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Friday, June 29, 2012

We bring you this bloggin announcement .......

Its time for this blogger's annual Sierra Nevada retreat to celebrate another blessed year of being. For those such as the "Infant Assemblyman", "the Million IE Dollars Assembly Candidate", "GPS Gomez", "Mini Amin Wesson" and the "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro Corleone" (** remember to protect the ducks at Hollenbeck Park from the fireworks), its time to revisit in this special place, the "blogging (and life) Pan Within". But this blogger would be remiss if he didn't share this (rare) moment of salient political thought from ....... "BETTY"
AND FINALLY — I have one more reason to be ecstatic about the outcome of last month’s primary election: Proposition 29 has officially failed. The price of cigarettes won’t go up. Hooray! (Stay out of my business.)    

I can think of one councilperson who wishes that Betty would stay out of his business.

Your thoughts ..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Huizar Political Machine for Tuesday

 What is a constant in CD 14 besides the sun rising over Alhambra each morning, a certain elected official reminding his constituents that he graduated from Princeton or another CLARTS Fund Public Records request being ignored? How about the living, growing "CD 14 Ex Huizar Staffer List"?
The likes of Joe Avila, Alvin Parra, "Big and Little Frank", Celina Mancia and Henry Casas are just a minute few that grace the CD 14 Ex Huizar Staffer List, but they are about to gain a new inductee in the form of soon to be Ex El Sereno Field Office Director Arturo "Papa Puffs" Gonzalez.  
 Gonzalez is well known to Mayor Sam readers for his diligence in "maintaining contact" with his constituents through various devices and city resources. 
 Whether it was ensuring that protesting constituents were protected in expressing their First Amendment rights (while subjecting themselves to possible downgrading on the councilman's loyalty list for speaking ill of CD 14's leader), Gonzalez was front and center in espousing the pronouncements of his (ex) boss. 
 Gonzalez was never far from reporting on the actions of his constituents. Yet, when asked to update the community on various projects such as Elephant Hill, Food for Less, Crime, the CLARTS Fund and El Sereno Park Advisory Board, the response from his office would be predicated on your supposed loyalty to the "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro Corleone". 
With Gonzalez heading off into the well-traveled path of Ex Huizar Staffers towards the sunset of their CD 14 service, Gonzalez may want to take time to join his former constituents in listening to their respective concerns, instead of being the spokeshole who's job it was to spin the directives of his ex boss. But most ex Huizar Staffers know that even in resigning from work in CD 14. Huizar's shadow is lurking if they dare speak ill of their former boss.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14     

Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Machine for Monday

Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto bemoans attacks on union slush funds. 
We bring you this great video of "Infant Assemblyman Tyranny" in action from the floor of the Assembly in Sacramento. This is what happens when an Infant Assemblyman nourished with Special Interest money gets control of the Speaker Gavel, say good bye to Freedom of Speech and objective use of parliamentary rules.
Indicted former HACLA Employee Victor Taracena days of hiding in Guatemala ended last week as FBI agents returned the mastermind of alleged bid-rigging at HACLA to face justice. Appearing in court on Friday after his expulsion from the Central American country, Taracena was order held without bail pending trial. Wonder what the likes of Gustavo Valdivia thinks about the return of the elder Taraceno brother?
46th Assembly District Candidate Brian Johnson, this was your political life, via the latest election results.
JAY L STERNREP 8,37020.09

As CD 2 City Councilman Paul Krekorian ponders his latest thoughts on "office-hopping", we can't help but wonder if IBEW's Brian D'Arcy was prophetic with this campaign mailer from back in the CD 2 Special Election?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Mayoral 2013 Election Machine for TGIF

Its getaway Friday! (at least for this blogger)
Great TGIF to everyone as the gear is packed for a Santa Barbara Getaway Weekend. Buit there is no getting away from the 2013 Mayoral Campaign as polls, Op-eds, and interviews of the candidates have been prominent in this week's news cycle, some samplings.
** As we noted earlier this week, the shadow of Zev looms over the latest poll conducted by the Los Angeles County Young Democrats. More Surprising was that 7% of the socialists in training felt that Republican Kevin James was the best candidate. That would constitute the "SINO wing" of the young democrats.
2013 Mayoral Candidate Kevin James
James had an excellent run of coverage in this week's news cycle with a book ending interview and Op-ed respectively in the Downtown News and Huffington Post. In the Monday interview with Downtown News Editor and Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie, the Scribe of Wit had this observation of James.

James presents himself well — during our meeting he’s got a conservative gray suit and a silver and black tie that reminds me of the Oakland Raiders’ color scheme. On his lapel is the American flag pin I noticed a few weeks before when I saw him at an L.A. Live breakfast with officials from the Police Protective League. His radio years have made him a persuasive though occasionally long-winded speaker. He has the potential to do damage once the mayoral debates begin.

In the Huffington Post Op-ed, James has listed various critiques regarding the work performance of City Controller and fellow Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Valley Greuel". Among them .....

In December 2011, in response to Greuel's audit of the L.A. Housing AuthorityLA Weeklyreporter Simone Wilson pointed out that Greuel was "late to the party" adding that "it's been almost a year since local station KCET first revealed rampant credit-card misuse by former HACLA CEO Rudy Montiel. And it's almost two weeks since KCET dropped the second half of its two-part HACLA investigation on similar overspending by his underlings, again scooping the vast majority of Greuel's work." LA Weekly adds that "it's a little pathetic for her to equate her powerlessness with that of a brushed-off L.A. reporter -- when in the end, it's the City Controller's job to duck under the media tape and kick some executive ass." 

.... just a thought, but when is "The Valley Greuel" going to audit all the various City Clowncil Central Committee's Discretionary Funds?

** And lastly for 2013 Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti, he may want to invest time in the art of answering questions directly. This in light of Ron Kaye written missive .... with video proof of his proclivity to "Defend, Deny and Deflect".

Happy Weekend!!
Scott Johnson Santa Barbara bound.

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Paul Koretz is Utah Dreaming

Our schools are run amok with child molesters, the streets are filled with potholes and the City is going broke. But guess what your local neighborhood Clowncilman Paul "The Cat Whisperer" Koretz is up to? He's taking up Clowncil time dealing with coal mines in Utah.

I know the recent redistricting was crazy, but not sure the 5th District includes Utah.

ITEM NO. (10)
CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION (KORETZ - GARCETTI) relative to the City's position on legislative and administrative action which would stop the proposed expansion onto federal public lands of the Coal Hollow strip mine in Alton, Utah.

Recommendation for Council action, SUBJECT TO THE CONCURRENCE OF THE MAYOR:
ADOPT the accompanying RESOLUTION to include in the City’s 2012-13 Federal Legislative Program, SUPPORT for legislative and administrative action which would stop the proposed expansion onto federal public lands of the Coal Hollow strip mine in Alton, Utah, and would urge the Department of Interior to select the "No Action" alternative identified in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on this matter, and withdraw the site for coal leasing permanently.
Community Impact Statement: None submitted. 

(Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee waived consideration of the above matter)

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Noontime Munchies on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Two well-known politicos enjoying some lunch time King Tacos.
Great Thursday Lunch Hour to all as we near the end of another work week and cruise into the next weekend. Here are some tasty lunch time political bloggin munchie missives to ward away the post noontime political brain drain.
What honors (of dubious distinction?) await CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar?
Oh so close!
Awaiting the signature of his Political Papi Mayor Antonio Villar on the final approved backroom-drawn maps that will become the litigious byproduct of City "City Redistricting 2012", the "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro" of Boyle Heights can't hold back his thirst for exerting political control over most of Downtown LA. Just as the public was excluded from commenting on the City Clowncil Central Committee's final act to approve the boundaries of its "fifteen self-enrichment zones" , the "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro Corleone" was exerting his will upon the weaken out-going CD 9 Councilwoman Jan Perry regarding a signage zone in the South Park area of downtown.
For months now, the office of "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro Corleone" has fixated its collective attention on the desire of their boss to control downtown via the newly redrawn council district maps. Visit the official CD 14 website and see for yourself the singular fixation on downtown issues. From saving a mural on Broadway to promoting a new business on the same street via the councilman's Twitter, ......
The Great One  will be @ LA Brewing Co on Broadway in DTLA tonite 4  Game-Gretzky Bringing Back Brdway-Go Kings Go! (** We ascertain via the Facebook comments of one Michael "MEAT" Trujillo, former Councilman Huizar Campaign Manager and Redistricting 2012 Commissioner, that he is a co-owner of this establishment).

..... marketing the councilman as the best option for a better downtown has been the paramount priority of Team Huizar.

But meanwhile in "old CD 14", an historic mural is no more.
"Mujer Del Este De Los Angeles" by George Yepes at 418 South Pecan Street in Boyle Heights has become ................
....... another tragic lost of CD 14 cultural history which prompted this response by former CD 14 City Councilman Nick Pacheco.
Nick Pacheco How in the hell does the building owner get permits to convert the building to lofts and no one at City Hall or Councilman Huizar protect the mural.... tragic!!! I can't stay quiet on this one!! I love George Yepes' work.... too bad I can't afford it.

...... and CD 14 can't afford six years of singular downtown attention.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Noontime Munchie on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Two well-known politicos enjoying some lunch time King Tacos.
Great Hump Day Lunch Hour to all as we crest another work week and cruise downhill to the next weekend. Here is a tasty lunch time political bloggin munchie missive to ward away the post noontime political brain drain.
City of Los Angeles Police Commission Nominee Andrea Ordin 
Not everyone is happy with the nomination of former LA County Legal Council Andrea Ordin to a second stint on the City of Los Angeles Police Commission. We receive this email from retired Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre which has several allegations pertaining to an Ordin Associate. We welcome Ordin to respond to these allegations via Aguirre.

Mayor V wants to name former member of the LAPD police commission  back to being a member again. But wait former Deputy US Atty. left her position with the LAPD Police Commission to become to head council for the LA County Board of Supervisors. She left the LA .Co. position after it was brought out by the LA Times that she allowed ( had full prior knowledge ) of the meeting which was held behind closed doors with Gov. Brown and the LA. County Board members ( Violation of the Brown Act. ) This Brown Act violation cost California Taxpayers more than 14 thousand  dollars.

Here is more information. This same female has a part time employee named H. Ruiz who resides in Highland Park. As per. this employee she was advised by 2 people to provide housing for illegal individuals . One being her part time employer former member of the LAP police commission and a Catholic Priest who Ms. Ruiz stated is a member of the LAPD clergy team.  What this Highland Park home owner was doing was charging $ 800.00 per. month to reside in converted tool sheds. Also Ms. Ruiz used her deceased mother' disability placard on her vehicle for more than a year after her mother died. Mr. Ruiz also stated that her part time employer advised her to use this placard.  To add insult Mr. Ruiz  told elderly neighbors that one of her undocumented renters ( failed to inform elderly neighbors that the female in question was undocumented ) was a very good person and they should hire her to assist them with care giving duties. The elderly couple and within one week this undocumented female stole money and jewelry from the elderly couple.

This female whom the Mayor wants to  again become another member of the LAPD Police Commission should not be approved by the LA City Council Members.
Again, these comments are via Caroline Aguirre and we accord Andrea Ordin the opportunity to respond.                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bloggin Happy Hour Musing on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Great Happy Hour Musings on the LA Political Machine for Tuesday. Join us as we tip the glass and enlighten you on these political items that may find their way into someone's decaff morning coffee in the A.M. ; ) --- Scott Johnson.
Latest Ballet Count via the Primary Election as of Tuesday, June 19, 2013.
**38th Assembly District:
 The ex. Cedillo staffer and Mayor Sam blogger can cherish this momentary front-runner status.
** 39th Assembly District:
When will the County certify the results of this latest campaign loss via "MEAT"?
** 46th Assembly District:
JAY L STERNREP 8,17520.13
Memo to John Shallman, look what $2,000 and a good message buys you in the 46th AD, second place!
43rd Assembly District:
MIKE GATTODEM 25,81255.76
The Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto is in trouble!
50th Assembly District:
Its looking like the Bloom and the Butler in November.
51st Assembly District:
JIMMY GOMEZDEM 10,16537.42
LUIS LOPEZDEM 6,68424.61
CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar has endorsed Jimmy  PACman Gomez.
District Attorney:
JACKIE LACEY250,22431.93
ALAN JACKSON185,64023.69
Tru is still holding third.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Councilman Jose Huizar's silence on Academia Semillas del Pueblo Controversy and concerns of Community Members

** Blogger's notes: In our on-going coverage on the controversies at the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School, we have focus on issues indigenous to the operations of the school. Now we disclose today a letter from local community members and merchants to CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar regarding safety and other concerns. We should note that according to sources, Councilman Huizar never responded to this letter. But from ascertaining printed information on top of page one, we can tell that the council office did forwarded this letter to LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia, who then "FYI" Academia Semillas del Pueblo, again without a response to those listed on the letter---Scott Johnson in CD 14.
From Page 1: "We are requesting that the City of Los Angeles assist Los Angeles Unified School District in preparing an Environmental Impact Analysis on the effect that Charter School Academia Semillas del Pueblo has had on local businesses and residents in the area".
 From Page 2: "We are requesting that you look into the matter and provide an explanation as to why the City of Los Angeles has allowed a charter school located within the city to expand on such a small piece of land/property located in a commercial zone and why the City of Los Angeles does not require adequate and sufficient parking for its teachers, support staff, school administrators and student parents. The school private parking lot is not being use for parking, it is currently being use as a playground, recess and lunch area for the school children". 
 Lastly: Someone needs to question Councilman Huizar and School Board President Monica Garcia on why Academia Semillas del Pueblo was allowed to operate in this location. Councilman Huizar also needs to answer for why a school is allow to operate in an area zoned for "Commercial use". Did someone play political games with Zoning, Building and Safety, Fire and other permits? ** Read rest of letter after the jump.  
Read more »

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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Checks to Self" via the former Ramona Gardens "Resident Advisory Council"and Legacy LA Supporters

** Blogger's note:: Recently, this blogger obtain hundred of pages of public documents from the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) pertaining to the financial operations of the Ramona Gardens Housing Project Resident Advisory Council.Late last spring, HACLA dissolved the RG RAC due to financial questions (ie.embezzlement, graft, fraud). Over the next few days, we will share documentation that will show how questionable legal behavior is not only confined to the gangs that inhabit the various public housing projects, but to politically connected organizations---Scott Johnson
Previously here at Mayor Sam, we noted that Liliana Martinez had spoke (at the 26:30 mark on the video) on behalf (with Hollenbeck CPAB co-chair Margo Amador translating)of the Ramona Gardens RAC and Mayor's Villaraigosa's Gang Reduction and Youth Developement Program sub-contractor Legacy LA, in supporting 7-Eleven's successful efforts to build a store that displace the community respected business of United States Navy Veteran and Cambodia "Killing Fields" survivor Ben Lee. While documentation that Martinez had the approval to speak on the behalf of the Ramona Gardens RAC is in dispute, it is clear that Legacy LA derided benefits from Martinez support of 7-Eleven.
Legacy LA benefited from the former RAC members Liliana Martinez, Martha Gonzalez and Alma Ortega testimony on behalf of 7 Eleven as seen on the video above and below (at the 21:30 minute mark).
According to HACLA Commission Nominee Isabel Ayala who's husband Lupe was the RAC President" of Ramona Garden, the issue of supporting 7-Eleven was never agendise by the Ramona Gardens RAC. But who did the RAC members (and Legacy LA) support of 7-Eleven's beer and wine license benefit, if not the community?

It also easy to see that community benefit was not the number one priority of the past RAC Board. We found this invoice from a movie production company that gave a $1,000 dollars donation to the Ramona Gardens Community in appreciation for their access to the neighborhood for a film..

Read more »

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political for Monday

Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto on leglization of Ganga.
Great Monday morning to all as we count down the days to Friday's "City Clowncil Central Committee" Meeting. The issue of Medical Marijuana will be on the the agenda and expect hundreds of pro Medical Marijuana advocates to pack the chamber to speak out against the ban on medical pot shops sought by CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. We wonder how a possible future "CD 4 City Councilman Mike Gatto" would vote on this contentious issue, for a outright ban, or for limiting the number of shops to 100 as advocated by Councilman Koretz?
** In this Monday's "Tipoff Column" via Daily News Rick Orlov, we learned that the Los Angeles County Young Democrats conducted a poll among themselves on the upcoming 2013 Mayoral Election. The results .... Greuel was the choice of 32 percent of those surveyed, Garcetti was in second with 22 percent. Councilwoman Jan Perry came in at 13 percent and Republican Kevin James had 7 percent. Nice to see the DINOS represent for James.
** 2013 Mayoral Candidate Kevin James with Campaign Consultant John Thomas in company, discuss ed their election game plan with Downtown News Editor and "Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie.
James, 48, believes that in a low-turnout election (four months after the presidential ballot) he can cobble together about 110,000 votes from four main blocs. He’ll start with Republicans — he’s the only registered GOP candidate in the race — and complement them with listeners of his former late-night radio show (it ended in October). He expects to pull what he calls the “pitchfork and torch” crowd, folks he says normally won’t vote for anyone inside City Hall. He terms his fourth base “concerned voters,” people who worry that Los Angeles will soon tumble into bankruptcy and want fresh ideas.

It could work ....
Animal Rights Activist and alleged Cyber Stalker Mary Cummins
There is cyber justice in America.
 Randy Turner with the firm Bailey & Galyen has again earned his name as the "Texas Super Lawyer" for Bat World Sanctuary. Bat World Sanctuary, an international non-profit organization devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating bats, and its president, Amanda Lollar of Mineral Wells, were awarded $6.1 million in damages by a Tarrant County district judge on June 14 in a defamation lawsuit. After a four-day trial the court found that Mary Cummins of Los Angeles, California had committed defamation against Amanda Lollar and had breached her internship contract with Bat World Sanctuary.
"This judgment sends a powerful message to cyber-stalkers and others who use the internet to harass people or to harm their reputations. Innocent victims like Amanda Lollar often don't have the resources, expertise, or ability to defend themselves against such vicious internet attacks. Hopefully this judgment will make someone think twice before engaging in an internet smear campaign," said Turner.


Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/06/18/4570061/attorney-randy-turner-wins-defamation.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/06/18/4570061/attorney-randy-turner-wins-defamation.html#storylink=cpy

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rodney King Dead at 47

Rodney King who's infamous high speed chase and subsequence video-taped beating at the hands of LAPD officers, helped spark the Los Angeles Riots upon the acquittal of the four officers involved, is dead at 47.
TMZ is reporting the following background on the events leading up to his death According to our sources, King's fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, is telling friends King was at the house all day drinking, and he smoked marijuana at some point, before she went to bed at 2:00 AM. 
We're told Kelley says she next saw King at around 5:00 AM when she was awoken by him screaming in the backyard. Our sources say Kelley found King naked, banging on the glass, and she called out to him, "What's wrong, Rodney?"
Kelley is telling friends she then went to grab her phone when she heard a big splash. She then went to the backyard and discovered him in the bottom of the pool and called police. 
Paramedics attempted to revive King, but were unsuccessful. 

King, who became the poster child for police brutality, could never put his troubled past behind him, even with the help of $3 Million plus dollars in settlement money from the City of Los Angeles.

King's death is getting major media play locally at the LA Times and nationally where his demise is the top story on the Drudge Report.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vice-President "Slow Joe" Biden on Pronouncing a "Certain Mayor's" Name

Memo to "Vice-Plagiarist" Joe Biden, come 2013 and when an alleged divorce court condition sets in, you will as "Former Vice-Plagiarist Joe Biden", have to only worry about pronouncing "Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villar". Save you four syllables of ex-wife maiden name. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Updated Primary Election Results as of Saturday, June16, 2012

Here are the updated vote counts as provisional and absentee ballots from June 5 Primary Election get added to the overall tally.
** 38th Assembly District:
Former Assemblyman One Bill Gil Cedillo staffer and Mayor Sam staffer Ed (121?) Headington is currently the top vote getter. But seven out of every ten votes went to a republican.
** 43rd Assembly District:
MIKE GATTODEM 25,18455.87
What does less than $10,000 dollars buy you in the 43rd AD? Almost 45% of the vote against Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto.
** 46th Assembly District: 
JAY L STERNREP 7,96820.23
Wonder if anybody is still suffering from "Brian Johnson Myopia" ?
** 50th Assembly District:
How much $$$$ did "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant John Shallman make for Osborn's third place position?
** 51st Assembly District:
LUIS LOPEZDEM 6,49624.65
There are 60+% that should join together to "Say No to Carpetbag!"
** District Attorney:

JACKIE LACEY 243,98232.05
ALAN JACKSON 180,13423.66
Tru-ly in third.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Friday, June 15, 2012

Want Publicity? Send Legal Letters to MayorSam!

Chief Spoll Check Officer
Our award winning bloggin' mangler of the English language, Scott Johnson, has once again shone a big spotlight on something not smelling too good in Los Angeles. No, not the Mayor's sock drawer but the case of a one Academia Semillas de Pollo (uh, que lastima, Pueblo) here in Los Angeles.

You've been following for years the story of this controversial charter school, everything from the Aztec language lessons to the Costco pizza snacks to the attempted, literal attempt to throw newsman Sandy Wells under the bus.

Scott has been doing excellent investigative reporting on the school for some time now, with documents happily provided by alleged employees, former parents, public officials and what he could dig up himself. Apparently, as the school escaped near death at the hands of LA schools super, John Deasy (by school director Marcos Aguilar dressing up like an Aztec warrior and securing the vote of LAUSD Board Chair Monica Garcia who probably, like me, has enjoyed one too many Costco pizzas), they've become much more sensitive to anyone shining light on their operations.

Snackin' Semillas Style?
Thus, a very confusing "cease and desist" letter came to Johnson, who laughed in it's general direction and was emboldened by even further document dumps coming out of El Sereno.

And, as we have seen before, this action does not serve to shove the whole matter under the wrong, but it only wakes up local media, who - despite their political leanings - don't take kindly to government types trying to shut up fellow members of the working press.

Two good examples of that today, a thoughtful analysis of the story so far by Joseph Mailander at CityWatch and a delicious reportage dripping with her trademark snark, by Simone Electra Wilson at the LA Weekly. 

We hear more is coming.

I believe it as former Watergate burglar and now right wing gold salesman G. Gordon Liddy who is famous for allegedly having said "Once you squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube, it's hard to get it back in."

Stay tuned.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bloggin Happy Hour Musing on the Los Angeles Political machine for Thursday

Great Happy Hour Musings on the LA Political Machine for Thursday. Join us as we tip the glass and enlighten you on these political items that may find their way into someone's decaff morning coffee in the A.M. ; ) --- Scott Johnson.
Surprise, surprise via LA Weekly Gene Maddaus that Nuch blames "Private Citizen/Political Consultant John Shallman for a large part of his "Tru-ly devastating" election defeat. The cost of Nuch's defeat can be counted with hundreds of thousands of votes but what is the financial cost for other Shallman clients who also shared the third place position in the Primary Election? Continue below
Torie Osborn in the 50th AD Race:** Third Place in Primary.

Arturo Chavez in the 51st AD Race: ** Third Place in the Primary

Tom Calderon in the 58th AD Race: ** Third Place in the Primary


Carmen Trutanich in the District Attorney Race: ** Third in the Primary.:
Sure to be costly!!
Updated Primary Election Results
** Later this evening once battery is recharged.
** In discussions with someone in City Hall, expect announcements on future legal proceedings regarding Redistricting 2012 next week. nice to see how much faith the City Clowncil Central Committee has in their own City Attorney on this issue
.In this week's installment of "Another Soulvine Thursday", Betty Pleasant is dealing with conflicted emotions regarding the Primary Election results, as she states in her musing.
I have four feelings about the election results: I am ecstatic; I am happy; I am disappointed and I am indifferent. I am ecstatic about the fact that Carmen Lietanich did not make the runoff for district attorney. Given his name recognition, his endorsements from people I once thought had good judgment, the apparent size of his campaign war chest that enabled him to keep showing up grinning like an idiot in numerous annoying TV commercials — plus the fact that only he and Jackie Lacey had enough money to pay the exorbitant cost of a campaign pitch in the sample ballot — I was downright terrified that Lietanich would get enough votes to win the office outright. I actually prayed on it. I said, “O Lord, don’t let Lietanich win this race because I don’t believe I can live in a world that has Los Angeles County District Attorney Carmen Trutanich in it!” God is good

........ talk about political mood swings!!
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Academia Semillas del Pueblo's missive on the status of Xoxolatl Cafe and "Anti-Mexican Agitators"

Such a great looking, non-license coffee shop
Academia Semillas del Pueblo Executive Director Marcos Aguilar's letter to the parents of the students regarding the status of the Xocolatl Coffeee Shop and Student Meal Program. read the letter and then link to our past stories on the related issues. We also post the LA County Health Department Webpage regarding the status of Xocolatl which contradicts statements in the letter. But remember it is "Anti-Mexican Agitators" who are the root of the problems at Academia Semillas del Pueblo.
"No Plans Submitted and No Public Health License"
"Was Costco Pizza "the snack" meant to help increase academic output?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bloggin Happy Hour World Premiere featuring "Mini Amin Wesson and the City Clowncil Dancers!!"

 Very Special Bloggin Happy Hour Viewing Party as we present the "Bloggin World Premiere" of "Mini Amin Wesson and the City Clowncil Dancers!!", Live on Mayor Sam, Sister City Blog. 
Sisters and Bois, get your singles ready as "Mini Amin Wesson sans the uniform with his guys. ** Note to event staff, please sit Betty Pleasant next to the defib machine just in case her "little short guy" gyrations brings on a fainting sensation. Enjoy!! and remember each dollar goes towards the clowncil dancer's Discretionary Funds. We should note that the CLARTS Fund paid for the Huizzy Dancer's "piercings".
"Mini Amin Wesson and the City Clowncil Dancers", Part One.
"Mini Amin Wesson and the City Clowncil Dancers", Part 2
Your ratings appreciated ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Mayor Sam Exclusive: More Accusations of Financial Malfeasance at Academia Semillas del Pueblo

Mayor Sam has learned of more accusations of financial malfeasance at Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School and its defunct Xocolatl Coffee Shop.
 According to our source, it is alleged that Academia Semillas del Pueblo School Officials require all parents of Academia students to purchase a gift card  for the noted coffee shop. As reported  here earlier, Xocolatl was conceived as a revenue-generating entity to support educational programs at the Charter School.
Yet, as noted via the Los Angeles County Health Department website and via discussions with health department officials, Mayor Sam learned that Xocolatl never had a health department license to operate its business. Further, once the coffee shop was close, the school used the location to prep student meals, again without proper health department permits. Mayor Sam is in the process of filing a California Public Records Act request with the Health Department for documentation regarding the licensing, or lack of. regarding Xocolatl. 
 Meanwhile, for those parents who were allegedly force to buy the gift cards, one parent who supplied this balance posted above, is demanding a refund on the balance since the coffee shop is close for business (... and never should of been open in the first place according to a Health Department officials). But the allegation that Academia forced parents to purchase gift card for a coffee shop (that did not have a permit to operated), raises more ethical questions about the lawful operations at the controversial charter school. Policies governing the operations of charter schools, prohibit any form of "tuition" being charged as a condition of enrollment, whether it is in the form of set hours of non-paid work (by parents) or direct  payment.
Your thoughts and responses from school officials are welcome.
Scott Johnson in CD 14