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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bloggin Post Elections Musings for this Last Day of November, 2016

As the Californianista's Padding of Hillary Clinton Popular Vote Margin (along with insuring One Party Super Majorities in the Assembly and State Senate) nears its appointed end, we review once again, the tally of the ballots ......... and opine on the absurd utterances via the "Big Brother of Ackley (aka. Californianista Secretary of State Alex Padilla)".
California Secretary of State and Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine Crony Alex Padilla.
The former Californianista "One Bill Gil", now "CD 1 Clowncilman Broken Deal Cedillo" ........., with Convicted Voter Fraud Purveyor Larry "Nativo" Lopez.
** Blogger's Notes: Hola to all on this last day of November, 2016 as the process of insuring "Abuela Hillary's" Popular Vote Margin Mandate and the Californianista's One Party Super Majorities in "Sacrahavana" becomes finite with the final tally of unprocessed Absentee and Provisional Ballots. 
With President-Elect Donald Trump's allegations of "Popular Vote Rigging" becoming the latest "Debunking Crusade" of the "Abuela Hillary's" allies within the Main Stream Media, its no surprise that the likes of Californianista Secretary of State Alex "Big Brother of Ackley" Padilla, would be accorded the opportunity to engage in racially-tinged, absurd political theatrics. 
The ranking Californianista Nation-State Officeholder within the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine has in recent weeks, taken departure from his normal, measured political mindset, in going FULL RACIAL on President-Elect Trump's Adviser Steve Bannon ......... and FULL ABSURDITY in retorting the claims of "Popular Vote Rigging".  
To be momentary objective, the MIT Graduate/Abuela Hillary supporter has been legally targeted by supporters of unsuccessful Democratic Candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders .........,and it can be easily discerned that the "Big Brother of Ackley" DID NOT use his elected position to garner a better tally of ballots for his younger sibling's failed quest for Public Office.
YOLANDA FUENTES 17,023 18.48 ROSEMARY JENKINS 12,536 13.61 MONICA RATLIFF 12,384 13.45 NOEL BARAJAS JR 12,248 13.30 GERARDO GUZMAN 10,624 11.53 LYN SHAW 7,913 8.59 ELIZABETH A KNIPE 6,955 7.55 ACKLEY PADILLA 6,672 7.24 JIM F HILFENHAUS 5,752 6.24

But we must also extend the same courtesy of objectivity to the President-Elect Trump's "Popular Vote Rigging Comments" in lieu of the successful crusade of former "Sacrahavana Officeholder Gil "One Bill Cedillo's (BFF of Convicted Voter Fraud Purveyor Larry Nativo Lopez)" efforts to have Driver Licenses issued to Illegal Immigrants and the comments of "Abuela Clinton's" Campaign Manager John Podesta .........., who supports the alleged "RIGHT" of any person to vote, via showing a pictured ID.

We would also be remiss in not addressing the racial comments, via the Californianista Secretary of State, directed at alleged EXTREMIST Steve Bannon as excerpted below.

With the appointment of Steve Bannon as “chief strategist” Mr. Trump is effectively giving white supremacists and anti-Semites a seat at the table. While the Trump campaign ran on a platform that emphasized immigrant bashing and an open flirtation with the Alt-right, Bannon will likely seek to make these policies a reality. The appointments of Bannon and Kris Kobach are direct threats to American liberty, multiculturalism and equal opportunity, as well as in direct conflict with Mr. Trump’s assertions that he wants to bring Americans together. 

In comparison, we post the comments of ELECTED, 39th Assembly District Democratic County Committee Member (and NSFV Democratic Machine Crony) Rosemary Jenkins in challenging Assemblywoman Patty Lopez "Fitness" for Public Office.

Although she has lived in this country for more than 42 years (and has unsuccessfully taken ESL classes for 20 of those years), she is functionally illiterate in both English and Spanish. She dropped out of high school and eventually earned her GED but cannot read or write, particularly in English, at even an elementary school level.

Will or has the ranking Californianista Officeholder within the "Immigrant-intolerant" Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, repudiate Jenkin's vile comments?

** Other Post Elections Notes (Click here for LA County Election Results):

With NO apologies to the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News", we are GLAD to report that Incumbent/Reformist Central Basin Water District Director Leticia Vasquez, BEAT challenger Maria Samtillan-Beas by a "Three to One Vote Margin" ........., despite being out-spent by the Chacon/Calderon Machine.

This is how "Big Oil Financed, Self-appointing Uber-Ranger (with Gun) Joe Edmiston" grows his land banking, errrrrr, open space fiefdom.

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Area 1 - Measure GGTo maintain and conserve local open space, wildlife corridors, and parklands; acquire and protect additional lands from development; improve fire prevention including high fire alert patrols and brush clearing; protect water quality in local creeks; and increase park ranger safety patrols; shall Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority implement a $35 special tax for ten years only, providing $995,000 annually with all funds spent locally in the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills east of 405 freeway, and requiring independent citizen oversight audits?

..... and.

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Area 2 - Measure FFTo maintain and conserve local open space, wildlife corridors, and parklands; acquire and protect additional lands from development; improve fire prevention including high fire alert patrols and brush clearing; protect water quality in local creeks; and increase park ranger safety patrols; shall Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority implement a $15 special tax for ten years only, providing $241,000 annually with all funds spent locally in the hillside communities of Woodland Hills, Encino, and Tarzana, and requiring independent citizen oversight audits? 

Your thoughts ............. 
Scott Johnson in CD-14

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Monday, November 28, 2016

HOT Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As the Sanctuary Ciudad de Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee returns from its Thanksgiving Break manana, its first order of business will be to create an "Ad Hoc Committee on Immigration Affairs" as it joins with Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee" in seeking to preserve LA's Federal Funding ..........., while providing "Sanctuary" for Illegal Immigrants. 
"Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee" engaging in Verbal Gymnastics in regards to Sanctuary City Enforcement.
** Blogger's Notes: Great Monday after Thanksgiving as Angelinos can boast with pride (or bow heads in shame) that Cuidad de Los Angeles is indeed a Sanctuary City ..........., for self-serving Political Turkeys. The Gobblers that comprise the City Clowncil Central Committee, along with the Mayoral Tom-Tom known simply as "Gar-SOFT-ee", return to 200 Spring Street after its well-compensated break, focus on the singular goal of continuing its hypocritical need of preserving "SANCTUARY" .........., and receiving Federal Largess.
But while many of those in the country illegally and residing in the supposed "Sanctuary Shadows" of Ciudad de Los Angeles, may find temporary solace in the actions of "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee" and "City Clowncil Central Committee Members", we should advise the vast majority of those seeking a better tomorrow, that the paramount reason behind the Democrat/Californianista/Cuidad de Los Angeles Politco's Public Pronouncement, is continuing the flow of Federal Money .........., to continuing the exploitation of those "in the shadows", for their self- political preservation.
** The Resignation of LA-32 President and "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's" Crisis Team Volunteer Jennifer Markewych.   
Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's Crisis Team Volunteer Jennifer Markewych (standing in front).
The latest "Disempowerment LA"/CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar-approved Presidente (and 100 proof-loving Frontperson, allegedly) of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council Jennifer "Hillary" Markewych, has joined her Chicago Friend Keith Survillas, in resigning from the supposed "Community Entity" ........, but not without casting allegations of financial misdeed against Treasurer Michelle Corzantes in a "Self-absorbed Pronouncement".
On a significantly more pragmatic note that should be of great concern to each of you, I assumed this position of President with a single, very clear stipulation, that there would be a competent, honest, professional treasurer. Although the Treasurer at times is very good at the position, there have been professional and ethical improprieties that I simply can not abide by. When we took office, I was operating under the impression that the grievance that we just defended in relation to the prior board was a one time misunderstanding. There have now been several instances during our term where the treasurer has acted unilaterally and without the approval of myself or the board. Two weeks ago, she contacted the Division Chief of the City Clerk's Office to deliver a harsh, unfair, and untrue criticism of our Funding Supervisor without contacting me, the Vice President, the Executive Committee or any of you. This was grossly unprofessional and a significant leap past the chain of command. After addressing those issues, I was then contacted this week by our Funding Supervisor who forwarded e-mails to me from the Treasurer. She deliberately submitted improperly filled out funding forms and flat out lied about my availability to sign these forms. There have been other instances where you all have raised questions to me about her "shopping" for events. She will not return my calls to discuss these issues, so I have no other recourse than to notify you of these actions. I simply will not take ultimate financial responsibility for an organization when a treasurer behaves in this fashion. How we handle our finances can have actual legitimate legal consequences and I simply can not tolerate this unpredictability. I am very sorry to have to share this information with you in this fashion.

Memo to Grayce ............, maybe the LA-32 NC needs a "Council for Councils Intervention"? To be continue.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bloggin VIllar (now Govea) Gobble, Gobble for All!!

On this Day of Thanks, we will always be bloggin blessed for the endless cyber servings, compliments of a certain "City Terrace Native", now seeking to politically-rebrand himself as future "California Governor Anonio Villargovea (in 2018)".
A Sincere Happy Thanksgiving to our Cyber Audience.
** Blogger's Note: Pardon the .........., bloggin burp, as we wish EVERYONE a blessed "Day of Giving Thanks", mixed with copious amounts of tasty tidings ..........., and of course a cyber serving of "City Terrace Native Tony", now the happily-rebranded "Antonio Villargovea (for your 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign consideration)". As usual, the former "Failure Mayor (and husband) Antonio Villaraigosa" was among the "Famous, Connected ........ and Rebranding Politicos" in serving the truly-needy at the annual LA Mission Thanksgiving Gathering within Downtown LA's Skid Row. Unlike last Easter, the newly-wedded "Villargovea" was minus wife Patricia in serving the needy ..........., and of course, indulging in his narcissus-rooted need for self-promotion (especially with a political-rebranding exercise in progress)----Scott Johnson.    
The now "Antonio Villargovea (with new wedding band)" wants YOUR vote ......., come 2018.  
From "City Terrace Tony" to now "Antonio Villargovea" the narcissus cravings remain the same. 
High Maintenance Narcissus Attraction (for self-serving public consumption). 

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Briefs on the "LA/Californianista Political Machine" from our Bloggin Sanctuary/Safe Space

As the "Californianistas" within the mystical "One Party, Greece on the Pacific (now a Reefer) Nation-State", ponder a dire political future without their Crony Capitalism "Sister Hillary", we reconstitute our bloggin endeavors to out the corrupting, exploiting proclivities of those who's "Sanctuary Pronouncements" ............, are merely masking "Enclaves of Exclusive, Political Self-Enrichment". 
A Bloggin Sanctuary within the Californianista-controlled, "Greece on the Pacific".
Californianista's Over-indulgence on Display within the "Greece on the Pacific Nation-State" Capital.
** Blogger's Note: A BEAUTIFUL, rain-cleansed morning from our "bloggin sanctuary/safe space" within the self-pronounced "Greece on the Pacific (now a Reefer) Nation-State", as proclaimed by "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First" and mere Californianista Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. 
Please pardon the bloggin chuckle (better yet, our continuous exercise in LOL!!), as we revisit how various K-University Californianista Educator/Indoctrinators, granted their Snowflake Charges, the chance to regurgitate various grade-level teachings (via walk outs and local freeway theatrical presentations), that ..............., DONALD TRUMP IS NOT MY PRESIDENT (after all, the Californianista's Special Interests paid to Inaugurate "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First". Que no?)!!
LOL!! It would be so easy to play "bloggin pile-on (and trust us, WE WILL)" regarding the post-election reactions from the likes of National Dependentcrats, "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, the San Francisco Teacher's Union, Snowflakes, the "Old Gray Hillary-loving Hag on Spring Street (aka.LA Times), along with a certain "Lucrative, One Percent Charter Indoctrination?Education Duo named Minnie and Mark(os). 
But we must be cognizant in playing into the rhetoric that was the byproduct of the losing side in the just-completed elections, which may have played a role in the murder/assassination of a San Antonio, Texas Police Officer  Thus, meriting timely discretion in deference to the family of the fallen Officer.
Further, we want to CLEARLY keyboard, that this blog harbors no hidden agendas, regarding disparaging any group of people, based upon their race .........., but we want to state UP FRONT, that we will continue to bloggin repudiate those who exploit the genuine fears of citizens for political, self-enrichment.
Just in the recent days following President-Elect Trump's stunning victory, the Californianista Political Leadership have shown that they continue to place paramount, the alleged rights of those in the state Illegally, above loyalty to a Constitution that protects the right to dissent. 
Yet in reality, what the Californianista Political Leadership are currently orchestrating is an Agenda Politics-fronted, counter-attack against an expected President Trump Justice Department (via appointments of new US Attorneys), which will have a mandate to clean up corruption, as exampled by the rejected Clinton Political Crime Family. 
To be continue ............ Scott Johnson in CD-14.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Giving Thanks to Those who Served in Protecting America as a Safe Space for Freedom

America continues to be the World's "Safe Space for Freedom", with THANKS to those who proudly served in protecting our special "American Experiment in Democracy".
......., and not forgetting those still protecting us from above.
Arlington National Cemetery.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bloggin Notes on the Post Election Scorecard for Thursday

With ABSOLUTELY no apologies to a imploded, smothering "Old Gray Clintonista Hag on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", we keyboard our regular bloggin post-election "Notes on the Election's Scorecard Feature" ............ as Democratic-choreographed, George Soros-financed Protests, take place across the nation. 
The Wreckage of  Bias, Leftist Agenda Journalism on Spring Street.
** Blogger's Note: Great morning from the Bloggin Underground within the pending, One Party, Nation-State of "Greece on the Pacific (aka. the now Golden Herbal State of Ignorance)". As a disclaimer, please note that the pending, chemical-enriched clouds of Second-Hand Pot Smoke, may cause momentary bouts of governmental dependency, mixed with hysterical, anxiety-laden episodes cause by over-exposure to factually-challenged Propaganda, via the LA Times. That said, we commence with our late, great local Sportswriter Allan Malamud-inspired "Notes on Tuesday's Elections Scorecard" ........., before the "Greece on the Pacific Thought Police" seek our cyber silence----Scott Johnson. 
Your potential Political Sugar Daddy.
We begin with a Song Dedication .........., to our former bloggin colleague, turned Tony Villar Designated Driver, a formerly violence-espousing Campaign Front person ........., who has FINALLY managed a winning, political skirmish, that would be none other than, Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo. But Trujillo's momentary success on behalf of  now, Congresswoman-elect Nanette Barragan, cannot compare to "MEAT/Chief Parker's" despair over the repudiation of Clinton Crime Family's rigged-quest for a White House return, which has him longing for ........., 
 a smart, strong independent female who is forward looking and willing to help change America by assisting me in making more babies of color to grow up and vote and maybe run for office to protect the things we believe in. All races, religions and creeds apply inside (the comment section) and we will go from there. This election has made me realize we all need to do our part, and apparently that means have as many kids of color as possible to make my country safe and better. 

........, were sure that Hillary Clinton Idol Margaret Sanger would concur (or not).
EVEN THE LOSERS!! Get lucky sometime.
Will the "Greece on the Pacific Electorate" have an appetite for a "Governor Antonio Villargovea"? 
Meanwhile ............, we cyber-forward to the Gubernatorial Campaign Webpage (its now a reality) of ......., ahhhhh, a former two-term, Failure Mayor, who wants to give a "AHHH VOICE" for all "Greece on the Pacific Citizens (in good standing with the One Party Leadership)". Yes, the now, "Antonio Villargovea Campaign for Governor" is a reality, with a bloggin deconstruction pending.
"The Purveyor of Paid to Smear Propaganda/Agenda Journalism in Southeast LA"
In Southeast LA County ......... the "Paid to Smear/Propaganda" of the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News" was a BIG LOSER on Election Day. The now discredited, purveyor of factually-challenged, misinformation on behalf of the infamous Chacon Political Family (and Calderonista Cronys), could not mislead the Central Basin Water District Voters into voting for Chacon/Calderon Crony's-fronted Candidates Bob Archuleta and Maria Santillan-Beas as both went down to defeat against Pedro Aceituno and Leticia Vasquez respectively.
Political Look-alikes ............, 
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (Top) and LA County Democrat Party President Eric Bauman (Bottom). 
More bloggin commentary to come.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Dawn of the Presidency of Donald Trump is Upon Us

With Wisconsin, Michigan ........ and Pennsylvania trendy "Red", its VERY LIKELY that Wednesday will dawn on a "Donald Trump Presidency" with a shocked "Greece on the Pacific (now a herbal state)" facing an uncertain future.
A Future President Donald Trump (a 95% reality according to the New York Times).
** Blogger's Note: As of 10:20 PM, its looking very likely that Republican Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States. In addition, the Republicans will retain control over the House and Senate. Locally, the termed-out "Infant Assemblyman" Mike Gatto is on KFI 640 AM Tim Comway Show ............. and announced that he will be a candidate for "State-wide Office" in two years (Lt. Gov. or Controller). For LA County Results ........, click here.-----Scott Johnson.

Join Republican Consultant Luis Alvarado ............, and ANA CUBAS (?) for Espanol-flavored Election Commentary

Well-known, local Latino Republican Consultant Luis Alvarado will again grace Spanish Media's Estrella TV, with Election Analysis tonight, as he is joined by Democratic counterpart ...................., former CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Chief of Staff (and failed CD-9 City Council Candidate) Ana Cubas,  
Republican Consultant Luis Alvarado.
** Blogger's Note: This is too good to bloggin ignore, via Luis Alvarado's Facebook Page yesterday. Tomorrow night I will be on a Special Election Night Program on Estrella TV National Network. I along with anchors and Democrat analyst Ana Cubas will be reviewing election results all night long. So if you want to hear results in Español please tune in at 6PM Pacific Standard Time. As a bloggin Public Service, we would like to remind the political cybersphere of the former Boss of Francine Godoy, unsuccessful 2013 CD-9 Campaign as pictured below----Scott Johnson.  
 Ana Cubas and her Boss cried foul over this Factual Hit Piece.
The Cubas Campaign imploded into a Alcohol-fueled Dysfunctional Exercise

 Just another turn of the Ana Cubas "bloggin door knob".

Remembering the Cost for the Freedom to Vote

Regardless of your Political Affiliation/Party, ALL Americans granted the Right to Vote should take a moment to Remember and Thank those who gave, in preserving our Free Republic ......., when casting your ballot today.
Arlington National Cemetery.


Monday, November 07, 2016

Sandra Mendoza: "A Home-Grown, Non Special Interest-beholden Candidate for the 53rd Assembly District".

 53rd Assembly District Voters have a GREAT opportunity to replace a Special Interest-beholden Establishment Politico (via Canoga Park), by supporting a Home Grown Candidate-Sandra Memdoza, who places the needs of Stakeholders paramount  
The Sandra Mendoza Campaign is Alive ........., and Best Choice for the 53rd Assembly District.
Link here to the Sandra Mendoza for Assembly Website.
Current 53rd AD Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (via Canoga Park).

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Sunday, November 06, 2016

A Vile Reminder on the Racist Mindset of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine

As a bloggin Public Service to voters in the 39th Assembly District we present the following "vile, repugnant refresher" regarding a crony (Rosemary Jenkins) of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine's (and recently elected County Committee Member) Opinion on an Immigrant, turned Assemblywoman Patty Lopez's "Fitness" to hold Public Office.
The Racist Chairperson of the 39th Assembly District Democratic Party Central Committee Rosemary Jenkins.

** Blogger's Note: As a Bloggin Disclaimer to 39th Assembly District Voters, the following racially-tinged comments posted below, directed at Assemblywoman Patty Lopez just after her upset victory over former Assemblyman (and now 2016 Challenger) Raul Bocanegra, were not made by some alleged, Anglo, Alt-Right, Donald Trump-supporting Klan Member. In reality, the utterly, contemptible verbiage was a produce of 39th AD-residing Democratic Activist/Crony Rosemary Jenkins, who had the audacity to post her missive titled, "When Recall Becomes Necessary" on the CityWatchLA Website. Jenkin's Hit Piece on the behalf of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, was largely condemned by many activists within the 39th AD. But more paramount, her premise that Assemblyman Lopez's alleged lack of education and grasp of the English Language were the basis for disqualifying from holding Public Office ........... have been REPUDIATED by her ethical attention given to Stakeholder's concerns. Indeed Assemblywoman Lopez has shown great growth as a community-first Public Official ........... and the 39th AD Voters would find it wise to further continue that community-benefiting Leadership by re-electing Assemblywoman Patty Lopez----Scott Johnson 
Although she has lived in this country for more than 42 years (and has unsuccessfully taken ESL classes for 20 of those years), she is functionally illiterate in both English and Spanish. She dropped out of high school and eventually earned her GED but cannot read or write, particularly in English, at even an elementary school level. One of the least egregious examples of her inadequate education can be found on her Ballot Designation Worksheet (used for State filing purposes) on which she wrote “The reason I am choice this title [Educational Community Representative] is because I have been work, voluntter and this.” As a Progressive, I firmly believe in diversity with all its ramifications, but to be an effective legislator at any level requires fluency in the English language and the ability to communicate well.There have been other situations that have demonstrated her lack of education. Her tribute on the floor of the State Assembly for the world-renowned gospel singer and activist, Andraé Crouch (who lived in her district) was embarrassing for her inability to read the honorific to the audience. Similarly, at a recent Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Breakfast, she awkwardly fumbled over the few words she had planned to say in honor of this Civil Rights leader.Due to these limitations, Ms. Lopez has had to have an interpreter to translate into Spanish what crosses her desk and during her interactions with colleagues (including what is covered within the Democratic Caucus). One can only assume that it is because of these linguistic barriers that she skipped many (if not all) of the training and orientation sessions for all newly elected in the State Assembly; thus, she is completely unfamiliar with procedure.

The Political Party of Jim Crow still seeks to keep minorities in their Place ........... not including Political Office.

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Saturday, November 05, 2016

A Very Special Brian Hews/Los Chacon News Journalistic Malpractice Disclaimers Report: "Fact-checking Be Damned in Propagandizing for Chacon/Calderon Crony's Takeover (again) of Central Basin Water District"

In a VERY SPECIAL Brian Hews/Los Chacon News Journalistic Malpractice Disclaimers Report, we highlight the Chief Propagandist/Publisher's most current examples of deliberate, non-use of Fact Checking, on behalf of the Chacon/Calderon Crony's efforts to regain control over the Central Basin Water District. 
Publisher/Propagandist Brian Hews, minus Chacon Political Family (and MUSD)-financed Tin Foil Hat.
** Blogger's Note: Its the Saturday before Tuesday's Elections ......... and what is Southeast Los Angeles County's documented purveyor of Political Disinformation/Smears, paramount motivation at this moment? Feigning OUTRAGE (and reposting keyboarded falsehoods) on behalf of the Chacon/Calderon Crony's hand-picked (and financed) Puppet/Challenger, against Central Basin Water District Reformer Director Leticia Vasquez.
An unknown person/group created a Web Page targeting Director Vasquez'z main challenger for re-election, termed-out City of Lynwood City Councilwoman Maria-Santillan-Beas, which was immediately attack for its Misogynistic-undertones ........, and alleged false contents, as keyboarded by the Chief Propagandist/Publisher as excerpted below.

HMG-CN called the first company listed on the site, Lakewood based Bulletin Displays, owned by Mark Kudler. He immediately called everything on the site about him false and defamatory and the 460’s as fabricated. The Santillian-Beas 460’s on the site lists Bulletin Display and also Creative Outdoor Advertising, another company of Kudler’s, as donating $23,000. “I gave her a $5,000 donation and $10,000 in in-kind billboard advertising and nothing else,” said an angry Kudler..

In the interest of Fact-checking the "Fabricated Allegation" by Kudler, the Mayor Sam Blog obtained Director Candidate Santillan-Beas 460 Forms via a visit to the LA County Clerks Election Division Office ..........., and found that Kudler, had indeed given the $20,000 in-kind billboard amount noted on the Web Page (see photo of document below)..
Bulletin Display LLC President Mark Kudler.
Mark, $20,000 is double the difference of $10,000.
Read more »

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Friday, November 04, 2016

The TRUTH Regarding the Deadly Consequences of a "Yes on Prop 57 Vote".

PLEASE inform yourself on the Dangerous/Deadly Consequences of a "Yes on Prop 57 Vote" via a Citywatch LA Missive by retired Parole Officer and Law Enforcement Advicate Caroline Aguirre.
Please Vote NO on Prop 57
TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES-When touting the merits of The Public Safety & Rehabilitation Act of 2016 (also known as Proposition 57,) the 2016 California voters guide addresses the question surrounding juvenile arrests for violent or serious criminal offenses to be charged as adults. Those convicted could spend years incarcerated in California State prisons. Prop 57 strips away the power of prosecutors to try juveniles as adults, overturning Proposition 21 which was approved by 62% of the voters in 2000. Prop 21 gave prosecutors, instead of judges, the right to decide whether juveniles should be charged as adults. 
A prosecutor could file directly against a juvenile in adult court under W&I 707(d), but could also file a “fitness hearing” in Juvenile Hall. Under W&I 707(c), a juvenile is presumed to be unfit for juvenile court. 
Prop. 57 will also strip judges of the power to set sentencing guidelines, transferring that power to Governor Brown's appointed members of the Board of Parole Hearings instead. 
Prop. 57 overturns key provisions not only in Marsy's Law, a Constitutional amendment enacted by voters in 2008, but also the “Three Strikes Law” (Prop. 35), The Human Trafficking law (Prop. 35), The Street Terrorism and Prevention Act (Penal Code Section 186.22) and The Victim’s Bill of Rights (Prop. 8.)
If the court order does not have the enhancement under PC 667.5 of the California Penal code, then a current incarcerated criminal can be released early from state prison. Prop 57 allows the worst “career criminals” to be treated equal to first‐time offenders, prohibiting strong sentences that judges could impose. 
The Voter Guide also hides the fact that Proposition 57 seeks to set new guidelines to allow both appointed Board members and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation staff to enhance “good time” credit for current incarcerated adult inmates convicted of very violent and serious criminal offenses and also grants early release from state prison. Presumably, these credits will apply if they attend educational or work/vocational programs -- even if there is no availability for those programs in a particular prison. 
Prop. 57 is a Constitutional Amendment that affords new rights and privileges for even the most dangerous criminals. If passed, it cannot be overturned by the Legislature. 

Read more »

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Its a Death-inspiring, Tweeting Bombshell Thursday at the "Old Gray Clintonista Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)"

On this Agenda Journalism Bombshell Thursday before Tuesday's Presidential Elections, a Seoul Korea-based LA Times Reporter Steven Borowiec TWEETS his "Life-ending Desires (before deleting)" for Republican President Donald Trump 
The LA Times after its self-caused Implosion of Hillary-supporting Agenda Journalism.
** Blogger's Note: Today marks another "Agenda Journalism Bombshell Thursday" across America as we near the last weekend before Tuesday's Presidential Election and once again, the "Old Gray Clintonista Hag on Spring Street (aka. LA Times) is taking its known brand of Agenda Journalism ...., to a new EXTREME level.
Its no secret (and well documented) that come near Election Time, the supposed LA Fishwrap of Record, is not beyond becoming a propaganda tool for the Democratic Establishment as witness during its 2003 Groping Exclusive, targeting Arnold "The Kennedy Republican" Schwarzenegger during the California Gubernatorial Recall Election.
But some thirteen later, the now, thinner in circulation purveyor of Agenda Journalism, has another pre-election controversy to copy edit/delete away, via a Seoul Korea-based Reporter Steven Borowiec. 
Scribe/Propagandist Borowiec took to his Twitter Account in opining on a Times Magazine "Photo Essay" of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, which was documented by Talk Show Host Alex Jones "Info Wars Website".
Washington D.C. WTOP Radio Station Reporter Nick Ianelli tweeted the following after discovering Scribe/Propagandist Borowiec comments .........,and before the repugnant statement was taken down.
Really hope the @latimes understands that one of its journalists said this about @realDonaldTrump ... before deleting the Tweet.

According to the Washington Examiner, a "Spokeswoman" for the LA Times has yet responded to a request for comment----Scott Johnson.

A LA Times Scribe wishing for the DEATH of Donald Trump.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

LA County Board of Supervisors Candidate Steve Napolitano Calls Out "Illegal Money Babs" Hahn

The Mayor Sam Blog STRONGLY Endorses Steve Napolitano for the LA County Board of Supervisors District Four Seat.
LA County Board of Supervisors District Four Candidate Steve Napolitano.
** Blogger's Note: PLEASE pardon our accidental deleting of the original post regarding Mayor Sam's support/endorsement of Steve Napolitano for Supervisor as more media outlets ponder whether "Illegal Money Babs" Hahn can overcome the major media press via last Sunda's LA Times Expose----Scott Johnson.
Janice "Illegal Money Babs" Hahn's love of Tainted/Illegal Contributions.
That’s how much Janice Hahn took in laundered campaign contributions from a local developer, according to an investigative report that appeared in Sunday's Los Angeles Times. That's more than twice as much as any other public official named in the article.
It’s just another example of Janice’s “don’t ask, don’t tell, and hopefully nobody will find out,” method of fundraising. And it’s another example of how Janice will sell her vote while selling out her communities.
This is on top of the more than $300,000 she took in illegal campaign contributions from special interests earlier this year, as well as the contribution she had to return from an Orange County developer who was previously convicted of contribution laundering, and questionable donations she kept from big oil companies after saying she wouldn’t accept them--including contributions received after she approved the drilling of more than 500 oil wells right next to homes in Wilmington without environmental reviews.
See a pattern here?
Janice Hahn has been bankrolled by special interests, billionaires and millionaires for years to do their bidding, and she's willingly pushed their agendas for a few dollars more. Now, Janice is running for Supervisor to continue to represent the special interests, the billionaires and millionaires.
You deserve better. I'm not beholden to any special interests, billionaires or millionaires. I’m running to represent you! Tell your friends to vote #75 on their ballot!
"Illegal Money Babs" Hahn' deserves a NO vote.