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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

Monday is both Cesar Chavez Day as well as the LA County Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.  With no disrespect to Mr. Chavez (who would actually be rolling over in his grave over some of today's politics) you can imagine where all the politicians will be and where the parades are.  Still a small but dedicated group of volunteers held a picnic in honor of Vietnam Veterans in North Hollywood Sunday.

Video Louis recaps parking meters in NoHo over at Downtown NoHo Times .  Politicians who have raised parking fees in Los Angeles might want to note that when the same thing was done in Chicago residents smashed the meters (not that we suggest this at all in Los Angeles).  Also, if you park at anMTA parking lot to patronize local businesses, you better buy a bus or train ticket.

Saturday I opined about the folly of "Earth Hour" yet another emotional sans reason effort to perpetuate environmental based malarkey.  Though the lights were out at my house (as they usually are while I am blogging) it appears that even though the media declared a major success , it was actually a failure across LA (despite Mayor V showing up for a photo op at LA Live) according to both the LA Times and Daily News Even the lights stayed on at Al Gore's house.  Maybe the media will learn this type of propagandizing is why no one buys newspapers any longer.

Richard Riordan is a RINO Republican who endorsed Barack Obama and has been a big booster of the Kennedy Republican.  Despite that, the former Mayor is opposing the shady state budget ballot measures going to voters in May.

As the race for Governor heats up next year, Republican candidates plan to run away from and not to Governor Schwarzenegger according to the LA Times. Media strategist Don Sipple tells the paper "People think the Schwarzenegger experience didn't work out so well, and they're going to be looking for something very different."

This would never happen in LA but in New York a group of hawt women have dressed up in vintage costumes to travel the subways and offer transit information.  However, the New York Transit Authority wants to put the kibosh on the girls' service claiming "copyright infringement."

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mayor V in Another Celebrity Photo Op

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa w/ Will.i.Am, Big Boy on Day of service from Erik Garcia on Vimeo.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Sunday

For some reason the folks at Metroblogging are down on children.  First David Markland disses the Girl Scouts and their cookies.  Now Chal Pivik plans not to procreate thanks to wild teenagers in Silver Lake.

We know a little about anoymous blogging.  That's why I have to say that it was completely wrong for an Alaskan State Legislator to blow the cover on an anony-blogger in the 49th state even if that blogger was spreading trash about Sarah Palin.  Mike Doogan, himself a writer, sent an email blast to his supporters claiming to identify the blogger behind Alaska Muckraker, an anti-Palin site.

I told you the Earth Hour was really much ado about nothing.  Looks like most cities hardly dimmed for the event as seen in the video below.

Some of the ugliest apartments ever built are renting for $4,000 to $5,000 a month in Universal City.  From Curbed LA.

A friend of the daughter of Vice President Joe Biden says he has her on tape snorting coke.  From Gateway Pundit.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Calling all libertarian minded Angelenos!

In the past week, I have been posting videos and original pieces here on Mayor Sam's exposing the corruption in our monetary system that could inevitably lead our country into an age of a police state. Orwellian overtones aside, I have been attempting to show the readers a new way to think, like Morpehus of The Matrix movies. I can't force you to see the truth; I can only show you the path.

'Mayor Sam' Higby and I have been emailing each other over the last few days to address the concerns of those of you who feel that national politics is not what Mayor's Sam's is about. I respect this view and have decided how to address it.

Higby has promised that he will soon create a new site dedicated to national and international material with which I'm sure I'll be involved. In addition, I'd like to recruit YOUR help in returning our country to the people by sharing your stories about how national politics affects you and your neighborhood.

Also, I will be using my own blog The Centrist OC to store all pertinent information and open discussion. If you would like to join my blogpen, please contact me by email at editor@thecentristoc.com.

I'm also looking for people to tell their stories about how the recession has affected them for a YouTube project showing the real effects of corporate greed.

Please join me in taking our country back for the people!

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Why Does David Markland Hate the Girl Scouts?

Girl Scout Cookie sales are down this year and blogger David Markland, also known as CEMETERY WHITE GUY (CWG),  isn't helping.  Markland, on his Twitter page, is directing folks to a website with recipes for making your own versions of the classic snacks, saying "Who needs the Girl Scouts?"

David Markland, why do you hate the Girl Scouts?

ABC7 reports some 40,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies remain unsold in Los Angeles.

Gift of Caring

Girl Scouts have been selling cookies as a fundraiser for nearly 90 years.  Profits earned from the sales of cookies fund an amazing number of programs that really develop the young girls into leaders.  Its the very best of volunteerism and civic involvement.  An interesting fact, is that though Girl Scout Cookie sales is a nationwide tradition, all of the profits earned locally stay locally with the regional council and the local troop.  The national Girl Scout organization earns it revenues from a license fee paid by the bakers contracted to manufacture the cookies.  Also, the cookies are trans-fat free. The Girl Scouts' website has a comprehensive FAQ about cookie sales.

If you want to help the Girl Scouts reach their goals and buy some more cookies, visit Valley of the Doll or Valley Doll's Twitter page for updates later. Or you can go to the Girl Scout Cookie Booth Locator by clicking here.

Here are a few selected booths operating the rest of the weekend (there are many, many more)
  • Ralphs at Ventura and Vineland in Studio City/North Hollywood until 6:00 p.m. tonight
  • Western Bagel at 19500 Plummer in Northridge until 5:00 p.m. tonight 
  • Trader Joe's at 9290 Culver in Culver City until 4:00 p.m. tonight
  • Bristol Farms at 606 Fair Oaks in South Pasadena from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. tonight
  • Studio City Farmers' Market at Ventura and Laurel Canyon from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Sunday
Perhaps Markland has an opportunity to redeem himself however, he has already offered to purchase some Samoas this weekend.  Maybe a few cases David?

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I Want My Carbon Offsets!

Saturday night is something called Earth Hour where we are all encouraged to turn off the lights for an hour to apparently "make a statement."

I was invited to an Earth Hour party and today on my cell phone got an SMS via Evite that the party was cancelled.  If a Google search generates 7 grams of  CO2 how much does an Earth Hour party evite times 100 guests including invitation, responses, reminders and cancellation?

When I'm working, writing, on the computer, etc. - event at the office - I prefer minimal light.  At home while blogging I typically only see by the light of the computer monitor and turn on and off lights as I pass through rooms.  I bet doing that everyday saves a lot more energy than one Earth Hour party!

I also walk to work everday, generally driving my car at most two to three times a week.  I last filled up the tank on March 8th and I have about a third of a tank left (mainly due to two business related trips to the Westside/South Bay earlier in the month and a trip to Gardena for a memorial service last weekend). Even when I do drive, mostly on the weekends, it's almost always patronizing businesses in my zip code.

I also use cloth grocery bags.  I got started on that shopping at HOWS but my collection now includes Ralphs, Walgreens and Superior Produce Market. I keep enough of them in the car, buy extras when I need and always chastise the checkers "Yes I want you to use the cloth bag and not the plastic or paper."

So all of these things are helping the environment and saving me money, time, hassles, etc.

Don't make a "statement" by going to a party to be cool.  Make a statement by living your life.  Ed Begley, Jr. is one of the few environmental activists who actually practices what he preaches.

Which leads me to the conclusion - why must we have the government force us to do these things?

Who do I send my invoice for my carbon offsets to?

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Krekorian Issues Statement

Last night we reported intense chatter that Assembly Member Paul Krekorian (D-Burbank) was considering running for the soon to be vacated CD2 seat.

The Krekorian camp just offered us this statement:

"Assembly Member Krekorian is flattered that so many of his constituents have suggested the idea that he represent them on the City Council in an area that was so well served for many years by Wendy Greuel. But he remains committed to making lives better for the people of his district by improving the state of education, public safety and the environment. That is his job right now and that continues to be his priority."

So we may parse that as he's not running; on the other hand I sense if enough of you Krekorian fans push him, he may do it.


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Monsanto destroying U.S. food supply, manipulating farmers: angry now?

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Why aren't you angry yet?

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Friday

Is Burbank based Assemblyman Paul Krekorian going to announce he is running to replace Wendy Greuel on the City Council? That was the buzz around  town Thursday evening.  Stay tuned!

Celeste Fremon thinks that it would be a good idea to change the City Charter so that His Imperialness Bill Bratton can serve ad infinitum as LAPD chief.  One wonders how consistent an old lefty like Celeste is and did she favor the Christoper Commission's term limits back when Daryl Gates was chief? I am also curious if Celeste thinks that the Police Chief should be dabbling in partisan and electoral politics, again much in contravention of the findings of the panel that sought to reform the LAPD in the wake of the Rodney King beating.  This is no different than the Republicans who were aghast at FDR's election to four terms and sought to change the constitution to prevent that from happening again.  Yet, when those very same term limits meant no more Ike after 1961, they wanted to change the game again.  Fortuanately, Ike was smart enough to know that was wrong.

Zach Behrens notes that Obama California campaign manager and Measure B godfather Mitchell Schwartz thinks there was a message in the defeat of the controversial proposition and hopes that LA's leaders take the hint. “When something that should be very popular doesn’t pass, it is a wakeup call to the mayor and the City Hall establishment," Schwartz told  Daniel Heimpel at the LA Weekly.

No wonder some of the "umbrella organizations" over Neighborhood Councils get scant participation from all but a fingerful of NC members citywide. Perhaps folks don't see these organizations as ready for "prime time." A recent notice I got from the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition said "The LANCC meets on the first Saturday of each month: MEETING SATURDAY, MARCH 28TH."  Now, yes, I did graduate from LAUSD but I am pretty sure that March 28th is not the first Saturday of the month.

Now we know why the City has made significant increases to parking meter rates and cut back on hours you can park, severely impacting local business and residents: there's gold in them thar hills! Friday the Clowncil will transfer $56 million from a parking meter fund surplus to help cover the City's budget deficit.

The LA Times reports that Bergamot Station art museum in Santa Monica could be a victim of the Expo Rail Line.  Local NIMBYs want the legendary location to be used as a maintenance yard for the line, instead of a nearby industrial property that is within the NIMBY's line of site.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clearing the Field

Sources tell the Sister City that San Fernando Valley Assembly Member and Assistant Majority Leader Paul Krekorian (D-Burbank) will seek the unexpired City Council term of Wendy Greuel who was elected to serve as Los Angeles City Controller effective July 1st.  We are awaiting official confirmation from Krekorian's staff who have not yet responded to our inquiries.
If true, this clearly represents a game changing move in the race to succeed Greuel.  Krekorian would instantly become the front runner and clear much of the current field  The Assembly Member has fought to preserve the entertainment industry in California and would likely have significant support from that sector, a major force in CD2. Recently, he's been working to extend unemployment benefits.  Krekorian, who formerly served on the Burbank School Board, is a well spoken and likable politician who will do very well in the CD2 race, much of which he already represents in the Assembly. 

Imagine, we have the very strong possibility of having two members of the City Council who are both named Paul, have the last initial K, served in the State Legislature and started off as elected officials in cities other than Los Angeles.

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Jake Byrd Gives Gloria Allred What For

Attorney "Super Glo" Gloria Allred is another media you know what who has joined the ranks of pimpdom along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Dr. Phil.  Her latest fix of media attention is based on sticking her nose into the "Octomom" case.  So that's why it was great to see that Superfan Jake Byrd did his best to make another one of her photo op press conferences the true mockery that it is.

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History Repeating Again... and again... and again... and...

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Thursday

Zuma Dogg notes a startling item buried in Wednesday's City Council agenda. According to Mr. Dogg "if measures are not taken, 56% of the city's general fund, 56% of every L.A. City dollar, will have to go to cover the city employee's pension and retirement funds." Zuma accuses officials charged with investing employee pensions of playing "fast and loose with the city taxpayer money" and that actions of the Mayor caused the funds to lose $7 billion in the last year, leading to what one unnamed Council Member calls "Armageddon." Say what you want about Zuma Dogg, but he's been consistently right in his financial predictions. Read more at Zuma Times.

Dueling polls and press releases Wednesday from both the Carmen Trutanich and Jack Weiss City Attorney campaigns.  Both campaigns have wildly different interpretations of where the race currently stands.  Still the view of many political watchers is that Weiss is in trouble.

LA Weekly has a good article on the latest in the billboard fight with a handy-dandy map tool to see if (gasp!) billboards are coming to your hood.  Noting that none other than uber-planning geek Mike Woo - the man who wanted to ban parking in LA - is taking up the billboard cause because his tony hood got a digital model.  Really folks, there are far more serious issues in LA right now.

It wasn't that long ago that folks were tired of Police Chief Daryl Gates and his years long hold on the office that led to a reform that was at the heart of the Christopher  Commission's recommendations in the wake of the Rodney King beating.  But now Herb Wesson thinks we should have an imperial police chief and wants to extend William Bratton's term beyond the two five year terms currently in place.  On the other hand a leader of the union that represents police officers wants to explore the idea of making police chief an elected office, much like the LA County Sheriff.

A swarm of earthquakes on the Salton Sea has some geologists wondering if these temblors could trigger a massive shaker - The Big One - on the San Andreas.  No one knows for sure but one "quake predictor" is prognosticating a terramoto for LA by sometime this weekend - not quite on the level of the Big One but reaching Northridge Quake territory. 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Potential Shake-Up at DWP

We're hearing a lot of chatter with respect to DWP General Manager H. David Nahai, IBEW Labor Boss Brian D'Arcy and something about the upcoming Council District 2 race to succeed City Controller-Elect Wendy Greuel.

A very reliable source with decades long ties to the local political scene is telling us that Nahi is out as DWP chief, at the urging of D'Arcy and that D'Arcy could very well be the replacement for Nahai.  All of this is fallout from the amazing defeat of Measure B by local activists, for which D'Arcy reportedly blames Nahai. 

Coincidentally an excellent piece by Daniel Heimpel in tomorrow's LA Weekly will chronicle how a group of grizzled activists and internet bloggers and tweeters defeated the Mayor, the DWP, the unions and 12 City Clowncil members in drubbing Measure B, a controversial solar ballot measure.  The article also makes clear the amount of power D'Arcy wields at DWP.

Continuing, as part of a "success is the best revenge" move taken out of the Bitter Bernie playbook, Nahai, learning that Villaraigosa is "just not that into him" will run for CD2.

However, on the other hand, another very reliable source embedded deep within City Hall, a veteran of many campaigns over the last several years, tells us that this is news to them and beleives that Nahai does not live in CD2.  However, this tipster believes a "field clearing" player is gearing up to run for Greuel's seat, its just not Nahai.

They also go on to state they'd be surprised if D'Arcy wants to take over at DWP as the boss is a "labor guy."  They do predict other management moves at DWP, just not at this level.

Stay tuned dum dums.

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Earthquake To Hit LA This Weekend?

Apparently this guy has been right before. Whether he's right or not, it isn't a bad idea to prepare yourself whether it's now or later.


Nuch Strikes Back

Jack Weiss tried to spin his way into first place but the Trutanich campaign makes a good point: Jack Weiss' spokes-holes are saying one thing but doing another.  Isn't that typical of the Weiss MO?

If Weiss' poll numbers are to be believed; why do they claim that fewer people are voting for Trutanich than find Weiss objectionable?

Nice try, Jack.

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Kennedy was bat shit crazy! Spin this!

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Jack Weiss Says He's Winning

The Jack Weiss for City Attorney must have spent a pretty penny on some masterful polling spin that says he'll best Carmen Trutanich in May's general election.

One of the best lines is that Weiss thinks that Trutanich is not qualified to be City Attorney because he "supports Republican and conservative causes and candidates."

Well, sorry Jacko, last I checked Obama hasn't yet followed up on Markos Moulitsas' call to make being a Reublican illegal.  LA is replete with Democrats for sure but many of them hold conservative views and there is still a good chunk of Republicans and other folks like me who find ourselves in the libertarian (with a small l) camp.

The bottom line is that many people would vote for Attila the Hun over you for City Attorney because they find you arrogant, deceitful and contemptous of the people. For corn sake Jack when 20,000 people in the 5th District take enough time away from sipping lattes to sign a recall petiton and the overwhelming majority of your own District votes against you its apparent you have real issues, or quite frankly that you're one major asshole.

Therefore be it resolved that we now know for certain that Antonio Villaraiogsa and Wendy Greuel will have their hands on 2/3 of the store many are very motivated to make sure you're not the watchdog. 

Remember Measure B?

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Wednesday

A blogger who writes about lighting thinks that LA voters were voting down solar energy when they defeated Measure B earlier this month.  Jim on Light posits that Angelenos would experience "delerium tremens" were we to "experience a withdrawal from foreign oil."  It's not that at all Jim. A slim majority of LA's voters were voting down government shadiness not alternative energy.

The billboard wackos are at it again.  They don't even want billboards at places like LA Live and Hollywood where most folks under 50 think they're cool.  Convoluted thinking that creates a crisis out of a non-issue leads to the notion that by allowing individual communities to set their own course as opposed to a suburban crank NIMBY driven one size fits all the billboard industry will sue.  Dumbasses, a Citywide ban will invite lawsuits as well.  If there are any billboard attorneys out there (except for Walter Moore) that want to file a class action suit against the city on my behalf I'm willing to advocate for sign districts and more billboards. (Don't we have a budget and crime problem that's more important the nutbar obsession with billboards?)

More special event fee waiver nonsense from your local City Clowncil.  The City is going broke but apparently we can afford to pop taxpayer money for an "American Idol Viewing Party."  Can't Ryan Seacrest pick up the tab here? Heck it would be a write-off! Who is behind this nonsense? Not surprsingly Jan Perry and disappointingly, Dennis Zine.

Catholics are expressing concern over Notre Dame University's invitation to President Obama to speak at their commencement following his recent decision to fund stem cell research.  Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt says at this blog, "Imagine the reaction if the National Right to Life Committee were to invite President Obama to receive its leadership award.  By contrast, imagine if the ACLU were to invite Secretary Rumsfeld to receive its leadership award."

Apparently it isn't just Senator Larry Craig who allegedly likes bathroom sex.  The Daily Telegraph reports that Britney Spears reportedly had a seven to nine minute tryst with one of her dancers in a john following a concert, while burly security guards were posted outside.  Uh oh, don't let Daddy Spears know!

Former President Jimmy Carter has gone off the deep end and apparently feels that the Civil War as "un-Christian." In a new book about the writings of Abraham Lincoln Carter comments on a comment by the 16th President that he was on a mission from God to end slavery by saying Abe's words were "very troubling" and "that that the leaders of both sides, overwhelmingly Christian, were violating a basic premise of their belief as followers of the Prince of Peace."

Flap the Blogging Sadist I mean Dentist has a Meghan McCain obsession.  I don't blame him because she's smart and very sexy but this isn't way you impress a girl, Doc.  Even when she's right Flap has to hate on Meghan and point out her age.  That might be because Flap is like three times Meghan's age.  Flap, I think there's a molar calling you.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bat shit crazy, indeed!


Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

Scientists are concerned that a swarm of small quakes near the Salton Sea on lesser faults leading to the San Andreas could potentially be transfering the energy that could fuel "the big one." Graham Kent, a research geophysicist at UC San Diego told the LA Times that the recent quakes are "a flashing yellow light that tells you to be prepared and to spend some time trying to understand the significance."

A battle underway by some residents in Van Nuys that want to rebrand as Sherman Oaks.  Read more about it here.

Despite orders from the Mayor to stop it and condemnations from City Controller Laura Chick over City deparments including the DWP ordering bottled water on the City's dime Police Chief William Bratton is defending his purchases of bottled water.  If the water is solely for emergencies and for officers in the field that's one thing.  We at the Sister City would like to know if the LAPD is using bottled water for management meetings or other purposes not directly benefitting the officers.  You can email us or call the hotline above if you have evidence of such.

Is Governor Schwarzenegger considering a run for the Republican nomination for US Senate next year? CBS says the signs are out there.  I would assume however the Republican nominee should actually be a Republican however.

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A Word About Conspiracy 'Theories'

Most people think that money is not more powerful than the rights of the people. They're wrong. That our rights are not for sale. They're wrong. They think socialism is acceptable in the current climate in a way very similar to those who felt that the PATRIOT Act was acceptable after 9/11. They're wrong. They think there is no plan for a one-world government. They're wrong.

I don't believe everything that Alex Jones says as gospel, and of course doing so would defeat the very purpose of liberty. I actually feel that he draws some conclusions without sufficient facts, but I also understand that it is the nature of his business. That said, I personally do not believe those that claim there is an esoteric or demonic purpose to the globalist agenda, or that the ruling elite are really green skinned reptilian aliens (David Icke) or any of those kinds of lunatic ravings. Despite some conclusions that have been made though, this movement's research skills are second to none. And it's gaining mainstream acknowledgment.

Remove the controversy that surrounds the 'end-game' conclusions made by Alex Jones here and look at each piece of evidence of imminent global government and the formation of the police state individually. Research the growth of SWAT and population control teams over the last 30 years. Look at the Red Sox Championship incident in which a young woman was killed by a 'non-lethal' weapon, or any of the other examples or tragedy in law enforcement's efforts to control the population. Understand that it's basically U.S. military soldiers with better paychecks and blue uniforms that make up the law enforcement community. You can clearly see that at very least we as a country are heading in the direction in which Jones says we are, and have been for years. Why else would 35 states ratify resolutions invoking their 10th Amendment rights? Not in 1929... in 2009. It won't matter when the Bill of Rights, and indeed the Constitution in whole, are rendered obsolete.

When you further investigate, what you find is a systemic pattern in which every problem we face ends up seeing a solution from the robber barons who created the problem initially, either intentionally or not, which whittles down our rights and makes the powerful more powerful... and we ask them for it. America's collective memory has always been a bit foggy. What is going on now has happened before, and unless we change our course immediately, it will happen again.

The issues and events of the global elite actually ARE covered by mainstream news outlets but are glossed over by 'larger' distractions such as Terri Schiavo and Obama on Leno so that doubters can point to the lack of coverage and marginalize those of us who can read between the lines. What about Ron Paul, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, or the hundreds of thousands of American Patriots on the internet? What about bloggers? I'm far from alone.

What about the collapse of the newspaper industry? There is an information void in this country, and frankly Americans should be wary of the idle chatter offered by most of the talking heads on the TV news networks. They cover what I've termed 'civilian politics,' or the left versus right debate that distracts us from the surprisingly non-partisan true nature of our political system.

What do you know of the North American Union? The NAFTA superhighway? The Amero? Obama's plan for a mandatory 'volunteer service' and a 'civilian military counterpart' or gun control as discussed repeatedly by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel? What of net neutrality? The Federal Reserve System? RealID? Carbon taxes and cap and trade? Vehicle Mileage Taxes as some kind of twisted payback for reducing our dependence on foreign oil? The MIAC report on domestic terrorism?

What I'm going to be bringing to Mayor Sam's during this time of crisis is a glimpse of its true causes and the paths from which we have to choose at our current crossroads in history. If you choose to ignore the warnings you do so at your own peril.

To the detractors on my last post, you think you're so smart because you can shed doubt on the Kennedy assassination? You think there is no elitist power structure because he was killed as opposed to discredited or defeated at election? In case you haven't figured it out, Kennedy was the first POTUS that attempted to confront the oligarchy, and so they made him an example. He wanted to dismantle the Fed and got a couple of bullets for his trouble.

And they create and destroy bubbles for two reasons: as market stress testing, and to provide for the redistribution of wealth to those they feel they can control. Since we can never know who they are, they need only a happy, smiling, mixed-race lawyer to convince the people that they should work harder 'for the betterment of the country,' when the truth is it is for their financial benefit. There was a huge $700B bailout program called TARP that passed recently. Maybe you've heard of it. Work harder. Thousands on corporate welfare depend on you.

As far as deathbed confessions, I would assume that any elitist who would want to confess would not be surrounded by people ignorant of where their wealth came from. Their families and friends and those close to them have been benefiting from the fruits of our labor for centuries. That's right, centuries, because the 'New World Order' is really just the OLD World Order of kings and peasants.

I think it all makes perfect sense. Multiple crises converging on single points in time that all benefit the same group of people can only be explained by two possibilities: conspiracy or dumb luck. I believe the former is MUCH more likely (in accordance with Occam's Razor), but even if I'm wrong, the individual events consisting of the Old World Order plans, whether you believe in the conspiracy or not, must be stopped.

Either that or I'm just bat-shit crazy.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Van Nuys Residents Seek Re-Branding Effort

 "Someone always playing corporation games
Who cares they're always changing corporation names"

- Bernie Taupin, Martin Page, Dennis Lambert, and Peter Wolf,

Here in Van Nuys ports over a piece from WWG's blog about the battle waged by some residents in Van Nuys that want to be Sherman Oaks.  Trouble is that neither Van Nuys wants to let them go nor does Sherman Oaks want to take them.  Best line comes from Daily News writer and area resident Steve Rosenberg who says the motivation of the efforts' backers are to be able to maximize value by selling their Van Nuys bought homes at Sherman Oaks prices. Who's allegedly behind the effort? Wacky loony (not to be confused with "Wacko's Loon") Laurette Healey, the driving spokes-force behind the last two bamboozling failed solar ballot measures.

You can check out the insurgents web site and blog here.  You would think they could use their time to more effectively actually attacking the issues and bettering their neighborhood than wasting time on a silly, elitist and racially tinged rebranding effort.

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In the interest of fairness; some meat for the Obama fans...

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Mayor Sam's World Premiere: The Obama Deception

If you ignored my other videos or haven't put the pieces together, here's the tie-up. I proudly present the full length, high quality version of The Obama Deception, a documentary from American patriot Alex Jones. Pay close attention if you voted for Obama because the truth is that you DIDN'T! You didn't vote for Bush, Clinton, Carter, Nixon, or many others. You voted for their corporate handlers at the quasi-governmental Federal Reserve System.

Free your mind and our country. The time to act is NOW. This is a conspiracy, but it's not a theory. The United States has been broke and collateralized for decades... and now they've decided it's time to sell out.

To wit:

United States Code (USC) Title 22 ¤ 286: "¤ 286. Acceptance of membership by the United States in International Monetary Fund. "The President is hereby authorized to accept membership for the United States in the International Monetary Fund (hereinafter referred to as the "Fund"), and in the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter referred to as the "Bank"), provided for by the Articles of Agreement of the Fund and the Articles of Agreement of the Bank as set forth in the Final Act of the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference dated July 22, 1944, and deposited in the archives of the Department of State. (July 31, 1945, ch 339, ¤ 2, 59 Stat. 512.)

Short titles: É May be cited as the 'Bretton Woods Agreements Act'. "Other provisions: Par value modification. For the Congressional direction that the Secretary of the Treasury maintain the value in terms of gold of the Inter-American Development Bank's holdings of United States dollars following the establishment of a par value of the dollar at $38 for a fine troy ounce of gold pursuant to the Par Value Modification Act and for the authorization of the appropriations necessary to provide such maintenance of value, see 31 USC ¤ 449a."

AND NOW PRESENTING: 'The Obama Deception'

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday, Late Edition

Following President Obama's remarks during his recent Tonight Show appearance associating his poor bowling performance with the "Special Olympics" a disabled man who is a national Special Olympics champion in blowling says to the President "Bring it." Kolan McConiughey, a mentally disabled man considered one of the nation's top Special Olympics bowlers, with five perfect games to his credit told the AP "He bowled a 129. I bowl a 300. I could beat that score easily."

Meghan McCain writing at the Daily Beat interviews Supriya Jindal, the first lady of Louisiana.  Surpiya, a chemical engineer regularly completes Soduku Samurai puzzles.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota may be about to join the big government league of so called Republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Pawlenty wants to hatch a scheme where the state would attach a device to your car and bill for the miles driven. At what point does government get out of our lives?

Some of the great promise of social networking sites like Twitter includes getting a peak into the mundane personal lives of celebrities. For example, We learn that Kim Kardashian didn't invite her sister Kourtney to dinner with some old high school chums.

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Obama's Plan Might be Working, Matt Dowd Gets Richer

Dow is up 450 points.  Dowd, I agree, PayPal Zuma some of those earnings.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

A group of bicycle activists staged an action in Hollywood Saturday night to protest for their rights.  In the meantime though a Twitterer found several bicyclists stocking up on libations at a nearby CVS drug store.

Zach at LAist reports that two same-sex marriage measures are in the works for the California 2010 ballot. One would resincd Proposition 8; the other would replace all marriage, gay and straight, with domestic partnership.

My friend and occasional Mayor Sam blogger Edward Headington doesn't get why Measure B failed. Ed says "I am still a little surpised that Measure B did not pass given the green mood of the populace."  We are all for green solutions but what Ed may have missed is that the angry mood of the populace was stronger on B than the green mood.

L:A Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt says he's not planning to provide funding for shuttle buses to Dodger Stadium.  CurbedLA reports McCourt commenting "But it's a few buses. We need robust, muscular public transit for Dodger Stadium to be a vibrant place. But that applies to the whole city, doesn't it?"

It appears most of our readers who spoke up wouldn't shed a tear if newspapers went the way of the dinosaurs. James Rainey writing in the LA Times contends that were local papers to die it would give a blank check to local politicians to be shady with the fishwraps no longer watching them. That would however presume rags like The Times were actually covering municipal politics to begin with.

Speaking of dying fishwraps here's an ironic tale. Though newspaper subscriptions are way down someone is posing as a door to door Daily News salesman as a ruse to rob the place.

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What Would Ron Paul Do?

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day

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Obama Channels George Bush

Nicole Wallace writing at the Daily Beast makes a good point . President Obama's defense of beleagured Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on tonight's 60 Minutes is not unlike President Bush's backslap of failed FEMA Chief Michael Brown right after Katrina.

Though Wallace assesses Geithner's performance so far by saying "The problem for Obama isn’t Geithner’s lack of popularity—it’s his lack of success. So far, he hasn’t done anything that has inspired confidence in the financial markets. So far, he hasn’t made any public appearances that have inspired confidence in the public. And so far, he has failed to form a productive or even functional relationship with Republicans or Democrats in Congress," the President says he wouldn't accept the Secretary's resignation if he offered it.

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What Would Reagan Do?

Does any of this sound familiar? What would Reagan do?

Oh, and Mayor Sam Yorty ran third in the 1964 election. ;)

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Open Thread for Sunday

Should newspapers be bailed out? Or anything else you want to talk about.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

[Last Post CENSORED for national security]

Well, YouTube removed the last video I posted. Big surprise there. So yes sir, you may have another!

Update 8:37PM - I found it on the Fox News site instead, even though it seems to have reappeared on YouTube (see original post below). But just in case: 'How to Tell If You're a Terrorist.'

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Young Turks Frame Laura Ingraham's Meghan McCain Lies Perfectly

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Friday, March 20, 2009

[Title CENSORED for national security]

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Friday.

What's one way to help the City raise desperately needed cash without raising taxes? Sell the LA Zoo and the LA Convention Center. Who was the local elected official who said "Why do we have to own a zoo?" Give up? Mayor Villaraigosa suggested such during a conversation with the LA Business Journal (via Reason) that privatizing the Zoo and Convention Center might be the way to go

Snappy repartee between the City Council and LA Departmen of Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks. Following criticism over his decision to cut the City's low income pet onwer spay/neuter program over Department budget woes Boks responded, "This was a crisis situation. When the Titanic is sinking, you go and plug the holes first." To wit Council Member Richard Alarcon offered this smart rejoinder, "I wouldn't heed the advice of the captain of the Titanic any more than I trust Ed Boks in this regard."

The campaign of City Attorney Candidate Carmen Trutanich has released a statement saying that both Trutanich and City Council Member Jack Weiss are in a dead heat with 35 percent of the vote each and 30 percent undecided in a recent poll. The Trutanich campaign also says that Weiss appears to have alienated his own political base, "Twice as many voters in Council District 5 rate Weiss unfavorably as favorably (34 percent to 15 percent, respectively)."

San Francisco Mayor and Gubenatorial candidate Gavin Newsom in LA to take Antonio's cameras, microphones, and most importantly money.  Newsom is also by far beating Antonio in the Twitter wars with nearly 92,000 followers compared to Antonios's 900.  And as Joe Mailander noted Antonio's Twitter page has that "not so fresh" feeling when compared to Newsom's.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Measure B Fails

According to the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council, the City Clerk has certtified that Measure B has failed, 49.5% yes to 50.5% no.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Former Mayor Sam Blogger Working for Obama White House?

We were contacted today and alerted that someone who once wrote for Mayor Sam was seen coming down the steps of Air Force One today after it landed in Long Beach.

We are not able to confirm yet who this individual may be but this is what we've been told:
  • The person still posts on Mayor Sam
  • The person has it in for Zuma Dogg
  • The person lost an election to the State Legislature
  • The person lost a Neighborhood Council election
Could it be?

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Zuma Dogg Says Artist Stabbed at Venice Beach; Calls for Action

From Zuma Dogg:

As you know, Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd entered City Hall chambers over a Venice Beach ordinance that went into effect over three years ago.

The city continues to make changes that makes things worse. ZD and Matt have complained ON THE RECORD on TV 35 about the problems with the way they are operating the performers spaces.



And now our friend was stabbed today. He is in the hospital. A police helicopter is looking for the person who did it.


Since I predicted the problem, experienced threats and was run off the beach, myself in the run of my life....


The problem: Villaraiogsa is nothing but a mafiosa thug, himself who has stabbed someone (i don't know if he killed the person with the knife, or just hospitalized them) - so I doubt he will be sensitive to an "all hell breaks loose stabbing scenarios at Venice Beach" cause we know the people who he runs with, the people who back him, the people who really make this city tick (the mafisoso types) and that they mayor is not stranger to a little knife stabbing to settle the score.

So that's why I want Bill Rosendahl at the meeting, too.

I hope someone returns one of the messages I left.

Because if there is no interest on this by the mayor, I need to start rabble-rousing about a recall campain, because we can't have a mafiosa mayor who stabs people himself run for governor.

And I don't even think he is legally eligible to be mayor based on the stabbing in his past and the record. Whether Gavin Newsom looks into it, or not, and it becomes something people care about is another thing.



Hope to hear from Doucheariogos's office shortly.

I'm calling media outlets as we speak.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Wednesday

The DWP has some of the nastiest tasting water in America and they want to continue to charge you more and more for it. However - despite a Mayoral order three years ago to stop it - a number of LA City departments are ordering bottled water for their employees to drink. City Controller Laura Chick (damn we're going to miss her) said “There is no reason why the city should continue purchasing large quantities of bottled water. If employees wish to drink bottled water, they can do so at their own expense.”

Gavin Newsom made the rounds in LA Tuesday and has a town hall meeting in Palm Springs planned for Saturday.

Blogger Don Garza reports that NIKE donated free shoes to the homeless in Skid Row. Garza offers praise saying, "They didn't have to beg to the larger entities in the community for these things, and realized the fruits of their labor , which has brought back their sense of self-respect and dignity , which will only increase. Thank you NIKE"

Gay Patriot blogs a good take on Gays and the GOP.  "I don’t think the Republican Party need develop a gay-specific outreach plan.  I simply believe the party should abandon policies which discriminate against gay people and otherwise leave us alone to live our lives as we please," says the right leaning blogger.  He's absolutely right.  If folks like Pat Roberston, Rush Blowtard and Ann Coulter could unpoke their noses from the bedroom, the Repugs might pick up a few votes.  As a conservative I am far more concerned about tax cuts than anal sex.  So should be the wingnuts.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Death Penalty or Life Without...

In the morning, (March 18th @9:00am), we will learn if the District Attorney's Office will seek the death penalty against Pedro Espinoza, or life without the possibility of parole for the murder of my nephew, Jamiel Shaw II, on March 2, 2008.

The case will be heard in the Criminal Justice Center, 210 W. Temple St., 9th Floor, Department 105, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

State Of The Union


Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

Civic activist Jane Usher is a thoughtful and articulate person who makes some good points about billboards.  That being said a "one size fits all" policy regarding billboards is not appropriate for the city.  We don't need NIMBYs from one part of town telling folks in another part of town what to do.  Further billboards are not a crisis issue in Los Angeles.  Crime is and the fact that young people can not get a job looms far larger but apparently doesn't catch the attention of the Trade Joe shopping, latte sipping cranks that fill many Neighborhood Councils.

The City Council wants to try to make up the budget shortfall by going after the funds of Neighborhood Councils. Council Member Richard Alarcon is however stepping up on behalf of the Councils. Rick Orlov quotes Alarcon as saying "I'm getting frustrated that the CAO is not identifying major savings while we're intimidating the neighborhood councils."

Here's something that Flap is right about - Senator Dianne Feinstein will probably not run for Governor.  Thought she would be a formidable candidate in many ways there's not an upside.  But I believe that DiFi realizes she's better off remaining in the Senate than taking on a race she might lose but even if she wins inherits a whole pack of troubles a Senator doesn't have to deal with.  Flap is wrong however that candidates such as Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa will best Jerry Brown.  Both Newsom and Villaraigosa have extraordinarily high negatives and Brown is the candidate who appeals most to faithful and likely Democratic voters across the board.

Zuma Dogg is right when he says there isn't a future for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Saltsburg says "Even if the right answers were out there, you would never get all the powers that be to agree to move in one, focused direction."  Yes that's correct and its time once and for all to break up this train wreck of a District.

And finally pop diva Britney Spears has been ordered to read the Bible an hour every day.  Her father and co-conservator Jamie Spears issued the edict as a series of requirments Britney must follow including banning her from using the Internet.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Meghan McCain Hater Flap Can Kiss MY Fat Ass

"You know the difference between a dentist and a sadist don't you? Newer magazines."
-Jerry Seinfeld

Dr. Flap is at it again. No better than the shrewtastic Laura Ingraham decided the only way she could debate Meghan McCain's views on what the Republican Party needs to do by calling McCain "fat," our favorite blogging dentist can only do as well to call her a "moron."

Here's the rub. Flap must be breathing in too much of the twilight sleep gas. Meghan McCain is an intelligent writer who clearly makes the case why the Republicans must make radical changes to bring in young people, moderates, libertarian leaners and disaffected Democrats. The problem is old farts like Flap and bitter women like Ingraham just don't get it. And they are so at the peril of the party.

Kiss my fat ass Flap! (With all due respect because most of the time you're right but this time you're acting like a Mayor Sam dum dum.)

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Monday

Word is just starting to trickle out that Santa Monica City Councilman, the Governor's brother-in-law and Kennedy Family scion Bobby Shriver is considerng a run for State Attorney General and he's already getting the usual treatment from Mayor Sam readers.  An opening in the race for the Democratic nomination for AG is contingent upon the likely entry of Jerry Brown into the Governor's race.  If that happens, Shriver may face off against Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo (his second try) and San Francisco DA Kamala Harris.

The City's Primary Election was nearly two weeks ago but two of the candidates for Mayor may not have got the message.  Walter Moore dukes it out with Phil Jennerjahn in the comments section of a Mayor Sam Hotsheet.

The LAPD will move to it's new headquarters, only it's third in 113 years, this November.  Steve Harvey recaps the history of the last two police HQs, Central Headquarters in use from 1896 to 1955 and Parker Center, best known from the Dragnet TV series, which has been the LAPD's home for the last 55 years.

It made for some beautiful photos but the LA Zoo has done one of the dumbest things I've seen - cover numerous animal exhibits in snow trucked in from local mountains.  Most of the animals who found their pens covered in the white stuff may have descended from snowy country but were born in captivity and live in LA so they're not used to it.  More and more it becomes clearer that zoos need to be re-thought and that it's cruel to hold these animals in captivity in environments that are a fraction of the size they need.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bobby Shriver for Attorney General?

Finally a candidate that can make even Rocky look good. One of our readers comments:

"Let's check Bobby's (Robert Sargeant Shriver III)record:

He was admitted to the California Bar in 1983 but on 9/27/1999 he was; "Suspended, failed to pay Bar member fees and was declared Not Eligible To Practice Law".

He fixed that and must have paid up in 2001 because he is listed as "Inactive" as of then.

But, once again, on January 12, 2009 he must have decided that he might want to run for Attorney General, so, what did he do? He finally went active and paid his dues (always less than $500 a year).

So, since he wants to be AG, he figured he'd best pay up and be licensed, just in case he won.

C'mon, folks. Bobby Shriver can't afford $500 a year to be a lawyer? I mean, couldn't he get a loan from his brother-in-law or withdraw a few bucks from the huge Kennedy Trust that enables him to be an "activist" here in the Peoples Republic of Santa Moscow?

Heck, you'd have thunk he might have learned a little something from the adventures of his cousin Caroline of late.

So, just in case you missed it, Bobby-boy, let me make it clear:

There is no more "royalty" here in America. Caroline Kennedy took her previously golden aura and ran it through, "you know", the gutter, pandering to ("you know") a third rate "Governor" who ("you know") got there because his predecessor liked("you know") expensive hookers.

That fat windbag Uncle of yours is about to be planted, and the press may or may not supress the stories that ran when he killed that poor girl and tried to get your cousin Joe Gargan to take the rap. Ain't no more Camelot; Teddy blew it for all of you brats.

You won one local election, Bobby, and you've had your appointment to the State Parks Commission. If you want to grab the brass ring, get ready to find out about real politics. You won't like it; not a bit.

Your fifteeen minutes are up."

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Ron Silver, 62

NEW YORK (AP) — Actor Ron Silver has died in New York City after a two-year battle with esophageal cancer.

The Creative Coalition Executive Director Robin Bronk says the 62-year-old, who co-founded the nonprofit, died peacefully in his sleep with his family around him early Sunday morning.

Silver won a Tony Award as a take-no-prisoners Hollywood producer in David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow" and did a political about-face from loyal Democrat to Republican activist after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Silver earned an Emmy nomination for a recurring role as a slick strategist for liberal President Jed Bartlet on "The West Wing." And Silver himself had a long history of balancing acting with left-leaning social and political causes.


Great tribute to Ron by Roger Simon.

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Students Can Go Pink But Should Have Parents' Permission

Los Angeles' teachers' union organized a protest against potential staff layouts at LAUSD Friday but some are concerned that the union and those protesting the cuts made students unwitting pawns in the protest.  Students were told to wear pink to school and particpate in protests; if they did they would receive "extra credit."  

Some parents participated in supporting the teachers and chose to bring their children along to protests.  I have no problem with that; participating in political dissent could be a great object lesson for children.  However I believe teachers should not have involved students without their parents' permission.  I also believe that some of the rhetroic unnecessarily traumatized children; forcing them to believe that their favorite teacher may be let go.  Though that may very well be the case for some teachers, I think it borders on abuse to use scare tactics on children.

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Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Sunday

President Obama will visit Southern California next week hosting a town hall meeting in Santa Ana and several other events in Los Angeles.

San Francisco Mayor and California Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom tweets that he will appear on CBS News Sunday Morning to discuss electric vehicles.

The LAFD reports that an MTA Blue Line train had a run in with a vehicle near 1674 E. 103rd Street in Los Angeles Saturday night. No reports of injuries amongst the nearly 100 passengers on the train and only minor injuries for the driver. This comes just two days after an MTA Gold Line train went out of control in a construction tunnel.

Jack Weiss is telling Rick Orlov fibs saying that "I have been on the public's side my entire career," as he seeks the post of City Attorney in May's general election. Yet Weiss isn't getting much love from his colleagues as Council Member Dennis Zine declares "I just don't think Jack deserves to be city attorney. I don't think he's up to the job."

Walter Moore isn't the only one concerned about potential vote counting shadiness when it comes to tallying some reported 46,000 provisional, absentee and other troubled ballots from the primary election. Downtown Central City East blogger Don Garza is worried the provisional ballot he cast may not be counted.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spay and Neuter Program Out of Funds for Low Income Pet Owners

Last year the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance mandating the spaying and neutering of all dogs and cats in Los Angeles.  Part of the measure included the promise of vouchers for low income pet owners to get their animals fixed in order to comply with the law.

However now it appears that the program a victim of the current budget crunch, according to a statement released last week by Los Angeles Animal Services.  No more vouchers will be distributed until the Department is sure of it's funding.

We have been told that at the next City Council meeting Council Member Dennis Zine will ask that the funding be restored.  However, the Council is on recess next week so it will be several days before the low-income vouchers can be restored, if at all.  Some are saying that considering the funding loss for the vouchers the law should be repealed. However, at the time the law was passed  Department head Ed Boks was unclear as to how it would even be enforced.

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Mayor Sam's Saturday Hotsheet

The LA Times reports that City election officials are still counting ballots from the primary election earlier this month. Though most races' outcomes are certain two items remain in question. Measure B which appears to have lost is edging to the too close to call category as well as the 6th District Board of Education race between Nury Martinez and Louis Pugliese in which less than a percentage divides the two candidates. In the meantime Walter Moore thinks that if he isn't pushed into a run-off it will be because the City Clerk fired up Oliver North's shredder. Please ask Walter if he also believes the Federal Government is holding aliens at Area 51.

Maria Shriver says she's not running for Governor to succeed her husband but another member of her family is mulling a run for statewide office. The Santa Monica Daily Press reports that Shriver's brother Bobby is considering seeking the Democratic nomination for Attorney General if Jerry Brown runs for Governor.

It's been a while since we've heard from him but he's back! Vice President Joe The Biden demonstrates why he's the gift that keeps on giving when he's caught on a live mic dropping some f-bombs at a recent event. Hear the audio.

Westside White Guy caught a typo in the LA Times. It's Anna - not Ann - Nichol Smith. LAObserved via Mayor Sam Twitter

Middle middle class suburban cranks in a section of Van Nuys desperately want to be part of Sherman Oaks. Sounds silly to me. Here In Van Nuys,

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Scholarships for the Undocumented

Right wing-nuts and left wing race baiters please take note.

Here's a dispatch from the you can be for immigration reform without being racist or wanting to ban taco trucks and novelas department.

Our Mayor is promoting college scholarships for the undocumented.  At a time when native born and legally immigrated students are struggling to make ends meet where does this fit on the Villaraigosa's priority chart?

From: Miguel Leon
Subject: CORE Scholarship for Undocumented Students - Deadline: April 10, 2009
Date: Friday, March 13, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Hope this message finds you well, please see attached..... just an FYI.



Miguel Leon
Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development
200 N. Spring St. Rm. 303
Los Angeles, CA. 90012

*******Please forward to all network contacts*************

Dear Friends,

CORE (Chicano Organizing & Research in Education) is pleased to announce its first annual "Que Llueva Café" scholarship. Applicants must be undocumented, Chicano/Latino, high school students entering college this fall. The postmark deadline is April 10, 2009.

Please spread the word by forwarding this information to any students and/or networks that can benefit from this opportunity.

I am sending you the scholarship application with this email.

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Cedillo vs. Chu - It's a Race in the 32nd CD

After the huge voter turnout last November, it is almost embarrassing to note how few of us turned out for the various elections held this month in Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena and other cities. The aftermath of Prop. H8TE continues to play itself out but there are very few races to really get the blood flowing. The Open Primary legislation that state Senator Abel Maldonado was able to get on the statewide ballot for May 19th (as part of his budget deal concessions) is interesting—especially when coupled with the recent Redistricting measure passed by voters—but even then, the body politic will not have any heart palpitations over it.


The one race that has the promise of a real contest and political combat is the 32nd Congressional Special Election—also scheduled for May 19th. There are other candidates but the two frontrunners for the seat to replace former Representative and current Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, are State Board of Equalization Member, Judy Chu, and State Senator Gilbert Cedillo. Many are friends with both progressive candidates and as one source who wished to remain anonymous noted, "It's like a fight within a family. I can't choose. I'm going to have to sit this one out."

Hilda Solis Pictures, Images and Photos

The conventional wisdom is that Chu, known by many as a workhorse in political circles, has the edge given her endorsement by the L.A. County Federation of Labor, goodwill in the API community and Name ID in portions of the congressional district she represented while in the state legislature. She also has her husband and political powerhouse in his own right, Assemblymember Mike Eng, in her corner. Her campaign kick-off is tomorrow in Baldwin Park.


In terms of the 32nd Congressional District, it is located in Los Angeles County and includes portions of East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley—the cities of Azusa, Baldwin Park, Covina, Duarte, El Monte, Irwindale, South El Monte, West Covina and portions of Monterey Park. It is a heavily Latino district—63%—and is thus considered to be a “Latino” seat. Voter turnout last November was 53.65% and Rep. Solis received 130,142 votes.

Gil Cedillo

But if energy, shoe leather and the will to win has anything to do with it, we will be saying “Mr. Cedillo Goes to Washington” in a couple of months. He brings his own Name ID with his work on the DREAM Act and and Driver's License Bill--two issues of importance to working class communities in the 32nd CD. [I worked on Cedillo’s first special election back in ’97 as well as served on his staff in '04/'05 so I am not the most objective of political observers.]

Many were surprised at both the number of people and level of excitement at his campaign kick-off last Saturday in El Monte. Both Rep. Xavier Becerra and Supervisor Gloria Molina gave rousing speeches and encouraged the crowd to work hard on his behalf. Local Councilmembers Hahn, Alarcon and Reyes were there and an assortment of former and current state officeholders. The two things I know about Cedillo is also brings his own version of being a political powerhouse—going back to his days growing up on the Eastside, his leadership at SEIU and his tenure in the legislature--and has a knack for beating the odds.

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