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Friday, November 19, 2004

A Seat at the Adults Table

As Thanksgiving approaches and thoughts of plentiful dinners and family gatherings start filling our heads, I'm glad to see that someone has decided he is a grown up after all and wants to sit at the adult table.

Mayor Poopy has reversed course and has now decided to attend the debate on December 2nd. While it is stupid that it took a Hahn debate watch feature in the Daily News (print only) and a petition from his challenger to actually show-up, we are glad to see that he has joined everyone else at the table.

Why has he been ducking so long? His official position that is being staunchly orated by his minions is that he had a scheduling conflict. They won't tell anyone what the conflict was and forced the debate to already be rescheduled once. They are so adamantly and aggressively pushing this point that one can only deduce they are trying to save face after crumbling to the pressure. They should realize that simply coming clean and telling us what the conflict was would have put the whole story to rest. Where are his PR flaks when he needs them most? I guess we'll have to take the newly passed Prop 59 out for a spin to find out what the 'conflict' was.

But enough of that crap. Now the real questions to ponder arise:

Will we get the animated Poopy from the trauma care hearing, or our typical 'Gray Davis' monotone leader? Will the challengers be able to take advantage of his appearance by forcing him to now defend his record, or will he be able to stand up to them? Will he actually show, or will we get the 'empty chair'? Will Moore get to join the fray?

The anticipation is killing me. GAME ON!


Anonymous Anonymous said:


Wonder which campaign just got some troubling polling info....enough to make troublesome scheduling conflicts disappear.

Most interesting quote: Kam Kuwata claiming every other candidate will haveto defend their records as well. Its the old tried and true strategy of endangered incumbents -- make everyone else look scarier than you, offer no vision for the next four years, just bring everyone elses favorablitity ratings lower than yours -- its the Gray Davis strategy. Very exciting...yawn.

November 19, 2004 4:02 PM  

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