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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LA Weekly: "Mike Gatto's Blogger Problem ( with Mayor Sam)"

Why does Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto have Bloggin Issues with Mayor Sam?
 Infant, petulant political babies grow up to be ........
 ... sinister political bullies, who know no boundaries when attacking their perceived enemies. 
The Official Headware of Gatto Truthers.
** Blogger's Note: We would like to thank LA Weekly's Hillel Aron for his brief missive on the "unique bloggin relationship" between the Mayor Sam Blog and Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto. Apparently, there is not a day that goes by, where the Infant Assemblyman is not fixated on our bloggin commentary and who supposedly finances this medium. For the record, contrary to the myths of the Gatto Truthers, the viewpoints on this blog, are not predicated on any potential economic benefit to Campaign Consultant Eric Hacopian. Sorry "Little Mikey", but you're chances of proving your outlandish, conspiratorial claims, are worse than the odds that the Tooth Fairy, would leave you a campaign donation under your infant crib pillow. We should also note for clarification, that our past alleged use of "innuendos and rumors" in reporting on the prior actions of the "Infant Assemblyman", were in reality, factually-based documentation, supplied by a reputable republican opposition researcher, who put his name to the exclusive documents below, that in this blogger's opinion, were the basis for the Infant Assemblyman's "Legal Cease and Desist Request" against this blog. I should note in conclusion, that this blogger's paramount priority in all his past reporting on the "Infant Assemblyman", was to provide commentary based upon the facts .... and when a mistake was made, this blogger held himself accountable---Scott Johnson. 
Voters in the 43rd AD have the right to question whether Gatto defrauded public funds, while working full time on former boss Congressman Brad Sherman's Reelection Campaign. ** You can view the rest of the documents after the jump.
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Mayor Sam Halloween Costume Contest Winner Jimmy "The Educator" Gomez

The Bloggin Committee to BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger) in the 51st Assembly District, gladly endorses this Mayor Sam Halloween Costume Award to 51 AD Candidate Jimmy "The PAC Laundryman Educator" Gomez.
 BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger), Save an Exploited Burrocrat! 
 The Coalition of Burrocrats agrees that Jimmy "PAC Laundryman Educator" Gomez deserves recognition as the best Political Halloween Costume in the 51st AD. 
The Jimmy Gomez "Educator" Mailer.

** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to noted Jimmy Gomez shill and recent losing LA-32 Neighborhood Council Candidate Ari Ruiz, the definitive Halloween Political Makeover Award goes to a "certain carpetbagging educator". A couple of weeks back, an irate Northeast LA Voter forward us the above picture of a Jimmy "The Educator" Gomez mailer, that was among many sent to their residence. The person who's employment was within the public education field, took offense at Gomez's attempt to mislead voters by labeling himself on the ballot, as an "Educator". The reality is that Gomez taught a Labor-theme class at LA Trade Tech as noted below,
Even though he is being paid very little, this is what allows him to list “Educator/Nurses Advocate” as his ballot designation.
His campaign bio says that he is “an adjunct faculty member.”
Jimmy is a mentor with the Puente Mentorship Program and an adjunct faculty member of the Los Angeles Community College.

In particular, Gomez teaches / has taught at the L.A. Trade Tech campus, where he is in the “Labor Center” department — as is his wife Mary.
Jimmy Gomez, Political Director, UNAC/UHCP, M.A. Public Policy....
Mary Hodge, Poltical Campaign Consultant, B.A., Political Science.

Note though that Gomez’s SEI lists only himself as receiving a salary from the Los Angeles Community College District; if his wife received at least $500 during the reporting period (and after their April 2011 wedding), then her income should also have been reported.
Neither Gomez nor Hodge appear on the ratemyprofessors.com website. 

We can only speculate on some of Educator Gomez's course titles, maybe they included "101 Ways of Carpetbagging", "The Science of PAC Money :Laundry", "The Political Makeover of a Riverside PACman", "The Use of GPS in establishing Political Residency", "The Exploitation of Burrocrats", "There is No Such Thing as Dirty Political Money" and "101 Mailers to Cover Up My Carpetbagging Truth". But most important in vetting the background of supposed "Educator Jimmy", is asking a simple question. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A EDUCATOR? We leave that to Jimmy to answer, as noted on his Facebook Page. And judging from the date, Jimmy's "educational background" ranks along the same level as another S G & A client who goes by the consultant-crafted moniker "Professor Mike Gatto"---Scott Johnson 
is teaching his first class at the los angeles community on union, politics and political power. 16 years after Riverside Community College gave me my start...I'm now giving back more directly...its been great.

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The New Soncha?

Is the latest email from Hollywood gadfly, John Walsh, true? Kate del Castillo is a popular Mexican actress best known for a sapphic slip and slide with Barack Obama supporter, Eva Longoria, in the film Without Men. Developing...

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Halloween 2012

Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson wants half-cent sale tax hike on ballot.
Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson.

Appetite for (economic) trouble ..........
As the country nears an Election Day repudiation of President Barack "H" Obama's Big Government/Higher Taxes philosophy, there are still some within the fail state of "Greece on the Pacific", who cling to the  belief that raising taxes, is the only solution to sustain an unaccountable government beast.
Sadly, Wesson's proposal was all too predictable, considering the Labor/Left stronghold on City Hall. Instead of dealing bluntly with runaway labor costs that are eating away at General Fund expenditures, Mini Amin Wesson and most of his Clowncil Central Committee colleagues will support creating another revenue drain from the wallets of Angelinos, to sustain the unaccountable excesses at 200 N. Spring Street. 
**  Our bloggin colleague and former campaign, errrrrr, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Social Media Consultant Ed Headington, continues his forlorn hope of becoming the anglo incarnation of his former boss Assemblyman Gil Cedillo. Headington faces an uphill challenge to beat Scott Wilk for the open seat in the 36th Assembly District.
** The Old Gray, Obama-Loving Hag on Spring Street, has the background on two Democratic Bad Boys in the San Gabriels Valley, who's escapades may lead to Republican pick ups in the Assembly..
** Karma can be a political B-I T-C-H, just ask the Big Billboard pandering duo of CD 1 City Councilman Ed "Billboard Density" Reyes and CD 2 City Councilman Paul "Pandering" Krekorian, who efforts to gain political favors from Big Billboard, has a pending day in court.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez takes money from alleged Woman Beater Assemblyman Roger Hernandez

The Bloggin Committee to BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger) in the 51st Assembly District, approves this message.
 BAN the Political Carpetbag(ger), Protect an Exploited Burrocrat!
 Burrocrats united against taking money from alleged woman beaters!
51st AD Candidate Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez supporter Assemblyman Roger Hernandez's Booking Photo from recent DUI Arrest (later acquitted).
In the latest indication he will take money from any source, no matter how despicable, Assembly candidate Jimmy Gomez took funds for his campaign 
from a politician under an emergency protective order for battering a woman this summer and this weekend.
Gomez now faces calls from leaders against sexual and domestic violence in the district he recently moved into to run for office, to give the money to a charity serving local survivors.
"I am utterly appalled to learn that Assembly candidate Jimmy Gomez took a four-figure contribution from a politician, Assemblymember Roger Hernandez, who beat his girlfriend and is under a restraining order," said Alva Moreno, former Board President of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault and a longtime leader in victims' assistance and stopping sexual and domestic violence in the communities of the 51st District. 
"I am tired of the general ignorance, hostility, and indifference of politicians to the facts of sexual and domestic violence and its consequences on the health and lives of women.
"If Jimmy Gomez has a shred of decency, he would donate all the money he took from Roger Hernandez to a charity here in his new district working to help people overcome the trauma of domestic abuse. It is the least he owes to the hundreds of survivors of sexual and domestic violence in the communities of Northeast Los Angeles and East L.A."

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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What Costume will Ana Cubas pick for Halloween Fundraiser?

What will be the costume of choice for CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas as she seeks some campaign tricks and treats this evening?.
 As former CD 14 Chief of Staff and current CD 9 City Council Candidate Ana Cubas prepares for tonight's Halloween -theme Fundraiser, we like to convey our choice of costume for the female Princeton Graduate. Thus, we introduce "WalMart Ana"!  
Considering that Ana and our WalMart friend above, already share the eye brows and politically shady persona, all that is left is the yellow make up and some WalMart contributions for party supplies. We should note that Cubas has taken WalMart money in the past.
On the subject of shady persona, we ask Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo, how he could serve as a co-host considering that Candidate Cubas in her former job as CD 14 Chief of Staff, knowingly violated the California Public Records Act, by failing to respond to a request for information pertaining to the status of the CLARTS Fund.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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What is so Independent about Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto?

WOW!! Who knew that Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto was capable of Independent Thoughts (a whooping 3.1% of the time)?
 Glad to know that "Little Mikey" is capable of Independent-Minded Tantrums about 3.1% of the time.
 Graph above from the Sacramento Bee.. Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto's assertion during last Thursday night's 43 AD Candidate Forum, that he is the second-ranked Independent-Minded Democrat in the State of California Assembly, came to fruition in this laughable brief Just think of the political courage it took to defy Assembly Speaker John Perez a whooping 3.1% of the time!! Thus, using LAUSD math, the Infant Assemblyman was loyal to "Papi Perez" and the Democratic establishment 96.9% of the time. Using the former Professor Gatto grading scale, we can conclude that the Infant Assemblyman would get an "A+" for party loyalty on all votes cast in the Assembly.
In conclusion, we recommend that the Infant Assemblyman and his dwindling ranks of Gatto Truthers, fill up the glasses with liquid courage, because a political day of reckoning, awaits a week from today..

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Jiohnson in CD 14

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Mayor Sam proudly excerpts the Fifth Annual Downtown News "Happy City Hall-oween" via the Downtown News Editor and reigning "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie. 
Is that stare via a certain "Born to Raise Hell Homie" from City Terrace?

Its safe to say that in the middle of the final week of political campaigning, a comedic break is needed from the harsh rhetoric that has defined the 2012 Election proceedings. Thus, we bring you excerpts from the reigning Los Angeles Political Satirist (in this blogger's humble opinion), who also doubles as the Editor of the Downtown News, Jon Regardie's Fifth Edition of a "Happy City Hall-oween"! Enjoy!
On the pending invasion from the .......
Zombies From the North: You approach the building from the South Lawn. You’re amazed at the grace of the structure and think of the great leaders who have been here before, even if you suddenly can’t remember any of their names. Then, you hear a low, moaning sound. You look and see a Sacramento politician — is that Assemblyman Gil Cedillo? — zombie stumbling your way. Then another, who looks just like state Sen. Curren Price, appears, doing the same botched shuffle. “Walking Dead” style zombies who resemble assemblymen Felipe Fuentes, Mike Davis and Bob Blumenfield are there as well. “Innnnnnsiiiiide,” they rumble. “One hundredddddddd sevennnnnnnty ninnnnnnne thousand dollarrrrrrrs a yearrrrrrrrrr!” Suddenly you realize — they all want to leave Sacramento and win high-paying City Council posts, and they’ll kill to do it! You scamper inside and slam the door, not knowing how long you can keep them at bay.

...... and what political incarnation will a certain City Terrace Native assume in 2013?

You’re What?: There’s a sharp smack from a nearby room. You open the door and see a diminutive figure with the whitest teeth in the history of the world. He’s opposite a brunette TV news reader. She slaps him across the face, hard. “I’m the mayor!” he says. Is this some strange sexual thing? Before you can figure it out she slaps him again. “I’m the next governor!” Huh? She slaps him one more time. “I’m the future president!” he exclaims. She slaps him three more times, his head veering side to side, and at each sound of palm to flesh he repeats one of the lines. Smack! “I’m the mayor!” Smack! “I’m the next governor!” Smack! “I’m the future president!” Holy Chinatown, you realize, he believes everything he is saying. Smack! Smack! Smack! You want to watch but someone takes your elbow and guides you away. “Forget it,” the guiding figure says, “it’s City Hall.”

that satire must of hurt the soon to be former Mayor Antonio Villar.

** CD 5 City Councilman Paul Koretz is not masking the reality that Mayor Antonio Villar's dream of a 10,000 person police force (or in the words of Councilman Koretz, a magical illusion), may face a day of fiscal reckoning in the near future.

** City Attorney Carmen Trutanich went before the City Council's Budget and Finance Committee and rightfully stated that the proposed layoffs of fifty attorneys, would lead to adverse rulings in court against the City of Los Angeles.

.......... more updated news in the A.M.

** Eastern San Gabriel Valley Assemblyman Roger Hernandez was on the receiving end of an "emergency protective order" after an altercation between him and a "lady friend" Sunday evening. Hernandez you may remember, had these issues in Northern California.

Hernandez, a former West Covina City Councilman, was arrested by Concord police on suspicion of drunken driving just after 2 a.m. March 27.After a seven-day trial, a 12-person jury in August found Hernandez not guilty of one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence.Last month, a Contra Costa judge dismissed a second misdemeanor count of driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 or higher that the jury was hung on.

Lets not forget that all the above took place while Hernandez was "entertaining" a lovely, female lobbyist in a state vehicle.

** The Old Gray Hag on Spring Street allocates a generous amount of story budget, to chronicle the democratic congressional battle between Congresswoman Laura Richardson and Congresswoman Janice Hahn. These two ladies can teach fellow Congressional colleagues Howard Berman and Brad Sherman, a thing or two about dignified campaigning.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Mid Day 2012 Election Briefs for Monday

The above video expose by CNN's Anderson Cooper is not likely to help Assemblywoman Butler as election day approaches and during last week's Santa Monica Daily Press "Squirm Night" festivities, challenger Richard Bloom asked her again to state her opinion on SB 1530 (link to see video). As the 50th AD contest enters its last week, Butler has spend $1.5 Million dollars on her campaign, but a non-vote in Sacramento may trump those expenditures.

Video from 43rd Assembly District Debate between Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto and Glendale School Board Member Greg Krikorian
Judging from the crowd reactions during the only debate between Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto and Glendale School Board Member Greg Krikorian, the current officeholder is in big trouble. In addition, what was up with Little Mikey and the League of Women Democratic Establishment Voters obvious collusion on debate questions? "Little Mikey" cannot even play fair in a simple debate, judging by the numerous cheat sheets he recited from during the hour-long forum.

CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and newly-elected Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council President Michael Nogueira, to host a neighborhood coffee with 51st AD Candidate Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez.

This get together has major potential as a teachable political moment, when it comes to monetary uses by like-minded members of the same political machine. The "PAC Laundryman" can offer up advise how to wash nurse's due moneys into contributions to self while the Princeton Graduate can filibuster on his years-long white-washing on disclosures of CLARTS Fund expenditures.
Neighborhood Coffee with Councilman Jose HuizarOctober 29, 20126:00 pm - 7:00 pmJoin Jimmy Gomez and Councilman Jose Huizar for a neighborhood coffee at the home of Michael & Eugenie Nogueira.Come meet Jimmy, find out why he is running for State Assembly and ask him questions about issues that are important to you.To RSVP please call Aaron at 213.375.8010 or email rsvp@jimmygomezforassembly.com

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

When did $62 Million become $84 Million in proposed taxes to pay for City Councilman Jose Huizar's "Downtown Streetcar Legacy Project"?
"Whats an extra $22 Millions dollars in taxes gonna cost you in paying for my Downtown Streetcar Legacy Project"?

Since speculation is part of our bloggin format here at Mayor Sam, then maybe we should ponder whether CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's recent vehicular follies, was predicated on "speeding away" from an inconvenient truth regarding his proposed tax to partially-finance the Downtown Streetcar Project. 
For the last couple of years since the return of a Downtown Streetcar was first broached, the Princeton Graduate Land-Use Attorney, has explored multiple ways of financing what has become his signature project. But as the Downtown News discloses, Councilman Huizar's proclivity for not being open and transparent, may endanger passage of his "Legacy Choo Choo".

When ballots are mailed to registered voters on Nov. 13, however, they will be asked to approve a much higher amount. In fact, $62.5 million does not appear on the ballot that must be returned to the City Clerk by Dec. 3.Instead, the ballot says area residents will be voting to tax local landowners up to $85 million. That is $22.5 million, or 36% more than what has been the focus of the campaign for the project. The higher figure is surprising some Downtown stakeholders who will be asked to pay for the streetcar.They include Greg Martin, vice president of Downtown Management, a company led by Australian businessman Joseph Hellen. “So they’re cheating again. It’s just more deception,” he said.Martin and Hellen, who have a history of tangling with Huizar, have previously criticized the project’s approval process, in which only renters or condo owners who live within approximately three blocks of the tracks will be able to vote. Property owners — including those who control large buildings — who don’t reside in the area are not allowed to vote, even though they will be responsible for paying the tax over 30 years. Martin said he wasn’t aware that the special election would call for a tax assessment of up to $85 million. Instead, he thought it was the $62.5 million that has been the focus of the campaign.“I’m actually not that surprised because I think the whole thing has been fraught with subterfuge, misleading promises, and this is par for the course,” he said.Huizar strongly rejects the notion that the campaign to woo voters has been in any way deceptive or misleading. He and other project supporters instead point out that the proposed assessments have been calculated based on assumptions of $85 million. That amount is what he says would be needed in a “worst-case scenario.” Huizar and others maintain that if less public money is needed, the assessments for Downtowners will decrease. “I don’t think it’s that big of an issue,” he said.   

Hmmmm, and not disclosing if you were at a "Happy Hour Birthday Party", is not that big of an issue when involve in an auto accident while driving a city-owned vehicle.

** Surprise, surprise, thanks to LA Times David Zahniser, we learn that the likes of CD 1 City Councilman Ed "Billboard Density" Reyes and his CD 2 colleague Councilman Paul "Digital Pandering" Krekorian, have gone the, soon to be Horseshoe colleague and current Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes route, in allowing a Clear Channel Lobbyist to write pending council legislation, to preserve hundreds of electronic billboards city-wide.

** We hope that California Governor "Moonbeam the II" took time this weekend to admonish his "Inner Bitter Jerry" for the borderline "assault and battery" on Channel 2/9 Investigated Reporter David Goldstein. This after Goldstein exposed the misuse of rented vehicle by CalTrans staff. Gov. Moonbeam II outburst is surprising considering that Mayor Antonio Villar has been confronted by Goldstein on numerous occasions and has yet exhibited his alleged "Inner Venice Room Temperament".

** You must give some credit to the government-financed consultants behind the efforts to extend the half cent sale tax for Los Angeles County transit projects, when they realize that T.V. ads featuring a certain "City Terrace Native", might not be in the best interest in garnering voter support.

** We chanced upon this accidental bit of objective journalism from the Daily News regarding Callifornia Governor Moonbeam the II's Prop 30.
This newspaper's review of state budget figures found:

  • The estimated $6 billion in extra revenue annually from Proposition 30 quickly would put the state on track to return to peak spending levels before the Great Recession.
  • The inflation-adjusted tax burden of Californians is now about the same as the average over the past two decades -- and will remain so even if Proposition 30 passes. But that tax burden is still among the highest in the nation.

  •  Thus a tax to sustain the free-spending ways of the big governmental beast. 

  • ** Lastly on a lighter note, California State University Biology Professor and Whistleblower (in outing the ban of California residents from CSU graduate programs) Maria Nieto, has published a novel called "The Pig behind the Bear" which is worth a read and is garnering rave reviews.
    Maria Nieto has managed to write a charming story that tackles huge cultural issues such as the assassination of Ruben Salazar. Part LA noir mystery, part family drama, part magic realism, Nieto takes us on a ride through Los Angeles touching the cultural milestones and heart of Chicano/LA history past and present.    Herbert Siguenza, founding member of Culture Clash  

    For the record, Nieto is the daughter of Northeast LA Activist and retire Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre.

    Your thoughts ...............
    Scott Johnson in CD 14

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    Friday, October 26, 2012

    Mayor Sam Exclusive: Did Councilman Huizar attend Happy Hour Birthday Party for his Staffer before Accident?

    ** Mayor Sam Exclusive: Did City Councilman Jose Huizar attend Happy Hour Birthday Party in honor of his staffer Erick Martell, before his Boyle Heights Traffic Accident?
     CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
    CD 14 Legislative and Transportation Deputy Staffer Erick Martell.
    ** Blogger's Note: Mayor Sam has obtain this email that invites various city council staffers to a Happy Hour Birthday Party for CD 14 City Council Jose Huizar Staffer Erick Martell, yesterday evening at the The Edison. It is very conceivable that Councilman Huizar would of attended this Birthday Party for one of his longer serving staffers, then upon leaving, make his way eastbound on First Street, homeward bound, where he was later involved in a three car accident near First and Boyle. We should note again that Councilman Huizar was not supposedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, according to his spokesperson Rick Coca---Scott Johnson.  

    From: rebecca liu <rebecca.liu@lacity.org>
    Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 4:14 PM
    Subject: Council Staff Happy Hour
    To: Michael Bai <michael.bai@lacity.org>, Justin Wesson <justin.wesson@lacity.org> (** should this guy be invited to any happy Hour Party after his DUI?), Andrew Westall <andrew.westall@lacity.org>, Edward Johnson <edw.johnson@lacity.org>, Adrian.Garcia@lacity.org, Alan Alietti <Alan.Alietti@lacity.org>, Alexis Marin <alexis.marin@lacity.org>, Ana Guerrero <Ana.Guerrero@lacity.org>, Andrea Sotelo <andrea.sotelo@lacity.org>, Andrew Palacios <andrew.palacios@lacity.org>, Asad Baig <asad.baig@lacity.org>, Benjamin Flores <ben.flores@lacity.org>, Bernard Dory <bernard.dory@lacity.org>, Betsy Annas <betsy.annas@lacity.org>, Brian Perry <brian.perry@lacity.org>, Brian Walters <brian.walters@lacity.org>, Candy Barreda <candy.barreda@lacity.org>, Carleen Gonzalez <carleen.gonzalez@lacity.org>, Daniel Lopez <daniel.lopez@lacity.org>, Daniel Tarica <Daniel.Tarica@lacity.org>, David Cano <David.Cano@lacity.org>, David Hersch <david.hersch@lacity.org>, Dion O'Connell <Dion.OConnell@lacity.org>, Doug Tripp <doug.tripp@lacity.org>, Doane Liu <doane.liu@lacity.org>, Ed Santacruz <ed.santacruz@lacity.org>, Eduardo Soriano-Hewitt <edo.soriano.hewitt@gmail.com>, Emily Mayeda <emily.mayeda@lacity.org>, Eric Garcetti <eric.garcetti@lacity.org>, Eric Robles <eric.robles@lacity.org>, Erika Pulst <erika.pulst@lacity.org>, Erick Martell <erick.martell@lacity.org>, Franco Viteri <franco.viteri@lacity.org>, Gabriela Marquez <gabriela.marquez@lacity.org>, George Esparza <george.esparza@lacity.org>, Gerry Miller <gerry.miller@lacity.org>, Guy Lipa <Guy.Lipa@lacity.org>, Heather Repenning <Heather.Repenning@lacity.org>, Heleen Ramirez <Heleen.Ramirez@lacity.org>, james lee <james.lee@lacity.org>, Jeffrey Ebenstein <jeffrey.ebenstein@lacity.org>, Jenny Chavez <jenny.chavez@lacity.org>, Jenny Portillo <jenny.m.portillo@lacity.org>, Jimmy Blackman <jimmy.blackman@lacity.org>, John Gregory <john.gregory@lacity.org>, Judith Reel <Judith.Reel@lacity.org>, Justin Brimmer <justin.brimmer@lacity.org>, Lidia Soto <lidia.soto@lacity.org>, Karen Kalfayan <karen.kalfayan@lacity.org>, Ken Moody <Ken.Moody@lacity.org>, Kevin Montgomery <kevin.montgomery@lacity.org>, Kian Kaeni <Kian.Kaeni@lacity.org>, Lisa Flores <lisa.flores@lacity.org>, Lisa Schechter <Lisa.Schechter@lacity.org>, Lorenzo Briceno <lorenzo.briceno@lacity.org>, Lynnette Amerian <Lynnette.Amerian@lacity.org>, Maria Aguiniga <maria.aguiniga@lacity.org>,Marcel.porras@lacity.org, Marie Rumsey <marie.rumsey@lacity.org>, Marisa Alcaraz <Marisa.Alcaraz@lacity.org>, Matt Hale <matt.hale@lacity.org>, Matt Myerhoff <matt.myerhoff@lacity.org>, "Michael D. Garcia" <michael.d.garcia@lacity.org>, Miguel Franco <miguel.franco@lacity.org>, Monica Valencia <monica.valencia@lacity.org>, myriam lopez <myriam.lopez@lacity.org>, Nicole Bernson <nicole.bernson@lacity.org>, "paloma.perez" <paloma.perez@lacity.org>, Patrice Lattimore <patrice.lattimore@lacity.org>, Paul Michael Neuman <paul.neuman@lacity.org>, Pierre Riotoc <pierre.riotoc@lacity.org>, Raymond Kwan <raymond.kwan@lacity.org>, Richard Llewellyn <richard.llewellyn@lacity.org>, Richard Musquiz <richard.musquiz@lacity.org>, Robert Payan <robert.payan@lacity.org>, Russ Bellenot <russ.bellenot@lacity.org>, Sally Castro <Sally.Castro@lacity.org>, Sarah Brennan <sarah.brennan@lacity.org>, Sara Ter-Minasyan <sara.ter-minasyan@lacity.org>, Shannon Hoppes <shannon.hoppes@lacity.org>, Sheri Mandel <sheri.mandel@lacity.org>, Stephanie Magnien <stephanie.magnien@lacity.org>, Susan Jack <susan.jack@lacity.org>, Susan Wong <susan.s.wong@lacity.org>, Tam Vuong <tam.vuong@lacity.org>, Ted Lin <ted.lin@lacity.org>, Tony Arranaga <tony.arranaga@lacity.org>, Tony Ighani <tony.ighani@lacity.org>, Tony Perez <tony.perez@lacity.org>, Tracey Chavira <tracey.chavira@lacity.org>, Trudie Abraham <trudie.abraham@lacity.org>, Yolanda Ramos <yolanda.ramos@lacity.org>, Patricia Whelan <Patricia.Whelan@lacity.org>, Ryan Norwall <ryan.norwall@lacity.org>, Ryan Ferguson <ryan.ferguson@lacity.org>, Kevin Bingham <kevin.bingham@lacity.org>, teresa duran <teresa.duran@lacity.org>, Leana Scott <leana.scott@lacity.org>, Christina Oh <christina.oh@lacity.org>, Sharon Tso <sharon.tso@lacity.org>

    Summer is over and we know how hard everyone has been working!  We would like to invite you to a Happy Hour tomorrow, October 25, to enjoy each other's company outside of City Hall and celebrate the birthday of our fellow council staffer, Erick Martell.  

    When:     Thursday, October 25
                   5:30 pm

    Where:    The Edison
                   108 West 2nd Street #101
                    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Forward to other staff!  
    See you there,

    ** Should Councilman Huizar state for the record whether he was at this party before his Boyle Heights accident?

    Your thoughts ..............
    Scott Johnson in CD 14

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