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Saturday, April 30, 2005

LA Mayor Trashes our National Leaders

Earlier today Tony Villar was endorsed by United States Senator John Kerry. And when the Senator spoke, Natalie Reyes (Deputy Mayor) from Jim Hahn's office was there to lead folks like the Big "Zero", and Art "I wish I didn't have a criminal record" Pulido into a chant of "Kerry go home!"

Hal Netkin was there too, chatting it up with Natalie Reyes.

Now that's a little odd...

In today's LA Times Hahn strategist Bill Carrick was quoted as saying"More than 30 years have passed since the acrimonious Bradley-Yorty campaigns. Hahn's media strategist, Bill Carrick, said the mayor would not seek to exploit racial fears — an accusation leveled by some critics against Hahn during the race four years ago."People should vote for who they think is the best candidate, and they shouldn't be considering what somebody's ethnicity is," Carrick said.

Yet there was Natalie Reyes and Hal Netkin chatting it up (photo's were e-mailed), Hal Netkin a known member of American Patrol, a group listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an extreme racist organization whose membership collaborates with Neo-Nazis and KKK members. Natalie who are you coordinating the Mayor's campaign with (besides Cedillo)?

However, the most interesting note regarding today's events is the fact that Hahn's paid staffers were called back because their 2 hour's worth of pay was up -- Hahn only paid them for two hours of protest, so when 2pm came rolling around they hightailed it out of there. Or someone higher than Natalie called her back home. Either way the man they were there to protest Tony Villar gave an uninterrupted speech which was received by approximately 1,000 people (according to the Sheriff on duty).

While this occurred Hahn proceeded to open yet another coincidentally by the way, new police/civic/library/fire station. Cut and paste the opening "here."The Mayor was received by this good news with only 2 (NBC and KCAL) whole TV cameras to present his message to the City, 13 cameras attended the Villar festivities.Interesting day indeed.

The above post was written after reading 13 e-mails and receiving 15 pictures of today's events.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Jim Hahn - Return Your Fleishman-Hillard Money

Just received this e-mail from the Villaraigosa campaign.

Jim Hahn – Return Your Fleishman-Hillard Money
LOS ANGELES – It’s time for Jim Hahn to take responsibility for the campaign contributions he accepted from Fleishman-Hillard. The PR-company recently agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement with the city for over-billing. Hahn’s administration awarded $15 million in contracts to the firm.

Hahn needs to return the $32,700 that he received from Fleishman-Hillard. He should reveal how much money was raised at a July 2003 fundraiser hosted by Doug Dowie and return every contribution.

Jim Hahn – Return the $32,700 You Took from Fleishman-Hillard

In July 2003, Doug Dowie sent out an invite that read: “Thanks to the Los Angeles Times’ intrepid reporting, the secret is out: I am a fan of Mayor James Hahn.” The letter called on minority-owned businesses that receive a cut of the DWP contract and other city jobs to join Dowie at yet another City Club fund-raiser for Hahn. "Tickets are $1,000 per person and your check should be made out to 'Hahn for Mayor 2005.' Please bring it with you to the reception. Cheers, Doug." (“Money Player,” Kevin Roderick, 1/04)

In fact, records of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission show that Fleishman-Hillard and one of their employees paid for the cost of this fundraiser:

Cristy Edwardes
Hermosa Beach , CA 90254
Public Relations SpecialistFleishman-Hillard
Breakfast Costs
Fleishman-Hillard Inc.
Los Angeles , CA 90071

Breakfast Costs

We call on Jim Hahn to immediately return the $32,700 that his campaign has taken from Fleishman-Hillard.

Jim Hahn should immediately reveal how much money was raised at the July 2003 Doug Dowie fundraiser and return this money. We call on Jim Hahn to tell us why this Dowie fundraising invitation was never filed with the Ethics Commission.

Jim Hahn’s Fleishman-Hillard Contributions

Public Relations
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Account Executive
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Account Exec
Fleishman Hillard
Acct. Executive
Fleishman, Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Fleishman Hillard
Public Affairs Fleishman Hillard
Fleishman Hillard
Fleishman Hillard
Fleishman Hillard
Account Supervisor
Fleishman Hillard
Fleishman Hillard
Fleishman Hillard
Senior VP
Fleishman Hillard
Sr VP / Partner
Fleishman Hillard
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Regional President and
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Senior VP/ Partner
Fleishman Hillard
Steven P. R.
Senior Account Executive
Fleishman Hillard
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
$1000 (in-kind)


$500 (in-kind)
Public Relations Specialist
Steven P. R.
Senior Account Executive
Fleishman Hillard
Daniel F.
Fleishman & Hillard
Ellen M.
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Managing Supervisor
Fleishman & Hillard
Anita Dolores
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Specialist, Admin. Services
Fleishman Hillard
Jennifer L.
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Stodder, Jr.
Senior V.P./Partner
Fleishman Hillard
Douglas R.
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Fredrick Macadam
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Norton Orozco
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President/Partner
Fleishman Hillard
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Shannon M.
Managing Supervisor
Fleishman Hillard
Sr. V.P./ Partner
Fleishman Hillard
Managing Supervisor
Fleishman Hillard
Vice President
Fleishman Hillard
Stodder, Jr.
Senior V.P./Partner
Fleishman Hillard
Senior Vice President
Fleishman Hillard

Total $32,700

Where is Charles Fitzgerald? Day Seven

Let's recap:

Hahn's big money man Charles Fitzgerald lives in Venuatu because he is a criminal on the run.

Alan Abrams had the largest ethics violation levied against him in Ethics history.

Jim Hahn was the first elected official ever investigated by the Ethics Commission for unethical behavior.

And my Neighborhood Watch investigation has reached over 100 neighborhood watches -- no one e-mailed me any factual data, just some crazies yelling at me. Which I enjoy printing up and laying it as the crap catcher in my bird cage.

New Stuff:

Bob Horner? Carpet thickness in your office Jim Hahn?

Former criminal defense attorney? Who were your clients?

Former wife beaters were those your clients? Might be time to shred all those cases from Horner & Hahn Law Offices. Is this why as City Attorney you were so lenient on them?

More questions less answers from the Hahn campaign.

Hahn Should Return the Money

Today we learned how a possible Villar administration would operate if Mayor.

Take full responsibility of it's actions.

Tony Villar and crew have returned $47,000 dollars in campaign contributions out of an abundance of caution.

It took 1 day for the Villar campaign to take responsibility for its actions -- Hahn has yet to take responsibility for anything.

The same folks that Hahn is getting traction over gave him money in 2001 and 2002 -- Villar gave the money back -- Hahn should do the same.

In fact, I think a good scrubbing of all the folks that have received no-bid contracts during Hahn's tenure and have given money to any Hahn account should be returned as well. In fact, everyone being investigated by the DA, Grand Jury or the FBI should have their money returned. Everyone indicted should have their money returned by the Hahn campaign as should folks that live in Venuatu that have have donated to the Hahn campaign.

It took Villar one day to take responsibility for his actions --- Hahn has never taken responsibilty for his -- which is a main reason I want Hahn Gone.

Hahn is going down as quite possibly the worst mayor in LA history.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Recall is Dead, but Eliseo has a Song for you

While the city has come to grips with Hahn's involvement in the Recall campaign against Tony Villar -- Eliseo is still singing his little diddy. Clapping his hands and rolling his head -- let's all follow the bouncing ball as we all sing along.
"Take a look outside, Tell me what you're seeing People trying to survive day by day
Take a look in their eyes, Tell me what they're feeling Listen closely to what they have to say.
They say we're standing up, And we're marching together Until justice and freedom is everywhere.
They say we're tired of putting up, United together we can't give up So brothers and sisters, Black white yellow and brown It's high time, We've got make a change Gonna make a dream become a reality
It's high time, We've got to make a change Gonna make a change, In this society."

Listen to it hear - scroll down a bit to find the provocative Reggae-Ska song.

Snappy tune, what do you think?

Only Tony Villar can close down the border.


It was once said that “Only Nixon can go to China,” a reference to my old friend Dick Nixon – as a conservative Republican President with strong anti-communist credentials – as being the one who could open up diplomatic relations with the Communist Chinese with credibility.

Perhaps, its only Tony Villar who can make LA a more business friendly city, break the grip of unions and seriously address the issues of illegal immigration.

Now to be sure, David Hernandez, Hal Netkin, Al Rantel, Doug McIntyre and other leaders of the right wing flank – saddened by the loss of unlikely hero Wacko Walter Moore – have attached their wagon to a one James Kenneth Hahn. But their payoff is going to be minimal, if nil.

If James Hahn were to pull off some kind of miracle and actually win re-election, it would only be minimally traced to the rignt wing nut crowd. Remember, James Hahn is getting his money and muscle from the labor unions that have endorsed him – in one of the biggest (and perhaps dumbest) rolls of the dice in LA politics. If Jimmy survives, he owes more than a pound of flesh to Miguel Contreras and Julie Butcher who don’t have one thing in common with Hernandez, Netkin, et al. The wing nuts might get a thank you card and a photo of them on the third floor with the Mayor, but that’s about it. Jimmy Hahn is going to have to deliver the goods big time to his left wing supporters and if the wing nuts think we’re socialist now, watch out! Yes, Jimmy probably has them fooled.

Tony Villar on the other hand lost union support this time around, despite his strong labor credentials. Upon election, he won’t owe them anything. Whereas an old, stuffy, wannabe Republican, white guy Mayor such as Jim Hahn would get killed trying to cut back the unions, reform business taxes and regulations and even scaling back Special Order 40, Tony Villar has the street cred to get away with these things.

Jim Hahn's Mexican City

The latest cause du jour of the right wing nut flank – who have been making some good points about illegal immigration until now – is the silly uproar over an even sillier billboard put up by a third rate Spanish language television station.

The billboard in question, touting the news of Channel 62, has the words “Los Angeles, CA” with CA crossed out and replaced by the word “Mexico.” Al Rantel, Doug McIntyre and even Larry Elder have devoted significant airtime to this – not because it’s a substantive part of the serious problem we have with illegal immigration – but it fires up the old white people who love to call talkradio and rail about Mexicans. I know, I am an old white guy. Its almost as if they think this billboard has moved LA to Mexico.

Key to the discussion is a remark made by the station owner that “LA is a Hispanic city.” That really riled up the wing nuts.

Where this impacts the mayor’s race is that it presents yet another example of the wing nuts’ folly in supporting Jim Hahn. Antonio Villaraigosa, in condemning the billboard said “Last time I checked Los Angeles in California, not Mexico.” On the other hand, Jim Hahn has said many times “Los Angeles is a Mexican city!” (One step up on the outrage meter from what the station owner said in my view).

Do the wing nuts know that Jim Hahn had already moved LA to Mexico, way before this television station and their goofy billboard?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hahn's ACLU problem

Today we learned that Jim Hahn was a frequent contributor to the ACLU. In fact he consistently contributed to them while receiving their awards, attending their award functions and giving the key-note speech a couple of times.

Now Hahn won't let any comment go without mentioning those 4 letters A-C-L-U.

Question to Hahn -- if the ACLU was good enough for you when you were the City Attorney cracking down on gangs -- why isn't the ACLU good enough for you now?

How can you be for the ACLU and now against it? Without being a flip-flopper yourself.

More questions -- less answers from the Hahn administration.

Pitchforks and Broken Promises

PitchforkFresh off copping an endorsment from county seal crusader David Hernandez, hizzoner James Kenneth Hahn, has already bailed on them - cancelling on some county seal event he was supposed to go to.

Nonetheless, David is rallying the troops, pitchforks and all to stage a counter protest of John Kerry and Tony Villar at Valley College this weekend.

I will be in a southwestern state, so will have to miss the fun. Sounds like it could get ugly.

Green Blogs & Spam

Boi from Troy reports today that British Blogger Tom Coates says that blog Trackbacks are dead and that comments are soon to follow. The sickness behind this is spam.

Here at the Sister City, we have never used Trackbacks but our comments are a hallmark. Unless you call the Hahnista/Anti-ADV hourly drivel spam, I can say we have had no problems with spammers.

Sure, once in a while we have to police the comments section for unnecessary bullshit, extreme cutting and pasting and over the top slander, but for the most part our commentators are the best in the blog world - even when they are full of shit.

If spammers want to enter the Sister City, Chief Parker and I will roll over them like Ethel Bradley on a free appetizer. No Special Order 40 for spammers here!

MEAT was right -- Hahn is behind the Villar Recall

This Chief has never in his 62 year history of Los Angeles City engagement seen anything like this. Yesterday at the Koreatown debate which was a slugfest -- Recall Villaraigosa supporters were handing out documents that were paid for by Jim Hahn for Mayor 2005.

On the bottom of the flier it read --- "Printing Paid for by Jim Hahn for Mayor 2005 - General 5518 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036 * ID # 1275192

From day one this recall emerged MEAT was quoted all over this blog claiming that Jim Hahn operatives were behind this -- that Julie Wong was seen early on in an Eagle Rock meeting with recall backers and Sleazy Bar owners were initially behind it as well.

The recall has 9 days left to submit their signatures -- but we now know who is funding the recall.

Jim Hahn.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More Frames than a Picture Show

Today Jim Hahn released his 4th political frame on Tony Villar.

Here are the previous frames he has released.

1. Sacramento politician.
2. Flip-Flopper
3. Results vs rhetoric

And today the new frame -- change vs status quo.

Tony Villar has stuck to one frame -- "we can't afford 4 more years of FBI probes and corruption charges -- we need a fresh start."

Mr Hahn -- is Tony a Sacramento politician that flips-flops, but who is all rhetoric while standing up for the status quo?

I know i am an old retired police chief, but even i know politics 101.

Check Into Cash

paydayJimmy Hahn must be getting desperate enough that finally his press releases are making it to Mayor Sam.

Besides box cutters, Vignali, Hugh Rodham and the Lakers lousy 2005 season, The Mayor of Poop is now blaming Tony Villar for payday loans. Boy, I'd hate to see the Mayor's Lexis-Nexis bills for all the crap he's digging up. Then again, maybe Laura Chick wants to see them.

LOS ANGELES – Mayor Hahn today announced a policy to crack down on
payday loan companies which have been preying on low-income and
minority consumers in California since they were legalized by former
Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa and the Sacramento Legislature in 1996.

The payday loan industry did $40 billion in business in 2003, and
generated an extra $6 billion in finance charges alone. Mayor Hahn's
policy will toughen zoning restrictions to make it more difficult for
these companies to do business in Los Angeles, putting the full weight
of the Mayor's office into stopping their rapid growth. There are now
more than 2,100 licensed payday lenders in California, over 250 of
which are in the City of Los Angeles. According to a recent study, 60
percent of African-Americans and 49 percent of Latinos in California
live within a mile of a payday loan company.

Villaraigosa voted to legalize payday lending in 1996. That bill was
opposed by the Consumers Union, which argued that "Particularly
vulnerable consumers need special protection precisely because they
are desperate and willing to accept almost any terms that are
offered." Payday lenders in California are currently allowed to charge
a fee of up to $15 per $100 borrowed, an interest rate of 911 percent
on a one-week loan.

Jean Ann Fox, Director of Consumer Protection for the Consumer
Federation of America, said in 1998, "The payday loan industry is the
modern-day equivalent of 'loan-sharking.'"

According to Center for Responsible Lending senior policy associate
Susan Lupton: "It's legalized loan-sharking. It's throwing an anvil to
someone who needs a life preserver."

As Speaker and Speaker Emeritus, Villaraigosa also opposed efforts by
consumer advocates to reform the payday loan industry. During that
time, he raised over $17,000 from the payday lenders for his political
campaigns, including his 2001 campaign for mayor.

"When he had the chance to lead, Antonio Villaraigosa failed to stand
up for consumers," Mayor Hahn said. "Instead of protecting low-income
Californians, minorities and seniors, he opened them up to payday loan
sharks whose sole goal is to rip them off."

"The sad fact is, thanks to Antonio Villaraigosa's efforts, there are
more payday loan companies today in California than McDonalds and
Burger Kings combined. That's why I'm going crack down on these
companies. We need to make sure they can't set up shop in our
neighborhoods and take advantage of the neediest among us."

California passed a law in 2002, supported by consumer groups, to
increase the regulation of payday loan companies. But Mayor Hahn said
that was only a first step.

"California was one of the first states to legalize payday
loan-sharking," Mayor Hahn said. "I don't want it to be the last to
get them out of our neighborhoods. 14 states ban payday loan
companies, including New York. We need to make that kind of commitment
to protect the most vulnerable consumers here in L.A. and across our

Muni Wi Fi

wifiThe San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports today that the City of Burbank has turned on the first municipal hotspot in the San Fernando Valley in the Downtown shopping area.

Well this is not exactly true. For some time, the area surrounding Van Nuys City Hall has been a free wi-fi hotspot. Though I do admit the allure of sitting on the curb at Sylvan & Van Nuys Blvd. is not the same as doing it at a cool sidewalk cafe on San Fernando Road, or at Gordon Biersch. I guess you could sit in one of the bail bond offices in the Van Nuys Civic Center and do it.

Oh lord, when are the LA pols ever going to make this a livable city?

Hahn Watch

Today a new kid blog has entered the blog o" sphere. Well I welcome the competition I am also eager to see what sort of information they can scoop our site with.

To help them out -- I plan on releasing my Neighborhood Watch report on their blog -- it's a one time guest spot. So don't get used to it!

So go ahead and check out the new kids on the block and when you blog tell them Chief Parker sent you.


Chick Blasts ITA


Audit Finds Lack of Accountability and Circumvention of Process
Potential for "Misuse or Abuse of Public Dollars"

Los Angeles - The City's Information Technology Agency (ITA)
"systematically skirted" contracting requirements and avoided scrutiny
according to an audit released by City Controller Laura Chick.

"ITA cannot demonstrate that the outsourcing of work is awarded
through fair and open competition, that the decisions are beneficial to
the public, and that the agreements are detailed to ensure the public
receives full value for what they are paying. This lack of oversight
led to increased costs and the potential for misuse or abuse of public
dollars, " wrote Chick in a letter to the City's elected officials.

The ITA is charged with providing the City government with
information technology and infrastructure. The Agency has an annual
budget of $100 million.

Chick's audits of the contracting process include the Airport,
Port, Water and Power, Public Works, and CRA. Her audit of
Fleishman-Hillard Public Relations spurred a recent cash settlement
agreement of $4.5 Million to the City of Los Angeles.

Re-elected overwhelmingly last month to a second four year term,
Chick has worked diligently to save taxpayer dollars, improve city
services, eliminate waste and open up the City's books to greater public

The complete ITA audit, as well as all of the Controller's
audits and reports, can be accessed on her web site at

Barn Burner or Snooze? Stay Tuned!

Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick will hold a press availability
at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, April 26th, in her office, 200 North Main Street,
Room 300. Chick will be releasing her audit of the contracting
practices of the City of Los Angeles' Information Technology Agency.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Mayors of Los Angeles, 1850-2002

(may be incomplete!)
Alpheus P. Hodges 1850-51
Benjamin D. Wilson 1851-52
John G. Nichols 1852-53
Antonio F. Coronel
Stephen C. Foster 1854-55
Thomas Foster
Stephen C. Foster 1856
John G. Nichols 1856-59
Damien Marchessault
Henry Mellus 1860
Damien Marchessault
Jose Mascarel 1865-66
Cristobal Aguilar
Joel Turner
Cristobal Aguilar 1870-72
J. R. Toberman 1872-74
Prudent Beaudry 1874-76
Frederick A. MacDougal
J. R. Toberman
Cameron E. Thom
Edward F. Spence
William H. Workman 1886-88
John Bryson 1888-89
Henry T. Hazard 1889-92
Thomas E. Rowan
Frank Rader 1894-96
Meredith Pinxton Snyder 1896-98
Fred Eaton
Meredith Pinxton Snyder
Owen C. McAleer
Arthur C. Harper 1906-09
William D. Stephens
George Alexander
Henry R. Rose
Charles E. Sebastian
Frederick T. Woodman
Meredith Pinxton Snyder
George E. Cryer
John Clinton Porter
Frank L. Shaw 1933-38
Fletcher Bowron
C. Norris Poulson
Samuel W. Yorty
Tom Bradley
Richard J. Riordan 1993-2001
James K. Hahn

Wing Nuts for Jim Hahn

Wing nutCounty seal crusader David Hernandez proves that even a good guy can make a mistake once in a while.

He just sent out a missive that was passed on to us asking folks to support Jim Hahn, in part, because it was the ACLU morons who scared the diarrhea out of the blowhard county supes who wiped clean our old county seal. Of course, Jim Hahn never came out in defense of the county seal (designed by his own dear old dad) until he was 20 points behind with less than a month to go in the election of his life.

Indeed, we detailed how the Mayor De Caca himself finally got religion at the last minute and came out in favor of the seal. As well, no one has proven that Tony Villar opposed the seal to begin with.

Interesting too that Hernandez's endorsement of LA's version of Gray Davis comes just as Jimmy Boy tossed his support to the new efffort to once again bring back the old seal. I truly hope this is no quid pro quo, ehh Dah-vid?

You see my friends, Jim Hahn has no record to run on and perhaps a criminal one coming his way. All of this crap - the seal, claiming Tony raped a woman with box cutters, the Carlos Vignali letter, all of it - is designed to take your eyes off a failure of an administration that has been described as the most unethical since Frank Shaw (sorry Frank, nothing personal). He wants you to worry about this kind of crap, and not that he has accomplished nothing in terms of the things he promised he would do four years ago when elected.

Mack Reed by the way goes into this in more detail at LA Voice - how the mayor is trying every dirty trick in the book to sway the spotlight off his sorry ass.

So in desperation, Jimmy Hahn is firing up - and using - the right wing nuts because he lost the Blacks and the Valley voters who once supported him. Trouble is, the right wing nuts are letting themselves be used. Jimmy is running around with an metaphoric elephant on his lapel as if he is no less a socialist than Tony Villar. Well the right wing nuts better take a look at Jimmy Hahn's support for Special Order 40, socialist schemes like the housing trust fund, banning Wal-Mart and his coziness with the unions. Oh yea, Jim is a Reagan Republican.

For those of you Republicans who are on the fence - know that a lot of Republicans such as Richard Riordan and many Valley leaders are supporting Villaraigosa. You can judge these two guys on the issues and make a decision - fair. But don't fall into the trap that even some top notch radio broadcastes such as Doug McIntyre and Al Rantel are falling into. Jim Hahn is not a conservative nor even one iota more conservative than Tony Villar. Kam Kuwata has slyly created an unholy alliance with Wacko Walter, Hal Netkin and other wing nuts that is going to come back to haunt them.

I can say these things, because I - Mayor Sam - am a bit of a right wing nut myself. But I will not be fooled by Jimmy Hahn. Sure, I may be taking a dump in the toilet with my vote for Tony Villar, but I'll gamble with new shit, than the same old stinking shit I've been dealing with for four years now.

Black-Latino Coalition

The New York Times sent one of it's best reporters John Broder out into the field with a story on an unprecedented alliance between Tony Villar and the African American community.

Some excerpts.

"Mr. Hahn is running for re-election and is the decided underdog in his runoff next month against Antonio Villaraigosa, a member of the City Council and the man Mr. Hahn narrowly defeated in 2001. With the enthusiastic help of numerous African-American leaders, including Mr. Parks, who is also a city councilman now, Mr. Villaraigosa is patching together a black-Latino coalition unlike any ever seen in this vast, diverse city.

...Today, however, surveys show that less than half of African-American voters support Mr. Hahn."

The Mayor Resigns!

Mayor Dick Murphy resigned today as mayor of San Diego.

ABC News has it.

As reported by the AP "SAN DIEGO Apr 25, 2005 — Mayor Dick Murphy resigned Monday amid a widening federal investigation..."

Replace the words Dick Murphy with Jim Hahn and you have the same headline -- federal investigations can get annoying i suppose.

A Bone

As posted earlier.

IT WAS A MERE LAPSE IN JUDGMENT on their parts to write letters in support of convicted cocaine dealer, Carlos Vignali, said Los Angeles mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa and Roger Cardinal Mahony. On Monday, February 12, the Los Angeles Times reported that Mahony, Villaraigosa and other prominent Southern California politicians had written letters to President Bill Clinton asking him to review Vignali's case. On his last day in office, Clinton commuted Vignali's 15-year federal prison sentence.In a written statement, reported in the Tuesday, February 13 Los Angeles Times, Cardinal Mahony stated, "I was approached about the possibility of writing a letter to former President Bill Clinton on behalf of Mr. Carlos Vignali Jr., the purpose of the letter was to seek a further review of the facts, the law and the processes used in his case. I made it clear that I was incapable of making a judgment about his guilt or innocence. Regardless of the merits of the case, I made a serious mistake in writing to the president and I broke my decades-long practice of never sending a letter on behalf of any person whom I did not know personally. I apologize for not following my own principles in this matter." The Times said Mahony's office would not return calls asking for clarification on who approached him asking him to write the letter in behalf of Vignali.It is unclear what made Mahony break his "decades-long practice" in the case of Vignali. Villaraigosa, however, has received $2,795 in political contributions from Vignali's father, Horatio. Villaraigosa denies that his intervention in Carlos Vignali's case had nothing to do with the contribution. "I was convinced at the time ... that his son was not a major player in this drug ring," Villaraigosa told Associated Press. "I made a mistake in not investigating." The elder Vignali has donated over $160,000 to Villaraigosa and other Southern California political figures since his son's incarceration six years ago, said the Times report. Horatio Vignali has donated $11,000 to Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca's campaigns since July 1994; and $3,500 to United States Representative Xavier Becerra. Becerra, along with Representative Esteban Torres, wrote letters to Clinton asking for a reconsideration of Carlos Vignali's case. Sheriff Baca asked that Vignali be transferred to a California state prison.

Where is Charles Fitzgerald? Day Four

Today we learn from Matt Szabo how not to run a media strategy.

Releasing the Hahn schedule -- which the Chief has a copy of -- we can see all the times Mayor Poopy visited Alan Abrams with Charles Fitzgerald in tow.

While Alan Abrams hides out in his condo in Westwood, Charles Fitzgerald is picking coconuts in Venuatu -- a place not known for its beautiful beaches (which it has) but a place where felons on the run call home. Why? Simple.

There is no extradition process there.

As for other news -- AP major help from Sen John Kerry. Seems like having friends in the Senate is paying off -- Where is DiFi when you need her?

Happy Monday to all.

Tony Villar Get Your Ass on KABC

Open letter to Antonio "Tony Villar" Villaraigosa.

Mayor Sam is going to vote for you because you have some good ideas, but mostly because you're not Jim Hahn.

Jim Hahn has been a disaster for this city, and you can do far better. Therefore I'm putting it on the line and doing as I did in 2001 and reluctantly voting for you. (As everyone knows Mayor Sam voted for Bob Hertzberg in the primary and in 2001 voted for Joel Wachs).

But there is one thing I am calling upon you to do. Accept the offer from hosts on KABC Talkradio to appear on their show. It can be Doug McIntyre or Al Rantel, whomever. Going on Brian Whitman or Leo Terrell's show doesn't count.

Alcalde Hahn de Caca has been appearing regularly on those programs and lying through his teeth about your record. To top it off, yesterday they gave three hours of airtime to Wacko Walter!!!! The Mayor is portratying himself as some sort of law and order Republican and you as a socialist, Mexican nationalist. You have to rebut.

KABC voters vote in big numbers. There are the dedicated hardcord right wing nuts who won't vote for you, but thousands of other listeners who were on the fence are getting their impression of you from Mayor Poopy and Wacko Walter, among all of the folks Hal Netkin probably has calling in claiming all kinds of wild things.

Meat, or someone pass this on to Tony. I know he doesn't want to waste his time with the right wing nuts on that station - but Tony can go on there, be himself, agree to disagree and suck it up.

Otherwise you risk that piece of crap Jim Hahn defining you on a near daily basis on that station.

Friday, April 22, 2005

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Like Candy From A Baby

Sounds like the LA Young Democrats got scammed by a legion of
Poopeteers. Not only did they stack the deck to get an YD endorsement
for the "Mayor" but took some of their dough on the way out too.

Very sad.

Here is is the story from our friends at the San Fernando Valley Young
Democrats blog:

Tomorrow I'll post the remainder of my CDP Convention re-cap.
(Trust me, there ain't much left to tell.) But today I feel it
necessary to call attention to a grave injustice done last night to our
sister organization, the Los Angeles County Young Democrats.

LACYD is a terrific club -- many of you may know them best by

their bitchin' debate-watching parties last year at Cinespace in
Hollywood, or by their co-organization of our Mayoral debate in
January. And truth be told, they would probably rather I didn't
highlight the episode I'm about to recount. But what happened last
night is an illustrative example of political hardball and a warning to
every club that makes candidate endorsements, including ours.

Last night was LACYD's mayoral endorsement meeting. It took

place at Acapulco in Hollywood, and like our own was jam packed.
LACYD's Executive Board had recommended Antonio Villaraigosa, and he
needed 50% of the membership to secure the club's endorsement. But in
an incredible upset, Mayor Hahn was endorsed by the membership by a
60%+ vote.

The reason this happened is simple, and owes to LACYD's

endorsement rules. Under their by-laws, anybody who fits the club's age
range can show up on the day of an endorsement, sign up to be a club
member, and vote. This leaves the club vulnerable to vote stacking, and
I contend this is exactly what transpired. At last night's meeting, a
large portion of the room consisted of Hahn staffers and/or campaign
workers who had signed up for membership either last night or at the
Mayoral primary endorsement in February. They came, they registered,
they voted. But LACYD may never hear from them again.

Let me first say there is nothing terribly surprising about

this. Democratic club elections have fallen prey to this device for
years. In fact, one of the reasons clubs don't fix this loophole is
that it is a decent way to attract new membership. I myself signed up
for SFVYD originally because the Howard Dean campaign had urged
volunteers to pick a Democratic Club that would eventually endorse. Of
course, I signed up well ahead of the actual endorsement and as you can
see, I stuck around. But regardless, there is nothing inherently wrong
with signing up for a Dem club to help out a candidate. And one could
make the argument that at this endorsement, Hahn put in the effort to
bring out his peeps and thus deserves the spoils. Or something like

But in this case, the Hahn contingent took the game one step

further. Twisting the shiv, they called for a vote on LACYD donating
the maximum amount allowable ($1,000) to the Hahn campaign, and of
course the vote passed. This was not the good faith action of a
campaign playing political hardball -- but rather the work of parasites
with no respect for the organization they acted to influence.

I have nothing but respect and sympathy for LACYD in this

situation. Their Executive board acted with the utmost professionalism
and decorum. For that reason alone, it is possible that some of these
one-night stand voters may come back. But most of all, this story could
easily have been about SFVYD, because WE HAVE THE SAME ENDORSEMENT
RULE. It's true: SFVYD allows folks to register and vote the same
night. After witnessing last night's infamy at Acapulco, I will be
pushing for a by-law change for SFVYD that would require voters to be
club members for at least a month. I urge our sister organization to
consider the same.

And to those who swung last night's election at LACYD: I hope

you have the courtesy to continue supporting LACYD when the Mayor's
race is over. The respect of your peers will ultimately be of far
greater importance than your allegiance to any one political candidate.

-- Posted by Damian Carroll, SFVYD President

Visit SFVYD on the web at www.sfvyd.org
for the latest on club happenings and catch up on the most recent BLOG

Where is Charles Fitzgerald? Day One

Before I reveal where Charles Fitzgerald is, let's take a look at the type of man Charles is.

Charles Fitzgerald along with his partner Alan Abrams developed a scheme in which their companies would vastly overvalue loans statewide. 84 to be exact.

How did they allegedly pull it off?

Through forgery, identity theft and misrepresentation.

These forgeries, identity thefts and misrepresentations are also outlined in the $140 million dollar Lehman Bros suit against them.

Back in June 2003 KCAL did an investigation on Charles Fitzgerald and Abrams.

They were also spending money on questionable campaign contributions.
Abrams was a contributor to Mayor Hahn, according to the mayor's office -- enough to get a picture with the mayor inscribing on it, "Mark -- thanks for always being there supporting our beloved city. You're the greatest."

But behind the scenes, Abrams allegedly instructed his employees and their friends to donate to the mayor's campaign and others. And then he would reimburse them, sometimes in cash. "It was either a $500 or $1,000 check (that) we got back," Matthew Compton says.

That's illegal according to Robert Stern of the Center for Governmental Studies. "This is the ultimate sin in campaign financing."

But our investigation found at least seven instances of contributions from people who claim they were reimbursed or their check was forged. And insiders say there may be more...

...Since the Lehman lawsuit was filed, Fitzgerald, his wife and children have fled the country. Court documents reveal they've "moved to an island in the South Pacific where there are no extradition treaties."

Chief Parker knows where they are -- they live in the country of Vanuatu. Because there is no extradition process in this country - the FBI, the DA and the 2 grand juries are unable to question this felon on the run. Charles Fitzgerald is living on an Atoll in Vanuatu. There is only one on this set of islands.

The man who contributed over $70,000 dollars to James K Hahn Independent expenditures, the one man that can clear up all the innuendo and rumors, sits in a country known for harboring the worlds felons and tax cheats, he sits there buying his time. Waiting, patiently for his next order --- perhaps with all the extra time he has in this country that doesn't have a US ambassador or an extradition treaty with the US, perhaps he can erase from his memory all the criminal activities he did to investors, the real facts regarding the $140 million dollar lawsuit against him, and the truth behind James K Hahn and whether or not our mayor is a criminal.

Paying City Employees, to Play in a Campaign

Today's Daily News scoops the LA Times and the rest of the media with a story on Hahn forcing city employees to work overtime for an April 25th ribbon cutting.

But because of the mayoral election overtime was all of sudden forced to get the work done sooner, and according to Beth Barrett's report the overtime was being forced long before the rains ever came.

"We've been here seven days a week," said one worker, who asked not to be identified out of fear of losing his job. "It's for the wrong purpose: the election."

How does one defend this? If it wasn't the rains? Was it the City Council meeting in May? City Councilman Tony Cardenas wasn't concerned about the meeting -- was Hahn?

How convenient -- a building that was slated to be open in June - was pushed up using taxpayer dollars so Hahn can have his photo-op.

More taxpayer dollars spent on PR photo-ops.

Looks Like We'll Hit 100,000 Today or Tomorrow

If anyone is on the site when it happens and can get a screen shot, we'll kiss you.

Mayor Poopy Gets Religion

Word has it that Mayor Hahn has formally endorsed the "save our County
Seal" drive. No, this is not some effort to rescue an official
municipal marine mammal, but an effort to restore the 1950s era Los
Angeles County Seal desgined by Mayor Poop's dad, Kenneth Hahn. After
all, it took nearly 50 years for the ACLU, Zev Yarovslasky, Gloria
Molina & Yvonne Burke to outlaw the current seal because of the
inclusino of a tiny mission cross.

Former Republican Congressional candidate David Hernandez - with support
from radio talk show host Dennis Prager - took the lead to head up an
effort to save the seal that had been voided by a majority of the County
Supervsiors. The drive has had some setbacks - such as not getting the
hundreds of thousands of signatures necessary - but continues on.

As the newest Jimmy Come Lately to the effort, Mayor Poop couldn't have
picked better timing. While his sister the Councilwoman endorsed the
effort months ago, Poop has been relatively quiet until now. Even
during the first part of the campaign, the Mayor didn't get involved.
But now that he is on the ropes in a potentially career ending election
race, the Poopster needs to squeeze out every Republican, conservative,
religous vote he can get, despite the fact that he is a typical
California blue state left wing nut.

Well Poop, we too want to save the county seal and even have some seal
memorabilia in our gift shop. Now that you've come on board, I hope you
buy some stickers!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another Tony Villar Endorsement

Melrose LarryLos Angeles legend and Howard Stern Show cast member, Melrose Larry Green, has endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor.

Larry is no fan of public corruption and he apparentely must be convinced that Jim Hahn is the most ethically challenged mayor since Frank Shaw. Melrose wrote the book"Why The Clintons Belong In Prison," so he must know something about graft and crooked politicians.

UPDATE: In the race for irrelevant celebrity endorsements, Boi from Troy reports that Mayor Poopy has picked up the endorsement of famed milk drinker, Pat Boone.

Who's next? Richard Simmons?

Preschool For All?

Earlier this week Rob Reiner unleashed a new statewide initiative to provide free voluntary preschool for every 4 year old in the state.

Joined by republican Sheriff Lee Baca and Nancy Daly Riordan, Reiner will impose a tax on couples that makeover $800,000 a year to generate the revenue to provide every child with preschool.

Today's Daily News and Sacramento Bee make reference of it today.

Is this an issue that can unite Sister City? To either support or oppose?

Where Is Mayor Sam?

Now that a new Pope has been elected, I can come home and get back to work.

Wacko Walter is going to be guest hosting on KABC radio Sunday night. I think their colon powder infomercials are more interesting.

Does anyone think that Rocky settled that FH lawsuit so it wouldn't go to trial and embarrass the mayor? FH and the mayor both dodged a bullet for now.

Go play on the freeway morons!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Getting dirty are we?

Looks like MEAT as usual has started another war of words.

So let's fight.

I want all the Pro Villar and Pro Hahn crazies to use this post to get as dirty as you want.

Everyone keep your mouthpieces in at all times, everyone must wear protected cups, and no hitting below the belt.

Have fun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Villar raises over $1.8 million

Today the Tony Villar campaign unleashed a press release proclaiming that they have hit the $1.8 million dollar mark.

They have raised around $1.2 million in 15 days -- whoever their finance team is -- must be one of the best in the nation. Considering that the most any one contributer can give is $1,000.

Does anyone know who is raising Tony's money? Must be some professional hacks.

How much has Hahn raised -- anyone know?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Daily Kos Chimes In

The #1 political blog in the nation Daily Kos has chimed in on the Mayor's race.

Kos is singularly responsible for getting Congressmembers elected and Howard Dean as DNC chair.

His leadership in the blogger community is unparalleled.

I hope he continues to track out little race here in Los Angeles.

The Post debate spin

So yesterday Tony Villar and Jim Hahn had a debate. And nobody showed up, there were empty seats in the Museum and empty seats in the press box. The number of reporters was much lower than the 1st debate at the Museum of Tolerance.

The Chief was all over the place -- the mood inside the debate was very partisan, pro-villar and pro-hahnistas equally matched.

The most energetic point of the debate was when Jim Hahn said there wasn't much in the e-mails -- then Villar quickly retorted "there's not much in your administration either."

Depending on how you look at it -- most folks believe Hahn needed a homerun, and it appears all he did was safely bunt on to first base. Villar would not let any attack go unchallenged, without reframing the mayor under his own terms.

Villar kept on saying "fresh start" genius to whomever came up with that pivot from the attack on Hahn. "We can't afford four more years of corruption probes and FBI investigations, we need a fresh start."

Hahn's response, "stop using innuendo and rumors". Very weak response.

I am also hearing that Hahn's money problems are getting much worse, not better.

Mayor Sam Says Hello!

Greetings Tinhorns,

I've managed a few moments to say hello to all my fans and once again thank Chief Parker for a job well done.

I'm going to be busy until at least after the election, so you won't hear much from me. I even had to apply for an absentee ballot this year. Shame, I'm going to miss my local poll workers.

Besides being busy, this damn election has me bored to tears. Can't we just put Jim Hahn out of his misery and have the election today? Maybe we need to have Randall Terry, Sean Hannity and the Republican Senate leadership come out here and maintain a vigil for the Mayor. Talk about a slow death!

I don't share the Chief's enthusiasm for Tony Villar, but he is the superior of the two candidates and I will vote for him. But to be honest, I really don't have much more to say about the election.

When its over, I'm looking forward to having all of you play on the freeway and gargle with razor blades as I bring over some new topics and new ideas. I'm also planning on a major upgrade of the site at some point.

Blog away dum, dums. And welcome to our new CD14 guests. Play nice.

Sam Yorty
37th Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The 3 signs your campaign is over


You claim on fundraising "we will have enough money to get our message out." This usually means you are not able to raise enough money, (30k a day isn't enough) and that your campaign has been abandoned by the donors.


Your campaign claims that the only poll that matters is the one on election day. Survey USA has Tony up by 32 points, LA Times had Tony up by 18 points. Tony's internals had him up by 20 points, other polls have him up 16 points. This week Jim Hahn was out in the field polling -- yet when reporters asked him about the numbers, they deny a poll exist. Perhaps because the one that matters is the one on election day.


Your campaign claims it's got the best field organization out there and that the field component will win the campaign. The best field can do is give you a 3-5% bump (this of course assumes your opposition has no field). Reports from the LA Times claims that on a regular weekend Tony Villar has over 1,000 volunteers citywide working and walking the neighborhoods.

Perhaps with the the addition of Donnie Fowler the Hahn campaign can turn things around, but so far they are not giving the quotes winning campaigns say.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Today in Council

Note to Jim Hahn regarding campaign strategy.

Jim, when your opponent wants to bring up a subject that you don't want to be brought up, or if your opponent uses maneuvers in Council to highlight a sensitive subject. Sometimes, and only sometimes it's best to roll-over and pretend your opponent is wasting their time and whatever tactic your opponent is trying doesn't faze you.

Wonder why this strategy works? Simple, it doesn't give the media any story to cover, there is no clash to cover, just some arcane council maneuvering that no voter would understand.

Instead you have your council colleagues fight a Prop. 5 maneuver.

Dumb, very dumb. Some (MEAT) might even call you a dun-dum for it.

Today in council Tony Villar supporters tried to Prop 5 the airport concession contracts over the Airport Commission.

The vote was 6-5, they needed 8 votes for Prop 5 to kick in.

The 5 councilpeople against invoking Prop 5 were all Jim Hahn supporters. Made something that would not have been covered, covered.

I fully expect the LA Times and Daily News to cover this non-story story, which was only turned into a story because of Hahn supporters. Which means tomorrow Angelinos are going to wake up right into another Pay to Play story, nicely fitting in Tony Villar's strategy.

I want a battle -- not a stomping.


Right now I have found over 84 neighborhood watches, i need to know how many were in the district before Tony Villar became a Councilmember.

I am finding most of the Neighborhood watches by calling Hollenbeck and Northeast pretending to live in different neighborhoods, it's working. I don't want to call the Villaraistas mainly because i think they will feed me biased info.

Please e-mail the chief.

Debate note: This sunday at the Museum of Tolerance - The Chief will be watching. The Chief will be in attendance.

Daily News and the Chief

DAILY NEWS Stem cell bungle
Hahn administration's lack of drive reflected in research center application failure
If there's a perfect illustration of how Mayor James Hahn's benignly neglectful administration has been, it is the bungling of the application to host the state's $3 billion stem cell research center.
Word came Tuesday that Los Angeles -- California's largest city -- was cut from the finalists' list because it didn't properly complete the paperwork and meet the set criteria. In other words, all the mayor's merry staff men and women, his access to high-priced consultants and his pals among L.A.'s superwealthy and superpowerful insiders couldn't even follow basic directions. Civic leaders in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego and even little Emeryville could, but not L.A.
It was a telling display of why the mayor's bid for a second term is in such serious trouble that he barely made the May 17 runoff. In a city that's famous for the marketing genius of Hollywood, the mayor couldn't even put together a sales pitch worthy of consideration.
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine won't create many jobs directly. The real benefit would come from companies wanting to locate close to ground zero for $3 billion in research funding, as well as the expertise available to local research facilities at University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles.
Hahn came to understand the value of this deal frighteningly late, despite the cheerleading by some of his top advisers nearly a year ago. But when he called the media to a big show of sending the application -- just hours before the deadline in March -- he suddenly was the biggest, if most belated, champion of the center.
It must have been no surprise to Hahn's campaign team that the news about the application process wouldn't be good for him because they chose to trot out the old, tired attack on rival Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa over the letter that he -- and Cardinal Roger Mahony and dozens of other prominent figures -- sent asking for clemency for the son of a major Democratic political contributor whose son was convicted of dealing crack.
It worked in 2001. But that was before the citizens of Los Angeles had four years of Hahn's administration fumbling through its civic responsibilities, never acknowledging mistakes and breaking out the same deny-and-deflect technique.
It's enough already. If Hahn really wants another term as mayor, he's going to have to wake up to the realities of the city and get to work fixing what's broken.
If Los Angeles is ever going to live up to its potential, it needs to have a leader as dynamic, energetic and visionary as its people.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hertzberg for Villar

LA Observed as already posted on it. Channel 2 and 9 have talked about it.

I can say without any doubt it is happening.

Tomorrow Bob Hertzberg endorses Tony Villar.

Another cluster bomb for Hahn in the San Fernando Valley.

Some interesting side notes regarding today though.

Why does Hahn do a press conference about "flat tires" when his campaign is the perfect metaphor for it?

Why does Hahn call Bob Hertzberg everyday looking to stop his endorsement.

Why is Hahn locked up in his fundraisers office for 7 hours a day but only able to raise 30 thousand on "good" day?

Questions -- Bob Hertzberg got answers.

We will hear them tomorrow.

Chick and Parks go on the Airwaves Today

In an usual move the Villaraigosa campaign launches their TV campaign today.

Spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to pummel Jim Hahn everyday til election day.

After seeing the LA Times poll and the Survey USA poll, the Villaraigosa campaign doesn't give Jim Hahn one day of rest.

Here is the script to the commercials.


Villaraigosa for Mayor
TV: 30


As your Controller, I've been working to stop the connection between contracts and campaign contributions at City Hall.

Corruption undermines confidence in government and costs taxpayers millions of dollars.

It's unacceptable, and it's time for a change. That's why I'm supporting Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor.

I know Antonio, and I trust him. As mayor, he'll work with me to crack down on waste and corruption and make government work for people again.

I'm voting for Antonio, I hope you will, too.


Villaraigosa for Mayor
TV: 30


For 40 years this city has been my life, it still is. I ran for mayor because we need a change.

I've worked with Antonio Villaraigosa. I know what kind of man he is. The best mayors reach out and work with people of all communities. That's the kind of mayor he'll be.

He knows how to listen. He's committed to economic development, to better schools, and public safety. I'm voting for Antonio, I hope you will too.

This cannot be a good day for Jim Hahn, with the Los Angeles Times poll on the front page and the stem cell story on the front page of the California section and now these same readers watching on their TV screens Laura Chick and Bernard Parks bashing him.

This Chief gets the timing issue, but is it really that much fun to have the daylights kicked out of you day after day, after day, after day.

Stem Cell Debate Continues

In today's Daily News and LA Times (slow pokes) they finally report on an issue we've known for quite some time (hours not days) that Los Angeles is not in the final four.

Daily News:

SACRAMENTO -- In a blow to the city's prestige and economy, Los Angeles' last-minute bid to become home to the state's new $3 billion stem cell research agency failed to meet two minimum requirements Tuesday as four other cities made the short list of finalists....

"The bid was supposed to be complete when it was turned in," said Walter Barnes, acting chief administrative officer of the institute. "The fact they did not provide anything on these minimum requirements is all (the chances) they get...."

Jack Kyser, chief economist of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., called the failure a blow to Los Angeles' efforts to promote itself as a biomedicine rival to the Bay Area.
"There would have been a tremendous amount of prestige, but also it would have made people recognize that L.A. is a player in biomedicine," Kyser said. "We have a huge base, but we don't have the recognition. It's the Bay Area, it's Orange County, it's San Diego that are the players in biomed. Yet you have so much research being done around the (L.A.) area..."

Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles failed to make the short list of cities vying to land California's $3-billion stem cell institute Tuesday, after state officials said the city did not complete the proper paperwork...
Shannon Murphy, Hahn's spokeswoman, said city officials had been in contact with the state's Department of Governmental Services, which oversaw the bids, and had tried unsuccessfully to clear up the points in contention.In particular, she said city officials had complied with the requirement for an irrevocable lease offer. A City Council resolution that was passed prior to the bid should have been enough, she said."We provided clarifying information to the state, and it's unfortunate that the state doesn't see it our way," she said.Matt Bender, spokesman for the Department of Governmental Services, said in response: "The staff report speaks for itself."

In my previous posting my source was incorrect on one of the finalist cities - I listed San Jose instead of Sacramento.

LA Voice claims i was wrong on the reason Los Angeles didn't get into the finals.

"UPDATE 2: Chief Parker did indeed get the short list wrong, and got the cause wrong: L.A. apparently failed to make the correct offer of facilities, rather than failing to fill out the application correctly."

I wrote that we filled out the application wrong.

The Los Angeles Times reports we "did not complete the proper paperwork."

Same thing!

Not filling out the "proper" paperwork is wrong.

You got me on the listing the wrong cities - but blasting holes in what i post hopefully doesn't become a new sport for you Mack.

Cause the Chief doesn't lose.

Hahn Blasts Villar

In today LA Times Hahn goes on the attack against Tony Villar.

Daily News has this story as well.

Jessica Garrison reports..."There are some more questions here that need to be answered," Hahn said. The mayor charged that Villaraigosa "continues to evade responsibility" for his actions and he called on Villaraigosa to release all of his phone records and electronic communications pertaining to Vignali...

Rick Orlov writes..."My opponent keeps saying this is an election about trust," said Hahn, who also raised the Vignali letters as an issue during the 2001 mayoral election. "I think he needs to come forward to answer this and offer an explanation for his role in this. He has never satisfactorily answered it."

Does this attack still work? And why bring it up again if every voter already knows this about Antonio? Is it to remind them just in case they forgot? Just wondering.

If you read Orlov's entire article at the end he reports that Mayor Hahn is unsure whether he will use this issue in his ads again.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

LA Times Poll

LA Times just released their poll online.

Antonio Villaraigosa - 53%

Jim Hahn - 35%

Undecided -12%

There are glimmers of hope for Hahn. Republicans -- roughly a quarter of the city's electorate -- strongly favor his re-election, as do conservatives. He is also receiving more credit for accomplishments now than in polls earlier in the campaign -- particularly for the drop in crime.

For now, however, large groups of voters whom campaign strategists have pegged as up for grabs are tilting heavily toward Villaraigosa. Among them are those who voted in the mayoral election last month for Councilman Bernard C. Parks, who has endorsed Villaraigosa, and former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg of Sherman Oaks.Parks voters favor Villaraigosa over Hahn, 50 percent to 34 percent. Hertzberg voters also prefer Villaraigosa over the mayor, 52 percent to 28 percent.An ominous trend for Hahn is his steep decline in support among voting blocs that drove his 7-point victory over Villaraigosa in their runoff contest four years ago.

Very interesting data to shift through - have fun bloggers.

Survey USA poll

Survey USA just unleashed their newest poll:

Antonio Villaraigosa - 64%
Jim Hahn - 32%
Undecided - 3%


Now I do recall the heated debate on the blog over the validity of this poll, but in light of the fact that no one believes polls from either camp, no one believes the LA Times poll, my question to the bloggers is -- which poll do you respect?

And anyone that says the poll on election day is barred from this blogsite.

More Indictments (possibly) and Emeryville Beats Los Angeles

Today's Daily News and LA Times report that federal prosecutor Adam Kamenstein remarked yesterday that he expects a grand jury to return a superceding indictment against Stodder and an additional defendant in April or May.

An excerpt from the Daily News:

Laurie Levenson, a former federal prosecutor and Loyola Law School professor, said the disclosure indicates more people are cooperating "or they would have been named in the first indictment."

"They'll continue to do the squeeze play."

Levenson said another indictment - even if it doesn't involve a current or former Hahn administration official - would hurt the mayor politically.
"It's all bad for Hahn," she said. "It's like picking the scab off and constantly reminding people of corruption."

excerpt from the LA Times:

Fleishman-Hillard, a St. Louis-based firm that had cultivated extensive political connections in Los Angeles, wrote speeches, letters, media plans and news releases for Mayor Hahn. Many of the news releases were written on Hahn's letterhead and made minimal or no mention of the utility. Records indicate that the firm was in almost daily contact with the mayor's office, work for which it billed the DWP

Not that any of this is funny, but yesterday Hahn was doing the right thing by standing up and trying to clean up King Drew medical center.

But just read the following from yesterday's LA Times:

When asked about the timing of his announcement, Hahn said, "I can't help that there is an election scheduled."


I personally find this funny because Hahn has single-handedly took away from Hahn supporters a line they have been trying to thread here on this very blog. That the corruption probes on the mayor's office are political in nature.

Well I suppose the FBI like the Mayor (quoting Jim Hahn now) "the FBI can't help that there is an election scheduled."

Truly priceless.

Wait, this wasn't supposed to be about indictments but another new topic regarding the Hahn administration.

We have received several e-mails from Cities across the state and local people in the know that the Stem Cell folks have narrowed their list to 4 Cities. These cities are in the running to host the base for the $3 billion dollar Stem Cell bond initiative.

1. San Jose
2. San Francisco
3. San Diego
4. Emeryville

What the hell is Emeryville doing on that list?

Didn't the Mayor of Los Angeles propose...The mayor’s proposal was submitted to an independent oversight committee, and calls for 17,000 square feet of office space at City National Plaza (formerly ARCO Plaza) at Fifth and Flower streets in Downtown L.A. to be used for the headquarters. Thomas Properties Inc. owns the two buildings totaling more than 2 million square feet at City National Plaza; chief executive Jim Thomas has been a close Hahn ally and is also on the board overseeing the $1.2 billion Grand Avenue project....
In a press conference announcing the bid, Hahn mentioned both university’s efforts in the biomedical research arena as key reasons why the institute’s board should site their headquarters in Los Angeles.
The city also offered free access to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the institute’s larger meeting needs, as well as $1 million in foundation grant funding to help support the institute’s administrative needs. In his bid letter, Hahn mentioned that the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and the Keck Foundation had agreed to put up a total of $500,000 toward that grant funding.

Read about Hahn's proposal here and here and here and here.

But why read all of those press accounts when you can just read about it straight from Jim Hahn's own website

Save that PDF as I expect it will no longer be available to the public much longer.

So now that I've primed the pump somewhat, let me explain why the City of Los Angeles lost to Emeryville. WE FILLED OUT THE APPLICATION WRONG!

It's not because Emeryville has better universities that compete with USC or UCLA.

It's not because they have brighter students than Cal-Tech, in fact here are the schools likely to lead the Stem Cell $3 billion dollar revolution of jobs and cures for diseases.

Emeryville's leading institutions of learning:

National Holistic Institute
Coastal Valley College
Silicon Valley College

I can see how Cal-Tech can't compete with the national holistic institute, I do recall that UCLA frequently quivers at thought of debating Coastal Valley College at debate forums and there are stories of USC losing chess matches to Silicon Valley College year after year.

Jim Hahn has let 2 community colleges and a holistic institute shame Los Angeles.

Richard Riordan, Tom Bradley and yes even Sam Yorty would get Los Angeles into the finals on the backs of CSUN students.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Magic Johnson Endorses Tony Villar

My reporter sources have given me a ring. Yes, there are LA based reporters who know the identity of the Chief.

Magic Johnson has come out for Tony Villar - the press conference has not started yet.

Another cluster bomb right into the heart of South Los Angeles.

More importantly however, it was Magic Johnson's endorsement that helped (latino) City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo become the first Latino to win City-wide office.

In 2001, Magic Johnson was a perfect 100% on all his endorsements.

Word on the street is that Rocky will endorse whoever Magic supports.

Big Monday Momentum.


You Have Spoken

I've received many e-mails regarding my silence on the forgeries the Hahn campaign unleashed, as reported by the Jewish Journal.

I apologize to the Hahn campaign for believing a rabbi.

I apologize to the Hahn campaign for believing they used faked forgeries.

I apologize to the Hahn campaign for not believing it was all Joe Klein's fault.

Now the Chief has some questions regarding all of this.

The same Jewish Journal is now reporting that the number of forgeries has risen from 4 to 8.

The Jewish Journal also reports..."Weil isn't backing away from saying that he and others never signed endorsement forms. And there seems little doubt that the Hahn campaign incorrectly claimed the endorsements of leading Jews who actually preferred Hertzberg. The number of bad endorsements might surpass 30, though that number has not been independently verified. Eventually, however, Weil was persuaded that the Hahn campaign had no ill intent, nor any advance knowledge of problems with the endorsements...."

"...What still bothers Lebovics is that the Hahn campaign persistently chose to put all responsibility for the forms on longtime Hahn backer Joe Klein, a Jewish community leader who died in June 2004...."

And that goes to the heart of my question -- Why would the Hahn campaign stoop so low as to blame a man whose integrity is unapproachable? (which they even admit)

So if you continue reading the article in the Jewish Journal the story has now changed from Joe Klein to anonymous "volunteers".

"These volunteers may have simply transferred names -- and even signatures -- from 2001 endorsement forms to forms for the 2005 campaign."

So which is it? Joe Klein or volunteers, I suppose we will never truly know because Kam Kuwata has become tight lipped about the entire brouhaha.

So while the number of forgeries has risen and the Hahn campaign issues "no comment" to any and all questions regarding this they apparently have enough time to shift blame from a dead man to anonymous volunteers.

Yes readers, I do apologize, I apologize to the entire Jewish community and City of Los Angeles for having a Mayor who doesn't take responsibility for anything.

Major Monday Momentum

Today the Daily News does some extensive stories on the Mayor's race. Rick Orlov should get double-time for all the news he's had to generate during this campaign.

Daily News also asks - Where is Bob?

Who will Bob Hertzberg endorse, the City waits, Hertzberg may in fact be worth several points to both sides hoping to build that Monday Morning Momentum.

As for whose building it today, Tony Villar is scheduled to release a major endorsement today. Word is Richard Riordan will be in attendance and it will be in the Valley.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Where Is Mayor Sam?

SamLike any of you prune sucking Jim Hann malcontents really need to know. I've been "on assignment" somewhere else and sadly have not had much time to tend to my blog. But don't fret, I'll be back soon and will be making some changes and upgrades for the better. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, get out there and vote early and often to send Mayor Poopy packing. I am sure I will regret voting for Tony Villar, but what the hell other choice does Mayor Sam have? I doubt it can be worse than what we have right now, and even if it is, it will at least be good for my blog to have you guys here bitching about ADV.

I wish to give major kudos to Chief Parker for keeping the blog going in my stead. He's doing a terrific job.

Now, back to my secret mission. I will be back soon. Go gargle with razor blades and blog away dumbshits.

(PS: Sac Nighties send me an email, I want to talk with you).

Friday, April 08, 2005

Cleaning out the Friday Stables

It's Friday and below are the e-mails i've received in the last 24 hours. 1 from the Hahn campaign, 1 from the concerned citizen bashing MEAT and another one from the Villaraigosa Campaign.

read away!

From the Hahn campaign:

To: Interested Parties
From: Julie Wong
Re: What's the Deal?

What deal did Antonio Villaraigosa make with Bernard Parks to securehis endorsement? It's no secret that Bernard Parks has waged acampaign against Mayor Hahn since he brought new leadership to theLAPD.Still, prior to endorsing Antonio Villaraigosa this week, BernardParks presented Mayor Hahn and Antonio Villaraigosa with a "MayoralEndorsement Checklist," asking both candidates to commit toimplementing several policies as mayor to win his endorsement.Mayor Hahn would not make a deal to score political points and ignoredthe checklist. The question is: what deal did Antonio Villaraigosamake?Antonio Villaraigosa told voters in Granada Hills that Bernard Parkswas not the "right person for the job" of LAPD chief and then toldvoters in South Los Angeles that he supported Chief Parks. What didAntonio Villaraigosa tell Bernard Parks he would do as mayor? And howdoes this compare to what he's been telling others?Did Antonio Villaraigosa, who has said he is 100 percent behindinclusionary zoning, agree to Bernard Parks' demand that he opposeinclusionary zoning?Did Antonio Villaraigosa, who says he's a friend of labor, agree tonot appoint labor representatives to city commissions?Bernard Parks' said that "specific answers are essential ...."What specific answers did Antonio Villaraigosa give to Bernard Parks?

From a Concerned Citizen:

Dear Mayor Sam,
I have been forwarded several emails regarding several posts on the blog, (latest one from MEAT) that denounce Neighborhood Councils, and the system as a whole.
I wish to address this, although I haven't been able to find the original posts your site is quite extensive. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who needs to know what Neighborhood Councils can do need to look no further than their DWP bill which is considerably lower because 42 Neighborhood Councils stood up and opposed the 18% rate increase last year. An increase the Mayor, and most City Council members believed was justified, but we showed them it was not. Neighborhood Councils then stood up and demanded that the DWP be audited prior to any future rate actions, that motion passed city Council, but wait... there is more. Then we began a negotiation with the DWP on a Memorandum of Understanding that was just approved by the DWP Commissioners this past Tuesday, between Neighborhood Councils and the DWP. That document reigns in and opens up the historically secretive department and holds them accountable to their owners, the people of Los Angeles. Sure, you can find examples of Neighborhood Councils being dysfunctional, but more and more Neighborhood Councils are beginning to live up to their promise. From Granada Hills North, where they are doing more than just opposing the Sunshine Canyon Landfill but also coming up with solutions to land-filling, to Westchester where they are working on a solution to the LAX issues, to South Centrals fight against the influx of liquor stores to Northridge where they are working to prevent a second Wal Mart in 5 miles fro m being built while simultaneously looking for an alternative development. Neighborhood Councils are in the City Charter for a reason, to give the power back to the people. This threatens many people in the current power structure. From City Councilmembers who attempt to "shake down" developers prior to approving a project, to the behind the scenes people who aren't used to the people of this city having the final say. It may be a slow process, but this city is slowly being returned to the people, lessening the relevance of the elected leaders to a degree, while forcing them to work with the people... who after all are the ultimate "special interest group". Does that make Neighborhood Council members "amateurs"? Well, if by that you mean we represent the people over big powerful interest groups then sure. Are they perfect? Of course not... democracy isn't always pretty... or perfect. But for a country that absolutely loves to wrap itself in the flag in order to achieve some higher moral ground, let's remember that the flag stand for a government of the people, by the people and for the people... and last time I checked Neighborhood Councils are a group of people, chosen by their communities, to represent them and that, should never be ridiculed for to do so is to ridicule all that this country holds up to the rest of the world as sacred... Democracy.

From the Villaraigosa campaign

Will Hahn Support a Review of No-Bid Airport Contracts?

LOS ANGELES – According to campaign finance reports filed yesterday afternoon, Mayor Jim Hahn accepted contributions from lobbyists representing airport contractors, including a lobbyist subpoenaed to testify in ongoing corruption investigations.

Earlier this week, the Airport Commission voted to extend no-bid contracts with concessionaires without formal debate.

City Hall lobbyists also made a big showing. Those who contributed $1,000 to Hahn include: Butterfield Communications, Darlene Kuba, Rudy Svorinich Jr. and Ek & Ek.
The last firm was co-host at a fundraiser for Hahn last week. The Airport Commission, whose members are appointed by the mayor, voted Monday to extend a contract for McDonald's restaurants at LAX. Lobbyist John Ek represents McDonald's outlets at the airport.
Hahn fundraiser Annette Castro and her husband, lobbyist Julio Ramirez Jr., each contributed $1,000. Ramirez represents the Hudson Group, whose contract to run bookstores and newsstands at LAX was also extended Monday by the Airport Commission.
(Los Angeles Times, April 8, 2005)

On Tuesday, Councilmember Jack Weiss introduced a motion to reconsider the airport contracts before the City Council.

Will Mayor Hahn support the motion to reevaluate no-bid, no-discussion airport contracts?

If this is just an “appearance problem,” will he do something about it?

Did he know that lobbyists contributing to his campaign had business before the Airport Commission?

John Ek, a prominent airport lobbyist whose clients include McDonald's, said after the vote that he had co-hosted a $1,000-per-person fundraiser for Hahn last Wednesday in San Pedro and that he helped raise money for the mayor last year.
Ek confirmed that he had appeared a year ago before a grand jury investigating pay-to-play allegations that campaign contributions may have influenced decisions on city contracts.
Julio Ramirez, another lobbyist and Hahn contributor, represents the Hudson Group, which operates bookstores and newsstands at LAX.
Ramirez is the husband of Annette Castro, one of Hahn's chief fundraisers. The Hahn campaign paid Castro more than $200,000 for her fundraising and campaign consulting activities in recent years, according to Hahn's campaign finance statements.
The New Jersey-based Hudson Group acquired the North American airport retail business of W.H. Smith in December 2003. Atlanta-area executives of W.H. Smith contributed $22,000 to Hahn's mayoral campaign in 2000. The company's LAX concession contract was extended without competitive bidding after Hahn was elected.
W.H. Smith also gave $50,000 to Hahn's L.A. United campaign to defeat the secession of the San Fernando Valley.
The Hudson Group contract was extended to May 31, 2006, with the option for another one-year extension.
The contract with DFS Group to operate the airport's Duty Free Shops was extended until Nov. 30, 2007. DFS executive Joseph Lyons and two lobbyists, Richard Lichtenstein and attorney Ellen Berkowitz, were at the commission meeting.
On the same 6-0 vote, the commission extended the concession contract of attorney Andy M. Camacho, who operates two Mexican restaurants at the airport. Camacho has contributed to both of Hahn's mayoral campaigns. He also gave $1,000 to the mayor's legal defense fund last month.
(Los Angeles Times, April 5, 2005)

The Sinking Ship

Apparently after posting my post on Hahn I found out that Hahn’s ship is really sinking.

Hahn has released that he has only raised a little more than $400,000 since the election; Tony Villar has a 60% lead over Hahn on political donations.

It’s all beginning to make sense, the release of the Feldman poll showing Tony ahead by 20 points, the release of their fundraising results a day earlier than Hahn. It’s all becoming clear, why IBEW switched, why Maxine Water switched, why Keith Richman switched, why Yvonne Burke switched and why IATSE switched.

They all had one time or another supported Jim Hahn. It has now become crystal clear – Jim Hahn has no direction for this City, just like his campaign has no direction.

Many bloggers have been chiming about “timing, timing, timing” well it seems like Jim Hahn can’t afford the watch to check the time, he’s only got enough money for approximately 3 days worth of ads. So we can expect the “timing” to begin exactly on May 14th. He has that much money to buy ads with – he will only have 3 days to comeback from a 20 point deficit.

Mr. Hahn, is this what you meant by burying your opponent? If it is, I think you need something more like a shovel or tractor and not the soup spoon you are now using.