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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nefarious Political Behavior begins at the Grass Roots Tips in the Second Ranked Corrupt City in the United States

HACLA email on Ramona Gardens Housing Project Resident Advisory Council.
In light of the City of Los Angeles recent number two ranking as the most corrupt city in the United States, we stop to ponder where do aspiring politicos take their first "one hundred level course" in the art of nefarious political conduct. Chamber of Commerces? Little League Associations? PTA's? Museum Support Groups? Soccer Clubs? 
For the formerly Mayor Antonio Villar and CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar allied Ramona Gardens Housing Project Resident Advisory Council (RAC), the document above provided by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) as part of a California Public Records Act request, shows that the former RAC board was engaged (allegedly) in the falsification of bank statements in an attempt to cover up financial graft.
The graft in this instance involved the bank account used by the RG RAC for its HACLA allocated budget of funding. Each of HACLA's housing projects has an elected RAC that operates semi-independently of the administrated office on site. A formula is use to determine how much funding is given by calculating occupied units, then the money is used for community activities, at least in theory.
But in some projects, money and other community resources are controlled by a selected few and become patronage for the associates of the controlling boards.Whether it is HACLA funds, turkey drives, field trips or jobs among others, past RG RAC's have spread the patronage among a selected few. Same families and friends would get jobs and seats on buses to field trips while the 90% plus of the rest of the housing project were never given opportunities. Then come election time when more resources appeared, the same chosen few were the anointed middle people who controlled the spoils.
In recent months while the corruption spotlight has been trained on the upper management of HACLA, lower level professionals have been working hard to change the patronage culture of HACLA's housing projects. In at least Ramona Gardens, HACLA's openness and accountability in providing documents will hopefully bring on a new era of fairness in dispensing HACLA's resources within the community. 
In the weeks ahead we will continue to disclose more documents and coverage of HACLA's actions in attempting to foster openness and transparency in its daily operations.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes wading through increase flow of 7-Eleven beer and wine sales in his district.
We bring you the morning hypocrisy of CD 1 City Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes regarding proposed Wal Mart Neighborhood Market in Chinatown. From a keen political observer.
Something does not pass the smell test. Last PM. on local TV news reporters interviewed CD Councilman Reyes. Reyes stated that he was upset over the fact that a Wal-Mart store was going to open up on Cesar Chavez and Grand Avenue in Chinatown.  Reyes stated that do to the fact that there was school near by this store would post both a traffic hazard and also a public safety issue for the immediate surrounding community.    Now I ask you . Remember that Reyes did not give a damn when he encouraged the opening of the 7-Eleven store in Lincoln Heights on Mission  which sold both alcohol and cigarettes. (** Slight correction, 7 Eleven store on Broadway and Eastlake sells alcohol and cigarettes. Mission location will file for the right to sell beer and wine soon). Where was Reyes' concern for the school age children, residents and public safety concerns for those who reside and work in  Lincoln Heights?

Some where, American Veteran and former Lincoln Heights Donut Shop Owner Ben Lee is shaking his head at the hypocrisy of a councilman who values increase corporate beer and wine sale over small businesses operated by immigrant American veterans.

** LA Observed "Westside Business White Guy" (WBWG) Mark Lacter gets it when it comes to the multiple national media "scribegasms" over the supposed political rehabilitation of Mayor Antonio Villar. What has Mayor Villar done to deserve all these media scribegasms? Ron Kaye also sees through the facade of a political rehabilitated Mayor Villar with the myth of "Antonio the Great".

** Ron Kaye also chimes in on the LAPD Chief Charlie Beck pandering crusade for a second term as chief by championing driver licenses for the undocumented. Something tells me that a certain park near Alvarado and Wilshire will be the designation of choice for those seeking the right (fake) documentation

** The sun rises in the east and another LAUSD employee is arrested for having sex with a student. Will this seventh arrest in recent days, become "Breaking News" or a normal daily feature of LAUSD's Channel 58?.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CD 14 Violating Public Records Act Again on CLARTS Fund

Violating Public Record Laws never came hard for the Princeton Graduate,
 CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Chief of Staff Ana Cubas 
CD 14 El Sereno Field Office Director Arturo Gonzalez.
Stubborn, lazy and contempt for California's Public Records Laws are not the way to pursuit higher office ..... especially City Attorney.
Yet, this is the M.O. for C.D.14 City Councilman Jose Huizar who ha s again shown his disdain for constituents rights to petition his office for documentation regarding the funding status of the Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station Amenities Fund (CLARTS Fund).
Some 15 months later at the most recent monthly meeting of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council on February 1, 2012, CD 14 El Sereno Field Office Director Arturo Gonzalez was presented with a hard copy request to Ana Cubas, by a LA-32 stakeholder for up to date information on the status of the CLARTS Fund. Copies of the request were printed and made available to all in attendance and submitted into the record of the LA-32 NC.
Since then, no response has been made to the stakeholder (this blogger). Thus, once again LA-32 and the rest of the constituents of CD 14 are being held hostage when it comes to accountability from the Office of Councilman Jose Huizar.
...... and the next time anyone sees Arturo Gonzalez in company of LAPD observing lawful protesters, lets remember who is truly the lawbreaker for withholding public documents.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Marshall Tuck, CEO, Mayor Antonio Villar's Partnership for Los Angeles Schools (PLAS).
Memo to LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, School Board President Monica Garcia and PLAS CEO Marshall Tuck, judging from your Friday afternoon choreograph parent meeting in response to the latest sexual misconduct allegations involving a LAUSD educator, this time at Boyle Height's Roosevelt High School, district officials need to "truly embrace" openness and transparency.
But for Mayor Villar's PLAS CEO Marshall Tuck, openness and transparency does not allow for video taping of certain public meetings on PLAS campuses. During Friday's meeting at Roosevelt High School, Tuck walked up to Boyle Heights Activist Jose Aguilar who was video-taping the proceedings and requested that Aguilar stop filming. When Aguilar stood his ground and continue filming, Tuck stated that he could have Aguilar arrested if he continue to film. Aguilar again reminded Tuck that this was a public meeting open to everyone and that filming was allowed. At this point Tuck backed down and return to the front of the auditorium.
When asked after the meeting why he attempted to cease filming of the meeting, Tuck's reply was that parents were not given advance notice that filming would be allowed. But in this new media age, most would expect that some sort of video documentation of the meeting would have taken place, whether it came from the camera of a noted community activist or a cellphone of an undocumented parent of a Roosevelt student.
Thus, as LAUSD races from scandal to scandal in recent weeks, district officials should ponder making use of new media to communicate to its district parents how it is responding to situations such as Miramonte and Roosevelt. Plus, LAUSD should make use of its Channel 58 resources to convey its response to these situations. 
Remember Mr. Tuck to embrace the camera like the Mayor taking on an Photo Op.
** City Councilperson's Jan Perry and Bernard Parks are not backing off after the Redistricting Committee "beat down" of their respected council districts. Park and Perry are calling for fair, objective hearings on the redistricting process during the city council deliberations on the committee's proposed final map. As  side note, expect lawsuits to be filed in the near future. 
** We should note that our earlier request for public documents from HACLA has been fruitful fanilly. In the weeks ahead as we examine hundreds of pages of bank statements, emails and other records, The results will be publish here at Mayor Sam.
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14.                                                                                              

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"RG Homies" become the "Go-to Politicos" in Southeast LA

Blogger's Note: Its been a long time in coming, but today "Nacho", "Thuy", "Rebel" and the other members of the former Ramona Gardens Housing Projects familia turned the Chacon Political Family of Commerce, garnered their "fifteen minutes of political fame" with a front page, above the fold feature in the Sunday LA Times. Like the Chacons, this blogger also endured an early life among the "Bricks of RG". Then decades later in the late nineties, I would meet up again with these childhood neighbors turned rising politicos of Southeast Los Angeles County. At the height of their so called "political power", the Chacons would have three siblings in political office and work with the likes of the late former CD 14 Councilman Nick Pacheco's Chief of Staff Lloyd Monseratt to elect the likes of current CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes to office. But  some ten plus years after helping Reyes, the Chacon Machine is facing major scrutiny over their questionable back room proclivities and financial dealings.It is an open secret in Southeast LA that the Chacons were close associates of convicted South Gate Politico Albert Robles. In 1999, Hector Chacon, half-brother former Commerce City Councilman Hugo Argumedo and ally, former Commerce Councilman Ray "Gordy" Cisneros , told the likes of South Gate City Councilman Henry Gonzalez, that they wanted to make Robles the Commerce City Administrator, during the Grand Opening festivites of the Paseo Shopping Center. Some thirteen years later, one could make the case that the Chacons are the new faces of the Robles Machine in Southeast LA, more on that below---Scott Johnson.   
 Montebello School Board President Hector Chacon finds his way back to his Ramona Gardens hood.
In noting the picture of Hector Chacon above, those who know the brothers would almost mistake Hector for older brother Art Chacon who currently sits on the Central Basin Water District Board of Directors. Art Chacon, who was shot three different times in his RG days, had his criminal record sealed some years before. More recently, Art Chacon had a heart attack soon after being hit with $30,000+ in FPPC penalties.  
Somewhere in the Federal Prison System, incarcerated former South Gate Politico Albert Robles might have some thoughts on his former Chacon associates becoming the "go-to heavyweights of Southeast LA politics".
According to Commerce Resident and former Chacon associate Roger Bagne, The Chacon Brothers frequently used the Robles condo at Rosarito Beach in Baja, California. Bagne would later turn on the likes of City of Commerce City Councilpersons Tina Baca del Rio and Robert Fierro (below) who were onetime allies of the Chacons.
 Fierro recently pleaded guilty to trying to hide illegal campaign contributions and is awaiting sentencing.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

Comments from the dysfunctional cast of City Redistricting 2012 via the LA Times. Note to Koreatown activists, these are the comments of two of the central figures of the backroom dealings that was City of Los Angeles Redistricting 2012. Thus, when the calls come in the future for campaign contributions, or when someone passes you the envelope with the "cash only invoice" for permits, these are two of the enablers that have subjective your community to the CD 10 City Councilman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson Machine for ten more years.  
 Redistricting Commission Member Michael "MEAT" Trujillo on Koreatown: Commissioner Michael Trujillo suggested Koreatown was simply a victim of its central location. "Unfortunately, the way the process goes is, if you're in the middle of the city…that's going to be carved up," he said.  
City Redistricting Commission Executive Director Andrew Westall on the future of Koreatown: Some were upbeat about the proposed changes. Andrew Westall, a former Wesson aide and the commission's top executive, said they reflected important achievements, ensuring that dozens of neighborhood council areas were not split between multiple districts. He contends Koreatown will be brought together in a single district — the one represented by his former boss — for the first time in 40 years. 

We present "Laurette (Healey) Watch" via Twitter. 
Some of the best of "Laurette Watch" as the campaign for the 46th Assembly District heats up.
Schemes that make you go hmmm., or prompt you to contact the D.A.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

"The Education Mayor Antonio Villar mixing it up with Roosevelt Teachers".
For Mayor Antonio Villar and his education surrogate at LAUSD, School Board President Monica Garcia, the lack of progress at the high school of graduation for the City Terrace native turned "Education Mayor", is prompting community activists to call for a Townhall Meeting on the future of Roosevelt High School. This after meeting with LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia and other district/ school officials. Longtime Boyle Heights Community Member Teresa Marquez posted these comments at the Eastern Group Publications Website after the meeting with School Board President Garcia.
Tragic story about Roosevelt High School, Yes they took some of the worst schools in the East Side, but not all, and others are doing much better without PLAS. At RHS all parents meetings are only in Spanish, closing the door on only English speakers. The one school RHS was divided into seven schools, with each a principal, dividing the parents involvement. Divide and Conquer. At RHS Director has order some parents to leave the school, this are active and volunteer(s) parent, but quetion some of the activities in school, There is more incidents at RHS with the students that should have been reported, yet they are not reporting, hiding and destroying records according to some parents.Special Ed students are not being identify and care for as the school should. Children with Autism or ADHD are not identify, so teachers just think they are problems kids. Numbers and percentages can be reported in a way that it does not look so bad, or make it look better than what it is. basically 4% of the students at RHS barely passed the Math test, not acceptable, if last year was 3% but now 4%, it might have increase but not to a level of accepting education in USA. 66% drop out = to out of every 100 students 66 drop out, leaving 24 students to graduate, and 1.4 students barely passed the math test. there is approximately 3800 students at Roosevelt High School, divided into seven smaller schools, with their own principal. Do this principal have Principal credentials???????????? 

More news after the Jump.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Coming Battle for CD 4 in 2015 thanks to 2012 Redistricting

Blogger's note: Somewhere in the early minutes of Thursday, February 17, 2012, City of  Los Angeles Redistricting Executive Director Andrew Westhall, received the "political paycheck" he had been waiting for since being entrusted with the committee assignment by his ex. boss City Council President Herb Wesson. For his role in the political retaliations against Councilpersons Jan Perry and Bernard Parks and turning over a  majority of Downtown LA to CD 14 Councilperson Jose Huizar and his "future outreach team" of Gustavo Valdivia and Samuel In, Westall saw his Toluca Lake Neighborhood moved into CD 4.---Scott Johnson   
 Its no secret that Westhall craves some sort of political title to go along with his name. Recently, he pondered a run for the 43rd Assembly District Seat that was eventually won by  Silver Lake Resident now Assemblyman Mike Gatto..
 ......but guess who is not too happy about Toluca lake being joined to his CD 4 Council District?
There is a certain"Live with Mommy" Assemblyman residing in CD 4 who wants to become a member of the City Council once his Sacramento days are over. But with a staffer in search of political title, carving his neighborhood into the council election of choice, expect a battle in 2015 between "mommy's stay at home assemblyman" and City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson's  "staffer".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are Greuel, Perry, Garcetti and Beutner Afraid to Debate Kevin James?

Kevin James, photo by Gary Aminoff
Back in early January, we reported that Mayoral candidate Kevin James had raised enough money to qualify for matching campaign funds from the City. Quite often, this is the threshold that many organizations set for candidates to appear in various debates.

As such, James was invited to appear with the other candidates in a series of events covering a number of important topics, hosted by an organization called Talking About Los Angeles. The events have several sponsors such as Microsoft, AOL Patch and Time-Warner Cable where the events would air.

However, following the announcement that James had been invited to participate in the first of the events, that was to be held on February 23rd at LA Trade Tech College, James' fellow candidates City Controller Wendy Greuel, City Councilmember Jan Perry, former City Council President Eric James and financier Austin Beutner, all mysteriously dropped out from the event.

Kevin James' opponents for Mayor
The campaigns have not made it clear why they will not participate in the debates, but many have their suspicions.

They are afraid to debate James, former host of a popular talk radio show, first on KABC and then on KRLA radio. James, has spent the last few years speaking with individuals, neighborhood councils and other organizations and has developed a deep understanding of a wide number of issues facing the city and has proposed significant plans to address local problems. James is articulate and convincing; certainly the other candidates should be concerned.

James spoke with Frank Sheftel and myself on our show on LATalkRadio Saturday night and said he'll be working to bring this issue to the attention of the press over the next several days. At press time, Talking About Los Angeles has not issued a statement as to the future of their events.

Stay tuned!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Councilman Bernard Parks and Councilwoman Jan Perry.
Late Uganda Dictator Idi Amin Da Da.
CD 10 Strongman and City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson. Finding trouble and backlash in Koreatown misadventures.
** Blogger's note: Light blogging today through holiday weekend due to eye doctor, work, LA-32 NC Townhall Meeting and trip to Anza-Borrego Desert for long holiday weekend---Scott Johnson. 
As the Redistricting Committee worked late into the evening, CD 8 and 9 were ground zero for the vindictive actions of City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson. Working through his former staffer, turned Executive Director of the Redistricting Committee Andrew Westall, the committee took the following actions last evening as noted by the LA Times.
the panel took Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Vista and a portion of Leimert Park out of Councilman Bernard Parks' district, turning it over to Council President Herb Wesson. Parks lives in Baldwin Hills and has been at odds with Wesson for months. 

...... and not forgetting Perry.

  the commission moved all of downtown except for L.A. Live, Staples Center and the Convention Center out of Perry's district into the district represented by Councilman Jose Huizar. Perry is a longtime Parks ally.

But while "Mini Amin Wesson" plays payback against Parks and Perry, the exploited Koreans are raging a surprising political insurrection which may cancel out all of the "Mini Amin Wesson's" political favors.

Korean American activists warned commissioners that they were willing to sue to ensure that their neighborhood was taken entirely out of Wesson's district and placed into one currently represented by Councilman Eric Garcetti. Such a move would greatly increase the concentration of Asian American voters in Garcetti's district, which already has Thai Town.

To be continue ............

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The "Failure Mayor" Goes National and Some don't forget

 A local political failure morphs into the Court Jester Chairperson for the Democratic National Convention. 
Every prominent Democrat needs the "other woman" as part of national political resume enhancement.
Note the cat running out towards end of video.
From the hills of City Terrace, through the gang lands of Hazard, and on wards to the People's School of Law. The former Tony Villar, currently Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and someday Citizen Villar, will get to the national stage as the Chairperson of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September. 
First thought on this latest folly via the Democrat National Committee, is one of shock considering the insight of some within the Beltway that I converse with regularly. They state that the Obama Administration views the Mayor as a useful tool, nothing more than that and for four days in September, Villar will be the LAtino tool used by the Democratic Party in search of a surge of Antonio inspired voters in November.
But left on the sidelines with the Antonio selection as the Latino Political Showman for the Democrats are other worthy local Latinos ..... and Latina Democrats who have been loyal not only to the party, but to President Barack "H" Obama. County Supervisor Gloria Molina, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Congressman Xavier Becerra were all Obama supporters as Antonio and his "political posse" (MEAT, Ace, Parke and Espinoza)  travel the country in the vanguard of  "Team Hillary Clinton". 
Yet, four years later, the Democrats seek to resurrect a "political failure" to bring home the Latino vote in November and if they think that Mayor Villaraigosa's past transgressions have been forgotten, we bring you this from this morning's DNC conference call announcing the Mayor's selection as the Convention Chairperson via the LA Times.
The mayor, who is believed by many to have higher political ambitions, saw his past return to haunt him in the brief conference call when a reporter from a Charlotte TV station asked how the party would deal with the affair that ended his marriage and allegations that he has engaged in nepotism as mayor. 
"We won't," said Steve Kerrigan, the convention's chief executive. The mayor did not comment.

..... but many will, especially Latinas, when voting for the "Personal and Political Tonto" in November.

Your Thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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The Faces of City Redistricting 2012

If you are craving some live action political drama, then plan on arriving early to the City Council Chambers for the 4 P.M. meeting of the City Redistricting Committee today. As LA Times David Zahniser notes in today's edition, "Redistricting 2012" has from the get go, been a multi-act political drama featuring allegations of quid pro quo, backroom boundaries, profane encounters, alleged shakedowns and an awakening of an ethnic community. below we bring you some of the faces of "Redistricting 2012".
Former City Council President Herb Wesson Staffer and current Redistricting Committee Executive Director Andrew Westall. Westall must be feeling the strain of fulfilling the boundary mandates of his boss Wesson while still carving out a CD 4 enclave that includes his residence (think, or not, of a someday "CD 4 Councilman Andrew Westall" ) via his supposed profane outburst directed at a member of Councilman Bernard Parks staff.
Quid Pro Quo in CD 14? Well ...... on second thought, everything that Councilman Jose Huizar undertakes within his fiefdom has some quid pro quo attachments. Want free DWP light bulbs? Get picture of Huizzy. Want soccor uniforms for your El Sereno Futbal Team? Get votes for Huizzy. Want funding for Downtown Radio Tower? Get bodies for Huizzy at Redistricting Hearing ..... allegedly. But lets not forget the "recent union" of close Councilman Huizar Associate Gustavo Valdivia and retire Building and Safety Inspector Samuel In. 
CD 9 City Councilwoman Jan Perry and her Downtown friends.
Councilwoman Perry has been the voice from the beginning, warning Angelinos that this once in the decade exercise in redrawing districts, has been a draconian undertaking . Her push back may yet save the day for a Downtown CD 9 and the coalition that has her back.
Sunland-Tijunga Activist Joe Barrett.
While it looks that the AlarCON-Trujillo treachery to occupy the horse country of Lake Viewn Terrace- Sunland Tujunga is holding firm, Barrett and the lovely ladies of the S-T leave no doubt how they feel about the lack of inclusiveness in the redistricting process
 The Koreatown Community has stepped up to the political plate big time in its push back against a machine that demands contributions but does not provide services. Look today for a big turn out from the awakening political entity. But be warn not to give your speaker cards to the person below.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

 An exclusive disposal contract with Athens was the start of the end of the "CD 14 East Era" in Montebello.
We are two months into 2012 and the Machine of Mayor Antonio Villar and longtime "labor sister" LA County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo, are once again attacking your right to choose. This time it is business and apartment land lords right to choose the trash pick-up company of choice. If the fellow traveling duo of Durazo and Villar get their way, ten exclusive garbage zones would be designated city wide. Those zones would be awarded to companies with union staff, green trucks ....... and willing to pay the "franchise fees". But if I were Durazo , Villar, the Sierra Club and Madeline Janis, the Montebello experience may be the political barometer on the backlash brewing against this blatant attack on free market choices in the City of Los Angeles.
** CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino mans up for his "yes vote" to raise DWP water rates.
On Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012, the Los Angeles City Council voted to amend the water rate ordinance to allow increased collection for water quality improvement. The rate increase amounts to $1.14 for the average resident of Council District 15.  This was a very difficult decision for me, but this action was urgently needed in order to meet a deadline to comply with US EPA & State Department of Public Health safe drinking water standards.  Had the council not acted, the City would have been faced with costly fines, which would have also resulted in higher DWP rates.  "We can't afford to compromise on our water safety. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a month, we get peace of mind knowing that our water is clean, safe and secure for our families," said Buscaino. "While it may make sense to support this increase, I'm not so sure I will be able to support future rate increases and I will definitely want to see the new Ratepayer Advocate's analysis and recommendations." (We will wait and see).

** LA Weekly's Simone Wilson continues her quest to merge creativity and photoshop as she goes "poodle for CD 1".
** A spokesperson for the Korean American Coalition stated that 500-1,000 showed up for the Hands Across Koreatown Prayer for a Unied Koreatown. Yet not one mention in the Old Gray Hag on Spring Street or the Daily Moldy Green Sheet.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 .

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Your Monday Morning Roadside Distraction Compliments of CBS Billboards and Councilman Huizar

"Male drivers may get another wood-related byproduct after viewing this billboard".
Great late Sunday evening to all as you ready yourself for a great night of sleep to rejuvenate the body and mind for another week of gainful employment or dependency on the Obama White House. For those heading westward into Downtown LA via Valley Blvd. from University Hill eastwards, you have or will now take notice of this explicit CBS Billboard that prompted multiple complaints at the most recent LA-32 Neighborhood Council Meeting.  
CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar's El Sereno Field Office Director Arturo Gonzalez (observing from passenger seat of LAPD vehicle), who is known to use LAPD resources to keep tabs on community issues (or law-abiding constituents protest the dumping of sex offenders parolees in El Sereno), took umbrage (and unlawfully interrupted the LA 32 NC Meeting) after LA-32 NC Executive Board Member Linda McGuire's comment that the council office should be on top of issues such as explicated billboards.
But as this 2007 CBS billboard shows, Councilman Huizar has a long, friendly history and connection to "Big Billboard" in the City of Los Angeles. In his last re-election battle in 2011, CBS donated this in free billboard space to Huizar's camapaign.
03/02/11CBS Outdoor & Affiliated Entities
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(Independent Expenditure)
Jose Huizar
City Council Member - District 14

Huizar for Council 2011 (1325226)[Election: 03/08/11]

03/02/11CBS Outdoor/
Billboard Advertising Space/Printing

Then lets not forget that Councilman Huizar's love of "Big Billboard" was also replicated by Lamar Advertising which posted these graphics all around the council district.
Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 90036
(Independent Expenditure)

Jose Huizar
City Council Member - District 14
Huizar for Council 2011 (1325226)
[Election: 03/08/11]
02/14/11Lamar Advertising/
Billboards - Donated Space & Paper

Thus, what are the chances that Arturo Gonzalez spends as much time searching El Sereno for explicted billboards and responding to constituent complaints, as he did in monitoring a lawful gathering of community members concern about the proliferation of sex offenders in their neighborhood? Just follow the money to his boss'es campaign account.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Support an United Koreatown Community in CD 13 (.. and transparency in redistricting)

** Blogger's note: Shall we call this a "Bloggin Action Alert" for all those disenfranchise by the backroom dealings of the City of Los Angeles Redistricting Committee? DARN RIGHT! Take time out tomorrow and become part of the political awakening of Los Angeles Korean-American Community, as they stand up for an united Koreatown Community, Link here for information on parking and map of rally location. Like our neighbors in Westchester, CD 4, Northeast LA, CD 9 and Sunland-Tujunga, activists in Koreatown have been front and center in demanding common sense and openness in the redistricting process. Unfortunately, the likes of Mayor Antonio Villar and his ally City Council President Herb Wesson see the once in a decade redistricting process as an endeavor to ensure a flow of campaign cash and alleged kickbacks for services rendered. All communities within the City of Los Angeles who have been aggrieved in this process should take time out tomorrow and join hands for a open and fair redistricting process---Scott Johnson   
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Downtown Duel 2012: Councilwoman Jan "The Sedan" Perry vs. Councilman Jose "The Tanker" Huizar

"Downtown Duel 2012": Will "the tanker of CD 14" be able to push "the sedan of CD 9" out of Downtown?
Blogger's note: Great Saturday morning to all as the weekend gives pause to the "Downtown Duel 2012", the contest for control of Downtown LA campaign riches and permit franchises. Downtown News Editor and "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie and his excellent staff , provide extensive coverage of "Downtown Duel 2012" in this weekend's edition of the Downtown News. Both CD 9 City Councilwoman Jan Perry and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar are given space to state their case for maintaining the status quo or unifying Downtown as part of the 2012 redistricting process respectively. In addition, prominent members of the Downtown Community, state whether they back Perry or Huizar in "Downtown Duel 2012"---Scott Johnson. ** Below excerpts from both Councilwoman Perry's and Councilman Huizar's dueling missives as printed in the Downtown News.
The Ninth District is the bridge that links the communities of Downtown with southern portions of Los Angeles — an area rich with economic, cultural and racial diversity. In fact, the diversity of this district drives this part of the city forward, and it is diversity that is at risk in this redistricting. The current configuration promotes the best opportunities for growth, higher density living, and a public-transit oriented future that will improve Downtown and its adjacent communities in the southern part of the district.  
Separating the two major partners in the continued vitality of this area is wrong-headed and ill-considered. Severing Downtown from South Los Angeles will have the effect of creating the poorest council district in the city and isolating Downtown neighborhoods from their existing partnerships. A prime example is the Figueroa Corridor, which has experienced great investment due to the synergy between Downtown and South Los Angeles. We have seen the results of this partnership push investment along the corridor through the introduction of BYD, a Chinese electric car company, and a new Fiat dealership. This kind of synergy has made the Ninth District a great success story.

CD 9’s area of Downtown has experienced wonderful things under Jan Perry’s leadership since 2001. Downtown is a better place thanks to her service, which will end due to term limits in 2013. I commend her for her efforts.  
Similarly, in CD 14’s portion of Downtown we have brought hundreds of jobs, multiple venues and numerous services to Downtown through my Bringing Back Broadway initiative. I fought and won a battle to preserve and expand the Arts District, opened the first and only city park in Skid Row for children and have worked closely with the Fashion District on their priorities. 
I can continue to serve CD 14 for seven more years, until 2019, ensuring Downtown’s 50,000 (and counting) residents, thousands of businesses, 500,000 workers and millions of annual tourists a cohesive, progressive vision for a united Downtown that will serve our entire city for generations.

Yout thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

Can anybody find LAPD in this chase?
We start this beautiful Friday morning with a Tuesday night flashback to a televised car chase that snaked it way through the streets of Silverlake and surrounding areas. At least one perceptive viewer had this comment about the law enforcement response, or lack of. 
Yesterday (Tuesday) thousands of Southern California residents watched yet another police pursuit as aired on 3 different  local Los Angeles television stations. As the suspect vehicle exited from the Southbound 2 freeway at Glendale Blvd  with California Highway Patrol close by, The suspect driver was observed driving through the streets of Silverlake  back and forth sometimes over the same streets that he previously traveled on. But where were the police officers from the Northeast Division to assist the California Highway Patrol officers ? None were observed.  Not too long ago, Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies were the law enforcement agency which assisted the California Highway Patrol with a  pursuit suspect in the El Sereno area of Los Angeles.  Can Chief Beck please tell the residents of Northeast Los Angeles , What the hell is going on ?  Is he still sending Northeast Patrol vehicles to other police divisions through out the city?

.... just how thin are LAPD resources being spread throughout Los Angeles? You may not want to know.

** We want to commend out-going Los Angeles City Council Energy & Environment Committee Chairperson Councilwoman Jan Perry for her leadership in creating two wetlands parks within her council district. Meanwhile her replacement as committee chairperson CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar has dropped the ball on restoring the Hazard Park Wetlands and repairing a storm drain that feeds into the Wetlands watershed. Environmental Activists will remember that Mayor Antonio Villar promised at the Million Trees Groundbreaking that a restore wetlands would be in place within three years........... and now Councilman Huizar calls a restore wetlands "a long term project".

** We almost forgot that Councilman Jose Huizar was too pre-occupied with Clifton's Cafeteria festivities to act as a leader and vote to increase water rates on his constituents.

** Lastly, as the likes of Ron Kaye and the LA Times Editorial Board debate whether District Attorney Candidate Carmen Trutanich is a liar, maybe the same pillars of local journalism should answer why "these truths" via Mayor Antonio Villar, never garnered the same level of discussion (** especially during the "LA Antonio Times Era" of the former daily of record). An excerpt as posted on Mayor Sam in 2006 .......

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

""Another Soulvine Thursday": Its "Alley Cat Betty" vs. "Junk Yard Dog Parks"

** Blogger's notes: Its near the end of "Another Soulvine Thursday" and a week after "recharging her political groove thing", thanks to her favorite "Little Short Guy" City Council President Herb Wesson, Betty is ready for battle with CD City Councilman Bernard Parks. "The Journalistic Alley Cat of South LA" goes after the "Junk Yard Dog of CD 8" and his financial issues that still dog the former County Supervisor Candidate. We post excerpts below---Scott Johnson.
Remember back in 2008 when Councilman Bernard Parks vied with state Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas for a seat on the Board of Supervisors? Remember how the Parks campaign engaged Call Center Services Inc. to make thousands of robocalls to White, Spanish-speaking and Republican 2nd District county residents to encourage them to vote for Parks? Remember how Parks refused to pay this company for its work and Call Center Services had to sue Parks in November 2009 to get paid? Well, hold onto your hats because, according to court documents, a lot of interesting stuff has happened since then:
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Councilman Huizar's "Meeting for Bodies at Redistricting Hearing Scheme Email"

Blogger's Note: If anyone thought that CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar was a pillar of ethical standing among backroom-dealing politicos, then I got three board of directors positions at Legacy LA for you (wink, wink). Councilman Huizar is the walking personification of a quid pro quo politician who will wheel and deal to meet his political end. Apparently, those proclivities were exposed again in an email that the LA Times obtain that suggested "a bodies for meeting arraingement" in Councilman Huizar's efforts to gain control of most of Downtown through redistricting. It seems that Historic Downtown BID Member Josh Gray-Emmer had an agreement to meet with Huizar's staff, provided if he brought out the "bodies" for last night's Redistricting Committee Meeting at City Hall. More details below ..........      
If Josh Gray-Emmer (pictured above with cards) sounds familiar, he is the same Historic Downtown BID member who outed Councilman Huizar for black-balling Roberto Saldana. Saldana was the leading candidate for the Executive Director position of the BID until the councilman's "suggestion" that they pick someone else. Saldana had made critical remarks about Councilman Huizar's Broadway work and had supported City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez in last spring's election.
As reported by LA Times Zahniser, Gray-Emmer, 33, wrote that property owner Michael Delijani (sitting center, away from table) would reward those efforts by arranging a meeting with Huizar aide Jessica Wethington McLean to discuss downtown projects, including an effort to illuminate an old rooftop radio tower. Wethington McLean heads Huizar's initiative to revitalize Broadway, where Delijani's family has multiple properties.

"I made a deal with Michael," said the email, a copy of which was obtained by The Times. "If I show up, and bring people to support me (and therefore him and CD14), he will take LaTanya, Francie and I to sushi with Jessica from CD14 to discuss FUNDING and pushing forward the re-lighting of the KKRD Tower. This is one of our THREE projects selected to push forward. Let's make it happen. IT'S ALL ABOUT BODIES!!" (and the Huizar Way) 
Bringing Back Broadway Executive Director Jessica Wethington-McLean.
.... and watch who takes the fall once the "quid pro quo" is exposed?
Gray-Emmer said he was "disappointed" the email was being circulated beyond the intended recipients. Asked if bringing people to testify at the hearing was part of a quid pro quo, he initially responded: "I would just say that that email was completely internal, and intended for a small group of people."
Gray-Emmer would not specify what type of funding he expected to discuss with Huizar’s aide, insisting the money would never have come from Huizar's office. Hours later (after grabbing ankles), he called The Times to apologize for the email's contents, saying it "wasn't factually accurate" and that Delijani never offered any deal. (Meet the latest black-balling victim via CD 14)

.... at least Roberto Saldana took his black-balling without selling out his integrity.

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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We interrupt your Redistricting Coverage to report the obvious, Nuch is running for D.A.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich working the City Councilman Joe Buscaino Victory Party.
Let me channel West LA Observed Blogger Kevin Roderick briefly to provide the political bloggersphere links to the coverage on City attorney Carmen Trutanich "official announcement" of his run for District Attorney.......... LA Times, ...... Downtown News, .......... City Maven, ....... LA Weekly, ........ and of course LA Observed.

After review, what is consistent in all of the coverage? A one term promise to stay in the Office of City Attorney. But as a long time CD 14 observer. I remember a "certain CD 14  City Councilman" who promise to serve a full term and instead became the "Latino Tony Blair", so big friggin deal. Politics is all about opportunities and I bet your next higher DWP bill that the likes of Councilman Krekorian, along with a Eastside councilman (with friends name Samuel and Gustavo), are eyeing a new gig in the James Hahn Building.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

** But Nuch would be better off to stay away from making grand pronouncements in his political future.


Morning Briefs on "Redrawing the Los Angeles Political Machine" for Thursday

Moving onwards with their once in a decade endeavor to recreate fifteen campaign shakedown zones, the City of Los Angeles Redistricting Committee made a one night stand in the center ring of the City Clowncil chambers last evening. And judging from various sources, drama was not lacking ........
CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana Cubas.
From the Arroyo Seco Journal's post on last night's marathon theatrics, it seem that CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana Cubas was playing regional bias with the speaker cards.
Controversy colored the conclusion of tonight’s five-hour long City Council Redistricting Commission hearing. At 11 p.m., City Controller Wendy Greuel’s appointee to the commission, Helen Kim, alleged that Councilmember Jose Huizar’s Chief of Staff had handled speaker cards for the first two hours of the hearing, making sure that speakers from Council District 14 were heard early on. This had the effect, according to Kim, of moving the many Korean Americans present to the bottom of the speaker card pile. 

..... and we have more witnesses to Cubas "card playing".

Grace Yoo of the Korean American Coalition, a prominent force behind the movement to unite Koreatown in one council district, accused the commission of treating the local Korean community with no respect. 
Yoo said that she watched Ana Cubas, Huizar’s Chief of Staff, help with the cards, and that people who came in after others moved past the early arrivals in the line. 

Was the audience made known of any geographical order of speakers? Judging from this ..........

Councilmember Eric Garcetti appointee Robert Ahn opined that if preference is going to be given to a certain region, that fact should be announced. He questioned why a council staff member was handling that task rather than commission staff 

We also have a Zuma Dogg sighting with comments of course ..............

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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