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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Poopy's In, Now Let Walter Debate

Its about damn time Mayor Poopy stopped playing duck and cover and is now going to show up for the debate on December 2nd.

Now its time to make one last arrangement - Walter Moore needs to be included.

Now some of you tinhorns will undoubtedly make the stink that Walter is some loser second tier candidate that doesn't merit the same attention as Hugsberg, Poopy, Villar, Ricky A. or Bitter Bernie.

To the extent he is not bought and paid for, you may be right.

But the importance of a Democracy is the absolute right of citizens to participate. While Walter is only one of a handful of citizen-candidates, he has caught the attention of some voters and the press. Lets hear what he has to say and include him. What is the Fab Five afraid of? What are you exclusionary, elitists afraid of?

If he sticks his foot in his mouth, fine. But give him that chance!

Here at the Sister City we are going to maintain a Wally Watch until he gets in the debate. And in order to facilitate this you can do the following. Send an email to Jane Goichman, President of the LA League of Women Voters, the debate sponsors, and to KNBC, the producers of the debate.

We encourage the other blogs in LA to take on this cause and ask your readers to deluge the League and KNBC with email.

Email addresses:


Anonymous Anonymous said:

I am sorry, but I strongly disagree. Walter Moore is not going to make it to the run off-if there is even one in the first place-and there is already too many people in this damned debate to start with. Each candidate is goingt o claim victory, no one is going to say anything smart or new or creative. Adding Walter Moore will just add another layer of crap.

November 20, 2004 8:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Let the man debate! How can he lay any more crap than Poopy or the rest? He has some viewpoints that should be considered, whether you, me or anyone agrees with him. If a chance of winning is necessary for entry, then why is Bitter Bernie or Alarcon invited? They ain't gonna win!

November 20, 2004 8:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

then why wasn't Nadar invited to the presidential debates? serious contenders only!

November 21, 2004 9:56 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Nader should have been invited for the exact same reasons. Who are you to say who is serious? I'd like to hear him against the others.

Clinton wasn't afraid to let Ross Perot debate and he cleaned both his and Bush's clocks in the debate. Why is Jimmy Hahn so afraid? Why are you Hahn lovers so afraid of letting your man put it out there?

November 21, 2004 12:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

By virtue of being the only Republican candidate in the mayor's race alone, he will likely end up receiving more votes than some of the other debate participants, so the logic for excluding him is shaky at best. While Republicans are obviously outnumbered in LA, they are still around 30% of the electorate and assuming the crossovers "Moore" or less cancel out, while the Democrats split their vote, he could end up doing surprisingly well.

Not to mention he is, so far as I can tell, the only candidate addressing the serious issue for LA of illegal immigration at all, and for that reason alone, he is worth having in the debate to get this issue on the table (as it obviously should be).

November 21, 2004 12:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Good point, but Walter will need to let the Republicans know there is a Republican running and he is worth voting for.

It would also be nice if the LA Republican Party would step up to the plate, stop making dirty deals with the Democrats and fully support him.

Local and state government has basically been turned into a gentleman's deal between the Republicans and Democrats who have carved up red and blue parts of the state and allocated them to each other. Its absolutely criminal that the parties no longer support challengers from their own party to the status quo. Look at how the Democrats had a chance to take down David Drier, but blew it. Similarly, the Republicans had a shot at defeating Joe Baca, but it was in their interest to keep him in office. Sad.

November 21, 2004 5:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Walter Moore should be allowed to debate mainly so he'll stop crying like a little girl. Allowing him to debate will highlight his weak and ridiculous platform, his inexperience of any kind of leadship or community involvement, his lack of any family values, his lack of a campaign stategy or even a campaign and the missing endorsement of the GOP. Allowing him to debate will demonstarte his able skills of a coprorate litigator, with only self serving purposes. Let the city see a such a candidate. The debates purpose should be a venue for Los Angelinos to get inform,about with the real issues and the real candiates. But let freedom ring. Let Walter Debate, so he'll stop crying and go away, and let the rest of us focus on the real issues facing Los Angeles

December 02, 2004 1:42 PM  

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