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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

LAPD Deputy Chief Roberto Arcos and the Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights get Top Billing at Tomorrow's (Thursday) Meeting of the Montecito Heights Improvement Association

The Monthly Meeting of the Montecito Heights Improvement Association (MHIA) features presentations from LA Police Chief Candidate, current Deputy Chief Roberto Arcos and The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights, tomorrow evening (Thursday) at the Montecito Heights Senior Center. 
 LAPD Deputy Chief Roberto Arcos seeks to replace current Boss, Chief Charlie Beck, as LA's Top Cop. 
The Coalition to Protect Lincoln Heights will give a presentation on its continuing quest to expose CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's Measure HHH-financed Scheme to Develop Five Lincoln Heights Public Parking Lots into "Affordable/Market Rate Housing". 
** Blogger's Notes: For the intuitive Northeast LA (and beyond) Stakeholder who desires to expand their knowledge on the forthcoming proceedings to replace retiring LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti/CD-1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo's "Grand Plan" to utilize Measure HHH-financing to develop Five Lincoln Heights Public Parking Lots, into Affordable/Market Rate Housing, then plan on attending tomorrow's (Thursday) MHIA Meeting.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The annual choreographed "State of the City Presentation". featuring "Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee", is the appropriate opening topic to cyber-reacquaint ourselves with the continuing dysfunction originating from the controlling, Progressive/Left Political Machine at 200 Spring Street ..........., and elsewhere with Ciudad de Los Angeles.                                                   
A National Yoga-trotting Politico finds his way home, again. 
** Blogger's Notes: Were back on "Gar-SOFT-ee Watch (for a cyber-moment)". The mere thought of Mayor/Presidential-aspirant Eric Gar-SOFT-ee (especially after a hearty breakfast), is enough to kick start a food coma episode ............., that terminates with the dull reality of the former Rhodes Scholar's continuing "Administrating-in-Denial" of the Nation's second-largest city. Yesterday's ;State of the City/Marketing of the Gar-SOFT-ee Political Brand" attempted to raise the Homeless Crisis decibel level a couple of notches, via his proposal that each Council District promptly open temporary Homeless Shelters, in exchange for additional LAPD and Bureau of Sanitation resources .........., while innovated ideas for Measure HHH-financed Permanent Supportive Housing, languish.
** The Mayor Sam Blog has been privy to substantiated speculation that embattled LAUSD School Board Member Ref Rodriguez may resign before July ........., and pending the resolution to the selection of the new Superintendent .........., which according to the (pending) El Segundo Times, will most likely be former LA Times Editor Austin "Mini Riordan II" Beutner.  
** With the MOST LIKELY Election of  Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees President Sydney Kamlagar to the California Assembly, a whispering dialog has commence on her pending replacement ............, and the "future cost" it will take to make the LACCD Board of Trustees whole again. BIG HINT!! A certain US Senate Candidate (and his LACCD Trustee Puppets), can make YOU a Trustee, in return for ............, to be continue----Scott Johnson. 
A LACCD Trustee Position is a phone call away, for some US Senate Campaign "Love" (allegedly).

Monday, April 16, 2018

Introducing the ............, Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group

As a former "Fishwrap of Record (on Spring Street)" contracts into its new El Segundo Exile, the Mayor Sam Blog is GLAD to announce its new incarnation as the .............., Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group.    
The new Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group will expand its musings to Political Enclaves, BEYOND the control of 200 North Spring Street. 
** Blogger's Notes: Filling the Void .............. as the news of the pending relocation of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag FORMERLY on Spring Street" makes its way across the 405 Concrete Curtain, into its remaining reader's base, the Mayor Sam Blog return from its slumber in a NEW incarnation.
After weeks of consultations with numerous cyber supporters and episodes of self-reflections, the Mayor Sam Sister City Blog will undergo an incarnation that becomes the ................, Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group. 
In the last couple of months, we have sadly seen a once-robust Journalistic Community continue its contrition with the demise of the Eastern Group Publications, the gutting of the LA Weekly and the continuous devolution of the "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street" ......., into its looming incarnation as the "Tar Ball Hag Trump Hater of El Segundo".  
With the supposed "Fourth Estate" in crisis (and reduced to pleading for its survival), its become readily apparent that until Mainstream Journalism grasps the reality of their self-inflicted damaging excesses, via its subjective, bias, agenda-driven and increasing-repudiated musings, .........., a local, cyber-based media alternative is imperative in keeping communities abreast of the actions of their respective governments. 
Unlike the reigning Cerritos-based, Propaganda Wrap of Southeast LA County known as the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon (Political Family) News", that ALLEGEDLY finances its pronouncements benefiting the Chacon Political Family, with Taxpayers-financed Ads, we aspire to merely to become a trusted, cyber-conduit of objective facts ........., that informs and empowers.
City of Commerce City Councilman John Soria (in suit), with Commerce Mayor Oralia Rebollo (left), and new Commerce City Administrator Edgar Cisneros.
In a past, objective Journalistic Environment, the likes of the Eastern Group Publications, an aggressive, Southeast LA Political Reporter from the LA Times and the Los Cerritos Community News, would find NEWSWORTHY, the circumstances behind the hiring of new City of Commerce Administrator Edgar Cisneros.
As noted in the photo above, Cisneros, who is also a Montebello Unified School Board Member, was a supporter of John Soria's recent successful Campaign for Commerce City Council. 
The Mayor Sam Sister Cities Media Group, in review of, NOW Councilman Soria's Campaign 460 Forms, observed a largely, self-financed (and debt-incurring) endeavor for Public Office ..........., become a Southeast LA Special Interests-financed exercise, with the supposed help of, THEN Huntington Park City Manager Edgar Cisneros ........... and his dubious connections.
Among the post-election contributors was Express Transportation Services LLC, who's recent City of Huntington Park Contract for "Dial A Ride Services" was the subject of a LA Times Missive.
From the LA Times ............. 
When the Huntington Park City Council changed its senior citizens dial-a-ride contractor last year, it raised some eyebrows in the community. The council selected Metro Transit Services for $600,000 a year with annual increases, even though the firm's bid was was nearly $200,000 a year higher than what the incumbent contractor, Fiesta Taxi, bid. The October decision was the second time city leaders had awarded a contract to Metro Transit Services. Metro Transit hired as its general manager Mario Beltran, owner of a political consulting firm that worked for a campaign committee that promoted the council majority. He had no experience in transportation and a criminal record involving misuse of campaign funds and filing a false police report. It also hired Councilwoman Graciela Ortiz's brother, an unpaid volunteer to his sister's council campaign.

..........., and who did Soria vote to hire as the City of Commerce NEW City Administrator? The answer causes one to ponder whether a "Contributions for Job Scheme" merits further investigating-----Scott Johnson ** More Mayor Sam Sister Cities News Group Infrastructure Details forthcoming.
City of Commerce Councilman John Soria Post Campaign Contributions, Page 1
City of Commerce Councilman John Soria Post Campaign Contribution, Page 2

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Remembering Michael ............., with a Special Bloggin Announcement on Monday Morning

 Death, Taxes (and a forthcoming Bloggin Special Announcement) will always be synonymous for April 15, as we remember the Third Anniversary of the untimely Passing of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby .............., and TEASE a Special Bloggin Announcement regarding the FUTURE of Michael's Cyber Creation.   
We will never forget the Voice of Bloggin Truth.
** Blogger's Notes: This date will always be synonymous with Death and Taxes. Three years ago today, our Bloggin Creator Michael Higby was called upon to join his beloved Mom in a better place. As our respective lives continue onwards toward our appointed time to approach the Gates to the Atherlife, Michael would want us to live each day to its fullest potential .........., and not mind a remembrance of his past deeds on this Day of his Passing. Those who were BLESSED in calling Michael a friend, will surely shed a willing tear (or more) Today as we continue to miss his physical presence, but we can find solace in the TRUTH of his continual Spiritual Guidance ........, from ABOVE. BTW (in a shameless tease) ..........., click in tomorrow morning for a Special Bloggin Announcement-----Scott Johnson.