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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On Bloggin Vacation .............

As dawn rises on the eve of the Fiscal 2015/2016 New Year, we embark on our annual Sierra Nevada Birthday Vacation.
Darn!! The use of bloggin Spollcheck is hard on the body and commentating mind set. 
** Blogger's Note: As the sun rises on a monsoonal morning in Ciudad de Los Angeles, its time again for this blogger's annual Sierra Nevada Birthday Adventure to remember those who have left use way to early in life, especially our dear friend Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby. Upon return, we will outline our "Future State of Mayor Sam" .........., and how you can help in our bloggin mission of holding our elective officeholders/political payasos y payasas, accountable. Until then, we link below to our reason appearance on last Saturday's KRLA 870 AM Randy Economy Show. Happy Fourth of July to all---Scott Johnson in CD 14
The Cast of Pirate Randy Radio/
Thanks to Dennis Zine for prompting this Zuma Dogg Flashback regarding a certain texting CD 14 City Clowncil Member.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mayor Sam Blogger Scott Johnson in Studio with KRLA 870 AM's Randy Economy this Saturday

Tune into the KRLA 870 AM Randy Economy Show this Saturday from 8-9 PM as Mayor Sam Blogger Scott Johnson joins Randy, "Boss Brian D'Arcy Rizzo's Bato" Dennis Zine, Kevin Strong and Actor/Animal Rights Activist Paul Darrigo for a wide-ranging, round table dialog.
Randy Economy with Gloria Molina, Nadine Diaz and Cindy Montanez during the 2015 Municipal Elections.
** Blogger's Note: With sincere appreciations to KRLA 870 AM Radio Show Host Randy Economy, this blogger will once again take to the radio air waves tonight, as part of a round table discussion on the current hot button issues at City Hall, in the State of California and Nation-wide. You can be assured that the current state of affairs under the John Ferraro City Clowncil Chambers Big Top will get some audio love this evening, as will co-panel member, former City Councilman and current "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's Bato" Dennis Zine. As you can ascertain with my choice, blogging verbiage above, tonight's dialog will take on an informal, free-flowing aura, mixed with salient commentary on the issues ......., and rest assure, it will be bloggin entertaining, even for those like "University of Scandalous Conduct (USC)" President and Tree-killing Approver Max Nikias (wink, wink)---Scott Johnson.

Friday, June 26, 2015

BREAKING NEWS!! Another USC President Max Nikias-approved Hazard Park Tree Massacre

We bring you another episode of "University of Scandalous Conduct" (USC) President Max Nikias-approved, Hazard Park Friday Tree Killing in the spirit of being a Good Neighbor. 
 USC President Max Nikias is all smiles when it come to destroying a community heritage for a better Trojan tomorrow.
Its been no secret that former Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council President (and Mayor Sam Award Winner) David Galaviz, has an appetite for adversely, altering Historic Hazard Park in his employer USC's vision. 
** Blogger's Note: Lets call this bloggin Breaking News (but not unexpected). This morning, three more longtime trees that made up the historic Hazard Park Viewscape, were decapitated in another "University of Scandalous Conduct (USC) President Max Nikias-approved "Act of Community Destruction" at Historic Henry T. Hazard Park. This latest assault on the Historic Henry T. Hazard Park configuration was part of a long term plan, masked by a combination of double speak via paid USC shills such as David Galaviz, "buying" the support of community organizations and targeting those for retribution, who become impediments to their grand schemes (think Bernard Parks and Jan Perry). The timing this latest "Arbor Massacre" was not surprising considering the comments made buy the likes of Galaviz (who's behavior mimicked the teenage voting bloc that help elect him to the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council), and the other assorted USC Suits in attendance at Wednesday's nights "Choreographed Special Meeting" of the Hazard Park Advisory Board. The assorted USC paid shills clearly stated, that preserving their "abundant dollars and cents" on park destruction, whoops street construction costs, were more paramount that listening to /neighbors/community concerns about the long term, adverse impact of their expansionist plans ....., but when you can "buy whatever governmental approvals needed for your future growth of the Trojan empire", then communal Conquest can be readily achieve (or naught if righteous community activists fight back, instead of appeasing for future material gain)---Scott Johnson.   
 The last moments of these longtime Hazard Park-lining Trees.
 Another USC Tree-killing Spree Underway.
A once majestic part of the Hazard Park View scape forever lost due to USC's "Good Neighborly" intentions.
We wonder if Sierra Club-endorsed CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar has any comments regarding this latest tree kill at Historic Henry T. Hazard Park?
Your thoughts .............. 
Scott Johnson in CD 14

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

Capping a half century of Public Service, former LAPD Chief and out-going CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks is exiting the City Clowncil Big Top with character and integrity intact (along with some choice commentary).
Bernie, like Gloria, tells it like it is.
Who needs to be Politically Correct when the truth is on your side?
As CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Park enters the latter part of his last full week on the now City Clowncil Central Committee, the half century Public Servant is providing a teachable moment for future, aspiring politicos how to exit public office (with character and integrity intact).
While his fellow termed-out colleague CD 4 City Clowncil Historian Tom LaBonge was the recipient of a back-slapping send off yesterday under the John Ferraro Clowncil Chamber Big Top, Parks has been giving interviews with the likes of Downtown News Editor/Scribe of Wit Jon Regardie and LA Weekly's Hillel Aron, which are full of priceless Parks anecdotes.
The supposed "solitary voice of the local political wilderness", is charging into the public service sunset with a "Documentary of Self", is set to premier next Tuesday but in the interim, we proudly cut and paste, the best of Parks, in the spirit of reminding those, that integrity and character, are true political virtues.
........, and BTW, don't hold your breath in waiting for photos of a Parks City Clowncil Send Off.
** On the current "State of CD 8":
“We’ve not done poorly in the sense of the things we’ve worked on in our district,” he said. “My district is the only one building sidewalks — not because Herb Wesson blessed that, but because we found a way to do that. My district led the city five out of six years in creating jobs. Not because of Herb Wesson, but because we figured out how to do it. These are things we find out, that your success is more dependent on what you do, as opposed to all these little games people play at council, where they believe their life is dependent on what committee they have, where they must bow and genuflect.”
** The early years of CD 4 City Clowncilman Tom LaBong:
"I remember my first couple years. Poor Tom Labonge, I sat next to him for a while. He made me so nervous I couldn’t sit there. He looked at me one day and says, 'I ... I ... I don’t know if you know this, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to these policy issues.' I said, 'No shit! I didn’t know that, Tom.'
"Then something would be coming up, he’d run up and [say], 'Eric [Garcetti], how should I vote?'
"That’s the stuff that goes on.'"
** Comment regarding a certain "Part-time Clowncilman, turn Strongman":
"[Herb Wesson] asked me to vote for him and I said I wouldn’t. And he says, 'Well. I want you to know, a lot of people want to be on the budget committee.' I said, 'Give it to them! I am not gonna vote for you for a committee assignment.' Because I didn’t think he would be the best person for the job." 
....., refreshing is truthful candor.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Morning Brief on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As we start the last full week of Fiscal Year 2014/2015, the end is near for two distinct political personas of the Los Angeles City Council Bernard Parks and Tom LaBonge.
 Can we envision the soon to be former LAPD Chief and CD 8 City Councilman, enjoying a post political life behind a Talk Radio Microphone?
Where will the former Marshall Barrister Gridiron Standout catch on after his July 1 exit as CD 4 City Councilman?
Please forgive the current blogging melancholy state of being.
Summer 2015 is one day old and its already been an environmental pisser, with this blogger's favorite beach destination close due to an oil spill (El Capitan State Beach), high mountain sanctuary going up in flames (Lake Fire near Big Bear) ........., and the most egregious, the "University of Scandalous Conduct/Clowncilman Jose Huizar Tree Massacre" at Hazard Park, so bloggin forgive me if my musings take on a more sardonic edge in the days ahead.
For us bloggin lovers of local political theater, festivities under the John Ferraro Clowncil Chambers Big Top will never be the same as its reigning top billing performer, walks out (with football in hand) into the political sunset (best viewed from the top of Mt. Hollywood in "Griffith/LaBongeland Park").
Sadly, for this blog (and the fiscal well-being of the city), July 1, 2015 will dawn on the beginning of the CD 8 City Clowncil Central Committee Era of its newest Labor/Left Stooge Marqueese "Mini Herman Amin" Dawson-Harris, as the once "Bitter Bernie" humors his way into a "See I Told You So Better Tomorrow".
We want to be the first in espousing for a post City Clowncil Talk Radio Show Gig for the reigning Voice of Common Sense, with a wealth of local political perspective ....... and an under appreciated inner-comedic wit.
For a bloggin fleeting moment, the thought of  a "Parks with LaBong" radio pairing, was a day dream quickie ......, and gladly only that. in lieu of the former Marshall Gridiron Standout's buffoon-like proclivities.
But in all seriousness, the departure of Parks brings an end to a level of independent political maturity that will not be seen anytime soon ........., unless Angelinos come together in returning factually-based, common sense to 200 Spring Street.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

We Bloggin Present the Latest in Mayor Garcetti Policy Wear ........, "The Gar-Soft-ee"

The Inaugural Tee in the "Mayor Garcetti Policy Wear Series", is bound to bring out your inner soft spot on policy issues. 
Comes in only "Tepid White".
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Clowncilman Jose Huizar/University of Scandalous Conduct Hazard Park Tree Kill

On this day, June 11, 2015, Sierra Club-endorsed CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar, in concert with "The University of Scandalous Conduct", forever inflicted environmental and cultural damage to the historic configuration of Henry T. Hazard Park.
How low can the Sierra Club go in giving its coveted Environmental Endorsement to those who disregard the Environmental and Cultural Heritage of our Historic Green Spaces (maybe someone should ask Susana Reyes and Martin Schlageter)?
No amount of USC Money (and community enablers) can buy back the cultural and environmental harm inflicted on Historic Henry T. Hazard Park.
** Blogger's Note: Once again, the Greater Boyle Heights Community has become a cutting board for the wishes of the Powers to Be who have uber-contempt for its communal heritage. Not that he wasn't warned, but CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar, with "The University of Scandalous Conduct paying the way, forever altered the historical configuration of Henry T. Hazard Park by removing Historic Sycamore Trees that date back to the park's creation. The Zacatecas-born Politico, who arrived in this country after the community he calls home, was cut and slice by freeways, has enable the shaving of sacred, scarce green space, that has absorbed the footprints of thousands of park visitors for many decades, including those who sought Education Justice and Environmental Rehabilitation. Let history show that Clowncilman Huizar placed the wishes of USC above those who sought to honor Hazard Park with National Historic Landmark Designation that would of honor the legacy of Saul Castro, Alex Man and thousands who demanded education equality ........, but then the heritage of Boyle Heights is one that is defined by the cut and slicing of its communal heritage for the reigning politico's self interest---Scott Johnson.
A Historic Viewscape Forever Altered
From thriving Sycamores to timber for the next communal Trojan Horse.
No comment .........
Hauling away the now wood waste of our communal heritage.
The casualties of Councilman Huizar's Special Interest priorities.
Desecrated Historic Green Space. Somewhere Sal Castro and Alex Man are shaking their heads in shame.
Why did the Sierra Club endorse a desecrator of Historic Green Space"?
 ......, for another act of dubious distinction.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Its Time for a Mayor Sam Field Trip to the City Clowncil!!

With LAUSD on Summer Recess, its time for the first in a series of Mayor Sam Bloggin Field Trips, with our first stop being the "John Ferraro Big Top Clowncil Chambers" at 200 Spring Street, for a historic "Redistribution of Wealth Performance" by the City Clowncil Central Committee.
Hold on Bloggin Brothers and Sisters as we dodge another pot hole.
** Blogger's Note: Good muggy AM to all in the Political Cybersphere as we double check our Bloggin Field Trip Permission Forms for today's inaugural Mayor Sam Summer Adventure to the Political Circus at 200 Spring Street. Your Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee is set to stage a historic performance of "Redistribution of Wealth" as it formally votes to raise the Minimum Wage to $15 per hour. We're sure that political grandstanding will be the norm as the political theatrics take on a collectivist feel. Its been sometime since we last spent quality time under the Ferraro Clowncil Chambers Big Top and after today's visit, we may blogging decide that Mayor Sam needs to become a regular observer at future "Clowncilmatic Performances"---Scott Johnson.


Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Morning Brief on the undemocratic Boyle Heights Political Machine for Tuesday

Morning Briefs from CD 14's Boyle Heights where "One Huizzy Rule" is wearing thin on its constituents.
The Heights of Grievances against "One Huizzy Rule" are growing as constituents push back against undemocratic decrees.
Hola from the East Bank of the Los Angeles River where once again, we find the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council in the grips of turmoil as "One Huizzy Rule" wear thin on constituent.
According to sources, the Pro-Huizar Faction on the BHNC, has leveled multiple charges of misconduct against the Carlos Montes-led Executive Body, which has prompted an extraordinary Special Meeting for tomorrow at the Boyle Heights City Hall (agenda posted below).
Controversy is no stranger to the BHNC, especially when someone who does not conform to the dictates of "One Huizzy Rule", is elected to a position of power on the body, witness the "Disempowerment LA" removal (with Huizar cronies support) of elected BHNC President Jose Aguilar in recent years.
The one constant in any controversy afflicting the BHNC is the role of Councilman Huizar's "Uber-Shillita Mago Amador". Its no secret that Amador was not happy when she was recently voted out as Secretary. The former Cuatro Flats Associate, has in the past, targeted non Huizar-supporting NC Members. Thus, with many Huizar-supported projects coming on line in the comings years, its imperative under "One Huizzy Rule" that the natural "Huizar Order of Governance", be return to the BHNC.
** But the "Powers to Be" should be aware that unsubstantiated actions against a true, community-representing body, will only engender an united pushback against "One Huizzy Rule".
BHNC 6-10-15 Special Meeting Agenda, Page 1.
BHNC 6-10-15 Special Meeting Agenda, Page 2.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Unmasking the Quid Pro Quo (or Quos) behind USC's Broken Promises at Hazard Park and its Specific Plan

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we unmask an alleged "University of Scandalous Couduct (USC)-financed Quid Pro Quo" that provides political cover for its Broken Promises around the communities of its Figueroa and CD 14 Health Sciences Campus.   
 The likes of "University of Scandalous Conduct" President Max Nikias is all smiles when underlings such as Vice-Presidents Todd Dickey and Tom Sayles can orchestrate various Acts of Broken Promises, with the help of enabling local politicos.
 Native and Historic Hazard Park Sycamore Tree # 8 awaits a pending death and a community will lose precious Green Space thanks to USC President Nikias, phone number (213) 740-2111, Broken Promise not to encroach on Park Land.
** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have learned that the "University of Scandalous Conduct" (aka USC) has broken another community pledge by not meeting its Local Hiring Goals, as specified in its City of Los Angeles-approved "USC Specific Plan". This latest Breach of Promise, comes after the discovery of its broken agreement not to encroach on Historic Park Land at Boyle Heights Hazard Park. These latest ethical lapses are becoming "Par for an Elitist USC Golf Course", under the leadership of its 11th President Max Nikias. Since his hiring to replace Steve Sample in 2010, the cities largest employer (not if you live next to its campuses) has involved its supposed Higher Institution of Learning, in ethically-questionable episodes (2012 Redistricting, Coliseum Giveaway, USC Specific Plan, Health Science Campus Master Plan). With help from underlings such as Vice-President (and former DWP Commission Member) Thomas Sayles and Senior Vice-President Todd Dickey, President Nikias has given a new meaning to "CONQUEST", especially when embolden with the alleged Quid Pro Quos given to local politicos such as ex Failure Mayor Antonio Villar and current City Council Central Committee General Secretary/Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson. We have learned that "Mini Amin" Wesson's younger brother Steve, was hire by USC six months after the City Clowncil Central Committee voted to approve the USC Specific Plan. Further, it has been speculated by some that the hiring of the younger Wesson Brother (to a position which he was under-qualified for), was also an eighteen months after that fact payoff to the City Clowncil Strongman, for his successful (if not legal) efforts to move the USC Main Campus out of CD 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks oversight. Thus, with the likes of Villar and Wesson benefitting from the University of Scandalous Conduct's largess (allegedly), then its easy to see why CD 14 City Clowncilman (and Wesson's Political Soul Brother) Jose Huizar, turned his back on the heritage of Hazard Park ........., for some day in the future (if not now), the "University of Scandalous Conduct" can help pay off a "certain settlement"---Scott Johnson in CD 14
The "University of Scandalous Conduct" has a job waiting for a City Clowncil Strongman family member, like Steve Wesson (with President Barack Obama), if past backroom dealings meet with the approval of its President Max Nikias (allegedly).
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

From the Backstreets of "Clowncilman Broken Deal Cedillo's" CD 1

A certain CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member may want to redistribute some of his Discretionary Funds to combat Illegal Dumping (instead of financing Convicted Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez).
Its Tuesday and the Illegal Dumping is piling up in CD 1.
** Blogger's Note: When CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo's" staff are not engage in alleged, inter-office bickering, they may want to drive the backstreets of their Sanctuary Enclave, for lies a growing pile of refuse in need of proper disposal. For the record, this picture was taken today in the early afternoon near the Union Pacific's Los Angeles Transportation Center Yard off of Macy Street in Lincoln Heights. To the left of the photo, were other piles of illegal dumping. Its just a thought, but maybe "Broken Deal Cedillo" may want to use some of his Discretionary Funds to buy mobile cameras, or offer rewards ........, instead of paying off Convicted Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez back taxes (allegedly)---Scott Johnson. 

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Monday, June 01, 2015

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Growing Community Backlash over Historic Hazard Park Broken Promise

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, a community backlash is growing against CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and the "University of Scandalous Conduct (USC)" as Historic Trees and Green Space face removal at Hazard Park, contrary to a supposed agreement to preserve its current configuration.
 Congrats on another Hazard Park Broken Promise. 
Historic Sycamore Trees line left side of Soto Street at Hazard Park in early 1900's
In 2013, this trees were targeted for removal to facilitate widening Soto Street for the "University of Scandalous Conduct's (USC) Health Science Campus Expansion.
Now in 2015, a just re-elected CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, reneges on his promise to preserve Hazard Park in its current incarnation. 
** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have discover that a re-elected CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, is facing a growing community backlash in regards to the surprise, pending removal of Historic Native Sycamore Trees and Green Space at Hazard Park. Most discerning community members thought with the University of Southern California (USC) agreement to bypass park land in extending Norfolk Street to Soto, that the current configuration of the park would hold true. But the recent numbering of trees, along with survey stakes, show that Councilman Huizar never intended to fulfill on his pledge to preserve the historic Green Space. We should note that a Special Meeting of the Hazard Park Advisory Board will take place to deal with this apparent breach of promise to Hazard Park advocates. Details below---Scott Johnson.
Hazard Park Advisory Board Special Meeting
Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Hazard Park Recreation Center
6 PM

Tree # 4.
Read more »

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Pardon the bloggin pun, but the current leader of the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, is a bit "Rusty" in closing the deal, that would cease "Free Enterprise" as we know it, in the looming "Detroit on the Pacific".
Current Los Angeles County Labor Federation Leader Rusty Hicks.
Rusty Hicks is not a Closer.

After achieving what should of been a formality in bringing an end to the Ciudad de Los Angeles "War on Poverty (in reality, Free Enterprise)", with his "Brothers and Sisters-supported" Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee tenatively voting to support a $15 per hour Minimum Wage, the new leader of the LA County Labor Federation, forgot to insert some "small details" into the final ordinance.

Call it a "rookie mistake" but in his short time as the current leader of the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, Rusty Hicks has almost achieve what predecessors Miguel Contreras, Martin Ludlow and Maria Elena Durazo could not, turning Los Angeles into a "Close Shop Municipality"........, but.
Lets say "duel buts".

First, Hick's City Clowncil Central Committee Ally, General Secretary/Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, attempted behind close doors, to insert language that would require affected business to pay for twelve employees "Sick Days", but was withdrawn (for now).

Second, and more egregious, was Hicks attempt to add language that businesses with current labor ties (via a MOU), could offer less than the Minimum Wage (after all, the accumulation of dues is paramount to employee's take home pay).

Those "duel buts" snatched away a collective brother and sister union clap of victory, and replaced it with a slap back of hypocrisy ........., but don't expect the "slap back sting" to last long with this current City Clowncil Central Committee desire to embrace Socialism ........, and its share of future dues.

** We Bring You This Tearful Political Papi/Big Baby O'Huey Reunion.
Former Mayor (Poopy) James Hahn and Numero Uno Booster Londie "Big O" Cuevas.
** CD 12 City Councilman (and Lone RINO Republican) Mitch Englander is on the LA County Board of Supervisors Campaign Trail as the photos below illustrate.  
Councilman Mitch, along with former Manhattan Beach Mayor and current LA County Board of Supervisor Candidate Steve Napolitano, were guests on this past Saturday's KRLA 870 AM "Randy Economy Show to discuss their campaigns to replace Supervisors Michael Antonovich and Dan Knabe respectively.
Councilman Mitch/Supervisor Candidate Englander, then made his way to thee LA Power Broker Party of the Weekend, as he and many others help City Hall Power Broker John Ek, celebrate his 50th Birthday at The Perch.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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