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Friday, September 30, 2011

TGIF Political News dump for 9-30-11

We found Councilman Dennis Zine this "Mike Hunt".
...... and we also found the leather lover Dennis.
If one were to ask for Dennis Zine at this late public employee working hour on Friday, venture to say that CD 3's rep is safely far away from City Hall after his trying week. First, the controller in his dreams, goes postal on excessive cellphone usage among city employees which played only to a certain regurgitating maven blogger. Then some unknown visitor to the chamber that houses the "sacred horseshoe of clowncilmatic theatrics", penned two words that made Dennis a momentary focus of juvenile laughter among the political bloggersphere.
But Dennis, the week of political pandering for your next political gig is not the rain out that is currently occurring in the Valley. In the weekending tag team effort via Zuma Dogg and myself, we present you with this photographic evidence of questionable cellphone usage by a highly-paid city employee, as witness below.
Rest assure Dennis that your pandering efforts are not completely in vain.
Your thoughts...................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Councilman Huizar's excuses to mask retaliation against Eagle Rock's Colombo's Steakhouse

Eagle Rock's Colombo's Steakhouse. Councilman Jose Huizar's office tried multiple excuses to mask retaliation against the Italian Eatery General Manager Vic Parrino.
CD 14 Eagle Rock/ Northeast Area Director Zenay Loera (in black coat) was Councilman Huizar's front person in contacting ABC to explain Huizar's withdrawal of support for Colombo's Special Alcohol Permit for the Eagle Rock Music Festival. According to sources, Loera told a ABC official that Colombo's General Manager Vic Parrino's support of former CD 14 Candidate Rudy Martinez was the reason for their opposition to permit for the Colombo's Beer Garden at the Eagle Rock Music Festival.
Councilman Jose Huizar's Communications Director Rick Coca was busy crafting the perfect excuse to mask the retaliation against Colombo's. If the fire truck access excuse doesn't work, then lets use this .......Vic had operated the beer garden without a permit for all the previous years, and CD14 thought there were plenty of opportunities for people to drink on music fest night without a "beer garden". But Coca maybe should of taken more time to craft his false spin against Colombo's considering that Councilman Huizar has taken campaign contributions from the like of 7-eleven.
Further concern for Coca should be the growing thoughts that the stonewalling by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) on a Public Records request for financial records on the Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Board (RAC), may have to do with public money being paid to the likes of Councilman Huizar's supporters Martha Gonzalez and Liliana Martinez, to advocate for community amenities such as "more beer and wine selling 7-Elevens" Thus, for the likes of Councilman Huizar, Loera, and Coca, they should understand that vindictive actions may bring on a case of painful political flashbacks and future ethical headaches.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

CD 15 Special Election Housekeeping ..........

Blogger Notes: The first major monetary reports are in to the Ethics Commission from the eleven candidates to replace Congresswoman Janice Hahn in CD 15. We will link to the "major four candidates" (as defined by acceptance of matching funds) and some of the perceived lower tier candidates. Also we have an interview tomorrow with one of the top-tier candidates that will be posted on Monday morning. We hope to secure other interviews as the campaign moves through October. Candidates can contact this blogger at redspotincd14@yahoo.com---Scott Johnson

Warren Furutani $132,576 in contribution, $76,007 in expenses, $163,427 in cash on hand.  ** Many of Furutani's Sacramento colleagues inflate contribution totals.
Pat McOsker $91,004 in contributions, $48,533 in expenses, $137,821 in cash on hand. ** How many McOskers are there to donate $500 a person? MANY!
Joe Buscaino $103,063 in contributions, $110,834 in expenses, $114,488 in cash on hand ** The big leader in local grass-roots money.
Rudy Svorinich $57,660 in contributions, $51,258 in expenses, $6,401 in cash on hand. ** This campaign in need of cash.

Jayme Wilson $90,000 which more than half coming as a personal loan to self.
Gordan Teuber $32,440
Justin Brimmer $22,113
Rebecca Chambliss $15,350

Pat McOsker is the runaway leader in "IE Money" with $146,566 from various Special Interests.

Your thoughts................
Scott Johnson in CD 14


LaBonge and Reyes Get Ducky!

Want some banana bread?
With everything going on in the city, ranging from poorly paved sheets to not enough police officers to a lack of jobs and affordable housing, it is so gratifying to see that my Councilman, Tom "LeBong" LaBonge is attacking something much needed for Los Ang-a-leez.

Amphibious"duck" vehicles to tour the Los Angeles River.

On your right, is, uh, Van Nuys!
I've ridden ducks - a vehicle that is essentially a boat that can easily switch from navigating a body of water to driving on dry land - at the beautiful Wisconsin Dells. Tourists in Boston, Seattle and money other cities enjoy the ducks, originally developed during World War II for military use.

Tom and his fellow Clowncilman, Ed "River Rat" Reyes are teaming up to use some of that fancy CRA money for the effort.  Ed and Tom are committed to the fallacy that the LA River is one of the great rivers of the world akin to the Nile, Mississippi, Columbia or even the Consumnes.

The Clowncil is scheduled to vote on a part of the plan at Friday's meeting.

Ed's in pretty deep
Given that the LA river has all of about a mile or so that is actually deep enough for a boat, it makes sense that you would need a duck to traverse the entire course of LA's most storied flood control channel, easily maneuvering around shopping carts, rocks and dead bodies.

When it comes to leadership like Tom LaBonge and Ed Reyes, LA proves municipal government is not all that it's quacked up to be.

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Happy Birthday to Mayor Sam's Michael Higby!

Bloggin and radio maestro Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby.
This blogger and friend would be remiss if he did not take the time to bottlecap his most recent post to wish Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby, a most blessful birthday. It has been a joy to daily tax the spoll-checking capabilities of blogger and muse about Huizar, Huizar and sometimes a different topic besides Huizar. I think I speak on behalf of the bloggin community in wishing  you nothing but the best and speedy return to the bloggin keyboard---Scott Johnson


Controller Greuel and Councilman Zine: Lets play "Look for the $10,000 CRA Logo"

The pandering political duo of City Councilman Dennis Zine and City Controller Wendy "Valley Greuel".
In the spirit of City Councilman Dennis Zine's Audit and Governmental Efficiency Committee proposal that would require all municipal workers to report fraud, waste and abuse within city government. We provide this opportunity to Zine and Greuel to lead by example and find the waste of CRA money in the photos below, as noted in Zuma Dogg's excellent post on CD 14's CASA 0101 CRA Outreach Contract. We provide the pertinent information for your task between the photos from the CASA 0101 CRA Contract..  
 Inclusion of CRALA logo on CASA 0101
website, social media pages (Facebook,
Myspace, Twitter) and on bi-monthly
E-blasts. (The latter has over 3100 addresses)
We await your findings in the near future, or maybe this was another tired act in political pandering?
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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** Updated Mayor Sam Exclusive: Did Councilman Huizar retaliate against Eagle Rock's Colombo's Steakhouse for supporting Rudy Martinez for City Council?

Councilman Jose Huizar has a "long list" (6,000 voters +) of those who are not loyal to him.
**Afternoon Update: Colombo's received their permit yesterday but because of the lateness of the approval, their festival plans have been altered. Further, Rick Coca stated this to Tom Topping, Rick Coca (press deputy CD14) says that Vic had operated the beer garden without a permit for all the previous years, and CD14 thought there were plenty of opportunities for people to drink on music fest night without a "beer garden" 
Colombo's Intalian Steakhouse General Manager Vic Parrino is apparently the latest person (** as Kevin James noted) in CD 14 to experience first hand the vindictive side of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. Joining the ranks of the Historic Downtown BID, LA-32 Neighborhood Council, Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council "Former President" Jose Aguilar and surely others, Perino is finding out first hand that if you don't support the "Huizar Way", well, "business may suffer".
Boulevard Sentinel Newspaper Editor Tom Topping send this blogger the following message a couple of days ago which we reprint in full below.
Hi scott. Headline: Huizar withdraws support for business who supported his opponent in last election. ... I'm at ER chamber meeting. Vic parrino, manager of colombos restaurant in eagle rock, wanted a special ABC permit for serving alcohol during music festival. He got needed police support for his application but CD14 withheld support. Vic recorded a very negative robocall, soliciting people to demand huizars resignation for alleged criminal wrongdoing. 
Following up on Topping's message, it was confirm that Parrino had gone to the Eagle Rock Chamber Meeting and express his dismay that the Special ABC Permit that Colombo's had to sell alcohol at past Eagle Rock Music Festivals, was withdrawn after intervention by Councilman Huizar's Office. Further, it was true that Parrino recorded the Robo Call in question during the heat of the campaign. But what dismays those that were contacted on this controversy, is the fact that Councilman Huizar would still choose to use the power of his office to retaliate against a business of an opposition (Rudy Martinez) supporter, long after the end of the campaign.
More later ...............
** Bonus Coverage on the dubious ethics of the "Huizar Way" via a Zuma Dogg Exclusive on "CRA/Huizar/ CASA 0101 Outreach Contract".
Your thoughts................
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KRLA's Kevin James "Source": Indictments coming sooner than later in City Hall Corruption Probes

Former CD 14 City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez "FBI mailer".
KRLA Radio Host and Mayoral Candidate Kevin James shed some light on the active nature of federal investigation at City Hall in the early AM.  Based upon "source information", the FBI and US Attorney Office are "getting active again" in their probe of political corruption at City Hall. 
James goes on to state that indictments are coming soon as the "Federal Grand Jury" wraps up its proceedings, but is coy on which department or politicos will be targeted in the feds on-going investigations.
Meanwhile, James has information that CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar may had retaliated against a former Cd 14 City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez supporter's business. Who, why and the scope of the possible retaliation is still developing..
Your thoughts...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Zev speaks on yesterday's redistricting proceedings

Thoughts from County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.
County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky shares some insightful thoughts on yesterday's spirited dialog on county redistricting in this post from the acclaimed "Zev's (status quo) World Blog.
To be sure, the process that culminated in Tuesday’s historic vote was punctuated with strong words and heated emotions. But there was something encouraging about it all, no matter what your views or loyalties. From one end of the county to the other, from its urban core to its rural reaches, people were engaged, writing thousands of letters and appearing en masse to express their diverse opinions on representative democracy in their communities.

The debate forced us to assess—and rally behind—the things that are most important to us in this complicated region of competing interests and values. We may not always have liked what we heard, but I had the sense that, at least, we were listening and learning. Consider this: despite the passionate feelings on all sides, I can’t recall a single speaker of the hundreds who testified who was shouted down or disrespected.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

The art of pandering via Mayor Antonio Villar.
The art of pandering for your respective Special Interest was on fine display yesterday from north to south in the Downtown LA area. In the north end at the County Hall of Administration, various sub-groups of race panderers descended to lobby for special considerations of their racial grievances and the results after hours of testimony, was the "status-quo", pending litigation. To the south within the confines of the Corporate Welfare City-State of AEG LA Live, the AEG brass was paying host to a mob of pandering politicos from Mayor Villar to Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown, who were all so willing to "slash and cut process" in the name of job development.
** The "Newbie Bloggin Maven at City Hall" had her first encounter with an abrasive Mayor Villar who exhibited his "inner thuggery" after taking tough questions on Farmers Field and Public Transportation. 
** The FUBAR that was the League of (Democratic) Conservation Voters Debate for the upcoming CD 15 Special Election has been cancelled due to lack of organizational skills and .......... maybe lack of inclusion? 
** Mayor Villar faces new legal challenges to reining in the cost of public employees pensions and the general fund may take another fiscal hit because of past due diligence on this costly issue.
** Lastly, we are working on a post that highlights a politico's vindictive inner-persona for later in the day. This will be a must read.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

County Supervisors vote 4-1 to keep "status quo" for district boundaries

The "status quo" future of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor?
After hours of racial testimonials from some 800+ speakers and a looming deadlock looking certain, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas rescinded an earlier "no" vote to support the "status quo" redistricting plan of Mike Antonovich, Dan Knabe and Zev Yaroslavsky.
Bet on a lawsuit by MALDEF in the days ahead and don't think that Zev and Gloria Molina will bury the racial hatchet anytime soon. After all, both may have an eye on the same political office in their respective futures.

** LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus take on today's proceedings.
** Ron Kaye comments on Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti's "taking sides".
** LA Times "come from behind" coverage.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Garcetti lowers himself to pandering for second Latino County Supervisor District

City Council President Eric Garcetti lowers himself into "racial sewer".
As the LA Times reports, hundreds have turned out today in the largest crowds in decades to witness the sad spectacle of racial pandering that takes place every ten years at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. 

Listening to the rhetoric over the last few weeks, one could get the impression that LA County is being run by the racist cabal of Jim Crow, Bull Conner and George Wallace and the minority masses "will go legal" in the quest for racial justice.

But in reality, everyone has a little racial consciousness within their inner persona that sometimes reigns over the judging of character in the selection of their political leaders, as witness with today's proceedings (This blogger voted for Villar over Hahn in 2005, thus guilty as stated ). And lurking to take advantage of those members of the voting public are the likes of City Council President Eric Garcetti, who envisions himself being the leader someday (2013) of the nation's second largest municipal melting pot.

Garcetti, who's record of policy accomplishment is about as shallow as today's racial dialog at the Hall of Administration, did himself a disservice today by his calculated stance in support of an additional "Latino Supervisory District" within the county. We understand Garcetti's compelling tale of his Grandfather encounters with a racial past that all would repudiate, as being the basis for his stance today. But most Angelinos will also remember the tales of "overcoming the odds" by a "certain current officeholder" and how six years later, the faith they put in that person have been taxed to the limits, in heart and wallet.

Thus for once, as the redistricting debate continues on Temple Street, can we have political leaders who will stand at the podium and speak to an audience of Angelinos without the blinders of race that predicates their pursuit of future political gains .... and rest assure that our political community has mature to a level where character trumps race in the future selection of our leaders?

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

 Councilman Jose Huizar's  former Downtown BID guy Russell Brown.
Broadway Property Owner Joseph Hellen's billboard support of former CD 14 City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez.
As CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar enters the first Fall of his second term in office, what is readily apparent to political observers, is the Princeton grad's inability to bring about consensus through freedom of choice, with the recent troubles on Broadway being latest manifestation of the "Huizar Way" of doing business. The "Huizar Way" is based upon the narcissus cravings of the Boyle Heights resident that predicates constituent loyalty to him before resolution of your given issue. 
Broadway property owner Joseph Hellen knows all too well the ramifications of not being subservient to the "Huizar Way", witness their clashing visions for Broadway. As local historian D.J. Waldie reports for KCET Socal Focus, the decision of the "little Downtown BID that could", to replace Huizar supporter Russell Brown as its E.D. has set up this latest challenge to the "Huizar Way" where the desires of "Big Huizzy" comes before the needs of his constituents.
** LA Weekly Editor Jill Stewart report that a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court has rule that "Blue/Green Coalition" scheme to force truck drivers to join the Teamsters as part of Mayor Antonio Villar's plan to bring clean trucks to the Port of Los Angeles, was struck down. Meanwhile Neon Tommy had reported sometime back how the Mayor's office was playing dirty with the supposed clean air facts. 
** We bring you the latest on CASA 0101's Josefina Lopez who describes "Being Stupid and Idealistic and Creative" with ...............** CRA money? ** Our editorial comment.
** Expect cooperation between the Los Angeles Sheriff Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should become more strain, in light of the report that the FBI paid a deputy $1,500 to smuggle a cell phone to an informant in County Jail. Expect some damaging revelations to come from this sting.
** The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors held a close door meeting today with Governor Jerry Brown that had some "open government advocates" wondering aloud about possible Brown Act concerns.
** KCBS Investigated Reporter David Goldstein gave the television treatment to the LA Weekly story on the $1 Million dollar giveaway to the designer of Farmers Field Gensler, that should have gone to serve the poor on Skid Row according to activists. Funny to watch the obvious discomfort of Mayor Antonio Villar, as he defends this usage of federal dollars.   
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14        

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Councilman Parks endorses Councilwoman Perry for Mayor in 2013

Councilman Bernard Parks and Councilwoman Jan Perry
Councilman Bernard Parks became the first current councilperson to endorse someone for mayor in 2013 with his support of colleague Jan Perry today.
Downtown News Jon Regardie reports that the Perry Campaign was keen to note Parks law enforcement background in an effort to sell their candidate as someone who will prioritize public safety if elected.
Parks for his part stated this about endorsing Perry."I am endorsing Jan Perry for Mayor because she understands that in order to have a prosperous city, it must be a safe city," Parks said in the statement. "In her tenure as Councilwoman, she has supported innovative measures such as the Safer City Initiative that has made Skid Row safer for all that live, work and seek to recover their lives there."
Your thoughts................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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HACLA's violation of the California Public Records Act

HACLA's tardiness in providing public records.
For those who are well verse in the specifics of the California Public Records Act, you will notice in the memo above, that HACLA is now in violation of the law with not providing the documents requested within the fourteen business days as require. 
Most recently, the District Attorney launched an investigation into possible conflict of interest issues involving former HACLA Commissioner Maria Del Angel and her voting record regarding contracts awarded to the Estrado Courts group which employs her son.
.... and the results of this effort to bring openness and transparency to the community is more unlawful  stonewalling from HACLA.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Bringing Back Broadway Executive Director Jessica Wethington McLean
Former Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) E.D. Russell Brown.
As the Downtown News reported on the controversy over the termination of Russell Brown as the Historic Downtown BID Executive Director Russell Brown, Councilman Jose Huizar was none too happy about seeing "his guy" being kicked to the Broadway curve. Thus, last Friday Councilman Huizar sent Bringing Back Broadway E.D. Jessica Wethington McLean to the Historic Downtown BID special meeting on the executive director controversy, to enunciate Councilman Huizar's feelings .......and the results were not pretty.
According to sources, McLean attempted to lay down the Huizzy way, with no conditions, to the Board of Directors which provoked a sharp exchange between McLean and Downtown Developer Tom Gilmore. The net result is that the Historic Downtown BID Board of Directors stood their ground and Team Huizzy came out looking less than professional.
** Coliseum employees sure know how to game the system when it comes to paying itself perks and no surprise that the "Valley Greuel" that daylights as the City Controller is pandering with another shallow audit that doubles as a name recognition exercise. 
** Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown will be front and center in the latest AEG production, as the Governor signs the Farmers Field Bill that grants special eniviromental exemptions to the Corporate Welfare City-State of AEG LA LIVE..
** Where are local leaders such as Mayor Antonio Villar and County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky imploring their fellow Democrats to "stay the heck away" from the anticipated OBAMAJAMAGEDDON traffic nightmare that will descend on West LA today?
Your thoughts...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Connected Non-Profit Theatrical Group CASA 0101 "Presents" with help of CRA LA?

 CASA 0101 has grown beyond this First Street store front location.
Would the "Valley Greuel" find anything questionable in Chris Essel's CRA $150,000 outreach contract with CASA 0101?
There is no doubt that the connected non-profit theatrical group CASA 0101 has rounded the curve to artistic sustainability at its new and larger Boyle Heights location. The journey has been arduous undertaking for CASA's only employees, founder Josefina Lopez and husband Emmanuel Deleage, who have put their home up as collateral for a loan to bring CASA's latest location on line as noted in a recent Eastern Group Publications story and they still face perilous financial days ahead.
But as today's Los Angeles Times article profiles CASA's latest artistic undertakings, questions remain about the no-bid $150,000 CRA outreach contract awarded to CASA in light of this paragraph in the Times story.
The project entailed more than three years, hundreds of thousands of dollars in makeover costs, and painstaking permit-gathering and endless wrangling over access to the scant local parking supply. The nonprofit theater center is supported in part by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and has received funding from the city's Community Redevelopment Agency and the California Arts Council along with substantial personal investment by López and Deleage. 
There is nothing factually wrong with any of the content above, but what the CRA contract funded was outreach by CASA employees on CRA projects, not theatrical productions as one could surmise from the Times story.
Reviewing the CRA contract provisions. CASA was to be funded for these "various outreach undertakings".
** $67,500 dollars for three employees at $30 per hour for 750 hours of "outreach" work. (Connected voter outreach, whoops theatrical pays under CRA)
** $5,000 dollars for booth at CASA Christmas Event. (Thats one nice and pricey Christmas present for CASA)
** $5,000 dollars for to fund table at CASA Fundraising Event.("Tables" getting expensive in the connected CBO community)
** $10,000 dollars for distribution of CRA material in the community. (in addition to salaries?)
** $15,000 dollars CASA performance programs with "full-page CRA logo and Mission Statement.(waste)
** $12,000 dollars for CASA color fliers with CRA logo. (waste)
** $7,500 dollars for half-page color and glossy ad in CASA's Annual Brochure.(EGP wishes they could charge that much for ads)
** $10,000 dollars for inclusion of CRA logo and Mission Statement on CASA's website. (Hmm. no sign of CRA on Home Page, nothing on Facebook)
** $20,000 dollars for miss. advertising throughout the term of contract for other events. (Maybe that is what pay for the CASA billboard blight on Mission and Cesar Chavez?)
All this adds up to one sweetheart deal for CASA with so much room for graft and a auditor's dream if only the aspiring Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel would put aside her political support for Councilman Jose Huizar and CRA Executive Director Chris Essel, to investigate.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14       

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Brief "CD 14 East Era" in the City of Montebello via "Parke Esqueleto"

 The brief home of "CD 14 East".
Inspiration for "Parque Esqueleto".
** Blogger Notes: As the LA Times reveals what many had suspected for years about the nefarious political dealings in the City of Montebello, we like to share with you the witty work of "thee greatest" Mayor Sam Satirist "Parque Esqueleto" who penned the definitive missive on a brief period of Montebello history known as the "CD 14 East Era" (** which the Times story today devotes a few paragraphs). Channeling the Downtown News "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie's love of theater, think of the great Sean Connery and Michael Caine Movie "Man Who Would Be King", then envision the CD 14 Political Trio of Robert Urteaga, John Edwards and former Councilman Nick Pacheco, boarding a Montebello Bus Lines coach on Whittier Blvd. and heading east in search of political riches ..... and we leave the rest to the wit of "Parque"---Scott Johnson
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Friday, September 23, 2011

TGIF Afternoon Political News Dump 9-23-11

What is it about porn stars and fire(fighter) hoses?
Welcome to another edition of TGIF Political News Dumps for 9-23-11 and can we agree that LAFD would love to dump this embarrassment forever. But as the firefighting blogger at patmcoskerforcitycouncil.com reminds us, this is not the first time that LAFD's "apparatus" has been used in the production of porn. 
** LA Weekly's resident expert on Los Angeles County Redistricting Gene Maddaus joins Editor Jill Stewart in bloggin dispensing of news items today, supporting regulars the "Bloggin Commandante" and the "Snarky One", Thus, we will give Maddaus a pass on him neglecting to remind readers that longtime Valley Activist David Hernandez is the Republican Candidate in the quest to keep City Councilman Tony Cardenas "away from D.C." in 2012.
** Jill Stewart joins the chorus of Mayor Sam and City Watch in commending CD 15 City Council Candidate Joe Buscaino for his inclusive stance on upcoming debates in the Special Election's proceedings. Thus, it should come then as no surprise that negative innuendos about Buscaino are starting to make the rounds in the cybersphere. This will surely make Assemblyman Mike Gatto cringe in indignation
** The race (Asian-Pacific) and special interest (Maria Elena Durazo) pandering continues as Gene Maddaus posts his last in the series of tutorials, that chronicles past racial voting behaviors, on the saga of Los Angeles County Redistricting. Great Work Gene!
** Lastly, to Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown, two-thirds of Californians say "KEEP YOU HANDS OFF PROP. 13!".
Your thoughts and great weekend.
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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LA Times: "MLB ask judge to order sale of Dodgers"

As Major League Baseball calls upon a Bankruptcy Judge to order the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers, we pause to chronicle the friendship of the debtor owner and free-loading mayor. May the time come none too soon when Los Angeles is ridden of both.
Your thoughts...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Art Gastelum at the center of latest LACCD contracts irregularities expose

Gateway Science & Engineering Owner Art Gastelum in center of photo.
"There is no rule that says you cannot revisit the score if you can save money,"
Gastelum's quote from Los Angeles Times story on latest contract irregularities at LACCD
....... or perception of saving Art? That is the premise behind the latest LA Times story on the on-going investigation into contract irregularities (ie bid-rigging) at the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) massive capital improvement program (Prop J).
The latest centers on changes to bidding scores and the nefarious interactions that were the root cause. But as the Van de Kamp Coalition points out, how can LACCD and the public interest be served if the contracted Inspector General Christine Marez, has her own conflict of interest issue as noted in the comment section of the Times story?
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Joe Buscaino exhibits inclusive leadership regarding CD 15 Debate invite, reaches $200,000 in campaign funds"

Joe Buscaino for City Council Campaign Kickoff.
District native via San Pedro Joe Buscaino stepped up to the plate in calling for an inclusive discussion of the issues at an upcoming League of (Democratic) Conservation Voters Candidate Forum. Buscaino, in addition to Warren Furutani and Pat McOsker, were the only candidates invited to the Harbor College debate. Buscaino's response to the slight of the other candidates, was to withdrawl from the event. “It does not seem right that a debate should exclude everyone except the perceived frontrunners,” Buscaino added. “During this time of high unemployment and economic uncertainty this isn’t the time to limit the creative ideas and possible solutions from any debate, any forum or any discussion that will have an impact on the future of the 15th Council District.” 
Building upon the cross-over inclusiveness of his grass-roots outreach, Buscaino announced this morning that his campaign has past the $200,000 mark in monetary contributions, which is an exceptional feat considering his "outsider" perception among political observers.

** City Watch's Ken Draper stands with Buscaino on debate inclusion.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Afternoon Briefs on the Dysfunctional Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Just the act of thinking back to my high school recollection of Lou Moret playing the spoiler in the "Great CD 14 Non-Recall of 1984 against City Councilman Art Snyder" conjures up image of a politico fixer/enabler who Kept El Sereno resident and President Jimmy Carter house host Steve Rodriguez from becoming the district's first Latino City Councilman. 
Now decades later and many political mentoring sessions behind him (some which have him in legal trouble), Moret a CalPERS Board Member and fifteen other fund manager and executives, were on the wrong side of a FPPC ruling and given various fines for not reporting gifts. For Moret, he was fined $400 dollars for failing to report two free dinners.
** We have a report via the "Weekly of Record" of a "sticker-bombing" at a City Planning office by noted "street artist" Stephen Fairey. This innocuous act of solidarity with another sky protest by Saber, was directed towards Planning employee Tanner Blackman wwho is part of a team drafting a new "mural ordinance" for the city.
** Lets share some linkage with the City Maven as she notes the Team Garcetti's press release that the City Council President has raised $200,000 dollars in just 13 days.
** The troika of Mayor Antonio Villar, City Councilman President Eric Garcetti and City Councilwoman Jan Perry wants the panel enpowered to name a DWP Ratepayer Advocate, to make their decision in sixty days.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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LA Wave Newspapers "Soulvine Columnist" Betty Pleasant: "I'm BA-A-A-CK!!"

LA Wave Newspaper Soulvine Columnist Betty Pleasant.
Blogger Notes: The Mayor Sam Blog has enjoyed an "illustrious give and take relationship" with longtime South LA African-American Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant over the years. No doubt, we have differences on many political issues but her voice is one of a once dynamic LA African-American Community that is being ease out by other ethnic groups (the tension of that can be discern in Pleasant's latest column). Pleasant, recovering (which we wish her well) from eye surgery, returns to the opinion pages with a "Soulvine missive" that shows her "opinionated heart" is doing just fine,  excerpts of which we provide below---Scott Johnson
Betty missed this event at City Hall: I’m going to clean out my craw and comment on things I missed, starting with Council President Eric Garcetti’s City Hall reception for the national NAACP staff and officers at the start of the NAACP convention held here.
What in the City Hall Rotunda got Betty's attention?: And in that rotunda was a prominent permanent poster urging visitors to buy Mexican food at the Homeboy Industries restaurant in operation in City Hall. I couldn’t believe my left eye! I searched for posters advertising restaurants run by other ethnic groups in City Hall and found none. What is this? Why is this? How is it that one ethnic group is permitted to sell its food in City Hall and others are not?
Betty's ideal City Hall eating establishment: Whereabouts in City Hall is the Ghetto Girls’ restaurant where I can buy beignets for breakfast and gumbo for lunch? Where in City Hall can I get some of those delicious spring rolls the Vietnamese sell downtown?
Betty's thoughts on Mayor Antonio Villar regarding the lack of dining diversity in City Hall: This is a bitch slap by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s racist administration. Since he has no African-Americans around him, he has no one to challenge his galloping Latino favoritism, to tell him about the need to be inclusive in all things.
Betty's audit suggestions for City Controller Wendy Greuel: Why can’t Greuel conduct racism audits? Why can’t Greuel audit the city’s departments to determine whether their programs and activities benefit one ethnic group to the exclusion of others?
How Betty plans to observe AEG's Farmer Field proposal: since AEG officials made a big deal out of the huge numbers of jobs the stadium project will create, I will keep in close contact with my good friend Martin Ludlow, AEG’s Black cheerleader, to monitor the number of Blacks employed in all aspects of the project, from its beginning to its conclusion. I want Martin to help me count the Blacks at work.
Glad to have you back Betty!
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Zuma Dogg stating the facts to CD 11 City Councilman Bill Rosendahl.
City of Los Angeles political historians would be advise that any future works on the Mayor Antonio Villar Era at City Hall would be incomplete without mention of three Venice Beach Boardwalk Merchants who took their grievances to City Hall and became civic legends. Matt Dowd, Michael Hunt and an incenses salesperson/ sidewalk performer who's moniker "Zuma Dogg" will forever be preserved in local civic history, shook up City Hall and left their mark, especially in the "public comment records" and on the payout ledgers of the city treasury.
Now after the dust has settle and grievances had been resolved by counsel, CD 11 City Councilman Bill Rosendahl's latest attempts to impose rules on the sometimes anarchy of the Venice Boardwalk, has prompted Zuma Dogg to give notice that he will put Rosendahl on the spot  for any illegal actions that impinges on his constitutional rights of expression. Meanwhile, in addition to given notice to Councilman Rosendahl, Zuma Dogg has another endeavor in the works, more on that later.
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Mid-Day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Blogger Notes: If LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus ever decided to walk away from his stellar career as a writer, we recommend that he pursuit teaching twelve-grade government. This in light of his latest missive which incorporate Venn diagrams to chronicle the convoluted saga of redistricting at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. While we may cringe at the thought of County Supervisor Sheila "Zelda" Kuehl (but someone must represent the environmental demographics) or the bemoan the leftward shift if Hilda Solis were to become part of the "Gang of Five", we give Maddaus props for his efforts to stimulate political dialog through visuals---Scott Johnson.  
Your current Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

The Supervisor Gloria Molina Plan would say adios to Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's District with Alex Padilla and Hilda Solis possibly replacing termed out Molina and Yaroslavsky.  

 The Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas Plan would do away with Supervisor Don Knabe's District. 
........ and the Status Quo with Zelda replacing Zev.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles "Crumbling" Political Machine for Wednesday

Slayer of Mayor Antonio Villar's "Education Machine" and now LAUSD School Board Member Bennett Kayser.
Meet the "David" of the Los Angeles Political Community Bennett Kayser, who took on the assumptive heir of Mayor Villar's Educational Machine Luis Sanchez and dispatched him to the pandering haven of connected CBOs in Boyle Heights, with his upset election to the Los Angeles Unified School District's Board of Education.
Tonight in a major blow to the Mayor Antonio Villar, Kayser took his political slingshot, whirled and flung in the direction of CRA/LA and the results ........, the LAUSD School Board voted to oppose Mayor Villar in his battle against Governor Jerry "Moonbeam II" Brown's plan to reallocate redevelopment funds to offset cuts in the state budget. Breaking ranks with the mayor was Board Member Richard "Dr, Death" Vladovic, who joined fellow Board Members Kayser, Steve Zimmer and Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte in supporting Kayser's resolution.
Councilman Jose Huizar supporter and "former" Downtown BID Executive Director Russell Brown.
When CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar can't kick your elected body out of its office space, then he trys using the "open meeting law" to get his way as the controversy over the removal of Huizar supporter Russell Brown from his E.D. position with the Downtown BID grows within the concrete canyons downtown. Lets remember as Huizar's office cries about supposed "open meeting laws violations", that these are the same lawbreakers who ignored Public Records Act requests from multiple entities, regarding the CLARTS Fund.
** Former City Councilman Robert Farrell's quest at a political comeback in the CD 15 Special Election, came to an end as the City Clerk deemed him not eligible for the ballot due to lack of proper signatures.
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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