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Saturday, April 30, 2011

White House Correspondents' Dinner 2011

Great stuff, had to share it.


The "David Hernandez and Red Spot Political Hour" on LA Internet Talk Radio tonight

 David Hernandez
Red Spot in CD 14
We will up front call this Michael Higby's "stroke of genius".
With Frank Sheftel and Michael Higby unable to execute their c0-host duties with David Hernandez on this evening's Live LA Saturday Night (8-8:50PM), who do they call upon from the "Cut and Past Republic/Barrio of CD 14" to guest host? The Red Spot of CD 14!
For the Huizzynistas, Gatto Truthers and my groupies of grammatical correctors, your moment of horror is upon you. 
Join with David and I as we discuss the LA political news of the day "Huizar, Gatto, Huizar, Gatto", mixed with Mayor Villar and other irreverent topics. 
If your like to join the conversation, feel free to call in at (323) 203-0815. Again, the number is (323) 203-0815. (training already for tonight).
Link here to click in tonight 


Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Free for All

The Los Feliz Ledger is asking whether Council President Eric Garcetti plans to run for Mayor or not.  The Ledger proclaims were Garcetti to run, he would be an instant front-runner.  But hold the phone - the LA Weekly reports experts have already handed the Mayoralty to Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.

Where is the Mayor? In Chicago, at a design summit!

A bill to disincorporate the corrupt city of Vernon has passed the State Assembly.  If it clears the Senate and is signed by Governor Jerry Brown, Vernon comes under control of LA County.  However waiting in the wings to get a hold of the territory is Jose Huizar who would love to annex the industrial tax base rich territory to Los Angeles for all kinds of fun stuff.  Problem is, with LA's anti-business regime in charge, commerce leaves and we're stuck with Vernon's debt and no revenues to pay it off.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your 4th District Councilman in Action

Don't even ask.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Please Don't Vote for Scott Svonkin on May 17th, Thank-you!

Lydia Gutierrez on May 17th!

May is nearly upon us with a run-off election to contend with. This one is for a seat on the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees.. The candidates are the highly qualified Lydia Gutierrez and the infamous food spewer and tantrum thrower Scott Svonkin. Please do us all a favor and keep Scott Svonkin away from the adult table, will ya? Mars Melnicoff has a new piece up at the LA Weekly that serves as part 2 in her series on the misadventures of Mr. Svonkin. Part 1 is here.  Yet another reason not to vote for Scott Svonkin here.

Please stop this one man self-serving disaster in his tracks-Vote Lydia Gutierrez on May 17!

Learn more about Lydia.

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Did Carmen Clown His Peeps Again?

Some pretty good reportage over at Los Angeles Dragnet that the grassroots effort to "draft" City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to run for District Attorney might have been a little less grass and a lot more astroturf than most had gathered.  Read the story.

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Unions representing 6,300 city employees smack down Mayor Villar's Labor Deal

One-third of city workers grade Mayor Villar's latest labor deal.
One-third of City of Los Angeles employees voted to reject Mayor Antonoi Villar's "landmark labor deal" that was suppose to ease the budgetary pain in the 2011/2012 Fiscal Budget at 200 Spring Street. Thus proving that Mayor Villar's Administration answer to the State of Wisconsin Budgetary Plan, was empty rhetoric.
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Outtakes from CD 14: LAFD cutbacks in CD 14 (Except near Councilman Huizar's home)

 Strange, why would Councilman Huizar remove Facebook and Twitter links from council website home page?
These El Sereno Huizar supporters were rewarded with reduced LAFD emergency services.
Maybe this is the reason that CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar has detach himself from constituents, via Twitter and Facebook? (or may it has to do with illegal campaign usage?)
The Voice Newspaper and other sources have provided documentation on the pending LAFD reorganization that has dire consequences for the El Sereno community and city wide via the LA Times. ** We should note that two of the four RA units recommended for shutdown are located in CD 14.
For the likes of the Hillside Village Property Owners Association who protests of Rescue Ambulance cutbacks at Station 16 brought attention to LAFD "brownouts", they should take note of the propose reorganization of LAFD resources in El Sereno and Boyle Heights.
Continue after the bloggin leap.
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

 Please don't make Victoria Tarazi Bjorknert chain herself to a bulldozer.

A contentious battle is coming to a head in Malibu where local surfers, environmentalists, and residents are fighting to stop the California Dept of Parks & Recreation from draining, dredging and re-sculpting the beloved Malibu Lagoon. Complicating the matter is that Heal the Bay, to the dismay of many, actually supports the project. Parks & Recs claims the dredging and redesign is needed to improve water circulation and reduce stagnation, but opponents argue that the work is radical, unnecessary, and will only serve to wipe out bird habitats that have only recently reestablished after a previous dredging and redesign that took place in 1983. In a LA Weekly story last Oct, Wetlands Defense Fund spokesperson Marcia Hanscom said of Heal the Bay's support, ""I'm sure they understand clean water. They understand plastic [bag] bans. They don't understand coastal wetland ecosystems, wetland ecology."
The activists working to save the Malibu Lagoon have put forth an alternative plan to rejuvenate the area that they say is less intrusive and would protect the existing wildlife. The bulldozers are currently scheduled to butcher the lagoon in June, just as the area is filled with new hatchlings. This means certain death for the birds, and the complete devastation of a unique and rare SoCal wetlands ecosystem.
As they try to raise awareness and legal funds, Save The Malibu Lagoon will hold a rally this Saturday, April 30th from noon until 4pm at the Malibu Lagoon parking lot, PCH at Cross Creek. Expect to see a who's who of surfers in attendance including my dear friend Victoria at this event.

Councilman Krekorian's office has several openings for interns interested in learning the intricacies of City Government. "Positions are open to those in the communications field for qualified candidates wishing to gain a greater understanding about L.A. politics while working in the fast-paced and exciting world of City Hall." reads the announcement. What the announcement doesn't say is that successful candidates will be working with the highly regarded and alley-obsessed CD2 communications director, Jeremy Oberstein.

As goes Wisconsin, so goes the Nation?-The signature gathering effort to recall the Wisconsin senators who supported the Scott Walker/Koch Bros union busting bill has now qualified 9 senators (6 Republicans and 3 Democrats) for a recall election.
 Meanwhile, the Republican effort to recall the Senate Democrats that fled the state in order to halt the passing of the bill is not doing so well;
On a level of failure that can only be described as "Jennerjahnian" in epicness, the deadline for submitting signatures for 2 Democrats targeted for recall passed today without a single signature being submitted.  How bad is it for Republicans in Wisconsin? They're now trading "Shots for Signatures".

If you think the LA air is dirty today... you whiny kids should have been here in 1948!
Nevertheless, and still disturbing as ever, LA once again has received the distinction of having the worst air in the nation.  Congratulations, we got a big F in all categories.

Liberals rejoice!  He's back, and he has an important announcement!!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Your Los Angeles Department of Water and Power forget to bill a number of customers for several months and then hit them with back billing, some bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.  "We fell short," a DWP spokesman told KNBC.

LA City Clowncil members aren't too sure about the idea of a "collections sheriff" to seek unpaid City taxes and fees.  No wonder, they can't even get the DWP bills right; better to shelve this idea.

Metro is cracking down on individuals who illegally hawk merchandise on it's trains in Los Angeles. Everything from candy to pirated DVDs are offered up on board.  No word if they plan to crack down on board members who have cozy relationships with contractors.

The Church of Scientology is buying KCET's current studios as the former PBS affiliate looks to downsize.  A commenter at CurbedLA however would have preferred a Whole Foods Market.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

How did now Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto honor the victims of the Armenian Genocide in 2010?

Another Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto Production?
While Assemblyman Mike Gatto's ardent "Gatto Truthers" latest website spins Gatto's most recent legislative initiatives on the behalf of the Armenian Community, the true feelings on now Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto from prominant Armenians are showcased in Journalist Peter Musurlian's new video. This should surely provoke comments from the Gatto Truther duo of JM and DG, But what is telling are the strong feelings of those who believe that then candidate Gatto deliberately divided the Armenian Community, with some sort of shady deal involving Chahe Keuroghelian.
Your thoughts.............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Open Thread for Monday

No HotSheet today.  Go ahead and post up any decent stories around town.  Blog away, dum dums!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Listen to Philip Spooner

Mr. Spooner is an 86 year old WW2 vet and lifelong Republican.

"I am here today because of a conversation I had last June when I was voting. A woman at my polling place asked me, "Do you believe in equal... equality for gay and lesbian people?" I was pretty surprised to be asked a question like that. It made no sense to me. Finally I asked her, "What do you think our boys fought for at Omaha Beach?" I haven't seen much... so much blood and guts, so much suffering, much sacrifice. For what? For freedom and equality. These are the values that give America a great nation, one worth dying for."


Is This The Kind of Offensive Material Mike Gatto Wants His Name Associated With?

A blog dedicated to Assemblyman Mike Gatto is amusing as it is disturbing; but some of the content on it does not seem befitting of an elected official.  While one would assume that Gatto and his official staff have nothing to do with the Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude blog (or at least HOPE!), we wonder why the Gattoistas have not (to our knowledge anyway) made public attempts to distance themselves from the blog and it's creators.

You may remember Nahabedian as one of the pathetic joke candidates Mike Gatto crushed as he took control of the 43rd District. She ran a relentlessly negative campaign against Mike Gatto, which probably had less to do with politics than it did with her obvious desire to possesses him sexually.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Free for All: Enemies List Edition

Greetings from Portland, the Rose City

Man and we thought the Burbank Blogger was an astroturfer who got their pants wet for controversial Assemblyman Mike Gatto but the latest pro-Gatto offering makes the Burbank Blogger look like a Gatto hater by comparison.

The Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude blog is so entertaining one wonders if it's just a big joke.  It could be, but it is so pro-Gatto and anti-anything-anti-Gatto as we have heard from other sources boosting the junior Assemblyman. We have our suspicions as to who is behind it, but we'll get to that later.

We'll be profiling various stories from the "blog" but here is the first fun one - The Gatto Enemies List.  Chief among those on the list are yours truly and bloggers Phil Jennerjahn and Ron Kaye.

We don't think Gatto is specifically behind the list but one has not seen this level of paranoia since Nixon 72.  Or Huizar 2011.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy 64th Birthday Wishes to James Osterberg, Jr.


Mike Gatto Hates Cameras

Public Event, Public Official, No Cameras?
First time I've seen this video even though the incident took place last year. 


The talk and walk of CD 2 City Councilman Paul Krekorian

Thanks to Communitcation Director Jeremy Oberstein of CD 2 City Councilman Paul Krekorian's office for relaying us the two photos above of yesterday's City Council observance of the 96th Anniversity of the Armenian Genocide, co hosted by City Council President Eric Garcetti and Councilman Paul Krekorian.
UCLA Professor Richard Hovannisian was honor for his academic work in documenting the history of the 1.5 million Armenians put to death by the Ottoman Turks.and using this history to combat all forms of genocide.

Video Journalist Peter Musurlian provides us with this video of Councilman Krekorian enjoying a stroll in the Verdugo Mountains with the Sierra Club. Sierra Club Trip Leader Garen Yarparian organizes a hike with an public official on the third sunday of each month.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Steve "Mini-Riordan" Soboroff: "We need more people like Frank McCourt"

Steve Soboroff pontificating to Dodger Fan. From the Times comments, ForTheKids at 10:06 AM April 21, 2011 Can you imagine after all is said and done being remembered in life as the man who said "We need more people like Frank McCourt."
How most Dodgers fans feel about Soboroff's comment regarding depose Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt .
Memo to Playa Vista's own Steve "Mini-Riordan" Soboroff.
Slowly remove foot from mouth, then instruct your Playa Vista now Dodger mouthpiece Steve Sugerman (keep him away from the timesheets), to craft the spin to get yourself out of the latest verbal dookie pile of your creation.
Did you actually mean this? "We need more people like Frank McCourt". the LA Times comment section that follows the report of your Papi Riordan like gaff, is going viral with irate readers taking umbrage at your myopic comment (Times just turn off comments, Papi Riordan and Broad must of complain to the editor). ** Comments still going strong and Mini-Riordan is getting bashed.
More after the jump.
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Los Angeles Politics Open Thread for Thursday

Birds of a Feather

Open thread this morning...
Oops, almost forgot, we're 1 month away from Doomsday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Wednesday

Depose Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt and Lame Duck Mayor Antonio Villar
Lets state that April 20, 2011 will go down in history as the start of the Lame Duck Era of Mayor Antonio Ramon Villar (formerly Raigosa in 2013).
On a day that saw Mayor Antonio Villar proclaim "we're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel" in regards to the city budget crisis, former supporters and a friend were looking beyond Villar's "tunnel of failure" to an uncertain future.
Former supporter and Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan chose to forsake Mayor Villar's 2011-2012 Budget photo op to stand behind the doentown elites anoited one Austin Beutner to replace Mayor Villar in 2013. Whether voters in 2013 will join ranks behind the likes of Riordan (with Wardlaw, Broad, Soboroff and the LA Times?) will play out in the months ahead. But let remember that it was this crowd that help grace us Angelinos with the eight year reign of Mayor Villar.
But the big shocker of the day is Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig deposing Mayor Villar's friend Frank McCourt as owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It seems that McCourt share the same fiscal proclivities of his political friend Mayor Villar and lucky for the Dodgers, Commissioner Selig had the power to depose McCourt before financial Armageddon. Thus, Villar's ticket request will face an uncertain future.
In recent weeks, Dodger Stadium has become an candidate for GRYD zone designation, with LAPD adopting CLEAR tactics to rid the stadium of Raiders fans, sporting their springtime Dodger Blue. This after the beating of Giant Fan Brian Stow on Opening Day.
This afternoon, TMZ is reporting that the IRS, along with state tax officials are investigating the McCourts financial records. Thus, for Angelinos the process of restoring class and honor to the Dodgers Organization has commenced. Meanwhile, others are awaiting the end of the Villar Era to restore ethics and financial order to 200 Spring Street.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.
Great comment from the LA Times on the deposing of Frank McCourt.
machthree at 3:22 PM April 20, 2011
Its days like today that I really miss Jim Healey!
** Civic leaders in shock over Dodgers situation. Mayor Villar declines  comment.  . 

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Happy 50th Birthday, Frank Sheftel!

Yes indeed, it is ironic that Frank Sheftel was born on 4-20.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

Don't make me get up.

AEG is threatening that if the City Council doesn't get behind the Farmer's Field Stadium by early summer the entire city will be leveled by an Alien Death Ray.

If it's Wednesday in Los Angeles, it's time for an update from the great state of Wisconsin! Today, we now find that 4 Republican Senators have had recall petitions filed against them. Activists have gathered 140% of needed signatures in each recall drive so any challenges face little chance of survival. If the recalls are even partially successful the balance of power could shift in the Wisconsin Senate.

Gov Jerry Brown has finally found a rational California GOP lawmaker that will join him on his statewide budget tour. Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has agreed to attend a forum on Thursday in his home town of Santa Clarita. Gov. Brown has received multiple rejections to his invitations from Republican lawmakers who appear to be deathly afraid of KFI blowhards John & Ken.

Today marks the one year anniversary of the BP oil disaster. And it's still a big mess.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Now that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is running for District Attorney, he's finding that many of his former supporters - who are not really happy with his performance so far - are even less so pleased that he's already breaking his promise to not seek higher office.  DA candidate Alan Jackson put out a commercial reminding such that went viral this past weekend.  Nuch need not worry, however - Phil Jennerjahn still supports him.

Speaking of the DA's office - remember Marcia Clark who lost the OK Simpson case? She's written a mystery novel.  Have to say at 57, Clark looks excellent.

Everyone hates red light cameras, which most cities deploy not so much to prevent traffic accidents but to capture some much needed dough.  CM Dennis Zine isn't happy about them either says the Daily News.

East Hollywood looks to spruce up a significant section of Santa Monica Boulevard by playing up it's Route 66 heritage.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Monday

Former friend of labor? Mayor Antonio Villar in the background as Los Angeles County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo speaks at Councilman Jose Huizar's Campaign Kickoff  "Photo via Ed Headington".

Union buster to the back?
That is discreetly and privately what some in the Los Angeles Labor Community are saying about Mayor Antonio Villar. But try to get these frontline labor leaders to state that for the record? Good friggin luck! These labor brothers and sisters do remember that the Mayor's "long time partner in labor" Maria Elena Durazo is the leader of the LA County Labor Federation.
But these private thoughts among Mayor Villar's supposed progressive allies may be the root of the mayor's "latest whine" (wonder if buddy Fabian Nunez had a special choice in mind?) to Daily News Rick Orlov, other scribes and editors on a recent visit to the Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet of Record.
"I am a Democrat," Villaraigosa said, during a meeting with Daily News reporters and editors last week. "But I have been willing to make the tough decisions. We have laid off 400 workers. That is more than (former mayors) Sam Yorty, Tom Bradley, Dick Riordan or James Hahn did combined."
One can feel Villar's self-serving comments through the protesting masses of city employees who have long ago given up on awaiting any substanant fiscal leadership from the third floor and now await in patience the end of the Mayor Villar Era.
But still the clout of labor is not one to dismiss as seen with the recent deal between the Wyvernwood Apartment Complex's Fifteen Group owners and the County Fed led group of unions and community non-profits.   Something that Councilman Huizar will have to contend with as he opposes the Wyvernwood plans.
More news after the bloggin leap.
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Has Councilman Huizar retain Counsel for future Legal Proceedings?

 Is the re-election honeymoon over?
"Campaign flashback"
As the mud turns to dust from the most recent political election proceedings in CD 14, rumors/chisme continues to make the rounds about some supposed legal issues regarding Councilman Jose Huizar.
Flashbacking to the February 1, 2011 Los Angeles Times story in which former CD 14 City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez states that he had been interviewed by FBI agents, regarding Councilman Huizar and subsequent stories on his financial status. Political observers are speculating whether the second term elected politico may face legal problems stemming from any past wrong doings.
.More after the bloggin leap.
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Mayor Villaraigosa's State of the City speech was heavy on education policy and light on the 350 million pound gorilla in the room - the city's trouble finances.  The Daily News says the Mayor must not lose his focus.  When did he have one?

After round two as the head of the LAUSD, Superintendent Ramon Cortines is retiring again. Uncomfortable to talk about himself (imagine that in an LA politician!) Cortines sits down the a fishwrap discusses his years and the future of education in LA.

Apparently former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger finds questions about his commutation of convicted murderer Esteban Nunez's sentence "boring."  Tell that to the father of the victim.

A major issue for the City at the moment is finding a way to deal with patrons at the Chinatown library looking at internet porn on library computers.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palin Bombs in Wisconsin

It was supposed to be some sort of rally for the Tea Party, and Scott Walker and his union busting bill. It looked and sounded more like the final seconds of Sarah Palin's 15 minutes.

Recall update- Wisconsin activists have gathered enough signatures to file a recall petition against a 3rd Republican State Senator.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gov. Walker Goes to Washington

Kucinich nails it. Special guest appearance and roadblocks by Darrell Issa.

More Wisconsin news; Palin draws only 6500 to rally in Madison, most of them protesters against Walker.

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Carmen Clowns His Supporters

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Is Downtown News Jon Regardie "Going the Maeve Reston Route" on 2013 Mayoral Election?

** Saturday morning update: "Scribe of Wit" stands corrected as we cut and paste revised paragraph below.

He joins a field of political and business leaders that is expected to get crowded and competitive. City Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilwoman Jan Perry have already filed papers to run for mayor, as has KRLA radio host Kevin James. City Council President Eric Garcetti, Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, state Sen. Alex Padilla and Rick Caruso have also mused publicly about entering the race.

Memo to Downtown News Executive Editor and noted "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie, did you take a blow to the head on the basketball court somewhere recently?

My paramount concern and puzzlement over your current mental status stems from this passage in your most recent story on the Downtown LA insiders "political flav of the moment" First Deputy Mayor Austin Buetner (rings like the first dean of students who kicked Tony Villar out of school, the first time).

To refresh your witty mind my friend, you noted these current and possible candidates to succeed "Anvil" in 2013. Pause as I channel CD 14 cut and pasting in posting the pertinent paragraph.

He (Buetner) joins a field of political and business leaders that is expected to get crowded and competitive. City Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilwoman Jan Perry have already filed papers to run for mayor. City Council President Eric Garcetti, Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, state Sen. Alex Padilla and Rick Caruso have also mused publicly about entering the race. Jon, missing somebody from your list of names? (hint, kinda rhymes with names).
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Friday Free for All: Wagging the Fishwrap

The Return of MEAT?
I guess we made the LA Times and cub reporter Maeve Reston look somewhat out of touch for neglecting to mention the candidacy of Los Angeles broadcaster and former US Attorney Kevin James for Mayor in their piece about Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner's plan to jump into the race.

The Times later quietly revised their story to include James.  Pathetic.  Some however see the Times failure to note the candidacy of James as more than malfeasance.  Former candidate Walter Moore commenting on Mayor Sam said, "This isn't an oversight. This is an agenda."  Essentially agreeing with Moore - from the other side of the political spectrum - was blogger Mulholland Terrace who claims that Reston sees James as a threat to Beutner who is likely to become the Times' and Downtown set's favored candidate.

Not good for Beutner, who no one likes anyway, that some of the focus was shifted to James when it should have been all Beutner. Also not good for Wendy Greuel, who was enjoyed the support of Mayor Villaraigosa that his own personal lackey has entered the campaign.

Also mentioned in the Times story was that veteran consultant Ace Smith is joining Team Austin; could that mean that Michael "MEAT" Trujillo might find his way back to run the Beutner campaign? Probably not, Mike is damaged goods after his Jules Winnfield like political bullet in the head memo. But stranger things have happened.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beutner Jumps In; Maeve Phones It In

There's Maeve!
The new AOLHuffPo (big step down from Time Warner, eh?) reports that Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner has resigned to run for his boss' seat in 2013.

The LA Times gets it wrong again, this time under wunder-kind reporter Maeve Reston, counting up real and imagined Mayoral candidates while forgetting to mention actual candidate Kevin James, despite having raised $500K in campaign pledges and hosting a top rated radio program six times a week.  Maeve can't claim she didn't know, she covered his announcement.

It's really sad to see the Times reporters continue to just phone it in.

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Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto's "Glendale Political Follies"

Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto bemoans political mis-adventures in recent City of Glendale Elections.

Read about Gatto's Glendale follies after the bloggin leap.
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Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, is leading the annual commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in the State Capitol this morning. Live video is available here now.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

Keep dreaming

In a real body blow to residents of North Hollywood and surrounding areas, Curbed LA is reporting that the iconic Valley Plaza in North Hollywood, a long time shuttered and vacant retail site will not be coming back to life for the foreseeable future. Valley Plaza had been owned for the last 10 years by developer J.H. Snyder, who promised but never delivered on a $333 million redo complete with restaurants, retail space, movie theaters, and even sound stages for the film industry.  Instead, J.H. Snyder has now handed the property back (foreclosure?) to the lender, Istar.  A sad day for our friends in NoHo.

Mayor Villaraigosa gave his annual "State of the City" address yesterday, titling it "A New Contract", whatever that means. Something about 300,000 potholes that he's going to fill, port traffic up, fixing education, blah, blah, etc. City Maven live blogged the speech perfectly!

Food sprayer and LACCD candidate Scott Svonkin continues to catch heat for his deceptive absence from Tuesday night's San Gabriel School Board meeting. Our mention yesterday of his lying about being ill in order to attend and schmooze at a LA Democratic Party event at UTLA was picked up and expanded on by the LA Weekly. We're also receiving reports that Scott fled the event as soon as he realized he was being photographed by our sources.

Apparently, we really are the City of Angels.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

Scott Svonkin playing hooky?

LACCD candidate Scott Svonkin was supposed to be at the San Gabriel School Board meeting Tuesday night. If you'll recall, Scott is an elected member of the San Gabriel School Board and is required to attend these meetings to deal with the many issues facing schools and students in the district .

Unfortunately, at the San Gabriel meeting it was announced that Scott was really "sick" and just could not make the meeting.

Imagine our surprise when Scott Svonkin was spotted the very same night at the UTLA Headquarters on Wilshire Blvd as the photos above show. Hmm, does he look ill to you?  I guess schmoozing with UTLA reps was way more important than being at a boring old school board meeting.  Learn more about Scott and his problems at this LA Weekly story.

UPDATE: This was a LA Democratic Party event being held at UTLA headquarters. This was not a UTLA meeting.

The CGOP continues it's slow and painful descent into total irrelevance. The latest blow comes from GOP finance chairman, Jeff Miller, the California GOP's top fundraiser, who has announced that he quits due to infighting and losing elections.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

As the state and local budgets feel crushed under the weight of years of generous public employee pay raises and unsustainable pensions, Costa Mesa may be ground zero for politicians to push back.  The city is looking to lay-off over 200 positions, nearly half it's total workforce.

President Clinton and other reform minded Democrats in the past supported public school choice, primarily as a way to force schools to perform better but also to stave off the push by conservatives for vouchers.  In most cases public school choice allows parents the opportunity to move their kids to other schools or even other districts if their local school stinks.  Now, carrying the water for the LAUSD, Democratic State Senator Roderick Wright has introduced legislation to put an end to inter-district transfers in California.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

LA's politicians are finding that getting free tickets to premier events around town can wind up being expensive.  After Mayor Villaraigosa was slapped with $42,000 in ethics violations fines, Council Members, Eric Garcetti, Jose Huizar, Herb Wesson and Tony Cardenas all got slapped by the Ethics Commission for scamming tickets to the Oscars, Grammys, etc.  In an interesting twist, those who gave the tickets were fined as well.

The City Reapportionment Commission will be getting to work soon on redrawing Council district maps in Los Angeles.  Every interest group from ethnic politics organizations to those who shill for business plan to get in on the act.  The NAACP and MALDEF will surely wish to see that Districts are drawn to ensure the election of as many minorities to the Council as possible; trade group VICA wants to see that no more than one Council district overlaps the San Fernando Valley and the rest of the City.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Snack

When I was a teen visiting my cousins in Iowa, they were amazed that we had lemon trees in our front yard, at my San Fernando Valley Home.  It hadn't occurred me to me that while trucks brought lemons to the Midwest for lemonade and meringue every summer, they had never seen a lemon tree.

Orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and tangerine trees are commonplace in the yards of many Los Angeles homes.  An outgrowth of the citrus truck farming that was prevalent, particularly in the San Fernando Valley.  More so, the planting of these trees was one of many inducements to migrants to Southern California, the dream of sunshine all the time and the option to step out your back door and within moments be enjoying fresh squeezed orange juice.

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Open Thread for Saturday

We're not big fans of Street Hassle's Mulholland Terrace, with his often bigoted screeds against anglos and Protestants combined with some behind the scenes antics focused on we Mayor Sam bloggers, but one of the things the blogger does well is to interview candidates for office, garnering interesting insights and in most cases offering up un-biased analysis.

At the Hassle, a profile of insurgent Mayoral candidate and popular talkradio host, Kevin James.  Terrace is down the line a status quo, left leaning kind of guy more in tune with Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel and the Mayor but he adroitly, honestly and objectively serves up what James' chances may be, with a teeming generosity not seen by bloggers aligned with Terrace, either personally or philosophically.

Definitely check out the piece, a good read, (Terrace promises more with James as the campaign develops), and then blog away dum dums.

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Saturday Ultra-Briefs

Scott Svonkin in his element

Mars Melnicoff  has a revealing story in the current LA Weekly on LACCD candidate and food sprayer, Scott Svonkin. I even get a quote in the piece!

Two senior building inspectors for LADBS are caught in a sting taking bribes to sign off on construction projects. Why does this feel like a "tip of the iceberg" story?

Happy 85th Birthday Hugh Hefner!

If it's 2012, it's time for Phil Jennerjahn to lose another race for office!

Some things in life are a given; Death, Taxes, and Republicans hate women.


Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Free for All

Stories for you to check out and comment on.

You don't often hear those two names together nor the two bloggers ever agreeing but Phil Jennerjahn and Mulholland Terrace are both big fans of The Masters.

Apparently the City of Los Angeles has declared war on murals on private property, destroying them in the Fairfax District and in North Hollywood.

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez complains to MSNBC (via LatinoPoliticsBlog) that she might not get paid if the government shuts down.

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

American Processed Cheesehead

Gov. Scott Walker's Worst Nightmare- Progressive candidate Joanne Koppenburg has declared victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice race over incumbent Justice David Prosser, a Republican and former state assembly leader. Prosser, not surprisingly, is not conceding and a recount will most certainly take place. Opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union budget bill has energized the state and Koppenburg, who had little chance of beating the incumbent a few weeks ago, now finds herself propelled into the winner's circle. Wisconsin Democrats are promising that this is only the beginning, as recall efforts for Senators who supported Walker's bill are well underway. If Koppenburg survives the recount and probable court challenges, Wisconsin's Supreme Court will shift from a 4-3 conservative majority to a 4-3 liberal majority.

UPDATE; 48 hours after the polls closed and 36 hours after all the votes had been unofficially turned in, a county clerk "found" another 13,000 votes stored on her computer. 7,000 of these votes went to David Prosser.  I've got a feeling this story isn't over yet.

Mayor Villaraigosa has signed into law an ordinance restricting the size of hillside homes. For years, community activists have worked to stop the developers of these oversize "big box" mansions from cutting into LA's hillsides and constructing these oversize structures.
Trivia moment; The source of these L.A. anti-McMansion laws and new hillside building restrictions originate in the community of Sunland-Tujunga, where, a few years ago, an amazing woman named Roberta Actor-Thomas worked with then Councilwoman Wendy Greuel to craft the original language and definitions that have led to today's desperately needed citywide ordinances.

LACityWorkers.com is very, very upset with Council President Eric Garcetti, going so far as to file a California Public Records Act Request seeking all emails between the councilman and a bunch of other people they appear to be very, very upset with. If anyone can explain what this is all about, please let us know!

City Maven posts a recent interview she conducted with Councilman Krekorian that looks at his current CD2 goals and his future prospects. Relax, Eric, you're in the clear for now!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Not Your Father's Clean Sweep; James Assembles Impressive Money Team

One of my rubs on candidates such as Walter Moore, Stephen Box, Brad Smith and others who would have made good or even great citizen-candidates has been their unwillingness or inability to raise sufficient money and run a professional campaign.

That being said, candidate for Mayor Kevin James appears to be serious about his run. Earlier this week he announced that he had secured fundraising commitments of over a half million dollars, well ahead of where any other candidate is at this point.

Also impressive is the team that James seems to have assembled so far. The Sister City has a list of James' fundraising committee, each of whom have made $10,000 to $25,000 commitments. Here are a few of the key players:

Makan Delrahim
Delrahim is a partner at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, which he joined in 2005. Previously, he had been the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for International, Policy, and Appellate Matters in the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice. Delrahim was appointed to both the Federal Antitrust Modernization Committee and US Trademark Public Advisory Committee.

Steven E. Sletten
A partner in the Los Angeles office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, Sletten is a UCLA Law School grad. Sletten has written and lectured extensively on anti-trust law.

David Neuman
Another UCLA grad, television producer Neuman started off as a fellow in the Reagan White House and later moved into the entertainment industry. Neuman has held exec positions at NBC, CNN and most recently was President of Programming at Current TV.

Several others round out the team including various attorneys, entrepreneurs and philanthropic leaders. If the team is able to perform as promised, it's a game changer.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

He's Back! He's Animated! He's the Governator, and he's still useless! Official Trailer.

Assemblyman Tom Donnelly (R-Claremont) has introduced an anti-illegal immigration bill (AB26) that is patterned after Arizona's controversial SB1070 (currently in legal limbo). A small crowd of 100 gathered at a rally in Sacramento on Monday to cheer on Donnelly. Donnelly is also a founder of the California Minutemen and a member of the increasingly irrelevant California GOP. Even though AB26 will face a quick and certain death in the Democrat controlled Assembly, the bill will certainly help push the Republican party even further into the abyss.


Here at Mayor Sam, we occasionally get an intelligent and thought out comment from a reader. Here is one such comment that caught our attention regarding Kevin James' sputtering meltdown on MSNBC  (Thank You, Anonymous);

"In the Mathews interview, it was Kevin who came out on the attack, and his target was Obama. His argument seems to have been that talking to any group that we see as our enemy, no matter how secret the negotiations, is "appeasement." The implication was obviously that Democrats as a group are soft, cowardly, unable to stand up to bullies, and in general, wimps. This line has been a part of Republican nastiness for decades, and is of course inconsistent with more than a century of modern history. Wilson and FDR stood up to Fascism, Truman and Kennedy and Johnson stood up to Communism, and on the other side, we had Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes cutting secret deals with China, North Korea, Islamic terrorists, and these deals eventually became public.

I don't really care about Kevin's ignorance of the Munich Pact, other than it suggests a certain lack of depth in his education. The fact that he got rolled by Mathews says something about his own toughness under pressure though, and his words suggest that he is prone to excess and right wing extremism. This isn't the Kevin we have seen recently, but it should make us wonder who the real Kevin is."

It's a real nail biter in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Race- at post time incumbent David Prosser is up by only 1600 580 356 votes over challenger Joanne Kloppenburg. Republican Prosser was expected to sail to an easy victory until Gov.Walker's nasty union busting law brought out a last minute effort to replace him with Kloppenburg. Gov. Walker's so called "Budget Reform Bill" will likely be reviewed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, hence the effort to oust Prosser. Recount for sure on this one.

UPDATE : Kloppenburg now ahead with 100% of precincts reporting!

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Mayoral candidate Kevin James pulls ahead of the declared pack in fundraising announcing over half a million in commitments to his campaign from over 100 donors.  In an exclusive to the Sister City, James says “I am honored and humbled to have earned such strong early support from all across the community. I am encouraged and motivated by their commitment to this campaign."

Curbed LA has video of the new MTA Expo Line, now under testing on recently completed track.

Following the tragic death of a South LA child who was injured by a falling object, the LAFD has issued a number of safety warnings parents should take heed of.

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Kevin, What Did Chamberlain Do? What Did He Do?

You asked for it, Mayor Sam delivers! By request, once again,  here is the classic clip of Kevin James' May 2008 appearance on the Chris Matthews Show.  

One of the greatest meltdowns in talking head history, and a revealing glimpse into the man who would be Mayor.

After viewing this clip, one can begin to understand Jim Newton's/ LA Times rationale on not mentioning Kevin as a viable candidate in their piece.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

The LA Times recaps the Mayor's race, mentioning the declared candidates such as Wendy Greuel and Jan Perry.  What's interesting is the Times lack of mentioning Kevin James, also a declared candidate, while mentioning others who are either possibly running or even not likely running (cough - Rick Caruso).

If you're a City department manager who overspends your budget, Controller Wendy Greuel will no longer give you a payday loan to get you out of hock.  Greuel will not authorize payments for overages including salary expense.  Why this has not been the policy in the past, no one seems to be able to explain.  Maybe because Greuel is running for Mayor?

Betty Pleasant's rants about Bernard Parks have become about as relevant as Phil Jennerjahn's posts on Paul Krekorian.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

LA Needs Me, So I'm Running for Mayor

For some time, many have encouraged me to run for public office.  I've resisted it because quite frankly the idea sounds stupid.

With the City in a shambles, the budget a mess and Phil Jennerjahn and Tom LaBonge independently running amok, indeed something must be done.

Today I announce that I'm a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles.  I will he holding a formal press conference at 1:00 p.m. on the north side of Van Nuys City Hall.

If you really want difference that makes some change, you'll vote for me.  Please visit my website for more details.

I love LA!

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Wisconsin Republican state senator Dan Kapanke to be Recalled

But...but...but... what?

Activists in Wisconsin have gathered the necessary number of signatures needed to recall Republican Senator Dan Kapanke. Sen. Kapanke voted in favor of Governor Walker's anti-union Budget Reform Bill which ignited protests in Madison and around the country. Sen. Kapanke is the first of what is expected to be numerous successful recall efforts across the state. A drive to oust Governor Scott Walker is scheduled to begin after the governor serves one year in office and becomes eligible for recall. The LaCrosse County Republican Party has begun preparations for the recall election .

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Friday Free for All

Los Angeles City Controller's
Token Accounting System
Phil Jennerjahn, who recently found fault with Mayoral candidate Kevin James' disclosure of his homosexuality, now is upset with the talk radio host's views on garbage pickup.  Jennerjahn blogs that James is a "dangerous enemy of trash." We're not sure what that means and James had no comment at press time.

How does the City keep track of accounts payable? Paul Hatfield has investigated a number of City Controller audits and found that the collection of business taxes is recorded via a token accounting system. Token accounting, first developed in Ancient Sumeria uses clay markers to record transactions.  An attempt to upgrade to an abacus based system failed when the City cancelled the transaction due to the abacuses being manufactured in Arizona, at conflict with the Citys self imposed boycott of the Grand Canyon State.

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