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Monday, June 30, 2008

"TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON", Day Eight, "A Weekend Recap"

What a weekend in the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" that has swept the "Special Interest" into a "pandering rush" to position favors and attached cash for consideration by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

With a busy weekend of trolling behind him, Mayor Villaraigosa takes a break today to preside over a "photo-op" highlighting his new gang intervention initative program, "Summer Night Life".

But lets return to LA Times Reporter David Zahniser who has a recap on this past weekend's "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" festivities at the Times "L.A. Now" blog.

On Saturday morning, Villaraigosa looked for money from prominent gay and lesbian leaders -– including Bruce Cohen, the Hollywood producer whose marriage to art consultant Gabriel Catone was officiated by the mayor last week, according to a fund-raising invitation. Hours later, the mayor attended an outdoor event in Little Tokyo co-hosted by prominent Latino civic leaders.

On Sunday, we posted some background on the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON DAY" events that were center in the Westside. Zahniser has more background on some of the "players" in this weekend's events.

* Christine Robert, whose consulting firm the Robert Group has worked for such agencies as Los Angeles World Airports, the Board of Public Works and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, where Villaraigosa will become board chairman this week. The Robert Group received a $650,000 contract from the MTA last year to work on the Westside subway extension, a top priority of Villaraigosa's.(The way to Villar's heart).

* Sandra Figueroa-Villa, who heads the nonprofit group El Centro del Pueblo, one of several contractors with the anti-gang program L.A. Bridges. Villaraigosa recently gained direct oversight over more than $21 million in gang funding, and Figueroa-Villa's nonprofit is a likely competitor for some of that money. El Centro received $350,000 from L.A. Bridges over the past year and has been awarded more than $3.1 million from that program over eight years, according to an official with the city's Community Development Department. (Makes you wonder why Laura Chick won't audit the LA Bridges Program).

* Simon and Daniel Mani, whose real estate company has sued Los Angeles over its approval of a development project in downtown Los Angeles. The city's handling of that lawsuit was discussed much of last year by Villaraigosa's appointees at the Community Redevelopment Agency. (Wonder which way John Perez voted on this issue?).

* Tom Calderon, a consultant with the Calderon Group. Last year, Calderon was identified by The Times as one of three former elected officials who were lobbying politicians to support the city of Vernon's plan to build a new power plant on Boyle Avenue. (Wonder if Robert Urteaga tagged along with Calderon?).

Reached by The Times on Friday, Calderon was asked if he is still working on the power plant project, which has drawn protests from residents of Boyle Heights, a neighborhood once represented by Villaraigosa. "I really don't respond to press calls, thanks," Calderon said, shortly before he hung up.

.......and that answer should educate all about the current "State of Affairs" on the "third floor".

***Welcome home Ace!! Villaraigosa spokesman Ace Smith would not confirm whether all six events went off without a hitch; we must make do with the six invitations turned in to the Ethics Commission.

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Lunch Time Missives: Schwarzenegger and Brokaw, a "dialog", "Entrepreneur for Mayor?" and an example of "bloggin myopia"

Oh the Glory!!!.......to Tom Brokaw on yesterday's "Meet the Press".

Nothing these days brings more glee to this blogger than a "verbal take down" of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka the "KENNEDY REPUBLICAN".
So far gone are those heady days in 2003 after the Recall of Gov. Gray Davis, when a foreign concept called "fiscal restraint" was reintroduce into the Sacramento Capital vocabulary.
Now in 2008, it has come to this.
Brokaw: "When you ran for governor in 2003, you ran as a fiscal conservative who would change the system, who would bring business-like techniques," Brokaw said. "Now, you are facing a $15-billion deficit here in California. Unemployment is running at about 6.8%; you've got the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression. If you were the CEO of a public company, the board would probably say, 'It is time to go.' "
"Kennedy Republican": joked, "Are you always this positive?"
"Brokaw": "Before you came in, governor, you said the spending was out of control," he said. "Your rate of increase in spending is about the same as your predecessor, Gov. Gray Davis. It has grown at about, what, 34% since you took office."
"Kennedy Republican": "You've been around long enough to know that the numbers are misleading. We have paid off a lot of debt. . . . I am very proud that we paid off a lot of debt and that we got the economy going again."
"Brokaw": "It appears the people have some real questions about your leadership," Brokaw said. "Your approval rating has gone from what, 60% in December down to about 40% recently. It is tough to govern under those circumstances."
"Kennedy Republican": "Not at all. I'm having a great time."
.......and the rest of Californians???
****Profile of a "Politically Astute" Entrepreneur****
Nice profile on a L.A. based businessman in the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET...for sale" business section.
Much has been made in the past about this person with the nickname of "Magic", but why regurgitate all this now unless you need to raise your profile for a "future foray into politics"?
****"Puff Roderick", what were you reading??****
It must be the rarified air on the heights of Mar Vista Hill that would cause the "WWG" to draw this conclusion from yesterday's Daily News story on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
Rick Orlov interviews the mayor on the start of his fourth year, talks to a few observers, and concludes "for the first two years, he seemed to do no wrong...These days the affair is over, the divorce is quietly moving ahead, and Villaraigosa, after nearly nine months of maintaining a relatively low profile, has steadily begun re-emerging into the public spotlight. And even if he no longer has the same rabid support that he enjoyed in 2005, he is once again energized with the prospect of what lies ahead, as he looks to his own re-election campaign." DN (plus Orlov column on fundraisers)
......and for a good laugh, link to "Orlov column" and regale in the details of City Attorney Rocky "Rocktard" Delgadiilo's thoughts about his "political future" (insert your favorite laugh track)

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

Rick Orlov has a piece on the Mayor's challenge to convince voters he deserves another term.  Though Antonio Villaraigosa is working hard to build momentum for next year's election battle, the shine is off the penny following the Mayor's previous mis-steps and lack of results.  Most notable about the Orlov piece is his using our "Summer of Love" catch phrase given to the Mayor's affair with Mirthala .

City Councilman Dennis Zine was supposed to be there but did a no-show; however at least a few hundred voters showed up to mayoral candidate Walter Moore's "Rally in the Valley" at Cal State Northridge Saturday.  Valley Doll provided on the scene reporting and said there was huge interest in the effort to get Jamiel's Law on the ballot.  Following up to inquiries from the Sister City, the Moore campaign reported raising nearly $5000 in small contributions at the event and is now close to having raised $110,000 as part of it's grass roots effort to unseat Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Rich Alossi of Curbed LA has an LA Times op-ed piece about the big boondoggle know as the Grand Avenue project.  With delays and missteps driving schedule creep on the project further and further, Alossi has a remarkable idea: let the free market handle the project.  Alossi says the yet to built and way portions of the project should be turned over to other developers as opposed to putting all the eggs in the basket of one city sanctioned and funded developer.

Activists in South LA are planning to oppose a ballot measure that would significantly increase sales taxes in the name of public transportation.  The activists say they're tired of funding projects on the Westside and in the Valley and not having input into the planning of transit lines that pass through their communities.

Reverend Lewis Logan is the President of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, the City panel that oversees the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and the City's system of Neighborhood Councils.  Turns out Logan moved into a new home without realizing it's outside the City of Los Angeles boundaries, hence making him ineligible to serve on the panel.  No problem though, all Logan has to do is say he shops in the City, thus affirming his factual basis for being a stakeholder right?

Goofy Jan Perry is about to go postal on fast food joints in the hood.  Apparently she thinks Black and Hispanic people are too stupid to make appropriate food choices, ergot she will make them for them.  Goofy Jan plans to attempt a permanent ban on fast food joints across a wide swath of South LA.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses are often not on time to their scheduled destination  - as much as 63% off schedule - especially in heavy transit dependent coordinators.  Studies show that MTA supervisors oversee far more buses than their counterparts in other cities.  In an attempt to address the problem the MTA Board of Directors have voted to add ten more supervisors to the lines with the worst schedule problems.

Arizona Daily Star reporter George Sanchez will be the new reporter on the beat at the LAUSD for the Daily News starting next week.  Sanchez has covered schools in Tuscon and reports that this final piece for the Star will be a personal recount of his experience with testicular cancer.

As rising gas prices send more and more commuters from their cars to public transit, many are frustrated that the MTA does not allow transit users to bring bicycles on board during rush hour.  Using a bicycle to get from home to the station and from the station to work makes public transit work for many attempting to take advantage of LA's patchwork system.  Therefore Council President Eric Garcetti has called upon the transit agency to find a solution to allow bikes during rush hour.

South LA wants a Trader Joe's store in their area.  Councilman Bernard Parks has been working on it for some time.  According to Bitter Bernie, Trader Joe's won't put a store in South LA because everyone who lives there shops at the Culver City Trader Joe's helping to make it the number one store in the chain.  So here's a tip to those in South LA who want a Trader Joe's: stop shopping in Culver City and soon you'll have one of your own.

And finally it's not another goofy charter school but an effort by actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith is inspiring just as much buzz.  The former "Fresh Prince" and current box office superstar is defending charges that the private school he and Mrs. Smith are starting is not a Scientology school even though New Village Academy in Calabasas will use teaching techniques pioneered by L. Ron Hubbard and some of the teaching staff are practicing members of the church.  Sounds like sort of a rich man's version of Academia Semillas del Pueblo.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Report from the "Rally In The Valley"

It was a packed room that greeted the Shaw family, Kevin James and Walter Moore yesterday in the Shoshone Room at Cal State Northridge. The "Rally in the Valley" brought out an enthusiastic crowd eager to hear from Walter, and ready to sign petitions for Jamiel's Law.

It was indeed, quite the rally... the Shaw family receiving standing ovations twice; Walter Moore For Mayor bumper stickers and campaign flyers being scooped up faster than organizers could set them out; Jas' Aunt Althea (the blooming photographer in the family) taking pictures of the crowd (and one of yours truly) and an excitement and energy in the room which was tangible and infectious at times. I was pleased to be able to meet and speak with Jamiel Sr., as well as Aunt Althea. Anita Shaw was there greeting arriving supporters, after setting up a table with pictures of Jas and his family. Walter gave a great speech on the sorry state of the City and once again proved that if the Mayor is ever brave enough to debate Walter Moore -- Villaraigosa doesn't stand a chance.

Once Walter's speech was over, the boxes with petitions for Jamiel's Law were opened and lines formed at different points of the auditorium to either sign or pick up copies of the petition. The crowd patiently waited in long lines for the chance to sign petitions as well as for words (and many hugs) for the Shaw family. For more information on how you can download petitions and instructions on how to collect signatures, please visit JamielsLaw.com

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"TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON DAY" in Los Angeles.....and some "Looking Ahead"

Dawn rises on "thee day" in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON", that being his effort to raise $1.5 million dollars, thus scaring off any other protential opponants to his re-election campaign besides Walter Moore.

With LA Times Reporter David Zahniser's reports at L.A. Now taking the weekend off, we turn to the Valley's "Fishwrap of Choice" the Daily News and political scribe duo of Rick Orlov and Kerry Cavanaugh for background on the Mayor's "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON DAY" festivities.

"Villaraigosa really hits his stride on Sunday, with four back-to-back fundraisers. He starts at 11:30 a.m. at the Brentwood home of private equity manager Frank Biondi ( Former head of Universal). Then it's off to a 1:30 p.m. reception at the Beverly Hills home of real estate investor Simon Mani (Republican Donor). At 4 p.m., the mayor will schmooze in Westwood with businessman Sim Farar (Big time democratic donor), and then he ends the day with a 6 p.m. Beverly Hills reception hosted by the Persian-American community (H. David Nahai aka, "E. Pluribus Waterwaster" and friends).

Villaraigosa has already held three out-of-state fundraisers. One in Florida, another hosted by Mayor Richard Daley in Chicago and another at the New York City pad of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Villaraigosa is racing to raise as much money as he can as early as he can to scare off potential challengers for. Political observers are keeping an eye on mall mogul Rick Caruso, who has toyed with the idea of running. But it's unlikely that multi-millionaire Caruso would be intimidated by Villaraigosa's war chest."

Rick Orlov also has a extensive front page missive on the Mayor "looking forward" to his last year of his four year term on the "Third Floor", some comments should cause Mayor "AnVil" some consternation and concern.

But David Diaz, an urban studies professor at California State University, Los Angeles, said he would give Villaraigosa average marks.

"Given the excitement of his election and when he first came in, I think he's just been average," Diaz said

From Joel Kotkin,

Still, Villaraigosa's economic strategies are not without critics as he grapples with the budget shortfall and the prospect of layoffs if property tax and other revenues don't pick up soon.

"The economy is pretty much dead in the water and his strategy is all smoke and mirrors," said Joel Kotkin, presidential fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University.

"It's all based on real estate, and I think the city is in the worst shape it has been since the riots. Los Angeles has no real economic-development strategy."

From Gerald Silver, President of Homeowners of Encino,

Silver said he and others have long been concerned about overdevelopment and the resulting impacts.

"When it comes to issues like that, I would give him a D," Silver said. "What he has failed to do is link growth and development to consumption at a time when he is asking the rest of us to conserve.

"We can't wash our driveway down, yet a big new development that will use more water and power sails through."

Silver was among a key group of Valley homeowners who backed Villaraigosa four years ago against former Mayor James Hahn. Now, he said, he's not sure if he would support him for re-election. It depends on his opponents, and whether he makes additional improvements in the Valley.

........and the obvious observation,

Jaime Regalado, director of the Pat Brown Institute of Politics at California State University, Los Angeles, said it is such political matters that Villaraigosa has to address.

"I think he has done a reasonably good job in recovering from his problems last year. Maybe he's two-thirds recovered," Regalado said.

"But there certainly isn't the shine he had two years ago."

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

"TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON", Day Six, "I DO".....when it comes to raising money.

When "I Do" means "I Do promise to raise money for you".
Being a footnote in City of Los Angeles history has its cost, especially in the "Reign of Villar".
LA Times David Zahniser has the background on one of two "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" events schedule for today.

The happy couple that Antonio Villaraigosa joined in wedlock this week? One of the grooms, Bruce Cohen, (center in the photo) is hosting a big shindig to raise money for the mayor's campaign war chest. Our own David Zahniser connects the dots:

Cohen, an Oscar-winning producer and friend of Villaraigosa's, is also a co-host of a reelection campaign fundraiser for the mayor Saturday, according to an invitation filed with the city's Ethics Commission. The invitation shows a roster of local gay and lesbian leaders listed as co-hosts, including West Hollywood City Councilman John Duran and former Los Angeles Police Commissioner Shelley Freeman.

Talk about a political honeymoon.

Tomorrow, Sunday is "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON DAY" in Los Angeles. In honor of this special day, Mayor Villaraigosa will commence an "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" blitz with four events in West L.A.

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Separated at birth? You decide...........

David Galaviz (top photo), and Jose Sigala (holding pen in lower photo), are respectively the out-going and in-coming Presidents of their Neighborhood Councils, those being Lincoln Heights and Greater Echo Park Elysian.
Galaviz worked for State Senator Gil "One Bill" Cedillo. Sigala worked for the late Assemblyman Marcos Firebaugh and is now employed by Councilman Richard "Zorro Marxist" Alarcon.
Both use controversial tactics to win their respective elections. Galaviz used the "youth vote. Sigala used a "official looking mailer".
And now both elections are being challenged by angry voters.(link here for Echo Park Election Challenge), and (link here for Lincoln Heights Election Challenges).
Like-minded in their approach to politics, is there a "DNA" bond between the two???

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"Antonioh, The Places You'll Go!" A Poem by Jon Regardie

Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie pens a poem to the traveling Mayor in the theme of Dr, Seuss.

It's time for you to fly.
You're off to Great Places!
Cuz you're the mayor, that's why!

You have friends in high places.
You have funds that need raising.
You have voters to please.
You have trips that need taking.
You'll bring dozens of pals, some will pay their own way.
You can earn a kajillion frequent flier miles today.
You'll see cities and nations. You will choose them with care.
You'll travel by car and by train, but mostly by air.
You'll invite reporters, even if they're like leeches.
Because reporters will report on your fascinating speeches.

The places you'll go!

You voyaged to Israel where you pressed lots of flesh.
Spent a cool quarter-million, but it's for L.A.'s best!
And if someone protests, pretend you don't care.
You're not the mayor of some small town in the desert somewhere.

Read the rest by clicking here .

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Memo to the "LA ANTONIA TIMES" from Walter......

This from the comment section at "L.A. Now" post on "Villaraigosa's fundraising".

You'd never know it from reading the L.A. Times, but there already IS an announced Mayoral candidate, who has raised over $101,000 so far, namely, me, Walter Moore.

I'm having a Rally in the Valley fund-raising event tomorrow, Saturday, June 28, 2008, at CSUN in the Shoshone room, and if you're reading this, you're welcome to attend.

Doors open at 1:30 p.m., and the presentation starts at 2:00 p.m.

For details, visit my website.
(No url's are allowed in these comments, but if you Google "Walter Moore Mayor Los Angeles," you can't miss me.)

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"TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON", Day Five "Fee Waivers for Contributions"

Zuma Dogg will love the theme of Day Five in the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON".
Zuma has dedicated "cyber column feet" in exposing the waste of the "Fee Waiver Program" at City Hall.
Tonight's host of Day Five of the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" event in the "John Birch Society Enclave" of San Marino has been the recipient of nearly $300,000 in fee waivers.
All Access Entertainment of Los Angeles is a company dedicated to organizing "Latino-theme" events such as "Fiesta Broadway" and the "COUNCILMAN LAST SEEN AS JOSE HUIZAR's" favorite celebration "El Grito".
Their President is the former LAUSD School Board Member Larry Gonzalez.
L.A. Times reporter David Zahniser has the background at L.A. Now.
"Today’s FOTD offers a look at the world of "special events," parades, festivals and block parties that have become a source of controversy for some critics of City Hall.
An invitation on file with the city’s Ethics Commission says that today’s Villaraigosa fundraiser will be held at 5 p.m. at a San Marino-adjacent address in Pasadena. The host will be Larry Gonzalez, president of All Access Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based company devoted to celebrating "Latino holidays and the Hispanic culture of Southern California, according to its website.
All Access runs such city-sponsored events as Fiesta Broadway, a cultural festival thrown each year in downtown Los Angeles, and El Grito, a Spanish-language concert held annually outside Los Angeles City Hall to commemorate the Mexican War of Independence. Both have received financial help from the city for years.
When Fiesta Broadway took place in April, the Los Angeles City Council forgave nearly $173,000 in fees for the event, which covered parking enforcement and other city costs. El Grito received $75,000 from the city last September and saw $50,000 in city fees waived by the City Council. Those fees were largely incurred by traffic officers who shut down Spring, Main and First streets for the concert.
Faced with a $406-million shortfall, Villaraigosa tried earlier this year to eliminate funding for El Grito and other community events. But the council blocked that effort, and Villaraigosa accepted the changes, signing them into his budget for 2008-09.
When El Grito takes place in September, Gonzales’ company will offer its corporate sponsors a special VIP reception with –- guess who? -- Villaraigosa and the City Council.
Coming soon, "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON DAY" in the City of Los Angeles.

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Lunch time comments..........from off the coast of Italy

Say what you want about former Police Commission Member and the Developer of "The Grove" Shopping Center Rick Caruso. But Caruso leaves no doubt that he is thoroughly enjoying his "fifteen minutes of blogging speculation'' on whether he will join Walter Moore in challenging Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor in 2009.

The L.A. Times contacted Caruso via cellphone, on a boat of the coast of Italy. Sit back and enjoy these "Carusoisms" regarding his interest in the 2009 Mayor's race.

So far no other major candidate has declared, but there other people thinking about running -- namely billionaire mall magnate Rick Caruso.

When reached by cellphone this week while sailing off the coast of Italy, Caruso said he will make his decision in the coming months.

It's clear that he's enjoying the reaction he's received as a possible contender.

"Lots of people have called me," he said. He paused and asked one of his sons on the boat: "Do you think I should run?" The answer was a resounding yes. Stay tuned, Caruso said, upbeat on his vacation. He joked: "Antonio could be my running mate."

One gets the idea that Caruso is playing head games with the Mayor who is in the middle of his "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON".

Meanwhile back in Hollywood, members of our myopic entertainment community continue in the quest to build up their fellow "star's" campaign war chest in the maybe, "forlorn hope" of scaring any additional challengers to the re-election hopes of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. These Comments from Kerman Maddox.

"People look at him as they would a movie star (well maybe the "sancho character" in a novella)," said public affairs consultant Kerman Maddox, who has been raising campaign cash for Villaraigosa and Democratic presidential candiate Sen. Barack Obama. "When I travel, everyone knows who the mayor of Los Angeles is. You couldn't always say that."

....and this prediction from Maddox,

"Caruso would make the race interesting," said Maddox. "But he can't win. Take that to the bank."

Maddox who I respected in his days on KCET's Life and Times Show with Hugh Hewitt and LA Times Columnist Patt Morrison, needs to get out and about to areas of the city like Sunland-Tujunga, South L.A., West L.A. and that "barometer of political opinion" CD 14, to gauge what is a brewing backlash aimed at a certain "third floor office holder".

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Friday Morning Missives

Good Friday morning to all, especially to our dueling elected Department Heads on Spring Street.

The City Attorney’s decision to withhold this important information from public scrutiny is a slap in the face to the people he serves. In an effort to provide the public with the accountability they deserve, I am exercising my subpoena powers for documents and records in the City Attorney’s Office pertaining to the Workers’ Compensation Program.

Since becoming Controller seven years ago and conducting 154 audits, this is only the second time that I have been forced to utilize my subpoena powers, and I don’t do so lightly. Unfortunately, due to the City Attorney’s actions, I am left with no other choice.

Memo to Ms. Chick, that 154 number you cite in your press release should be 155. There is a department in the Garland Building that has the initials of C-D-D? They use to oversee a program called L-A- B-R-I-D-G-E-S? That program gave regular city pay checks with your "John Hancock" on it to someone associated with the M-E-X-I-C-A-N M-A-F-I-A?

So Ms. Chick, stop with the theatrics on how you are going to huff and puff and blow down "Rocktard's Door" and do what many of the community wanted done long ago, AUDIT L.A. BRIDGES!!

****Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt Dorn faces four criminal charges stemming from a city program that provided low interest home loans to city officials. Dorn a ordained minister was a former sheriff deputy, asst. city attorney and Juvenile Court Judge, was a regular on the "Talk Back Radio Show" with George Putnam in the 80's and 90's discussing his thoughts on the Juvenile Justice System.
****We forgot to mention that former councilman "M.L.K." has resurface, that being "Martin Ludlow King". The convicted former councilman is passing the time working with the football players at Dorsey High School. New LA Times Sports Columnist Kurt Streeter does the "hosanas in print" in expousing Ludlow taking accountibility...and falling on the sword for others, in the SEIU 99 Courruption Trial. Then there is something about a late public figure and a lack of autopsy.

****The Daily News is a "fishwrap" in need of leadership. After being "used" by DWP General Manager H(osed) David Nahai, then trying to save face with its "confessional retort", the "MOLDY GREEN SHEET calls upon LAPD to revise it immigration policy known to all as Special Order 40.

****The "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET....for sale" is a "Johnny come lately" to that dysfunctional group known as the "Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council" led by former late Assemblyman Marcos Firebaugh aide and currently employed by Councilman Richard "Zorro Marxist" Alarcon, Jose Sigala. BTW, Sigala is also related to LHNC's David Galaviz.

.........later today, more on the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" Day Five.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jamiel's Law Petition Signing Starts Saturday!!

If you are paying attention to what's going on around you, you already know we need to get Jamiel's Law on the ballot. We need your help! If you are a resident of the City of Los Angeles, please come out this Saturday, at Cal State Northridge. Meet us at the Satellite Student Union, Shoshone Room at 2:00pm, doors open at 1:30pm. Please take a few minutes from your day and sign the Jamiel's Law Petition!
Council Member Dennis Zine will be signing the Petition either Saturday or the first of next week. His staff members will also be signing the Jamiel's Law Petition and they will help get signatures. We need your help too. Join Jamiel's Law Supporters and meet Walter Moore (author of Jamiel's Law), Kevin James, Radio Talk Show Host KRLA and your fellow concerned citizens!
The City needs your help. Come out and get involved! We have 120 days to get the signatures needed to get Jamiel's Law on the March 3, 2009 ballot. Come sign the Petition and take some for your neighbors. On Saturday, you will also be able to download the Petition, sign it and mail it in. The address to mail the Petition will be on the www.Jamielslaw.com website. If you don't live in the City of Los Angeles, please spread the word about Jamiel's Law Petition Signing to your family and friends who do.

Let's make a change together!

"TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON", Day Four, "A Rest Day"

The "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" is observing a rest day. The act of raising money and documentation of future favors is a task that wears at the strongest politico.
But reporting on these "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" events is a task that brings out the best in hard-nose reporters such as L.A. Times David Zahniser. Here are his observations on last nights "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" event in San Fransisco as posted at L.A. Now.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa does not, in fact, have an event Thursday night where he is raising money for his 2009 reelection. Or at least, he has no invitation filed for today with the city’s Ethics Commission, which would make sense since the mayor will spend the morning pushing for a transit-tax hike and the evening at a gala for the Getty House Foundation, the nonprofit group that maintains the mayor’s mansion in Windsor Square.

So instead, let's take a look at the Villaraigosa fund-raiser held last night in San Francisco, a champagne reception headed by three S.F. politicos, who served as co-chairs. Dist. Atty. Kamala Harris, Supervisor Fiona Ma and former mayor and state Assembly speaker Willie Brown, a mentor of Villaraigosa, each promised to raise at least $10,000, according to the invitation filed with the city’s Ethics Commission.

The fourth and final co-chair on the invitation is Darius Anderson, president of the lobbying and government relations firm Platinum Advisers. Although Platinum is not a registered lobbyist in the city of Los Angeles, it has 61 clients in Sacramento, according to the secretary of state’s website. Those clients include AT&T, Lennar Homes, the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians and the city of Upland, whose motto just happens to be “The City of Gracious Living,” by the way.

Those clients might not need any help from Mayor Villaraigosa in 2009. But Gov. Villaraigosa in 2010? You never know.

The "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" resumes tomorrow leading up to "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON DAY" on Sunday.

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Reporting from the NALEO Conference in DC

Reporting in from NALEO's 25th Annual Conference here in Washington, DC. Members of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund represent all political parties, all levels of government, and diverse constituencies – from metropolitan cities to rural communities.


The room was more than packed for the National Leadership Luncheon and there were many standing on the sides and in the back of the room. New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez was the first one I heard and he had a few observations and asides:

  • The first Latino to fall in the Iraq War was an undocumented immigrant.
  • 17 million Latinos are eligible to vote in the 2008 general election.
  • Latinos face the highest rate of unemployment of any group in America.
  • 45 million are without health insurance--which includes many Latino families.
  • America needs to move forward on "Comprehensive Immigration Reform."
  • There are more tortillas and salsa sold in America than white bread and ketchup.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada), spoke about the importance of family with the Hispanic community and his personal and professional relationship with NALEO founder and the first Latino elected to the Los Angeles City Council, the late Ed Roybal. Reid, a subdued but deliberate speaker, received his biggest applause line when he called the Iraq War the "worst foreign policy blunder in the history of our country."


One of the real standout NALEO stars is Assistant to the Speaker of the House, Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) who touched upon several issues--some light- and some heavy-hearted:

  • Spoke about Speaker Pelosi's leadership in passing the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (which deals with Medicare reimbursement cuts to physicians set to take affect on Monday and makes assistance available to the most vulnerable members of society [i.e. seniors] who need medical care but cannot afford it.

  • Shared a Texas maxim on speechifying: "A speech is like a Texas Longhorn: a point here and a point there--with a lot of bull in between."


U.S. Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), suffered from laryngitis but gave a raspy but heartfelt speech on her connection to Ed Roybal and how "Latino voters will decide who will be the next President of the United States of America." Like Reid, she spoke emphatically about electing Obama to the White House and the need to end the war in Iraq and "bring the troops home." Speaker Pelosi also spoke about legislation--authored by Rep. Becerra--and signed into law by President Bush last month that will study the potential creation of a "National Museum of the American Latino."

NALEO and Bronx Borough President, Adolfo Carrión, gave a rousing introduction of former First Lady and presidential aspirant, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who closed the luncheon with thoughtful and gracious remarks. Amidst calls of "We love you, Hillary!" and the longest standing applause for any of the speakers, Clinton gave a passionate call to Democratic action and the need for change in Washington. Waxing nostalgic on her recent run for office and standing up for "all who felt invisible in our country," she gave a special shout out to her supporters in the Puerto Rican primary ("a 600 car caravan with extraordinary energy and pulsating music that traveled for 7 hours throughout the island").

Senator Clinton also spoke in glowing terms of her event with Senator Obama tomorrow in Unity, New Hampshire: "We will be making the case for a Democratic victory in November. I know that this was a hard fought primary campaign and I am very grateful for the passion and determination of everyone that supported me. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] But every issue you care about personally, every issue your constituents care about, every issue that NALEO is fighting for, is really at risk. We cannot afford four more years of the same. It won't be good for any of us. And therefore we have to be determined to chart a new course and we cannot do that without electing Senator Obama our president. So that is what I'm going to be working for; that is what I'm going to be fighting for."


More to report as things unfold; Senators Obama and McCain will be speaking on Saturday.

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Daily News "Used By" and "Turns the Table On" H. David Nahai

With apologies to former Daily News Editor Ron Kaye, we must in the public interest post these excerpts on how a Pompous, Arrogant, Thin-Skinned, Aloof, Poor Excuse of a Public Servant, that being Department of Water and Power General Manager and "Co-Chief" (with IBEW's "Boss D'Arcy"), H. David Nahai, brought shame to the once proud, but now "MOLDY GREEN SHEET.
From today's Daily News Editorial "Confessions and manipulations of a water-waster".
Auditors of the spacious spread owned by H. David Nahai on Beverly
Hills-adjacent Deep Canyon Drive found that the general manager of the Los
Angeles Department of Water and Power is one of those very water-wasters that
the city is, under his own leadership, cracking down on.
In fact, Nahai's lawn is so overwatered by sprinklers that it's sitting
in a foot of subsurface moisture.
It was embarrassing for Nahai, to be sure. And it reinforced the belief
by many that Los Angeles' leaders regularly engage in hypocrisy. Here was the
man scolding Angelenos for using too much water caught in the wasteful act
But shouldn't Nahai be forgiven for generously opening his home and his
water usage to the public - a commitment to model good conservationist behavior?
Certainly, if that were the whole story.
Now getting to the "Heart of a User".
The story behind that story, in fact, shows more political calculation than chagrin. Nahai's offer to the Daily News was nothing more than a clever pre-emptive strike against another reporter he considered a bother. For weeks Nahai had resisted requests from independent journalist, blogger and all-around muckraker Alan Mittelstaedt to turn over his water bills. It was a reasonable request. The man who was resurrecting the water police and portraying himself as a conservationist ought to be willing to be an example.
Nahai was annoyed by the request and the persistence of this journalist, and knew he would have to give up his wasting ways sooner or later. So he used a tactic common to clever public figures: He took his story elsewhere. Hah. Take that nosy Nelson!
Politicians, celebrities and other powerful people have been playing games like this ever since there was a press to play with. It's unfortunate, and the public likely has little idea of the manipulation that goes on behind the scenes every day just to get public officials to grudgingly provide important information.
What's more, this story illustrates not only that Nahai is a crafty political figure, but that he - as so many others in the city's leadership - only did the right thing when forced. Would disgraced San Diego Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham have stopped taking bribes from defense contractors had not he been exposed by the San Diego Union-Tribune and the FBI? Not likely.

H. David Nahai is a lawbreaker (for violating the Public Records Act) and frontman for the likes of Mayor Villaraigosa, Ari Swiller and Keith Brackpool who will reap $$$$ of the back of ratepayers for their pet projects and companies (Cadiz Inc., Renewable Resources).

Props and happy return to the LA Weekly for Alan Mittelstaedt and thanks for the fortitude to show what a fraud H. David Nahai is to the Conservation Community,....including the Sierra Club.
Comments from the "WESTSIDE WHITE PUFF PIECE GUY" The person who at this time regrets writing this example of "PUFF JOURNALISM" .

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Nominations for June's Ass Clown Award

Here are some early nominations for June's Ass Clown Award.

1. Assemblyman Felipe "Lil Handel" Fuentes
2. Councilman Richard "Zorro Marxist" Alarcon
3. Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes
4. los Angeles "Collective" Chamber of Commerce
5. Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council Member Vera Padilla
6. DWP General Manager H. "The Shah of Water and Power" David Nahai
****Fox News "Cameragoon" who yanked Zuma Dogg off camera****
7. Kevin "WWG, Puff" Roderick
8. Mayor Antonio "Pollovillar" Raigosa
9. Office of the City Clerk
10. Councilman Jack "Ass" Weiss
11. Daily News,...."and used" Editorial Board

Your thoughts and nominations greatly appreciated in this endeavor.


Caption This.........................

....."Ahhh!!! Is that, ahh ,"Zoner, ahh, the Tagger" outside, ahh, the window"??

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Pre-Dawn Missives for Thursday

***Special Order 40 lives on to "protect" a growing
underclass of people in the City of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu, granting a motion from the city and the American Civil Liberties Union, said Harold Sturgeon failed to prove that "Special Order 40" was in conflict with federal and state laws that dictate the flow of information between local and federal agencies regarding people's immigration status. as excerpted from the Los Angeles Times. No shortage of comments on this issue for sure.
***BREAKING NEWS!! Supreme Court strikes down Washington D.C. Handgun Ban. Big Victory for Pro Gun Advocates.***
***What is it about Charter Schools who's name start with the word Academia?? We all know about the antics and teaching at Academia Semillas del Pueblo. But now Highland Park based Academia Avance is in the news for serious issues which caused pause in their Charter Renewal. And in both cases who was their most outspoken supporter on the LAUSD Board of Education?? "Big hint", Rosie O'Donnell, enough said.

***Memo to Councilman Dennis Zine, KFI 640 AM reporter Eric Leonard has audio of certain staffers based on the "third Floor" who are heard laughing at comments by "April Ass Clown Award Winner" Chief Bill Bratton that regarded your efforts to revise Special Order 40. (Link to KFI's John and Ken Show during 3:00 hour.)
***City Beat has earned the moniker of "City Weak"

***Call this a "Bloggin Pile On", DWP General Manager H. David Nahai in his brief reign as the "Shah of Water and Power" has quickly become the "Poster Boy" of what a Department Head should not be in the City of Los Angeles.

Arrogant, Self Center, Aloof and Politically Asute is not the way to endear yourself to the taypayers who pay your $300,000 + salary. So with thanks to "Westchester Parents" and Ron Kaye's Blog we join the party in exposing H. David Nahai as the "Shah of Water Waste" for Public Official in the City of Los Angeles.
****Read today's Daily News Editorial how they were used..and abused, by "Shah Nahai"****
But shouldn't Nahai be forgiven for generously opening his home and his water usage to the public - a commitment to model good conservationist behavior?
Certainly, if that were the whole story.
The story behind that story, in fact, shows more political calculation than chagrin. Nahai's offer to the Daily News was nothing more than a clever pre-emptive strike against another reporter he considered a bother. For weeks Nahai had resisted requests from independent journalist, blogger and all-around muckraker Alan Mittelstaedt to turn over his water bills.
It was a reasonable request. The man who was resurrecting the water police and
portraying himself as a conservationist ought to be willing to be an example.
Nahai was annoyed by the request and the persistence of this journalist, and knew he would have to give up his wasting ways sooner or later. So he used a tactic common to clever public figures: He took his story elsewhere. Hah. Take that nosy Nelson!

H. David Nahai (DWP General Manager) - 434,220(a staggering 310% times more than my household!!) That household being Ron Kaye's resident.
Rocky Delgadillo (City attorney) - 423,368 gallons
Mayor Villaraigosa - 386,716 gallons
Jack Weiss - 254,320 gallons
Bill Rosendahl - 230,384 gallons
Tony Cardenas - 219,912 gallons
Greig Smith - 219,164 gallons
Dennis Zine - 194,480 gallons
Wendy Gruel - 190,740 gallons
Jose Huizar - 142,120 gallons
Eric Garcetti - 88,264 gallons
Janice Hahn - 83,776 gallons
Bernard Parks - 35,156 gallons

Taxpayers need to give Alan Mittelstaedt thanks for taking on the "Shah of Water and Power" and exposing his hypocritical actions.
***LAPD, General Services, and Private Security will provide on-site security at the City of Los Angeles 109th Street Pool, located in the "No-Man's Land" between the Nickerson Gardens and Jordan Downs Housing Projects. This pool was the scene of a rampage last weekend where pool staff came under assualt.

***........and this from a source in CD 14. A official from CalTrans who oversees State owned properties in El Sereno, South Pasadena, and Pasadena, quickly departed a meeting when informed that an "certain person" was invited. Apparently threats has been made against this official by a person with interest in CalTrans properties.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Late Night Treat

Dead Can Dance, "Yulunga".

Memo to the Daily News, Walter Moore has been, is, and will continue to run for Mayor

This morning as usual, the radio was tuned into KABC 790 AM "Doug McIntyre Show".

Doug is the best in AM Los Angeles when highlighting, with intellect and reason, local issues of the day.

This morning he took exception to the Daily News, aka, the "MOLDY GREEN SHEET" for this sentence in a story about the Mayor's San Fransisco Fundraiser tonight.
The invitation-only champagne reception is expected to raise tens of thousands of dollars for Villaraigosa's re-election campaign next spring. As of now, the mayor has no announced challenger.
Now I would provide a link to the whole story so that the sentence could be seen in its proper context, but the MOLDY GREEN SHEET has removed the story in question, must of been embarrass into action by the comments of one of their Op-Ed writers on the air this morning.
For months now Walter Moore has been running commercials and appearing on local AM stations. Further he is the author of "Jamiel's Law" which would revise Special Order 40. I find it hard that a "MOLDY GREEN SHEET" Copy Editor, unless based in India like the OC Register, could of not caught this oversight before the story went to press. Then what about asking your in house political writer Rick Orlov to scan the story for any mistakes??
And by the way, I recall Doug mentioning something about a retraction............

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The "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" believes in open borders.

Florida, Chicago, New York, no state border is a barrier for the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON".

One can enter the Sanctuary City of Los Angeles, give a monetary tribute, and the doors open wide. Likewise one can leave the "Sanctuary City, South" for the "Sanctuary City, North" by a "bay of water" and ask for tributes from thoses seeking future favors.

The "TROLL FOR DOUGH A- THON" enters the domain of one Gavin Newsome this evening where former State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown host a fundraiser for his former Assembly Colleague.

Powerhouse fundraiser Darius Anderson and Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco, also are listed as event co-chairs and have committed to raising at least $10,000 for Villaraigosa. Guests are asked to contribute $1,000 each to the cause - a race in which Villaraigosa currently has no major opponents, despite a rocky last year in which he admitted to having an affair with a television news reporter.

Some other obsevations from the San Fran. Chronicle.

With Newsom considering a run for governor in 2010 and Villaraigosa also seen as a possible contender, observers say tonight's fundraiser could be an indication of the powerful political alliances that will form if the two mayors face off against each other, with some big Northern California names supporting someone other than the hometown candidate.

"Whether they want to admit it or not, it's saying these are people who are declaring their support for him (Villaraigosa) over Newsom," said Barbara O'Connor, professor of political communication at Cal State Sacramento.

Newsom's name isn't mentioned on the invitation, which has added fuel to long-standing rumors about a rivalry between the two camps. Though Newsom was invited, it's not certain he will attend.

Back in the "Sanctuary City, South", if you blink you have may miss a "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" event that should get the attention of Sunland-Tujunga's Joe B. . David Zahniser has the details at L.A. Now.

Villaraigosa had a noon re-election event in downtown Los Angeles, then flew up to San Francisco for a 6 p.m. appearance with former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown and Darius Anderson, president of the lobbying firm Platinum Advisors. (A bit more on that tomorrow.)

The noon fundraiser was co-hosted by developer David Chang and Kerman Maddox, a consultant whose firm earned some cash when it worked on Villaraigosa’s grand plan to gain more control over Los Angeles Unified School District.

Dakota Communications, Maddox's lobbying and consulting firm, has such clients as Los Angeles World Airports and Westfield, the shopping mall owner. Last year, the firm entered the spotlight when it represented Home Depot as the hardware giant waged a bitter fight to open in Sunland-Tujunga.

Home Depot gave Dakota nearly $308,000 last year to lobby City Hall, according to reports filed with the city’s Ethics Commission. During that campaign, a Dakota memo surfaced showing that the firm planned to charge Home Depot roughly $24,000 to transport 150 supporters in orange T-shirts to City Hall to speak on behalf of the project.

In the memo, Dakota also promised to submit an op-ed piece to various newspapers that told a "wonderfully sincere and compelling story" about the Home Depot’s commitment to Los Angeles in the aftermath of the 1992 riots.

Although Home Depot is still working to get building permits in Sunland-Tujunga, Dakota no longer represents the company.

Coming soon, "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON DAY" in the City of Los Angeles......as proclaim here on Mayor Sam.

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Metro, East, by Northeast Missives at Mid-Day

Quick missives for your lunch time reviewing.

Hundreds of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials descended on the Drew Street enclave of the Avenues Gang. With 10 SWAT Teams in tow, search warrants and arrests were made in this crackdown on this infamous clique of the Avenues Gang. A community meeting is schedule for this evening at Glassell Park Community Center.
Judge sides with City and ACLU regarding Special Order 40 lawsuit. Celeste at Witness L.A. has her take. (Caution!! Beware of Jackie Goldberg in picture.)

In Sacramento, legislation by State Senator Gloria Romero that would open personal files of Police Officers to the public went down to defeat in the Assembly's Public Safety Committee when three democrats (with common sense) Jose Solorio, Hector De La Torre and Anthony Portantino voted to abstain.

Tim Sands, president of the Police Protective League, which represents 9,300 LAPD rank-and-file officers, said he was pleased that "this bad piece of legislation was stopped." He reiterated the union's stance that the department's discipline system allows sufficient civilian oversight. The league launched a radio campaign that was highly critical of the proposed law, and Sands, in a recent interview, accused Romero of throwing a "legislative temper tantrum."

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who supported Romero's efforts was "outrage" with the results.

More Villaraigosa, announced his support of a half-cent sale tax hike to pay for transit and traffic projects. He joins his friend David Fleming and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce who forgot about market based solutions to fund these types of projects.

Hundreds turned out last night at Lincoln Park in CD 1 to discuss Hillside Development. Most were on the side of opposing rampant development favored by the likes of Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes and the "COUNCILMAN LAST SEEN AS JOSE HUIZAR". No wonder why neither were seen despite the turnout.
........and this from the LA Weekly aka "WEEKLY OF RECORD".
By Christine Pelisek
The Mayor's Office is denying to the Weekly reports on other local websites that he has a long-concealed tattoo, reading “Born To Raise Hell.” Antonio got slammed on Tuesday by the Mayor Sam blog over a controversy boiling over in the Los Angeles Fire Department, first reported right here, in which firefighters are being ordered to wear long sleeves or even bandages to cover their tattoos.
After the Daily News wrote about the controversy on Tuesday, Mayor Sam went to town slamming the LAFD’s “no show” tattoo policy, then wrote:
"And it's amazing to consider, when we have a mayor who reportedly never is seen without his shirt off nor wearing short sleeves because he sports gang tattoos from his youth."
Gang tattoos? If only! The allegation stems from a website called Bruin Alumni Association, which insists the
mayor got his tattoo while a radical student at UCLA.
But nah, says Antonio's office. The mayor doesn’t sport a tattoo now. However, his office wasn't sure whether he had one before. Who knows what the real deal is here, so please weigh in if you know.
Mirthala can settle this...........

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"TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON, Day Two", Even "Welfare Recipients" will donate

This is the "Great Ole United States" and thus you can "contribute" to the political discourse through the spoken word, printed prose, or through the protected act of giving, even those on the "corporate welfare rolls" can give, witness "LA LIVE".

On Day Two of the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON", Mayor Villaraigosa last night attended a fundraiser host by "Anshultz Entertainment Group" bigwig Tim Leiweke,

Excerpts from David Zahniser's report on the L.A. Now Blog at the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET".

The fundraiser at L.A. Live was (corrected to current
tense) co-hosted by Tim Leiweke, president and CEO of Anschutz
Entertainment Group, according to an invitation filed with the city’s Ethics
Commission. Three years ago, Villaraigosa supported AEG’s plan for
building L.A. with roughly $270 million in city subsidies(ie. corporate
welfareism that former Councilman Joel Wachs fought against for the
AEG's Staples Center and won

Since Villaraigosa took office, AEG has given $485,000 in contributions to
various mayoral initiatives, from a telephone tax measure on February’s ballot
to Villaraigosa’s ill-fated effort to gain control of the Los Angeles Unified
School District.

Yet there’s another interesting name on the invitation: lawyer and lobbyist
Tim McOsker. A resident of San Pedro, McOsker spent four years as chief of staff
to former Mayor James Hahn -- the man Villaraigosa defeated in 2005.

Since City Hall is all about forgiveness (Villar will only forgive
for money??),
he’s now a co-host of a Villaraigosa campaign event -–
and someone with clients ranging from AT&T to real estate developer Bob
Bisno, the man behind a proposal for 1,950 new homes on an undeveloped stretch
of San Pedro.

So for McOsker, one must "kiss the ring", in this case anty up the cash to open the door for his client.

Later as the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" continues, what did those wedding vows and smooch really cost???
Preview of Day 3 of the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" from the San Fran. Chronicle

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Wednesday

Your favorite government servant - DWP General Manager H. David Nahai - got busted wasting water and power so now he's getting the conservation religion. Blogger and new Sister City Hero Alan Mittelstaedt blew the whistle on H. David seeking a public records request for the GM's utility bills - following which H. David came clean. Apparently Mittelstaedt got so far under H. David's skin that Nahai claimed the blogger was "harrassing" him.

On the heels of the Lakers' big loss in the NBA Finals former Laker Shaquille O'Neal is gloating, joking with reporters "Kobe couldn't do without me." The last time the Lakers won a championship ring was when Shaq was still in town. The NBA legend has even gone as far to record a rap video poking fun.

Random question of the day: In light of the current mortgage crisis, much ado is made about "predatory lending." How often though do you hear the media talk about "irresponsible borrowing?" Its time to hold individuals accountable for their actions and not exclusively blame government, business, or others when the chips are down.

You may remember an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies where a con man tried to sell naive Ozark millionaire Jed Clampett local landmarks like The Hollywood Bowl, the freeway system and Griffith Park. In real life, a reported former boyfriend of actress Anne Hathaway has been accused of fraudulently trying to sell Vatican landmarks.

And finally for whatever reason there has been much discussion on the blog about City Council President Eric Garcetti referring to his live-in female lover Amy Wakeland as "his partner." A number of our readers feel that this is a term historically reserved for pre-legal marriage homosexual unions and that as a heterosexual Garcetti should refer to Wakeland as his girlfriend and hopefully soon, his fiance. Prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage, domestic partnership was an option for gay couples but it was and is still not available to heterosexual couples if at least one partner is not yet a senior citizen. Therefore Eric needs to marry sweet Amy as do 45 year old Helen Hunt and her described domestic partner 47 year old Matthew Carnahan. As an ordained minister, I am happy to perform the service for free. After all, doesn't a future mayor need a First Lady and not a First Partner? (By the way before you start yammering and posting about me being politically incorrect, we're just having a little fun here. The truth is now that same-sex couples are finally getting the rights they deserve; some heterosexual couples should celebrate by taking marriage more seriously.)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Philip "Flip" Smith, 61

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports that business owner and community volunteer Philip “Flip” Smith died June 23 following a short illness. He was 61.

Smith was long-time owner of Flip’s Tire Center and Flip’s Performance Concepts on Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys.

In the 90s, Smith led a successful effort to clean-up Van Nuys and was a pioneer in community empowerment.

Smith twice served as chairman of the Mid-Valley Chamber, now known as the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce.

He also participated in organizations such as the Mid Valley Community Police Council and the Community Police Advisory Board, Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, Rotary Club of Van Nuys, the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Committee, and the board of directors of the Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

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City Insults Firefighters With Silly Politically Correct Effort


We mentioned this a couple weeks ago but it's finally hit the MSM. The LAFD has implemented a ridiculous policy banning tattoos on firefighters. For those who already have tattoos they have to cover them up with sleeves, collars and/or bandages. This ban not only applies to when they're in public but even when they're alone in the fire station. In fact - and this is incredible - the City has instructed Captains to inspect the firefighters while they are sleeping to make sure the tats are not visible.

Our public safety professionals deserve better than this. Sure, we probably don't want police officers or fire fighters covered in spider webs, tears under their eyes or gang insignias. But what the hell is wrong with Mom on your heart or the logo of your Marine unit?

And it's amazing to consider when we have a Mayor who reportedly never is seen without his shirt off nor wearing short sleeves because he sports gang tattoos from his youth.

The City has far more important issues to address than this politically correct nonsense. We stand with the firefighters and trust that the City will come to a rational position soon.

** UPDATE **

Our friend Brian Humphrey, LAFD Media Rep offers up the following. Brian can't say this but I can - it's his job to tow the company line but being one of them I know he supports the troops. If you want to show support for the firefighters please follow the instructions below:

While the Commanding Officer of our Section, Battalion Chief Ronnie Villanueva, is the designated spokesman on this particular issue, I can say that the Fire Chief and Fire Commission warmly welcome public input on this subject.

City of Los Angeles residents with concerns or suggestions may write via postal mail or fax to:

Fire Chief Douglas Barry
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 N Main St, Room 1800
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Fax: (213) 978-3815

City of Los Angeles
Fire Commission
200 N Main St, Room 1840
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Fax: (213) 978-3814

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

Though the pro-Villar spinners on Mayor Sam are convinced no one, no how can beat Mayor Villaraigosa in next year's election, Joseph Mailander joins the chorus of voices who are not convinced the Mayor is invincible.

On a tour for campaign contributions in Florida, Mayor Villaraigosa criticized President Bush for neglecting the poor. Of course it took embarrassing the Mayor on his junket to Israel to get him to clean up the trash in neighborhoods where poor people right here in Los Angeles live.

Speaking of trash residents in a few select Los Angeles neighborhoods will be part of an experiment in recycling food waste. The participants will receive two gallon, green plastic buttons in which they will be expected to place organic waste including food and yard waste. The contents of which will be used for composting and perhaps later for creating methane gas for fuel.

Enrollment in LA Unified is down and many schools are under capacity. However the District plans to continue building more schools at a cost of nearly $600 per square foot.

"Sober Living" homes for alcoholics and drug addicts are causing a stir in many residential areas. Residents who live near the homes whose purpose are to transition those who have undergone rehabilitation into normal life say that the facilities - private homes that can house up to twenty individuals - are drawing people who smoke, curse and make like miserable for the neighbors. On the other hand supporters of the home say they're a necessary tool to help get addicts off substances.

Former School Board Member David Tokofsky says that Los Angeles County is lacking leadership and priorities when it comes to spending tax money. More and more taxes and bonds are passed but the County is not receiving its fair share nor is anyone doing anything about according to Tokofsky who is now an educational consultant. Though he as no plans to re-enter politics, in a bizarre statement Tokofsky even suggests that LA County secede from California.

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Bedtime Music

AC/DC... Old School.

(Happy 15th Birthday to the Fresh Prince of Porter Ranch. You rock, Baby Boy!)

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Tony Villar presents "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON"!!

As the "DARK DAYS OF ZELL" spreads through the catacombs of the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET", glimmers of Herald Examiner style investigated journalism can still flicker within the pending "DEATH MONOLITH OF MSM BIAS JOURNALISM".
Witness this novel concept that debut today on the Times Web Site.
As Tony Villar begins his nine day, 11 fund raising events "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON", the Times "L.A. Now" comes up with the novel idea to report the ..............FACTS!!!, and Chismo behind the scenes of the various deal makers, err, fundraisers that will make up the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON".
And who best to scribe the details in the days ahead?
Well if you guess reporter David "Z-Man" Zahniser, then you win the free subscription that someone else did not renew.
Excerpts on tonights "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON" venue.
Let's start with tonight's $1,000-per-contributor event in Koreatown, held at 6:30 p.m. at the J.J. Grand Hotel.
Here's David:
The fundraiser will be co-hosted by three Korean American business leaders, including Chang Y. Lee, president of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce, according to an invitation filed with the city’s Ethics Commission.
Perhaps the most noteworthy co-host is Alexander Hugh, chief executive of the real estate development company CIC Group –- a firm that received permission from City Hall last year to build a condominium hotel with 16- and 21-story towers at 7th Street and Hobart Boulevard.
Villaraigosa made the project a top priority and had representatives of his business team lobby for its passage.
But one planning department official warned that the project would be too large for the surrounding Koreatown neighborhood.
So credit the "OLD GREY HAG ON SPRING STREET" for letting the "Z-Man" do what he does the best, report the facts, at least before the editors "cut and paste" their spin.
Click here to see the official "celebration dance" of the "TROLL FOR DOUGH A-THON"

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