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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Images and Notes on the Upcoming Municipal Elections for Saturday

As the Candidates for City Council, LAUSD, LACCD and the dueling on either side of Charter Amendment 1 & 2, initiate their respective "Get Out The Vote (GOTV)" activities this weekend, we post for our review, news, images and notes from the various races across the city.
With appreciation to Hans Johnson from the "Save Our City Elections/No on Charter Amendment 1 & 2" Campaign, we now have our Official "Private Citizen/Deceitful Campaign Consultant" John Shallman Portrait.
** With no apologies to "Private Citizen/Deceitful Campaign Consultant" John Shallman, we make this early Tuesday Election Perdition, that the superbly orchestrated "Save Our City Elections" Campaign, will have an impact upon several City Council Elections, as those who were smart enough to join the growing "No on Charter Amendment 1 & 2 Coalition", will likely benefit from a Coattail Effect as evidenced below.
Voter sentiment on Charter Amendments 1 and 2 appears to be souring. At a community forum Wednesday, Feb. 25, in Eagle Rock attended by more than 100 people and featuring candidates for the seat representing Council District 14, including candidates who are opponents and supporters of the measures, event moderator and NBC reporter Mekahlo Medina asked the crowd for a show of hands on whether they support or oppose the charter amendments. According to estimates by several observers, more than 80 percent of attendees indicated they opposed the measures.
** The following photo was seen on the "Facebook Wall" on the politically-connected El Sereno Restaurant "Hecho En Mexico".
Would Francine's former Boss support the veracity of this message? 
** As the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board takes the "Tepid White Mayor" Eric Garcetti to task for his silence in regards to taking positions on Ballot Measures and endorsing Candidates in Tuesday's Municipal Election, his appointed, paid President of the Board of Public Works Kevin James, has this message for CD 6 Voters.
Mayor Garcetti to now City Hall Insider Board of Public Works President Kevin James: "Your endorsement of CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, looks so Establishment!!
** With a US Court Judge choosing to overlook the blatant, racial motivations behind the now litigious 2012 City of Los Angeles Redistricting Commission Backroom Dealings, City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson got a mailbox reminder of some of those supposed, racially-theme comments made behind close doors .........., and surprise, surprise, he was not too happy with the content.
An African-American Strongman needed to cleanse a certain ethnic group?
Page One of "Too Many Mexicans Hit Piece".
Words from behind close doors made public.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Friday, February 27, 2015

SPEACIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! Mayor Sam Blogger Scott Johnson will be in studio on the Randy Economy Show this Saturday Night

Mayor Sam Blogger Scott Johnson will be in studio on the KRLA 870 AM "Randy Economy Show" this Saturday, which airs from 8-9 PM, discussing the upcoming March 3, 2015 Elections.
Award-winning Investigative Reporter and now KRLA 870 AM Talk Radio Host Randy Economy. 
** Blogger's Note: This blogger would like to thank Award-winning Investigative Reporter and now KRLA 870 AM Talk Radio Host Randy Economy for extending an invitation to appear tomorrow evening on his new weekly show, beginning at 8 PM. In addition, CD 6 City Council Candidate Cindy Montanez and CD 14 City Council Candidate Gloria Molina will also join Randy behind the microphones during the early part of the program, with a certain blogger doing a show-ending segment on the upcoming elections. Please note that invitations were also extended to CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, but as of now, are not confirmed to attend. Hope everyone tunes in tomorrow night ......., and Big Thanks again to Randy for the opportunity---Scott Johnson at Mayor Sam.

** Please keep clicking on Mayor Sam all weekend for Election-related content.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Special Message from the Official Call Greuel of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine

We bring you this SPECIAL MESSAGE from the "Official Call Greuel" of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine.
 The Northeast SFV Political Machine, "Gang of Five (plus a Consulting Gerry)"
From the desk of  Wendy "The Official Northeast San Fernando Valley Political Machine Call Greuel" 
This Special "Call Greuel Message" is brought to you via the "Reigning Political Pimp Bully of City Hall" IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo".

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WayBack Wednesday: Huizar's BlackBerry Love

A comment thrown out by candidate Gloria Molina at Wednesday evening's CD14 debate at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock has made us get sentimental for the days of 2008 when a joint Zuma Dogg-Mayor Sam breaking news story showed Council Member Jose Huizar in the midst of some heavy duty texting during a Council meeting.

"Why are you not answering my calls?

This was on the Council Member's then BlackBerry. For some of you young kids out there, a BlackBerry was not really a smart phone, but not quite a dumb phone either that all of us had before Android hit the scene. The rub was that Huizar was sending "lovey-dovey" messages to some particular female. Of course, years later the Council Member's affairs played out in the press and our suspicions were correct.

"Lovey-dovey messages?"

Getting back to this evening, during a heated exchange in the debate, Molina made the broad statement "We don't need a sexual harasser in City Hall." Wow. Kind of harsh. But maybe Gloria is on to something.

Anyway, enjoy the retro moments!

(Photos and video by Zuma Dogg)

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Don't Cry For Me Lake Balboa or How Nury Spent $1,000 on a Hotel Room

Oh dear! The Cindy Montanez for Council campaign has uncovered another donnybrook for her embattled opponent, Nury Martinez.

Martinez apparently spent $1,000 in campaign funds for a two night stay at Downtown's storied Ritz Carlton Hotel at LA Live.

Martinez, who lives in Sun Valley, needed to apparently de-camp to DTLA for a conference there. Montanez was also involved in the same conference, but commuted from her Van Nuys home.

Not everyone in CD6 can stay at the Ritz

The rub is that Martinez (as has Montanez) receives City matching funds, one could make the case that the Council Member was spending taxpayer money on a glitzy hotel stay. To be fair, election law experts and advocates say that Martinez has likely done nothing illegal, still it creates a bad impression for Martinez.

The Montanez campaign however is making sure voters remember Nury's "strava-gances" in a recent mailer.

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Morning Briefs of the CD 14 Campaign Scene for Hump Day

As the candidates in the 2015 Edition of the CD 14 City Council Elections prepare for their last candidate forum/debate, event organizer The Eagle Rock Association (TERA) may want to be open and transparent regarding a recent "Contract" between the organization and the Office of Councilman Jose Huizar.
Is it fair to question the objectivity of Forum Organizer TERA considering ........, In the 2014 TERA State of the Town address, TERA president Bob Gotham started the meeting extolling the accomplishments of TERA. He mentioned that TERA provided $6000 towards the Take Back the Boulevard effort that resulted in the bike lanes on Colorado Boulevard.
So for what and why is TERA given a $5,600 contract? Repayment for support of Huizar's Colorado Blvd. Bike Lanes?
** For those who missed the last "Brass Claws Debate" at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), former one time CD 14 City Council Candidate and Glassell Park Neighborhood Council Member Tony Butka, keyboards a descriptive missive on the proceedings at City Watch. To sum up his thoughts ......, For those of you who can’t read a whole article and just want to cut to the chase – Huizar should be very very worried about getting in a runoff with Gloria Molina!
A Neighborhood Council Disenfranchisement Alert!!
As the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners host a Special Meeting this evening at the El Sereno Seniors Center, to consider downsizing the LA-32 NC from 21 to 15 Members, "recent campaign issues" pertaining to the NC's current President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Terminated LAPD Civilian Employee "Marleen Caudillo") and her employer, the Enginners and Architects Association (the union for grieving DONE employees), merit investigating whether the attempted downsizing, is really a subjective undertaking. 
LA-32 NC President (and EAA Labor Rep) Marleen Fonseca (lower left) and fellow EAA members with its endorsed CD-14 Candidate, City Councilman Jose Huizar.
** Blogger's Note: During a time when various candidates for Public Office are seeking to empower voters, the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) will be holding a Special Meeting this evening in El Sereno to consider a proposal by "Disempowerment LA" to downsize the LA-32 NC from 21 to 15 members. At its last meeting, BONC voted to delay taken a position pending further review and scheduling to promote more community input. What are the reasons for "Disempowerment LA" wanting to take this drastic action? Department GM Grayce Liu cites past quorum issues, but when ask to provide documented background ......., none exists. Further, when a Board Member sought documentation on why the LA-32 NC was placed on Exhaustive Efforts, via a California Public Records Act Request, NONE of the documents given stated an issues with quorum. The real reason for this drastic action is simple, its all about Councilman Huizar's need for control. Last Spring, CD 14 staff was heavily involve in recruiting candidates for the NC and allocating "resources" to those who could supply voters. Thus, the result was the selection of a Huizar-friendly NC ......., and now, the next step is down-sizing to preserve that majority. ** But not before disclosing some inconvenience truths ---Scott Johnson.
EAA's $12,000 Campaign Contribution to CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
Some background on former Alhambra resident, turned LA-32 President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Terminated LAPD Civilian Employee Marleen Caudillo).
** From her October 10, 2013 Civil Service Termination Hearing:
The Department added that the chief of police had made it very clear that if an employee has a DUI arrest the Department will work with them to help overcome whatever the problem is. However, if a second offense occurs, he has stated, there is no room in the Department for that employee and they will be discharged. The Department cannot make special provision for outstanding employees or employees it likes who have received a second DUI. The policy must be uniform across the board. It was with regret that this employee was discharged, but it was the only avenue open to the Department.

** From the Minutes of a February 13, 2014 Civil Service Commission Meeting:
Make a matter of record the filing in Superior Court of the State of California in the County of Los Angeles a Writ of Mandamus in the matters of:
Marleen CAUDILLO v. Board of Civil Service Commissioners
(Case No. BS146740).
File No. 53332

Judging from the documentation above, the potential disenfranchisement of the LA-32 NC has more to do with personal and political favors, than dealing with none-existent "quorum issues".

Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Evening Briefs on the Los Angeles Campaign Proceedings for Tuesday

As former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar acquiesce to Northern California Democrats maneuvering that position Attorney General Kamala Harris as the apparent Democratic Nominee to replace Senator Barbara Boxer, the City Terrace Native now eyes a 2018 Run for Governor. 
Will anyone care to support a Failure Mayor for Governor come 2018?
From former Villar "Designated Driver", turned "Political Strategist" Michael "MEAT" Trujillo on today's Antonio announcement ......., "So that plane has landed, will take a quick bathroom break and jump in another!" 
Meanwhile, "MEAT" has disembarked the DC-9 that was the "Villar for Senate Pipe Dream" and headed back to CD 14 for his "Bathroom Break", coordinating the "Community Support PAC for Huizar City Council 2015 (made up of mostly non-community Special Interest entities)" with fellow Political Stooges "Private Citizen/Campaign Consultant" John Shallman ......., and former CD 14 City Councilman Lauro "Tricky Nicky" Pacheco (** who's Mom is supporting Nadine Diaz).
Of interest (with a yawn for punctuation), is whether "MEAT" will wait around to 2018 to board the DC-3 that will symbolize the "ancient, has been politico", running for Governor? 
** LMAO!! Look who the LA Weekly outed from the shadows of the CD 4 City Council Campaign, none other than the self-crowning California Political Royalty (at partial cost to the taxpayer's) State Senate President Pro Tem "Kevin de Leon the First" Staffer, turned City Council Candidate Steve Veres.
   CD 4 City Council Candidate Steve Veres: "Believe ME!! I am nobody shadowy tool!"
BTW Steve, about that IE PAC "Safe Neighborhoods & Better Schools for YOU"? It seems that they have done something quite rare, that is leaving "Private Citizen/Volunteer Campaign Consultant" John Shallman with a campaign debt (usually its Shallman's client that have debt issues, be we digress), as Hillel Aron details.
On paper, the PAC for Steve Veres, using the grammatically dubious name of "Safe Neighborhood & Better Schools for Steve Veres for City Council 2015," is the fattest, having spent $85,000 so far, mostly on glossy mailers like this one.
But how could they possibly afford it? The PAC has only raised $35,000 – $25,000 from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 770, and $10,000 from Cordoba Corporation, a construction management company.
The remaining $50,000 is essentially debt, owed by the Veres Super Pac to a political consultant, John Shallman.
Shallman insists that nothing untoward is going on—he claims the IE committee/PAC was hastily assembled, and the checks have come in slowly.
Now we have learned from Shallman something that voters needed to know weeks ago:
The big infusions of cash are pouring in from three big unions: the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, or IATSE, a union that represents many in the entertainment industry; the Teamsters union; and a plumbers unions (it's still unclear which locals are cutting the checks).

......., which makes Veres the Union Tool in CD 4.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Mayor Sam Exclusive, Part Two: "Damned the Rubbish State of CD 6, Full Staff Resources to Intimidate Patty Lopez Supporters Instead"

In Part Two of a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose documentation that CD 6 City Councilwoman allegedly directed EIGHT of her paid staff to act as "Observers/Intimidators", on behalf of Husband Gerry Guzman's Client Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra Campaign. 
Duh!! Think what we could of accomplish to counter the "Rubbish State of CD 6" on November 10, 2014, if I had not sent EIGHT of my staff to Norwalk, to act as "Observers/Intimidators" to cover up Hubby Gerry's latest consulting screw-up.
** Blogger Note: In Part Two of our Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose "Observer Sign-In Sheets" via the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Elections Division, that show on November 10, 2014, EIGHT MEMBERS of CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, were on hand as "Observers/Intimidators", in support of the Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra as uncounted ballots were reviewed, approved and counted. In Part One of this Exclusive, we disclosed the Tweets of LA Daily News Reporter Dakota Smith, that alluded to a "COUPLE" of staffers being present on the Monday after the November Election Day. But as the Sign-In Sheets below disclose, the real number of Councilwoman Martinez Staff, who allegedly took time off from their CD-6 duties was actually EIGHT. The fact that so many of Councilwoman Martinez staff were allowed to take "time off" from their normal duties, to support Husband Gerry Guzman's client, then Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, is bound to renew dialog on whether the current Councilwoman, places paramount the needs of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, over the concerns of the average CD-6 Constituent as Election Day nears a week away---Scott Johnson.
No set of turntables can help Gerry Guzman-Martinez spin away his Councilwoman Wife's enabling of support in attempting unsuccessfully, to influence the vote counting in the recent 39th AD Campaign.

 Lets play "Count the CD-6 Staffers on the November 10, 2014 Sign-In Sheets".
Despite the efforts of EIGHT CD-6 Staffers and other cronies of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, "Team Patty Lopez" is now part of the growing Assemblywoman Patty Lopez Grass Roots Coalition.
As CD 6 City Council Challenger Cindy Montanez recently pointed out, the "Rubbish State of CD-6" is a Nury Martinez Mistake that the Council District can no longer afford ......., especially when EIGHT STAFFERS are spending time acting as "Observers/Intimidators" for Gerry's latest Consulting Folly.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Mayor Sam Exclusive Part One: "Damned the Rubbish State of CD 6, Full Recounting of 39th AD Ballots Ahead!!"

With a week remaining to Election Day in CD 6, we have obtain documentation that discloses the allocation of staff resources to the aborted recount of Consultant Husband Gerry Guzman's client, former 39th Assembly District Officeholder Raul Bocanegra, as critics pan her for the current "Rubbish State of CD 6". 
 Duh!! Maybe I should of allocated staff resources to combating the current "Rubbish State of CD 6", than covering for Gerry's Consulting Screw Up with Raul?
** Blogger's Note: In Part One of a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we make public records which note CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez's role in allocating staff to help with an aborted recount of ballots in the recent 39th AD Campaign as many in the Northeast San Fernando Valley District take issue with her leadership in combating the current "State of Rubbish". Tweets via the Twitter Account of LA Daily News Reporter Dakota Smith, show that on November 10, 2014, a "certain number" of Councilwoman Martinez staff were out of district at the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder Office "overseeing votes" in the 39th AD Contest. We should note that the husband of Councilwoman Martinez, Gerry Guzman, was the Campaign Manager for now, ex. Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, who lost to Assemblywoman Patty Lopez. But as Election Day nears, we will post the actual number of Martinez Staff that were taken away from their normal duties, in Part Two tomorrow---Scott Johnson.  
How many CD 6 Staffers does it take to tell Raul Bocanegra that he lost?
What was the true number of CD 6 Staffers that were out of district helping Mr. Guzman-Martinez, in his intimidation/aborted recount of ballots?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Evening Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Hypocrite on Display!!
"Private Citizen/Shameless Political Consultant" John Shallman says "Yes to Odd Year Elections", while being a paid shill for Corporate Interests supporting Charter Amendment 1 & 2, which would do away with LA's endemic Municipal Elections.
Which face of "Private Citizen/Shameless Political Consultant" John Shallman, is speaking on the video above?
As afternoon showers make their way east across the San Gabriel Mountains Interface, another downpour of bloggin hypocrisy is set to deluge "Private Citizen/Shameless Political Consultant" John Shallman.
The fine folks leading the David-like "Save Our City Election" battle to defeat the Goliaths of Special Interests fronting Charter Amendment 1 & 2, have rightfully targeted the habitual recipient of IRS Tax Liens, for his public utterance of supporting Odd Year Municipal Elections, while charging inflated fees (allegedly) for shilling the opposite as Save Our City Elections states below.
Shallman has changed his tune in 2015, however, now that the campaign to pass Charter Amendments 1 and 2 has become his clientShallman's staff has defended the campaign's reliance on corporate special interestsmany from out of state, to fund their drive to change L.A.'s city charter.
Shallman for his part, has become the reigning poster child of "Client/Consultant Betrayal" this Election Cycle as he puts revenue before supposed long time client relationships, exampled by his much repudiated, racially-themed attack on former client, LAUSD School Board Member Bennett Kayser.
** Judging from the LA Times missive regarding the upcoming Summer Corruption Trial for Montebello Political Crime Family (allegedly) Brothers Tom and Ron, expect the siblings to "sing a tale" that the likes of self-crowning California State Senate Presidente Pro Tem "Kevin de Leon the First", State Senator Ricardo Lara, and a certain "Los Angeles City Councilman", may not want to take a liking to.
** Just how beholden is CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar to the Downtown Money Interests? LA Times David Zahniser gets ample story budgeting (in the form of column inches) to note the monetary breakdown of his numerous donors and how they affect his decision making.
** Sadly, we must report that the former "Downtown Weekly of Record", has descended into merely being the "Downtown Establishment Weekly PR Organ" as it endorses CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar for another six year term while also pledging "Yes" for Charter Amendment 1 & 2.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jose Huizar Can Dance!

To see the video click here


Mayor Sam Exclusive: "Jose Luis Huizar's 2005 Lie to Pasadena PD" exposes his "Santa Ana, California Namesake"

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, documentation provided by the Pasadena Police Department via a California Public Records Act Request, reveals that a "Jose Luis Huizar" lied to investigators about his true identity, upon initial questioning in an alleged 2005 Sexual Assault at the Burke Williams Spa ........., or not?  
Is above the "Santa Ana Jose Luis Huizar", the "El Sereno Jose Luis Huizar" ....., or both?
 The Burke Williams Spa in Old Town Pasadena.
** Blogger's Note: In response to our California Public Records Act Request to the Pasadena Police Department regarding an alleged 2005 Sexual Assault involving current CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar at an Old Town Spa (as reported on previously by the LA Times James Rainey), we received in response, the following "Summery" from Records Administrator Alicia Patterson, which we post for disclosure and review. Its readily apparent upon initial review, that then LAUSD School Board President Jose Huizar (who was also running to replace just-elected Mayor Antonio Villar, as CD 14 City Councilman), attempted to lie (or mislead) about his identity to Pasadena PD Investigators, by giving them a "1819 N. Alona, Santa Ana California" address in the first two reports, as noted in the "Summery" below. But property records for the "1819 N Alona, Santa Ana California Residence" do indeed show a "Jose Luis Huizar" as owner, rising more questions (especially regarding the property's 2006 fiscal transactions), than answering, involving this 2005 Incident as we continue below---Scott Johnson.  
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Former LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley in Studio with KRLA 870 AM Radio Host Randy Economy Saturda Night

Joining KRLA 870 AM Saturday Evening Radio Host Randy Economy in Studio tonight will be former LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley.
Belated, bloggin Happy Birthday to Randy Economy.
** Blogger's Note: Corruption, mixed with a little Organize Crime and Southeast LA Politics, is on the agenda tonight as Investigative Reporter Randy Economy is joined in Studio by former LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley, from 8-9 PM on KRLA 870 AM---Scott Johnson. 

A High Information CD-14 Voter shares "Nothing but the Facts"

Former noted Parole Agent and CD 14 Resident Caroline Aguirre presents her self-produced, two page, fact-laden flyer on the multiple embellishments by embattled City Councilman Jose Huizar. 
** Blogger's Note: In an ideal democracy, political discourse should be predicated by a well-informed electorate having assess to factual content, in the spirit of making an informed decision on Election Day. Sadly in recent times, there has been a dumbing down of the local, state and national electorate, with both parties catering to distinct voters blocks in attempting to win elections with the minimal amount of participation. Thus, in the spirit of encouraging fact-based dialog, we gladly replicate the work below of retire Parole Officer and CD 14 Resident Caroline Aguirre, who used her own personal resources to craft the two page flyer of repeated Councilman Jose Huizar's embellishments on mostly public safety-related issues. We would encourage you to grant the material below, a courtesy of review and share your thoughts via the Comment Section---Scott Johnson.
Page 1 of Caroline Aguirre's Flyer.
Page 2 of Caroline Aguirre's Flyer.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Friday, February 20, 2015

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

After multitudes of interviews with the double-digit amount of candidates seeking to replace termed-out CD 4 City Councilman Tom LaBonge, the Los Angeles Times endorses former Councilman LaBonge Staffer, turned Small Business Owner Sheila Irani.
The LA Times Endorses Sheila Irani for City Council District Four.
CD 4 Candidate Steve Veres, staffer of self-crowning, California State Senate President Pro Tem "Kevin de Leon the First", did not even merit "creditable mention" in the Time's CD 4 Editorial.
Here is some papers that CD 4 City Council Candidate Sheila Irani wouldn't mind being served with.
In the much awaited LA Times Endorsement for the City Council District Four Open Seat, the Editorial Board sat through multiple interviews before bestowing its coveted support for the former Councilman LaBonge staffer, turned Small Business Owner.
The Times states of Irani ........., "Irani is intelligent, quick on her feet and has a background in business, real estate investment, city government and volunteer community work, all of which would serve her well on the council. Armed with an MBA from UCLA, she launched a small marketing business that helped public-sector clients across the country promote congestion-easing transportation initiatives. She has a sense of the hurdles faced by small-business owners in L.A. Like most of the candidates in the race, she favors business tax relief, although she's not willing to drain the city budget to do it".
Surprising in the Times Editorial is the lack of "creditable status" given to the top two money candidates David Ryu and especially in the case of Steve Veres, the Staffer to self-crowning political royalty California State Senate President Pro Tem "Kevin de Leon the First".
Apparently, the Establishment Machine's Candidate Veres, did not impress the Editorial Board with his creative scheme of securing free help from "Private Citizen/Volunteer Campaign Consultant" John Shallman before wife Lani's "West Coast Public Affairs" started during work for the IE Campaign (with undisclosed benefactors), supporting his campaign.
** CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar took time out of his b-u-s-y campaign schedule to host his first El Sereno Townhall Meeting in recent times at Farmdale Elementary. With the usual assortment of cronies such as Hugo "Comandante" Garcia, Eddie "paid for Honorary Mayor" Santillan, Joe "noted Corner Store imbiber" Cano and Tammy "Maytag" Membreno in attendance, roughly 60-75 Stakeholders (with about 20 Huizar staffers filling the seats), spent about 90 minutes discussing community issues (well ...., mostly Cal Trans related). 
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eagle Rock vs. El Sereno: Is it Votes or Community Needs that determines Discretionary Funds Allocations?

In reviewing just obtain documentation regarding General Council Purposes Fund Allocations between 2010 to Present for both Eagle Rock and El Sereno, we must ask whether it is actual need, or access to distinct voter blocks, that is the determining factor in allocating funding? 
The namesake landmark of the Eagle Rock Community.
The $9 Million Dollars-plus Elephant Hill Open Space looks over the El Sereno Community.
** Blogger's Note: For the sake of disclosure, this writer recently served two terms on the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, in the position of Recording Secretary (with the exception of six months during the latter part of the First Term). During most of those four years, the number one allocation of board and committee meeting time was spent on fiscal issues. Year after year, informal or established Community-based Organizations (CBOs) would come before the NC, requesting funding for various projects ......., not knowing that another alternative existed. In a community such as representative by LA-32, especially in lieu of recent, recession-related budget cuts, most service providers, both private and public were in need of supplemental funding. Thus, the NC became the first stop in seeking what meager resources that we could allocated, but as Mayor Sam disclosed, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar had assess to funding that most were not privy to asking for. Rather, in comparing data from both Eagle Rock and El Sereno Communities, its apparent that an exclusive group of CBOs, with large voting blocks, were rewarded repeatedly with funding, with spikes in allocations during election years, in both communities. One can also extrapolate from the data, that Councilman Huizar was more generous in funding school-based entities within voter rich Eagle Rock in comparison to the El Sereno Community, (** maybe this past poll is the reason?). Thus, reinforcing the perception, that his allocation of resources is not based upon apolitical need ........, but benefit to the self-noting Princeton Graduate's Political Standing---Scott Johnson. 
2010-2011 Fiscal Year General Council Purposes Fund Allocations:
Eagle Rock:
Collaborative Eagle Rock Beautiful ($3,500) 
Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock ($4,999)
Dahlia Heights PTA ($5,000)
Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce ($4,999)
Eagle Rock Cultural Association ($10,000)
Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society ($500)
Total: $29,998
El Sereno:
Barrio Action ($5,000)
** Barrio Action ($30,000) ** Parade Funding?
Bicentennial Committee ($3,000)
El Sereno Stallions & Cheer ($1,000)
Wilson High School ($1,500)
Total: $40,500
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The Latest Smokin Destructive Nury Martinez Mailer

From the Cindy Montanez for CD 6 Campaign, we bring you the latest "Smokin Destructive Mailer", regarding the Reign of Rubbish via current City Councilwoman Nury Martinez. 
 Smoke cannot hide the "Rubbish State of Nury Martinez's CD 6".
Smoke cannot hide the need for new leadership in CD 6.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Say It Ain't SO, Tomas O'Grady!

What happens when the supporter of one City Council candidate sues an opponent of the candidate and serves papers on said opponent at a candidates' forum event? In today's day and age, the candidate puts his hands over his ears screaming "La la la la la la la!!!" and his supporters go apoplectic.

Have any proofreaders on staff?

That's what happened when a piece at MyLANews.com reported that Hollywood Hills resident Eugene Matthews filed suit against CD4 candidate Sheila Irani, for allegedly chopping down trees on his neighboring property. Irani has denied the charges.

Where it becomes a sticky wicket is that Matthews is reportedly a major supporter of Irani's opponent, Tomas O'Grady.

And that wicket becomes stickier a O'Grady, in distancing himself from Matthews, did not condemn Matthews apparent theatrics as being in bad form (particularly in that they would potentially benefit O'Grady) but approached a victim like stance telling participants on a community Facebook page that he wished to be "left out of it."

O'Grady further steps in it it with a blog post "Please Leave Tomas O'Grady Out These Disputes" (with apparently the same headline proofing troubles MyLANews.com has) singing "Don't cry for me, Silver Lake / Los Feliz" cementing in this blogger's mind that the good Mr. O'Grady is not ready (after a previous run for Council four years ago) for prime time and will not be able to do battle as a Council Member in the matter that his District would need, now more than ever.

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Just Your Typical Brass Claws-style CD 14 Campaign Debate from CSULA

The claws come out as CD 14 City Council Candidates Nadine Diaz and Gloria Molina take swipes at the veracity, work ethic and nefarious behavior of Incumbent City Councilman Jose Huizar, in by far, the most contentious debate of the 2015 City Council Campaign.
The sharp-edged Swipes by CD 14 Challengers Nadine Diaz and Gloria Molina are having a telling affect on the self-noting Princeton Graduate. 
** Blogger's Note: Disclaimer ......, please pardon the bloggin pause due to another DWP Audit-related question (number three on the evening) ........, that out of the way (along with other "beyond CD 14" questioning), those in attendance last evening at the Pat Brown Institute/ League of Women Voters Co-chaired CD 14 City Council Debate at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), were reacquainted again to what is the norm in campaign dialog, especially when the Incumbent has multiple issues based upon Tonto-like behavior, Huevon-like work ethics, mixed with Machismo-based values. In recent months as details, facts and settlement costs mounted, political observers were opining that the worst case campaign scenario for the reelection prospects of Incumbent City Councilman Jose Huizar, would be a strong campaign from a well-noted female challenger (or challengers). That worst case scenario became reality (in debate form) last evening as the embattled incumbent endured slicing swipes to his already-questionable issues with veracity, work ethics and values from both challengers Nadine Diaz (** who received the NOW Endorsement) and Gloria Molina (and to a lesser extent, Mario Chavez). It was clear that despite the best efforts to buy distance, regarding his past transgressions, via elevated amounts of patronage to key voter blocks, those character issues are only becoming more pronounce as we near the ten day mark to Election Day. Whoever gets the vast majority of the women vote in this race, is positioning themselves for the win in a likely May Runoff. Thus, last evening, both female candidates, especially Gloria Molina took swipes in slicing up Councilman Huizar's questionable attitudes and actions regarding women. By far, the most contentious exchange took place between the Councilman and Molina regarding the former Supervisor's pledge to cut her pay, which prompted Molina to call Huizar "Sexist" for his dismissive retort. But as we near Election Day, many voters may not be so dismissive in choosing to restore behavior and character to the Fourteenth District---Scott Johnson                                                                                                                                                                    
From left to right, Mario Chavez, Nadine Diaz, Councilman Jose Huizar and Gloria Molina, at last evening's Pat Brown Institute/League of Women Voters CD 14 City Council Campaign Debate at CSULA.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pre-CSULA Pat Brown Institute, League of Women Voters CD 14 City Council Debate Notes

For those who did not RSVP in time for tonight's CSULA Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs, League of Women Voters CD 14 Debate at the University, you can join the Avance Democratic Club Debate Watch Party at the "Politically-connected Hecho En Mexico Restaurant" in El Sereno. 
The El Sereno Place for your Politically-connected Gathering (with a price of course).
Join you fellow members of the Democratic Machine for drinks and a yummy crusine (with a price of course).  
In noting Councilman Huizar's most recent allocation of GCP funding, we wonder if the Politically-connected Eatery's, next door neighbor will be providing pre-debate entertainment (maybe a sacrifice of a certain blogger?).

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