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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Let the Fun Begin

Yesterday marked the starting of the official filing period for candidates throughout LA. Two of the front runners, Hahn and Hertzberg have already begun trading barbs via the Daily News, Daily Breeze. May the fun begin.

Any bets on who qualifies first?

(RULES: To qualify you must submit 500 signatures of registered voters within the city limits and pay a fee or submit 1000 signatures and the fee is waived.)


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Antonio will probably get his 500 signatures from the County. He always bused in people to his debates with Pacheco from the county side.

Would love to see who's signing.

November 09, 2004 11:47 AM  

Blogger 4NIC8 said:

I think that your blog is failing miserably. Only Chief Parker seems to be amused by it. Good luck.

November 09, 2004 1:37 PM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

Hey 4NIC8 - Maybe you should do as your name suggests and get a life. There have been some 39 posts in just over two weeks. I'd say we are doing just fine!

If you don't like the fact that we are probably holding your boss accountable for their actions, that's your loss and your problem. Maybe instead of making stupid comments you'll get off your duff and do the work of the people!

November 09, 2004 3:09 PM  

Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Damn straight Chief Parker! This is THE blog to read since Fourth Floor died. We've been mentioned in the Daily News, we get a ton of comments every day and even Bernie reads us!

I've been Travelin' Sam the last few days so I am for sure very grateful to the Chief for minding the store, but I'll have some juicy tidbits very soon.

Indeed, the Antonio hacks are jealous they can't run as great a blog as the Sister City as well as they can't try to mess with us like they did FFB1.

Now go gargle with razor blades you tinhorns!!!!!!!!

November 09, 2004 3:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Today was the first time I read through your website. I use to read LAvoice.org but no longer and LAObserved. Nothing compares to the great stuff on here. People are talking and you're right if it's the wrong boss their people get upset. You've been mentioned quite a few times in the press but never got the chance to see what's it's all about.

Think you've won me over!!!

November 09, 2004 3:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MEAT: Not sure who 4NIC8 is nor do i care -- i like this blog and i think the creators of this blog looove Antonio. It seems his is the only subject matter folks like to post on -- which is fine by me.

The cavalier language folks are using about the demise of Antonio is interesting. It's cool to see what paraniod facto someone thinks they know about him. Only to have me, a lonely citizen (who doesn't work for Antonio by the way) able to easily blast away at their fun and dumb facts.

So Antonio bussed in folks to debate Nick Pacheco did he? wow - please prove it. I know for a fact that did not occur, but i'd love to see someone prove this one to me.

As for the folks that like to say he supports gangbangers, takes money from neighborhood councils and is out of state all the time.

Supporting measure A which would add thousands of police officers, sure doesn't sound like a guy who supports gangbangers. Sponsering the toughest gun law in the nation with the support of every major Cop in the state doesn't sound like someone who supports gangbangers to me. Someone whom Police Chief Bratton and Chief Parks say is a real champion for cops, doesn't sound like a supporter of gangbangers to me. Someone that received Sheriff Lee Baca's endorsement in all of the races he's been so far doesn't sound like a supporter of gangbangers to me. Having someone like Attorney General Bill Lockyer (the TOP COP in the State) say Antonio is a tough on crime crusader doesn't sound like someone who supports gangbangers to me.

The real reason why folks even bring it up is simple-- they don't want Antonio to be anything, much less Mayor, and thats fine. However, i don't support the misleading or unfactual statement folks make. But Meat, why would these folks make these statements in the the first place? Well dum-dum because people like you believe it only if they hear it over and over again. So manipulators that cruise this blog will repeat it over and over again, even though i will continue to disprove them every step of the way. I won't get tired of it, cause its fun in a way.

As for the neighborhood council $$ -- the burden of proof is on you my friend. Prove that he took money from any neighborhood council, and be sure you know what you are talking about, because there are many entities with similar sounding names. If you can prove he did this, i'll buy you a steak dinner - honestly.

As for the out of state claim, i disproved this one on another post. please find it.

thanks folks,

November 09, 2004 3:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Can you really be this dumb? All you have to do is ask DONE who has all the paperwork. Anytime a NC gives money they have to record with DONE (Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment).

As for the gangbanger buses that came straight out of his person Adrianna. In fact some of his other field deputys have told people they didn't agree but they work for AV. So there are your facts!!!!!!!!!!

Bratton and Baca were being nice for a guy who was giving $500,000. Let's talk about the wasted taxdollars in special event waivers he approves weekly.

Look up that record and I'm sure you'll be shocked

November 09, 2004 4:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

CONGRATS!!!! Mayor Sam and team. Once again YOU ARE MENTIONED in the following website.


Makes Antonio sound a unhappy camper...

November 10, 2004 10:50 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

To Meat:


Since 2001 Antonio has had $800,000.00 dollars in his state account - Friends of Antonio 2006. He is allowed to give money to community groups and he did (Centro del Pueblo, Neighbor to Neighbor, LA Acorn, Wilson High School, etc.). YET, he told CD 14 community groups when he started as Councilmember that "he didn't have money" to help them - Pacheco took it. Why lie??

Also, during this time his office asked the Boyle Heights Neighborhood council to contribute to community events because "he didn't have money", for a total of $2,000.00 over the last 20 months. Why lie?

Call his office and they will tell you that he paid for a bus of gang members to oppose an injunction against VNE in Estrada Courts. (The City Attorney and Mayor support the injunction.) Yes, of course some community members went, too.

Also, prior to running for Council (Nov. 2002) Antonio did the same self-serving tactic of spending money on a County measure (Measure B) and sending mailers to CD 14. This time he spent half a million ($500,000.00) on his political ambition.

Finally, Antonio campaigned on doing a BETTER job and so far he hasn't done anything NEW and hasn't shown any noticeable leadership on the Council.

His MTA leadership was courtesy of being appointed by Mayor Hahn to that position. BTW, in the process he really p.o.'d Supervisor Molina for grandstanding.

November 11, 2004 12:22 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


I feel so sorry for you. You sound like one of those Gray Davis supporters saying all the facts about the recall were untrue. He's done a good job. Everyone is just jealous.

All anyone has to do is simply go to the next Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council general meeting. Ask any one of the 51 reps if indeed they gave money to Tony. THEY DID. There was a vote and it is recorded. The money was given because it was a sad story of how Tony didn't have any money and it was for food for a Health Fair. The BHNC being the kind ones thought of the community irst and forked it over.......helllllooooooo What is wrong with this picture????

November 11, 2004 9:14 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

From Meat:

It's like a never ending cycle with folks who are close minded to the truth.

What are we saying that Antonio is obligated to give political money to any and all organizations that ask? The truth is, he didn't have any and i mean any CITY money to dole out as it was spent by Pacheco, which is fine. Pacheco should spend the money as it was under his authority to dole out.

The four organizations that did get money do serve the 14th council district in some capacity -- my question is, can anyone produce paperwork asking Antonio to go into his political account for money for the other organizations?

It's not usually an account elected officials think of when community orgs ask for money. Antonio was elected to provide leadership within the city and its resources.

As for the folks that want to know about what he has done -- ummm reviving the Gold Line ($770 million dollar investment in transportation) LARX, ending the MTA strike (as for the folks that say antonio was appointed by Hahn, they are right) needless to say the MTA unions and management give credit to Antonio for endingn the strike. Which had a huge negative effect on his district.

Is ending a strike BETTER than what pacheco would've done - YES.

Is reviving the Gold Line BETTER than what Pacheco would've done - YES

Is showing leadership on healthcare for all BETTER than Pacheco - YES

Next up -- the folks going around saying that Antonio's website server isn't in the 14th CD -- well you are right - its in Los Angeles, a city that he is running to become Mayor of --.

Thats like saying Antonio or any other candidate, Parks or Alarcon shouldn't open up any campaign offices in other parts of the city. Puhleeaase.

If the folks who CLAIM they represent CD 14 want to recall their councilman, then why is their website in Scottsdale AZ -- shows the true colors of these folks - its not a genuine recall but "outsiders" trying to embarress a good councilman.

If Antonio were to put up a site that was to fight the recall then it should be in CD14 -- but it's fine that his Mayoral website is based in the city he is running for Mayor in, kinda makes sense doesn't it dum-dums.

Folks that want to be lazy and claim he doesn't have integrity please prove it -- with facts -- otherwise your boy crying wolf schtick doesn't hold much water.

As for the buses in ramona gardens -- its not Antonio's office you have a problem with -- it's Youth Opportunity Movement -- a city dept within CDD that requested those buses. If a city dept makes a request to a city councilmembers office they oblige and give the bus.

As for the injunction -- Antonio supports it as merely one of the tools in the toolbox. Which means we should do the injunction as well as preventative programs that keep kids out of gangs in the first place.

So keep the trash coming -- maybe i should change my name from MEAT to the garbage collector - cause thats all you've been throwing at me.

November 11, 2004 1:01 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

From: On 4th Floor

Someone block that Meat jerk. Isn't there rules about how many lines you can post? Someone needs to teach him blog etiquette. He's going to make you lose people Chief.

November 11, 2004 3:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey Chief, is there anyway we can find out if the candidates had to pay the fee or actually got the 500 signatures?

November 11, 2004 4:40 PM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

We will know when they turn their papers in. They either need 500 signtures and the fee or 1000 signatures and no fee. Regardless, they need a minimum of 500 verified signatures of registered voters in the city, so you you might just spot a signature gatherer in your neighborhood shortly. Depending on their accuracy, most collect more than the goal needed since not all of the signatures pan out.

November 11, 2004 7:47 PM  

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