also here is what Kevin is reporting.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Breathe of Fresh Air

From the Long Beach Press Telegram:

We want clean air

For politicians and shippers the message is clear
Californians are ready for tougher controls on air pollution. Are their elected officials ready to respond?

The recently released study on state residents' attitudes toward pollution, by the Public Policy Institute of California, has particular relevance to the Long Beach area as it grapples with the rapid expansion of port operations. A majority of Californians cite air pollution as their No. 1 environmental concern, and an even greater majority see cargo ships, trucks and trains as a large part of the problem.


Secondly, the survey indicates that Californians are willing to support stronger steps to protect the environment and reduce air pollution, even at a potential personal cost. About 70 percent of residents, across the political spectrum, favor tougher pollution controls on the shipping industry (mainly cargo ships, trucks and trains) even if it raises the costs of doing business.


Californians may disagree on a great many issues, but we're very united when it comes to protecting our air, water and other natural resources. The PPIC study confirms this, and gives our elected leaders some clear marching orders.

Heres another one again from the Long Beach Press Telegram:

Righting port's course

New L.A. commission now can align waterfront plans with community's needs.


According to documents obtained by the L.A. Times under the Public Records Act, it turns out that a port finance director, Lou Colletta, warned that consultants' estimates were too rosy, and that the project's rate of return could be only a tenth of the projected 5 percent return. (The port's usual policy is to expect a 12 percent return.)

Also, despite a warning from the L.A. city attorney's office that a fuller public process was required, the port pushed ahead with a relatively small part of the project, a $44 million promenade extension, some piers, a parking lot and park space. Last month, port officials were about to proceed with a contract to improve Cabrillo Way Marina and adjacent land despite opposition of the city's chief administrative officer until then-Mayor-elect Villaraigosa asked them to postpone the action.

Further, some local residents, the presumed beneficiaries of a cleaned-up waterfront, don't like everything they see coming. And some were incensed to learn that they had been left out of some of the planning. It seems that members of a port advisory commission didn't know about a report providing a timeline and cost estimates for the waterfront redevelopment until the L.A. Times managed to get a copy of it.

You might say this project has become controversial. And you might say it's time the new mayor start pulling together some of the unraveling pieces.

He did that Wednesday, by replacing all five members of the L.A. Harbor Commission. The five are S. David Freeman, former general manager of the L.A. Department of Water and Power; Jerilyn Lpez Mendoza, an environmental lawyer; Douglas Paul Kraus, general counsel for a bank; Kaylinn L, Kim, a lawyer in private practice; and Joe Radisich, president of the Southern California District Council of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

Two of the appointees, Freeman and Mendoza, are outspoken advocates for environmental reform, which is especially good news for the port's neighbors and for the region. (That could be matched by the Port of Long Beach, which just committed $100 million to cleaner air. The twin ports of L.A. and Long Beach are the biggest single source of diesel pollution from ships, trucks, trains and machinery.)

Tylenol - STAT

I don't know what pained me more. Reading this, this, or this. Either way, I'm going back to my alcohol induced haze. I was happier there.

The first has more typos than our own Chief Parker. The second makes me shake my head. As for the third. Well, I'm going to do something you will RARELY see on this site. I'm going to cut and paste from (LA Observed) besides the links above.
Also at City Hall: It's the second time this week a paper scooped Villaraigosa's appointments. Now get this: one of the anonymous political operatives who blogs at Mayor Sam's Sister City says an unnamed female Villaraigosa "administration official" is being fired for Monday's leak of the airport commissioners to Zahniser. The poster, "Chief Parker," has been suspected in the past of having a role in the Villaraigosa campaign, so there's a bit of chill in his further admonition: "You will stop these unapproved leaks or face the consequences of your actions. Oh and stop giving inside info to Roderick -- this message is going out to the guy and girl that are leaking this stuff. I know you guys." The last part's a laugher since I don't have a clue who he means—and I'm the supposed beneficiary. But if the mayor's circle is already hyper-sensitive about leaks—three weeks in!—that doesn't bode well for his media relations. Good reporters are going to keep breaking stuff, so get used to it. The bigger question here is whether Villaraigosa's people are sending messages through a blogger, especially one whose affiliations are secret. Besides the threat, "Chief Parker" also uses his post to stroke Villaraigosa and LABJ reporter Howard Fine for writing some positive pieces about the mayor. Disclosure: On July 11, the blogger there who goes by "Mayor Sam" emailed me twice, hoping I'd mention some items he had posted. I passed on them, and since then his site has been a trifle obsessed with me. I think it's kind of cute—thanks for the links, guys.
I know. Maybe I need a shower too! I feel dirty. I'm going back to bed.

Updated: Now he's going after Martini again --

** Speaking of obsessed:
Cue Mailander. Facts are 90% wrong and his spin sad, but he admits his bias and leaves out the race-baiting. (Oops, spoke too soon. Race-baiting ensues in the comments...)

PS: Downtown blogger found the spell check too!

CD 14 Fundraising Totals

The latest rumors on the street have Pacheco raising approx $80,000 and Huizy at around $160,000. Official reports should be out soon.

It shall be interesting to watch this race unfold. Huizy will need the money advantage to take Pacheco's name ID out. Pacheco keeps capitalizing on free LEGAL media. Yesterday's example was this which the Chief ran with.

While the move certainly does raise awareness, I'm not sure who it helps judging form the reaction we are seeing in the comments section.

However, the LA Times notes:

Later, to a reporter, Pacheco said: "My objection now is that public resources are being used to campaign for a particular candidate."

That's a serious allegation. There is heat in the kitchen. We'll see if the Chef's can take it.

How to Catch a Rat

A little off topic, but somehow I keep chuckling when I read this.

Here's the e-mail regarding the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County:

-----Original Message-----
From: Tyiesha Armstrong
Sent: Tue 7/5/2005
To: Museum
Subject: Butterfly Pavilion Closure

Good afternoon all,

As some of you may have heard, we discovered rodents in the Pavilion this weekend and had to close early. The Butterfly Pavilion is closed today due to the rodent problem. For safety reasons, we are unable to reopen until the problem is resolved. The exterminators have been inside and set two traps, one at the Guest Relations cashier station and the other at the gift shop station. Neither is visible to the public. Bait stations have been placed throughout the Pavilion since two nests were found. We have been asked to have someone from the Insect Zoo or General
Services walk through in the morning before the Pavilion opens to make sure there are no dead rats lying on the path.

We have signs posted on the Pavilion gates as well as each of our entrances. We hope to have it reopen tomorrow.

Tyieshia Armstrong
Guest Relations
What kinds of rats were they hunting for? Note where the traps were placed: "one at the Guest Relations cashier station and the other at the gift shop station"

I can only imagine the same scenario at city hall. Where would you put the traps?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nick is Back!

Wow, what a morning. It's never fun to have cold pizza for breakfast as you recover from a hangover triggered by staying up all night with my fellow VFW members in sunny Simi Valley.

So as i ate my pizza from my home in the San Fernando Valley and watched Channel 35, who should pop up on my screen but lil-tricky-nicky.

There he was complaining about the New Mayor and his old CD 14 staff. He complained and complained and sounded like a whiny little girl. It's astonishing that any voter would want him as their DA (wait they didn't) or their councilman (wait the don't, he was defeated).

Listen Pacheco, going around picking fights with folks more powerful than you is always a good way of getting exactly what you asked for -- an electoral pounding.

Leave well enough alone, resign from the race, go back and drink beers with Eliseo and stop with all the complaining already.

Some friendly advice.

Who's Hot -- Who's Not

I've been receiving e-mails from many of you asking for an updated top 5 list. So here it is.


1. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa - Goes to Washington DC, John North follows him to the nations capitol -- good times had by all. Many in City Hall are finally realizing how hard this man works along with his staff. Also gets kudos for his Police Commission and Airport commission appointments.

2. Councilwoman Wendy Greuel - When going over the who's hot list I really didn't think Wendy would make it again, but there she is fighting for the little guy. Today's Daily News has her leading the fight to stop McMansions from ruining the character of neighborhoods.

3. Assemblyman Lloyd Levine - I would not have put him on my list , but there's Michelle Castillo in the Daily News declaring that Assemblyman Levine is hot.

4. Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez - She has over 300 people at her open house, runs for the State Senate and writes a kick-ass bill to stop the paparazzi.

5. Howard Fine - Usually this reporter sucks. He is a pompous know-it-all that never will let a politician answer a question without a snide remark to his friend Dave Bryant, but he seems to be writing some decent articles about the Mayor for once -- keep it up Howard people are beginning to like you.

6. Jim Alger - A candidate for State Assembly making some early noise about his ties to the community, this President of a neighborhood council has shown repeatedly that he is one tough hombre. He's also the only candidate for any office actively blogging on Mayor Sam.


1. Councilman Greig Smith -- Seems to be in a whole lot of trouble for his Wal-mart stance. Why the Councilman seems so bent on pissing off a whole lots of folks is beyond me.

2. Nick Pacheco - The only positive thing i can say about Nick Pacheco is that his face is not on a clock. Good Job! However, he really must be on a suicide mission because every corner he turns he realizes that he can't raise any money, well his opponent Mr. Huizar is on pace to raise 4 times as much money than little nicky. Don't worry Nick, the district loves you! I mean you are only the first councilman to ever be kicked out of office after one-term in CD 14 history. My early prediction is that Nick does marginally better than he did for his run at DA. Can we all say 20% of the vote?

3. The Leak - This administration official who decided it would be cool to leak the airport story to the "Z" man is about to find out why "she" will be fired shortly. You will stop these unapproved leaks or face the consequences of your actions. Oh and stop giving inside info to Roderick -- this message is going out to the guy and girl that are leaking this stuff. I know you guys.

4. City News Service -- Seriously guys you need to spice up your stories a little bit, getting a little creative won't hurt you.

I'll have an updated list next Tuesday -- happy blogging.

***** Update*****

Because Jim Alger is the only one with the guts to come on this blog and speak up for himself using his real name. I've taken him off the "not hot" list and placed him on the "hot" list. Congratulations Mr Alger. Your face is still on a clock however.

Ask the Mayor

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa answers your questions on Eyewitness Newsmakers Sunday, July 31st. Please submit your question on the form below. You must include you name and e-mail address. Please keep your question to 50 words or less.

I'd suggest you ask him if he's hot?

Spotted at Skunks of Los Feliz via BigIdeas4LA

D-Day in the Harbor

Here is the rumors as to who will be appointed this morning at 10:00 AM at the Harbor Commission (I'll be updating later):

S. David Freeman
Kaylynn L. Kim
Douglas Paul Krause
Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza
Joe Radisich

Stories in the Daily Breeze and LA Times

LA-32 Duped by Huizy

Make of this what you will, but after a prelimenary check it appears to be correct. It doesn't escalate to the level of a capitol crime, but it certainly doesn't help your honesty factor when introducing yourself to potential future constituents.

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: LA-32 Duped by school board president

Jose Huizar deceives LA-32 Neighborhood Council

The sponsors listed on an education forum community flyer that is circulating lists Senator Romero, LAUSD board president Jose Huizar, and The LA-32 NC. Missing from the flyer is a representative from the Governors office, as promised by the office of Mr. Huizar. During an outreach presentation to the LA-32 NC on the 13th, Mr. Huizar's representative was clear that a representative from the governors office would be present at the forum on the 26th. First suggested then pressed by LA-32 board member Linda McGuire that a governors rep be present so that the NC could sign on to what then would be understood as a balanced forum, Mr. Huizar's representative assured the NC that those arrangements were being made thru Senator Romero's office. The board then voted to sign on as a community outreach participant. A phone call that I had placed to the Senators office the following Thursday or Friday was met with some lack of understanding as to even the Senators scheduling to be at the forum let alone scheduling a governor rep to attend the meeting. Late last week I was made aware that El Sereno Resident and former LA-32 board member Gilbert Lopez had called the governors LA office reporting that they were never extended an invitation to attend. Mr. Lopez also discovered that Mr. Huizar had never made overtures to the governors office, and had no intention of inviting any governor or GOP representatives. This is highly unusual, and I'm sure embarrassing for board president Huizar, as well I am sure very unsettling to the LA-32 Neighborhood Council.

See you all at the Forum

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Montañez Delivers Car Buyer's Bill of Rights

When she's not busy leaking news, she's making news. Here's the release:

Van Nuys – Assemblymember for the 39th District, Cindy Montañez, will be handing out "lemon-aid" on Wednesday morning as she unveils her newly signed legislation that makes used car buying in California, the safest in the nation!

AB 68, which becomes law next January, for the first time, offers used car buyers in California an option of returning a purchased used car in two days, puts a lid on caps dealer interest rate markups, stops "loan packing" and creates standards for the selling of so called "certified used cars!

"This was a tough fight for consumers," said Assemblymember Montañez. "Car dealers were afraid of this. But we convinced them that it was good business for everyone and especially in Southern California, where 300-thousand more cars hit the road every year. California, again, sets the standard for consumer protection."

What: Car Buyers Bill of Rights

Who: Assembly Member Cindy Montañez, Car Dealers, Consumer Groups

When: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 10 a.m.

Where: Intersection of Albers & Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys Ca.
(Grass island at the south entrance to the city of Van Nuys)

Read Assemblymember Montañez's Op-Ed

Goin' Fishin'

Howdy folks, just a note to let you know that your lovable Mayor Sam will be out of town for the next several days on my annual fishing trip in the Okefenokee Swamp. However, unlike LA Observed which shuts down when Kevin Roderick goes for a taco, the Sister City will be ably manned as always by Mayor Frank, Mrs. Yorty and Chief Parker.

If you have a hot tip and need to get it to the folks here at the blog, please email one of them:


See you later alligator!

Pothole Mayor

Yesterday I gave you the Governor fixing potholes. Today it is our mayor's turn.

The LA Times:

The last time this two-mile stretch of Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood was repaved, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, Walter Alston was the rookie manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers and "From Here to Eternity" took the Oscar for best picture. And the two men who presided over Monday's celebratory asphalt-laying -- Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilman Tom LaBonge

Here are the funny parts of an otherwise boring story;

1) Let me continue the sentence pasted above to it's entirety -- And the two men who presided over Monday's celebratory asphalt-laying --Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilman Tom LaBonge -- were both still in diapers.

2) After offering brief comments, Villaraigosa and LaBonge donned hardhats and construction vests and clambered aboard a giant paving machine. If the patch of asphalt near the McDonald's on Burbank Boulevard remains rough, motorists know who to blame.

So much for objectivity...

Ten Accomplishments to Build On

From Pacheco's mouth to your ears, we bring you the newest spam-mail:

Dear Friends:

As Councilmember for the 14th Council District I had some successes that I would like to share with you. Many of these were done in collaboration with the community and others were done by my staff working closely with the City departments. Either way, they are only the beginning and I look forward to returning to service and bringing a "sense of community" to the 14th Council District.

Here they are:

1. Celebrating A Clean Community/Celebrando Una Comunidad Limpia (Environmental Fairs)

I felt that the only solution to bringing cleaner streets in our neighborhoods was through a joint venture with the community. I worked with the Department of Public Works to coordinate volunteers and promote "spring cleaning" in every part of the district. Each day ended with an environmental fair involving CBOs, environmental groups, and Public Works. This program started in CD 14 and has spread to 6 more council districts in the City. Councilman Villaraigosa changed the name of these events to “A Day of Service” and built them up to the point that thousands now show up.

2. Neighborhood Prosecutor Program

After September 11 the City of Los Angeles has a shortage of police officers in the neighborhoods because they were protecting the airport and other sensitive areas. During this time, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo asked me to introduce the motion to create the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program and as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee I pushed it through the council. This was at a time that we had very few resources for new projects, but public safety trumps all other programs.

3. Washington Boulevard Bulky Item Drop Off Center

The Bulky Item drop off center was Lloyd Monserratt's idea and I fought hard to get it funded. I put $2.4 million dollars into the 2003-2004 budget so that South Los Angeles, Hollywood and the Valley could get their requested bulky item drop off centers, but unfortunately all were closed down after I left the council. I am committed to re-open this center and expand it throughout the City.

4. Y.O. Program and $9 Million Dollar Boyle Heights Youth & Technology Center

I fought hard to make sure that Los Angeles received a Youth Opportunity grant from the Department of Labor. I convinced then Mayor Riordan to add $1 million into the application for a new City facility in Boyle Heights to eventually house the YO program. The program has grown into the Valley and will be a permanent City program. I put together close to $9 million dollars to build the 20,000 square foot center.

5. Evergreen Cemetery Jogging Path

The Evergreen Jogging Path is the most creative project I have ever worked on. The sidewalk surrounding Evergreen Cemetery (1.4 miles) was torn out and replaced with a rubber/cement compound made of recycled automobile tires. The project was designed to minimize rain run-off into the storm drains. I can see the City replicating this type of project and embracing the use of rubber/cement sidewalks everywhere.

6. Doña Street Signs

The City will no longer misspell Dona Teresa; it will be correctly labeled as Doña Teresa. I received international press on this item.

7. Automated Toilet Program

("European Style" Public Toilets)

I visited San Francisco with then Public Works Commissioner Woody Fleming and returned with the goal to have these self-cleaning toilets in Los Angeles, especially for areas with larger number of homeless or tourists. They will soon be all over the City.

8. Affordable Housing Trust Fund

($100 Million Dollar Motion: CF# 01-1458)

I was asked by the housing advocates to create a housing trust fund in 1999. They were not optimistic but I convinced then Mayor Riordan to start one with $5 Million for 2000-2001 and then doubled it for 2001-2002. In July of 2001, the Council adopted my motion (01-1458) to pursue placing $100 million in the fund.

9. Neighborhood Leadership Institute

The Councilman, working with City departments (especially Public Works) trained average residents on how to access City services. Council District 13 began a similar program after ours was initiated and other District Offices are considering following this model.

10. CLARTS Community Amenities Fund

I negotiated an Amenities Fund for CD 14 when the Department of Sanitation wanted to purchase a Recycling and Transfer Station located in CD 14. This fund generates around $1 million dollars a year for CD 14 projects.

As proud as I am about these items, there is still much work to be done. I want CD 14 to have the same sense of community it had when I was growing up: when every family shared in raising the children in the neighborhood. We will get there, but only if we all work to bring government closer to the people it serves.

Join my campaign and share my vision of bringing local government closer to the people.

We, in CD 14, have the resources to energize our neighbors into being a part of the solutions to our problems.

-- Nick Pacheco


Quack Goes The Duck

As I've previously posted, my feelings towards the harbor commission are just about as sour as three month old milk. I can't wait for something to be done.

I've tried posting many in depth stories from the Daily Breeze, which many of you just attempted to brush off with your "it's a local rag that is sympathetic to their readership and isn't objective" crap.

I've tried to bring multiple activists into the frey so you could have an actual intelligent conversation with some of the key players in the fight, only to see many of you resort to 3rd grade playground antics and name calling.

So, let me try a different approach.

The LA Times notes:

The port's senior managers have kept most of those concerns under wraps. They have also failed to provide detailed information on some facets of the projects to the public and, in some cases, to the Board of Harbor Commissioners, which oversees the port.

Documents obtained under the California Public Records Act and interviews with more than 30 current and former port employees, tenants and residents show:

The port's finance director protested last fall that the agency was drastically overestimating the rate of return on its investment in the Bridge to Breakwater development. But senior managers, who disagreed with his figures, withheld that from the Harbor Commission.

Another senior financial official at the port cautioned that a plan to allow a private firm to develop a marina would shortchange the city. Senior managers never told commissioners of those concerns, but pressed them to approve the deal. The commissioners put the discussion on hold at the request of Villaraigosa.

The city attorney's office advised the port that plans to start construction on part of the San Pedro waterfront before public hearings were held and a full environmental report was completed might violate the law. The port is moving ahead.

I know. Now I'm just soliciting the normal lets bash the LA Times crap. So, I'll try tag teaming and give you a second article on the same subject with the same results. This time from the Daily Breeze:

Work has already begun on the northern portion of the 8-mile stretch along Harbor Boulevard.

But the bulk of the long-term development still faces a lengthy environmental review process before more substantial construction can begin.

And that's where residents still disagree.

So, now you have two of the three. In a bit, I'm sure you'll get the activists commenting on this post, giving you the trifecta.

At some point you'll all have to realize, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, odds are it is a FUCKING DUCK!

Now, what to do. Antonio showed that he has nuts and put a very controversial pick onto the Airport commission. Why is she controversial? Because she is a NEIGHBORHOOD ACTIVIST who is fighting the system. What does the harbor commission need? A NEIGHBORHOOD ACTIVIST who is fighting the system.

Until you have them in the process, we're all stuck with duck shit!

Monday, July 25, 2005

The horses are in the gates........

.................but there’s still 4 years till the running

Two cable television gurus are already rumored to be in pursuit of a seat on the Los Angeles City Council. Deane Leavenworth, V.P. of Government and Media relations for Time Warner Cable, and Coby King, attorney and known host of “Local Edition,” on Adelphia cable, are both said to be publicly laying out plans to run for the Third Council District seat when it becomes vacated by Dennis Zine in 4 years – yes in FOUR YEARS.

Both King and Leavenworth live in the Third District – King just recently moved within the district boundaries - and both have city hall connections.

Leavenworth is tight with both Zine and was a former staffer to Controller Laura Chick – endorsements that could prove to be very important.

King is the head of appropriately named “Coby King Communications,” and has a long track record as an attorney and as an activist for the Los Angeles Democratic Party in addition to his personal ties to former Mayor Riordan, former Councilwoman Ruth Galanter and Congressman Brad Sherman.

Let’s hope that King is saner than the folks over at Adelphia, who have posted the most ridiculous web poll (topic Gray Davis) that I have seen in a really long time. It makes me hope that the Time Warner folks move in soon, real soon.

Delayed for Takeoff

After canning the commission members last week, today brings us the replacements to the Airport Commission.

Sylvia Patsaouras, an urban and environmental planner

Labor Leader Joe Aredas

Allen Rothenberg, a business leader

Fernando Torres-Gil, acting Dean at the UCLA school of Public Affairs

Michael Lawson, an attorney

Valeria Velasco, an attorney, small business owner and president of the Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion. Velasco is also a resident of the LAX-adjacent community of Playa del Rey.

Reappointed is Walter Zifkin, a current commission member and executive with the William Morris Agency.

Story in the Daily Breeze. Below is the full press release:

Mayor Villaraigosa Continues Fresh Start at City Hall With Appointments
to Airport CommissionLeadership Team Will Oversee LAX, Ontario
International, Van Nuys and Palmdale Airports

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/25/2005 -- Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa continued his efforts to create a more accountable and ethical government today by appointing candidates with outstanding qualifications to the City's Board of Airport Commissioners. The seven-member Board will get a fresh start with the addition of six new members.

The six new members named by the Mayor include: Sylvia Patsaouras, an experienced urban and environmental planner; labor leader Joe Aredas; Allen Rothenberg, a highly successful executive and business leader; Fernando Torres-Gil, acting Dean at the UCLA school of Public Affairs; Michael Lawson, a successful attorney; and, Valeria Velasco, an attorney, small business owner and president of the Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion. Velasco is also a resident of the LAX-adjacent community of Playa del Rey. Villaraigosa also reappointed Walter Zifkin, a current commission member, community leader and accomplished executive with the William Morris Agency.

"In selecting my team, I looked for people who brought with them a passion for public service, the highest ethical standards, a commitment to aviation security and safety and a shared view that we must expand our regional aviation system rather than relying on LAX alone," said Mayor Villaraigosa. "I am pleased that the best and the brightest have agreed to serve our city and captain one of our region's most important economic engines."

Villaraigosa also discussed his priorities for Los Angeles World Airports, which includes LAX, Ontario International, Van Nuys and Palmdale Regional, and which the Board of Airport Commissioners will oversee.

They include: Safety, specifically increasing the safety of air operations and strengthening efforts to protect our airports from potential terrorist attacks; Developing a regional approach to aviation so that one community alone does not have to shoulder the impact of the region's aviation needs; developing and operating the City's airports in an environmentally sensitive manner; and, maintaining the highest ethical standards possible.

Biographies of the appointees follow:
Joseph Aredas
A native of Los Angeles, Mr. Aredas began his career in the entertainment industry in 1967 at the MGM machine shop as a member of the former Cinetechnicians Union Local No. 789 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States and Canada (I.A.T.S.E.).

In 1980, Mr. Aredas was appointed Assistant Business Representative of I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 695, a position he held for seven years. Soon after, he accepted a position at Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), a Hollywood motion picture film processing laboratory, as Vice President
of Labor Relations. In December of 1997 he left CFI to assume the position of Chief Administrative Officer at the industry's Contract Services Administration Trust Fund which is jointly administered by Producers and the I.A.T.S.E.

In November 1998, Mr. Aredas was appointed by I.A.T.S.E. President Thomas C. Short to serve as the International Representative-in-Charge of the I.A.'s West Coast Office, located in the Los Angeles area.

Mr. Aredas is Vice President of the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, as well as a member of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (H.E.R.E.); International Association of Machinists (I.A.M.); United Aerospace Workers (U.A.W.); and since 1967 the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes (I.A.T.S.E.). Mr. Aredas serves on the Board of Directors of the Entertainment Industry Development Corporation (EIDC); Motion Picture and Television Fund; Entertainment Industry Foundation; and the California Film

Michael Lawson
A graduate of Loyola University in Los Angeles and Harvard Law School, Mr. Lawson heads the Employee Benefits Group at the Los Angeles office of Skadden Arps LLP. Mr. Lawson works on all facets of executive compensation and employee benefits matters for firm clients, including
stock options and other equity-based compensation plans; tax-qualified and non-qualified pension plans; fiduciary responsibility/prohibited transactions; single and multi-employer plan liability matters; severance agreements and ERISA-related issues in structured finance transactions; bankruptcy proceedings; and proxy contests. Mr. Lawson regularly advises boards of trustees of pension and other employee benefits funds, and boards of directors of financial institutions and of companies sponsoring pension plans concerning their duty of care,
fiduciary responsibilities, conflicts of interest and other statutory duties under state and federal laws. He provides advice in the context of financings, private investment company matters, and merger and acquisition transactions. He also counsels investment advisors. His experience includes advising clients with respect to the structuring and offering of investment vehicles to pension plans and other institutional investors, and the fiduciary obligations of investment managers, trustees and other fiduciaries, including matters involving ERISA litigation, U.S. Department of Labor exemption requests and matters involving the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and other government agencies.

Sylvia Patsaouras
Sylvia Patsaouras is a regional planner at the Southern California Association of Governments. A graduate of the UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Planning with an M.A. degree in Urban Planning, Sylvia was honored by UCLA Latino Alumni Association as the 2002 Alumna of the Year. Sylvia received two Bachelor degrees, Cum Laude, from the California State University at Northridge (Urban Studies and Political Science).

Sylvia has worked with various civic and community groups and has been appointed to city, county, and state boards. She has served on the State of California Speaker's Commission on Regions and on the State of California World Trade Commission. Sylvia also served as a commissioner in the Quality and Productivity Commission for the City of Los Angeles
and was on the Founding Board of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI), a community-based effort which became a national prototype in neighborhood revitalization. Sylvia served as Commissioner in the Los Angeles Services Authority Commission for the Homeless, a joint city/county commission.

Since 1992, Sylvia has worked as a regional planner at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), and she is presently the Manager of Environmental Planning at SCAG. Sylvia and her husband Nick have two children and are long-time residents of Tarzana.

Alan Rothenberg
In 1999, Mr. Rothenberg was Chairman, President and CEO of the most successful World Cup in history, the largest single sports event ever. In that capacity, Mr. Rothenberg built an organization from scratch that grew at its peak to 350 full time employees and almost 20,000
volunteers, operating out of 9 venues, plus a headquarters office and a marketing office.
As CEO of the 1994 World Cup, Mr. Rothenberg directed all activities including ticket sales, TV contract negotiations, sponsorship and licensing contract negotiations, stadium negotiations, government relations, international relations, and press relations. In addition, he oversaw major entertainment programs created by the 1994 World Cup including the 3 Tenors concert at Dodger Stadium, a week of separate performances at the Hollywood Bowl, Opening and Closing Ceremonies featuring, among others, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Jon Secada, and
World Cups Legacy Tour and SoccerFest.

Mr. Rothenberg also served as President of the United States Soccer Federation from 1990-1998, leading the growth of that organization from an annual budget of less than $5 million and with less than 20 employees to an annual budget of over $30 million and over 75 employees. In the process, he negotiated major sponsorship agreements, national television agreements and collective bargaining agreements with mens and womens national teams.

Mr. Rothenberg served as Chairman of the Board of the 1999 FIFA Womens World Cup, which was the largest and most successful women's sports event ever. Other past business experience of Mr. Rothenberg has included work in an executive capacity, for sports teams, cable TV, live
theater and feature film. He has also served on Boards of Directors for many not-for-profit and for-profit companies.

Fernando Torres-Gil
Fernando Torres-Gil is currently serving as Acting Dean at the UCLA School of Public Affairs. He is also the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, serves as Professor of Social Welfare and Public Policy, and is the Director of the Center for Policy Research on Aging. Previously, he
was a Professor of Gerontology and Public Administration at the University of Southern California and continues as an Adjunct Professor of Gerontology at USC.

His academic accomplishments parallel his extensive government and public policy experience. He served as the first-ever Assistant Secretary for Aging in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). He also served as Staff Director of the House of Representatives
Select Committee on Aging (1985-1987), where he administered the legislative and oversight activities of the largest committee in the U.S. Congress; Special Assistant to then-Secretary of Health and Human Services Patricia Roberts Harris (1979-1980); and White House Fellow and
Special Assistant to Joseph Califano, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (1978-1979). President Carter appointed Dr. Torres-Gil to the Federal Council on Aging (1978).

At the local level, Dr. Torres-Gil was the Vice President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission (1989-1993) and served as a member of the Harbor Commission (1997-2001) and the Taxi Commission (1996-1997) for the city of Los Angeles.

Dr. Torres-Gil was born and raised in Salinas, California, and is the son of migrant farm workers. He earned his B.A. in Political Science (1970), graduating with honors from San Jose State University, an M.S.W. (1972) and a Ph.D. in Social Policy, Planning and Research (1976) from
the Heller Graduate School in Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

Valeria Velasco
Valeria is a native Californian, born at California Hospital in Los Angeles. She has lived with her husband Frank and their son Frank in Playa del Rey since 1988. Val is a sole practitioner estate planning attorney in Playa del Rey.

Valeria is presently the Vice President of the Westchester Rotary Club, President of the Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion (ARSAC), a member of the Westchester/MDR/LAX Chamber of Commerce and is currently serving on the Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Volunteer Panel. She has served as a Los Angeles Planning Commissioner, Staff Legal Counsel and Hispanic Liaison to former Los Angeles City Councilman
Michael Woo, Assembly Aid/Hispanic Liaison to former Assembly Speaker Mike Roos, a bilingual elementary school teacher, and a Fee Dispute Arbitrator for the State Bar of California.
Valeria earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law and a Masters Degree in education from the Claremont Graduate School, and Bachelor of Arts from California State University of Long Beach.

Walter Zifkin
Walter Zifkin, a UCLA graduate, began his career as William Morris in 1963 after working in the CBS legal department. He shifted into management as the William Morris Agency in 1966. Mr. Zifkin was named corporate vice president in 1975, then executive vice president in 1980,
when he joined the board of directors. He was promoted to chief operating officer in 1989.
In 1992, Mr. Zifkin was the chief architect of William Morris' acquisition of Triad Artists, the largest merger of the two talent agencies in entertainment history. In April of 1997, he was named the firm's CEO; and in 2003, Mr. Zifkin was named CEO Emeritus upon his 40th
anniversary with the company.

Mr. Zifkin has additional perspective and experience from his community involvement, which includes service on the Executive Committee of the Board of Cedars-Sinai Health System, the Board of Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services and the Board of the Los Angeles Police Foundation.

He has been a member of the Mayor's Economic Advisory Council for the City of Beverly Hills, the Board of Overseers of The University of Pennsylvania's Center for the Advanced Judaic Studies and, more recently, he joined the Los Angeles Philharmonic Board of Overseers. In
May 2004, Mr. Zifkin was appointed by Mayor James Hahn to the Board of Airport Commissioners, which is the governing body for LAX, Ontario, Van Nuys and Palmdale airports.

Contact: Joe Ramallo(818) 415-3134
Janelle Erickson (310) 614-0289

SOURCE: Los Angeles World Airports

Governor Pothole

For those of you needing humor in your Monday, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart had a fun segment by Correspondent Samantha Bee on the "Schwarzenegger Pothole." last week.

Granted it isn't about LA, but damn is it funny.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

USC Security Flap

If you recently tried applying to USC for employment or academic purposes, you may have noticed that the online application is no longer a viable option – and for good reason. Last week an official memo was issued to all individuals who used the online application system since 1999 indicating that,

“ We recently were advised that an unknown person/persons may have compromised USC’s online application database by using a “hacking” technique that permitted the unauthorized individual(s) to bypass the password requirements of the system and access certain information in the database.”

The memo goes on to say that,

“A reporter contacted our Information Security Office to advise us that he has received information from an individual who claimed to have been able to access this information while he was attempting to apply to USC online.”

The memo, signed by USC Dean of Admission on Financial Aid, Katherine Harrington, admits that a small amount of records - which also revealed individuals social security numbers – have been viewed by the hackers.

Although someone out there may have assumed your identity, USC is hoping for return customers. The FAQ portion of the memo reads, “ It ( the online application) will be live again shortly, and may already be online by the time you are reading this. Please be assured that the site will be completely secured once it is available.”

Shouldn’t that have been the case the first time?

Their solution? Get a free credit report, or contact the California State Attorney General.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Padilla Problem

Just received this e-mail -- i've hidden the names for privacy reasons.


We need some major community support on Monday at
the Braude Service Center, 6262 Van Nuys Blvd., @ Sylvan
St., 2:30 p.m to block this. Several years ago, the staff of the
Councilmember was asleep at the wheel and let this slum
project go through without getting the community involved.

The Applicant leases property from MTA, 46,400 sq. feet at
12 cents per sq. foot. According to Real Estate Professional
X. xxx xxx, nearby industrial properties lease for
up to $1.25 per sq. foot. This applicant re-leases a majority
of his property for close to 90 cents per sq. foot.

Besides MTA not collecting fair market value for it's property,
the applicant makes a killing, plus he doesn't offer legal
amenities such as water, power and other utilities. In case
you don't know what I am referring, look at the photos in
the attachment. Radtke Construction is a "poster child" for
committing Urban and Visual Blight at the corner of S.F.
Road and Bledsoe. Travel down little San Fernando Road
and see the trash and debris and abandoned vehicles. This
is also a prime location for prostitutes serving adjacent workers.

Of course the businesses that lease from Radtke don't pay taxes
or business licenses, and cheat the commerical real estate owners.
Now, again the Council office has failed to notify the community.
Besides not employing competient staff to watch over this type
of neighborhood blight, the Councilmember is too busy running
for State Senate. The attached planning department document
was created on Thursday, June 30, plenty of time for the Council
office to let the community know and be prepared.

If we don't win on the Zoning, at least we can get MTA to charge
the real fair market value to Radtke that Radtke Construction
charges (12¢ versus 90¢) to it's tenants.

Please help.

Daily News Props

Kudos to Mayor Frank for breaking the news.

Assemblyman eyed for ABC's 'Bachelor'
By Brent Hopkins, Staff Writer

Six-foot-three and sharp in a pinstriped suit, Lloyd Levine could soon be one of the hottest men in America.

As the Democratic assemblyman from Van Nuys, he's so far been known mainly for his legislative exploits, championing such causes as fitness and the fight against cloned pets.
He can lecture persuasively about the need for civic involvement, punctuated with quotes from John F. Kennedy. His resume includes chairman of Select Committees on Infrastructure, High School and Collegiate Athletics -- hardly hot titles to mention when trying to pick up babes.
But the former photographer soon could be juggling the bustle under the state Capitol's white dome with romantic moonlight dinners: As part of a nationwide search for the country's most eligible men, producers of the ABC reality TV show "The Bachelor" have asked the 36-year-old Levine to submit an application to be a contestant.
"He's young, he's hot, he's single, he's what I believe every woman's looking for," said Michelle Castillo, a talent producer for the show, now in its eighth installment. "He's also got a great track record professionally.
"Great job, good looks, charming -- he's the complete package."

This came as a bit of a surprise to the mild-mannered Levine, who admits that he's never even seen the show. But, hey, legislators aren't blessed with a whole lot of time to go out looking for dates, so he decided to fill the application out and give it a shot.
If picked, he'd have his choice of 25 attractive women to squire around Paris, winnowed down to one lucky mademoiselle to whom he would hand a single red rose.
Levine, who favors French-cuff shirts when he's not pounding the streets in running shoes, seems slightly embarrassed by all the attention. Rail-thin and raven-haired, he coyly avoids discussing his past relationships, but mentions that he's been able to squeeze in a few dates between trips to Sacramento and back to Van Nuys.
"For me, a romantic night is what makes the other person happy," he said. "I like to do a lot of things, so I can have a good time no matter what. I get huge satisfaction out of seeing a big smile on their face, so if it's a good restaurant, a walk on the beach, a hike and a picnic, whatever they like."

He's not too picky about his special lady friend's appearance, though he favors tall women. She's got to have a passion for something, dig civic involvement, and enjoy being outside and active.
Logging 60- to 80-hour weeks in the Assembly, he doesn't find himself with much spare time to indulge in romantic pursuits. Even his preferred entertainment has a political tinge to it -- his favorite movie is the Michael Douglas flick "The American President" and he rocks out to Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run."

His idea of a fun trip is going on a photo excursion to the Central Valley to document the plight of farmworkers.

"I don't think any Assembly member has much of a social life," said Levine's cousin Dave Krute, who works in the family political consultancy. "In the last three years, it's been nonstop political machinations, so there's been long hours in the Assembly. I don't think he's even had any free time to play golf and be with his family."

News of his involvement with the show, first reported on the political blog Mayor Sam, sent giggles throughout state political circles. Karen Hanretty, a spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, couldn't resist an invitation to have a little fun at Levine's expense.
"I can't imagine that small talk about the state budget is a real turn-on to most women," she said with a snicker. "The fact that he's so concerned with cloning animals might cause more than one girl to find him a little suspicious."

But legislators can be romantic, too, Levine protests, pointing to his Democratic colleague Dario Frommer's recent marriage.

Sure, he's going to be busy with politics for the foreseeable future -- planning a run for state Senate in 2008 -- but Levine still wants to find the right lady to settle down with.
"When you're in a relationship, you've got an anchor, someone who grounds you. In the morning, you get up, kiss each other goodbye and you go about your days. The whole time, you know there's someone there waiting for you who shares that life with you."

Brent Hopkins, (818) 713-3738 brent.hopkins@dailynews.com

Friday, July 22, 2005

Council Committees

The IOU's and payoffs were delivered this afternoon allowing Padilla to keep his Presidency. Lets review:

Arts, Parks, Health & Aging
Chair - LaBonge
V Chair - Perry

Audits & Government Efficiency
Chair - CD 14
V Chair - CD 10

Budget & Finance
Chair - Parks
V Chair - Cardenas

Commerce, Energy & Natural Resources
Chair - Cardenas
V Chair - Hahn

Education & Neighborhoods

Chair - Rosendahl
V Chair - CD 14

Environmental Quality & Waste Management
Chair - Perry
V Chair - Rosendahl

Housing, Community & Economic Development
Chair - Garcetti
V Chair - Reyes

Information Technology & General Services
Chair - Hahn
V Chair - Padilla

Intergovernmental Relations
Chair - CD 10
V Chair - Zine

Chair - Zine
V Chair - Garcetti
CD 10

Planning & Land Use Management
Chair - Reyes
V Chair - Weiss

Public Safety
Chair - Weiss
V Chair - Smith

Public Works
Chair - Smith
V Chair - LaBonge

Rules & Elections
Chair - Padilla
V Chair - Greuel

Chair - Greuel
V Chair - Parks

Board of Referred Powers
Chair - Hahn
V Chair - Cardenas

Committee on Business Tax Reform
Chair - Greuel
V Chair - Smith

Committee for the Selection of the Chief Legislative Analyst
Chair - Padilla
V Chair - Garcetti

Committtee on the Convention Center Headquarters Hotel
Chair - Padilla
V Chair - Perry

Committee on Gang Violence & Youth Development
Chair - Cardenas
V Chair - CD 10

Committee on the L.A. River
Chair - Reyes
V Chair - Garcetti

Ad Hoc Stadium Committee
Chair - Parks
V Chair - Padilla

Does anybody else find it ironic that the Audits & Government Efficiency has two vacancies and Tom LaBonge. Good thing we are taking that seriously...

Friday Shorts

It wouldn't be a happy Friday if we didn't take our weekly shot at our beloved neighbor in the blogosphere over at (LA) Observed.

Today we get his "Friday Shorts" with the disclaimer that "This week's light posting has been due to me being out and around on assignment. It's likely to continue today. Late shorties will be tacked on to the tail end."

I didn't know what "shorties" were, but I guess they have a logo. Who knew?

Our resident alcoholic over at Martini Republic notes "It's easy to forget when you're not interested"

I guess we'lll just have to wait for the ones "tacked on the tail end" to get his response.

Parents Summit on the Crisis in LAUSD

In a bit of campaign maneuvering and what I'm hoping is noble intentions of dealing with an actual crisis that everyone admits exists, Nick Pacheco blasted the following press release to his audience:

Saying "Parents are Crucial to the Solution,"”
Pacheco Calls for Parents Summit on the Crisis in LAUSD

Los Angeles, CA - "Parents are vital in bringing about any change in the LAUSD," said former city Councilman Nick Pacheco. "We have to include our schoolchildren'’s parents and loved ones in any solution to the problems facing our disintegrating school system."

Citing high drop out rates, increasing racial tension in the classroom and lack of parent outreach, Pacheco said that politicians and education experts alone wouldn'’t find solutions. "That'’s why I am calling for a Parents Summit," said Pacheco, "“ I want to hear first hand, before the recently set up committees and commissions get too far along, what our children'’s parents and loved ones have to say to us. I want to hear from the children, as well. Neither politicians nor experts have a monopoly on caring for our future generations".

Former Councilman Pacheco said he is writing to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to ask him to co-sponsor the summit, which hopefully will be held as early as next month.

Here is a copy of the letter to the Mayor. Click on the image to enlarge.

In other Pacheco spam news, we get updated on the following:

Q & A Session Available Regarding LAUSD Budget Woes and Issues:
Tuesday, July 26 at 6:30 PM
El Sereno Senior Center

Representatives from LAUSD and the State will be available on Tuesday, July 26 - 6:30 pm at the El Sereno Senior Center to discuss the current financial woes at LAUSD. Find out:

- how did LAUSD overspend their fiscal year 2003-2004 budget by $253 million? What assurances do we have that those funds were spent in the classroom and not the bureacracy?

- what does it mean that State Controller Steve Westly has put LAUSD on the state's financial watch list? How does the "watch list" work and what can parents and teachers do to help the school district get off the list?

- why is the district considering spending $49 million for a parking structure so soon after spending $184.2 million to move top brass and staff into a downtown building?

- why did LAUSD submit a "qualified" financial rating to the Los Angeles County Office of Education, indicating that the district is uncertain whether it can meet its financial obligations over the next 3 years?

- can Romer's secret fund be used to make improvements at local schools?

The Senior Center is located at 4818 Klamath Place, (x-street Eastern) Los Angeles, CA 90032 (323) 223-1399.


Mayor Villaraigosa Plans City Budget Cuts

Dear Friends:

As was reported in the LA Times the city budget woes have caused Mayor Villaraigosa to push the departments to "start scaling back a bit." It is reported that the City could face a $225 million dollar deficit beginning July 1, 2006 if changes are not made immediately.

As former Chair of the Budget and Finance committee, I can tell you that the Mayor is in a good position to impose cuts and get things on track. As the Chief Executive he can reign in the departments and make sure that they maintain the current level of City services.

I am committed to working with the Mayor and utilize my prior experience as Chair of the Budget and Finance committee to assist him in this important task.

NO INCREASE IN TRASH COLLECTION FEES: I will fight back any desire to impose a fee for collecting trash from single-family homes in Los Angeles to solve our budget problems.

We will get through these lean years and, unfortunately, the City Budget will only focus on the basic city services for CD 14.

However, there is good news for us below!!!


CD 14's "Million Dollar Baby": CLARTS Amenities Fund

Dear Friends:

Many of you have tracked the various CD 14 motions spending CLARTS Community Amenities Trust Funds (04-2219 $50,000 to Para Los Ninos, 05-0795 $30,000 to Self Help Graphics, 03-0307-S5 $2,369.99 to Mariachi Festival, 03-0307-S6 $60,000 to Centro de Ayuda, & 05-1371 $66,000 to Council District 14 Staff Costs) and have wanted to know how this fund was created. For the last three years this fund has been in the works and I want to personally thank Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for completing this project while Councilmember.

When the Department of Sanitation approached me with the idea of purchasing the Central Los Angeles Recycling and Transfer Station (CLARTS) in 2002, I told them that I would agree to the purchase ONLY IF a community amenities trust fund was established. I had known about the one for Sunshine Canyon Landfill and figured "if it was good enough for the Valley, it was good enough for us on the Eastside." They agreed and thus the agreement for the CLARTS Community Amenities Trust Fund was born.

According to the very first motion (04-2219) introduced to spend the funds, every fiscal quarter generates $226,000.00 dollars for CD 14, around $1 Million a year.

This fund puts CD 14 in the unique position of not having to rely on the City's budget to fund local projects. As I have walked in various neighborhoods the following projects have surfaced and seem worthy of support:

-- bus shelters and cement platforms along Valley Boulevard in El Sereno

-- $10,000 to each fire station that services CD 14 for station repairs, including removing barbed wire and putting wrought iron

-- historic lamps along Figueroa north of York Blvd. -- maintenance contract with Clean and Green for the Evergreen Jogging Path

-- Northeast Film Festival -- Farmers Market in Boyle Heights

-- Art Scholarships for residents of CD 14, redeemable at Self Help Graphics

-- padded chairs for all the Senior Centers

If you have any other suggestions e-mail us at teampacheco14@sbcglobal.net.

It is an exciting time to be a resident of CD 14 and I look forward to being a hands on Councilmember that spends our resouces in the community.

Sacramento Happenings *UPDATE

CalRaces has an update on AD 53 (Gordon). It turns out Denise Gordon isn't going to run.

While checking up on this rumor, which I have now confirmed the same, I ran into a whopper.

Who likes the Bachelor?

It turns out one of our local Assemblymembers does. An inquiry has been submitted to the powers that be under the big white dome asking what the restrictions would be on a current elected who could potentially be the next bachelor?

Any guesses? Stay tuned to find out.

** Since this post got so much attention, it is time to let you guys loose on a Friday morning and let you discuss the answer amongst yourselves.

Boi From Troy wins the gold medal for correctly identifying the answer first. For those wondering the source, here you go.

Blog away, and as an FYI, the roses can be sent to his district office:

Van Nuys State Building
6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 300
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Don't worry. The gals in the office won't mind the Friday treat.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Villaraigosa vs. Ludlow - Round 1

I haven't come up with the clever "rumble in the jungle" catch phrase yet, but the first spat is about to occur come July 23.

Starting then, all international container terminals in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will start five OffPeak shifts per week on nights and weekends.

In the Mayor's corner we have PierPASS. PierPASS is a not-for-profit company created by marine terminal operators to reduce congestion and improve air quality in and around the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. PierPASS is responsible for managing the OffPeak program.

In Ludlow's corner we have the Teamsters port division. They are organizing a protest rally tomorrow arguing that PierPass makes truckers work longer hours. Some truckers are calling for a boycott Saturday. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union supports PierPASS, but is also trying to call for the truckers rights to be addressed.

The City, residents, and anyone on a freeway needs PierPass. The Mayor needs labor. Labor needs the Mayor. Ludlow needs to look independent and not appear to be the Mayor's puppet, yet back up his truckers. The Mayor needs to stand up for residents in the port.

What to do? What to do? We'll probably learn a lot about both men in the coming days. They are both skilled public speakers. They both know how to negotiate. Watch this one closely and we are sure to see a little dance on the fence from both. Word of advice? Don't get caught speaking out of both sides of your mouths. It never ends well.

Additional information in the Daily Breeze.

**UPDATE** Janice Hahn adds her opinion.

Bad Boys Coming For You, Maybe

I'm browsing through articles when I find this: Los Angeles Schools Police Chief to Become Top Cop in Nevada City

I hadn't heard this or read it anywhere. Anywho, the just of the article isn't what caught my attention. It was the size comparison of police forces.

Alan Kerstein headed the 335-officer LAUSD police department. LAUSD has 746,800 students -- Ratio is 1 cop to 2230 students

Henderson's police department has 267 officers in a city of more than 225,000 residents -- Ratio is 1 cop to 842 residents

And we wonder why we have issues?

Let Mayor Villaraigosa Know How You Feel

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks the following question?

What Does the Valley Business Community Need Most from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

1. Business Tax Cuts
2. Greater Attention to Transportation Infrastructure
3. Greater Attention to Combatting Crime
4. Greater Focus on Education
5. Other

Feel free to chime in here or there.

***UPDATE*** Here are the current results of their poll