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Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Bloggin Christmas!!

We want to wish EVERYONE a Bloggin Merry Christmas as we return tomorrow from our cyber break with FRESH content-----Scott Johnson. 
Making Christmas GREAT Again for All.

Friday, December 08, 2017

BREAKING NEWS!! Assemblyman Matt "Da-PERV-neh" to Resign

Former "Shermanator (Congressman Brad Sherman Staffer)", turned Assemblyman Matt "Da-PERV-neh", announces his Resignation from the California Legislator, affected at the end of the Month.
Another "Shermanator" announces his intentions to walk away from Public Office.
** Blogger's Notes: Surprise, surprise (NAUGHT), another San Fernando Valley State Democrat Officeholder of ILL-REPUTE, has announced his RESIGNATION
West San Fernando Valley Assemblyman Matt "Da-PERV-neh", joins former Northeast San Fernando Valley Assemblyman Raul "PERVY-negra", in cutting short their appointed term in office ......., after MULTIPLE allegations of Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Conduct, as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

The Los Angeles Democrat was accused Monday of pushing Sacramento lobbyist Pamela Lopez into a bathroom at a Las Vegas hotel last year and masturbating in front of her. Jessica Yas Barker, a former employee who worked under Dababneh in U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman’s district office, said he created a hostile work environment full of sexual and derogatory remarks. Dababneh denies the allegations. In an interview, he said he took the charges personally and was leaving office to focus on clearing his name. He added that he did not feel pressured to resign, but said the claims against him had knocked him off his feet. After spending more time with his family this week, he said, he realized that “the passion to serve in a public capacity isn’t there” and “I’m ready for a change in my life.”

Can you say D-E-N-I-A-L? 

What is NOT in denial, is the fact that soon-to-be EX Assemblyman Da-PERV-neh's "extra-curricular conduct", was a subject of speculation (and concern) by those within local Democratic circles, from the VERY beginning of his Officeholder tenure, as reported previously here at Mayor Sam.

We should note that the OFFICIAL HAZER of Assemblyman Matt Dababneh (and fellow SHERMANATOR), announced the TERMINATION of his 2018 State Treasurer Campaign two days ago-----Scott Johnson.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Former Assemblyman Mike Gatto DROPS Bid for State Treasurer

The Political Career of NOW former Silver Lake Assemblyman Mike Gatto, has apparently run its course (for now), as he confirms cessation of his State Treasurer Campaign, citing a New-born Child (but not the coming FALLOUT from the Assemblyman Matt Dababneb Scandal).
Remembering the ICONIC "Infant Assemblyman" Photo.
** Blogger's Notes: Its TRUE .................., please pardon the momentary pause of bloggin reflection as we ponder the apparent END of an "INFANTmous Political Era". In a strangely understated Political News, former Silver Lake, stay at Mommy's Home INFANTmous Assemblyman Mike Gatto confirmed a Twitter Scoop via Sacramento Bee Reporter Christopher Cadelago ............., the CESSATION of his State Treasurer Campaign and Endorsement of former challenger Assemblywoman Fiona Ma.  

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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

51st AD Special Election Runoff Results ..................

Morning Update: Carrillo holds a 52.8%-47.2% lead over Lopez with the remaining ballots NOT LIKELY to change the final results----S.J.  Wendy Carrillo leads Luis Lopez in early tabulation of Absentee Ballots in the Runoff Ekection to replace NOW Congressman Jimmy Gomez as the 51st AD Assembly Officeholder.
** Blogger's Notes: In the early tabulation of Absentee Ballots, Wendy Carrillo has a 5,188-4,144 vote advantage over Luis Lopez in the tally of ballots, that will not be finalize this evening. In these types of LOW TURNOUT Elections, the results are not formally validated until non-counted Absentee and Provisional Ballots are accounted for in the next couple of weeks-----Scott Johnson.
 Wendy Carrillo at Dakota Pipeline Protest.
Luis Lopez at El Sereno National Night Our Event.

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We're on Bloggin Fire Watch ......., with a Side-Serving of Political News

We're on Bloggin Fire Watch as Santa Ana Winds remind us in Southern California of our Natural Cycle of Fire Ecology, fueled this year from last Winter's bountiful rainfall  .........., while not forgetting the Political Stories (including a 51st AD Special Runoff Election) of the Day. 
The Ventura County Thomas Fire Headwall descending into the Urban Interface (with COSTLY results) last night.
** Blogger's Notes: As we keyboards these first words at 9:40 A.M., the sounds of Fire Units heading to either the Sylmar Creek or Ventura County Thomas Fires (and the Newhall Pass Rye Fire) are reminding us that another season of Santa Ana Winds are playing their destructive (but also ecological rejuvenating) role once again in Southern California. News and conditions are fluid as the winds pick up again. For those in the affected areas we provide the twitter links below to the pertinent agencies ..........., and PRAY for the well-being of everyone affected-----Scott Johnson.  
Rye Fire in Valencia.


5:10 UPDATED: The lawyers Matt Dababneh hired work for Harvey Weinstein, and the PR firm he has retained also has Playboy as a client. Matt has deleted his Facebook and Twitter account. Senator Hertzberg has cut ties with the law firm representing Dababneh. LAUSD member Kelly Gonez who also interned for Sherman has called for Matt to resign. Speaker has temporary removed Matt from the Chairmanship of his committee. SF Chronicle has spoken to a 3rd victim. Bruin Democrats tweet that their organization has told college students to not intern with Matt since 2010.

More details later.

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Monday, December 04, 2017

HOT Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond) for Monday, 12-4-17

The recent sale (and slashing of staff positions) at the LA Weekly, is the latest example of a rapidly-changing "State of Journalism" in Los Angeles, as longtime Print Mediums and Cyber Entities are forced to either evolve ..........., or continue to devolve into irrelevancy as "Objectivity in Local Reporting (especially on political issues)" becomes secondary ......., to the Agenda of the Establishment. ** BREAKING NEWS!! Assemblyman Matt Dababneh outed by Lobbyist Pamela Lopez as the "Bathroom Officeholder".  
Is a once "Weekly of Record", now merely a Weed Leaf Directory? 
** Blogger's Notes: With NO apologies to "The Old Gray Hag Resister on Spring Street (aka. Los Angeles Times)", we must declare that the "State of Journalism" in Los Angeles, is now in crisis mode. As the LA Times continues its devolution into a merely a Fishwrap of Disinformation (and alleged UNDERTAKER of Inconvenient News) , the once "LA Weekly of Record", is providing the latest "Guttings for future Wrapping", via the slashing of a majority of Staff Positions at the longtime Culver City Print Entity. There was a recent time, when the local Political Establishment would cringe in waiting for the latest damning Exclusives from the likes of Alan Mittelstaedt (who moved on to the, NOW-defunct City Beat), Jeffery Anderson, Christine Pelisek, Patrick Range McDonald, David Zahniser, Jill Stewart and Hillel Aron, but the recent sale and gutting of staff .........., leaves Aron as the only Staff Writer to lament on a VERY possible "Weed Leaf Directory Future".  The Weekly's tribulations, is the latest saga playing out withing the local Print and Cyber News Community following the Unionization-induced Demise of LAist , the pending sale of the Eastern Group Publications and the CONTROVERSY afflicting the litigious Hews Media Group (as objectively reported by Aron).   
What latest News (involving Sacramento Politicos engaging in Sexual Misconduct) has the LA Times hidden away (again) within its Imploding Catacombs of Subjective Reporting?
BREAKING NOONTIME UPDATE!!: Lobbyist Pamela Lopez reveals Assemblyman Matt Dababneh as the "SITTING OFFICEHOLDER in question regarding her Bathroom Encounter.  
** As we reported on Friday, the "Sacramento Whispering Network" is divulging the alleged IDENTITY of another "SITTING  OFFICEHOLDER" who was the subject of Lobbyist Pamela Lopez's GRAPHIC Bathroom Testimonial. Another Website (with a LEFTIST bent), has gone on the record in naming the Politico .........., but for questionable reasons, as excerpted below. 
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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Wendy Carrillo Campaign "DISAPPEARS" Endorsement of Richard Polanco ........, while continuing to EMBRACE support of Jose Huizar

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we expose the HYPOCRISY of the Wendy Carrillo Campaign's "DISAPPEARING" of its Endorsement by former State Senator Richard Polanco ....... while still embracing the support of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. Meanwhile ........, the Luis Lopez Campaign garners Endorsements from The La Opinion Newspaper, UTLA and former Candidate Ron Birnbaum. 
The Outing ........, then Disappearing of former State Senator Richard Polanco's Endorsement of the Wendy Carrillo (the former Huizar Staffer) Campaign.
** Blogger's Notes: Its Kickoff, whoops GOTV Time on this last Sunday before Tuesday's 51st Assembly District's Special Election and while the Luis Lopez Campaign garners Endorsements from the La Opinion Newspaper, United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) and former 51st AD Candidate Ron Birnbaum .........., the Wendy Carrillo' s "Campaign of Endorsements" attempts to DISAPPEAR (naught) an Inconvenient Supporter.
Last week, the Wendy Carrillo's "Campaign of Endorsements" was PROUD to announce ..........., and then abruptly, DISAPPEARED its support from former State Senator Richard Polanco, once his past "Sacramento Issues (and cost to the taxpayers)" were made public via a Facebook Post (pictured above). 
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Friday, December 01, 2017

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine ........ and beyond

In the wake of the graphic,"Bathroom-based Testimony" from Sacramento K Street Lobbyist Pamela Lopez, regarding Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Behavior via State Officeholders and Staff, the Mayor Sam Blog has received a reliable TIP on the identity of the "Sitting Officeholder of Interest"
Sacramento K Street Lobbyist Pamela Lopez testifying before Assembly Sub-Committee on Sexual Harassment. 
** Blogger's Notes: Dreading the whispers .........., we respect the stance of Sacramento K Street Lobbyist Pamela Lopez , who showed GENUINE courage in testifying about her alleged, Bathroom Encounter with a "Sitting Elected Official" last year, in NOT revealing the Identity the Politico involve .........., after all, the Whispering Network is multi-directional. Just by her testifying before the Assembly Sub-committee entrusted with vetting the past indiscretions, and hopefully, the entity that gives birth to needed reforms. Lopez will always be the "FACE (and voice)" that hopefully raises the decibel level of the Whispering Network (that has provided this blog with alleged IDENTITY of Lopez's Harasser), that should not be the recipient of a similar "Retaliation Network" .........., when EXPOSING those engaging in Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Conduct-----Scott Johnson. 
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