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Friday, October 22, 2004

Corruption: Then and Now

Back in my day, when a pimp or a bookie or a casino operator wanted to proceed unfettered from LAPD interference, a simple honorarium to....uh, well me was all that was required.

When that nosy John Anson Ford sent Clifford Clinton to investigatge my food service deals I had to have the police spy on him, charge him with code violations at his cafeteria or even dynamite his car.

Of course there were all allegations and I continue to deny them. Sure I was recalled from office but it was because of all Ford's and that gloryseeker Fletcher Bowron's grandstanding.

But now, your politicians are far more slick. Here is a list of questionable practices that fly way under the public's radar

This only scratches the surface. There is more. No, you don't have to stuff bills into your local pol's pocket anymore, because its done far more slick.

We'll talk about more in the future. If you have tips, please send them our way and we'll be glad to report them for you.

Frank Shaw


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