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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Hahn On Way To Assume Frank Shaw Mantle

Indeed! Back in my day it was all about gambling, hookers, bribes to the police and more. But now the scams are more complex and take a little more explaining.

It seems as if Mayor Hahn is in a little bit of dutch for using DWP paid PR flacks to advise on a number of political matters. This is at a time that City Controller Laura Chick has delivered a scathing audit on the practice of the DWP - a monopoly municipal utility with no competition - spending millions of dollars on high priced PR consulting. In fact, at the same timeChick was running various audits of the DWP's PR spending, their consultant was billing the DWP to spin a response to Chick's pending accusations.

Of course we have noted before that Bernard Parks - Butter Bernie - has compared Mayor Hahn to my administraton. (Oh wait a minute, its "Bitter" Bernie Mayor Sam reminds me. Butter Bernie was a dairy farmer from Covina who paid me off to let him deliver milk to the county jail.) At the same time, his other opponent Antonio Villaraigosa has called on Hahn to repay the DWP for the free counsel he got.

Finally, Mariel Garza from the Daily News explains why this is all a big problem for the Mayor and the rest of us.

We shall stay tuned.



Anonymous Anonymous said:

First of all Laura Chick has her own problems and is the last person that should be accusing anyone. Didn't the Ethics Commission get her on violation of receiving campaign money? Secondly, wasn't she the one who is suppose to question bills before paying them? Didn't she receive campaign money from Fleishman? Parks and Villaraigosa both received campaign money from Fleishman as well so again who are they to be talking? And lastly wasn't Hertzberg a consultant for Fleishman as early as March of this year? Now all of a sudden he says in today's Daily News that he doesn't want a negative campaign and yet isn't he the one who has been attacking the Mayor from day one? As far as I'm concerned ALL these people have thrown their crediability out the window.

November 22, 2004 8:59 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hertzberg only worked for them.

Laura may have some issues with them, but she brought the sunshine on it all.

Mayor Poopy is in deep doo-doo.

November 22, 2004 9:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hertzberg only worked for them. Meaning he was involved in the overbilling? His campaign staff needs to release his involvement ASAP. How dare he rail against Hahn when he may be guilty of the overbilling that Laura Chick signed off on herself?

November 22, 2004 2:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Butter Bernie? Ah, Mayor Sam - you guys are rich! Finally coverage of city issues that makes you laugh (and for the right reasons).

November 22, 2004 2:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Very good point on the blog that states Hertzberg may also have been overbilled. Why doesn't Laura Chick release those documents and why isn't anyone saying she accepted campaign money from Fleishman. Talk about a conflict of interest. Didn't they give enough?

November 22, 2004 3:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I must say Mayor Frank, this is one fine blog piece. You tied history, these bits of news, and our reprehensible politicians and controller together in a nice package quite succinctly.

Is this what they call a circle jerk? Where they all stand in a circle and yank the chain of the jerk standing next to them? Where it stops... nobody knows or cares. I say scrap the lot!

It used to be that our politicians needed to be above reproach. Now-a-days we consider ourselves lucky if one of them is much above a roach. Scurrying about for a place to hide. DWP Board, management, and agents secured the contract. Chick paid the bills. They all turned a blind eye. Did the controller's office just learn how to read? The justifications have not been rewritten. Why is it that after five years they are not acceptable now. Oh yeah, they got caught.

Chick has done her best to keep things under wraps. Didn't she fire investigator Dan Carvin for getting too close to the trail of fraud, waste, and abuse leading to the City Attorney's Office? I'll bet there is a mountain of skeletons in that closet. (http://www.laweekly.com/ink/04/43/news-anderson.php)
Doesn't anybody have a problem with Chick approving half a million dollar attorney services fees for Jackson and Lewis? Jackson and Lewis were hired to defend Chick against her decision to fire the investigator she hired for doing what he was hired to do. Guess he got too close to the perps.

Dan Carvin ought to run for City Controller. Now that would put a chink in somebody's armor, wouldn't it?

Write in Dan Carvin for City Controller!

November 22, 2004 9:44 PM  

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