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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Michael Higby Appears on AM 870 The Answer this Sunday

Sunday morning I'll be featured on a segment of Sunday Morning Newsmakers with Larry Marino on AM 870 The Answer, starting at 9:00 a.m., PDT.

We'll be discussing the City Council's recent vote to lift the ban on murals on buildings in Los Angeles.

You can listen to the program on the radio at 870 AM, on the internet at the station's site or via the iHeartRadio app for Andorid, iPhone or BlackBerry.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Getaway Friday

Our favorite South LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant, has a Soulvine (with thorns) for Mayor Eric Garcetti.
The always gracious Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant.
Great Labor Day Weekend getaway day to all as your Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee gathers this morning to formally vote on the confirmation of Mayor Eric Garcetti's nominees to sit on the Police Commission and guess who is not happy with the choices? Betty.
Betty, or better known as the reigning purveyor of Yellow Journalism in South LA, is still having issues with the fact that now Mayor Eric Garcetti beat her sister of choice Wendy "Boss D'Arcy's Greuel" last May. Thus, it should come as no surprise that her recent Soulvine Columns have become thorny in nature, in regards to Mayor Garcetti. We provide the yellowish, thorny excerpts below.
From the August 22 Edition ..............
I did not mince words when I slammed Eric Garcetti’s candidacy for mayor, as I was obsessed with his documented unreliability as a councilman, had personally experienced his wishy-washiness as a man and listened to colleagues describe his faint heartedness as a human being, but never did I think him to be so vainglorious and vindictive that he would impede the heretofore smooth operation of this city by appointing a bunch of irrelevant losers, nobodies, done-nothings and governmental greenhorns to the city commissions.

Mayor Garcetti is stupid and has appointed the worst batch of city commissioners since the late Mayor Sam Yorty (we always knew that Betty loved us), and the most egregious thing he did — among a long list — was his removal of John Mack from the Police Commission, where he had served eight years. Mack was in his second year as Police Commission president when Garcetti yanked him off the commission, and before that, Mack had been vice president of the commission for two years.
But even before former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appointed him to the Police Commission in August 2005, (and reappointed him in 2009) Mack was a vibrant force in this city as president of the Urban League for 36 years and a strong advocate for equal opportunities in education, economic empowerment and law enforcement for all communities. He was a leader in the 1960 civil rights movement in Atlanta, he co-founded and co-chaired the Committee for Human Rights and has played an instrumental role in bridging the gap between the Los Angeles Police Department and the communities it serves. He has molded the LAPD into an entity we African-Americans no longer hate. We appreciate John Mack and we deplore Garcetti’s callous mistreatment of him.
John Mack is somebody. He is the Martin Luther King Jr. of this city (along with the venerable Reverends Chip Murray and James Lawson, civil rights giants) and nobody but a fool would remove any one of these men from whatever position they hold in service to the people of Los Angeles. They have earned the right to remain wherever they are for as long as they like. But, no, classless Garcetti dumped John Mack because he supported Wendy Greuel for mayor instead of him! Wait, and with whom who did he replace Mack? Paula Madison, a former NBC television executive? SHUT UP!!

......... and  Betty yellow, thorny attack on Mayor Garcetti continues a week later.
Read more »

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

With the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee voting to lift the decades long ban on new murals, we present a possible subject matter for the first new CD 14 Mural, in honor of the work of its City Councilman ( and BTW, Princeton Graduate) Jose Huizar.
Once upon a time in recent CD 14 Political History, there was a young former $45,000 a year office scheduler Francine Godoy, who was recently banished to the Bureau of Sanitation (allegedly), after achieving promotions up the "pole of advancement", to Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations, at a yearly salary of $135,000.  
Her former boss Jose Huizar, raised in Boyle Heights, who by the way, graduated from Princeton University and is now its current City Councilman, transferred over recent years $1.2 Million Dollars plus, from the Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station Amenities Fund into his "Salary Account" (did those transfers pay for Francine's pay raises?).  
Aggregating these recent CD 14 political stories with Councilman Huizar's successful effort to lift the ban on new murals, we call upon the Princeton Graduate to allocate some CLARTS Funding to honor the supposed former working relationship (allegedly) between him and Ms. Godoy, in mural form, as exampled above. After all, some of the most salacious CD 14 Political Novellas are best preserved in mural form. Que No?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

With thanks to new City Clowncilpersons Mike Bonin, Gil Cedillo, City Attorney Mike Feuer and even losing Mayoral Candidate Wendy "Boss D'Arcy's Greuel", "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman can enjoy some quality time in the tropics.
 Just think how much sun block and luxury "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman can buy with former Mayoral Client Wendy "Boss D'Arcy's Greuel" outstanding campaign debts ( wonder if the IRS has any interest in Shallman's vacation?).
Good morning to all as we share this moment of tropical tranquility via none other than "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman.
You have to admire the audacity ( or up front manipulator of campaign laws) of the "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant", to bask in the tropical sun ( with sun block needed on the head) while his latest high profile client loser Wendy "Boss D'Arcy's Greuel", is floundering in a half-million dollars plus campaign debt, via Mr. Shallman's consulting.
But "Boss D'Arcy's Greuel" should not pout, after all, she was an willing enabler in Shallman's fiscal proclivities that made her the latest example of the "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant's" questionable campaign spending. 
The least she can hope for is a tropical postcard with the next campaign debt due date.
** The City Clowncil Central Committee in due course ( at 10 AM) will take up the question of murals and whether the time is now to end the cities ban on new wall side art works. KABC 790 AM and Daily News Columnist Doug McIntyre shares his thoughts via his latest "Moldy Green Sheet" column. Excerpt below.
Councilman (Jose) Huizar is considering a two-track bill, one that would ban single-family home murals but allow neighborhoods to opt in if they so choose. The other would legalize murals anywhere in the city but allow neighborhoods to opt out.
How Huizar defines “neighborhood” is unclear, and a call to his office was not returned.
Meanwhile Gil Cedillo leans towards Option A, according to the councilman’s spokesman, Fredy Ceja, who claims the residents of Cedillo’s district are “too busy” to opt-in.

....... at least Cedillo's Office returns phone calls.

** If you ever wonder what the current sellout price is for the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, Jack Humphreville has the tally and move over Steve Austin, there is a new "Six Million Dollar Boss" in LA (or at least in City Hall).

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

BREAKING NEWS! Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared a State of Emergency in the City of Los Angeles due to ........... runaway TV and Film Production?
Is that a ringing sound in my ear or did an Emergency Siren get activated on the Third Floor at City Hall?
Great muggy Tuesday AM to everyone as the ringing in my ear is replace by the activation of a State of Emergency in Ciudad de Los Angeles.
Fires, earthquakes, the threat of flash floods and a dreaded work stoppage by DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy's" brothers and sisters, must move aside as Mayor Eric Garcetti takes decisive action to combat a pending serious threat to the well being of everyone in Los Angeles, runaway production. (can you feel the goose bumps already?)
In the second major test of leadership for the Rhodes Scholar, turned new chief executive of the second largest city in the United States, Mayor Garcetti is taking drastic actions to keep with remains of film and TV production, within city limits.
Putting our normal bloggin tongue in creek approach to reporting on the local political scene aside (for a fleeting moment), we concur that remedies to preserving the vital economic engine of the entertainment industry within LA, should be of paramount concern at 200 Street Street (along with DWP and Pension Reform). Its easy to gather that there is a crisis within the local entertainment establishment when the likes of former City Controller Wendy Greuel and fail CD 2 City Council Candidate Chris Essel, abandon supposed safe entertainment careers for tries at local political office and especially, when the former reign mayoral payaso can't get a local or national TV gig, your city has issues.
That said, the key question here is will Mayor Garcetti revert to the tired remedy of tax credits and corporate welfare ..... or will he consider solutions that remake the City of Los Angeles into a business-friendly municipality that grows private sector fiscal opportunities without public giveaways? 
** ......... meanwhile in CD 14, the clock is ticking on City Councilman (and BTW Princeton Graduate) Jose Huizar's own "State of Emergency" (of character, allegedly) as Downtown News Editor and "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie notes below the "Loving Blackberry Photo". 
Photo by Zuma Dogg

 What intimate tales the Huizar Blackberry can tell (maybe under oath?)
Tick, Tick, Tick… When José Met Francine: City Hall watchers went gaga on Aug. 12, when the Los Angeles Times’ David Zahniser broke the news that a workplace discrimination complaint had been filed against 14th District City Councilman José Huizar by his former deputy chief of staff, Francine Godoy. The complaint, filed with the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (who knew we had one?), contained some salacious claims, in particular that Godoy suffered repercussions after declining the boss’ amorous advances.

The City Council quickly clammed up, though president Herb Wesson convened a panel that looks into sexual harassment complaints. The office of José Carlos Danger, I mean Huizar, also erected a media wall, saying nothing beyond a spokesman’s initial statement of, “He strongly and emphatically denies the assertions made in the claim sent to the City and intends to fully cooperate with the City in any investigation of this matter.”

When Will Things Go Boom?: To be clear, Huizar has not been charged with any wrongdoing. That said, the other shoe could drop tomorrow in the form of a news story (whichever journalist or blogger gets Godoy to talk will win an invisible pony) or months from now.
In the meantime, questions swirl: Will Godoy follow the complaint with a lawsuit? If so, will details spill, or will there be a quick settlement in which money is paid under the condition that no one talks?

Did Huizar and Godoy ever have a romantic relationship? If so, were furry handcuffs involved? How about Jell-O?

........ a blogging, CD 14 Political Novella that continues.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Persnal note ..............

Good morning all, this blogger is dealing with an inner ear issue this AM. Will hopefully update later in the day;

Scott Johnson in CD 14

Friday, August 23, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

Did Mayor Eric Garcetti blink before reaching the supposed end game of DWP Employee Health Care Cost Reform?
Why can't Mayor Garcetti find any contributions from DWP Employees for their health care?
Angelinos can supposedly rest assure that the DWP Contract Proposal Crisis on Spring Street has been resolved by all the parties involve.
But as Mayor Eric Garcetti moves past the fifty day mark of his mayoral first term, what amount of political capital did he gain (or lose) with his compromise on the soon to be agree upon DWP Contract? Excerpts and links below.
From the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) ............
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti emerged from his first labor showdown with some financial concessions on Department of Water and Power salaries but little progress on a key goal: getting employees to pay out of their own pockets for rising health insurance costs.
The deal is expected to save $6.1 billion over 30 years, in large part by cutting pension benefits for new hires and having workers go three years without raises, according to budget officials. But the DWP will continue its practice of covering 100% of employees' healthcare premiums, despite Garcetti's call for more concessions....

From Joseph Mailander at "MSMNBC City Watch" ..............

Team Garcetti's math-challenged scrubs failed to add two plus two in the new deal to compare it to the old one. 
The new agreement, for instance, supersedes an earlier agreement that would have called for a 4% raise after four years.  That meant that under the abandoned agreement, for the average DWP worker making $100,000 a year--and that is just a little below average for a DWP worker--the payout would be $100,000 for the first three years and $104,000 for the final year, totaling $404,000 over four years. 
But watch what happens with the new contract. 
The average DWP worker makes $100,000 for the first two years.  Then, with a prospective 2% hike, she makes up to $102,000 the third year.  And then she can go up to 2% of that, or $104,040, the fourth year. 
Total payout: $406,040 over four years.  Yes, she actually stands a good chance to make more money than under the stipulations of the contract Garcetti tore up to get this new "deal."

From Paul Hatfield at the "Village to Village Blog" ................

According to the Patch, the raise deferral from 2013 to 2016 amounts to savings of $385 million. That’s the net amount we will not have to pay to the well-compensated DWP workforce for three years.
The article goes on to say that the deferral will save $3.9 billion over 30 years.
It’s a very hypothetical calculation that appears to be based on the assumption of investing the $385 million at around 8.9% for the 27 years following the three-year deferral period.
Perhaps there are other factors as well, but the city seems reluctant to disclose them.
Ask yourself, who besides Bernie Madoff would guarantee 8.9% on your investment for 27 years?
City Hall, of course!

....... and from the reigning "Scribe of Wit" Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie on a certain "three letter sickness".

The Sickness of the DWP: Much has been made about the negotiations for new labor contracts for Department of Water & Power employees, with Garcetti trying for a more cost-conscious deal than the one Villaraigosa was pushing. The most interesting aspect of the process to date is that just as news of the negotiations erupted, so did a Los Angeles Times report revealing that DWP employees get essentially unlimited paid sick time. It was the latest black eye for the DWP and its union, and Garcetti’s office was quick to pounce, as he and other pols called for an investigation. A week later a chastened DWP altered its policy, requiring a doctor’s note for those out three days or longer. Call it a victory for Garcetti, even if it’s just a battle and not the war.

Judging from the commentary above, the "sickness" continues.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Political Court Jester Michael "MEAT(less campaign victories of late)" Trujillo signs on as unpaid toady for the 2016 Hillary for President Campaign.
"MEAT" shying away from another Measure B flashback.
Lets all say good morning to former Mayor Sam Blogger, turned designated driver for former Mayor Tony Villar and rarely a victorious campaign consultant, Michael "MEAT(less)" Trujillo.
Trujillo, who also goes by the alias "Chief Parker" (especially when crafting "political bullets between the eyes emails"), was given some "Old Gray Collective Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) love yesterday in its online edition, by announcing his acceptance of an unpaid position (for now) via another graying collective hag name Hillary Clinton, as she starts recruiting her campaign team for 2016.
"MEAT", along with other members of former Mayor Antonio Villar Campaign Team, previously worked the ground game in Hillary's losing 2008 Campaign, with success in California, but losing in places like North Carolina.
Locally, "MEAT's" endorsed candidates in the March Elections did not fare too well, indicative by the absence of Ana Cubas, John Choi and Wendy Greuel from any current public office position. Further, "MEAT" efforts to get former CD 2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON elected (again) to the Assembly was a failure.
In ending, we wish "MEAT" the best, but we must say "what difference does it make" whether Trujillo is on or off the Hillary Campaign team?
** Word this AM is that Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Clown Central Committee are "this close" to a compromise regarding the proposed DWP contract. The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag" is reporting that a 2% further cut in pay raises, have brought but sides closer together. But the talk of a near deal should not stop city residents from supporting reforms being called for by Mayor Garcetti.
** Its been a while since we bloggin broached anything about new City Attorney Mike "Bet Tzedek" Feuer, but rest assure that the former Bet Tzedek Executive Director (and recipient questionable campaign contributions), will be on the receiving end of lots of blog coverage. This, as the result of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag" report on the diversion of close to 300 LAPD Officers to monitor the thousands of supposed "Non Revocable Parolees/ Low Level, Non-Violent Offenders", who are on the streets thanks to Feuer's co-authorship of AB 109.
** In lampooning City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson's recent sock drive at City Hall. We submit this "Sock Puppet Lookalike" below. Please follow along ....
  DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy" and below ...........
City Clowncil Central Committee Budget Chairperson and DWP Contract Shill Paul Kerkorian. Together the union of D'Arcy and Kerkorian creates the ...........
The "CD 2 Clowncilman Paul D'Arcykorian Sock Puppet", coming soon to a guest post in the Studio City Patch.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Redistricting Lawsuit Lead Attorney Leo Terrell considering Deposing former Councilman Huizar Staffer Francine Godoy

The lead attorney in the Redistricting Lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles Leo Terrell, is considering deposing former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy as her ex boss (the alleged sexual harasser) and others are put under oath.
Former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations Francine Godoy.
** Blogger's note: Great morning to everyone, but for CD 14 City Councilman (.... and BTW, Princeton Graduate) Jose Huizar, the morning marine layer burns away to reveal yet another news day involving former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy. The Lead Attorney (and noted Civil Rights Activist) in the Redistricting Lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles Leo Terrell, has issue this press release below which states his consideration in putting Godoy under oath (don't forget about Ana Cubas Leo). If deposed, Godoy would join the likes of Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Council President Herb Wesson and her alleged sexual harasser, who have a pending date under oath in the days ahead---Scott Johnson     

 Press Release from the Law Office of Leo Terrell.
Francine Godoy with now husband Marcos Soto (on the right) at Ed Headington for Assembly Fundraiser. 
The Men (or in Huizar's case, alleged sexual harasser) in Francine Godoy's life, Marcos Soto and the Princeton Graduate with Ed Headington (in center).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Dsyfunctional DWP Political Machine for Monday

We commit our Monday Morning Briefs to exclusive coverage of the proposed DWP Employees Wage Increases and the fallout from last Friday's City Clowncil Central Committee Special Joint Hearings on the matter.
DWP Headquarters on Hope Street.
With no delays, we link you to this important post by Village to Village Blogger Paul Hatfield on Friday's "Boss D'Arcy Dog and Pony Show" at City Hall and information on tonight's emergency meeting of the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates at City Hall. An excerpt below ......
Angry citizens appeared before the City Council on Friday to protest the contract. Their arguments were heard only after a dog and pony show put on by the Council praising the deal.
What’s more, the City Council wants to approve the contract by August 30th; the Mayor plans to veto it, but it is likely the Council will override it.

There is an emergency meeting of the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates this Monday, 7 PM, August 19, at City Hall to discuss the crisis. I only wish I could attend.
You can reach out to your Council Member and urge him (or she in CD 6) to delay the vote on the contract by 90 days and support a city-wide series of town halls to air the details. For those of you in Council District 2, please contact Paul Krekorian at (818) 755-7676 or e-mail his office: Councilmember.Krekorian@lacity.org. ** In CD 14, call Councilman Jose Huizar's City Hall Office at (213) 473-7014.

** Mayor Eric Garcetti used Friday to reinvent the DWP Board of Commissioners in his vision. Whether this helps in needed reforms will be fodder for further review.

** Former LA Times Scribe and Ethics Commission Member, now the "Westside White Guy Emeritas" at the LA Observed Blog Bill Boyarsky, muses on new City of Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin's use of "BIG DATA" (via computer) and its impact on the current DWP saga. An excerpt below .......

The Galperin team had to dig through a DWP salary system that listed at least 616 pay codes used by the department to boost salaries over base pay, including money for overtime, hazardous work, meals, and bonuses for working in inclement weather, working with cement and operating special equipment.
Even without this supplemental pay, Galperin found that DWP employees generally earn 20.8 percent more in base pay than other city workers. The controller’s detailed analysis unearthed such details as: DWP tree surgeons are paid 30 per cent more than those in the Bureau of Street Services; DWP custodians get 26 percent more than those cleaning up in city hall; DWP garage attendants receive 20 percent more than those in other city garages. There’s much more, available at http://controller.lacity.org/Salary_Information/index.htm.
Galperin wanted to create a database that compares salaries side by side. But the city’s technological infrastructure was so backward that he had to use a free outside website that is more user friendly, http://controllergalperin.wix.com/controlpanel.

...... its so refreshing to have a Controller who shies away from "Photo Ops Audits" for once. 

** Wondering what Ron Kaye's thoughts were on Friday's theatrics at the "Horseshoe on Spring Street"? An excerpt below ............

Propagandist Supreme Paul Krekorian, as the Councilman in charge, was proud to pay homage to the “unusual,unprecedented, historic” nature of this “open and transparent” event — words that had never before spoken in such earnestness in this Temple of Democracy, as the mayor describes it.
Assisted by rising City Council star Felipe Fuentes, he led the public and his colleagues through a more than three-hour performance worthy of theatrical awards though it did drag as he went on and on through the drudgery of having each and every highly paid member of the cast of bureaucrats formerly known as public servants — the CLA, the CAO, the CEO, the RPA, the CA — swear allegiance to the story that was so well scripted and choreographed with such attention to detail. It was hard not to wonder why they never work as hard to solve the people’s problems as they do to conceal them.

** We had a longer than usual visit from the top paid columnist at the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) Steve Lopez at City Hall on Friday. Thus, on the Seventh Day, he produces this missive on the theatrics. No excerpt due to Collectivist Hag's Pay Wall Policy.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Friday, August 16, 2013

What Do You Know About This Hate Flyer Monica and Marcos?

Strange how a fail Charter Renewal for the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School gets a certain Mayor Sam Commentator labeled "An Anti-Mexican Blogger" (allegedly).
 With the lost of Academia Semillas del Pueblo's High School Charter Renewal and her School Board Presidency, will LAUSD School Board Member Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia ever have the political capital again to resurrect her campaign contributor Marco Aguilar's (behind her right shoulder) fail education collective?
Did you know ........ who are the true hate-mongers among your neighbors?
As we near the Happy Hour Mark on this first Friday back behind the blogging keyboards, we like to share this reminder of what form HATE can assume, especially in the course of exercising the right of a Free Press.
A week after the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter High School was denied their five year renewal by LAUSD, this flyer was being circulated by a misguided few in my neighborhood. A couple of days later, a copy of this flyer was seen posted on the property of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter location and it was promptly torn down by an angry community member who's identity will remain undisclosed.
There was speculation that because of this flyer, a certain blogger had become "spooked" from his keyboard, well ............. , there is no BASTA in this blogger's multi-lingual vocabulary when it come it comes to defying the true hate-mongers and outing the political frauds in our community. (BTW Mark-os, this like the lawsuit threat, is another waste of time). 
Thus, from this blogger to all who have supported (by not cut and running or pretending not to know me) my efforts to muse on the truth and expose the sadly too numerous failings of our local elected officials, many thanks and may everyone enjoy a blessed weekend.
....... and for Mark(os) and Gorda Boo Boo? Hmmmm, what could be in your future?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for TGIF

A blog message to Mayor Eric Garcetti, this is your first "Man Up Moment" as DWP IBEW's Strongman Brian "Boss D"Arcy" and City Clowncil Central Committee President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, attempt to ram through pay raises for DWP employees.
Can Mayor Garcetti rise up and stand against anymore waste of public money into the DWP IBEW sewer?
The DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy".
Great Friday morning to everyone as we near the 10 AM start time of a day of choreographed public hearings within the John Ferraro City Council Chambers at City Hall on proposed DWP employees pay increases.
This morning's "Old Gray Collective Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) Print Edition headlines that Mayor Eric Garcetti stands alone against an united City Clowncil Central Committee ..... and DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy".
As many discerning local political observers have noted, this is the first (and defining early test) of leadership for new Mayor Eric Garcetti, who campaigned against excesses at the DWP.
No doubt, DWP IBEW Strongman Brian "Boss D'Arcy" would love to show Mayor Garcetti who really controls the political dynamics at 200 Spring Street (in addition to the DWP Headquarters on Hope Street), but if Mayor Garcetti is true to his campaign message, he can man up against "Boss D'Arcy" ( and his "Mini Amin" Wesson crony) and sent an early defining message that he stands with the average Angelino, in reforming a dysfunctional DWP.
Mayor Garcetti, no doubt an erudite student of American Political History, needs to channel his inner progressive political instincts and revisited the early 20 Century Populist Politician William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold Speech". If Mayor Garcetti seeks to remain true to his progressive persona and wants to be taken seriously as a populist who stands for the average Angelino, then he needs to craft the message that the crucifixion of Angelinos on a cross of IBEW-crafted DWP waste, must stop and needed reforms must become paramount at Hope Street.
Now hoping that Mayor Garcetti will heed the advise.
**  Today may be Friday but its still not too late to bless our readers with "Another Soulvine Thursday" missive via the reigning South LA  Columnist of Record Betty Pleasant and this weeks edition finds Betty "musing with praise" none other than our favorite Infant Assembly, turned Ethnic Cleanser (or Armenians from 43rd AD Central Committee Voting Sheets, allegedly) Assemblyman Mike "Slobo Mikey" Gatto. An excerpt below.
Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s legislation to prohibit local governments from fleecing motorists who park at broken meters was signed into law Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown. The measure will ensure cities such as Los Angeles repair their broken meters in a responsive and timely manner by prohibiting them from ticketing cars parked at such meters. In response to Gatto’s legislation, the Los Angeles City Council recently rushed to temporarily repeal its ordinance that allows for ticketing at broken meters. But the council voted to preserve its ability to reinstate the unfair ticketing policy after a six-month trial. However, Gatto’s newly signed AB 61would eliminate this authority and allow motorists to park in spaces controlled by a broken meter for the maximum time allowed by the meter
“Local control does not provide the right to fleece taxpayers,” Gatto said. “The question of parking at a broken meter should not be up for review or reconsideration every six months, nor should motorists be subject to confusing ordinances as they drive from city to city. It’s time to end this unfair practice throughout California.”

..........and now wondering if Parke Skelton will put Betty on the "Slobo Gatto for CD 4" in 2015?
 ** We want to bring your attention to a growing "David vs. Goliath Story" involving the "University of Scandalous Conduct" (USC) proposed takeover of park land at Historic Hazard Park. As the Eastern Group Publication reported, local community members came out in force to oppose this land grab. We post this brief video of the recent community meetings, with a more in depth report coming this weekend.

Your thoughts ..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Local Political Columnist Tony Castro is the latest to muse on the controversy involving the alleged actions of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
As we near the end of our first week of a bloggin, political news cycle since our return, Former Herald Examiner Newspaper Scribe Tony Castro is the latest to offer his observations on the most recent controversy involving CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
Castro, who's deconstruction of Parke Skelton's crafted façade of the former Los Angeles Mayor known as Antonio Villaraigosa, was lauded by many, draws parallels between the behaviors of the "Political Papi/ Mijo Duo" of Villaraigosa and Huizar respectively.
When he was first elected to the Los Angeles City Council in 2005, Jose Huizar appeared to be the second coming of the history-making new mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa.
Perhaps even better, some said.
Huizar, after all, had the trappings that possibly could better rally the Democratic Party that controlled Los Angeles, Calif., and that could potentially lead to a new American political landscape nationally.
He was the first Latino immigrant elected to the city council of a major American city. He was likable, attractive, smart and educated and connected in a way Villaraigosa wasn't.

So true ...........

When this blogger first meet the Princeton Graduate, Barrister via the UCLA School of LA and recently elected LAUSD School Board Member at former CD 14 City Councilman Nick Pacheco Re-election Kickoff in 2003, my initial impression was Huizar's political future could only trek upwards.
But a decade later ( and many broken promises left on the side of the road of his political journey), the potential has been replace by the facts that points to an insecure persona, prone to episodes of angry, irresponsible, petulant, vindictive behavior, in both his political and personal conduct.

......... and rest assure come 2015, a once promising political rising star will face a challenge for his political life regarding this most recent, alleged "Tonto-like Conduct", which will reflect negatively on CD 14 voters, who have grown weary of the narcissus behavior of a Political Mijo connected to a fail, former Mayor name "Antonio Villaraigosa".

** Another controversial politico (with gun and badge) Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, will surely face a growing list of challengers to maintain the title as LA's top sheriff come 2015. Most intriguing is today's "Old Gray Collective Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) report that former LAPD Senior Lead Officer, now CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino, has been approach about running against Baca. We should note that the "Average Joe of San Pedro", stated that his intention was to serve long term (three terms) as CD 15's officeholder.

** With the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" pronouncing Mayor Eric Garcetti's appointments to the Police Commission as a "shake up", of follow up interest to discerning political observers should be the nomination of Sandra Figueroa-Villa to the oversight panel. With the FBI investigating the alleged nefarious doings of the Montebello Calderon Political Family, it might raise some eyebrows to note if any of Figueroa-Villa's employees/ associates have close ties to the Calderon Political Machine.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson is front and center in exerting control over hot button issues at 200 Spring Street.
Will Mayor Eric Garcetti have the fortitude to stand up against "Mini Amin" Wesson's appetite to control the political process at City Hall?
The former diminutive stand up comic, turned political strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson's political stand up act is gearing up for a special Friday performance, live from the Horseshoe at City Hall.
With supporting help from the reigning stand up bully of Los Angeles Politics DWP/ IBEW Leader Brian "Boss D'Arcy", "Mini Amin" Wesson has decreed that all normal Friday business from behind the Horseshoe ( the giveaway of certificates to fellow clowncil members lackeys), will come to a halt, as he and "Boss D'Arcy" choreograph a dialog on the latest fiscal shakedown attempt by "Boss D'Arcy's" IBEW DWP Brothers and Sisters.   
In the first major showdown between a reinstalled City Clowncil Strongman (but weaken) "Mini Amin" Wesson and a newly-elected Mayor Garcetti, all eyes will be watching for the first blinks of political weakness from either "Mini Amin" Wesson or Mayor Garcetti.
**  We file this under FYI, a former Los Angeles Mayor formerly known such as the "LAtino Tony Blair" and "Antonio Villaraigosa", is taking his Parke Skelton-crafted life experience on the road as he is set to become a "visiting vato, errrr, fellow" at "Ahhharvard University". 
** The newly-installed Ahhhvard Fellow's old Roosevelt friend, now CD 1 City Councilman Gil "The Dream" Cedillo, has been the hot topic in the Eastern Group Publication's chain of local weekly newspapers. First, the insular Lincoln Heights elites such as Vera Padilla and Steve Kasten are crying the blues as Councilman Cedillo moves his Northeast LA office from the Lincoln Heights office property of Kasten, to Highland Park. Second, the normally Cedillo-friendly EGP Editorial Board, implores the new CD 1 City Councilman to clean up the trashed Figueroa Corridor he inherited from former Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes.
** One of the casualties of this blogger's time away from the blogging keyboard, was not sharing the great musings of Los Angeles reigning "Scribe of Wit" Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie. Its with great difficulty ( in keeping a straight face, while LMAO!) as we bring you this excerpt from his list of  "suggestions" for new Mayor Eric Garcetti.
Get a Monkey Butler: A mayor needs someone who will do what he asks and never leak information to the press. Political aides can only guarantee one of those. A monkey butler, however, can handle both. Garcetti should hire a monkey butler who can wear a cute outfit and do things like fetch coffee, grab pens and, should the need arise, leap from the rafters and bite the ear of Councilman Paul Koretz. The monkey butler should be named José Huizar Jr.
Not only would this accomplish important work goals, but a monkey butler would show that Los Angeles has a leader who thinks outside the box. This could also be a pilot program, at least until things go all Planet of the Apes or DWP union boss Brian D’Arcy decides to try to organize them.
Yes, José Huizar Jr. the monkey butler would have to wear a diaper. But he probably wouldn’t be the first one in City Hall to do so.

..... in lieu of the Princeton Graduate, CD 14 City Councilman's latest controversy, we ponder if the "CD 14 Monkey Butler" shares the same "Sexual Proclivities"as the late, great Comedian Richard Pryor's pet squirrel monkeys (** Caution! Linked video contains profane and explicated language)?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Behind Pothole Politics is a $3 Billion Bill!

Smile, boys!
Facebook pages were chock full of pictures of our Mayor and newest Council Members donning work vests and hard hats, filling pot holes as part of "Operation Neighborhood Council Blitz," where neighborhood council members were given some sense of "empowerment" in tabulating and submitting lists of potholes for repair consideration.

Potholes are a really good issue for politicians to go after because it's something simple to understand, creates great pictures for television and the papers and the idea of filling potholes generally offends no one.

Indeed, one local neighborhood council's video production company was on the scene where Mayor Garcetti gave a stand-up, impromptu speech on the effort of the day. Later, the Mayor "kicked it" with street services workers recounting the various neighborhoods they had visited filling potholes. 

We all appreciate any potholes that can be filled. LA is legend for them. In fact, after San Jose, LA has the worst graded condition streets of any city in the nation by international road condition standards.

The problem is when it's yet another photo opp with something worse lurking behind the corner.

That something worse is a currently on life support plan for the City to place a $3 billion - and yes that's billion with a B - bond measure on the ballot, one that is intended to repair our local streets, but we all know what happens with bond measures and blank checks. 

That filling potholes and maintaining city streets is not such an essential municipal function that the cost for such should be borne out of the city general fund from all the taxes and fees we are already paying is incredible. What are they spending this money on? Anyone who followed the Mayoral race knows that a huge piece of the City's debt comes from higher than industry average pay rates offered to the unions that support politicians and gold plated pensions the leadership of these unions have been able to get from elected officials. 

Jack Humphreville, a local business (he owns the Recycler Paper!) and an impassioned local advocate who is adept at rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in city government goes into deeper detail about the bond measure in this piece at The Fox and Hounds blog. Jack offers up what should be very strict rules and reforms IF such a bond measure is even to go through. 

Get ready to open up your checkbook!

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Some further thoughts on the Huizar - Godoy Affair (meaning Sexual Harrassment Claim)

As CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar denies the Sexual Harassment claims of former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy. We ponder whether this latest controversy to befallen the Princeton Graduate CD 14 City Councilman will have profound consequences come 2015. 
Former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, victim or scorned ex staffer of interest for Councilman Huizar?

What a week to return to the local blogging cybersphere!
We make a snide, tongue in cheek comment about being exile, along with former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy by Mrs. Jose Huizar and come Monday afternoon, well, everyone in City Hall knows by now what is the big topic of the day.
We should state from the blogging get go that we do not take issues with sexual harassment likely or any form of degrading behavior directed at females in the workplace. A few years back, we noted here at Mayor Sam an incident at a National Night Out Event where Councilman Huizar verbally abused a now former female staff member.
Further, we have over the years been the recipient of comments that alluded to speculation about inapproiate relationships between City Councilman Jose Huizar and various workplace associates, including Francine Godoy. But unless the veracity of the information checked out, they merited no further ado.
That said, the allegations in the complaint filed by the former $135,000 a year employee of Councilman Huizar, is an unexpected twist in a former work relationship deemed "Special" by a close confidant of both.
The quick promotional rise within the CD 14 Council Office Chain of Command by Godoy has provided bloggin fodder for speculation within the last few years. While former Chief of Staff Ana Cubas was face that most CD 14 observers saw in the field, Godoy was the "other woman" behind the scenes who's duties included the handling of contributions to the CD 14 Officeholder Account. Rarely would Godoy be sighted at community events, yet she was the major power broker within the City Hall Office, leaving some to speculate that it was Godoy who help pushed Cubas out into a fail CD 9 City Council Campaign.
But while both Cubas and Godoy both fought for top woman status, there is no doubt who is the reigning queen within the CD 14 Office Culture and that would be Richelle Huizar. Some had speculated that it was the wife of the CD 14 City Councilman who engineered the transfer of Godoy to the Bureau of Sanitation. It should be noted that in the past when Godoy's name would surface on the blog in regards to alleged inappropriate interactions with the current councilman, Mrs. Huizar would make herself visible at the City Hall Office.
In recent months, sources had Mrs. Huizar engaging former Mayor Antonio Villar in one on one discussions in the efforts to find Godoy another city job with comparable pay. But that was not to be and the results ................, are to be continue.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

........ and on the Seventh Day, a certain blogger reappears

A certain Bloggin CD 14 Political Commentator is back!!
Hi MEAT!! Its only your favorite Mayor Sam Blogger returning to the local political bloggin cybersphere.
With no apologies to Michael "MEATless" (less his political endorsees John Choi, Ana Cubas and Wendy "The Call Greuel") Trujillo, a certain bloggin CD 14 Cut and Paster is back on line ( and spollcheck is reunited with a dear friend).
First, let me thank the likes of Ron Kaye, John Walsh, Caroline Aguirre, Jose Aguilar, Tony Butka and friends at 200 Spring Street for inquiring about my bloggin status. Speculation has been rampant about why I been offline since the last weekend before "The Call Greuel" went down to defeat ( .... and into debt via "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman). In the bloggin spirit of feeding into the political chismosos y chismosas rumor mill, here are the Top Ten List of why Red Spot in CD 14, was bloggin absence from the local political cybersphere until now.
10. City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson redistricted Red Spot out of the local bloggin cybersphere.
9. The "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street" wanted to make Red Spot the second coming of the  "Z-man" and put him on payroll.
8. Red Spot meets up with Ana Cubas and joined her on a post campaign bender.
7. The former Infant Assemblyman, now ethnic cleanser Mike Gatto, had Red Spot turned into fish food.
6. "Private Citizen/ Politcal Consultant" John Shallman, cease and desisted after running the "Call Greuel" into the fiscal poor house. Thus, Red Spot needed to blog no more.
5. Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School Principal Mark(os) Aguilar and his political sancha Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia, cut the bloggin heart out of Red Spot (which Gorda Boo Boo promptly wrapped in tortilla and consumed).
4. Red Spot ran into Betty Pleasant in a dark alley within South  LA and "Mini Amin" Wesson had a bloggin dinner.
3. Red Spot and "City Terrace Tony" went trolling for Telebimbos in Baja.
2. New CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo granted Red Spot with his own "Dream Act".
......... and NUMBER ONE, the wife of the CD 14 Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate City Councilman Jose Huizar, had Red Spot and Francine Godoy exiled together from the "Cut and Paste Barrio". 
Bloggin humor aside, the reason for my bloggin absence was simple, time and a broken computer. Between work, caring for mom and serving on the LA 32 Neighborhood Council, 24 hours in a day is not enough to bloggin commentate, especially when your computer goes south on you. But starting today, rest assure that this bloggin observer will be making up for lost time in the local political cybersphere.
With Bloggin Respects,
Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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Details of Tujunga Golf Course Developer Lawsuit Emerge

Idyllic day at Verdugo Hills Golf Course, Photo by Joseph Mailander

Our friend Joseph Mailander visited Sunland-Tujunga Friday, did some digging and unearthed some details on the lawsuit that Snowball West Investments, owners of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course in Tujunga, has filed against the City of Los Angeles over it's designation of a small piece of the property as a "historic landmark."

You may remember that last fall, Alarcon presented to the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council a strategy to block development of 229 homes on the site, by declaring the property, which was used during World War II as a detention camp for Japanese-Americans and others, a "historic landmark."

This was at the height of Alarcon's campaign for the State Assembly; a race he later lost.

At some point during the process for historic designation, the stated intent of the effort changed; not to block development, but to provide some historic mitigation to the Japanese community, and acquire some sort of recognition and memorial at the site.  As Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council board member Krystee Clark told the Glendale News-Press, "Well, it's not really about the golf course," she said. "It's about making sure the area is preserved in a way that satisfies the Japanese American community."

The following is courtesy of Joseph Mailander:

The suit that the owners of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course have brought against the City of Los Angeles is mostly pointed at Alarcon's actions in his final days as a Council Member

It notes how Alarcon introduced the motion to designate the site as a Japanese monument on October 12, 2012..."25 days before the General Election and without notice to Snowball."
It references an LA Times report noting that Alarcon had hoped to "save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course from residential development by adding it to the list of historic and cultural monuments"--something Alarcon's office and others were denying when they found later that this might constitute deprivation of due process

It alleges that Alarcon refused to talk about the designation with Snowball. [BTW, it notes how the community within the development is to be privately gated.] It claims that Alarcon in bringing the motion to Council on June 21, surprised the developer, because the PLUM Committee had asked for a working Committee to work on a solution 60 days subsequent to June 11, 2013--but brought the matter before Council before his term ended, a scant ten days later. 

It alleges that in Alarcon's "rush to prevent, delay, and impact" the Project, "no research was conducted, no reports or maps were consulted, and no findings were made to determine the boundaries of the detention station or exactly where the use was previously located on the property. It alleges the box drawn around the oaks was "nearly arbitrary." 

It suggests Alarcon's motivation was originally to please voters in running for his Assembly race, which he did not win. 

It requests a jury trial and names the sum of $20 million as compensatory damages.

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