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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hertzberg for Villar

LA Observed as already posted on it. Channel 2 and 9 have talked about it.

I can say without any doubt it is happening.

Tomorrow Bob Hertzberg endorses Tony Villar.

Another cluster bomb for Hahn in the San Fernando Valley.

Some interesting side notes regarding today though.

Why does Hahn do a press conference about "flat tires" when his campaign is the perfect metaphor for it?

Why does Hahn call Bob Hertzberg everyday looking to stop his endorsement.

Why is Hahn locked up in his fundraisers office for 7 hours a day but only able to raise 30 thousand on "good" day?

Questions -- Bob Hertzberg got answers.

We will hear them tomorrow.


Blogger Anon-in-the-know said:

(Posted this on the tail end of another thread here, late afternoon, but just to get it in the right area. . .)

Laurel Ericksen from KNBC says on air Hertzberg will endorse ADV tomorrow a.m. It would be nice to think she's just picking up bad info from the candidate's supporters on places like this blog (who have misfired several times already with that prediction), but since she's getting tips like the rest of L.A. media from Villaraigosa's people, it makes sense the other ex-speaker once in the race is headed up to Sylmar tomorrow to do the deed, apparently with Glora Molina also in tow, and rubbing Hahn's nose in it using a bio-med facility as the announcement site.

Hahn could finally use some good news, and it would be hard to believe, even with some recent missteps, that there's nothing left in their arsenal this far out. Considering public safety is very high on people's list of concerns, and one of the few high marks he received from the Times poll -- his comments today about his backing (and ADV's opposition to) gang injunctions is a good thread to keep building on in coming weeks - not that they're going to look here for "advice."

Six weeks ago, ADV, Parks, Alarcon and Hertzberg were all beating Hahn down with a larger combined warchest than he had, and he couldn't really focus on any one opponent. For the next 4-5 weeks, the same crew is "together again" -- still opposing him, but now at least Hahn only has one target to aim at in response. And, the voters only have one option to Hahn now, an option 68 percent veered away from (in several directions) in actual primary results last month.

April 13, 2005 11:18 PM  

Blogger Transit Nerd said:

Well Second Sight in Sylmar is one of our community high tech companies. And the kind of industry that Los Angeles needs. This firm is developing technology to allow the blind to see.

It will be good to see the winning team out in the far 'hoods.

Needless to say, this is the final nail in the Yahn coffin. Who will endorse Yahn next? Tom McClintock? John and Ken? Bill Handel?


April 13, 2005 11:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You're not keeping up "nerd" Magic Johnson was, "the final nail" and before that Parks was "the final nail" etc., etc., etc.

Even before that, Hahn's busting Valley secession was the "final nail" here, and would "keep him out of the runoff," especially since Hertzberg was in the race.

How many final nails are there going to be?

April 13, 2005 11:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Apparently Hahn has more "lives" than ADV lovers are comfortable admitting. Maybe they need a wooden stake instead of all these nails?


April 13, 2005 11:25 PM  

Blogger Athena said:

All the others were final nails.

This is the stake through the heart.

April 13, 2005 11:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Heard that before, 2001!

April 13, 2005 11:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Better make sure he's VERY dead this time, this is the same wounded animal that made ADV look very silly, 4 years ago - losing to a "boring" candidate.

April 13, 2005 11:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So, when will we get the Bobzilla endorement ads, with a 50-foot Hertzberg stepping on Hahn, while ADV rides on his shoulder (the "devil" side of the shoulder, of course...

April 13, 2005 11:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hoo Ha, someone beat you to the "wooden stake" imagery, Harriman-Thena, that's what happens when you get old!

April 13, 2005 11:33 PM  

Blogger Athena said:

Guess my days as a potential Jeopardy contestant are over.

April 13, 2005 11:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hertzberg decided to endorse a socialist propaganda...

Read this article (It is in Espanol)

It is found in Peoples Weekly World

Villaraigosa gana escaño Concejo Los Ángeles by Evelina Alarcon

Villaraigosa is quoted as saying, "“Vamos a organizar las familias y trabajar juntos para alzar la calidad de vida de este distrito,” él juró."

***********He never delivered on that promise.***********

April 13, 2005 11:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Speaking of laughs, someone at one of ADV's field offices is trying to claim the "finally finished a district project" (after two years) prize, but got slapped back -- turns out THEY forgot to get the necessary approvals through City Council for the variances required at the project site, and the city department responsible won't let them proceed until the approvals are complete.

Now they won't be able to have a groundbreaking/dedication before the runoff date after all.

OH, well. They can always try and complete a district project (ONE) before ADV skips to the next position (state senator). That'll give them another 12 months or so.

SORRY, Blackman (and I don't mean SacNites). Go BACK into the port-a-potty that is ADV's campaign headquarters and FINISH THE PAPERWORK. The job's not DONE until you do!

April 13, 2005 11:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anyone who supports lying scumbag Villaraigosa always remains in jeopardy!

April 13, 2005 11:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Found at Peoples Weekly World
the "Socialist" newspaper:

Los Angeles City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa said L.A., a city of fabulous wealth, is also the “homeless capital, the capital of the uninsured. … We come together for an America that doesn’t leave immigrants behind. … We will not allow the right wing to wrap the flag around themselves and steal our America.”

April 13, 2005 11:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hertzberg and ADV, together again... "big idea" man propping up "big ego" (no ideas) guy. A marriage made in purgatory.

April 13, 2005 11:57 PM  

Anonymous meat said:


Have you Hahn staffers cleaned out your desks today?

Anyone know terry valdez, because she is shipping her resume around.

so sad.

April 13, 2005 11:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Kumbayah boys have been singing the same song for months now, "Hahn's Bad." I suppose the fact that they finally agreed on who's singing lead makes a big difference to the ADV-lovers, but for most of the city, it's business as usual this week.

"They were all against Hahn already weren't they. Huh?"

April 14, 2005 12:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

We know you're just dying to get your feet under one of the big desks downtown, limp MEAT, but it's too bad. Antonio's inner circle already knows what a joke you are (and how BAD you've made them look trying to be a surrogate spokesman here with your proof-less drivel). They wouldn't touch your soggy resume' with an 81-foot-pole.

April 14, 2005 12:04 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

We know you're just dying to get your feet under one of the big desks downtown, limp MEAT, but it's too bad. Antonio's inner circle already knows what a joke you are (and how BAD you've made them look trying to be a surrogate spokesman here with your proof-less drivel). They wouldn't touch your soggy resume' with an 81-foot-pole.

(And they'd hire ANYBODY still breathing, right abused and neglected CD14?)

April 14, 2005 12:06 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah, meat, I hear Tony's gonna ask you to move to CD14 (you can squat at his old rental shack), and take Alvin Parra's place as interim, acting, wannabe LA32 NC president -- for a couple weeks, anyway.


April 14, 2005 12:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

With (according to the Times poll) the Hertzberg vote already splitting for Villaraigosa by more than 2 to 1, AV didn't need this endorsement in order to win.

But it does continue to squelch any possibility of movement from Hahn and crush his fundraising.

Whether skill, dumb luck or both, the concatenation of dreadful news for Hahn has put Antonio in command.

April 14, 2005 12:12 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"10,000 March in L.A." by Ray Leos & Evelina Alarcon.

LOS ANGELES – “No one is illegal!” chanted over 10,000 union members, students, youth and community activists demanding legalization for undocumented immigrant workers in the largest May Day/International Workers Day turnout here in years.

“We are here once again, like in the past, to fight for the rights of immigrants,” said Antonio Villaraigosa, former Speaker of the State Assembly and long-time immigrant rights leader.

April 14, 2005 12:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

As the momentum builds more and more, the Hahnistas shrill gets worse and worse.

Please quit wasting your time here. Your guy is finished. Kaput. Gone. Thrown off his mortal coil. Just remember, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

And as for 4 years ago, Villaraigosa and Hahn were in a see-saw. Polls went up and down for both until the final week when Hahn threw out the dirty bomb. Funny...it seems he still is covered with residue.

April 14, 2005 12:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Well, ADV has supposedly been "in command" of CD14 for two years, and it's never been in worse shape. Better factor that in. With him in "command" at least one of his high profile endorsers should expect to be killed in a gang driveby any day now (because that's whathis "watch" in the district will best be known for from now on).

Lovely legacy there, ADV!

April 14, 2005 12:16 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Who is Alvin Parra?

April 14, 2005 12:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"denial is not just a river in Egypt"

(Gawd, is there even one ADV-loverf on this site that has an ounce of creativity?).

NO, boys and girls, DENIAL is believing that a do-nothing, lying conman will treat the WHOLE city of L.A. any better than the district he's neglected for two years. That DENIAL till the banks are overflowing.

April 14, 2005 12:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If it is true that Hertzberg is truly going to give Antonio the "Big Hug", then who will be representing him in the divorce?

Mrs. Huggy cannot be a happy camper; her distain for Antonio is well known.

At least we can see that Huggy must have grown some cajones somehow.

April 14, 2005 12:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Parra is one of Tony's MEAT-style previous tool-puppets. They come, they go, they whine "remember me, Tony? When is it MY turn??"

April 14, 2005 12:21 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Here's your reward MEAT, run, fetch (no play dead...)

April 14, 2005 12:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh, wait a minute...I hear gun shots...

Yes, I live in CD 14 and while my councilman is in MIAMI in league with the Miami socialists connections he has, his district in the real world is not any better than when he became councilman and made too many promises he did not keep. Oh, there's another car speeding recklessly...does he even care about anyone but himself...

All he is trying to do is impress the major democratic big shots in demonstrating that he has the "minority" voting pool for the next presidential election. Yes, L.A./Valley is just another stepping stone.

April 14, 2005 12:25 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey crazy person. You're not going to post up every single time Richard Alarcon's sister printed a quote from Villaraigosa in People's World are you? You know, they've quote Paul Wolfowitz in there too.

April 14, 2005 12:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa has staff members that used to work for Alarcon, a for the gente "socialist" candidate. Are there still ex Alarcon staff members with Villaraigosa?

April 14, 2005 12:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If ADV actually does become mayor (of L.A.), Mayor Sam's is going to become a "ghost" sister city. No point blogging when you've got a mayor who walks on water and whose disciples guard him from`criticism hammer and tong (sickle?). I've always suspected this was a dummy blog put up by someone's campaign just to see who's floating what for campaign spin, but if not, it might as well have been -- it'll look like Antonio's campaign blog before week's end.

April 14, 2005 12:31 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I had suspected this blog is from a Villaraigosa Skelton, Smith type. The moderator is biased, but out of many blog sites, I admit this one is good. I see it as freedom of expression to post your opinions, facts, etc...but it does become dangerous if the moderator is a Villaraigosa insider.

April 14, 2005 12:35 AM  

Anonymous meat said:


Whoa there crazies -- is Antonio a Mechista or a guy with "white advisors."

I love this -- let's claim he's too latino and then to latino's claim he's not latino enough. It's the sort of racist coalition we can put together again.

As for a Job with the Villaraigosa administration -- don't need it, don't want it.

And if you really honestly think you know who I am, which to date no one has, then continue to post what you post.

blog away.

April 14, 2005 12:36 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


April 14, 2005 12:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Well, as far as criticizing his ego-ness, it went like this beginning in July 2003. There's the 6-month honeymoon period ("they're just getting used to their jobs"), followed by the 6-month SECOND honeymoon period, followed by the 6-month THIRD honeymoon period ("okay, now we're starting to work on some things"), followed by the 6-month "preparation for divorce" period ("this job sucks, Tony, what else you looking at for the future...")

April 14, 2005 12:38 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Get over yourself, MEAT, NO-boy cares who you are, including ADV. Your too small to even be small potatoes.

April 14, 2005 12:39 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow, the ADV-loving little boys and girls are up REAL late 2-nite... must be something like Christmas (OH, excuse, me pagans, "Winter Holiday") and they're all thinking Santa Hertzberg's coming to bring an endorsement down ADV's chimney. The "Sacramento Politicians" all together bashing Hahn again, it's just a dream come true for the faithful.

(Enjoy the feeling, if ADV becomes mayor, it'll be more like the "Nightnmare in CD14" that's been playing non-stop at our drive-bys -- mean drive-INS), of course.

April 14, 2005 12:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MEAT, I think you must have missed the point of some of the past posts, that was always the hypocrisy of Antonio --playing up his ethnicity and background for one crowd, and then betraying it for the favor of another, back-and-forth. It'll still catch up to him. That kind of cynicism always betrays the purveyor eventually -- even in LaLa land, the beauty fades and the deceipt strangles.

April 14, 2005 12:48 AM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

April 14, 2005 12:48 AM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

It's sort of like Rush Limbaugh. While he may tell his listeners to vote for Bush, that doesn't stop him from criticizing him.

I posted my choice very early on, so it was known from the beginning of the run-off campaign.

You can yell at me (and you do) for giving you my opinion, you can yell at me for being who I am. But at the very least I really try to go out of my way to be honest.

As for the 80 neighborhood watch claim from the Villaraigosa campaign -- because neighborhood watches "typically" meet once a month. And these are all "new" watches I’ve been monitoring the watches that promote in the various (if not numerous) Eastside publications and Community Calendars along with LAPD "anonymous" calls claiming to live in various parts of the 14th district to see if they can refer me to an existing neighborhood watch.

It's been less than 14 days since I announced my investigation and the total so far is 42 Neighborhood watches. What I’d love to know from anyone "in the know" is how many neighborhood watches existed before Tony Villar entered the City Council. Because I may get over 80 neighborhood watches -- and I want to know what number to subtract from the grand total.

For example - if the grand total is 101 - but there were 60 pre-existing neighborhood watches that would mean Tony Villar has a grand total of 41.

So you can e-mail me if you have any idea.

Also let me know if I am missing something in my don’t leave any stone unturned investigation of Tony Villar's Neighborhood Watch claim.

If the LA Times ain't going to do it -- this crazy as hell police chief will.

April 14, 2005 12:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

41 existed previously (that's a joke, just like your post, Parker). There are less than 20 neighborhoods in all of CD14.

Most existing watches started longe before ADV took office and several watches have been started since, without any assistance from his people (one meets quarterly, for examples, and you won't see anything posted, they have their own e-mail and phone trees for that).

Your formula won't work -- you don't even have enough basic understanding of the district to know which parts of Hollenbeck and Northeast are in CD14 and which are not (nothing is cut and dried in this city). Most communities are even split between districts (One long-time Hollenbeck "watch" - considered the Rolls Royce of Eastside "watches" is based in CD1, but includes groups from 2-3 communities all of partially in CD14 - neither of which CD14 staff is even aware of.

But you're obviously not REALLY trying to examine things accurately, or you would just contact the SLOs like several here have suggested. They'll tell you that ADV's people have had little to do with any new watches -- they often aren't even called in when the SLO gets a request to create one in a new area. Why bother -- they add no value.

Nice try -- another botched CD14 project, but we can't even blame ADV for this silly effort.

April 14, 2005 12:58 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I don't believe anything you've said, Parker, but humor me... care to name any of those "Eastside Publications" or community calendars you're monitoring (this will be interesting).

Don't fib now, I'm "in-the-know" on pretty much all of them. . .

April 14, 2005 1:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah, I have recent copies of them right here in my lap, too -- post away!

"Anxious in CD14"

April 14, 2005 1:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

NO shit, I just looked through the community calendars of three of the largest circulation local newspapers in the district (most are monthlies, one's a weekly), and I didn't find a SINGLE neigborhood watch meeting listed - new OR existing. I'll withhold the names until Chief FAKER admits what it is exactly he's full of here.

Wait, I've got a fourth one in the trunk of my car -- I'll be right back with that one.

April 14, 2005 1:09 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So post the links to the online calendars, too -- Parker, so we can count along.

I will even give you a couple hints. One starts with an "M" and another starts with "N." I've already got them bookmarked, but lets see where YOU found 42 neighborhood watches (inn a district with 12-15 neighborhoods).

April 14, 2005 1:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just curious Chief, are you going to add up the endorsements score one more time, now that just about everybody I can think of has chosen sides?

I've been sitting here for a few minutes trying to think of one or two more individuals that would be worth a serious news conference to announce (for Antonio, not Hahn, who would call a conference to announce an endorsement by any old pol he could dig up).

The only serious names I came up with are Sheriff Lee Baca, or perhaps Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky or Don Knabe.

Outside of Lee, Zev and Don, I am drawing a blank. Naturally, I have to exclude Schwarzenegger or George W. Bush, as they wouldn't get involved in a race like this.

So, I think it is time to do a final, or near final posting, leaving some points assigned to Lee, Zev or Don and close it out.

Lastly, I ask out of curiousity, when is the next required posting of money raised? Is it before the election or after?

When, if ever, do Independent Expenditures have to declare their existence, and when, if ever, do they have to post how much they are spending?

If anyone knows the answers to these questions, please post them.

Finally, I don't think that you Anti-Antonios can find a good way to spin this posting into a rant against Antonio, but I fully expect you to give it a go anyway, so, in the immortal words of Meat, "Blog away, Morons".

April 14, 2005 1:17 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Darn, did find ONE listed in a monthly community paper -- the rag put out by Antonio groupie Parra in the El Sereno area. Hillside Village Neighborhood Watch (1, ONLY one listed).

ANd here's the interesting part. This is the area where MEAT said previously they had 30 NEW watches ALONE and the "captains" met some time back to coordinate. But NO mention of any new ones in that area's newspaper (Hillside Village has existed forever, that community was active before ADV, even before Pacheco). SO, in FOUR papers serving most of the district, so far, only ONE "old" watch.

What Eastside publications are YOU reading, CP, New York's Upper "Eastside?"

April 14, 2005 1:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The only thing "immortal" about MEAT will be the stench left behind. . .

April 14, 2005 1:22 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

OH, and don't try counting the "Safer Neighborhoods" meetings, either -- that's not directly related to neighborhood watch organizations.

Since you found 42, and they are apparently (so you say),in public listings/areas, be so good as to list them, like ADV's people never would.

You got lots of blog space, the endorsements are about petered out all round.

April 14, 2005 1:24 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

30 NEW watches in El Sereno and none of them listed a single meeting in the 90032 Voice Newspaper put out by one of ADV's groupies? Well no wonder Tony keeping pushing that guy into the background, he's not even helping ADV keep up the illusion well.

Come ON Alvin, make up some names for Tony. You MADE UP the fact that there was going to be a special election and a "recall" of the NC president (not happening).

Here's I'll help:

Landslide Area 7 Watch meeting - every 6th Sat. of the month at bus bench 14, Huntington Drive.

University Valley Watch Mtg., 7 p.m., April 31, El Sereno Junior Center, 2nd floor.

April 14, 2005 1:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I want Chief Parker on my case, next time I have to make my sales quota: " six-pack of beer, that's 7 items (one for the cardboard carrier)..."

April 14, 2005 1:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ALSO, can't count the "traffic safety" committee at that NC as a "watch," either... that's an ad hoc committee of a certified NC that ADV's people NEVER visit.

April 14, 2005 1:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Did he say 42 watches, I think that's a typo -- he was trying to say "2 to 4."

April 14, 2005 1:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Highland Park Neighborhood Watch doesn't count, either... that's mostly in CD1.

Sorry, keep looking Parker.

April 14, 2005 1:36 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

(HP's was organized by an old Pacheco supporter, too). OOOPS

April 14, 2005 1:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Even though the neighborhood watch people attend, you can't count the "Basic Car" meetings, either... that's an LAPD function under SLOs.

April 14, 2005 1:39 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

(Um, someone missed their cue -- this is where the enraged ADV-lover is supposed to chime in and say THIS THREAD ISN'T ABOUT NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES OR CD14 - its about Hertzberg endorsing Tony).

Tell it to the chief, he's still "counting" (probably sheep by now, certainly not invisible neighborhood watches).

April 14, 2005 1:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

SORRY, PARKER, the Operations YES watch in Boyle Heights is an old exising one, too. Keep counting. . .

April 14, 2005 1:47 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hmmm, Hollenbeck Community Newsletter for March only lists TWO neighborhood watches -- both already mentioned here (as pre-existing) and that includes reports from all SLOs in the southern two-thirds of the district.


April 14, 2005 1:50 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You should be ashamed, Parker, trying a silly trick like this. You think the Eastside don't get the Internet?

April 14, 2005 1:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Here's an interesting footnote to that report from Hollenbeck (the area with the 30 percent increase in HOMICIDES).

"We are attempting to recruit new neighborhood watch involvement. To obtain information on how to form and maintain a neighborhood watch, please contact Senior Lead Officer Ruben Rodriguez at 213-793-0754."

WHAT, contact the LAPD, not ANTONIO himself? Not his FIELD ORIFICES?


April 14, 2005 1:54 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Another INVISIBLE "watch" just had a stroke - we're down to 77 (must have read Chief Parker's lies above).

April 14, 2005 1:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ah, further north... finally, EAGLE ROCK Neighborhood Watch (old and established -- and only ONE organization covering 15-20 percent of the district's population (no help on the "42 count" there). Sorry!

April 14, 2005 2:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wouldn't it just be easier on ADV supporters to say. YEAH, hell we KNOW he lied about the 80 neighborhood watches, and we KNOW it's about the only claim he could make about things happening in the district. WE DON'T CARE, we love him anyway, even if he never DID do anything good for CD14. Even if he never DOES anything good for L.A. if he makes mayor.

We just hate Hahn, and love Tony. That's ALL the proof WE need.

April 14, 2005 2:04 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

NO neighborhood watch in Mount Washington (don't need one, they've got ADV himself... he'll protect them single-handedly), NO neighborhood watch in Monterey Hills, NO neighborhood watch in Hermon, NO neighborhood watch in Garvanza (part of Highland Park), NO neighborhood watch in the tiny piece of Cypress in the district, No, No, No, No (and so on)

HP, BH, ES, HV... all referenced already. GEE, that's about 85-90 percent of the district already taken apart using the "sources" Chief Parker claims.

The 80 INVISIBLE (new) watches must ALL be in those little slivers of skidrow and the garment district and downtown way down south (they wouldn's show up on Eastside media).

April 14, 2005 2:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Dang, are you ever screwed, Parker. Someone called your bluff and WAS "in the know" and had it all at their fingertips waiting to make anybody pulling a fraud look foolish.

This is where you bend over any grab your ankles, and take your punishment.

(Oh, and "apologize" because it's all Jim Hahn's fault you couldn't find ADV's fake 80 neighborhood watches).

April 14, 2005 2:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey, if it'll help, Chief, I can probably post something nasty about ADV's personal life here, so you can have an excuse to erase this whole embarrassing thread and start over?

What's it worth to ya?

April 14, 2005 2:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is Mack watching this one for LAVoice, this would be a good one to post snippets from, embarrass Parker in front of a larger audience for his back-stabbing cracks previously?

Martini Republic, here's your chance, Sam's MIA, and the Chief has been stripped bare down to his ADV-kissing backside (trying to pretend he found 42 new watches in a district with a dozen or so neighbrohoods).

You people really DID think the CD14 posters here were all scared Hahn staffers goofing off on city time, didn't you? Instead of Eastsider who know ADV's lies backwards and forwards.

April 14, 2005 2:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

OH, yeah, 2:11 Anon, like Tony V's $1,000 suits have ever made their way down to skidrow for a community meeting... next thing you'll be telling me he's taking Steve Lopez to that big all-night diner for his next interview. Ha!

April 14, 2005 2:38 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Seriously, just cuz he's a SOCIALIST, don't mean he really cares for the downtrodden masses (they can't pay his campaign tribute).

April 14, 2005 2:40 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

IF I GET to 101, Praker says? DO you even OWN a calculator? There are only about 250,000 people in the district -- the neighbohoods would have to be only about 2,000 to 2,500 people each.

The VERY smallest distinct neighborhood in CD14 is about 4,000 people, and they hire their own private security patrol.

The AVERAGE size neighborhood in CD-14 is 20,000 to 30,000 residents. The ones of those already mentioned here that do have a neighborhood watch have ONE watch organization.

April 14, 2005 2:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You guys are clearly overmedicated.

Up all night doing crack and having fun at Antonio's expense.

It's OK, guys, get your jollies now, because while you are laughing and blogging, Antonio is rolling up the dollars and the endorsements.

And what is Jimmy doing?

I'll tell you:

"I'm looking into it, and if I find that someone has done something wrong, I'll be the first one to call for their dismissal".

Well, Jimbo, someone has done something wrong. You have let the poor people of CD 14 down by not policing the area and letting the drive-by shootings occur with regularity.

Tell Bill Bratton to pull all the officers out of San Pedro and put them in CD 14 because the whiners want them NOW.

You've got a sold five votes from the bloggers of CD 14 and you need to take care of them.

They may be the only five you get on May 17...

April 14, 2005 4:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Never mind, "Jimbo," Anon forgot, it was Tony, in 2003 said: "CD14 deserves better than high homicide levels. Elect me, I'll fix it..."

It IS Tony, in 2005 says "L.A. deserves better that 'corrupt' government. Elect me, I'll fix it..."

(Who's Tony gonna blame two years from NOW -- Arnnold?)

April 14, 2005 6:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Hahn Asks Ethics Panel to Plug Disclosure Loophole
By Patrick McGreevy
Times Staff Writer

April 14, 2005

Mayor James K. Hahn is urging the Ethics Commission to plug a "significant loophole" that he said kept him from being alerted to a potential conflict when an airport commissioner became a consultant to a company that was negotiating a lease with the city.

Federal investigators are looking into former Airport Commissioner Leland Wong's role in those negotiations.

The Ethics Commission notifies the mayor about possible conflicts of interests when commissioners are appointed. But Hahn complained that he is not informed by the agency if a commissioner later reports financial interests that could pose a problem.

In Wong's case, the Ethics Commission did not warn Hahn that the airport commissioner had filed papers in October 2002 disclosing he had been paid $10,000 to $100,000 as a consultant for Evergreen Marine, a Taiwanese shipping company.

That disclosure was made as Evergreen was seeking a port lease at the same time that Wong was involved in talks with a sister company, EVA Airways, on a new airport lease.

"Because Ethics Commission conflict of interest letters are not updated based on new information … there was no mechanism for being alerted of this new circumstance and the conflict of interest which it raised," Hahn wrote to the Ethics Commission in a letter dated April 7.


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April 14, 2005 6:46 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Chief Parker they're not 80 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES IN THE ENTIRE CITY. GET IT!! Meat will post that because of privacy and security reasons they can't say. Bullshit! LAPD is the liason of neighborhood watches. They have stated emphatically THEY DO NOT EXIST. They aren't listed in papers. Even the most dangerous areas in South LA have theirs listed on LAPD website. Antonio LIED AGAIN. Accept it. We have. Everyone counted Hahn out on session. They were wrong. OF course ADV would get those poll numbers because his record has never been reported. It soon will be. Most people on the Westside and Valley have no idea about his assembly record. They soon will know. Antonio was in Miaim taking money from Cubans because he told them he'll be the 1st Latino mayor. Sound racist? Of course it does but don't tell the White people

April 14, 2005 7:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

laobserved.com posts....Hertzberg's brother Jerry works for Molina, but she may also be there to quash the perception that Latinas, most especially Hertzberg's wife, are down on Villaraigosa.

Hertzberg's wife HATES ADV. I would hate to be in that household. Wonder what Molina promised Hertzberg's brother who I'm sure pressured Huggy to go with ADV.

April 14, 2005 7:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Robert Greene in LA Weekly reports that Antonio's team is a little leary of the whole Latino thing...On the Latino stuff, his aides have asked reporters and editorial writers to stop referring to him as the “Latino candidate” and to give a rest to such standard lines from four years ago like the one that goes, if elected he would be the first Latino mayor of L.A. since Cristobal Aguilar.

Flip-flop again. Tell the White people he's an all around guy but make sure you tell the Latino people he's one of you. I think ADV is suffering from idenity crisis. People are stupid, they'll figure it out.

April 14, 2005 8:12 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

No one is illegal? He must also think no one is a criminal, no one is a criminal in CD 14, no one sees his real socialistic agenda...

"10,000 March in L.A." by Ray Leos & Evelina Alarcon.

LOS ANGELES – “No one is illegal!” chanted over 10,000 union members, students, youth and community activists demanding legalization for undocumented immigrant workers in the largest May Day/International Workers Day turnout here in years.

“We are here once again, like in the past, to fight for the rights of immigrants,” said Antonio Villaraigosa, former Speaker of the State Assembly and long-time immigrant rights leader.

April 14, 2005 9:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Re: "Robert Greene in LA Weekly reports that Antonio's team is a little leary of the whole Latino thing..." by Anon 8:12 AM

Villaraigosa will use the "Latino" term (identity) depending on the area and people he is speaking to. He uses this term in the East L.A. Headquarters, but must now be leary because he's used up his "Latino" base support. Now he wants to be the "candidate of all people" like I read in some of his blogs at his website. Depending on who has the "DINERO-BIG DINERO" he will be what ever you want him to be. He'll even stoop so low as to be a criminals savior, "as long as the price is right!"

April 14, 2005 9:12 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, Gerry is in Gloria Molina's staff. I do not think it is in any conflict of interest.


Gerry Hertzberg, Senior Legislative Deputy
Policy Oversight, State Impact on Budget, MTA Gold Line State and Federal Funding, Waste Management Oversight, CAO Oversight of Controversial County Counsel Cases, SB 1732 Legislation, Living Wage, Belmont, Health, Registrar-Recorder, Labor Issues

April 14, 2005 9:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa is the Communists Party Hero, they have studied how he won the coucilman election and have infiltrated the entire staff with their propaganda.

April 14, 2005 9:29 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

See what you went and did anti-ADV people. Because his staff have nothing better to do then monitor this blog Antonio is now organizing a walk in Boyle Heights. Don't know when it will be but he must have heard you ranting that he's never there.

The gull or should I say the balless candidates like Huggy and Alarcon slammed Antonio now they're coming out to support him. Huggy told community groups Antonio is a flighty candidate that is way to ambitious and can't see him wanting to stay in LA. Alarcon said Antonio was a coward and lied to his face he wouldn't run for mayor. Then these two losers turn around and jump on the bandwagon. No character, no balls, no manhood.

April 14, 2005 9:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Tick, tock, tick, Chief Parker - keep digging on those invisible Neighborhood Watches. One phone call to Hollenbeck SLOs would clear it all up, (Better wait for 6 more weeks, though!)

Tony's followers don't care if he lies -- they just want him to get caught TOO soon/.

April 14, 2005 9:46 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That's hilarious! Oh, Villiaraigosa is finally going to come to the district he claims he serves? It's too bad we don't have a big screen tv with these posts in the community too. Let me know when this walk will take place, I want to show up with my group and talk to the people about who Villaraigosa really is. Freedom of Speech, so we can make pamphlets about his communist agenda and protest his campaign in public, right? I am sure many of the community would want to find out how he and his staff have socialistic propaganda backgrounds.

By the way, Villaraigosa running for mayor is just another stepping stone...

Read on...

"CORAL GABLES, Fla. — Capitalizing on hopes that he will become a Democratic star and the first modern-day Latino mayor of Los Angeles"

We told you so...

April 14, 2005 9:52 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I love the Hahn team's strategic use of xenophobia aimed at Latinos as expressed by the above postings.

Latinos are illegal . . . they're criminals . . . they're communists.

You know, the claim that they're also "terrorists" might score some fear-points.

April 14, 2005 9:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"...organizing a walk in Boyle Heights"

Do you know the day and time?
Please post the information, some of us will organize to be there on and have a walkathon/protest to enlighten his brainwashed followers.

April 14, 2005 10:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Antonio Villaraigosa, who is competing to become the first Hispanic mayor in Los Angeles in more than 100 years, plans to tap into Miami's booming Hispanic fundraising circuit today.


I told you so, it is about "race" and his slogan of "mayor of all people" is fake, he is in it for one people and I hope the African American Community can really see they are being deceived. Maxine Waters is a fantastic politician, but she will soon find out the corrupt Villaraigosa and true intentions.

April 14, 2005 10:10 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah, Antonio has been gone so much people won't recognize him. Wonder if the Mexican Gov't is helping to get the people or better yet like last time all those county people. I heard its going to be on Cesar Chavez and State Street. I'm sure he'll have it posted on his website. If Ace and Parke are telling newspapers to stay away from the Latino thing why be in Boyle Heights? I'm sure he'll be waving the Mexican American flag way in front.

April 14, 2005 10:12 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Come on you guys, you gotta admit, Tony's campaign has been pretty impressive so far. He's cut all the right deals to get all the right endorsements, and embarass Hahn at the same time. Very impressive, almost as impressive as Hahn's comeback vicotry on election day.

April 14, 2005 10:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Hilfenhaus also literally found some red flags in Villaraigosa's own resume. He went to the Peoples College of Law, which was founded by the Communist Party"


Villaraigosa campaign slogan should be, "I am the candidate of all people that are communist." If the community knew the real intentions of his staff what he has been involved with, they would NOT support him. We also speak Espanol, French, Chinese and many other languages, and we oppose Villaraigosa.

It's time to gather our groups and expose this man to the Boyle Heights and surrounding communities.

April 14, 2005 10:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"...As documented in this column, both Cedillo and Villaraigosa attended and became lawyers with the help of the People’s Law School, a factory for the manufacture of radical leftist lawyers. Villaraigosa was alongside his old comrade Cedillo at the signing of this law.

One of Villaraigosa’s and Cedillo’s closest friends and allies is State Senator Richard Alarcon, who represents the heart of the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles. A far-Left Democrat like his friends, Alarcon reportedly has been a featured speaker at one banquet for the Communist “People’s Weekly World.”

But this may be more from the red of blood than of politics, because California Senator Alarcon’s sister Evelina is Vice Chair of the Communist Party USA and chair of the Southern California District of the Communist Party USA. She should be applauded for being far more honest about her politics than her “Democrat” brother is about his. In the insightful words of P.J. O’Rourke, “Liberalism is just Communism sold by the drink.”"

The entire article can be found at


April 14, 2005 10:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Another Villaraigosa friend and ally has been Mario Obledo, co-founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), who was awarded the 1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton.

“California is going to be a Hispanic state,” Mario Obledo has proclaimed, “and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They should go back to Europe.” Does this refer to the Europe that includes Spain and the Spanish language, land from which came the Conquistadors?"

April 14, 2005 10:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The last thing we need in this city is another mexican communist.

The first day he is elected, Villar is going to hand our city over to the mexicans.

They've already proven they are corrupt and can't govern themselves. The mexicans NEED a white mayor so we can fight their gangs and crime.

When was the last time you saw a mexican politician that wasn't corrupt to the bone? They all are.

And so is Villar. Los Angeles is already too brown. We don't need one of them taking over and looting the treasury and driving the rest of us out of the city.

April 14, 2005 11:08 AM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

The above comment is going to be deleted because the idiot that wrote it is racist.

Mayor Sam Yorty and Chief William Parker aren't tolerant of racism.

Idiots come in all shapes and sizes, today their flavor is vanilla.

April 14, 2005 11:17 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Now that LAST one (the one Parker's deleting) was posted by ADV's people trying to get some more sympathy.

And you shouldn't assume only "Vanilla" people are racist, Parker... racists come in all colors, too.

April 14, 2005 11:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa's ethnicity of being a "Mexican" is not a concern. It should not be an issue at all!

The negative of all of this race issue is that his campaign staff will spin the term "Latino, Mexican, etc.." depending on the dollars they attempt to get and from whom. In Miami, it's all about he will be the first "Hispanic, Latino..." Mayor. I have no problem if he was brown, green, pink, white, blue, aqua, or whatever. The issue I have is his true ideology. Is he in cahoots with his staff in promoting a communist agenda once in office? Again, I do not think racism from the EXTREME LEFT or the EXTREME RIGHT is productive, but what is productive is that we find out the truth of who and why he is supported by certain individuals.

For the Mexican basher blogger on this site, it's not about stereotypes, you make yourself sound ignorant. I do not like Villaraigosa, but to sterotype a whole group of people as "They've already proven they are corrupt and can't govern themselves" by Anon 11:08 AM, is complet ignorance.

April 14, 2005 11:22 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

After you delete that racist post, Parker (good for you, ADV's campaign people shouldn't be allowed to play victim under the guise of anonymity here), please get RIGHT back on the phone to the LAPD senior leads -- there's only 8-10 in CD14, because the "new" neighborhood watch numbers look like they may be heading into THE RED.

April 14, 2005 11:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The racist comment from Anonymous : 11:08 AM, seems to be an instigated comment from a Villaraigosa staffer trying to show that this blog site has racists, but we are on to you Villaraigosa "communist" ex Alarcon employee staff.

April 14, 2005 11:25 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah, let's rifle shot this, and avoid the shotgun approach. There's plenty of evidence already that ADV's "already proven" he's the corrupt one. I'm happy just stereotyping ONE guy as a pathological liar using his constituents for power and glory while they live in fear behind barred windows on gang-infested streets.

April 14, 2005 11:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Remember what that Anon-who-knows guy said, there's some university study proves ADV gets a LOT more money when his supporters thinks he being picked on -- not just racism, but that's a REAL good one to feed their upper-middleclass guilt complexes and pick their pockets.

Who stands the most to gain by going "racist" (Antonio's campaign coffers!).


April 14, 2005 11:30 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Speaking of cowards, when is Antonio going to go on McIntyre one-on-one? Even Martin Ludlow took the plunge today, and gave nearly as good as he got.

Is that freshman CM braver than ADV? Even after the radio people called him Martin Lud-Low-Profile?

Must be. . . radio is like Kryponite to Tony V. When people, can't see his pretty face, they realize -- THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO HIM!

April 14, 2005 11:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"If Ace and Parke are telling newspapers to stay away from the Latino thing why be in Boyle Heights?"
Anonymous 10:12 AM, April 14, 2005

Ace and Parke might be telling newspapers to stay away from the Latino term, but in Miami Villaraigosa is using it to convince Miami politicians for their $$$$$$$$. Remember: "I'll be whatever you want me to be for the RIGHT PRICE."

April 14, 2005 11:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Absolutely true, if Villaraigosa can claim the liberal "VICTIM MENTALITY" he sure can get more $$$$$.

I can see this already in Miami, "We are together in this struggle to fight injustices, only together can we fight this racist propaganda. Communist law school, staff? No, no, no, not me. It was that other guy Cedillo, no it was Alarcon, no it was..."

You see, these people confuse all of us, I am the victim, give me the money, I am the victim, let's all chant, raise our " ? Flag" and not the red, white and blue one, the other one...Give me your money and I will end all racism in L.A., I am the candidate of all Communists...oops, I meant all people."

ATTN: Keep in mind this is just an opinion to humor you.

April 14, 2005 11:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Its sad that Antonio has been attacking Hahn for months. Once Hahn says anything Antonio acts like a crybaby and says "he's picking on me." We don't have to use racism to show what a good for nothing CM Antonio has been. Just compare the 2 records of both candidates. Even Rick Orlov in Daily News states sarcastically Antonio taking credit for organizing his staff and making a district directory. I can't believe people could be this ignorant! He has over 14 homicides in his district and he could care less. The CNN report on Homicide in Hollenbeck made Baghdad look like a safer place to live. Public safety, schools, traffic, etc.Antonio has done not one thing to help his district. It has to say something that he has to go out of state to raise money. Where did he get those connections to the CUBANS IN MIAMI???

April 14, 2005 12:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

LA Weekly (which uncovered the "Not" working (re)gressive City Council, talks about the already vanishing Antonio (Hahn's) Rival-gosa taking another "powder" next month, if he wins. . .

"...I think I read something about this in Tolkien. He gets elected and puts on that Ring of Power. And, then, well, you know.


(no surprise for his district -- can't see him, or his campaign signs)

April 14, 2005 12:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Feel that rumbling... I can, Chief Parker's getting ready to post the NEXT thread that lists ALL 80 INVISIBLE Neighborhood Watches in CD14 by name.

Invisible Watch #1
Invisible Watch #2
Invisible Watch #3
Invisible Watch #5
(no# 4 was the one got hit by the speeding field staffer late for a debate)
Invisible Watch #6
Invisible Watch #7
Invisible Watch #8
Invisible Watch #9

April 14, 2005 12:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

In his "real" life, Chief Parker is mild-mannered investigative reporter Clark CAN'T... (find anything).

April 14, 2005 12:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Read Chief Parker and MEAT.
Reporting to community members at the latest Highland Park Neighborhood Watch meeting was officer Chris Cooper. He is a veteran Los Angeles Officer and the Senior Lead Officer for the southern section of Highland Park.
You see LAPD officers go to neighborhood watch meetings. This one was started way before ADV.

April 14, 2005 12:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"(no surprise for his district -- can't see him, or his campaign signs)"
12:25 PM, April 14, 2005

I have driven through CD 14 daily for the last 5 years. I still do not see, or hear of this "Hallucination" Villaraigosa support which the staff claims to have. By the way, all of the Villaraigosa sings are in the Hall in the back of the room by the stage at Eastside Campaign Headquarters (1866 East 1st Street, at the corner of 1st and State) The last time I was there, the signs were piled up with no takers...just drive by the neighborhoods, no support of which he brags about is visible.

April 14, 2005 12:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"(no surprise for his district -- can't see him, or his campaign signs)"
12:25 PM, April 14, 2005

I have driven through CD 14 daily for the last 5 years. I still do not see, or hear of this "Hallucination" Villaraigosa support which the staff claims to have. By the way, all of the Villaraigosa signs are in the Hall in the back of the room by the stage at Eastside Campaign Headquarters (1866 East 1st Street, at the corner of 1st and State) The last time I was there, the signs were piled up with no takers...just drive by the neighborhoods, no support of which he brags about is visible.

April 14, 2005 12:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Now you know they're going to work and make sure those signs are up. If anyone has had a Hahn sign up in his district they have been vandalized and torn down. They have been harrassed and pressure if it was a business to take it down. This is the thug mentality Antonio and his people have. They are ghetto uneducated morons. They can't debate the issues because its easier to want to fight and threaten.

April 14, 2005 12:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

How BAD does it Hert? HA HA!

Even 50 feet tall, Bobzilla can't get NO respect. ADV's Website SPELLS HIS NAME WRONG ON THE ANNOUNCEMENT of Bob H.'s endorsement, says:

"Hertberg on Board"

(This is your "next" Mayor's STAFF, you wish, ADV-lovers!!!!)

P.S. Check with NC gadfly Daniel Wiseman, I think that means ADV's people are ANTI-SEMITIC, since SAYING Villaraigosa's name wrong is RACIST (he says...)


April 14, 2005 12:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa staff, so how do you spell his name again? You will probably correct it when you read this post, right? Oops! Candidate of all comm..., people? Hertberg or Hertzberg, which is it?

Hertberg on Board
Filed under: General— Mike Shimpock @ 7:47 am


April 14, 2005 12:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa staff, What happened to the "Eastside Super Saturday rally & precinct walks?" Are you going to have any in the future, all of a sudden you are having them only in the Westside and Valley...Let's tell the people in the Eastside community who you really are, let's have a rally and walk, I'm sure you won't oppose to anyone showing up and handing out leaflets, this way they know both sides to you, not just the one you want them to see.

April 14, 2005 12:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

GREAT IDEA!!! previous poster

April 14, 2005 1:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

An Eastside Hahn-Rivalgosa Walk! (LA Weekly/Times)

April 14, 2005 1:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

POOR Hertberg.

I hear ADV is saving up all the "Z's" for his Zorro impersonation (once it's safe for him to be a "Latino" again).

April 14, 2005 1:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"This is the thug mentality Antonio and his people have."

I agree with the above, Villaraigosa has neighborhood ex gang members, oh sorry constituents looking for those signs at do not start with "V..." and tear them down. During the first election I used to see alot of Alarcon signs, then all of a sudden, they were gone and replaced by a couple of Villaraigosa sign. It's media control. He needs to have this control, if there is no control he freaks out...or may I say, his staff freaks out.

April 14, 2005 1:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Maybe with another WALK ADV can finally find ONE (just one!) Eastside community leader to list on his endorsement site. Still NO one from his OWN district that has any street cred (or even one of the pretenders from his groupies on the El sereno council).

April 14, 2005 1:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Parks signs on North Figueroa were also torn apart/down all over Highland Park and Montecito.

April 14, 2005 1:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


April 14, 2005 1:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You see his bully mentality at the neighborhood level. Once if he gets to be Mayor, blackmail will be the daily word in city politics. Communism. If he does not like something, let's motivate the anarchists and destroy what we don't like--take down those signs, no pledge of allegiance, no one is a criminal, they are just victims of the right wing machine. If he becomes Mayor, it will be "You are either with us, or your out!" Get my boy to take care of him, he's not needed....

Attn: humor, now Villaraigosa staff don't start getting all wild up, these are just opinions...and comments...You are not a victim anymore, just tell everyone the truth of who you really are and what your candidate stands for, stop the lies.

April 14, 2005 1:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, Villaraigosa staff did correct the Hertberg to Hertzberg, plus along with this you have a new revised blog. Many comments were deleted, and those were the ones that exposed Villaraigosa. I thought I was in America, Villaraigosa staff is already implementing their socialistic mentality-Control, Control, Control, let's control what is posted on the blogs and any Villaraigosa exposure should be deleted. Villaraigosa staff, are you this worried about what people blog and opinions that are stated from the public? Is this the type of control you will have if you become Mayor, "No, you cannot say that to the Mayor! Get rid of him NOW!" There was so much deletion on this blog thread that their announcements cannot be labeled as unbiased, on the contrary, the communist mentality is already at work.

Hertzberg on Board
Filed under: General— Mike Shimpock @ 7:47 am
Bob Hertzberg endorses today.

April 14, 2005 1:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Control, Control, did I say Communist Control. Below is the link to the comment made by Mike, that's if it's not deleted by the time they finish reading reaction to their actions.


Okay, folks. We’re not going to tolerate filibustering on the site. You want to say something, go ahead and say it, we welcome the discussion. But it needs to be that - a discussion.

Comment by Mike Shimpock — 4/14/2005 @ 11:28 am

April 14, 2005 1:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Double, triple oops... ADV field staff, RUSHING to win the "who can help ADV complete even ONE district improvement project" before the runoff vote, botched it, again -- and missed the deadline to get on Friday's city council emergency calendar for the variances needed by next week.

"You need it HOW many hours before the meeting to make the agenda" WOW! And in WRITING (call for a temp, somebody...)

Oh well, there's always next week, to finally complete ONE STINKING DISTRICT project, in two years!

Roll some heads, Jimmy Blackman, they're just days away from making you a LIAR again (and then you'd have to run for mayor INSTEAD of your boss!)

April 14, 2005 1:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

... now only 75 invisible neighborhood watches, and falling fast.

One moved to Alhambra when he saw the polls that said ADV might win (oh, yee of little faith, remember 2001).

But, he won't really be missed, because THEY'RE ALL INVISIBLE!

April 14, 2005 1:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That's because -- Antonio Villaraigosa is a pathological liar who can't be trusted to do anything he says (OR complete anything he starts). Someone prove me wrong.

End of story!

April 14, 2005 2:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

A Conversation (somewhere in the Valley)

C.T.: You did WHAT?

B.H. Well, you didn't want me to left out for four years, did you?

C.T. What did he promise you?

B.H. He promised not to call me a wimp.

C.T. Do you know where the couch is? Have a nice four years, wimp...

April 14, 2005 2:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa for Governor.

ADV for Governor. AS a Hahn Supporter , I will go for that.

ADV has probably promised Huggy the MAyorship in LOs ANgeles.

ANtonio can beat the governator.

If V wins we might as well start campaigning as soon as we can. So hows about now.

April 14, 2005 2:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You think he's NOT campaigning for another office now? C'mon, his supporters say he's not attention deficient, he's a "great multi-tasker" (just so long as you don't want something actually completed).

April 14, 2005 2:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Gotta love tough Linda Breakstone report on 2 and 9. They went after Antonio and asked if made the call to state prosecutor for drug dealer who would still be doing time for having 800 lbs. of cocaine. His team quickly grabbed him and escorted him away from reporters. Linda was relentless. Find out Linda! I bet he did make that call. What was suppose to be a big horray for Antonio turned negative. At least was a man and didn't run away like a little pussy the way Antonio always does. Dumb, dufus Huggy. Yep, he had his arm around ADV like a boyfriend. Hey, maybe that's what they're hiding.

April 14, 2005 2:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

nice. now it's gay bashing too. maybe antonio threw some babies up and caught them on a bayonet, too?

April 14, 2005 3:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ken Reich, in Take Back the Times (great blog), said:

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rick Orlov Of Daily News Scoops Times On Hertzberg Endorsement of Villaraigosa

Congratulations to Rick Orlov of the Daily News for scooping the L.A. Times and everyone else on Bob Hertzberg's endorsement today, April 14, of Antonio Villaraigosa over Mayor James Hahn in the race for mayor of Los Angeles.

Orlov is a very good reporter, everyone in Los Angeles knows that. Still, this is an embarrassment for the Times.

And it is an even greater embarrassment that the Times is allowing Hahn to get away with a more and more racist campaign against Villaraigosa.

I hate to have to say this, but Michael Finnegan's story today in the Times, reporting that Hahn is trying to dredge up 13-year-old charges against Villaraigosa for allegedly being soft on the gangs is a violation of one of the cardinal rules of political reporting.

And that is don't report nonsense without very quickly giving the other side a chance to blow it straight to hell. It takes Finnigan nine paragraphs today, almost to the jump, to give the Villaraigosa
side a chance to say anything.

By contrast, Orlov very properly left this horseshit to the bottom of his story. Of course, he had a better lead, but Orlov knows what all political writers should realize, and that is that one of the most important things about political writing is to handle contradictions skillfully and fairly.

How very sad it is, and how unfortunate for Los Angeles as a city, that Hahn is following up his father's great political career as a champion of racial underdogs with a racist campaign. He is going to lose, that is sure, but Kenny Hahn must be turning over in his grave today to see how his son is campaigning against the Latino Villaraigosa.

The Times editorial page too has, as yet, failed to call the Hahn campaign for what it is, It had a very weak editorial recently tepidly examining this question, and it accurately accused Hahn this week of pandering on the King/Drew Medical Center.

But it is very important, particularly in a city that has had two deadly race riots in separate generations to jump on anyone who tries to wave that bloody shirt again. Its failure to do so shows, among other things, the folly of hiring an editorial page editor from out of town.

It's not too late for Hahn to end his career on an upbeat note by renouncing his own campaign arguments. I hope he does, but candidates seldom do.

I remember a couple of local campaigns where scurrilous tactics were very effectively denounced by neutral parties who had a right to speak, and their actions then are instructive now.

In 1977, when felon-to-be state Sen. Alan Robbins was running for mayor, Robbins opened a Valley headquarters by accusing incumbent Tom Bradley of trying to do to the Valley what Hitler had done to the Jews. The next day, the B'nai B'rith denounced him and compelled him to apologize.

Similarly, Bob Ronka was forced to take a step back by the Los Angeles County Bar Assn. when he tried to make hay in another campaign of his opponent, Ira Reiner, having once represented one of the Manson defendants.

There is a time for political reporters to go out and give the decent elements in a community a chance to speak out when campaigns run out of bounds.

Enough mud has already been thrown in a hopeless cause by the incumbent mayor. Does he want to go down in local history as another Sam Yorty?

April 14, 2005 3:11 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I have to say, and I know this is sort of petty, I find it really obxoxious that you continuously refer to Antonio as Tony Villar. I know, I know, he changed his name, but it really comes off, as you trying to seem just so in the know, time and time again. We get it, you're clever, no call the man by his real name - Antonio Villaraigosa.

April 14, 2005 3:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

THE BOMB HAS HIT.........DEVASTATION AND MUCH SCATTERING IN THE HAHN CAMP !!!!! Mostly all of the support in the Valley that was Hahn's last year during the runoff.......went to Antonio and was as the press conference backing him up.


April 14, 2005 3:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

(in your own dialect)

Yeah,, but was as it am the was lastest nail in him's coffin?

April 14, 2005 4:30 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't sweat it, 3:47 p.m., AmPhonyio will answer to anything as long as there are enough dollar $$$signs$$$ on it.

"Political whore" even works (in close quarters, of course).

April 14, 2005 4:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Great care should be taken when approaching Room 300 of the Los Angeles City Hall for the next several weeks.

Several people have reported flying resumes coming out the exits and windows at an alarming rate, so as to constitute a hazard to those in the immediate vicinity.

Three bystanders have already been struck by these dangerous missiles, so take great care in approaching this area until May 18, 2005.

Do not approach any of these people alone, as many are in a dangerous condition and may be considered suicidal.

Any legible copies should immediately be reported to Chief Parker for verification and publication.

April 14, 2005 4:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Shoot, Lee, be careful where you set those bomb blasts off -- that one just killed invisible NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH #74 (we think -- nobody can get close enough to double-check, because they're all INVISIBLE).

Pretty soon, ALL of Antonio's fake accomplishments in CD14 in the past two years will either be revealed AS fakes (keep digging, Chief Parker).. or DEAD.

(Not your fault, Lee, you COULDN'T SEE HER!) Chief, as fast as they're dropping, you better put down the detective's magnifying glass and call in the CSI unit.

"CSI Los Angeles: The Search for ADV's Veracity" (100 episodes for syndication, easy).

April 14, 2005 4:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Damn, INVISIBLE WATCH #73 hit and maimed by a flying resume. . .

April 14, 2005 4:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hahn in the L.A. Times today:

Later, Hahn... called Villaraigosa "an empty suit" and suggested his opponent would use the mayoralty as a steppingstone to higher office. "This is a serious job," Hahn said. "How do we know he's not using this job to run for governor or something else?"

Hahn added: "What has he really done since he's been on the City Council? He hasn't done a darn thing."

Hmmm, who does that sound like around here? Nah, coulnd't be, didn't Nighties say he/she was African American?

April 14, 2005 4:45 PM  

Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

4:45 p.m. Anonymous. . .

Again, not "pro" Hahn, just Anti-Attention-Deficit Villaraigosa (and that wasn't exactly the racial term used. . .)

Regardless -- May 17, Hahn: 52; ADV®: 48 (still).

April 14, 2005 4:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

3:11pm Poster you're full of shit. You're an Antonio lover and are desperately trying to spin. Rick Orlov is one of the most bias reporters in city hall. Hey, it was Antonio's team who told the editors of newspapers NOT to use the Latino term when referring to ADV. BTW there are many of us who post here that are Latino and think Antonio is one of the most racist of any kind. Stop blaming Hahn idiots. That press conf. was a joke. Antonio looked like a scared puppy dog when the reporters started throwing the state prosecutor question at him and like the whuss that he is ran. You better believe every time he's in front of a camera that question will be asked. You Antonio lovers aren't as confident as you would like to be. You remember 2001 and how Antonio got screwed in the last two weeks. You're shaking in your boots hoping that nothing comes out. It will but this time you won't be able to blame Hahn.

April 14, 2005 5:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

No lie, Tony V. wasn't "cruising" in the primary, he was hiding out -- behind his slick ads, and letting the other Hahn-haters weaken the opposition. Everyone in this game know's he can't take an honest punch, and runs liked a whipped puppy everytime someone ghets close to revealing his real background. Why do you think the ADV-lovers start to whine every time someone even LOOKS like they're going to throw a solid body blow at this flaccid candidate. Because he CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT, scared of talk radio, scared of anything but softball reporter questions, scared of a debate where he doesn't know the questions in advance.

Who's quoted more in the media these days, ADV or his handlers - Ace and Parke? The handlers, of course 2-3 times as much, because THAT way the media can't get to him and THEY know he won't screw up the bumper sticker responses they write for him (and he can't remember - because they're MORE THAN 5 WORDS long).

Hahn's out there hand-to-hand with media and his handlers take far less of the heat that he does himself.

April 14, 2005 5:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Same thing in the district, last poster, hides behind his staff -- has been for two years. You can't get to him UNLESS you give campaign money.

April 14, 2005 5:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

5:40, I'd say you're probably right, but putting ADV's hacks out front probably isn't the best solution these days either. We're way past the mini-catchphrase stage, and most of the print media (anyway) has been following this stuff so long now, they know the one-liners better than the handlers.

"Nobody's going to believe that Antonio Villaraigosa is pro-gang," (Parque) Skelton said. "They're just not going to believe it."

(And the ADV-lovers say Hahn's people are the ones in denial?)

Nobody's going to buy that he's ANTI-gang, either, and for two-thirds of the city, that's a HUGE issue.

It's just really hard to explain this guy once you get past the transparent, and inaccurate buzzwords "vision" and "charisma" and nobody really cares what kind of consensus he thinks he can bring (City Council is 85% liberal democrat, and they still barely move).. They HAVE consensus -- what they can't reach is the gas pedal on the city engine!

April 14, 2005 5:54 PM  

Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

Way too many posts to go back through, but I just KNOW several of the ADV-lover/Hahn-haters were crowing this week about how the mayor and staff were operating on a "bunker" mentality, just waiting for the final blow to do them in, but here's just one reason I haven't adjusted my prediction, even after polls show double-digit leads for ADV®.

Simply put, there are enough "bunkers" (or in the case of ADV® - "buncos" to got around for the next 30+ days, and the media heat has just begun to sizzle under "Hahn's Rival" -- as the Times abbreviates ADV® now -- for the first time. And it makes him VERY uncomfortable.

Stealing a tiny bit of a thread from LAObserved's account of the supposed FINAL (final) nail in the Hahn coffin this a.m. -- the tail end of Hertzberg's endorsement:

"ANTONIO... then opens it up to questions from the assembled media. LAUREL Erickson of Channel 4 and LINDA Breakstone of Channel 2 go first and ask about drug dealer Carlos Vignali. ANTONIO starts his stock answer about Hahn's term being "the most investigated in city history, since the 1930s..."

LAUREL: Councilman, I asked you a direct question...
LINDA: Councilman, what about...!

Campaign press secretary Nathan James steps in, cuts off questions, and hustles ANTONIO off the set and out a side door.

CUT TO: Assembled SCRIBES looking at each other; (mouthing the words) What was that?

Puzzled SCRIBES trudge toward parking lot, making mental notes to do more digging -- if ANTONIO runs away, might there be something more down the Vignali well?"

The supposed (runaway) leader in the race to be the next mayor of the nation's second largest city can't take two unrehearsed questions from media (broadcast media, folks, not REAL journalists), about something ALREADY known about his past record. Just imagine Guiliani or Daley or Willie Brown, in that same spot, gosh, even Riordan or Hahn, for goodness sake. Then imagine the most important political officer of ANY major U.S. city today, having to be sheltered from TV REPORTERS asking simple repetitive questions.

It just won't work.

He also can't talk to any of the major radio talk show hosts that rule drive time for a million Angelenos.

He can't say more than two (the SAME two) sentences about what he's done to benefit his district in TWO full years.

He gets DEFENSIVE with a milktoast museum docent, for crying out loud (in his OWN adoring community), asking about why the Southwest Musuem collection is headed upriver with a HUGE paddle, after ADV® promised unflinching support more than a year ago.

This is why, polls are polls, and pols are pols, and ADV® is still very much in trouble and out of his league the minute the rehearsed speeches run their course, and the inquisitors start asking the real questions that matter.

"Who are you (really), what have you done (lately), and when are you going to begin talking specifics?"

Five more weeks. . . my prediction stands: Hahn, 52 to 48.

Hahn now echoes that ADV® is an "empty suit" but it has progressed past that point, to the point of his campaign being FOUR empty suits... in a house of flimsy cards... and the strong winds are JUST beginning to blow (no pun intended, Vignali and all)!

He's just too thin-skinned, too delicate and too easily victimized for this tough, angry, violent city.

April 14, 2005 7:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So how do you think Antonio got the endorsement. Did Huggy think he was going to win or did Antonio maybe renege on his reported promise to support Jack Weiss for City Attorney. It will be fun to see what happens. Gil Cedillo must be getting very nervous now because the rumor is that his old friend is going to find someone to try and take him out next year. Can't have someone like that who knows where the bodies are buried. What a guy.

April 14, 2005 8:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ah, Hert_berg just could not stand to be left out, on the sidelines, an Hahn pissed him off with the Enron stuff near the end.

This way he can say "my votes pushed ADV over the top" (tho he probably won't say "ADV" - yet). He can "matter" in the race now -- instead of watching everyone talk about how much Parks' votes would affect Tony - now HE's the hero (for a day or two).

April 14, 2005 8:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Scramento 90"s-Sound post, The fact that Hollenbeck is now known nationally as the gang capital of the county is out. CNN will air the program again Sat@ 3-5 and 8pm.

Father Boyle and Antonio never met a gang banger that they didnt think had made bad choices, like use guns.

As for the racism issue, the people most digusted with him are raza who know him. He is more concerned about the new arrivals from Mexico than the raza born here and working hard and playing by the rules. He does not support the striving middle class of mex-Amer in his district. He is most confortable with people who are illegals and the wealthy.

April 14, 2005 8:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sacramento Night-thong, you spend too much time spinning spinning spinning and crying crying crying. Why don't you go out and start a neighborhood watch. It'd probably be the first positive thing you'd ever done. But you'd actually have to talk to people instead of sitting behind a computer. Ohh, and you'd have to build consensus and actually work with others instead of just being critical of others. Maybe that would be a little out of your comfort zone.

April 14, 2005 9:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey, speaking of late hits, etc., it is true that we Villaraigosa supporters are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The Hahn-Carrick-Wardlaw team has gone to the full court trash twice now, first against Antonio and then against Bobzilla.

We know it's coming and we know it won't be fair. So yes, it is not paranoia, it is rather pure existential dread.

Not dread that it will be true, but dread that people will actually believe the filth that will spew forth. That is why there is such a dedication to raising the funds for AV and Jimmy has trouble getting his calls answered. We know that each volley needs to be answered with two back, and they will be, they will be,

Every single day, Antonio is raising twice the amount that Jimmy is able to beg, from an increasingly diminishing universe of people who have been feeding at the trough for four long years.

And now, the moment of truth. May 17th, the polls close. I want the schmoo that keeps predicting a 52:48 victory for Jimmy to tell me that he has no dread of waking up on May 18th to see Antonio's picture everywhere.

Finally, I remind everyone that it was Carrick and Wardlaw who gave us the great Ira Reiner early withdrawl move against Garcetti (coitus interruptis).

Don't be shocked to see Jimmy pull the same move to try to save a little piece whatever he has left of his "career".

April 14, 2005 9:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So, who runs against Villar in 2009? Hertzberg? Janice? Chick? Delgadillo?

April 14, 2005 9:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Don't be shocked to see Jimmy pull the same move to try to save a little piece whatever he has left of his 'career' ".

What would be the benefit of that move? Where does that leave Jim Hahn?

April 14, 2005 9:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The blacks may be saying they will support Antonio but behind the scenes they are scared shitless. AT one community meeting tonight the topic was how illegal immigration has destroyed THEIR community. It was bad before the illegals got there but now its over run with them. They know if ADV wins it will only get worse. This isn't racism but reality. Yes, poster the CNN Homicide in Hollenbeck special did make Baghdad look a hell of a lot safer to be at right now considering all the gangs they have. Issues and who has the better record.. That's what it will come down to. Hahn by far has more experience, better record. Antonio's record speaks for itself because there's nothing on it.

April 14, 2005 9:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The same as Ira Reiner got, plausable excuse for losing by such overwhelming numbers.

Ira withdrew from runoff late, like this, and Gil swamped him. Most of us felt that he would have swamped him anyway, but it allowed Ira to keep his dignity.

Does Jimmy have any?

April 14, 2005 9:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

How much longer do we have to endure the Hahnista rants?

When are the next money postings required and when are the next tracking polls?

Eager in Westside

April 14, 2005 9:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I cna answer that question easy.

It is easier to wage war on the latino poulation if it is one of their own . this way it doesn't look racist.

April 14, 2005 9:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Hilfenhaus also literally found some red flags in Villaraigosa's own resume. He went to the Peoples College of Law, which was founded by the Communist Party"


Villaraigosa campaign slogan should be, "I am the candidate of all people that are communist." If the community knew the real intentions of his staff what he has been involved with, they would NOT support him. We also speak Espanol, French, Chinese and many other languages, and we oppose Villaraigosa.

It's time to gather our groups and expose this man to the Boyle Heights and surrounding communities.

April 14, 2005 9:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Communism? Media damage control by Villaraigosa socialist minded staff, read the following post from their website. Remember, go to their website quickly before they begin deleting the truth about Villaraigosa than can absolutely tarnish his make believe image.

This is what Villaraigosa staff posted:

3. Okay, folks. We’re not going to tolerate filibustering on the site. You want to say something, go ahead and say it, we welcome the discussion. But it needs to be that - a discussion.

Comment by Mike Shimpock — 4/14/2005 @ 11:28 am

14. Hey - if you disagree with Antonio, fine. But there is no need to carpet-bomb his website. You don’t shout somebody down because you disagree with them. Besides, all that crap that was posted up here earlier was tinfoil hat talk. Nobody seriously believes this crap about Antonio giving LA to Mexico.

Comment by Mt. Angelus — 4/14/2005 @ 12:56 pm

17. Awww the poor lil bloggers have are finally bleeding from their eyeballs and seeing that Antonio will actually become Mayor.

Sorry Shimpock, i’ll close the cage on the freaks again – they got out by accident. Now go back to Mayor Sam’s blog and spew your ignorant hate there.

blog away

Comment by Meat — 4/14/2005 @ 1:10 pm

41. OK. I have removed and will continue to remove posts that smear Antonio about immigration and get into eugenics. These are not appropriate for this blog, and most are just not true. If you want to spew bile there are plenty of places to do it. Just not here.

Comment by Mike Shimpock — 4/14/2005 @ 3:04 pm


There are too many more to list, but you get the damage control that is taking place. What happened to allowing constituents speak their mind, isn't that a Liberal rant at protests? So why do they want to show a one sided blog instead of allowing the truth to be told to the community.

April 14, 2005 10:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This is interesting the #63 post on the following link to Villaraigosa's blog is trying to involve the Jewish community by instigating and offending. Mt. Angelus has mentioned "The Museum of Tolerance" on his post and is irrelevant to the entire blog. This is the Villaraigosa staff trying to involve the Jewish community into a race issue that does not exist. No one else previously mentioned the museum, just Mt. Angelus, I gather this person is trying to "SPIN" the entire blog site into something else, interesting tactic... Now do you see how the Villaraigosa staff involves other ethnic groups into a race issue. Nice psychological propaganda Mt. Angelus, are you a spinner of damage control professionally? Why are you involving the Museum? Has nothing to do with anything on the blog--you are desperate!

Here is a partial part of the post:

“Villaraigosa refuses to repudiate the aims of Chicano separatists for a nation of Aztlan. Instead he hides behind the Museum of Tolerance, which is looking more and more like one of the old Communist Reeducation Camps.”

"...Gee, I can’t imagine ANYONE that says stuff like that could be a racist.

The Museum of Tolerance is a communist reeducation camp? You people are nuts.

Comment by Mt. Angelus — 4/14/2005 @ 3:48 pm

April 14, 2005 10:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That endorsement party sure was one big Vignali reunion. Molina, Hertzberg, Villar - I'm surprised Mahoney didn't show up. I'm sure Baca is just around the corner to complete the full Viganali reunion.

So why did Antonio run away from Linda Breakballs. She sure has it out for your boy, Parke. What was that answer that Tony gave, "absolutely not!" Not once, but twice, and on camera. No going back now.

Parke, do you know why Linda was pushing so hard? Do you know why Hahn isn't even sweating it? Remember that time that Tony took his car into Vignali's shop on Figueroa? The time he got $15K to $20K work done on his car - for FREE! Well, the shop was bugged. You know how Tony likes to talk when you're not there to coach him. And you know how he likes to take credit for everything. Well it turns out, he confided to Vignali that he was behind his son's pardon - phone calls, letters, meetings - everything. Turns out there are some people in the FBI that don't like Tony and they are big fans of the former City Attorney, James Hahn. You know, the guy they worked with to blow Rampart wide open. I guess you can kiss that Baca endorsement good bye - not even Lee will stick his neck out for this one.

Parke, do you have your spin ready for this scenario. Tony on tape and on T.V. - can't get any more character proof than that. Let's see what the voters think. By the way, you know who Linda visited this week, Ricardo Torres II - you know, the guy that's actually spoken and met with June from the Venice Room - it's about to blow up.

April 14, 2005 10:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Again on post #67 of the same Villaraigosa website blog mentioned earlier, Mt. Angelus mentions The Museum of Tolerance in his fantasy blog fight. Mt. Angelus is using psychological propaganda to spin the blog and involve the Jewish center to get involved in his fantasy fight. Not everyone is incompetent as you think Mt. Angelus (professional psych. spinner), I know the tactic, but I never thought you would stoop so low as to use the Museum for your own gain and instigating a race war on the website. You are part of the communist rat pack.

April 14, 2005 10:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why are there not East Los Angeles Headquarter Meetings, rallys, or community walkathons? Will you have any in the near future Villaraigosa Camp. I only see Valley & Westside. We are eager to talk to the people at one of your events in the Eastside, " nosotros si hablamos espanol tambien, y no queremos a Villaraigosa para alcalde."

04/13/2005 Endorsement Event & Bio-Med Company Tour
10am -- Sylmar
04/16/2005 Westside "Super Saturday"
8:30am -- Rally & precinct walk
04/19/2005 Westside Villaraigosa Meetup
6:30pm -- Venice
04/26/2005 Valley Villaraigosa Meetup
7pm -- Sherman Oaks

The above found at:

April 14, 2005 11:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is there a video clip of the Villaraigosa runaway candidate? Where is he running to now, will he run for a Miami office if this one does not pan out for him?

Any clips?

April 14, 2005 11:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


April 14, 2005 11:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The real Hahn fans, that is the smart ones, didn't even get on the ship. They didn't forget they would be swimming with sharks. Their nice and comfortable on dry land - reviewing FBI tapes.

April 14, 2005 11:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Flip Flop, Flip Flop, Villaraigosa.

Villaraigosa strategist Parke Skelton said the candidate had viewed the city's early gang injunctions as too broad and too vague to respect constitutional rights, but now sees them as playing a useful role in fighting crime. In the 2001 election, Villaraigosa said he supported gang injunctions "in a very limited sense" and stressed prevention efforts.


April 15, 2005 12:22 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So who is Ace Smith? Councilmember Villaraigosa's campaign manager, right?

Let's see what Villaraigosa has in store for the public with this guy.

Partial article & link:

"So it was with considerable glee this week that a top aide to a Dean opponent informed me that the former Vermont governor has just hired killer gumshoe Ace Smith to gather dirt on political rivals.

The very same Ace Smith who ran "oppo research" for sharp-elbowed, soon-to-be-ex-California Gov. Gray Davis - "puke campaigns," in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Ace certainly has that jugular instinct," says an operative who has worked closely with him on Davis' campaigns.

The 44-year-old Smith - who operates from a San Francisco office building that was used in the movie "Dirty Harry" as a crazed sniper's perch - didn't sound pleased when I phoned him yesterday.

"I'm trying to be really low-key," he told me. "My name appearing in a newspaper somewhere doesn't do me a whole lot of good. I'm not doing anything tremendously interesting anyway."


April 15, 2005 12:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Parke Skelton (Villaraigosa)
Nicknames: Passion Player, Mailman.
The Book on Skelton: Consultant most likely to lose sleep over going negative. Known for left-wing politics and for picking candidate he wants to win. Skilled at direct mail campaigning.

Above found in the L.A. times

April 15, 2005 12:39 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This can't be you Smith...

"Still, Smith has been known to get charged up. During the 2001 mayoral race, Smith dropped in on other candidates' news conferences to challenge what they were saying.

"He would come and yell at our news conferences," said Kam Kuwata, a consultant for Hahn"


April 15, 2005 12:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Smith is concerned that the Hahn can go negative, well he has not looked at himself in the mirror, or did he just suffer from Alzheimer? Smith you are the "King Spinster of Negative Ads."

This article is about TV Ads that had run by the DAVIS campaign-Ace Smith involved once again.
"DOAK: We had always assumed the abortion thing was something we would use as a flip-flop in the general. And I was on the phone one day with Ace Smith, and Ace said, 'You know, we could kick him on abortion,' because we were thinking about just snapping the numbers back. And that caused me to start thinking about using the abortion thing. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a perfect trap, because he can't get out of it. If he publicly says he's pro-choice, it puts him at odds with the Republican base. If he sits back and lets us paint him as right to life, which would help in the Republican Primary, it will kill him for the general. Remember when you were a kid and you had these Chinese handcuffs you put on your fingers and the harder you pull, the tighter it got? That's sort of the way I thought it was.

But the second piece of it, which was very important, was not using the tape first. Our strategy was to lay out the first attack, to accuse him of being pro-life, and then to save the tape as the counter-punch. We thought he'd come back with an ad that would say, 'No, no, I'm pro-choice.'"

April 15, 2005 1:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Article: Antonio Holds Back

"Villaraigosa’s cautiousness is on abundant display this year. In Monday’s debate last week, he avoided taking a position on public funding of elections, while Hahn and Hertzberg endorsed the idea. “Last time we were trying to consolidate the liberal base,” says Parke Skelton, Villaraigosa’s longtime consultant. “Now we’re focusing on the targets we need in [the] May [runoff]: white Valley Democrats who vote for Hertzberg in the primary [assuming Hahn makes the runoff] and African-Americans who vote for Parks in the primary.”"


April 15, 2005 1:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just a quick answer for the moron that was surprised that Roger Cardinal Mahoney wasn't at the Hertzberg announcement for Antonio, because he, too, wrote a letter for Vignali recommending leniency.

This may come as a surprise to you, since the Vatican is not in CD 14, but the Pope died recently, and by custom, the Cardinals (of which Roger is but one) are all in seclusion right now, about to be locked in a building and not released until they have elected a new Pope.

Otherwise, it is entirely possible he might have been there, for he too is known for backing winners, and Antonio is clearly that.

We all know that you feel the election of a Pope is not as inportant as getting a dog park in CD 14 or some other slight, real or imagined, but try to understand that others may not agree with your evaluations.

April 15, 2005 9:05 AM  

Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

April 15, 2005 10:19 AM  

Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

A previous blogger said: ". . .We all know that you feel the election of a Pope is not as inportant as getting a dog park in CD 14 or some other slight, real or imagined. . ."

This is now becoming the "straw dog" issue for several passionate ADV®-lovers who are picking up this parke theme as some new "weapon" or slur to show how CD14 people are petty, have backward priorities, or are just being TOO demanding of their attention-deficient boy toy candidate and his hand-picked transplanted help.

But here's the question: If it was such an incidental thing, a petty thing, so small, so unworthy of discussion. . .

And the funds were there when ADV took office (Rec & Parks has confirmed repeatedly they were tranferred in full mid-2003). . .

And Rec & Parks has ALSO stated (repeatedly) that "petty" project COULD have been completed - start to finish - paperwork and all, in far less than a year. . . it was a priority for THEM to get it completed.

And there was NO community resistance (Hermon petitioned for it in the first place -- unlike other CD14 communities, which went NIMBY on it dating back to 2001). . .

And the (newer) council office SAID they supported it (Uh oh, that's the kiss of death, right Southwest Museum Coalition?). . .

And environmental mitigations were virtually non-existent. . . and all could be handled by RAP staff (ONCE ADV®'s staff finally got the ball rolling, RAP did all the REAL work on it), plus protest letters were minimal, which is amazing for a park project. . .

Then WHY couldn't ADV®'s field staff get this petty little thing done (or even started) in TWO FULL YEARS. It was SO simple, SO petty, SO minor, SO unopposed, SO wanted, SO "supported!"

(ANSWER? Because ADV®'s staff selections were SO bad, and his people are SO incompetent that they ALMOST (almost) make him look competent). Maybe that's his goal?

It's not like they were busy completing OTHER, more substantive projects (since NONE have been, in TWO YEARS). It's not like they were introducing tons of critical policy measures at City Council (council agenda items listing ADV®'s name are few, and mostly 98 percent "ceremonial". . . even more "petty" things like school carnivals, where the MAN himself is going to make an appearance/campaign stop).

It's not like they were hunkered down with LAPD trying to figure out some enduring solution to gang problems (an occasional crack house busting photo op doesn't count, since they just "move" it somewhere else in the district, duh!)

And it's NOT like they were spending a lot of time (none really) meeting with elected neighborhood council leaders -- their certified "advisors" to ask them what needed doing in the district -- because they STILL don't.

AND, it's not like they were off spending council dollars in other areas needed, because -- this just in, they're NOW sitting on more than a year's worth of unused, unencumbered improvement funds (to be used as "perks" -- big IF/when -- ADV® moves out in a couple months. Payoffs to reward people and community groups that helped him make mayor (PAY for play, HELLLLLLL, yes!) Especially since a good amount of this could have been used to complete some of the (supposedly) under-funded project's ADV® says they're, uh, "still working on?"

SO, what were they doing? What have they ALWAYS been doing?

Certainly not district work. Certainly not dealing in any way with rising homicide rates. Certainly not fixing things (petty OR major) in CD14.

The priorities of CD14 people who make complaints here, and in the district, here are not what's in question -- they are concerned about ALL these things, big and SMALL. They would have appreciated ANY visible sign since 2003 that the people in the district offices could complete ANY, simple, petty project. But, sadly, ADV® and his staff have (obviously) been concerned about NONE of these things. They've been moving OUT, since the day they moved IN.

P.S. (CD14 people, probably majority Catholic at least in their background, KNOW the Vatican isn't in the district. They also know John Kerry doesn't live here, either).

April 15, 2005 10:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

All hail Mayor Villar!

Munch on it, racists

April 15, 2005 6:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Munch on ADV's backside, cuz that's all you'll see of this fly-by-night if he's elected.

Screw you, supporters, I'm off to the next batch of suckers.

April 16, 2005 1:22 PM  

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