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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Council Stands Up to Mayor and DWP

From the LA Times:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s appointees at the Department of Water and Power on Wednesday evening rejected the City Council’s proposal for a 4.5% electric rate hike, opting for a larger increase that was more in line with the amount Villaraigosa had sought for his renewable energy proposal.

On a 13-0 vote Wednesday night, the City Council voted to veto the DWP board’s latest rate hike proposal, sending it back to the utility for more work.

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Now That's Entertainment!

"The Train Wreck That Is Phil Jennerjahn" continues his one man crusade to make himself famous. Whether it's labeling anyone that disagrees with his peculiar version of conservative ideals a "freedom hating socialist", wrapping himself in the flag, or hanging out at CPAC like a wild eyed groupie trying to grab photos of himself standing next to anyone of any importance, Phil is determined to convince the world that he deserves recognition for something.

He tried to ride the coattails of the activists that successfully defeated Measure B by claiming that he was integral to the movement. Oddly enough, his name did not appear on any court documents nor was Phil ever mentioned as being one of the Solar Eight. Then there was his Mayoral campaign (ahem), his campaign to recall Mayor Villar (never got off the ground), and now his Recall the Entire City Hall campaign.

In this latest effort, he's claiming to have the marijuana community working for him to gather signatures (the same community he railed against in the past calling for their pot shops to be shut down) and he actually has an incredibly slow developing website called Recall City Hall. He also promised on his blog that this campaign will garner him national attention and change the course of American history.

This morning, Phil announced on his blog that he had been invited to speak at the SEIU rally outside of the Mayor's residence (The Getty House), and a documentary film crew would be recording this momentous occasion.

He showed up at the rally with a cameraman in tow (not a film CREW as he claimed on his blog), and asked to speak at the podium. He was promptly told to "go away". Now denied his moment to ride on the efforts of others to promote himself again, he then ran right into a former MS blogger who asked him how many signatures he had gathered ("zero" was his reply), and then Phil literally ran away (cut & run?).

The bright spot in all of this is that the LA Times mentioned Phil the other day, and for once, they got the story right:

"California’s 33rd Congressional District is a Democratic stronghold and the area has long been represented by African Americans. Aside from Bass, five other candidates have taken formal steps to run: Mervin L. Evans and Deputy Los Angeles City Atty. Felton Newell, both Democrats, and three Republicans: James L. Andion, an attorney; David C. Crowley II, a community college student; and Phil Jennerjahn, an entertainer."

UPDATE: It was a very small camera. Sorry if I insulted any real camera operators out there.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Boy Did We Really Leave a Hole!

I'm not seeing much of anything interesting on the local blogs these days when it comes to the LA scene.  Apparently billboards is the main issue in LA. If it's not it's what kind of oddball thing you can eat.  Or you can see a 24 hour live clown show at another blog.

However there is one exception.  The folks at Griffith Park Wayist are not only doing a better job at the daily city hotsheet type deals but they have all kind of fun stuff like the bird of the day and excellent in-depth reporting on the state of things like the City's parks and libraries.

So if you want LA politics - go to Griffith Park Wayist.

I'm retired but we'll brew some stuff up soon as the Burros can get together and figure it all out.