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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is Someone Watching Zuma Dogg? (And I DON'T Mean On YouTube)

Just call me Rockwell because, "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me". But this is no joke. Watch this video of what I think you will find to be a spooky and compelling story.

I figured out (after shooting this video) how this happened: My phone is tapped (again). I called mi amigo on the phone and said, "Hey, wanna get lunch at (certain) restaurant?" (I mentioned location on the phone.) Meanwhile, I make one stop along the way, giving the "cleveland operative" (who Cpt. Jack had already established is VERY local to ZD) plenty of time to arrive before me and mi amigo.

AND, it should be noted for the record, ZD made it VERY well known inside the restaurant that I was enjoying the apple pie, and how great I thought the apple pie was. And ZD went into some "triumphant-boisterness" over the apple pie.

And then someone on the blog says, "There's more to life than apple pie, ZD". So, it also seems like there is an observer watching the observer, who tipped ZD -- and they don't mind letting people know that they know. (So we must have some double agents out there -- who don't even mind letting that slip/pretty secure in their "undercover".)


DWP Rate Hike/High Salaries Cause Half The City Workforce to Demand The Same...TODAY! (Here Comes Billy Idol To Sing)



I heard Rod Stewart - "Tonight's The Night" on the radio (union negotiations), so that must mean I'll be hearing THIS ONE tonight around midnight. "In the midnight hour...she cries, "More, more, more!" Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell"]



Maybe I can get a quote from Joe Ramallo for one of the stories, this week in celebration of, "DWP IS SHADY AS F*CK" Week, here on Mayor Sam's Blog.

ZD says, get ready for the obligatory "all-nighter" -- pulling out some (staged reluctant) agreement; and, oh well...looks like the taxpayers of Los Angeles will be picking up the tab. They'll probably do a 5-year inflated ajdusted contract with a good "percentage increase" upfront. (But what do "I" know?)


(Daily News) Editor's Note: If you read only one story today, I hope it will be this one. The DWP's bloated salaries, poor management and soaring rates are the most glaring example of what's wrong with Los Angeles city government. We think this is so important we've put up the salaries of all 8,500 employees here at dailynews.com.
See how your pay compares with theirs. - Ron Kaye, Daily News editor

As the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power seeks a hefty taxpayer rate hike, a Daily News review of salary data shows the average utility worker makes $76,949 a year - or nearly 20% more than the average civilian city worker.

DWP salaries are on average higher than city and far higher than private-sector workers' even as the utility has come under fire for recent power outages and another round of rate hikes: A 9%, three-year electric-rate hike and a 6%, two-year water-rate hike.

The salary disparities have emerged in recent days as a crucial issue in intense negotiations with six unions representing nearly 22,000 city workers - about half the work force - whose contracts expire today.'


Brian D'Arcy, business manager of IBEW Local 18 that represents 8,080 DWP workers, defended the pay scale and said DWP workers' jobs are unlike any others.

"It's a much more industrial environment, much tougher work, more complicated and more skill that's involved. There's not a lot of room for error over here," D'Arcy said. "Even among the clerical workers, the predominant clerical is customer service
representatives. I wouldn't want to do their jobs, take complaints."

But Jack Humphreville, a member of the Neighborhood Councils' DWP oversight committee, predicted ratepayers will resent the salary levels. "I don't think the public is going to be overjoyed," Humphreville said. "It's just another example of what's going on at City Hall with the unions dominating the political environment with huge campaign contributions."

IBEW was a major contributor to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa during his mayoral campaign, and he signed off on its last contract despite the controversy shortly after taking office. A spokesman said Villaraigosa has not taken a public position on the utility's rate-increase request. [ZD: HE DOESN'T HAVE TO...HE HAS HIS HOMIE JOE RAMALLO RUNNING T'INGS!]

"(But the mayor) is committed to addressing the issue of parity in a fiscally responsible manner," said defeated crybaby mayoral spokesman Matt Szabo. [ZD: CAUSE THEY DON'T WANT A CITYWIDE EAA REPEAT PERFORMANCE ON TV, AT THIS MOMENT.]


add to this story: zumadogg@gmail.com

p.s. According to a study by Huron Consulting Group earlier this year, the total cost per full-time employee in fiscal 2007 was $142,400 a year including health care, death benefits and disability, workers' compensation, medical services, employee health benefits and training. [ZD: Oh good! I say pull the plug on "college preparadness" and plug in the plug on vocation training for THESE kinds of jobs! DOH!]


Saturday, September 29, 2007

LA CITY'S "Illegal Vending" Spilling Out All Over The Streets

Villaraigosa's "blind-eye" to expanding illegal vending happening all over the city (from Huizar's East LA to Rosendahl's West LA) is increasingly pissing people off as it continues to increase all over the place. I know some folks feel this is a "compassionate eye-turning" (allowing low-income residents to both make some money -- and alllows the low-income shoppers to save a buck, too. No harm, no foul, right? They're not hurting anything, right? WRONG! (See video)


Hey Dumbassaraigosa: Why not try putting as much effort into ILLEGAL vending as you do LEGAL vending.


Friday, September 28, 2007

CBS 2 News Confirms Zuma Dogg’s & Others Worst Nightmare Regarding LAUSD FRAUD, WASTE & ABUSE

EXCLUSIVE: LAUSD Money Spent On Shopping Sprees?
LAUSD credit card statements are raising questions about what taxpayers' money is being used for. David Goldstein has the story.

Excerpt from CBS 2/Los Angeles Website Click HERE for CBS 2 Story

We got an education in math by going through LAUSD administrators' credit card statements. We found they were spending money. Lots and lots of money. Sometimes, $5 million a month, raising some serious questions.

Just think of your one- or two-page credit card statement at home, then multiply that by 1,700! That’s how many credit cards there are at LAUSD. Administrators spend it on computers, coffee, flowers, just about anything. We went through all these reports and found some interesting items.

$451 at the Sharper Image. $796 in yoga classes. $320 at this day spa in Valley Village. Over $1,600 on a company that sells U.S. Postal Service clothes and accessories. All taxpayers money. All questionable charges, according to the district’s inspector general.

''All of those would be violations of the procurement card use, some of them fraudulent.''

The inspector general's conducted an audit earlier this year and estimated $4 to 5 million dollars in fraud of misuse, including charges for electronics and computers that couldn’t be justified.

Often we couldn't find the merchandise when we went to look for it.

There were charges to collection agencies. Money transfers to Mexico. Even a cruise to San Francisco. Plus thousands of dollars in movie tickets and sporting events. Even if it was used for students, it's misuse of the card.


But the district’s business manager defends the program. “There is abuse in any system and we take a look at where we can find abuses and we correct policy as it needs to be corrected.” [WRONG ANSWER! YOU CANNOT WIN DEFENDING THIS BY SAYING, "THERE IS ABUSE IN ANY SYSTEM"! You are still in the denial and minimization stage. Even the mayor's people could have spun that better.]

Zuma Dogg Public Comment Videos Addressing Inspector General & Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Zuma's New Blogspot: MAYOR SAM Leaving L.A.? ZD Beat You To It, Y'all...Hooooody Hooooooooo!

Aw HELL YEAH! It's temporary, but I hope to extend it as long as possible. Which will probably be exactly until it gets freezing cold. But some folks could get lucky and I could stay here a year. (Well see. I REALLY have NO idea!)

Someone was shockingly correct, and has some mighty good sources, themselves. However, I do have a new phone line, and that one may not be tapped, yet. [Some of it is jibber-jabber...but this was a message to ZD, fo sho. And they were right with the premise.]

Anonymous said...I'm a Third Cousin, Thrice Removed, from the said Gentleeman, my Beloved Cousin David, of the Shannons of Nordern IREland. I say IREland on purpose now, because everyone has some IRE, don't we, lads? Or else we'd not have come to this God FORSAKEN country, just because we didn't have enough tators. What kinder nonsense is that? But now, our BELOVED COUSIN David, thinks he's BLACK IRISH IN A LITERAL SENSE, which is NOT TRUE. He do'nt have a SPOT of black blood in'em, and so, DAVID, come home to us, your family. Never mind these Rodericks, I always told yer that clan was NO GOOD 'tal. September 15, 2007 3:31 AM

I was on a plane the day after that, I think. And although I kinda have to be here, for now, whether I want to, or not (cause of mi familia) -- how long I decide to stay here truly remains to be seen. As some of you may know, from this past week's worth of blogging, the geographic relocation has not diminished my disdain for what is happening in that biohazard-karma filled building on Spring Street. (Viagraosa and LA Shitty Council.)

But here is what might keep me here in Cleveland, my hometown: ZD's NEW blog spot...

FREE WI-FI, Y'ALL!!! I'm living like a king. It's the GOOD LIFE, I could have had, if I wasn't who I am, but the way everyone else I ever met WISHES I could be.

But, Cleveland was never exciting enough for me. I always kinda need to be in a City the size of NYC or LA to be comfortable.

But today, I saw some deer running down my street. (Too much development, even here, obviously.) I saw a lady riding a horse, in the distance. And five minutes the other direction are all the new malls, shopping centers and fantastic restaurants. (Cleveland, for some reason has tons of fine dining?) And everyone is so happy I am here, for however long...everyone wants to TAKE me to those fine restaurants. (Yeah, yeah!) And Genesis is here tomorrow. And everything is so close and easy for the most part.

Trees, parks, grass...the weather is great, and trust me -- that makes ALL the difference to ZD...so talk to me when the temperature drops below 30 degrees.

So now that the cat is out of the bag, maybe I'll do some filming at the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. (ZD was kicked out exactly six years ago this month. Time to return to the scene of the crime for Mayor Sam readers.)

I used to HATE coming back to Cleveland. I would get miserably depressed being here. (Visiting from NYC, LA, Houston, DC.) And I know, I wouldn't be able to be happy here now, if it wasn't for the past year and a half I just spent in Los Angeles, immersed in the community -- meeting all the new people I have met in that time (and the emails and cell phone conversations remain the same).

And I like the three hour time difference, cause when I'm up at 11pm/12m/1a, I can still talk to everyone in LA! And I can blog until 12noon, and it's only 9am in LA!

So Sam, all I can say, is I hope the weather stays nice for a while. YEAH, it's killin' me that Garshady & Company, and Villaraigosa & Cahootans, and all those crybaby political operatives will be poppin' champagne corks -- and sliding all the shady stuff on the agenda...but I think this balance I have finally achieved will help me come back to LA -- WAY BETTER. In a month? A year? Who knows...maybe never?

But don't get to happy. You think I'm walking away from the ZD "fame zone"? Hell Naw! I DO miss LA and DO wanna return soon. Just not as soon as I thought.

(310) 928-7544

P.S. I really do miss everyone inside those council chambers. Just kidding! The only person I wanna give a shout-out to is Officer Morris -- and maaaaaaaaaaaybe Dion O'Connell. The rest of you: Huh...huh...huh..I don't know WHO would be happier if we were lucky enough to never see each other again. But unfortunatley, I think we were put in each other's lives to torture each other. But if we're both good -- and try to change our karma like Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day...maybe the dream can come true for both of us! (But knowing you shady f*cks, you'll probably end up pissing me off and sending me back on plane, waaaaaaay too soon.)


Leave LA: Decision Time

Before I make my final decision if I am going to leave LA and move to Waterloo, Iowa I thought I should take a look at a few more things.

People say that you can get any type of food in LA. That's probably true. However Waterloo is not without great dining spots. In fact here's one that reminded me totally of LA. And while I was hard pressed to find sushi - which would be a problem for me if I lived there - or decent Mexican food, I did find a bodega. And there is plenty of different types of dining ranging from the old fashioned A&W Root Beer Stand to Bosnian food and everything in between.

Last Monday night a 15 year old boy was the victim of gang violence; he was getting out of his family car and shot by two male Hispanic suspects. The teen died shortly after getting to the hospital.

When it comes to arts and culture okay yea they don't have Eli Broad or Disney Hall in Waterloo, but there's enough choices. And when do I get time to go to the Music Center anyway. I think the last time I saw a performance there was in 1992.

Last Monday night a 15 year old boy was the victim of gang violence; he was getting out of his family car and shot by two male Hispanic suspects. The teen died shortly after getting to the hospital.

I will make my decision this weekend and let you know Monday.


When Did Praying Become A Zoning Violation?

In this country you're supposed to be able to practice your religion in private without the interference of the government or others. But tony Hancock Park - the home of Tony - is a bit upset of late that Jews have come to town. Now its probably not anything new that Jews live in Hancock Park - but its apparently a particular flavor of Jews - the Orthodox variety - that have neighbors in a tizzy.

I guess these new residents like to do crazy things such as worship at home or educate their children in their own schools. Its so bad the NIMBYs put city inspectors on the worshiping Jews during their services. Fortunately the folks stood tall, refused to leave and received an apology from Tony Villar, Wacko Jacko and Tom LeBong. That's good.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Friday

The latest massive development to hit the NoHo Arts District was announced Thursday. In addition to a couple thousand apartments, a cool HOWS Market and a coming Laemmle movie theater (and even more apartments under construction), the MTA announced plans to begin negotiations with developer Lowe Enterprises for a 15.6 acre mixed use site near the North Hollywood Red Line and Orange Line stations. The 1.7 million square foot space will contain "a mix of uses including office, retail and residential with substantial community and public spaces."

I think Zuma Dogg's been saying this for a while. City officials are concerned that by giving density bonuses in the name of "affordable housing" to developers they run the risk of neighborhoods being overbuilt. The best bet is to let the market handle it. When the city mucks around in free enterprise you get the mess we have now - overcrowding and housing none of us can afford.

The City of Los Angeles is about to start bringing it's parking meters into the 20th century (yes I said 20th century).

Snarky post from Pro-Gun Lesbian Democrat Tammy Bruce on the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by former Michael Trujillo boss Rob "Meathead" Reiner. Tammy wonders and so do I - who will Sally Struthers endorse? Also - Tammy discusses illegal immigration and the price of lettuce.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is Villaraigosa Going To Sell-Off/Sell-Out His Own Backyard Community To USC To Help Raise Cash For HIS Shadiness?

A good source of mine, a while ago warned me...Watch for Antonio to start selling off parts of the city land (property) to help raise cash.

And now, a few things hit me recently (like right now), so it's time for a public vetting. Here's what I find ponderous...f-ing PONDEROUS!

a) my source's warning as mentioned above.

b) City is facing crushing budget problems.

c) Continues to create new and ingenious ways to shake down business and residents to help solve the problem.


Some people just called me to aks if I knew how they could order a bunch of those "SHAME ON YOU ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA" banners, and hang them all over Hazard Park for your shady attempts to sell off the park -- AND the low-income housing projects in the area to appease your kiss-ass partners in crime: USC. (I hope they lose every game until we have a new Mayor!) Here's why:

At the Million Trees L.A., Mr. "I Grew Up Around This Park" Mayor Antonio, who said how much it meant to him and the community growing up; now appears to be trying to sell that, AND THE HOUSING PROJECTS IN THE AREA to USC for more USC housing and hospital expansion. So basically, I guess you won't need the park anyway, cause there won't be a community there anymore.

What ZD finds "ponderous", f*cking "ponderous", is why was Hazard Park magically moved into the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council district, when the park is clearly used by the Boyle Heights, El Sereno community. Oh I know why...




I'm too lazy to go back and pull the story, but a few months ago, City Council approved some bullsh*t Eminent Domain bullsh*t -- and the one thing I took away from it; was how the East Adelante area was REALLY, REALLY getting screwed, FAR BEYOND THE REST OF LOS ANGELES. If you go to the lacity.org website, and look at the ordinance -- and see how E. Adelante compares to the rest of the City...it basically says, "The CRA can knock on your door and take your house if they f*cking feel like it."

So THAT'S in the USC area we are talking about.

We all know Villaraigosa and Huizar were trying to sell-out the community, I mean sell Ramona Gardens to USC for a quick buck. And of course, if there is shadiness to be had, you can bet the LA Housing Authority was involved. (ZD will be taking care of THAT on his own. RIGHT RD?!?!) But the community kinda had something to say about it...so they kinda backed off, perhaps, for now.

And basically, the whole community is up in arms in Hazard Park. Antonio's own backyard that he speaks about with such affection, publicly. While he's trying to unload it to USC behind their back.

So thanks to the different people in CD 14 who created this ONE thread. (ZD just typed up three or four different people's conversation into one.)

Bottom Line: There is constituent concern that Antonio will be selling and selling-out his own backyard, Hazard Park because the City needs money; and USC wants to build their own housing and hospital. (USC Expansion)

Only thing in the way...The heritage. The diversity. The community. The people.

Call 3-1-1 and tell them you wanna tell the mayor exactly what you think about this...AND THE DWP RATE INCREASE...AND THE ILLEGAL VENDING IN THE CITY THAT IS QUICKLY BECOMING A MAJOR ECONOMIC ISSUE. THAT'S 3-1-1, and ask for "the mayor's office."


UPCOMING STORY PREVIEW: Matt Dowd & Michael Hunt vs Bill Rosendahl's Poor Staffer (He loses it!) Click Here


VILLARAIGOSA: The City IS Bankrupt Under Your Non-Leadership; START Worrying About ILLEGAL Street Vending!

Los Angeles IS Bankrupt and now they want to increase the taxes on the LEGAL half of the city while the Illegal Alien half continue to benefit? Thank You Tony Villar(alias). We Need a New Mayor, a REAL Mayor.

Hey Villaraza...you're so worried about the licenced/legal vending on Venice Beach?
Why not look in your own backyard and start worrying about the illegal street vending going on all over Northern Mexico, CA. (Aka: Los Angeles, CA under YOUR non-leadership.)


How are store owners supposed to make money, and pay the city taxes and all the other fee hikes you are imposing, when illegal street vendors set up shop on the sidewalks and doorways infront of these stores.



I wish we could create an ordinace that would allow the entire City to show up at City Hall, drag your ass out of City Hall, and dump you on the side of the border you are MOST comfortable with.

Hey Eli...I'm sure you now realize you've made a BIG mistake. It's not your fault. Villaraza is charming and deceptive, just like the devil. So I hope you can find a couple other horses to back next election.

P.S. This guy Villar thinks the community is gonna let him be in charge of kids and schools? LOL! It'll NEVER happen. MARK MY WORDS...VILLAR IS NOT GOING TO GET WHAT HE WANTS ON THIS SCHOOL CLUSTER. (Only cluster f*cked!)



City Income Tax Should Stir Outrage

Zuma Dogg and I have been working over the last few days to uncover more information about "chatter" we're hearing about the City of Los Angeles implementing some type of personal income tax.

Of course there are a lot of reasons why the Mayor or Council would not want to call this an income tax or any kind of tax. One of which is that such a tax is presently, well, illegal.

Tax increases of many kinds without a two-thirds vote of the people in California are prohibited under the terms of Proposition 13 however that hasn't stopped politicians who are able to get a good chunk of left leaning judges to agree with them. When is a pig not a pig? When its a user fee or some other type of cute term that doesn't use the word that ends in x.

So the City - facing a drop in revenues due to their spending like a drunken sailor as well as the downturn in various sectors of the economy - is looking to every chance they can to stick it to you for more dough.

Like the Mayor's garbage fee to provide more cops (it hasn't) these fees (taxes) are gussied up for some feel good cause like police, the children, our environment, etc. However the politicians never seem to explain what happened to the taxes we're already paying for these items and how they can drive the costs of things up so damn much.

Get ready for more of Antonio's and Eric's hands in your pockets. Its not a new idea but the proposal we hear that is being floated is that of a "occupational franchise fee." The idea is that everyone who makes above a certain amount of money pays this tax - oh - uh - I mean fee. Its more or less based on the draconian gross receipts tax that businesses in Los Angeles pay (until they leave for somewhere like Burbank or Santa Clarita or Las Vegas).

Local politics are not sexy and most folks are far more concerned with Hilary or Obama than what our municipal electeds are doing to us. And when they do get interested is more so than what Antonio is doing to screw some bimbo not themselves personally!

Get outraged folks - these people are ruining your city and messing with your lives. They know you don't know it.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LAPD finds weapons, drugs stockpiled at day-care center

From LATIMES.COM: LAPD finds weapons, drugs stockpiled at day-care center

Raid on Boyle Heights duplex uncovered 14 kilos of cocaine, 50 pounds of marijuana, and $300,000 stashed alongside children's toys, police say.

A Boyle Heights day-care facility also housed a large cache of drugs, weapons and money, Los Angeles police said Wednesday.

Full Story

Hey Villaraigosa...Are You Willing To Go On Record And Dispute Zuma Dogg's Concern That You Are Going To Create A New "City Income Tax"

Look to the past, to see the future. Especially when the past and present includes Villaraza "consultant" Richard Alatorre.

Zuma Dogg was pondering on some very excellent chronic...if the City is $300 million short on this year's budget...where is the money for the “to be announced” salary increases for the City unions? (And all the other problems a $300 million budget "DOH" will cause.)

So ZD had to dig up an old document from 1993 someone sent me, which cites a proposal for a payroll tax on all people who work in the City of Los Angeles. It doesn't specify taxing just City employees, but EVERYONE who work within the city limits. This would probably include Federal, State, City, and County employees. It would also include all employees working for companies in the private sector (such as banking, service industries, fast food, construction, education, small employers, et al).

In '93, City Council approved the tax, but it was dropped due to intense negative constituent reaction.

Villaraza and the present Shitty Council are not the first to re-name taxes as “fees”. This “name change” was actually thought of in '93, while Council was considering a city income tax. The ‘93 Council was thinking of renaming the city income tax as an "occupational license fee." (LOL!) According to the document I am referring to, the same idea for a city income tax had been considered before by the City Councils of 1983 and 1991.

But now, we have a bunch of no-scruples, corrupt, organized-crime-like politicians running the City. (See Villaraigosa, Alatorre, Delgadilldo, City Council, et al) – and they don’t give a F*CK.

CURRENT LA CITY STRATEGY: Take as much money out of the city coffers as possible until it’s all about to cave in like an “Enron House of Cards” – then just think of every and any tax, fee, hike, bond – for any and everything to help make up the difference. Who cares about tomorrow…you’ll be on to the next elected position, and it will be too late.


We all know about the DWP rate increase coming down the pike. (Which is necessary because they are grossly inefficient – and has a HUGE illegal payment/money transfer to make to the City of Los Angeles.)

BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH: $300 million short, is $300 million short…so let’s look to the past, for the future…

A payroll tax on all people who work in the City of Los Angeles was among the suggestions discussed in ‘93 at a meeting of the City Council's Ad Hoc Committee on the Budget Crisis they were experiencing at the time.

"How many more libraries do we have to close? How many more parks, before we go after what none of us wants to talk about -- police, fire and refuse?" said (then) Councilmember Richard Alatorre, who later proposed the committee consider a "gross receipts" payroll tax to balance the budget. [How about just making one, big huge tax called a "shakedown tax"...I mean "fee".]

But a city "income tax" would be illegal, so let’s call it an "occupational license fee". (Which experts say has essentially the same effect.) It would tax…I mean “not tax”, but fee (to death) the income of the individual employee.

The idea has been discussed in Los Angeles before – but was dropped because of intense negative constituent reaction.

Previously, the City came to it’s senses and realized this (not-a-tax) “fee” would drive business out of Los Angeles, California, and it would be tough to attract/recruit employees from competing cities. (What does Villaraigosa and his crew care about that? That’ll be the next guy’s problem. Meanwhile, he’ll have already deposited and cashed all the checks and received all the gifts. Maybe he can take all his shady riches and move to Mexico! Judging by the way he runs THIS City…he must LOVE Mexico! (See “Illegal Vending” spreading all over the damn City!)

(Then) Committee Chairman Zev Yaroslavsky urged committee members to look hard at major city staff cuts, saying "the longer we wait, the more Draconian the measures will be."

"Cuts have been made. We have less employees. That is real," countered then Councilmember (and current Villaraza “consultant” and Mayoral thinker, since the mayor can’t) Richard Alatorre.

"It's real, but it's not enough," Yaroslavsky shot back.

The committee even consider whether to close down all or part of the Community Redevelopment Agency, returning its tax increment to the general tax rolls, to be divided among the city, the county and local schools. [ZUMA DOGG SAYS THAT’S THE BEST IDEA HE HAS EVER HEARD! Of course they didn’t do it.]

COMING NEXT: Suggestions on how to close the budget deficit. (Besides physically dragging the Mayor out of city hall and dumping him on the other side of the border.)




Live Blogging From the Blogger's Event

Greetings from the W Hotel in Westwood where a select group of LA bloggers are having mojitos and mai tais and discussing the ins and outs of the craft.

Where the hell are Boi From Troy or David Markland or the Westside White Guy.

There were some paparazzi here for an album launch but no sign of Mayor Villaraigosa.

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"WWG's BLOGGIN BUDDY" on Neighborhood Council Report

From the "cyberpage" that is the LA Observed Blog, are the comments of one Bill Boyarsky. For those outside of the LA insider community, Boyarsky is, like "WWG", a "westside" residing, retire scribe from the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET", who when not bloggin on "OBSERVING WEST L.A. LIFE AND HIS TIMES", sits on the LA City Ethics Commission.

Today, Boyarsky can be found opining on the report, pertaining to refining the Neighborhood Council system. You can read his views on the provided link. But what I would like to do here, is provide the "THREAD" for dialog on the "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY" needs to be done, to achieve the best potential for the Neighborhood Council System.

For one who may have a chance to sit on a Neighborhood Council in the near future, I find myself cynical on the role, and influence that Neighborhood Councils can have. I read here the dubious exploits of the likes of "LA RAZA 32". The Lincoln Heights Council where minors vote, and some would say are control by an "THREE LETTER BLOB" who would "CHAVEZ RAVINE" the Greater Hazard Park Community. A former Northridge Neighborhood Council Czar, who wanted to turn over public money to a "DO IT CENTER LOCAL". And most recently,the exploits of "CITIZEN BRADLEY".

But I also remember the charge against Prop R led by the likes of Lyons, Jacobberger and the current fight against DWP rate hikes. And hopefully the accomplishments of a certain blogger on a NoHo Council.

My simple thoughts aside, sway me either way. I leave that to the NC experts of this blog to do the swaying and comments.

save_the_neighborhood_councils.php">Bill Boyarsky: Save the neighborhood councils from city hall


Leave LA?: Bloggin' Iowa

It occurs to me if I am considering leaving Los Angeles and moving to Iowa besides the cost of living, housing, crime and weather, another thing I should look at it is the blogging scene.

Now if I were to move to Iowa I could theoretically keep blogging here at Mayor Sam. I really don't have to physically be in LA to do it. Or I could take up national politics at the more or less defunct Sam Yorty's America.

But if I were to start the "Mayor Sam of Iowa," I better check out the native blogosphere.

Interestingly - as much as you people like to imply that Iowa or the mid-west is some kind of racist backwater full of knuckle dragging Republicans - most of the Iowa blogs I've found are left leaning. Rest assured for you liberal dummies out there, Iowa is relatively "progressive." The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, most of the statewide officers and most of the Congressional delegation are all Democrats. Both houses of the Iowa legislature are controlled by the Blue Party. And of course one of the most liberal US Senators - Democrat Tom Harkin - hails from Iowa.

And its a great time for blogs in Iowa with contested Democratic and Republic presidential races right around the corner at the all important Iowa Caucuses.

Blog for Iowa reads like something right out of West LA or Studio City- pro-abortion, anti-war and anti-Wal-Mart. The site links to lots of favorite lefty causes and tools for the active mid-western liberal. Someone named Dr. Alta Price apparently pays to keep the blog's lights on at $15 a month.

Another lefty blog is Century of the Common Iowan. They like to make fun of Repubicans the same way like to make fun of dumbass local elected officials. Fair enough.

There are conservative blogs in Iowa and one of the more interesting sites is Krusty Konservative. Similar to the Tall Glass of Milk's "______ This" (herself an Iowa native) headlines or Red Spot's trademark all caps oddball names for various notables, this blogger has a hook too. Any word that starts with a C is spelled with a K.

Local politics in my mom's hometown of Clinton (where my grandfather served for several years as a City Councilman) get coverage in The Cman Blog. They too are fighting feel good tax increases promoted by local pols. And this blogger is doing something to step up - Connor Anderson is running for the Clinton City Council.

Besides politics, arts and culture gets coverage in the Iowa blogosphere and two of the blogs I saw - Juice Blog and Gussied Up - easily look like they could be based in Los Feliz or Silverlake or Santa Monica.

Stay tuned.


First Trash, Bulky Item, Solid Waste (and others)...NOW, Get Ready for "Occupational License Fees" (Aka: City Income Tax)

Oh no...Mayor Sam, himself, was mentioning to me the possibility (chatter) of a "City Income Tax". But, a city "income tax" would be illegal. (Not that it has ever stopped Villar/Council.) However, with people like Richard Alatorre as Mayor Villaraigosa's "consultant" -- and the City being "just a little short" on the annual budget (by about $300 million), ZD put on his "shady thinking cap" to try and predict some of the "loopholes" these shady f*cks can come up for some new and creative ways to drive more business away from the region. (HEY ZEV...time to challenge Alatorre and his puppet Villargrossa for STAFF CUTS...NOT NEW SHADY TAXES!!!)

We already got: Trash Collection, Bulky Item, Solid Waste (and whatever else). But since the law does not allow for a "City Income Tax" --

HOW ABOUT AN "OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE FEE"!?!?! (Hey! It's NOT an "income tax"...it's merely an "occupational fee"!)

ALRIGHT KIDDIES...NOT TO BLOW THE WHOLE WAD ON THIS ONE THREAD...But if any media outlets (radio or newspapers) want more info...ZD has the story/what to expect.

MEDIA INQUIRIES: MayorSamYorty@aol.com
ADDITIONAL INFO: ZumaDogg@Gmail.com

(Laugh now...but you won't be laughing if ZD ends up giving this story to your competition.) AND REMEMBER...YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, AND IT'S TOO LATE TO HEAR IT FIRST ANYWHERE ELSE. ("OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE FEE") More to come...

AND OH YEAH...LAObserved has a real important story on some lost Beatles memorabilia from 1963 if that is important to you. PLUS, a whole bunch of other less substantive fluff. So if you want a Beatles lost memorabilia story, try Roderdick's LAObserved. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT WITH THE NEW CITY INCOME TAX SCHEME, DWP SHADY-FASTBALL RATE INCREASE (and DWP'S ILLEGAL payment to the City), $300 CITY BUDGET GAP, JANICE HAHN'S "GANG TAX" FOR PROPERTY OWNERS, AFFORDABLE HOUSING SCAM, NON-PROFIT RACKETEERING -- AND OTHER ISSUES LESS IMPORTANT THAN 1963 BEATLES MEMORABILIA...IT'LL BE POSTED HERE ON MAYOR SAM'S BLOG.

MEANWHILE: Richard Alatorre is the Ken Lay of LA City...and Los Angeles is the ENRON of City Municipalities. DO NOT INVEST IN LA UNLESS YOU NEED A HUGE TAX WRITE OFF...THE CITY'S BOND RATING IS GOING TO BOTTOM OUT. (It's tied into LAUSD. Would YOU want your financial rating tied to LAUSD?)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here's A Story That ISN'T About Animals -- But About An "A-Hole" Who Works For Villaraigosa (For A While Longer, But Not Much Longer)

from dailynews.com

Mayor blind to disasters under Boks

EARLIER this month, two years after Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appointed me as a commissioner on the board of Los Angeles Animal Services, I gave him my resignation.

I had no other recourse than to leave this volunteer position because Jimmy Blackman, the mayor's deputy chief of staff, pressured me to "be quiet" (or else) about serious problems at LAAS and its animal shelters. To preserve my integrity and my pledge to help animals, I proactively chose the "or else" option.

Full Daily News Story on Jimmy Blackman the inaccurate bully/A-hole

Hey Villar, you keep nice company! No wonder your political career is in the toilet. [Insert toilet cleaning joke here.] Mayor Antonio IS a walking toilet cleaning joke...and that's about ALL he is these days.

Wonder how long Blackman will be kept around? I say not much longer. I mean, he couldn't even spin a dogg.


One Million Trees, Where is the "SHADY" ??

One million trees should provide alot of "COOL SHADY". The One Million Tree Initiative was to be an endeavor that was meant to be a "GOOD SHADY" for all. Yet after the probing article by David Zahniser in yesterday's "TREE PULP ON SPRING STREET". The "NEW SHADY" is a bunch of "HOT AIR".

It is not a stretch to say that we will never see one million trees planted and surviving. Better yet, one million trees will never be planted. Fact is that the Million Trees Initiative relys too much on saplings given to people at events around the city. These saplings have to be planted promptly, and require a high level of care.

On the money side, the $70 million dollars that was hoped to be raised, is nowhere near the goal. Organizers and their partners have repeatedly retool the outreach and goals of the Million Tree Initiative. While on numbers, the goal of planting 300,000 trees on our parkland's, sits at 4,000. Long way to go indeed.

Zahniser makes a great analogy by comparing the Million Tree Initiative to the failed LAUSD take over. Where the Mayor gets to be a "PARTNER" at some schools. We will get a little "SHADY" but more "HOT AIR OF RHETORIC". Thus enabling the Mayor to blaze "CARBON CONTRAILS" across the skies, proclaiming his One Million Trees Initiative, a "SYMBOLIC SUCCESS", But a substanced failure.

A million L.A. trees: Will they take root? - Los Angeles Times

"SANCHA WATCH UPDATE", Mirthala going back to work..., in Riverside.

Two months of hanging out at malls, Greek parties, and romantic nights at Getty House. That was the life of Mirthala Salinas, who was suspended two months without pay by Telemundo/Universal. With her punishment behind her. Mirthala will be commuting to Riverside, working as a "GENERAL ASSIGNMENT REPORTER" in the Inland Empire Bureau for Telemundo.

Speculation is that Mirthala, with her contract up in December. May skip out on the demotion/reassignment. What options she would have in the visual media world are uncertain.

This can be said for certain. Her "SUMMER FLING AND HOME WRECKING" will hurt her in the pocket book, in the short term. Long term ? The "OTHER WOMAN" in the traditional Latino community are not highly value commodities.

Telemundo reassigns mayor's girlfriend - Los Angeles Times

LA Times & Zuma Times Each Have Stories Today About SHADY Charters/Non-Profits

Huh...huh...huh...I TOLD yo azzes these (warm and fuzzy) non-profits are the shadiest racket in town. LA Times has a story about, "a Highland Park charter school facing allegations of financial impropriety, gross mismanagement and academic shortcomings from a group of former employees and parents who formerly enrolled their children at the school." LAT on Shady Charter

But here's a REAL bombshell for Mayor Sam's Sister City readers that you WILL NOT read anywhere else, unless they pick it up off this blog. (Which I sure as hell hope they do!) In other words...MAYOR SAM EXCLUSIVE AND CITIZENS' ALERT REGARDING THE FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE OF YOUR PUBLIC MONEY THROUGH THIS NON-PROFIT RACKET. (As in "Racketeering" -- and ZD says that's what this whole non-profit scam is, too much of the time!)

Shadiest of NON-PROFIT Charter School and (Cahoots Partner) After School Program Fire Employee After He Refuses To FORGE Attendance Signatures To Help Hit The Quota (It Wasn’t Even Close!)
By Zuma Dogg
Staff Writer, Zuma Times and Mayor Sam's Blog

Here’s the story as it was told to Zuma Dogg by someone who contacted Mayor Sam. (Thanks to Mayor Sam for assigning me the story, since it was in-line with my previous stories on these shady-as-hell, non-profit rackets.)

Randy was working for Woodcraft Rangers, an “after school” (non-profit) program that has been in existence for over fifty years. (www.woodcraftrangers.org.)

In addition to the 30 hours he was working at Woodcraft, as “side project coordinator”, he was also assigned 10 hours a week at CityLife Charter. (Both located in Downtown L.A.)

Randy told ZD that in his view the person who ran the Charter (Jackie Breger, President/CEO.), “Ran it like a (autocrat)”. She wanted it HER way.” And as you will find, “HER” way is not necessarily the way the State wanted it. Maybe that’s why they ended up losing their grant money and are now closed. (“Autocrat” is less offensive than the actual word used, ”dictator”.)

For example, everyone knows Charters are not private schools and are supposed to be “open enrollments”.

However, at least one employee for CityLife was allegedly TOLD which students to accept first (handed a list) – and any slots left over could be used for anyone else (open enrollment). (Well…isn’t THAT considerate!)

But after being allegedly pressured by Jackie of CityLife (Charter) and Randy’s supervisor at Woodcraft (After School Program) to make up attendance signatures (since they were far short of the required 60 per day, in order to receive the public grant money); Randy says he was fired from both jobs.

So why was Jackie (of the Charter school) reportedly pressuring her employee to illegally forge signatures for someone else’s after school program? Jackie’s CityLife was getting money for her students’ after school program. But since CityLife didn’t have an after school program, the kids and program were being “sub-contracted” out to Woodcraft. So both were apparently getting money!!! (A win-win!)



He claims to have had many conversations with Jackie where he says he was told, “If you make them up…you make them up.” (Signatures for the after school Woodcraft after school program.)

Jackie allegedly told Randy that she was making an after school program and that, “at first we may have to make up some signatures.”

Randy said, “I can’t do that. That’s not what I do.”

(And even though he was scheduled for 10 hours a week at CityLife, he really didn’t do anything there, and spent most of the hours at Woodcraft. So that’s a waste of public non-profit money, too.)

After he refused to make up signatures for the new after school program, he claims he was switched to another school in which to recruit kids for Woodcraft.


Randy says that when he first took the position he became suspicious the previous guy (previous side project coordinator) was allegedly making up a majority of the required attendance signatures. (The projects are paid by attendance – and if they are getting less than 60 signatures, they lose the grant money.)

When Randy took over, he was told there we 60 kids, per day. However, as soon as Randy took over, he was noticing only about 20 kids, per day. (And he says it was usually LESS than 20.)

Truth, as it was told to ZD, is that the kids didn’t like the previous guy (who Randy was brought in to replace), and that’s why the attendance was ESPECIALLY low.

Randy went to “Joe”, a site-coordinator and said, “Hey, there are far from 60 kids.” (There are supposed to be at least 12 kids per adult. With far less kids showing up, the government and the community isn’t getting their money’s worth – and nothing gets accomplished.)

Tracy Mostovoy (Boss of Woodcraft), is also the sister of the Woodcraft CEO, Cathie Mostovoy. So Randy wanted to bring it up to Tracy, in advance, so it wouldn’t reflect badly upon him (appearing as it immediately dropped below 20 as soon as he took over).

In 2005, Cathie reportedly took a salary of $122,692 as CEO. (For that amount of money, she should be doing the outreach, herself – instead of turning a blind eye while her employees forged signatures and de-fraud the community and U.S. government out of public grant money. (AND EVEN WORSE – KIDS AREN’T GETTING THE ATTENTION AND HELP THEY NEED – AND THE PROBLEM WORSENS ON OUR STREETS AND IN OUR SOCIETY. (In case you were wondering why I give a sh*t!)

Tracy said that she would look into it. But nothing ever happened.

Before the summer break, Randy went to the Program Director (“Joe”) and asked what the plans were for the summer.

But, although Randy was able to actually boost the numbers up to 40 (in reality, without forging), he still felt he was under pressure/duress to keep the numbers at 60. [Says he got the numbers up to 40 with a soccer program, and more outreach on his own. Plus, going to other programs that need kids for the numbers – and sharing students/cross promoting programs (which is cool). But it was STILL tough to even sustain that.]

He was asked about the low numbers and had to inform Joe (his director) about the past problem, where the other guy was making them up to hit the mandatory quotas. (Deming HATED quotas for this EXACT reason.)

Two weeks later, Tracy fired Randy. He was told he was a really nice guy, and that they wanted to keep him in the company, and that they still wanted him to be there…but he needed to submit his resume for further consideration in another area. (Like an area that doesn’t require him to forge signatures.) He submitted (because at the time he didn’t realize it was a big bamboozle) – and, of course, he’s still waiting by the phone for the promotion.

Meanwhile, Randy has re-bounded and found a “bright” non-profit (not shady) and is doing good, good work.

MORE TO COME…Featuring Zuma Dogg’s new “SUPER-PREMIUM Shady Searchers”. (Well test it out on this story, then focus it on bigger and shadier fish.)


Leave LA?: Is The Math Good For LA?

Yesterday I talked about my experience in Waterloo, Iowa and my possible interest in leaving Los Angeles to move there.

Many of you had very interesting things to say and I got just as many "don't let the door hit your ass on the way outs" as I expected as well as just as many "Mayor Sam please don't leaves."

So I figured the next step in this process was to do some research in comparing my current home to my potential future home.

Lets start with cost of living. According to Salary.com, the cost of living in Waterloo, Iowa is 49.6% lower than Los Angeles. However employers in Waterloo typically pay 18.7% less than employers in Los Angeles. Still you net enough to be equivalent of getting a 30% raise in pay. Sounds pretty good to me.

Now lets take a look at housing. I found two relatively comparable homes in the North Hollywood area and in Waterloo.

North Hollywood/Toluca Lake
2400 sq ft
8100 sq ft lot
3 Bed, 2.5 Bath
Estimated Payment:
$4,918 Per Month

2400 sq ft
13,300 sq ft lot
3 Bed, 2.5 Bath
Estimated Payment:
$1,234 Per Month

Source: Realtor.com

Let's take a look at crime. While Waterloo has more rapes and larceny per 1000 residents than Los Angeles, the crime rate otherwise is far lower. You're 12 times more likely to be murdered and about three times as likely to have your car stolen in LA than Waterloo.

Now lets take a look at weather. This is one place LA definitely has an advantage. In Waterloo, the warmest month of the year is July with an average maximum temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. That's relatively close to the same stat for North Hollywood of 88.9 degrees Farenheit. Average rainfall in Waterloo is 33.15 inches while North Hollywood typically gets 17.49 inches of rain annually. Here's the kicker though - the coldest month in NoHo is January with an average low of 42 degrees. Waterloo typically sees cold days in January hit a low of 6.3 degrees. Brrrrr!!!

Stay tuned.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Do-do-doo, do-doo...Another Huizar-staffer Bites The Dust-a! (#16 This Year!)

AND NOW...From the soap opera, "As The Revolving Door Turns"...The Saga of Jose Huizar's Office. (It should be a reality show, like "Flava of Love" or "Hell's Kitchen". Who will be his only remaining staffer? Here's the sixteenth staffer to revolve out the door this season/year. I guess Jose is no fan of Dr. Deming.)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that after two years in the office of Councilmember Jose Huizar, I am leaving CD14 to join the office of School Board President Monica Garcia as Policy Director, beginning October 1st.

It has been a tremendous joy and privilege to work with so many bright, dedicated, and passionate people, both here in City Hall and out in the community. I will miss collaborating, day-to-day, with many of you, but I am hopeful that our paths will cross in efforts to improve the quality of public education here in Los Angeles.

I am delighted that my successor, Peter Hidalgo, has joined CD14 today. Peter comes to the Council office from Southern California Gas Company, where he served as Communications Director; previously he was Press Secretary for Mayor Richard Riordan. I know Peter will be a fabulous addition to the team and will enjoy working with all of you as much as I

I wish you continued success and very best wishes,

Amy Cooper

This Formal Complaint Filed Against LA City Attorney Candidate Jack Weiss DOESN'T Look Good. (Villaraigosa is his Campaign Manager)

See also: Mayor Sam's Blog Coverage of KNBC/Universal Money Laundering Story featuring Jack Weiss.


TO: Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, Laura Chick, Enforcement Division/Fair Political Practices Commission, Attorney General's Office, Steve Cooley/District Attorney's Office, Antonio Villaraigosa/Jack Weiss For City Attorney Campaign Manager/Clinton For President Campaign Co-Chair

FR: Party Filing Formal Complaint Against LA CITY ATTORNEY CANDIDATE JACK WEISS

DT: September 24, 2007


Dear Ms. Pelham, Ms. Chick, FPPC, Attorney General Brown, and Mr. Cooley:

Please accept the following as a formal complaint regarding City Councilmember Jack Weiss’s actions with regard to the aftermath of the Casden Properties campaign contribution laundering case. The issue was recently featured on KNBC channel 4.

The candidates involved fall into two basic categories: Those named in the indictments as having received illegal contributions and those not named in the indictments. While it could be argued that all of the candidates had ample notice
that improperly donated campaign funds had been received via the press and City Ethics Commission (CEC) releases, those named in the indictments would seem to have no ability to claim lack of knowledge or awareness.

Jack Weiss was one of the candidates named in the indictments as having received illegal contributions.

This complaint focuses on Jack Weiss due to his unique knowledge and involvement with the underlying laundered contributions and the Casden project.


Specifically, Jack Weiss has:

1. Failed to return laundered & excess contributions from parties convicted and/or cited by the DA and/or CEC;

2. Failed to return City matching funds based on the illegal contributions.
Jack Weiss’s actions represent a serious breach of ethics, undermine the public’s trust in City government and, based on the NBC story, violate the City Charter. They are especially egregious because he is a former US Attorney with expertise
in political corruption. He surely knows the importance of keeping tainted money out of the political system.

While it is hard to understand how a former corruption prosecutor would not have seen the warning signs when the contributions were received (such as “Casden” being written on contribution envelopes), this complaint focuses on the failure of Jack Weiss to return funds once they were confirmed to have been illegal.

These illegal contributions and the matching funds they generated represented a significant portion of Weiss’s campaign funds and gave him an early lead as the fundraising frontrunner.

It is requested that you immediately investigate this issue and prosecute to the full extent permitted by the law, including maximum fines permitted under City and State laws.

It is also requested that the Controller initiate an investigation on the amount due to the City for illegal contributions and for related matching funds.


Jack Weiss failed to return illegal contributions received by his campaign as required by the Los Angeles City Charter. In addition, he failed to reimburse the City for public matching funds which were based on the illegal contributions. The
violation of the Charter occurred when illegal contributions were confirmed by convictions and stipulations secured by the CEC.

Under the City Charter (see sec. 470(k) below), a candidate has ten days to:

1. Refund all laundered funds to the General Fund of the City of Los Angeles; and
2. Refund the Matching Funds that were generated by the laundered contributions to the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission.

According to sources, "There is no public record of such refunds by Jack Weiss." Only Kathleen Connell returned funds ($22,000 to the FPPC, not the City of Los Angeles).

The Los Angeles Times and other local media covered the underlying illegal contributions extensively as did the CEC in its publications. Several articles are attached that provide documentation of the underlying contributions.

Los Angeles City Charter

The Charter is exceptionally clear on the responsibilities of candidates to return laundered campaign contributions. The reason the return of the illegal contributions is critical is that it prevents dirty money from staying within the system. Only
by having candidates return the money can there be a disincentive to seek out these funds. Otherwise, candidates will look to this illegal money as a way to bolster their fundraising efforts. The Charter states:

Sec. 470. Limitations on Campaign Contributions in City Elections.

(k) Assumed Name Contributions. No contribution shall be made, directly or indirectly, by any person or combination of persons, acting jointly in a name other than the name by which they are identified for legal purposes, nor in the name of another person or combination of persons. No person shall make a contribution in
his, her or its name of anything belonging to another person or received from another person on the condition that it be used as a contribution. In the event it is discovered by a candidate or committee treasurer that a contribution has been received in violation of this subsection, the candidate or treasurer shall promptly pay the amount received in violation of this subsection to the City Treasurer for deposit in the General Fund of the City.

(o) Enforcement.

(1) Criminal Enforcement – Any person who knowingly or willfully violates any provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person who causes any other person to violate any provision of this section, or who aids and abets any other person in the violation of any provision of this section, shall be liable under the provisions of this section. Prosecution for violation of any provision of this section must be commenced within two years after the date on which the violation occurred.
2) Civil Enforcement.
(A) Any person who intentionally or negligently violates any provision of this section shall be liable in a civil action brought by the City Attorney or by a person residing within the City. Where no specific civil penalty is provided, a person may be liable for an amount up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) for each violation.

(B) Any person who intentionally or negligently makes or receives a contribution, or makes an expenditure, in violation of any provision of this section shall be liable in a civil action brought by the City Attorney or by a person residing within the City for an amount up to three times the amount of the unlawful contribution or

(F) In determining the amount of liability under this subsection, the court may take into account the seriousness of the violation and the degree of culpability of the defendant.

(p) Effect of Violation on Outcome of Election.

(1) If a candidate is convicted of a misdemeanor violation of any provision of this section, the court shall make a determination as to whether the violation had a material effect on the outcome of the election. If the court finds such a material effect, then:

(C) if such conviction becomes final after the candidate has assumed office, then the candidate shall be removed from office, the office shall be deemed vacant and shall be filled as otherwise provided in the Charter; and
(D) the person so convicted shall be ineligible to hold any elected City office for a period of five years after the date of such conviction.

The CEC is also very clear on what candidates are to do. The candidate’s guide states: “If you suspect that contributions you have received have been laundered or reimbursed, contact the CEC.” It is not reasonable to assert ignorance of
events given indictments, convictions and stipulations, not to mention numerous inquiries by the press and a campaign piece by his 2005 opponent that Jack Weiss did not even suspect that he had received laundered funds. In fact, he knew of the illegal contributions as he refused to return them. (See L.A. Times article attached:” Weiss refused to return contributions to Casden subcontractors when called on to do so in the last election by challenger David T. Vahedi. Vahedi
said Thursday that Weiss should not only give up the laundered contributions but also the city matching funds he received for them.“)

There is no requirement for “official” notification by the CEC in either the Charter or in the candidate’s guide. The burden falls squarely on the candidate. All that is required by the Charter is that “it is discovered by a candidate or committee
treasurer” that an illegal contribution has been received. As mentioned above, the Candidate’s Guide instructs candidates to contact the CEC if they even suspect an illegal contribution.

Jack Weiss’s excuse of “No one told me to obey the law” cannot be allowed to stand. Simply put, elected officials shouldn’t have to be told to follow the rules. They should do so on their own, as required. Arguing otherwise would be to argue that “it isn’t illegal unless you get caught.” This is hardly a viable argument for a former federal political corruption prosecutor, a current City Councilman and certainly not for a candidate for City Attorney of the City of Los Angeles.

As part of the recent NBC story, a claim was made that the allegations of laundered contributions were made too late to be applied to those who received the illegal contributions as campaign committees were closed. In this respect, Jack Weiss is also unique. The CEC fined Jack Weiss $4,800 on December 8, 2005 for violations from his 2001 campaign. (see Jack Weiss; Jack Weiss City Council General Election Committee; Committee to Elect Jack Weiss Los Angeles City Council 5th District; Jack Weiss Officeholder Account; and Jan Wasson, Treasurer.* [Case # 2004-08])

This is long after the existence of laundered contributions was known and after convictions and stipulations had been obtained for the illegal contributions.

Jack Weiss had ample time to disgorge the illegal contributions as required during the same time frame he was being investigated and fined for ethics violations from the same election.

In his official response to KNBC, Jack Weiss stated:

"As a former federal corruption prosecutor, Councilmember Weiss takes his ethical obligations seriously. The wrongful nature of these contributions was hidden from him, and the Ethics Commission never notified him of any requirements. He responded to every issue identified in his 2001 campaign audit. The 2001 Committee closed in
2002 and has no funds, and it is not legal to transfer funds or use any other committee for this purpose."

Mr. Weiss is simply not telling the truth when he says the wrongful nature of the contributions was hidden from him. As the attachments clearly show, he became aware of the wrongful nature of the contributions years ago and even acknowledged the initial indictments as a reason for suddenly changing his position on the Casden project. Second, as stated elsewhere in this complaint, there is no requirement for the CEC to notify Mr. Weiss. That responsibility is his as clearly laid out in section 470(k) of the Charter. Finally, as stated above, Mr. Weiss paid fines in 2005 relating to the 2001 election, clearly proving that it was possible for him to pay fines after his committee had closed.

Mr. Weiss did NOT take his ethical obligations seriously. Had he done so, he would have first abided by the advice in the CEC candidate’s guide (“If you suspect that contributions you have received have been laundered or reimbursed, contact
the CEC”). He then should have complied with section 470(k) which states “In the event it is discovered by a candidate or committee treasurer that a contribution has been received in violation of this subsection, the candidate or treasurer shall
promptly pay the amount received in violation of this subsection to the City Treasurer for deposit in the General Fund of the City.” He did neither.


1. Jack Weiss was the recipient of campaign contributions that later were found to be “assumed name” contributions.

2. Jack Weiss was the recipient of campaign contributions that were later found to be excess contributions.

3. Public matching funds were provided to Jack Weiss based on these contributions.

4. Jack Weiss must have known of the illegal contributions as:
a. He cited the indictments as a reason he changed his opinion on the Casden project in Westwood.

b. His failure to return the funds was a campaign issue raised by his opponent in the 2005 election.

c. The CEC sent out numerous enforcement and/or other documents confirming the true nature of the illegal contributions.

d. Jack Weiss’s representative Larry Levine was quoted in a 2006 L.A. Times article saying “If Jack receives a communication from a regulatory agency, he will read it and consider what to do with it."

e. Jack Weiss’s personal attorney, Ronald Turovsky, represented Casden in front of the CEC on the Casden stipulations which confirmed the true nature of the contributions. The relationship of Mr. Turovsky to both Casden and Weiss can be confirmed from CEC documents. (see January 25, 2005 and November 8, 2005 CEC minutes)

f. The L.A. Times stated: “Weiss refused to return contributions to Casden subcontractors when called on to do so in the last election by challenger David T. Vahedi.” This once again demonstrates both knowledge and a willful refusal to comply with the Charter.

Also of note: In a recorded interview in May of 2001, Jack Weiss was questioned about receipt of Casdenrelated funds contemporaneously with the election. He denied having received funds from Casden despite having received significant contributions with “Casden” written contribution envelopes.

5. The CEC confirmed the need for candidates to return assumed name contributions and matching funds in its March 13, 2003 opinion letter to Mayoral candidate Becerra. (The key difference with Mr. Becerra is that he sought advice on his own after becoming aware of assumed name contributions whereas Jack Weiss did not.)
See http://ethics.lacity.org/PDF/advice/03-01.pdf.

6. Jack Weiss failed to return illegal contributions per the City Charter.

7. Jack Weiss failed to return public matching funds which were derived from the illegal contributions.

8. Jack Weiss knew of the illegal contributions and still failed to return illegal contributions and public matching fund as required by the Charter.

9. Jack Weiss was a former federal political corruption prosecutor and must therefore know the seriousness of retaining laundered contributions as well as the corresponding public matching funds.

10. The combination of the illegal contributions and public matching funds allowed Jack Weiss to be the fundraising leader and defacto frontrunner in the 2001 election.

11. The illegal funds and corresponding matching funds allowed Jack Weiss to pay for increased communication with the public in an election he won by under 400 votes.


The final determination of the amounts of laundered contributions and the resulting matching funds is one that a regulatory or law enforcement agency must make. A preliminary review of contribution data shows that Jack Weiss received approximately $94,500 from the combination of Casden-related contributors and corresponding matching funds.

Note that this total does not attempt to indicate the legality or illegality of any contribution. That determination, as stated above, must be made by the CEC or another qualified agency.

Per City totals, Jack Weiss’s expenditures for 2001 were $343,732, including $100,000 in public matching funds. The $94,502 from the combination of Casden donors and the resulting matching funds represents more than a quarter of the money spent by Jack Weiss in the election – an election-changing amount.

Enforcement Request

1. That Jack Weiss be instructed to immediately return all illegal contributions per the City Charter as there is no discretion with regard to the return of assumed name contributions in the Charter.

2. That Jack Weiss be instructed to immediately return all matching funds based on the illegal contributions as there is no discretion with regard to the return of improperly awarded matching funds in the Charter.

3. That Jack Weiss be instructed to pay interest on the combination of the illegal contributions and the matching funds which should have been returned to the City.

4. That the CEC and FPPC impose the maximum fines allowable on Jack Weiss given his prior ethical violations (from the same election), the seriousness of the current violations and every indication that once Jack Weiss had full knowledge of the true source of the laundered contributions he failed, even refused, to return illegal

5. That the CEC and FPPC refer the matter to the City Attorney’s office, the District Attorney’s office and, if necessary, the California Attorney General’s office for review of possible criminal violations and removal from office per the Charter prior to the next election cycle for Mr. Weiss.

6. That the Controller’s office immediately investigate the amount of money due to the City General Fund and Matching Fund from enforcement of the return of assumed name contributions and related matching funds.

The return of funds after a committee is closed was discussed in an opinion letter to Laura Chick.

See http://ethics.lacity.org/PDF/advice/02-12.pdf. In addition, the CEC discussed the use of a Legal Defense Fund for Nate Holden (see http://ethics.lacity.org/PDF/advice/99-09.pdf). Finally Jack Weiss paid fines in 2005 for a closed 2001 committee. The CEC specifically advised how Jack Weiss could re-open his 2001 committee to pay for the fines. (see http://ethics.lacity.org/PDF/advice/05-05.pdf). Thus the “closed committee” argument must fail.


That the Charter rules requiring return of illegal contributions were not followed appears to be clear. It is known that:

. Assumed name contributions were received by Jack Weiss.

. Matching funds were given to Jack Weiss based on those contributions.

. Jack Weiss failed to return either assumed name contributions or matching funds as required by the Charter.

. Jack Weiss and his advisors knew of the true nature of the contributions.
The CEC is requested to not only seek immediate return of KNOWN illegal contributions but also perform a thorough supplementary review of ALL Casden-related contributions. It appears, based on the indictments and CEC actions that only those entities directly tied to indictees were investigated. As the CEC’s investigation was started within the prescribed time frame, all contributions can and should be reviewed.

Whether or not Jack Weiss knew of the true nature of the contributions at the time they were made is irrelevant to this complaint – though it must be investigated as well. This complaint focuses on the actions/inactions of Jack Weiss once he knew he had received illegal contributions. It is this failure to do the right thing, as required by the Charter that must be addressed.


Based on the above facts, the CEC found that Jack Weiss benefited from illegal contributions in the 2001 election cycle. The clear facts also show that he ignored the City Charter requirements mandating that he return those funds once he became aware of the illegality of the contributions.

The first line of defense for ethics in government is the candidates themselves. The next line of defense is the CEC. In this case, Jack Weiss has failed his ethics requirement. The CEC must now fulfill its obligation and seek full and complete
adherence with the clear requirements of the City Charter.

The CEC must follow the law and do so in a consistent fashion. The CEC has provided an opinion letter in the past to Jack Weiss indicating that closed committees can be re-opened to pay for ethical violations. It would be inconsistent to now claim that it is too late to pursue Charter violations because a committee is closed.

The imposition of fines on contributors represents a punishment for breaking the law. However, the dirty money is still in the system. Only by removing the dirty money from the system can the CEC ensure clean elections. A failure to pursue
dirty money renders the City Charter’s clear statement of the law inoperable. This invites abuse.

The November 30, 2003 Daily News article said it best:

“Although ‘Casden’ was written on all the donor cards, none of the beneficiaries thought there might be anything wrong - and that ought to tell you something about how the City Hall money game works: Take the money and turn a blind eye to where it came from.”

If entities charged with enforcement of election laws do not act quickly and decisively, future contributors and candidates will not be deterred from taking advantage of the electoral system in a similar fashion. In fact, the CEC will have provided a blueprint on how to circumvent campaign finance laws.

The importance of strong action is clear. In this case, the contributors simply had to contribute more to the candidates (by way of fines) to achieve their objectives. Contractors still got their contracts. The developer still got to develop its project.

Elected officials got elected. In the final analysis, the scheme worked. It may have been a bit more expensive than planned, but it worked.

A failure to fully remove tainted money from the system provides a temptation for both contributors and candidates alike to break the rules. To date, getting caught simply results in fines long after a candidate is in office. All this does is to make the contributions a bit more expensive, but the ultimate goal of both candidate and contributor (a successful election) is achieved.

Your prompt action on this matter is needed to preserve the sanctity of the elective process and to remove tainted money from the system.




MASSIVE Constituent DISSATISFACTION Over DWP's Rate Increase Proposal (A Shady-Fastball by Most Accounts)

It’s been a while since ZD’s Batphone has been ringing off the hook from such a diverse cross-section of Los Angeles. And that’s when ZD knows he has to try and put his massive A.D.D. in check, and try and buckle down to compile all the info and present it to the community.

WHY? There is still time to get involved and find out more about the rate increase hike proposed by the shadiest of shady rackets in town, the DWP! (Sounds as “gangsta” as DPG…Dogg Pound Gangstas (Snoop’s Crew).

ZD Summary: Everyone has heard about the DWP proposed rate increases (that of course are going to be approved). However, there is community outcry regarding the process; and allegations that if they weren’t so wasteful and inefficient, there wouldn’t be a need for the increase. (But the initial concern is that they blew it past the NC’s and even the Neighborhood Council oversight committee like a “shady fastball”.) AND, of the entire oversight committee, ZD can only find ONE person who is for the increase: Charlie Mimms, President of Great Griffith Park NC and coincidentally a City manager and union president. (If I am missing anyone ELSE on the oversight committee who IS NOT against this increase, and DOES NOT feel DWP blew this past the pueblos like a shady-fastball…please contact ZD. (zumadogg@gmail.com, 310-928-7544.)




Now…Here’s a compilation of some of the ‘email tutorials” people have been jamming me up with. And additional thanks to the hours of cell phone minutes people burned up on my cell phone over this! I HOPE THIS RUINS THEIR DAY!!!

CLICK HERE for Shady LADWP Press Page.

Look at the right hand side for the City Watch article, “Jack and his Bean Talk Got it Wrong.” Oops, somebody took that down. No, wait, it’s back. Gee guys, make up your mind. Up, down, whatever wherever. [Original Sh*tty Watch article]

What is DWP Neighborhood Council Liaison Greg Bartz doing? Jack H. is just a volunteer on the Neighborhood Council DWP Oversight Committee. Got to love DWP. Oh yeah, their response isn't even to Jack's City Watch piece on them.



Things to Make You Mad About Los Angeles

Fodder for Monday talkradio progams...

Apparently We Are Not Taxed Enough
Get ready for yet another property tax to right a social wrong. Clowncilwoman Janice Hahn wants you to pay another $30 a year to fund "anti gang" programs, of course irrespective of the fact the current anti-gang programs spend millions and have had little results. The plan will be placed on yet another "special election" ballot during the February 2008 California Presidential Primary (to be followed by certain other special elections during the California Everything Else But Presidential Primary in June and General Election in November of next year).

Fortunately there is at least one sane voice in the wilderness. City Controller Laura Chick doesn't believe the move is wise until audits in progress of the current "programs" are complete. Imagine that! Fiscal prudence from an elected official.

If that's not enough for you, the buzz out of City Hall is that Los Angeles officials are currently crafting a plan for a personal income tax for anyone who works in the City. The City of New York imposes an up to 5.82% personal income tax on residents. Given the number of non-residents who work in the City (including many City employees) Los Angeles would probably want to seek to include them in the plan (New York does not tax non-residents except for some City employees who live outside the city - wonder what the unions will think of that?).

The Nanny State
Personal responsibility is no longer required in Los Angeles (unless of course you owe the City money). Are you fat? Its not because you eat too much. Clowncilwoman Jan Perry wants you to know that its because of bad zoning. Of course government intervention into your private life is not just an LA phenomenon. In Oregon apparently you can get in trouble for drying your clothes outdoor on a line.

Finally, if you want a few more items of nonsense from our City government to make your blood boil, read this piece from Jon Coupal.

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Villaraigosa To Lose The One Good Thing He Has Done As Mayor

Back in November of last year, Mayor V was smart enough to overturn the City Clowncil's and City Attorney's rush to judgment to give firefighter Tennie Pierce a $2.7 million dollar settlement because he claims his fellow firefighters forced him to eat dog food in a racist attack. A little caught observation from Zuma Dogg was that several firefighters claimed that Pierce never even actually ate the dog food. What a difference a near year makes as Villaraigosa has turned tide and will approve a nearly $1.5 million settlement for Pierce.
"I spoke with LA Figherfighters today (outraged by Pierce and his claim) and they told me that they heard he DIDN'T EVEN EAT ANY OF THE FOOD!"
-Zuma Dogg
Lets hope you folks get worked up about this again or it will turn on the floodgates for more insanity like this.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

The Daily News editorializes that LA is a terrible place to do business. Tell us something we didn't already know. The piece recaps various reports and studies that show neighboring cities such as Burbank and Santa Clarita are far more business friendly. Even other large cities in California such as Oakland and San Francisco rate at the tops of lists LA is barely in the cellar on.

An audit by City Controller Laura Chick of the popular Van Nuys FlyAway bus service to LAX has found that shoddy accounting procedures by the Department of World Airports has led to losses of perhaps thousands of dollars in income. Who gets fired for this one?

Times scribe Sandy Banks is bitching about having to pay a whopping tow bill when her car was towed after parking after hours in a bank parking lot that had signs posted specifically prohibiting after hours parking (motivation was that the valet parking line at the club she wanted to patronize was "too long.") Of course "Hurricane" Jackie Goldberg is bringing the nanny state to the rescue to protect drivers' "rights." Forget the rights of the bank who doesn't want to provide free parking for another business on their property.

Click read more for a lot more stuff

You may remember that one time we caught a City Council member parking in a handicapped spot. A new superhero is on the scene making sure that everyone from elected officials to regular folks don't take advantage of resources meant for the disabled.

This might be some affordable housing for those of you looking. Curbed LA has a post about a house for rent right on the 101.

What's up with LA Citynerd? Apparently you now need an invitation to view this blog. Do we need to out this blogger?

Blogger Cutter at MetroBloggingLA wonders why he's "one of the only white people riding the bus every frickin' day?." Thoughts?

Activists are turning parking spaces into parks in LA. Well at least for a day anyway.

MetroBlogging LA's David Markland has set up a cool new blog. Creepy LA details everything from Halloween items you can nab at the 99 Cent Store to the recent passing of Bewitched star and legendary character actress Alice Ghostley.

Shocking news that TV's Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick) apparently had a real life lesbian love affair with sister Jan (Eve Plumb) during the years the show was in production. At least a new book authored by McCormick makes that claim.

Near the intersection of Melrose and Gower Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt used to sip margaritas near there and years before television history was made by a Cuban bandleader and his wacky redhead wife. Now Tom LaBonge has joined with the City Council in designating "I Love Lucy Square," in honor of both the classic television show and the legendary Lucy's El Adobe Mexican restaurant.

And finally, they first appeared on our pages nearly a year ago; Zach Behrens at LAist reports that the NoHo Girls - and their assorted spin offs The Van Nuys Guys and The WeHo Girls - have posted their last fake reality soap opera on YouTube. I first figured out it was fake when none of the NoHo Girls exteriors actually took place in NoHo.