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Monday, April 30, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

SEIU 721 Regional Director Julie Butcher.
Memo to my former SEIU 347 General Manager Julie Butcher, DNC and Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz may find your latest endeavor "borderline offensive" but this blogger says "you go sister"!
As Daily News Rick Orlov notes in this Monday's edition of his Tipoff Column, Butcher and her brother and sisters of the the Coalition of L.A. City Unions, which has been working with the mayor for the past three years, is scheduled to hold a news conference this week calling on President Obama and the Democratic National Committee to remove Villaraigosa as chair of the Democratic Party's summer convention in Charlotte, N.C.
The main message behind the movement is that Villaraigosa has lost touch with his Democratic roots.
Democratic roots? The only root that the former Tony Villar of City Terrace has never lost touch of is the root of self-preservation.
Political Consultant John Shallman's infamous Titanic Mailer.
We are not the only one to catch on to "Green Political Consultant John Shallman's proclivity for recycling campaign material (while charging high end prices).
From Orlov.
In politics, nothing gets old. Or thrown away.Just look at the campaign of Carmen Trutanich, who is looking to move up from city attorney to district attorney at the June 5 primary.Trutanich, who has returned to using Tru as a nickname on his website, has released a "Blueprint for Justice," on how he would manage the $190 million D.A. budget.  In his 2009 city attorney campaign, it was a "blueprint for change." Now, it's a "blueprint for a new direction."

That consulting bill for the "Blueprint" is in the mail from Shallman Communications.
 The Occupying Red Rabble on the South Lawn of City Hall.
The 99% that strives to be wards of the government via edits from the likes of SEIU and Van Jones, will gather at the red light of dawn to march as a collective on the International Day of the Worker.
Your thoughts ............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Papa Puffs and Briefs for the LA-32 Community" via CD 14 Councilman Huizar's Commissar Arturo Gonzalez (Political Satire)

 Its an official edit of the Office of Princeton Graduate, City Councilman and Dear Charro of CD 14 Jose Huizar, that all residents of his collective give thanks for the $ Billions plus dollars of investments that he takes credit for, blasphemy,  had the vision to provide for CD 14. 
My one percent (in commissar pay from the CLARTS Fund) loyaltist El Sereno Commissar Arturo Gonzalez will use all resources dedicated to the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro's collective to watch and respond to any instances of disloyalty to the edits and desires of its leader.

The Following are Edits and Pronouncements from your "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro" to his El Sereno Peons via Loyalist Commissar Arturo "Papa Puffs" Gonzalez  for April 28, 2012.
Public Safety Alert for the El Sereno Collective 
Please remember your "Duck, Cover, Call 911 and wait ......... Drill". Your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro with instructions from the "Supreme Payaso" (one Tony Villar of City Terrace) of our Ciudad de Los Angeles, is sending 30 police officers to protect the "University of South-Central". Rest assure peons that no promises of future campaign funds (via the Dear Charro's childhood friend and USC lobbyist David Galaviz) sway your Princeton Graduate Champion of Public Safety, from exposing you to the gun play of "Non Revocable Parolees" from Metro 13, Sereno and 18 Street. 
.New, Social and Traditional  Media Blasphemy Alert for the El Sereno Collective.
Via edit from your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro, the following reactionary tools of media commentary are deemed  blasphemy and are to be expunged from your recommended readings. First, The Facebook Page of The Voice Community News for questioning your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro's commitment to public safety in El Sereno. That bike-riding purveyor of "yellow journalism" (especially when he lies about the $ Million-plus CLARTS FUND Staff Salary Account), should know that LAPD's Com Stats do not show the alarming rise in crimes against the vision of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro and his (3 for loyalty scoring) supporters. Second, The Right Wing LA Weekly or its written assault on our leadership school for a collectivist tomorrow Academia Semillas del Pueblo. Whats wrong with an visionary indoctrinator such as Marcos Aguilar who sits on a board of trusting followers that pay him a six-figure salary?  Third, all musings from the "Enemy of the CD 14 Collective", the "Invasive Gabacho of Ramona Gardens" the hater of the "Supreme Payaso's created Legacy LA (this Princeton Graduate Dear Charro is smart enough to not take credit for that CBO abortion) the agitator "Stain Spot in CD 14".
Proclamation of "Loyalty Score of 3" for the Comandante Manzanos of Rose Hills.
By proclamation of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro of CD 14, we honor the latest recipients of the coveted "3 for Loyalty to the Dear Charro Score" to Joe and Anthony Manzano of the oldest collective in Ciudad de Los Angeles  "Rose Hills". Via their selfish endeavor to turn the once reactionary LA 32 Neighborhood Council into a banana republic for Rose Hills. the Offfice of Princeton Graduate Dear Charro will note all future events within Rose Hills in the following manner.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Annual Fiesta and Carnival
 Date:             Friday, May 25, 2012
6 pm to 11 pm
                        Saturday, May 26, 2012
12pm to 11 pm
                        Sunday, May 27, 2012
                        12 pm to 11pm
Location:      4509  Mercury Avenue
Rose hills, CA 90032   
Because of your proclamation (and loyalty to the vision of Princeton Graduate Dear Charro), the zip code of El Sereno becomes Rose Hills and most important, Rose Hills is not exiled to CD 1. (** that unless Councilperson Parks, Perry and the Korean American Community win their redistricting lawsuit against the backroom crafted boundaries of the various socialist collectives within Ciudad de Los Angeles. Then say Hola Councilman Reyes).
Denouncing the Latest Recipients of "-3 for Disloyalty Score" against the vision of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro
Via a proclamation from the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro the following miscreants peons of Rose Hills/El Sereno are branded with the dreaded "-3 for Disloyalty Score" and face excommunications from all future collective functions with the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro. First, Michael Carreon for showcasing defiance of the Princeton Graduate Dear Leader and the rest of the City Clowncil Central Committee at a recent meeting. Second, Lucia Reyes for a "reactionary moment of integrity" in rebutting an opportunity for her and baseball charges to be photographed with their ball-playing Princeton Graduate Dear Charro. Does the reactionary Reyes knows that it is bad enough to highlight collective issues that reflects badly on the image of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro? Then worst, exhibit further disloyal actions by rebutting an important function of the collective? That is the continuing crafting of an image of our Princeton Graduate Dear Charro that highlights his positive vision for the collective? Banishment from future "Chorizo con Huevos with the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro" is the lease of this unbeliever's problems.
An edit to Hecho En Mexico and Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School from the Priceton Graduate Dear Charro. 
   Comrades, as both supporters of my grand visions for the Collective of El Sereno, its not about what you can do to better your collectivist goals, but what you can do to advance the interest of you Princeton Graduate Dear Charro (do not forget that or the cost of your next building and safety permits increase by Aztec counts of twenties) Your recent selfish feuding runs contrary to the peaceful vision of the collective. (** Plus , its exposing troublesome past zoning issues with your respective collectivist plots that reflect badly on the Princeton Graduate Urban Planning Dear Charro). Thus in the spirit of mediation, I offer the services of my special friends "Samuel and Gustavo", who will for the right price, "contract and permit away your issues" in the spirit of returning peace to Huntington Drive and returning the focus of your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro's attention to all things Downtown. (at lease until mid-2014). 
I, your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro of the collective of CD 14, hereby approve of the edits and proclamations of this week's "Papa Puffs and Briefs for the Rose Hills/ LA-32 Community" via my loyal Commissar Arturo Gonzalez.
Your glowing pronouncements of my vision expected.
Princeton Graduate Dear Charro in my CD 14.

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LA 32 Neighborhood Council on the path to Dysfunctional Ruin

LA 32 Neighborhood Council President Anthony Manzano at a recent City Hall meeting where he stated that the LA 32 NC General Board supported the retention of the Rose Hills Community in CD 14. The fact is that the General Board never voted on the issue or authorize the President to speak on the issue. It should be also noted that Manzano is a member of the Rose Hills Homeowners Association. Thus, would have a Conflict of Interest regarding land use issues pertaining to the Rose Hills Community. Vice President Val Marquez resigned after this transgression and other questionable actions by President Manzano.

Sadly another black eye for the LA 32 Neighborhood Council.
Yes, it has happen again.
When you mix personal agendas with pressure from CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar's El Sereno Field Office Director Arturo Gonzalez to be a vessel for the Princeton Graduate's micro-management of his community agenda, then this supposed experiment in local governess will almost always fail.
Upon the completion of the last election cycle, residents and and stakeholders of LA-32 were blessed with a diverse General Board that prioritize openness and transparency as they sought to return to a neighborhood council that put community first, not personal agendas or the wishes of CD 14.
Under the leadership of President Tammy Membreno , professional conduct and service to community were paramount. The LA-32 Board also expected the same of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and his staff. It was this body that sought CD 14 to account for the status of the Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station  Fund (CLARTS FUND). Sadly, the same level of professionalism that was exhibited by the LA-32 NC in seeking to educate and update the community on the CLARTS Fund was not returned by CD 14 staff as evident in this video of the proceedings.
     CD 14 Chief of Staff Ana Cubas at LA-32 NC Meeting, September of 2010.
Upon the resignation of President Membreno due to an increase work load at Barrio Action Youth and Family Center, the chairmanship was handed over to Vice-President Anthony Manzano, who was then elected to serve out the term of the President. Manzano soon after started to clash with other members of the board. 
First, Manzano disbanded the By-Laws Committee which had been empaneled with the task of revising the NC's By-Laws as requested by DONE. The committee had drafted a revised set of of By-Laws but were preclude from presenting their work due to the actions of Manzano. Manzano convene a new committee with himself as chair but to this day no revised By-Laws has been approved. Some board members felt that Manzano wanted the revised By-Laws to assure ample power within the presidency.
Second, Manzano held an illegal meeting which violated the standards denoted under the Brown Act. The board member who file the complaint with DONE was summery removed from his committee chairmanship the following month (September) by Manzano.
Third, Manzano placed many of his Rose Hills residing fellow board members on key committee chairmanships (which controls allocations of NC funds). Joe Manzano, the father of the president was appointed to the Land Use Committee which was chaired by another Rose Hills associate Johnny Carbajal. Both were members of the Rose Hills Homeowners Association which was founded by ...... Joe Manzano. It should be noted that the members of the Rose Hills Homeowners Association (totalling about six including the President) never recused themselves from votes on land use issues pertaining to Rose Hills.
Lastly, Manzano lost the respect of board members by not standing up to the disruptive actions of CD 14 staff (ie. Arturo Gonzalez, he has been seen numerous time laughing as unprofessional comments are directed at non-Huizar supporters and has interrupted meetings when something negative about Huizar is stated ) and their supporters. Recent meetings of the NC have seen members of the board targeted by audience members for ridicule and verbal attacks. Most if not all are targeted on non-supporters of Councilman Huizar. Joe Manzano, who many feel is running the board through his son, has numerous times interrupted board members while sitting in the audience. But the last straw for some board members were vicious, unprofessional emails sent by Anthony Manzano's close friend and board member Victor June Ayala to non Rose Hills members which were then past onwards to DONE for resolution. At this time, Manzano has not taken any action against Ayala. 
In Retrospect, will a retreat help to resolve issues within the LA-32 NC? Better yet, the question should be whether Councilman Huizar wants a strong united NC that puts community concerns before the agenda of him. As a board member who has watched the theatrics the last few months from the likes of Judy Knapton, Ruben Chavez, Joe Manzano and well-paid public servant Arturo Gonzalez, DONE may want to provide training on the the finer points of rubber stamping a certain Princeton Graduate edits. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  

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Friday, April 27, 2012

City Attorney Candidate Assemblyman Mike Feuer's pursuit of PPL Endorsement faces scrutiny

 Assemblyman and 2013 City Attorney Candidate Mike Feuer.
Movie Poster for "The Onion Field Movie"
We received this from retire Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre on the recent actions of Assemblyman and 2013 City Attorney Candidate Mike Feuer.
How far well  former Los Angeles City Councilman now State Assembly member Mike Feuer go to obtain the endorsement of the Los Angeles Police Department Protective League in his quest for Los Angeles City Attorney?

Mike Feuer has been a state elected official going back as far as 2006. So why did he wait until recently to present an Assembly Constitutional Resolution # 100 to honor Murdered Los Angeles Police Officer Ian Campbell . Ian Campbell was gunned down and executed by Onion Field killer Gregory Powell in 1963.

The California State Assembly did pass the Resolution.

If Mike Feuer was sincere in wanting to honor this brave and fallen Los Angeles Police Officer then he should have requested this Assembly Constitutional Resolution many years ago . But now in his quest for yet another political office he seeks the Los Angeles Police Departments Protective League endorsement and the approval of past and current members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

As a retired member of a law enforcement community and having been married to a Los Angeles Police Homicide Detective ( now deceased ) I find State Assemblyman Mike Feuer' actions deplorable.
Your thoughts and comments always appreciated.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Questions for and Maybe Some Answers from "Private Citizen" John Shallman

Democratic Political Consultant and "non-public figure" John Shallman (center) with Republican Consultant Allan Hoffenblum at a "political speaker forum" on the campus of Flintridge Prep in 2008.
Political Consultant John Shallman and "non-public figure" John Shallman speaking at a public event.
Political Consultant John Shallman does a lot of public pontificating on politics for a supposed "non-public figure".... ** and maybe past candidate for public office?? 
In opening, for those in the Mayor Sam cybersphere audience who may wonder why our earlier posts regarding "questions" about Political Consultant John Shallman, 46th Assembly District Candidate Brian Johnson and other "possible" collaborations they may have to other national organizations in this current 46 AD race, they have been removed due to the following email from Shallman to Mayor Sam Blog owner Michael Higby. (We bold the key points of his email)
I'm not sure if you still own Mayor Sam, but I'm assuming you do.
Over the course of the last several years or so, Scott Johnson has
made numerous false and defamatory statements about me.  While he and
you have a right to your opinion, you do NOT have the right to injure
a private citizen with libelous statements--like this preposterous
connection to the Tea Party. Today, this blogpost crossed the line.
Johnson is falsely stating that because I was the victim of a crime
and lost money, I have taken on the Tea Party as a client to help
Brian Johnson.  There is so much wrong with this that I do not know
where to begin.
You are officially on notice to take it down.
I do not work for the Tea Party.  I do not work for Brian Johnson.  Ihave never worked for Laurette Healey.  I am not a public figure or an
elected official.  As a private citizen, the burden you have to prove
your claims are significantly higher.  You will fail to do so because
you cannot prove something that is utterly false.
I will say this:  As a victim of a crime, I will not stand to be re-victimized.
John Shallman (** For the record, I did respond to Mr. Shallman's email but at this time I have not be given a reply to my overture which I will post at the end of this musing)

Let me state that we endeavor here at Mayor Sam to base our musings on the facts. If we choose to incorporate speculation, we label it as such. Plus, in the course of writing we have the right to question all possible story angles base upon the information at hand and craft our product in a style that may incorporate satire, mixed with parody. That is the bloggin way (especially for this writer). Maybe this journalistic concept is foreign to "private citizen" John Shallman but the use of legal threats by a Shallman consulted campaign, to influence reporting on the campaign proceedings is not as witness by the Janice Hahn for Congress Campaign's "Cease and Desist order " against Fox 11 News.
Thus, not wanting to provoke another legal letter from the likes of Stephen Kaufman, we like to ask these questions of "private citizen" John Shallman and extend an invitation to him to offer his answers which will be posted here at Mayor Sam. Lets call this an interactive exercise in "citizen journalism".
First Mr. Shallman, as noted above in the photographs of your numerous speaking engagements (which include comments on the record) include one that denotes you as a "democratic political consultant", does that qualify you as a "public figure"?  
Second Mr. Shallman, are you the same John Shallman who is on file with the California Secretary of State as having this past campaign committee? Thus, making you a public figure?
Third Mr. Shallman, you stated that you never worked for the Laurette Healey for Assembly Campaign, Does that campaign owe you a retraction or "correction of fact" for this statement made on their website?
Healey’s campaign team ** is led by General Consultant, John Shallman, and his firm Shallman Communications. Healey lives in Sherman Oaks, with her partner Marcia Davalos, Regional Director of the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California.

** Maybe you and former Impeached President Bill Clinton might want to compare notes on the "meaning of is"?
Fourth Mr. Shallman, are you the consultant or will the Secretary of State records denotes you as such after its next reporting period, for the following IE Committee?  
Vote Brian Johnson for Assembly 2012, a Valley Allianceto Prepare Our Children for Tomorrow's Workforce, A Coalition ofEdVoice IE Committee, Valley Parents, Educators and Business Leaders,EdVoice Independent Expenditure Committee, to support Brian Johnson'scandidacy for AD 46, Charles Bell Jr., 455 Capitol Mall, Suite 600,
Sacramento, CA 95814
Sacramento, CA 95814Sacramento, CA 95814, 916 442 7757; Sarah Lillis, 1107 Ninth St.,
Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814
Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916 448 3868, Bill Lucia, 1107 Ninth St., Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916 448 3868.

Fifth Mr. Shallman, if you are the consultant to the IE Committee noted above, what concerns do you have about Charles Bell Jr Tea Party client? Would disgraced Democratic Treasurer Kinde Durkee have taken on a client with tea party ties?
Once again Mr. Shallman, we invite you to submit your replies to redspotincd14@yahoo.com and grant you equal time to share your responses with our audience, in the spirit of reporting the facts
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 ** My response to Mr. Shallman after the jump.
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LAPD Deployments provoke Commentary

 LAPD reassigning 30 officers to patrol USC area.
LAPD patrol/sweep in Skid Row.
** Blogger's note: In light of the recent killing of two foreign students near USC, LAPD announced the redeployment of 30 officers to the area in and around the USC Campus. USC will pay the cost of four of the redeployed officers while the city pays for the other 26. Retired Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre send us this email on this and other LAPD deployment issues within the city---Scott Johnson

Just last week Mayor Tony told all that one of his proposals for his new city budget is to lay off civilian employees of the Los Angeles Police Department . I guess maybe he thinks it is time for sworn personnel to take over these civilian positions. But wait  just yesterday as noted in the LA Downtown news  Chief Beck is reassigning 40 additional police officers  to patrol the downtown Skid Row area of  Los Angeles. It appears that violent crime is on the uptake in this area. Now today Mayor Tony along with representative of the Los Angeles Police Department and USC School Security Staff are having an announcement where as the city well also provide additional police officers to the Southwest Division area in response to yet another area of Los Angeles that is experiencing an increase in violent crime.

Already Chief Beck has redeployed police officers from various police divisions to both 77th. and Harbor Divisions.  It is now time for both Chief Beck and Mayor Tony to tell the residents of our once great city what is really taking place and for both of them to be honest surrounding the increase of both violent crime and  gang violence within our city.

Remember that Mayor Tony stated that he wanted to combine those employees ( police officers ) of the City' General Services to roll over as Los Angeles Police Officers.  Did anyone brother to ask how much money is it going to cost the city to enroll those General Service employees into the police academy for additional and more comprehensive training . Do these same employees need to also have a new and more comprehensive background check?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Great overcast Thursday morning and special thanks to the DWP for eight hours of energy savings last evening due to a ten minute wind event. As electronic gadgets recharge, here are some quick briefs for the morning.
** HACLA is hitting the road!! In the spirit of bring HACLA's leadership to the masses (and continue in its quest to rehabilitate its image) the HACLA Board of Commissioners will hold its first of many future meetings at one of its properties. The lucky first meeting will commence at 10 A.M. within the Ramona Gardens Housing Project this morning. 
** City Councilpersons Jan Perry and Bernard Parks must be shaking their heads in amazement at the actions of their fellow council members in changing the mayor-recommended boundaries of the seven districts that constitute LAUSD. 
** Looking more likely that Los Angeles County Accessor John Noguez will fall short of half term status as the raids and investigations continue into his alleged "property tax cuts for donations scheme".  
** Were waiting for our phone call from a background source on the latest scandal to hit the LACCD. This time the location is Trade Tech College and its President who is under scrutiny for his handling of the school foundation's finances.
Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto in crisis.
Lastly, we want to reassure, or a judge better yet, wants the likes of Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto and other Democratic Sacramento Office-holders , that the evil State Controller John Chiang will not dock their nourishment/ salary funds for not doing their legislative chores. For "Infant Mikey" this means that he will be spared the horror of telling his two year old sibling, whoops daughter about his current state of financial being. Thus, Infant Mikey can once again enjoy the life and the spoils of being an "Infant Assemblyman".
Enjoy the Infant Assemblyman lifestyle Mikey!
Your Thoughts.............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Morning Briefs on "questioning" the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Hecho En Mexico Restaurant in El Sereno. Why would Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School Principal Marcos Aguilar want to chase out the popular El Sereno eatery, allegedly?
Defending his school, Aguilar tells L.A. Weekly, "What's happening across the country is that there's a development of a myopic reliance on one number. We need to prepare students to think critically, ask questions, write research papers, interview people, speak from experience. Those are all fundamentally not measured on a standards-based exam."But with their exceedingly low achievement on basic skills, few Semillas students will flourish in areas such as writing. Callaghan says the state's testing of core skills is not "the end-all be-all, but you need to know how to add and subtract at a certain age — and at a certain age you need to know vocabulary."

Great late morning to all as storm clouds flow onshore for a late spring rain event. But in the El Sereno or the LA-32 Community, storm clouds have been building and staying stationary over the properties of the controversial Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School and the popular Hecho En Mexico Restaurant.
These two establishments that once share things in common (both supported Councilman Jose Huizar's re-election and have raised money for progressive causes), are now locked in a bitter struggle over property usage and judging from the latest accusation from Soccer Advocate, El Sereno Park Advisory Board Member and LA-32 Neighborhood Council Sports and Recreation Committee Member Felix Hernandez, this feud is getting downright nasty.
In light of Academia's recent Charter Renewal via Monica Garcia's LAUSD "Board of Enablers" (Steve Zimmer, Richard Vladovic and Nury Martinez), it would seem that this "alleged scheme" to push out a popular community establishment would be illogical in the lease. But one thing that Anahuak Founder Raul Macias (subject of a past LA Times profile) and Academia's Marcos Aguilar have in common, is the want to grow their respective empires. Plus, is should be noted that Anahuak associate Miguel Luna of the "Urban Semillas" organization is also a longtime supporter of Aguilar's educational endeavors. Sounds like the perfect union for Macias and Aguilar, but not the best fit for the greater El Sereno Community. ** BTW, where is CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar in mediating this dispute among past supporters? His office is recommending outside mediation.
** The home of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez and 11 other locations were raided this morning by District Attorney investigators in search of evidence, in the growing "donations for lower property assessments" scandal.
** The candidates for the 51st Assembly District Open Seat will come together tonight at 7 P.M. for a candidate forum this evening hosted by the The Eagle Rock Association. Link here for the pertainent information via the Eagle Rock Patch.   
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

 Special delivery for someone at City Hall?
A building stares upwards, abuzz with speculation.
Great morning to all on this June Gloom day in April. Gloomy are those this morning who sought their morning decaff coffee of links and press releases from the City Maven. But the creative vision behind the City Maven Brand Alice Walton is now employed by KPCC as of today, leaving the likes of Kevin "Westside White Guy" Roderick to bemoan the loss of  "sane" blog coverage of City Hall happenings. Speaking of sane coverage of City Hall, we hear a big rumor sweeping through the corridors of 200 Spring Street, is that someone among a group of fifteen City Clowncil Central Committee members, received a "special notice" regarding "pending paternal responsibility". We will not speculate on who was the lucky recipient or whether this is true at all. But our sources not the type to dismiss or take for granted. More later if warranted. 
 Billboards are good for name identity.
On this gloomy Monday morning, I would like to offer props to Daily News City Hall Veteran Scribe Rick Orlov for kick starting the laughs with the first poll numbers on a possible 2013 City Attorney Race without Carmen Trutanich (this assuming to the horror of the likes of Berger that Nuch becomes District Attorney) The likes of CD 2 and 14 City Clowncil Central Committee reps Paul Krekorian and Jose Huizar, along with Assemblyman Mike Feuer and Deputy City Attorney Greg Smith are named in the poll. If you guess who received the highest percentage, then we have a free DWP lightbulb with a picture of the poll winner.
Monday Morning Lookalikes
 Florida's George Zimmerman.
Michael "MEAT/ Chief Parker" Trujillo
In the spirit of the late, great local Sports Writer Allan "Mud" Malamud, we bring you our Monday morning lookalikes featuring Florida's "Uber Neighborhood Watchman" George Zimmerman and none other than former Mayor Sam Blogger and Political Errant Boy Michael "MEAT/ Chief Parker" Trujillo. Amazing also how both these two have past issues with firearms. 
 Mayor Antonio Villar's 7th "State of the City Address".
Lastly, as a public service on the proper use of teleprompters in  public engagement, we upload Mayor Antonio Villar's most recent "State of the City Address" from Paramount Studios. We also link to the various responses from city leaders as compiled by the City Maven, regarding the  mayor's proposed 2012/2013 City Budget.
Your Thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 . 

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Notice of Intent to Recall Monica Garcia via the LA Weekly

** Blogger's Note: It is more apparent that the movement to Recall LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia has more organization than first thought. As seen in the "Notice of Intent" published in the LA Weekly, the quest to remove the "Bullhorn" of Mayor Antonio Villar's education initiatives to reform public education in Los Angeles, is no mere day dream.  Here at Mayor Sam in the days ahead, we have more documentation on the failings of Monica Garcia and her unlawful actions at LAUSD----Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Triangulating the supposed past of Mayor Antonio Ramon Villar through recent "MTA flip-outs"

We will file this following missive under speculation, speculation that is based upon observations of many within the tight-knit Latino activist community. But in light of yesterday's MTA Board Meeting confrontation between LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and Mayor Antonio Villar over the Supervisor's usage of the term "gang rape" to describe past and potential future usage of transit tax money. Is it fair to ask why the mayor "flipped out" (LA Weekly's description) when Supervisor Antonovich uttered the explicted two words?   
It would be so easy to explain away the mayor's historical thin-skiness to his time sensitive pursuit of a political legacy that is not predicated on past covers of Los Angeles Magazine. Just recently, according to the LA Weekly, Mayor Villar had his first "MTA Flipout/Walkout Episode" when Hollywood longtime MTA observer John Walsh "ranted" about extramarital affairs at a recent meeting. Thus, is it safe to say that discussions of sexual metaphors triggers some latent past life episodes within the "Inner Tony"? 
The Mayor Sam Blog since its inception has seen many comments about the alleged past of the former City Terrace resident. From his former school days as a child at the Santa Teresita Parish, through his mom's second marriage, with stops at Roosevelt High School, UCLA, Sacramento, Cadiz , a blink in CD 14 and his current waning time on the Third Floor, tales of Villar's past have been fodder for the "cut and paste cyber gallery". But one story stands out in wake of yeasterday's "flip-out".  
According to a well-known and respected source, during the 2001 Mayoral Campaign, then candidate for mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was confronted by a family member of a young lady from a high school pictured above. What allegedly took place in the youth of Tony Villar involving a Lincoln Heights Sacred Heart student has been the subject of speculation (and comments here at Mayor Sam) for decades. But many in the activist community strongly believe that something did happen. (** as noted in the comments posted after the jump). It should be noted that the likes of Journalist Tony Castro have debunked the myths crafted by the likes of Consultant Parke Skelton of Antonio's past, which included his mother's second marriage and father's decades of well-being. But as witness with yesterday's flip-out, certains words are sometime the key to a painful flashback, which only a certain Antonio Ramon Villar can elaborate on if true.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14
** Comment after the jump ...........
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Late Thursday A.M. greetings as the fog of NyQuil dissipates among the dwindling coughs/aches of a virus running its course. Somewhere among the voices in my semi-conscious state (ie. talk radio playing as I drifted in and out of sleep the last few days), I heard someone who was pleading now for more transit tax money to become the Henry Huntington of the 21st Century Los Angeles. Memory and Google reminds me that this same City Terrace native has invited us to dream with him some years past (and before the reality of a Telebimbo Affair diminished his political star appeal) of a better Angelino tomorrow, with opportunities for all .... (my rich friends such as Eli, Keith, Ari and labor soul sister Maria Elena). But entering the mid-life of year 2012 , the only dream of many Angelinos is that they can close their eyes and blink away six plus years of fail leadership that has a city looking ahead to better days in 2013. And what of Mayor Villar's call to all to fast -forward his latest and last grasps at a legacy? Monica Garcia's LAUSD will not have enough time to dumb down two-thirds of voters by November.
For voters in the newly created 46th Assembly District, we bring you the latest Laurette "the always-changing candidate" Healey. Activity Sheet via "Laurette Watch". Take the challenge to gauge your political I.Q. and things and political incarnations of a former republican, turned into whatever political incarnation that can win public office (none so far). Via the "Gatto Truthers" at the Burbank Blog, we link to this video of a recent 46th AD Candidate Forum hosted by VICA.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini Pips for a Humpday Afternoon

How does a controversial local newspaper publisher with an extensive criminal record continue to publish his paper and serve as a "principal for the day" at a local high school? That's the question on the mind of many residents of Sunland-Tujunga; follow the reporting at Joe B's Mop and Bucket Blog.

The Chairman of the Democratic National Convention AKA 11% Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is coming after your wallet. He wants to extend LA's increased sales tax to pay for more transportation boondoggles. With news of the utter failure of California's goofy high speed rail plan, is this really the time to tie up much needed tax dollars in a down economy?

Congressional candidate and former MayorSam blogger Phil Jennerjahn details his property rights platform.

In case you missed it, last Saturday night Frank Sheftel, David Hernandez and I spoke with political consultant John Thomas about Carmen Trutanich's embarrassing court defeat last week over his ballot title.

Cool random photo shot by Joseph Mailander in Silver Lake over at this Street Hassle Blog.

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Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Happy NyQuil-dazed morning to all as we (at lease this blogger) floats our way over the mid-week hump. Mayor Antonio Villar will give his annual "State of the City via his Teleprompter Address" this evening from Paramount Studios. Thus, some six-plus years after being elected mayor of America's second largest city, has Los Angeles changed for the better under Mayor Antonio Ramon Villar? LA Magazine and many Angelinos would grade Mayor Villar's reign as a ..............  
The Indigenous-based Charter School Academia Semillas del Pueblo will be come the poster child for whats constitutes educational progress (or lack of) under the reign of Mayor Villar. Contrary to the recommendation of educational professionals within LAUSD. Academia Semillas del Pueblo just had their Charter renewed.
We don't need to meet stinking benchmarks when we have political friends like Mayor Villar, LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia and City Councilman Jose Huizar.
Academia property next to Hecho En Mexico Eatery.
But more troubling and sadly "nothing new in an ethically-challenged Mayor Villar Administration", are questions of improper zoning practices regarding Academia Semillas del Pueblo properties in El Sereno. The above documentation from LAUSD takes Academia to task for not operating under proper building codes. More on that in the days ahead.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Academia Semillas del Pueblo survives Charter Revocation Recommendation by 4-3 Vote

** Blogger's note's: Special thanks to LA Weekly's Hillel Aron for his constant text updates on today's proceedings at LAUSD headquarters on Beaudry. Lead once again by Mayor Antonio Villar's education puppet School Board President Monica Garcia, the educational collectivist darlings of the La Raza Left, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, defied another Charter Revocation recommendation by the the professional staff at LAUSD, with a close 4-3 vote today. Joining the Academia chief cheerleader Garcia were Steve Zimmer, Nury Martinez and Dr. Richard "Dr. Death" Vladovic. As five years ago, many with the support group of the educational collective, turned out, banging drums, chanting, blowing horns and offering blessings for a better tomorrow (not including test scores). In the end, the political clout among the Latino political elites, ensured that Academia would get more time to improve its dismal test scores and rectify questions about its financial dealings. More on that in the days ahead---Scott Johnson. 
 LAUSD Schoolmaster/ School Board President Monica Garcia. What no improvement in six out of eight benchmarks from 2007 review? Lets give them another five year plan to fail.
 Academia Semillas del Pueblo Principal Marcos Aguilar to CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar: "We need no stinkin increase in our API scores when we have friends like you" (now give us our Elephant Hill acreage before the gods indict you!)
Its all about learning the ways of the revisionist Azteca Collective. Not about the Whiteman Test Scores.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14


Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Chest cold prompts the NyQuil option. Will return from bloggin dream land shortly.


Monday, April 16, 2012

LAUSD questions Financial Structure of Academia Semillas del Pueblo as part of Charter Revocation Recommendation.

Both Academia Semillas del Pueblo Leader Marcos Aguilar and friend CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar have "issues with "public finances".
With less than 48 hours remaining to controversial Charter School Academia Semillas del Pueblo's "Charter Revocation" appointment with the LAUSD's Board of Education, the finances of the charter school entity are again a major concern of LAUSD officials. Five years ago, then LAUSD School Board Member Mike Lansing highlighted the financial practices of Academia as one of the reasons for him voting no on Charter Renewal. In 2012, he may be surprise (more likely not) to fine how little financial practices have changed at Academia.
As in 2007 and continuing in 2012, Marcos Aguilar has been on the Academia Board of Trustees, this creates an unlawful conflict of interest, especially when an employee of the school (Marcos Aguilar as Executive Director) is voting on contracts for school employees. In 2012, Aguilar is listed as an non-voting, ex offcio board member but LAUSD officials still question the legality of the arraignment.
 LAUSD questions the Conflict of Interest of Executive Director Marcos Aguilar.
 Second page on Conflict of Interest.
More disturbing in ascertaining the fiscal well-being of Academia, was the lack of information provided to LAUSD officials by the "charter petitioners" as noted in the Charter Revocation Report.
No Social Security number made available? This questionable financial dealings should reinforce the documentation in Zuma Dogg's 2007 missive on the questionable financial dealing at Academia. And for those who are searching for the hidden racism in this post, numbers are color blind.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14