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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Chamber Endorses Hahn

ChamberThe Big endorsement Hahn was showcasing today -- isn't Arnold. Not a former president or Governor.

But the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

The same chamber that was around when I was chief, probably the same old crabby guys too.

Tony Villar was endorsed by the feisty City Controller Laura Chick today.

I have a question to the Hahn campaign -- How much did your campaign pay Kam Kuwata?

He is your campaign spokesman isn't he?

Please have someone kindly respond on this blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

John Ferraro says:

They didn't have enough confidence in him to endorse him for the primary? Looks like they really wanted Bob. That's not an endorsement, that's an embarrassment.

Wasn't that press conference scheduled for 2:00 p.m.? And your post is exactly 2:00 p.m.? You should at least post things like this at 2:01. Yusef's going to get pissed.

March 10, 2005 3:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow - huge endorsement...maybe they'll roll out the Fresno chamber next.

March 10, 2005 3:19 PM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

March 10, 2005 3:40 PM  

Blogger Chief Parker said:


You were a kid wet behind his ears when i first met you at the old Olympic boxing arena.

As for Yusef, I think i can handle him.

Before Yusef gets mad at me, he needs to get a haircut.

March 10, 2005 3:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

man alive. you bloggers are either autistic or egoistic or both.

Laura chick will motivate her secretary and her husband to vote for hahn.

The C of C will motivate people with money (unlike me and just abuot every piss poor blogger) to give big $$$ to hahn and to do independent expenditures.

Villaraigosa is gonna have a tough time raising money, maybe laura chick can sell her sarapes for him?

Hahn just grabbed a nice slice of the center and its bucks.

watch wardlaw and learn something.

March 10, 2005 3:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

boy are you out of the loop

March 10, 2005 3:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


To the above poster who said Antonio is going to have a "tough" time raising money.

Do you want to define what that means in terms of numbers.

Will he raise 1.8 million?

Are you saying Hahn will raise it faster?

Let's play this game, so i can watch you lose the money game. If you choose to play of course.

blog away

March 10, 2005 3:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Someone needs to tell Janice to stop blogging and stick to her harvest crusade.

Only a sister could think that slim Jim will outraise AV. Let's see Hahn was raising money for TWO YEARS and only raised about 700,000 more than AV who was seriously raising money for only 5 months.

What will happen in the next ten weeks is AV will get a ton of love money from folks who will never give to Jim. Then all those who give to Jim will also give to AV to cover their bets. Jim will have to sell the store to Juli Butcher to make up the difference through Independent Expenditures...oh wait, he already gave the store to Butcher.

Oh and another thing. Chick's endorsement means much more than the C 0f C. Her approval ratings are through the roof all over the city, but especially in the Valley. She starts stumping for AV in the Valley and she gives the huggybear voters a good reason for supporting AV.

Maybe she will give one of her Sarapes to Jim as a good bye gift.

March 10, 2005 4:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Keep dreaming honey. Chick's ratings went way down with that sleazy memo she gave the bullies at her home that she did on city time. The Valley are already worried about whether houses will start being painted purple because of ADV's people he'll let in once the flood gates of illegals come pouring through LA with a Latino mayor. Word is spreading fast citywide that if ADV can't even take care of his own district and there is so much discontent how the hell can he run a city. Those who held back speaking out are now making up for lost time.

March 10, 2005 4:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Maybe 10 voters in the City care about that memo. She brings over lots of women voters, who by the way, make up the majority of voters in the City.

Lastly, we can all tell from Tuesday's results that people are leaving Antonio's side in droves.

March 10, 2005 5:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm born and raised and still live in the Valley. The great 12th district. There is no way in hell us good white people of the valley would elect a beaner. Some folks already want to take the white flight out to Simi Valley or Santa Clarita because of some of the scum that has moved in. But most of us are willing to fight to keep our Valley clean. We in district 12 and District 3 welcome a wonder bread white mayor. AV go back to mexico and run for mayor over there in the third world where you and your beaner family belong!!

March 10, 2005 5:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

A lot of you Antonio posters are not very good political strategists (although I know you think you are). The mayor has Labor and now big business, the Chamber. If that isn't a confirmation of somebody who can bring different and somewhat opposing groups together, what is? Surely Tony (and his dupes) would be very pleased with such endorsements if he could have done what Hahn has now accomplished.

March 10, 2005 5:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

5:19PM Anonymous- You are right on the money. My friends and I are members of the West Hills Senior Center. We voted for BOB. WE loved him. He was just like our grandson. We were sad he didn't make it,but now all our support and that of our friends and family are going to Hahn. At least we can pronounce his name.

March 10, 2005 5:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

WATCH OUT EVERYONE. LA will soon become the next Lil Tijuana. If you don't believe me take a drive into Boyle Heights. The area has illegal vendors every where. There are sometimes 10 on one block and Antonio thinks they are just trying to make a living. Most blocks have clothes hanging in the front yards with crap being sold. This will soon filter out to the westside and the valley.

March 10, 2005 5:52 PM  

Blogger SacramentoNighties said:

Speaking of powerful endorsements. . . Just in case anyone in the Attention-Deficit Villaraigosa camp thinks having Dead-Yorty et al. pick your boy this time is a "cool" -you might want to scroll down the Blog and view their list of primary endorsements/preferences from last week and how they faired this past Tuesday. In addition to 3rd place Hertzberg, the Mayor Sam nod in nearly every other seriously "contested" race also went to an also-ran... Vahedi, Bornstein, Grunwald-A., (and the as-yet undecided 11th?). Obviously, their political "savvy" also died back when things were "groovy" (baby). If Mayor Sam is REALLY so anti-Hahn, better "endorse" HIM (Jim). Then he's sure to lose.

5/17 - Hahn: 51.5; ADVĀ®: 48.5 (tic, tic, tic...)

March 11, 2005 7:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This race is about whether Los Angeles is ready to adopt the views of Mecha since Tony "The Mechista" a member of this racist club if elected will take L.A back to Aztlan.

March 12, 2005 8:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Be ready for the flood gates of illegal immigration to come to LA if ADV is mayor. ADV supports gangs, illegal vendors and if you read the LAT today you can see he doesn't give a damn about Boyle Heights where the city is evicting residents illegally for the new police station. They have had community meetings for 2 yrs and ADV staffer has been at everyone. Yet, not one word from ADV. He's never in his own district expect for press conferences.

March 12, 2005 10:02 AM  

Anonymous The Angelino said:

Hahn receieved both Labor and business endorsement but...Labor leaders are making excuses for Mayor Jim Hahn's marginal support from union members on Tuesday. Union leadership blames Los Angeles' rank and file membership's devotion to Antonio Villaraigosa.

March 12, 2005 11:45 AM  

Blogger Halogirlfromcity said:

The rank and file see for theirselves what is going on in the City. I for one have spoken to my own co-workers and Hahn gets no respect. Many of us have seen the lack of leadership, integrity and ethics. If employees could vote Hahn would lose by a wide margin.

March 12, 2005 3:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

halopgirlfromthecity aka Mrs. Ruiz who got her ass fire for sucking up to Tony who did not even support her for public works position. Mrs. Ruiz shut-up and keep kissing tony ass you dip-sh_t.

March 12, 2005 5:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yeah Cynthia Ruiz must really be pissed at Antonio cause now he's endorsed Jose Huizar for the CD14 seat if he wins mayor. Cynthia wanted to run for that same seat. Cynthia, Jessica Villagarrison and Maeta Gold are all dumb groupie women who ADV have promised them all attention. Its insecure women like this who make idiots of themselves praising a lying, cheating, classless man.

March 13, 2005 7:44 AM  

Blogger Halogirlfromcity said:

Above poster, you are the idiot because you don't have your facts together. You also don't know what went on behind the scenes to get Ruiz fired. If you did then you would know who is giving who blow jobs. You are the ignorant one and I can't wait for Hahn to get his pathetic ass out of City Hall. ABH as I keep on saying. I also think Ruiz would better serve the City as part of AV's administration. She did a great job at PW Board and has the potential to bring stability and professionalism to an office that so far has none. Why would she want to be Council of CD14 when she could be the Mayor's right hand person?

Hahnista... keep putting down everyone but Hahn but know that Hahn has folks jumping ship as we speak and is losing support daily. Wait for the upcoming week to see who leaves his administration.

March 13, 2005 12:25 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Who ever is jumping off the Hahn band wagon must be some worthless shit. Also, to all the Villariagosa dumbshit followers remember four years ago that night you dreams became a nightmare. Do not blame Jim Hahn for the Vignali commercial blame dip-shit Mechista Villariagosa. For, several thousand dollars from Vagnali he wrote the letter. If, Mechista would have pass the bar exam that he failed 4 times, 4 times, 4 times, he would not had wrote the letter that ended his dreams four year ago, and will end his dreams again May 17, 2005. Hey, when you ago People Law School, Head of the ACLU, and member of Mecha what do you expect? A Rocket Science yeah right! Just a Chole baby Raider Style!

March 13, 2005 4:48 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Halogirlfromthecity why don't you tell people your real name aka Mrs. Cythnia Ruiz. Hey I give you credit unlike punk ass Meat who denies he's MEAT. Mrs. Ruiz if you're so great then why is dip-shit Jimmy the F_ck Head Blackman Chief of Staff? I will define Mrs. Ruiz, Blackman, and Meat job under Mayor Tony "The Mechista" Villariagosa. Mrs. Ruiz will use her right hand for whatever Tony needs including picking his butt, nose, or may-be a hand job with her right hand. Michael "Meat" Trujillo Chief of Head Job. Jimmy Blackman will still be in 69er position waiting for Tony to enter.

March 13, 2005 4:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

AT least Parks Jr. did the right thing and took a leave of absence to work on his dad's campaign. Jimmy Blackman worked throught Antonio's campaign along with ADV's staffers all paid for with our tax dollars. ADV is crying like a baby don't let Hahn say anything bad about me after ADV has slammed Hahn for months. Someone please give ADV some balls and tell him start acting like a MAN.

March 13, 2005 5:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow...Antonio has no balls?

Let's try to compare them to Jimmyboy's.

Naw, we'd have to call his Mom, his sister and his ex to find out who has them now...not worth the trouble.

March 13, 2005 6:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Attention Deficit Villaraigosa thought he would get a lot of the black vote because of Bitter Bernie. WRONG. Hahn got more of the black votes. Now ADV thinks because Burke endorsed him he'll get black votes. WRONG. Word is in South Central hate her because she allowed KING/DREW to deterioriate. Why hasn't "Gameboy Padilla" come out yet? He's suppose to be a leader of council yet is acting his immature age and afraid to step up. I hope council doesn't re-elect him president. He's proven this year alone what a whimp, immature, high schooler he is.

March 14, 2005 9:21 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

To the 4:58 pm poster, you got some nerve saying the things you are saying. Get a life buddy. Who the hell are you, Hal "My wife is an illegal alien" Netkin? You sound like him saying all that crap about "mechista" Villaraigosa. LOSER!!!

March 14, 2005 8:25 PM  

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