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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Where Is Mayor Sam?

SamLike any of you prune sucking Jim Hann malcontents really need to know. I've been "on assignment" somewhere else and sadly have not had much time to tend to my blog. But don't fret, I'll be back soon and will be making some changes and upgrades for the better. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, get out there and vote early and often to send Mayor Poopy packing. I am sure I will regret voting for Tony Villar, but what the hell other choice does Mayor Sam have? I doubt it can be worse than what we have right now, and even if it is, it will at least be good for my blog to have you guys here bitching about ADV.

I wish to give major kudos to Chief Parker for keeping the blog going in my stead. He's doing a terrific job.

Now, back to my secret mission. I will be back soon. Go gargle with razor blades and blog away dumbshits.

(PS: Sac Nighties send me an email, I want to talk with you).


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Were you gone? I never noticed...

April 09, 2005 3:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What the hell's with the "promo" car for DWP Mayor Sam? DWP's a monopoly, they don't need PR! At least that's what all the Hahn-haters keep saying.

I don't suppose there's any chance that those DWP flak contracts were for such worthless things as promoting conservation, and intelligent energy and water use. Noble things intended to keep the lights on in the city and the somewhat clean water flowing through the taps while all the county people were crashing their hard drives during brown outs caused by non-DWP providers paying Gray-out Davis-pumped up fees.

April 09, 2005 5:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You asked for it Mayor Sam. You are missed...As Antonio Villaraigosa campaigns for mayor in the Jewish community, he will face the same big question asked by all non-Latino voters: Are you too Mexican?

April 09, 2005 5:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Whoever posted the comment about brown-outs must not live in LA.

Because of David Freeman's knowledge, LA got an exemption and did not seel its power plants, threfore, during the Gray-out, LADWP was a seller, not a buyer of power.

The only problems we suffered were from traffic tie-ups when Beverly Hills, Culver City and Santa Monica's lights went haywire.

April 09, 2005 5:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You won't need to regret voting for ADV, Mayor Sam. He can't and won't win. You won't be a alone in throwing your vote away - but no candidate who's legislative record is so one-sided, and who's future plans for the city so vague (on purpose), can move past his background as an ultra-liberal to connect with the one-third moderate-to-right side of the city enough to get 50+ percent.

Fear will drive them away, and it's justified. Not unreasonable "racist" fear like his handlers will try to show, but fear of an unknown, backed by the harmful "known" that is his pandering, tax-and-spend past.

April 09, 2005 5:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think you missed the "sarcasm" in the post about brownouts, previous poster. Someone should invent one of those little smiley faces that shows when people post with tongue in cheek.

April 09, 2005 5:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You OWN the blog Mayor Sam, don't you have the e-mail addresses of everyone that posts with a screenname?

April 09, 2005 5:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Tic, tic, tic, ADV campaigners... only a few weeks left and still no Eastsiders listed on little Tony's endorsement list under "community leaders."

WHY no LOVE from the activist and the "do-ers" on your home turf, Tony V. This endorsement business is all about scratching backs, ADV -- but apparently the ONLY backs you been scratching have been elsewhere in the city, and out-of-town.

Can someone please explain why Eastside community leaders, especially Latinos, supported Hertzberg (in the primary) and Hahn then and now, in such large numbers.

I can, they know ADV way TOO well to trust him with higher office (sorry the rest of you are relying on BLIND faith). . .

April 09, 2005 5:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

previous poster it's abvious why Antonio doesn't have Latinos on his website. He doesn't want to be associated with Latinos. That will hurt him. He thinks he's white right now and is playing the race card. He doesn't want the blacks to think he'll support his own kind rather then have them lose political power. He'll paint Hahn as a racist for getting rid of the most corrupt Police chief Parks. He thinks that will piss off the blacks but word is it will definitely backfire.

April 09, 2005 6:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

CD 14 go home. We don't want your petty jealousies here.

April 09, 2005 6:04 PM  

Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

You DO have another choice, Mayor Sam. All the Hahn-haters do. I've never been totally pro-Hahn (until the runoff forced it), just AB-ADV®.

So, for anybody on the fence -- or having cold Attention-Deficit Villaraigosa feet -- you can just "deal" with four more years of the Hahn "devil" you do know (or maybe less than four... especially if somebody can actually PROVE graft and corruption, instead of just posting it innuendo-and-out-the-other), and then you get to start over.

During that four years or less, because of all the charges and investigations, HE's under a microscope, and has to walk the straight-and-narrow, regardless. And just to throw a bone to the most rabid Anti-Hahns, you KNOW those probing into all this will work harder and dig deeper to
topple and punish a sitting pol than someone who's already out of office (right Gerald Ford?). If you hate him SO much and think he's SO "corrupt" do you really want to watch him become the revered elder statesman of city politics and regular paid commentator on local news programs (a la Nixon)?

I hate to even mention the alternative -- because someone's going to twist it and say "see, even SacramentoNighties is 'jumping ship' and saying ADV® can win." But, the (VERY slightly possible) alternative is as many as 8 years of a pie-in-the-sky, someday I'll do something good, ADV® administration where he surrounds himself with the level of kool-aid-drinking rabid groupies whose idolizing, win-at-all-costs, devotion level is at the kind of fever-pitch that boring Jim Hahn could never envision in his wildest political wet-dreams.

That's the "devil" you don't know (but CD14 activists do, and are trying like bloody 'ell to warn you about).

Four more years (or less) of the boring and potentially indictable, versus as many as eight years of an LAX-clogging-style, Mooniesque group-speaker who can't be touched or critized without payback (been there, felt that, OUCH).

April 09, 2005 6:29 PM  

Blogger Athena said:

When the Hahn campaign adopts "Vote for Hahn because he might get convicted and then you can get a Mayor you really like" as their new slogan you know things are going pretty badly.

After Sherman Block died, and someone noticed, during the closing days of the runoff with Baca, Zev and the Temple Street Gang made pretty much the same argument for Block.

Didn't work then either.

April 09, 2005 7:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The only brown-out L.A. will experience is the 500,000 Latinos elligible to vote - that means citizens, either not registered to vote or suffering from ADV apathy - that will stay home on election day. Imagine if Tony used a miniscule portion of that $8 million he has spent on himself in the last five years to register and mobilize Latinos. Even Tony's whore buddy Antonio Gonzalez of Southwest Voter Registration Project couldn't screw that up. What did you lose by in 2001 one Parke? 40,000 votes. What will you lose by in 2005, 25,000 votes.

April 09, 2005 7:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

CNN SUN @8;00

So much crime in the 14th that
cnn does a special!!

LA WEEKLY article-- Current
The do nothing LA City Council 2003 Robert Green

April 09, 2005 10:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ysk,tsk, tsk. It's not about four years ago, it's about the last four years.

Hahn's a fraud; someone has pulled back the curtain and seen Wardlaw, Carick and Stein, et al.

It is time to pay the piper.

April 09, 2005 10:34 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You don't think that CNN Homicide in Hollenbeck is going to make Antonio look bad? It sure will because we all know that he hasn't given a damn about his own district. The fact that a major station has to come in and show him and the rest of the city what's going on is pretty sad.

April 09, 2005 10:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

ATHENA, Much better that the Villaraigosa campaign adopt this slogan:

"Elect ADV to an even higher office, this time he might ACTUALLY get something done"

(They could even re-use for FUTURE campaigns, again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

April 09, 2005 11:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Could be 10:34, but whenever Anti-Antonio people want to talk about the last TWO YEARS or his career, his groupie supporters keep wanting to pop us all back in a time machine to 1999 (the last time they "think" he may have actually accomplished anything), and pretend that counts for doing nothing since.

("pull back the curtain," "time to pay the piper..." you need to get some new allusions and update references, those get posted here about once a day. How about taking a creative writing class at a city college before you pop back in, Hemingway)

April 09, 2005 11:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Harriman/Athena, you just don't seem to be up to this snide retort business... all your digs back at ADV-haters like SacNights end up getting turned back around even worse on ADV (since his recent job performance is by far the most lacking of the two).

I doubt the hubbie's happy with that performance, and just think of the ammo its providing for any real "Hahn" people nosing around here!!

April 09, 2005 11:26 PM  

Blogger Anon-in-the-know said:

SacNights was just trying to give Mayor Sam a somewhat logical out (and already said he/she's not a "Hahn" person, so I doubt SN's writing slogans for Hahn -- just Anti-ADV). It's obvious from his last post message and absence, that Villaraigosa isn't exactly making Yorty's heart skip a bit... which was the case for almost 70 percent of the people who bothered to vote in the primary.

Other than the dedicated 25-30 minority that always vote for Antonio, most of the others that might go for him are only heading that direction because he's "not" Hahn, like Mayor Sam's sentiment. That's not exactly the kind of rallying cry that will get hordes to rush to the polls for him next month, or even put a stamp on an absentee application.

The last time that was tried was just last year (Yes, he IS just John Kerry, but at LEAST he's not Bush).

(To quote Athena); "Didn't work then either."

April 09, 2005 11:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

We seem to be at a huge standoff (for PC reasons, won't say what kind), here at the Blog when it comes to proving things.

Hahn-haters can't actually PROVE he's don't anything CORRUPT in the past four years.

ADV-lovers can't actually PROVE he's done anything CONSTRUCTIVE in the past two.

The two groups don't have identical memberships, even though there's obviously a huge overlap. But, there is a big difference in their approaches now. The first won't give up trying to paint Hahn as dirty regardless, while the second group has pretty much given up on making ADV seem competent.

April 09, 2005 11:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Your secret mission was already exposed on the blog, Mayor Sam, you're researching for Hertzberg whether a write-in campaign can be floated for a runoff general election.

Can't blame you, but it's a lost cause.

April 10, 2005 12:09 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

At least Mayor Sam calls Villaraigosa ADV - Attention Deficient Villar... can't be all bad.

If someone can get Jim Hahn to wear adult diapers, will you stop calling him Mayor Poopy? (Although the way ADV's boyish good looks have been starting to slip since he passed the big 5-0, maybe he'll be Mayor Droopy, soon?)

April 10, 2005 12:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

WHERE IS MAYOR SAM? No, where is Antonio Villaraigosa? According to the heading for his latest campaign e-mail he's "on the move."

His campaign people really must be the Kings of Denial, because they really don't get this business about staying away from certain "code" words and phrases that help to betray Tony's own weaknesses. But there it is in the cry for cash:

"We're on the move"

Even a fence-sitter could have fun with that one -- Tony V. who quickly moved into CD14 from his decade-long home in CD1 to run for council, who's already got campaigns funds collecting to run for a state seat next year, and they blindly use "on the MOVE."

How come they just don't see how foolish and fly-by-night this makes them look (even after Hahn made hay with it in the last debate).

Good campaign people are realistic enough about their own candidate's Achilles' heels not to keep pulling his socks down and putting a spotlight on them. GOOD ones are. . .

April 10, 2005 12:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"droopy" - funny, but I remember the good old days, a month or so ago, when ADV was the "hamburglar."

April 10, 2005 12:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

LAT makes it look like Hahn won the debate yesterday. Going after Antonio's record is the way to do it. What a sissy Antonio is! He had to have Parks sitting in audience to help him and he didn't help. Another lie Antonio stated on the record...LAT I was involved at 15 in creating a Black Student Union chapter at my high school." LIE LIE LIE. He was busy being a racist and looking into the MECHA movement. Why didn't he say that? A black member asked," would Antonio put black people secondary to the needs of Latinos?" YES HE WILL, YES HE WILL, YES HE WILL. He'll appoint cocaine addict, hooker lover Mike Hernandez higher. He'll appoint corrupt, cocaine addict and sleaze bag Richard Alatorre to a position. Hey, where's Gameboy Padilla? Pussy, doesn't have the balls to come out. He's up for his seat as president and with 9 council members supporting Hahn he better hurry and decide. Talk about weak, poor leadership.

April 10, 2005 7:59 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Does the LA Times love Antonio or what? He's get involved in a fist fight at an event in El Pueblo - he and the other guy have to be pulled apart in front of a LAT reporter - and nothing in the newspaper. Can you imagine if it was Hahn!

April 10, 2005 9:04 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

When this this fight happen? Who was the reporter? We need to call and let them know. Bet it was that Jessica Villargarrison his groupie follower

April 10, 2005 10:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

MEAT you loser here's the info on neighborhood watches from LAPD.
Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is the cornerstone of the LAPD’s crime prevention strategy. It enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce crime in communities throughout the city.

The Neighborhood Watch program was pioneered by the Los Angeles Police Department to educate community residents regarding their roles and responsibilities in the prevention of crime, and to encourage them to take active measures to prevent crime. The program calls upon residents to step forward and assist the police in organizing the community into a cohesive unit working toward the goal of building a safer, crime-free neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch groups discuss neighborhood crime problems with the objective of developing solutions to local problems. Los Angeles Police Officers supply crime information to neighborhood watch organizations and instruct these groups in various crime prevention techniques
Getting Organized
Contacts the police department or local crime prevention organization for help in training members in home security and reporting skills and for information on local crime patterns
Selects a coordinator and block captains who are responsible for organizing meetings and relaying information to members
Recruits members, keeps up-to-date on new residents and makes special efforts to involve the elderly, working parents, and young people
Works with local government and law enforcement to put up Neighborhood Watch signs, usually after at least 50 percent of all households in a neighborhood are enrolled

Funny I haven't seen ONE Neighborhood Watch sign although AV says he created 80. Interesting LAPD officers don't know where there at even though they are the ones that should be informed of them.

April 10, 2005 11:05 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh NO! It's down to 79 (invisible) new neighborhood watches -- one had a heart attack watching ADV lie during the last debate.

April 10, 2005 11:20 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ouch, now it's down to 78 (invisible) watches. CD14 field staff forgot to tell Antonio they were counting the Pope as one of them. You see, even though he didn't live in the district, Catholics (even conveniently timely, recently reformed ones) believe God "watches over all of us," and the Pope IS (or, was) God's emmisary on earth.

Boy the number's falling fast (like WAL-MART)... by May 17 it will probably be down in the single digits, and all that will be left will be the 2 or 3 REAL new NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES (his field staff sat in on meetings for with LAPD officers who REALLY started them).


April 10, 2005 11:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anybody see a connection here? A piece of land in Northeast Los Angeles about to be purchased by the LAUSD for a high school is suddenly bought by a developer. The site is on the border of Davide Tokofsky's district and Villaraigosa's favorite, Jose Huizar's district. For two years the LAUSD were working this site and just before making their bid along comes developer Richard Muerello and buys the 23 acre site.

And, now, the same Richard Muerello has announced he is contributing over $63,000 to an IE supporting Antonio Villaraigosa's bid for mayor.


April 10, 2005 12:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


There you have it, Carrick and Kuwata, Hahn's campaign slogan in the Valley.

It's no wonder Parke doesn't want Tony to debate anymore. Every debate has got to be costing him 3 to 5 points. At this rate, the race will be over in a couple of weeks. Just in time for Hahn's knockout blow.

April 10, 2005 1:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Richard M. stands to make a 5 million dollar profit on the general public and it only costs him $63K? Don't expect any stories on this from the LAT. This story will also implicate Jose Huizar, that's all the Latino community needs, another tainted leader. Do you know who else is on Richard M.'s payroll, Fernandez and Ayon, the two guys that did that bogus exit poll by LMU. Fernadez is the director of Los Angeles Studies at LMU while serving as Richard M.'s lobbyist. Just as Fernando was on Richard Alatorre's payroll. Connecting all the dots here?

April 10, 2005 1:48 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, Jose Huizar the LAUSD school board president, re-elected just a couple of weeks ago and already running for the vacant seat (?) when Antonio becomes mayor(??!!). And isn't Antonio telling everybody including the unions that Huizar will be his man in the northeast.

Why did Richard Muerello choose to buy this piece of land now? Let' be honest" he's going to flip it and get LAUSD to buy it at a huge profit for himself. That's worth giving Antonio over $60,000 in IE money. And Antonio has the "unmitigated gall" to denounce Hahn for pay to play.

April 10, 2005 2:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Are you paying attention, L.A. Times? - or does the A stand for Antonio?

Can we expect to see a story on this Jessica?

April 10, 2005 2:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Unmitigated gall!" How long did it take you to train Tony on this one, Parke?

I'm surprised Tony stopped himself before going on to say, "Tony wants a cracker." But why want a cracker when you can be one instead? How's your Latino community endorsement list coming along, Tony? If anyone, Latinos can spot a parrot a mile away.

April 10, 2005 3:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The engineers and architects association have been told by Tony that Huizar is the man to replace him in CD14. (And Tony had the "unmitigated gall" to blast Hahn for "measuring the drapes at City Hall before the election.") And there is Tony already with his heir apparent lined up for the eastside. Well, I think Jose and Tony better explain why their friend has screwed the people of the Northeast and the LAUSD out of some land on San Fernando Road before making too many more plans.

April 10, 2005 4:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

av haters should take their meds immediately before they explode with hate.

April 10, 2005 7:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Guilt by association. This is Antonio's best friend. The few days Antonio is in council there's Richard.....Return of Richard Alatorre
The cover story in CityBeat charts the "terrible rise, fall, and slow resurrection" of the former Eastside power broker Richard Alatorre. Chip Jacobs writes that Alatorre could have been a contender, but for the cocaine, the unreported cash, the house arrest and the squabble over custody of a young girl. He was one of the smartest on the city council and the candidate for mayor who Ricard Riordan most feared in 1993, Jacobs says

April 10, 2005 8:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

viewed this evening.

HOLLENBECK was code for Boyle Heights, What a daming piece of truth.
Well City now you can all know the do nothing Councilman the 14th district has, and what can happen to the city under him.

Father Boyle and Valley-ra-gosa support each other 100%. What they have in common is they do not believe in supporting the good families and the good people of the community just the gang bangers that terrize the community, Also they both love the cameras and the lime lite.

So now the rest of the city can start to know Antonio a little better. To see the program was to see the truth about this man and his do nothing style.Scarry.

April 10, 2005 9:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Boyle and El Sereno. Yes, very alarming, but the special almost made some of the ganbangers look like heroes of sort.

What was missing? No reference whatsoever to city government or the council "lider" -- the one who now wants to be mayor of the whole city.

First time in two years Villaraigosa has missed being in front of a TV camera, and no one needs to wonder why. What could he say? "It's bad, and I've done nothing about it!?

April 10, 2005 10:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"av haters should take their meds immediately..."

Dimwit, there is no medicine short of the "blind faith" you swallow whole that would turn people with their eyes opne into the lovesick ADV groupies like you.

If it isn't pure "faith" -- say what he's done in two years?

April 10, 2005 10:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The people who swiped the Taylor Yard school area have contributed heavily to independent expenditure funds fo ADV campaign. Are you serious? The high school kids in the Northeast are sitting on top of each other at area high schools, and they pull this fast one - must be with Tony V's blessing.

At least Belmont was a stupid mistake -- this is a backroom bushwack job, with the current CM and his appointed heir helping work the 3-card Monty deal.

April 10, 2005 10:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The APPOINTED Heir has lost a lot of support and respect since his tie to AV.No one will ever look at him the same in the 14th.

So where was the councilman??.Not there in front of the camers on the CNN Hollenbeck piece. WHY he always is.

April 10, 2005 10:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Not a single mention of the City of L.A. government in the entire hour piece on gangs... only LAPD, and a one-liner about City Council doubling the reward for murder info (to $50,000).

They won't pay to get more cops out theire to prevent or investigate these homicides - not in any REAL necessary numbers, but they'll continue to throw larger sums as rat gangbangers to reward them for snitching.

What ever happend to an "ounce of prevention?"

April 10, 2005 11:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The guy who pops in and pretends to be the councilmember for a few months before running national campaigns and mayoral challenges for a living doesn't GET to APPOINT his replacements.

I NOMINATE "Sacramento Nighties" - at least he/she/it doesn't need someone else's one-liner soundbyte cue cards to know what thinks. (Even if that is Pacheco... which would be the FIRST time MEAT was ever right about something or someone in CD14!)

April 10, 2005 11:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Too bad MEAT doesn't live in CD14, he could run himself. Wait, that doesn't matter, Villaraigosa never LIVED in CD14 until a couple weeks before he decided to challenge Pacheco, either.

(And, PLEASE, don't tell me that tired old lie about Tony V. being redistricted "out" of CD14 intentionally. To be moved "out" you have to first be "in" -- and he NEVER was). Another "blame the other buy" Tony Big Lie.

April 10, 2005 11:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Typically, one-sided threads. All the city blogs covering Mayor's race reported some weeks ago that Hahn's campaign had something to do with forging endorsements from Rabbis and Jewish leader before primary - especially Chief Parker's Sissy City.

But NO mention here, now, days after other blogs have owned up -- by these moderators that the Rabbi making the original charge has recanted and now does NOT blame Hahn campaign

Your bias is clear, your endorsement is posted, but you do your "rep" no good by ignoring things like this when others point them out:


April 10, 2005 11:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Where was Antonio when CNN covered massive number of homicides in 2/3 or his district this year?

Bet they don't even make a statement -- HUNDREDS of words via e-mail this week on (latest) status of delays on small parks and open space near where he lives -- not even 15 WORDS e-mailed to communities on things they will, can, might, are even thinking about doing re: gangs, and dead young people lying bleeding at their feet.

Stop asking people to open there pocket books for $8 million man ADV, Park Skeleton, and tell HIM to open his eyes to the misery and fear that the other 81 percent of his district lives in - in Hollenbeck!

Hahn was MIA somewhere, Tony, stop pointing to others. From now on I call you MIA-DV!

You would be MAYOR Mission in Action, too.

April 11, 2005 12:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Okay, there have been about a dozen or so Anti-Villaraigosa rants in a row, here. Isn't it about time for a Hahn-hater to pop in quickly and say "you guys need to take a pill and chill" or "get a life" or "Tony will be mayor, get used to it" (or some similar, cogent debate response).

Which Hahn-hating chapter is on call for this blog tonight?

April 11, 2005 12:02 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"...take a pill and chill" - is that the best ADV lovers can do. Let's hear a defense of your boy. Let's hear a response to the homicides in CD14 - wasn't Antonio going to do better than Pacheco on crime.

And now, a Villaraigosa supporter pumping in over $62000 to elect Tony mayor has bought a LAUSD school site from under the districts nose. And in an area than would serve children from Villaraigosa's district. What does Huizar know about this?

April 11, 2005 12:17 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You guys can blog away all night and day, but nothing you say or do can change the spots on the leopard. Jim Hahn is an absentee Mayor who shows up from time to time to cut a ribbon, have lunch and go home.

Every four years for the last twenty-four, he has come out of his shell and campaigned for a couple of months, then gone back to hibernation and rested while his minions, unsupervised, looted the city and ran rampant.

Now, with about five weeks to go in the campaign of his life, he is showing some signs of conciousness.

But don't be deceived, look at the polls, look at his listless fundraising, look at his lack of meaningful endorsements, look at all the folks he has had to fire after they were caught manipulating contract awards or over billing, and look at him. Closely. The people of this City have, and he is found wanting.

He is a dead man walking.

April 11, 2005 1:54 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Go gargle with razor blades and blog away dumbshits."

My, my, Mayor Sam, a little touchy, are we?

April 11, 2005 3:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Voters are beginning to know what Antonio's record was in assembly supporting gang members. Even people in his CD14 who voted for hm 8 weeks ago were shocked. He won't get those same votes. With the high homicide rate in South LA and now Boyle Heights and Antonio supporting gangs he can kiss those votes good-bye. Blacks won't vote for a Latino mayor and especially one who doesn't support public safety. CNN Homicide in Hollenbeck made AV look bad. That's his terriority and he was MIA AGAIN

April 11, 2005 7:36 AM  

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