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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Wendy Greuel may have thought she was advancing her Mayoral chances by disclosing the existence of a special program that allowed the Mayor and Council Members to fix parking tickets for high profile supporters - that is until the Mayor disclosed Greuel herself had used the program during her time on the Council.  Despite that - in true LA City Council closing the barn door after the horse has left style - the cat is out of the bag and CM Dennis Zine is now heading up an investigation of the program.  In the meantime, Paul Hatfield looks at the Mayoral campaign implications of the whole issue.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Gave All


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend getaway from the ravages of the Obama Economy

 On one of my regular visits to the wonders of Anza-Borrego State Park, I chanced upon this roadside sanctuary from the ravages of the Obama Economy along Highway S-2 in Eastern San Diego County (about 5 miles east of Highway 79 and S-2 junction near Warner Springs/Lake Henshaw). ** BTW, Happy Birthday yesterday to the owner Ronnie. 
With the cost of comfort foods, beer, gas, camping gear and other necessities for a fun Memorial Day Weekend up 29% over last year, thanks to the Obama Economy, a cold 16 oz. draft beer will only set you back $2.00 at the Log Cabin. Plus, if Obama gets four more years, A.A. may see big time growth in "Obamanomics Twelve-steppers".   
 Maybe my bloggin friend Joe B. can replicate a version of this sign for his next "Sheriff of Sunland-Tujunga Campaign"? BTW, wonder if the Maricopa County Sheriff ever hired a deputy based upon recommendations from his son like LA County's Sheriff Lee Baca?
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Councilman Huizar and Reyes take action regarding illegal Rec. and Parks Commission vote on Autry National Center expansion

CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar and CD 1 Councilman Ed Reyes's Motion to assert council jurisdiction over the recent illegal action of the Recreation and Parks Commission to allow expansion of the Autry National Center in Griffith Park. The Friends of the Southwest Museum are asking museum supporters to attend Tuesday's May 31, 2011 City Council Meeting to show support for Councilman Huizar and Reyes's Motion.
Why is Councilman Huizar stuck between a "political rock and a hard place" on the fate of the Southwest Museum? (Hint, don't claim victory to after the battle is over) Maybe it also has to do with his "political Papi" Mayor Villar's supposed financial support from Latham &  Watkins? More on that issue in a email commentary from a Southwest Museum supporter after the jump.
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Team Villar's Education Machine takes major hit in LAUSD District Five Election defeat

Luis "Mini Monica" Sanchez will not join boss Monica Garcia on the LAUSD's School Board.
First, the final results in the LAUSD District Five Runoff as posted by the City of Los Angeles City Clerk.
** BENNETT KAYSER 10,741 51.44%
LUIS SANCHEZ 10,139 48.56%
Yes its true, despite $1,522,138.10 in positive independent expenditures (from the likes of AEG, Eli Broad and others), $266,515.00 in contributions (from construction companies and labor unions), and numerous "press releases" from "LA Antonia Education Times" Scribe Jason Song, Bennett Kayser with UTLA help, has beaten the "Team Villar/Broad/Huizar/Garcia Education Machine".
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Friday Free for All

A US Navy Ship has been named after former labor leader Cesar Chavez.  However some Republican politicians and even Latino activists aren't big on the idea.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Urgent message from Friends of Southwest Museum on "illegal secret expansion plans" for Autry National Center at Griffith Park

Blogger note: We post this email from Daniel Wright from The Friends of the Southwest Museum on the hasty and illegal Recreation and Parks Commission's vote to allow "renovation/expansion" of the Autry National Center in Griffith Park. Read email after the bloggin leap.

** Afternoon Update: The Griffith Park Wayist has a excellent post with background documentation, on the illegal actions of the Recreation and Parks Commission.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Parolee Giovanni Ramirez, one of many examples of California's Parole System mistakes

 Parolee and "person of interest" in the Bryan Stow Beating Giovanni Ramirez as posted by KFI at 6 PM this evening.
LAPD artist drawing of "Suspect # ! in Bryan Stow Beating.
Evening Update: KFI's Eric Leonard is reporting that all sided are tight-lipped about this evening's police line up at Twin Towers. Leonard reports that this evening's proceedings on Vignes Street are by far the most sensitive part of the developing case against Ramirez in the beating of Bryan Stow. Regardless whether Ramirez is formally indicted in the Stow Beating, it is relatively sure that the Varrio Nuevo Estrada (VNE) gang member will be returning to jail on a parole violation (procession of a fire arm according to Leonard).

Thursday Morning Update: LAPD at ease with last night's line up results.

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Councilman Zine one ups Controller Greuel on LADOT Gold Card Scandal

Does ambition for future political office stimulate City Councilman Dennis Zine to action (in addition to curvy female lobbyists)?

Considering that the former motor cop turned councilperson will be termed out of his current employment in two years, the timing of Zine's latest endeavor on the behalf of Angelinos cannot be outright dismissed as a publicity stunt for his presumed City Controller run in 2013.

Current Controller Wendy Greuel who's audit of delinquent parking tickets exposed the Department of Transportation's Gold Card Parking Ticket Fixing Program, open up a can of worms in her haste to score cheap political points. Mayor Antonio Villar was none too quick in exhibiting his inner-vindictive persona by lashing back at Greuel for being part of the council that voted the Gold Card Program into existence. Just last evening, Greuel had to admit to KCAL Channel 9's Dave Bryan that her former council staffers knew of the program, while feigning denial of it

Then comes along the "Controller Wannabe" who somehow conjures up the idea of asking DOT to within one month, to report back with the specifics on each of the tickets fixed under the auspices of the Gold Card Program. One can imagine that Zine is none too popular with most of his fellow council members, controller and mayor for this edit.And lets not forget that Zine's current Chief of Staff is none other than former Mayor Villar Deputy Chief of Staff Jimmy Blackman, who surely remembers those that may of have sought "favors" via his former third floor office.

Meanwhile, Greuel is left to wallow in shallow depths of her cynical attempt to gloss her past knowledge of the perks of elective powers.

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

Bryan Stow with his children

"Democrat in all-Republican district has just won the Buffalo-area seat for Congress. Every Repub member of Congress just upchucked."~Michael Moore tweet

There has been a stunning upset in the NY congressional district 26, a Republican stronghold where Democrat Kathy Hochul has defeated Republican Jane Corwin in a special election. Hochul ran on a platform that railed against the GOP plans to gut Medicare, and it certainly paid off big yesterday.

Even more backlash against the GOP, after House Majority leader Eric Cantor refuses to allow aid to tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri, unless it is tied to spending cuts in other programs. Unbelievable.

The LAFD is owed almost $248 million, mostly in unpaid ambulance fees, and DOT is owed $213 million in unpaid traffic tickets. Those figures, along with other debt owed to the City was enough for the City Council to create the position of "Collection Czar" on Tuesday.

The family of Dodger Stadium beating victim, Bryan Stow, have filed suit against Dodger's owner Frank McCourt over the horrific violence that has left Bryan in a medically induced coma. The suit alleges that Frank's mismanagement of the Dodgers led directly to the attack against Bryan;

"Despite being the home-opener against the rival Giants, no security was present in the parking lot or by the areas where taxis were waiting. Moreover, the parking lot had inadequate lighting. The lack of security and inadequate lighting presented a perfect opportunity to commit a variety of crimes."

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ethics? We need no stinking ethics at 200 Spring Street

 What happen to the pledge for ethics and transparency in your mayoral administration?
As a public service we provide this link back in time when an Parke Skelton and La Antonia Times crafted "Progressive Hero from City Terrace" told us to dream of a better ethical future at 200 Spring Street. Now some six years later, the stark reality is that the City of Los Angeles is broke, both fiscally (as now Mayor Villar told a Valley Town Hall Meeting last evening) and ethically as the latest stories of nefarious conduct breaks in the local media.  
Former City of Los Angeles Building Inspector Hugo Gonzalez followed the lead of former colleague Raoul Germain and pleaded guilty to FBI bribery charges. But the guilty pleas of both Gonzalez and Germain are not the final act in the corruption scandal at the Department of Building and Safety. One person with knowledge of the FBI's investigation hints that certain elected officials are the next to come under scrutiny in this growing scandal. After all, if an inspector can retaliate against a property owner at the behest of an elected official, then they can cease and approve a project for a price.
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

California Assembly Speaker and primo to Mayor Villaraigosa, John Perez, has admitted he is gay but, according to California Watch, he allegedly didn't admit that he hadn't graduated from UC Berkeley even though that was part of his official bio for years.

Sarah Palin isn't saying yet if she is running for President in 2012, but she just bought a house in Scottsdale, Arizona.  In the meantime the LA Times notes fewer women running for office. Given the sexist attacks on Palin in 2008 - many by other so called "feminist" women - one wonders why any woman would run these day.
The recession put on hold a massive transit oriented development in NoHo at the Metro Red Line terminus. The billion dollar NoHo Art Wave - featuring scores of residential, office and commercial space - may be back on as financing appears more likely.

The LA Can't Drive Blog has a good one: a tailgater tailgating a tailgater.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Creator of LeftTarded.com and RightTarded.com Assemblyman Mike Gatto does photo op with mentally disabled students

 "Professor/Attorney" turned Assemblyman Mike Gatto (with liquid refreshment).
Infant Assemblyman learning to whitewash past insensitivity.
Does Assemblyman Mike Gatto know any shame?
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"Pocho Puffs" from the Office of Councilman Jose Huizar

CD 14 Communications Director Rick "Pocho Puffs" Coca.
We appreciate reader tips here at Mayor Sam, for example this one today.
I'm amazed that Red Splurt (its Spot moron!) isn't jumping all over the "pocho" e-mail exchange that Huizar staffers accidentally sent to hundreds of constituents instead of their normal Friday news blast.
OH, wait, I'm guessing Scott was removed (naught!) from THAT innocuous distribution list months and months ago. (They don't even trust him, as an NC board member, to receive lists of simple community activities) They don't trust the LA 32 NC period.

Oh well, hundreds of others (including me) got to see Coca and one of the ES field deputies discussing whose written Spanish was "mass pocho" (sic). 
Mostly it just reaffirms that it's really "incompetence" and not "conspiracy" (Gold Card treatment for the special few?) that reigns supreme at City Hall.
May 23, 2011 10:11 AM
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Wendy Greuel, a potential candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013, may have thought she might get some street cred as a reformer, while embarrassing the Mayor as well as other comers to the office who are currently on the City Council, by disclosing the existence of an LA Department of Transportation program that allows elected to fix parking tickets.  However, the Mayor one upped the City Controller by cancelling the program and releasing documentation that Greuel had not only known about the program while serving on the City Council but she had also taken advantage of it.

Blogger Paul Hatfield reports that next week the Los Angeles City Council may axe funding for the City's system of advisory Neighborhood Councils.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mayor Villar and LAPD Chief Beck to hold 4PM Presser on arrests in Bryan Stow Beating ** Update: KFI reporting possible Boyle Heights connection in case

"Suspect on left side is in custody, name will be release after booking this evening."
** Sunday Evening Update: The Los Angeles Times is reporting that apprehended suspect Giovanni Ramirez is an documented member of the "Varrio Nuevo Estrada (VNE) Street Gang" which is centered in the Boyle Heights Estrada Courts Housing Project. 
Mayor Antonio Villar, LAPD Charlie Beck, Dodgers officials and members of the press will converge on Dodger Stadium for a 4:00 PM press conference to give more details on this morning's arrests in connection to the Bryan Stow Beating 

Within the last hour, speculation on the suspects is rampant in regards to parole status and gang affiliation.

We will update as the facts are separated from speculation.

Post Presser Update: KFI's Eric Leonard reports this exclusive."About two weeks after the incident detectives caught what they hoped was the first big break in the case -- when someone working at a dry cleaner in Boyle Heights reported someone had dropped-off a bloody Dodgers jersey for cleaning.

LAPD sources told KFI NEWS the jersey was immediately tested for the presence of DNA evidence.

It's not clear if that effort played a role in this morning's arrest.


Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14   

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LADOT Gold Card access for Councilman Huizar's supporters?

The perks of becoming a Councilman Jose Huizar supporter for El Sereno's Michael Carreon.
Did favorable score on Councilman's Huizar's "Constituent Discrimination Lists" get you Gold Card access via CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana Cubas?
Backside of Gold Card given to CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes Office.
There was a time when El Sereno Resident Michael Carreon's appearances at City Hall would cause consternation for CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and his staff. But as KCET's "SoCal Focus Blog" reports a little "Gold Card love" via Councilman Huizar's Chief of Staff Ana Cubas, may have been the key moment in flipping Carreon from antagonist to supporter.
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Leave this ex-landfill alone

Editorial from today's LA Times

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Villaraigosa at 2011 Blessing of the Bikes

Friday, May 20, 2011

Netanyahu Gives it to Obama

Friday Free for All

Spruce Up Your Dog Park!
Controller Wendy Greuel notes the existence of a Department of Transportation program that allows elected officials to reduce or eliminate parking violations fees. Over 1,000 tickets were handled by the program in the last two years, however it goes back about 20 years.  Several Council Members told the Times that they think they knew of the program but have never used it.

Radio talk show host Tom Leykis has offered up a $50,000 contribution to the reward to find the attackers of John Stow who was beaten by thugs in the Dodger Stadium parking lot following the Dodgers-Giants home opener.  Apparently city officials do not want Mr. Leykis contributions with representatives from Councilman Ed Reyes' office belligerently insisting Mr. Leykis as a private individual can not join the Dodgers and other private organizations in making the contributions.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Controller Slams City Gold Card Program Which Allows Politicians to Fix Parking Tickets

Did you know that the Mayor and City Council members can reduce or eliminate fines on parking tickets for the well connected through the Department of Transportations "Gold Card Desk?" I didn't. Controller Wendy Greuel spills the beans. 

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Open Thread

No HotSheet for today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday-Special Land Use Edition

Kids, always remember; mixing Big Rigs and Open Space is a guaranteed recipe for a lawsuit!

Councilman Krekorian is scoring major points with the Foothills area of CD2 in recent days. First he was able to get unanimous approval by the City Council to allocate $250,000 of AB1290 funds to refurbish the McGroarty Arts Center in Tujunga. Later today, he will address the Prop O Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee with regards to the Verdugo Hills Golf Course. Proposition O, which was passed by City of Los Angeles voters in 2004, is designed to fund water projects that protect water quality, clean up pollution in the city's waterways, beaches and the ocean, and to help the city meet requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act.
If he is able to obtain funding to purchase the site, the VHGC could remain the beloved golf course and beautiful open space that it currently is, while at the same time serving as a natural aquifer recharge facility.  The VHGC is currently slated to be demolished and replaced with 229 town homes. That proposal to demolish the VHGC and build dense housing has been fought against by just about every group and resident in the surrounding communities for over 5 years.

The LA City Council has approved a 25 year lease in Little Tokyo for the construction of a 38,000 sq ft sports complex to be named the "Budokan". With 4 basketball courts, a rooftop track and martial arts facilities, the Budokan will fulfill a decades long effort by Little Tokyo to bring a first class sports facility to the area.

In case you haven't heard, Councilman Richard Alarcon's effort to transform designated Open Space at the former Lopez Canyon landfill into a truck driving school has ran up against a Superior Court judge who has zero tolerance for a City Attorney and a Zoning Administrator that put politics and job security over the requirements of CEQA.

An absolutely fascinating report entitled "Portrait of California" has just been released by the American Human Development Project. This report examines the human condition in California's metro areas utilizing something called the Human Development Index, a composite measure of health, education, and standard of living. Spoiler Alert: Riverside-San Bernardino; you suck!

At post time:
Bennett Kayser 50.97%
Luis Sanchez 49.03%

Lydia Gutierrez 48.69% 
Scott Svonkin 51.31%

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City Council Vote Unanimous to Fund McGroarty

The motion put forth by Councilman Paul Krekorian to provide $250,000 in funding for repairs and upgrades at McGroarty Arts Center in Tujunga has been approved by a unanimous vote of the LA City Council.

City Maven has the story.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Is he or isn't he? Some of the conventional wisdom around town is that developer Rick Caruso was leaning against a run for Mayor. However many potential Mayoral opponents were targets of Caruso at a recent speech before civic group TownHall. Blogger Paul Hatfield takes an early look at the race.

Who conspired to pressure the Los Angeles Times from not publishing teacher ratings? According to Witness LA, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, School Board President Monica Garcia and, curiously, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce exec Gary Toebben.

Governor Jerry Brown has a plan to help California's budget woes.  Raise taxes!

The City of Los Angeles wants to spend more money marketing LA to potential tourists. How do they plan to pay for it? By raising taxes on tourists who come to visit.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

USER ALERT! Mike Gatto Blog May Contain Link to Malware

Proceed at your own caution.

According to Google, the Mike Gatto Is A Sweet Dude Blog may be an unsafe site as it uses content from a site known to distribute malware. Google gives more details here. Who knows what kind of gadgets, funky code, etc. those folks may have installed over there to keep an eye on you.

Indeed, something is not right here.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Vote for Scott Svonkin

Scott Svonkin
Illustration by Kyle T. Webster / LA Weekly
It's election day on Tuesday and though there are only a couple of races at most on the ballot, it's very important that voters go to the polls and make sure some pretty awful folks out of the power elite don't get elected.

For the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees, food spraying San Gabriel School Board Member Scott Svonkin wants to get on the panel that controls millions of your tax dollars going towards campus construction. The LA Weekly documented many of Svonkin's issues while serving in his current role. Svonkin is friends with the big developers who line up with politicians to ruin LA and is most notably the guy, while shilling for Home Depot, who called the good folks of Sunland-Tujunga racists.

On the other hand, Svonkin's opponent, Lydia Gutierrez is a former teacher and aerospace administrator, who hails from South Central, and would be an awesome addition to the panel. Lydia surprised many as a grassroots, community candidate who managed to make the runoff.

In the race for LAUSD School Board Seat 5, pick your poison. The UTLA backed Bennett Kayser or the Villaraigosa-Huizar-Garcia backed Luis Sanchez.

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Lopez Canyon Open Space Saved?

This is Shinola.

Richard Alarcon got his ass severely kicked at Superior Court today! 
A Judge has made a tentative ruling that the City of Los Angeles doesn't know CEQA from Shinola and Lopez Canyon Open Space may not become Richard Alarcon's Truck Driving School after all! 
Griffith Park Wayist has the story.

This is CEQA.

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

The DREAM Act, which aims to extend all kinds of goodies to individuals in this country illegally has been reintroduced, though it faces an uphill climb. And despite what some folks might say, racist, hillbilly, Christian Tea Party conservatives are not the reason why. Our regular reader Trojan2002 spills the beans that some very hard core, left wing special interests are the true blockers to the act's passage.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Down

It's been down since yesterday, now it appears to be back up, but has deleted the last post for some reason. I've noticed this on several blogs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Gift to Sunland-Tujunga

The McGroarty Arts Center in Tujunga operates out of the 90 year old home of former California Poet Laureate, U.S. Congressman, and author of  "The Mission Play", John Stevens McGroarty (1862-1944).

McGroarty Arts Center is a beloved and treasured institution that serves as the art/cultural hub for Sunland-Tujunga and the surrounding Foothill communities. It's also a building in desperate need of major repairs and upgrades.

On Monday, Councilman Krekorian paid a visit to McGroarty and met with Claire Knowlton, the director of the center. Watch the video to see the Councilman completely catch Ms Knowlton off guard with his surprise announcement;


LOS ANGELES – Councilmember Paul Krekorian on Tuesday introduced a motion that allows the city to invest $250,000 of non-General Fund money in McGroarty Arts Center, the largest such investment ever made by the city to the Tujunga-based cultural landmark. Housed in a 90-year-old building, McGroarty serves 7,000 people each year. But its aging infrastructure has led to power outages and a host of problems that have disrupted activities and annually cost the city thousands of dollars to fix.
“Los Angeles is one of the world’s great artistic destinations, yet we have let one of our city’s most treasured art centers fall into disrepair,” Councilmember Paul Krekorian said. “Now, with this infusion of $250,000 – money that does not come from the General Fund –McGroarty Arts Center will be able to fix its electrical problems, keep the heat on this winter and ensure a safe environment for its guests. Instead of tapping its own depleted budget to fix a broken fire alarm, they can teach another child to paint. Valuable resources that had been used to fix failing plumbing will ensure a potter’s wheel will continue to turn. This action sends a powerful message that as we contemplate a leaner Los Angeles, we will preserve our city’s natural place as a visionary, artistic leader.”
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Wednesday

Oh this is going to be great! Weinstein Company is going to take on Scientology in a new movie scheduled to begin  principal photography in June.  Phillip Seymour Hoffman will play L. Ron Hubbard, the hack science fiction writer turned creator of the world's most expensive religion. The film reportedly follows Hubbard's return from serving in the Navy in WW2 and through the creation of the religion in 1952. Writer/Director Paul Thomas Anderson ("Boogie Nights," "Punch-Drunk Love" and "There Will Be Blood") penned the script.

Frontiers Magazine publishes a complete fluff piece on LACCD candidate Scott Svonkin and doesn't  bother to fact check the story in the slightest. The piece is so badly reported that the LA Weekly does something that they rarely do; they respond to Frontier Magazine and call them out for their sloppy journalism.

 The U.S. Navy really lives up to their slogan as a "Global Force for Good" by authorizing Navy chaplains to begin performing same sex marriages on military bases that lie in states that recognize these unions. 

And in California, SB117 has passed in the State Senate, mostly down a party line.
The bill was introduced by Sen. Christine Kehoe, a San Diego Democrat. Under SB117, "State agencies would be prohibited from contracting with businesses that do not provide equal benefits to their employees' same-sex spouses or domestic partners".The bill now goes to the Assembly.

Rut-Roh Republicans! The Democrats are reintroducing the DREAM Act bill today, and the timing could not be better.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Paul Hatfield makes a good point that downtown development projects no longer need multi-million City subsidies.  However he thinks the money would be better spent in North Hollywood, where bringing back desperately needed retail back to North Hollywood is de rigeur.  That is, however, if you really think taxpayer money better spent on public safety and other vital needs should go to ANY development.

If the builders of California's bullet train switch the route to run over the Grapevine instead of a circuitous one that goes through the Antelope Valley, they can save millions of dollars, avoid potential earthquake issues and detour around some NIMBYs in upscale portions of Palmdale (is there such a thing?). But gravy train Republicans from Palmdale are up in arms.

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

I recently read an essay by John Taylor Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto or Daulton Gatto I presume; that they share a surname must be purely coincidental) on what a ridiculous notion our warehouse model of public education is.  We see more games as played by the LAUSD and the teachers' unions as Westchester's local high school is going from the traditional model to that of being a magnet school, more like a university beckoning those how have means to get to what is perceived as a beacon in an educational swamp.  Westchester need not worry! This may be an opportunity to drive their children towards charter schools, private schools and home schooling - new models of education that don't lump the masses into a pre-fab sludge of forcing children to fit into cookie cutters and disrespect the vastly different learning style of each kid.  There, I said it.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Free for All - If Supermarkets Were Like Public Schools

What if groceries were paid for by taxes, and you were assigned a store based on where you live?

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Toxic "MEAT" Trujillo gets new gig

"MEAT" emerges from the shadows.
Charity runs deep within the politically-connected community of Los Angeles. Thus, it should come as no surprise that someone, some cause, or just some exercise in vanity would give the "Drivin Ms. Daisy of Los Angeles Politics" a second chance.
Who else but Trujillo and Parke Skelton's female blogger of choice "The City Maven" (aka Alice Walton), would be the choice blog to disclose Trujillo's latest spokeholes endeavor on behalf of OwnTheDodgers.com
What is OwnTheDodgers.com in the words of MEAT?  “This is a pure grassroots generated campaign that will look to bring a Green Bay Packers style of ownership, owned 100 percent by the fans,” said Michael Trujillo, spokesman for the group. Could be that Trujillo wants to be the "MEAT" of a new Dodgers ownership collaborate or merely the latest "Ball Boy of Los Angeles Politics"?
More after the bloggin leap.
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The work of Councilman Huizar's "Image Consultant" Ed Headington?

 Photo of Mayor Villaraigosa by Ed Headington at Councilman Huizar's Campaign Kickoff.
 Ed Headington (behind Councilman Huizar's Communication Director Rick Coca) at El Sereno Sign Dedication
 Ed Headington talking to Councilman Huizar at El Sereno Sign Dedication.
LA County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo photo by Ed Headington at Councilman Huizar's Campaign Kickoff.
In Tuesday's Morning briefs post, we quickly questioned why our former Mayor Sam blogger and noted media consultant Ed Headington, would want all traces of his name removed from the infamous Michael Trujillo email ( we should note that LA Weekly's Jill Stewart took note of Headington in her post on Trujillo's vile email). We noted Headington's "consulting contract" with Councilman Huizar that place him at events such as the El Sereno sign dedication, pictured above. But some have opine that Headington's work may have cross over into Councilman Huizar's Re-election Campaign, as Headington's photos from Huizar's Campaign Kickoff might suggest (we should note that there is no record of Headington being paid for campaign work). 
After the jump, we disclose information that was provided to us during the recent CD 14 campaign that raises more questions whether Headington was "Edward 121", who was engage in "editing or sanitizing" Councilman Huizar's Wikipedia page. Thus, if  "Edward 121" is indeed Headington, then one must question why public money was being use for Huizar's campaign efforts.  
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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

President Obama will visit, but won't speak at Ground Zero today; He plans to just lay a wreath. White House says "the power of that requires no words". George "I could really care less about finding Osama" Bush was invited to attend today's ceremony, but declined to participate.

California Redevelopment Agencies are trying to re-brand themselves in a desperate attempt to stay alive after Gov Brown has called for their termination. First order of business, the heartstrings maneuver; promise more money for school kids!

I had the privilege of spending a good portion of yesterday working with several City & County agencies to clean out numerous homeless camps in the Tujunga Wash. Thanks to the efforts of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and Los Angeles Family Housing (LAFH) we were able to secure alternative housing for 6 individuals. My personal thanks to LAPD Senior Lead Officer Larry Martinez for overseeing and coordinating this effort, with assistance from Senior Lead Officer Rich Wall, and to Councilman Paul Krekorian and his, as always, amazing staff. In this case, CD2 staffers Jackie Keene and Heather O'Conner, for their instrumental efforts in making this project happen. Big thanks to DWP Police, General Services Police, Dept of Mental Health Services, People in Progress, Street Services, and Dept of Sanitation. Wow, great work everyone, thank you so much!
You can read my take on this huge undertaking (so huge, we have to come back in 2 weeks to finish it) and check out some photos from today, over at The Foothills Forum.

KCET has released a comprehensive and fascinating Field Guide to the Los Angeles River. A must read for all LA River aficionados.

It just gets weirder by the day: Tour guide, birthday party clown, homophobe, eternal last place candidate, and a guy that doesn't have a clue about oil supplies or pricing, Phil Jennerjahn, has a new passion; STALKING Paris Hilton.

We salute and say goodbye to Claude Stanley Choules, the last known combat veteran of WW1, who passed away today in Perth, Australia at the age of 110. He was quite a guy!

This just in; France legalizes absinthe. Don't tell you know who!

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Wednesday

Olvera Street
"The Great Olvera Street Compromise of 2011" is nearly complete via CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar.
From the Los Angeles Times, "What we came up with was a compromise that takes into account the economy, the budget needs of the city and the merchants at Olvera Street" who have been the backbone of the popular destination for years, said Councilman Jose Huizar, whose district includes El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument, of which Olvera Street is part. El Pueblo is run by the city and has its own general manager and oversight commission.
As an afterthought, the "Great Olvera Street Compromise" would be a excellent topic for "JOSE's Blog" which has been inactive for over a month until yesterday. And guess the topic of Rick Coca, errr Councilman Huizar's latest blog posting??

More news after the bloggin leap.
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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

Mayor Villaraigosa likes free stuff; apparently so does Sheriff Lee Baca.  Since assuming office the Sheriff has received over $120,000 in free gifts from companies that do business with the Sheriff's office.

Here's yet another reason to stand up for public employee unions: two LA traffic officers have been creating porn films while on the job.  And KNBC is reporting City officials failed to discipline the duo.

Film and television executives who shoot outside LA are finding these productions are often more positive than those locally.  The Midwest work ethic of residents in places like Chicago and Pittsburgh was noted by one producer.
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Monday, May 02, 2011

Mid-Day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Monday

Former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Deputy Chief of Staff and current City Councilman Dennis Zine Chief of Staff Jimmy Blackman.
Were these series of meetings among many that weigh upon the psyche of former Mayor Villaraigosa Deputy Chief of Staff Jimmy Blackman when he penned his infamous farewell email?
 In November 2007, Villaraigosa appeared at the Emhurst's groundbreaking and said the project symbolized "the economic hope and promise of Koreatown." Hugh also met repeatedly with a Villaraigosa deputy the next year, before and after the Villaraigosa fundraiser, according to documents obtained by The Times.

Between June 2008 and July 2009, then-Villaraigosa Deputy Chief of Staff Jimmy Blackman scheduled at least five meetings with Hugh, including two dinners, according to his appointment calendar. Blackman is now chief of staff to Councilman Dennis Zine.

Could this be one of many stories in the months ahead that cause painful flashbacks for Jimmy Blackman?

** Speaking of flashbacks, Belmont Learning Center comes to mind with David Zahniser's report on Los Angeles Unified School District's lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles over solvents and other chemicals seeping into its property on San Fernando Road in Glassell Park. this is the same property that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's mayoral campaign financier Richard Meruelo, made bank on to the tune of $50 Million dollars.

** For those who thought that the LA Times Maeve Reston's slight of KRLA Talk Show Host and 2013 Mayoral Candidate Kevin James was no accident, Op-ed Scribe Jim Newton states the obvious LA Times mindset in his latest sit down piece on ......., Kevin James. "We met last week in part because he and his political consultant were frosted by a column I wrote recently laying out the major candidates in the race without mentioning James. That was no accident; James falls well below the threshold to be taken as seriously as his better-known rivals. Even those who have never held elected office — Beutner and developer Rick Caruso — have significant experience working with the city, Beutner as an aide to Mayor Villaraigosa, Caruso as a police commissioner and a member of the Coliseum Commission, among other things".

In the mind of Newton, "Mini-Riordan II" Beutner's recent work for Mayor Villar puts him on par with the likes of longtime civic leaders Rick Caruso and Kevin James, is laughable.

Your thoughts..............

Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

Businesses are leaving the state in droves.  So are people. Yet California's politicians are spending more than ever and encouraging builders to keep building for people who aren't here.  Tom LaBonge played with a shovel  and kicked off construction of yet another housing project.  The question remains not who is going to pay for this but why aren't you people saying anything about what these pols are doing to our state?

Want another way to boot more commerce out of the state? Enact a tax on online purchases.  It's even easier for a virtual business to leave the state than brick and mortar.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Body of Osama bin Laden?

Sultan Al Qassemi, a blogger and tweeter in the Middle East, has just posted this photo of what appears to be the body of Osama bin Laden;


Osama: Dead!

Developing: Reports that Osama bin Laden may be dead. Obama is gearing up for some address.

Could also have to do with strike on Khadaffi. Stand by.

UPDATE: We can confirm, Fox, MSNBC, CNN all confirmed Osama is dead.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Mere hundreds turn out for Amnesty/May Day Rally in Downtown LA

Commie/Socialist Anthem "Internationale" in English (top) y Espanol (bottom).
Can you you feel the pain of Paleta/ Ice Cream Salesman Luis Ortiz, as told to the LA Times?
"It's really sad," Luis Ortiz, an ice cream vendor who has been coming to the rallies for the last 15 years, said of the small turnout. "I've sold very little, almost nothing."
Brother Luis was counting on thousands or tens of thousands of his fellow working class brothers and sisters to turn out in Downtown LA for the 2011 observance of the "International Day of the Worker". But from the heady days of 2006 when a rising latino politico proclaimed to hundreds of thousands Amnesty supporters, "WE CLEAN YOUR TOILETS!"This year's observance was attended by about the same number of  patients at Chicano/ Amnesty Activist Larry "Nativo" Lopez new home at Patton State Hospital. 
Could it be that the waning influence of President Barack Obama, mixed with a resurgent Republican Congress, has taken the steam out of the immigration rights/ labor movement?
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14