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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vacation Getaway Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

On the Eve of this Blogger's Annual Vacation Getaway to the soothing waters of the Eastern Sierras, we spent the evening at the First Meeting of the LA-32 NC's Land Use & Development Committee ........, now under the able, professional leadership of Hillside Village Resident Miguel Vargas. 
We will be back in the new Fiscal New Year.
** Blogger's Note: We are on the 24 Hour Clock Countdown to our Annual Vacation Getaway to the non-DWP-owned, soothing waters of the Eastern Sierras, to celebrate the end of another Fiscal New Year (and a Fiftieth Year of Being on July 2). But before our bloggin hiatus, we want to take time to COMMEND new LA-32 Neighborhood Council Vice-President and Land Use & Development (LUD) Committee Chairperson Miguel Vargas for his objective, professional handling of the last evening's Special LUD Committee Meeting at the El Sereno Library. Bluntly, under the subjective, vindictive behavior of Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), Stakeholder who's comments ran contrary to the pre-ordained agenda of her (and CD 14), were the recipient of unprofessional, personal ridicule ......., and other repugnant actions. For the record, this was only the FIRST LU & D Committee Meeting (and surely they may be times that actions voted upon could spark disagreements). That said, if Vargas sets a benchmark, rooted in objective Openness and Transparency, in the dispensation of Committee Duties (especially free of outside influence from Fonseca and CD 14), then the Greater LA-32 Community will be well-served----Scott Johnson.  

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD-14

Monday, June 27, 2016

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

The Downtown LA's Biltmore Hotel was the location again for the 58th Edition of the Los Angeles Press Club's Southern California Journalism Awards which recognized our Bloggin Radio Friend, former KRLA 870 AM Talk Show Host Randy Economy (and a certain ex Motor Cop, turned CD 3 City Councilman Dennis Zine) for their "Behind the Mic Exploits".
** BREAKING NEWS MONDAY!! Green Dot Charter School Founder Steve Barr announces his Mayoral Campaign Challenge against Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee ............., and former LA County Deputy Sheriff Paul Tanaka gets Five Years in Federal Prison.
The former KRLA 870 AM Talk Show tandem Randy Economy (with signature Eye Patch) and an ex CD-3 City Councilman named Dennis.
** The Downtown LA Biltmore Hotel was the location again for this year's 58th Annual LA Press Club's Southern California Journalism Awards, with numerous Old School Print/Visual/Radio Scribes and Commentators, plus a new guard of Cyber Media Bloggers on hand, as awards for various categories were dispensed. We are glad to report that our Bloggin Radio Friend Randy Economy, formerly of KRLA 870 AM was a Third Place Recipient in the "Personality Profile/Interview Category", for his comedic interview with Republican US Senate Candidate Duf Sundheim.   
Stonewall Young Democrat Ari Ruiz (on right) to former Failure Mayor Antonio (now) Villargovea: Will you embrace my future campaign for Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees?
Former East Los Angeles College President, now LACCD Board of Trustee Member Ernest Moreno. 
** The latest rumor originating from the Northeast LA Political Chatter Network is that Stonewall Young Democrat President (and El Sereno resident) Ari Ruiz is pondering a campaign against Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustee Member Ernest Moreno .......,LOL ,LOL, ,LOL, LOL!! Please pardon the outburst of cyber laughter, but we recall the last time Ruiz ran for the LA-32 Neighborhood Council in 2014 ........., and the results? Hint. not good.
HACLA's Rose Hill Courts Meeting on Wednesday.
** Simple question, why is HACLA seeking Millions in Public Money to rehabilitate the Rose Hill Courts ......, then turn over the Management of the longtime entity to Related California? To be continued.

Your thoughts ............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Councilman Huizar/University of Scandalous Conduct's (USC) "Hazard Park Preservation Mission Accomplished" ........., Naught!! The Photographic Reaity

As photographs posted below bluntly detail, the CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar/"University of Scandalous Conduct's (USC)" supposed Hazard Park Preservation Mission Accomplished Theatrics", was a Political Campaign Facade that has fail to address SERIOUS Public Health and ADA infrastructure concerns at the Historic Eastside Green (currently Brown) Space. 
The infamous President George W. Bush Iraq War "Mission Accomplished Media Event".
No amount of choreographed Photo Ops Theatrics (especially during a Re-election Campaign) cannot mask the reality (as noted below) that Hazard Park ......... is still a Historic Green Space in Peril. 
** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to "University of Scandalous Conduct (USC)" President Max Nikias (along with underlings Martha Escutia, David Galaviz and Zul Surani), plus a certain Princeton Graduate, CD-14 City Councilman, the Bloggin Photographic Essay below, bluntly shows that their combined, choreographed "Hazard Park Preservation Mission Accomplished Moment (timed initially during the 2015 CD 14 City Council Campaign)", in reality have fail to address SERIOUS Public Health and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) infrastructure concerns, meriting IMMEDIATE attention. The argument can be made that the Historic Cultural and Environmental Green Space, is in worst condition after USC-financed work to install exercise equipment ........, rather that upgrading the outdoor restroom, irrigation system and ADA access. Further, activists decades-long efforts to rehabilitate the Hazard Park Wetlands and have formal Historic Designation bestow on the Park, honoring the 1968 Gathering by the late Educator Sal Castro and thousands of Eastside Students, seeking Educational Equality, face a LONG, uncertain resolution. But the photographic documentation below (and above), showcases again the affects of Political Exploitation that leaves the gifted property of Henry T. Hazard, in a continuing State of Blight----Scott Johnson. 
The current shade-lacking and absence of grass has dramatically curtailed park visitation.  
An uninviting parkscape due to failing irrigation infrastructure.
Read more »

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Why No El Sereno Fourth of July Parade in 2016? The Discretionary (Funds) Details.

As the CD-14 El Sereno Community Social Media Dialog heats up over the surprise Cancellation of the annual El Sereno Bicentennial Committee "Fourth of July Parade", we disclose the "Discretionary (Funds) Facts that show the Office of  CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's apparent prudent oversight in allocating funding for various El Sereno community events
No Parade beyond the Barricades in 2016.
"Nellie" is none too happy about Parade Cancellation.
** Blogger's Note: In recent days, the Social Media chatter in the CD-14 El Sereno Community has been ceaseless regarding the SURPRISE cancellation of the 2016 Installment of the Bicentennial Committee's "Fourth of July Parade". Back in recent bloggin time, we have documented issues regarding nefarious fiscal problems (including the supposed SHREDDING of tax documents) ............, and other questionable actions, associated with a certain Bicentennial Committee Board Member. That said, its become apparent in the last couple of weeks that the Office of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, is the latest to have questions regarding its financing of the Bicentennial Committee Parade Budget. Sources state that the Office of Councilman Huizar would only pledge to fund certain Parade Budget Line Items .........., which is in line with prudent fiscal allocations. Further, in the documents below obtained from the City Clerk, they show that Councilman Huizar WITHDREW a $10,000 allocation to the Bicentennial Committee ............, and $15,000 to the El Sereno Stallions at the end of the last Fiscal Year (2015), due to "time constrains" (red marking denote El Sereno groups that received Discretionary Funding). We should note for the record, that the Bicentennial Committee Letter below, listing the Board of Directors, included Genny Guerrero, Husband John and Mom/President Violeta, Also, Frank Guerrero and his Wife Roxy Melgar, was the Treasurer of the Stallions----Scott Johnson. 

CD-14 General City Purposes Fund Report
CD-14 General City Purposes Fund Report.
CD 14 General City Purposes Fund Report.

Bicentennial Committee Letter listing its Board of Directors.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Evening Update: Did USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis Discriminate in the Expulsion of Stakeholder/Blogger from supposed "PRIVATE" Meeting?

In an Evening Update to a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we present Photographic Evidence of the Deliberate Targeting of a certain "Hazard Park Preservation Committee (HPPC) Member (and Mayor Sam Blogger)" for Expulsion from a PRIVATE USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis Meeting .........., while supposed fellow ........., while supposed fellow HPPC members Ray and Ruth Rios, remained silent.    
Photo Caption: Ray and Ruth Rios of the Hazard Park Preservation Committee, Supervisor Solis, USC President Max Nikias.
Ray Rios wearing Hazard Park Preservation Committee Shirt. 
** Blogger's Note:  In an Evening Update to our today's Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have obtained Photographical Documentation of this Blogger's  (and Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member) EXPULSION from a PRIVATE USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis-Meeting at the old County Hospital, now Wellness Center. In the photo below, it can be CLEARLY visualize that a female staff member of The Wellness Center, is directing this writer to leave the supposed PRIVATE meeting (this blogger is seated, in green Hazard Park Preservation Committee Shirt,  "third from the left in back of the room, facing the female Wellness Center Staffer). Further, Wellness Center Staff Member Nick Moghadassi (in white shirt and badge is on the immediate right, standing in back of the room, left of pillar). Further, we have photographed a copy of the PRIVATE Meeting Agenda, that show Staff Member Mogadassi's contact information which identifies him as the person stating that I vacate the supposed "exclusive gathering". For the Record, the photo above via Supervisor Solis Website, notes that Ray and Ruth Rios were representing, the Hazard Park Preservation Committee ........, and the photo below was taken by ........., supposed Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member Ray Rios----Scott Johnson. 
Photo documenting Wellness Center Staffer requesting that a certain Mayor Sam Blogger (and supposed Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member) vacated a PRIVATE Meeting.
Photo of supposed PRIVATE Meeting Agenda with contact information of Wellness Center Staffer Nick Modhadassi, who requested that Mayor Sam Blogger (and Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member) vacate the proceedings. 
Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Mayor Sam Exclusive: USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis's PRIVATE Biotech Corridor Outreach Meeting (Only Hand-picked Community Members Invited))

 In a Mayor Sam Exclusive (before being told to leave), we have photos from a PRIVATE USC/LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis Meeting at the old General Hospital (now Wellness Center), with SELECTED community members regarding the proposed Biotech Corridor, that usurp the Spirit of Openness and Transparent Governess/Dialog ......., with ALL Stakeholders. 
Photo Caption: Ray and Ruth Rios of the Hazard Park Preservation Committee, Supervisor Solis, USC President Max Nikias.
** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose via photos posted below of a PRIVATE meeting orchestrated by public/private tandem of LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis and the University of Southern California (USC) at the former General Hospital (now Wellness Center), regarding USC's ambitious Biotech Corridor plans
For the Record, the Mayor Sam Blog received a tip regarding this meeting and ATTEMPTED to partake in observing the proceedings ........., but was told by a staff member (Nick Moghadassi) of The Wellness Center that this was a PRIVATE EVENT. Thus, this blogger/community stakeholder was politely TOLD to leave.
Beginning of PRIVATE USC/Supervisor Hilda Solis Meeting as Wellness Center Staff Member (on right with electronic gadget) ask Stakeholder/Blogger to vacate the proceedings.
This Act of Excluding Stakeholders (and a discerning Media) runs contrary to a previous pronouncement from Supervisor Solis regarding the need of USC to embrace the Greater Community in Dialog regarding their Biotech Corridor ambitions

Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis on February 26 called on the University of Southern California to embrace and support community residents as it moves forward with plans to build a biotech research park at its Health Sciences campus, adjacent to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. To be successful, USC must design its research park to ensure “people are invited to come down the hill, or across the freeway or even from the other side of town” to work or study at the campus, Supervisor Solis said. 
We would like to give the benefit of the doubt that Supervisor Solis is true to her words regarding USC' need "to embrace and support community residents (not just those supportive enablers being offered Trojan largess, allegedly), but in witnessing ysterday's proceedings (before our expulsion), the words above smack of empty, meaningless verbiage, considering the exclusiveness of those invited ........., who included the following;
Former LA-32 Neighborhood Council President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo): Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), who's ethically/character-challenged proclivities have been well documented, recently attempted to block a successful LA-32 Motion, supporting a $250,000 Grant via former Supervisor Gloria Molina, for Tree Planting/Youth Vocational Training at Hazard Park.
Legacy LA supporters: In attendance were the Ramona Gardens supporters of Legacy LA who had the dubious distinctions of being expose of misusing Public Funds (ie. writing checks to self) and supporting Liquor Licenses for 7 Eleven.
Ray Rios (on the right).
Ray and Ruth Rios of the Hazard Park Preservation Committee: The Husband (when not engaging in physical altercations) and Wife Duo (who are also members of the Hillside Village Property Owners Association), have fail to contact their fellow committee members (including this blogger for the record) about their involvement in these PRIVATE proceedings, while enabling the political agenda of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (and condoning USC's past actions) .
While we are not surprise that the "University of Scandalous Conduct" would seek out those within the community with past episodes of ethical/character-challenged behavior, we must question whether the supposed environmental and working class advocate Supervisor Solis, is a willing partner in associating with those (including USC), who's past actions have had an adverse impact on the greater community, in supporting a project that will have a potential, profound future impact on ALL stakeholders/neighbors surrounding the proposed, Biotech Corridor Project Area?-----Scott Johnson.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Photos (mixed with Bloggin Commentary) from a Mayor Sam Field Trip to the LA Police Commission Meeting in Boyle Heights

On the Morning After a Mayor Sam Blog Field Trip to the Los Angeles Police Commission Meeting at Boyle Height's Hollenbeck Middle School, we present Photos, mixed with salient commentary on the theatrical proceedings (with audience financed by George Soros?).
 City Hall regular Public Commentator "Herman" addressing the Commission.
** Blogger's Note: In the first installment of our Mayor Sam Bloggin Summer of 2016 Field Trip Series, we safely made our way along the congested Soto Street Corridor to Boyle Height's Hollenbeck Middle School, for an evening of formalities, mixed with "colorful communal commentary (financed in part by George Soros?)" as the LA Police Commission staged a venting session. The usual City Hall Public Commentators (Herman and Wayne)  along with the regular Police Commission Meeting's agitators (Black Lives Matters and Lefties), blessed the proceeding with multiple, obscenity-laden rants, directed at Chief Charlie Beck and Commission Members. The assorted agitators, did their best to hijack the proceedings by conducting themselves in a manner that have cause the likes of South LA Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant, to condemn the counter-productive behavior. But despite the theatrics, great salient observations were made about the internal LAPD administrated dysfunction (think Captain Ruby's Community Relationship Division) ......., and of course, the Current State of Political Policing/Enabling at Hollenbeck, via the likes of Caroline Aguirre, Legacy LA Youth, Teresa Marquez ........., and a certain Blogger. The Commission deserves commendation for allowing people to speak on the record ........., but whether it will make a difference, to be bloggin continue----Scott Johnson.     

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD-14

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Did Terminated LAPD Employee and former LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo) Inappropriately use LAPD Resources to Rebut Stakeholder's Grievance?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose a video of, now former, LA-32 Neighborhood Council President (and Terminated LAPD Employee) Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), that raises serious Ethical Questions whether she inappropriately used LAPD resources (via the "Questionable Document Unit"), to rebut a Stakeholder Petition filed against her.  
Should LAPD Hollenbeck Division Stakeholders question whether department resources are being properly dispensed, in lieu of past issues regarding the actions undertaken by the Division's CPAB ......, and now past LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo)?
Former LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (on left) and friend.
** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we are disclosing video documentation (posted below) that raises serious ethical questions whether former LA-32 Neighborhood Council President (and Terminated LAPD Civilian Employee) Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudilo), inappropriately used LAPD resources, to rebut a Grievance Petition filed against her by 50 plus LA-32 NC Stakeholders. 
During her rebuttal to the Stakeholders Grievance as documented on the video below, then President Fonseca can be heard questioning the veracity of the signatures on the Stakeholder Petition ........., and stating that she has contacted "QDU" about verifying whether the respective "John Hancock's" are legit. 
Following Fonseca's comment regarding a "request for QDU to investigate the signatures", fellow Board Member Angela Duarte can be heard asking Fonseca to state what QDU stands for, with Fonseca respmding, Questionable Document Unit .........., which raises these "Ethical Questions";
FIRST, did LA-32 NC Stakeholders commit a Crime by submitting the Grievance Petition .........., and where is the corresponding Crime Report, taken by the Hollenbeck Division. justifying the LAPD's QDU involvement? 
SECOND, did the staff of Empower LA concur with President Fonseca's contact with LAPD's QDU entity?
THIRD, if a Crime Report was filed, were the LA-32 NC Sttakeholders named on the Petition, made aware of their ALLEGED wrong-doings .........., and Due-Process Rights?
FOURTH, was Ms. Fonseca engaging in a LAPD/DONE Department's (with CD-14 support) "Condoned Act of Intimidation" of LA-32 NC Stakeholders, via her mentioning of the involvement of QDU in ascertaining the veracity of the Stakeholder Petition ......., to cover up a serious Brown Act Violation/Conflict of Interest issue regarding "Support Letter for the Derby Dolls"?
LASTLY, was the now FORMER President Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), engaging in a "Grand Act of Embellishment" ........., or was this another "Documented Case of Inappropriate Use of LAPD Resources", via the Command Staff at Hollenbeck for the benefit of a connected person? Surely, a worthy topic to share with the Police Commission ........, and Inspector General this evening----Scott Johnson.

Video clip form the Marleen Fonseca Grievance Hearing of the LA-32 NC where she cites contacting the LAPD Questionable Document Unit (QDU), questioning the validity of signatures on the Stakeholder Grievance Petition.
Tonight's (Tuesday) Los Angeles Police Commission Community Meeting at Hollenbeck Middle School.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

As Los Angeles County Democratic Party Leader Eric Bauman pursues his aspirations of replacing Northern Californian John Burton as the California State Democrat Party Leader, discerning political observers are questioning his lobbying work for "Big Pharma" in seeking to defeat a November Initiative that would cap Drug Prices.  
LA County Democratic Party Leader Eric Bauman.
** If anyone needed to see a glaring example why so many local Democrats/Progressives were "Feeling the Bern" in revolting against the "Establishment Cronycrats Political Machine", they need to look no further than LA County Democratic Party Leader Eric Bauman's "Conflicting Fiscal Dealings" ..........., as outed in a recent San Francisco Chronicle Missive.
Bauman, who also is a well-compensated (at $145,000 per year) Senior Adviser to California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, is making BANK via his Consulting Firm "VictoryLand Partners"/Spouse (allegedly)/ his hand-picked County Party Executive Director's work for Big Pharma as the Chronicle noted.
Records on file with the secretary of state’s office show that VictoryLand Partners, a consulting firm registered to Bauman’s home address in North Hollywood, has been paid $12,500 a month since early February to consult with the pharmaceutical industry and its allies that are fighting the measure.Last year, Bauman reported receiving more than $100,000 from VictoryLand Partners, some of it paid by health care interests. VictoryLand was active in the industry’s successful campaign against Proposition 46, the November 2014 ballot measure that would have lifted the cap on damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.

While we can chuckle at this latest example of "Do As I Say, Don't Do As I Do Leadership" from a ranking Democrat Party Official, its interesting to note that this "Teachable Moment (again) in Democratic Political Hypocrisy", originated in a Northern California publication.

Thus, we can assume that there are those in the No.Cal Democratic Party Faction, that do not want to see So. Cal Democrat Bauman, replacing John Burton as the State Democratic Party Chair ......... and when that person is profiting from the same industry that party activists are seeking to place price controls on via an Initiative, then you have the makings of a intra-mural party brawl/blood-letting.

** As the MUCH-anticipated Montebello Calderon Crime Family Corruption Trial came to naught as Brothers Tom and Ron pleaded "Guilty to the Obvious (which remaining silent on others, for now)", we have received information that pre-trial proceedings in the LA County Assessor Office Corruption Trial, featuring John Noguez will begin on July 12.

** we bring you this Bloggin Public Service Announcement on an Important Meeting next Tuesday in Boyle Heights ............, featuring the Los Angeles Police Commission. We will extrapolate more on the numerous sub-plots in a later post, but we STRONGLY encourage the crime-ravaged constituents of the Northeast and Hollenbeck Divisions to attend ............, and DEMAND accountability (especially for a certain CPAB engaging in inappropriate actions)..
Tuesday, June 21 Meeting of LAPD Police Commission at Hollenbeck Middle School. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Democrat Ralph Pacheco to endorse Republican Steve Napolitano for Board of Supervisors, District Four??

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, it appears that Whittier DEMOCRAT Ralph Pacheco will be throwing his support behind REPUBLICAN Steve Napoliano in his November run-off battle with ultra liberal Congresswoman Janice Hahn in Supervisrial District 4.
"Napolitano for Supervisor Sign" on property of former Democratic Challenger Dr. Ralph Pacheco's Uptown Whittier Business.
** Blogger's Note: Sources are telling Mayor Sam Blog that Dr. Ralph Pacheco is being pressured by DEMOCRATIC STATE ASSEMBLY SPEAKER ANTHONY RENDON to endorse Hahn. Pacheco has a long history of bucking the political party line in the past by endorsing several GOP members against key Democratic office holders. This sign popped up in front of Pacheco's Uptown Whitter business office. No formal announcement of the Pacheco-Napolitiano Alliance has been made public, but sources with keen knowledge of the situation tell Mayor Sam Blog, "it's a done deal." Pacheco pulled in 16 percent of the overall vote in last weeks Primary election against the well funded and political entrenched Hahn, and Napolitano who is the hand picked choice by Don Knabe himself to succeed him on the powerful five member Board of Supervisors----Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive: LA-32 NC attempts to Approve Fiscal Year 16/17 Budget without Community Input

In yet another Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the LA-32 Neighborhood Council's Open and Transparency-challenged attempt to Approve a Fiscal Year 2016/17 Budget without Stakeholder Review of the actual Document.
 I, LA-32 NC President Jen Markewych (on right in photo above), pledge to use ALL loopholes in denying Stakeholders the right to review the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget, especially if it helps funds Councilman Huizar and crony's Pet Projects, allegedly. 
** Blogger's Note: It a Breaking News Exclusive, Mayor Sam has been made aware of a Special Meeting this evening where the Councilman Jose Huizar uber-controlled LA-32 Neighborhood Council will again document its Open and Transparency-challenged proclivities in approving a Fiscal Year 2016/17 Budget without ample time for Stakeholder Review. Speculation is that money is to be allocated for Councilman Huizar's Parade and Firework Show from funds originally allocated for The Beacon Newspaper. To be continued.----Scott Johnson.
From the LA-32 NC President.

Happy Monday! Attached is the agenda for the special meeting of the General Board. It will be at 6pm tomorrow at Absolute Towing, 4760 Valley Blvd. For those of you who haven't been there, Absolute Towing is nice enough to let us use their conference room for special meetings. I'll try to keep the meeting as brief as possible, but there are a few items that we need to attend to before the changing of the fiscal year (like the WHOLE budget?). I assure you that special meetings won't be a regular habit (unless the Councilman requires it). Please make every effort to attend as we will need quorum. Also, if you haven't done your financial training yet, please do so as it's mandatory to vote on financial items. Thank you so much for your efforts!Most sincerely,Jen MarkewychPresidentLA32 Neighborhood Council

How can you garner Stakeholder Input on a Fiscal Yeat Budget when only allocating 30 minutes for a Special Budget and Finance Committee Meeting?
Page One of tonight's LA-32 NC Special Meeting.
Page Two of tonight's LA-32 NC Special Meeting Agenda. Please note the absence of a Fiscal Year 16/17 Budget Draft for Stakeholder Review.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Monday, June 13, 2016

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Who is REALLY LA-32 NC Board Member (and new Land Use Committee Chairperson) Miguel Eduardo Vargas??

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose another new LA-32 Neighborhood Council Board Member Miguel Vargas, who was Open and Transparency-challenged in noting to NC Stakeholders, his true "Professional Background" when campaigning for the supposed Community-representing entity.
 Who is the REAL LA-32 NC West Region Candidate "Miguel Eduardo Vargas"?
** Blogger's Note: In yet ............., another Mayor Sam Exclusive on the current Councilman Jose Huizar, uber-controlled,LA-32 Neighborhood Council, we bring you a "DIRTY MOVIDA (with no apologies to the current NC President)" in being  Open and Transparency-challenged, regarding disclosing your TRUE-connected, Profession Background when seeking Public Office.

In the recent LA-32 NC Election, the NC link on the Empower LA Website contained the following Bio on West Region Candidate "Miguel Eduardo Vargas (with no photo attached)" for review.

I grew up in El Sereno as a kid and now, as an adult, I have bought my first house in Hillside Village. It has always been my dream to return to the beautiful neighborhood in which I grew up. Throughout my life, I have always felt it necessary to give back to my community which is why I volunteer for church fundraisers, participate in community cleanups, and am a LAPD Booster member. At this point of my life, I'd like to get more involved with the El Sereno community and ensure our neighborhood is receiving the services we deserve. I enjoying reading, bicycling, hiking, making kites and perfecting my salsa. -Miguel Eduardo Vargas

Vargas, garnered a total of 36 votes in finishing second to recent Cal State LA Grad and Cesar Chavez Elementary LA Best Employee Kathy Leal (42 votes), within the Top Three for the available West Region Seats.

But as we note below, Vargas like Leal, conveniently omitted from their respective Campaign Bios, pertinent information regarding "Professional/Political Connections" that may have caused voting Stakeholders to question the objectivity of the, NOW........., NC Board Members.
Meet the REAL USC Graduate, former Councilman Huizar Staffer, current Downtown Arts Business Improvement District (BID) Executive Director ........., and now LA-32 NC Vice-President/ Land Use & Development Committee Chairperson Miguel Vargas. 
From the Downtown News.

Effective April 6, the organization that provides cleaning, safety and other services to the growing community will be helmed by Miguel Vargas, the legislative deputy for 14th District City Councilman José Huizar. Vargas, a University of Southern California graduate, has worked for Huizar for three years. Dilip Bhavnani, the chairman of the board of directors for the ADLA BID, described Vargas as “extremely hard working, dedicated and passionate — a person who is going to be an invaluable resource in the neighborhood.” Huizar spokesman Rick Coca said the councilman is happy for Vargas’ upward move. “It’s great,” said Coca. “The councilmember has always been one to encourage people to take the next step forward, and this is clearly the next step forward.”

In lieu of our earlier post, regarding the recent Electoral Hard Times afflicting current and ex Huizar Staffers, we can understand why Vargas would want to keep his "Huizar Past" undisclosed. But with Vargas selection as the NC's Vice-President ..........., and appointment as Chairperson on the Land Use & Development Committee, discerning Stakeholders (with the exception of USC) are surely to question his objectivity in facilitating the duties of the important Committee.
........, for another bloggin exclusive on your uber-controlling Political Behavior.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14
(For the Record, a former LA-32 NC Board Member)

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HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As the processing of millions of uncounted Ballots from last Tuesday's California Primary continues state-wide, we can discern locally that current and former CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffers (Daniel, Jessica and Erick), did not fare well in seeking elected office.
Former CD 14 Staffer, current Port of LA Employee ......., and losing candidate for 53rd Assembly District County Committee Erick Martell.
A Bloggin Lesson in Political Karma? We think so.
As the task of counting Two Million-plus Ballots from last Tuesday's "Greece on the Pacific (formerly a Golden State) Primary" continues state-wide, we can ascertain from the local tally of the vote that the Endemic Democratic Electorate have a low regard for former and current CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar staffers, seeking to emulate their Princeton Graduate Boss, in getting elected to Public Office. 
For the likes of current CD 14 Staffer Jessica Wethington-Mclean (fourth from last), former CD 14 Staffer Daniel Andalon (last place) in the 51st AD Democratic County Committee Election ........., and former Staffer Erick Martell (second to last) in the 53 AD Democratic County Committee Contest, they must be feeling that Political Karma is a .............., "Ana/Francine Ambition Moment". 
Judging from Martell's current standing, its obvious that 53rd AD Voters have not cease in remembering that it was Martell's "Happy Hour B-day Party at the Edison", which preceded the infamous, Councilman Huizar Rear-ending Accident on First Street.
Thus, no one should be surprise that when you add into the Political Karma Mix, past episodes of questionable behavior, along with general disdain for constituent services, especially when discriminating based upon loyalty ........., , the final results are telling indeed.
** Frine Medrano for Downey City Council: 
Longtime Assemblyman/State Senator Kevin De Leon Staffer Frine Medrano,.seeks out her own Political Identity.
While certain CD-14 Staffers ponder their current Political Karma, longtime Asemblyman/State Senator Kevin De Leon Staffer Frine Medrano is seeking to evolve her own Political Identity. 
The well-respected, long-serving Staffer for the now "State Senate President Prp Tem Kevin De Leon the First", is garnering support for her City of Downey City Council Campaign from many, especially political colleagues of her boss
Unlike current or ex CD-14 staffers, Medrano and her co-workers are known for their excellent Constituent Services, when compare to the lack of, via CD-14. There is also an outside chance that someday, Medrano may add CD-14 Staff Member to her resume ........, if her Boss decides to run for City Council in the future.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

50-plus Deaths in Terrorist Attack on Orlando, Florida Gay Nightclub

As the United States reels again from another Terrorist Attack that claims the lives of 50-plus Americans at a Orlando, Florida Gay Nightclub,. those attending today's West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, should expect a somber mood ............, and rapid-responding security.
Floridians banding together to help victims of Orlando's Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Attack.
** Blogger's Note: A supposed Seventh Day of Rest has dawned into a horrific, morning after another Act of Islamic Fascist Terrorism on American Soil, as 50-plus lives are lost (and 53 wounded) in a attack on  a Orlando, Florida Gay Nightclub.
Local Congressman Adam Schiff of Burbank, the top- ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has stated this morning that the deceased terrorist "Omar Saddiqui Mateen" had allegedly pledge allegiance to ISIS, in what is the largest Mass Shooting via a Single Person, in American History.
Congressman Schiff also noted in his appearance with Jake Tapper on CNN, that he would be attending today's West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, where he expects to mood to be somber at best.
** Mid-morning BREAKING NEWS!: ABC Channel 7 is reporting that Santa Monica Police are actively investigating a vehicle loaded with guns and explosives with a suspect in custody.

** LA Times is reporting that Man arrested in Santa Monica this morning, with car-load of weapons, ammo and explosive material, was heading to West Hollywood Event.
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti issued the following Statement on Orlando Terrorist Attack. "Memo to Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee, remember its the Terrorist, not the Gun that kills."

In comparing President Obama's Statements regarding the Terrorist Attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando ......., guess which one one contain multiple references (or did NOT) to "Hate"?

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

A LA-32 Neighborhood Council Scandalous Tease for Saturday

What motivated new LA-32 NC Board Member (and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Intern) Kathy Leal to introduce a Motion to outright Dismiss a Grievance against the NC by the Publisher/Editor of The Community Beacon Newspaper Luis Sanchez ........, without Hearing? ** Hint, possible CD 14 Staffer Position?
"I ........, Kathy Leal (left in photo above), pledge to pursue ALL loopholes to obstruct Open and Transparent oversight of the LA-32 NC via Stakeholders ........, in return for ????"
** Blogger's Note: On this gray, misty Saturday, we bring you this bloggin, scandalous tease from, yet again, the new incarnation of the CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar uber-controlled (for now) LA-32 Neighborhood Council.. During the June 1 Meeting of the supposed community entity, new Board Member Kathy Leal garnered some unwanted attention (for her) when she called for the Motion to Dismiss without Hearing, a Grievance filed by the Editor/Publisher of The Community Beacan Newspaper Luis Sanchez. 
Leal, who just graduated from Cal State University Los Angeles ............, AND, was an intern in CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's El Sereno Field Office, was observed by many in the audience, engage in texting during the meeting (with Councilman Huizar's El Sereno Office Staffer Suzy Lopez in attendance at the same time), leading some to speculate that Leal's Motion to Dismiss the Grievance, was choreographed. Its also has come to our attention that Leal may have, or will be interview for a CD-14 Staff Position which if true, should cause many to ponder the adverse ethical connotations of her actions.
The Grievance itself, was a byproduct of the previous Board-approved Motion to faciltate a fiscal arraignment with The Community Beacon Newspaper, to provide outreach for the May Elections of the NC ..........., and what became of the approved and documented Motion to allocate funding for The Community Beacon Newspaper to facilitate outreach?? To be continued----Scott Johnson (For the record, a former LA-32 NC Board Member). 
** Sunday Evening Update: From Kathy Leal's Election Bio posted at Empower LAI have lived in the El Sereno community my whole life. I am currently a senior at Cal State LA. I also work for LA's Best at Cesar Chavez Elementary School located here in El Sereno (** The same school that also employs LA-32 NC Treasurer and Councilman Jose Huizar Supporter Michelle Corzantez). I enjoy helping and giving back to our community because it has been an honor for me to grow up in El Sereno. I hope I can continue helping our community achieve its full potential, as your board member for LA 32. Vote for me. Thank you (Note no mention of CD-14 Internship).
12.Grievance regarding Election Spending submitted by Stakeholder Luis Sanchez . The Board must determine (no more than 60 calendar days from 5/12/16), take one of the following actions: A). Address the issue by either curing or rejecting the Grievance in whole or; B). Waive consideration and request the Department forward the Grievance directly to the Regional Grievance Panel for consideration. If no action has been taken by the LA32 Neighborhood Council within the time allotted, the Department will forward the Grievance to the Regional Grievance Panel directly.
........, for another nefarious moment in uber-controlling a supposed neighborhood entity. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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